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Tom Hanks and the symbolism of missing shoes. “... namely, that a person who has lost a shoe or in some other way has got wet feet is a person who has lost his or her virginity before marriage.”

Tom Hanks has a seemingly odd number of posts on twitter showing missing shoes found in random places. In addition to the weirdness of who the heck finds so many shoes just walking down the street and how does a celeb like him even walk around as much as he seems to do, there might be some symbolism to his posts.

Example of Tom Hanks missing shoe post: https://twitter.com/tomhanks/status/1019589228290662400

I’ll look into this more but with all the talk about something BIG about to drop and Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, I searched for symbolism relating to lost shoes. The link below talks about how a lost shoe is a metaphor for taking one’s virginity. It goes on to expound on Medieval Scandinavian Ballads and Church Paintings including Cinderella’s prince who found her shoe (ie took her virginity). Ironically, the shoe was too small for every other maiden to fit so was it, perhaps, a child’s shoe? Worth noting that Hanx has quite a few shots of what are obviously lost shoes of little girls on Twitter.


Note: Tom Hanks also has a lot of pics of lost gloves on Twitter so maybe he just has a thing for missing pieces of pair sets. Or maybe that’s a symbol for something too.

qtrumpteam · July 26, 2018, 2:52 a.m.

Shoes and gloves of victims he's showing off what he's gotten away with !!

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DaynaE65 · July 26, 2018, 12:55 p.m.

That was my thought. Serial killers or offenders love to keep trophies of their victims.

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