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In anticipation of FISA DECLAS and SPYGATE revelations, a new thread for research and discussion of Australia's role in The Great Awakening.


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Wednesday 11.20.19

>>7358352 ————————————–——– These people are stupid.

>>7358338 ————————————–——– All assets [F + D] being deployed.

>>7358318 ————————————–——– What happens when the PUBLIC discovers the TRUTH [magnitude] re: [D] party corruption?


Tuesday 11.19.19

>>7357790 ————————————–——– FISA goes both ways.


Saturday 11.16.2019

>>7356270 ————————————–——– There is no escaping God.

>>7356265 ————————————–——– The Harvest [crop] has been prepared and soon will be delivered to the public for consumption.


Friday 11.15.2019

>>7356017 ————————————–——– "Whistle Blower Traps" [Mar 4 2018] 'Trap' keyword select provided…..


Thursday 03.28.2019

>>5945210 ————————————–——– Sometimes our 'sniffer' picks and pulls w/o applying credit file

>>5945074 ————————————–——– We LOVE you!

>>5944970 ————————————–——– USA v. LifeLog?

>>5944908 ————————————–——– It is an embarrassment to our Nation!

>>5944859 ————————————–——– 'Knowingly'


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Malcolm Turnbull (X/AUS)


Alexander Downer


Cardinal George Pell


Julian Assange


Virginia Roberts Giuffre


Q's Posts referencing The Five Eyes intelligence alliance (FVEY)


"The Five Eyes, often abbreviated as FVEY, is an anglophone intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence."


''"Does AUS stand w/ the US or only select divisions within the US?"''

Q - 11/25/18.

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#11 - Part 1

2020 US Presidential Election - Australian Perspectives - Part 1

>>11415138 Donald Trump’s path to victory narrow, not impossible - Troy Bramston -

>>11421409 Q Post #4948 -

>>11421409 Tim Murtaugh Tweet: Dems plan to call @realDonaldTrump's Election Day surge a "Red Mirage" to delegitimize his wave of support

>>11421593 How Trump could push button on 'red mirage' strategy and send US election to Supreme Court - Mark Saunokonoko -

>>11422013 If there's a disputed US election result, Australia must take action: Rudd, Turnbull

>>11444864 Video: ABC News (Australia) live: 2020 US Election Coverage

>>11444907 Video: 7NEWS Australia - America Decides 2020: US Election LIVE results

>>11447433 President Donald Trump Tweet: We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!

>>11447533 Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, who endorsed QAnon, wins uncontested seat of Georgia in US election - "Wires" -

>>11448871 Video: Live: Trump speaks from the White House on election night - Fox Business


>>11450331 Video: Donald Trump claims 'major fraud' on American public, flags Supreme Court challenge - ABC News Australia

>>11459503 Australian politicians react as votes continue to be counted - Malcolm Turnbull, Penny Wong, Chris Bowen, Mehreen Faruqi, Janet Rice

>>11473349 Scott Morrison says Australia will ‘respect the decisions’ of the American people as other government members call for all votes to be counted

>>11474232 US electoral counting system is a ‘complete dog’s breakfast’: Joe Hockey - Sky News Australia

>>11474294 US election 2020: Joe Hockey’s voter fraud comments are dangerous - Caroline Overington -

>>11494320 Biden will be more nuanced on China: Former foreign ministers Bob Carr and Julie Bishop

>>11494378 Australian politicians watching US count - Anthony Albanese, Peter Dutton, Richard Marles, Simon Birmingham

>>11494538 Video: Greens Leader Adam Bandt calls on Morrison to condemn “lying” and “deflated” President Trump - Sky News Australia

>>11504726 US election: Idiot genius Donald Trump’s forces will continue their wrecking - Bob Carr -

>>11508936 US election 2020: Voter suppression rife in deeply flawed system - Joe Hockey -


>>11512005 Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he won't be calling Trump over poll

>>11529203 Q Post 3387 - You were told what was going to happen. You were told what battles we face. Strategic. Pre_planned. Patriots in control.

>>11529230 Video: This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected -

>>11529687 Australian leaders past and present congratulate Joe Biden on historic US election win - Malcolm Turnbull, Anthony Albanese, Tanya Plibersek

>>11531906 US election 2020: Trump supporters need to accept defeat - Troy Bramson - - ("Biden’s victory is one for the ages." - NOVEMBER 6, 2020)

>>11532579 Video: Scott Morrison congratulates President-elect Joe Biden - 9 News Australia

>>11532635 Video: Albanese reacts to Joe Biden US election win - 9 News Australia

>>11534583 Scott Morrison says he has ‘great confidence’ in US democracy as Trump refuses to concede

>>11534975 Video: Scott Morrison thanks Donald Trump, congratulates Joe Biden on US election victory

>>11535052 Video: Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull - "If Trump wants to go to the courts in the United States, well that's a matter for him."


>>11536055 'G, what a memory: The day Joe Biden became an AFL footy fan

>>11536070 (2011) When Prime Minister Julia Gillard instructed Barack Obama on the finer points of AFL football

>>11537585 Anthony Albanese calls on Scott Morrison to ‘dissociate’ himself from colleagues spreading Trump fraud claims

>>11550773 Aussie Artist Scottie Marsh Unveils Savage Donald Trump Graffiti In Sydney

>>11551365, >>11551396 How the world has reacted to Donald Trump’s tantrums over US election result - newspaper front pages

>>11551701 Opinion: President Biden has no option but to govern from the centre - Alexander Downer -

>>11552852 Americans need a hug to get through the months ahead - Joe Hockey -

>>11552885 Video: President-elect Biden 'had a convincing victory' - Bondi Partners CEO Alex Tureman - Sky News Australia

>>11553435 Video: Albanese probed over US election comment, "democratic processes must be respected" - Sky News Australia

>>11553702 Foreign Minister Marise Payne Tweet and video: Statement on the enduring Australia-US Alliance

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#11 - Part 2

2020 US Presidential Election - Australian Perspectives - Part 2

>>11553979 Bob Carr Tweet: Biden’s team tell me Hockey’s outrageous comments about fake votes have appeared in excited Trumpian conspiracy online exchanges

>>11553979 Bob Carr Tweet: Joe’s very persona non grata with the Biden team. He can always offer lobbying services for Steve Bannon enterprises

>>11559490 Video: ‘Extraordinary’ that poll workers were sent home amid 'dubious' election result - Commentator Mark Steyn - Sky News Australia

>>11570888 Alexander Downer Tweet: @realDonaldTrump should concede gracefully. He’s lost.

>>11571040 Video: Alexander Downer: Joe Biden will be a 'ceremonial president' - Sky News Australia

>>11571777 Video: John Podesta: Trump 'Is Interfering With The Orderly Transition Of Power' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

>>11572041 Bob Carr Tweet: More Biden advisors and Washington insiders than I imagined have picked up the 7 (!) op-eds…our former ambassador authored

>>11572041 Bob Carr Tweet: They are staggered by his 2GB comment that there had “for sure” been voter fraud because of the high Democrat vote in Washington DC

>>11572041 Bob Carr Tweet: I’m told established lobbyists are delightedly circulating our former ambassador’s remarks to transition team and likely appointees


>>11587380 "Arrr! Shipmates wana good view from the crow's nest? BigMikeAnon Gives Thee The Current." Video: Secretary Pompeo's Remarks to the Media - 14 Oct 2020

>>11587406 Two Lanterns Burning Bright; Foreign & Domestic. What Be 'Shared Values?'. We Are On A Ship.WATCH YE THE WATERS…

>>11587416 Prime Minister Scott Morrison Tweet: Congratulations to @joebiden and @kamalaharris - Australia wishes you every success in office. The Australia-US Alliance is deep and enduring, and built on shared values. I look forward to working with you closely as we face the world’s many challenges together.

>>11587503 Video: Scott Morrison congratulates Joe Biden on his election win, as former PM Malcolm Turnbull expresses 'relief'

>>11587503 Scott Morrison: "The United States is one of the world's greatest democracies, alongside Australia and many others, and democracy has proven, not just in the times of still waters but when the waters can get choppy and of course we have seen that in recent times in the United States, but democracy is the process they have always stood by to resolve such differences."

>>11587541 'Breathtaking': Marise Payne praises US Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris - "This is the time of challenge for which our alliance is suited, because it is based on the enduring shared values which transcend parties or individuals in the White House or the Lodge."

>>11587570 Video: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - 'There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump term' - "“We’re ready, the world is watching what’s taking place" - Sky News Australia

>>11605082 Video: Donald Trump fans furious as Scott Morrison congratulates Joe Biden on election win

>>11605082 Prime Minister Scott Morrison Facebook Post: There are no greater friends and no greater allies than Australia and the US

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#11 - Part 3

2020 US Presidential Election - Australian Perspectives - Part 3

>>11623384 Australia will share its COVID plan with incoming Biden administration

>>11649032, >>11650436 Sydney’s skies plastered with pro-Trump skywriting slogan - TRUMP 2020

>>11650745 Video: 'Trump 2020' emblazoned across Sydney skyline as thousands rally in the US

>>11650745 (2017) Donald Trump inauguration: Supporters pay for Trump skywriting over Sydney

>>11651093 Video: Trump thrills protesting supporters with motorcade drive-by outside White House amid ongoing legal challenges -

>>11666129 President Trump Tweet: those responsible for the safeguarding of our Constitution cannot allow the Fake results of the 2020 Mail-In Election to stand. The World is watching!

>>11666148 James Woods Tweet: My friend had two Australian shepherds, which she would bring to these big Sunday afternoon parties I had years ago

>>11668503 Scott Morrison wears Australian Flag face mask upside down - comms? The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

>>11690073 Tough China stance here to stay under Biden: Australia’s Ambassador to the United States, Arthur Sinodinos


>>11690130 Video: What Biden’s presidency will mean for Australia: Former Australian Ambassador to the United States, Joe Hockey

>>11694954 Australia to await final decision from Trump on Afghan troop withdrawal

>>11724118 Scott Morrison logs on with Donald Trump one last time at G20 and APEC virtual summits - Richard Ferguson - - November 20, 2020

>>11776341 Video: Biden administration won't be a 'very exciting one' - Former foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer

>>11868137, >>11868149 Don’t listen to Donald Trump’s delusions, they aren’t yours to bear - JACK THE INSIDER (Peter Hoysted) -

>>11898720 Video: Obama branded General Michael Flynn ‘public enemy number one’ - Sky News Australia

>>11991248 Rita Panahi Tweet: Meanwhile, in the Australian senate… (Liberal Senator Gerard Rennick - 'This election is not over in the States')

>>12061715 Trump 'penned political suicide note' at every Covid press conference, former Australian PM John Howard says

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#11 - Part 4

Australian Politics and Society - Part 1

>>11439500 CIA agents claim they were targeted by a 'microwave weapon' in Australia

>>11418486 Every single Queenslander should be stoked with the results of the state election, the winner was democracy - Ann Wason Moore -

>>11423039 South Australian police are targeting known firebugs in a bid to prevent bushfires as the danger season begins

>>11423657 US Embassy Canberra Tweet: “The alliance with Australia…will continue regardless of the outcome of the election.” - Ambassador Culvahouse #USwithAUS


>>11474040 Carl Lentz, Hillsong pastor who baptised Justin Bieber sacked due to a series of ‘moral failures’ - Hillsong founder Brian Houston

>>11536955, >>11536988 Video: The Australian Secret Intelligence Service: spying for Australia

>>11550993 New critical infrastructure laws oblige companies and institutions to strengthen cyber defences amid increasing threats from state-based actors

>>11552325 Dead bears, knives in pens: Inside an Australian Border Force mailroom

>>11571119 Video: Q+A: Malcolm Turnbull clashes with News Corp's Paul Kelly over Murdoch media climate coverage

>>11572111 U.S. Pacific Fleet Tweet: USS John S. McCain, Japan's JS Onami and Australia's HMAS Ballarat…with India's INS Shakti - exercise #Malabar

>>11572274 Australian War Memorial Tweet: At 11am on the 11th of November, we ask you to observe a minute’s silence


>>11572274 Remembrance Day 2020 - One Minute's Silence - By observing one minute's silence we pay tribute to the men and women who have served and are still serving in our defence forces and remember those who have died or suffered in conflicts, wars and peacekeeping operations.

>>11577187 Remembrance Day poems - For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon (1914), In Flanders Fields by John McCrae (1914) and We Shall Keep the Faith by Moina Michael (1918)

>>11622774 Carl Lentz's Former Hillsong Church Branch Is Under Investigation

>>11622774 Brian Houston Tweet: We are launching an independent investigation into the inner workings of Hillsong NYC/ East Coast. We need a solid foundation for a fresh start and new beginning. The best is yet to come.

>>11646899 Scott Morrison cancels trip to Papua New Guinea amid political crisis

>>11651831 Senate to investigate media bias and ownership after Kevin Rudd petition

>>11676926 The Australian Secret Intelligence Service: 007 - a blessing and curse

>>11676948 Video: The ASIS Interviews - No 4. Australia’s James Bond: finding jewels for the country

>>11677548 Video: ASIO launches first public awareness campaign to warn Australians of foreign spies on social media

>>11677585 Foreign spies are targeting Australians online—be aware, be discreet and be responsible

>>11677585 ASIO Tweet: Director-General of Security, @MikePBurgess, introduces #ASIO’s new campaign, Think Before You Link

>>11677585 Video: THINK BEFORE YOU LINK - ASIO Director-General's introduction - Not everyone you meet online is who they say they are


>>11678238 Scott Morrison and Murdoch's News Corp empire 'operating like a team', former PM Malcolm Turnbull says

>>11688306 U.S. Space Force: Air Force Maj. Gen. DeAnna Burt takes charge of unit during first change of command, references “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance

>>11690170 Google and Facebook rejected 1 in 5 data requests from Australian law enforcement bodies in 2019

>>11690463 The fake and the furious: Kevin Rudd’s Bangladeshi ‘bots’ in media royal commission petition

>>11690555 Kevin Rudd Tweet: The Murdoch smear of our petition calling for a Royal Commission continues

>>11703336 Kevin Rudd may have to register as ‘an agent of foreign influence’ due to vast overseas connections

>>11703554 'We do not deny climate change': Rupert Murdoch addresses son's exit from board

>>11747175 Facebook and Google must pay for news and should not be able to evade new laws, Australian media argues

>>11761410 Video: Inaugural Grotius Prize presented to Scott Morrison in recognition of his work in support of the international rules based order

>>11761629 Australia leads Five Eyes with new cyber security laws

>>11762029 Malcolm Turnbull says Scott Morrison will give in to international climate pressure - November 24, 2020

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#11 - Part 5

Australian Politics and Society - Part 2

>>11781942 Iran releases Australian academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert in prisoner swap deal, state TV says

>>11782224 Tributes for Donald Trump’s steady envoy, US Ambassador to Australia Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr

>>11792840 US Embassy Canberra Tweet: A #Thanksgiving message from Ambassador Culvahouse: I am confident our best decades are yet to come

>>11793001 United States Studies Centre Tweet: "Its been a biblical year for Australians and Americans alike. Biblical as in the Old Testament. - Ambassador Culvahouse

>>11796334 Video: Thanksgiving with Ambassadors Culvahouse and Sinodinos - United States Studies Centre

>>11796622 Video: Inside the secret mission to bring jailed Australian academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert home from Iran

>>11798838 Video: Australian Corruption - THE ARC WITH RICCARDO BOSI E13 - The Empire Strikes Back

>>11823054 Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher move to Sydney permanently, join growing number of celebs now calling Australia home

>>11837239 Konnech Australia Election Management System - delays and scrutiny issues in Queensland local government elections

>>11851639 Kylie Moore-Gilbert, Julian Assange are cousins, connections reveal

>>11852738 Video: Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton - Australia in the 'midst of the most significant strategic realignment since WW2' - Sky News Australia

>>11852841 'My freedom truly is your victory': Kylie Moore-Gilbert's first words since Iran freedom

>>11868755 Video: Iran targets Kylie Moore-Gilbert in sick propaganda video, claims she and her secret Israeli husband were spies


>>11868770 Iran targets freed academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert and her husband Ruslan Hodorov - an Israeli of Russian origin - claiming both are spies

>>11868882 Iranian-American Trial Lawyers Association Tweet: Who is #KylieMooreGilbert? Beyond Propaganda & Disinformation Part I

>>11868891 Iranian-American Trial Lawyers Association Tweet: Who is #KylieMooreGilbert? Beyond Propaganda & Disinformation Part II

>>11868897 Iranian-American Trial Lawyers Association Tweet: Who is #KylieMooreGilbert? Beyond Propaganda & Disinformation Part III

>>11872321 Good Samaritan anonymously pays $16k worth of customer lay-bys at Gold Coast toy store

>>11884275 Witness K lawyer Bernard Collaery wins international free speech prize for his efforts exposing Australia’s spy operation in Timor-Leste

>>11898644 Corrupt former SA magistrate Bob Harrap imprisoned for at least a year, but his accomplices won’t serve jail time

>>11899213 Sweeping review of Australia's spy laws calls for overhaul of convoluted and outdated laws governing digital surveillance

>>11911127 U.S. Cyber Command Tweet: First-ever #cyber agreement between U.S. & Australia means we can both evolve our virtual cyber training range

>>11911127 U.S. Cyber Command Tweet: Australia and the U.S. have a strong history of working together to develop our cyber capabilities

>>11911127 U.S. Cyber Command Tweet: This project arrangement is a milestone for U.S.-Australian cooperation

>>11911147 US and Australia sign first-ever cyber agreement to develop virtual training range - the Persistent Cyber Training Environment

>>11931540 Google, Facebook and Twitter panned for proposing “watered down” version of European Union Code of Practice on Disinformation for Australia


>>11959941 Parliamentary inquiry to examine extremism in Australia amid increasing far-right threat

>>11960610 Google and Facebook forced into world-first Australian media deal - Tech giants forced to pay for news content and share data collection methods

>>11968549 NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team arrests 18-year-old Albury man - charged with Advocating Terrorism, Urging Violence

>>11979085 ASIO Tweet: We keep Australians safe by operating 24/7, every day of the year. Director-General of Security @MikePBurgess oversees a 24/7 operations centre

>>11979222 The power of information in the contemporary battlespace - Australian Defence Force's Head of Information Warfare Division, Major General Marcus Thompson

>>11979231 Australian Government Department of Defence - Information Warfare Division

>>11990893 Video: Zodiac killer code cracked by Australian mathematician Samuel Blake more than 50 years after first murder

>>11990910 FBI SanFrancisco Tweet: The FBI is aware that a cipher attributed to the Zodiac Killer was recently solved by private citizens

>>11991865 Zodiac serial killer code solved more than 50 years on by team including Aussie mathematician (includes decrypted message)

>>11994120 A majority of Australians would welcome a universal basic income, survey finds - Gareth Hutchens -

>>12033976 TIME - HEROES OF 2020 Australia's Volunteer Firefighters Risked Everything to Keep Their Country Safe - Amy Gunia -

>>12052704 Facebook faces multimillion-dollar penalties for ‘misleading’ Australian users with spying app, 'Onavo Protect'

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#11 - Part 6

Australian Defence Force Afghanistan Inquiry - Part 1

>>11495844 General Angus Campbell Tweet: Today I have received the Afghanistan Inquiry report from the Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force

>>11495844 General Angus Campbell Tweet: I strongly encourage current and former serving ADF members…affected by the IGADF Afghanistan Inquiry to access welfare support

>>11495844 Statement - Angus J. Campbell, AO, DSC - I intend to speak about the key findings once I have read and reflected on the report

>>11495844 Afghanistan Inquiry - Department of Defence and Department of Veterans’ Affairs - Welfare Support - Please ask for help if you need it

>>11571508 Afghanistan war crimes inquiry - Department of Defence ‘to strip offenders of medals’

>>11593710 Court orders war hero Ben Roberts-Smith to hand over documents to lawyers acting for the media companies he is suing for defamation

>>11604576 Chief investigator appointed to probe alleged war crimes by Australian special forces soldiers in Afghanistan

>>11606201 Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith confirms his conduct in Australia’s special forces is being investigated in Afghanistan Inquiry report


>>11610740 Ten SAS soldiers under investigation by war crimes investigators over summary execution of at least 12 Afghan non-combatants or prisoners

>>11665665 Video: Killings of Afghans 'happened all the time' - Dr Samantha Crompvoets, author of 2016 report commissioned by military chief Angus Campbell

>>11665944 How sociologist Samantha Crompvoets' review of the 2014 Lindt cafe siege exposed army atrocities

>>11688552 OPINION - 'They are not one of us': SAS soldiers condemn war crime perpetrators - By SAS Soldiers

>>11688717 Conflict of interest questions on Defence war crime troika - Major General Adam Findlay, Lieutenant General Rick Burr and General Angus Campbell

>>11689784 The inquiry into Australian soldiers in Afghanistan is finally over. The reckoning is about to begin

>>11694954 Australia to await final decision from Trump on Afghan troop withdrawal

>>11702658 PDF: Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force Afghanistan Inquiry Report (Public Release Version)


>>11702706, >>11702759 Video: Chief of the Defence Force, General Angus Campbell, announces the findings of the Afghanistan Inquiry report

>>11702983 President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani Tweet: Prime Minister of Australia expressed his deepest sorrow over the misconduct by some Australian troops in Afghanistan

>>11703205 Brereton war crimes report: Defence urges probe into 19 soldiers over 39 alleged murders

>>11703243 Special Air Service second squadron (2 Squadron) disbanded over Afghan claims

>>11703264 Ben Roberts-Smith puts Victoria Cross up as collateral for $1m legal fees loan from billionaire businessman Kerry Stokes

>>11705983 Whistleblowers relieved as war crimes report prompts calls for justice

>>11706088 Afghan war crimes inquiry: 2 Squadron dishonoured by its abolition

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#11 - Part 7

Australian Defence Force Afghanistan Inquiry - Part 2

>>11706163 War crimes report: Top brass kept in the dark by ‘boilerplate’ reports

>>11706208 War crimes report: Diggers covered their tracks in the Afghan killing fields

>>11711606 Video: IGADF Afghanistan Inquiry Report - A message from the Chief of Defence Force

>>11712189 Australia’s special forces will undergo sweeping changes in blueprint recommended by former ASIO and ASIS spy chief, David Irvine

>>11712363 Arrogance and impunity: Inside the 2012 SAS deployment to Afghanistan

>>11720292 Chief of the Defence Force Apology to the People of Afghanistan - Dari and Pashtu Translations

>>11722807 Systemic and cultural failings to blame for war crimes - Former 2 Cdo Regt Major Heston Russell

>>11723940 Inside the warrior culture that shamed Australia - groundbreaking report has shocked the country and will be carried by a generation of soldiers


>>11724019 Video: Alleged SAS war crimes in Afghanistan are 'disturbing and distressing', Prime Minister Scott Morrison says

>>11734632 How a determined judge, Justice Paul Brereton, cracked the SAS code of silence

>>11746847 Afghan government defends Australia, denounces Taliban as hypocritical after insurgents demand punishment for “savage, degenerate invader” forces

>>11746887 Invader crimes are indelible - Weekly Comment, (Taliban official english website) - November 21, 2020

>>11747021 ‘How did this happen?’: Chief of Army Lieutenant-General Rick Burr insists he was blind to alleged atrocities in Afghanistan

>>11752213 This is ‘unprecedented – it’s unfathomable’ – veterans speak out on nine ADF member suicides in three weeks

>>11760984 Andrew Hastie: My great shame … but our boys were left in degrading war

>>11761020 ANDREW HASTIE- ‘Shamed’ by the Brereton report, soldier turned federal MP Andrew Hastie says ‘we ignored the true nature of war and sanitised it’


>>11792315 Defence Department starts dismissing SAS soldiers in wake of Afghanistan war crimes inquiry

>>11802881 Video: Chief of Army statement to the media regarding administrative action taken against serving Australian Defence Force personnel

>>11829964 Dozens of high ranking ex-SAS leaders face scrutiny by Defence chief Angus Campbell

>>11838595 Video: Russia accused of 'hypocrisy' after attacking Australia over Afghanistan war crimes report

>>11839108 PM says he will have the final say on whether Afghanistan veterans are stripped of awards

>>11979707 Scott Morrison defiant as UN bans Australia from virtual Climate Action Summit

>>12062029 Former federal court judge Mark Weinberg QC named as special investigator for Afghanistan war crime allegations

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#11 - Part 8

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Pandemic, Australia and Worldwide

>>11420342 NSW police officer probe over COVID-19 virus letter, "Cops for Covid Truth" - Serene Teffaha / Advocate Me -

>>11422845 Coronavirus: Dozens arrested at Melbourne anti-lockdown protest

>>11588706 Coronavirus: Vaccine rollout for five million Aussies tipped for March

>>11603585 Video: Anthony Fauci says working with Trump Administration on coronavirus has been ‘very stressful’ - ABC News In-depth

>>11623123 Victoria's top health bureaucrat Kym Peake resigns following coronavirus hotel quarantine inquiry

>>11623384 Australia will share its COVID plan with incoming Biden administration

>>11623384 PDF: Australian Government - Department of Health - National Contact Tracing Review - November 2020

>>11651658 'F**king idiot': Melbourne doctor roasts Pete Evans over new COVID-19 comments


>>11676574 Compulsory vaccination at Goodstart Early Learning in Gladstone, Queensland faces legal challenge

>>11676660 CSL plans to build $1.8bn vaccine factory in Melbourne’s north

>>11738960 Morrison pushes G20 for global access to vaccine; Trump says he's here to stay

>>11762085 Australians are ‘winning’ coronavirus fight, Health Minister Greg Hunt says

>>11792496 Vaccine, quarantine or no entry for overseas arrivals: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

>>11829920 Anthony Fauci has applauded Australia’s use of lockdowns - Australia leads on Covid, says Anthony Fauci

>>11978765 University of Queensland’s Australian COVID vaccine terminated due to HIV ‘false positives’

>>12017586 Victoria’s contact tracing system was unfit for purpose during coronavirus second wave, parliamentary inquiry finds


#11 - Part 9

George Papadopoulos Tweets, Alexander Downer and SPYGATE Revelations

>>11420723 Downer was too sloppy and I had to report him to US authorities who foolishly notified me downer was in on it

>>11420723 Matt Bevan Tweet: OK but how does him writing an opinion piece in a national newspaper in favour of Trump fit into that?

>>11420723 His actions in 2016 have a big impact on himself and the US-Australia relationship in 2020

>>11420723 Matt Bevan Tweet: Writing an op-ed in favour of Trump to try and save himself from the people investigating him for spying. Got it.

>>11535230 I have never seen so many triggered people. I mean, you “won”, right?

>>11535230 The crash is going to be brutal


>>11570888 Alexander Downer Tweet: @realDonaldTrump should concede gracefully. He’s lost.

>>11571040 Video: Alexander Downer: Joe Biden will be a 'ceremonial president' - Sky News Australia

>>11587588 The world is watching

>>11605184 The UK and Australia were working against the campaign and sending operatives. They are now working to block declassification

>>11665184 Remember “Ambassador Downer”? He will become a household name once they drop the documents

>>11734733 It’s going to be biblical

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#11 - Part 10

Child Exploitation, Pedophilia, Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Investigations - Part 1

>>11494988 West Australian man Aneurin Wells, Little Athletics life member, found guilty of child sexual abuse

>>11588488 Large-scale Australian Federal Police-led investigation, Operation Arkstone results in 828 charges laid with 46 child victims identified

>>11588547 Alleged Kimberley paedophile Charles Batham back in Australia after secret police operation

>>11610835 Australian children blackmailed in dark web porn ring operating out of Bangladesh - Dhaka Metropolitan Police Force arrest three men

>>11636417 Parents’ worst nightmare: daycare pedophiles - Timothy Luke Doyle's reign of terror uncovered by Operation Arkstone

>>11636447 Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation Tweet: Last month we officially opened the ACCCE facility in Brisbane

>>11636561 Video: Messages of support for ACCCE - UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, Baroness Joanna Shields OBE and US Attorney General William Barr

>>11665974 Victim of music teacher Malcolm Winston Day tells court she reported him to protect others from ‘monster’


>>11678118 #LetUsSpeak: One of Victoria’s most sadistic paedophiles and rapists, David Hodson, has finally been unmasked by his own daughter, Jaime Lee Page, as thousands of victims get their voices back

>>11678165 Stop Silencing Survivors: #LetUsSpeak GoFundMe -

>>11690300 Video: Ultimo NSW man arrested for importing child-like sex doll

>>11703522 Tasmania youth detention staff stood down over abuse allegations including a claim of rape made against a staff member

>>11712044 How bank data is used to catch crooks and stamp out sex crimes - AUSTRAC initiative 'Fintel Alliance'

>>11712058 PDF: Fintel Alliance performance report 2019-20 - multiple arrests and children being rescued from harm

>>11676300 Australian Federal Police Tweet: Video - From the frontline: Operation Arkstone (Part 1) - 14 men charged across Australia, 46 child victims identified, 146 international referrals made, with 3 arrests in U.S.

>>11722686 Australian Federal Police Tweet: Video - From the Frontline: Operation Arkstone (Part Two) - “The hard part is going through the material and knowing that you’ve met this child before.”


>>11722699 Australian Federal Police Tweet: Video - From the Frontline: Operation Arkstone (Part Three) - AFP Forensic specialists detected and accessed electronic devices allegedly containing evidence of child abuse material, helping to uncover more alleged offenders and more victims to be saved from further abuse.

>>11722717 Australian Federal Police Tweet: Video - From the Frontline: Operation Arkstone (Part Four) - Behind every piece of CAM is a child being abused. Kate Laidler and the Victim Identification team took on the gut wrenching task of searching through every video and image seized for clues to identify every child

>>11734323 Video: The Project Facebook Post - Let Us Speak | Jamie's Law - child sexual abuse survivor, Jaime Lee Page, can now share her story the way she wants to - #LetUsSpeak

>>11734421 'I live for human connection': Australian child sexual abuse survivor, Grace Tame, on how she thrives 10 years on - #LetHerSpeak

>>11747391 States urged to follow Tasmania on child sex abuse cover-up inquiry

>>11776866 Former Trinity College students sue Christian Brothers over sexual abuse at school by jailed paedophile and former science teacher Kevin Wilmore Myers

>>11776993 US Embassy Canberra Tweet: Ambassador Culvahouse speaking at the @ACCCE_AUS

>>11776993 US Embassy Canberra Tweet: US and Australian law enforcement collaborate around the clock to prevent children from suffering real harm…This is a great alliance story. #USwithAUS

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:20 a.m. No.12076560   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#11 - Part 11

Child Exploitation, Pedophilia, Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Investigations - Part 2

>>11804416 Paedophile priest Michael Glennon's Aboriginal victims sue Pope Francis over church's failures

>>11804525 DPP wins appeal against inadequate sentence handed to paedophile Hamzeh Bahrami, sparking South Australian law reform

>>11810459 Melbourne Orthodox Jewish Yeshivah Centre abuse victim 'will drop $2.5 million lawsuit if apology made'

>>11815619 Video: Operation Arkstone update: Additional NSW arrest in large-scale investigation into child sex offender network

>>11872246 Australian Federal Police to be given unprecedented authority to launch cyber attacks on dark web pedophiles, terrorists and drug-traffickers under new laws

>>11899250 Tasmanian man charged over alleged importation of dozens of child-like sex doll parts

>>11932212 Video: Sydney man jailed for livestreaming sexual abuse of a Filipino child

>>11932237 (2019) AFP investigation in Sydney and Philippines leads to rescue of a girl


>>11932345 Exploited, mistreated and threatened, all for less than $10 an hour - Human trafficking-style network feeding international workers to Australian farms

>>11932492 Former Big Brother and Family Court psychologist Bob Montgomery sentenced to four years in prison for historic child sex offences

>>11936928 Alan Jones refuses to deny having sex with schoolboys when he was a teacher in defamation case against the SBS

>>11945497 Australian Federal Police seize home of pedophile using proceeds-of-crime laws in “aggressive” new strategy to target assets of child sex offenders

>>11945515 Statement from AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw - Operation Tatsuta - 'I make no apologies for using the full force of the law to prosecute, disrupt and deter those who target our children'

>>11946365 North East Lincolnshire man, David Wilson sentenced to seven years jail for historic child sex offences after being extradited from Queensland, Australia

>>11947028 Richard George Aldinger: Sydney man jailed for Philippines child sex abuse videos

>>11960473 Video: Child abuse victim Avri Sapir says porn website Pornhub profited from her child rape - Ginger Gorman -


>>11960489 Ginger Gorman Tweet: In case you are interested, these are the questions Pornhub did not answer about child sex exploitation on their site

>>11960719 Etsy seller providing childlike sex dolls modelled off 14-year-old Instagram star, Border Force reveal spike in products being sent to Australia

>>11960845 Video: Supermarkets, retailers uncover modern slavery throughout supply chains - human trafficking, slavery, forced labour and debt bondage in Australia and overseas

>>11964350 Entering the grimy world of the dark web: new legislation to combat dark web criminals - Rachael Falk -

>>11978894 Video: Federal Government urged to close loopholes to ensure Australian children are protected playing sport

>>11978972 Almost 200 allegations against Victorian teachers reported to education regulator in 2019-20, including claims of physical and sexual misconduct

>>11979791 Depraved, defiant Queensland father sentenced for nine-year incestuous sexual abuse of teen daughter

>>12048190 Survivors reflect on Australia sex abuse inquiry, three years on

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:20 a.m. No.12076564   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#11 - Part 12

Cardinal George Pell, Cardinal Angelo Becciu and Vatican Financial Scandal Allegations

>>11479859 Pope moves against secretariat of state amid finance scandal, 'outcome sought years ago by Cardinal George Pell'

>>11479906 Declaration of the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo Bruni, 05.11.2020

>>11493555 Advice from Cardinal George Pell has led The Pope to strip funds from a top-secret bank inside the Vatican

>>11511257 Cardinal George Pell backs Pope on finance overhaul - "I am delighted by these developments"

>>11570098 News reports that referred to Pell conviction effectively invited readers to search online, contempt trial told

>>11587807 Prosecutor failed to disclose unsuccessful online Pell searches, trial told

>>11587937 George Pell trial interference claims dismissed by Victorian corruption watchdog IBAC

>>11587937 Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission statement: IBAC dismisses allegation of Vatican Funds in Pell case


>>11604518 Prosecutors withdraw some charges against media in Pell contempt trial

>>11620828 ‘No case to answer’: Media asks judge to throw out Pell contempt case

>>11677647 Judge weighs up media's no-case submission on Pell contempt charges

>>11703478 Cardinal Angelo Becciu seeks damages over 'groundless' Italian media reports

>>11738820 Andrew Bolt: Cardinal George Pell’s jail diary is a revelation - 'a devout Christian who believes in love and forgiveness'

>>11810034 George Pell ‘vulnerable, spied on’ in Vatican cash battle - 'The Vatican’s Black Book' author, Italian journalist Gian Luigi Nuzzi

>>11810124 George Pell, vice and the Vatican - 'campaign of intimidation and psychological warfare unleashed by the Vatican’s old guard'

>>11842840 Cardinal George Pell to publish jailhouse memoir after acquittal on sexual abuse charges


>>11852475 AP Exclusive: Cardinal Pell on the Vatican and vindication

>>11883813 Video: Cardinal Pell after a year in prison: Forgiving is good for the heart and mind - ROME REPORTS in English

>>11898532 Pell contempt charges against media whittled down, but most remain

>>11925048 Andrew Bolt: Time for institutions to apologise for Pell witch hunt

>>11960061 Vatican risks going broke slowly, former treasurer Pell says

>>11960083 Leading cardinal George Pell says Church needs rules on status of ex popes

>>12048071 George Pell: Senior Vatican figures framed me on pedophilia charges

>>12061255 Cardinal Pell on Trump, Benedict XVI and a plot against him

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:21 a.m. No.12076566   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#11 - Part 13

Australia / China Tensions - Part 1

>>11422350 Germany refuses to turn a 'blind eye' to China, teams up with Australia

>>11424226 Un-Australian ABC NEWS echoed CCP’s propaganda -

>>11473631 Melbourne man, Duong Di Sanh, has become the first person in Australia to be charged under foreign interference laws

>>11473876 Aussie producers of red wine, copper ore, sugar and timber are staring down a ban from China despite denials from Beijing

>>11494902 Di Sanh Duong (Yang Yisheng), former Liberal Party candidate, charged with preparing an act of foreign interference within Australia

>>11495067 Chinese state media warns Australian economy could 'suffer further pain' after reported export ban

>>11495079 Canberra only has itself to blame: China Daily editorial -

>>11536599 In plain sight: How Chunsheng Chen, an alleged Chinese spy tried to build an Australian business empire

>>11552108 Suspected Chinese spy Di Sanh Duong (Yang Yisheng) has quit the Victorian Liberal Party

>>11552431 Asia-Pacific to have Democrats’ full attention under Biden presidency


>>11570718 Chinese state media's stark call for Australia to make urgent changes after US election

>>11570863 ASPI still spitting its mercenary poison: China Daily editorial -

>>11570863 PDF: Cyber-enabled foreign interference in elections and referendums - Australian Strategic Policy Institute

>>11571560 ASIO chief Mike Burgess warns MPs: China may target you

>>11571668 Daniel Hurst Tweet: Letter from Asio head Mike Burgess to all Australian federal politicians…be alert to the risk of foreign interference

>>11622961 Video: 'Not a suspect': Suspended Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane reinstated with Labor Party months after AFP raids

>>11652938 Mega free-trade deal a lifeline for Australia-China relations - Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

>>11676116 Chinese-language WeChat student group boasts of targeting Australian academics critical of Beijing

>>11677678 Morrison to talk up Australian hydrogen in first meeting with new Japanese PM, Yoshihide Suga

>>11688058 Broad deal reached on military pact with Australia, says Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga


>>11688113 Japan-Australia agreement against China goes astray: Global Times editorial -

>>11690012 Former Labor staffer John Zhang investigated for money laundering after Chinese foreign interference taskforce finds bundles of cash at Sydney home

>>11690073 Tough China stance here to stay under Biden: Australia’s Ambassador to the United States, Arthur Sinodinos

>>11703294 'If you make China the enemy, China will be the enemy': Beijing's fresh threat to Australia

>>11703324 Opinion: Australia must stop going further down wrong path over ties with China -

>>11703336 Kevin Rudd may have to register as ‘an agent of foreign influence’ due to vast overseas connections

>>11703441 Five Eyes allies call on China to reverse ban on Hong Kong pro-democracy legislators

>>11703451 Foreign Minister Marise Payne - Joint statement on Hong Kong - "serious concern regarding China’s imposition of new rules to disqualify elected legislators in Hong Kong"

>>11703451 Secretary of State Michael Pompeo Tweet: We stand with the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada in calling out China’s disqualification of elected Hong Kong legislators

>>11705793 ‘Five Eyes’ could be poked blind if China’s sovereignty and security harmed, warns Chinese FM spokesperson - Cui Fandi -


>>11705819 Video: The Five Eyes Alliance is gradually becoming like a mafia organization - Hu Xijin, Global Times Youtube

>>11705935 Morrison says Australia won’t back down to China threats on free speech, security

>>11706028 'China's not perfect, but who is?': Outgoing WA Treasurer Ben Wyatt lashes attacks on 'our major trading partner'

>>11712446 Senior Republican senator Marco Rubio slams Beijing for 'bullying' Australia

>>11738732 China, Russia spreading lies, digital discord: former US National Security Agency director Mike Rogers

>>11761396 Australia will not be deputy sheriff in US-China tensions, Morrison declares

>>11776300 Premier Daniel Andrews defends Belt and Road agreement with China

>>11777165 US Ambassador to Australia Arthur Culvahouse blasts China over grievances against Morrison government

>>11804910 'Devastating blow': Trade Minister Simon Birmingham lashes out at China's wine tariff hit

>>11838725 Lijian Zhao Tweet: Shocked by murder of Afghan civilians & prisoners by Australian soldiers. We strongly condemn such acts, &call for holding them accountable

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:21 a.m. No.12076568   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#11 - Part 14

Australia / China Tensions - Part 2

>>11838733 China should be 'totally ashamed': Scott Morrison demands China take down post

>>11838747 Hu Xijin Tweet: On what ground does Morrison feel angry over the use of this cartoon by the spokesperson of Chinese FM? It’s ridiculous and shameless that he demanded China to apologize

>>11839082 China fires back at Morrison, doubles down on war crimes accusation

>>11842962 Why China's trade aggression has Sun Tzu spinning in his grave - Alexander Downer

>>11852344 Chinese media threatens 'evil' Australia's warships in South China Sea

>>11852348 China's goodwill futile with evil Australia: Global Times editorial -

>>11852619 Zhao Lijian: Chinese foreign ministry spokesman who launched ‘repugnant’ attack on Australia has an eight-year history of tangling with westerners and pushing conspiracies

>>11852648 White House chides China over treatment of Australia

>>11852648 White House National Security Council Tweet: Australian wine will be featured at a White House holiday reception this week

>>11852738 Video: Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton - Australia in the 'midst of the most significant strategic realignment since WW2' - Sky News Australia

>>11852994 Video: Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) - 'Will not be bullied': citizens around the world told to buy Australian wine in stand against China

>>11853166 Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Commonwealth of Australia - 'the rage and roar of some Australian politicians and media is nothing but misreading of and overreaction to Mr. Zhao’s tweet'


>>11867607 Australian and Chinese diplomats meet to seek apology over fake war crimes meme

>>11867646 Vieo: Wuheqilin (Fu Yu) - Chinese artist behind doctored image of Australian soldier says he's ready to make more

>>11867686 Scott Morrison appeals directly to Chinese citizens on WeChat

>>11867746 Video: China’s Global Times publishes new offensive cartoon depicting a bloodied kangaroo while demanding Australia apologise to the artist behind the fake picture

>>11867772, >>11867791 PM muddies Aussie's own waters with double-standard outburst - Yu Luxu -

>>11867808 Fact-based illustration not 'fake photo'; Aussie accusation aims to 'divert attention': FM -

>>11867815 Cartoon demands justice for murdered Afghans, Morrison blunder-struck with hypocrisy - Wuheqilin -

>>11867899 Wuheqilin Weibo Post: To Morrison '-apologize!!-'

>>11868246 Video: Kevin Rudd on Australia-China relations — ABC 7.30 (1 December 2020) - Kevin Rudd Youtube

>>11868963 United States Ambassador Arthur Culvahouse Jr accuses China of spreading misinformation over Afghan soldier image

>>11869024 U.S. Dept. of State Deputy Spokesperson Cale Brown Tweet: We stand with our Australian partners in calling out @MFA_China for spreading disinformation

>>11869024 U.S. Dept. of State Deputy Spokesperson Cale Brown Tweet: The CCP’s latest attack on Australia is another example of its unchecked use of disinformation


>>11869024 U.S. Dept. of State Deputy Spokesperson Cale Brown Tweet: As the CCP spreads disinformation, it covers up its horrendous human rights abuses

>>11871921 Social media platform WeChat censors Scott Morrison's post directed at Chinese community

>>11872209 Belt and Road Initiative: The deal Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews can’t back out of

>>11883647 Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says Australia will not give ground to China’s grievances

>>11884225 Joe Biden adviser Jake Sullivan says US stands 'shoulder to shoulder' with Australia

>>11884225 Jake Sullivan Tweet: America will stand shoulder to shoulder with our ally Australia and rally fellow democracies to advance our shared security, prosperity, and values

>>11884225 Democratic Senator Robert Menendez Tweet: The Australian people deserve an apology and the Chinese Foreign Ministry needs to demonstrate it understands how to conduct diplomacy

>>11884225 Republican Senator Marco Rubio criticises Twitter for putting warning labels on tweets by President Donald Trump but not doing so for Chinese Foreign Ministry tweet

>>11884356 Beijing controls Chinese-language media agencies in Australia, says Australia's peak intelligence agency, The Office of National Intelligence

>>11899048 US Navy to re-establish 1st Fleet, patrol waters of Southeast Asia, Western Pacific and Indian Ocean, and increase Australia port visits in message to China

>>11899048 Q Post #1350 - God bless our brave fighting men & women. They deserve our deepest gratitude. Through their strength, and the millions of united Patriots around the World, we will succeed in this fight. Peace through strength.

