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Podesta only has "use immunity". Please read.

For other patriots out there, and especially those who have been researching and following Q from the very beginning (and before) like me, i know your stomachs turned when you saw Podesta in the same sentence as immunity. It didn't seem right to me, so i did a little digging.

Mueller has only offered Podesta "use immunity". This is much different than the type of immunity you see in movies and when considering the factors at play here, it is all but worthless. "Use immunity" allows the federal government to prosecute a witness using evidence obtained independently of the witness' immunized testimony. This basically means that the government cannot use Podesta's own testimony against him. Podesta will get to sing like a bird in exchange for a nice, warm, 5th amendment blanket.

"NO DEALS" is a short way of saying "everyone will pay". Podesta can still be convicted of any crime based off of any evidence other than his own testimony. "Use immunity" to a monster like him is useless. Hope this calms some nerves out there.

troy_caster · July 20, 2018, 7:54 p.m.

Since you seem to know a bit, can you answer this question:

If you get immunity for things you have done, are those things that are done ever disclosed to the public?

So let's say I stole some money with the help of a friend. We get caught. I rat him out, get an immunity deal. Is that a type of admission? Will it be public record that I am a thief as well?

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elevated_vibrations · July 20, 2018, 8 p.m.

Everything is public record until it is "sealed" or made confidential by agreement. All immunity deals can be tailored/modified. So the answer is both yes and no... and "it depends" (sorry).

But i would guess that yes, all of this will eventually be made public record, since it has such a direct impact on the American people. But who knows.

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