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>>11851775 If the YOUTUBE vids by CM get nuked. Here they are combined.

>>11823289 General Flynn's first interview since being pardoned

>>11809055 Direct Link to Nevada Election Fraud Suit

>>11800994 State of Michigan Election Fraud Case & Exhibits King v. Whitmer (2:20-cv-13134)

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>>11898176 CM wish list for GA Runoff

>>11898203 Remember when Obama found out about Hillary's emails from the news?

>>11898230 What does the Clinton crime family have on dirty cop Comey?

>>11898276 US startup presents 25-tonne drone that puts small satellites into orbit

>>11898328 Nevada GOP - Abundant evidence of voter fraud


>>11898385 , >>11898484 SKY EVENT = DECEMBER 21, 2020 "Mother's Night" …Evergreen… Dark to Light

>>11898425 DJT retweet of Inhofe - But doesn’t get rid of Big Tech’s windfall, Section 230, a grave threat to National Security. I will VETO!

>>11898488 We're finding out who's loyal

>>11898493 Bill Barr 'reclaiming my time'

>>11898550 , >>11898557 Dig on current Defense Bill '2 minute warning'

>>11898558 WE WILL NOT COMPLY, We will open our businesses (Video Cap)

>>11898560 President Trump: GOP Senators Getting Cold Feet Over Ending Section 230

>>11898517 An angry business owner interrupted me moments before my live broadcast

>>11898769 Missions of Light - Mission 5 — Pray/Encourage

>>11898818 #15188



>>11897319 @gatewaypundit Crooked Democrat Filmed Pulling Out Suitcases of Ballots in Georgia IS IDENTIFIED

>>11897321 What’s Up, Ruby?… BREAKING: Crooked Operative Filmed Pulling Out Suitcases of Ballots

>>11897363 Who Actually Believes This BS Story? Joe Biden Explains How He Broke His Foot in Interview with CNN

>>11897372 I'm happy to stop when you do. No more free shots on Q

>>11897373 Voting Machine USB Drives Had Totals Altered Overnight, Witness In Nevada Election Contest Alleges

>>11897380 Happening: Biden "I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign."

>>11897388 @MimiNguyenLy 4 people stayed behind after telling everyone else to leave. Then they kept counting #ballots

>>11897393 Joe Biden says Hunter and his family will NOT have conflicts of interest in his White House

>>11897418 Boom in Syracuse NY

>>11897421 , >>11897432 , >>11897474 I will not vaccinate anybody against SARS-CoV-2 - Dr Thomas Binder tweet

>>11897425 Our Elections are a World Wide Disgrace Edition - Fixed it for you Baker. You're welcome! o7

>>11897455 What’s Going On with the Server Reportedly Obtained in Germany Related to the 2020 Election?

>>11897488 Prayer at This Time Would Be Very Welcome Shipmates. Arr.

>>11897514 Compromise defense bill confronts a rising China

>>11897519 Obama calls in from 'ATLANTA, GEORGIA' for interview

>>11897564 POTUS to VETO Defense Bill

>>11897459 CM - When ballots go through Dominion’s digital adjudication, theyre stamped with an AuditMark

>>11897644 Dig on the FOIA is the right thing to do - Anon is right

>>11897650 Dig on vaccine administration documentation and reporting

>>11897670 Good dig on latest Trump tweet

>>11897681 DNI Ratcliffe said that he has "provided literally thousands of documents to John Durham

>>11897685 'We the People' tell the government what to do; it doesn't tell us.

>>11897701 MP4 of Ruby, Democrat in Georgia Pulling Out 4 Suitcases

>>11897706 Leon Black / State Farm Arena GA

>>11897766 Dig on GA Election Cheater Ruby Freeman

>>11897658 Dig on Dominion AuditMark technology

>>11897666 NOVEMBER 2!!! Same lady, Ruby Freeman, appears to be already counting ballots!

>>11897670 POTUS misspelling Insure Ensure Insurgency. Q#4014 for review

>>11897865 @DavidShafer & @GovKemp now that you realize there was massive fraud, the eyes of GA & America are now on you

>>11897878 Ruby Freemen tweets

>>11898007 #15187

Anonymous ID: 4cf384 Dec. 3, 2020, 10:55 p.m. No.11898851   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>11896591 Create your own vaccination card

>>11896592 Michigan AG: Detroit Vote Count Observers Should File Police Reports to Allege Criminal Activity

>>11896608 Report: 40 States Will File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Facebook

>>11896609 Romney: Trump’s Election Fraud Claims ‘Damaging’ America — Biden Will Be President January 20

>>11896619 The Case for Making China Pay Pandemic Reparations

>>11896630 Bokhari: ‘Political Elites Did Nothing While Big Tech Subverted Democracy’

>>11896629 Jeff Zucker / CNN caught on tape refusing to cover Hunter Biden incest / pedophilia

>>11896699 Dig on WOrld Bank, UNDP, GEF

>>11896731 Georgia Video Footage Allegedly Shows Poll Workers Staying Behind, Producing ‘Suitcases of Ballots’

>>11896736 What’s Going On with the Server Reportedly Obtained in Germany Related to the 2020 Election?

>>11896804 US Army tweet - more dog comms

>>11896808 Anon opine rundown on Durham

>>11896861 , >>11896867 Yeah, because they're not setting us up at all. Now think of the banner spam shills on this board. Disgraceful

>>11896879 Joe's handler to Joe before the interview: "Whatever you say Joe, don't tell them you will develop a disease and resign…"

>>11896939 General Flynn on RedStateTalkRadio 12-2PM EST

>>11896949 Vegas False Flag

>>11896961 Dig on UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme

>>11896979 , >>11896988 CORN backwards is NROC National Reconnaissance Operations Center (crumbs being dropped anons)

>>11897009 Lin Wood response to Dan Crenshaw attacks

>>11897014 Ten Fatal Errors: Scientists Attack Paper That Established Global PCR Driven Lockdown

>>11897076 Scott Fishman - 'PA is headed to SCOTUS'

>>11897127 Swalwell talking about Email drafts.

>>11897132 Michele Malkin is a Ann Coulter clone with a Husband

>>11897143 Kayleigh on Biden gaffe 'having to resign if he disagrees with Kamala'

>>11897145 ACLU is a Democrat ATM

>>11897163 Gov Kemp pushes for signature audit of ballots on Laura Ingraham show

>>11897207 Joseph Flynn tweet - Joe Biden will never be POTUS

>>11897229 People fighting back in L.A.

>>11897230 General Flynn to Gov Kemp - Stop everything, decertify the election and audit EVERYTHING

>>11897247 #15186


Previously Collected Notables

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>>11888186 #15174, >>11888680 #15175, >>11890075 #15176

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Anonymous ID: acb3a0 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:05 p.m. No.11898915   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8929 >>8946

Who is the Alternative to Loeffler?


Why is Wood posting hit pieces and then deleting them?


What if POTUS comes out and endorses Loeffler?


Is Lin the reason POTUS defense team made a distancing posture move from Powell?

Anonymous ID: eb6f4e Dec. 3, 2020, 11:06 p.m. No.11898918   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>11898901 (lb)



>Depends on who you think "we" is. It's not Republicans, it's MAGA, and there are a lot more


>MAGA Democrats than you want to believe. His next term is going to be nuts even without a majority in the House and Senate. Bank on it.


Fuck the GOP. New party. MAGA or KAG with that Lion logo that is used here.

Anonymous ID: ae404e Dec. 3, 2020, 11:08 p.m. No.11898938   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8964 >>8984 >>8998 >>9111 >>9358 >>9466 >>9529 >>9613


Southwest officers are at 4800 Raven Ridge. Officers received a report of a male in his briefs running down the street yelling that he had been kidnapped. The male advised that thirty more people were being held hostage in the house. Officers made entry and rescued approximately 25 males and 1 female. Officers found this was a human smuggling operation and are cooperating with DHS. Fort Bend ISD police assisted by opening a nearby school gym so the victims could get out of the cold. 202


This is Crazy

Anonymous ID: deb0ee Dec. 3, 2020, 11:11 p.m. No.11898949   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Agree. We also need the fraud fix and for the people of Georgia to have confidence that their vote will count. I get both points. Instead of saying don't vote for them, we're at the point where we need to demand not only the signature audit (which Kemp has now called for) but military stationed at the polling places to stop the fraud. Insurrection act works well for that. Where officials REFUSE to enforce the law and protect American's constitutional rights, the President has the power to intervene.

Anonymous ID: 82f890 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:11 p.m. No.11898951   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>11898672 (pb)

>I gots no secrets…that really is..Freedom

This anon knows. This means YOU are not afraid. Me either bro.


I've been called "incorruptible" many times. I guess I had to learn the hard way in previous visits to this fucking beautiful planet filled with vile creatures.


I don't care how "close" friends we are. If I discover dishonesty I'm walking away and reporting you. People know that about me and still…everyone wants a piece of me.

"you know how i feel about welfare fraud, why are you surprised i reported you and want nothing further to do with you". One lady has had 5 kids on my dime and hasn't worked a day in 20 something years.


Holy shit ending the nigger (literally) reign of terror in government offices will save this country BILLIONS in welfare fraud each year. BILLIONS. That's why Trump wrote that EO on federal workers. He can only clean his own government worker house". It remains to be seen if he can somehow force the states to do it also.