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:22 a.m. No.12076575   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#11 - Part 15

Australia / China Tensions - Part 3

>>11899318 Video: Scott Morrison's demand for apology over fake image of Australian soldier 'unfortunate', says China's deputy ambassador Wang Xining

>>11910774 OPINION: The PM ignored one of the enduring truths in politics in his over-the-top response to China - Kevin Rudd

>>11920650 Video: Alexander Downer: China’s ‘aggressive diplomacy’ is ‘encouraging’ nations to take Australia’s side - Sky News Australia

>>11925150 Biden government will likely keep Aussies and allies from wild actions - Xin Qiang -

>>11930590 Australia is standing up to China’s bullying. It needs U.S. support - Washington Post Editorial Board -

>>11932647 Australia’s act that sparked feud, trade war and Twitter row with China - those blaming our virus inquiry are missing something much bigger

>>11945380 World is watching as China tests Australia: former diplomat and current Liberal backbencher Dave Sharma

>>11945380 PDF: Dave Sharma: What should Australia do about its relationship with the PRC? -

>>11945885 US intelligence chief John Ratcliffe slams China’s economic ‘domination’ plan

>>11945932 China is national security threat No. 1 - John Ratcliffe - The Wall Street Journal


>>11960248 As relations with China worsen, Australia fears US abandonment under Biden admin -

>>11960582 Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and Australian Financial Review quit carrying eight-page Communist party newspaper supplement 'China Watch'

>>11960645 Canberra turns spotlight on Victoria's Belt and Road deal as veto laws pass

>>11960678 New Law allows Australia to scrap China Belt and Road plans

>>11968449 Global Times editor Hu Xijin lunches with Australia’s Ambassador to China Graham Fletcher

>>11968481 Among US allies, why is Australia keen to attack China?: Global Times editorial -

>>11978606 Daniel Andrews staffer Nancy Yang linked to mysterious Chinese investment fund, Arem Pacific Corporation

>>11978719 China replies over latest wine tariffs after Australia’s Trade Minister Simon Birmingham lashes out

>>11979293 New laws will give Australian intelligence officers power to probe suspected spies in a bid to tackle foreign interference

>>11979355 AUSTRAC risk assessment: Casino junket operators 'exploited, infiltrated' by crime syndicates, foreign spies


>>11979446 Marise Payne warns China over fishing in Torres Strait - China’s Fujian Zhonghong Fishery Company's $200m operation in Papua New Guinea

>>11979509 Communist China, a repressive regime with diametrically opposed strategic objectives, now dominates our research horizons - Peter Jennings, ASPI -

>>11979604 Xi Jinping knows who has the real power in trade dispute; it’s not him - Robert Gottliebsen -

>>12001900 Five Eyes partners mull joint sanctions as allies hit back at China trade coercion

>>12015508 Chinese Communist Party membership leak - Party insiders in the ranks: Communists infiltrate Western consulates - Sharri Markson -

>>12015557 Names, positions of Chinese Community Party operatives revealed in major security leak - Sharri Markson -

>>12015678 Video: Major leak 'exposes' members and 'lifts the lid' on the Chinese Communist Party - Sky News Australia

>>12015759 Video: Major leak has provided an 'unprecedented view' into the Communist Party of China - Sky News Australia

>>12033555 Five Eyes alliance plotting against China will backfire on themselves -

>>12033623 Five Eyes turn blind by fantasizing CPC infiltration: Global Times editorial -


>>12033786 China extends full open gesture to imported coal except for Australia - Chi Jingyi -

>>12033793 'Unacceptable': Australia accuses China of diplomacy by media over coal ban

>>12034093 Alexander Downer cautions business on China

>>12034483 ASIO probes Chinese Communist Party members in Shanghai consulate - Sharri Markson -

>>12047897 Five Eyes alliance considers sanctioning China

>>12047936 Australia to take China to the World Trade Organisation over barley tariffs

>>12047991 The Australian 'turned' me into a CPC member overnight - Chen Hong -

>>12047999 I have never been a member of the Chinese Communist Party: Chen Hong - Jared Lynch -

>>12048019 CCP members in foreign embassies ‘the reality in China’: Foreign Minister

>>12061760 China's treatment of Australia is a 'sign of things to come' for world, says John Bolton

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:22 a.m. No.12076578   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#11 - Part 16

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell - Part 1

>>11495217 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: We know that the truth is being covered up. Too many coincidences & I don’t believe in coincidences

>>11535839 Prince Andrew 'remembered seeing Spitting Image doll at centre of grope claim in Jeffrey Epstein's New York home'

>>11605958 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: Eye for an eye would leave the world blind- Buddha. But I am not Buddha and I say there needs to be harsher punishment for adults who maliciously prey on the weak, vulnerable & children. Bring on the wrath!

>>11605958 I Pooped on Trumps Lies Tweet: Have you denounced QAnon yet? Their theories run parallel to your reality and it causes some confusion among some less intelligent internet users

>>11605958 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: I don’t feel the need to denounce anyone who feels as strongly as I do about putting an end to sex trafficking. Sex Trafficking does not care if you are Republican or Democrat, White or African American, Asian or any decent. It preys on anyone who cross their path

>>11606233 FBI shares Jeffrey Epstein findings with victims - including Prince Andrew info

>>11606456 “She Was Going To Fight For Her Babies To The End”: Hannah Clarke Honoured In marie claire’s Women Of The Year List

>>11606456 marie claire’s Women of the Year list 2020 - "incredible Australians making a difference in these extraordinary times" - VIRGINIA ROBERTS GIUFFRE

>>11622581 Prosecutor Alex Acosta exercised 'poor judgement' in Jeffrey Epstein investigation, US Justice Department report finds

>>11622581 United States Department of Justice - Statement on DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility Report on Jeffrey Epstein 2006-2008 Investigation

>>11622581 PDF: Investigation into the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida’s Resolution of Its 2006–2008 Federal Criminal Investigation of Jeffrey Epstein and Its Interactions with Victims during the Investigation


>>11637559 Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein's 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell file second objection to the release of sexually charged deposition


>>11651972 Jeffrey Epstein Defense Attorney, Lilly Ann Sanchez, had prior relationship with Florida case prosecutor Matthew Menchel

>>11653393 FBI wanted to arrest Epstein in 2007 while he was judging a beauty pageant - The plan was overruled

>>11653412 PDF: Statement of Alexander Acosta Regarding the Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility Investigation

>>11665535 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: I wonder how Acosta would feel if it was his own daughter?

>>11665535 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: Pro @JoeBiden or Pro @realDonaldTrump is not going to #SAVEOURCHILDEN

>>11665535 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: No greater cause than to fight for the safety of children. We NEED warriors! Stand with us

>>11678325 How sloppy federal prosecutors who agreed to Jeffrey Epstein's sweetheart plea deal were played so well by the pedophile's lawyers they didn't even realize they were giving immunity to Ghislaine Maxwell, new report claims

>>11723694 Ghislaine Maxwell Hoarded Photos of Topless European ‘Girls’ according to newly unsealed testimony Epstein’s former butler, Juan Alessi

>>11723760 Prince Andrew: ‘Outrageous’ that year has passed since royal vowed to cooperate with FBI, says lawyer Lisa Bloom

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:23 a.m. No.12076579   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#11 - Part 17

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell - Part 2

>>11723784 Video: Lawyer Lisa Bloom Reveals Reaction to Prince Andrew's Interview a Year Later - Lorraine (ITV)

>>11763099 Alleged Jeffrey Epstein procurer Ghislaine Maxwell in jail quarantine after possible coronavirus exposure

>>11776563 Ghislaine Maxwell is woken up every 15 minutes in jail to prevent suicide: lawyers

>>11910529 Prince Andrew's accuser was a prostitute paid off by Jeffrey Epstein, court papers allege

>>11946524 Federal Bureau of Prisons defends how it treats jailed Ghislaine Maxwell

>>11960538 Miranda Devine: What was Bill Clinton doing on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island? - Miranda Devine -

>>11979016 Ghislaine Maxwell pledges $30 million bail in an attempt to secure freedom before Christmas

>>11989583 Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts: the explosive dossier - Daily Mail investigates Virginia Roberts' claims she slept with Prince Andrew three times

>>11989681 Inside the house where Virginia Roberts and Prince Andrew had 'sex in the bath' - so is the tub REALLY too small for two people to fit like Ghislaine Maxwell claims?

>>11989732 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: The layout of the bathroom in the floor plans is wrong unless Ghislaine had it remodelled

>>11989732 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: Check his “fake” hands- do they look like they’ve just been manicured??


>>12017829 Alan Dershowitz interview: I can prove Prince Andrew's accuser is guilty of perjury - Camilla Tominey -

>>12018098 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: After many many years and against all odds the truth continues to surface. When will it be enough for #PrinceAndrew to acknowledge me

>>12018112 Proof Prince Andrew misled Emily Maitlis: Duke DID stay at Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion

>>12018222 'Ghislaine put the Spitting Image puppet's hand on Virginia's breast' - Duke's visit to the puppet master Epstein's mansion… this time for the night

>>12034307 PDF: Jeffrey Epstein's ex Ghislaine Maxwell proposes $US28.5 million bail package in effort to secure jail release

>>12048889 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: My life isn’t just a story, this is real life pain & I can’t stop crying. It hurts

>>12048889 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: I’ve been bullied by the worst society has to offer- I’m 1 against many. Feeling outnumbered & powerless

>>12048889 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: The real me. No makeup, no press- just me talking to those who have been through this journey with me

>>12048923 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: Canadian Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard Indicted on Sex-Trafficking Charges - Times are changing!!

>>12048923 Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet: Duke of York visited Nygard at his private Bahamas resort in 2000- just around the same time he was besties with Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:23 a.m. No.12076580   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#11 - Part 18

Julian Assange Indictment and Extradition

>>11703369 Julian Assange prison block locked down after Covid outbreak

>>11733853 US prosecutors reveal evidence against Julian Assange in extradition trial

>>11804308 Julian Assange's partner appeals to Trump to pardon him

>>11804308 Stella Moris Tweet: Our family needs to be whole again. I beg you, please bring him home for Christmas @realDonaldTrump

>>11851639 Kylie Moore-Gilbert, Julian Assange are cousins, connections reveal

>>11898499 Edward Snowden asks Trump to pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, claims the pardon would save Assange's life

>>11960003 Pamela Anderson dons bikini, asks President Trump to pardon Julian Assange

>>11960003 Pamela Anderson Tweet: @POTUS please #pardonjulianassange

>>12000402 Video: New ‘high-level push’ to free Julian Assange - Sky News Australia

>>12000417 Video: Nationals MP George Christensen heads campaign to have Julian Assange pardoned by Donald Trump - Sky News Australia

>>12000437 Video: Australian government must ‘pick up the phone’ on Assange case - Sky News Australia

>>12000485 Video: Chinese media use Julian Assange saga as a 'propaganda tool' against Australia - Sky News Australia

>>12061090 Video New Assange recording reveals WikiLeaks founder tried to WARN Washington about damaging release, defying claims of carelessness


#11 - Part 19

Australian and Regional Resignations

>>11473763 ‘Totally dysfunctional’: CFMEU national secretary Michael O’Connor resigns after months of bitter division within the militant union

>>11552108 Suspected Chinese spy Di Sanh Duong (Yang Yisheng) has quit the Victorian Liberal Party

>>11571844 Joel Fitzgibbon’s resignation from Labor’s frontbench sets the scene for a leadership challenge before the next election

>>11623123 Victoria's top health bureaucrat Kym Peake resigns following coronavirus hotel quarantine inquiry

>>11623123 Former Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman steps down as Australian Business Growth Fund chair - 'no reason for Mr Hodgman’s departure was revealed'

>>11676739 Nine Entertainment chief executive Hugh Marks steps down after revealing he was in a relationship with a former colleague

>>11676739 WA Treasurer Ben Wyatt announces he is quitting politics, partly citing family health reasons as a factor

>>11690216 Anthony Albanese’s deputy chief of staff, Sabina Husic, resigns after an anonymous online post publishes unverified claims against her

>>11910076 Former South Australian transport minister Stephan Knoll to quit at 2022 election in order to spend more time with his family

>>11910076 WA Shadow Treasurer and former transport minister Dean Nalder quitting state politics to explore private sector opportunities

>>12052601 Victorian Attorney-General Jill Hennessy quits to spend more time with her children

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:24 a.m. No.12076581   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#11 - Part 20

Dassi Erlich Tweets and Malka Leifer Extradition

>>11570192 Dassi Erlich Tweet: We finally have a date for the extradition appeal! 9 am in the Jerusalem Supreme court on the 3rd of the December

>>11604848 Malka Leifer extradition case nearing end, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin tells new Australian envoy Paul Griffiths

>>11604848 Paul Griffiths Tweet: Australia and Israel have a strong relationship with collaboration across many sectors. I will strive to make it better

>>11703497 Long-running Malka Leifer extradition process “would soon be resolved”, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin tells Australian ambassador Paul Griffiths

>>11723510 Fugitive teacher Malka Leifer dumped by legal team ahead of extradition hearing

>>11723510 Dassi Erlich Tweet: Is this another delay tactic?

>>11883964 Dassi Erlich Tweet: Tonight, the suprme court will hear her appeal on the district court's decision to extradite her to Australia

>>11883964 Dassi Erlich Tweet: We don't expect a decision today. Once a decision is handed down Israel is expected to return Leifer to Australia within 60 days

>>11883972 Malka Leifer case to come before Supreme Court for what could be final time

>>11889146 Dassi Erlich Tweet: Defense lawyer threw many arguments including (again) that the abuse was consensual and that Leifer wouldn't get a fair trial in Australia


>>11889146 Dassi Erlich Tweet: The judge commented along the lines, 'if you would stop resisting the extradition then the jury will not be so informed'

>>11889167 Malka Leifer extradition ‘technically invalid’, lawyers argue

>>11909349 Sisters just want their day in court in Malka Leifer case


>>12048340 Dassi Erlich Tweet: The Justice Minister responds to the latest decision "I intend to sign the extradition order without delay."

>>12048353 Malka Leifer, former Melbourne principal and accused child abuser, loses appeal against extradition from Israel to Australia

>>12048381 'We never gave up hope': Alleged victims relieved as Malka Leifer set to face court in Australia

>>12061418 Malka Leifer set to return to Australia as Israeli minister signs extradition order

>>12061443 Dassi Erlich Tweet: 9 LONG YEARS TO WRITE THESE WORDS…The extradition order has been signed, there are no more appeals. Leifer is coming back to Australia. NOW, IT'S NOT ABOUT IF - BUT WHEN.

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:24 a.m. No.12076585   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#11 - Part 21

Qanon / Conspiracy Theory Hit Pieces, Australia and Worldwide

>>11419240 Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon Are Flooding the Zone With Hunter Biden Conspiracies - Nick Aspinwall -

>>11419284 “There is a concerning nexus developing between anti-CCP conspiracy theories and other conspiracy theories like QAnon” - Elise Thomas - ASPI

>>11419724 Chinese fugitive Guo Wengui ‘spread Biden-China claim to impact US election’ - Linda Lew and Sarah Zheng -

>>11420342 NSW police officer probe over COVID-19 virus letter, "Cops for Covid Truth" - Serene Teffaha / Advocate Me -

>>11424088 Elise Thomas Tweet: If Trump loses, does fictional Q go with him or stay working with the Deep State?

>>11431413 Aubrey Cottle, Founder of hacktivist group Anonymous is trying to take down far-right cult QAnon - Freya Noble -

>>11447533 Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, who endorsed QAnon, wins uncontested seat of Georgia in US election - "Wires" -

>>11493958 Video: David Duchovny on the election, his new anti-Trump single, and if Fox Mulder would join QAnon - Yahoo Entertainment -


>>11494091 The unchecked disinformation pandemic driving America to the edge — Australian media is playing a central role too - David Hardaker -

>>11511392 As QAnon Copes With Trump’s Likely Loss, They Wonder Where Q Is - Justin Ling -

>>11511803 Sister of QAnon booster Tim Stewart says he’s old friends with Prime Minister Scott Morrison - Ellen Whinnett -

>>11538465, >>11538491 Elise Thomas Tweets: QAnon taking the news with all the calm, aplomb and good grace which you would expect

>>11588316 ‘Trust The Plan’: Qanon Followers React To Trump’s Defeat - 'helplessness and confusion' - Eden Gillespie -

>>11621287 'Freedom Movement': Why people are still protesting despite the easing of lockdown rules - Chloe Booker and Bianca Hall -

>>11621700 US election: How QAnon conspiracy is driving Donald Trump army - Rohan Smith -

>>11634847 In the United States, QAnon is struggling. The conspiracy theory is thriving abroad - Emily Rauhala and Loveday Morris -


>>11664950 Pete Evans Is Now Posting Neo-Nazi Symbols And The Far-Right Love It - Cam Wilson -

>>11665064 Pan Macmillan Australia Tweet: Pan Macmillan is currently finalising it's contractual relationship with Pete Evans

>>11677795 Video: Facebook apologises to Australian MP Anne Webster, falsely accused by conspiracy theorist Karen Brewer of being in 'paedophile network'

>>11687680 Dumped by sponsors, what happens to Pete Evans now? - Karl Quinn and Broede Carmody -

>>11763253 Australia’s electoral system isn’t immune to US-style conspiracy theories - Elise Thomas -

>>11810264 Video: Original "Anonymous" Hacker Aubrey Cottle Wants To Destroy QAnon - yahoo news - November 27, 2020

>>11868137, >>11868149 Don’t listen to Donald Trump’s delusions, they aren’t yours to bear - JACK THE INSIDER (Peter Hoysted) -

>>11946187 Freedom Day Cairns: Founder Michael Sims slams QAnon conspiracy theory - Pete Martinelli -

>>12048650 Pete Evans Has Gone Full QAnon By Dropping Pedophilia Accusations Against CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper On Facebook

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:25 a.m. No.12076587   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Q Research AUSTRALIA #11


Q Research AUSTRALIA #10


Q Research AUSTRALIA #9


Q Research AUSTRALIA #8


Q Research AUSTRALIA #7


Q Research AUSTRALIA #6


Q Research AUSTRALIA #5


Q Research AUSTRALIA #4


Q Research AUSTRALIA #3


Q Research AUSTRALIA #2


Q Research AUSTRALIA #1



Q Research AUSTRALIA #11


Q Research AUSTRALIA #10


Q Research AUSTRALIA #9


Q Research AUSTRALIA #8


Q Research AUSTRALIA #7


Q Research AUSTRALIA #6


Q Research AUSTRALIA #5


Q Research AUSTRALIA #4


Q Research AUSTRALIA #3


Q Research AUSTRALIA #2


Q Research AUSTRALIA #1

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:39 a.m. No.12076653   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6658 >>2575

Payne, Pompeo discuss China’s ‘escalating threats’


Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne and outgoing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have emphasised the need for a co-ordinated response to China’s “escalating threats” to the economies of both countries amid Beijing’s campaign against Australian exporters.


The conversation between Senator Payne and Mr Pompeo on Thursday night came as trade experts said the US may support Australia’s challenge to China’s punitive tariffs on barley at the World Trade Organisation.


Chinese officials have also been forced on the defensive about electricity rationing in some provinces that are affecting households and industrial consumers, in the wake of a ban on Australian coal imports.


China’s top economic planning agency, the National Development and Reform Commission, said on Thursday there had been a “faster than expected growth in power demand” because of cold weather and higher industrial use.


But it claimed power stations had 21 days’ supply, amid a surging spot price.


Australian coal mines normally supply 20 per cent of China’s imported thermal coal, according to resources analyst Wood Mackenzie.


“China’s thermal coal market is in chaos, with prices rocketing after daily price index releases were suspended on December 3,” the analyst said in a note to clients this week.


“We believe there is little scope for increased production from Chinese producers and thermal coal prices will remain high through the peak winter demand period.”


Rare criticism


The power shortages have attracted rare criticism on Chinese social media, with one blogger saying the Chinese government’s sanctioning of Australian goods was actually hurting Chinese consumers.


“Some politicians are so dumb. In fact, we can’t afford a disrupted relationship with Australia because all the goods we imported from Australia, such as coal, iron ore, beef, wine and grain, are very important,” the post published on Weibo said.


“Why Chinese politicians take sanction measures wilfully just because Australian politicians made some unpleasant remarks? We should understand that these Australian politicians’ remarks don’t make any difference to the life of Australians but it does affect the daily life of Chinese citizens. This is to kill 10,000 of our soldiers while removing 1000 enemy soldiers.”


Prime Minister Scott Morrison this week said China’s reported ban on Australian coal, if true, was an “obvious” breach under its China-Australia Free Trade Agreement and World Trade Organisation obligations.


In what could be their final conversation before Mr Pompeo’s tenure ends on January 20, he and Senator Payne discussed China’s use of trade sanctions against Australia.


This included “our ongoing co-ordination to counter the escalating threats from the PRC to our economies”, according to a readout supplied by the US State Department.


There has been speculation Western nations including the Five Eyes group could offer mutual support to each other when China threatens trade from one member by agreeing to buy more from the affected country and not filling the gap.


Senator Payne and Mr Pompeo also spoke about the growing importance of the quadrilateral relationship between Australia, the US, Japan and India to advance a “free, open and inclusive” Indo-Pacific region.


Research director for Perth’s USAsia Centre, Jeffrey Wilson, said he expected the US would file an amicus curiae brief backing Australia in its fight against China at the WTO over its 80 per cent anti-dumping tariffs on $600 million of barley sales.


“This is not about Australia or barley any more,” he said. “It’s actually about Chinese exceptionalism and the question is are they bound to core WTO rules that have been developed and refined over the last 70 years or can they make stuff up?”



Secretary Pompeo’s Call with Australian Foreign Minister Payne






DECEMBER 17, 2020


The following is attributable to Principal Deputy Spokesperson Cale Brown:


Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo spoke today with Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne. During the call, Secretary Pompeo and the Foreign Minister Payne reaffirmed the strength of the U.S.-Australia Alliance, which is based on shared values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, common strategic interests, and our enduring “mateship.” The Secretary and the Foreign Minister also discussed the growing importance of the Quad’s collective efforts to advance a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific region, and our ongoing coordination to counter the escalating threats from the PRC to our economies.

Anonymous ID: 28dfcd Dec. 18, 2020, 12:40 a.m. No.12076658   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2575


Secretary of State Michael Pompeo Tweet


It was a pleasure speaking today with Australian Foreign Minister @MarisePayne. The U.S.-Australia Alliance is strong and our collective work in the Quad is increasingly critical as we seek to build a free and open Indo-Pacific region.



Foreign Minister Marise Payne Tweet


My friend @SecPompeo has been a vital partner to Australia as we have addressed the challenges across our region. We spoke tonight, reflecting on the values we share, how our Alliance has grown & the critical role it will continue to play in regional security & prosperity.

Anonymous ID: 7404ae Dec. 18, 2020, 5:29 p.m. No.12085985   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>0404

As posted over on main

>>12085950 OB

Any one done any actual digging not just posting MSM articles and Tweets?


Started this morning, all I got so far. Chip in faggots.

Anonymous ID: ee31ef Dec. 18, 2020, 7:34 p.m. No.12087393   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2542

Church loses abuse settlement appeal


The Catholic Church has failed to overturn a landmark court decision meaning it can be sued by a Victorian sexual abuse survivor.


The former altar boy earlier this year became the first Australian to overturn a settlement with the church in the state's Supreme Court.


The survivor received $32,500 in 1996 after taking legal action against the church. The Court of Appeal has agreed it was not enough given the wrong done to the man.


He was abused from the age of 12 by Warragul priest Daniel Hourigan, between 1977 and 1980. The priest took his own life after being charged.


"It is, in our view, very plainly just and reasonable to set aside the (1996) deed. Indeed, it would positively be unjust and unreasonable not to do so," appeal justices David Beach, Stephen Kaye and Robert Osborn said in their decision on Friday.


This means the survivor can press ahead with seeking damages for psychiatric injury including severe post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.


A trial date had been set down for November but this was delayed because of the church's appeal.


Rightside Legal, which represents the man, hopes the trial can go ahead in early 2021.


"No doubt the church will trot out the same second-rate press release saying they feel for the victim and they have changed," senior associate Laird Macdonald said.


"That is obvious rubbish. The church went to the highest court in Victoria trying to justify a pittance it paid to a man whose life was ripped to shreds by a pedophile priest."


The church first learnt of Hourigan's abuse in 1986. It did not tell the police but acknowledged the abuse to its own insurer in 1992.


Hourigan was charged in 1995 with rape, indecent assault, gross indecency and the sexual penetration of a person between the ages of 10 and 16 relating to a number of victims.


He took his life three days later.


The church entered into a deed of release with the survivor now suing it, but only after denying in court that Hourigan perpetrated the abuse while working at the Sale Diocese.


Sale Bishop Greg Bennet said he acknowledged "the enduring trauma experienced by victims of child abuse through the Catholic Church over many years".


"We pledge to provide pathways for survivors and their families to have their experiences respectfully heard, and to redress the harm with practical as well as pastoral means that are determined by the survivor's needs," he said.


Lifeline 13 11 14


beyondblue 1300 22 4636

Anonymous ID: ee31ef Dec. 18, 2020, 8:12 p.m. No.12087817   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7847 >>2527

George Papadopoulos Tweets


Materials released today prove that the “investigations” were launched earlier than July 2016. The focus now is on how foreign governments (Australia/UK) worked with the State Department to set up a conspiracy against the campaign. March-April 16 activity critical in London.



It’s time to declassify the information on Australia’s role in sending in informants and operatives before the investigation “launch date.” The activity in London between March-April 2016 is critical. We have the info the probe started before. Now need the materials public

Anonymous ID: ee31ef Dec. 18, 2020, 8:16 p.m. No.12087847   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2527


FBI Was Investigating Trump Earlier Than It Let On, Texts Show


The FBI had investigations open into candidate Donald Trump earlier than the July 31, 2016, date long cited in the official narrative, according to newly released text messages from fired Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok.


In a text message to FBI attorney Lisa Page sent on July 28, 2016, Strzok mentioned “our open [counterintelligence] investigations relating to Trump’s Russian connections.” The date of the text message is significant because the bureau has long maintained that it opened the investigations into Trump campaign associates on July 31 of that year.


Notably, in the electronic communication memorializing the opening of the investigations, Strzok wrote that the probes were triggered by information the bureau received on July 29, 2016. The FBI has never disclosed that it was investigating Trump prior to that date. The bureau didn’t immediately respond to a request by The Epoch Times for comment.


The information the FBI received pertained to a conversation between Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and Australian diplomat Alexander Downer. Papadopoulos told Downer that Russians had damaging information on then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has repeatedly said that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign months earlier than July 31, 2016. For years, only circumstantial evidence was in the public realm to back that claim.


Crossfire Hurricane, the umbrella codename for the four investigations of Trump’s campaign associates, eventually evolved into the special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller. After 22 months, the special counsel found insufficient evidence to establish that anyone on Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.


Page and Strzok played key roles in the investigation, while texting about their open hatred of Trump and preference for Clinton. Strzok told Page that “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming president, discussed an “insurance policy” in the event that Trump won, and wondered about “impeachment” around the time he joined the special counsel team in the early months of Trump’s presidency.


Crossfire Hurricane officials obtained highly intrusive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants on former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page. A watchdog review of the applications for the warrants unearthed “at least 17 significant errors and omissions”—an extraordinary number compared to a sampling of applications from other cases.


One of the errors concerned Kevin Clinesmith, an FBI attorney who doctored an email to hide the fact that Page had worked with the CIA. Clinesmith pleaded guilty earlier this year to a false-statements charge connected to the forgery. He hasn’t yet been sentenced.


“President [Trump] was NEVER afforded a peaceful transition, not even a peaceful 2016 campaign!” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany wrote on Twitter in response to news of the Strzok text message. “The Obama-era FBI was going after him from the beginning!”

Anonymous ID: ee31ef Dec. 18, 2020, 8:57 p.m. No.12088267   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9001 >>2597

US prosecutors say former Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell does not deserve bail


US prosecutors have said Ghislaine Maxwell, the former associate of Jeffrey Epstein charged with helping enable his sexual abuses, should remain in jail, and urged a federal judge to reject her proposed $US28.5 million ($37 million) bail package.


In a filing with the US District Court in Manhattan, prosecutors said Ms Maxwell has essentially rehashed previously rejected arguments for bail, and that she remained an "extreme flight risk" as she faced "incredibly serious" charges.


"Nothing in the renewed bail application alters the analysis that led this court to conclude that the defendant 'poses a substantial actual risk of flight', and that no combination of conditions could assure her appearance," prosecutors said.


Ms Maxwell, 58, has been held in a Brooklyn jail since July, when she pleaded not guilty to helping Epstein recruit and groom underage girls for sex in the mid-1990s, and not guilty to perjury for having denied involvement under oath.


She has proposed living with electronic monitoring in a New York City residence, and under 24-hour guard to ensure she remains safe and does not flee.


Ms Maxwell faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted at her scheduled July 2021 trial.


US District Judge Alison Nathan, who rejected a $US5 million bail package for Ms Maxwell in July, will consider her latest application.


Epstein killed himself in a Manhattan jail in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.


Prosecutors say Maxwell moved assets to hide wealth


Ms Maxwell's bail application said she "vehemently maintains her innocence" against allegations she assisted Epstein, based on uncorroborated testimony about events occurring more than 25 years ago.


But prosecutors said new details about Ms Maxwell's finances — details she would have known when first seeking bail — did not bolster her case.


They said Ms Maxwell's having moved most of her assets to her husband showed her ability to "hide her true wealth", the size of which demonstrated she could "absolutely afford" to flee.


Prosecutors also said Ms Maxwell's pledge to waive extradition from the United Kingdom and France, where she has citizenships, was worthless because those countries' would not allow it.


Ms Maxwell proposed posting a $US22.5 million ($30 million) bond, representing all assets belonging to her and her husband, secured by $US8.5 million ($11 million) of property and cash.


The remaining bail would be posted by friends, family and a security specialist.


"Release to the equivalent of a 'privately funded jail' is not warranted here," prosecutors said.


Authorities arrested Ms Maxwell on July 2 at her New Hampshire home, which prosecutors said she used as a hideout.


Her husband, whose name was redacted from court papers, has said Ms Maxwell moved there to protect her safety and escape the media frenzy, not to elude capture.

Anonymous ID: ee31ef Dec. 18, 2020, 9:23 p.m. No.12088511   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3825 >>4217 >>2597

Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweets


Thankful for all the authorities who helped in amass take down the top tier of the sex trafficking ring ran by Epstein, Maxwell & Brunel. Today are streets are a bit safer.


Modeling agent Jean Luc Brunel arrested in Paris in Epstein probe



It was great working with the French authorities to help take down JLB- This piggy will roll over on EVERYONE to save his own bacon,Those who participated in this sex trafficking ring should be worried, you know who you are!Who’s next? Could be anyone! #BREAKING #EnoughIsEnough


Arren J @ggbrokensilence


Two in one week! Nygard and now Jean-Luc Brunel, that's a heaping helping of hellllllllllllll yes!



Let’s hope the authorities take it seriously this time. The amount of ruined lives Jean Luc made happen is in the 1000’s. I appeal for our survivor sisters in France, Spain, Brazil & Eastern Europe to come forward. You will not be alone. We are stronger together #Metoo #Enough


Kirby Sommers author, feminist, sex slave survivor @KirbySommers


Jean-Luc Brunel, Claude Haddid and John Casablances regularly forced themselves sexually on 12-year-old girls (aka rape).


Everyone in the modeling industry knew.


No one did anything.



Modeling agent Jean Luc Brunel arrested in Paris in Epstein probe


Brunel was arrested Wednesday morning at Charles de Gaulle airport as he was attempting to board a plane to Dakar, Senegal.


French modeling agent Jean Luc Brunel has been detained in Paris in connection with an investigation of Jeffrey Epstein’s circle of enablers, according to French prosecutors.


Brunel was arrested Wednesday morning at Charles de Gaulle airport as he was attempting to board a plane to Dakar, Senegal. He was being held for questioning on suspicion of providing underage girls from his modeling agency for Epstein to sexually abuse.


Brunel was facing several charges, including rape, sexual assault of a minor, and trafficking of minors, according to the prosecutor’s office in Paris.


He was taken into custody after he showed his passport and airport authorities noticed that he was identified in an immigration system as being wanted for questioning by the national police, according to a French police source.


An attorney for Brunel did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Brunel has previously denied any wrongdoing in a 2015 lawsuit against Epstein in which he alleged the “adverse publicity” surrounding the financier had damaged his reputation.


The arrest comes more than a year after Paris prosecutors opened an investigation into sexual abuse linked to Epstein and his possible accomplices.


One Epstein accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, said she was also abused by Brunel. Giuffre claimed in a 2016 deposition made public last year that Epstein and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell had directed her to provide sexual services for Brunel.


Speaking to NBC’s “Dateline” in a special that aired last September, Giuffre said Epstein told her he slept with “over a thousand women that Brunel brought in.”


Epstein died by suicide inside a New York jail in August 2019 while he was awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges.


Maxwell, his longtime confidante, was arrested in July and remains jailed in New York.


Prosecutors say she helped the disgraced financier sexually abuse young girls in the mid-1990s and participated in some of the abuse herself. She has pleaded not guilty to charges of enticing a minor to travel to engage in criminal sexual activity and perjury.

Anonymous ID: ee31ef Dec. 18, 2020, 10:36 p.m. No.12089065   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9207 >>2639

QAnon Anonymous


The Shovel


17 Dec 2020


We were given exclusive access to a ‘QAnon Anonymous’ meeting – for people addicted to insane conspiracy theories, including … wait for it …


This sketch is part of the War On 2020 series, a collaboration between Chaser Digital, The Shovel and a whole heap of other talented writers and performers. This sketch was written by James Schloeffel from The Shovel and directed by Victoria Zerbst. It features Sami Shah, Cameron James, Zoe Norton Lodge, Nina Oyama, Nat Damena, Jenna Owen, Charles Firth and James Schloeffel.


Want more? Go to

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 19, 2020, 2:27 a.m. No.12090253   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>0289 >>2575

Beijing's new warning for Australia as it calls for 'change' from US


Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has hosted Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in an online forum, where Australia was warned to not become part of a US-led "coalition against China".


Mr Wang blamed the US for the bitter trade war and crumbling relationship between the two superpowers that has the world on edge.


He said the relationship between China and the US was at "the lowest level since the establishment of diplomatic ties 41 years ago", and called on President-Elect Joe Biden to change course.


"It is important that the US, toward China, return to objectivity as early as possible," Mr Wang said.


"China was bullied by western powers (but) those days are long gone."


Mr Wang pointed towards US (and Western) concerns over the contested South China Sea, human rights issues in Xinjiang, and Chinese companies being blacklisted by Washington over national security concerns, saying such things were "unacceptable".


The message for change echoed similar sentiments to Beijing's list of 14 grievances with Australia, which 9News initially reported on recently.


An embassy official told 9News relations with Australia would improve if the Morrison government reversed key policy decisions.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has so far refused, saying, "Australia's sovereignty is never for sale".


China has progressively established tariffs on Australian imports, including wine, beef, lamb and coal.


The relationship between the two countries hit a nadir after a Chinese government spokesperson posted a doctored image of an Australian soldier appearing to slit the throat of an Afghani child.


Mr Morrison demanded an apology and was rebuffed, with the stoush attracting international attention.


Mr Rudd said, however, that in the feud between the US and China, concessions would need to be made.


"Both the US and China will have to change some of their policy positions at present if we are to have a common future," he said.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 19, 2020, 2:34 a.m. No.12090289   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9109 >>2575


China: State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi


Asia Society


18 Dec 2020


Wang Yi, State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China will deliver an address. He will be introduced by Asia Society Policy Institute President Kevin Rudd.


To learn more visit:



China: State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi


Special Event


Asia Society and the Asia Society Policy Institute are pleased to host His Excellency Wang Yi, State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, for a special address. The minister will be introduced by the Hon. Kevin Rudd, President of the Asia Society Policy Institute and former Prime Minister of Australia.




H.E. Wang Yi is State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China. He is a member of the 19th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and a member of the Leading CPC Members Group. Previously, he was the Minister and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) (2013-2018), Director of the Taiwan Work Office of the CPC Central Committee and Minister of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council (2008-2013), Secretary of the CPC Committee and Vice Minister at the MFA (2007-2008), and Ambassador to Japan (2004-2007), among many other positions at the MFA. He also served as Director General of the Department of Asian Affairs at the MFA (1995-1998), when he also served as a Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University (June 1997-January 1998). He is a graduate from the Department of Asian and African Languages of Beijing Second Foreign Languages Institute where he completed an undergraduate program in Japanese, and he also holds a Master of Economics degree.


The Hon. Kevin Rudd AC is inaugural President of the Asia Society Policy Institute. He served as 26th Prime Minister of Australia (2007 to 2010, 2013) and as Foreign Minister (2010 to 2012). He is Chair of the Board of the International Peace Institute in New York, and Chair of Sanitation and Water for All – a global partnership of government and non-governmental organizations dedicated to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 6. He is a Distinguished Fellow at Chatham House and the Paulson Institute, and a Distinguished Statesman with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He is also a member of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization’s Group of Eminent Persons.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 19, 2020, 2:49 p.m. No.12096629   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2610

Tucker Carlson Defends Julian Assange’s Journalism as Pardon Campaign Grows


Amid a growing campaign for the pardon of Julian Assange, Tucker Carlson hosted the WikiLeaks founder’s fiancée, Stella Morris, on his Fox News Channel show last night to make the case for his pardon.


In her comments to Tucker, Morris said that if Assange were extradited to the United States, it would put the WikiLeaks founder at the mercy of the foreign policy Deep State, which worked tirelessly to undermine President Trump’s authority over the past four years.


Morris urged Trump to exercise his legal authority to issue a pre-emptive pardon to Assange to keep him out of the hands of the Deep State.


“Once he [Assange] gets to the U.S. he will be in the hands of the Deep State. That’s why I pleaded with the President to show the mercy the Deep State will not show Julian if he is extradited,” she said.


Carlson defended the work of the WikiLeaks founder as legitimate journalism, a point that has also been made by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.


Lawyer Alan Dershowitz has also argued that there is “no constitutional difference” between WikiLeaks and the New York Times.


“Whatever you think of Julian Assange and what he did, he is effectively a journalist. He took information and he put it in a place the public could read it,” said Tucker.


“One of the striking things about this case is that he is in jail because he released documents — which he did not steal, he simply provided a platform for those documents — that showed the U.S. government was illegally spying on me, and everybody else in this country,” Carlson continued.


“350 million Americans illegally spied upon by their government. Now, the people who did that — Clapper, Brennan, people who knew about it, participated in it, they are not being punished. But the guy who revealed that they were doing it is.”


“For what it’s worth, I think the President probably does want to pardon him,” said Tucker as he wrapped up the segment.


“I think there are a lot of sinister people who don’t want the pardon to happen.”


Despite staunch opposition from the deep state and foreign policy establishment, pardoning Assange has bipartisan support.


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), a defender of President Trump’s foreign policy and a critic of the Deep State, urged a pardon for both Assange and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.


Both, said Rep. Gabbard, helped expose “the deception and criminality of those in the deep state.


Snowden indicated that Assange should have priority with regards to a presidential pardon.


“Mr. President, if you grant only one act of clemency during your time in office, please: free Julian Assange,” said Snowden.


“You alone can save his life.”

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 19, 2020, 2:51 p.m. No.12096649   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2610

Sarah Palin: Julian Assange Deserves a Pardon


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin added her voice to the growing chorus of conservative figures favoring a pardon of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.


“I made a mistake some years ago, not supporting Julian Assange — thinking that he was a bad guy… I’ve learned a lot since then,” said Palin in a short video posted online.


WikiLeaks and Palin were once at odds, the former publishing leaked emails from the latter during the 2008 presidential campaign when Palin was the Republican candidate for vice president.


But Palin appears to have moved on from that incident, offering an unequivocal call for President Donald Trump to use the presidential pardon on behalf of Assange.


Palin said that Assange ultimately worked “on the people’s behalf to allow information to get to us so that we could make up our minds about different issues.”


“He deserves a pardon. He deserves all of us to understand more about what he has done in the name of real journalism, and that’s getting to the bottom of issues that the public really needs to hear about and benefit from,” said the former Alaska governor.


Palin joins a range of figures from across the political spectrum calling for Assange to be pardoned. These include Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), and congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican who will represent Georgia’s 14th district in the next U.S. Congress.


Fox News host Tucker Carlson has also weighed in, defending the work of WikiLeaks as legitimate journalism. In a segment on Carlson’s show, Assange’s fiancée, Stella Morris, urged President Trump not to let Assange fall into the hands of the deep state.


“Once he [Assange] gets to the U.S. he will be in the hands of the Deep State. That’s why I pleaded with the President to show the mercy the Deep State will not show Julian if he is extradited,” said Morris.


Lawyer Alan Dershowitz has also argued that there is “no constitutional difference” between WikiLeaks and the New York Times, comparing the WikiLeaks case to that of the Pentagon Papers in the 1970s.


The same comparison was made by the President’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who called the case of Assange a “First Amendment issue.”


“It is stolen property, but it has a different nature when it’s information. Let’s take the Pentagon Papers — the Pentagon Papers were stolen property, weren’t they? They were stolen from the Pentagon!” said Giuliani in a segment on Fox & Friends. “Given to the New York Times and the Washington Post. No one went to jail at the New York Times or Washington Post.”


“We’ve had revelations under the Bush administration… Abu Ghraib, all of that is stolen property, taken from the government against the law.”


“Once it gets to a media publication, they can publish it. They can publish it for the purpose of informing people.”


