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>>391 Reminder: 1-year delta of Q's "The World is about to change." post is coming up on July 31

>>498, >>623 @USMC tweet: Runnin' and Gunnin'

>>504 Clinton Global Initiative 2007 Members: Bronfman, Rothschilds, Epsteins

>>540 Link to House Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Mueller Report

>>568 Anon on the value of "segregated digs" and "decentralized planning/digging"

>>627, >>641, >>649 Dig on attendees of NYSPCC annual Spring Luncheon in 2013, including Ghislaine Maxwell

>>650 Dig on DERCO, a Lockheed Martin Company

>>680, >>683, >>868 Anon reposts dig on IIED, another Anon speculates Epstein Island was site of MK Ultra brainwashing

>>691 Classes of FBI Records in the National Archives (cap)

>>700, >>781 On mysterious death of AFL (Arena Football League) owner Tim Marcum (NFL 187?)

>>744, >>754, >>762 Video of Hampstead children interview (parts 1 and 2)

>>752 POTUS just landed in dusty field in rural Ohio "one of the more unique and remote places Trump has arrived at"

>>756 U.S. to hold hearing on French tax investigation Aug. 19

>>763 Dig on Maxwell, TerraMar Project ("works to preserve the world's oceans"..)

>>769 POTUS tweet: Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq all close the week at a new record high!

>>779, >>792 According to Pentagon officials, US & Allies planning to escort Gulf Tankers

>>788 Cocaine Submarine bust apprehends 17,000 pounds of cocaine worth $232 million

>>796 Watch CA; Watch the water: Chevron spills 800,000 gallons of oil, water in California

>>823 TerraMar Project Inc. IRS Form 990 copies for 2017/2016, Anon says "huge red flags, accounting-wise"

>>835 U.S. military reportedly closely watching Syria-Turkish border due to concerns U.S. troops in Syria could be caught up in military op targeting Kurds

>>843, >>848 Hundreds of "Black Vests" migrants occupy Pantheon in Paris

>>893 Winning: Brownsville, TX CBP officers seized $853k worth of heroine and cocaine in June 28-29

>>903 Anon on tools/resources that can be useful in documenting pedos

>>911, >>919, >>933, >>935 Epstein Plane Registered Companies Dig continued

>>943 Article from May 2018: Bill Clinton is working on a novel with James Patterson (author of Epstein book "Filthy Rich")

>>954 Deportations beginning in Florida

>>960, >>972, >>1029 Moar on TerraMar Project

>>975 History Of CEMEX Global Operations

>>1004, >>1022 Maxwell cleaning house? TerraMar Project ceases all operations as of TODAY (Anons on the right track..)

>>1005, >>1014 Wheels Up dig

>>1021, >>1106 Photos of Tunnel entrance on Epstein's island

>>1024, >>1042 Theory: How Epstein's attorneys could "inadvertently" trigger Military Tribunal on jurisdictional issues (/qresearch/)

>>1048, >>1052 New Ben Garrison

>>1063 Article in the Seoul Times Today: Chinese Eat Baby Soup.. (warning, graphic photos..)

>>1071, >>1068 New POTUS tweet: Leaving the Great State of Ohio (+ Wapo Reporter tweet: "Wheels up Cleveland")

>>1079 First QRB prayer, Amen

>>1094, >>1139, >>1141 Wheels Up Investors, New Enterprise Associates Digs

>>1109 Suboxone maker Reckitt Benckiser to pay $1.4 billion in largest opioid settlement in US history

>>1149 FTC and Facebook Reportedly Agree to $5 Billion Settlement After Privacy Investigation

>>1123 1st anon to post in QRB General #1 connects latest POTUS tweet timestamp (PST) to Q1823: Mod 'Infiltration. Coincidence?

>>1135 Former US Congressman Chaka Fattah, Sr., Resentenced to 10 Years of Imprisonment for Corruption.

>>1217 Mueller congressional testimony hearings postponed to 7/24, both committees now get 3 hours to ask questions

Anonymous ID: 0ace72 July 15, 2019, 3:03 p.m. No.9535   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>1343 Epstein Has 'Secret' Steel Safe In Off-Limits Room On 'Pedo Island'

>>1401, >>1412, >>1422 Recent Drone Footage of Epstein's Temple

>>1384 Hakluty & Company dig - Downer was on the board 2008-2014

>>1459 Epstein Is Worth $500 Million and Is Flight Risk, U.S. Says

>>1509 New POTUS tweet: Just returned to the beautiful @WhiteHouse after a great day in Wisconsin and Ohio!

>>1423, >>1516, >>1533, >>1554 Anons analyze Epstein Island Temple door

>>1521, >>1531 Moar drone footage

>>1547, >>1620 New POTUS tweet: "BOOMERANG OF JUSTICE"

>>1579 A little perspective

>>1584 Reread crumbs: Q#29: "Child abductions for satanic rituals are not terminated until players in custody"..which is HAPPENING NOW

>>1588 Ghislaine Maxwell associated companies updated dig; "Ellmax, LLC" connections



>>1726 Robert Maxwell dig

Anonymous ID: 0ace72 July 15, 2019, 3:41 p.m. No.9629   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>2076 Definition of a bunker

>>2097 Supposed Former Lover of Eric Schmidt Speaks Out

>>2098 China Billionaire Pedophile Arrested for Child Molestation

>>2116 Family group among eight Iranian Christians arrested in morning raids

>>2132, >>2144, >>2235 Nightshift talk about ALICE and hopping timelines cont. HRC and Ai related.

>>2181 "MASSIVE LOSS OF LIFE": 3,500 Deaths as simultaneous ebola & measles outbreaks hit Congo

>>2204 Anti-ICE protestors replace American flag with Mexican flag in Aurora, CO (VIDEO)

>>2199, >>2460, >>2180 Memefags represent the Bunker

>>2213 New Victims Emerge As Epstein Awaits Bail Hearing

>>2222 Quads confirm God Wins

>>2260 Founder of African American museum found dead in trunk of car

>>2262 UK: Police “lose” fingerprints or DNA profiles of 144 terror suspects

>>2273 CNN analyst and Playboy reporter Brian Karem swore at President Trump at a White House Rose Garden event: “That F***ing Moron”

>>2281 At least 26 people were killed and 56 injured in a suicide bomb and gun attack claimed by Al-Shabaab militants in southern Somalia,

>>2285 @VP Mike Pence delivers remarks to United States Navy SEALs

>>2291 Anons digg on famous/rich/royal people that own islands.

>>2299 Anon starts MEME CO-OP on /qrb, simply available as/if needed.

>>2321 23andMe is moving into Apple’s territory with a pilot to pull in medical data, not just DNA

>>2216, >>2263 Epstein, Ehud Barak diggs

>>2337, >>2363, >>2373 Anons see connection between Hurricane Barry and NEXRAD

>>2408, >>2406, >>2369, >>2381, >>2491 Planefag chatter

>>2481 Digg from /qresearch & Corey's diggs on islands and Clintons

>>2535, >>2576 Doctors and cops among 277 arrested in human trafficking, online prostitution sting in Florida

>>2550 USMC and USNavy tweets

>>2575, >>2636 88bit on Moderation

>>2595 Democratic Chicago Mayor Bans ICE From City Police Databases Ahead Of Planned Raids

>>2600 KKK/Blackface Ralph Northam tweet is spanish on the raids

>>2626 Lists all laws broken by Obama

>>2699 Planefag update

>>2702, >>2704 Anon on two areas of Epstein's Pedo Island; Little St. James 2009 before temple, 2013 after temple

>>2708 Rand Paul Tweet on being with POTUS

>>2717, >>2757 Colorado GOP on the ICE protests of raising a mexican flag

Anonymous ID: 0ace72 July 15, 2019, 3:46 p.m. No.9647   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>2812 Size of JE temple + tunnels on Island and what this might mean; Lifeboat Foundation

>>2841 Prosecutors To Drop Trump Org Investigation With No Charges

>>2906 Introducing /QRB/ Memes Co-Op

>>2927 Armed man shot and killed at border after attacking ICE detention center

>>2952 Ehud Barak publishes official reply re: accusation of connection to Epstein

>>3107, >>3528 Epstein’s NM Ranch Could Play Into SDNY Investigation

>>3176 Newly uncovered: Epstein met with Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton friend, alleged co-conspirators a decade ago

>>3179 New DJT: Paul Ryan Almost Killed GOP, 94% Approval Rating Now

>>3223 Princeton Policy Study: 300,000 Illegal Immigrant Kids Will Enroll in School in a Few Weeks

>>3285 Planefag update: GTMO845

>>3312 Epstein Had Lodge at Prestigious Arts Camp for Kids in Michigan

>>3323 Was Heidi Klum Helping Maxwells Recruit Girls?

>>3328 DNA Testing Reveals 1/3 of Migrants Faked Familial Relationship with Kids

>>3372, >>3399 Chinese-Owned Volvo May Leave Sweden Partly Due To Rise in Violent Crime

>>3415 Other Angles of Attack re: Epstein Charges

>>3455 Graphic: Trump's Traps [Epstein]

>>3474, >>3482 The Jeffrey Epstein scandal has found its way into Israel's elections

>>3454, >>3437, >>3454, >>3546 Mouaz Moustafa tweet + BB-8 digs

>>3512, >>3568, >>3580 Troll Eugene Gu, CEO of Ganogen caught on video making fetal tissue deals

>>3537, >>3554, >>3563, >>3573 Breaking: Massive power outage habbening now in NYC's Midtown

>>3566 History of the Seagram dynasty

>>3567 U.S. will announce sanctions on Turkey

>>3574 9th Circuit rules POTUS can withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities

Anonymous ID: 0ace72 July 15, 2019, 4:16 p.m. No.9738   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>3636 Transformer fire may be cause of NYC blackout

>>3640, >>3648, >>3731 Moar on NYC blackout

>>3647 WSJ: More on Epstein and Wexler in weekend edition of WSJ

>>3652, >>3655 Mouaz/Syrian news, translated by anon, supports POTUS

>>3689 Anon: Who is behind the Epstein re-opening?

>>3713, >>3937 Cory Booker, Bronfmans members of Clinton Global Initiative in 2007

>>3754, >>3766 Planefag updates

>>3834, >>3836 Moar Sauce on Cory Booker's connections

>>3707 Mick Jagger stuck in a "Crossfire Hurricane"

>>3948 Anon Update: Ghislane Maxwell's companies

>>3969 Q 1440: Blackout Necessary & A Week to Remember

>>4115, >>4130 Wheels Up address on 42nd St, inside blackout area

>>4129 NYC officials tweet about power outage: "Significant disruption"

>>4250, >>4302 Epstein townhouse MAY BE within / near blackout zone

>>4311 Manhattan anon reports: YUGE police presence at MCC Manhattan where Epstein is being held

Anonymous ID: 0ace72 July 15, 2019, 4:18 p.m. No.9742   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>4436, >>4769 ICE raids begin one day ahead of plans in NYC, same day as blackout

>>4441, >>4579 Cuomo calls in National Guard in NYC blackout

>>4460 Power outage affects A,C,B,E,F, & M subway lines

>>4565, >>4657, >>4809 Planefag updates

>>4575, >>4646 Graphic: Anon Flag Blackout Theory & Q#800

>>4607 Anon makes graphic for 42 + 71 blackout

>>4619 Earthquake in Manhattan, MT 32 minutes ago. No coincidences.

>>4627, >>4692, >>4812, >>4833, >>4834, >>4843, >>4856 Caps: Twatter user drops Epstein's personal phone book, Nadler sightings

>>4804 Consolidated Graphic: NYC Blackout Q#800

>>4866 VIDEO: Steve Pieczenik Mossad Epstein Connection

>>4943, >>4952 ManhattanHenge same night as NYC blackout

>>5061 Les Wexner digs

>>5097 Power restored in NYC

Anonymous ID: 0ace72 July 15, 2019, 4:20 p.m. No.9748   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>5213 Graphic: Refresher on Bankers & Fed + Communism

>>5215 Graphic: Anon Q#800 graphic extended, blackout, ConEd oopsies + moar


(baker change)


>>5217 COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of an internet forum

>>5250, >>5258 Digg on Q 3133 "Who owns the yacht?"

>>5284 R. Kelly’s Girlfriends Kicked Out of Trump Tower Chicago Following Singer’s Arrest

>>5285, >>5295, >>5299 ManhattanHenge, (equivalent to the Summer Solstice and Stone Henge), happened on same night as NYC Blackout

>>5291 endorses notables in each /qresearch thread

>>5308, >>5318, >>5320 Epstein's relationship with Ponzi schemer Steven Jude Hoffenberg

>>5331, >>5338, >>5372 6.6 Quake off the coast of Australia

>>5334 Mossad Blackmail ring linked to Prince Andrew?

>>5335 When police raided Epstein’s Palm Beach estate, they found all his computers had been removed. Tipped off?

>>5406, >>5450, >>5464 Alphabetized, chronological spreadsheets of passengers in Epstein Flight Logs

>>5387, >>5682 Nadia Marcinkova - Star of the raunchiest part of Epstein scandal

>>5396, >>5425, >>5413 Guantanamo detainee trials could be broadcast online thanks to House measure

>>5404 Pennsylvania man arrested and charged with sexually abusing children at an orphanage he founded in Kenya

>>5426 The Declaration of Anonian Independence (kek)

>>5507 Mother of Baby Burned to Death in Satanic Ritual Arrested After Two Years on the Run

>>5509 Anon's theory on Strzok not really being deepstate

>>5514 Steve Mnuchin's Wife Is A "Bisexual Psychopath Killer" In Upcoming Erotic Film

>>5521, >>5529 Antifa Scumbag shot dead while attacking ICE detention center.

>>5492, >>5501 Digger diggs on Epstein's building permits

>>5535 ‘Gang of Eight’ Amnesty Architect Declares Victory as GOP/Dems Pass Green Card Giveaway

>>5542, >>5909 16 Arrested at Phoenix Anti-ICE Protest, 2 for Assault on Cops

>>5578 Peter Strzok and family infographics

>>5564 Burqa-clad Taliban commander arrested in North-east of Afghanistan

>>5607, >>5611 Magnitude 7.3 quake strikes in eastern Indonesia

>>5680 New Jersey cops push back BIG time against Left-wing AG who threatened them if they assist ICE agents

>>5581, >>5684, >>5689 Talk of imprisoning politicians who aide illegals evade ICE

>>5685 Photo of Epstein island landfill?

>>5697 Video of recently shot dead Antifa faggot, Will van Spronsen, singing a little protest diddy.

>>5727 2 Priests Arrested & Dragged Out of Abortion Clinic in New Jersey

>>5772 AOC rekt, Top Kek! (Video)

>>5776 Photographer For Murdered Child Star JonBenét Ramsey Arrested for Child Porn

>>5799, >>5910 Planefag chatter

>>5785, >>5833 After EQs in Aussie and Indonesia anons have eyes on seismic activity

>>5852, >>5924 DJT Early Morning twitter bun

>>5856 /qrb/ is now available in

>>5878, >>5888 ICE Raids Begin

Anonymous ID: 0ace72 July 15, 2019, 4:21 p.m. No.9755   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>5966 Donald Trump to Democrat ‘Squad’: ‘Why Don’t They Go Back and Help Fix the … Places from Which They Came’

>>6048 Anons Theory about Mueller Being a Potential Handler for Epstein (again THEORY)

>>6055 Acosta claimed Epstein 'belonged to intelligence,' report says

>>6104 Updates from 8bit for those who haven't yet seen

>>6119 , >>6166 Unredacted Report on How CIA Went Rogue (unconfirmed)

>>6131 JetBlue flight evacuated after picture of a suicide vest sent to every iPhone on board

>>6185 , >>6196 , >>6217 , >>6305 , >>6565 Planefag Updates

>>5991 Bill Barr's Father And His Owl Eyebrows Previously Hired Epstein As a Science Teacher

>>6236 New DJT

>>6310, >>6334 , >>6335 Anons Dig into Jeffrey Epsteins Brother Mark

>>6354 DoJ: If complicit in Epstein's alleged conduct, come forward now, or else.

