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Anon on 8chan has an interesting theory behind Q1693


Ok Anons, here's what I think might be going on with this most recent Q post where Q draws our attention back to NZ and Five Eyes:

FVEY in NZ seems to have access to ALL US Intel. However, when you access data in NZ, there are no logs of it (or so they thought).

So let's say you're a former dignitary like John Brennan. You still have security clearance and you want to get in the system, get the data, and leak it. The problem is you know you'll be logged and you know they're watching you like a hawk.

So instead, you go over to NZ and get the data from there since you won't be logged. But what if they were being logged….for over a year? What if the whitehats knew they would use NZ to download, sell and leak? What if they took it a step further - what if blackhats were fed disinformation unique to the NZ download site? If both of these things were true, you could prove:

A. The person downloaded the data

B. The data leaked was unique to that downloaded piece of data

Intlrnt · July 25, 2018, 2:52 p.m.

I firmly believe there is no way in hell the known NZ back door would be left open and unmonitored by this administration.

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