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>>17751801 ————————————–——– PUT AN END TO THE ENDLESS. 1913.


Tuesday 11.08.22

>>17734020 ————————————–——– Taking control.


Monday 11.07.22

>>17728969 ————————————–——– White hats have secured many systems, but problems still remain.


Sunday 11.06.2022

>>17724555 ————————————–——– You have all the tools you need.


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>>17803846, >>17803917, >>17803931 Purportedly: Russian volunteer reveals his troops in Izyum stumbled upon a Ukrainian satanic β€œchild organ network”.

>>17803881 "45th President of the United States" @realDonaldTrump on Twitter

>>17803909 Colorado perp's backstory coming to light: father was a meth-addicted porn actor; mother was a mentally unstable common criminal; threatened to murder his grandparents and conduct a mass shooting; was on law enforcement's radar.

>>17803920 Muppets in Moscow

>>17803989, >>17803935 Space Force, Bitcoin

>>17803938, >>17803940 Elon says Twitter is getting faster, "especially significant in countries far away from USA"

>>17803949 Twitter is reportedly nuking pedo accounts. This is eliminating much of Antifa Twitter.

>>17803957 The USPS is wrecking elections, too. Read up.

>>17803978, >>17803979, >>17804130 Must see Interview w/Garrett Ziegler on Laptop Report & the Biden Crime Family

>>17803981 Anon opines: cancelling IS this wars version of a gulag and we're in it

>>17804009 Brazil's electoral court rejects Bolsonaro election challengeNEXT TIME

>>17804017 Top Virologist Who Voted for Vaccine Mandates Dies β€˜Suddenly and Unexpectedly’

>>17803893, >>17804045 Thankful to be alive, anon. ; Thankful to be unvaccinated… (Looking good/feeling good, anon sees)

>>17804058 BREAKING: Our organization took a deep dive investigative look into http:'//', a pedophile's paradise. What we found will SHOCK you.

>>17804059 Wendy Rogers tweets, #TheCurtainWillBeLifted, image with "THE COVER-UP IS ALWAYS WORSE THAN THE CRIME"

>>17804061 You missed the point. Trump refused to turn over his taxes and took it all the way to SCOTUS to get the ruling. They ruled he HAD to turn them over. Prior to that, there was no legal ruling on the matter. Now this precedent can be applied to anyone and everyone. Enjoy the show:)

>>17804066 Facebook admits the COVID Vaccines destroy the Immune System and cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – The Expose

>>17804070 Read this: Updates from today’s deposition of Dr Fauci…

>>17804078 "It's not some individual who had their rights infringed upon. It's a state β€” two states β€” and a bunch of other folks. And the people who wrote the Great Barrington declaration, their attorneys are involved in it, too."

>>17803854, >>17803855, >>17803848, >>17803867, >>17803868, >>17803875, >>17803877, >>17803892, >>17803897, >>17803899, >>17803928, >>17803970, >>17804007, >>17804015, >>17804085 Memes of the thread

baker change

>>17804105, >>17804111, >>17804121, >>17804128 Dr David Martin on efforts to reduce the population of the world by 10%

>>17804106 Kari Lake on election cheating in AZ: "They did it in broad daylight. It was blatant

>>17804111 Q Club shooter is not right-wing, he's non-binary

>>17804134 Excess Mortality Continues to Climb Despite C19 Vax Mandates and Boosters Winding Down

>>17804141 Biden Embraces Crazy Climate Plan to Pay Other Countries American Taxpayer Dollars

>>17804144 Prominent FDA Virologist Who Voted for COVID-19 Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization Has Suddenly Died

>>17804151 Balenciaga apologises for controversial ads of children with β€˜bondage’ teddies

>>17804165 Bill Barr doesn’t know it, but he’s making Trump sound more appealing

>>17804198 Anon on LB posts re The Injected are now considered a new species

>>17804203, >>17804206, >>17804209, >>17804215 More sudden deaths in those under 40

>>17804271 #21831

Anonymous ID: 8f59b1 Nov. 24, 2022, 4:20 a.m. No.17804288   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun


>>17803218 Gov. Lujan Grisham tests positive for COVID-19 again. (Just returned from Egypt)

>>17803358 China State Banks Pledge at Least $31 Billion to Developers

>>17803420 Stew Peters The next round is fungal infections and cancer

>>17803485, >>17803509 β€˜SMART CITIES’ Worldwide Being Converted Into β€˜Open Concentration Camps,’ Says Ex-Silicon Valley Engineer Turned Whistleblower??

>>17803642, >>17803651, >>17803656, >>17803657, >>17803658, >>17803715 Grassley to Musk/Q

>>17803701 Brazil News. er or up dated (I heard Balsenaro's Protest was denied by the commie shit judge. not good..)

>>17803834 #21830



>>17802510 FTX FOUNDER: Minutes after FTX bankruptcy was signed "potential interest in billions of dollars of funding came in

>>17802543 damn alt right????? oops

>>17802566 Keyhole was to become: Google Earth Enterprise

>>17802571 45 Chaney (e)

>>17802575 @RepTroyNehls joins The Great America Show with @LouDobbs. Thank you!

>>17802614 45 What are they doing in Arizona about the large number of voting machines in Republican areas

>>17802628, >>17802631 45 Wow, this is a different story than the Fake News Media, together with the Unselect Committee, is trying to sell.

>>17802672 45 Supposedly, a numbers of prosecutors in the Manhattan D.A.’s Office quit their jobs because they felt I was being treated so unfairly

>>17802700 MN 8 people arrested after human trafficking investigation in Gwinnett County

>>17802722 Clare Bronfman wins bid to drop sex offender tag and will be transferred to 'Club Fed' low security prison where she could be released as soon as next year

>>17802737 AP fires reporter responsible for fake story alleging Russian missiles hit Poland

>>17802754 @DanScavino 45 pic magnificent

>>17802891 @CBS_Herridge has learned there has been outreach by DOJ to question former VP Pence

>>17802949 Elon: The world should know the truth of what has been happening at Twitter

>>17802984 mRNA (Speed of Science)"which is sung to the tune of the Kingston Trio's song about Charlie, "The Man Who Never Returned

>>17802998 TITAN25 USAF E-4B Nightwatch returning to JBA (Sec of Defense Lloyd Austin) from Jakarta-then the ASEAN Defense Ministers Mtg in Cambodia

>>17803015 Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals Vacates Contempt Charges Against True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips

>>17803058 Pentagon fails to pass new financial audit, unable to account for over $2 trillion in assets

>>17803069 Bill Gates, chair of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, confirmed that he was moved to an undisclosed location for safety

>>17803078, >>17803110 Veritas Poll: expose gubmint trafficking at the border wins

>>17803140, >>17803167, >>17803179 Grants from Sam Bankman-Fried's foundation to ProPublica are on hold/what about the rest???

>>17803198 #21829


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