>>6402 Nearly Three Dozen Disney Employees have been under investigation/convicted in recent years for child sex acts

>>6500, >>6599 , >>6614 Iranian vessels surround tanker

>>6514 Vanderbilt - Astor - Four Hundred - Gama Aviation - Wheels Up connection probable

>>6578 Farmers Markets showdown. Attacks on sustainable living?

>>6532, >>6534 QR Notables for #9004

>>6001 QR Notables for #9003

>>6543, >>6554 QR Notables for #9005

>>6649 New Q Drop - Hunters Become The Hunted.

Anonymous ID: 0ace72 July 15, 2019, 4:22 p.m. No.9762   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>7407 Q's previous posts including 'A week to remember'

>>7374 Ghislaine's TerraMar Project ceases operations (notice on website)

>>7333 Bottom corner of the Bermuda Triangle points directly to Epstein's island

>>7278 , >>7357 G. Maxwell's Manhattan home & base for TerraMar is owned by LdR

>>7303 Q Clock summaries

>>7239 EQ update: 4.0 quake in Manhattan MT, 98 miles north of Yellowstone

>>7076 , >>7120, >>7209 Planefag Updates

>>7008 , >>7022, >>7041, >>7072 Prince Andrew and the Epstein Case unsealing

>>7093 , >>7135, >>7159, >>7173 Ghislane with various elites cont.

>>6989 , >>6990, >>6994, >>7006, >>7011, >>7034, >>7028, >>7087 Ghislane with various elites

>>6573 , >>6602, >>6608 Trump Palm Beach and Mar-a-Lago have bunkers

>>6940 , >>6981, >>6982, >>7003, >>7095 Q link leads to 'Education Through Music': Dig

>>6854 , >>6892, >>6931, >>7054, >>7064, >>7067, >>7092 Dig: 4 hops from Maxwell ( >>>/QResearch/7039475 )

>>6839 , >>6874, >>6984 Epstein reportedly being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in NYC

>>6793 , >>6833 Graphics on sundial construction

>>6774 R Chandler photographs and Epstein's ranch circles/sundials

>>6773 , >>6847 Epstein Island Q video digs

Anonymous ID: 0ace72 July 15, 2019, 4:23 p.m. No.9768   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>7524 18 US Code 1652. Citizens as pirates.

>>7521, >>7526, >>7533, >>7700 Ghislaine Maxwell's TerraMar Project Tax Filing dig

>>7529 Douglas MacKinnon: NYC is a warning -- the blackout is coming

>>7530, >>7552 Ghislaine Maxwells Father, Robert Maxwell

>>7554 Remains of Seinfeld actor, Charles Levin found in Oregon

>>7553, >>7557, >>7640, >>7639 Anon has theory about previous mining on Epstein Island

>>7560 European satellite system, Galileo, down over the weekend

>>7561, >>7716, >>7723 QR Anon IDs possible umbrella collection ties (HOP 1 to 2) Ghiselaine Maxwell to the NYSPCC

>>7562, >>7614 Clintons are going to set the all-time world record for charity, tax, mail, wire and other FRAUDS

>>7572 Aerial view of boats docked at Epstein Island

>>7593 Rothchilds owned the Papacy/Vatican Bank/Rome since 1831 and the relation to Q posts

>>7611 Anons call to change Epstein narrative

>>7622 Vanity Fair article on Epstein in 2003

>>7713 Founder of African American museum found dead in car trunk

>>7727 New Q on QR, [Smollett] Federal charges coming?

>>7759 Anon's theory on Notables Divisionfagging

>>7798 #SerialBrain2 says Trump now controls Chemtrails

>>8025 QR-Four days of Full Moon this week

>>8026 Planefag update

>>8040 Moar on NYSPCC and their funding sources

>>8048 The Ghislaine Yacht ownership connections

>>8050 Maxwell and Bronfman Make Joint Bid for Jerusalem Post in 1989

Anonymous ID: 0ace72 July 15, 2019, 4:24 p.m. No.9772   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>8914 Pelosi announces House resolution to condemn Trump's 'xenophobic tweets'

>>8876 Alan Turing, World War II code-breaker, is the face of Britain's £50 note

>>8739 Con Ed can’t explain what caused the Manhattan blackout

>>8705 Lawsuit outs Ellen Ratner as source for Seth Rich information, >>8726 Link to PDF

>>8678, >>8684, >>8695, >>8704 Graphics and information on people who own private islands

>>8668 Anthony Bourdain was calling out creepy cabal members 5 weeks before his 'suicide'.

>>8652 USM Tweets: I got backup; Stay on target until end of this week (interdasting!)

>>8639 EU GPS Satellites Down (Have been down for 4 days in 'mysterious' outage), Moar:, >>8645

>>8547 Fake News Liberal Media Caught in Another Major Lie: Barr did not oversee Epstein at NY law school

>>8527 Facebook’s Recent Algorithm Changes Are Laying Waste To Conservative And Liberal Outlets

>>8520 U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr holds a summit on combating anti-Semitism.

>>8500 Trump moves to end asylum protections for Central Americans, >>8482 From twitter BNL

>>8456 ICE raids underway in 9 major cities (Fox)

>>8453 DJT signs EO to boost sale of American made Iron & Steel industries.

>>8435 US Marines Tweet: Let's stay on Target 'till the end of this week

>>8428, >>8427, >>8495 Peter Thiel: FBI and CIA should investigate Google and Manhatten Project for Ai

>>8412 2nd Circuit decision re: unsealing Giuffre/Maxwell/Epstein documents (PDF)

>>8375, >>8377 Symbolism on display 1998-99 Abramovich Paris exhibition.

>>8350 Ghislane Maxwell's bracelet - "Y" token

>>8306, >>8330 Anons discuss using colorized MAGA png for top of bread post

Anonymous ID: 8a5252 July 15, 2019, 8:21 p.m. No.10624   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>>/qresearch/7054019 Ketron Island - Esptein Island subs dig by anon from old digs

>>>/qresearch/7054150 Scientists flee USDA as research agencies move to Kansas City area

>>>/qresearch/7054201, >>>/qresearch/7054225 The Hunter Foundation dig

>>>/qresearch/7054121 Terramar ties to Nixon Family

>>>/qresearch/7054214, >>>/qresearch/7054230 NES LLC / David Rogers dig

>>>/qresearch/7054101, >>>/qresearch/7054493 Found potential AOC ties to Antifa. Its a chain connection.

>>>/qresearch/7054262 Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, awarded a 35-year lease for cargo container ops at Pt Canaveral, Fl

Anonymous ID: 97540f July 16, 2019, 7:45 p.m. No.13579   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>9030, >>9068, >>9113, >>9270 Newly released Seth Rich Court Documents. 50 pages. Needs eyes.

>>9037, >>9059, >>9098 Anons talk on /qresearch, shill patterns, and Q

>>9045, >>9060 Dozens of diamonds, piles of cash and a fake SA passport in a safe stashed at Epstein's Upper East Side townhouse

>>9047, >>9334 Harris blasts, and takes money from, Epstein's law firm

>>9064, >>9072, >>9085 Epstein bail hearing on Thursday. Moar victims coming forward!

>>9089, >>9658 U.S. Army Twat(s)

>>9103 Florida Man Makes Videos Of Himself Raping 1-Year-Old Daughter, Sentenced To 70 Years

>>9107, >>9343, >>9221, >>9264 Anon looks for patterns of EQs around Ridgecrest, thinks he found tunnels. Other Anons weigh in.

>>9109 George Stephanopoulos Says It Was A Mistake To Dine With Epstein After His First Stint In Jail

>>9148 Prince Andrew faces further embarrassment after a judge ruled that documents relating to an alleged “sex slave” can be released.

>>9155 (VIDEO) Trump defends tweets: If you're not happy in the US, you can leave

>>9095, >>9137, >>9146, >>9187, >>9421 Anons Digg on Stephen Hawkings and Woman Photoed with him.

>>9243 Pompeo Seeks to Make Baghdad Embassy Pullout Permanent, Officials Say

>>9299, >>9322, >>9323 Richard Spencer is now the acting defense secretary. Transition happened at 3:04 p.m.

>>9300 Valeriy Chaly, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the US, was accused of colluding with the DNC in 2016 to help Hillary, has been fired by Ukrainian President

>>9313 Kellyanne Conway has refused to show up for testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, defying Subpoena

>>9223 Anon with 10 yrs experience in the Air Force serving at MAJCOM and higher HQ gives 2¢

>>9214 (Video) ICE protesters in Atlanta mixing it up with DHS police.

>>9305, >>9353 Zoomed in pics of the President's speech with handwritten notes

>>9368 Buzzfeed threatening to dox CarpeDonktum

>>9414, >>9468, >>9502 NEW DJT(s): IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY HERE, YOU CAN LEAVE!

>>9417 Clayton Morris, a former co-host of the Fox News morning program "Fox & Friends," has fled the country amid allegations of fraud

>>9420 (Video): AOC, Tlaib, and Omar bitchin about Trump

>>9357, >>9515, >9516 "Mystery Anon" poses interesting questions. Bunker goes wild. Anons take a stab and respond

>>9526 Mnuchin met with U.K. Cabinet Secretary Sir Sir Mark Sedwill today

>>9588 Helicopter Crash Reported at Airport in Hayward, California

>>9628 , >>9654 Board Owner of /qresearch addresses Horse Shit

Anonymous ID: 97540f July 16, 2019, 7:48 p.m. No.13594   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3603


>>9813 AOC and Ilhan Omar refuse to condemn the Antifa attack on ICE building.

>>9826 Frick Museum sub-basement bowling alley

>>9858, >>10242 Little St. James had 3 parcels prior to Epstein's acquisition.

>>9861 Fired UK Ambassador Who Trash-Talked Trump Also Vouched For Christopher Steele

>>9880 Source: FBI has evidence Hillary visited ‘Orgy Island’ (2016)

>>9893 How the super-wealthy hide billions using tax havens and shell companies

>>9859, >>9897, >>9900 Pelosi and Mnuchin have been chatting on the phone, possible indicator that there’s a debt-limit issue

>>9903 No Coincidence graphic

>>9925, >>9947, >>10076, >>10117 Project Treasure Island Possible Origin of Q movement.

>>9927 Shill BO tweet


>>10046 LSJ Corporate Entities

>>10040, >>10090, >>10167 On Godfather 3

>>10078 Lawsuit Claims Julian Assange Confirmed DNC Emails Received From Seth Rich – Not a Russian Hack…

>>10103 Shill bakers at /qresearch/ have multiple concernfag anti Q posts in NOTABLES

>>10110 Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court OBM LIMITED v. LSJ LLC

>>10124 REPORT: Ilhan Omar’s Father and Other Somalian War Crimes Perpetrators Now Living Illegally in the US


>>10165 New Asylum Rule Aims to Eliminate Bogus Claims

>>10166 Prebaked moldy breads

>>10224 Tacoma ICE attach Manifesto encourages leftist to ignore laws

>>10244 Epstein Had Cash, Diamonds, Foreign Passport in Locked Safe, Prosecutors Say

>>10279 DJT tweet on "The best economy in our lifetime!"

>>10378, >>10459 No "Board War": We're here to research, not start drama.

>>10388 State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia suddenly resigns

Anonymous ID: 97540f July 16, 2019, 7:49 p.m. No.13598   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3603


>>10573, >>10741 Twitter poll needs anons' attention

>>10584, >>10589 Con Ed warns more blackouts could be coming

>>10582, >>10603, >>10610, >>10618, >>10634, >>10694, >>10831 Blackout currently in DC

>>10622, >>10698 After Teen Is Brutally Murdered, Photos Of Her Corpse Circulate Online

>>10648 Some Iranian women take off hijabs as hard-liners push back

>>10600 Anon tried posting the /qrb/ notables in FascistJack's notable thread and were deleted

>>10672 MemeFarmer meme folder

>>10674 Ehud Barak: I Visited Epstein’s Island But Never Met Any Girls

>>10658 Meme request: Memes making AOC and Omar the face of the future Dem party (per POTUS tweet)

>>10669 Georgia man, 31, becomes 13th U.S. citizen to die on vacation in the Dominican Republic

>>10731 Our moon may someday become a small planet, say researchers — a ploonet

>>10673, >>10769 Anons on Laws in this Country regarding Communism being Illegal

>>10774 Meme ammo: CAIR Official Admits Women Don’t Have Equal Rights Under Sharia Law

>>10809 Learn To Bake

>>10832, >>10819 How to Nominate a Notable and Help Your Bakers

>>10848 Trump has known Ghislaine AND her father Robert Maxwell for YEARS; He knows what they are

>>10867 Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party on Monday filed paperwork to launch a recall against Oregon Democratic Gov. Kate Brown

>>10670, >>10870 Saudi Royal Family Is Jewish (Donhem)

>>10883, >>10935 A second Wheels Up Charter company out of the British Virgin Islands

>>10899 More on the Epstein-Ghislaine-Mossad connection

>>10910, >>10923 Filing on Seth Rich and his brother being Assange's DNC email source

>>11024 Epstein drone vid of tunnels

>>11031, >>11015 Idea on how to keep /qresearch/ notable buns in Previously Collected Notables on /qrb/


baker change


>>11066, >>11092, >>11109, >>11281 Epstein island trash (what are the blue cylinders?); other outside pics

>>11157 All but Cali & Louisiana outages resolved

>>11217, >>11245, >>11261, >>11221 Historical sources of air pollution (animals, factories)

>>11227 Amazon workers strike as 'Prime' shopping frenzy hits

>>11241 A bill to ease suits against Internet users for copyright infringement likely to pass in US Congress

>>11288 #14

Anonymous ID: 97540f July 16, 2019, 7:50 p.m. No.13601   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3603 >>4622


>>11652 Anon's Theory re: POTUS/Q/Thiel/Anon working relationship and MSM going off the deep end

>>11644 FBI serves multiple arrest and search warrants @ Muncie Sanitary District Offices

>>11596 IKEA closing its only US Factory and moving to Europe

>>11555 POTUS: "Get a list of the HORRIBLE things they have said."

