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#24481 >>19939323

>>19939348 No Cease Fire as UK Prime Minister’s Family Signs Deal with Israel for Gaza’s Natural Gas


>>19939389, >>19939405, >>19939410, >>19939429 @realDonaldTrump 2024 is our final battle.With you at my side, we will demolish the Deep State

>>19939393, >>19939438, >>19939936 Technical explanation for the difficulty of downloading the J6 videos/screen record

>>19939426, >>19939440, >>19939455, >>19939480, >>19939483, >>19939576, >>19939585, >>19939667, >>19939706, >>19939734, >>19939791, >>19939969, >>19939985 the key to reading the map??NK/Clinton/Arafat

>>19939432, >>19939792, >>19939803 anticipates being operational on Sunday, November 19th, 2023

>>19939451, >>19939461, >>19939571 Ron DeSantis Has an Undocumented Immigrant Problem

>>19939470, >>19939583 Militant leftist protesters have shut down Lake Shore Drive in Chicago in "solidarity" with Palestine.


>>19939522, >>19939503, >>19939562, >>19939742, >>19939813

>>19939526, >>19939495 WHO released a document that states how to turn vaccines into bioweapons

>>19939713, >>19939714 Fears of political violence are growing as the 2024 campaign heats up and conspiracy theories evolve

>>19939780 The Biden administration has successfully brokered a tentative deal between Israel and Hamas to halt fighting for five days

>>19939785 It is always an honor to be joined by one of the greatest living thinkers of our time,Dr. Thomas Sowell.

>>19940006 Ukraine and Israel Get Billions? What About Single Maui Mom Who Loses Her Business & Home to Fire!

>>19940038 Somehow it’s gonna work out-I can’t tell you how Trump in Iowa

>>19940055 The Intelligence Briefing / The Shocking Reality

>>19940080 #24481


#24480 >>19938566

>>19938568, >>19938641, >>19938645 We are gonna sign at the top of the steps - DJT

>>19938638 President Trump: “With a neck like a pencil…how does (Adam Schiff) hold up that fat ugly face?”

>>19938621 President Trump: under a Trump administration, gasoline powered engines will be very much pushed…including hybrids. hybrids are much better because you can actually go a little bit further than the candy store.

>>19938639 President Trump: Under my leadership, we will have a rebirth of loyalty to the American farmer, starting at noon on inauguration day, 2025. And not only the farmer, manufacturers, everything else.

>>19938653 President Trump: Crooked Joe puts China first, he puts Asia first, he puts Ukraine first, he puts illegal aliens first, environmental maniacs first… put America first every single time.

>>19938679 President Trump: We have a judge [Engoron] that refuses to give up. And we have a judge who is a democrat-club politician.

>>19938716 President Trump: They [Iran] have probably a hundred and twenty-five billion dollars now. They have tremendous amounts of money. They're a very rich country. And when I was there, they were broke, and everybody talked about it.

>>19938738 President Trump: If you hate America, you want to abolish Israel, if you sympathize with jihadists and then we don't do exactly what you want, then you're not getting into the United States of America.

>>19938751 President Trump: I will deliver tax cuts, regulation cuts, energy price cuts and interest rate cuts, like you've never seen before, because we start from such a high base.

>>19938785 President Trump: We Will Make America Great Again. One Hundred Percent Greater Than Ever Before!

>>19938857 President Trump: Unlike Desanctis, I will protect social security and medicare for our great seniors. He wanted hurt medicare and social security. REMEMBER THAT IN 56 DAYS.

>>19939253 Donald J. Trump THANK YOU, IOWA!!! We are just 58 DAYS AWAY from Iowa’s First in the Nation Caucuses.

>>19938845, >>19938879 ARCHIVING - TRUMP RALLY IN FORT DODGE, IOWA 11/18/23

>>19938675 Matt Gaetz praises Speaker Mike Johnson for releasing 44,000 hours of Capitol riot footage

>>19938688 Angelo Carusone responds to Elon Musk's legal threat over Media Matters reporting

>>19938782, >>19938722 @DanScavino 58 days to go! - Official Registration: President Trump’s Iowa Caucus Team:

>>19938771 Counting War Crimes on half chan, Israel has violated 50% of the articles in Sections A and B

>>19938881 French Senator Charged with Drugging Fellow Lawmaker to Commit Rape

>>19938876 RFK Speaks About JfK JR w/ VLAD TV

>>19938888 Digits confirm genocidal maniacs are on the loose.

>>19938920 Do you like 'Marching to Zion'?