“You can’t put Assange in a different position than that — he was a guy who communicated. We may not like what he communicated, but he was a media facility. He was putting that information out. Every newspaper, station, grabbed it and published it.”

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Why Cardinal Pell’s prison diaries are an inspiring read


Cardinal ­George Pell’s prison diary may not sound like an uplifting read, but its narrative reveals a man who has grown, transcended even, through his trials.


Piers Akerman - December 19, 2020


A prison diary may not seem like cheery Christmas reading but the first volume of Cardinal ­George Pell’s Prison Journal trilogy is that and more, it’s a tonic, an inspiration and an instruction in humanity and decency in the face of adversity.


Cardinal Pell, now in Rome, spent more than 400 days in solitary confinement after suffering at the hands of the Victorian government’s police and ­judiciary.


It took his final appeal to the High Court nearly nine months ago to ­endorse the view of a single member, Justice Mark Weinberg, of that state’s three-member Court of Appeal, that the cardinal was innocent.


Lesser men than George Pell might well have despaired in the face of the outrageous reporting by the ABC and the Nine Media of the clearly implausible charges, the incomprehensible claims made by the police and prosecution, and the flawed findings of the Victorian Supreme Court but the cardinal’s faith and resolve only strengthened during his ordeal.


It was a truly shameful episode for the Victorian police, already deeply compromised by their corrupt ­engagement of Lawyer X, Nicola Gobbo, as an informant while she was acting as counsel for a number of ­alleged criminals.


Equally grotesque was the decision by Melbourne University Press to rush into print with a disgraceful book by former Moove milk model Louise Milligan, who was disgustingly promoted by the taxpayer-funded ABC and even presented with a Melbourne Press Club Golden Quill award and the Walkley Book award for her work titled Cardinal: The Rise And Fall Of George Pell.


A narrative which has had to be ­corrected and should — if MUP and Milligan had a skerrick of the integrity of Cardinal Pell — be withdrawn with apologies.


Knowing he was innocent, finding solace in his actual suffering, and ­greatly supported by friends and ­family, the cardinal has grown, transcended even, through his trials. I asked him early on Thursday via a Zoom conference, whether he intended to pursue the Victorian government for wrongful or malicious prosecution and whether he would seek damages for the defamatory claims made against him by the Left-wing media, but he told me he would not.


Now 79, he is more focused on the positive experiences he found in prison.


He has, he said, been delighted with the progress on the inquiries into the Vatican finances, which he led before the false charges were laid against him.


The climate for reform is now very different from when he took on the challenge in the face of great ­resistance from powerful forces within the Church.


However, he believes there may have been a connection between his work on reforming Vatican finances and the prosecution though he is clear that there is no proof that money from Rome was used to pervert the course of justice.


“What we can say is that one of the monsignors quoted in the Italian press has said he has seen evidence of money going from Rome to Australia,” he added.


The most depressing thing, he found, was that the Supreme Court of Victoria found that he was guilty when great legal minds around the world pointed out the numerous flaws and fallacies in the case.


He believes that the Victorian police were either duped or that their work was very sloppy and said he had been told the Office of Public Prosecutions had refused three times to consent to the charges going forward and that the gossip was that the Victorian police took the action themselves and paid for the prosecution out of their budget.


Just as the disgraced Gobbo was paid to breach lawyer-client confidentiality to provide Victorian police with information and convictions.


The cardinal said there was a point of view, which he supported, that there was a current of anti-Catholicism ­running through the whole state like osmosis. Through the Labor government, the police, the legal framework, inducing a state of mind which affected even some members of the conservative ­Opposition.


He called it “woke thinking”, or “Green thinking” and said there was a need for greater social conservatism.


On that point, the thousands of ­people who wrote letters of support to Cardinal Pell during his shameful per­iod of imprisonment could only agree.


Merry Christmas. Be uplifted.


Cardinal George Pell: Prison ­Journal Volume 1 is available through Freedom Publishing Books and Ignatius Press.

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The damage Donald Trump is doing may never be undone






Donald Trump’s refusal to accept that he lost the presidential election, his failure to concede to Joe Biden and his many attempts to overturn the result is more than just the deranged and demented actions of a sore loser. It is a repudiation of the grand American tradition of a dignified and graceful transfer of power.


It is convention for the defeated candidate to accept the election outcome, congratulate their opponent, wish them well, and call on their supporters to do the same.


This is a heavy responsibility that every defeated candidate in the past century has readily embraced. And it is fundamental to bringing the country together after an election and legitimising the new president.


Al Smith gave the first radio concession speech in 1928, and Adlai Stevenson gave the first on television in 1952. Some of the greatest speeches have been delivered by candidates in the crucible of defeat, still hurting and disappointed. It usually takes place on election night or in the days or weeks after election day. Trump has not given any such speech.


There is also the customary private phone call between the victor and the vanquished. It requires humility. This convention began with William Jennings Bryan who sent a congratulatory telegram to William McKinley in 1896. There has been no such gracious message or phone call from Trump to Biden.


Then there is the meeting between the incoming and outgoing president. The media are invited to record for history the handshake that is emblematic of a change of government conducted in a spirit of goodwill. Barack Obama invited Trump to the White House in 2016. Biden has not received his invitation. Biden did, however, meet with incoming Vice-President Mike Pence four years ago.


Nor has there been top-level co-operation between the Biden-Harris transition team and the White House. This custom was started by Harry Truman who invited Dwight D. Eisenhower to send his staff and cabinet members to meet his team in 1952. Jimmy Carter — a one-term president like Trump — sent this message to Ronald Reagan in 1980: “I congratulate you and I pledge to you our fullest support and co-operation in bringing about an orderly transition of government.”


Then there is the traditional letter left on the Resolute Desk for the incoming president. Reagan wrote to George H.W. Bush in 1989: “(I) wish you all the very best. You’ll be in my prayers.” Bush wrote to Bill Clinton in 1993: “Your success now is our country’s success. I am rooting hard for you.” Clinton wrote to George W. Bush in 2001: “I salute you and wish you success and much happiness.” Bush wrote to Obama in 2009: “You will have … a country that is pulling for you, including me.” And Obama wrote to Trump in 2017: “Michelle and I wish you and Melania the very best … we stand ready to help in any ways which we can.”


Will Trump pen such a letter to Biden? Not a chance.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 19, 2020, 5:05 p.m. No.12098013   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3841





The most visible sign of the transfer of power from one president to another is the inauguration, traditionally held on the steps of the US Capitol. This is a celebration of democracy where presidents past, outgoing and incoming gather to legitimise the election result. Biden, as vice-president, attended Trump’s inauguration in 2017 with Obama.


Trump has not yet said whether he will attend Biden’s inauguration. Trump’s no-show would represent another trashing of convention. John Adams and John Quincy Adams — father and son — refused to attend their successors’ inaugurations in 1801 and 1829. The only other president to refuse an invitation is Andrew Johnson in 1869. Trump would be the fourth.


The meeting of the Electoral College in state capitols this week, where electors cast their votes for president reflecting the will of the voters, is past time for Trump to accept that he lost the election and Biden won.


Biden’s Electoral College victory effectively ends any hope Trump had for remaining president. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell finally congratulated Biden this week. It is shameful that it took him so long.


It is worth noting there were no so-called “faithless electors” this year. In other words, no elector decided to break ranks and not vote for who they were pledged to vote for. Some states make this illegal. But in 2016, there were seven faithless electors so Trump received 304 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 227. This year, Biden received 306 votes to Trump’s 232. So, Biden won more votes than Trump.


But Trump has not accepted Biden’s Electoral College mandate. Nor has he faced up to the fact that he lost the popular vote by a large margin of more than seven million votes. Trump received 46.8 per cent of the vote to Biden’s 51.3 per cent. Trump’s defeat was clear and convincing.


Instead, Trump launched an assault on the electoral system. While Trump’s presidency has gone from farce to tragedy — manifest in his disastrous response to COVID-19 — it is now in a new toxic phase. Trump has done what no other US president has done before: rejected the democratic process and systematically tried to overturn it. These are the actions of an autocrat not a democrat.


Trump’s claims of a rigged election and widespread fraud have not changed the result. His call to stop counting votes was ignored. His recounts did not produce a different outcome. His lawsuits have not succeeded. The Supreme Court ruled that his claim of vote fraud had no merit. And his intimidation of state officials to overturn results have failed. This behaviour is contemptible.


But this reprehensible presidency has opened a new battleground in US politics. The US electoral system is under strain, even though its integrity has endured. In trying to change the election result, Trump has shattered yet more norms and conventions, and sought to subvert legally certified votes. Trump has poisoned the electoral process by not accepting its legitimacy. This will have a lasting impact.


The upshot is that this is a perilous and pitiful moment for the US. It is what many of the founders feared. In his farewell address in 1796, George Washington warned against “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men” who would “subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government”.


For now, the electoral institutions and the individuals responsible for them have upheld the will of the voters to determine their president. They have not broken but they have been stress-tested.


Danger has been averted but only because they held fast to the founding creed and values of the great republic that Trump has tried to destroy.

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Cardinal Pell claims public opinion turned against him because of his 'conservative views'


The former Vatican treasurer also likened jail to being in seminary


Cardinal Pell has said that his “conservative views” turned public opinion against him, as he likened being in prison to being in seminary.


The 79-year-old former Vatican treasurer, who was one of the Pope’s most senior advisors, left the Vatican in 2017 to fight criminal charges in Australia.


However in December 2018 the cardinal, who always maintained his innocence, was convicted of sexually molesting two choirboys in Melbourne cathedral in the mid-1990s. He was the highest-ranking Catholic figure to receive such a conviction and the case rocked the church.


He spent 404 days in prison – much of it in solitary confinement – while his conviction was upheld by the Court of Appeal, before the Australian High Court unanimously overthrew it in April this year.


In his first broadcast interview in the UK following his release, Cardinal Pell said he would not apologise for his conservative views, but had said sorry "many times" for the Church's crimes of sexual abuse.


The Australian cleric rose in prominence as a strong supporter of traditional Catholic values, often taking conservative views and advocating for priestly celibacy.


He was asked if he accepted any responsibility regarding public anger with the Catholic Church at the time of his trial.


In response, he told BBC's Radio 4's Sunday programme: “Public opinion was very hostile to the Catholic Church both because of the extent of the paedophilia, [and] the way it was sometimes dealt with….


“The atmosphere was hostile, I was certainly one of the figures identified with this old bad church.”


He also said there was "no doubt" that his direct style and traditional approach to issues such as abortion had contributed to a hostile atmosphere.


He added: “I think my style is rather direct. I think there's no doubt whatsoever that my social conservatism, the fact that I actually defend christian teachings on life, family, seuxality, beginning and end of life, I think there's no doubt this is irritating to a lot of people.


“My direct style probably contributed, but for my basic Christian positions I make no apology at all, although I've many times apologised for the crimes committed by church people.”


He said that while he regretted what had happened within the Church, he was "able to sleep quite well on most occasions".


"I deeply lament the suffering of so many people, but I am also proud of the efforts that we have made in Australia for over 25 years - as inadequate as those might have been."


Cardinal Pell also likened his time in segregation in prison to being in a seminary, where those training to be priests used to endure periods of silence and isolation.


In his new book, Prison Journal, which marks the first volume of his prison diaries, the Cardinal reflects on being accused and imprisoned, and on the wider meaning of suffering in Christianity.



BBC Radio 4 - Sunday


Cardinal Pell's prison journal


In 2019 Cardinal George Pell was sentenced to six years in prison for 'historical sexual assault offences'. Earlier this year the Australian High Court voted 7-0 to overturn the original convictions. In a frank interview, the man who was once the third most powerful person in the Catholic Church reflects on his time inside jail, what he feels about his past handling of abuse allegations and the man whose accusations put him behind bars for 404 days.



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Ben Roberts-Smith pictured cheering soldiers drinking from the prosthetic leg of a man he shot




Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith was photographed cheering on an American soldier drinking from the prosthetic leg of a suspected Afghan militant whose death is now the subject of a war crimes investigation into the war hero.


The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald have obtained two photographs that show Mr Roberts-Smith, the country’s most decorated living soldier, posing with the prosthetic leg which was used as a novelty drinking vessel.


The photographs appear at odds with claims made by Mr Roberts-Smith’s lawyer in the Federal Court last year that the war hero was utterly disgusted by the use of the leg as a drinking vessel. Lawyer Bruce McClintock stressed Mr Roberts-Smith “never drank from that thing … Because he thought it was disgusting to souvenir a body part, albeit an artificial one from someone who had been killed in action."


Mr McClintock also told the Federal Court Mr Roberts-Smith had been the one who had killed the disabled Afghan militant, saying he was a member of the Taliban. That killing is suspected by police to be an execution and is now the subject of an Australian Federal Police war crimes inquiry and a preliminary prosecution brief of evidence.


The first photo depicts Mr Roberts-Smith some time after the killing in 2009 fist-pumping as an American soldier drinks a beer from the leg in a makeshift Afghan bar known as the Fat Lady’s Arms set up inside Australia’s special forces base in Tarin Kowt.


In the other photo Mr Roberts-Smith is seen grinning with his arm draped around a different US soldier wearing a cowboy hat and posing with the prosthetic leg.


The Age and Herald reported two years ago that the leg had been removed from a dead Afghan by another soldier in March 2009 and had been taken to use as a beer drinking vessel. In 2018, The Age and Herald reported how the leg was sometimes mounted on a wooden plaque with an Iron Cross and the heading “Das Boot”.


The fake limb gained further notoriety earlier this month when photos of soldiers and non-commissioned officers drinking from it were leaked to The Guardian. The photos supplied to The Guardian did not include any images of Mr Roberts-Smith posing with the leg.


Multiple official sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigations are ongoing, have told The Age and Herald Mr Roberts-Smith will face fresh war crimes inquiries in addition to ongoing federal police taskforces already probing him.


The sources confirmed that the federal police are investigating Mr Roberts-Smith over multiple eyewitness accounts from his fellow Special Air Service Regiment soldiers who allege he executed the unarmed Afghan militant wearing the leg in an operation in Kakarak, Southern Afghanistan, on Easter Sunday, 2009. That alleged execution is the subject of a preliminary criminal brief recently submitted by the federal police to Commonwealth prosecutors.


Police are also investigating allegations, made by SASR insiders, that Mr Roberts-Smith and a second soldier pressured a junior trooper to execute a second Afghan found in the same Kakarak compound in a “blooding” incident. “Blooding” is the pressuring of junior soldiers to summarily execute prisoners. The practice was identified in the Brereton Inquiry report into allegations of war crimes by a small clique of Australian SAS soldiers in Afghanistan.


The Brereton report identified a “warrior culture” that allowed war crimes to be allegedly committed. Without naming any individual, the Brereton report found 25 special forces soldiers may have executed 39 Afghans and called on the federal police to launch multiple fresh inquiries.


It separately criticised the unruly or skylarking behaviour of some soldiers at the Fat Lady’s Arms.


The Brereton Inquiry intensively investigated Mr Roberts-Smith for three years, but his suspected role in multiple war crimes has only been publicly exposed by whistleblower accounts provided to The Age and Herald.


A confidential AFP letter sent in late 2019 stated detectives had obtained “eyewitness” accounts implicating him in suspected war crimes. In addition to the Kakarak killings, the taskforces have also submitted a preliminary brief of evidence to prosecutors about allegations Mr Roberts-Smith kicked a prisoner named Ali Jan off a cliff in 2012.


The AFP letter was revealed in defamation proceedings that Mr Roberts-Smith has launched against The Age and Herald. Mr Roberts-Smith has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.



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Hundreds of photos exist depicting dozens of soldiers and officers drinking from the boot and the selective leaking of a small number of them at the Fat Lady’s Arms to The Guardian has partly shifted the focus onto whistleblowers or witnesses, and away from soldiers accused of actually executing prisoners.


The Guardian story, written by freelance journalist Rory Callinan, included photos of two soldiers with faces blurred posing with the boot. The story claimed “rank-and-file” soldiers believe they have been unfairly criticised by the Brereton report and suggest that drinking from the boot could be classified as the war crime of pillaging because the leg was property taken without the consent of its owner.


The article did not mention the allegation the Afghan man wearing the leg had been allegedly executed, or that Mr Roberts-Smith was a police suspect.


More than a dozen defence sources said the two soldiers in the photos published by Mr Callinan and the Guardian were part of a group of suspected witnesses rumoured to be assisting the federal police war crimes taskforce. The sources said one of the two soldiers depicted in The Guardian had, in 2017, disclosed his own role in removing and handling the leg. This was also not reported in the Guardian article.


Despite efforts to contact him, Mr Callinan could not be reached before deadline. Sources at The Guardian said the British media giant was unaware the two soldiers depicted in the photos it published could be police witnesses.


There is no suggestion Mr Roberts-Smith provided the photos of the two soldiers turned suspected police witnesses or is connected to the Guardian reports. However, the former soldier is working with public relations firm Cato & Clive and public relations operative and former journalist Ross Coulthart.


The work of the two federal police taskforces will be reviewed and subsumed in coming weeks by the Office of the Special Investigator, created by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in November, as it creates a 75-strong team of federal and state police detectives, prosecutors and experts.


Multiple official sources said a key task for the office, partly led by former top Victorian judge Mark Weinberg, will be deciding how to manage the evidence about Mr Roberts-Smith’s alleged war crimes already uncovered by federal police taskforces.


Some commentators, including former head of defence Admiral Chris Barrie, have queried if the Brereton inquiry adequately considered the question of officer and senior command responsibility, despite exhaustive investigations into this issue by the Brereton probe. Others have attacked defence force chief Angus Campbell over his handling of the Brereton Report and his call to support the stripping of a meritorious unit citation to from the SASR.


The Brereton report said forensic investigations and hundreds of interviews had unearthed no direct knowledge or involvement by officers in war crimes. But the inquiry still concluded some commanders bore a moral and leadership responsibility for the alleged executions concealed from them by soldiers. Suspected war crimes whistleblowers and witnesses have also been targeted in some recent media reports, according to defence sources.


Australian Defence Association chief executive Neil James wrote on Friday that, “to our national detriment, much of the public discussion on war crimes alleged to have been committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan is focusing on secondary, peripheral or irrelevant issues.”


“Straw-man arguments have also been peddled by those with other agendas, including a wish to obscure the key fact that premeditated and systemic war crimes were [allegedly] committed, and that they were inexcusable,” he wrote. Mr James stressed individuals accused were entitled to presumption of innocence.


Mr Roberts-Smith has made several media statements including the false claim that a media tip off - and not a referral from the Brereton Inquiry and the defence force - had prompted the police inquiries into his behaviour.


A statement promising the release of new photos showing officers drinking out of the boot was circulated this week among the SASR, veterans groups and journalists, although its authenticity could not be verified.

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'CLEARLY A WITNESS' French investigators want to quiz Prince Andrew after charging modelling boss with abusing girls


FRENCH investigators want to quiz Prince Andrew after yesterday charging a modelling boss with abusing girls.


Jean-Luc Brunel, 74, is alleged to have shared Jeffrey Epstein “sex slave” Virginia Roberts Giuffre with the royal.


Brunel is also accused of supplying girls for an orgy on the billionaire’s “Paedo Island” in the Caribbean.


He and Andrew strongly deny any wrongdoing.


Epstein died in jail last year.


French officials have been probing Epstein’s crimes since August.


A source said: “We have issued numerous appeals for witnesses and Prince Andrew is clearly a witness to Epstein’s conduct over many years.


“Beyond that Andrew is said to have visited Epstein’s home in Paris and had relations with the victims Brunel is accused of abusing.


“Andrew’s testament is crucial and he could of course be summoned.”


Investigators could legally apply to quiz the Duke, 60, in France but his royal status would create difficulties.


Lisa Bloom, lawyer for an alleged victim of Brunel, said yesterday: “At long last another accused Epstein enabler is being brought to justice.


"Prince Andrew — time to make good on your promise of co-operating with authorities, or you may be next.”

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Australian writer detained in Beijing has trial delayed by three months


Chinese authorities appear to have delayed Australian writer Yang Hengjun's trial by three months, almost two years after he was detained in Beijing.


Australian officials visited Dr Yang on Thursday last week but government sources said they had still not been informed on the exact details of the allegations being levelled against the University of Technology Sydney PhD graduate.


Dr Yang was formally charged in October with espionage, paving the way for him to face trial later this month or in January. But sources familiar with the case have confirmed the trial has now been postponed by three months, meaning it is likely to be moved to April next year.


There are still no details about the exact nature of the espionage charges against Dr Yang, a pro-democracy blogger who was born in China and once worked for its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The 55-year-old has been isolated in a Beijing prison and allegedly tortured in an attempt to extract a confession on the unspecified claims. Chinese authorities have been unable to extract a confession from Dr Yang, despite more than 300 rounds of interrogation using forms of alleged torture including severe sleep deprivation.


He was also denied any visits from friends, family and Australian officials for an eight-month period from December, 2019, which Chinese authorities blamed on the COVID-19 outbreak. Prior to that, Dr Yang was allowed a monthly half-hour visit from a representative from the Australian consulate.


Dr Yang was detained in January last year and formally arrested by the Beijing State Security Bureau on August 23 on suspicion of endangering Chinese national security. Chinese authorities have declined to specify the claims against the pro-democracy activist who became an Australian citizen in 2002.


Espionage law in China applies the death penalty to particularly serious cases that involve sabotage causing heavy losses or instructing an enemy attack.


Earlier this year, Amnesty International called on Chinese authorities to release Dr Yang "immediately and unconditionally unless there is sufficient credible and admissible evidence that he has committed an internationally recognised offence and is granted a fair trial in line with international standards".


Pending his release, the human rights group said China needed to ensure Dr Yang had regular, unrestricted access to visits from consular staff and family and lawyers, and give him immediate access to any medical care he may need.


Dr Yang is among several Australians detained by Chinese authorities. Chinese-Australian TV anchor Cheng Lei is also being held by state security on unknown claims.


Concern from friends and family of Australians detained in China have heightened amid an escalating diplomatic and trade dispute between Canberra and Beijing this year.


But earlier this month, Australian citizen Sadam Abdusalam, was able to reunite with his wife Nadila and and three-year-old son Lutfy, members of China's Uighur Muslim minority who had been under house arrest.

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Kyle Daniels: Jury dismissed after failing to reach a verdict on most child sex abuse charges faced by Mosman swim coach


The jury in the trial of Kyle Daniels, the former Mosman swim instructor accused of sexually abusing his young students, has been discharged after failing to reach a verdict on most of the charges faced by the young coach.


The jurors had deliberated for a day and a half before being discharged by District Court Judge Kara Shead on Monday.


They cleared Mr Daniels of five charges relating to the same girl at 1pm on Thursday, about 3.5 hours after beginning their deliberations.


But an early note to the judge made it clear there were deep divisions.


A second note, advising the five verdicts had been reached, contained a declaration of stalemate on the remaining 21 charges.


By Thursday afternoon the jury had sent a third, reading: “With all due respect we are at a deadlock and no amount of time would result in a different outcome.”


One juror was discharged on Friday due to travel plans and another on Monday due to the northern beaches COVID-19 lockdown.


At about midday on Monday, the remaining 10 jurors wrote yet another note, which Judge Shead described as “expressing in considered and absolute terms that there is no prospect of agreement”.


It came after the jury asked for clarification on the meaning of “reasonable doubt”.


Judge Shead thanked the 10 jurors for their service and discharged them, noting it may be “a relief” for some.


Mr Daniels now faces a potential retrial over the remaining charges, which involve all nine girls.


The Knox Grammar graduate was 20 years old and studying sports science at Sydney University when he was arrested for child sex abuse on March 12, 2019.


He was initially charged over police allegations involving the touching of a girl, 8, and her 6 year old sister.


Seven more girls came forward after Mr Daniels was arrested in a blaze of publicity.


He was ultimately hit with 26 charges relating to 23 alleged incidents at the Mosman swim centre between February 2018 and February 2019.


Mr Daniels has vigorously denied the allegations.


His trial in the NSW District Court ran for seven weeks, much of it consumed by evidence from the nine girls and their parents.


The prosecution claimed the youngest was five years old when she was allegedly touched by Mr Daniels; the oldest 10.


Crown prosecutor Karl Prince argued Mr Daniels was driven by a sexual interest in his students and brazenly touched them for his own sexual gratification despite the high risk of getting caught.


Mr Daniels’ barrister Leslie Nicholls attacked the Crown case from multiple directions in his forceful closing address.


He honed in on inconsistencies and errors in the girls’ stories, including one who said she had been touched 3-5 times in eight lessons she had with Mr Daniels when the swim centre records showed she had just three.


Mr Nicholls sought to paint a picture of a police investigation that targeted the young coach from the minute he was arrested.


Mr Daniels remained on bail throughout the trial and was supported by his parents, usually both of them, every day in court.


The matter will return to court for a mention in February 2021.

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Scathing hotel quarantine report exposes failures by Andrews, ministers and public servants


Clay Lucas - December 21, 2020




It’s hard to know where to start when dissecting the many and varied failings by Premier Daniel Andrews, his ministers and his public servants detailed in retired judge Jennifer Coate’s scathing 325-page report into Victoria’s hotel quarantine program.


So shoddy were the processes behind the Victorian government’s decision to use private security to guard Melbourne’s 16 quarantine hotels from April to June that Coate has found neither the Premier "nor his ministers had any active role in, or oversight of, the decision about how that enforcement would be achieved".


Proceeding with the hotel quarantine program was a decision made entirely without forward planning – despite a decade of warnings that a pandemic would one day hit Australia.


"None of the existing Commonwealth or state pandemic plans contained plans for mandatory, mass quarantine," Coate’s report found. The concept of hotel quarantine was "considered problematic".


It also proved fateful – it was security guards who inadvertently seeded the vast majority of Victoria’s tragic second wave of infections.


Among thousands of documents handed to the inquiry, not one shows why the decision to use private security was taken – a finding "likely to shock the public", Coate wrote.


What might surprise the Victorian public further is the extent to which the default position within the state government has become to simply outsource anything it can – in part to cover itself from blame for failures.


What Coate's report makes clear is that, when the decision on how to run a hotel quarantine program for Victoria came up, almost no one in the political class or the public service thought for a moment of anything but private security.


That decision seems to have been made with barely any process being followed by Andrews, his ministers and public servants.


Coate found that using private security in quarantine hotels instead of the police or army should have been decided after carefully weighing the benefits, risks and options available. However, at the fateful meeting on March 27 where it was decided, "there was no evidence that any such considered process occurred … until the outbreaks occurred".


Ironic, then, that the group establishing hotel quarantine, led by the Health Department, named it Operation Soteria after the Greek goddess of safety.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 21, 2020, 12:12 a.m. No.12114198   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2517





This report is comprehensive in its way – it is certainly highly critical of the government – but not even a $5.7 million inquiry could work out precisely who made the decision to use private security.


"Somewhat ironically," Coate points out, the pursuit of an answer there "occupied a far greater amount of time and energy during the inquiry than it did" in the March 27 meeting that settled on private guards.


"No person or agency claimed any responsibility for the decision to use private security as the first tier of security. All vigorously disputed the possibility they could have played a part in 'the decision'."


Worse, when deciding who should staff quarantine hotels to "guard" 21,821 returned travellers, no one even considered the police or army.


"At no time" at the March 27 meeting, Coate found, "did it appear there was any consideration of the respective merits of private security versus police versus Australian Defence Force.


"Instead, an early mention of private security rather than police grew into a settled position."


Coate’s report finds a discussion on which private security firms to use went on in a WhatsApp group between Jobs Department public servants. These officers appeared not to know there was a list of firms they could use that had "publicly available details, including email and mobile numbers, on a website" – a list The Age found in June using Google.


The guarding of quarantine hotels was one of the most important jobs Andrews’ government had to decide on in March as the pandemic unfolded.


And yet nobody objected when a highly subcontracted industry with a high proportion of shonks working in it was given the job. Adding insult, his government blithely released a report on how broken the private security industry was at the same time that the industry was becoming the vector for the spread of COVID-19 outside quarantine hotels.


Private security firms outsourced their work to subcontractors despite there being "no adequate oversight", Coate found. This largely casualised workforce was then employed "in an environment where staff had a high likelihood of being exposed to the highly infectious COVID-19".


This, Coate found, was inappropriate.


Ideally, "a fully salaried, highly structured workforce with a strong industrial focus on workplace safety, such as Victoria Police, would have been a more appropriate cohort", she wrote.


On Tuesday, Andrews concurred, telling reporters that, if he had his time again, "I would prefer that police had been chosen to do that work".


He won’t get his time again. Neither will the 801 people who died, nor 18,000 more who got coronavirus after it escaped Victoria’s quarantine hotels because of the stark failings of Andrews and his government that this report lays bare.



COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine Inquiry Final Report and Recommendations

Not so funny now, is it? (999) ID: f1797d Babylon is fallen (999) Dec. 21, 2020, 3:53 a.m. No.12115095   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Since the 1st January 2017. 


Julian Assange made the game multidimensional and Trump betrayed him. 


The thick fucks have been trying to conceal the inescapable and incontrovertible fact that Britain is both the winner and loser in the global holy war. 


And yes, yours truly owes Julian a massive thank you. 


And no, i’m not perfect either, but some of my knowledge is. That’s why it is date and time stamped. 


Big love to Julian but fuck wikileaks. 


They are all going to get hunted down by 7,7bn people. 


And yes, it is all over 8kun too.


Inevitable, like the sun and the moon. 


And yes, it can only be demonstrated by actions, not buzzy 3 word slogans like ‘drain the swamp’ 


Illumination route (27 pages)


Methodology (37 pages)


Many politicians and religious leaders in the folder already. 


Vile, deceitful politicians and celebrities. 


For the fake online twitter holy war between Hillary and Trump, that definitely wasn’t bread and circuses sponsored by Israel. 


And for the aberration of QAnon. 


Best thing ever, really. 


Thick cunts. 


Made me invisible. 


The demented push by Americans and twitter to push a billionaire property developer as a prophet. ‪327 000 000 ‬thick as fuck Americans.


80 million thick as fuck Brits too.


And 14,6 gorillion sneaky Jews. 


And 13 vile and rancid kikes 


Disdainful and disrespectful. 


It’s because none of our leaders have ever had permission to kill, not In the name of God Almighty or any religion. Ever. 


Despite what our politicians say. 


Always someone else’s fault, isn’t it? 




Victory of the light. 


For those that have betrayed, blocked, argued, threatened or knowingly concealed (done nothing, in other words.


First illuminated polymath in thousands of years (context) 


Totally detached from my knowledge too. Argue with that until the cows come home. 


Thick, disrespectful and vile Americans, Jews and Brits. 



Direct link to source document in pdf format. 


2,238 pages 130mb 


17 year long beam of light from the absolute. Every single entry date and time stamped



One size fits all. 

Kills butthurt Americans, Brits and Jews instantly. 


Never lies and is never violent. 


What good are your weapons and poor hurt personal feelings and opinions now? 


Jon James Pratt (999) 


Aka Christ Almighty 

Aka Lao Tze

Aka Buddha 

Aka Krishna 


49 year old illuminated polymath from Warwickshire 

Aka ‘cosmic Lol’ 

Aka ‘the storm’ 









Emergency backup drive



Breadcrumbs 2: google cache 



All over 8kun too 






Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 21, 2020, 9:50 a.m. No.12118382   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8967 >>2517

More transmissible strain of COVID-19 brought into Australia from UK


A strain of COVID-19 that transfers quicker than previous mutations has been brought into Australia by UK travellers, NSW Health has confirmed.


A more virulent strain of COVID-19 that has stopped the United Kingdom in its tracks has arrived in Australia, it has been confirmed.


On Monday, NSW chief health officer Kerry Chant confirmed two travellers from the UK had brought the new strain into the country.


“Today I’m advised that we’ve had a couple of UK returned travellers with the particular mutations you’re referring to,” Dr Chant told reporters.


The World Health Organisation first identified the new strain in September and it has been named the “VUI-202021/01” variant.


The genetic material in the virus that controls the spike protein – which allows COVID and other viruses to penetrate hosts cells – are where the mutations have occurred.


Patrick Vallance, the UK’s chief scientific adviser, says there are 23 changes to the virus’ genetic material – which is an unusually large number and helps it to spread quicker than earlier strains.


It is believed to be 70 per cent more transmissible than previous strains, according to modelling, but it is not known whether it leads to a more intense illness.


However, scientists believe the new strain will not be resistant to a vaccine.


“Our working assumption from all the scientists is that the vaccine response should be adequate for this virus,” Dr Vallance said on the weekend.


Although Dr Chant confirmed VUI202012/01 was in Australia, she did not say whether the two people who tested positive for it were currently in hotel quarantine.


None of the 83 cases that have arisen out of the cluster in Sydney’s northern beaches have matched the UK strain through genomic sequencing.


“Can I be very clear that the Avalon cluster strain does not have those mutations,” Dr Chant said.


“But the key point, regardless, is that we need to treat all people with that end-to-end process of making sure that they’re not coming in contact and there is not a risk of exposure to any residents in New South Wales.”


The UK’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, said the new variant was responsible for 60 per cent of infections in London in December, which have nearly doubled in the past week.


The new strain has forced London and the UK’s southeast to be placed under the strictest lockdown rules, known as “Tier 4”.


They are the strongest restrictions in the UK since the beginning of the pandemic in March.


Non-essential shops, gyms, cinemas, hairdressers and bowling alleys will be forced to close for two weeks, while people will be restricted to meeting one other person from another household in an outdoor public space.


Canada and several European nations including Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands have slammed their borders shut to the UK.

Anonymous ID: 2a0ec2 Dec. 21, 2020, 9:53 a.m. No.12118429   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9583

Aussie frens … my sister (in the US) says that the Australian lock downs are ended. I've scanned through the notables and can't find any CURRENT mention of them. I know that they were horrible … but it seems odd that they would be lifted in silence. Can you help a fellow Anon out? Are they fully gone? Partially lifted? Locked down tight?

Anonymous ID: 2a0ec2 Dec. 21, 2020, 5:38 p.m. No.12123841   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>12098013 (PB)

>Trump has not yet said whether he will attend Biden’s inauguration.

For all practical purposes, there will be no inauguration. According to "Come-Allah-Hear-Us", the inauguration will be "virtual".

Sort of like the Democrat campaign, but with even fewer rented Jeeps.

Anonymous ID: 2a0ec2 Dec. 21, 2020, 6:04 p.m. No.12124227   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8195 >>9496

>>11422013 (PB)

>"We cannot simply stand idly by while the good name of democracy gets flushed down the toilet."

As a citizen of the US from birth til now - 68 uninterrupted years - and having gotten my basic education back in the golden age when "Civics" was a required course to graduate High School (you probably call the 9th through 12th years by some other name), I can assure you that the United States has never been nor, if I have any say in the matter, never will be a "democracy" with all of its connotations of mob rule. We are, and God willing, shall remain a republic. It's baked into our Constitution for which good men died both in the establishing and in the defending.

When you hear an American refer to our nation as a Democracy, know that you are in the presence of an ignorant person, careless with the language we share.

There is a push to eliminate our Electoral College and turn us into a true democracy. That is because tyrants find mobs, driven by emotion, easy to rule.

Is China an authoritarian capitalist government? Capitalism and communism are competing economic systems.

Mr. Turnbull seems inclined to think that it is somehow wrong to protest being cheated. I've never met him, but he strikes me as a despicable weasel who doesn't mind if another man has a go with his wife. After all, to challenge that would be to undermine the legitimacy of marriage. Right?

The processes that are being questioned, Mr. Albanese, are not "democratic values and democratic processes", they are wholesale fraud and the destruction of the value of the most precious franchise any citizen may have … that their fairly cast ballot be respected and not undone by a fraudulent one.


We have a lot of problems in our nation. A lot. And there are multiple forces pushing for violent civil unrest (to speak gently of horrible things). We are endeavoring to resolve them without violence by appealing to our courts. Thus far, those appeals have been futile.


Pray for us, Australia, for it is unlikely that the destruction of our nation - even if wholly from within - will leave any other unscathed.


We, as humans, cannot let this experiment in individual human freedoms fail. There will be no "do over."

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 21, 2020, 9:16 p.m. No.12126886   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8656 >>2463

Trump awards Scott Morrison legion of merit for 'leadership in addressing global challenges'


Scott Morrison has been awarded a prestigious US military decoration for “leadership in addressing global challenges” and strengthening the Australia and United States partnership.


Donald Trump gave the legion of merit to Morrison, along with former and current leaders of US allies including Japan and India.


The awards to Morrison, Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi were presented by the US national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, on Monday evening Washington time.


The legion of merit is a US military decoration which is also conferred on military and political figures of foreign governments.


According to the official national security council Twitter account, Morrison’s award was “for his leadership in addressing global challenges and promoting collective security”.


It was accepted by the Australian ambassador to the US, Arthur Sinodinos, who said the US president had also recognised that Morrison had “strengthened the partnership between the United States and Australia”.


Morrison is not the first Australian recipient of the award. It has been awarded to, among others, former prime minister Robert Menzies, former chiefs of army Angus Campbell and David Morrison, and former chief of the defence force and current governor general David Hurley.


The awards for Indian prime minister Modi and former Japanese prime minister Abe were also accepted by those countries’ ambassadors.


Modi was praised for “elevating the US-India strategic partnership” while Abe was awarded “for his leadership and vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific”.


Since becoming prime minister in August 2018, Morrison has closely courted Trump, and was rewarded in September 2019 with a full ceremonial welcome on his US trip.


During that trip Morrison attended a Trump rally in Wapakoneta, Ohio and praised Trump’s political priorities, expressing a view that the pair “share a lot of the same views”.


Although friendly relations with the president of the US are generally considered a positive for the Australian prime minister, polling suggests most Australians would have voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.


Following Trump’s defeat in the November presidential election, Morrison joined other world leaders in congratulating Biden on the win.


The former prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has accused Morrison of being “dazzled and duchessed” by Trump, warning that after Morrison went “full-in” with his US counterpart on foreign affairs and climate change, he now needs to change direction to avoid Australia being seen as a “Trump-lite refuge in the southern hemisphere”.


Since Biden’s election Australia has become increasingly isolated on climate change policy, as the US pursues net zero emissions which Morrison has resisted nominating as Australia’s official emissions reduction target.


Australia is also embroiled in a trade dispute with China partly motivated by Morrison’s call for World Health Organization inspectors to gain “weapons inspector” style powers to investigate the origin of Covid-19, a move in line with Trump’s harsh rhetoric on China’s handling of coronavirus.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 22, 2020, 12:55 a.m. No.12129141   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9703 >>2542

Five Malaysian men detained as ABF target foreign worker exploitation in Perth construction industry


Five Malaysian men in Perth have been detained by the Australian Border Force following their suspected involvement in a foreign worker exploitation syndicate within the construction industry.


The men — all living in Australia illegally — were arrested during a series of nation-wide Operation Battenrun raids targeting labour hire firms exploiting vulnerable foreign workers and illegal immigrants.


ABF officers found three of the men, aged 50, 51 and 64, at an Embleton residence last Thursday.


A week earlier, on December 10, a 52-year-old man was also detained during a raid at a Dianella home, while the fifth man, aged 46, was detained at a commercial property in Beckenham on the same day.


The 52-year-old has already been deported back to Malaysia, while the other four will remain in immigration detention pending their departure from Australia.


ABF Commander Operations West, James Copeman, said the pandemic had not diminished the ABF’s ongoing operations to target criminals and unscrupulous individuals exploiting vulnerable foreign workers.


“We are always on the lookout for cases of foreign workers being underpaid, deprived of entitlements, and treated poorly,” he said.


“The ABF will not tolerate those people who are making significant profits by exploiting foreign workers.


“Information gathered during these warrants will form the basis of further investigations into a number of Australian registered companies suspected of using the services of this syndicate.


Commander Copeman said companies would be significantly fined in they employed contract workers who are illegal immigrants or foreign citizens working outside the conditions of their visas.


“On top of the unacceptable exploitation of those workers it also disadvantages local businesses who do the right thing by paying and treating their workers properly,” he said.


The Department of Home Affairs has encouraged all employers to conduct regular checks using the Visa Entitlement Verification Online system to ensure that their workers are permitted to work.


People who are being exploited, regardless of visa status, are also encouraged to come forward and provide information so action can be taken against those involved.



Border Watch Online Report


Use the form below to report suspected illegal or criminal immigration, visa, customs and trade activity. We take all reports of suspicious activity seriously and you can choose to remain anonymous.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 22, 2020, 1:04 a.m. No.12129207   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2542

First person charged with possessing childlike sex doll in SA pleads guilty to multiple child sex offences


The first person to be charged with possessing a childlike sex doll in South Australia has pleaded guilty to multiple child sex offences.


James David Ryan Sharp, 31, appeared in the Mount Gambier Magistrates Court for a short hearing during which he entered guilty pleas to five major indictable charges.


The charges included using a carriage service to access child abuse material and possessing a childlike sex doll — an offence which came into force last year.


Sharp was arrested and charged and his premises searched by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in January.


He is currently residing on bail in Victoria.


During the search, police allegedly located and seized the childlike doll, children's clothing, a computer, a mobile phone and a bank card.


Police alleged Sharp purchased the doll from a supplier in China in 2018.


He also allegedly purchased a variety of children's clothing, including school uniforms, swimwear and underwear.


Defence lawyer Dylan Walsh previously said his client had relocated to the eastern state after receiving several death threats following his arrest.


He will reappear in court for sentencing in July.


A court date in March was initially flagged, but his lawyer requested more time.


The maximum penalty for possessing the anatomically correct dolls is 15 years in prison.

Anonymous ID: ce8242 Dec. 22, 2020, 8:50 a.m. No.12133067   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3086 >>6390

Results of Anon 3 year Q Drop Vatican RCC CIA Research File


More truth than most can handle.




>>11663635 Q DROP#154Our Father "Who Financed 9-11?" ClownsInAmerica


>>11726307 Q DROP#306 "Why was the Lord's prayer posted? Which version? Why is this relevant?" SEE DROP #154 ABOVE

>>11306340 Q DROP#714Q Threat to Clowns > CIA > Vatican> Catholics In Action, Catholics In America, Clowns In America

>>11306348 Q DROP#851CIA & Vatican Helped Nazi Officers Escape

>>11306360 Q DROP#936The Nazi Order > Vatican > Jesuits

>>11306372 Q DROP#997Pope will have a Terrible May - "Those who backed him pushed into the LIGHT"

>>11306379 Q DROP#1002The BITE that has no CURE > Vatican Viper Symbolism "Symbolism will be their downfall"

>>11306412 Q DROP#1021Did US taxpayers pay $3.5 Billion for the Predatory Sexual Abuse Perpetrated upon Americans by the Roman Catholic Church?

>>11306430 Q DROP#1413Guardian of the Pope Owl Photo > Q named the owl photo "Guardian_P"

>>11306440 Q DROP#1763Sex Abuse in the Church > "Those you are taught to TRUST the most..... Dark to LIGHT."