>>11498 Moar Godfather III digz

>>11485, >>11490 Steve Pieczenik full video: Epstein and Israel

>>11467 Dan Gertler, #3 on the POTUS Ex. Order re: human rights abuse, was defended by Dershowitz

>>11463 Epstein Island Image compilations

>>11451 Mitt Romey calls out PDJT

>>11445, >>11547, >>11392, >>11674 New PDJT

>>11391, >>11403, >>11435, >>11516, >>11526, >>11556, >>11581 "The Wing Coven" dig

>>11368, >>11378, >>11472 Epstein had expired passport, cash and diamonds in Manhattan mansion safe

>>11349 United Nations is Funding Assad Regime in Syria: No Way To Account For Its Funds

>>11339 (repost from lb) CASE act a direct threat to dox effective memefags

>>11337 LBGT asylum-seekers exempt from 'Remain in Mexico' policy

>>11325 Gingrich: Trump tweets cleverly reattached leftist 'squad' to the Democrats


(Baker Change)


>>11713, >>11716 >>11722 >>11724 >>11732 >>11760, >>12109 Anons on bread titles

>>11785 Anon on /qresearch/ bans

>>11856 Anon on the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019

>>11899 Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Says Roger Stone Violated His Gag Order – Bans Stone From All Social Media

>>11914 Epstein was fired by Bear Sterns

>>11973 COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum

>>11970, >>11975, >>11978, >>11980, >>11988 Recap of the /CBTS/ migration

>>11993 Ihan Omar adopts the language of the Iranian govt

>>12011, >>12024, >>12081 Q's cap of 2173 is different from the current 2173

>>12065 Watch CA: California is experiencing multiple earthquake storms

>>12103 (You) FastJack or his BVs are bumping their own breads after unlocking them

>>12115 #15

Anonymous ID: 97540f July 17, 2019, 6:48 a.m. No.14439   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#16 crowdbake, 3 collectors

>>12192 INVESTIGATE GOOGLE: President Trump Press Conference at Cabinet Meeting in the White House

>>12194, >>12206 Reminder of Memes Co-Op #1; Search for images on Nancy Pelosi here: >>12788

>>12195 Spreadsheet anon's posts from /qresearch/ on multiple archives

>>12215, >>12493, >>12557 is back online; QResearch versus QRB response

>>12226 Manhattan U.S. Atty Announces Extradition Of Iranian National & Unsealing Of Charges Against 2 Other Men For Exporting Carbon Fiber

>>12235 Arch Remainer Compares Brexiteers to Islamic Terrorists

>>12246 Comey Attacks Trump Following Media Backlash Over Tweets to AOC and Her Communist “Squad”

>>12248 First full moon of summer 2019 to rise in the sky Tuesday night

>>12264 Regarding Bear Stearn's/JE/Banking Crisis Connection 2008

>>12266 House passes amendment ordering Pentagon to review whether U.S. experimented with weaponizing ticks

>>12276 Anon's graphic on the Rachel Chandler's security cam photo

>>12302 Live: House holds antitrust hearing with big tech executives.

>>12326 Dig: The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

>>12327 Small explosion and fire at Columbia nuclear plant bring more federal scrutiny

>>12353 R. Kelly ordered held wo/bond, deemed a “danger to the community, especially young girls”

>>12363 Local businessman pleads guilt to bribery scheme involving former St louis county Executive Steve Stenger

>>12365 Mosque in Aleppo has identical markings as Epstein's Temple. Moar similar designs >>12449, >>12464, >>12775, >>12520

>>12383 Information on EPSTEIN'S PARENTS found. Moar Epstein, >>12497, >>12501, >>12567

>>12427 Justice Dept: ITT Cannon to Pay $11 Million to Settle False Claims Allegations for Untested Electrical Connectors; ITT_inc

>>12429 Rand Paul: Ilhan Omar deserves 'rebuke over trying to say we have a rotten country’

>>12552 Six officials at Southwest Key, nonprofit running migrant child shelters, earned more than $1 million in 2017

>>12589 Today's Q Clock :46; Q CLOCK SUMMARIES - RE-READ CRUMBS

>>12590 Twitter; Paul Sperry names Omar and Co #OddSquad

>>12602, >>12839 Planefag report & planfag commenting on board changes

>>12668 PP head forced out after 8 mos

>>12772 On Q 2173/2174 mismatch & why it's a problem

>>12794 Ghislaine & father Robert Maxwell (ad 1st, then vid by Amazing Polly)

>>12843 Pelosi Calls POTUS Racist; House Uproar BUN

>>12885 @FastJack has archived Planefagging 101; hard to access & no new posts possible

>>12868 Vote count over Pelosi's remarks; anons DIGG

>>12921 Texas Port of Entry Shut Down Over Threatened Migrant Rush

>>12924 Pelosi Calls POTUS Racist; House Uproar BUN

>>12941 #16

Anonymous ID: 97540f July 17, 2019, 6:49 a.m. No.14441   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>12972 Nunes twat: Dems just voted to restore Pelosi rights to the floor...Banana Republic...

>>13006, >>13007 Four Republicans joined Democrats in condemning President Trump's tweets

>>13016 Planefag Q+A here @/qrb. Link: >>13005,

>>12989, >>13031 Article about Prince Andrew a missing boy the CIA, Mossad, and MI6

>>13046 Head of Planned Parenthood forced out after eight months

>>13057 Philadelphia Mayor Kenney: POTUS comes from Hell

>>13034 Grand Jury Charges unsealed re: Extradition of Iranian National, charges signed by Preet Bharara

>>13096 Plane crashes into the ocean near Ocean City, Maryland

>>13102, >>13375 Planefag chatter: B-52 bomber on radar, F-35 squawking

>>13104 FBI's spreadsheet puts a stake through the heart of Steele's dossier

>>13129 Ex Flynn lawyer accused of Fuckery. Called before the Judge.

>>13152 Angela Merkel greeted with boos and Hitler salute at Dresden visit

>>13175 Videofag: If you are receiving this broadcast, you are now the resistance

>>13189, >>13191 CDAN blind item. Epstein related?

>>13227, >>13217 Cruz Questions Google Exec Over Project Veritas & ytube fail (OP credit/hazing)

>>13288 Anon wrote a script to dredge the breads from the /qresearch archive. 1 minute ish per bread. Need it?

>>13190 8chan Reminder: Just because nobody responded does not equal nobody paid attention.

>>13349 Tucker: Rep. Gaetz speaks out after receiving Threatening Messages

>>13343, >>13353, >>13361 Anon has first flag retiring ceremony since becoming a Patriot and is Thankful.

>>13388 Actor Chris Pratt's "Don't Tread on Me" T-shirt criticised as White Supremacist

>>13377 IMF chief Christine Lagarde to resign on Tuesday

>>13691 #17

Anonymous ID: 97540f July 17, 2019, 10 a.m. No.14888   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>13479 pb Netanyahu challenger Ehud Barak seen at Jeffrey Epstein's mansion

>>13418 pb Anon's theory of why two boards may be useful

>>13837 How to turn QR green text to live links

>>13842 Wyatt & anons: On what loyalty [to our nation] really means

>>13864 Israeli spy Nicole Junkermann - extensive bio (Epstein connection)

>>13817 FB warning: FB could give your info to other countries if you live outside the US

>>13911 What the Jeffrey Epstein, Imran Awan, & Jackson Cosko Scandals Might Have in Common—Luke Rosiak (vid; 39mins)

>>13976 FBI Arrests Former Top Puerto Rico Officials In Government Corruption Scandal

>>13973 Bill Clinton/Lolita Express pics

>>13995 China delicacy: human fetus? (story seems legit--many images, all horrible)

>>14004 Prince Andrew current chair for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

>>14037 Royal Caribbean cancels stop in Puerto Rico, fearing protests may get worse

>>14054 Top Puerto Rico officials resign in group chat scandal that ensnares governor

>>14077, >>14119, >>14099, >>14110 TerramarProject Instagram page on disappearance of Keith Davis--a warning? (Instagram, FB page deleted)

>>14085 Today is Q Day 7-17

ghost bred commences plus note-taker

>>14184, >>14197 Matt Gaetz and family rec'ing death threats - US attny N. Dist. CA deemed a 'non-threat'(Video)

>>14222 WH and Congress; intense negotiations in progress to avoid debt default

>>14224 Bernie Sanders and his Chief of Staff vent frustration w/biased MSM.

>>14225 Planned Parenthood will forego federal funds rather than comply w/new Fed. regulations

>>14234, >>14236 22 MS-13 Members Charged In Murders Of Seven People Hacked With Machetes

>>14288 New PDJTs

>>14297 Republican immigrant from Jamaica will challenge AOC


baker resumes


>>14314 EU opens antitrust probe into Amazon

>>14323 US offers to help reduce tensions between South Korea, Japan

>>14320, >>14315 , >>14329, >>14331, >>14352, >>14335 Opposing reports about incidence of child sex trafficking under Trump: another example of MSM hit piece (by The Hill) against POTUS?

>>14397 A Tale of Two Narratives: anon shows how different reports from the same source (The Hill) can convey opposing impressions

>>14334 Anon wonders whether POTUS' double negatives in tweet are a nod to QRB

>>14339 Gen. Flynn's ex-lawyer takes the stand--for the PROSECUTION (conflict of interest?)

>>14407 NEW DJT: "Big Rally tonight in Greenville, North Carolina."

>>14413 Scavino: "10+ hours before the rally begins. So awesome!"

>>14424 Planefag on how to planefag (How to get started watching military aircraft")

>>14449 Witty Sargon video takes aim at criticism of POTUS as "racist" (vid 13:50)

>>14464 Elon Musk plans to implant devices into brains as early as next year ("What could go wrong??")

>>14485 HRC quotes John Paul Stevens on the "rule of law" (for KEKS)

>>14492 Godfather 3 DIGG, con't.

>>14510 New DJT on arrest of mastermind of Mumbai Terror attacks

>>14514 #18

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 6:59 p.m. No.25330   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Baker Change

>>15198 DR Congo Ebola outbreak declared public health emergency

>>15149 Twitter CEO maxes out donations to Tulsi Gabbard… conspiracy machine kicks into overdrive

>>15072 It’s Happening: House Democrats Schedule a Vote to Start Impeaching President Trump

>>15055 US nuclear weapon locations in Europe accidentally exposed in NATO committee report

>>15022 new public polling on the "Squad" and other Dems from YouGov/Economist. Horrible news for the democrats

>>15020 Ilhan Omar calls Somalia, "Our Home" when addressing the Revolution Somali Youth League (RSYL)

>>14984 Mike Flynn Judge Hauls Former Lawyers Back Into Court; Accused Of Withholding Case Files

>>14937 (Live Stream) RIGHT SIDE BROADCASTING: Greenville, NC Rally and pre rally events.

>>14908 anon creates graphic depicting Epstein Temple system.

>>14904 US Navy: Kicking off Duluth Navy Week with a bang!

>>14894, >>14896, >>14940 Before Alexandria Was Known As AOC, There Was A Movement That Recruited Her To Run. The Brains Behind AOC.

>>14851, >>14852 anons tie POTUS twat back to image in Q Drop 1363. Also ties to Q Drop 74.

>>14793, >>14907, >>15241, >>15292 Budding planefag report: GITMO action taking place.


>>14947, >>14975, >>14991 Anons opining on Sub Hunters in the Pacific.

>>14744 House To Vote On Articles Of Impeachment Wednesday

>>14741 US DoD: What’s it take to fire the big guns?

>>14695 LEO (low earth orbiting) Galileo update: Fallout of the European 22 Galileo GPS satellites being out of service for the past 4+ days?

>>14693 Judge Orders Cohen Campaign Finance Records Unsealed; Cites "Weighty Public Ramifications"

>>14684, >>13005 anon posts planefagging 101 for aspiring planefags

>>14583 Trump Praises ‘Unified’ Republicans After 187 Declined to Vote for Resolution Condemning Tweets

>>14575, >>14606 2 Million Roman Catholics in Italy recognize that Bergoglio and his bishops are not the Catholic Church, cancel contribution via Income Tax Return.

>>14571 Russia’s Election Hackers Are Back—and Targeting George Soros

>>14642 Ilhan Omar’s Marriage to Brother Was a Sham – It Is Widely Circulated in Somali Community That Her Brother Is Gay

>>14558 New DJT w/CAP: New Poll: The Rasmussen Poll, one of the most accurate in predicting the 2016 Election, has just announced that “Trump” numbers have recently gone up...

>>14564, >>14636 FBI with Italian Police Target New York Gambino family and the Sicilian Inzerillo Mafia clans during dawn raids. UK Newz pixelates handcuffs.

>>14547, >>14562 El Chapo Sentenced to Life in Prison, Ending Notorious Criminal Career

>>15309 #19

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:04 p.m. No.25333   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#20 Baker change

>>16095 Archive of Epstein’s pilot's Instagram

>>16065 , >>15991, >>15998, >>16023 House votes to hold Barr and Ross in criminal contempt

>>15986 , >>16008 Doc: Ed Butowsky's Defamation Lawsuit In Regards To Seth Rich

>>15976 , >>15414 New statue found on Epstein Island

>>15939 , >>15970 Prosecutors respond to Epstein’s excuse for why he had an Austrian passport

>>15864 Prosecutors drop groping case against Kevin Spacey

>>15823 , >>15839, >>15844 Planefag: Our Planefags have migrated

>>15800 , >>15948, >>15567 POTUS delivers remarks on religious liberty & POTUS Schedule

>>15780 , >>15813, >>15875, >>15929, >>16052 POTUS' tweet, fire truck from Q post 74. Happening

>>15739 , >>15818 As Epstein case grows more grotesque, Manhattan & DC brace for impact

>>15720 , >>15924 New from the WH's YT: 2019 Made in America Showcase & THAAD Q connections

>>15683 , >>15606 Fastjack responds to the missing archives & Planefag thread questions

>>15622 Bail Bondswoman sentenced to only 3yrs for smuggling hundreds of aliens into the US

>>15584 Former Monroe County Chief Deputy Auditor sentenced to 96 months for possession of CP

>>15484 New DJT: "See you tonight, North Carolina!"

>>15483 20 hours left to swing this twitter poll. You know what to do /qrb/

>>15450 Office 365 declared illegal in German schools due to privacy risks

>>15497 , >>15507 Epstein's Austrian passport cont.

>>15405 , >>15460, >>15479, >>15535, >>15540 Epstein's Austrian passport & the Black Forrest estate

>>16005 , >>16016, >>16032, >>16037 Rally Pics & Updates cont.

>>15384 , >>15382 , >>15518, >>15644, >>15752, >>16003 Rally Pics & Updates

>>15377 , >>15444, >>15499, >>15502, >>15506, >>15516, >>15696, >>16038 Planefags Skywatch


Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:06 p.m. No.25337   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>16775 , >>16789, >>16805, >>16805 VIP Anon's twitter is Q_anon baby

>>16756 , >>16758, >>16760, >>16763 Detailed Rally Notes

>>16744 , >>16720, >>16742, >>16837 The signifer will 'force' the Q

>>16634 20 large quakes have hit California within the last 24 hours

>>16625 , >>16670, >>16673, >>16655, >>16667, >>16733, >>16766, >>16789, >>16810 POTUS talks to the Q Baby!

>>16585 , >>16599, >>16635, >>16650, >>16663 State Dept connected to child trafficking op with Epstein?

>>16394 Drug overdoses fell significantly in 2018 for first time in decades

>>16380 Official 'impeachment' record from the House Clerk

>>16259 , >>16274, >>16281, >>16306, >>16318, >>16346 ALICE, Black Forrest and HRC

>>16209 , >>16234, >>16277 Planefag's Skywatch

>>16192 , >>16200 Dig into the Masons and the Community Counseling Center

>>16179 , >>16185 Musk on merging human brains with AI

>>16178 , >>16188 General Michael Flynn - rare WWG1WGA letter

>>16172 , >>16182 NSA booth open at Open Source Con

>>16150 DARPA and the Brain Initiative

>>16147 , >>16309, >>16352 On the house vote holding Barr and Ross for criminal contempt

>>16202 , >>16264, >>16431 Rally Photos and Updates cont.

