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>>53149 Summary to date of info on Q drops and Law of War new

>>51758 Contacts, Websites, Other Info - now in dough under Links to alt-media

>>47678 Maricopa County Livestream Audit

>>51899 MP4s for don't post as graphics



are not endorsements



>>54295, >>54357, >>54363 planefaggin

>>54362 World Economic Forum Cancels Annual Meeting After Moving It To Singapore

>>54361 Trump Chess Move Revealed/UFO reveal

>>54360 The Biden administration has approved three more detainees at Guantanamo for transfer

>>54358 REVEALED:Voting Machines Had Built-In Ballot Stuffing Mechanism — and Elected Officials Have No Control Over Their Own Elections

>>54349 Ingersoll Rand Inc. sold by KKR & Co.: $724.86m-May 13

>>54344 CDC today announced masks are required for dirt naps. For the keks!

>>54331, >>54333, >>54337, >>54339, >>54340 Senator Fann says the Senate will respond to the Board of Supervisors letter at 1:00 PM PT tomorrow via live-streamed meeting.

>>54323, >>54324, >>54325 Qanon believers go "undercover" to spread conspiracies online/Qanon rebut

>>54311 Graftech Int'l sold by Brookfield Asset Mgmt: $166.65m-May 13

>>54308 California Farmers Facing Drought Are Choosing Empty Fields

>>54306 45: Congratulations to Frank Eathorne for being reelected as Chairman of the Republican Party of Wyoming

>>54304, >>54305 acct to watch for guud things

>>54294 Spanish military patrolling the streets of the autonomous city of #Ceuta after a sudden influx of people from Morocco.

>>54292 The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has announced that they will not be responding to any more requests regarding the forensic audit

>>54291 All my AZ people need to understand that the Senate will see the forensic audit all the way through to the end

>>54290 Was said he promoted a book while on duty was reason for his dismissal........

>>54288 Windham, NH audit

>>54287, >>54293 Biden admin approves $735 million weapons sale to Israel amid the ongoing conflict.

>>54286 A large portion of our military has embraced marxism. The other side are Patriots and loyal only to America.

>>54285 Pompeo:The CCP and some liberals in Congress like @BernieSanders, @AOC & @IlhanMN

are siding with Hamas terrorists and against America and Israel.

>>54284 Georgetown in Qatar-Palestinian Solidarity

>>54283, >>54289 Another HAZMAT train crashes & catches fire in Iowa

>>54282 2016 Genetically engineered 'Magneto' protein remotely controls brain and behaviour

>>54365 #197



>>54199, >>54224, >>54226, >>54230 Blinken arrives Iceland, >>54231 pf report(s)

>>54198 Chinese Military Scientist Suspected of Involvement in COVID-19 Creation Elected to American Academy of Microbiology-gatewaypundit

>>54201 Donald Robbins Liem diggz

>>54203 Court to weigh in on Mississippi abortion ban intended to challenge Roe v. Wade (sauceless)

>>54217, >>54219 Tiny, Wireless, Injectable Chips Use Ultrasound to Monitor Body may 12

>>54218 Gen Mc: "Matt DePerno just dropped a BOMB at his Michigan press conference...."

>>54220 Elites Worried: COVID Cases in India Plummet After Government Promotes Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Use-gatewaypundit

>>54221 LaRouche: To Stop a Middle East War, Destroy the Oligarchs Playing the Region-y/t vid

>>54225 Bets Against Treasuries Build in Defiance of Uncooperative Data-bnnB'berg

>>54227 Myanmar coup latest: US sanctions junta itself in latest move with allies-nikkei

>>54228 U.S. oil futures end at highest in more than 2 years-marketwatch

>>54229 France to lend Sudan $1.5 billion to pay off IMF debt, Germany offers

>>54232 Buffett's Berkshire discloses stake in Aon, sheds nearly all of Wells Fargo-reuters

>>54233 Are Record-Setting Commodity Prices a Result of Demand or Futures Manipulation?-wallstonparade

>>54236, >>54238, >>54272 Maricopa Board of Supervisors Special Meeting 5-17-21

>>54239 Will tuberculosis be the next plandemic?