Good program would be federal oversight of welfare fraud reports. Report local—given time frame say 6 months and nothing is done, report to federal oversight who then sanctions the state so many fed bux per report of fraud. It's not fucking hard to prove it. JAYSUS I reported one that had half million in real estate in her name, 3 cars and ….sucking the welfare monkey from various angles. Hasn't worked in years. Nothing was or will be done about it. BTW both people married illegal aliens and have continued to lie and draw welfare by claiming their 'husband" left them and is not in the house.


JAYSUS can you government fuckers start hiring actual SMART people? I just fucking solved welfare fraud.


My webm…even the monkey's are smarter.

Anonymous ID: 29f273 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:12 p.m. No.11898953   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9000

"After I graduated from New York Military Academy in 1964 I flirted briefly with the idea of attending film school at the University of Southern California. I was attracted to the glamour of the movies, and I admired guys like Sam Goldwyn, Darryl Zanuck, and most of all Louis B. Mayer, whom I considered great showmen. But in the end I decided real estate was a much better business."


The Art of the Deal p.76


POTUS never went to film school, but he sure as shit knows how to make one hell of a movie!!!

Anonymous ID: 0d89f6 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:12 p.m. No.11898957   🗄️.is 🔗kun


ADD to Kristol Paul Singer - he is the billionaire behind the curtain pulling strings. Now owns a significant number of shares in twitter

Anonymous ID: deb0ee Dec. 3, 2020, 11:14 p.m. No.11898962   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8965 >>9469 >>9536


He definitely would know. I like Sidney. And, I generally like Lin. But he does need to get off the personalities and back to the fraud. Kemp and the GA Sec of State as well as legislators are fair game for calling for the overturning of the fraudulent election. Don't worry about whether or not Newt Gingrich or Dan Crenshaw like you.

Anonymous ID: e1848a Dec. 3, 2020, 11:16 p.m. No.11898972   🗄️.is 🔗kun

My days are all running together. To me, we are in year 74 of Covid and day 324 of the election night, so please excuse my lack of exact dates/days of the week… Also, I've watched or listened to every states hearing, POTUS, witnesses, press secretary, here, Twitter & it's all running together. Anyways


When Lin Wood & Sidney Powell went to GA to rally for POTUS & Justice- …. Lin said that WE THE PEOPLE are the rock. The stone that will take down the goliath …


Instantly I thought of the klemente guy who talked about Trump in his prophecies. He also said that POTUS will bring down the goliath with " a simple stone". ' [they] will laugh, but the plan is from God'


WE THE PEOPLE are the "simple stone(S)" that will bring down the goliath (Cabal).


God Wins. The end

Anonymous ID: ae404e Dec. 3, 2020, 11:16 p.m. No.11898973   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8990 >>8994 >>9135 >>9469


I may have been wrong about @KLoeffler owning Dominion stock. I made up for it by being right to toss @lindseygraham in #WorldOfTheBlocked. Before getting some rest, I am sending @BrianKempGA down below to join Lindsey for cocktails.


Back at it tomorrow, Patriots. Keep fighting.

Anonymous ID: 2fbd56 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:16 p.m. No.11898974   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8982 >>8997 >>9019


You have to consider that if they're releasing the actual evidence videos to the public, that means they don't need them for the trial.

You don't release your evidence to the public unless the trial is over, it can sully the jury and/or allow the defense more time to prepare. It's not good strategy.

This just means that there is most likely a parallel investigation/trial going on and we're being fed public guidance toward a destination that is already preordained.

Anonymous ID: 232773 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:17 p.m. No.11898979   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8989 >>9019



I can't seem to find the full edition. Jackie Peck never did mention if was available online for anyone to review.


Unlike Rudy who usually states "everything has been posted online for review"

Anonymous ID: 9319d5 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:18 p.m. No.11898985   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9177

anons, something occurred to me today that many fights that happen on the board are between entities in the future (shill from the future vs. white hat from the future).


Now the whole "You're watching a movie" makes sense. Our resolve, duty and justice will get us to the future but our victory is certain.

Anonymous ID: ceb43d Dec. 3, 2020, 11:21 p.m. No.11898996   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>I ask you this, does a malevolent force that breathes deception die in the light of truth?

No, but they do lose their power.

>The malevolent deceive each other for each member was deceived by their ancestors, the foundation was always flawed.


>To get to where they are now they needed to control the cognition of its minions.

Influence more so than control but yes.

>Control the cognitive power of the masses with “the fire in the cave”

"Cognitive power". I'm not sure if you understand that fully. Most don't.


>Their only power is deception, the construct they created for us disintegrates without it.


>Is it just to deceive to break this cloak of deception?


>Or does truth prove itself the ultimate weapon when it used quickly and succinctly?

Not always.

>Thoughts are atoms, everyone has the ability to manifest happiness if they just let go of the “encumbrances” of modern life.


>Time is worth more than wealth.


>Ask any aged Billionaire what they would pay for another decade, year, month, day, minute.


>Time is so precious.


>4 years is half of an 8 year olds child life, how would 4 years of deception prepare them for the life ahead?


>Trust who?

Your "self"

>What is right?


>What is good?


>What is life about? Fear?

Learning that Love never fails and Fear is the enemy.

>The most dangerous weapon they ever had was the ability to instill doubt in each one of us, keep us on the treadmill, occupied, constantly finding solace in the vapid material, searching for that one moment a week where there is a moment of peace.

True. The "fear of death".

>Time will tell.


>I can feel all of this unnecessary fear and hopelessness in the minds of so many.

All that are awake can.

>Billions of precious hours and thoughts caught in some “predicated non-linear transitional operation” who is being protected, institutions or people?


Anonymous ID: 2fbd56 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:21 p.m. No.11898998   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9009


>male in his briefs running down the street

A week after a faggot molested me as a kid, another kid was found running out of his house in his boxers. The faggot had him tied up and was raping the kid with a catholic priest. He had smuggled the kid in from Mexico.

bunch of sick cunts out there.

Anonymous ID: f986c2 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:22 p.m. No.11899000   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9028



POTUS probably has so many degrees people would be shocked. Just because he didn’t go to film school doesn’t mean he didn’t “remote learn” in his tower. He’s probably a Medical Doctor too for all we know.

Anonymous ID: 2fbd56 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:22 p.m. No.11899005   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>Does that apply to military tribunals?

hell if I know

I doubt it, though. From what I understand, Military Tribunals are more a panel of men/women who simply decide your fate based upon their better judgement.

Anonymous ID: 0281b0 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:24 p.m. No.11899012   🗄️.is 🔗kun

That’s where they fucked up those fronts coupled with the cia inflated numbers for creepy joe made the fix too obvious. That’s what happens when hate blinds rationale. Somebody was bound to fuck up and go too far to keep the steal hidden >>11898991

Anonymous ID: 2fbd56 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:25 p.m. No.11899015   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9026


I'm actually good with gays. Never had any problems with them in particular. The kid-fuckers are the faggots I speak of, which I guess are a significant portion of the gay community but I don't paint groups with a broad brush.

Anonymous ID: 08b9cf Dec. 3, 2020, 11:25 p.m. No.11899017   🗄️.is 🔗kun



It's almost the perfect intersection point…


'Theres just no evidence of voter fraud' said the normie. 'My favorite TV anchor told me there's just no proof of that. Oh it happened in every state? C'mon man'


When half the population is put to question the integrity of the election, you know what would really convince those still asleep? Show them the rampant acts of depravity against children by the people they trust…


The timing on upcoming Ghislaine document release is too perfect… Assamge trial seems to be nearing a revelation shortly as well…

Anonymous ID: 63d636 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:26 p.m. No.11899019   🗄️.is 🔗kun





TY. That's where I'm going with this. I haven't listened to the entire hearing yet, but it was stated that Staples uses it for "slip and falls, etc." My thought again, we have many eyes here that can go through all the hours of raw footage quickly, fwiw. Also, ID some of the people in question.

Anonymous ID: 816e24 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:27 p.m. No.11899026   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9580


Well, this guy was a pedo in a way. He was an older teen and I was nine or so. First bonafide pedo I think I ran across was a teacher, who got a little too friendly with the girls in class. One night I broke into the school and pissed all over his desk. kek. Seems like I've been at war with pedos for a long time, come to think of it.

Anonymous ID: c0d657 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:29 p.m. No.11899032   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9047 >>9054 >>9059 >>9074 >>9121 >>9124 >>9165 >>9259

>>11898726 (lb)


Good cop / bad cop.


Wood & Powell + the others on stage rolled up to the GA rally in a bus with Trump on the side.


Wood puts on a Flynn hat, then a MAGA hat.


Vernon Jones, a current GA legislator is with him on the stage.


Wood tells Kemp to sue him for defamation.


Next day, GA video surfaces brought in by a Rudy witness. Not too long after a GA state gov soyboy had lied his ass off (shaking & quivering) about how angelic the GA election was.


Kemp gets outed as the asshole of the year and has to backtrack on not allowing a signature check. Still needs to proof each ballot for authenticity, though. That's coming.


Ramsland laughed at the GA legislature over mail-ins being marked as returned before they're mailed out. Spits out that Dominion adds 5.5% to Biden across the board US-wide compared to other voting systems. 90+K fraudulent swing to slo joe in GA alone.