>>16139 , >>16204, >>16224, >>16236, >>16239, >>16278 Rally Photos and Updates

>>16132 , >>16142, >>16504 POTUS on Omar: "talk that she was married to her brother"

>>16865 #21

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:08 p.m. No.25341   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>16899 Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows Trump has rating of 50% approval/ 48% disapproval

>>16907, >>16907 More Spoopy Epstein Tail numbers (Helo crash) connected to HRC State Dept.; call for a DIGG

>>16895, >>16953, >>16969, >>16944, >>16960, >>16998 Q baby clips (short vids)

>>16887, >>16903, >>16927, >>16928, >>16966, >>17067, >>17092, >>17204, >>17388, >>17451 Q baby pics & discussions

>>17184, >>17251, >>17361, >>17381, >>17466, >>17492 Q baby is my baby!! @BailesCassidy

>>17156 Why did Fox cut out shortly after Q baby happening?

>>17092, >>17132, >>17262, >>17086, >>17242, >>17377 Anons on QBaby Deltas (45 17)

>>17006, >>17273, >>17318, >>17353, >>17412 The Epstein associate nobody's talk about (Nicole Junkerman)

>>17008 Video from POTUS tweet

>>17021, >>17146 PhD psychologist Robt Epstein's testimony on Goggle before Congress (How to End the Threat)

>>17026 Human Trafficking Incidents & News from 7-17-19

>>17033 Watch R. Kelly's alleged sex slaves speak out in new video

>>17062 Q has made 4 refs to Q_anonbaby/status

>>17082, >>17100, >>17117, >>17241, >>17244 , >>17259 Planefag reports

>>17079 Pres. Trump takes on Rep. Omar, crowd chants 'Send her back'

>>17227, >>17108, >>17170, >>17197, >>17185, >>17233, >>17234, >>17266, >>17615 Ilhan Omar Digg

>>17212, >>17227, >>17413 Omar brother birthday DIGG

>>17167, >>17180, >>17195 Ilhan Omar father DIGG

>>17424 Body language of Ilhan Omar

>>17159 Poll: Eric Trump says 95% of country supports his father's political message (anons weigh in plz)

>>17179 POTUS schedule Thursday 7-18-19

>>17222 Thousands of people march to the governor's residence in San Juan, Puerto Rico

>>17310 Riots breaking out in Puerto Rico (people want progressive gov. out)

>>17312, >>17425 Mike Rothschild hit tweet on #Qbaby and Q movement

>>17320, >>17321 Moar than 30 injured in intentionally-set anime fire in Kyoto

>>17350 Google, FB, Twitter put on notice about deepfakes in 2020 election

>>17323 Oregon state GOP chair begins effort to recall Dem governor Kate Brown

>>17380 Lynn de Rothschild DIGG (FOIA Request)

>>17432 Epstein DIGG (Blind--$77mil mansion the Feds want to seize from Epstein)

>>17454 POTUS Rally in N Carolina, "witch hunt" Mentioned 3x in quick succession

>>17452 POTUS Rally: he says "but here's where we go..." (WWG1WGA?)

>>17484 POTUS Rally: AP on Send-her-back chant & interviews; great example of media hit piece)

>>17473 Pics of POTUS & Ghislaine Maxwell (caption says "out on the town" but clothes suggest a bus. mtg at construction site)

>>17508 New DJT on rally and plans for #2020

>>17511 Voat discussion on TerraMar (Wayback)


>>17549, >>17559, >>17554, >>17555, >>17556, >>17567 Anon responses to restoration of QR to original format

>>17561, >>17562, >>17563, >>17564, >>17594, >>17595, >>17568, >>17601, >>17604, >>17604, >>17605, >>17606,Anon asks 8bit, are we going to keep the board? Anons like new board very much

>>17582, >>17587, >>17589, >>17590, >>17592, >>17558, Anon-baker: BO too comp'd has to go; assenting replies

>>17573 Anon wonders if FJ has been removed; >>17579 no, still there as of now

>>17591, >>17553, >>17550, >>17541 Anons respond to Q's post with dank humor

>>17607 A baker weighs in: "How do you expect bakers to step up after you've destroyed us?"

>>17612 Anon points out that original board is now a mess; >>17616 anon agrees and says Q told use we were sheep no moar


>>17622 #22

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:10 p.m. No.25343   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#23 Baker Change

>>17665 Repost of not widely circulated pics of Epstein/Clinton/Spacey from QR

>>17667 ABC News picks up story re: contractor who quit over unsupervised young women on Epstein Island

>>17709 Anon explains :'Internal Conflict' as a means of attack

>>17775 Anon on FJs 5 year plan

>>17817, >>17792, >>17795, >>17917, >>18186 Anons digg on Statue at Epstein Island

>>17918 8Bit weighs in on QRB

>>17936, >>18009 Trey Gowdy - the house doesn't matter anymore; Senate is key

>>17942 Dr. Robert Epstein claims up to 10M votes can be swayed w/o a paper trail. (Video)

>>17958, >>17997, >>18030, >>18037 Omar Dig

>>18044 New Drone footage of Paedo Island

>>18046, >>18059, >>18065 Morning news from The Hill: DJT rally; Schumer with unrealistic dreams

>>18057, >>18067, >>18151, >>18226 Moar on Omar

>>18100, >>18121, >>18164, >>18206, >>18247, >>18255 >>18345 Planefag = expect a busy day : REDFLAG

>>18110, >>18115, >>18197 Q Graphics all in GMT updated

>>18228 Ex BBC Reporter blows the whistle on fake chemical attacks and pedophile coverup. Call to DIGG

>>18242 Epstein Scandal Brings Legal Titans to Blows

>>18268 Epstein Associates Prepare For Worst As Massive Document Dump Imminent

>>18286 Anon's list of BO's crimes on QR

>>18295 #23

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:12 p.m. No.25345   🗄️.is 🔗kun


(baker change)


>>18441 Progressive Dems Threaten To Kill Minimum Wage Bill To Spite Moderates

>>18406 Puerto Rico Corruption Riots Intensify: Protestors turn streets into "Warzone"

>>18452, >>18454 (Video) DJT GOD BLESS THE USA - Again and Again b/c POTUS

>>18497 Policeman in southern district TX sentenced 20 yrs for conspiring to help drug traffickers

>>18499, >>18508 Report by David Steinberg Describes Ilhan Omar’s 8 Instances of Perjury – Could Face 40 Years

>>18505 Anon apologizes for prolonged anger fit from 0400-1100 CST regarding buffoonery in QResearch

>>18512 (Video) POTUS says he disagrees with the "SEND HER BACK" chant at last nights rally

>>18514, >>18802 Judge Denies Jeffrey Epstein Bail in Sex Trafficking Case

>>18521 Twitter Personality “Imam of Peace” Accuses Ilhan Omar of Ruining his Reputation

>>18522, >>18529, >>18533 Epstein Island Sun Dial and Deer Diggs

>>18527 Pastor said he was Sucking Demons of the Men he Sexually Assaulted

>>18532 ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILL: Yuma County

>>18547 Rep. Omar: Nothing President Trump says should be taken to heart

>>18560 POTUS LIVE FEED: Flag Presentation Ceremony

>>18564 (Video) House Oversight Hearings on Illegal Alien Child Separation Policy

>>18565 Anon not getting where /qrb goes from here. Lots of responses.

>>18574 Jeffrey Epstein's company paid a Florida sheriff's office $128,000 during incarceration for prostitution

>>18582 (Video) Pelosi Pandering in North Carolina Today

>>18616 Ocasio-Cortez says nobody is ‘heartbroken' at the idea of losing private insurance.

>>18620 Reminder: JFK Bunker

>>18635, >>18629 File Name of New Q Pic

>>18636, >>18640, >>18661, >>18830 Hammam Yalbugha (New Q) call for dig

>>18649 Feds Signal No New Charges In Trump 'Hush-Money' Probe, Cohen Lawyer Displeased

>>18655 Case Western Law School paper on soldiers with DNA mods, implanted computer chips, etc.

>>18679 Sara Carter: GOP Border Report: Data Reveals Majority Of Migrant Children Have Been Reunited

>>18714 Julian Assange DROPS his appeal against the 50-week jail term he was given

>>18756 Remember when a Dem rep asked for Sebastian Gorka's Immigration Papers?

>>18769, >>18774 Buckle up, shits coming in hot: USS Boxer shot down Iranian Drone, Iran seizes Oil Tanker

>>18804 New Okrum Malware Used by Ke3chang Group to Target Diplomats

>>18859, >>18806, >>18838 History Fagging: Templars and Temples

>>18905 Planefags expect a busy day. Recall that we're in the middle of the Red Flag military flight Exercise right now

>>18989, >>18993, >>19002 Anon makes compilation meme of Mosques RE: Epstein Temple; other Anon doesn't get conclusion

>>19127 #24

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:15 p.m. No.25347   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Baker change

>>19088 (pb) Joe M twat on Epsteins geneological connections to Roths and BRF

>>19186, >>19279, >>19300, >>19336, >>19544 Interesting Tarot card theory on Twitter

>>19191 QBabyanon does Rolling Stone Interview. We are the news now?

>>19194, >>19200, >>19202 Start of diggs into mosque designs re: Epstein

>>19221, >>19229, >>19233 Anon on Judge Scalia assassination fuckery

>>19236, >>19699 (You) Massive blast destroys Christchurch house, six hurt

>>19242, >>19250, >>19256 Interdasting research into Ruins of Karnak

>>19257, >>19271, >>19272, >>19315, >>19444 >>19690 Colours Blue and White Symbolism

>>19262, >>19382, >>19386 Temple of BA'AL, Citadel of Aleppo

>>19465, >>19517 Q clock and corresponding Q drops

>>19528, >>19558, >>19636 Founder of Water charity dies, accidental drowning. Call to digg

>>19538, >>19540 The Guardian reports Irans willingness to talk to USA , Winning?

>>19554, >>19564, >>19587, >>19711 Call to digg on Smithsonian

>>19561, >>19569, >>19619, >>19621 Lest we forget; for keks

>>19572, >>19577 Chicom coolie + illicit gun sales + Long Beach Port -

>>19597, >>19602 >>19674 Anon suggests CDAN ( posts as notable, backs it up with link to penis facials

>>19598 Dems flock to shrinks , TDS a real syndrome now?

>>19630 (You) American warship destroys Iranian drone, see also >>19538

>>19641 DJT re-twat Mark Levin - Unfreedom of the Press

>>19734, >>19756 Epstein connections map (video)

>>19738 Trump taps Scalia's son as Labor secretary pick

>>19740, >>19748 Hadad aka Baal, some more research on their gods

>>19742, >>19751 BR-DGE : Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding - Bridge

>>19753, >>19754 QRB edges ahead of QR on a quiet night shift (for keks)

>>19760 House Democrats want extra security for Ilhan Omar after the 'send her back' chants

>>19762 POTUS trolls snowflakes with #TRUMP2020 recyclable straws

>>19763, >>19764, >>19763 >>19839 >>19886 Moar on Tarot card theory - YUGE

>>19772, >>19775, >>19778, >>19782 Latest News on Kyoto Animation arson/arsonist

>>19780, >>19787 Call to digg on Chiliad , joining QR and /pol #WRWY NO DIVISION!

>>19654, >>19821, >>19827 New 'Fake' Moon Landing news

>>19802, >>19820, >>19829, >>19835, >>19840, >>19864 >>19843 "Where do the roads lead?" Little St. James/Syria theory - further digging required

>>19846 (You), >>19705 (You) Flap Jack muckery, hiding QRB from QR front page despite requests to return to before by Q

>>19903 Strong Earthquake Near Athens Sends People Fleeing in Greek Capital

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:19 p.m. No.25356   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#26 baker picked up the ghost

>>19904 pb, >>19961, >>19972, >>19986, >>19994, >>20027, >>20034, >>20071 12 stone foundations on Epstein Island?

>>20037, >>20041, >>20045, >>20176, >>20187, >>20383, >>20384, >>20546 Epstein island and Babylonian symbolism

>>20060 Dirty truth thread: an expose on Epstein

>>19998 Epstein Island ocean currents

>>20131, >>20162, >>20184, Epstein deed history

>>20229, >>20236, >>20260, >>20261, >>20346, >>20362, >>20451, >>20624 Nautilus holdings & other Epstein real estate/finances

>>20377, >>20369 Notable owners & their islands; islands nearby Epstein

>>20186, >>20241 Palm Beach sheriff opens internal affairs investigation into Jeffrey Epstein Florida case

>>19963 IRGC, Hezbollah operatives killed in bombing of Iraqi militia base

>>19973, >>20364 Omar DIGG, con't.

>>19975 Sara Carter on El Chapo's life sentence, which Mexico President thinks is "inumane"

>>19981, >>20007, >>20016 New DJT & comments on what it means:"50% Approval Rating"

>>19983 WH: @TheRealBuzz, @AstroMCollins, and the family of Neil Armstrong will be at the White House today to meet with President @realDonaldTrump!

>>19992 New DJT: Faulty thought process at the Fed

>>19993 New DJT: On Thomas Friedman's hit piece on his in the NYT

>>19990 New DJT: "Winning big but it is not thanks to the Federal Reserve"

>>19995 New DJT: "500% APPROVAL RATING!; >>20160 Scalise tweet: #Apollo50 (astroanauts)

>>19996 , >>20121, >>20125 Socialist Bernie Sanders' Campaign Workers Quit Over 'Poverty Wages' (for KEKS?)

>>19999, >>20019, >>20026 More DJT Tweets plus one Mike Pence & anon comments

>>20046, >>20419, >>20419 Planefag reports

>>20070 Praying Medic: DoJ says American who became a sniper ISIS was transferred from Syrian to US custody

>>20044, >>20073, >>20094, >>20079, >>20118 Anon on possibly genetically modified soldiers (see yesterday's digg)

>>20092 Blumenthal tweet: POTUS as criminal ("panic in DC")

>>20113 Moar Dems than Repubs see politically-charged words as leading to violence (91% vs 61%)

>>20143, >>20204 Mueller report witness George Nader hit w/nex sex trafficking charges

>>20149 S district NY ended probe into Trump org & alleged hush # to Stormy D

>>20161, >>20294, >>20310, >>20318, >>20350, >>20579, >>20597, >>20594 Anons on new Q: watch w/today's date & 4:49 time (etc)

>>20180 Dems decry Omar resolution defending Israel boycott: 'Dead on arrival'

>>20251 Sherie Murrey: "fake" candidate to protect AOC?

