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they are fucked either way they go with it, but it would wake more normies up the ones who are as you said on the sidelines to get more involved and realize this is a huge fucking deal and anons are not chicken littles. This will also fit the plot points of the movie white squall. The captain has to go on trial.

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I think this was always where it was headed. He has to be prosecuted. In order for the redemption arc to play out. Normies have to see him as the enemy then see him as being persecuted then see the truth and then switch and wake up and all the other shit. The one problem I see is that since this is a Federal court it is not televised. That will create a problem also as american people will scream for transparency.

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the problem is the story I see is something most anons would not like, But it is also the only way that the image you posted happens. It is so hard to focus on the player and not the game and see the line in the center when inequity is on all sides. But I see the path and I see the path back to him even though I am so not worthy to see it.