Col. tells the legislators US is under an information/cyberwarfare attack. A JH kid can crack their multi-million dollar system in about 7 minutes and the votes go to the tally computers as 3-place fractions. Ditzy bitch, who should be the wikipedia entry for cognitive dissonance, wants to know why hand recount added up. Col. said because you just counted the fake ballots again, dipshit. You need to check each ballot, which, by the way, specialized optical scanners can check very quickly.


Rudy, smiling, tells GA legislature they are the nearest elected body to the will of the people and can tell the gov to go fuck himself with his certification. And, by the way, allowing false election information to pass to the feds can land your ass in jail. Have a nice fucking day.


Where's Perdue & Loeffler? POTUS will rally to save their fucking asses if they join Wood in demanding de-certification and a forensic audit. My take. Leverage.


Bottom line. What the fuck difference does it make if the Senate is D or 52-48 R when you have Romney, Collins and Murkowski? Perdue & Loeffler don't mean shit. You need 53 or more for Pence to break a tie.


If the GA general election is audited forensically the whole fucking ball of wax nationwide comes unglued. You'll see who really won what.


Only way to force the issue is to threaten and embarrass their asses at every turn. Wood threatens to tear the whole fucking temple down, while Trump offers a more "elegant", less embarrassing solution. Entire GA political machine with their balls in a vice as we speak. Pundits and pols who make big bucks fucking with normie's mind start cry-babying. Cockroaches scurrying from the light.

Anonymous ID: 46de11 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:29 p.m. No.11899034   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Anyone else find it odd that MGM Resorts donated to Elena Parent's campaign for GA state senate?

Anonymous ID: 4bec56 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:30 p.m. No.11899039   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9044


Anonymous ID: 0dd03c Dec. 3, 2020, 11:35 p.m. No.11899053   🗄️.is 🔗kun

What does buy side and sell side mean. I'm so lost. Not even sure how I got here but I saw red cross cemex and us department state, and have traveled so far(inet world) i'm half dead from digging.

Anonymous ID: 82f890 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:35 p.m. No.11899055   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>11898880 (pb)

The Parasitical Space Nigger Jews came hunting the remnant bands of red heads.

>>11898643 (pb)

>Jordan Maxwell

I don't follow people. He's also a Jew. THEY hunted the red headed survivors whereever they went. They own all DNA companies now. Coincidence?

Anonymous ID: 82f890 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:39 p.m. No.11899082   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>11898678 (pb)

>Doug Band. He set up the personal grafting for the Clinton machine, proud of it, does it for his own living to this day. He must have been not so into thecult activities etc. or maybe just the blowback.


My guess is he did everything in that regard legally. It's a legal loophole. Harry and Meghan Markle set up a similar "foundation". The rules must be changed….kek talk about pigs squealing.


I don't think Band was a part of their Merry Murder of Pedo Parties. Just the tenor of that one email and you get the idea Dougie is seen as disloyal.

Anonymous ID: 5040c0 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:42 p.m. No.11899093   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Not sure about him, but in my experience there is such a thing as "finding the right woman" and it 's a VERY GOOD THING…. except for the part where she THINKS YOU ARE FUCKING CRAZY (but won't come out and say it).


Anonymous ID: 2fbd56 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:45 p.m. No.11899101   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9117 >>9252



I can't help but think of this:


The Frankfurt School, also known as the Institute of Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung), is a social and political philosophical movement of thought located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is the original source of what is known as Critical Theory. The Institute was founded, thanks to a donation by Felix Weil in 1923, with the aim of developing Marxist studies in Germany. The Institute eventually generated a specific school of thought after 1933 when the Nazis forced it to close and move to the United States, where it found hospitality at Columbia University, New York. The academic influence of the “critical” method is far reaching in terms of educational institutions in which such tradition is taught and in terms of the problems it addresses. Some of its core issues involve the critique of modernities and of capitalist society, the definition of social emancipation and the perceived pathologies of society. Critical theory provides a specific interpretation of Marxist philosophy and reinterprets some of its central economic and political notions such as commodification, reification, fetishization and critique of mass culture.


every time I think of the Server.

Anonymous ID: 7d5885 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:48 p.m. No.11899110   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9183

Halfchan Ruby


Wandrea Arshaye Moss - blonde braids black girl

Ruby J Freeman - old lady in the videos below (her mother)


Ruby Freedom shows us all the Ballots! Shhh don’t tell anybody! -1334731101701615616


Then Ruby Freedom is in a (private cubicle) when she receives a container of ballots.. WTH-1334732365906784256


Then Ruby Freedom leaves these ballots ALONE, go outside to gossip. -1334733612244226049


Alleged hand-off of a USB device

Anonymous ID: cc2123 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:48 p.m. No.11899116   🗄️.is 🔗kun

following the money

Esports is the fast-growing, major money-making world of competitive video gaming. This global phenomenon is in a league of its own, where athletes may not look like your traditional sports stars — yet have huge earning potential, massive brand endorsements and even their own fans.

Anonymous ID: 816e24 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:49 p.m. No.11899117   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9134 >>9189


A lot of their motivation came from the fallout of WW2. They were disillussioned Europeans who came to the conclusion that if their civilization was so great, then how did it lead to WW1 and WW2? So they went about deconstructing everything about civilization, in order to "correct" where it all supposedly went wrong.


I don't blame them for their initial disillusionment, but they immediately went off the rails. As did all post War "solutions" (the UN, America's role in global politics, etc).

Anonymous ID: 7d5885 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:49 p.m. No.11899118   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Biden on what he would do if he disagrees with Kamala:


"I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign."

Anonymous ID: 8d5d48 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:50 p.m. No.11899121   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9132


I'm done tonight, this eases my mind to think on and I hope to Heaven this is the way it shakes out. I haven't been able to go to bed tonight cause today has me so riled. Dirty ass Dems and Even worse pos RINO's have had too long of a rope. They have conspired to overthrow our government.

Anonymous ID: 82f890 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:51 p.m. No.11899124   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>Only way to force the issue is to threaten and embarrass their asses at every turn. Wood threatens to tear the whole fucking temple down, while Trump offers a more "elegant", less embarrassing solution. Entire GA political machine with their balls in a vice as we speak. Pundits and pols who make big bucks fucking with normie's mind start cry-babying. Cockroaches scurrying from the light.


this "anon" gets it


Also using their CHAOS / CONFUSION method against them has been brilliant. No one knows what to believe. (pic related)


good good


This was that thing about Q that many failed to recognize. You know who recognized it? the people posting the first Q drops and saying shit like "I thought Hillary was going to be arrested" demoralization shit. It's amusing being able to "see" the game from the 40kft view which means you can see both sides.


BTW The Parasitical Space Nigger Jews are still doing it. Rushing to create "conservative" media alternatives to feed you what you wish to eat.


Insert lyric "fooled again"


Newsmax CEO donated 1 million to Clinton Foundation. Do you REALLY think they're on "/ourteam/? Tucker was friends with Hunter Biden, did you really believe he was anything more than keeping Faux News from crashing entirely like CNN? I feel sorry kinda for My Pillow Guy because he's got a good honest heart and his money kept fox faux……


Fuck the fifth COLUMN.

Anonymous ID: 0b1bee Dec. 3, 2020, 11:52 p.m. No.11899127   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9128

Japanese Comedian Apologizes for Fucking His Mistress in Public Toilets


When asked about paying his mistress 10,000 yen after each session, he said, “It was selfish. It wasn’t meant to be compensation. She was a woman who dealt with my stupid, selfish and greedy things.”


Watabe was also asked if he is addicted to sex. “I received comprehensive counseling,” he said. “The diagnosis was that I am not addicted to sex, though I am not fully convinced.”


About multi-purpose toilets, Watabe was reminded that they are used by the elderly and handicapped. “I have to apologize [to these groups of people] the most for any inconvenience I may have caused,” he said.


The comedian claims that he has not used such a toilet since the publication of the article. “I don’t think I have the right to use one,” he said.

Anonymous ID: 82f890 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:54 p.m. No.11899135   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9231 >>9257


>Everyone knows? I don't know.

Well shit….find body language ghost video analyzing only one of their interactions. Once you see it you cannot unsee. I've zero doubt Lindsay took it up the ass from noname.



Good. A good man admits when he is wrong. I bet the kike trolls that did that to try to make him look bad won't get away with it a second time.

Anonymous ID: 63d636 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:55 p.m. No.11899139   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>>Thanks but the other anon, myself and I'm sure others are looking for the actual full security cam video from the State Farm arena cameras.


Exactly. Sorry, I said Staples instead of State Farm.

Anonymous ID: 58e8aa Dec. 3, 2020, 11:55 p.m. No.11899140   🗄️.is 🔗kun


named the same as the god of the druids, and the world health organization

the HU



metallica in mongolian by a throat singing necromancy sects' perspective, with a super epic video, on chinese constituion day.


and it is likely the HIGHEST level broadcast mongolian WU of all time.




elements, giants, gold, alchemy, storms. all in here. could have picked 40 years of metallica to cover. chose this. released today.

Anonymous ID: 816e24 Dec. 3, 2020, 11:56 p.m. No.11899144   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9150 >>9175 >>9187 >>9211


People lost touch with God. The roots of the problem really festered in the Enlightenment and age of the Philosophers in the 19th century.


But tackling this from a religious angle didn't interest these people. They tried to find solutions through more philosophy and politics, and just wrecked the world further.

Anonymous ID: 82f890 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:01 a.m. No.11899154   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>11898614 (pb tor poster---exit nodes....)

