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Oh sure they are. They are big skeert. Because American men have so totally stepped up the plate and put the fear of God in them. Like that time when men allowed their wives and daughters to walk through the naked body scanners. They are shitting their pants at what American Patriots are doing posting on an imageboard while calling themselves fags and decrying the use of force. Terrified they are.

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>Have faith in Humanity.


One of the most profoundly stupid things I have ever seen written, and probably the first quote I would invoke to demonstrate why the plan is shit.


Look at the last three years. Look how MOST of humanity complied.


I have NO faith in humanity. I have more faith in cats and dogs.

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>>>18526836 North Korea claims almost 800,000 people have signed up for military to fight against US


Anon finds no such claim made by the Norks at their official mouthpiece.