>>11306453 Q DROP#1831POTUS Roasts Corrupt & Evil Hillary Clinton at Catholic Charity Event > "Surrounded by EVIL."

>>11306467 Q DROP#1879100s of Priests in PA Molested 1000s of Children "House of GOD?"

>>11306475 Q DROP#1916Priest Hits Crying Baby at Baptism > "Man of God?"

>>11306478 Q DROP#1950Holy See Corrupt Universal Government of the Catholic Church

>>11306489 Q DROP#2152Pope Francis Compares Vatican Whistleblower to Satan

>>11306494 Q DROP#2590Australian Cardinal George Pell Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse > "[CARDINAL PELL] Dark to LIGHT."

>>11306507 Q DROP#2594Cardinal George Pell 3rd in Command at Vatican "Define "pecking" [Animals].

>>11306522 Q DROP#2894Vatican Treasurer Cardinal George Pell Found Guilty of Child Sex Charges "Many more to come? Dark to LIGHT."

>>11306537 Q DROP#2918Trump's Roast of Hillary Back in 2016 Reveals Her Dark Secrets > "Symbolism will be their downfall"

>>11306550 Q DROP#3565Q Links to Pope's Tweet on Human Trafficking > "GODFATHER III. It's going to be BIBLICAL"

>>11306563 Q DROP#3709Vatican Ambassador to France Resigns after Molestation Allegations > "Those you are taught to trust the most...."

>>11306591 Q DROP#3957"Sleepers [Pro] will shift position [Nay]. [Paul Ryan_Fox]" Rupert Murdoch Papal Knight Fox news dominated by Catholics.

>>11306685 Q DROP#4303CIA's Use of Journalists and Clergy in Intelligence Operations "CIA coming back into the news [soon]?" Who really controls the Media?

>>11306697 Q DROP#4408We Are in the Middle of Another Enlightenment Approaching the Precipice. Against (the monarchy, the privileges of the nobility, the political power of the Catholic Church)

>>11306720 Q DROP#4429Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Letter to POTUS-Biblical Battle Light vs Dark> "Armor of God" Vigano is not our friend.

>>11306736 Q DROP#4799Rebuffed by Vatican, Pompeo Assails China and Aligns With Pope’s Critics

When does a Church become a playground?

When does a Church become a business?

When does a Church become political?

When does a Church become corrupt?

When does a Church become willfully blind?

When does a Church become controlled?

Anonymous ID: ce8242 Dec. 22, 2020, 8:51 a.m. No.12133086   🗄️.is 🔗kun



More truth than most can handle.




>>11307180 '''MEET GEORGE SOROS A "Jew" or a Catholic Court Jew?'''


>>11307149 WHAT IS A COURT JEW?

>>11306887 ROBERT F. KENNEDY Jr. "The CIA killed my Father RFK and Uncle JFK" + Vaccines>COVID on Ron Paul's Show.

>>11306927 Revealing look at the Director of the CIA when J.F.K. was assassinated, John A McCone. Part I

>>11306949 Revealing look at the Director of the CIA when J.F.K. was assassinated, John A McCone. Part II

>>11307201 MEET BERNHARD STEMPFLE Catholic Jesuit Priest who wrote and edited parts of Mein Kampf

>>11307730 Adolf Hitler And The Jesuit Order - Part I

>>11307750 Adolf Hitler And The Jesuit Order - Part II Von Papen, Mussolini, Fascism, Pious XII

>>11307784 Adolf Hitler And The Jesuit Order - Part III Jesuits and the CIA

>>11307499 MEET MAXIMO ALVAREZ - Cuban Immigrant warns of evils of Socialism - at TRUMP round table event - Castro was trained by Catholic Jesuits

>>11307274 MEET ALPHONSE LOUIS CONSTANT AKA Éliphas Lévi Zahed Failed Catholic Priest responsible for adding "SOLVE ET COAGULA" to Baphomet image

>>11307925 MEET ARCHBISHOP CARLO MARIA VIGANO - Deep State, Deep Church, Invisible Enemy

>>11716167 List of articles concerning the McCarrick Report which proves that Carlo Vigano, Taylor Marshall and Archbishop Timothy Dolan are Deep State.

>>11652901 "Sainted too soon? Vatican report casts John Paul II in harsh new light."

>>11307021 MEET TIMOTHY DOLAN Archbishop of New York - Deep State Deep Church


>>11306800 Q said "Soros takes order from P." Q DROP#416

>>11306807 Q asks "Who controls the [D] party" and "Who really controls the [D] party?" [GS] George Soros? Q DROP#3749

>>11306822 Q said "Guardian of the Pope" and titled the accompanying image of an owl "GUARDIAN_P" Q DROP#1413

>>11306775 Drops#3749, 416and1413basic decode>P = Pope/Papal Royal Families (Black nobility) Papal Orders of Knighthood (Malta) Orders such as the Jesuits.

>>11306837 Drops#3749, 416and1413basic decode>P = ? Part II

>>11307120 '''Link between SAUL ALINSKY and the Roman Catholic Jesuits Alinsky and the Jesuits also link to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton'''






'''24 year assistant Director of the Who, Milton Siegel explains exactly how the Vatican controls the W.H.O. consider the implications now with covid.'''

Is the story about China controlling the W.H.O a cover story? Does the Vatican secretly control China? ChInA

>>11899297 Why are Australian Journalist and News Agencies on trial for talking about the Cardinal Pell Abuse Case? Why was there a Gag order? Did the Case get Quashed?

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 22, 2020, 9:34 p.m. No.12142216   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2219 >>3266 >>1248 >>2002 >>5959 >>6038 >>1909 >>0806 >>7095 >>0066 >>8596 >>1873 >>2556

Vatican’s secret $2bn flummoxes Australian church leaders




The Vatican and its associated entities have transferred $2.3bn to Australia since 2014 without the knowledge of senior Australian Catholic Church leaders.


Transfers from the Vatican to Australia rapidly increased from $71.6m in 2014 to $137.1m in 2015 before doubling again to $295m in 2016 and peaking at $581.3m in 2017, the new disclosure shows.


More than $422m was transferred in 2018, $491.8m in 2019 and $294.8m this financial year to date — in total more than 40,000 transactions, Austrac, the nation’s ­financial crime regulator, found.


Despite the volume and sum of transfers, several senior Catholic Church figures told The Australian on Tuesday they were utterly surprised by the transfers and were not aware of the money arriving in the Australian church.


Those church figures declined to be named, citing sensitivities around discussing finances.


The Australian Federal Police last week confirmed to The Australian it was continuing to investigate information received from Austrac about transfers to Australia from the Vatican.


The Vatican has been embroiled in scandal in recent months over allegations of embezzlement and nepotism levelled against Cardinal Angelo Becciu, a senior member of the church’s ­bureaucracy until this year.


Cardinal Becciu was fired by the Pope in September over the ­allegations; Cardinal Becciu has denied any wrongdoing.


Neither the Vatican’s press office in Rome nor the Holy See’s Papal Nunciature in Canberra responded to requests on Tuesday.


The Austrac figures also show $117.4m was sent from Australia to the Vatican, likely part of an annual fund for charities. Those transfers have risen from $17.7m in 2014 to $32.4m in 2019. Only $7.5m had been transferred to date this year.


While Austrac has not disclosed the individual identities of the recipients of the money in Australia, some church sources cautioned it may have been for investment in the Australian bond and equities market.


The new transfer figures were disclosed in response to questions from Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, who told The Australian it was “a surprisingly large amount of money”.


“In the light of the investi­gations at the Vatican into corruption, embezzlement and money laundering, with charges already being laid and Vatican officials suspended, we need to know where the money went,” she said.


“It’s also worth noting that the transfers accelerated during the period Cardinal (George) Pell was facing investigations in Australia and peaked when he was sidelined from financial control of the Vatican while facing charges and trial in Australia,” she said.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 22, 2020, 9:34 p.m. No.12142219   🗄️.is 🔗kun





The financial corruption scandal roiling the Vatican began over claims of $360m improperly transferred for a building project in London and spread to allegations that money was sent to Australia to adversely affect the sexual abuse trial of Cardinal Pell, a rival of Cardinal Becciu.


To date, there has been no evidence produced to show any Vatican money was transferred to influence that trial.


Cardinal Becciu’s associate Cecilia Marogna has been charged with embezzlement and a broker who organised the London building investment, Gianluigi Torzi, has been charged with extortion and money laundering.


In 2014, Francis appointed Cardinal Pell as the Vatican’s treasurer with the task of cleaning up the Holy See’s finances and making the antiquated system transparent and accountable.


Victoria Police charged Cardinal Pell with two cases of historical sexual abuse in Melbourne.


After two trials in 2018 and 2019 — one hung jury and one guilty verdict — Cardinal Pell was sentenced to six years’ jail and served more than a year in prison before he was acquitted unanimously by the High Court in April.


In October, The Australian reported Vatican investigators were examining at least four transfers from the Vatican secretariat, including two from Cardinal Becciu, between 2017 and 2018 totalling $2m to Melbourne.


In the same month, the Vatican changed its laws to combat money laundering and financing terrorism after a two-week investigation of the Holy See’s finances by the EU’s financial controller, Money­val.


The COVID-19 pandemic has squeezed the Vatican’s public fin­ances, with recent reports noting a plunge in tourism would likely cut back a large part of the €100m ($161.8m) in ticket sales to the Vatican Museums — closed for months — that the city state uses to keep its budget in surplus.


Cardinal Pell, in an interview with the Reuters news agency earlier this month, warned that the Vatican was “slowly going broke”.


“Now that’s a bit of an exaggeration (but) it’s slowly happening,” Cardinal Pell said. “You can’t go on like that forever … the only thing that I’m keen on is that people, in a very clear-headed way, face up to the situation.”


The Vatican’s newly appointed president of the Financial Information Authority, Carmel Barbagallo, said the changes were “aimed at making the management of Vatican finances ever more transparent, within a framework of intensive and co-ordinated controls”.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 22, 2020, 9:41 p.m. No.12142255   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2556

Cardinal Pell: Why God’s providence will prevail


Cardinal George Pell, Angelus News - Dec 22, 2020


2020 was a year marked by sickness, death, unrest, isolation, and economic difficulty — a year that has challenged the faith of many.


And so, one might ask: What good could come out of a year like this one?


So, for our final issue of 2020, Angelus invited a lineup of writers — some regular contributors, others guests — to reflect on how they've seen God's providence at work in their own lives during this difficult year. Their reflections will be published on from Dec. 21-24.


This year, 2020, has not been a good year with the COVID-19 plague raging through the United States and most parts of the world. As well, the economic consequences, e.g., job losses and struggling businesses, will last much longer than the pandemic.


I went against the trend, because this year was better for me than 2019.


On the Tuesday of Holy Week, I was released after 404 days in jail for sex crimes I had never committed, found not guilty seven-to-zero by the judges of the High Court of Australia.


Where was God in all of this? Is there a God, or the one God, who might be watching and interested in our suffering? An enormous amount depends on how we answer this question, because being a monotheist or an atheist, or not knowing, makes a world of difference. Being naturally religious, having a love of nature, does not help much when catastrophe strikes.


I write as a believing Christian and a Catholic. For us the one true God is not only the Creator of the universe, immense beyond our imagining, home to billions, perhaps trillions, of stars, black dwarfs, black holes, blue giants, red supergiants, and our tiny planet earth, but this Creator is the only transcendent mystery outside the universe, and he has clear ideas of how we should live and where we go after death.


He sent his only Son to take on our human nature, live among us, teach us the importance of love and forgiveness, and demonstrate through his life and death that suffering can be used for good, in the next life if not in this one.


God is in charge. As he is good and just, all will be well eventually and the scales of justice will balance out in eternity, where the poor and the unfortunate will be helped by positive discrimination. God’s providence will prevail.


My leading barrister (a lawyer in the English court system) at the trials was an agnostic Jew who observes the basic Jewish seasonal rituals, loves the music of Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion,” and knew the story of Job very well, the first Jewish attempt to wrestle with the problem of innocent suffering, of why bad things happen to good people.


The prison authorities allowed me to keep my breviary, the official prayer book of the Church, from the first night, and readings from Job came up regularly in those early days. My barrister compared my situation to Job’s, and I replied that I was happy with this, because Job’s fortunes were restored in his lifetime. I was not sure that would be my lot.


Job’s sufferings were far worse than mine. His flocks and farms were attacked, he lost all his property, was covered in ulcers, ostracised to live on a rubbish dump, and abandoned by his friends. Even his wife urged him to curse God and die. While he complained to God more than I did, he refused to condemn or curse God.


But I had advantages Job never enjoyed. The Jews then had no clear ideas of a personal afterlife of reward and punishment, of ultimate justice, beyond a shadowy semipersonal existence in Sheol or Hades, and they had no clear ideas on redemptive suffering.


Their Messiah had not been linked to the suffering servant of Isaiah, so their misfortunes remained exclusively misfortunes. In faith, but only in faith, we know better. We hail the cross, our only hope (“Ave crux, spes unica”). This is God’s providence at work, redeeming us through his Son’s suffering.


During my years as a priest many have asked me why this or that disaster, e.g., death, sickness, etc., has happened to them or their family. I don’t know, but I reminded them that Jesus, God’s only Son, did not have an easy life and suffered badly. I, too, remembered this in gaol. And it helped.


+George Cardinal Pell


Rome, 16th December 2020

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As churches prove 'fertile ground' for conspiracy theories, some pastors are taking a stand


Joey Watson - 23 December 2020




During the whirlwind of 2020, Sydney reverend and radio host Bill Crews has noticed a surge in an old foe within his flock — conspiracy theories.


Christian groups have long been susceptible to conspiracy theories, he says, but the rise of the internet, and more recently COVID-19, has exacerbated the issue.


"Churches can become petri dishes of this stuff, particularly if you've got really charismatic people who don't have any ethics," says Reverend Crews.


This increased acceptance of conspiracy theories within church groups is part of a broader social trend, religious leaders say, as people turn to outlandish ideas to make sense of the times.


But some pastors are taking active measures to fight the potential spread of conspiracy theories within their congregations.


The rise of 'the church of QAnon'


Kaz Ross, a researcher at the University of Tasmania, has been monitoring the spread of conspiracy theories online, and says evangelical Christians have been particularly drawn to QAnon.


This theory purports that a figure called Q leaves cryptic clues on internet forums about a "war" being waged between child-abusing global elites and figures within the Trump administration.


According to Dr Ross, the suggestion that people should put their faith in a saviour preparing to rescue the world from evil has similarities to some strands of evangelical thought.


"It's a very parallel structure," she says.


"[There are] a group of people that are in on a secret plan, which is very good, and the secret plan will save you in troubling times.


"The belief framework is that God has a plan, we don't know the plan, God will unfold the plan, and the chosen will be chosen."


Marc-Andre Argentino, a researcher from Canada's Concordia University, has also been studying the connection between religion and conspiracy theories — focusing on the growth of QAnon in North American evangelical groups.


Not only do these churches broadcast QAnon conspiracy theories to huge online audiences, he says, they're also reimagining Christian belief from the Bible to marry the two ideologies.


In fact, he argues, conspiratorial ideas have become so fundamental to the way these groups operate that they can be described as "the QAnon church".


Fringe voices, big impact


While these groups are largely an American phenomenon, similar thinking has taken hold in some fringe Christian communities.


It's something that Pastor Rob Buckingham, the founder of Bayside Church in Melbourne, has noticed both on social media, and in conversations with friends.


"Conspiracy theories are definitely more prevalent in recent times and are one of the symptoms of pandemics," he says.


He says that Christians are more susceptible to some conspiracy theories because "a futurist understanding of Bible prophecy has become very popular".


"This interpretation leads Christians to be on the lookout for the Antichrist, one-world government, and a cashless society," he says.


"They believe the devil is trying to take over the world.


"Seeing the world through such a lens causes them to be susceptible to anything that would indicate these things are imminent."


Christian groups around the world have also been targets for Russian disinformation campaigns, experts say, which may be exacerbating the impact and reach of conspiratorial ideas emanating from online pulpits.


James Der Derian, the director of the Centre for International Security Studies at the University of Sydney, says "snake oil has been around a long time", especially in time of insecurity and uncertainty — and foreign states have been known to capitalise on this.


While there is no evidence that Russia has targeted Australian Christian groups, Dr Der Derian says that because social media is intrinsically borderless, the impact of misinformation destined for US audiences can be far reaching.


"This information is not a precision munition, but because of the very nature of social media, it can spread quite rapidly to other communities," he says.



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Trusting the government


On Facebook, religious pages apparently based in Australia can attract thousands of followers.


Alongside wisdom from saints and other holy imagery, one page shared claims that the coronavirus vaccine would encourage the Antichrist to take one's soul.


Meanwhile, some religious leaders are drawing support from anti-vaccination groups by using social media to speak out against lockdowns.


Anne Kruger, the director of the Asia-Pacific bureau at First Draft, a non-profit organisation that studies misinformation, says religious leaders with conspiracy agendas do use social media to amplify their views.


But she cautions: "It's worth noting that they most likely represent fringe voices in their communities and do not reflect where their religion stands."


Justine Toh, a senior research fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity, points out that most Australian Christians are not conspiracy theorists.


She points to data from the National Church Life Survey, which surveys millions of Australian Christians, that indicates people who are more active in their faith and go to church regularly tend to be trusting of government.


"Whereas sometimes Australians might be a little bit critical of the government, people who go to church tend to be more conservative and trusting in the government and the system," she says.


Saving the faith


As the host of a popular Sunday night talkback program on Sydney radio station 2GB, Crews has a unique insight into the thoughts and outlook of Australian Christians.


He says there's been a shift this year to more conspiratorial thinking — perhaps because they've been distanced from positive influences in their lives.


"People feel isolated and have no way of sharing their innermost feelings," he says.


"Instead of looking inwards and emptying themselves out, they're looking to lay blame."


Pastor Buckingham says Christian leaders should be reaching out to those who might be susceptible and trying to help them navigate misinformation.


"Ask questions, stay in touch with people, so they don't isolate themselves, and try and talk about other things to bring them out of their tunnel vision," he says.


His regular blog posts, which attract thousands of readers from with Christian communities, have been part of his response.


He's also using the Bible to actively decry ideas like QAnon. For example, he points to Ephesians 4:25: "So, stop telling lies. Let us tell our neighbours the truth."


For Crews, it's important that churches give people the same sense of belonging they are finding in the murky forums of the internet.


"The church has a responsibility to squash itself down, so it ceases being obsessed with power and control and money and gets back to being with the people."


"It's all about people communicating with each other."

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Trump grants full pardon to Russia probe aide George Papadopoulos


Washington: President Donald Trump granted a full pardon on Tuesday to George Papadopoulos, a former campaign aide who pleaded guilty as part of the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.


Trump also pardoned Alex van der Zwaan, 36, the Dutch son-in-law of Russian billionaire German Khan. Van der Zwaan was sentenced to 30 days in prison and fined $US20,000 for lying to US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators about contacts with an official in Trump’s 2016 campaign.


Their names were included in a wave of pre-Christmas pardons announced by the White House. Trump granted full pardons to 15 people, including three former Republican politicians and commuted all or part of the sentences of five others.


Papadopoulos, 33, was an adviser to Trump's 2016 campaign. He pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to FBI agents about the timing and significance of his contacts with people who claimed to have ties to top Russian officials.


His role came to light after he had drinks in 2016 in London with Australia's then-High Commissioner to the UK, Alexander Downer, and let slip that the Russians had a "dirt file" on Hillary Clinton, which Downer relayed back to Canberra.


“The defendant’s crime was serious and caused damage to the government’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election,” a sentencing recommendation memo from then-US Special Counsel Robert Mueller had said.


He served 12 days of a 14-day sentence in federal prison, then was placed on a 12-month supervised release.


The White House said Papadopoulos was charged with "a process-related crime, one count of making false statements," as part of the Mueller probe, which Trump had denounced as a witch hunt.


"Today’s pardon helps correct the wrong that Mueller’s team inflicted on so many people," the White House said.


The pardons were part of a flurry of such actions expected by the outgoing Republican president before Democratic President-elect Joe Biden takes office on January 20. Trump, who has refused to concede, has made unsubstantiated claims of widespread voting fraud and pursued a series of unsuccessful lawsuits to overturn the result.


Late on Tuesday night, local time, Trump threatened to torpedo Congress’ bipartisan $900 billion COVID-19 relief package. In a late-night tweet, he called on politicians to increase direct payments for most Americans from $US600 to $US2,000 for individuals.


Railing against a range of provisions in the bill, including for foreign aid, he told Congress to "get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation and to send me a suitable bill.”


Trump did not specifically vow to veto the bill, and there may be enough support for legislation in Congress to override him if he does.


Last month, Trump pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who had twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during the Russia investigation.


Also receiving pardons were three former Republican politicians, including former Representative Chris Collins of New York. Four former US service members, convicted of killing Iraqi civilians while working as contractors in 2007, were also pardoned by Trump.


Collins, 70, had been the first sitting member of Congress to endorse Trump's candidacy in 2016 and was a strong defender of the president. He resigned in 2019.


"In 2019, Collins pled guilty to the charges of conspiring to commit securities fraud and making false statements to the FBI. Mr. Collins is currently serving his 26-month sentence," the White House said. Trump also issued a full pardon to former Republican Representative Duncan Hunter of California, 44, who pleaded guilty a year ago to conspiring to convert campaign funds to personal use.


Also pardoned was former Republican Representative Steve Stockman of Texas, 64, who was convicted in 2018 of misuse of charitable funds.


The White House said he had served more than two years of his 10-year sentence and would remain subject to a period of supervised release and an order requiring that he pay more than $US1 million in restitution.


Trump also commuted the remaining term of the supervised release of Crystal Munoz, who was convicted of conspiracy to distribute marijuana.


Munoz spent years in a federal prison in Fort Worth, with Alice Johnson, who was granted clemency by Trump in 2018 in a case championed by reality TV star Kim Kardashian West.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 22, 2020, 10:20 p.m. No.12142565   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2527


George Papadopoulos Tweets


Thank you, Mr. President!!! This means the world to me and my family!



I lost friends, business associates and even family over the last years. Had my reputation tore up for a while with fake stories and nonsense. But there was one person who stood through it all with me until the end, my @simonamangiante. I love you! We both thank @realDonaldTrump!



Thank you all for your support! Has been overwhelming. Very grateful



Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos Tweet


Thank you from the bottom of my heart @realDonaldTrump for pardoning my husband @GeorgePapa19! I must confess I am crying right now. We were right since day one. The best Christmas present ever ! Thank you

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Catholic Church's insurance company in financial trouble over abuse payouts




The Catholic Church’s private insurer spent more than $58 million paying out the victims of sexual abuse last year and the company is being forced to raise fresh capital and liquidate investments to cover a future compensation bill worth at least another $238 million.


Catholic Church Insurance (CCI) has posted nearly a $250 million loss as it struggles to meet a wave of new claims in the wake of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


CCI, which insures Catholic parishes, religious institutions, welfare groups, aged care facilities and schools across Australia for incidents of property damage, loss and injury, has also covered compensation and legal costs for sexual abuse committed in many church organisations since 1969.


The insurer's sexual abuse payouts – known as "professional standards" liabilities – topped $58 million in the financial year 2019-20, according to figures obtained by The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.


CCI has declined to provide data from earlier years.


However, the group’s annual report shows the number of professional standards claims it received in 2019-20 drove a 74 per cent rise in total insurance claims.


The ballooning current and anticipated costs mean CCI is moving to liquidate investments, to raise capital to meet what it now expects to be at least $238 million in future sexual abuse payouts.


It also stopped paying dividends and distributions to the Catholic organisations that are shareholders in the non-profit, cutting off an important source of income for some of these entities.


Among its shareholders are the Australian Episcopal Conference of the Roman Catholic Church, archdioceses of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and the Jesuits, Marists, De La Salle Brothers and Sisters of Mercy.


"Although it is not certain that these efforts will be successful, CCI has determined that the actions that it is taking are sufficient to mitigate the uncertainty and has therefore deemed it appropriate to continue to prepare the financial report on a going concern basis due to its ability to realise its assets and settle its liabilities in the ordinary course of business at the amounts recorded in the financial statements," CCI’s annual financial report said.


Chief executive Roberto Scenna said the capital management plan "is doing what it was designed to do".


"CCI is now seeking to restore the capital levels to a level that it believes reflects the future risks to CCI," he said.


"The other actions in our capital raising initiative are still in progress and given the nature of the activity and conversations, it is not appropriate for us to make further comment on these initiatives."



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 22, 2020, 10:46 p.m. No.12142770   🗄️.is 🔗kun





Mr Scenna said the nature of the reporting of sexual abuse claims – some of which are decades old – made it difficult to assess CCI’s future liability, which could "ultimately be higher or lower than actual experience as it develops over time".


The Australian church and local religious orders, as well as schools and outreach organisations, have been inundated with compensation claims and lawsuits since the start of the royal commission in 2013 and the establishment of the National Redress Scheme, which is due to run until 2027.


"The introduction of the National Redress Scheme approximately two years ago has resulted in a significant increase in the number of reported claims and significant uncertainty in establishing the potential exposure in order to predict the exposure to abuse related claims," CCI’s annual report said.


In 2015 CCI had estimated it would cost $150 million to settle all outstanding and anticipated sexual abuse claims, but its financial liabilities have continued to grow.


The church and its long-time insurer have also been exposed to a raft of new claims and lawsuits following legal changes and court decisions allowing sexual abuse victims to set aside settlement agreements made decades ago as unjust and to seek new compensation.


Since 2019 the church has also paid a series of landmark settlements worth more than $1 million, compounding the financial pressure.


The conduct of the church and CCI in billing legal costs for processing sexual abuse claims has also recently come under fire from a judicial figure in the Supreme Court of Victoria.


In a lawsuit over abuse suffered at the hands of notorious paedophile Gerald Ridsdale, CCI and the church sought to bill the alleged victim more than $65,000 in costs to respond to a series of subpoenas. They had originally sought up to $151,000.


Judicial registrar Julie Clayton said while CCI and the church were entitled to reasonable costs, she did not consider it reasonable for an argument for costs to be made by three solicitors and two barristers.


"It seems perverse that an organisation [the church] which is prepared to comply with a subpoena, provided its costs are met, will spend more than six times that amount in objecting to the subpoena," Ms Clayton wrote in a decision in September.


The Age and the Herald have previously revealed that only 28 per cent of the $34.27 million the church spent on compensation under the Melbourne Response scheme from 1996 to 2014 went to victims, with the rest spent on legal fees and administrative expenses.

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Perth man charged for advocating terrorism


A 52-year-old Perth man is scheduled to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court today (23 December) charged with terrorism-related offences following an investigation by the Western Australia Joint Counter Terrorism Team (WA JCTT).


The investigation began in February 2020 after the WA JCTT – comprising Australian Federal Police (AFP), Western Australia Police Force and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation – became aware of an online video-sharing platform account hosting content that called for acts of politically-motivated violence offshore.


In April 2020, a search warrant was executed on the home and vehicle of the man believed to own the online account, resulting in a number of electronic devices being seized for evidentiary purposes.


A second search warrant was executed at the man’s residence yesterday (22 December 2020) and the 52-year-old man was arrested and charged with four counts of advocating terrorism, contrary to section 80.2C of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth).


AFP Assistant Commissioner Counter Terrorism Scott Lee said extremist ideology that incited violence – onshore or offshore – was a criminal offence.


“The AFP and our partner agencies, through the Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) will arrest and charge Australian-based individuals allegedly involved in engaging in violent, extremist ideologies,’’ Assistant Commissioner Lee said.


“In this instance, it is alleged the individual was intending to incite politically motivated acts in a foreign country.


“I commend our investigators for the hundreds of hours spent diligently gathering and examining evidence to put this matter before the courts.”


Commander Pryce Scanlan from WA Police Force’s Counter Terrorism & Emergency Response Command said the arrest reinforces the need for all community members across Australia to remain vigilant.


“Online content advocating for terrorist acts to be carried out has the potential to reach people anywhere in the world, including our local communities, and it is critical we identify and prosecute those responsible for such incitement. It is also just as important that our investigations and operations prevent those people in our community who are vulnerable to radicalisation from being exposed to such material.


“We have seen the devastating impacts that such online radicalisation and incitement can result in, and everyone in the community can play a critical role in keeping our community safe by reporting concerns about online material, or individuals, to authorities.


“Yesterday’s arrest shows the community that law enforcement and intelligence partners across Australia are working together to protect the community.”


Anyone with information about extremist activity or possible threats to the community should the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400.


Editor's note: images and footage available via hightail -

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Facebook removes Pete Evans' page


Celebrity chef and conspiracy theorist Pete Evans has had his Facebook Page permanently removed after he repeatedly breached its misinformation policies with posts about the coronavirus.


A Facebook company spokesperson said the platform does not allow anyone to share misinformation about COVID-19 that could lead to imminent physical harm, or misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines that has been debunked by public health experts.


"We have clear policies against this type of content and we've removed Chef Pete Evans' Facebook Page for repeated violations of these policies," the spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday.


Facebook has previously removed individual posts by Evans for violating its Misinformation & Harm Policy.


Evans posted on Instagram on Wednesday telling his followers he had been "shut down" on Facebook "for a few days" over his vaccine posts. Facebook says the ban is permanent.


Evans was a judge on My Kitchen Rules between 2010 and 2020. He had over one million Facebook followers.


Evans has repeatedly made posts opposing COVID-19 vaccines and masks, and claimed in a podcast that the coronavirus is a hoax.


Evans' company was fined more than $25,000 by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in April after he promoted a device called a 'BioCharger' on a Facebook live stream, claiming it could be used in relation to the coronavirus.


The TGA said the claim had "no apparent foundation".


Evans' publisher ended its contract with him in November after he used a neo-Nazi symbol in a Facebook post.


"Pan Macmillan does not support the recent posts made by Pete Evans. Those views are not our views as a company or the views of our staff," the company said at the time.


Big W, Coles, Dymocks, Kmart and Booktopia were among the retailers to declare they would not sell his products after the post.


Evans later denied he used the symbol intentionally.


Evans' account on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is still active. Evans regularly uses the account to cast doubt on official information about COVID-19, vaccines, and other parts of mainstream science.


Posts that share misinformation but do not violate the letter of Facebook's policies usually have their distribution reduced, rather than being removed.

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Online powers to silence the trolls


Australia is set to introduce the world’s first trolling take-down scheme, giving the nation’s cyber watchdog new powers to order social media platforms to remove harmful online adult abuse.


The proposed new laws would also widen existing online protections for children by enabling the eSafety Commissioner to remove cyber-bullying material from a broader range of online platforms than social media, including gaming and messaging sites.


The bill would halve the time social media platforms have to remove offensive content from 48 to 24 hours before the commissioner steps in. It also requires platforms to report on how they are dealing with a range of online harms, including “digital lynch mobs” who seek to overwhelm a victim with abuse.


And if a website or app systematically ignores take-down notices for serious cases such as child sexual abuse material, the eSafety Commissioner can require search engines and app stores to remove access to that service, and impose further civil penalties.


Ahead of releasing the new Online Safety Bill for public comment on Wednesday, Communications Minister Paul Fletcher said abusive trolling had to stop.


“Too many Australians are victims of vicious, intimidating trolling on the internet,” Mr Fletcher said.


“Too often people feel they can say and do the most atrocious things online with complete impunity. We are giving the eSafety Commissioner strong, practical, speedy tools to go after the really bad trolls, including new powers to require social media platforms to reveal details about the identity of end-users who indulge in this hateful conduct,” he said.


Mr Fletcher said it would be a world first if the government’s eSafety Commissioner was given power to order websites, social media platforms and other online services to take down harmful abuse directed at an adult.


But the new adult cyber abuse scheme would only apply in cases where online content was sufficiently harmful to constitute a criminal act under the Criminal Code. This is a higher standard than current laws allowing the commissioner to issue take down notifications to platforms for cyber-bullying material.


The different standard is a recognition of an adult‘s greater resilience and the need to protect legitimate freedom of speech.


Mr Fletcher said while cyber abuse was confined to a few, it was nevertheless incredibly harmful for those targeted. “By establishing proper protections to help keep Australians safe online, we can, in turn, help Australians to realise the substantial benefits that come from using the internet,” he added.


The government created the world’s first cyber watchdog, the eSafety Commissioner, in 2015 because experience had shown many platforms did not offer the digital safety features required by law, or had failed to appropriately enforce their terms of service.


The new bill will require online services to provide specific information to the commissioner about online harms, such as their response to terrorism and abhorrent violent material, or how they are dealing with digital lynch mobs. Services will be penalised if they fail to report.


The eSafety Commissioner would also be given stronger powers to demand information from the digital platforms to discover the true identities of anonymous or fake accounts used for serious trolling or exchanging illegal content such as child pornography.


And if an online crisis event occurred, such as the Christchurch terrorist attack last year, the commission would be given powers to order internet service providers to block access to terrorist or extreme violent content.

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Cyber spy agency on high alert over hack


The nation’s top cyber spy agency is working with potential victims of the SolarWinds Russian hacking offensive, including some of the most sensitive government departments and agencies, to assess whether their networks have been breached.


The Australian can reveal the departments of Defence, Finance and Home Affairs, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission are users of the ­network-management software infiltrated by the hackers.


Government tender records show the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, the Bureau of Meteorology, trade promotion agency Austrade and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment are also SolarWinds clients.


It’s understood the Australian Signals Directorate, which also uses SolarWinds software, was unaffected by the attack.


But the agency declined to say if any government systems had installed the “trojanised” updates sent to SolarWinds users as far back as March.


“The ACSC continues to monitor the situation and is ­engaging with international ­partners and potentially ­impacted Australian organisations,” a spokesman for ASD’s Australian Cyber Security Centre said.


The SolarWinds cyberattack is one of the biggest in history, hitting at least 18,000 companies and government agencies including the US departments of State, Homeland Security, Commerce and the Treasury, and big tech firms such as Microsoft, Cisco and Intel.


Infiltrated organisations in Australia include NSW Health, Serco Asia Pacific, and mining giant Rio Tinto.


The attack, first identified by US cybersecurity company ­FireEye, used a compromised version of SolarWinds Orion — a widely used IT system management platform — to insert a backdoor into computer systems.


Australian-based malware expert Sergei Shevchenko, co-founder of cybersecurity company Prevasio, said the federal government departments and agencies had not shown up in logs he had decrypted revealing 445 ­affected organisations.


But Mr Shevchenko said all SolarWinds clients should assume they were vulnerable to second-stage attacks.


“The list that we have decrypted doesn’t include everything. It’s just a snapshot, with multiple records fragmented or missing. It’s not a guarantee that if you are not on the list that you are not affected,” he said.


“There were three trojanised updates that were supposed to be rolled out to the software.


“The bottom line is this. If you are a client of SolarWinds, if you run the software in a company, you have to do an instant response. Period.


“They need to look inside their network, look for evidence, look for telltale signs. It’s a good exercise anyway, but they have to do it. Because this software simply means that the attackers have backdoor access.”


Mr Shevchenko’s analysis of data logs revealed the malware transmits information on the infected system’s security software, allowing it to be turned off by the hackers in subsequent attacks.


“In the second stage, the attackers may choose (which systems to penetrate). They might say ‘we infected this network, how are we going to make the money?’.”


An Australian Cyber Security Centre spokesman said users of SolarWinds products should ­immediately install security patches, or isolate their servers from the internet.


“Australian organisations that have concerns, or believe they may have been impacted, should contact the ACSC for assistance,” he said.


The hack, which US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attributed to Russia, is categorised as a “supply chain attack”, for its use of a trusted third-party vendor to ­install malware in an organisation’s network.


Thomas Bossert, a former security adviser to Donald Trump, said the size of the attack was “hard to overstate”. He said evidence suggested Russia’s SVR intelligence agency was responsible.


“The Russians have had access to a considerable number of important and sensitive networks for six to nine months,” he wrote in the New York Times.


The attack comes as the ­Morrison government moves to force key companies and institutions across the banking, finance, defence, communications, food, and higher education sectors, to strengthen cyber defences and co-operate with national security agencies. An exposure draft of the Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure) Bill, released in November, includes new step-in powers allowing national security agencies to actively disrupt and repel cyber attackers.

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Australia signs deals to distribute tens of millions of coronavirus vaccine doses around the country


The mammoth effort of safely distributing tens of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses to all Australians is a step closer to reality after the Federal Government inked several deals to operate and monitor the national vaccine network.


Under new contracts, logistics firms DHL and Linfox will work with the Department of Health to vaccinate people across Australia, while digital security firm Accenture will then track vaccine doses and monitor any adverse effects.


Audit and accounting firm PwC has also partnered with the Department of Health to help roll out the COVID-19 program.


The scheme is due to begin in March next year, with all Australian citizens, permanent residents, and most visa-holders being promised a free jab.


The Federal Government has secured agreements for the supply of three COVID-19 vaccines: from Pfizer, Novavax and Oxford University-AstraZeneca, but of those, Pfizer's vaccine will be the hardest to distribute.


Health Minister Greg Hunt said he did not want to set any expectations that a vaccine would be rolled out earlier than March, even though the process is currently "ahead of schedule".


"Our goal is to make sure that everthing's in line for a safe, effective distribution beginning in March, we always aim to under-promise and over-deliver, but March is our national guideline and expectation," he said.


Pfizer vaccine will require ultra-cold 'eskies'


The Government has opted to buy 10 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine — enough to vaccinate 5 million people — from overseas in the event it receives approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, rather than produce it in Australia.


That is because the Pfizer vaccine is based on new technology, which has never been successfully manufactured or distributed locally before.


The Pfizer vaccine has already received emergency use approval by health authorities in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Mexico and the European Union.


The virus that causes COVID-19 enters healthy cells using the so-called "spike" protein and many vaccines inject an amount of that protein, so the body can produce antibodies and learn to fight the coronavirus.


But Pfizer's vaccine contains genetic material called mRNA, which effectively comes with a DIY kit — instructions to assemble the spike protein, so the body can mount an immune response.


The Pfizer vaccine was shown to be 95 per cent effective in preventing the disease in a late-stage trial, but it comes with complex logistical challenges.


The vaccine must be shipped and stored at -70 degrees Celsius, requiring specialised ultra-cold "eskies" stocked with dry ice.


Under the new agreement, DHL and Linfox will be required to track and report the temperature of the successful vaccine at all times.


They will also be responsible for transporting the vaccines from manufacturers to vaccination administration sites — even in very remote areas.


Accenture will then design, develop, and implement software to enable "point in time" visibility of COVID-19 vaccine doses across the delivery chain.


That will allow those with access to the system to see which health services have received the vaccine, who has had the jab, and whether any adverse reactions have been recorded.


Experts have described the logistics challenge as unprecedented, saying Australia has not faced such a mammoth distribution task since WWII.


But the Government is expecting to vaccinate the entire Australian population within 2021.

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Lieutenant General Frewen Covid Taskforce message


Department of Defence Australia


24 Dec 2020


Commander COVID-19 Taskforce Lieutenant General Frewen spent some time answering questions about the year that has been 2020. This year has seen the largest ever domestic deployment of ADF personnel- and we’ve undertaken all sorts of tasks, some you might not expect as a part of Operation COVID-19 Assist. Lieutenant General Frewen has also shared a Christmas message to our troops who are deployed at home and overseas.–A8

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Climbing the Biggest Landfill in Africa 🇰🇪 Kenya Nairobi!


Africa's biggest landfill is in Nairobi, Kenya. The people of this Nairobi district, Dandora, don't call it a landfill, but a dumpster. And they are 8000 people that depend on this African dumpster to survive: eat, work, and so on… Dandora has one of the biggest landfill in the world!

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 24, 2020, 12:38 p.m. No.12160813   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2597

Kevin Spacey's 2020 Christmas video.


1-800 XMAS


Kevin Spacey


24 Dec 2020



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 24, 2020, 4:12 p.m. No.12162897   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7369 >>2542

Hillsong slammed for mentioning pervs — but not Jesus — in Christmas email


Scandal-plagued megachurch Hillsong is being crucified for failing to mention Jesus in a Christmas email and instead dedicating the greeting to clarify details about a pastor’s child abuse.


“It’s the only Christmas email I have ever seen that doesn’t mention Jesus. It’s quite bizarre,” longtime Hillsong critic and Australian pastor Bob Cotton told The Post of the internal email, which was shared with him via a current Hillsong member. The letter, signed by the international institution’s board, was sent to church members on Monday, the source told him.


“Dear church,” it begins. “It’s certainly been a year to remember, but the great news is that Christmas, the most joyous time of the year, is almost upon us.” The email then proceeds to dismiss recent reports of members being abused, subjected to “slave labor,” homophobia and a general lack of empathy as “primarily gossip.”


Despite reportedly admitting that at least some of the allegations are true, the holiday letter says “we ignore [the allegations] in the knowledge that we know the truth and God is in control.”


The rest of the email is dedicated to bringing “some clarity” to an ongoing investigation into Hillsong founder and current senior pastor Brian Houston’s failure to report “his father’s abuse of children.” The late Pentecostal pastor and pedophile Frank Houston confessed to sexually abusing a boy in 2004 and was accused of abusing up to eight others. (Frank founded the Sydney Christian Life Centre which, in 1999, merged with a church pastored by Brian to become Hillsong.)


“From the moment Pastor Brian discovered this shocking news, around 20 years ago, he has always been very open and clear about the circumstances around this, and our church has stood with him and his family,” the email reads.


Its final sentence expresses thanks to the congregation’s “ongoing prayers for the Houston family as they continue to deal with the legacy of Pastor Brian’s father with grace, humility and strength.”


Cotton, who is not affiliated with Hillsong, finds the letter to be anathema to Christian values not only for not naming Christ, but also for encouraging members to pray for abusers, not victims.


“Frank Houston repeatedly raped 7-year-old Brett Sengstock. That is not gossip, it is a fact that was well established by the Royal Commission,” said Cotton, a former family friend of the Houstons who now calls Frank a “shameful and evil man” whose real “so-called “legacy’” is being a “child rapist.”


By framing media reports as “gossip,” Cotton added, “the abuse and crimes committed against victims seem intentionally minimized.” He said the victim Sengstock and “the other children who were raped” are the ones who really “deserve our prayers.”


“There is no grace humility and respect to being choked raped & brutalized by Frank Houston,” tweeted Sengstock alongside the email.


Hillsong did not immediately return a request for comment.


Response to Royal Commission report - from Hillsong Church Board and Elders - 23 November 2015


Pastor, Hillsong Church Re: Royal Commission – Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse - 12 October 2014

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 24, 2020, 10:38 p.m. No.12166590   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9676 >>2575

Accused Chinese spy slapped with harsh bail conditions


A Surrey Hills man accused of spying for China in Australia has been banned from contacting foreign intelligence agencies.


A man accused of spying for China in Australia has been banned from contacting any foreign intelligence agencies or elected officials.


The restrictions are part of a host of bail conditions imposed on Surrey Hills man Di Sanh Duong, also known as Sunny Duong, who was last month charged with preparing an act of foreign interference.