>>54241 Smart TV Makers Will Soon Make More Money Off Your Viewing Habits Than The TV Itself

>>54243 The Supreme Court unanimously rejected Biden adm arguments in a case from Rhode Island that police should be allowed to enter homes without a warrant to seize handguns

>>54244 Mike Lindell Presents: Absolute Interference

>>54245, >>54247 NY lawmakers calling for Cuomo resignation

>>54253 The use of fear to control behaviour in the Covid crisis was ‘totalitarian’, scientist group admits

>>54256 A federal judge is sending out signals he may take Twitter to task over its designation as a “private entity”

>>54260 Did the article unpacking EYES WIDE SHUT and the one on the LONDON Olympic ritual

>>54261 States are wise to turn down Biden's poison unemployment money

>>54263 CDC's second-in-command Anne Schuchat to step down

>>54264, >>54265, >>54266 Kabal threefer this fine Monday Q day

>>54268 Qanon believers go undercover to spread conspiracies online....and it's working

>>54269 4th Grader Roasts Teacher On Wearing Masks During Classes At Emergency Board Meeting (VIDEO)

>>54270 Embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom Will Keep Mask Mandate in Place Until June 15, Because Science

>>54274 #196

Anonymous ID: 40f8dd May 17, 2021, 9:03 p.m. No.54368   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>54129, >>54141, >>54146, >>54179 Eyez on the skyz

>>54182 How can we ever trust politicians and media acting like they're critiquing Biden when they won't stand up when it counts?

>>54172 Runbeck fam diggz

>>54171 Dan/45/Q How do you hide a message in clear sight?

>>54170 War Of Words Over Inflation Stirs Questions for the Fed

>>54169 Deperno booms incoming

>>54168 President Trump Will Headline NCGOP 2021 State Convention In Greenville, NC

>>54167 Bill Gates visited Jeffrey Epstein's NYC house DOZENS OF TIMES.

>>54165, >>54166 1988 An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci

>>54161 2018 Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, & Ron Wyden Talk About How Easy It Is To Hack American Elections

>>54156 Gold Surges To 3-Month Highs As Bitcoin Loses $45k

>>54148 China extends tariff exemption for U.S. imports ahead of trade talks

>>54145 Trump Nears Deal With House on Deutsche Bank Subpoenas

>>54133 World Economic Forum cancels 2021 annual meeting

>>54131 AT&T to bow out of media through $43 bln deal with Discovery

>>54127 X22 report: Ep. 2479b - The Tide Is Turning, The 2020 Election Will Go Down As The Crime Of The Century

>>54122 Reston, VA., February 16, 2021 – James Clapper Joins LookingGlass Advisory Board

>>54121 Uh-Oh… Bill Gates Was Reportedly Removed from the Microsoft Board for an Alleged Affair with a Microsoft Employee

>>54117 Lynn Forester de Rothschild, founder of the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, believes change will come when hedge fund billionaires and Pope Francis work together.

>>54101, >>54126 Michigan Voter Fraud Atty. Matt DePerno’s Office Broken Into – Then VFW Hall Cancels DePerno Presser After Threats! Now scheduled for 12pm today.

>>54183 #195



>>54075 Great Reset Timeline

>>54074 Creepy "gain of function", beset clips - 6min YT vid

>>54073 Rand Paul grills Fauci: "pandemic over" (keks)

>>54072 Scenes from HUGE London pro-freedom anti-jab protest

>>54071 Calgary police arrest Fairview Baptist Church pastor Tim Stephens

>>54070 AZ Audit: four trucks watched by a guard contain everything

>>54068 Kelli Ward on ways to watch the Maricopa Do Public Meeting @ 1pm AZ time

>>54065 Bookings for mass vaccination sites start Monday in Japan

>>54063 Possible "recover" option on deleted Maricopa databases/files?

>>54060 Japan to develop passenger spaceships in 2040s linking world's major cities in 2 hours

>>54058 Flynn: This ain’t over until the airlines end their nonsense rules.

>>54055 Trump called Lin Wood a strong and talented opponent.

>>54054 Flynn: Supporter of Lin Wood, Behizy says:

>>54051 Just remember. We already got everything. The Democrats can whine and cry all they want. It won’t matter.

