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Everyone is free to think whatever they want about "The Party."

They are not, however, free to speak with others about their thoughts and, thus, everyone is alone within a world of tacitly constructed insanity.



I'm not really sure they will be able to make this work… for a number of reasons. Frankly, I can't imagine even they would be stupid enough to try. Maybe they are that desperate.

If anything, I think they are just desperate for a headline to try and rally the base around trump bad… there may be some hoping they can get a loon to go postal, but there's really not a suitable environment for much of that. As much as I rag on the FBI and related anal harlots, they do require some functioning knowledge of the real world to not un-alive themselves out of sheer stupidity.


They don't really have a workable case. I am sure they can get some manner of favorable judge/jury, but it is easy for Trump to appeal or change venue and not nearly as easy for the state to do the same in its favor.

It's the only thing they have to throw at the wall as they are trying to find something to stick.

So, they'll probably throw it to see if it sticks simply because… what other actions can they take?


Though… I will admit if their goal is to make people ready to resist arrest with deadly force … they might be achieving that. Really hard to trust "you'll get your day in court" after all this shit. That is the real damage they are doing.