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Chinese Banker, Bao Fan, "Missing" For 10 Days, Found & Is A Cooperating Witness. Linked To The SVB Collapse?

-Bao, a former Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse banker,

-China Renaissance founder Bao Fan is "currently cooperating in an investigation"

-Bao, a key rainmaker for China's top tech deals, including the mergers of China's ride-hailing giants Didi and Kuaidi in 2015

-Bao's disappearance may be connected to China's top anti-graft body, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, vowing to crack down on corruption in the financial sector and its links to powerful officials.

-Cong Lin, was taken into custody by Chinese authorities.


The keywords are there. Characters in the killbox.

Can these men be connected to U.S politicians? Pics? Donations?