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Anon would like to add that the satanic cult gets the added joy of killing many innocent people of the descendants of Abraham when the inevitable resentments boil over.


Dr. Zelenko exemplifies "Jew" to this anon. Saved many during "COVID" with early treatment and left provision for his family at his death with a company that makes vitamins. Exemplary person.


What does Epstein have to do with the likes of Torah observant Jews like Dr. Zelenko? I'd argue NOTHING.


"Atheist Jews" are likely satanists in this anon's view.

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Restraining a small child while injecting them in multiple limbs with toxic poisons which causes pain and a lifetime of immune and other health damage is pretty much SRA. That parents are enlisted to take their children to the "doctor" or "clinic" for this execrable treatment just furthers the trauma based initiation into the cult.