>>19938927 Groups behind Israel-bashing protests backing Hamas attacks got $15M-plus from Soros

>>19938942 Italy becomes the first country in the world to ban lab-grown meat

>>19939008 Death Toll Rises To At Least 130 In Kenya, Somalia And Ethiopia Floods

>>19939157 Rothschilds connected to Malaysia Flight 370 disappearance

>>19939241 PF conus update

>>19939281 #24480


#24479 >>19937780

>>19938260, >>19938320 TRUMP RALLY, LIVE IN FORT DODGE, IOWA

>>19938309 President Trump: Today the radical-left democrats and their allies in the fake news media are having an absolute meltdown because last night, our campaign won a gigantic court victory in Colorado.

>>19938352 President Trump: "Trump Derangement Syndrome… I had a disease named after me!"

>>19938377, >>19938388, >>19938387, >>19938442 President Trump: "Our leader can't get off the stage. When he's finished with his speech, by the time whatever it is he's taking wears off…

>>19938439 President Trump: Biden shut down the investigation into the Wuhan lab, he cancelled my program to rout out Chinese spies, he weakened my China tariffs…Biden let China open military bases in Cuba.

>>19938472 President Trump: It's very simple. Crooked Joe is weak on China, because Crooked Joe is owned by China

>>19938525 President Donald J Trump compares President Xi to Granite (second closest layer to the "core" issue?)

>>19938510 President Trump: "A very tiny little desk" [to immediately sign executive orders on Minute One].

>>19937824 @realDonaldTrump “Engoron’s ‘Co-Judge’ Law Clerk, Allison Greenfield, Attended Anti-Trump Events Endorsing Biden & Tish James, Spurred on By Impeachment Leader Dan Goldman.”

>>19937885 @realDonaldTrump The Judge committed FRAUD in my Trial by valuing my assets at a tiny fraction of what they are really worth in order to make his FAKE CASE against me

>>19938114 @realDonaldTrump Just landed in the Great State of Iowa! Join me live at 3pmCST/4pmEST

>>19938279 DJT ReTruthed Tammy Bruce Great news from our friend @greggjarrett – he has a new book! "The Constitution of the United States and Other Patriotic Documents,"

>>19937893 Jim: This attack against X is the same sort of attack that has kept our site in such a terrible state for so long - do me a favor and share this tweet with your friends?

>>19937790 Engoron’s ‘Co-Judge’ Law Clerk, Allison Greenfield, Attended Anti-Trump Events Endorsing Biden & Tish James, Spurred on By Impeachment Leader Dan Goldman.

>>19937821 Protest in Brooklyn, New York, by jihadists calling for a 'global intifada revolution'

>>19937816 J6 VIDEO MAPPING PROJECT: Step 1 - Track Ray Epps and everyone he came in contact with

>>19938202 Witness this video where a Federal agent explicitly states they’re undercover as Antifa in the crowd.

>>19937928, >>19937935 @RWMaloneMD I just saw data indicating that there have been 17M excess deaths worldwide from the vaccines.

>>19937934 In new lawsuit filed under Maryland’s Child Victims Act, 25 people allege sex abuse at youth detention center

>>19937947 45 in TWY16 Global 7000 on final at Fort Dodge IA from Palm Beach Intl

>>19938026 U.S.-China emissions agreement continues disparity in approach to climate change

>>19938104 CDC Claims On Vaccination And Natural Immunity Made Without Seeing Underlying Data: FOIA Document

>>19938163 1991 document describes what constitutes the New World Order; all nations will be given "quotas for population reduction on a yearly basis"

>>19938166 Japanese investment giant SoftBank may partially exit Ola, Swiggy, FirstCry

>>19938073, >>19938147, >>19938169 DEEP DIGS ON QUATAR

>>19938317 CNN hack reporter just tried to bait Vivek into turning on Trump

>>19938347 Trafalgar Square is being evacuated by police following reports of a suspicious package being found.

>>19938386, >>19938409 Blood Tribe Spotted Marching on the streets carrying Swastika Flags

>>19938390 Breaking: Israel 🇮🇱 prime minister and defense minister state that Hamas leaders in Qatar 🇶🇦 will be killed.

>>19938443 Almost 30K watching the rally live on YouTube. Over 40K watching live on Rumble.

>>19938440 @patel_patriot Elon is realizing how far the liberal media will go to ruin free speech and those they disagree with.

>>19938548 #24479


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>>19929568 #24468, >>19930445 #24469, >>19931389 #24470


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