>>54041, >>54042 Questions Raised About Maricopa County’s Non-Compliance With Placing Ballots Under Treasurer’s Control

>>54039 The word "hash"

>>54037 Ravens

>>54030 @USNationalGuard Hundreds of #NationalGuard members from 11 states will join first responders in Alaska for ORCA 2021

>>54023, >>54024 AZ Audit May Expand To Include Down-Ballot Races

>>54022, >>54029 Runbeck diggz

>>54021 45 on state of Republicans

>>54016, >>54017, >>54019 Gen Mc

>>54013, >>54015, >>54017 CM on AZ audit

>>54077 #194


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Anonymous ID: 93c772 May 17, 2021, 9:50 p.m. No.54375   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4379 >>4396 >>4399

QAnon Believers Go "undercover" to spread conspiracies online"

lions and tigers and bears - oh my!!

By Matt Binder


Have you noticed less QAnon content on social media lately?


Yes, it's true that many online platforms have banned promoters of the right-wing conspiracy theory turned violent movement. But, many QAnon followers are still finding ways around those bans.


>name ONE SHREAD of evidence - and not thoseJ an 6 fake patroits who are really antifa


The reason you may not be seeing so much QAnon online isn't because they're not there. It's because they've gone undercover. QAnon content is still spreading on mainstream social media platforms thanks to a number of tactics its believers are using to get around the bans.


>bans = censorship - good to get around it


Evading the bans


"QAnon believers excel at ban evasion," Mike Rothschild, author of The Storm is Upon Us, a forthcoming book about QAnon, tells Mashable.


One prime strategy, Rothschild explained, has been deployed since Twitter became one of the biggest major social platforms to crackdown on the conspiracy in July 2020. When a QAnon believer's Twitter account gets banned, they'd just sign up for a new account and let their fans on alternative, yet less popular social networks, like Parler, where to find them. They'd immediately rack up tens of thousands of followers as their fans followed them on a brand new Twitter profile.


"Many came back again and again, making dozens of accounts," Rothschild says.


>banned for no reason? yes, try to come back, why not?


page 1

Anonymous ID: 93c772 May 17, 2021, 9:50 p.m. No.54376   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4379

>>543Months after Twitter banned QAnon on its service, Facebook followed suit and banned the conspiracy from its platforms in October 2020. But, by then, followers of the conspiratorial movement had already formulated strategies on how to get around such bans.


And they were doing so with help from Q, the anonymous user that started the whole conspiracy three years earlier.


"Q has specifically asked QAnon followers to 'deploy camouflage' by dropping all references to 'Q' and 'QAnon,'" said Travis View, co-host of the popular QAnon Anonymous podcast, a show that tracks and criticizes the conspiracy, when we spoke in Oct. 2020.


>like we couldn't figure that out for ourselves?


QAnon believers quickly needed new keywords and hashtag campaigns in order to find other like-minded followers or new blood that could be brought into the fold. They started calling the conspiracy "Cue Anon" in order to evade social network algorithms detecting the term QAnon. Instead of typing "Q," they would instead use "17," a reference to the letter being seventeenth in the alphabet.


"The general feeling in the Q community was that Twitter and Facebook were where the battle was being fought, and that believers had to find ways to stay there," Rothschild explained.


QAnon in the spotlight


As the pandemic and lockdowns and protests permeated throughout 2020, more and more people fell down the QAnon conspiracy rabbit hole.


>gee, i wonder why??


The movement had started three years earlier when the anonymous Q started posting conspiratorial pro-Trump messages on 4chan. But by 2020, the messages that had emerged from the dark corners of the internet were in the online spotlight.


The number of its adherents, who falsely believe that former President Trump is secretly waging a battle against a global cabal of Satanic baby-eating sex traffickers primarily made up of the Democratic Party and Hollywood elite, were exponentially growing.


>left out the part about widespread gov't corruption at all levels, election fraud, and covid19 malfeasance


At its height on Facebook in the summer of 2020, the number of QAnon-related Facebook Pages, Groups, and Instagram accounts were in the tens of thousands. On top of that, some of those QAnon Groups had hundreds of thousands of Facebook users as members.


Then, when a violent Trump-supporting mob




stormed the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021 to stop the certification of now President Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election, images of the rioters were broadcast on televisions around the world. People wearing QAnon shirts, an individual dressed in viking garb with red, white, and blue paint on his face known as the "QAnon Shaman" were all being covered on major news networks, firmly thrusting QAnon right into the mainstream.


The "QAnon Shaman" was one of the most recognizable faces who stormed the Capitol building on Jan. 6.