>>20275 Leftist starts petition to ban President Trumps Rallies

>>20367, >>20387, >>20400 Iran Seizes UK Tanker For "Violating International Regulations" & other incidents

>>20410, >>20415, >>20399 Boatfag reports (some related to Iran story)

>>20417 DJT tweet on A$AP Rocky's incarceration in Sweden

>>20271, >>20314, >>20317, >>20420, >>19735 Tarot discussion

>>20308 Iranian forces attacked in Salah ad Din; US forces not involved

>>20326 Are Media Using Resurfaced Epstein Video to Frame Trump; While Ignoring Clinton's Extensive Ties? (15min vid)

>>20522 Holy Hell, Canada’s Alleged Mafia Were Living Good Until They Were Arrested

>>20592 Project Treasure Island: 1948 discussion of how to "exploit" open source info in intell work

>>20663 Export Company Executive Pleads Guilty to Violating U.S. Sanctions against Iran

>>20675 #26

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:21 p.m. No.25361   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>20727 Dr. Drew: Los Angeles Faces Imminent Outbreak of Bubonic Plague

>>20768 State of emergency declared in Wisconsin after electrical fires

>>20853 London Metropolitan Police has been hacked

>>20714 Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Seizes British Tanker – UPDATE: Second Ship Seized

>>20748 Follow up dig GOP businesswoman Scherie Murray who announced campaign for AOC's seat

>>20758 marker theory

>>20744, >>2075, >>20769, >>20785 Anons dig deep on Epstein Island and Karnak Temple connections

>>20801 Kek! LAPD had informant infiltrate left-wing activists.

>>20722, >>20809, >>20885 Anon says week wasn't really that big, other Anons discuss

>>20889 "You're All Serial Killers": Outraged Californians Slam $2 Billion PG&E Rate Hikes

>>20817 Pepe Anon Frog Prays to God

>>20825, >>20865 Meet the Parents of ‘QBaby’ (recorded livestream)

>>20861 Trump Says He'll Call Sweden's PM To "See What We Can Do" About Rapper's Imprisonment

>>20920 Videofag memes Congressman Cummings

>>20923 Catchy Song: Jussie's Gall (Smollett)

>>20946 Evergreer Jake Tapper Q watch Infographic

>>21135, >>21379 boatfag reports

>>21273, >>21340 Evergreen DIGG

>>21331 Epstein island temple & Aleppo\bath house

>>20758, >>21273, >>21259, >>21294, >>21303, >>21305, >>21319, >>21328 Watch DIGG, con't.

>>21193 Kevin Spacey wears an IWB watch!

>>21311 Panic ensues after active shooter drill in Chicago goes ‘terribly wrong’

>>21256 Anon: Trumps "likes" jump dramatically (since speech at Social Media WH speech?)

>>21229. >>21229, >>21273 Anon discussion on "blue" gravel on Epstein Island

>>21100, >>21178, >>21189, >>21202 planefag reports

>>21060 Vanderbilt propery DIGG

>>21044, >>21059, >>21093 Ilhan Omar Documented Crimes

>>21354 Video of possible human trafficking van

>>21435 #27

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:24 p.m. No.25366   🗄️.is 🔗kun


ghost bake then baker change

>>21455 , >>21543, >>21544, >>21545, >>21548, >>21581 The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

>>21569 Anon notes on "Shocking Origins of Epstein" articles

>>21484, >>21488 Rashida Tlaib DIGG

>>21491, >>21499, >>21521, >>21488 The "Squad" as the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse

>>21492, >>21496, >>21494, >>21495, >>21506, >>21497, >>21657 Omar marriage DIGG

>>21508 Bill Clinton vacations in Dominican Republic as country tries to move past spate of tourist deaths

>>21541, >>21568, >>21575, >>21579, >>21583, >>21587 Tom Fitton on Mueller testimony (32min vid) with great notes + anon responses

>>21542 New DJT: Thank you, Bill. Very nice!

>>21565 New DJT: Did nothing to promote chant at rally, just a big & patriot crowd

>>21567 New DJT: With the incompetent Mayor of London, you will never have safe streets

>>21574, >>21532 Isaac Kappy & Tracy Twyman DIGG, con't.

>>21582 Anti-Brexit march in London (sigh)

>>21599 New DJT (man on moon photo)

>>21596, >>21600, >>21642, >>21633, >>21632 Anons wonder moon landing (first landing was July 21, 1969)

>>21636 POTUS recognizing Apollo 11 astronauts says "NASA in TIP TOP shape" (25vid;2:40mark)

>>21604 Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza suspended from Twitter & Ruth Martin in FB jail over cartoon

>>21635 Anon: In flag presentation vid, POTUS repeats "870" many times for some reason

baker change

>>21786, >>21804, >>21599, >>21596 DJT Moon Landing Tweet Cap + Vid

>>21816 Reminder regarding the greatest act of treason in American history!

>>21870, >>21874 Re separate notable threads on /qrb: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, DON'T CHANGE FUCKING FORMATS

>>21706, >>21708, >>21782 Mystery Anon Discussion Cont.

>>21763 (Video) Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

>>21597, >>21619, >>21644 Modern History Faggin: JE Hoover, Blackmail, and JFK theories

>>21811, >>21820 12 Israeli Youths Brutally Rape 19 Year Old British Tourist In Cyprus

>>21810 Links to MSM Articles & Re: Clintons, Nader, Mueller, Sex Trafficking

>>21752 Head of China Development Bank’s Shandong Branch Commits Suicide

>>21760 United States Marine Corps Instagram: Calm Before the Storm

>>21818, >>21823, >>22066, >>22093, >>21563, >>21564, >>22113, >>22117, >>22121 Planefag chatter: DHS Drone, Foreign Military Callsigns, Excitement and False Alarms

>>21880 Ted Cruz: Trump's chances of winning reelection are 50/50

>>21826 (Video) Russia: Thousands protest in Moscow after opposition candidates barred from vote

>>21952, >>21926, >>21968 Screen Caps of the Moon Landing Helmet Visor and Camera Discussion

>>21955 Breitbart Article: America Went to the Moon and then Went Shopping

>>21958 Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Green New Deal to Combat NYC Subway Flooding

>>21875 Previously collected of Notables /qresearch Breads #9065 - #9097

>>22011 Giuliani: ‘We Could Do Serious Damage to All of Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

>>22024 (Video) The Hypocrisy of Congress!!!

>>22068 Trump administration official says tech company executives are due to meet Monday at the White House w/ Larry Kudlow

>>22071 FOX News Video: US steps up presence in Saudi Arabia amid tensions with Iran

>>22060, >>22092, >>22103 Possible reason behind the blue stripes and gold dome on Epstein’s temple

>>22094 Ancient (oldest discovered) skull cult temple.

>>22102 ZeroHedge: San Francisco's Hidden Homeless

>>22082, >>22084, >>22115, >>22143 ARTEMIS: The Trump Administration Moon Mission by 2024

>>22123, >>22128 Looking for legit translations of Ba’al Cycle, Looks like the patterns around Epstein’s temple (Eyes on)

>>22163 New DJT: Economic numbers reach an all time high

>>21546, >>21550, >>21556, >>21558, >>21571, >>21616, >>21627, >>22171 DJT retweets

>>22178, >>22192 Video Reminder Tlaib Got kicked out of Trump event

>>22208 #28

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:26 p.m. No.25369   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Baker change

>>22257, >>22264, >>22331, >>22688 Call to digg on Pitcairn Island. Pizza related

>>22272, >>22852, >>22909, >>22912. >>22931 Continuation of The Law of One discussion

>>22274, >>22292. >>22299, >>22301, >>22319, >>22328, >>22344, >>22442, >>22351, >>22866 Epstein Island new statue discussiom

>>22277, >>22280, >>22281, >>22284, >>22297, >>22383, >>22395, >>22410 Natural Health Advice for CA residents. Essential oil combination to combat Plague , from Bioanon

>>22282, >>22283, >>22366, >>22409, >>22436, >>22443, >>22581, >>22602 Further diggs in Baal and cardinal points at Little St James

>>22315, >>22347, >>22349, >>22802, >>22819, >>22821, >>22822, >>22824, >>22831, >>22870, >>22878 Golden Calf/Bull

>>22324 Mark Meadows: Democrats Privately Orchestrating Mueller Hearing to be 2020

>>22328, >>22342, >>22444, >>22816, >>228571 Ishtar/Easter research

>>22374, >>22391, >>22420 Sonic weapon knocks drones out of the sky

>>22390, >>22825, >>22860, >>22927 New Rusty drone footage of Epstein Island

>>22413, >>22432 A look into the goddess Diane/Artemis

>>22422 Update on Costa Rica alcohol poisoning

>>22449, >>22463, >>22476, >>22484, >>22514, >>22526, >>22533, >>22550, >>22567, 22569, >>22569, >>22582, >>22893 More discussions with Bioanon and others re: Natural Health

>>22462, >>22539 Washington Examiner OP: The police fight human trafficking every day — we can’t let them do it alone; Tide is turning?

>>22474 Moar from Washington Examiner regarding Epstein, pilots instagram shows flights

>>22515, >>22528 Cyber Arena heating up as Bulgaria and Russia are subject to hacking

>>22516 Reminder: POTUS amongst first recipients of Ellis Island Medal Of Honor

>>22534, >>22546, >>22557, >>22566, >>22601 Anon laments on sexualised school production

>>22542, >>22554 meet cassandra - she holds discord, netflix And All Apple Co. datæ.

>>22585 Hong Kong: seventh consecutive weekend of protests.

>>22607, >>22622 Twitter blocks accounts of Iranian state media houses

>>22639, >>22640 Germany marks 75th anniversary of plot to kill Hitler (AP) 7/21/19

>>22787, >>22797, >>22803, >>22823, >>22826, >>22829, >>22832, >>22836, >>22838, DJT tweets; Twitter Storm?

>>22843, >>22859 Reaction to DJT tweets

>>22865 For Keks, Donald Trump Jr RT : Troll Supreme on Michael Avenatti (CPL)

>>22905, >>22908, >>22919 Moar Natural Health stuff

>>22928 Occasional Cortez doubles down on insulting victims, now goes for 9/11

>>22955 Turkey Prepared To Reinvade Cyprus If Needed - Erdogan Says Following EU Sanctions

>>22966 #29

>>22068 Trump administration official says tech company executives are due to meet Monday at the White House w/ Larry Kudlow

>>22071 FOX News Video: US steps up presence in Saudi Arabia amid tensions with Iran

>>22060, >>22092, >>22103 Possible reason behind the blue stripes and gold dome on Epstein’s temple

>>22094 Ancient (oldest discovered) skull cult temple.

>>22102 ZeroHedge: San Francisco's Hidden Homeless

>>22082, >>22084, >>22115, >>22143 ARTEMIS: The Trump Administration Moon Mission by 2024

>>22123, >>22128 Looking for legit translations of Ba’al Cycle, Looks like the patterns around Epstein’s temple (Eyes on)

>>22163 New DJT: Economic numbers reach an all time high

>>21546, >>21550, >>21556, >>21558, >>21571, >>21616, >>21627, >>22171 DJT retweets

>>22178, >>22192 Video Reminder Tlaib Got kicked out of Trump event

>>22208 #28

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:33 p.m. No.25379   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#30 Baker change

>>23594 , >>23600, >>23603, >>23615 The Shriners' Temple and other buildings similar to Epstein's temple

>>23534 Fox News Sunday: Stephen Miller with Chris Wallace

>>23465 , >>23497, >>23505, >>23536 The keystone, domes of worship and Gobekli Tepe

>>23455 QNN Video: Intolerance: The Truth About Antifa & Their Violent Attacks

>>23407 Epstein Crime Map To Date

>>23401 Cap of the NYT article Q linked to re Anthony Comello

>>23364 New DJT: Congratulations, Bibi

>>23252 Gay Florida politician admits she lied about treating Pulse Nightclub victims

>>23247 Article: Ghislaine's NY home is owned by LdR

>>23239 Epstein Island: Magnetic North Orientation and the 4 Princes

>>23174 , >>23178, >>23189, >>23293, >>23306, >>23636 On Cain and his bloodline. Seed of the serpent?

>>23173 , >>23208 Google and Warburg Pincus funded Crowdstrike

>>23167 Epstein involved in the financial crisis 2007-2008? Liquid Funding Ltd.

>>23134 Flight data from Epstein’s private jets show flights every 3 days

>>23128 , >>23149, >>23152 Site which tried to frame Assange back online:

>>23112 Don Jr. trolls Avenatti on embezelling millions from a parapeligic

>>23080 New drone video of St. James Island from Rusty

>>23079 New thread: A collection of information about natural cures and remedies

>>23490 Dig continued from notes below: Masonic legend Hiram Abif burried on Mt Moriah

>>23054 , >>23121, >>23458, >>23474 The Golden Calf, King Solomon's Temple, Mt Moriah, Baal & the Templars

>>23051 Deer species which could be on Epstein Island

>>23049 , >>23205 Creepy Joe can't help himself

>>23034 , >>23039, >>23074, >>23075, >>23085 The cow/calf/bull & outside theatre on Epstein Island

>>23251 , >>23300, >>23439, >>23440 Epstein's geneology dig cont.

>>23025 , >>23045, >>23108, >>23123, >>23130, >>23133, >>23137, >>23155, >>23147 Epstein's geneology dig

>>23023 , >>23026, >>23031, >>23068 Previous structure on Epstein's island removed?

>>23755 #30

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:35 p.m. No.25382   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#31 crowdbake

Baker 1

>>23785, >>23806, >>23817 Major power outages in Brooklyn & Queens -- LIVE (vid)

>>23791 Federal Judge Puts Temporary Hold on Subpoenas of Trump’s Business Records (also in QR)

>>23808, >>23819, >>23823, >>23826, >>23828 Huge Sargassum Seaweed Blooms Again Threaten Florida, Caribbean and Mexico

>>23821, >>23829, >>23829, >>23830, >>23833, >>23852 Anons on legality of drones

>>23836 4 Ways to take down illegal drones (5min vid)

>>23859 New DJT: Schumer has finally gone to Southern Border....a GREAT thing!

>>23891, >>23893, >>23917, >>23919 2018 Bohemian Grove list (partial) Is it real? (from QR/Enty)

>>24122, >>23899, >>23909 Dreamweaver yacht flagged at Newport & Rhode Island maritime atty Robb Moss; Call for a DIGG

>>23902 Planefag reports

>>24020, >>24045, >>24121 , >>24141 Epstein's other island, Greater St James

>>23916, >>24001, >>24019, >>24101 , >>23932, >>24123, >>24136 , >>24162 Winged sun symbolism, keystone

Baker 2

>>24288, >>24290, >>24294, >>24380, >>24385 Iran arrests 17 CIA operatives for spying

>>24350, >>24363 , >>24355, >>24417 DJT tweets

>>24371 Epoch Times: Major Update on Flynn Related Lobbying Case

>>24379 Iran taunts Britain by hosting its flag over seized UK tanker

>>24383 Time Magazine Calls For State-Funded Pro-Migration Brainwashing

>>24392 Millions Of Barrels Of Iranian Crude Are Piling Up At Chinese Ports

Baker 1 returns

>>24395 No excuse for 50,000 Con Ed customers losing power during deadly heatwave

>>24398 Global Markets Rebound Ahead Of Earnings And News Deluge

>>24270, >>24400, >>24365 , >>24368, >>24405 , >>24428 Discussions on the Q boards & baking

>>24379 Iran taunts Britain by hosting its flag over seized UK tanker

>>24423 Bill Blain: Not A Good Time To Be A Central Banker

>>24357, >>24424 Moar on temple symbolism (blue blood, Gobekli Tepi)

>>24377 Ideas for countering shills at QRB

>>24426 NBC Poll – Wide Majority See Improved Race Relations Under President Trump (Conserv. Treehouse)

>>24434 New DJT: The Mainstream Media is out of control....It has never been this bad....