>“It was the most terrifying experience of my life” Explains shopper Susan who experienced the ordeal “We all are following the rules to keep each other safe, I could not leave the store because I could not leave the yellow tape or go backwards. At one point I just sat and cried.”


This is actually scary af. THIS is how fucking brainwashed and conditioned to "obey" these retards are. Imagine following the arrows on the floor, getting no where, yet continuing to follow them anyway to the point of mental and emotional exhaustion. It's not like Ikea doesn't have a fucking MAP on the damn paper you pick up when you go in---or literally signs pointing the way everywhere...and most of all it's not like IKEA isn't already 1 way.


The kid just did the world a favor. He shouldn't be punished because people are too stupid to NOPE on out of something that is obviously fake.


He's not being punished for the arrows, he's being punished for exposing the level of brainwashing.

Anonymous ID: 82f890 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:05 a.m. No.11899171   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>Everyone knows? I don't know.

Wait, is it the top bottom gay not gay thing? LOL in many cultures it's only considered "gay" if you receive the ball. Passers are still straight. It's like the goat thing. As long as you eat the goat after…goat fucking is 100% Halal.


2 men, 1 goat. Gonna be a fun night! MA, I feel like goat tonight!

Anonymous ID: 8bab9a Dec. 4, 2020, 12:06 a.m. No.11899176   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9179 >>9182 >>9185 >>9203 >>9358 >>9613

What do anons think POTUS means by this:


Very sadly for our Nation, it looks like Senator


will not be putting the Section 230 termination clause into the Defense Bill. So bad for our National Security and Election Integrity.Last chance to ever get it done.I will VETO!


Last chance to ever get it done? Wut???

Anonymous ID: 2fbd56 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:10 a.m. No.11899189   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9202 >>9209 >>9506


they created WWII, Anon.

I have a full-length video on the Frankfurt School that gives details about the originators and their funding. WWII was orchestrated by the communists. The only loose end I can't tie-in is Hitler. Given countless hours of study and endless possibilities, the best I can figure is he was a rogue actor that was guided by nefarious forces. Remove him and everything else fits like puzzle pieces.

Anonymous ID: 223e4f Dec. 4, 2020, 12:10 a.m. No.11899193   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9197 >>9227

Lindsey Graham



In the spirit of unity, I completely agree with President @BarackObama's request that the Democratic Party allow a prominent place for @AOC and her socialist message.


It’s always good to find bipartisan agreement!


7:58 AM · Dec 3, 2020

Anonymous ID: 1e1188 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:12 a.m. No.11899199   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9207 >>9358 >>9613

Conservative Groups Ask House Democrats to Demand Joe Biden’s Bank Records


A group of conservative activists and leaders is asking House Democrats who have pursued President Donald Trump’s tax returns to demand former Vice President Joe Biden’s bank records, given allegations of overseas business entanglements.

Anonymous ID: 82f890 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:12 a.m. No.11899200   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>11898636 (pb)

>Of Eric Coomer's 84 posts, the last 2 were Sun Tzu.

Wait, wut? are you trying to claim Coomer is NOT pantifa election rigger nigger? but instead a deep cover letter guy merely offering them the opportunity to cheat?


I dunno bro...I'm not buying that. Coomer was an architect kike....and just like Dominion wiped their employees. Surely you're not suggesting Dominion aka CCp,, Clinton Foundation et al are innocent bystanders....that's what your post sounds like.



>This shit really gonna drag out until Inauguration Day?

and beyond. Surely you're not stupid enough to believe they're just going to pack their toys and turn themselves in....are you?


They're going warp speed ahead with their plan (vaccines, lockdowns etc) aren't they? They have some more shit up their sleeves.

Anonymous ID: 232773 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:13 a.m. No.11899205   🗄️.is 🔗kun



@6:27 "If these folks have evidence"


Not only confused but she doesn't know the law. Affidavits alone are evidence.


She let the cat out of the bag and hit the nail right on the head @7:38 "Are none of us legitimately elected"


Also, at 7:36 "I'm a little confused". That was the second time she admitted she was confused. The first time with was with the constitutional Professor earlier. (I forgot his name)


She really is in panic mode though. If you watch her after questioning the Professor, she was shaking during the rest of the hearing. And during this segment her voice begins to crack and squeak.

Anonymous ID: 1e1188 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:13 a.m. No.11899206   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9222

Trump thanks Alabama congressman who says he will challenge Electoral College votes


President Trump on Thursday thanked Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks, who said he plans to challenge the Electoral College votes next month when Congress meets Jan. 6 to certify the 2020 presidential election.

Anonymous ID: f986c2 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:14 a.m. No.11899211   🗄️.is 🔗kun



This is why I hypothesize there will be a “Biblical event” Worldwide where everyone thinks that they are going to die. The real “precipice”. Necessary scare. Everyone on earth will be praying like never before. Just a theory.

Anonymous ID: 2a9c62 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:15 a.m. No.11899214   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9573

>We're probably going to have a seasonal vaccination


>And finally Sir John,

>When, when can I have one [vaccination]


>These vaccines are unlikely to COMPLETELY STERILIZE a population

>They are very likely to work within a PERCENTAGE 60-70%


>The REGULATORS will have to look quite carefully

>To make sure it is done what we needed to do.

Anonymous ID: a6a945 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:15 a.m. No.11899215   🗄️.is 🔗kun

When will it be officially overturned?

Is that when the riots will intensify?

Is that when the media starts denying voter fraud?

Will any proof of fraud satisfy them?

Who else will be stepping down soon?


Massive dump/spike exactly at 3:42 am?

The timestamp proves their intention/conspiracy at hand!

Dominion server captured.

We know Trump will be inaugurated and in office this January.

Special message delivery during the ceremony upcoming?

Stay tuned.

Anonymous ID: 1e1188 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:15 a.m. No.11899216   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9229 >>9358 >>9613

Gov. Brian Kemp calls for a 'signature audit'


Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp called for a signature audit of the state’s election results on Thursday night during an interview on Fox News, saying that some of what allegedly came out today during a Georgia Senate Government Oversight Committee hearing was “concerning.”

Anonymous ID: 223e4f Dec. 4, 2020, 12:16 a.m. No.11899217   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9608

This is too fucking stupid to be believed, what a massive asshole.


Biden Has Figured out How to Stop the Virus, and Boy, Is It Stunning and Brave


How long has it been since we were told that all we needed to do was “15 days locked down to slow the spread?”


How many 15 days has that been now, since the middle of March 2020? And now places are locking down again.


But never fear, folks, Joe Biden says he has the answer! Wait for it. Are you ready?


We just need 100 more days of wearing a mask. Because 262 days is not enough.


Joe Biden says he will ask all Americans to wear a mask for the first 100 days of his administration:


“Just 100 days to mask. Not forever. 100 days and I think we’ll see a significant reduction… drive down the numbers considerably.”


— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) December 3, 2020


“Just 100 days to mask. Not forever,” Biden said. “100 days and I think we’ll see a significant reduction… drive down the numbers considerably.”


So do what we’ve already been doing for the past 262 days? Gee, what remarkable decision making, Joe! Is there anything he says that he hasn’t plagiarized already from President Donald Trump?


But I will note a few things. Note how careful his language, suggesting that the vaccines aren’t final yet when there are three vaccines already discovered with over 94% effectiveness and the Trump team is already talking about plans for distribution. Biden doesn’t want to say that, because that’s what will actually reduce the virus, not anything Biden actually says or does.


But if the virus goes down after the vaccine, Biden will certainly take credit for it, saying it’s his masking/approaching it “seriously” that’s had an effect.


The problem of folks like Biden is having this shibboleth of a mask without the context of actual science of how one catches the virus. The mask isn’t magical. The mask might only protect some bigger particles from being sprayed around. It wouldn’t stop smaller virus particles. Additionally so many people don’t wear it correctly and are constantly touching it, so it can actually increase their chances of getting the virus. Not to mention that while they might wear the mask, they’re touching everything everywhere and then also touching their face.


But beyond that, when do they get that doing more of what you’ve been doing means you’re going to get the same result? And understand that over 99% survive the virus?


It’s also kind of funny that he talks about his adviser having worked with Dr. Anthony Fauci before on the last pandemic. Ah, you mean that one where his adviser Ron Klain admitted they did everything wrong and they only were saved because it wasn’t more deadly because 60 million people got it?


This is unadulterated insanity.Everyone has been masked up. New Danish study,among many,shows masks have minimal effect on spread of viral infections.California stats show masking up did not slow the upward spiral of cases. We have two vaccines, early&late Rx, and 99.98% survival


— Jane Hughes,MD (@janehughesmd) December 3, 2020


Yeah I’m old enough to remember when we were told back in March we just needed 15 days to flatten the curve… Ohio has had a mask mandate for almost 6 months now And approximately 80 to 90% of the population is mask compliant. So just stop it.


— President-Elect AlliemariEEEEEEEE🥓💃🏼🇺🇸🙄👌🏻 (@alliemarie777) December 3, 2020


We won’t. Masks in public have been enforced for months in Louisiana and did nothing. Pretty much every city in the world that had a mask mandate is seeing cases increasing on par with cities that don’t enforce them. Still have to wear it if I need to go out though.


— Jake Dunand (@omegacloud) December 3, 2020

Anonymous ID: 4c7423 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:16 a.m. No.11899220   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Interesting thread from We The Inevitable on how this might play out constitutionally.