>documented antifa follower


Following the events of Jan. 6 which left five people dead, Twitter announced that it had suspended 70,000 accounts "primarily dedicated to sharing QAnon content." The company also suspended high-profile QAnon influencers, and right-wing personalities who made a name for themselves by promoting the conspiracy, such as Michael Flynn and Sydney Powell.


In addition, Twitter suspended 8kun owner Jim Watkins and his son, Ron Watkins, who also acted as the site's administrator. 8kun, the website which is run by this father-son duo, is where Q dropped their messages to QAnon's followers after moving from 4chan in 2017. (Recent evidence also highly suggests that Ron Watkins may very well be the person behind Q.)


>wow Ron & Jim "father-son duo" make the bigtime!!


Remember: Twitter prohibited QAnon content from its platform back in July 2020. How were so many accounts still spreading these conspiracy theories? Even though most major social media platforms had some policy cracking down on content adjacent to QAnon beliefs, such as falsehoods surrounding the November presidential election being stolen from Trump, it's obvious the QAnon bans didn't work.


>yeah - truth has a way of getting round bs bans


It's unclear if this was mostly due to the ban evasion tactics or lack of enforcement from the platforms, but it's likely a combination of both.75

Anonymous ID: 93c772 May 17, 2021, 9:50 p.m. No.54377   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4379

_Rebranding QAnon__


>"rebranding?" who talks like that?


If you came across people in your city protesting with "Save Our Children" signs during the past year, you ran into QAnon believers.


>more lies - nobody from Q groups involved....sigh


The #SaveOurChildren campaign was an effort to spread QAnon conspiracy theories without mentioning "QAnon."


In an effort to conceal the QAnon name and its purpose — supporting Donald Trump and attacking his political enemies — believers in the conspiracy started to organize under the guise of a movement that was against trafficking children.


Organizations and charities which have long fought to end human trafficking have rebuked QAnon, saying their actions have actually hurt the efforts to save children from abuse.


"QAnon co-opted the iconography of 'save the children' organizations, knowing that Twitter and Facebook would never ban those [types of] groups," explains Rothschild. "The result was the massive anti-trafficking marches, full of Q acolytes waving signs with Q hashtags, with some people not even knowing what Q was, but completely supporting it."


COVID-19 anti-vaccine conspiracies are another avenue where QAnon is trying to keep their movement alive without the baggage that comes with Q.


Many QAnon followers are very active in the anti-vaxxer movement as well.


>anti-vax or just anti-COVID vax?


Sure, there's already plenty of overlap between anti-vaxxers and QAnon followers' beliefs. However, social media companies have notoriously lax responses to health falsehoods, specifically. For example, whereas QAnon conspiracy theorists are removed from the social networks, many anti-vaxxers simply receive a fact check label affixed to their falsehoods, which still allows dangerous health disinformation to flow on their platforms.


>as compared to the well-vetted information from Fauci and crew??


In fact, a recent report found that 12 individuals are responsible for the majority of the anti-vaccine disinformation on the major social media platforms. The report even identifies exactly who they are, yet the majority of them remain on the platforms. (Currently, 10 out of 12 still have active pages on Facebook at the time of publishing this story.)


Fly-by-night conspiracy theorists


QAnon's newest workaround takes a page out of Snapchat's book: ephemeral content.


Knowing their content and even their whole account will probably get banned, QAnon followers will post content, let it spread throughout the platform, and then delete the content before the social media platform algorithms can detect it and take action.


>huh???? stuff mostly gets DELETED by YT, etc - not the poster


A new report from CNET details how this strategy was being deployed on YouTube. While the QAnon channels mentioned in the report have since been removed by YouTube, the strategy worked. These channels were only deleted once reported on by the outlet. The channels were able to acquire tens of thousands of subscribers with content that would be deleted after a few days. The content itself, some of which clearly violates YouTube's policies on inciting violence, would also amass hundreds of thousands of views, before being deleted. The channels would then repost content and repeat the process.


>most posters hope their material is NOT deleted - they're not trying to get it deleted on purpose


Similar strategies with "fly-by-night" or throwaway accounts have also been recently deployed by white nationalists on platforms like Twitter, saysJared Holt, a resident fellow on domestic extremism at Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab.


