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Since The Entire World Will Be Logging Onto X To View The Federal Government Corruption With The Release Of The January 6th Footage, Let’s Remind Everyone The DOJ Also Recently Let Wall Street Short Sellers Burn All Evidence Of Their Financial Crimes


The day after the Justice Department launched an investigation into Wall Street short sellers the largest document storage facility, TD Ameritrade Bartlett Warehouse, went up in flames.They hauled the evidence away ON FIRE in direct violation of OSHA safety requirements.60 hedge funds were to undergo investigations for manipulative short selling. Authorities concluded that a “falling shelf” took out the entire building’s sprinkler system that was located on the roof.

The facility was a newer facility outfitted with state of the art fire prevention technology.

Hedge funds have been under heavy scrutiny from retail investors.

More specifically from the AMC and GME community after the ‘meme stock’ frenzy early last year, 2021

Hedge funds have been able to suppress the share price of both these stocks through predatorial short-selling strategies.

In a Bloomberg exclusive, Gary Gensler states 90%-95% or retail market trades do not go through the lit exchange, but rather through dark pools.

This happened on February 4th 2022.Just like everything with out government absolutely NOTHING has come from the investigation. No charges. No stop to the blatant naked short selling taking place on a daily basis robbing investors.


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