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>>18531531 lb

Let me tell you something else that you do not know.


After Ceausesc, made a country sacrifice, to pay debt, to FMI, and was zero, WAS FRIEND W/ Emirates, and all wanted to create a bank, to not be slave to FMI/FET/ rothschild and sheit,


You do not know sheit, but you afford to talk.


Now it is happening, so fuck your pedro dollar.

pedro comes from fetanyl, that your must votet president, it is free w/ b/c loves your country.

you, and I we will meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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they will arrest him for morons to see that, instead of Putin and xi meeting, that will means fuck the usa.


people must understand that usa it is bad dog…………. I mean deep state. fun will come, read them b/4 read you.