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Jim, BO, BV(s), anons, friendly shills and trolls - next week Q R traffic will spike. Be ready. The spike won't be trolls and shills. The spike will be normies trying to figure out how to join the movement.

Be ready. Tuesday - big big big

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Janet Yellen Admits Government Choosing Bank Bailout Winners and Losers

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It's a different America. Americans speak with their wallets and their work.

Less than 5% of the American Population got involved with and won the American Revolution. If more than 3% of the American Population hits the streets this weekend, it will make a HUGE impact. The only question is how to mobilize. That's above this anon's paygrade.

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America loves an underdog plus America has been turned into a 'victim mentality'. Americans, especially the brainwashed, identify with 'victims' and those they feel have been mistreated by authority. All of this is playing right into the PR that Trump needs to break the cognitive dissonance. Everything is proceeding way smoother than this anon thought it would.

These people are really stupid. [They're] being played by the very system they created to serve them. Trump is a stable genius.

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Hard to say who has access. Walter Reed is involved. Past that, who knows wth is going on. This anon would hope that the alliance would be active in the protection of Trump DNA.

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This is riding under the radar.

Another red line


Collusion of the Century: DOJ, CCP, and Big Media’s Conspiracy to Take Down Miles Guo


Half an hour before the Justice Department first published on its website an unsealed indictment and the arrest of Miles Guo, Bloomberg had already published an 1,200-word article detailing SDNY’s allegations against Mr. Guo. It’s apparent that Bloomberg knew about this then-still-sealed indictment before DOJ released it to the public. Micheal Bloomberg praised Wang Qishan, Vice President of China and the first CCP official publicly exposed by Mr. Guo in 2017, as the most powerful man in the world. With a background like this, it’s unsurprising that the outlet was tipped off in advance about the CCP’s latest attempt to take down Guo – with the help of traitors inside the DOJ.


Miles Guo himself, the “enemy No.1” of the CCP, had also expected for months his own arrest.


When the CCP-infiltrated DOJ manipulated Mr. Guo’s bankruptcy proceeding and installed Luc Despins as the DOJ-appointed Trustee, Despins used this opportunity to attempt to extort $250 million from Mr. Guo, threatening to send Miles to jail using his connections at the “DOJ, SEC, IRS, and the Court System”. A partner at Paul Hastings LLP, Despins is an exposed CCP proxy whose law firm is blessed with billions of dollars annually representing CCP State Owned Enterprises. This is the collusion, happening right in front of our eyes: a conspiracy by traitors inside our federal government working with Wall Street billionaires and the CCP to take out their most feared man: Miles Guo, who gave up his family’s security and billions of dollars in assets in China only to dedicate his entire life to the eradication of the CCP.


They hate Miles Guo for the same reason they hate President Trump, General Michael Flynn, the J6 political prisoners, and other patriots; they hate us because we want to be free.


The DOJ has an ugly history of being infiltrated and weaponized by the CCP – specifically against Mr. Guo. In 2017, George Higginbotham, then Senior Congressional Affairs Specialist at the DOJ, traveled to Shenzhen, China to secretly meet with Sun Lijun, Vice Minister of Public Security, to plot a scheme to force Mr. Guo’s return to China. Higginbotham also walked into the Chinese Embassy in D.C. to meet with Ambassador Cui Tiankai in advancement of the same scheme. That same year in 2017, Minister Sun and several other high-ranking CCP officials also traveled to the U.S. to try to illegally remove Mr. Guo from American soil.


But Sun and Higginbotham are simply pawns of someone much more powerful: when President Xi met with President Trump in 2017, Xi personally requested Mr. Guo’s return to China, even offering a new assistance package to North Korea in exchange.


In the six years following 2017, the CCP has infiltrated law firms, attorneys, and judges involved in the regime’s unrestricted lawfare against Guo, hacking the computers of the law firm preparing Guo’s political asylum application and compromising judges and lawyers, including Barry Ostrager and Luc Despins. Given the DOJ’s own infiltration and the CCP’s relentless attacks, the public ought to ask: what is the extent of the DOJ’s collaboration with the Chinese government in Mr. Guo’s prosecution? Without a doubt, the malicious prosecution of Miles Guo by the Southern District of New York and the SEC sparked more controversy about the DOJ’s own infiltration by the CCP than the merits of the baseless allegations. Working in any capacity with the Chinese Government regarding Mr. Guo’s case would be the modern equivalent of the U.S Government working with the Nazis to persecute Jewish Americans during WWII.


Furthermore, the circumstances surrounding Mr. Guo’s arrest at 6:33 AM on March 15th couldn’t be more suspicious: hours after Mr. Guo’s arrest at around noon, when no one but FBI agents were inside Mr. Guo’s 18th-floor residence, a fire of still yet unknown origin broke out and caused severe damage to the property. The several dozen FBI agents on site apparently had no clue what went on, even though it happened right under their noses. The FBI agents might have insensitive noses, but this incident stinks of the agency’s fishiness from a mile away. Perhaps they found information inside the apartment that are detrimental to the CCP, so they let it disappear out of convenience?


Whatever the true intent, one thing is clear: a well-maintained luxury residence at the heart of New York does not lit itself on fire. Yet, with the agency announcing its own investigation into the fire, we will probably never get to know the truth. The CCP is the number one threat to U.S. national security – and they are being helped from within by traitors inside our own government.

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We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.

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You can't turn victims into survivors till you rescue them from the cells they built for themselves. Victimhood is a reality and has to be factored in to reaching them.