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New information released Friday on the Twitter Files revealed that the US government and major social media companies worked hand-in-hand with Stanford University to censor or limit true information about COVID-19.


"The Virality Project in 2021 worked with government to launch a pan-industry monitoring plan for Covid-related content,' tweeted independent journalist Matt Taibbi. "At least six major Internet platforms were 'onboarded' … daily sending millions of items for review."


The goal of the project, created by Stanford University, was to identify people on social media who said things about COVID-19 that the government did not want them to say.


"Though the Virality Project reviewed content on a mass scale for Twitter, Google/YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, Medium, TikTok, and Pinterest, it knowingly targeted true material and legitimate political opinion, while often being factually wrong itself," Taibbi continued.


This latest revelation expands what the American public has already been informed about the lengths to which the federal government and large tech companies went to censor COVID-19 information.


"The Virality Project was a smash success," said Taibbi. "Government, academia, and an oligopoly of would-be corporate competitors organized quickly behind a secret, unified effort to control political messaging."


When speech the government did not like was identified, social media companies were then asked to censor or restrict the visibility of that speech.