Keen to hear your thoughts, frens.

God bless.


Anonymous ID: 223e4f Dec. 4, 2020, 12:18 a.m. No.11899223   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Donald J. Trump


But doesn’t get rid of Big Tech’s windfall, Section 230, a grave threat to National Security. I will VETO!

Anonymous ID: fc9e07 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:20 a.m. No.11899239   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Corn pop the vote fraud man,

Vote fraud here,

Vote fraud there,

Vote fraud Vote fraud everywhere!

Anonymous ID: 9d9127 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:20 a.m. No.11899243   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Near me, there is a very old cement bunker of sorts that is locked up with serious metal latches and locks. It says it is an old dynamite shack but I've always been curious about it's location since it is so far off the beaten path.

Anonymous ID: 000000 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:21 a.m. No.11899245   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9255 >>9358 >>9613


Leader of black-only NFAC militia ‘Grandmaster Jay’ arrested and faces 20 years in prison on federal charges


John Fitzgerald Johnson, better known as ‘Grandmaster Jay,’ was arrested and charged with pointing a rifle at federal agents and Louisville, Kentucky police during a protest, which could land him in prison for 20 years.


Johnson was arrested on Thursday and booked into a Louisville jail on federal charges, NBC affiliate WAVE-TV reported. Independent journalist Ford Fischer posted photos of the charging documents.


The final federal charge is for allegedly "Assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers or employees."This is a 20-year felony.

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) December 3, 2020


The incident allegedly took place on September 4, when Johnson and his NFAC (Not F**king Around Coalition) gathered to protest against the killing of Louisville, Kentucky resident Breonna Taylor in a police raid. While Taylor was fatally shot in March, protests escalated following the May death of George Floyd in Minnesota and the subsequent wave of Black Lives Matter riots across the US.


According to the affidavit, Johnson pointed his rifle in the direction of Louisville PD officers – who were apparently federally deputized – looking over the crowd of protesters from the rooftops of nearby buildings.

Also on Member of black-only NFAC militia reportedly SHOOTS HIMSELF by mistake at Louisville rally (VIDEO)


Though heavily armed, the NFAC has not actually committed any acts of violence during the protests it was involved with. On one occasion, at the end of July, a member of the group accidentally shot himself and two colleagues with his own rifle at a Louisville protest.


The group showed up in Lafayette, Louisiana in September and marched to chants of “Black Power” to protest against the police shooting of Trayford Pellerin, an African-American man killed the month before.


One person was arrested for accidentally discharging a firearm during that protest, but the NFAC told reporters that the person was not part of their organization.

Also on WATCH heavily armed black militia march through the streets of Lafayette, LA


Johnson has no prior convictions and reportedly served in the US military in the 1990s. He is a black separatist, who told RT that he wants the US to “give us our own land here, so we can go in, set up our own government and the whole nine yards” during an exclusive interview in June.


His long-term goal, however, is “an exodus to Africa, to establish our destiny and build our own nation – and get a seat at the UN like everybody else,” he said.

Anonymous ID: 517167 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:21 a.m. No.11899247   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Really trying to find something positive… so far I can't find shit


  1. Witnesses and good Gop members being attacked fhreatend sent body bags wifes threatened.

Answer to 1. Q your family's and you are safe… clearly not guys if you can't admit it then get help

  1. Bill bar the stealth bomber

Answer to 2.. bar has no fucking bombs he's done nothing but stall we know it he'll even Trump knows it again get help if you can't admit it.

  1. Wray left in the fbi

Answer Wray was left in the fbi even now when Biden said he will keep him… are ya fucking kidding me … why is he still their

  1. Haspel..

This answers itself but just to show the best of let's quote A Q post

Gina stay strong ..don't worry guys she's dismantling the peograms..

No she made it worse way way way worse

  1. Military is the only way right?

Why is the military doing training with dipshit ds members?

Why haven't they been ordered to take controller of the fbi dog and Cia

What have they even done … other than train fish the rock lmfao

  1. Their will be no civil unrest clean and swift

Answer… this doesn't even need to be mentioned… why …well because I'm sure we all can see the massive civil unrest want a list for that?

Ok here we go

Most guns ever sold this year

Bullet prices skyrocket

Bullets are hard to find

Their is no tp.. I mean come on ya got civil unrest when your out of fucking tp…

This list could go on for 50 points .

Like the courts acting on behalf of a political party even when they see evidence



Please let me know what is 1 thing or he'll a list of things Q has accomplished other than utter fucking chaos …


We chose Trump because we were tired of the game we chose him to go in and cut the cancer out quick and clean and what did he do and what did q do the same shit every politician does .. stall do nothing about it say all the time we are doing something ita around the corner no wait that corner nope its the next corner …


People are done … people are preparing not for Biden to be president but to physicly fight for our country again . The dipshits on the board that will yell till earth is he'll that that's violence that we shouldn't or can't or won't… so another words 1776 shouldn't of happened they should of just spoke to the king and took it if they couldn't win … wake the fuck up moron

And since the shill bakers like calling people Cia shills

No I'm not

I have never and will never serve anyone in any capacity except my fucking country.

Go back to natableing Mr pig now . And BTW ya got about 5 notables that are quite literally just anons talking about stupid shit … but ya trust the baker and keep doing whatever the fyck this is now

Anonymous ID: 2fbd56 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:22 a.m. No.11899248   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9254


>The Los Angeles mayor decreed stay at home, when no one did it he said "I didn't really mean it."

I tried telling you guys there's no lockdown here. The media is bullshitting. You can't possibly lock down LA, the cops would get murdered.

Anonymous ID: e644e6 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:22 a.m. No.11899249   🗄️.is 🔗kun


From the comments:


Turn it all around for a minute: Suppose he is seizing the occasion of the popularity of the slogan as a "teachable" moment. Perhaps he's saying, "OK, if you want to 'build back better', start paying attention to the Church."


Perhaps not the cleanest application of the Gospel; perhaps a bit of a compromise, but perhaps not as diabolical as it is being portrayed here.

Anonymous ID: 223e4f Dec. 4, 2020, 12:23 a.m. No.11899251   🗄️.is 🔗kun





Here. We. Go.


Email drafts comms


Rep. Eric Swalwell


· 4h

A friend unexpectedly died yesterday. He was young. I searched my email because I remembered he recently sent a kind note. I had a response in my drafts that I never finished. I feel awful. A sad reminder life is short.

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I have never understood how the Frankfurt School appeals to anyone but losers.

I can get how Marx, in certain respects, can be interesting, and how somehow like Lenin can get an ass-kicking interpretation from it. The WORSHIP of "capital" actually IS bad. Even if "communism" is worse.

I can get how somehow can mangle Nietzcsche and interpret him as a dumbass "racist". At least having pride for spurious reasons seems better than being one of the "last men".

I can get how an intellectual sort can embrace what is ultimately the nihilism of logical positivism - at least it opens an apparent arena for intellectual debate and trying to "sort things out".

But I have never at all seen the appeal of "the Frankfurt School"… except perhaps as an avenue for someone who is already "committed" to an "institutional life". But why? Because that is what losers chose?

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>But why?

It really seems to be a form of masochism. Either that or it just appeals to the lower-half, the half that stood by and watched others live their lives. When you look at your HS yearbook, there are half the students you just say "Who the fuck was that?" even though you were in the same class as they were. Those people are given a podium to preach upon called Critical Theory and they eat it up. They don't understand that the rest of us don't hate them just because we don't notice them, we simply don't notice them. This makes them bitter and given the opportunity to exert force over others, they cling to it.

Then we say "No more" and, well…

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Rudy W. Giuliani




The video tape doesn’t lie.


Fulton County Democrats stole the election.


It’s now beyond doubt.


Go to the tape!

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DNI John Ratcliffe: China Is Using Blackmail, Covert Influence to Target Members of Congress

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) questions former Special Counsel Robert Mueller as he testifies before the House Intelligence Committee about his report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington on July 24, 2019. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

JOSHUA CAPLAN3 Dec 2020953


Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Thursday told CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge that the communist Chinese government is using blackmail, bribery, and covert operations to target lawmakers on Capitol Hill as part of a broad effort to influence policymaking.


Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe tells @CBS_Herridge that China is using blackmail, bribery and covert influence to target members of Congress and make sure “only laws that are favorable to China are passed"


— CBS News (@CBSNews) December 3, 2020


A partial transcript is as follows:


CATHERINE HERRIDGE: You wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal and you say China is targeting members of Congress with six times the frequency of Russia and 12 times of Iran. What is behind Beijing’s aggressive approach?


DNI JOHN RATCLIFFE: They want laws and policies out of the United States that are favorable to China and what they are really trying to do is through blackmail, bribery, overt and covert operations, trying to make sure only laws that are favorable to China are passed.


HERRIDGE: What you been to Capitol Hill [sic] and have you briefed this threat information to lawmakers?


DNI RATCLIFFE: I was so troubled by what I saw from the position of director of national intelligence that I briefed both the House and the Senate Intelligence Committees on this information, which they found surprising and troubling.

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fuck yes!





this follows ARIZONA who began a signiture audit yesterday?






  1. This 3% came from a court ordered review of 100 random ballots to see if there was fraud. Now that 3% of the ballots were deemed fraudulent a larger audit will be ordered.