>Holt - what a joke


For example, earlier this year, newly opened Twitter accounts started posting details about the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC). It would be the first big white nationalist event since the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol. Nick Fuentes, who led the event, would share these tweets in order to promote the event. If action was taken against these accounts for breaking Twitter's policies, the tweets and possibly the accounts that posted them would be removed. But by then, the content and accounts already acted as a shield for Fuentes. His account would remain unscathed and the event was still able to be promoted to his large following.


>Fuentes has nothing to do with Q


"Once figures are banned from mainstream platforms, we'll often see them attempt returns with accounts they assume will be booted," Holt tells Mashable. "Creating accounts built around events or campaigns is among the most common of that pattern."


Holt says that some QAnon influencers have also attempted to replicate these tactics.


What's next?


How can you ban QAnon if it never existed at all?


One of the most prevalent strategies from QAnon adherents is to pretend that's the case.


Q last posted a drop for his followers in December of last year. However, in one of those final communiques, Q declares "there is Q, there are anons, there is no QAnon." A search on social media platforms for the phrase pulls up many posts from people spreading QAnon conspiracies yet are simultaneously claiming it never existed to begin with.


"The entire movement immediately embraced the idea that the term 'QAnon' was a mainstream media creation, despite Q having used the term many times, and other Q believers putting it all over merchandise since late 2017," Rothschild explains to me. "The most popular book about the movement by believers is literally called 'QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening.'"


Denial aside, many QAnon influencers who get booted off the mainstream social networks have moved on to alternative platforms like Telegram, where they can spread their conspiracies and disinformation without fear of consequence. The follower base may be smaller, Rothschild says, but it's a "very fervent audience."


>fervent? hahahahahahaha.....the idea of "fervent anons" - LMAO


However, there's only so much one can get out of just speaking to the choir. While some might be content with Telegram, others will continue to seek out ways to get back on the Facebooks, Twitters, and YouTubes of the internet.


"Having access to large audiences is crucial to extremist movements' goals of growth and propagandizing," Holt tells me. "Alternative platforms often don’t leave them satisfied."

Anonymous ID: 40f8dd May 17, 2021, 10:54 p.m. No.54379   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4380





damn, we really hoorrabel, ebil deplorables huh

they be in panic overload and can't talk their way out of it


imma shoot em muh complaint email sos they can feelz better, you know how strange carez

habs a guud night

Anonymous ID: 93c772 May 18, 2021, 12:21 a.m. No.54383   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4396 >>4399

looks like Telegram is the next platform they're gunning for


George Sorros IJ4EU is investigating over 60+ Telegram channels to check where the information comes from.


If you want to secure your privacy make sure you are using a disposable phone number and not your real one.


Create admins with full permissions from multiple accounts in case on if your account signs you out, and you are using a fake phone number.


Never use your real picture on telegram and utilize the privacy settings to make sure your number is not visible to anyone.

Anonymous ID: 93c772 May 18, 2021, 12:33 a.m. No.54384   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4396 >>4399

[Forwarded from Robin Monotti Graziadei]


I received many emails from a Reuters journalist asking me to talk about Mike Yeadon.


I did not say one word. It is now clear why.


Read the whole thread:

Anonymous ID: 93c772 May 18, 2021, 12:48 a.m. No.54386   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4396 >>4399

Lauren Boebert


Big victory today for the 2nd and 4th amendments as SCOTUS ruled 9-0 today that law enforcement can not enter our homes and unconstitutionally seize firearms without a warrant!

Anonymous ID: 93c772 May 18, 2021, 12:52 a.m. No.54387   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4396 >>4399






Tuesday, May 18th, is Primary Day.


I’m asking you to vote YES to proposed amendments 1 & 2, which would limit the power of the governor by allowing the state leg. to decide whether or not to extend emergency declarations.

Anonymous ID: 93c772 May 18, 2021, 12:59 a.m. No.54388   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4396 >>4399

Fauci's criminal malpractice and killing of medical freedom

Joel S. Hirschhorn


In this pandemic, it is more important than ever for physicians to act as early as possible to save their patients from serious COVID impacts, hospitalization and death. Instead, when he withheld support for this sound medical strategy, we got the "Fauci kill zone."


The whole notion that the COVID infection has created a genuine crisis can also be seen more as malfeasance, corruption and propaganda than an inevitable medical reality.


