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PN>>18515226, >>18515365 (You) launches today. We’re building an army. Subscribe and sponsor a camera.


>>18515365 (You)

Wow, James says to Bannon at the end,“I hope Andrew Breitbart is alive to see this!”(huh???)


Bannon says immediately,“He’s here in spirit!”


Anons may be right, Breitbart is invisible. Listen for yourself,he didn’t say, “I wish Andrew Breitbart was alive to see this”

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Fr. Robert McTeigue On Spiritual Warfare And A Brief History of Our Annihilation. The Fr. goes through everything we have rejected from God over the last 60 years in the West, and why we need to find God again. 7:19 minutes

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15 Mar, 2023 22:38

Nuclear watchdog raises alarm over missing uranium – Reuters

Two tons of “natural uranium” reportedly disappeared from a storage site in Libya


An estimated 2.5 tons of uranium that was supposed to be stored at a site in Libya was not there when International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors came to visit, Reuters reported on Wednesday citing a confidential statement by the UN watchdog.

IAEA inspectors “found that 10 drums containing approximately 2.5 tons of natural uranium in the form of UOC(uranium ore concentrate) previously declared by [Libya] … as being stored at that location were not present at the location,” Reuters cited Director-General Rafael Grossi as saying.


The inspection was carried out on Tuesday. It was originally scheduled for last year, but “had to be postponed because of the security situation in the region,” Grossi noted in the one-page report sent to IAEA members.


IAEA will carry out “further activities” to determine the uranium’s whereabouts and how it went missing from the site. The agency did not name the location, saying only that it wasnot under the control of the internationally recognized governmentand that reaching it required “complex logistics.”


The loss of knowledge about the present location of nuclear material may present a radiological risk, as well as nuclear security concerns.


Libya had obtained uranium enrichment centrifuges and atomic bomb designs, but gave up its nuclear weapons program in 2003, in a bid to repair relations with the West. Eight years later, NATO backed an insurrection against the government of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in Benghazi, bombing Libya on behalf of the militants.


On March 17, 2011, the UN Security Council voted for the US proposal to establish a “no-fly zone” over Libya, on humanitarian grounds. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Germany abstained.


Within days, NATO would launch a bombing campaign against the government, while the US and UK navies blockaded the Libyan coast.Gaddafi was gruesomely executedin October 2011. When US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was informed of his death during a TV interview, she laughed and said “We came, we saw, he died.”


Once the most prosperous country in Africa, Libya soon collapsedinto civil war between rival warlords. The UN-backed interim government was supposed to organize elections in December 2021, but never did. The country has been de facto partitioned between factions based in Tripoli and Benghazi.

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15 Mar, 2023 23:41

NATO hopeful says Ankara ready to ‘fulfill promise’


(Does this sound sinister to any anons?)


Finland expects Türkiye to green-light its application later this week, but Sweden’s fate remains uncertain


President Sauli Niinisto of Finland said on Wednesday that he expects a positive answer on Helsinki’s membership in the US-led military bloc when he meets his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan later this week.


Niinisto is scheduled to arrive in Türkiye on Thursday and tour the regions affected by the February earthquakes that claimed almost 50,000 lives. He will meet with Erdogan in Istanbul on Friday, to hear the Turkish president’s decision in person.


Asked on Tuesday if Türkiye would greenlight Finland’s application,Erdogan responded, “God willing, if it is for the best.” (Erdogan doesn’t speak like this!)


Finland and Sweden applied to join NATO last year, after the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. All 30 members of the bloc must ratify their admission. Stockholm’s application has been held up by Ankara, however, over outstanding issues involving Kurdish activists – which Türkiye considers terrorists – sheltering in Sweden, an arms embargo, and religious provocations.


Though the NATO leadership wanted to admit both Scandinavian countries together, last month Finland signaled it was ready to go ahead on its own. Sweden reluctantly accepted the turn of events, still hoping the issues with Türkiye would be ironed out.


Visiting Germany on Tuesday, Swedish PM Ulf Kristersson said he hoped Ankara would ratify his country’s application after the Turkish general election, which is scheduled for mid-May.


Helsinki and Stockholm’s NATO aspirations also hit a snag in Hungary, which was supposed to ratify their applications this week. The government has postponed the parliamentary session, however, citing “a delay in negotiations with Brussels.” The EU has made a set of policy demands it says Budapest must meet before the funds earmarked for Hungary can be released.


Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has accused fellow EU members Finland and Sweden of spreading “outright lies” about the state of democracy and the rule of law in his country. The ruling Fidesz party has said it would make a decision about the NATO application once the parliamentary delegation that visited Sweden and Finland reports its findings.

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15 Mar, 2023 18:40

Explosive devices found at Russian pipeline – Transneft

The oil transport company says it has uncovered evidence of a plot to attack the connector supplying oil to western European markets


Workers at the Russian oil pipeline transport company Transneft have reportedly found several explosive devices at the Novozybkov oil-pumping station of its Druzhba pipeline in the Bryansk regionnear Ukraine, according to company spokesperson Igor Demin.


Speaking to TASS, he stated that on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday morning, the devices were found in destroyed plastic cases of “non-industrial production” with a striking warhead in the form of steel balls.


“Presumably, the destruction of the cases occurred afterhitting the ground when falling from drones,” Demin suggested. He added that on Wednesday afternoon another explosive device was seen being dropped from a UAV, “likely similar to the other two [devices].”


At the same time, the Transneft representative pointed out that the Novozybkov pumping station had not been in operation throughout 2023 and that its reserve tanks are empty.


Demin added that, given the steel balls found in the explosives, the perpetrators of the sabotage likely did not intend to destroy the facility but instead wanted to kill members of the civilian personnel working at the Druzhba station.


The spokesperson noted that an investigation is currently underway and that nobody at the Novozybkov facility had been injured.


The Druzhba (Friendship) oil pipeline is one of the longest in the world and connects eastern parts of Russia to several points in Europe, including Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Germany. However, the pipeline has repeatedly come under attack from Kiev’s forces since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine.


The last attack was reported on February 1, when Demin stated that a missile had landed on the territory of the Novozybkov station but ultimately failed to cause any damage or to injure any of the workers. On February 3, another attack was reported by media outlet Mash, but Transneft said it had no information on the alleged incident and that the pipeline was working normally.


The pipeline segment that is apparently being targeted by Ukraine is located some 39 kilometers from the border with Russia and leads in the direction of Belarus, where it branches off into two sections, one going to Germany and Poland and the other to Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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15 Mar, 2023 19:26

Ukraine wants to legalize controversial hacker brigade

Kiev’s cybersecurity boss confirmed the plans to Newsweek


Ukraine is drafting a law to legalize its controversial hacker brigade, turning an international pro-Ukrainian “hacktivist” group into a “cyber-reserve” military unit, Newsweek confirmed with a state official in an article published on Tuesday.


Secretary of Ukraine’s National Coordination Center for Cybersecurity Natalia Tkachuk told Newsweek that a law regulating the “creation and functioning of cyber forces” was being fast tracked at the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. She added that this new law would be the “basis for building the state’s cyber defense capabilities, engaging cyber volunteers in these activities, and creating a cyber reserve.”


Kiev currently has a volunteer hacker brigade called ‘the IT Army of Ukraine’, which it wants to take out of the legal gray area and incorporate into the armed forces in an official capacity.


The IT Army calls itself a “worldwide IT community” that represents President Vladimir Zelensky’s team and is “the supreme power in Ukraine, capable [of blocking] over 800 targets simultaneously.” They invite anyone with a phone to join and help launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on Russian online services, where they flood the sites with internet traffic and cause an outage.


The group has claimed responsibility for crashing various Russian sites, including bringing down media websites during Vladimir Putin’s State of the Nation address last month. The IT Army has also been criticized for targeting civilian facilities, including hospitals, in their attacks, according to Newsweek. The report claims that a representative of the group has welcomed the decision to legalize their efforts, even if it meant dissolving the existing IT Army to transform into an official army unit.


This comes as Russia and Belarus signed a new digital safety agreement earlier this month to “increase the protection of the information infrastructure” and “combat destructive influences on the information resources” of the two states.


At the same time, many Western outlets are issuing warnings on alleged Russian cyber warfare. Most recently, CNN said on Wednesday that Russian hackers were targeting European military and transport organizations, citing a Microsoft report. Similarly, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser told Funke media group last month that Moscow’s hackers were a “massive danger” to Berlin.


(Great Ukraine uses our money to hack around the world including American citizens, was that Bidan’s plan from the start)

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Interesting – Democratic Congressman Daniel Goldman of New York Holding $32+ Million in Cayman Island Bank Account…


March 15, 2023 | Sundance

Here’s a fun little bit of datamining by the folks at TrendingPolitics. Apparently, former DOJ apparatchik and current New York Representative Daniel Goldman is holding $32+ million in a Cayman Island bank account.