  1. The audit found: one Trump vote arbitrarily excluded. Another Trump vote struck and then fraudulently added to Biden. Total fraud averaging 3%. Biden margin of fraud less than .05%. Thus if 3% fraud rate remains on larger sample Trump easily wins Arizona.




very good news

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The Media:


First they say there was no election fraud.


Then they say there was on a few cases of election fraud


Then they say there was a little bit of election fraud


Then they say okay there was fraud but not enough to overturn the election


I wonder what the next thing they will say will be?

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>>11897236 (pb)

>>HOWEVER At least a gay CAN reproduce and nurture young.


>Contradictive statements.


Do you even science? A gay male or female can reproduce and care for children. A man who inherently believes that vagina's have teeth can still father children. Many gay men and women have had long-term relationships and children with opposite sex.


Tranny? Explain to me how a Tranny is even remotely useful to nature? Would you want a father who thinks he's a woman raising ANY kid let alone fathering one? (preop or post?)


A mtf post op will never have a child! Men don't have uteruses or periods. And preop mtf trannies should have their kids removed from their custody. PERIOD. They're mentally fucking two generations of kids with their shit.


No, no you do not pass. You will never be a woman OR a reasonable facsimile thereof. Your friends are LYING to you each time they tell you how pretty you are.


They also don't have ovaries or a feminine body designed to give birth, and, in 99.99999999% of tranny head cases, none of them have even the slightest passing female characteristic.They're LARPING on how they THINK women feel. They are insane.


Same thing with post op Ftm mentally ill. That fake dick is FAKE.


Attached are fake vagina and dick. You want to fuck that shit? This is not a one off. Post op trannies.


Explain to ME in the context of the Law of Nature what possible need does Nature have for this level of mental fuckups?


People stop being ignorant of these mutilating surgeries.

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Could they have been remotely viewing the entire time (36+ hrs), hence "we have it all"?


Alvarado Secures State Farm Arena And … - Security Products


Recently installed for guest entry validation at State Farm Arena in Atlanta and Gaylord Opryland Resort's $90 million-dollar SoundWave Waterpark in Nashville, the IntraQ-SU5000 combines the self-validation and fast throughput of our admission devices with the intelligent optical detection system of our flagship SU5000 security turnstile.

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Some people wonder why we do not hear about more Catholic RCC abuse cases and some of us know why.


Judge refuses to dismiss media charges in Pell trial

December 4, 2020 12:09 am Associated Press


MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — A Supreme Court judge in Australia’s Victoria state has dismissed submissions from news media organizations and journalists that there is no case to answer on charges they breached a gag order on reporting about Cardinal George Pell’s sex abuse convictions in 2018. More charges were tossed out in the case against Australian media outlets prosecuted over reporting of Pell’s abuse convictions. But the judge refused to throw out the bulk of the 87 charges of contempt of court for stories published after the cardinal’s guilty verdict. His child sexual abuse convictions were overturned by Australia’s High Court earlier this year and the cardinal is back in Rome.


Judge refuses to dismiss media charges in Pell trial

Updated: December 4, 2020- 12:09 AM

Judge refuses to dismiss media charges in Pell trial



MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — A Supreme Court judge in Australia's Victoria state on Friday dismissed submissions from news media organizations and journalists that there is no case to answer on charges they breached a gag order on reporting about Cardinal George Pell’s sex abuse convictions in 2018.


More charges were tossed out in the case against Australian media outlets prosecuted over reporting of Pell’s abuse convictions. But the judge refused to throw out the bulk of the 87 charges of contempt of court for stories published after the cardinal’s guilty verdict.

His child sexual abuse convictions were overturned by Australia's High Court earlier this year and the cardinal is back in Rome.

More than two dozen media organizations, reporters and editors were charged with breaching of suppression orders and other reporting rules in the days following the guilty verdicts.

In a mid-trial ruling on Friday, Justice John Dixon dismissed eight contempt charges against Nationwide News, Sydney radio station 2GB, Queensland Newspapers and the Nine Entertainment-owned Fairfax Media.

But he rejected arguments by 27 media outlets, journalists and editors that they had no case to answer for the remaining 79 charges.

Prosecutors last month dropped 13 charges against News Corp. staff and publications. The trial is scheduled to resume on Jan. 28.

Such suppression orders are common in the Australian and British judicial systems. But the enormous international interest in an Australian criminal trial with global ramifications highlighted the difficulty in enforcing such orders in the digital age.

Pell was convicted on Dec. 11, 2018 of sexually abusing two choirboys in a Melbourne cathedral when he was the city’s archbishop in the late 1990s.

The trial of Pope Francis’ former finance minister and the most senior Catholic to be charged with child sex abuse was not reported in the news media because of the suppression order that forbade publication of details in any format that could be accessed from Australia.

Details were suppressed to prevent prejudicing jurors in a second child abuse trial that Pell was to face three months later.

That second trial was canceled due to a lack of evidence, and Australia’s High Court in April overturned all convictions after Pell had spent 13 months in prison.

No foreign news organization has been charged with breaching the suppression order. The U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment would prevent such censorship in the United States, so attempting to extradite an American for breaching an Australian suppression order would be futile.



all pb/lb


Q DROP #2590

Australian Cardinal George Pell Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse


Q DROP #2594

Cardinal George Pell 3rd in Command at Vatican


Q DROP #2894

Vatican Treasurer Cardinal George Pell Found Guilty of Child Sex Charges

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Trump, RNC Have Raised $207.5 Million Since Election Day

BY MIMI NGUYEN LY December 3, 2020 Updated: December 3, 2020 Print

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced that they have raised $207.5 million since Election Day on Nov. 3.


Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien said that the fundraising numbers show the president “remains the leader and source of energy for the Republican Party, and that his supporters are dedicated to fighting for the rightful, legal outcome of the 2020 general election.”


“It also positions President Trump to continue leading the fight to clean up our corrupt elections process in so many areas around the country, and to build on gains from the 2020 elections so we can take back the House and build on our Senate majority in 2022,” Stepien added.


RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel thanked supporters for the donations and said the teams will continue to fight for election integrity.


“The American people know what’s at stake,” she said in a statement. “Thanks to our incredible supporters, we’ve been fighting tooth and nail to uphold election integrity across the country and defend our Senate Republicans in Georgia.”


She added, “We are investing millions to push back against the Democrats’ unprecedented power grab and drive a massive Get Out The Vote operation in the Peach State. The Work we are doing today is critical to ensuring a better tomorrow for all Americans.”


Georgia will hold twin Senate run-off races on Jan. 5. The president recently expressed that he was “very worried” as to whether the election would be legitimate and said he had told Republican senators Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) that the state has a “fraudulent system.”


“You have a system with the flick of a switch, or the putting in a new chip, can change the course of history. And you have to be very careful,” Trump said on Nov. 26.


“I think it’s very dangerous for the two people,” he said of the situation facing the two candidates, adding that an alleged fraudulent system is “very dangerous for our nation.”


On the same day, when the president was asked about what he will do if the Electoral College elects Democrat Joe Biden, Trump said, “It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede, because we know there was massive fraud.”


The $207.5 million figure is totaled across amounts raised by the Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., the RNC, the two joint committees Trump Victory and the Trump Make America Great Again Committee (TMAGAC), and Trump’s new Political Action Committee Save America.


These entities were set to file with the Federal Election Commission on Dec. 3 for the reporting period of Oct. 15-Nov. 23, where all of the entities except Save America—which was formed after Election Day—raised a grand total of $495 million.


Trump and other third parties are mounting legal challenges across multiple U.S. states over voting irregularities, voter fraud allegations, and other issues related to Election Day.


Biden has declared victory in the election and media outlets have begun referring to him as “president-elect.”


The Epoch Times won’t declare a winner of the 2020 presidential election until all results are certified and any legal challenges are resolved.


The Electoral College is scheduled to vote on Dec. 14 to decide the outcome of the race. The votes are scheduled to be counted during the Jan. 6, 2021, Joint Session of Congress in Washington.

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Trump, Giuliani Say Georgia Election Video Shows Cheating

BY ZACHARY STIEBER December 4, 2020 Updated: December 4, 2020 Print

President Donald Trump and his lawyers say a viral video that appears to show Georgia election workers pulling boxes of ballots from underneath tables on election night shows cheating occurred during the election.


“People in Georgia got caught cold bringing in massive numbers of ballots and putting them in ‘voting’ machines,” Trump wrote on Twitter late Thursday.


Rudy Giuliani, one of the president’s lawyers, said on social media that the “video tape doesn’t lie.”


“Fulton County Democrats stole the election. It’s now beyond doubt. Go to the tape!” he said, calling the video a “SMOKING GUN.”


The Trump campaign’s legal team presented the video during a state legislature hearing. They said it is surveillance footage from the vote counting center in Fulton County, which was provided by State Farm Arena.


The team said a woman told workers to stop counting and told everyone to go home but four people stayed behind to continue counting overnight without observers present. The footage appears to show workers pull boxes of ballots out from under a tablecloth.


Jenna Ellis, a Trump campaign attorney, said she was shocked to see the footage.


“Room cleared at 10:30pm. 4 people stay behind. Thousands of ballots pulled from under a table in suitcases and scanned,” she wrote on twitter. “FRAUD!!!”


Susan Voyles, a Fulton County precinct manager, has described the boxes containing ballots as “like heavy-duty suitcases with padding on the inside.”


Play Video

State officials said after the video was presented that the boxes were used to store ballots.