If physicians were allowed to live up to their oath to first do no harm, then they would have been allowed by government to quickly treat their patients with COVID symptoms or a positive test.


Starting in March 2020 doctors began to use cheap and effective early treatment protocols not only to cure COVID, but also to prevent it. Pioneering doctors, especially Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, were true heroes by using innovative protocols, at the beginning hydroxychloroquine and later ivermectin as key components. They saved the lives of the most ill and older patients.


Just as quickly, as more and more doctors started to use these protocols the Fauci regime stepped in through NIH and FDA guidance to block use of early home/outpatient COVID treatments. The whole story of this pandemic mismanagement is told in my book Pandemic Blunder."


Many months passed between the time COVID treatments were blocked and COVID vaccines became available. Again, call this the "Fauci kill zone." This is assuming the vaccines actually save lives. Those data are not yet available. But what we do know is that use of the early treatment protocols could have prevented at least 70 to 80% of COVID deaths, as documented in "Pandemic Blunder." Well over 400,000 lives were lost unnecessarily in the Fauci kill zone-, and even more from the indirect lives lost because of government actions, like lockdowns.


With all the mismanagement, there is just as much a disinformation pandemic as a viral one. This "false" pandemic based on the political goal of creating public fear ruined the American economy destabilized society and inflicted enormous pain and suffering......


Honest mainstream media would stop worshiping Fauci and start talking about punishing him.

Anonymous ID: 93c772 May 18, 2021, 1:30 a.m. No.54389   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4390 >>4396 >>4399

On the January 2017 Felony Leaks

DNI Suspicions: It was the Obama WH or a SCCI Democrat

by TechnoFog

May 17, 2021


Back on January 5, 2017, who leaked intelligence about Russia’s purported efforts to interfere in the 2016 election – and info on the Flynn-Kislyak calls – to the Washington Post?


One high level official at the Office of the Director of National had a guess:

“my bet is either the WH or SCCI Dem source on the Hill.”


Those were the words of Brian Hale, the Director of Public Affairs for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, in response to a question of January 5, 2017 leaks to Washington Post reporters Adam Entous and Greg Miller.


James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence at the time, was copied on that email. (See below; SCCI = U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.)




This is the article in question, which discusses the presentation of classified documents to President Obama on January 5, 2017 and goes further than the DNI and DHS assessment that “only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized” the “cyber operations to disrupt the U.S. election.”


The U.S. officials cited by Entous and Miller went further, stating that Russia’s actions were aimed at installing Trump as President.


The Flynn/Kislyak Calls


In the last couple years we have done our part in trying to track down the source of the Flynn-Kislyak leak. If you recall, incoming National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn spoke with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December 2016 on a number of issues, including UN votes, the Middle East, and Flynn’s request that Moscow only make their response to US expulsions “reciprocal.” Read the transcripts here.


It was long-thought that the initial leak of the Flynn-Kislyak call was to Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. He was, after all, the author of the January 12, 2017 story which first discussed the calls and whether Flynn violated the spirit of the Logan Act.


This assumption was mistaken.


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We were the first to report, however, that the initial leak of the Flynn-Kislyak call wasn’t to Ignatius. It was, instead, to Washington Post reporter Adam Entous. We were informed that these sources actually saw the Flynn-Kislyak transcripts, leaving a small pool of potential suspects.


Our reporting was later picked up by Fox News.


Why It Matters


The Flynn-Kisleak leak to Entous would have come at the same time as the January 5, 2017 article addressed by Hale - and from the same people.


The leak was a felony orchestrated for the purposes of damaging the incoming NSA and, thus, the incoming Trump administration. The fallout was enough to get Flynn removed, which prevented him from overseeing the ongoing Carter Page FISA renewals.


These perfectly legal communications served as a basis for part of the Special Counsel’s investigation of General Flynn.


And now, if e-mails from inside DNI are accurate, it all might have been furthered, if not totally conceived, by leaks from the Obama White House or a SSCI Democrat source on the Hill.


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DOJ Scrutiny of the Flynn-Kislyak Leak


Initially, the Flynn-Kislyak leak would have been managed by DOJ attorney Brandon Van Grack. Van Grack was later part of the Mueller team who went after Flynn.


According to the New York Times, the Flynn-Kislyak leak investigation was later overseen by John Durham, before his appointment as Special Counsel.