Goldman was one of Los Tres Amigosconscripted from the DOJ who was enlisted by Mary McCord to run the public face of the House impeachment effort against President Trump. More recently sketchy Goldman attempted to run defense for the Mueller-Weissmann team during testimony about the Twitter files. {Go Deep}


Considering his legal exposure to the multiple frauds he assisted and perpetrated, it seems part of his financial risk mitigation is to keep his bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. Curiously interesting, because it’s always worth noting what ammunition the Fourth Branch carries to keep their toadies in line.


[Trending Politics] – Newly disclosed financial documents show that a House Democrat leading the charge against income inequality has stashed over $30 million in a tax-free international haven to support his nonprofit.


The Richard W. Goldman Foundation, which for a decade has provided charitable efforts on behalf of the disadvantaged, reported holding $32.2 million in investments harbored within the Cayman Islands, a renowned haven for wealthy individuals and corporations seeking to relieve tax burdens. The organization was founded in 2012 by Democratic Congressman Daniel Goldman of New York.


Documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission list Goldman as financial director for the Goldman Foundation, giving him control over where and how its assets are managed. Disclosures to House Ethics by the New York lawmaker show he has maintained a position on the foundation’s board of advisors through July 2022.


Rep. Goldman just last week issued a statement supporting President Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans as part of his annual budget. (read more)…

Anonymous ID: e6b220 March 15, 2023, 8:16 p.m. No.18516101   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6211

=George Santos Files Intent to Run for Reelection in 2024

Greg Byrnes8:47 PM on March 15, 2023

(Guaranteed someone paid him to run in the first place to prove how easy it us to have criminals in government! Or he’s seriously trolling.)

Republican Rep. George Santos filed with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday his intent to run for reelection in 2024. The sound you are probably hearing is not champagne corks but heads exploding at the Nassau County, NY, Republican Party headquarters. And the echo reverberates all the way to DC, where Sen. Mitt Romney is preparing to strike a majestic Hamlet-like pose of shame.


Yes, the shock and shame of having a popularly elected official who lied about his resume and is accused of writing some bad checks! The shame of having a politician who seems to go from having no money to having a ton of money! Unheard of in Long Island or Washington politics. Never mind that the local party has, over the years, been accused of endorsing a few questionable characters, with at least one local party leader going to jail in recent election cycles.


But George Santos, the bisexual, openly gay Brazilian guy from Queens? That’s a bridge too far. And yet the congressman with the fabulist resume is already famous on Saturday Night Live. The 34-year-old law and order candidate who came from nowhere to beat the Democrat and Working Family Party candidate Robert Zimmerman even merited a string of jokes at the Oscars. Three months into his first term, he is a national figure.


And there he was, front and center at the State of the Union, being lectured to by Romney on honesty, even as Romney dutifully applauded never-tell-a-fib Joe Biden. As New York’s WOR radio host Mark Simone said, George Santos wasn’t there to support the GOP. He was there to sit at the feet of the master and take notes. Yes, the same Joe Biden whose family used to work 12-hour shifts in the coal mines of Pennsylvania, who used to attend a black church on Sunday, a Jewish synagogue on Saturday, and who was embedded in the Puerto Rican community, all while he was fending off Corn Pop in the ghetto, and being arrested with Nelson Mandela, and getting three college degrees, finishing first in his law school class, only to go on to his job as a truck driver, and later college professor, no joke. If a man with that backstory could become president, what heights could this poor kid from Queens achieve if he put his imagination to work? The lesson of Joe Biden is, go big or go home.


Yes, in a bizarre way lunch bucket Joe is a political role model. Joe Biden is a man who used to hang out with a train conductor on Amtrak even years after the conductor was dead, and as a senator, spent his Saturday mornings at the local Home Depot getting items to do his home repairs. And he grew up in Wilmington, DE, and Scranton, PA, while talking over the dinner table with his father who, according to his father’s obituary, owned an airport and crop dusting service on Long Island while apparently living in, yes, Nassau County. It all comes full circle, and if you can pull this off, you will be a politician, my son…


But the GOP, as usual, is more interested in tearing its own members apart than going after Democrats. In truth, the Nassau County GOP was once a formidable Republican machine. Known then as the Cook County of the East, it had an uncanny ability to find votes as needed. Those days may be gone, but the party is hardly a paragon of virtue. And Congress isn’t exactly a collection of saints. So their sense of shame is very selective. The Nassau County GOP has returned every dollar Santos donated to the party, an unheard-of move. So they are gunning to take him out, and he is starting early to build up a protective war chest against those trying to criminalize his candidacy and knock him out in a primary.