>>24439, >>24465 New DJT: Fake News Equals the Enemy of the People! (plus corrected time stamp?)

>>24354, >>24440 , >>24476 Anons ask: Is Qmap. pub is being messed with?

>>24441 New DJT: The Amazon Washington Post front page story yesterday was total Fake News....

>>24464, >>24468 New DJT tweet thread on Mueller, Strzok & Page (& "bite of the apple")

>>24469, >>24473 New DJT: The Report of Iran capturing CIA spies is totally false.... (see Reuters'--opposite story)

>>24477 USMC tweet: Sound on to power through the week, #MondayMotivation

>>24488 #31

Anonymous ID: 886e07 July 22, 2019, 7:40 p.m. No.25388   🗄️.is 🔗kun


baker 1

>>24567 Reuters announces capture of 17 CIA spies in Iran; some sentenced to death

>>24564 Pompeo dismisses Iranian claims about capturing spies

>>24555, >>24565, >>24582, , >>24592, >>24591 Anons discuss RT acct of arrests of CIA spy ring & what's really happening

>>24586, >>24595, >>24602, >>24618 Meaning of columns & 5th columns

>>24574, >>24575, >>24585 FOX Reporter Ellen Ratner say in 2016 short vid that Assange told her leaks were not from the Russians but an "internal source" - was outed last week as Ed Butowsky’s Source in Seth Rich Case (1:26 clip)

>>24579 Politico details connections between Ghislaine, Epstein, ruling class

>>24587 Scarborough Likens Trump to a Dictator — Using Tactic if You Criticize Him Then You’re Criticizing America

>>24601 New DJT: The "Squad" is a very Racist group of troublemakers who are young, inexperienced, and not very smart....

>>24605 Nadler defends Mueller hearing: Trump has 'violated the law six ways from Sunday'

>>24606, >>24608, >>24611 WH clips: USA Special Olympics, Netherlands PM, VP Pence at Cape Canaveral

>>24613, >>24790 Justice John Paul Stevens Lies in Repose at Supreme Court

>>24624, >>24716>>24724 Call for a DIGG on Anthony Ferrante (FBI agent working at the WH)

>>24632 Trump: Mainstream Media ‘Have Gone Bonkers and No Longer Care What Is Right or Wrong

>>24633 New Rusty drone shots of Great St James Island

>>24634, >>24636, >>24640 Anons on new "Be ready" Q

>>24654, >>24659 New Q on Blackhawk op over DC

>>24656, >>24664, >>24672, >>24683, >>24688, >>24719, >>24720, >>24734 Planefag reports: DC area

>>24681, >>24700 Blue bloods, red bloos, lapislazuli (dig from LB)

>>24686 White House to Urge Pakistani Leader to Ramp Up Anti-Terror Crackdown

>>24690 ‘Squad’ Wants America to be a ‘Socialist, Open Borders Country

>>24708, >>24717, >>24737 Discussion on Ezra Cohen-Watson (re new Q)

>>24716 DoJ watchdog has evidence Comey probed Trump

ghost, then new baker

>>24851, >>24856 Erdogan rejects reports of heart attack in US

>>24860 Epstein Chaired a $6.7 Billion Company that Documents Suggest May Have Received a Secret Federal Reserve Bailout

>>24870, >>24871 Michigan Democrat, Now Trump Supporter: “The things he’s promised, well, he’s done them

>>24882 Justice Dept. Watchdog Has Evidence Comey Probed Trump, on the Sly

>>24884 New Hillary Twat: President using his bully pulpit to pit Americans against one another.

>>24885 Federalist Paper Reports: IG report will detail how former FBI Director Comey repeatedly lied to Trump

>>24922 Bun on Planefag's Theory on Helicopter Callsigns coming out of Andrews/Ft. Belvoir/Camp Springs MD, over DC metro related t Army Secret D.C. Ops

>>24895 Army Lets Slip That It's Conducting Secret Helicopter Operation around D.C. (Q ref Article)

>>24911 In July 2015 Google invested $100 million into Crowdstrike

>>24914 Comey Under DOJ Investigation For Misleading Trump While Targeting Him In FBI Probe

>>24937 FBI serves search warrant at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and City Hall

>>24951 Puerto Rico Protests: Live Updates on March Against Governor [NYT]

>>24957 Schiff Says Inspector General's Work 'Tainted' Ahead Of Report On Surveillance Abuses

>>24975 Anon on Mesopotamia, Earliest documented Stone Arch and Gobekli Tepe.

>>24982 Gulf Cartel Leader Caught Sneaking Across Texas Border

>>25159 Bun on Epstein Island blue and White waves, watch the water, blue blood, Q 1001, 4 Princes of Hell, Leviathan

>>24842 Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations

>>25059 New DJT: New Budget Deal

>>25194 Mad Maxine Waters Twatters

>>25216 Don Jr. New Book Out

>>25232 A Former Crooked Judge faints after being convicted

>>25261 #32

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 2:58 p.m. No.35188   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>25329 Anon's Theory on Why Al Franken is Back in the News

>>25331, >>25357, >>25383, >>25766 (You), >>25853 Watching the Water and Ghislaine Maxwell with Ancient Alphabetic Symbolism

>>25380 Chris Kraft, 1st flight director for NASA, dies at 95

>>25390, >>25534, >>25543 Pence canceled New Hampshire trip to avoid meeting a drug trafficker

>>25391, >>25395, >>25401, >>25403 Two different Trish Regans on Twitter. POTUS changes tweet to @ other Trish.

>>25399, >>25649 New Rusty Shackelford Footage of Epstein Island

>>25418, >>25428, >>25507, >>25447, >>25569, >>25570, >>25583 Diggs and Theories on Evergeen

>>25458 Trump met with Nunes to discuss potential replacements for Dan Coats: report

>>25474 Grass fire near Lake Berryessa forces evacuations

>>25481, >>25591 South Korea fires warning shots at Russian military aircraft

>>25560 Link to a helpful timeline graphic on Ilhan Omar

>>25579 New Article on Scaramucci, RR Tweets a Response, Scarammuci model?

>>25586 Spy working in the WH now works for CNN

>>25588 Elon Musk's Hyperloop Reaches A Record 288 Miles Per Hour...Right Before Exploding

>>25589 Trick Or Treat? Less Than Half Of Brits Believe UK Will Leave The EU On Oct 31

>>25593 White House Backs Rule Change That Will End Food Stamps For 3 Million Americans

>>25595, >>25599, >>25619 New Don Jr. Tweets

>>25596 Sara Carter: Rashida Tlaib Calls For $20 Per Hour Minimum Wage

>>25601, >>25615, >>25608, >>25617, >>25622 Boris Johnson Becoming Next British Prime Minister

>>25611, >>25625 Report: National Review, Forbes, HuffPost Helped Epstein Remake Image After Sex Crime Conviction

>>25628 FBI Rocked By Public Suicide of TOP FBI Agent Who Investigated Clinton Foundation (Salvatore Cincinelli)

>>25632 Giuliani shreds de Blasio over videos of NYPD officers doused with water: ‘He’s a disgrace'

>>25636 NSA Forms Cybersecurity Directorate Under More Assertive U.S. Effort (WSJ)

>>25644 '''Trump Wants to Punish Guatemala Over Failed ‘Safe Third Country’ Deal

>>25646 (Video) Trump addresses Turning Point USA's Teen Student Action Summit

>>25651 House Passes Schiff Amendment to Broadcast Guantanamo Bay Proceedings - Press Release

>>25677 ICE just apprehended 605 criminals

>>25683 (Video) New OAN Interview With Rep. Nunes: "Mueller has history of being a bad actor"

>>25691, >>25693 Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Ilhan Omar; Accused Of Immigration, Tax And Student Loan Fraud

>>25692 Former Veterans Affairs Employee Allegedly Defrauded Agency Of Millions Of Dollars (NPR)

>>25694 How Mueller deputy Andrew Weissmann's offer to an oligarch could boomerang on DOJ

>>25698 Chamber of Commerce coalitions letter to Congress to pass USMCA tariff agreement now

>>25678 Systems and Cost Analysis for a Nuclear Subterrene Tunneling Machine, written in 1973 (.pdf file)

>>25720, >>25699, >>25708, >>25707, >>25678 Anons on Subterranean Tunnelling, Patent and a .pdf show evidence of the technology existing since the 70s

>>25734 Forbes, HuffPo, National Review Delete Pro-Epstein Propaganda

>>25732 Senate confirms Esper as new Secretary of Defense in 90-8 vote

>>25735 New concept glasses make the wearer undetectable to facial recognition software

>>25780 New DJT Twitter Bun

'''(End notable page 1 of 2)


▶Anonymous 07/23/19 (Tue) 15:23:03 ccbdb8 No.25995>>26187

(Begin notable page 2 of 2)

GHOST BAKE/Practice bake

>>25765, >>25767, >>25769, >>25860 DIGG on PM of Pakistan Imran Khan/buddy Shahid Afridi (nickname Boom Boom) 2 water foundations

>>25701 Massive Trump Intro President Trump Turning Point USA

>>25730 Anon commentary on FBI Wray Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today

>>25738, >>25745, >>25753 DUMBS, military cemeteries and earthquakes DIGG

>>25835, >>25845, >>25848 AG Bill Barr Letter to Mueller/comments 1 day before Mueller testimony

>>25855 NYC PBA Twat regarding NYC PO's confronting daily abuse

>>25858, >>25862 Senate approves bill 9/11 victim's fund never runs out.

>>25528, >>25541 July 6th NBVC twat re: evacuation non-essential personnel at NAWS China Lake

>>25887, >>25889 Army Training in Subterranean Environments published Nov 2017

>>25882, >>25891, >>25905, >>25907 D & Q Special Edition The Unquotable Trump Comic

>>25899, >>25903 Unnamed Congressional source reveals Mueller will not testify alone/ handler Aaron Zebley

>>25908 Bill Clinton/Jeffrey Epstein paper copy of deleted online Vanity Fair article

>>25942 New Twats from Sidney Powell/Flynn's new lawyer

>>25943 OK City, OK man convicted of Trafficking Children for Sex

>>25932, >>25945, >>25959,>>25960 DOJ opening broad antitrust review re: dominant tech firms unlawfully stifling competition

>>25947, >>25962 Top LA Water Exec Steps Down in Wake of FBI Raids

>>25964 #33

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:32 p.m. No.35365   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#34 crowdbake

baker 1

>>26102, >>26126, >>26132, >>26143, >>26186, >>26329 DJT Tweets

>>26122 Robert Mueller soon may be exposed as the 'magician of omission' on Russia

>>26139 MAGA Coalition to Sue QAnon in Multiple Jurisdictions

>>26142 NZ lawmakers seeking further gun restrictions

>>26145 Ex-Flynn business partner convicted for conspiring to act as foreign agent

>>26176 Epstein nautilus connects to purple dye, tradition of royalty

>>26196 Ilhan Omar being challenged by QAnon Patriot Danielle Stella

>>26209 McConnell says he has no plans to watch Mueller testimony

>>26210, >>26214 Solomon's coverage of The LINK university and Q posts with "the link"

>>26233 Pelosi, Nadler & Schiffs Talking points

>>26245 Lindsey Graham slams change to iconic bomber jacket for 'Top Gun: Maverick'

>>26275 Maria Bartiromo tweet on Mifsud cooperation with Western Intelligence

>>26286 Connections: Rachel Chandler, Walter Pearce, Hood By Air, A$AP Rocky (w/ Kanye/FLOTUS help)

>>26307, >>26314, >>26321 Boris Johnson Demands ‘Useless’ Sadiq Khan Must ‘Immediately’ Go To Thunderous Applause

>>26316 Details on Aaron Zebley, Muellers handler

>>26336 DJT Jr. calls out Tlaib for 2015 tweet demanding DJT be deported.

>>26337 ICE captures fugitives convicted of manufacturing/delivering controlled substance and other crimes.

>>26338 Gorka calls out Amazon's $10B Pentagon deal

>>26369, >>26370, >>26359 John McAfee Is Seemingly Missing & Secret Data Time-Bomb Is Ticking

>>26379 New Rusty LSJ drone footage - DJI 0024

baker 2

>>26427 Puerto Rico - Governor resignation imminent

>>26502 MH17 Evidence-Tampering Exposed: Cover-Ups, Hiding Records, Witness Misreporting, & FBI Seizures

>>26733, >>26761 Anon notes on early part of Mueller's testimony--star questioner: JIM JORDAN

baker 3

>>26781 Mark Meadows on Jordan's brilliant questioning of Mueller

>>26807 Donald Trump Jr blazes Twitter

>>26814 #34

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:33 p.m. No.35368   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#35 ghost picked up by baker

>>26871 Chris Wallace: 'This has been a disaster for the Democrats' and 'for the reputation of Robert Mueller

>>27266, >>27332 POTUS press conference on Mueller in US House Cmmte's (Judiciary/Intell)

>>26874, >>26878, >>26881, >>26882, >>26999, >>27329 DJT tweets/retweets on Mueller in US House Cmmte's

>>27162 DJT Tweet: TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE & Q drop #3475; DIGG needed

>>27205, >>27207, >>27210, >>27213, >>27218, >>27219, >>27226 Wikipedia anons editing "Force of Nature" entry

>>26901 Melissa A: Jim Jordan just blew the lid off the Hoax as Mueller cowers

>>26905 Gen. Flynn new twitter banner: Betsy Ross flag

>>26909 Helpful Javascript for the boards

>>26929 Mueller: Rep. Collins clip

>>26931 FBI Director Wray before Senate Judiciary Committee (7-23-19, 3 hour vid)

>>26979 Who is sitting behind Mueller? James L. Quarles, DIGG anons

>>27005, >>27020, >>27020 Part 2 of Mueller testimony is before House Intell Cmmte

>>27036 Mueller & Ted Lieu clips

>>27047 Rep. John Ratcliffe Exposes Weissmann and Mueller’s Twisted Interpretation of DOJ Rules

>>27059, >>27305 Spygate: No Chance Obama did not know (Tom Fitton, Epoch Times; 7min clip)

>>27064, >>27156, >>27179, >>27204, >>27247 Templars/Knights of Malta/Hospitallers/EU takeover by cabal DIGG

>>27170, >>27410 Coverage of Rusty drone pics by Western Journal

>>27178, >>27216, >>27228 What's goin' on w/QR bred titles and new locked 751 breds?

>>27180 Herman Cain tweet on blue and white striped building Little St. James

>>27192 Behind the Green Door DIGG, con't.

>>27193, >>27208, >>27319 Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler press conference at 4:45 ET: will call for POTUS impeachment

>>27258, >>27273, >>27314 Planefag reports

>>26918 Joe M: incoming #IGReport accuses James Comey of treason; >>27313 Moar from The Blaze

>>27316 The Power of Anon Research & cap

>>27317, >>27358 Reminder: Omar interview with AlJezeera (2-10-18)

new baker

>>27403, >>27406, >>27407 Continued Digg of Symbolism on Epstein Island

>>27417, >>27429, >>27432, >>27439 Video capture of military troops in Hong Kong

>>27421 New Rusty drone footage - DJI 0026

>>27423 Continued debate. Mueller -- black hat/white hat?