Domestic spy agency, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), and the Australian Federal Police swooped on the former Liberal party candidate following a year long probe.


It is understood Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge was the target of the alleged interference.


The Saturday Herald Sun can reveal Mr Duong is barred from contacting any embassy and consulate staff, must surrender his passport and cannot possess any mobile phones while he awaits his next court date in March.


He is also banned from leaving Australia or going near any points of international departure including airports and ports.


Mr Duong was slapped with a total of ten conditions, which were relayed to him via a Vietnamese interpreter during the November 5 bail application.


Federal Agent Paul McDonald, a member of the counter foreign interference and sensitive investigations team, said authorities did not oppose bail and investigators had taken steps to curtail any risks posed by Mr Duong.


“I don’t believe there to be risks to the community in relation to the offending,” Mr McDonald said.


“He has strong ties to the jurisdiction, runs a business and has a young family and sister that live at (his home),” he said.


The Herald Sun last month revealed China was the country behind the alleged plot to target Minister Tudge.


Mr Duong, who has lived in Melbourne for decades, is the first person to be charged under foreign interference laws which went through the Federal Parliament in 2018.


If convicted, Mr Duong could face up to 10 years behind bars.


It is understood the charges do not allege an actual interference attempt, but rather a plan to attempt to influence Mr Tudge, by an organisation linked to the Chinese Communist Party.


Mr Duong ran as a Liberal Party candidate in the 1996 state election for the seat of Richmond.


He was set to be expelled from the party following news of his arrest, but quit ahead of the upcoming party meeting.


The alleged spy has also been stood down from his role at the Museum of Chinese Australian History.


Mr Duong must report to the Box Hill police station twice weekly via phone and will return to court for a committal mention on March 11.

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Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet


Merry Christmas to all, may your day be filled with love, laughter and wine lol #MerryChristmas2020 #lovelive @pinkPeptobismol #WorldDayofPeace

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US Embassy Canberra Tweet


"This holiday season, I hope your heart is filled with the love and joy of your faith, family, and friends. Along with my staff at the U.S. Embassy and Consulates General across Australia, I wish you a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year." - Ambassador Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivers 2020 Christmas message


7NEWS Australia


24 Dec 2020


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has recorded a Christmas message to Australians:


"If there's one overwhelming feeling we have this Christmas, I think it's one of thankfulness, a sense of gratitude.


For all of us this year has been a time of stress and a lot of uncertainty.


Yet through it all, once again, we have rallied to each other, together.


Australians are an amazing people with an amazing spirit. And this year the Australian spirit has shone brightly again.


My prayer for Australia this Christmas comes from the great verse: "Let us not grow weary of doing good. For in due season we shall reap a harvest, if we do not give up."


Merry Christmas, Australia."

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 25, 2020, 1:26 p.m. No.12173622   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2492

Malka Leifer is due to be extradited from Israel to Australia, but how do you do do that during the COVID-19 pandemic?


Six years after Australia first put in a request for extradition, Israel signed an extradition order last week to send former Melbourne school principal Malka Leifer back to Australia.


Ms Leifer is accused of abusing three sisters during her time as headmistress of the Adass Israel School between 2001 and 2008 and faces 74 charges of sexual abuse.


But now that an order has been signed, there are still questions over what happens next in the process and when Ms Leifer is due to arrive in Australia.


Here's what we know.


A quick summary of the case


Ms Leifer, an Israeli citizen, left Australia for Israel in 2008.


Australia lodged an extradition request for Ms Leifer in 2014, but the case has been repeatedly delayed.


Ms Leifer maintains her innocence and the six-year legal battle surrounding her extradition strained relations between Israel and Australia.


What is happening now?


The Israel office of Interpol will liaise with Victoria Police about the "technical" arrangements for the extradition.


These include when it will occur, whether Victoria Police will send officers to pick up Ms Leifer and whether she will have to quarantine and undertake any coronavirus tests before travelling.


When will she be extradited?


We don't know yet. It depends largely on the Australian Government and how quickly those technical details can be arranged.


Israel has 60 days to carry out the extradition but can (and often needs to) seek an extension from the Supreme Court of another 60 days.


These are usually granted without any problems, according to Israeli legal sources.


Will the pandemic complicate the extradition?


It's most likely the coronavirus will disrupt the process, as other extraditions this year have already been complicated by the pandemic.


One particular issue posed by COVID-19 is the lack of commercial flights into Australia.


Another will be quarantining, although Ms Leifer can be quarantined inside the women's prison she is currently in, if Australia wants.


Could anything stop the extradition going ahead?


Yes. Even though her lawyer has said he does not intend to appeal, Ms Leifer can change her mind at any time before the extradition and instruct him to appeal the decision of the Justice Minister to sign the extradition order.


They can no longer appeal the order itself, only that the Minister did not properly exercise his discretion.


Israeli lawyers say these appeals are uncommon and almost always fail.

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Habby Christmas AusFags


Here's wishing you and us all an ebic year ahead.

Onwards to victory.


Midnight Riders

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Mike Pompeo Tweet


Tonight, we’re freely worshiping Jesus Christ and drinking Australian wine — two things that the CCP does not allow #FightForFreedom

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Australia fights back against China to build relationship with East Timor


Australia has found a new way to offset China’s relentless billion dollar investment and expansion program in the Pacific.




Fruit pickers from East Timor arrived in Australia earlier this month on a special Qantas charter to help farmers in Tasmania harvest berries for the season.


They were the first of the up to 150 seasonal workers from the impoverished nation to be brought over to fill worker shortages under the Federal Government’s Seasonal Worker Program. A similar number also went to Bowen in Queensland.


The numbers are small but the COVID-19 related prompt has un-expectantly boosted Australia’s relations with its tiny neighbour and critically somewhat balanced the ledger, offsetting the multi-billion dollars of investment China has put into the country as it continues its relentless Pacific expansion program.


To suggest the Federal Government and its security agencies are concerned about China’s influence in that country, in the vacuum created by the government’s own poor relations handling with Timor, would be an understatement.


Canberra is alarmed and has good reason to be.


Like in many countries across the Pacific and nations such as Papua New Guinea, China has debt-trapped Timor-Leste through loans for what ultimate ends are not fully clear.


But while China has for years sidelined Australia which has struggled with its own missteps and policy failures by successive governments, coronavirus has now opened a backdoor to diplomacy.


China’s early intentions for East Timor were writ clear along the walls of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in capital Dili.


While East Timor has renowned natural landscapes and seas, there running for several metres in the ministry’s main conference hall is a tapestry of the Great Wall of China.


“That was a very interesting signal,” a senior government security official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.


“It told us where they were thinking … China has been messing about the Pacific this last year approaching Vanuatu about a military capability, Solomon Islands, Fiji, PNG but more concerningly East Timor.


“Timor is 600km north of Darwin, that’s a 30-minute flight in a jet fighter and if there is any sign of their interest, it’s everywhere.”


With minimal fanfare, China money has built Timor’s foreign ministry, defence department headquarters, military headquarters, the president’s palace, the airport, the main hospital, a sealed four-lane freeway along the south of the country and infrastructure in the capital.


It is also in the midst of this year building a $650 million Tibar Bay deep harbour container port and terminal, by the Beijing Government owned China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) and part of the Tasi Mane “economic hubs” being created on a 155km stretch of the south. As of today, China-state owned firms have 20 projects underway in Timor, an indebtedness many Asian nations cite for quietly pushing to keep East Timor out of an ASEAN bloc it has long sought to join. They effectively own those assets through loans and ultimately the country’s natural assets including potential for oil and gas.


“Strategically that’s the sort of worries we’ve got, ” the security official said. “We’ve got a China now increasingly using coercion bullying, with or without a military presence moving into our strategic space from all sides of Australia including north with East Timor. Like PNG, what their government’s do next is being watched closely.”



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 26, 2020, 7:18 p.m. No.12190563   🗄️.is 🔗kun





Australia has had a fractured relationship with Timor firstly over maritime boundaries then the split of the spoils around the Greater Sunrise oil and gas projects potentially worth $50 billion. In 2012 they were at their low when it was revealed Australian ASIS spies covertly planted listening devices in an office adjacent to the Timor’s Cabinet room where the Timor Gap discussion of Australian negotiations were being held, to seek upper-hand advantage. The controversy went all the way to The Hague’s Court of Arbitration.


Indeed such is the messiness, no-one officially from the office of Foreign Minister Marise Payne, her foreign affairs department, Pacific Minister Alex Hawke nor the Australian embassy in Dili would comment to News Corp Australia on anything to do with East Timor, positive or negative.


ANU’s National Security College Timor expert Andrea Fahey said without a doubt relations were sour but have markedly improved, ironically since COVID-19.


Australia has led foreign aid to Timor since its independence from Indonesia in 2002 and most recently provided a one-off $304.7 million COVID-19 response package for the Pacific and Timor. This has included testing equipment, isolation facilities and associated health crisis programs.


“Because of Covid I think Australia has a chance to go back into improving relations with East Timor,” Ms Fahey who was in the UN Integrated Mission in East Timor in 2007 and 2012 and working locally with an NGO in between.


“Australia I think is seen as having a clear plan for the Pacific and East Timor for vaccination and economic help, even though China sent a few PPE equipment in the beginning it’s nothing compared to what Australia is doing. Just allowing East Timorese the chance to come and work here temporarily with visas for workers that’s actually more important for the East Timorese government.”


Former Australia’s former deputy head of mission in Jakarta David Engel said Australian’s shouldn’t believe they were alone in their concerns about China.


He said Indonesia also look at all the activities of China on their doorstep, from East Timor and surrounds.


“The fact that China has been doing what it has been doing in the South China Sea has obviously struck a nerve in Indonesia particularly around the Natuna archipelago area in the northern part of Asia,” he said.


“They look at the fact that Chinese coast guard vessels are guarding Chinese trawlers that are that fishing in Indonesia’s economic exclusion zone as cause for real concern and real appreciation that just hoping that Chinese will behave themselves in that area is no longer going to be good enough. Timor yes but the rubber hits the road so to speak for Indonesia around Natunas, that’s about fish and hydro carbons, tangible economic issues but also their sense of sovereignty what they consider legitimately what is theirs under international laws.”


Independence hero and former president and prime minister Xanana Gusmao has long courted China’s involvement in East Timor’s progress on a vague promise of jobs and prosperity but his recent departure has allowed for more balance and what security analysts brand a “relations reset”.


“East Timor is just 80km away from Australian territory but dealing with China’s expansion plans anywhere in the Pacific is like playing Whac-A-Mole, they keeping popping up elsewhere to pursue their interests and we just have to deal with that in our own way,” a DFAT source said.

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Crackdown on far-right groups opens a Pandora’s box


A new federal parliamentary inquiry into extremist movements will throw the spotlight on a ­“Pandora’s box” of far-right groups active in Australia, offering them a public voice as MPs consider whether new rules are needed to ban them.


The inquiry, which gets under way next year, will face difficult questions about “what we will and won’t tolerate” in Australia, experts say, and whether groups promoting violent, revolutionary ideologies should be treated in the same way as terrorist groups.


Australia has 27 organisations listed as terrorist groups, none of which is a right-wing outfit.


Peta Lowe, a consultant in countering terrorism and violent extremism, said there were many groups active in Australia espousing far-right extremist views.


But Ms Lowe, who prepared a sentencing report on far-right terrorist Phillip Galea, said determining which groups should be banned was a difficult task.


“It’s like a Pandora’s box. Once you start to look at it, you realise it’s actually a lot bigger and more complex than you previously assumed, and many right-wing and far-right discourses are becoming much more mainstream,” she told The Australian.


“We need to invest in understanding and deciding what we will and won’t tolerate. And then we need to call it out when we see it. I think there will be some groups where we have to say ‘that is outside the bounds of what is ­acceptable in our country’.”


ASIO told parliament’s intelligence and security committee in September that far-right extremists now made up 30-40 per cent of the agency’s counter-terrorism caseload, compared with 10-15 per cent four years ago.


Galea, who was sentenced in November to 12 years in jail over plans to wage war against “Muslims and lefties”, was a member of extreme-right groups Reclaim Australia and the True Blue Crew.


Other far-right groups active in Australia include the United Patriots Front and the Lads Society — both established by neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell — and the US-based Atomwaffen Division.


Ms Lowe warned the inquiry, by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, would require engagement with some of those groups.


“I think some of them will take the opportunity to make submissions. It will give them the opportunity to publicly air their narrative,” she said.


Under the inquiry’s terms of reference from Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, the committee will consider potential changes to federal laws on the listing of terrorist organisations to ensure they “provide a barrier to those who may seek to promote an extremist ideology”.


Senior criminology lecturer at Macquarie University Julian Droogan said proscribing extreme-right groups would be “tricky” because they were unlike Islamist groups like al-Qa’ida and Islamic State, which were designed to fight for global revolution using terrorist tactics.


“Very few of these far-right groups have clearly articulated ­violence as a goal,” Dr Droogan said. “But at the same time, they ­incite hate crimes and potential mass shooter attacks like we have seen in New Zealand.”


Under current laws, extremist organisations can be banned if they are engaged in planning or fostering terrorist acts, or advocate terrorism. But Dr Droogan said involvement in terrorism should not be the criteria for organisations to be proscribed.


“If you use terrorism as your reason for proscribing, you are going to be making it very difficult because they don’t openly proclaim violence and they are not set up in the way international terror organisations are set up,” Dr Droogan said.


All of Australia’s Five Eyes ­security partners — the US, Canada, Britain and New Zealand — have proscribed some right-wing extremist groups.


Opposition home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally said Australia needed to send a clear message about the sort of conduct that was unacceptable in the community.


“Listing a right-wing group as a terrorist organisation is not a silver bullet, but given our Five Eyes partners have already made this move, the upcoming inquiry is a good opportunity to ensure our laws remain fit-for-purpose in the face of the rising terrorist threat from right-wing extremism.”

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International celebrities still call Australia home after COVID closed borders


Overseas-based Aussie stars fled home, while Hollywood stalwarts moved here for work and found themselves putting down roots as COVID took hold.




Overseas-based Aussie celebrities fled home and Hollywood stars moved here for work and found themselves putting down roots as COVID closed international borders and ravaged the US and Europe.


Some stars like Zac Efron and Kate Walsh initially came for short stays, but have found themselves staying indefinitely.


Take a peek at those who have called Australia home this year.




It was a case of bad timing for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who tested positive for coronavirus the same day it was officially declared a global pandemic.


The 64-year-olds were in Brisbane at the time, telling fans via Instagram, “We felt a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches … Rita had some chills that came and went. Slight fevers too. To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the coronavirus, and were found to be positive.”


While Hanks was admitted to hospital for a period, the Forrest Gump star assured the public he was safe and well, and within weeks the duo returned to their home in the US.


The couple were even able to return to the Gold Coast in September to continue filming Baz Luhrmann’s latest biopic, Elvis, which Hanks is set to star.




What was scheduled as a quiet holiday quickly turned into a full blown love affair for Zac Efron, after the High School Musical star’s three month Australian getaway became an indefinite relocation.


Touching down in June, sources close to the A-lister said Efron simply wanted to ride out the coronavirus pandemic in peace before filming began on his upcoming Stan series, Gold, which is being filmed in Adelaide.


But within weeks of landing Down Under, Efron had struck up a romance with Byron Bay local Vanessa Valladares and extended his visa for a further 12 months.


In the months that followed, the couple reportedly travelled the country together, celebrated his birthday with a lavish party filled with local celebs, and were even looking at purchasing a permanent pad together.


Sadly, things were all over between the two by November, with the romance proving to be just another COVID confinement fling.




He may be Hollywood royalty, but there was no special treatment for Liam Neeson when he arrived in Australia to star in his upcoming movie, Blacklight.


The 68-year-old Irishman underwent two weeks of mandatory self-isolation in Sydney before touching down in Melbourne, where the majority of the upcoming $43 million action thriller is set to be filmed.


Since his November arrival, Neeson has been spotted out and about filming scenes in South Yarra and Noble Park, eating lunch along the Yarra River, taking strolls along South Bank, and hanging out near the Melbourne Convention Centre, which has been turned into a makeshift set for the film.


Neeson, along with the rest of the film’s cast and crew, seems to have embraced the state’s strict mandatory mask policy, with the Taken star seen donning disposable masks between takes and whenever he’s not filming. Talk about leading by example.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 27, 2020, 5:39 p.m. No.12202411   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2447







It’s not every day you see an Oscar winner at the local Woolworths pushing a trolley, but Natalie Portman seems to be enjoying the quiet – and very regular – life during her life in Australia.


The Black Swan star is currently based in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Double Bay while filming Marvel’s latest instalment, Thor: Love and Thunder, in which she plays Chris Hemsworth’s love interest, Jane Foster.


The 39-year-old vegan is visiting with her husband Benjamin Millepied and their two children Aleph, nine, and Amalia, three.


Prior to filming, the four spent a mandatory two weeks in quarantine before holidaying in Hemsworth’s hometown of Byron Bay alongside a slew of other famous faces.


According to Sydney locals, the super star has been spotted a handful of times in recent weeks dining at local cafes and restaurants, and yes, even doing the grocery shopping.




A holiday to WA turned into an indefinite stay for Kate Walsh earlier this year.


The Grey’s Anatomy star was visiting Perth in March when borders closed, and instead of trying to head back to her home in the US, Walsh settled in and began exploring the many wonders of the stunning state.


“There’s so much to explore and see,” Walsh told The West Live podcast. “I’m just in love with it,” she said, adding that Rottnest Island, Broome and Ningaloo Reef have been among her favourite spots.


Walsh, who now has an extended working visa, also kept busy starring in the Freemantle Theatre Company’s latest production, The Other Place.


“As much as I would like to be able to go home and come back, there are surges and different rounds [of COVID] coming. How it’s been handled here … is so exemplary and I feel very fortunate to be able to have a normal life here,” Walsh said.




If Australia’s latest returns are anything to go by, NSW is in the midst of a mass Hollywood migration.


Having called Los Angeles home for over a decade, Aussie comedy queen Isla Fisher and her British husband Sasha Baron-Cohen appear to have made their recent trip to Sydney a permanent one, enrolling their three young kids into a local school and spending their days scoping out dining spots in the beachside suburb of Coogee.


While 44-year-old Fisher has been spotted working from a laptop at a number of local cafes, Baron-Cohen seems to be taking a break after the global success of his latest mockumentary, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. The 49-year-old has been seen swimming laps of Bronte pool and taking strolls with pals.


And while Fisher may hail from Perth, Sydney is surely a city closer to the couple’s heart given it’s where they first met and fell in love almost 20 years ago.




The Hollywood star of Transformers and Boogie Nights avoided local COVID quarantine and choosing a $400,000 private self-isolation stint in Byron Bay to film a TV campaign for the Ladbrokes betting agency.


Super-fit father of four Wahlberg, 49, is believed to have brought in a full gym set-up for the property to keep his health in check.


He flew back to Sydney after quarantine to shoot the commercial.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 27, 2020, 5:41 p.m. No.12202447   🗄️.is 🔗kun







A visit home took an unexpected turn for Sarah Snook when she found herself in the nation’s COVID-19 hotspot, Melbourne, and faced months of lockdown.


The Succession star had originally planned to spend just a few weeks in her native country, but with filming for the next season of her HBO drama delayed, the 33-year-old chose to stick it out and make the most of her time off.


Snook joined the 2020 Emmys via Zoom from her lounge room (she was nominated in the Best Supporting actor category for her portrayal as Siobhan ‘Shiv’ Roy but lost out to Julia Garner) and celebrated the show’s group wins in her bathtub with champagne and a tinfoil statue made by her flatmate.


Speaking to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard on A Podcast of One’s Own in November, Snook said Shiv’s “dubious moral compass” appeals to her as an actor, adding, “I don’t agree with her, but I like to back her.”




A string of Hollywood stars descended on the trendy coastal town of Byron Bay led by Nicole Kidman and the cast of her upcoming Hulu drama, Nine Perfect Strangers.


The Oscar-winner, her husband Keith Urban and the couple’s two daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret moved into a $20,000-a-week eco mansion rental.


The rest of the cast, including Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy and her actor husband Ben Falcone, Beauty and the Beast star Luke Evans, as well as Manny Jacinto and Bobby Cannavale (whose significant other is Australian actor Rose Byrne), joined them in Byron, as did Australian star-on-the-rise Samara Weaving.


Set in fictionalised wellness resort Tranquillum, Nine Perfect Strangers – rumoured to be a $100 million production – was filmed at luxury retreat Soma Byron Bay.


Though the influx of celebrities to the coastal town drew a mixed reaction from Byron locals, some of whom were less than impressed at the disruption.




Entourage star has been in Melbourne most of the year shooting miniseries, Clickbait.


Sightings of the 44-year-old, who played Hollywood star Vinnie Chase on cult HBO series, have dated back to January and the 2020 Australian Open, until as recently as last month in the trendy suburb of Fitzroy, where he has often been spotted in female company.


The enviro activist seems to have taken up woodwork as a hobby while Down Under, crafting a stool at The Shed.


“Thanks The Shed Melbourne for sharing your tools. Check out their studio, a great wood-work-share,” he posted on Instagram.




British actor Idris Elba touched down in Sydney to star in George Miller’s upcoming movie, Three Thousand Years of Longing.


The Avengers star has been spotted taking a morning stroll in Drummoyne and out with his model wife Sabrina having lunch at Apollo in Potts Point.


The couple have kept a low profile since arriving in Sydney last month, where they went through the mandatory two-week COVID quarantine period.


Elba, 48, is one of the highest profile Hollywood stars to have contracted the virus earlier in the pandemic.


Production on Miller’s film was due to begin in March but was pushed back due to coronavirus.


It is Miller’s first movie since 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road.




The Australian supermodel returned home last month via private jet.


It was reported that the trip Down Under from her Los Angeles base was for private family reasons, with a report suggesting it was a “mercy dash” due to the health of an older relative.


Kerr, 37, flew in with her sons her sons Flynn, 9, Hart, 2, and 13-month-old Myles, while her husband, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, joined her in Sydney shortly after.


The couple kept a low profile while in the country. Spiegel avoided hotel quarantine, with NSW police confirming that he was “compliant with the Public Health (COVID-19 Air Transportation Quarantine) Order (No 2) 2020, which states a person can put a proposal forward to acquire independent locations meeting the same standards as NSW Police-managed hotels to be nominated as ‘Quarantine Facilities’ as allowed under the Public Health Order”.

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Canberra considers axing Victorian research agreement with China




The federal government is considering tearing up a research agreement between the Victorian government and China's Jiangsu province that experts say could allow the work of Australian scientists to be used by the Chinese government.


The deal, signed by the Labor state government in 2015 and renewed in 2019, provides grants of up to $200,000 for Victorian companies and universities to share intellectual property and develop new products with companies from the Chinese province.


Two senior federal government sources with knowledge of the review process for foreign agreements, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak publicly, said the Victoria-Jiangsu Program for Technology and Innovation Research and Development was on a list of agreements the Department of Foreign Affairs had identified as potentially contrary to Australia's national interest.


The sources said the deal was among agreements on the list that the government would scrutinise.


Legislation created by the federal government this month allows the Commonwealth to cancel agreements with foreign powers made by states, local governments or universities if the deals are deemed harmful.


Dr Paul Monk, former head of China analysis in Australia’s Defence Department, said the Jiangsu deal could allow firms linked to the Chinese Communist Party to obtain access to Australian intellectual property, and it should be viewed through the prism of President Xi Jinping's recently stated intention, reported by Chinese state media, of increasing military-industrial strength with the aim of winning wars.


“They have a rapidly growing, high-tech military sector that is strongly integrated between private firms and the Chinese government. This deal must be seen in that context,” Dr Monk said.


“For this deal to be getting promoted by the Chinese government, there is likely to be something we can provide that they want – otherwise they would do it themselves. So we must ask: what [intellectual property] do we bring to the table that they are seeking?”


The Jiangsu deal links Victorian businesses and universities with Chinese counterparts, and supports the Australian entities to travel to Jiangsu, a province in China’s east of about 80 million people, for research and development related to innovations in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, aerospace, biotechnology, medicine, information and communication technology, and environmental protection.


Two previous rounds of the program's grants have funded CSIRO research on manufacturing and materials technology; Walter and Eliza Hall Institute work on a potential cure for hepatitis B;membrane technology for mining wastewater treatment by Deakin University; Swinburne University 3D concrete printing technology; development of bio-organic fertilisers by the University of Melbourne; and a quantum information technology project involving Monash University, Deakin University, the University of Melbourne and the Burnet Institute.


The program guidelines say that at the conclusion of the projects, both the Chinese and the Australian parties receive beneficial ownership of the existing background intellectual property and the fresh intellectual property created during the collaboration.


Dr Monk said a research and development deal with the government of an ally such as the US or Britain would not pose similar risks because it would be clearly apparent whether an Australian company was dealing with a private firm or the government itself.


“Any notion that China is some kind of normal, open, free-market economy is delusional. This is a militaristic, mercantilist country where [strategic] industries are owned by the government and directed to increasing military power,” he said.



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The Burnet Institute's deputy director of partnerships, Associate Professor David Anderson, is involved in a project with a Jiangsu biotech company to develop antibody tests to immediately diagnose medical conditions including COVID-19 and measles.


He said his institute struck an agreement with its Chinese partner to ensure background intellectual property would not be transferred as part of the project, contradicting the program guidelines. He said the IP clause in the guidelines was "bad wording" and that no Australian institution would ever sign up to an agreement under which its existing IP, which might have been years in the making, was handed over.


Professor Anderson said the Victoria-Jiangsu program provided significant benefit for Victorian institutions and that the Burnet Institute's Chinese partner would gain a 10 per cent financial benefit but no ownership of the final product. All project applicants must come to an agreement with their Chinese partners on IP arrangements before the project commences.


"The Victoria-Jiangsu relationship is coming up to 40 years, and this deal is an extension of that. The Chinese have a lot of people banging down their door wanting to do things … and the Victorian government should get lots of credit for embracing genuine collaboration," he said.


Professor Anderson said Chinese universities and companies had more capacity to do resource-intensive "big science", such as genomic sequencing and X-ray crystallography, than any other country.


"And Australians, in particular, are great at innovation but we do not fund big science very much, so it's an area we can work together to make better things," he said, adding: "Everything we do with China is about increasing the value of jobs created in both countries."


Western officials have expressed concern for years that China has exploited research collaboration and used subversive tactics to gather IP from other countries. The US IP Commission, a non-government research body, estimated in 2017 that Chinese IP theft cost the American economy between $US225 billion ($296 billion) and $US600 billion each year. The dispute over IP has been at the centre of the trade war between those two countries.


Nathan Attrill, a researcher at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, which is partly funded by the US government, said the Victoria-Jiangsu program illustrated how “hidden” and highly technical clauses in deals with foreign nations could create considerable risk.


“Maybe five years ago, these kinds of deals would have been more common but in the last 18 months, these deals are coming under a lot more scrutiny,” he said.


“There was a little bit of naivete on the Australian side, a desire to just have agreements for agreements’ sake. This is particularly true of the university sector in Australia.”


Mr Attrill said the sectors that featured in the Jiangsu program — including aerospace, information technology, biotechnology and advanced manufacturing — aligned with the fields in which China was attempting to learn from countries with sophisticated economies like Australia.


Dr Monk said China was displaying “blatant aggression” and attempting to “humiliate and subordinate” Australia through trade strikes on exports including coal and beef. Those moves followed diplomatic tussles over an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus, human rights and national security.



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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has been criticised by federal and state Coalition MPs over his government's memorandum of understanding with China on the Belt and Road infrastructure program. The federal government has given Victoria three months to show how the deal accords with Australia’s foreign interests.


Belt and Road deal critics say it is an attempt by China to strengthen its influence through debt diplomacy, but the Victorian government says its involvement in the deal is about trade and jobs for the state.


A Victorian government spokesperson said the Jiangsu agreement was "about driving innovation and creating jobs for Victorians".


“We expect the Commonwealth is providing strong representations to China and all trading partners and advocating for all of our exporters," the spokesperson said.


Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien said that by signing up to the deal, the Premier had shown he was willing to risk "Victorian jobs, intellectual property and the national interest to pursue his relationship with the Chinese communist government”.


The federal government is also involved in a scientific research program with China, but the program guidelines do not stipulate that background IP becomes mutually owned at the conclusion of projects.


In November, federal Education Minister Dan Tehan quietly announced he was holding back 18 research grants to Australian scientists until they were reviewed by security agencies.


The Australian Research Council grants, often worth several million dollars, are recommended by independent panels of scientists but must be approved by the federal education minister.


Typically this is a rubber-stamping process, but under Mr Tehan scrutiny of the foreign research partners Australian universities pair with has dramatically increased.


The minister announced new voluntary guidelines last year urging universities to examine the background of their research partners and any ties they had to foreign governments.


China, which invests half a trillion dollars in research every year, overtook the US as Australia’s leading research partner this year, with 16.2 per cent of Australian publications involving a researcher affiliated with a Chinese institution.


Alex Joske, a Chinese Communist Party analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, said past Australian Research Council grants had been used in projects that collaborated with the Chinese military.


“I hope security agencies are careful in their assessments to ensure grants are used appropriately, but also not to overreach,” he said.


“It’s important for people to understand that this is a relatively small segment of grants that seems to be in line with the level of past grants that raised concerns. If it’s carried out effectively, this process should be a step towards making sure research collaboration is transparent and based on a complete understanding of risks.”


Mr Tehan's office declined comment further on the withheld grants and Universities Australia and the Australian Academy of Science both declined to comment.

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Timber crisis after China hit


The nation’s timber industry says it will need government assistance to stave off job losses and mill closures if Chinese trade sanctions continue, after Beijing banned logs from NSW and Western Australia claiming it had found “live forest pests” in earlier shipments.


In the latest blow for Australian exporters, China effectively ended the timber trade between the two countries when it banned imports from those states, two days before Christmas.


Australian timber from Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania was banned earlier this year amid serious trade tensions between Canberra and Beijing, which now has restrictions on wine, barley, beef, lobsters and coal.


An Australian Forest Products Association spokesman said the industry group had already implemented a comprehensive package of reforms to address China’s phytosanitary concerns.


“AFPA is in ongoing discussions with Australian governments on the significant impact the suspension of the log trade is having across the forest industries supply chain,” he said.


“Should the situation continue into 2021, the need for short and long-term assistance to support workers and businesses already impacted, and to avoid further, widespread job losses and mill closures.”


Australia exports $1.6bn of logs and wood chips to China each year.


Former trade minister Simon Birmingham this month launched formal World Trade Organisation action over an 80 per cent tariff China applied to $2.5bn of Australian barley.


China has slapped bans on more than $20bn worth of Australian exports this year, including choking off thermal coal despite winter energy shortages for its people.


On Friday, the South China Morning Post reported almost 9000kg of craft beer exported from Sydney had been stopped at the port city of Xiamen, in southeastern China, because it was incorrectly labelled.


The General Administration of Customs of China extended the ban on Australian timber on Wednesday in line with its sanitary measures and quarantine laws, the agency said.


“Recently, customs in Tianjin, Nanjing, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Huangpu discovered live forest pests in logs imported from NSW and Western Australia,” the notice said.


“In order to prevent the introduction of harmful organisms and protect our country’s agricultural and forestry production and ecological safety, we have hereby decided to suspend log imports from Australia’s NSW and WA states.”


Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said the government was committed to working with all industries hit by recent trade disruptions including the suspension of log exports to China.


Mr Littleproud said the government had already provided $72.7m to farmers and forestry exporters in a bid to assist them expand the markets they sold to next year.


The timber bans started on October 31 when Chinese customs officials claimed they had found the bark beetle in logs from Queensland. Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian logs were banned soon after on the same grounds.


Senator Birmingham, who was succeeded in the trade portfolio by Dan Tehan in a pre-Christmas reshuffle, accused Beijing of undermining the “letter and spirit” of the China-­Australia free-trade agreement and its obligations under World Trade Organisation rules.


Beijing has laid the blame for the increasingly toxic bilateral relationship with Australia, setting out 14 grievances with Canberra including the ban on Huawei from Australia‘s 5G network, new foreign interference laws, and a push for an inquiry into the origins of COVID-19.


It is also angry at forthright comments by Australian leaders about the South China Sea and China’s detention of Uighurs in Xinjiang, and “thinly veiled” allegations of cyber intrusions by Chinese hackers.


Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released last Wednesday show the trade surplus for goods fell to a two-year low in November hit by a slump in exports to China. It showed a $1.2bn decrease in exports to China, pushing the trade surplus to just $1.9bn compared with $4.7bn in October.

Jon James Pratt (999) aka the storm ID: 3e62f9 Keep blaming others, Australia Dec. 28, 2020, 12:49 a.m. No.12206842   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Since the 1st January 2017. 


Julian Assange made the game multidimensional and Trump betrayed him. 


The thick fucks have been trying to conceal the inescapable and incontrovertible fact that Britain is both the winner and loser in the global holy war. 


And yes, yours truly owes Julian a massive thank you. 


And no, i’m not perfect either, but some of my knowledge is. That’s why it is date and time stamped. 


Big love to Julian but fuck wikileaks. 


They are all going to get hunted down by 7,7bn people. 


And yes, it is all over 8kun too.


Inevitable, like the sun and the moon. 


And yes, it can only be demonstrated by actions, not buzzy 3 word slogans like ‘drain the swamp’ 


Illumination route (27 pages)


Methodology (37 pages)


Many politicians and religious leaders in the folder already. 


Vile, deceitful politicians and celebrities. 


For the fake online twitter holy war between Hillary and Trump, that definitely wasn’t bread and circuses sponsored by Israel. 


And for the aberration of QAnon. 


Best thing ever, really. 


Thick cunts. 


Made me invisible. 


The demented push by Americans and twitter to push a billionaire property developer as a prophet. ‪327 000 000 ‬thick as fuck Americans.


80 million thick as fuck Brits too.


And 14,6 gorillion sneaky Jews. 


And 13 vile and rancid kikes 


Disdainful and disrespectful. 


It’s because none of our leaders have ever had permission to kill, not In the name of God Almighty or any religion. Ever. 


Despite what our politicians say. 


Always someone else’s fault, isn’t it? 




Victory of the light. 


For those that have betrayed, blocked, argued, threatened or knowingly concealed (done nothing, in other words.


First illuminated polymath in thousands of years (context) 


Totally detached from my knowledge too. Argue with that until the cows come home. 


Thick, disrespectful and vile Americans, Jews and Brits. 



Direct link to source document in pdf format. 


2,238 pages 130mb 


17 year long beam of light from the absolute. Every single entry date and time stamped



One size fits all. 

Kills butthurt Americans, Brits and Jews instantly. 


Never lies and is never violent. 


What good are your weapons and poor hurt personal feelings and opinions now? 


Jon James Pratt (999) 


Aka Christ Almighty 

Aka Lao Tze

Aka Buddha 

Aka Krishna 


49 year old illuminated polymath from Warwickshire 

Aka ‘cosmic Lol’ 

Aka ‘the storm’ 









Emergency backup drive



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All over 8kun too 






Jon James Pratt (999) aka the storm ID: 3e62f9 Message to Australians that don’t want to be killed Dec. 28, 2020, 12:54 a.m. No.12206872   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Too fucking late


Inactions have consequences too

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Pope formally strips Vatican secretariat of state of assets


Nicole Winfield - December 22, 2020


ROME (AP) — Pope Francis has formally stripped the Vatican secretariat of state of its financial assets and real estate holdings following its bungled management of hundreds of millions of euros in donations and investments that are now the subject of a corruption investigation.


Francis signed a new law over the weekend ordering the secretariat of state to complete the transfer of all its holdings to another Vatican office by Feb. 4. The law also calls for all donations to the pope — the Peter’s Pence collections from the faithful as well as other donations that had been managed by the secretariat of state — to be held and managed by the Vatican’s treasury office as separate funds that are accounted for in the Holy See’s consolidated budget.


The changes are a response to a spiraling Vatican criminal investigation into years-long allegations of mismanagement of donations and investments by the Vatican’s secretariat of state which has resulted in losses of tens of millions of euros at a time of financial crisis for the Holy See.


Francis had already ordered the transfers in August and followed up in November by appointing a commission to put the changes into effect. The new law makes the changes permanent and sets a firm date for their execution.


Francis said he was making the changes to improve the administration, control and vigilance over the Holy See’s assets and ensure a more “transparent and efficient management.”


Francis moved against his own secretariat of state amid an 18-month investigation by Vatican prosecutors into the office’s 350-million-euro investment into a luxury residential building in London’s Chelsea neighborhood and other speculative funds.


Prosecutors have accused several officials in the department of abusing their authority for their involvement in the deal, as well several Italian middlemen of allegedly fleecing the Vatican of tens of millions of euros in fees.


The scandal has exposed the incompetence of the Vatican’s monsignors in managing money, since they signed away voting shares in the deal and agreed to pay exorbitant fees to Italians who were known in business circles for their shady dealings.


Francis’ decision has been an embarrassing blow to the secretariat of state’s standing as the most powerful Holy See office, reducing it to essentially any other department that must propose a budget and have it approved and monitored by others.


The outcome is essentially what was sought years ago by Cardinal George Pell, Francis’ first economy minister who clashed with the secretariat of state over his financial reforms and efforts to wrest control of the department’s off-the-books funds.


Pell had to abandon those reform efforts in 2017 to face trial for sexual abuse in his native Australia, but he was acquitted and recently told The Associated Press he felt vindicated that the wrongdoing he tried to uncover was being exposed.


The Holy See is facing a major cash crunch as its main source of revenue, ticket sales from the Vatican Museums, evaporated this year due to coronavirus closures. The Holy See last year narrowed its budget deficit from 75 million euros to 11 million euros.



Communiqué of the Holy See Press Office on the Motu Proprio “A better organization”, 28.12.2020


Apostolic Letter in the form of a "Motu Proprio" from the Supreme Pontiff Francis concerning certain competences in economic and financial matters

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Ghislaine Maxwell is denied bail by U.S. judge


NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Monday denied bail to Ghislaine Maxwell, citing the risk the British socialite might flee from charges she assisted in the late financier Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking of girls.


U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan in Manhattan said federal prosecutors persuaded her that Maxwell “poses a flight risk” despite her proposed $28.5 million bail package, and should remain jailed because “no conditions of release” reasonably assured she would appear in court.


Lawyers for Maxwell did not immediately respond to requests for comment. A spokesman for Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss in Manhattan declined to comment.


Maxwell, 59, has pleaded not guilty to helping Epstein recruit and groom girls as young as 14 years old for sex in the mid-1990s, and not guilty to perjury for denying her involvement under oath.


She has been jailed at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn following her July 2 arrest at her New Hampshire home, where prosecutors said she was hiding out.


The proposed bail package included $22.5 million posted by Maxwell and her husband, as well as home confinement with electronic monitoring and 24-hour guard to ensure Maxwell remained safe and would not escape.


Maxwell said she wanted to stay in New York to clear her name, while her lawyers objected to jail conditions including invasive searches and surveillance by flashlight-toting guards who woke her every 15 minutes to ensure she was still breathing.


But Nathan, who rejected a $5 million bail package for Maxwell in July, said none of the new arguments had a “material bearing” on whether Maxwell was a flight risk.


In opposing bail, prosecutors cited Maxwell’s abilities to hide her wealth and evade capture, and the prospect she might flee to France or the United Kingdom, where she holds citizenships and they said she might elude extradition.


Maxwell faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted. Her trial is scheduled for July 12, 2021.


Epstein, 66, killed himself in a Manhattan jail in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.


Former U.S. Attorney General William Barr criticized errors by jail personnel that he said contributed to Epstein’s death.


Nathan described her “bottom line” conclusions in a two-page order. A longer opinion explaining her reasoning will be filed after lawyers for Maxwell and the government propose redactions to account for potentially confidential information.

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Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet


Ghislaine Maxwell is sensibly kept under lock & key behind bars, where she belongs @FBI @SDNYnews & all the amazing survivors like @anniefarmer & @ArtisticBlower who have shown what bravery looks like against wealthy tyranny. #DemandJustice - ABC News



Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of helping Jeffery Epstein groom girls, denied bail in New York despite bail package offer


British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell will remain behind bars after her bail application was denied.


Ms Maxwell, 59, has pleaded not guilty to helping Jeffery Epstein recruit and groom girls as young as 14 years old for sex in the mid-1990s, and not guilty to perjury for denying her involvement under oath.


On Monday local time, US District Judge Alison Nathan in Manhattan said federal prosecutors persuaded her that Ms Maxwell "poses a flight risk" despite her proposed $US28.5 million ($37.5 million) bail package.


Judge Nathan said Ms Maxwell should remain in jail because "no conditions of release" reasonably assured she would appear in court.


Lawyers for Ms Maxwell did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


A spokesman for Acting US Attorney Audrey Strauss declined to comment.


Ms Maxwell has been jailed at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, following her July 2 arrest at her New Hampshire home, where prosecutors said she was hiding out.


The proposed bail package included $US22.5 million ($29.7 million) posted by Ms Maxwell and her husband, as well as home confinement with electronic monitoring and 24-hour guard to ensure she remained safe and would not escape.


Ms Maxwell said she wanted to stay in New York to clear her name, while her lawyers objected to jail conditions including invasive searches and surveillance by flashlight-toting guards who woke her every 15 minutes to ensure she was still breathing.


But Judge Nathan, who rejected a $US5 million bail package for Ms Maxwell in July, said none of the new arguments had a "material bearing" on whether she was a flight risk.


In opposing bail, prosecutors cited Ms Maxwell's abilities to hide her wealth and evade capture, and the prospect she might flee to France or the United Kingdom.


Ms Maxwell holds citizenships in both countries and prosecutors said she might elude extradition.


Ms Maxwell faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted. Her trial is scheduled for July 12, 2021.


Epstein, 66, killed himself in a Manhattan jail in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.


Former US Attorney General William Barr criticised errors by jail personnel that he said contributed to Epstein's death.

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First case of 'more contagious' South African coronavirus strain detected in Australia


An overseas traveller who arrived in Queensland has tested positive for a "more contagious" South African variant of the coronavirus.


The woman tested positive while in hotel quarantine when she arrived in Queensland on December 22 and was immediately transferred to hospital for monitoring.


She is believed to be the first detected case of the overseas strain in Australia.


The new strain is believed to be more contagious than the existing COVID-19 virus.


Queensland Health Minister Yvette D'Ath said there is no risk to the public from the positive case but the new strain being detected showed the importance of the state's mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine.


"This will be the first positive case of the South African variant in Australia," Ms D'Ath said.


"We have seen other jurisdictions record a UK variant, but this is the first time the South African one has been identified in Australia.


"It is important people continue to get tested if they experience any symptoms at all."


Today Queensland reported two new COVID-19 cases, both from returned overseas travellers.


Today's confirmed cases are not linked to the woman's positive result for the new COVID-19 strain.