So Democrats and Republicans had better come to this with clean hands, especially if Santos runs as an independent.


The fact is, Congress is full of people who make things up, and if the Republicans want Santos to resign, they should at least demand the Democrats pair this resignation with the resignation of one of their own Joe Biden imitators. No need to expect Biden or Kamala Harris, who has her own legacy of exaggerations, to step down. A pawn for a pawn should be a minimum demand. There is a long list of Democrats in Congress who have gilded the lily and even gotten rich while in office under questionable circumstances. Until their heads are also presented on a platter, Santos should stay in office, and Republicans need not shy away from Santos’s reelection campaign. He already seems ready for a fight.

Anonymous ID: e6b220 March 15, 2023, 8:40 p.m. No.18516183   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6211

Behar: Trump, DeSantis Thinking Putin Will Stop with Ukraine ‘Extremely Naive and Stupid’


(Guys, guys, guys, Behar knows what she is talking about, she has negotiated with world leaders…. She has had to decide whether to drop a drone or bomb on a terrorist, she gave the go on eliminating ISIS, she has had to manage a billion dollar budget, so yes Behar’s comments and criticisms are valuble and accurate. She’s Super Bitch Woman!)


Pam Key15 Mar 2023

Joy Behar told her co-hosts Wednesday on ABC’s “The View” that she believes Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and former President Donald Trump are “extremely naive and stupid” for thinking Russian President Vladimir Putin will stop his military advancements with the invasion of Ukraine.


Discussing DeSantis calling the Ukraine war a territorial dispute, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said, “I think it’s the Tucker Carlson audience. I would say I don’t think leaders are ready to be president if they live in fear of Tucker Carlson and his audience. If you’re trying to appease a television audience to get elected, it’s not going to work.”


Behar said, “Well, we saw in World War II there were isolationists in this country and not until Pearl Harbor was bombed did we get into the war. So we are seeing a similar thing happen here. For these toddlers in politics, Trump and DeSantis, to think that Putin is going to stop with Ukraine is extremely naive and stupid. My mother used to say, give them the finger. They take the whole hand. My mother knew more about politics than they do. Like he’s not going to go into Poland, which is a NATO country. This is the kind of thing that spreads and gets worse and worse. We didn’t learn from Hitler? How many examples do we have to have?”

Anonymous ID: e6b220 March 15, 2023, 8:45 p.m. No.18516196   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6211

BlackRock Chief Larry Fink’s Latest Letter Shies Away from ESG


Jacob Bliss15 Mar 2023

(Kek his investor's didn’t know how destructive ESG was!)


As the political backlash increased with the anti-ESG movement, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink appeared to have taken a different approach in his annual letter to investors regarding environmental, social, and governance investing.


Despite the world’s largest asset manager proudly pushing the leftist ESG investing policies as the practice of sustainable investing, Fink did not use the acronym ESG once in his letter. In fact, BlackRock’s CEO pushed the idea that the asset manager wants it to be the investor’s own choice concerning sustainable investing and the energy transition:


Many of our clients also want access to data to ensure that material sustainability risk factors that could impact long-term asset returns are incorporated into their investment decisions. This is why we partner with other companies and provide insights into how a changing climate and the transition may affect portfolios over the long term.




Government policy, technological innovation, and consumer preferences will ultimately determine the pace and scale of decarbonization. Our job is to think through and model different scenarios to understand implications for our clients’ portfolios.


That’s why BlackRock has been so vocal in recent years in advocating for disclosures and asking questions about how companies plan to navigate the energy transition. As minority shareholders, it’s not our place to be telling companies what to do. My letters to CEOs are written with a single goal: to ensure companies are going to generate durable, long-term investment returns for our clients. [Emphasis added.]


Fink also alleged that the asset managers’ clients “want our help to understand the likely future paths of carbon emissions” and “how government policy will impact these paths, and what that means in terms of investment risks and opportunities.”


Additionally, after being at the head of the company that pushes such ideas, he claimed, “It is not the role of an asset manager like BlackRock to engineer a particular outcome in the economy”or act as the “environmental police.”