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We pray for those that have lost their lives already,

that those who are in action to save the true America and it's people, to save the world from evil beings, to save the children and reunite them with their loved ones, keep our soldiers and citizens safe from harm.

My we be filled with so much love and light.


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End of Occupation. Belligerent occupation ceases


11.3.1 when the conditions for its application are no longer met.81 In particular, as discussed below, the status of belligerent occupation ceases when the invader no longer factually governs the occupied territory or when a hostile relationship no longer exists between the State of the occupied territory and the Occupying Power.82


Belligerent occupation ends when the Occupying Power no longer has effectively placed the occupied territory under its control.83 For example, an uprising by the local population may a locality, by posting a notice which gave a list of offences against the troops for which the penalty of death would be inflicted.”).