On January 19, 2021, the New York Times reported that investigators had closed the investigation into the Flynn-Kislyak leak (dubbed “Operation Echo”). It was said that the US Attorney’s office in DC investigated whether the disclosures came from “former Obama administration officials who had access to sensitive information about the phone calls.” The investigators “ultimately found no wrongdoing.”


This has always been a curious article. How could there be “no wrongdoing” if the leak is a felony? Could it be that the leak was authorized? Or did not disclosures not come from Obama White House officials?


''This leaves us another potential suspect…''


Final Thoughts


Hale’s educated guess about the leak being from “a SCCI Democrat source on the Hill” is a revelation. We’ve previously looked at members of the DOJ and Obama’s White House as the potential sources.


Who comes to mind when thinking of a “SCCI Democrat source on the Hill”?


James Wolfe, who leaked the Carter Page FISA to his mistress: New York Times reporter Ali Watkins. Wolfe was eventually convicted of lying to the FBI after the DOJ declined to pursue the Carter Page leak charges.


After all, Wolfe looks to have been investigated for another leak to Entous. According to the Daily Caller:


The documents, filed in federal court Monday, show that James Wolfe, the former director of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee, lied to the FBI when he denied having contact with at least three reporters, including one who authored an April 11, 2017, report revealing that the government had a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant against Page.


The Justice Department documents do not identify the article or the news outlet, but it appears to be a reference to a Washington Post report written by Ellen Nakashima, Devlin Barrett and Adam Entous.


Would Wolfe and the Democrats have access to the Flynn-Kislyak transcripts (or the summaries) in that short period of time (late December 2016 - January 5 2017)? Seems like too tight a window, but the leak would fit Wolfe’s (and the Democrat’s) history.


Additionally, for these acts of diplomacy, Flynn was unfairly targeted by the FBI and members of the Obama DOJ for violations of the Logan Act. The use of the Logan Act was nothing but a pretext. Remember, Crossfire Razor (the name of the Flynn investigation) was set to be closed. It was only after the disgraced Peter Strzok intervened with the Logan Act theory – with the assistance of Lisa Page – that the investigation kept open.


The FBI and DOJ knew that this was improper. January 25, 2017 notes from an FBI OGC lawyer indicated “no reasonable prosecutor” would proceed with the Logan Act. It would be an “uphill battle”; there was the culpability of “other transition teams.”


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Dr Stella Emmanuel: Covid19 the full picture. Great reset, Human 2.0, Mark of the beast


Dr Stella raises disturbing connections between DARPA and the reprogramming of humanity to become an improved cyber-human use genetic technology placed within the human body thru injections or other means.


Discussion leads to the Covid vaccines and what they are really about....


Dr Stella says this technology is demonic - promises us we will live longer. The Devil does not have that power. Also, Devil won't give you anything for free. And - in the end of the day, Devil loses.


This vaccine - how they get this programming into your system. So they canpotentially control their thoughts, erase their memories, etc. Also: can those who have been vaxxed transmit something to the non-vaxxed?


Coating the vax in a lipid: will cross both blood-brain barrier AND the placenta.


"Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved."

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some of what Dr Stella is talking about seems to relate to this pb link:

>>54282 2016 Genetically engineered 'Magneto' protein remotely controls brain and behaviour


Although she is heavy on the Jesus angle, the energy is right: she's a prayer warrior who warns of the dangers of humanistic hubris and thinking that people aren't evolving enough so "science" has to intervene to improve the species.

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John Solomon


Extraordinary admission: HUD chief says agency not prioritizing U.S. citizens over illegal immigrants for public housing. | Just The News

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Thomas Paine


Arizona AG Calls On Biden To Fire Harris As Border Czar For ‘Abysmal’ Performance, Ignoring Crisis.

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baker checkin in to note & bake

let's see what we got



>>54375 QAnon believers go "undercover" to spread conspiracies online"

>>54381 Gen McInerney: Do not use Parler.

>>54383 Gen Mc: Soros is gunning for Telegram

>>54384 Reuters connected to Pfizer

>>54385 Zerohedge permanently suspended from Twitter

>>54386 Boebert: Big victory for gun rights today!

