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Think like them for a minute.

Think about it. You are in a satanic cult and you call yourselves Jews so that you are untouchable.

You would want everyone that sees you and your evil deeds to blame the Jews

When they do you can cancel them like Kanye West.

You would have shill teams on all “conspiracy” truth platforms blaming the Jews so that they are fooled and never see you.

A satanic parasite that self identifies as a Jew to receive protection that the persecuted Jew has to offer them.

When you start to see them you blame the Jews and then you fell in their trap and they cancel you and laugh their asses off.

They think they are so clever

Mossad pronounced Muhsad

Muh sad sends shills here to blame Muh Jews

Muh sad wants (You) blaming Muh Jews so they can cancel you , “shut it down” for being anti-semetic.

The parasitic Satanists hide among the Jews and have taken all positions of power and influence among them and here as well.

When you start noticing something’s not quite right in come the Muhsad paid shills on all the free speech forums like Reddit, 4 ch, 8kun blaming Muh Jews.

The average truth seeker like Kanye West falls in their trap and the cancel his ass.

They want to cancel this site by the same tactics.

They also want new eyes to run away when they see the Muhsad Muh Jew spam.

Anons are not racist pieces of shit and do not want to see it and just leave while lurking if they don’t know any better