Viral fragments were also detected in treatment plants in five Greater Brisbane testing facilities, but it cannot be confirmed if these are from previously detected cases or new developing cases.


The facilities are located at Victoria Point, Oxley Creek, Goodna, Fairfield and Redcliffe.


"We are seeing increased cases across the world and increased cases returning to Queensland – with two new variants of the virus being detected in the UK and now South Africa, my advice is that we continue quarantining returned travellers in hotels," Queensland Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeanette Young said.

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Whole of the Vatican is gonna get wiped off the fucking map


And if the dago wop goombaaahs don’t like it, they will be next


Since the 1st January 2017. 


Julian Assange made the game multidimensional and Trump betrayed him. 


The thick fucks have been trying to conceal the inescapable and incontrovertible fact that Britain is both the winner and loser in the global holy war. 


And yes, yours truly owes Julian a massive thank you. 


And no, i’m not perfect either, but some of my knowledge is. That’s why it is date and time stamped. 


Big love to Julian but fuck wikileaks. 


They are all going to get hunted down by 7,7bn people. 


And yes, it is all over 8kun too.


Inevitable, like the sun and the moon. 


And yes, it can only be demonstrated by actions, not buzzy 3 word slogans like ‘drain the swamp’ 


Illumination route (27 pages)


Methodology (37 pages)


Many politicians and religious leaders in the folder already. 


Vile, deceitful politicians and celebrities. 


For the fake online twitter holy war between Hillary and Trump, that definitely wasn’t bread and circuses sponsored by Israel. 


And for the aberration of QAnon. 


Best thing ever, really. 


Thick cunts. 


Made me invisible. 


The demented push by Americans and twitter to push a billionaire property developer as a prophet. ‪327 000 000 ‬thick as fuck Americans.


80 million thick as fuck Brits too.


And 14,6 gorillion sneaky Jews. 


And 13 vile and rancid kikes 


Disdainful and disrespectful. 


It’s because none of our leaders have ever had permission to kill, not In the name of God Almighty or any religion. Ever. 


Despite what our politicians say. 


Always someone else’s fault, isn’t it? 




Victory of the light. 


For those that have betrayed, blocked, argued, threatened or knowingly concealed (done nothing, in other words.


First illuminated polymath in thousands of years (context) 


Totally detached from my knowledge too. Argue with that until the cows come home. 


Thick, disrespectful and vile Americans, Jews and Brits. 



Direct link to source document in pdf format. 


2,238 pages 130mb 


17 year long beam of light from the absolute. Every single entry date and time stamped



One size fits all. 

Kills butthurt Americans, Brits and Jews instantly. 


Never lies and is never violent. 


What good are your weapons and poor hurt personal feelings and opinions now? 


Jon James Pratt (999) 


Aka Christ Almighty 

Aka Lao Tze

Aka Buddha 

Aka Krishna 


49 year old illuminated polymath from Warwickshire 

Aka ‘cosmic Lol’ 

Aka ‘the storm’ 









Emergency backup drive



Breadcrumbs 2: google cache 



All over 8kun too 






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Fake tests, Fake pandemic, Why the fuck are they pushing LOCKDOWNS AND REAL POISONOUS VACCINES? GLOBAL GENOCIDE


"Is the vaccine safe?” Bill Gates would NOT give a straight answer


Coke, a goat, Papaya all have COVID-19, tests show in Austria


WHO Chief Scientist Warns "No Evidence COVID Vaccine Prevents Viral Transmission"


"I don't believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that it's going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on”, says WHO Chief Scientist @doctorsoumya

— 🚨 (@disclosetv) December 28, 2020


Can't prevent infection

Can't prevent passing on

Still have to wear masks

Fucks with your DNA


A global team of experts has found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the main test for Covid and is demanding it’s urgently axed. As they should


Cure worse than disease? Some Covid-19 vaccines may increase HIV risk, scientists warn

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 29, 2020, 9:25 p.m. No.12233266   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3284 >>2556


Please explain $2bn, bishops ask Pope Francis




Australia’s Catholic bishops are working on a direct request to the Pope to investigate and explain how $2.3bn was transferred from the Vatican City to Australia over six years without their knowledge.


The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference is considering the request after they were “astonished at the scale of the transfers” from the Holy See’s secretariat of state between 2014 and this year.


The Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge, president of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, told The Australian on Tuesday that no Australian Catholic, diocese, charity, religious order or church entity had received any of the money.


“In the current atmosphere of dark speculation about money transfers, the lack of transparency and the way in which it was revealed is very unhelpful,” he said. “We are considering asking the Holy See to explain the transfers in a way that provides clarity and transparency.”


Last Wednesday, The Australian revealed that an official report from Australia’s international fin­ancial watchdog, Austrac, had found $2.3bn had been transferred from the Vatican City over the past six years.


The Australian Federal Police is investigating some of the transfers from the Vatican to Australia.


These transfers rapidly increased from $71.6m in 2014 to $137.1m in 2015 before doubling again to $295m in 2016 and ­peaking at $581.3m in 2017, the Austrac disclosures made in response to questions asked at Senate estimate hearings.


More than $422m was transferred in 2018, $491.8m in 2019 and $294.8m this financial year to date — in total more than 40,000 transactions, Austrac found.


Archbishop Coleridge said: “What is certain in the middle of great uncertainties is that Australian bishops did not know about these transfers until the disclosure last week and we were astonished at the scale of transfers.


“I have spoken to other bishops and the Papal Nuncio in Canberra and nobody knew of these transfers and we don’t know of any Australian Catholic charity, diocese, order or agency receiving any of this money from the Holy See.


“We do know that despite some speculation, the money was certainly not used for the church’s costs in relation to royal commissions or for Cardinal (George) Pell’s legal costs. We are baffled.”


Archbishop Coleridge, who served in the Vatican secretariat of state for four years from 1997, said he was aware of claims that “cipher accounts” were being used in the Vatican’s name by people who were not part of the Holy See to make international transfers and investments.


He said cipher accounts and obscure financial accounts were “part of the problem” Cardinal Pell had to confront when the Pope appointed him as his financial controller in 2014.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 29, 2020, 9:26 p.m. No.12233284   🗄️.is 🔗kun





On Monday in Rome, Francis signed a new law that stripped the Vatican’s secretariat of state of all its financial and real estate assets amid a growing scandal of dubious investments, the removal of charitable funds and a troubled $360m building project in London’s Chelsea district.


The Austrac figures also show $117.4m was sent from Australia to the Vatican, likely part of an annual fund for charities. Those transfers have risen from $17.7m in 2014 to $32.4m in 2019. Only $7.5m had been transferred to date this year.


The Vatican has been embroiled in scandal in recent months over allegations of embezzlement and nepotism levelled against Cardinal Angelo Becciu, a senior member of the church’s ­bureaucracy until this year who was an opponent to Cardinal Pell’s reforms at the Vatican.


Cardinal Becciu was fired by the Pope in September over the ­allegations. Cardinal Becciu has denied any wrongdoing.


There have also been alle­gations to Vatican investigators that money was sent to Australia to adversely affect the sexual abuse trial of Cardinal Pell.


To date, there has been no evidence produced to show any Vatican money was transferred to influence that trial.


After Cardinal Pell’s appointment as the Vatican’s treasurer with the task of cleaning up the Holy See’s finances, Victoria Police investigated and charged him with two cases of historical sexual abuse in Melbourne.


After two trials in 2018 and 2019 — one hung jury and one guilty verdict — Cardinal Pell was sentenced to six years’ jail and served more than a year in prison before he was acquitted unanimously by the High Court in April.


In October, The Australian reported Vatican investigators were examining at least four transfers from the Vatican secretariat, including two from Cardinal Becciu, between 2017 and 2018 totalling $2m to a company in Melbourne.


While Austrac has not disclosed the individual identities of the recipients of the money in Australia, some church sources cautioned it may have been for investment in the Australian bond and equities market.


Archbishop Coleridge said the Holy See, like other governments and sovereign funds, was entitled to invest in Australia and had in the past, “but, particularly given the large amounts, we can’t understand why the bishops here would not be aware of it”.

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George Pell vindicated by Vatican finances clean-up


Tess Livingstone - December 29, 2020


In a humiliation of the Vatican’s most senior department, the Secretariat of State, Pope Francis has removed its role as manager of many of the church’s financial investments and real estate holdings.


The Pontiff’s announcement, dated December 26, takes effect from New Year’s Day. The move comes after decades of corruption, theft, bad investments, incompetence, kickbacks to corrupt associates, nepotism and the squandering of money donated in good faith by churchgoers.


The problems stretch back at least to the 1960s, or even earlier.


The radical change is a vindication of George Pell’s work as Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy from 2014 to 2017, when he sought to centralise and professionalise the Vatican’s sclerotic money and asset management systems and introduce professional auditing and transparency to its operations.


His efforts were thwarted repeatedly, by the Secretariat of State, especially its former deputy, Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu. While Cardinal Becciu initially enjoyed the confidence of the Pope, revelations over the past two years of secret Swiss bank accounts and the purchase of a London property at an inflated price appear to have changed the Pontiff’s mind. In September, Cardinal Becciu resigned the privileges that are extended to members of the College of Cardinals.


The changes are also a major blow to the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s second most senior official. The Pope told Cardinal Parolin of the changes in a letter in August. The process was then set out by a special “Commission of transfer and control’’.


In his statement, Pope Francis said control and supervision of the economic and financial activities of the Holy See was fundamental in the reform of the Curia “to ensure transparent and efficient management’’.


From January 1, “the ownership of funds and bank accounts, of securities and real estate investments, including investments in companies and investment funds, up until now registered in the name of the Secretariat of State” would be transferred to the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, or APSA, the Pope wrote in his statement.

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How conspiracy theories led a 'fringe scientist' to escape quarantine


Harriet Alexander - December 29, 2020




Trapped under quarantine and ravaged by allergies in a Perth hotel room, Jenny D'Ubios slid into an internet vortex of conspiracy theories in the week before her Boxing Day escape.


The self-described "fringe scientist" shared with her Facebook followers articles about the dangers of 5G, a post by an anti-fluoride group that suggested coronavirus was a hoax, a video about the COVID-19 test (which was blocked by Facebook) and support for Reignite Democracy Australia, an activist group that sprang up in protest against the Melbourne lockdown.


Anti-COVID testing, anti-COVID vaccination and heavily populated by COVID-deniers, Reignite Australia was a group that clearly spoke to Ms D'Ubios and emboldened her to take drastic action against her confinement. By her seventh day in quarantine, she was spitting with fury.


"Everyone in the world is lazy and fearful," she said in a video posted to Facebook.


"They're going to use the army to mass vaccinate you for a 0.03 per cent contraction rate of a virus that doesn't exist with a 99 per cent healing rate. I'm done having to suffer because people won't stand up for their rights.


"If they don't let me out of here today I'm going to get back on here and ask someone to do a drive-by, meet me out the front and throw all my stuff in the car."


Later that morning, she walked out of the hotel.


The coronavirus pandemic has sharpened focus on the harms caused by the dissemination of false information, with the internet variously peddling false cures, denialism and rampant speculation about who might have caused outbreaks in particular areas.


Between March and October, Facebook and Instagram removed more than 12 million pieces of misinformation and displayed warnings on 167 million pieces of content. A Facebook spokesman said the group had a clear policy on vaccine misinformation to remove false claims, including conspiracy theories.


Several groups and individuals, including controversial chef Pete Evans, have been banned from Facebook. Most of them moved to other platforms, where they were free to become more radical but lost most of their followers.


But the material posted by Reignite Democracy has stopped short of breaching the tech giant's policies and the group, though its founder Monica Smit has frequently warned that it may be shut down at any moment. Its more than 50,000 members are a loose coalition of anti-vaccination wellness activists and conservative libertarians.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 29, 2020, 9:47 p.m. No.12233502   🗄️.is 🔗kun





Since it was founded in August, Reignite Democracy has helped advertise protests at testing stations and given a sympathetic forum to federal Liberal MP Craig Kelly to air his concerns about police overreach during the lockdown protests and which coronavirus treatments should be available in Australia.


Extremist researcher Kaz Ross said, like "Digital Warfare", an activist group linked to the far-right conspiracy group QAnon, Reignite Democracy had engaged with the political process in a way that other groups had not. Its tactics were suggestive of a Victorian political connection.


Digital Warfare organised spam sessions among its followers to lobby and troll independent MPs at predetermined times. Reignite Democracy raised thousands of dollars from supporters to charter a bus emblazoned with the words "Sack Andrews" during Melbourne's lockdown protests and has engaged with politicians on legislation.


"Reignite always stuck out as a much different type from the other Facebook groups," Dr Ross said. "They've always had a much bigger game than the lockdown and they've always had their eye on the politics of the situation."


Ms Smit did not respond to a request for an interview. She posted a video on Christmas day, telling supporters that she planned to take a week off because big things were planned for 2021.


Craig Kelly said he met Ms Smit when she contacted him through Facebook. She interviewed him for the Facebook page and later asked him for political advice.


"She said, 'I've never been involved in politics before. Who is on the left and who is on the right and how should I work it all out?'" Mr Kelly said. "I said, 'It's too difficult to explain those things. You describe yourself as libertarian'."


Divisions over the government response to coronavirus had shifted the political landscape, he said.


"A lot of younger people in their 20s and 30s have had a political awakening and realised that they come down probably on the libertarian side of politics, more the right side of politics, whereas before they would have considered themselves swinging voters.


"A few older people have gone the other way and you probably saw that in the Queensland election, the demographic of elderly, retired people like the idea of big government keeping them safe."


Ms D'Ubios' interest in alternative health long pre-dated her interest in Reignite Australia. She began her quarantine in the Pan Pacific Hotel by giving her followers a demonstration in how to renew their body cells by priming their drinking water with a tuning fork.


“Don’t pay any more than $70 for your tuning fork," she said. "You don’t need to.”


By the end of the week, she was worn down by her allergies and exhorted her followers to rise up against the government.


"Dust is my worst enemy, besides the governments of the world and the people running this show," she said.


At the end of her day on the run, she turned herself in at a hospital.

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Greg Norman praises Donald Trump after detailing harrowing COVID-19 battle


COVID-19 has brought America to its knees but after his scary brush with the virus, Greg Norman has heaped praise on Donald Trump.


Greg Norman has praised outgoing American president Donald Trump’s handling of COVID-19 after detailing his frightening experience of contracting the virus.


The Australian golf legend, who lives in the US, was struck down by coronavirus and forced to spend Christmas Day in the emergency room as he experienced pain “on another level”. Norman was discharged but forced to return to hospital a day later after testing positive again, and is now isolating at home.


More than 330,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and nearly 20 million cases have been recorded. On some days this month, the country has witnessed more than 3000 deaths in a 24-hour period.


The country is still caught in the grips of the pandemic but Norman believes Trump has done a great job dealing with it — and feels the same way about Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


“Irrespective of whether you like Trump or not, he did a phenomenal job at warp speed,” Norman told Channel 7.


“I think Prime Minster Scott Morrison down there did a phenomenal job … Yes there’s a few lingering COVID cases down there but it’s not to the tune or magnitude of what’s happening here (in America).”


Norman said the virus “hit me from the top of my head all the way down” and first noticed troubling signs on the golf course, where the 65-year-old was playing in the PNC Championship with his son Greg Norman Jr — who also contracted coronavirus.


“I was getting really bad back pains and I couldn’t swing the golf club and I was wondering what the heck went wrong,” Norman told Seven.


“Just before Christmas Eve I went to walk me dog, I couldn’t even open the door handle with my hands — my hands hurt that much.


“My sense of taste was disappearing. My quad muscles and my hip flexors didn’t want to work.


“I couldn’t remember people’s phone numbers, I couldn’t remember people’s names. I was always cold and shivering.”


Norman is in good health and regularly works out, but admitted the virus “kicked the crap” out of him.


“I am fit and strong and have a high tolerance for pain but this virus kicked the crap out of me like nothing I have ever experienced before,” Norman wrote on Instagram on Monday.


“Muscle and joint pain on another level. Headaches that feel like a chisel going through your head scraping little bits off each time, fever, muscles that just did not want to work.”


Norman has a message for those conspiracy theorists still doubting the validity of the pandemic, telling Seven: “Get a life, understand the facts and reality. This is real.”


Speaking before the US election in November, Norman — who is friends with Trump and has played golf with him — gave a ringing endorsement of the man who will be replaced in the White House by Joe Biden.


“You name me one individual on this planet, one individual that has experienced a pandemic like this — nobody,” Norman said. “It was 100 years ago, right?”


Norman praised Trump for giving “a rudder to millions and millions of Americans that never had a rudder before”, adding the famous businessman turned politician “gave them a voice, he gave them a belief”.


“(From) my business perspective, he’s done a phenomenal job,” Norman told The Australian. “He has ­pretty much stuck to all his promises he made when he was elected.


“Very few people who are elected as president follow through on their promises.


“Yes, he is bombastic; yes, he has a different style; but to see him actually commit to his word about what he wants to do is actually pretty impressive.”

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Geraldo Rivera Tweet


Bullshit She’s denied bail because the judge is afraid of the NYPost


Judge again denies bail for Ghislaine Maxwell, citing flight risk



Virginia Roberts Giuffre Tweet


Shame on you @GeraldoRivera - when you say something stupid like that you are spitting in the face of the countless victims who have spent the last 2 decades trying to hold #GhislaineMaxwell accountable! Show some courtesy please. @ArtisticBlower @anniefarmer #Change #EndTheChaos

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Taiwanese MP calls for enhanced cooperation with Australia in face of Chinese aggression


A senior Taiwanese politician has called for greater security and economic cooperation with Australia as his nation tries to counter China's increasingly assertive military.


Wang Ting-yu, the co-chair of Taiwan's Foreign Affairs and National Defence Committee, is pushing for closer ties with other democratic states to enhance regional security.


"We need to cooperate with democratic countries," the member of Taiwan's governing Democratic Progressive Party told the ABC.


"If we can have more close cooperation that means benefits mutually for economy, security and capability."


Diplomatically Australia does not formally recognise Taiwan as a sovereign state but has recently increased unofficial cooperation with Taipei in areas such as combatting the COVID-19 pandemic.


"Some kind of cooperation in some areas would be a good direction for these two countries — we need a bilateral relationship," Mr Wang said.


He argued an important step in deterring China would be to allow Taiwan to join security networks such as the Quad which comprises the United States, India, Japan and Australia.


"Your role in this region is increasing — that's good, and we have many chances to have dialogue with Australian officials," Mr Wang said.


Liberal Senator and former army general Jim Molan agrees Australia should increase ties with Taiwan, and also fears a military confrontation with China could soon eventuate.


"I think we can do a lot more with Taiwan apart from trade," Senator Molan told the ABC.


"I think we can encourage the United States and our military and our own foreign affairs and trade people to prepare not just for the easy case, but for the worst case."


On Tuesday, Defence Minister Linda Reynolds acknowledged growing military tensions between China and Taiwan were of concern to the Federal Government.


"Australia is observing very closely what's happening not just around Taiwan but also in the South China Sea," she said.


"We would always call on people to exercise caution and restraint and work together to ensure all nations abide by international law."

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Unwise for Australia to play ‘Taiwan card’


Xu Shanpin - Dec 29, 2020


China-Australia relations experienced a downward trend in 2020. This bilateral relationship might have hit the "lowest ebb in decades" as some Australian scholars said.


Meanwhile, as the Trump administration upgraded relations with the island of Taiwan as a direct and defiant challenge to China's sovereignty and core interests, secessionist forces on the island became more active. They meddled with the Hong Kong affairs by smearing the "one country, two systems" principle and the national security law for Hong Kong. This also put cross-Taiwan Straits relations at an impasse.


Now, certain forces in Taiwan are even trying to engage with Australia directly. Indeed, Australia and the island of Taiwan share common interests in terms of attacking the national security law for Hong Kong and creating a negative image of the Chinese mainland. As the Biden administration will probably reverse Trump's dangerous Taiwan policy, but the China-Australia tensions are escalating while cross-Straits relations sour, Taiwan and Australia may get closer in 2021 to cope with the Chinese mainland and the rapid changes in regional environment.


Australia and Taiwan may share information and strategically coordinate to smear China: namely interfering in the Hong Kong affairs, and attacking the Chinese mainland with the excuse of the so-called human rights records. Currently, Taiwan has been active in a bid to counter the mainland. But Australia has remained restrained, except for shrill noises made by a few right-wing members of parliament.


So what "Taiwan card" can Australia play?


Even after China and Australia established formal relations in 1972, Australia has retained close non-official exchanges and economic relations with Taiwan. Australia's Taiwan policy has always been affected by the US. In fact, Canberra sings the same tune as Washington with regards to Taiwan.


Australia has avoided being directly involved in a military collision between major powers across the Taiwan Straits. In particular, it has avoided directly provoking the Chinese mainland and challenging China's core interests and national territorial integrity.


Former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer said in 2004 that "other military activity elsewhere in the world… doesn't automatically invoke the ANZUS Treaty." This means Canberra will not make up "two Chinas" policies unless Washington explicitly abandons its "one China" policy.


Australia's policies toward the island of Taiwan are somewhat ambiguous as it wants to keep a proper distance from the US' dangerous Taiwan policy, meanwhile it does not want to harm or weaken the Australia-US alliance. Australia does not want to see a war in the Taiwan Straits, especially one between the US and China.


Canberra wants to maintain some flexibility on whether to intervene in the Taiwan question. Yet it also avoids taking a clear stance on whether it would put up a fight there or not if called upon. Canberra worries that Washington would weaken its security commitments, so it had to back US position on Taiwan question, hoping Washington will not start an actual firing conflict there ever.


The Taiwan regional authority hopes to restore "diplomatic relations" with Australia. It seeks to enhance strategic cooperation and intelligence-sharing mechanisms with Australia for the sake of counterbalancing the Chinese mainland and rejecting reunification by force. Despite these overtures, Australia has expressed a relatively indifferent response considering its national security and diplomatic strategies.


However, Australia's diplomatic posture, especially its China focus, is undergoing an important and dangerous transition. Geopolitical issues are overtaking matters of geoeconomics in its strategic thinking toward China. It is shifting from rational and pragmatic to hard-line and conservative.


With intensifying gravity, it is viewing China as a security threat rather than a partner that brings opportunity of development. Due to the ANZUS Treaty (Australia, New Zealand and United States Security Treaty) signed in 1951, it is possible for Australia to directly involve itself in military conflicts across the Taiwan Straits.


Therefore, China should be on guard against Australia's Taiwan policy and send a clear signal to policymakers in Canberra that China's sovereignty and territorial integrity cannot be challenged and that China is determined to safeguard its core national interests, so as to deter those who seek Taiwan secession and those far-right politicians in Australia. China will never allow Australia to play the "Taiwan card." The bottom line of the "one China" principle cannot be challenged.

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Year in a word: QAnon


Courtney Weaver - December 31 2020


Rumours of a cabal of satanic sex traffickers plotting to overthrow the US president shifted from far-right fringes to the mainstream


(noun) A far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of satanic paedophiles are running a global sex-trafficking ring while simultaneously working to overthrow US president Donald Trump


In a year punctuated by dark, digitally viral conspiracy theories, QAnon might be the one that trumps them all.


Born on the controversial Reddit message board 4chan, the conspiracy theory was originally put forth by an anonymous individual named “Q” who claimed to have inside knowledge of the supposed sex ring’s existence thanks to high-level government clearance.


QAnon is the ideological successor to Pizzagate, the 2016 conspiracy theory that claimed Democrats were secretly running a human trafficking ring at restaurant establishments, including a Washington pizzeria. But it has proven to have more longevity.


Since it was first propagated in 2017, the movement has quickly shifted from the far-right fringes towards the mainstream. An internal Facebook analysis this summer found that millions of the site’s subscribers followed QAnon-linked groups and pages. The liberal non-profit Media Matters, meanwhile, found that Mr Trump had amplified QAnon followers on his presidential Twitter account on at least 265 separate occasions.


In an August press conference, Mr Trump said he did not know much about the movement other than “I understand they like me very much” and had “heard that these are people that love our country”. In an October town hall with NBC News, the president declined to denounce the group.


What happens to QAnon after the president leaves office? While some followers were apparently shaken by Mr Trump’s election loss, Mr Trump has done nothing to cut ties with the movement, and has praised Marjorie Taylor Greene — a new Republican congresswoman who has publicly promoted QAnon theories.


Few expect Mr Trump to disappear quietly into the night — and they should not expect QAnon to either.



Is QAnon a game gone wrong? | FT Film


Financial Times


15 Oct 2020


Izabella Kaminska explains how QAnon stems from the worlds of online gaming and Playboy magazine. It's not a conspiracy. It’s a way to hack reality. Read more at:

Jon James Pratt (999) aka the storm ID: f1797d It won’t be safe for them to walk the streets Dec. 30, 2020, 1:33 p.m. No.12241364   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Jews and Americans


Same thing, really.

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China wants Australia relationship back on track 'as early as possible'




China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that the deterioration in China's relationship with Australia is not something Beijing wanted to see and that he would like the relationship back on the right track "as early as possible".


However, Wang also said that the ball was in Australia's court, despite the Australian government repeatedly complaining that calls to Beijing to mend the relationship had gone unanswered.


The comments made during a conversation with former prime minister Kevin Rudd at a private event livestreamed two weeks ago offered hope of reconciliation even as the relationship between the two nations reached a new nadir.


Wang said Australia and China could again be partners, not enemies, on Saturday, December 19 (AEDT), just days after Australia asked the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to investigate the tariffs China had imposed on Australian barley in May.


The complaint to the WTO marked a formal escalation in Australia's year-long $20 billion trade stoush with the superpower, as China also imposed trade sanctions on Australian timber, wine, lobster and coal.


In late November, Prime Minister Scott Morrison extended an olive branch to China in a livestreamed appearance at a UK policy event, saying he was "happy to have a discussion" about the list of 14 grievances Chinese officials released to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.


But the relationship soured swiftly after Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian goaded the Prime Minister by tweeting a fabricated image of an SAS soldier slitting the throat of an Afghan child.


Wang did not address the faked image or the 14 grievances in his conversation with Rudd, who is the president of the New York think tank Asia Society, which hosted the event.


At a public event streamed live on YouTube, Wang called for better ties with the incoming Biden administration, but in the following private session for 100 online guests, Rudd pressed Wang about China's treatment of Australia.


Rudd, who is fluent in Mandarin, asked if there was "a practical way in which we can also accommodate … a re-stabilisation of the relationship between Beijing and Canberra."


"And is there any role for any informal diplomacy in the meantime so that we can get both sides to put their megaphones away and get back to normal diplomacy?" Rudd asked, according to a transcript of the event obtained by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.


Wang said Australia needed to decide if China was a threat or partner but struck a more conciliatory tone than his "wolf warrior" spokesman Zhao.


"If Australia sees China as a threat, then the improvement of this relationship would be difficult," Wang said.


"If Australia sees China not as a threat, but a partner, then for the issues between us there are better chances that we find solutions. So I would kick the ball to Australia.


"We hope that the relationship can come back to the right track as early as possible and we would welcome efforts by all who want the relations to improve to make some efforts."



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 30, 2020, 11:55 p.m. No.12249119   🗄️.is 🔗kun





Wang expressed concern about the "largely negative" views about China being expressed in Australia, echoing the message from the list of grievances that criticisms by Australian MPs or news outlets was unhelpful.


"But when they are publicised, they will for sure affect the atmosphere for bilateral relations and that will discourage both sides to engage in further exchanges," Wang said.


A spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs Minister declined to comment, referring to Senator Marise Payne's remarks on December 19 on Sky News where she said: "We would never trade away our national interest. And that is a respectful approach to the relationship [with China], and to any bilateral relationship."


Rory Medcalf, head of ANU's National Security Colleges, warned that Wang's comments should "not be over-interpreted as some kind of positive signal".


"They are at best mild and conditional," Medcalf said. "Of course it’s nice at one level to receive some hint that China too would like a stable relationship, but the bottom line is that Wang’s words still place all the responsibility on Australia.


"There’s no admission that China bears any fault in the deterioration in ties, or even acknowledgement that it is using ongoing coercive measures – economic restrictions or hostage diplomacy – against countries like Australia and Canada.


"And in then end, everything seems to depend on how Beijing chooses to define how Australia treats and perceives China - as if there is a simplistic choice between all threat and all partner. That’s not a healthy starting point for pragmatic and mutually beneficially relations."


Peter Jennings, from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, agreed and said there was "nothing conciliatory" in Wang's comments.


"He avoids any substance and simply says this is all a problem of Australia's attitude," he said. "But Australia did not invent China's military annexation of the South China Sea, nor did we invent China's full on cyber and human intelligence spying, or the growth of an assertive Chinese military, or the mass violation of human rights of minority groups in China."

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 31, 2020, 12:47 a.m. No.12249361   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2597


'Your lack of candor only solidifies the risk of you fleeing': Unsealed bail document reveals extent of judge's distrust of Ghislaine Maxwell and why she rejected her $28.5M bail bid


Ghislaine Maxwell's attempt to get free from jail on a $28.5m bail package backfired spectacularly after a judge said it 'only solidifies' the risk of her fleeing.


Judge Alison Nathan said the vast sum, including $22.5m from Maxwell and her husband, was so much higher than the $3.5m she claimed to be worth after her arrest in July that it was suspicious.


Judge Nathan wrote that Maxwell was guilty of 'misdirection' to the court by failing to disclose her true worth the first time around.


Maxwell's 'lack of candor is, if anything, stronger now than in July' and her representations back then were 'woefully incomplete', the judge said.


The scathing assessment was part of a 22-page filing to federal court in New York which set out Judge Nathan's reasons for denying Maxwell bail for a second time.


The ruling means that Maxwell will remain in the grim Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn until at least July next year when her trial is due to take place.


Maxwell, 58, has been held there since July when she was arrested for allegedly procuring girls as young as 14 for Jeffrey Epstein to abuse.


The British socialite is also accused of perjuring herself in a civil case and has pleaded not guilty to all charges.


Maxwell's second bail application had included more than a dozen letters from family and friends in support.


The $22.5m in cash and assets from her and husband Scott Borgerson, 44, a tech entrepreneur, was on top of $5m in property from her family and a $1m bond from a private security company.


But in the filing Judge Nathan said that Maxwell's new bail application showed she had 'extraordinary financial resources' she could use to 'flee the country undetected'.


The judge wrote: 'The new information provided in the renewed application only solidifies the court's view that the defendant plainly poses a risk of flight and that no combination of conditions can ensure her appearance'.


Judge Nathan said that Maxwell 'providing incomplete or erroneous information to the court or pretrial services' was a 'significant' factor in her decision.


After her arrest in July Maxwell claimed she had no access to her financial records and was piecing her assets together from memory.


But Judge Nathan said that the difference between $3.5m and $22.5m was so big that Maxwell's explanation stretched credibility.


The judge wrote: 'Even if the defendant was unable to provide an exact number, however, the difference between the number she originally reported to pretrial services and the number now presented to the court makes it unlikely that the misrepresentation was the result of the defendant's mis-estimation rather than misdirection.


'In sum, the evidence of a lack of candor is, if anything, stronger now than in July 2020, as it is clear to the court that the defendant's representations to pretrial services were woefully incomplete.


'That lack of candor raises significant concerns as to whether the court has now been provided a full and accurate picture of her finances and as to the defendant's willingness to abide by any set of conditions of release'.


Judge Nathan noted that Maxwell had leaned heavily on a letter from Mr Borgerson - who she acknowledged as her husband for the first time in the bail application - saying that she would never leave the US and abandon him.


Borgerson wrote that Maxwell was a 'wonderful and loving' person and he believed in her innocence.


Judge Nathan wrote: 'The defendant now argues that her newly revealed relationship with her spouse signals her deep effective ties in the country, but at the time she was arrested, she was not living with him and claimed to be getting divorced.


'Indeed, she does not propose to live with him were she to be released on bail, undercutting her argument that that relationship would create an insurmountable burden to her fleeing'.


Elsewhere in the ruling Judge Nathan said that, contrary to Maxwell's claims, the case against her remained 'strong'.


The allegations from the three accusers would be backed up by flight records and other witnesses' corroborating testimony, the judge said.

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Australia's war crimes commanders to soon learn their fate


Army commanders under whom the Afghanistan war crimes allegedly occurred will not have to wait much longer to learn how the Defence Force chiefs intend to respond to their alleged command failures.


Command-level leaders and Army lawyers who allegedly white-washed earlier investigations were not among the 19 individuals earmarked by criminal charges by Justice Paul Brereton's Afghanistan report, but he did recommend Army undertake administrative actions.


Their fate, along with expected structural and cultural reforms, will become clearer with the release of Australia's full response to the alleged war crimes. That announcement could occur as soon as January, after Defence Minister Linda Reynolds confirmed this week that the independent criminal justice response will begin next month once the Office of the Special Investigator begins operating.


The government put the brakes on the defence force plans to crack down swiftly following last month's release of Justice Brereton's report alleging 39 murders by 25 special forces personnel while on operations in Afghanistan between 2006 and 2013.


The government insisted that decisions and announcements be put on hold until the full implementation plan of the Brereton recommendations, including the delicate and lengthy process for criminal prosecutions, be announced simultaneously.


The three-person oversight panel, led by former inspector-general of intelligence and security Dr Vivienne Thom, is already working with ADF chief General Angus Campbell and Army chief Lieutenant General Rick Burr on the administrative and disciplinary components of the implementation plan. Only the plan for criminal prosecutions is yet to make progress.


Senator Reynolds said the oversight panel has hit the ground running working with defence and her as minister.


"I've been working very closely with the Chief of Defence Force over the last few weeks, and he is working through the recommendations, and he is preparing a draft implementation plan," the minister told reporters this week.


"I'm satisfied that when the implementation plan is released, [it will be] transparent, comprehensive, and it will address all of the matters that have been canvassed to date, and many more in that report."


"There's also in the report, a wide range of issues that the Chief Defence Force and the Chief of Army need to address administratively under Defence Force Discipline processes and Act. Those are the sorts of things that the CDF is reflecting on now, and working through how he deals with those, and all of those matters legal disciplinary and administrative will be contained in the implementation plan."


Justice Brereton identified 19 patrol-level individuals for criminal prosecutions in his report. None of the names have been released publicly, and even the Senator Reynold's copy of the complete report had the name redacted to preserve integrity of any decisions she may have to make.


Additionally, the army sent notices to 13 current serving special forces soldiers asking them to explain why they should not be immediately sacked.


The lack of visible action against the army commanders who were "ignorant" of the actions under their leadership, according to Justice Brereton, has been a cause for concern among current serving ADF personnel and veterans. The Canberra Times understands these issues will be confronted in the implementation plan.


The government has announced senior appointments to fill the Office of the Special Investigator, including moving the secretary of the Attorney-General's Department Chris Moraitis into the top role as Director General.


The role of the Special Investigator will be filled by Justice Mark Weinberg QC, and director of investigations will be filled by Ross Barnett.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 31, 2020, 1:27 a.m. No.12249500   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9577 >>9589 >>2463

Promise of COVID-19 vaccine in 2021 headlines New Year's message from Scott Morrison


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has delivered a video message to Australians marking the end of 2020, thanking healthcare workers, business owners and others for their sacrifices during the year.


He pledged that COVID vaccinations would be available to all Australians in 2021 and they would be a "key step to our recovery in 2021".


"I want to thank all Australians who have sacrificed so much, served so greatly, and even now continue in their steadfast dedication to their duty at this time," he said.


Filmed at The Lodge in Canberra, the Prime Minister said Australia must stay vigilant "as we continue our comeback".


Twelve months ago Mr Morrison delivered a message at the height of the country's Black Summer of bushfires praising the spirit of Australians.


Today the country faces perhaps an even greater challenge, but he again heaped praise on his constituents.


"Even though I know there are a lot more challenges ahead of us in 2021, I have the hope, and I have the optimism and the confidence in my fellow Australians, in you, about our country," he said.


Recovery flagged


He said that around 80 per cent of jobs lost in the pandemic have already been recovered and 450,000 businesses have graduated from JobKeeper, taking two million Australians off income support.


"That's real signs of progress," he said, declaring the path ahead was "stronger, safer, together".


The Prime Minister's dog Buddy also featured in the video, walking around a fountain behind Mr Morrison.


Mr Morrison concluded by wishing Australians "a very happy, a very safe and a prosperous new year from my family to yours".


"God bless you Australia, and thank you."

Jon James Pratt (999) aka the storm ID: 3e62f9 God curses Australia, Australians and it’s dopey prime minister Dec. 31, 2020, 1:46 a.m. No.12249589   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Who is going to get fucking crucified in front of the whole world


And it Aussies don’t like it


Tough fucking shit


You’ll all be killed as irredeemable heretics like the Jews and Americans

Jon James Pratt (999) aka the storm ID: f1797d Message to commonwealth politicians, military and police Dec. 31, 2020, 11:12 a.m. No.12254409   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Goto Israel 🇮🇱


So the rest of the world can set you thick, disrespectful cunts on fire 🔥

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 31, 2020, 1:22 p.m. No.12255850   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2597

Lin Wood Tweet


I am fully aware of the onslaught of attacks being made against me based on my revelations about Chief Justice John Roberts. Before attacking me, maybe fair-minded people would first ask Roberts to tell the truth.


Or ask Jeffrey Epstein. He is alive.

Jon James Pratt (999) ID: 3e62f9 Spot mentally ill patriots online Dec. 31, 2020, 4:57 p.m. No.12258709   🗄️.is 🔗kun

They think ‘we the people’ aren’t the biggest satanists in the world.


And they think that Trump works or speaks for God Almighty

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 31, 2020, 5:09 p.m. No.12258893   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2575


Canberra going further on the wrong track: China Daily editorial - 2020-12-29


It has been reported that the Australian federal government will pressure the State of Victoria to cancel its cooperation program with China's Jiangsu province.


Although it was said to be on the list of programs that the Department of Foreign Affairs had identified as potentially contrary to Australia's national interest, the bid to scrap the Victoria-Jiangsu Program for Technology and Innovation R&D, which was agreed in 2015, is obviously intended as an act of revenge by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for China's probes into imports from Australia.


To the disappointment of those who have been hoping for a turnaround in relations, the Australian government is still heading down the road of no return for bilateral relations.


Paul Monk, former head of China Analysis at Australia's Defense Department, said something to the effect that the program should be viewed through the prism of China's intention of increasing its military-industrial strength.


It is such politicization of bilateral relations that has damaged ties between the two countries. Australia has accused China of engaging in "intervention and infiltration" activities in the country. It has even proposed a so-called "independent international inquiry" into the novel coronavirus outbreak in an attempt to lay the blame for the pandemic at China's door.


It has also launched 106 anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations into imports from China, and imposed unreasonably harsh scrutiny on Chinese investments in Australia.


China-Australia relations would not have worsened to the extent they have today had the Australian government not associated bilateral ties with political ideologies or geopolitics with the intention of stigmatizing and demonizing it.


China has no intention of seeking global hegemony. It pursues a peaceful rise, and seeks to develop reciprocal and equal relations with all countries.


Economic cooperation between China and Australia are in the interests of both countries and both peoples. That explains why China has become Australia's largest trade partner.


However, it seems the current Australian government is unsettled by that. Looking through an ideological and geopolitical prism, it sees a distorted image of China, and perceives it to be a threat. The Australian government is even considering seeking assistance from its "Five-Eye" allies in response to China's reaction to its provocations, naively believing sanctions from the five allies would be able to pressure China onto its knees.


Terminating the Victoria-Jiangsu Program for Technology and Innovation R&D, which benefits both sides in many ways, will be another step astray from the right track of amicable bilateral relations. Canberra should reconsider.


It is high time that the Australian government acquired a clear understanding of the nature of Sino-Australian relations. It will otherwise be impossible for it to adopt the right approach to handle bilateral relations with its largest trade partner.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 31, 2020, 5:25 p.m. No.12259099   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2844 >>2610

Possible Trump Pardon Overshadows Assange Extradition Ruling


A U.K. judge will rule Monday on whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be extradited to the U.S. to face criminal charges after weeks of talk about a possible pardon from Donald Trump.


The decision from a London judge will come after President Trump, whose administration brought the charges, issued a plethora of pardons to political allies. And lawyers say the odds of clemency from Trump are better than a judge buying Assange’s arguments that his human rights will be trampled on in America.


“It’s very rare for the magistrates to refuse extradition requests from the U.S.,” said Anthony Hanratty, a lawyer at BDB Pitmans in London, who specializes in extradition cases. “There’s a quite strong presumption that the U.S. will comply with obligations in relation to human rights and legal process.”


Assange, 49, has been in custody or self-imposed exile in London for the better part of a decade. He initially sought refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in 2012 rather than face questioning in a Swedish sexual assault case, which was later dropped. Last year, when he was expelled from the embassy, he faced U.S. charges related to WikiLeaks disclosures.


He’s accused of working with U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to get classified documents from databases containing about 90,000 Afghanistan war-related activity reports, 400,000 Iraq war-related reports and 250,000 State Department cables.


At a pair of extradition hearings earlier this year, delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, Assange’s lawyers focused their arguments on allegations that he couldn’t receive a fair trial in the U.S.


But Assange drew praise from Trump during the 2016 campaign when WikiLeaks released emails that undercut Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. And it seems that Assange’s supporters have moved on from the extradition battle to focus on a possible pardon.


Assange’s fiancée, Stella Moris, has spent the last few months making direct pleas to Trump via Twitter and appearances on Fox News.


“I beg you, please bring him home for Christmas,” she tweeted last month.


Officials at WikiLeaks declined to comment ahead of Monday’s ruling and instead referred to Moris’s tweets. The U.S. Justice Department declined to comment.


The prospect of presidential intervention first gained traction early last year when Assange’s lawyers said a congressman and a Trump associate met Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in the summer of 2017 to discuss a pardon if he revealed the source behind the leaked Democratic National Committee emails.


The pardon fever has only grown in recent weeks after Trump issued pardons to more than a dozen people. The recipients were mostly political allies, including Paul Manafort, his former campaign manager, and Charles Kushner, the real estate developer and father of the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.


Trump would face opposition to a pardon from inside his own administration. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo when he was CIA director described WikiLeaks as a hostile force that threatens the U.S.


Barring a pardon, the extradition process in London will likely drag on no matter how Judge Vanessa Baraitser rules Monday. Appeals could take 18 to 24 months with possible challenges going to the U.K. Supreme Court and even the European Court of Human Rights, Hanratty said.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 31, 2020, 6:17 p.m. No.12259861   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2463

Cabinet papers reveal Howard government's concerns about an independent East Timor


The development of a domestic security force in East Timor was a matter of "fundamental importance" to Australia's strategic interests, newly declassified documents released for the first time on Friday reveal.


Cabinet papers from 2000 outlined post-independence security scenarios in documents marked AUSTEO - "for Australian Eyes Only" - which were considered by the Howard government's national security committee in August of that year.


The passage of East Timor to independent statehood had formally begun a year earlier when the United Nations took over the territory's administration from Indonesia.