“There wasn’t a bin that had ballots in it under that table. It was an empty bin and the ballots from it were actually out on the table when the media were still there, and then it was placed back into the box when the media were still there and placed next to the table,” Frances Watson, the chief investigator for the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, told a so-called fact-checking website.


It’s unclear what she was referring to, as the video shows the containers remained under the table until they were pulled out late at night.


Gabriel Sterling, a top official in Raffensperger’s office, added: “If you look at the video tape, the work you see is the work you would expect, which is you take the sealed suitcase looking things in, you place the ballots on the scanner in manageable batches and you scan them.”


A spokesperson for Fulton County, in an email to The Epoch Times, did not dispute the authenticity of the video on Thursday.


“We take the responsibility of protecting the vote seriously and have invested every possible resource into ensuring a free, fair and transparent election in compliance with all applicable laws,” she said.


“To date, we are aware of no credible reports of voter fraud or wrongdoing in Fulton County. Any credible report of such activity will be investigated and addressed as provided by Georgia law.”


The spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond when asked whether officials view the video as a credible report of voter fraud or wrongdoing, and whether they’ve opened an investigation into what it appears to show.


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, said he was aware of the footage.


“It raises more questions. There needs to be transparency on that,” he said on on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle” on Thursday night.


“I called early on for a signature audit,” he added. “I would again call for that and I think in the next 24 hours, hopefully, we’ll see a lot more from the hearings that the legislature had today and we’ll be able to look and see what the next steps are.”

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Left pic is a military craft, thousands (including myself) have seen them in person. Probably hovering over every major city in the US (if not the world.)


The right looks like a flying garbage bag.

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>>11897650 pb


“Vaccination Playbook (pdf)

pg 35

Section 9: COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Documentation and Reporting

CDC requires that vaccination providers enrolled in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program report certain data elements for each dose administered within 24 hours of administration. (See Appendix D: CDC IIS Data Requirements for COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring). Jurisdictions should assess the capability of COVID-19 vaccination providers to meet federal and jurisdiction-specific reporting requirements before or upon enrollment. The required data elements are located on the ISD Awardees SharePoint site. COVID-19 vaccination providers may view the data requirements on CDC’s IIS website. Jurisdictions should be prepared to provide additional support or technical assistance for smaller vaccination providers or rural clinic settings.

Jurisdictions must facilitate and monitor IIS reporting by enrolled vaccination providers. Each vaccination location should be ready (including trained staff, necessary equipment, and internet access) to report vaccine administration data to the IIS or other external system at the time of vaccination. If data will be entered off site, vaccination providers must ensure the required data are reported to the I....”


I’d actually advise against trying to read this crap, likely to cause brain rottage. If ya thought the “Election System” was convoluted and stupid, this shit actually tops even that. Guns, just wear a bunch of guns. All things considered, best bet for one’s future health.

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Bill Clinton 'Couldn't Stay Away' From Jeffrey Epstein, Visited 'Pedo Island' According To Former Chief Aide


Thu, 12/03/2020 - 20:20


Bill Clinton's former top aide and Chelsea Clinton nemesis Doug Band has told Vanity Fair that former President Bill Clinton did visit Jeffrey Epstein's infamous "pedo island" in January 2003, and that he was unable to push Epstein out of Clinton's orbit since they flew to Africa together in 2002 aboard the the pedophile's (Epstein's) private 727, dubbed the "Lolita Express."


Band said he had no idea about Epstein’s sex crimes back then but got enough bad vibes that he advised Clinton to end the relationship. But Clinton continued to socialize with Epstein and take his money. In 2006 Epstein donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton made more than two dozen trips on Epstein’s jet around this time, Epstein’s flight logs show. In January 2003, according to Band, Clinton visited Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St. James. Band said it was one of the few trips he declined to go on in his time with Clinton. -Vanity Fair


Band - who revealed the Clinton Foundation's 'for-profit' activity and accused Chelsea Clinton of tapping Foundation funds to pay for her wedding (known only because of WikiLeaks) - also says Chelsea Clinton had a relationship with Epstein and his alleged co-conspirator in an underage sex trafficking ring, Ghislaine Maxwell.


Chelsea had ties to Epstein and Maxwell, Band said; he showed me a photo of Bill and Chelsea posing with Epstein and Maxwell at the King of Morocco’s wedding. Chelsea remained friends with Maxwell for years after the press revealed Maxwell was a close associate of Epstein’s. For instance, Chelsea invited Maxwell to her 2010 wedding at the Brooke Astor estate in Rhinebeck, New York, after Epstein had pleaded guilty in Florida to procuring sex from a minor. -Vanity Fair


"Ghislaine had access to yachts and nice homes. Chelsea needed that," said Band.


Band notably created the now-defunct Clinton Global Initiative, which has helped to raise $74 billion for Clinton global charities, according to Newsmax. Thanks again to WikiLeaks, we also know that Band was soliciting donations for Clinton through his PR and investment firm, Teneo in an sordid example of "pay for play" which most of the mainstream media refused to cover - which he worried about in an email to John Podesta, saying: "If this story gets out, we are screwed."


In response to Band's claims about Chelsea, a family spokesperson said that "Chelsea was on friendly terms with Maxwell because of a mutual friend (Gateway computer founder Ted Waitt) and only took one yacht trip with Maxwell in 2009: “It wasn’t until 2015 that Chelsea became aware of the horrific allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell and she hopes that all the victims find justice."


16) It's no secret that the Clintons were/are good friends with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Here's Ghislaine at Chelsea Clinton's wedding.


— Greg (@greg_scott84) July 14, 2020

In 2011, Band says he instructed Bill Clinton's staffers to ban Maxwell 'from all Clintonworld events' to try and drive a wedge between Chelsea and Ghislaine.


"I knew in telling everyone to stop including Ghislaine that Chelsea and her father would be very angry. It made it harder for them to justify being close to her," said Band.

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> the half that stood by and watched others live their lives

Perhaps part of the problem is that these are people who buy into the idea that the only thing that matters is intellectual dominance, and yet they don't cut it intellectually, and sort of know it. The deeper error is thinking that any sort of intellectual eminence can be a way of evading striving for one's own human excellence. My take at least. Many smart people do this, but it may not come back to bite them until the end. But "Critical Theory" is what you get when dumb people do this.

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In spite of the nasty deep state jew Bill ((((Barr))) and his cronies fucking Trump every step of the way, TODAY, the Hearing in Georgia BTFO's the JEWS and their DEMOCRATIC LACKIE ASS LICKERS to such a degree, that if I were a FILTHY, NATION DESTROYING JEW, I would take the peace deal and RUN, not WALK, to the nearest AIRPORT and MOVE to ISRAEL (somewhere) within the 1967 borders, and LAY LOW.


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AOC Sells 'Tax the Rich' Sweatshirts for the Low Low Price of $58


A lot of people seem to be sick and tired of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez already, but I think she provides a valuable service to all sane Americans. For decades the Democrats have kept moving further and further to the left, all while denying it. “Nah, we don’t really want to ban all the airplanes because we think our weather gods are angry. Don’t be ridiculous, we don’t actually believe that everyone who makes more money than we do is evil and deserves to be destroyed. Do you seriously think we want to control every aspect of your daily lives, you silly rubes?”


They do want all those things, and more. And now AOC has come along and proven it. She just blurts it right out. Whatever else you want to say about her (and I have, and will), at least she’s honest about being a communist.


Just look at her latest venture:


As always, made in the US with dignified, union jobs paying living wages ✨


— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) December 2, 2020


That’s right, just in time for Christmas, you can get your very own “Tax the Rich” sweatshirt at the official AOC merchandise shop. And the price just can’t be beat — $58.



AOC’s “Tax the Rich” shirt, from the merchant website.

Note the details:

Please note this is a Pre-Order

Made in USA

Union printed

100% cotton

Gender neutral fit


“Union printed.” And it’s a good thing, too. Just imagine how much more expensive it would be otherwise!


And it’s gender-neutral, just like everything else in 2020 should be. (Except, of course, when you need to remind everybody that you’re a woman and therefore a victim. You’ll be hearing a lot of that under President Kamala. And it’s also why actress Ellen Page — sorry, I mean actor Elliot Page — is brave for coming out as transgender, but also evil for being a straight white male. It can get pretty confusing, but only if you stop and think about it. So don’t do that.)


Wearing a “Tax the Rich” shirt helps everybody. If you’re a liberal, it makes you feel like you’re actually accomplishing something. You’re signaling your virtue to the entire world: Wealthy people are bad, without exception, other than the people who say things you agree with and promise to give you free stuff.


And if you’re not a liberal, spotting somebody in such a stupid, overpriced shirt tells you everything you need to know and you can steer clear before they start talking to you.


I’m not rich enough to be able to afford a $60 shirt just to try to impress people who aren’t worth trying to impress. But I also don’t want to take stuff I haven’t earned from the people who’ve earned it. I’m one of those guys. AOC is never going to make a shirt for jerks like me, because nobody ever became powerful by leaving people alone.


Never let it be said that this isn’t the land of opportunity, though. Less than three years ago, all you could buy from AOC was an overpriced mixed drink. Now she’s got her own clothing line, just for winning an election and saying a bunch of nonsense that liberals want to hear.


Using capitalism to sell anti-capitalism. God bless America!