>>54387 Scott Presler: Attn Pennsylvania, limit the power of the gov to extend emergency declarations

>>54388 Fauci's criminal malpractice and killing of medical freedom

>>54389, >>54390, >>54391 TechnoFog now - on the January 2017 Felony Leaks

>>54392, >>54393 on Covid, Vaxxes, CyberHumanism & Getting Right with God

>>54394 John Solomon: HUD will not prioritize American citizens over illegals for public housing

>>54395 Arizona AG Calls On Biden To Fire Harris As Border Czar For ‘Abysmal’ Performance, Ignoring Crisis


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Matt DePerno also revealed today that Antrim Co. officials collectively decided to TURN OFF the ballot imaging function on their tabulators so they would not have to respond to FOIA requests.


They purposely deleted the images of the ballots to destroy the evidence.

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Adrian Fontes' Great Arizona Elections Day Bungle continues

Opinion: Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes apparently doesn't believe we are entitled to know what happened in last week's hot mess of an election.

Laurie Roberts, The Republic |


“What happened in 2016 is the day got worse and worse as the day went on," says Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes. "In this case, we had a circumstance where the day didn’t begin too well and got better and better as the day went on."


Here is Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, answering reporters’ questions last week after an election bungle that left polls unable to open on time, workers seemingly unprepared and the guy in charge assuring us it wasn’t his fault.


…Insert dead silence here….


Here is Fontes on Tuesday, taking to Facebook to post a video rather than facing reporters and their questions. This, to announce that he would be releasing a report that answered voters’ questions about last week's election debacle on Wednesday or Thursday.


"We had some problems. We didn't deliver for all of our voters…,” he said, in the video.


"We're not going to worry about politics and name calling and blame casting. We're not going to worry about headlines. We're going to worry about getting you the information directly from us so that we can continue to be transparent, which we have been since I got elected.”


And here is Fontes on Thursday:


No report will be forthcoming, on the advice of attorneys, Mr. Transparency told The Republic’s Jessica Boehm. No questions answered.


It is apparently none of our business why 95 polling precincts didn’t open at 6 a.m. on Election Day as required by law. Why up to 270,000 voters had trouble exercising their fundamental, constitutional right to cast a ballot in one of Arizona’s hottest primary elections in decades.


None of our business why some polling places had voting machines that didn’t work or computers that hadn’t even been set up or poll workers who didn’t seem to know what they were doing.


None of our business what is in a report paid for by, well, us – that presumably explains one hot mess of an election. Again, that is.--


Democrat Adrian Fontes sailed into office two years ago in the wake of incompetence by Republican Helen Purcell. The longtime county elections chief lost her job after voters waited in line until midnight to cast a ballot in the 2016 presidential primary.


Purcell blamed voters for that debacle.


Fontes, meanwhile, blamed a contractor for this debacle -- one who immediately pushed back.


Memo to Fontes: No contractor is responsible for what happened last week.

You were elected on a campaign promise to do better.

You had nearly two years to prepare for the primary election.

You knew a day before the election that you had a crisis on your hands.


Yet mum was the word then and mum’s the word still.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has ordered an audit of what went wrong, to ensure that it won’t be repeated in November. That’ll cost us $200,000.


No word yet on whether we, the mere taxpayers who must foot the bill, will be able to find out what happened here.


Then again, we already know who is to blame.

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>>54375 QAnon believers go "undercover" to spread conspiracies online

>>54381 Gen McInerney: Do not use Parler.

>>54383 Gen Mc: Soros is gunning for Telegram

>>54384 Reuters connected to Pfizer

>>54385 Zerohedge permanently suspended from Twitter

>>54386 Boebert: SCOTUS delivers big victory for gun rights today!

>>54387 Scott Presler: Attn Pennsylvania, limit the power of the gov to extend emergency declarations

>>54388 Fauci's criminal malpractice and killing of medical freedom

>>54389, >>54390, >>54391 TechnoFog now - on the January 2017 Felony Leaks

>>54392, >>54393 on Covid, Vaxxes, CyberHumanism & Getting Right with God

>>54394 John Solomon: HUD will not prioritize American citizens over illegals for public housing

>>54395 Arizona AG Calls On Biden To Fire Harris As Border Czar For ‘Abysmal’ Performance, Ignoring Crisis

>>54397 Antrim Co officials purposely deleted the images of the ballots to destroy the evidence

>>54398 Adrian Fontes' Great Arizona Elections Day Bungle continues