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>>17734020 ————————————–——– Taking control.


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>>17728969 ————————————–——– White hats have secured many systems, but problems still remain.


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>>17799581 NH’s first transgender public official has been charged with stalking a victim and violating a restraining order.

>>17799586 Tax filing websites have been sending users’ financial information to Facebook

>>17799589, >>17799603, >>17799647 Fauci deposition tomorrow?

>>17799591 For all of you who also heard a spike in cancer of multiple types is happening in the vaxxed

>>17799610 Hunter laptop stuffs

>>17799638, >>17799650, >>17799664 CME CEO Terrence Duffy warned Congress about FTX

>>17799645, >>17799660 CBS News has obtained data from a laptop purported to have belonged to Hunter Biden

>>17799653 AZ Gina Swoboda, President of the Voter Reference Foundation

>>17799662, >>17799671, >>17799677, >>17799732 filing small claims/FB/Paypal fuckery

>>17799702 An Envoy Air pilot passed out while taking off from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, was later pronounced dead

>>17799707, >>17799857 OK Police: 4 dead at pot farm were β€˜executed,’ Chinese citizens

>>17799739 Hillary Clinton & Condoleezza Rice on America’s Global Role

>>17799771 Quick "FOCUS" dig.

>>17799777, >>17799802 Supreme Court Allows Dems in House to Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns So They Can Review How IRS Audits Presidents/read Obama, Biden, and Bush/2024 gauntlet set

>>17799778 Joe Bankman, Father of Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, Was the Legal Mastermind Behind FTX

>>17799798, >>17799805, >>17799840 Twitter Finally Cracks Down On Child Porn

>>17799808 Bolsonaro files official court challenge to annul Brazil's election

>>17799824, >>17799818 Kinzinger??

>>17799829 Marco Polo: Dossier On The Hunter Biden Laptop

>>17799863 #21823

Anonymous ID: 9d4d82 Nov. 22, 2022, 7:46 p.m. No.17799870   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun


>>17799413, >>17799564, >>17799565 Bolsonaro challenges Brazil election he lost to Lula

>>17799417, >>17799419, >>17799424 Brazilian truck drivers have blockaded at least 17 roads since Friday,


>>17799457 Harrison Ford will be β€˜de-aged’ in β€˜Indiana Jones 5’ to look like first film


>>17799471 Border accountability: All means necessary.

>>17799483 Former Mississippi Sheriff and Deputy Indicted on Bribery Charges


>>17799487 State Senator Brian Kelsey Pleads Guilty To Campaign Finance Charges

>>17799508 The National Hockey League Tweets β€œTrans Women Are Women”

>>17799512 Deadly Runway Incursion-Lima, Peru 18 Nov 2022

>>17799523 Arson attack feared as YouTube star FriendlyJordies' sprawling beachside home is destroyed

>>17799528 @realDonaldTrump Sloppy Bill Barr was a weak and ineffective Attorney General who was fired

>>17799537 the making of an algo

>>17799538 US endorses Turkish operation in Syria

>>17799543 POTUS' been busy Re-Truthing…

>>17799563, >>17799559 Ruby Ridge/Bush Barr

>>17799566 Space Force Moves Guardians to the Pacific Amid Rising Threats from China

>>17799570 HHS-authorized report recommends masks, distancing for β€˜long COVID’

>>17799572 DAF outlines space acquisition philosophy, priorities, tenets

>>17799573 #21822



>>17799171 Anon on crypto: did SBF buy the software? ANONS DIG

>>17798916, >>17799211 Jim W and BO new Proto posting options during attacks

>>17799178 Next House Oversight Chair Says Mar-a-Lago Documents Not Top Priority

>>17799183 Elon Musk says even AP won't be banned despite 'completely fictional report on Russian missiles hitting Poland'

>>17799188 Americans will gathering at AZ state capitol starting Fri 9am to demand a new election

>>17799198 Bolsonaro Party: Bolsonaro had 51% of the votes

>>17799200 McCullough Clip from Stew Peters' "Died Suddenly" re sudden cardiac arrest

>>17799206 CBS admits Hunter laptop data was not tampered with

>>17799209 Elon Musk Takes a Hit: Tesla Stock Loses $700 Billion in Value

>>17799212, >>17799241 Biden administration encourages possible mask mandate to combat 'long COVID'

>>17799215, >>17799220, >>17799279 FAUCI: Last White House Covid Press Briefing Pushing Vaccine', Bush praised him

>>17799218 BALTIMORE: "Firefighters are on scene at a house explosion in Pigtown

>>17799231 β€œBrazilian Military is Just Waiting for Bolsonaro to Give the Order to Arrest Corrupt Communist Judge”

>>17799260 Covid memory issues: report

>>17799271 Supreme Court OKs handover of Trump tax returns to Congress

>>17799291 Images from Kevin McCarthy’s team show the GOP delegation’s visit with Border Patrol in El Paso

>>17799348 McCarthy calls for Mayorkas to resign over crisis at border during El Paso visit

>>17799314 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 11-22-2022

>>17799332 New thread on FTX

>>17799342 New Fauci FOIA showed intel agy's took over messaging re CV-19 origins after Anderson's letter saying it was engineering

>>17799344 World Premiere: Died Suddenly

>>17799371 #21821


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>>17799882 For those expecting the AZ Attorney General to do anything other than eventually argue for certification just remember that one of these guys was supposed to be actively investigating the other guy …

>>17799892 Former Kentucky Governor John Y. Brown Jr. dies at 88

>>17799896 For your quiet nite kekking pleasure

>>17799897, >>17799900 Autism IS initiated by vaccines in a lot of cases

>>17799910 if the shoe fits……………….

>>17799913 Looks like ole Delaware gearing up for the new steal.

>>17799916 Florida Legislature poised to change law to aid a DeSantis presidential run

>>17799917 The journalist-run, intelligence-linked operation that warped British pandemic policy

>>17799918 North Carolina meteorologist, pilot killed after helicopter crashes

>>17799925 World Council for Health Published November 22, 2022

>>17799927 Almonds tingled? comey twats/Q/jfk

>>17799928 WHO's blueprint for the sequel Plandemic II


Noter tappin now

Anonymous ID: 9d4d82 Nov. 22, 2022, 9:45 p.m. No.17800164   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun


fuck you man

admins turn it on when spammer hits, turn it off to check, leave it off if no spammer

you twisted fucks need to get the story straight, no one asks for trouble, only slackers like you dodge it instead of meeting it head on and dealing with it

fuggen beta cucks