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"Sick in your stomach" means doubt/fear/worry = health problems eventually. Faith feels good, so whatever worries you most, ("they'll harm him" but we've already prayed for him and God answers every single time, no exceptions ever IF the one praying has faith.) The bigger the asking, the moar faith it's going to take but none of it is big or smol to God. God has no limits, obstacles, or hurdles.


So now, if u want, u have to think of moar optimistic, better feeling thoughts somehow until you soothe yourself into feeling better unconditionally, no matter what the conditions seem to be like around you, and then your thinking wont be distorted. You will start receiving moar encouraging thoughts and you will see how the good part is inevitable. Your faith will become solid and will not waver, and then what we wants happens and we can watch God do it every step of the way. It's amazing. Fear/worry distorts perception.)


So this can be a fun experiment for u to go from worry to faith, even though your eyes and ears say the very opposite is true and it's easier to believe our eyes than to have faith in what we cannot see, but we can feel it. U can feel when u have faith or not and God's promise is to never let us down if we have faith. It's only man who can fail himself by not trusting God 100% and being afraid to believe 100% in case the other shoe drops. Nope. That's not faith, and yet that what most humans do and then wonder where is God or say, "It wasn't God's will." If God put it in your heart to pray for it or want it from your heart, it IS God's will for you to have it, no matter how impossible it may seem.


That fear to believe in the good in case the bad happens, blocks the blessings. We think the fear protects us from getting hurt in case what we want doesn't happen, but that is not having Faith and we can't fool God. God knows when we mean it because God can hear us and feel us in real time. In fact what we think is real rn is past tense for God because everything we see is old news already manifested. EVERYTHING comes from the unseen FIRST and that's why we walk by faith and not by sight.

Can we hear God? If it feels good, then yes, that's love and the lines of communication are open. If it feels bad then no, u are listening to the ego who will always tell you to be scared and it's not safe to trust God and the lines are pinched off.


Alrighty, I'll shut up now.


I will say that u are not alone, tho. I have a jar of change as my savings and idk how the fuck I'ma make it, but I do know 100% that if I do my part, God CANNOT let me down, EVER, and it only feels bad or scary when I lose faith. It is God's law. It's called "learning to fly."



Pepe Smurf

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And Anons know if Trump does get arrested then stock up on food bc Martial Law is soon following. How about that part of the plan? Use of force has already been authorized to be used against us and we know. Trump arrest is just a marker. Gotta destroy the whole corrupt temple and then rebuild it, meanwhile, we keep waking everybody up, which is what they fear, otherwise the pos wouldn't have to eat children alive in secret.


You get a prize for being so smart. Have a stciker.

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Q could have left everyone alone and never shown up. We were chosen for a reason and Q picked the group that was tricking the normies into charging their iphones in the microwave.