>>27425 Steve Pieczenik Weighs in on Boris Johnson, new British PM...NOT Good

>>27481, >>27513, >>27522 Wiki dig on "tannin from adrenal glands in the wine"

>>27505, >>27506 Rusty's Drone Videos in Daily Mail Article on Epstein Island

>>27538, >>27552 New DJT Tweets: THE WITCH HUNT IS OVER!

>>27557 #35

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:36 p.m. No.35371   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#36 a

PAGE 1 of 2

baker 1

>>27593, >>27607 DJT Tweets missed from last bread

>>27614, >>27616, >>27619, >>27623 NEW DJT Tweets

>>27471 PB, >>27642, >>27716, >>27744, >>27790 , >>27831, >>27836, >>27943 Vatican-like pattern in Epstein"garden" related to ORION/constellations/celestial movements

>>27677, >>27693, >>27704, >>27710, >>27693, >>27713, >>27730 Supplemental material referenced in SIGINT Guidelines & discussion

baker 2

>>27620, >>27656 Q Post 3484 has a VERY long file name, is it code?

>>27653 Entire cap of SIGINT pdf from Q Post 3487

>>27660, >>27571, >>27681, >>27685, >>27686, >>27692 Epstein injured in possible suicide attempt (1:07min vid), other stories

>>27669 Epstein injury Q "Eyes on" #3491

>>27791 Epstein injury includes ligatures around the neck (Q #3492)

>>27787 Anon: calling all coderanons to archive primary sources for emergent info as "the pot is starting to boil"

>>27795 Reminder: NSA gets more latitude to share intercepted comms (from 1-12-17)

>>27805 Reminder: Key dates re impromper FISA access from timeline on Mike Rogers (from 5-5-18)

>>27811, >>27812 Anon on Wiktionary drop, other new Q's

>>27832 Mueller "montage" (confused-looking M asks for Q's to be repeated)

>>27423 pb, >>27834 Anon on Q calling Mueller "Bob"; white hat/black debate continues

>>27840, >>27916, >>27917 KNOWINGLY--the Dems' only defense?

>>27921, >>27922 DJT thread: "Yesterday changed everything"

>>27925 Inmate Nicholas Tartaglione had illicit cell phone; was Epstein attacked in cell?

>>27926 Epstein visited Pres. Clinton's WH during "earliest days in WH

>>27930 Bill Mitchell poll: "What's your opinion on Q?"

>>27943 Robt Mueller may soon be exposed as the magician of omission on Russia

>>27953 New DJT: Approval rating on economy at 54%

>>27958 New DJT: Mark Levin on Fox & Friends now

>>27959 Anon on the CASE Act of 2019

>>27964 New DJT: House Repubs should support 2 year budget, will help military/vets

>>27966, >>27975 Lou Dobbs on Mueller w/Victoria Toensing & Joe DiGenova (Fox; 10min vid); moar on DiGenova

>>27971 WH on USMCA

>>27968, >>27993 Ivanka Trump tweets

>>27983 Former Trump campaign adviser: Mueller tried to turn the campaign into a crime scene

>>27986 FEMA to conduct national test of Emerg. Alert System on 8-7-19.

>>27988 VP Pence tweet

>>28373 #36 a

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:36 p.m. No.35372   🗄️.is 🔗kun


PAGE 2 of 2

baker 3

>>28007 US manufacturers pledge to train 1.2M workers amid skilled labor shortage

>>28010 Flashback Video: Maxine Waters Talks Obama's Very very Powerful Database

>>28013 U.S. Senators Gearing up for a Battle to fix the pensions of about 1.3 million retirees and workers in trucking, mining and other industries.

>>28014 Boeing Max grounding leads Southwest Airlines to cease operations at Newark airport

>>28022, >>28221 U.S. reinstates death penalty, AG William Barr orders execution of 5 Child Murderers

>>27646, >>27654, >>27665, >>28011 Anons talk Q's Raw SIGINT Guidelines doc, FISA and Executive Order relations

>>28024 (Video) "MS-13's Motto is 'Rape, Kill, & Control" - former Special Agent for the DEA

>>28038 Al Franken ‘absolutely’ Regrets Resigning in 2017 Due to Sexual Assault Allegations

>>28055, >>28051, >>28266 Facebook investors shrug off $5B fine, as critics blast FTC

>>28060, >>28061 Matt Whitaker on Mueller Hearing

>>27950, >>28090 Updizzle on McAfee - Released from Prison

>>28064 FBI Clinton Foundation Investigator Salvatore Cincinelli dead in apparent suicide

>>28070 (Video) Epoch Times American Thought Leaders - FreedomWorks' Adam Brandon

>>28079, >>28080 Planefag spots Boss coming back to town. Look busy

>>28083, >>28092 Dirty Beaches News and Digg

>>28093 Flashback Video: Mueller right before he was appointed to lead the witch hunt. Moar confident, less senile.

>>28097 U.S. Dept. of Defense Twat: Bringing Heat

>>28101 Kamala Harris Twat: Let me be clear: capital punishment is immoral and deeply flawed.

>>28104 Google Punishes Whistleblowing Engineer (Project Veritas) with Administrative Leave

>>28106 (Video) President Trump gives Speech at the Pentagon for the Full Honors ceremony of the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

>>28126 Disney Curise Line Especially for Adults – Frequently Asked Questions

>>28135 New DJT: Beautiful Welcome Ceremony at the Pentagon this morning for our new Secretary of Defense

>>28139 Disney Cruise Line Made Stops at Little St James

>>28140 Swedes Throw Book at A$AP, Faces possible 2 year jail term

>>28155 Ginsburg: A Senator Once Said I'd Be Dead in Six Months

>>28168, >>28136, >>28142, >>28204, >>28233, >>28253 Anons discuss Trudeau, Aga Khan Scandal

>>28217 LIVE: President Trump Speech at Pledge to American Workers event at the White House

>>28201, >>28218 Disney Cruise featured excursion to Little St James as recently as 2018

>>28232 Meet The Former Epstein 'Sex Slave' Who Helped Recruit Underage Girls For The 'Lolita Express'

>>28234, >>28239, >>28260, >>28311, >>28312 Anons want to know if any families reported any unusual activity or incidents on these cruises, specifically the excursions to Little St James.

>>28238 Anon's theory on Epstein Temple Dome: Aluminum frame skeleton, streched and skinned w/ poly viny?

>>28249 Link to an interesting short read on Epstein and his Island(s) from 2016

>>28256, >>28259, >>28262 Twatter Imam twat storms about a Congresswoman Traitor working with Qataris.

>>28295, >>28297 New DJT: We love our Law Enforcement Officers all around this great Country.

>>28301 Ex-Disney Cruise officer: I was ordered not to report molestation

>>28317 Over a dozen Marines arrested in human smuggling probe

>>27792 That meme you shared? It may soon cost you $15,000.

>>28318, >>28325 Epstein business connections, Mr. Dianne Feinstein and moar

>>28324 Gov can't release certain docs and materials in Epstein case b/c it would impede investigations on yet to be charged individuals

>>28374 #36b

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:38 p.m. No.35373   🗄️.is 🔗kun


bakers 1 & 2

>>28393, >>28421, >>28614 Epstein case update

>>28416, >>28420, >>28423 Nadler lambasting an accusing border patrol of kidnapping, Glowing much?

>>28450, >>28601 Chip Roy Walks Out of Hearing

>>28514, >>28597, >>28520, >>28542, >>28889 News on Farkas financing Cuomo and other notes

>>28571, >>28647, DJT on Hannity notes & video

>>28619, >>28624, >>28592, >>28633 Cuomo and Epstein (Island) connections

>>28668, >>28669 DJT tweets

baker 2

>>28733, >>28744 Planefag reports (now includes mystery balloons)

>>28740, >>28745, >>28748 Blind Item #13: George Nader co-conspirators identified by their initials (anons DIGG!!)

>>28723, >>28757 NYC Corrections Captain: f– the police, time to shoot back at cops

>>28753 Palestinian Pres Mahmoud Abbas offered $10billion by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to accept DC's still-secret peace deal

>>28767, >>28893, >>28774, >>28781 Anon discovers island paradise Koh Phi Phi (Covfefe -- for KEKS? But it's real!)

>>29073 Another tweak for codefags (qrb-bells-whistles update)

>>28780 Puerto Rico Governor misread anger brewing against him

>>28793, >>28798, >>28799, >>28803, >>28813 Anons discuss "Save the Chidren", Epstein "tennis courts", secret WH party (Obama)

>>28804 These gut bacteria prevent mice from becoming obese—what could that mean for us?

>>28815 House Oversight Cmte hearing on drug prices (LIVE)

>>28817 North Korea: Missile launch was 'warning' to South Korea (Ruptly)

>>28818 Update on proposed CASE Act on copyrights (eyes on, anons)

>>28819 Sperry: Don Jr retweets not entirely buying Mueller's feeble performance

>>28821 Will Devin Nunes replace Dan Coats as Intel Chief? (vid clip)

>>28822, >>28838 Symbolism/ancient culture digg, con't. (Carthaginian child sacrifice, Phoenicians)

>>28824, >>28826, >>28829, >>28830, >>28831, >>28832, >>28853, >>28954, >>29028, >>29036, >>29050 New DJTs

>>28542, >>28833, >>28554 Imam Tawhidi ("Imam of Peace"): look for Qatar collusion; moar on Farkas

>>28858, >>28861, >>28875 Anon diggs on Emir of Qatar

>>28852, >>28554, >>28886, >>28887, >>28908, >>28922 DIGG on flag behind Emir of Qatar

>>28834 Tom Fitton advocates opening criminal investigation on Omar (vid clip)

>>28835 Anon thinks Sailing Ship anon is with Q team

>>28837, >>28840 Scott Ford, lifelong dem, throws support to Trump (yet another walkaway)

>>28843 Is John McAfee throwing his hat in for a run for the President of the U.S.?

>>28860 Ingraham: Trump was right, experts wrong, on China

>>28871, >>29116, >>29116 Magnum brand, owned by Unilever, uses pedo symbol on its products

>>29130 #37a

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:38 p.m. No.35374   🗄️.is 🔗kun


baker 2, con't.

>>28877 OAN on Google: word "Christian" not ok but "Muslim" ok (vid clip)

>>28902 Countries beginning to wise up to DS operatives like Weissmann and Mueller

>>28903 Everyone called it "Pedophile Island" (JapanTimes from 7/11/19)

>>28907, >>28919, >>28923 Pelosi Says She Has No Hatchet to Bury with AOC and the Squad (vid clip) & moar

>>28935 Epstein's 'Lolita Express' Pilots Subpoenaed In Sex-Trafficking Investigation

>>28938 VOAT discussions about Epstein, Disney, Clinton connection

>>28941 Apple, Google Tumble After Trump Tweets

>>28945, >>29019, >>29021, >>29025, >>29013 Nadler doggedly hangs on to possibility of "Trump misconduct"

>>28947 'Cooler filled with male genitalia' found in raid of Phoenix body-donation company

>>28957 James Clapper Suggests Mueller Was "Just A Figurehead" And Didn't Even Write His Own Report

>>28978 J & J diapers pedo symbolism (normalization)

>>28980 Federal Government Upholding Rule of Law by Resuming Executions, Professor Says

>>28988 LA billboards "hijacked" to show fake but dank ad for new film: "Once Upon a Time in PEDOWOOD"

>>29000 DHS Kevin McAleenan Puts Guatemalan Migrants on Fast Track Home

>>29005 Judge: 2nd Amendment Does Not Protect Semiautomatic ‘Killing Machines

>>29011 Andy Biggs: Mueller Likely Knew There Was ‘No Collusion’ Before Midterm Elections

>>29028, >>29033 New DJT: Revised 2nd tweet on Apple, first tweet deleted ( >>28832 )

>>29045 Aide fired after fake presidential seal displayed next to Trump at Turning Point USA event

>>28956, >>28963, >>29031, >>29048 Trump threatens France w/wine tax ( >>28954); anons discuss wines & digs

>>29055 Anon finds previously unknown typo in Q Drop #153 (deliberate?)

>>29066 DOJ’s Russia probe review focusing on 'smoking gun' tapes of meeting with Trump aide: sources

>>29087 Donald Trump, Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle Speak at Border Wall Symposium

>>29090 Poll: will Epstein face real repercussios this time?

>>29101 Kellyanne Conway BLASTS the Liberal Media over Election Interference (vid)

>>29108 NXIVM biography websites

>>29111 Omar splits with her husband as she heads for 2nd divorce with father of her three children

>>29115 Wilbur Ross on Boeing's big impact on GDP, China trade

>>29124 WH: We stand in solidarity with LGBT (on no imprisonment/executions)

>>29107 Joey Gibson (Patriot Prayer leader) on HRC pedo ring at State Dept (vid)

>>29135 #37b

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:40 p.m. No.35375   🗄️.is 🔗kun


ghost handoff, baker 1

>>29152 Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Co-Sponsors "Audit The Fed" Bill

>>29160 Anon Diggs and Theorizes on Recently Exposed Military Bad Actors. Links Included.

>>29168 (Video) Ted Lieu Thinks Someone “Got To” Mueller

>>29172 Trump Jr. at Border Wall: Blasts Mueller, ‘the Squad’, Socialism

>>29178 Large asteroid that just BARELY missed Earth

>>29184 The S&P 500 and Nasdaq closed at record highs Today

>>29197 (Video) Karl Rove on Democrats' impeachment push

>>29203 (Video) Lara Trump: People will always vote with their pocketbooks, wallets

>>29208, >>29244 (Video)Trump delivered remarks, announced asylum agreement with Guatemala

>>29206, >>29213, >>29223, >>29772 Epstein Island Tennis Court, Not Always a Tennis Court?

>>29230, >>29286 New Rusty Shackleford Footage of Epstein Island

>>29279 (Video) POTUS: Let's Subpoena all of Obama's records, and all of the records having to do with Hillary Clinton.

>>29288 New DJT: Clip of MSM calling Mueller a disaster

>>29298 (Video) Sara Carter with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

>>29304, >>29310, >>29333 The Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 to allow the Trump administration to use Pentagon funds to build part of the border wall. (VICTORY!)

>>29305 New DJT: Wow! Big VICTORY on the Wall. The United States Supreme Court overturns lower court injunction

>>29255, >>29258, >>29313, >>29319, >>29320 #FLYREMINDERFLY# - Reminder on People who have been named in the #FLY Brackets

>>29317 NeonRevolt: The Biggest Heist in American History: Exposing the Kingston Group’s Nefarious Activities with @USAttyHuber and @GenF

>>29325 White House Twat: Border Patrol agents in the Laredo Sector thwarted a human smuggling attempt on Interstate Highway 35 earlier this week.

>>29330 MAGAnomics – Second Quarter GDP Growth 2.1% Beats all Expectations

>>29335 Judiciary Democrats say they have effectively begun an impeachment inquiry already

>>29456 New Don Jr.

baker change, baker 2

>>29503 Several charts of MSM movers & shakers

>>29267, >>29364, >>29371, >>29395, >>29490, >>29497, >>29502, >>29521, >>29569, >>29574, >>29594, >>29635 Epstein Island pump/ventilation system DIGG

>>29754, >>29756, >>29746, >>29770, >>29776 QRC will drop listing of QR notables (redundant; anons go direct to QR for info)

>>29764, >>29765, >>29780, >>29785, >>29787 Anons reject division-fagging & shill attacks

>>29793 Epstein into Jorge Marin's art (creepy)

>>29800 Mexican NXIVM (ESP) website page

>>29817 Q 3505 on Nunes receiving a "special package" from Barr (declassified #Spydate docs)

>>29827, >>29835 John Solomon LIVE Hannity Podcast ref'd in Q #3513

>>29838 Anon: Is M.Z . Mortimer Zuckerman?

