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> Varmint rifle digits

It's gonna be really funny when formerly-liberal normies start getting moar-and-moar of these. And then they'll start sending them out with injunctions against discussing the letter, under threat of prosecution. But the normies will talk anyways, and they'll get raided, 'cuz that's how it works.

This movie is a black comedy.

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> Nowfag

Getting people to do an about-face and view the world differently cannot be done overnight. It takes long hours of hard work, dishing it out, day-in and day-out. Years and years of feeding it to them, in little bites, so that they can digest it all. You can't feed them the entire thing at once, they'll gag and choke on it.

It's monotonous, unrewarding work, and it takes a special kind of person to do it. Anons are heroes, just not the kind you were told to expect.

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> Nicolae Ceauศ™escu

In the 1970's, my mother was part of the team that planed it. She wrote a paper on how to use their ethnic tensions to break the state's power over the populace. The DoD implemented her plan, and that vid is the result.

Don't fuck with my mom.