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>>18533826 (pb)

secular israelis

versus religious types

religious types won't do military service

regard the israeli state as evil incarnate

there's always been a civil war raging there

there was a rabbi kook

for real

turned hebrew into a secular language

so you can say "pizza" and "porn" in hebrew now

rabbi kook's house is a museum

the windows are always being smashed

by ultra-orthodox followers

whose rabbis tell them that rabbi kook was evil

for desecrating the holy language

etc. etc. etc.

everyone hates everyone

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if you precipitate a crash

you've got your money safe

if you don't

you've still got the cash

supply chain catastrophes

take the cash and stock up what you can while you can

no fucking jokes

i have crates of long-term food

you cannot lose

trust these shits and you can literally lose everything

especially if you are with a bank that is not "too big to fail"

i'm on the verge of doing exactly the same thing

one peep and all my money is out

you do not want to be at the back of the queue

when there's a bank run

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i don't have a clue what's going to happen next week except for one thing:

donald trump is not going to be "out of the picture"

you can take that to the bank ha ha

your bank is much more likely to be "out of the picture" by tuesday

credit suisse

trust swiss banks?