Heavily redacted on the grounds it could damage Australia's standing with foreign governments to this year, the submission from Alexander Downer, then Foreign Minister, revealed the government wanted a "substantial strategic relationship" with its northern neighbour.


"An important part of this will be a defence relationship and the future shape of the East Timorese defence force is therefore a key issue for us," he told his cabinet colleagues in documents today released by the National Archives.


"We also need to remain open-minded about East Timor's future security and not assume that the UN will hand over a stable and secure country to self-government."


Cabinet, the papers show, wanted a "modest and affordable" domestic security force which was "disciplined", operated within the rule of law and was subordinate to civil power. It would have between 1000-1500 personnel and lightly armed.


Later that year, John Moore, the Defence Minister, recommended – and cabinet agreed – that 300 M16 rifles with ammunition be supplied to enable the East Timor Defence Force to begin basic training.


Australia's preferred option was a police-based security model but the papers acknowledged this "may not command East Timorese support".


It stipulated that it must promote "constructive relations with Indonesia".


Cabinet endorsed Mr Downer's view that Australia wanted a secure and stable East Timor, but not one requiring an ADF presence. Should one prove necessary, it should only happen with other international participation.


Cabinet agreed Australia's strategic interests included the safety of Australians in East Timor, border control and resource security, in particular the effective management of the Timor Gap resources.


The contentious Timor Gap negotiations, for joint petroleum exploration of the Timor Sea by the two countries, are among a number of cabinet papers from 2000 concerning foreign affairs that remain closed on the grounds they contain information which could affect relations with the current government of a foreign country.


The issue would erupt in scandal years later, when the Australian Secret Intelligence Service clandestinely planted covert listening devices in a room adjacent to the Prime Minister's Office at Dili, to obtain information in order to ensure Australia held the upper hand in negotiations over the rich oil and gas fields.


A legal case involving an intelligence officer who allegedly revealed details of the bugging is expected to continue in the ACT Supreme Court this year.


In June 2000, Chief of the Defence Force, Admiral Chris Barrie, briefed cabinet's national security committee that serious armed attacks had occurred on a handful of occasions against the ADF personnel serving in operations under the United Nations.


During an attack on June 21 several ADF personnel "had been in grave danger of being killed", notes of the briefing show, and they "appeared to be the work of a small group of pro-integrationist insurgents operating without support from any Indonesian government entity".


The committee agreed to provide more support, including a plan to allow ADF helicopters which were assigned to security to the Sydney Olympic Games to be used if there was no serious detriment to Games security.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 31, 2020, 7:52 p.m. No.12261174   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3664 >>2463

Historic change to Advance Australia Fair, Australia's national anthem, in the 'spirit of unity'


More than 140 years after it was first composed and performed, Advance Australia Fair is again being updated in a move the Prime Minister says reflects a "spirit of unity".


From January 1, 2021, the second line of Australia's national anthem will change from, "For we are young and free" to "For we are one and free".


Governor-General David Hurley has agreed to the Commonwealth's recommendation to make an amendment to the anthem for the first time since 1984.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a statement that the change was being made for all Australians.


"During the past year we have showed once again the indomitable spirit of Australians and the united effort that has always enabled us to prevail as a nation," he said.


"It is time to ensure this great unity is reflected more fully in our national anthem.


"Also, while Australia as a modern nation may be relatively young, our country's story is ancient, as are the stories of the many First Nations peoples whose stewardship we rightly acknowledge and respect.


"In the spirit of unity, it is only right that we ensure our national anthem reflects this truth and shared appreciation.


"Changing 'young and free' to 'one and free' takes nothing away, but I believe it adds much."


Composer Deborah Cheetham is a Yorta Yorta woman and says the new wording is long overdue.


"It's an important acknowledgement. The word young has underestimated the lives that have lived on this continent for some millennia," the soprano and educator said.


First Nations Foundation chairman and Yorta Yorta man Ian Hamm also welcomed the change, which was suggested last year by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.


"In terms of culture, society, and population, we go back 60,000 years. We're very definitely not young," he said.


"We should regard ourselves as a nation that's bonded, as opposed to being divided, and we should recognise our Indigenous history as part of our Australian history.


"'One and free' looks for what brings us together. It's actually a focal point for that discussion about who we are as a country.


"I think it's a really good change."


Mr Hamm said the symbolism behind the action was important for Indigenous Australians.


"Symbolism is important, real action and change is important. If you do one or the other, you only get half the job done.


"You do need symbolic change, you do need real change.


"This is an important indication to ourselves as a country as to what our expectations are going forward, and to recognise in our national anthem the continued human occupation of this continent from 60,000 years plus to 1 January 2021, and beyond, is an important change."


But Labor Wiradjuri woman Linda Burney, the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to the federal House of Representatives, said more needed to be done.


"It flies in the face, of course, of the Government saying that they want to work with Aboriginal people, but the real issue is a constitutionally enshrined voice," she said.


Advance Australia Fair was composed by Peter Dodds McCormick and first performed in 1878.


It was adopted as the country's national anthem on April 19, 1984, replacing God Save the Queen, which had been in place since the time of British settlement.


Prime minister Bob Hawke last recommended a modification of the national anthem to the governor-general in 1984.


The historic change to Advance Australia Fair has involved consultations with state premiers, state governors who have been advised by the Governor-General as well as the Speaker of Federal Parliament and the President of the Senate.


In recent times, leaders from all sides of politics have expressed public support for changing the anthem to better reflect modern Australia and its Indigenous heritage.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Dec. 31, 2020, 7:57 p.m. No.12261248   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4899 >>2556


Vatican says $2.3 billion transferred to Australia 'like science fiction'


Vatican City: The Vatican and the Australian Catholic Church have both denied knowledge of transfers worth US$1.8 billion ($2.3 billion) which Australia's financial watchdog says have been sent from Rome to Australia in the past seven years.


"That amount of money and that number of transfers did not leave the Vatican City," a senior Vatican official with knowledge of the city-state's finances said on Wednesday, local time.


The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Vatican would be seeking details from Australian authorities on the specific origin and destination of the money.


"It's not our money because we don't have that kind of money," he said. "I am absolutely stunned."


The figures were made public in December by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) in response to a parliamentary question by Australian Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, and first reported by the newspaper The Australian.


They involved about 47,000 separate transfers, according to AUSTRAC.


Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane told Reuters the Australian Church was not aware of any such transfers: "I can assure you that no diocese or other Church entity saw any of the money."


Fierravanti-Wells had asked what funds had been transferred to Australia "from the Vatican or any of its entities, or individuals associated with the Vatican or Vatican entities" since 2014.


The official in Rome said the Vatican had around 100 legal entities, including hospitals and the like, "but they don't have that kind of money".


AUSTRAC said the transfers ranged from yearly totals of $71.6 million in 2014 to $581.3 million in 2017.


In an email to Reuters on December 24, AUSTRAC said it had no further comment. On Thursday, in a further email, it said it could not comment on the specifics of this story before next week.


Two Vatican offices handle money transfers - its bank, commonly known as the IOR, and APSA, the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See.


The Vatican official said APSA had sent less than €800,000 to Australia since 2014, mostly for payment of salaries and expenses for the Vatican embassy, as well as pensions and travel costs.


Similarly, the money sent to Australia by the IOR for its clients, typically members of religious orders, was nowhere near the amounts listed by AUSTRAC, he said.


"The Holy See's entire yearly budget is about €330 million. The (AUSTRAC) figures are about four times that," the official said. "It seems like science fiction."


He said the Vatican wanted to find out if others had illegally used its name or that of a related entity to move money through banks in other countries.


Archbishop Coleridge said the funds had not been used for financial settlements with victims of sexual abuse or for legal costs related to Cardinal George Pell.


"Given the speculation that is rife, there is a need for clarification," he said.


Pell worked in the Vatican as its treasurer from 2014 to 2017, when he returned to his native Australia to face charges of historical sexual abuse.


He spent 404 days in jail before his conviction was overturned last April, and he is currently in Rome. He did not respond to a request for comment.

Jon James Pratt (999) aka the storm ID: 3e62f9 Bruce and Sheila Dec. 31, 2020, 10:20 p.m. No.12263011   🗄️.is 🔗kun

If you keep on lying to the rest of the world 🌎


You’re going to get killed, like the Jews and Americans


This isn’t a knife, it’s a beam of light 💡 from

God Almighty


And yeah, I love Paul hogan too

Jon James Pratt (999) aka the storm ID: f1797d Trump’s spiritual advisor Dec. 31, 2020, 11:27 p.m. No.12263616   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Another fucking satanic moron, like trump


Pics related

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Jan. 1, 2021, 12:35 a.m. No.12264082   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2377

2021 can be a year of recovery for US now Trump is gone




It’s an obvious thing to say that 2020 was a shocker of a year, the pandemic of course being the primary cause. Frankly, it has been a hard year to find positives in, but here is one huge positive from 2020: Donald Trump lost the US Presidential election.


Sure he might still be in denial about that. Sure some of his supporters are too. And between them they won’t make life easy for incoming President Joe Biden when he takes over later this month.


But for all the negatives surrounding 2020, the demise of Trump is one hell of a positive to round out the year. America needed Trump to get booted out the way he did to help ensure 2021 became a year of recovery, notwithstanding how hard that will be.


Not that everyone agrees of course. Many people voted for Trump. Plenty of commentators also defended him. Some of them prematurely claimed victory on election night, unable to understand the US electoral system as the votes were coming in.


It’s not simply a case of pointing to the odd good thing Trump presided over during his presidency to try and justify his time in office, however. That sort of simplistic analysis is what you get from the conga line of apologists who defended Trump over the past four years.


He did some good, it would be hard not to as President for four years. But that’s not the issue. That’s not why it’s such a good thing that he’s about to be shown the door.


It’s the tone Trump set for America. The cultural erosion of decency and respect. The intolerance he stoked, the divisions he perpetuated. The hate he fostered.


The world’s superpower – in decline, yes, but that is what America still is – needed to reset after what Trump has done to the psyche of the nation.


While conservatives have been in thrall to Trump, his approach has been anything but conservative. He has eroded confidence in political and institutional pillars of American society: the congress, the courts and the media just for starters. And now Biden also needs to repair the reputation of the Presidency, both domestically and abroad. Because of the damage Trump has done.


Trump’s schtick is all about undermining others and aggrandising himself. We’ve seen that play out for years with his boosters in the media constantly finding justification in his actions. Or looking the other way when he tries to shame people.


Even now, as Trump continues to claim he was robbed at the election, his callow defenders only peel off one by one very slowly. Many continue to stand with the president, diminishing themselves in the process.


So with a new year ahead, be positive about one thing: Donald Trump will soon be gone. For that we can all look back extremely gratefully.


Peter van Onselen is a professor of politics and public policy at the University of Western Australia and Griffith University.

Jon James Pratt (999) aka the storm ID: 3e62f9 The Vatican (666) Jan. 1, 2021, 2:48 a.m. No.12264899   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Every single member of the Vatican and the pope


Tossed into a massive bonfire in. The Vatican square live on tv

Jon James pratt (999) aka the storm ID: 3e62f9 Sonny Burgess (Aus) Jan. 1, 2021, 3:33 a.m. No.12265168   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Has been missing for nearly three years


He’s an old bmx friend of mine


We think he has been killed


Locating him would be useful

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Jan. 1, 2021, 1:40 p.m. No.12271599   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6943 >>2610

Father takes Assange's fight to New York


The father of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has turned his focus from the UK to the US where he hopes a change of president could advantage his son.


Assange is being held at London's Belmarsh Prison, pending a court decision on a warrant for his extradition to the US to face charges.


A judgment is due to be handed down at Woolwich Crown Court on Monday, but Assange's father John Shipton won't be there.


Mr Shipton says there's too much uncertainty about his ability to travel amid a series of border closures in the UK due to a mutant strand of coronavirus.


"It's all up in the air like it is for everybody … except the situation is more tenuous for Julian because it's 10 years long," he told AAP.


So instead of London, Mr Shipton will head to the other side of the Atlantic.


He says the change of US leadership offers a chance to secure his son a presidential pardon from Donald Trump with the pro-Trump One America News Network agitating for it.


Mr Shipton also believes there's a possibility of the Biden-appointed Justice Department dropping the case against Assange.


"I have to go to New York and interview members of the new administration and advocate for Julian to return home," he said.


"That's where the battle is, that's who wants him. The case against Julian is weak and Julian's case is extremely strong."


Mr Shipton said if English District Judge Vanessa rules that his son should be extradited it's important to be putting the ground work in at the next stage, which will be in the US.


Assange has been in de facto captivity for a decade, including time under strict bail in regional England and as an asylum seeker for eight years in London's Ecuadorian embassy.


Belmarsh prison, where he's being held on remand, has been locked down since November 18 and he spent Christmas in isolation.


Mr Shipton said Assange had been able to prerecord a message to his wife Stella Morris and infant sons Gabiel and Max.


"So they playback the recording to try to keep the relationship between Julian and his kids going as best they cane," he said.


The uncertainty of the past 10 years has served to prepare Mr Shipton for the year that was 2020, and the unpredictable year ahead.


Mr Shipton remains stoic about the future and determined to fight for his son.


"What you think about is not 'oh s**t this is no good, I'll go an hide under a tree and go to sleep'," he said.


"It's just simply: 'where is the best place to fight the battle now? How do you best fight it?'."

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Jan. 1, 2021, 2 p.m. No.12271841   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1854 >>3833 >>2463 >>2575

US ambassador Arthur Culvahouse takes parting shot at China




Outgoing US ambassador Arthur Culvahouse says America, Australia and like-minded democracies need to work together to ­develop trusted supply chains for critical goods like minerals, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment that don’t rely on China.


Mr Culvahouse said COVID-19 and ­“malign” Chinese influence ­required a determined effort by Five Eyes nations, plus key partners India and Japan, to source economic and national security inputs from friendly countries. In an interview with The Weekend Australian in his final days in the job, the Donald Trump appointee said Australia’s global standing had been enhanced during the COVID crisis, and the ­nation’s treatment by Beijing had opened the eyes of the world to Chinese coercion.


Mr Culvahouse, who will ­return to the US before Joe Biden’s January 20 inauguration, also urged Australians to have confidence in the US and the “profound and sacred” Australia-US alliance.


The lifelong Republican said the post-COVID era would ­require new levels of co-operation and a willingness to pay higher prices to guarantee supplies of ­critical minerals, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. “We are going to have to work creatively in almost a Manhattan Project-way to jump-start some supply chains that were captured by China because they were the lowest-cost producer,” he said in a reference to World War II allied effort to ­develop the atomic bomb.


“These words don’t come naturally out of my mouth, but we’re probably going to have to do a little industrial policy. If you are going to create strategically ­reliable supply chains, you have to have offtake agreements.”


He said trust and shared values would be the bedrock of future ­arrangements for the post-COVID economic and security environment. “Part of doing due diligence today is ‘Can we trust them? Do they believe in democracy? Do they believe in the rule of law? Are their people getting a fair shake?” he said.


“I think the Prime Minister, to his credit, has mapped out the blueprint, which is to build a ­coalition of like-minded, trusted partners … to be the grouping around which, in the post-COVID world, we have defence, economic and humanitarian co-operation.”


Australian rare-earths miner Lynas sealed a much-needed contract earlier this year with the US Defence Department for a proposed processing facility in Texas — the only source of separated heavy rare earths outside China.


But Mr Culvahouse said an even greater collective effort was needed, noting more than 400kg of minerals were required to manufacture a single F-35 stealth fighter jet. “Whether it’s rare earth, PPE or pharmaceuticals, you need strategically reliable supply chains from the mine mouth or the field, to the lab, to the end user,” he said.


He said the US also needed to share more of its cutting-edge technology, streamlining Cold War-era export controls for ­trusted partners.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Jan. 1, 2021, 2:02 p.m. No.12271854   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2463





As the incoming Biden administration prepares to ramp up US efforts to tackle climate change, Mr Culvahouse said the benefits offered by nuclear power also needed to be considered to deliver energy security while cutting ­carbon emissions.


He said it was not his place to recommend nuclear power for Australia, but declared “all ­options need to be on the table”.


“Nuclear power plants are smaller, safer and environmentally have no carbon footprint,” he said. “We need to get cleaner, quicker. But climate change and economic security go hand-in-hand. You can’t deal with them in isolation.”


Mr Culvahouse said Australia — which has been hit by punitive Chinese trade bans on more than $20bn of exports — was “at the frontlines of the great strategic competition of our times”.


He said Australian and US ­efforts to stand up to Beijing had created “additional space for other democracies in this region to step in and confront malign ­activity — and that is what is happening”.


The Chinese embassy’s list of 14 “grievances” with the Australian government — including the Huawei ban, new foreign interference laws, and the push for an inquiry into the origins of COVID-19 — had also taught the world about the Chinese Communist Party “in a way we couldn’t have”, Mr Culvahouse said.


“What this really says is if you want to get along with China economically you must be subservient. You must do what we (the CCP) say,” he said.


Now the dominant conversation in Canberra’s diplomatic community was, “How can we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Australia?”, Mr Culvahouse said.


He said Australia had “gained so much credit in the world’s eyes with the way it had dealt with the COVID pandemic” domestically, and in its global push for an inquiry into the virus’ origins.


Australia had also shown leadership in its vocal opposition to human rights infringements in China’s Xinjiang region and Hong Kong, and in calling out Chinese claims in the South China Sea to be illegal, he said.


“Australia has a lot of capacity for leadership, and when Australia speaks, people in this region ­really listen, and people throughout the world listen,” he said.


Mr Culvahouse, whose own appointment as ambassador came after a 2½-year vacancy in the post, said he hoped Australia would not have long to wait to learn who his successor would be.


Despite Mr Trump’s ongoing refusal to acknowledge Mr Biden as the president-elect, and four years of America First disruption to the global order, the ambassador said he remained an optimist and an “American exceptionalist”. “I’m proud of my country. We are a big, messy democracy, but we have self-correcting mechanisms that have worked for ­almost 250 years,” he said.


“The election of President Trump was a direct response to the fact that the elite in our country had ignored a swath of our population. And that was a significant self-correction.


“But I think we’re a force for good. Our values are strong. And our commitment to Australia is solemn, profound and sacred, and there is widespread bipartisan agreement on that.


“The next couple of years, just like the past two years have been, will be an incredibly important chapter in the alliance. We’re going to go through some tough times. But I’m equally confident the best days of the alliance are in front of us.”

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Jan. 1, 2021, 2:15 p.m. No.12272002   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2011 >>2556


George Pell’s Vatican money trail investigation hits home




Before his 75th birthday in June 2016, Cardinal George Pell went to see Pope Francis to confirm that his appointment as the head of the new secretariat of the economy would extend beyond his birthday.


Pell, the Vatican outsider from Australia who was given the job in 2014 to clean up the Holy See’s antiquated and opaque financial system, needed more than just the formal extension beyond the birthday at which approval is required to keep working.


He was in the middle of a titanic clash of powers within the Curia, he had made many enemies, and he was facing stiff resistance to ­financial changes and audits.


The revelations in The Australian this week that $2.3bn was transferred from the Vatican to Australia between 2014 and 2020, without the knowledge of the Australian Catholic Bishops — and that it is being investigated by the Australian Federal Police — highlight the need for the reforms.


From his appointment in February 2014, Pell had moved quickly, brusquely and effectively. The Pope signed new financial standards laws, and by April 2015, Pell had found more than €1bn ($1.6bn) “hidden” in Vatican accounts.


The Pope confirmed Pell’s five-year appointment would continue through to 2019 but it was derailed in 2016 when Victoria Police investigated Pell for sexual abuse of minors. He was charged in 2017, faced trial in 2018 and 2019 and found guilty and sentenced to six years in jail.


But after the High Court’s unanimous acquittal in 2020, Pell returned in October to Rome. He was given a ceremonial welcome from the Swiss Guard normally reserved for heads of state. Since then, he has watched as the financial scandal emerged from the dark corners of the Vatican.


The Archbishop of Brisbane and president of the Australian bishops’ conference, Mark Coleridge, told The Australian on Tuesday a lack of transparency and clarity in the Vatican finances and international transfers allowed for “dark speculation”.


The Australian bishops are preparing to ask Pope Francis to investigate and explain the $2.3bn in transfers, which they say was not received by any church entity.


Coleridge, who was posted to the Vatican for four years from 1997, said the deeply rooted Byzantine and antiquated culture of the Curia was one of the “big problems Cardinal Pell faced”.


The Archbishop said the timing of the revelation of the astonishing scale of the financial transfers to Australia — at time of a growing ­financial scandal at the Vatican — was “very unhelpful”.


In the past five months, Vatican investigators have uncovered the misuse of charitable funds, the overpayment on a $363m building in London’s Chelsea, and suspicious international transfers from the Vatican secretariat of state. They have also suspended Vatican police and heard allegations of payments to Australia to adversely affect Pell’s trial.


During the same time, the Pope has sacked high-powered Vatican insider Cardinal Angelo Becciu in connection with the London building scandal, stripped the secretariat of state of all its financial powers, and signed new financial standards laws.


Becciu, an opponent of Pell’s reforms who said the Australian cardinal was trying to enforce laws and regulations that weren’t enacted, was also the executor on two transfers in 2016 and 2018 ­totalling almost $2m from the ­Secretariat of State.


Becciu has denied any wrongdoing or anything illegal, and is suing Italian newspapers over the allegations of sending money to adversely affect Pell’s trials.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Jan. 1, 2021, 2:16 p.m. No.12272011   🗄️.is 🔗kun





In an interview before Christmas with an Italian current affairs program, Pell said everyone who had been appointed to clean up the Vatican finances over the past decades had been resisted, attacked and undermined.


Pell referred to the history of mafia involvement in Vatican finances and said there was a tape recording of a criminal who said: “Pell is out of the game now and we’ve got a clear highway ahead now.” He also said he understood if the mafia was trying to remove him, but hoped it wasn’t anyone within the Church, although there was “a lot of smoke”.


There are two concerns for the Australian authorities: first, that the Vatican is being used as an international “washing machine” to launder money through cipher ­accounts which are in the control of criminals; and, second, allegations that there were attempts to adversely affect Pell’s criminal trials in 2018 and 2019.


The pattern of transfers detected by Austrac, Australia’s international financial watchdog, and being investigated by the AFP, show a sharp increase in transfers after Pell was distracted by the police investigations and later ­removed from his post.


Between 2017, when Pell was charged and returned to Australia, and 2020, when the High Court unanimously acquitted him, $1.8bn was transferred from the Vatican City to Australia.


Australian bishops believe the funds sent to Australia could be explained by investments in Australian bonds and equities, which has occurred in the past.


But in the audited accounts that Pell prepared in 2015, there were no “significant Australian” investments and the funds returning from Australia to the Vatican do not reflect an investment of that size.


As well, at least four of the Vatican transfers — including the two signed by Becciu, totalling almost $3m between February 2017 and December 2018 — had a Melbourne company, Neustar Australia, as the beneficiary.


The Austrac reports show transfers from the Vatican to Australia soared from $71.6m in 2014 to $137.1m in 2015 before doubling again to $295m in 2016 and peaking at $581.3m in 2017. More than $422m was transferred in 2018, $491.8m in 2019 and $294.8m in 2020 in more than 40,000 transactions over the six years.


The Vatican investigators have also looked at transfers of charity funds to the Chelsea building project and to Slovenia.


Coleridge told The Australian: “What is certain in the middle of great uncertainties is that the ­Australian bishops did not know about these transfers until the disclosure last week, and we were astonished at the scale of transfers. We are baffled.”


The Catholic bishops and the AFP are trying to find out who received the money and how it was spent, six years after Pell tried the same thing.

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Soldier drinking from dead Taliban fighter's prosthetic leg in infamous photo is exposed as a highly-respected senior officer - as it's revealed he lectured the entire army on 'good soldiering' just weeks ago




A senior Special Forces soldier pictured drinking out of a slain Taliban fighter's prosthetic leg recently lectured troops on ethics and integrity in the army's own newspaper.


Warrant Officer Class 1 John Letch, Command Sergeant Major of the Special Operations Command, has voluntarily stood down from his position after a pixelated copy of the photograph was widely published.


A clear version of the image showing WO1 Letch is published by Daily Mail Australia here for the first time.


The highly-regarded 50-year-old veteran of numerous overseas deployments is the most senior enlisted man in Special Forces and one of the most senior soldiers in the entire army.


A source familiar with the photograph - and others showing senior SAS soldiers doing the same thing - said WO1 Letch was still widely respected by the men previously under his command.


'He's leading by example,' the source said. 'That's certainly how it's viewed by the boys.


'He's done the right thing. Yes, he did something in the middle of a war zone ten years ago but he's chosen to be a leader by stepping aside.'


WO1 Letch was pictured drinking from the prosthetic leg at an unofficial Special Air Service bar known as the Fat Lady's Arms at Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan's Uruzgan province in 2009.


Daily Mail Australia understands drinking from the leg was considered a normal bonding exercise among elite troops who were repeatedly deployed to the war zone.


The photograph was first published earlier this month in The Guardian and WO1 Letch was identified as the solider on Wednesday by The Australian.


Photographs of other Special Air Service officers and senior soldiers drinking from the leg are in circulation. The taking of war trophies from enemy combatants is forbidden.


Last month, following the release of the Brereton report into alleged war crimes committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan, WO1 Letch extolled the virtues of 'good soldiering' in Army newspaper.


The story appeared under the headline 'Be prepared to harness leadership' in the November 26 issue below a picture of WO1 Letch addressing commandos at a Special Forces training facility last year.


WO1 Letch was quoted saying the army relied on 'good soldiering' as its foundation to achieve character excellence and win the trust of the Australian public.


'Integrity and ethics are central to everything we do and every decision we make,' he told the newspaper.


'Personally, I view loyalty to Good Soldiering and sincerity - or genuineness - as crucial necessities to align our thoughts, words and actions to do what is right and achieve the greatest good.


'You think it, talk it and then walk it.'


WO1 Letch said 'walking the walk' was not easy and senior soldiers had to 'harness leadership over being liked to ensure that standards are applied and maintained.'


'The one-percenters, like dress and bearing and having manners, really do count, because perception is reality,' he said.


Being open to mentoring and having examples to look up were are also important to developing excellent character, according to WO1 Letch.


'A good mentor will advise, guide and train you to live, lead, fight and support better,' he said.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Jan. 1, 2021, 3:12 p.m. No.12272778   🗄️.is 🔗kun





Onetime SAS captain turned Liberal federal MP Andrew Hastie served with WO1 Letch in Afghanistan and described him as a fine soldier.


'We deployed together to Afghanistan in 2013,' Mr Hastie told The Australian. 'He was my squadron sergeant major and looked after our welfare during tough times.'


'John is an honourable man who did the wrong thing more than a decade ago. He accepts full responsibility for it. No one is perfect.'


WO1 Letch was right-hand man to Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) commander, Major General Adam Findlay and his recent successor Major General Paul Kenny.


'SOCOMD'S strategic centre of gravity is trust and we will only protect that trust by displaying integrity and exemplary behaviour,' WO1 Letch said.


'As CSM, I expect everyone in SOCOMD to live the Defence Values and show the strength of character that sets them at the very highest Army standards - no exceptions.


'I also expect them to foster safe workplaces, where everyone is encouraged to come forward and report matters not aligned to Good Soldiering.'


WO1 Letch joined the army in 1988, was initially assigned to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and has had a distinguished career in the Special Air Service.


He has served in combat units, training establishments, Army Headquarters and most recently Headquarters, Special Operations Command.


WO1 Letch holds the Order of Australia Medal and was awarded a Commendation for Distinguished Service for operational service in Afghanistan in 2009, the year the photograph was taken.


He has also participated in training exercises and exchanges in Brunei, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States of America.


WO1 Letch holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia.


The Brereton report found evidence of 39 murders of civilians or prisoners by 25 Australian soldiers serving in Afghanistan from 2009 to 2016.


A photographs from 2009 shows the Taliban fighter's leg mounted to a wooden board under the heading 'Das Boot' alongside a German Iron Cross.


The fake leg is believed to have been removed from an Afghan amputee who was gunned down during a raid at Kakarak in Uruzgan in April 2009.

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The burger bromance between Col Allan and Donald Trump


Andrew Hornery - January 2, 2021


Rupert Murdoch’s most ardent tabloid terrier Col Allan, the former Sydney reporter who rose to be editor of the New York Post and most recently advised on the paper’s coverage of the US election, is tying up loose ends in the United States before he returns to Australia in coming months.


Part of that house-keeping was a very special lunch date indeed: a private audience with one of his closest mates, the outgoing US president himself, Donald Trump.


Allan’s friends report that Trump hosted Allan in the Oval office, where they dined on … wait for it … hamburgers, washed down with a fine bottle of chilled Chateau de Coca-Cola 2020.


Allan’s pals have been regaling each other with tales of their mate’s lunch date, which has amused them greatly given he can apparently recite the gastronomic delights on the menu and wine list at his former haunt Lucio’s in Paddington off by heart. He is not known for being a burger and Coke kind of guy.


They also report that during the lunch Trump presented the retiring newspaperman from Down Under with the keys to the White House.


PS is not sure if that was a reference to an actual key to the building, or the long established “keys” to predicting presidential election outcomes, which have clearly not gone Trump’s way.


And if it is the former, will they still open the locks after Trump vacates the presidential palace in a few weeks’ time? We can only wonder, especially given his very loud rejection of the election results and discredited claims of voter fraud.


As for the lunch menu, apparently Trump has long held an all-consuming passion for hamburgers, requesting the White House chefs to recreate his favoured version: McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese, though apparently with mixed success according to his former bodyguard Keith Schiller, who was often dispatched to the Maccas nearest the White House to pick up Hamburger One.


We can only hope Trump did not serve Allan the same version of the burger on sale at his own Trump Tower Grille restaurant in New York City.


In 2016 Vanity Fair writer Tina Nguyen described it as “a sad little meat thing, sitting in the centre of a massive, rapidly staling brioche bun, hiding its shame under a slice of melted orange cheese”, though given all the whining coming out of the Oval Office in the dying days of his presidency, she could have been writing about Trump himself, metaphorically speaking of course.


In November The New York Times revealed Allan, “the Australian tabloid wizard who was once seen in the Post newsroom wearing a Make America Great Again cap”, was calling an end to his career of more than 40 years at Murdoch papers in New York and Sydney.


Allan, who was the Post’s editor in chief from 2001-2016, rejoined the paper as an adviser in January 2019, just as the presidential campaign was under way, though its blatantly pro-Trump tone has abruptly changed direction since the Biden victory.


“The Post is not perfect,” Allan told the NYT. “But it articulates a view that is not obedient to liberal orthodoxy. Therefore it is dangerous. I know where I would rather be.”


Allan also worked closely with former Sydney columnist Miranda Devine, who joined the Post in time for the 2020 campaign.


Devine has been a zealous supporter of Trump, likening him to “an invincible hero”. Her secondment to the Big Apple has been extended until May, after which she is likely to return to Sydney – unless she lands a gig flipping burgers at Trump Grille.

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How foreign intelligence services identify targets in Australia


ASIO believes there are more foreign spies operating in Australia now than at the height of the Cold War.


David Hurley - January 2, 2021




The message dropped into Jack’s inbox on LinkedIn.


The representative of a consulting company had noticed his profile and was impressed.


A virtual meeting was hastily organised on a popular encrypted app and Jack was told he had “a unique and valuable range of skills and experience”.


He was told he was the perfect candidate to undertake very lucrative consultancy work for the company.


Jack was quickly offered an all-expenses-paid trip to discuss the finer details of the role.


He was also told the job would need him to travel semi-regularly for discussions about “the more sensitive components of the role”.


It all sounded too good to be true.


But what Jack, who is an Australian government clearance holder, did not know at the time was that he was in the early stages of a cultivation attempt by a foreign intelligence service.


Jack had been targeted because foreign spies had gleaned information about him from his professional networking profile and deemed him a worthy target.


He became suspicious of the approach and reported it to his agency’s security adviser.


Further investigation identified the consulting firm was linked to a foreign intelligence service.


It is an approach that is becoming more and more common and Australians have been warned to be careful about what information they post about themselves on social media sites such as LinkedIn.


The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has been at the forefront of the secret war against foreign spies since it was formed almost 72 years ago.


Espionage has changed a lot in that time but the objectives of overseas governments looking to gain advantage at Australia’s expense has not.


Mike Burgess, Director-General of Security at ASIO, has said in the past 12 months multiple countries have tried to carry out foreign interference in Australia.


China is seen as the most active of those countries attempting to carry out espionage here.


In November, a former Liberal candidate who belongs to groups allegedly linked to the Chinese Communist Party became the first person in Australia to be charged under ­new foreign interference laws.


Di Sanh Duong, 65, former president of the Oceania Federation of Chinese Organisations and deputy chairman of the ­Museum of Chinese Australian History in Melbourne, was charged with ­preparing an act of foreign ­interference.


The charge followed a year-long probe by the Counter Foreign Interference Taskforce, led by ASIO and the Australian Federal Police.


The alleged target was acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge.


Sources have told the Saturday Herald Sun they expect more people to be charged under the foreign interference laws in 2021.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Jan. 1, 2021, 3:43 p.m. No.12273172   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6905





ASIO believes there are more foreign spies operating in Australia now than at the height of the Cold War.


The proliferation of technology and communications means foreign intelligence organisations can target Australians — and find out information about them prior to making contact — far more easily than before.


Mr Burgess said there had also been an increase in activity with more people working from home during 2020 due to the global pandemic.


“Espionage is the second oldest profession on the planet, perhaps the first and it hasn’t gone away,” Mr Burgess said.


“More activity online of people, spies are constrained on the streets, so the problem hasn’t gone away, in some cases things have got busier, especially in the online space.”


ASIO made international headlines in the 1950s during a Cold War flashpoint.


Vladimir Petrov, a Soviet intelligence officer based in Canberra, defected along with his wife Evdokia in 1954.


Petrov defected following months of development by his ASIO handlers and agents.


The defection led to diplomatic relations with the USSR being cut off and the Russian Embassy in Canberra was closed.


Since then ASIO has been a pioneer in using technology to carry out surveillance.


Decades ago cameras were hidden in books, bags and cigarette cases to observe targets.


The cameras are smaller now, but the purpose remains the same: who are foreign spies looking to target?


ASIO believes anybody who has access to sensitive information or with a position that gives them insight into cutting-edge research and technology, as well as domestic and foreign policy.


The spy agency also regularly engages with Australian universities, tertiary institutions and academia on national security issues, in a bid to protect information foreign governments are actively trying to get their hands on.


One aspect of ASIO’s role also involves working to protect diaspora communities here in Australia.


ASIO is currently in contact with more than 100 different ethnic and religious groups.


The spy agency says foreign governments have interfered in diaspora communities in Australia, often by using threats of violence.


“Australia’s diaspora communities are diverse, and the issues concerning them originate from a variety of sources: longstanding religious and/or ethnic conflicts, international events, social and economic inequalities, perceived political injustices and the difficulties faced by migrant communities with integrating into Australian society,” an ASIO spokesperson said.


“These diaspora groups are often the victims of foreign interference.


“Some foreign governments seek to interfere in diaspora communities to control or quash opposition or dissent deemed to be a threat to their government.


“Such interference has included threats of harm to individuals and/or their families, both in Australia and abroad.


“In some cases, foreign governments will seek to use members of the diaspora community in Australia to monitor, direct and influence the activities of the same diaspora communities.


“ASIO actively works with diaspora communities to help protect them from attempts at foreign interference.”


ASIO, with the help of the AFP and other agencies, has ramped up its battle against foreign interference in the past 12 months.


With the spectre of an ongoing trade battle with China looming large as one of the key issues of 2021 and beyond, the work of ASIO has never been more important.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Jan. 1, 2021, 4:11 p.m. No.12273527   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>0811 >>2463

Researchers targeted by foreign actors: ASIO


Universities are bristling against the prospect of more regulation to combat foreign interference, as Australia's domestic spy agency warns the threat cannot be left unchecked.


ASIO has told the parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and security's inquiry on foreign interference in the university sector it has learnt of researchers and their families who have been threatened or coerced by actors seeking to provide their sensitive research to a foreign state.


The agency said it was also aware that some universities have been threatened with funding cuts should critical research continue, and of academics self-censoring to avoid being punished.


"In ASIO's view, we cannot leave harmful foreign interference unchecked, given the serious nature of the threat and the corrosive impact it can have on our democratic society," their submission reads.


However the Group of Eight chief executive Vicki Thomson told the inquiry Australia risked damaging important research collaborations if it over-reacted.


"The Go8 agrees that foreign interference is a significant risk in the current global environment and must be taken seriously. The consequences of inaction would be detrimental to the operations of Australia's high quality research effort, which is a critical part of our nation's sovereign capability," Ms Thomson said in her submission.


"The Go8 therefore agrees that the threat of foreign interference must be managed effectively. However … effective management will require nuance care and balance. It could impact negatively both economically and socially if there are any policy missteps, regardless of how well-intentioned."


She said while Australia's relationship with China had been the subject of intense media scrutiny in the past year, Group of Eight universities - which conduct 70 per cent of Australian research - collaborated far more often with institutions in Europe, the US and the UK.


From 2015 to 2019, Australia produced around 28,000 co-publications with China. In the same period, the US and China published more than 260,000 joint papers.


The Australian National University said these figures "help put into context the risk associated with international collaboration across the university sector".


"ANU recognises that the foreign influence transparency scheme, the new Australia's Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Act 2020, and the Defence Trade Controls Act all individually play a vital role in defending Australia and ensuring that our community does not become subject to foreign interference," their submission said.


"That said ANU does hold concerns that these legislative instruments when taken collectively will create highly regulated environment that may duplicate effort, unduly tie up resources and ultimately not deliver the desired outcome.


"ANU believes that it is imperative that any measures recommended by the PJCIS following this inquiry should support the sector rather than punish it by imposing a deeper regulatory burden."


The inquiry was referred to the committee by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, less than a week after the Morrison government revealed plans to give the Commonwealth the power to tear up agreements struck by governments and institutions that could be a threat to Australia's sovereignty.


A deal between the ANU and the University of South China, where scientists collaborate on fusion energy research, was flagged as one such agreement that could be in the crosshairs.


The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has previously accused Australian universities like ANU of unwittingly creating major security risks by collaborating with universities in China that operate as arms of China's military, intelligence and political leadership.


Inquiry into national security risks affecting the Australian higher education and research sector

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Individually crucified live on tv


Dopey, disrespectful mother fuckers

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Is gonna get set on fire 🔥 too


Regardless of their skin colour


Starting with Donald trump

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Before you get fucking whacked


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WikiLeaks: UK judge to rule on Monday if Julian Assange can be extradited to US


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will find out Monday whether the Australian can be extradited from the UK to the US to face espionage charges over the publication of secret American military documents.


District Judge Vanessa Baraitser is due to deliver her decision at London's Old Bailey courthouse at 10am Monday. If she grants the request, then Britain's home secretary, Priti Patel, would make the final decision.


Whichever side loses is expected to appeal, which could lead to years more legal wrangling.


However, there's a possibility that outside forces may come into play that could instantly end the decade-long saga.


Stella Moris, Assange's partner and the mother of his two sons, has appealed to US President Donald Trump via Twitter to grant a pardon to Assange before he leaves office on January 20.


And even if Trump doesn't, there's speculation that his successor, Joe Biden, may take a more lenient approach to Assange's extradition process.


US prosecutors indicted the 49-year-old Assange on 17 espionage charges and one charge of computer misuse that carry a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison.


Lawyers acting on behalf of the US government said in their closing arguments after the four-week hearing in the fall that Assange's defence team had raised issues that were neither relevant nor admissible.


"Consistently, the defence asks this court to make findings, or act upon the submission, that the United States of America is guilty of torture, war crimes, murder, breaches of diplomatic and international law and that the United States of America is 'a lawless state'," they said. "These submissions are not only non-justiciable in these proceedings but should never have been made."


Assange's defence team argued that he is entitled to First Amendment protections for the publication of leaked documents that exposed US military wrongdoing in Iraq and Afghanistan and that the US extradition request was politically motivated.


In their written closing arguments, Assange's legal team accused the US of an "extraordinary, unprecedented and politicised" prosecution that constitutes "a flagrant denial of his right to freedom of expression and poses a fundamental threat to the freedom of the press throughout the world."


Defence lawyers also said Assange was suffering from wide-ranging mental health issues, including suicidal tendencies, that could be exacerbated if he is placed in inhospitable prison conditions in the US.


They said his mental health deteriorated while he took asylum inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for years and that he was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Assange jumped bail in 2012 when he sought asylum at the embassy, where he stayed for seven years before being evicted and arrested. He has been held at Belmarsh prison in London since April 2019.


His legal team argued that Assange would, if extradited, likely face solitary confinement that would put him at a heightened risk of suicide. They said if he was subsequently convicted, he would probably be sent to the notorious ADX Supermax prison in Colorado, which is also inhabited by Unabomber Ted Kaczynski and Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.


Lawyers for the US government argued that Assange's mental state "is patently not so severe so as to preclude extradition."


Assange has attracted the support of high-profile figures, including the dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and actress Pamela Anderson.


Daniel Ellsberg, the famous US whistleblower, also came out in support, telling the hearing that they had "very comparable political opinions."


The 89-year-old, widely credited for helping to bring about an end to the Vietnam War through his leaking of the Pentagon Papers in 1971, said the American public "needed urgently to know what was being done routinely in their name, and there was no other way for them to learn it than by unauthorised disclosure".


There are clear echoes between Assange and Ellsberg, who leaked over 7000 pages of classified documents to the press, including The New York Times and The Washington Post. Ellsberg was subsequently put on trial for 12 charges in connection with violations of the Espionage Act, which were punishable by up to 115 years in prison. The charges were dismissed in 1973 because of government misconduct against him.


Assange and his legal team will be hoping that developments in the US bring an end to his ordeal if the judge grants the US extradition request.

Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Jan. 2, 2021, 3:50 p.m. No.12286782   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6788 >>0703 >>2610


Mother of Julian Assange's children says if a British court sends her fiancé to face life in a US jail, this country's no longer a safe haven for free speech


Stella Moris - 3 January 2021




A month ago, I would wake up in the middle of the night seized by a recurring nightmare: my little boys, Max, 22 months, and Gabriel, who is three, had been orphaned. I was still here but their father was not.


Their father is Julian Assange, the publisher of WikiLeaks. Today, that terrible nightmare is all too close to becoming a reality.


Julian has been on remand in Belmarsh prison in South-East London for almost two years.


He is fighting a political extradition to the United States, where he risks being buried in the deepest, darkest corner of the US prison system for the rest of his life. Julian embarrassed Washington and this is their revenge.


The nightmares came to a sudden stop the week before Christmas, when a groundswell of support from all sides of the political spectrum called for President Trump to pardon him.


A leaked audio recording of Julian talking to the US State Department unmasked the trumped-up nature of the charges against him.