Anonymous ID: 8718f5 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:51 a.m. No.11899340   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9358 >>9390 >>9412 >>9613

Persons & organizations mentioned in the May 2010 Smartmatic election memo


Cheryl Mills - Cheryl D. Mills (born 1965[1][2]) is an American lawyer and corporate executive. She first came into public prominence while serving as deputy White House Counsel for President Bill Clinton, whom she defended during his 1999 impeachment trial….served as Senior Adviser and Counsel for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign,[4] and is considered a member of Hillary Clinton's group of core advisers….After leaving the State Department in January, 2013, she founded BlackIvy Group - See Warnholz.


Warnholz, Jean-Louis - Founding Principal & Managing Director BlackIvy Group; Senior Advisor, Office of Sec'y of State HRC 2010-2013; Soros Economic Devel. Fund 1009-1020 (fastafraica ltd, World Bank, etc.)

Anchored in Ghana and Tanzania, BlackIvy builds and grows commercial enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa. BlackIvy develops logistics and infrastructure solutions for emerging economies and businesses that serve the needs of the growing consumer class.


Amitabh Desai - Global Philanthropy Forum, Foreign Policy Advisor for the Clinton Foundation ("executed Pres. Clinton's vision" - for more than 11 years)

Clinton Foundation 2009 - present; White House Deputy Director of Foreign Policy 2007-2009; HRC Legislative Aide 2005-2006


Bob J Nash - Senior Advisor at Witt & Associates 2009 - present; business development for the nations premier emergency management, training , mitigation and recovery company".

Bob J. Nash has more than 30 years of progressive executive level experience in the areas of public and private management, development, finance, economic development policy, human resources and diversity recruitment.


Laura Graham - Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff and head of the Clinton Foundation; head of the IHRC (Int'l Haiti Recovery Commission) - almost took her own life?


James Lee Witt - James Lee Witt is a former White House cabinet member and director of FEMA. He currently serves as senior advisor to fortune 500 companies and government leaders around the world.


'''__Global Options Group"' (now CoventBridge Group)

Global Options Group: "Global insight. Worldly intelligence."

CoventBridge: "The global leader in full-service investigations'' [ <<< SPYING organization ]

Anonymous ID: cc2123 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:53 a.m. No.11899353   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Hope Aldrich Rockefeller (born May 17, 1938) is an American newspaper publisher. She is the eldest daughter of philanthropist John Davison Rockefeller III (1906–1978) and Blanchette Ferry Hooker (1909–1992). Her elder brother is former Senator John Davison "Jay" Rockefeller IV (born 1937). Hope pursued a career in journalism and has worked for Long Island's Newsday, Beijing's China Daily, New York's The Village Voice, and the Washington Monthly. She worked for the Santa Fe Reporter in the 1980s before she bought the newspaper and became its publisher. She continued to reside in New Mexico. In 1996, Hope was New Mexico's third wealthiest resident

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>>11898855 Dough




>>11898914 , >>11898942 The Shot Heard 'Round the World

>>11898938 The 'child trafficking' that the Fake News says doesn't exist

>>11898950 Lin Wood tweet - I think there is a heck of a lot of Communist China money in Georgia

>>11898966 CodeMonkey will be introducing evidence of digital ballot stuffing

>>11899176 POTUS - Last chance to ever get it done? Wut???

>>11899199 Conservative Groups Ask House Democrats to Demand Joe Biden’s Bank Records

>>11899216 Gov. Brian Kemp calls for a 'signature audit'

>>11899245 Leader of black-only NFAC militia ‘Grandmaster Jay’ arrested

>>11899270 DNI John Ratcliffe: China Is Using Blackmail, Covert Influence to Target Members of Congress

>>11899286 Audit ordered in Arizona Election?

>>11899290 Trump, RNC Have Raised $207.5 Million Since Election Day

>>11899299 Trump, Giuliani Say Georgia Election Video Shows Cheating

>>11899314 Bill Clinton 'Couldn't Stay Away' From Jeffrey Epstein, Visited 'Pedo Island

>>11899340 Persons & organizations mentioned in the May 2010 Smartmatic election memo



Anonymous ID: e894dd Dec. 4, 2020, 12:54 a.m. No.11899359   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Anyone who still gives a flying fuck about Democracy Democracy Democracy!!!!! Should have no trouble with paper and ink votes counted by adversarial Parties across card tables at every local street corner. Otherwise ya can all fuck off.

Anonymous ID: fc9e07 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:55 a.m. No.11899362   🗄️.is 🔗kun


I heard some anon say that recent Durham appointment to special counsel keeps it all hush for another few years and was just a ploy to buy the dems more time.


Idk what to believe. I had hoped that Durham was a good guy and not swamp. I guess we have to wait and see.

Anonymous ID: 1cc485 Dec. 4, 2020, 12:58 a.m. No.11899371   🗄️.is 🔗kun

(Hypothetical here but…)

What if the Russians had the “golden” usb drive and are trying to sell it to the highest bidder. If what we’re seeing is a movie meant to distract us from the real shit going on behind the projector, then I’m fine just watching and eating my popcorn.

Anonymous ID: 8d647e Dec. 4, 2020, 1 a.m. No.11899373   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9377

Dear Nation Destroying JEWS.

← You literally have until JANUARY to pack up you NATION DESTROYING ASSES and move to Israel (1967) borders, OR ELSE.

Take the deal, parasites, or suffer the consequences.

Anonymous ID: 83e524 Dec. 4, 2020, 1:01 a.m. No.11899375   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9420 >>9428


>What does the video show?

among other things


it shows an election worker hide a bunch of ballots underneath a table




all media and republicans are kicked out

the windows are blocked


and then


the same election worker removed the ballots from beneath the table and proceeds to process them through machines



red fucking handed

Anonymous ID: 82f890 Dec. 4, 2020, 1:02 a.m. No.11899378   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9389

>>11897127 (PB)

e-mail drafts…Q meant like what fucked General Petrayus over. Wonder what HE did to piss Clinton off? He was and is as bent as the rest of them. They really do eat their own.


The funny part is they're apparently still using that method. They really don't understand technology.

Anonymous ID: 8bab9a Dec. 4, 2020, 1:03 a.m. No.11899380   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9417

Lin Wood apology about Loeffler. kek


I may have been wrong about


owning Dominion stock. I made up for it by being right to toss


in #WorldOfTheBlocked. Before getting some rest, I am sending


down below to join Lindsey for cocktails.


Back at it tomorrow, Patriots. Keep fighting.

Anonymous ID: e894dd Dec. 4, 2020, 1:03 a.m. No.11899381   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Secret Laws are for your protection. If you don’t like the cozy protection, there are less secret laws that make it a crime for you to not like the warm embrace of secret government protecting you, ya ungrateful ass.

Anonymous ID: 5040c0 Dec. 4, 2020, 1:03 a.m. No.11899384   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9397


That's a good question.

No doubt there are various ordinances that are treated as de facto "laws" by virtue of being enacted by organs of the bureaucracy.

But for something to actually be a law, must it not be enacted by a properly constituted legislature following its overt rules (which are public)?

Insofar as there seem to be "secret" laws, it seems an outgrowth of treating non-legislative organs of government as lawmaking entities at all. (Which seems to be a major problem…)

If you CAN'T know a law (since it is secret) then you CAN'T be held responsible for violating the law… unless we live under despotism as opposed to government sanctioned by the people.

Anonymous ID: ae404e Dec. 4, 2020, 1:03 a.m. No.11899386   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9406 >>9446



Just saw this Rudy tweet from 4 hours ago.

Normally any tweet about the election fraud twitter usually censors( put's up their warning and won't let you retweet, just quote tweet)


This tweet does not have the warning on it yet.



The video tape doesn’t lie.


Fulton County Democrats stole the election.


It’s now beyond doubt.


Go to the tape!

Anonymous ID: 55bfd5 Dec. 4, 2020, 1:05 a.m. No.11899390   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9412 >>9455



Smartmatic: Modernising Haiti's Civil Registry

In November 2012, the Government of Haiti and Smartmatic partnered to modernize Haiti's Civil Registry and Identity System.

Anonymous ID: b9ea01 Dec. 4, 2020, 1:05 a.m. No.11899391   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9400 >>9426 >>9437







In the latest batch of leaked audio from Project Veritas, CNN President Jeff Zucker is purportedly heard instructing his top brass not to report allegations of pedophilia against Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.


“With regard to child pornography[allegations],” the person on the tape says, “I do not believe that we should be covering those allegations even if they’re out there…”

Anonymous ID: 5040c0 Dec. 4, 2020, 1:06 a.m. No.11899397   🗄️.is 🔗kun



this doesn't mean that there can't be secret government operations when needed (military or otherwise…)

But they will be (and MUST be it seems…) particular and not general. But laws must be general rules that all are obligated to obey.

Anonymous ID: 6599f3 Dec. 4, 2020, 1:07 a.m. No.11899399   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9414



Just did some digging on the pagans, what the actual fuck?


The biggest fraud in human history is the Roman Catholic Church, a renamed club of the Roman orgy, nothing but a swindling, murdering gaggle of disgusting pedophiles.

Fucking awful.

Anonymous ID: 83e524 Dec. 4, 2020, 1:07 a.m. No.11899402   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9415 >>9559


>Watch this hollow soul talk to the constitutional law professor.

this was particularly kekworthy


shes all like:



and he is like:



there us


we dont even need proof of fraud


we just need proof that Georgia did not conduct the election within the laws set forth by the Geogia Legislature