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Rand Paul Storms Out of Meeting After Democrats Play Dirty to Stop His Amendments to Protect Unvaccinated Firefighters (VIDEO)

Senator Rand Paul left a Senate Homeland Security Committee meeting Wednesday after the the chairman Gary Peters (D-MI) used dirty tricks to undermine him.


Paul angrily objected to Peters’s utilization of procedural tactics to protect Democrats on Committee from voting on Republican amendments to the Fire Grants and Safety Act.

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TGP has been digging and praying. Perhaps one day the too will master the meme.


The Great Reset: Journalist Discovers Greta Thunberg’s Ties to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum

Journalist Dr. Simon Goddek dug into Greta Thunberg’s background and discovered that it was no coincidence that Greta was discovered at a protest on August 20, 2018 and that it was Ingmar Rentzhog who discovered little Greta protesting global warming.


On August 20, 2018, Thunberg, then aged 15, skipped school to protest outside the Swedish parliament for more action against climate change.


Ingmar Rentzhog runs the company WeDontHaveTime and is chairman of the far-left think tank Global Challenge.

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Potentially dasting inside baseball


US Says China Preparing For War It Doesn't Want To Fight

A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) official assesses that China’s growing pessimism over its relationship with the US is making Beijing prepare for a future war it would rather not fight, Voice of America reported Wednesday.


"China doesn’t want to start a fight with us over Taiwan," Doug Wade, the head of the DIA’s China Mission Group, said at a virtual event hosted by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.