Leading figures, from former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to Nobel Prize winners, such as human-rights campaigner Adolfo Perez Esquivel, have been calling for Julian's freedom.


So far, there has been no pardon. But tomorrow, a British magistrate will decide whether to order Julian's extradition or throw out the US government's request.


If Julian loses, I believe that it would not only be an unthinkable travesty but that the ruling would also be politically and legally disastrous for the UK.


That is because Julian's case is not about what some people would have you think it is about.


His role in founding the WikiLeaks website is well known and it is fair to say Julian has angered many government and establishment figures around the world. WikiLeaks has published thousands of sensitive classified documents, many from the US military.


Yet Julian has been acting in the same way as any other journalist would in attempting to hold the powerful to account.


President Obama's administration realised this, and understood that charging Julian would require them to prosecute international media outlets.


After all, newspapers, websites and TV stations had published substantially the same revelations as WikiLeaks. That is why, at the end of his term in office, Obama freed WikiLeaks's US Army Intelligence source, whistleblower Chelsea Manning, from jail.


With Trump, however, the mood has changed dramatically and under his administration, journalistic practices have been pursued as crimes.


WikiLeaks and Julian have been accused of 'endangering national security', but US prosecutors admit they have no evidence to support claims that WikiLeaks publications caused physical harm to anyone. Perhaps that explains why their tactics have become increasingly desperate.


During Julian's extradition hearing at the Old Bailey in September, the court heard evidence that CIA contractors were plotting to kill him with poison while he was in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.


Agents-turned-whistleblowers, who were granted anonymity by the court due to their fear of reprisals, also admitted targeting our then six-month-old baby to steal his DNA.


They told the court that they had installed hidden microphones to spy on Julian's solicitors' meetings. The offices of his lawyers were also broken into.


It might seem unthinkable that a British court would give its stamp of approval to such rampant, illegal actions by the US.


It might seem equally unthinkable that a man who was practising journalism in this country, perfectly legally according to UK law, could be tried in a foreign land and potentially jailed for life.


But that is what would happen if the UK decides to extradite Julian. It would rewrite the rules of what it is permissible to publish here. Overnight, it would chill free and open debate about abuses by our own government and by many foreign ones, too.


In effect, foreign countries could simply issue an extradition request saying that UK journalists, or Facebook users for that matter, have violated their censorship laws.



Anonymous ID: 27ee9d Jan. 2, 2021, 3:52 p.m. No.12286788   🗄️.is 🔗kun





Reporters Without Borders and the National Union of Journalists have said that as long as Julian remains in prison facing extradition, the UK is not a safe place for journalists and publishers to work.


The press freedoms we cherish in Britain are meaningless if they can be criminalised and suppressed by regimes in Russia or Ankara or by prosecutors in Alexandria, Virginia.


If Westminster Magistrates' Court accepts the US arguments tomorrow, every other country can use them, too. It would place an impossible burden on you, me, everyone, not to violate foreign censorship laws.


Countries such as Azerbaijan are already lecturing the UK about press freedom because of Julian's incarceration. It has become an easy way to score cheap political points against Britain. 'What about Assange?' is the perfect comeback to criticism of human-rights abuses.


The US-UK Extradition Treaty, a relic of the Blair era, is partly to blame. It grants the US privileges the UK does not have: the US can reject an extradition request, as it has done to prevent Anne Sacoolas from facing justice after being charged with causing the death by dangerous driving of 19-year-old motorcyclist Harry Dunn following a road crash outside a US military base in Northamptonshire.


There is no prima facie evidence requirement and US claims cannot even be cross-examined in court.


Still, you might say, once extradited, Julian would face a fair trial. You might assume that he would, for example, be allowed to exclude hostile jurors. You might assume that he could defend himself by arguing that it was his duty to expose war crimes, torture and state illegality, and that the public had a right to know. You might assume he would be treated equally according to the law.


In Alexandria, there is a special rule that jury members cannot be excluded because they work for the government. Julian's case could have been tried elsewhere in the US but prosecutors chose to try it there, a state that houses US intelligence headquarters.


The court complex is just 15 miles from CIA headquarters. The state is populated by employees of the very sector that Julian exposed, people who have sworn oaths of allegiance to defend America against all enemies.


The legislation under which Julian is charged does not allow a public interest defence. The US does not dispute that what WikiLeaks published was of the highest public interest – it simply says it is irrelevant and Julian should go to prison regardless.


The Trump administration has argued that because Julian is not a US citizen, he would not enjoy constitutional free-speech rights.


This alone should mean that a UK judge throws out the extradition request. To allow it would expose everyone to the risk of discrimination in a foreign court on the basis of nationality.


In the US, I believe Julian would face a certain and monstrously unjust conviction.


You might think that his case is somehow special. It is not. As far as the precedent is concerned, I believe Julian might as well be a British journalist working for The Mail on Sunday.


The extradition concerns the US and Julian today, but next time it could be Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Russia demanding that we send journalists to stand trial in their courts.


The precedent would make political extraditions permissible. The accepted scope of the Official Secrets Act would radically expand to match the Trump administration's interpretation of the 1917 Espionage Act, under which Julian has been charged on 17 counts.


Even re-reporting information that someone else has already published would be an offence.


Extraditing Julian would be so manifestly unjust that it seems impossible. But it is not. It is precisely at times like these when our rights are most easily taken away from us, while we are distracted with major global issues such as Brexit and Covid.


Tomorrow's ruling comes just four days into Brexit. It could be regarded as a metaphor for Brexit itself: will Britain's values assert themselves against outside interference, or will Britain and its people be pushed around by others?


No matter what happens, we will continue to fight for what we know is right.


It is a fight for our family, to give our sons the right to grow up with their father. But it is also a fight for justice and a fight for everyone's right to live in a free society.

Jon James pratt (999) aka the storm ID: 3e62f9 You’re going to be setting each other on fire Jan. 2, 2021, 9:54 p.m. No.12290703   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Until the end of time


Not because you’re Aussies


Because you are satanists with guns


Tbh I never thought Americans were this stupid.


Doesn’t take a genius to figure out who is telling the truth here, does it?


Yet so many of you are still on twitter, pushing the deceitful claim that Donald Trump is anointed by God Almighty himself.


He isn’t. And never will be.


And by refusing to acknowledge the real source of the storm, your dopey disrespectful president has not only betrayed the American people, but God Almighty too.


The royals here will have to give up the two old cunts at the top too.


Or it will be the whole family.


Zero negotiations or deals.


And Bibi is absolutely ruined too.


All of you chose to run the gauntlet.


And all of you have allowed this situation (killer virus and impending martial law) because all of you have put being English above being human.


Be truthful.


Those 650 or so members of Parliament are some of the biggest cunts in the world, and have betrayed all of you.


And by the mass media (((twitter))) framing a global holy war as an essentially American affair, highly polarised too, you have all been screwed by an essentially Jewish media.


The special talent of yours truly is to reduce the whole global power structure to a beam of light.


And that’s what the big pdf is..


And no, I’m not a prophet like Jesus (777), I’m God Almighty manifest in a human being. (999)


That’s why I’m completely separated from my knowledge.


The big 2,238 page pdf


Just two rituals hold the whole global power structure in place.


Divine in design, obviously.


The original mandate for 11.11.18

(The shot heard around the world)


Obviously scrubbed from (((twitter))) now.


Was for yours truly to align the Commonwealth with Russia, USA and Israel. (90% of the world’s nuclear weapons) (the ‘winners’)


Dawkins and Hillary as the offering.


A return to nation states too.


With the kings and Queens being the losers.


And Israel being both the winner (Bibi) and the loser (mass media) .


With the prize being world peace and the knowledge of other worlds.


The eternal life mentioned in the bible. Yes.


But instead, as a direct consequence of playing at online light workers, the vile and deceitful cunts here, with the undying assistance of two violent and deceitful geriatrics (parents) thought it was without consequences to lock yours truly up for 3 weeks, then 7 weeks, force feed him medication and leave an extremely fit and tough (violently abused as a child) 48 year old former professional Bmx freestyler with a broken back, a heavily lacerated stomach and prone to shakes and fainting fits.


If you are so blind to not see the truth when it is staring you in the face, then you deserve to be locked up and forcibly vaccinated by your politicians..


Because that is exactly what is going to happen if you continue the charade on twitter.


You will all get further and further away from the truth.


Knowingly too.


That’s what makes it worse.


You see, I may have been born in England, but I had to relinquish my nationality when I was given a guided tour around 13 pizza ovens on the 1st January 2017.


The real pizzagate. Yes.


These politicians represent none of you and never have done. Ever.


But because it was deemed more important to fake an American holy war rather than acknowledge the real winner in the global holy war, Team Israel, Team USA and team Britain have already dug a hole for themselves, that they will never get out of.


Sure many of you feel cheated.


You’re not the only one.


And yes, I have been to America many times, have many cousins there, been to Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida and California.


Always had an amazing time. Been for bmx competitions too. Been in the Appalachian mountains and south central LA too. Eaten cold beans out of a boat on the swamp. You get the picture.


And no, i’m not perfect either, but some of my knowledge is.



Direct link to source document in pdf format. 2,238 pages 


17 year long beam of light from the absolute. 130 Mb


Every single entry date and time stamped.


Kills the poor hurt feelings and opinions of individual humans dead.


Jon James Pratt (999)


49 year old illuminated polymath from Warwickshire

Jon James pratt (999) aka the storm ID: 3e62f9 You betrayed Assange, Australia Jan. 2, 2021, 9:59 p.m. No.12290761   🗄️.is 🔗kun

To protect the royals


Who are going to get hunted down by 8bn people anyway


Lol 😂


At least you saved* the negative entities and the mole children before you were killed


*not really lol 😂


Justice served

Anonymous ID: d2e22e Jan. 3, 2021, 9:42 a.m. No.12295885   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2610

Pamela Anderson makes 11th-hour pardon plea for WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange


Pamela Anderson is making a last-ditch attempt to snare a presidential pardon for friend and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on the eve of a turning point in his espionage case — and she wants her fellow Americans to help.


The former “Baywatch” star, 53, thinks the US is risking the most basic tenet of democracy by accusing Assange of leaking classified information about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. And she is speaking out — yet again — before Britain rules Monday on whether to extradite Assange to Washington to face federal charges.


“The case is simply a criminalization of a free press,” Anderson told The Post. “Julian is being charged with journalism. Documents that have exposed war crimes and human rights abuses. Now the US wants to punish him for exposing crimes.”


Assange, 49, faces 18 criminal charges tied to the public release of hundreds of thousands of secret papers handed over by already convicted ex-Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning. If found guilty, the Australian — awaiting trial in a London prison after being kicked out of his hideout of almost seven years, the Ecuadorian embassy — could spend up to 175 years behind bars.


“If this extradition is successful, it will mean that no journalist is safe from prosecution,” said Anderson, who also is an AIDS and animal-rights activist. “This will set a precedent where any US journalist can be charged and sent to any country that requests their extradition. … And don’t think ‘it won’t happen to me,’ because it absolutely could, and countries will use it to silence whatever they don’t like the sound of.”


If Assange isn’t extradited, he won’t necessarily go free, according to legal experts. He could be prosecuted by Britain under its Official Secrets Act or perhaps by another US ally.


Like Anderson, Assange insists his prosecution strikes at the heart of the First Amendment — and is political retaliation for his role as a whistleblower.


But prosecutors allege the publisher is guilty of putting countless others at risk, from service members to dissidents to reporters, with his indiscriminate hacking.


Anderson, a Canadian who is now a US citizen, has lobbied President Trump for months to pardon Assange, even though Trump’s Justice Department brought the charges. In early December, she tweeted two photos of herself holding Assange posters — one in a string bikini — and tagged Trump’s official presidential handle “@POTUS please #pardonjulianassange.”


“Everyone should be asking Mr. Trump to pardon him,” she told The Post. “Anyone with influence should speak up for his freedom because it is our freedom, too. Take to Twitter and start a storm of requests.”


Assange caught Anderson’s attention a decade ago when he posted military footage of a 2007 Apache helicopter airstrike near Baghdad that killed a dozen civilians, including two Reuters journalists, and injured two children. Today, the “Collateral Murder” video has more than 17 million views on YouTube.


“It is horrific to watch,” she said, “and then to think that this is a daily and unnecessary war-time occurrence.”


The two met in 2014 at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, introduced by mutual friend and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. In March 2019, speculation swirled that the pair were romantically involved.


Anderson last saw Assange more than a year ago — before the coronavirus outbreak — at the maximum-security HM Prison Belmarsh in southeast London, where he is being held in solitary confinement.


Assange’s lawyers and doctors maintain the months of isolation have left the journalist underweight, limping and so unfocused that he can’t even assist with his defense. They’ve repeatedly requested bail because of his poor health and vulnerability to COVID-19.


“It’s madness. He is … crammed in amongst murderers in a prison that is rife with COVID,” Anderson said. “It’s the middle of winter and it’s freezing in there and his winter clothes haven’t been delivered. The whole thing is a medieval madness.”


The ex-Playboy model told The Post that she won’t stop working on Assange’s behalf until her friend is out of prison and no longer accused of wrongdoing.


“Drop the charges. Stop this persecution of a man who was brave enough to stand up for the right thing,” she said. “We can be a part of setting him free. We just need to have the courage he had and speak up.”

Anonymous ID: d2e22e Jan. 3, 2021, 9:48 a.m. No.12295959   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2556


‘Cipher accounts’ hijack Holy See’s good name




It is becoming increasingly likely the transfer of $2.3bn to Australia since 2014 from the Vatican City is not money that belongs to the Holy See or even the Catholic Church.


It seems more likely the transfers from “the Vatican City, its entities or individuals” are being used in the name of the Vatican but not for its benefit or even with its money.


“Cipher accounts”, Vatican City accounts in name only, have been detected previously in the opaque financial management of the Holy See.


So, too, has involvement by organised crime in Vatican investments.


Since The Australian revealed details of the transfer — with a peak of $541m in one year —transparent, legitimate explanations have diminished.


First, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference declared it had no knowledge of the transfers and none of the money was received by dioceses, charities or other Catholic entities.


The scale of the transfers, a lack of evident returns from investment, and not notifying Australian church leaders suggests the money wasn’t used to buy Australian bonds or equities.


The bishops are asking the Pope to investigate and explain the transfers. Now word is coming from the Vatican that it’s not aware of the transfers Austrac has identified as coming from Vatican City.


Unnamed officials are saying they are stunned by the report; the Vatican simply doesn’t have that sort of money to spend or invest, and they are seeking details from Australian authorities.


Legitimate and accountable transfers to Australia from the Vatican are minuscule compared to the sums Austrac has identified.


No one has suggested there has been any illegal activity or wrongdoing in the transfers — although the Australian Federal Police is still investigating some.


After Cardinal George Pell was appointed to clean up the Vatican finances in 2014, there was evidence of cipher accounts being used by people outside the Vatican and the financial council was warned of “leakage” from Holy See accounts.


As Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge has said, the lack of clarity and transparency allow for “dark speculation” which “is very unhelpful”.

Anonymous ID: d2e22e Jan. 3, 2021, 9:55 a.m. No.12296038   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2556


Bishops want answers from Austrac


Catholic bishops are considering asking Australia’s international fin­ancial watchdog to reveal whether any of the $2.3bn sent from the Vatican City since 2014 went to Catholic organisations in Australia.


Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge, president of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, told The Australian that asking Austrac if any of the recipients were designated as Catholic dioceses, charities or religious ­orders was an option.


The bishops are already working on a direct request to the Pope to investigate and explain how $2.3bn was transferred from the Vatican City to Australia over six years without their knowledge, amid a global financial scandal engulfing the Holy See.


In Rome, however, Vatican ­officials have also said they did not know where the money came from and denied it was from the Vatican or Vatican bank, and are also planning to ask Austrac to provide details of where the money went.


Vatican officials, who did not want to be identified, told Reuters that amount of money did not leave the Holy See after the Austrac investigation was exclusively revealed by The Australian.


Officials also said they were “absolutely stunned” by the amount of money reported and the transfers amounted to three or four times the Vatican’s annual budget.


One Vatican official told Reuters: “It’s not our money because we don’t have that kind of money.”


The official said the Vatican would be seeking details from Australian authorities on the specific origin and destination of the money.


Austrac and the Vatican have refused to comment to The Australian on the $2.3bn transfers.


The Australian Catholic bishops were already formulating a request to Francis after they were “astonished at the scale of the transfers” from the Holy See’s secretariat of state between 2014 and this year.


The Australian revealed that an official report from the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, Austrac, had found $2.3bn had been transferred from the Vatican City over the past six years. The Australian Federal Police is investigating some of the transfers from the Vatican to Australia after a referral from Austrac. According to a report to the Senate, transfers from the Vatican to Australia rapidly increased from $71.6m in 2014 to $137.1m in 2015 before doubling again to $295m in 2016 and peaking at $581.3m in 2017.


More than $422m was transferred in 2018, $491.8m in 2019 and $294.8m in 2020.


Bishop Coleridge said: “What is certain in the middle of great uncertainties is that the Australian bishops did not know about these transfers until the disclosure and we were astonished at the scale of transfers.”


Archbishop Coleridge said he was aware of claims of the use of so-called “cipher accounts” where organisations or individuals were allowed to use Vatican City ­accounts for their own foreign investment and transfers.


Archbishop Coleridge, who served for four years from 1997 in the Vatican’s secretariat of state, said much of the organisation and finances of the Holy See were ­“obscure and Byzantine” without clarity or transparency.


“So much of this confusion is rooted in a deep culture at the Holy See and it is one of the problems Cardinal (George) Pell faced when he was appointed to the Vatican in 2014,” Archbishop Coleridge said.


In the past six months, Vatican investigators have found misuse of charitable funds and suspicious international transfers, have ­arrested individuals linked with Vatican investments and heard allegations that money was sent to Australia to adversely affect Cardinal Pell’s sexual abuse trial to derail his financial reforms as the Vatican’s treasurer. On Boxing Day, the Pope stripped the Vatican’s most powerful office of its significant ­financial assets, the secretariat of state, after having sacked Cardinal Angelo Becciu, who was an opponent to Cardinal Pell’s financial reforms.

Anonymous ID: d2e22e Jan. 3, 2021, 7:06 p.m. No.12303339   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3455 >>2610

'A dangerous precedent': British judge to hand down Julian Assange decision


London: Julian Assange will learn within hours if he is to be extradited to the United States to face charges relating to WikiLeaks publications of a decade ago.


The 49-year-old Australian will hear his fate at London's Old Bailey on Monday evening (AEDT). He has been held in prison at Belmarsh Prison since September 2019.


His Australian lawyer Jennifer Robinson, of London's Doughty Street Chambers, told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age that the decision would be a verdict on Britain's commitment to freedom of the press.


"This case has huge implications – for Julian Assange and his young family – and for journalists and publishers everywhere," Robinson said.


"If Assange is extradited, it will set a dangerous precedent for press freedom."


But the US government says they are prosecuting Assange, not for publishing the cables but for how they were obtained, alleging he conspired with Chelsea Manning, then an army intelligence officer, to hack into government systems to steal three-quarters of a million secret and classified cables.


He faces 17 charges and a total sentence of 175 years if convicted of all counts in the United States.


Judge Vanessa Baraitser will hand down her decision on whether Assange is to be extradited to the United States to face a grand jury. Assange, who attended every day of his hearing in September and October last year, is expected to attend the hearing in court two.


Regardless of her ruling, it will almost certainly be appealed as both sides have said they will appeal if the decision does not go their way.


Stella Moris-Smith Robertson, Assange's fiancee and mother of their two children, Max and Gabriel, has begun directly pleading with US President Donald Trump, via his favoured medium Twitter, for a pardon for Assange, before Trump leaves the White House.


The Obama administration did not bring charges against Assange – they were only brought by the Department of Justice under the Trump Administration. Trump, who benefited politically from WikiLeaks' publication of the emails obtained by Russians who hacked into the Democratic National Committee's servers, has held views in favour and also critical of WikiLeaks.


Britain's National Union of Journalists (NUJ) said if Assange was extradited to the United States, it would "chill the media worldwide".


"Whatever you think of Assange, he clearly brought important information to wide attention," the NUJ's general secretary Michelle Stainstreet said.


"Now he faces prosecution for actions that are commonplace for investigative journalists.


"If this prosecution is successful, it will chill the media worldwide."


Monday's ruling is a major development in the 10-year saga involving the Australian who spent nearly seven years holed up at the Ecuadorian embassy in London to escape being extradited to Sweden to face allegations of sexual assault.


He was kicked out by his hosts in dramatic scenes in April 2019 when they invited Scotland Yard to enter the embassy and arrest their long-term resident.


Assange has been held in custody ever since.



Q Post #3764


Dec 28 2019 13:23:27 (EST)

DNC server(s).


Did Russia 'break-in' to DNC server(s)?

Why did FBI accept 'indirect' evidence re: DNC server(s) 'hack''break-in' by Crowdstrike [Ukraine]?

Why didn't FBI 'directly' investigate DNC server(s) [in-hand]?

Download speed internal data DL vs remote? [1]


How does one provide content to WL?


>person-to-person [1]

Personal comms [secured] prior to release? [1]

The (Source(s)):

>Feeder [1]

>Recipient [1]

Interning for the DNC can be deadly.

Does Crowdstrike possess 'gov_capablity' to trace 'break-in' route(s)?

Does Crowdstrike possess 'gov_capability' re: foreign intercepts?

Possible to layer/insert code [Crowdstrike] to designate intruder [intended target]?

NSA data_bridge DNC-Crowdstrike [bulk data collection]

Matters of National Security [Highest Levels].

FISA is only the beginning.

The hole is DEEP.


Anonymous ID: d2e22e Jan. 3, 2021, 7:16 p.m. No.12303455   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3606 >>2610


Assange To Hannity: Source For WikiLeaks Was Not Russian Government


Ian Schwartz - January 2, 2017


In an exclusive interview with FOX News Channel's Sean Hannity the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange said Russia was not the source for the DNC and John Podesta hacks.


HANNITY: Can you say to the American people, unequivocally, that you did not get this information about the DNC, John Podesta's emails, can you tell the American people 1,000 percent that you did not get it from Russia or anybody associated with Russia?


JULIAN ASSANGE: Yes. We can say, we have said, repeatedly that over the last two months that our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party.


Hannity's full interview with Assange will air Tuesday night at 10pm ET. More from the interview:


ASSANGE: Our publications had wide uptake by the American people, they're all true. But that's not the allegation that’s being presented by the Obama White House. So, why such a dramatic response? Well, the reason is obvious. They’re trying to delegitimize the Trump administration as it goes into the White House. They are trying to say that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate President…


ASSANGE: Our source is not a state party, so the answer for our interactions is no. But if we look at our most recent statement from the US government, which is on the 29th of December, OK, we had five different branches of government, Treasury, DHS, FBI, White House presenting their accusations to underpin Obama’s throwing out 29 Russian diplomats. What was missing from all of those statements? The word WikiLeaks. It’s very strange.

Anonymous ID: d2e22e Jan. 3, 2021, 7:48 p.m. No.12303833   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3839 >>2377


Christopher Pyne: Vital US ambassador must be bold


The US ambassador is one of the most crucial roles Joe Biden will appoint for Australia, Christopher Pyne says – and we need someone to speak their mind.


Christopher Pyne - January 3, 2021




From Australia’s point of view, one of the most important first acts of the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden will be the early ­appointment of a high-calibre US ambassador to Australia.


The 2½-year wait that Australia endured before the most recent ambassador was appointed was unacceptable. Although I hasten to add, then charge d’affaires James Caruso did an outstanding job, acting in the role and ensuring a seamless transition from previous ambassador John Berry.


Not every US ambassador to Australia has a significant impact on the Australia-US relationship.


After only around two years in the job, the outgoing US ambassador to Australia, Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr, is one who can lay claim to leaving a legacy.


Former US ambassador Jeff Bleich is another.


Even to the extent that Bleich lent his name and financial support to the creation of the Jeff Bleich Centre for the US Alliance in Digital Technology, Security and Governance at Flinders University.


It’s establishment is a real coup for our state and Flinders University vice-chancellor Colin Stirling.


One of the positive acts of President Donald Trump was the appointment of Mr Culvahouse.


Mr Culvahouse is a well-connected Washington DC lawyer with impeccable Republican Party credentials.


He is so well regarded that he has been asked more than once to ­oversee the nomination process for Republican Party presidential candidates’ vice president selection.


Culvahouse quickly identified the number one issue that would dominate his tenure in Canberra and guided US policy in most areas around that – the relationship between ­Australia and the US in an era of great power rivalry between China and the US.


Refreshingly, Mr Culvahouse didn’t seek to gloss over the complications in this thorny issue.


He stated boldly that he would “make an assessment of efforts of third countries, third parties, to undermine (the US-Australia) relationship, and if there are such efforts, including (by) China, I will not refrain from forthrightly … speaking publicly if and as required”.


This he has done. Mr Culvahouse may well have been helped by not being a career diplomat and therefore not ­becoming used to the diplomatic language that often attends those who make a career in the foreign service.



Anonymous ID: d2e22e Jan. 3, 2021, 7:49 p.m. No.12303839   🗄️.is 🔗kun





Mr Culvahouse reminded Australians that we have a very good reason to be proud of our history in defending democracy and liberty throughout the world and that, in the continuing contest between totalitarianism and freedom, we have significant assets that we could exploit more. One of these assets is our abundance of critical minerals.


These are minerals that are used in the creation of vital products that are critical to the economic wellbeing of a society, especially in national security, but are in short supply for various political or trade reasons.


They are minerals like tantalum, manganese, tungsten, cobalt, magnesium, platinum and chromium.


You might find them typically used in mobile phones, fighter jets, special kinds of steel used in the military, 3D printing of critical parts of engines and spare parts, satellites and solar power panels. There are a myriad uses for these critical minerals. They are sometimes referred to as rare earths.


Mr Culvahouse has repeatedly pointed out that the two most abundant sources of supply of rare earths are Australia and China.


Yet Australia has exported the mineral product only to have it ­altered and returned to us in the form of finished products.


This is an incredible opportunity for Australia.


The Five Eyes nations – US, Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada and Australia – are desperate to find a source of rare earths and processing of the base minerals that doesn’t ­include China in its supply chain.


So are our like-minded friends like France, Germany, the rest of the ­European Union, Japan, India, ­Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and many others.


Australia could become the sole supplier of such expensive rare earths to the Western world.


It would strengthen the West militarily and economically and remove the West’s reliance on China for what in times of tension, as we are experiencing now, is a product with national security implications.


China has made it clear in the past few months that, when wounded, they will pull the public policy lever of trade to pressure a country like ­Australia.


Mr Culvahouse argues, and he is dead right, that Australia is perfectly placed to be that reliable supplier of critical minerals, making us an even more valuable partner and supporting our economy at the same time.


He argues that we should go a step further and use government policy to ensure that Australia and the US has the processing plants in place to refine such minerals and then use them in our production chain.


While it isn’t the free-market economic policy that the centre right of politics is usually known for, in these almost-post-COVID times, when China is using its economic might to squeeze others, pragmatism should be the order of the day to ­protect our national interests.


Christopher Pyne was the federal Liberal MP for Sturt from 1993 to 2019, and served as a minister in the Howard, Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments. He now runs consultancy and lobbying firms GC Advisory and Pyne & Partners and writes a weekly column for The Advertiser.

Anonymous ID: d2e22e Jan. 3, 2021, 8:05 p.m. No.12304027   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2597


My accuser has her eye on Jeffrey Epstein payout, says Ghislaine Maxwell


Ghislaine Maxwell has launched a “vicious” attack on one of her key accusers, claiming she fabricated allegations about Maxwell’s involvement in child sex abuse because of a “desire for cash”.


Lawyers for the British socialite have sought to cast doubt on the credibility of Annie Farmer after it emerged she could receive “millions of dollars” from a compensation fund for victims of Jeffrey Epstein, the American pedophile financier and former boyfriend of Ms Maxwell.


Ms Farmer, who claims she was abused by the couple when she was 16, is one of three women preparing to testify against Ms Maxwell this year in her criminal trial on charges of child sex trafficking and perjury. Ms Maxwell denies all the charges. She faces up to 35 years in jail if convicted.


She also intervened recently in the Briton’s failed attempt to seek bail by providing US prosecutors with a written statement in which she described Ms Maxwell as “a psychopath” who would flee the country if released.


Ms Farmer’s lawyers say Ms Maxwell, 59, is blocking any possible compensation “in retaliation” for helping to keep her behind bars.


The row has surfaced in court papers in a civil lawsuit for dam­ages that Ms Farmer has brought against Ms Maxwell and the estate of Epstein, who killed himself in prison in 2019 while awaiting trial for child sex offences.


Ms Farmer, who has waived her right to anonymity, claims she was ordered to strip and had her breasts groped by Maxwell during a visit to the financier’s ranch in New Mexico in 1996. The couple are said to have “lavished her with gifts” before Epstein allegedly assaulted her in a bedroom.


The court filings reveal that Ms Farmer, 41, a psychologist, agreed in October to an offer of payment from the Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program. It has received more than 100 claims from Epstein’s alleged victims and has reportedly paid out more than $US30m. To receive her payment, Ms Farmer is required to drop her civil claim for damages against the estate.


However, Ms Maxwell — a joint defendant in that case with Epstein’s executors — is refusing to have the action thrown out of court in New York and is demanding to know how much money Ms Farmer will receive, despite the fact the sum is meant to remain confidential.


In a letter to the court on December 23, Sigrid McCawley, Ms Farmer’s lawyer, wrote: “It is readily apparent that Maxwell is … focused on delaying Ms Farmer’s receipt of her compensation. It appears this conduct may be in retaliation for Ms Farmer’s recent submission in the bail proceedings pending before judge (Alison) Nathan as evidenced by her counsel’s statement: ‘Your client has been vocal in asking that Ms Maxwell be kept in custody.’ ”


Judge Nathan rejected Ms Maxwell’s $US28.5m bail application in the criminal proceedings last Monday. Two days later, Ms Maxwell’s lawyer, Laura Menninger, filed a missive in the civil case. “The amount of money plaintiff obtains from the Epstein program is very much a matter of public interest and will go to the very core of plaintiff’s credibility during the … criminal trial,” she wrote.


Ms Menninger said there were discrepancies in Ms Farmer’s claims, including a diary she kept of the 1996 New Mexico incident that made “zero” reference to Ms Maxwell: “The fact that plaintiff seeks money from the estate and from Ms Maxwell in the millions of dollars at the same time she is a government witness in an upcoming criminal trial on the same topic is reason enough to suspect that her newly asserted memories of abuse — without corroboration — are not based on truth or a desire for ‘justice’ so much as her desire for cash … The motive for fabrication could not be clearer.”


Last Thursday, Ms McCawley accused Ms Maxwell of “vicious victim-blaming” and said her client stood by all her allegations and “intends to testify truthfully if called in any future proceedings”.

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ASIO red-flags Liberal Party donor Huifeng 'Haha' Liu over foreign interference risks




A Melbourne-based Chinese businessman who has aligned himself to prominent Liberal Party MPs is facing deportation after being assessed by ASIO as a national security risk, an ABC investigation can reveal.


The businessman, Huifeng "Haha" Liu, is a Liberal Party donor and former soldier in China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) who developed links with federal Liberal MP Gladys Liu and Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar.


Mr Liu is contesting the deportation order after the Federal Government rejected his application for permanent residency when security concerns were raised.


The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has also confirmed it is investigating Mr Liu as part of the joint ASIO-led Counter Foreign Interference Taskforce, but declined to comment further.


Mr Liu told the ABC he believed ASIO had assessed him as a security risk because he was the president of a popular Australian-Chinese neighbourhood watch organisation which had an agreement to take instructions from the Chinese consulate in Melbourne.


The group, the Australian Emergency Assistance Association Incorporated (AEAAI), acts as a middleman in police incidents and legal cases involving Chinese speakers.


The association has promoted itself as a grassroots community platform to its more than 55,000 members from the Chinese diaspora in Australia on the Chinese social media platform WeChat.


It has more than 1,000 volunteers who promise to race to the scene of incidents across Australia in a matter of minutes.


According to confidential documents obtained by the ABC, the AEAAI was promised funding from the consulate and agreed to report back on criminal incidents, emergencies, accidents and "security risks" involving Chinese citizens deemed to require consular assistance.


The AEAAI was promoted publicly by Gladys Liu (no relation), who has close links to Mr Liu.


Ms Liu helped the 52-year-old develop a relationship with Victoria Police and, by Haha Liu's account, translated for him at events with MPs and business leaders.


He also watched from the public gallery in the House of Representatives as Ms Liu delivered her maiden speech in July 2019 as MP for the federal seat of Chisholm in Melbourne's east.


Mr Liu has also ingratiated himself with Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar, the MP for the neighbouring seat of Deakin, who invited him to Parliament House to join him at his table for the 2017 Budget night dinner.


Mr Sukkar posed for photos, embracing and drinking with the political donor at a series of exclusive events between 2016 and 2018.


The Assistant Treasurer sent a Christmas card thanking him for his "friendship and support" in 2017, six months after the consulate announced its agreement with Mr Liu.


Geoffrey Watson SC, a former counsel assisting for the NSW Independent Commission for Corruption (ICAC), called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to crack down on what he described as foreign influences within the Liberal Party.


"This shows that a person who's now thought maybe to be a person of malign influence has got access to government at the highest level, to Mr Sukkar, a minister," he said.


Mr Watson said it was time for Mr Morrison to sack Gladys Liu in response to the revelations.


"Gladys Liu has now been tied to several instances of inappropriate influence," he said.


"I am stunned that she still holds the confidence of the Prime Minister and that there haven't been actions to separate her from the Government and even from the Liberal Party itself."


Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has called on the Government to investigate the report about Mr Liu's donations to the Liberal Party and his links with the two MPs.


"The Liberal Party needs to explain the connections which are clearly there and why it was that a senior minister of the Crown seems to have a relationship with this gentleman," Mr Albanese said on Monday.


"Michael Sukkar is a rolling problem for the Government. The only time he gets a run is in various forms of scandal …"



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Close contact with Liberal Party figures


The allegations about the nature of Mr Liu's activities come as he mounts a Federal Court challenge against the Immigration Minister and ASIO in a bid to remain in Australia.


The court granted him a stay on his deportation order after the minister rejected his application for a significant investor permanent residency visa on character grounds in September.


"I've done nothing wrong or against Australian law," Mr Liu told the ABC at his Melbourne home. "The decision to revoke my visa was extremely unfair."


Mr Liu has lived in Australia since at least 2014.


Sources close to Mr Liu have told the ABC he has been on ASIO's radar since at least 2016, when he had one of several meetings with the agency.


The same year, he founded the AEAAI and appeared in a photograph attending the launch of a new Australian association for Chinese PLA veterans.


The visa decision and the ongoing ASIO-AFP investigation raise questions over whether the Liberal Party and some of its MPs developed a mutually beneficial relationship with Mr Liu.


Gladys Liu and Mr Sukkar gave the Liberal Party donor access to the corridors of power, in Federal Parliament and at events with Cabinet ministers and government MPs.


In April 2017, Mr Liu and Mr Sukkar attended a private function hosted by a Liberal Party fundraising association called the Deakin 200 Club, of which the Assistant Treasurer is one of the founding members.


The Liberal Party's 2015-16 public records show that in the lead-up to the July 2016 election, Mr Liu donated $20,000 to its federal Victorian division.


In June 2016, he attended a series of pre-election fundraising events headlined by then-foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop and former prime ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott.


The same month, he officially launched the AEAAI and flooded his social media profile on the Chinese platform Weibo with photographs and posts about his encounters with senior Liberals.


He posted photos of the politicians autographing samples of products he was exporting to China. One photo shows Mr Sukkar and Mr Liu brandishing an autographed box of "hyaluronic acid collagen face masks".


In another of the photos, former prime minister John Howard is seen autographing a box of "ultra anti-wrinkle face serum" at a function organised by the Liberal Party's fundraising arm Enterprise Victoria at the exclusive Athenaeum Club.


In his Weibo posts, Mr Liu thanked Gladys Liu for translating for him with Mr Abbott, Ms Bishop and business leaders.


"Under the simultaneous interpretation from sister Liu, my speech was full of emotion," he wrote. "Tony and I talked about the election, refugees, immigration policy, and security [issues]."


In 2018, Ms Liu attended a meeting with Haha Liu in Melbourne between the AEAAI, Victoria Police and Monash City Council to discuss community safety.


It was one of a series of meetings and community forums involving the AEAAI and Victoria Police in 2018 and 2019.


And in a gesture of her ongoing support, Gladys Liu has attended and spoken at the AEAAI's annual conferences, including after her election as an MP.


Mr Liu also posted photos of events and dinners between 2016 and 2018 with Mr Sukkar, including while the MP was chair of Parliament's Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security.


"Tonight, I was invited to attend a private dinner hosted by the Assistant Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia Michael Sukkar," Mr Liu said in a post dated April 27, 2017. "He kept telling others that I was his old friend …"


In a statement provided to the ABC, MP Gladys Liu said her only dealings with Mr Liu were in his capacity as president of the AEAAI.


"Outside of this we have no relationship," her statement said. "Allegations made against Mr Liu are concerning and should be thoroughly investigated."


She said she had never received "financial support" from Mr Liu and was unaware of the allegations against him until contacted by the ABC.


A spokesperson for Mr Sukkar said that although the minister and Mr Liu had attended a number of the same "local events", this had not happened "in the past two- to three-year period".


He declined to answer questions about specific fundraising events.


"Mr Sukkar has never had a private meeting or conversation with Mr Liu, who is known locally not to speak English," the spokesperson said in a statement given to the ABC.



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The statement also said that the card received by Mr Liu was one of about 5,000 "personalised Christmas cards" sent by Mr Sukkar each year.


Mr Liu also donated $1,125 to the NSW Liberals for tickets to a Premier in Conversation event featuring Gladys Berejiklian in November 2017


It is not known if Mr Liu made any other donations to the party.


The director of the Liberal Party's Victoria division, Sam McQuestin, said Mr Liu's "financial contribution … was disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission in accordance with our obligations under the Commonwealth Electoral Act".


Under federal electoral laws, donations under $14,300 do not have to be declared.


Mr Liu was also feted by the Victorian Labor Government, when Premier Daniel Andrews handed him an award at the 2018 retirement banquet for the outgoing parliamentary secretary for multicultural affairs, Hong Lim.


"MPs from all political parties are invited to numerous community and multi-cultural events where they are often asked to be photographed with attendees," a spokesperson for Mr Andrews said.


Street crime fears


In 2016, Haha and Gladys Liu shared a common goal to mobilise large groups from Melbourne's Chinese community on WeChat.


They both spread stories about street crime targeting the Chinese community.


At that time, Gladys Liu was a campaigner and prodigious fundraiser for the Liberal Party's Victorian division.


Haha Liu, who started with a small fashion business in Melbourne in 2014, was building a profile as a well-connected leader and protector of the Chinese community.


According to a senior member of the AEAAI leadership committee interviewed by the ABC, Haha Liu often boasted of a close connection to Gladys Liu "to give other people the impression that he is a big guy".


The ABC is protecting the committee member's identity because he fears reprisals from the Chinese Government.


"He mentioned they were old friends for a long time," he said. "He used to mention, 'we have dinners together'. Sometimes, for some events, she would invite him."


In 2016, Ms Liu told a journalist that Chinese Australians unhappy with Labor's policies were flocking to the AEAAI's groups on WeChat.


"People are so frightened about safety — and they relate that to immigration policy," she said.


"People blamed Labor for letting immigrants — especially refugees — in. So, in response to the worsening of safety, people set up WeChat groups to scare the robber away. People are scared …


"They see that police are not protecting them."


Mr Liu was beating the same drum, including in an article on local Chinese news site Yeeyi, the AEAAI's official media partner.


"Mr Liu told reporters there are incidents happening every minute in Victoria …" the article said. "However, the police force in each Melbourne jurisdiction has only a few people."


In an interview with SBS Mandarin, Mr Liu said, "we provide the police with the function of [assistance] because the police force is really limited right now."


Gladys Liu's anti-Labor campaign is credited with helping the Coalition to a razor-thin win in the 2016 federal election, held just days after the AEAAI was launched.


She targeted voters in the Melbourne electorates of Deakin and Chisholm, where the Liberals' Michael Sukkar and Julia Banks won their seats.


When the Coalition's election victory was close to being declared, Mr Liu attended media events and posed for photos with then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, Julia Banks, Mr Sukkar and Gladys Liu in Melbourne.


"The Australian news broadcasts were full of me and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull," Mr Liu posted on Weibo on July 9. "Congratulations to the Liberal Party and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for his second term in office."


A deal with the Chinese consulate


In November, Mr Liu stood down as president of the AEAAI after a fractious dispute with some of the association's leadership team, who accused him of concealing his interactions with ASIO.


"I feel betrayed, I feel angry, I feel used," said the AEAAI committee member interviewed by the ABC. "I think everybody, our normal members, have a right to know the truth behind this."


In the four-and-a-half years since it was launched, the AEAAI has built its profile as a 24/7 community service where volunteers can be reached on WeChat, over the phone, on a new mobile app and in person.



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Chinese citizens and Chinese Australians have been willingly giving the association's volunteers sensitive and personal details about their lives.


The group, which is registered as a non-profit with charitable purposes, assists Chinese-speaking residents to cooperate with Australian police, judiciary and emergency services in criminal incidents, emergencies, accidents, disasters and disease outbreaks.


The AEAAI has gained coverage in the mainstream media recently with stories about its army of volunteers responding to missing persons cases, robberies, and delivering supplies to residents in home quarantine during the COVID outbreak.


But what the news stories didn't say was that China's Melbourne consulate had announced the AEAAI as its official "consular protection assistance agency" in July 2017, assisting in cases where Chinese citizens needed to deal with Australian authorities.


In the announcement of the deal, Mr Liu reportedly promised to "communicate closely" with the consulate.


Confidential documents obtained by the ABC reveal the AEAAI agreed to take instructions from the consulate, report to it on incidents involving Chinese citizens and provide "security risk information".


A letter of appointment signed between the AEAAI and the consulate stipulated that "the association assigns volunteers in accordance with the Consulate-General's authorisation and clear requirements on a case-by-case basis".


It said volunteers should "assist the Consulate-General by going to the scene of an incident to understand the situation of the case, provide assistance within its capacity to Chinese citizens … and promptly report the case to the Consulate-General."


The document, which also required volunteers to abide by Australian laws, was signed in July 2017 and renewed until at least July 2020, according to members of the AEAAI leadership committee.


As part of the arrangement, the consulate agreed to fund the AEAAI's activities.


Internal communications obtained by the ABC show Mr Liu told the committee that the consulate instructed the AEAAI to establish a third-party entity to receive consular funds.


While the agreement deals with citizens living in Victoria and Tasmania, the AEAAI operates localised WeChat groups and volunteers in every state and territory.


Swinburne University China specialist Professor John Fitzgerald says Beijing sees its consular activities extending to all Chinese descendants, not only its citizens.