>>29840, >>29830, >>29831 >>>/qresearch/7211650 Epstein & emails just dropped on the other side of the fence (E's little black book--extremely sensitive)

>>29848 Snctm went up for sale on 5-27; price remains in effect until 7-27 (today)

>>29849, >>29850 Black Conservative Patriot video: Will Nunes replace Dan Coats? (30min)

baker change, baker 1 again

>>29851, >>29855, >>29862 Builders of the Adytum (BOTA), Modern Mystery School

>>29426, >>29854, >>29875 Links to the Books in the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

>>29872 Young black voters vital to Democrats' multiracial coalition (Desperate)

>>29564, >>29638, >>29880 Moar on Twatter Imam Tawhidi claiming to have "the goods" on a US Congresswoman

>>29489, >>29885 “OPERATION BOOMERANG” as spoken by Jason Chaffetz on Hannity. (@10 seconds)

>>29888 New John McAfee Twat: The issue we now have is that the D.R. has not returned our dogs to us.

>>29892, >>29895 New DJT: Cumming(s) District is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. Where is all this money going? How much is stolen? Investigate this corrupt mess immediately!

>>29905 #38

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:42 p.m. No.35378   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>29941, >>29996, >>29956, >>29959, >>29962, >>29968, >>29976, >>30092 , >>30099, >>30173 POTUS directly calls for a dig on Elijah Cummings - Anons DIGG

>>29954 Guide to abbreviations used by Q

>>29955 Twatter Imam Mohamad Tawhidi Keeps Twatting @Ilhan, still says she's tight with Qatar

>>29901 pb, >>29960, >>29936, >>29957, >>29960 Charter of the Commonwealth (for CW anons, WRWY)

baker #2

>>29958 Wikipedia scrubbing their site of Clinton and Spacey's names now

>>29963, >>29964, >>29986, >>30091 Wikipedia on Epstein & how info keeps changing

>>29965 Community leaders support NYPD, criticize police harrassment (FOX 12min vid)

>>29980 The Day of Reckoning is Coming by Jim Dwyer

>>29983, >>30002, >>30010 US vs Epstein (1998): lots of connections here, anons DIGG!

>>29984, >>30169, >>30171, >>30361 VOAT offline again; Gateway Pundit raises questions

>>29985, >>30093, >>30094 Jeffrey Epstein And Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Husband Were Co-Investors In An Exclusive Private Equity Fund

>>29987 130 Times the FBI, DOJ and/or Mueller Gang “Deviated from Standard Practice” or Committed Crimes in Efforts to Exonerate Hillary & Indict President Trump

>>29993 President Trump Building Economic Landscape for 2020 (Conserv. Treehouse)

>>29995 Giuliani: Democrats are now making total clowns out of themselves (5min vid clip)

>>29998, >>30031, >>30012, >>30020, >>30022, >>30036, >>30037 New Q Obama video has him saying people can make it in the US "through misleading and dishonest practices"; deepfake or not?

>>30039 Re new Q's on Fuddy's death: USSS recently tweeted "Sometimes we wear a diving suit" (7-22-19)

>>30059 Anon on Q's "farm produce (9 dots): The Farm produces (CIA spies) = 9 chars

>>30041, 30060, >>30067, >>30082, >>30102, >>30109, >>30114, >>30146, >>30149 Videos & screen grabs on Fuddy's death -- anons DIGG

>>30027, >>30063, >>30066, >>30096, >>30070 , >>30085, >>30115, >>30122, >>30123 Anons on Fuddy and her death

>>30078 Quakes in Philippines kill 8, injure 60

>>30090 Sauce for Obama parents speaking Russian (new Q)

>>30104 Pelosi slams Trump's "racist attacks' on Elijah Cummings (Conserv. Treehouse)

baker #3

>>30112 Google exec breaks down in tears recounting 2016 Presidential election loss

>>30128, >>30144, >>30156 Nunes tweet decoded pointing to 42, Bill Clinton. Harvest time.

>>30177, >>30178, >>30179, >>30213, >>30284, >>30535, >>30562, >>30589, >>30628, >>30635, >>30657 NEW DJT Tweets

>>30185 [OnReady] last dropped one month ago today in QPost 3351

>>30186 Ex-MSNBC Host Krystal Ball Slams Network Over Russia: Rachael Maddow, You've Got Some Explaining To Do

>>30214, >>30219, >>30307, >>30316 SC ruling on border wall is win for Americans. Meanwhile agents help aliens around wall.

>>30216, >>30226, >>30241, >>30281, >>30291, >>30414 Related corn posts: Comey in field. China harming farmers. Children of the Corn.

>>30224, >>30402 Obama birth: sequence of events regarding actual citizenship

>>30235, >>30293 Nancy Pelosi: Supreme Court Allowing Trump to ‘Steal Military Funds’ for ‘Wasteful, Ineffective’ Wall

>>30246, >>30250 DJT continued tweets on condition of Cumming's district.

>>30255, >>30358 Obama and connection to Indonesian Cult, Subud

>>30268 NATEsafety: Pledge to Americas Workers.

>>30282 Special assistant to Mother Teresa, Mark Bloomfield, 54, beaten to death outside pub in Wales

>>30297 NEW Nunes Tweet regarding McConnell as ‘Moscow Mitch’

>>30317, >>30319 Alternative Barack Obama autobiography: "Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception"

>>30328 30K without power in DC won't regain until tomorrow afternoon

>>30349 Cummings loses it during Lois Lerner Congressional hearing after Issa adjourns

>>30355, >>30382 Family of Rod Hotham seeks justice. Believe his disappearance connected to DS corruption.

>>30356 Fifth NYPD officer dies by suicide in the last two months

>>30371, >>30416 Elijah Cummings and his true SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST background

>>30375 Barack Obama shares op-ed criticizing President Trump’s ‘poisoning of our democracy'

>>30372, >>30374, >>30377, >>30392 Active Op: Clintons and Branson spearheading renewable energy project across Caribbean

>>30422 Barack Obama: A Lifelong Story of Russian Collusion

>>30434 The CIA's "Intelligence Authorization Act" Would Criminalize Whistleblowers And Reporters

>>30435 Ehud Barak, Viktor Vekselberg and the new hope of the Israeli deep state to oust Netanyahu, Benny Gantz

>>30458, >>30463 Screen caps of Breitbart Tweet and Article from QPost #3523

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:42 p.m. No.35381   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>30486, >>30494, >>30501, >>30502, >>30503 Decoding Q post. Comey, Corney, and Corn.

>>30509, >>30521, >>30524 Engineer/construction anon annotates Epstein Island buildings with function

>>30511 Comey "ready for to be cut". Harvest time.

>>30517 Mika Brzezinski's daughter Emily Hoffer interned for Cummings

>>30518, >>30522 Comey tweets in corn field 8 days before first Q post. Q Proof.

>>30326, >>30538 DJT retweets Kim Klacik calling out Cummings.

>>30554 QR repost of C_A "pedophile academy" in Virginia begun by Allen Dulles

>>30566 JE Island: Videos of crates, wood and cinderblock being moved around. Possible cleanup ops.

>>30584 Anon reminds us Cummings officiated at Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough wedding

>>30585 Pelosi, Omar, other members of Congress to visit Ghana, US Army Africa headquarters in Italy

>>30586, >>30596 Links to Anitifa websites showing the breadth of their operations

>>30616 Cost of Common Core State Standards

>>30617 KEK wills notable of Hitler reaming out generals over Mueller testimony

>>30618, >>30621 Q decode by Gary Holland

>>30626 Luke Obrien's Search and Destroy Missions: destroying lives is an increasingly common tactic [targeting conservatives]

>>30627 Warren says she is 'open' to expanding Supreme Court

>>30628, >>30630, >>30645 POTUS retweet Mark Levin going after swamp.

>>30634 Review of Comey's closed door testimony in which he accused Giuliani of leaking. Cummings assist.

>>30658 Brennan quiet since July 18 and missing from prison pic tweeted by POTUS

>>30660 North Korea fires two short-range missiles.

>>30672 #39a

>>30674 #39b

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:44 p.m. No.35383   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#40a ''ghost handoff baker #1''

>>30722 New DJT: The real Collusion, the Conspiracy, the Crime, was between the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele.....

>>30731 Need money? Philippine President Duterte has posted a bounty (400k) for the literal head of a communist insurgent leader

>>30737 Baltimore Sun editorial board responds to Trump: 'Better to have a few rats than to be one'

>>30743 Evidence that Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico’ policy is working

>>30744 Comey Reminder: Used Twitter pseudonym Reinhold Niebuhr

>>30747 New Top Gun Movie Financed and Censored by China's Tencent Pictures

>>30751 Looks like v/QRV is back up (confirmed)

>>30757 Rep. Matt Gaetz Twats Pelosi and Elijah Cummings are currently in Venice, Italy

>>30759 The FBI is investigating links between Epstein and The TerraMar Project, a nonprofit that was funded by Ghislaine Maxwell

>>30762 (Video) History of ALL Satanic Founders in 20 Minutes! - Dr. Gene Kim

>>30763 Brian Cates (@EpochTimes) Twat Thread Connecting FEDERAL TASK FORCES Sessions dispatched to several big deep blue cities to POTUS Baltimore comments and Cummings PANIC

>>30777 Anon makes Face Map of the Players from Top to Origin of the Russia Hoax

>>30798 Esoteric Reading: The Divine Plan of the Ages As shown in the Great Pyramid (.pdf)

>>30801, >>30803, >>30821, >>30844 New York Area Fire Commissioners Make History, Call for New 9/11 Investigation, Epstein Maxwell Connections?

>>30823 YouTube Terminates Account of Sacramento Family Fighting Verizon 5G Small Cell Tower Installed Next to Children’s Bedroom

>>30837, >>30839, >>30845 The CASE Act - Congress is coming for our memes!

>>30860 REVEALED - Trump hands Boris £1trillion Brexit trade boost with record-breaking US-UK deal

>>30861 New DJT: Speaking of failing badly, has anyone seen what is happening to Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco.

>>30867 Infographic - Ehud Barak's Business Network

>>30877 Memefag: Just in, FLOTUS, vol 11, August issue

>>30884 New DJT: The Democrats always play the Race Card

>>30885 New DJT: "If it weren’t for Donald Trump, we would never know how corrupt these Democrats are"

>>30891 New DJT - “Elijah Cummings has had his chance to address it (crime & conditions in Baltimore) for decades, and he hasn’t gotten it done.”

>>30893, >>30908, >>30934 New Don Jr. - His new book "TRIGGERED" is ready for pre orders

>>30795, >>30825 1yr Delta fagging - July 28th, D5, Merry Christmas

>>30902 New Rusty Shackleford Footage

>>30906 Anons at Night, Poem Inspired by Robert Frost's "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening"

>>30911 Ivanka Re-Tweet: TODAY @VP and @IvankaTrump visited Jacksonville, FL to show their support for American workers

>>30913 Anon DIGGS on Cummings relationship Disgraced Baltimore Mayor Pugh

>>30923 (Video) Mick Mulvaney on Trump's feud with Rep. Cummings, fallout from Mueller

>>30927 Pelosi Spox corrects Gaetz: @RepCummings is not on the Pelosi CODEL markin

baker #2

>>30944, >>30961 Anchor Babies discussion

>>30949, >>30969, >>30970, >>31347, >>31402, >>31410 Steven Schrage: Anons DIGG

>>30959 Putin warns about US space weapons

>>31000 Obama Failed to Secure U.S. Election Systems

>>31425 #40a

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:45 p.m. No.35384   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#40b baker #3

>>30990 Steven Schrage mentioned in Mark Steyn article

>>30994 Imam Tawhidi: Linda Sarsour is telling us something

>>31000 Bipartisan Senate Report: Obama Failed to Secure U.S. Election Systems, Trump Admin Making Progress

>>31004, >>31006 Ivanka tweets

>>31005, >>31202 Nadler says impeachment still on horizon

>>31014 Richard Grenell Calls Out Left’s Hypocrisy on Baltimore: Read the NYTs

>>31020 Seattle fights preview battle between Democrats, democratic socialists

>>31025 Transcript suggests Obama White House pressured intelligence agencies to blame Russia

>>31036 Epstein and the doomed dome

>>31038, >>31356, >>31404 Trump is expected to nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe to replace Dan Coats

>>31075, >>31182 Anon on Q 3525: Is [ 93 dk] a bank acct number?

>>31084 Giuliani: Schiff must be asked for the evidence he says he has of Trump's collusion

>>31089, >>31113 DJT retweet Katie Hopkins' affirming that Baltimore is a violent city

>>31123, >>31175 Wilileaks on CORN: cheryl.mill corn (email id #666: news report on missing kids in Haiti); also OCR report

>>31126 Muh UniParty – Sunday Talks: Mick Mulvaney -vs- Margaret Brennan… (Conserv. Treehouse)

>>31131, >>31184 New DJT on Elijah Cummings

>>31134 NYPD makes fourth arrest in cop-soaking incidents

>>31145, >>31147, >>31152, >>31168, >>31187 Anons on latest Q on August as HOT month/unpredictable & other Q drops

>>31162 Obama "proud of" former staffers who slammed Trump

>>31167 Netanyahu pleased about Arrow 3 test results; appreciates US for advancing "our joint security"

>>31186, >>31193 Reminder: DNC Failed to Certify Obama as Eligible [to run for Pres.] in MOST States!

>>31198 Sperry: Nadler & Schiff repeatedly warned by authorities not to link trolling case to Russia but ignore the warning

>>31208 Russia Probe Twist: The FBI, A Convicted Russian Agent, & A Billionaire American CEO (via

>>31218, >>31223 Is Trump Right To Say "Elijah Cummings Has Failed Baltimore Badly?

>>31225 Bartiromo: PapaD told me he's going back for the $10k in Greece--bills are marked, intel cmte's interested

>>31233 Kimberly Klacik in Baltimore: on clean State Univ grounds vs neighborhood used as dumping ground

>>31236, >>31239 Don Jr tweets/retweets

>>31237, >>31265, >>31269 New DJT confirms that Ratcliffe to be nommed as new Dir of Nat'l Intelligence

>>31251 The Left won big Court cases that mean East Coast will continue importing nat gas from Russia; expect rolling blackout by 2025

>>31281 1s Jeffrey Epstein's Zorro Ranch Insulated? (Corey's Diggs--new vid)

>>31285, >>31307, >>31322 Obama and connection to Indonesian Cult, Subud

>>31295, >>31296 How Mueller’s Lawyers Spun the OLC Guidance on Indicting a Sitting President

>>31308, >>31315 4.7 earthquake in area of Epstein island; speculation on QR about tunnels

>>31340 Request for investigation of Maryland nonprofit of Maya Rockeymoore Cummings (7/15/2019)

>>31339, >>31349 State of Maryland is 'gold mine' for human trafficking; LA also?

>>31351 Maya Rockeymoore Cummings and her husband, Rep. Elijah Cummings.

>>31361, >>31394 5th NYPD Officer Just Committed Suicide After Police Chief Kills Himself

>>31368 Nunes: Great news! Congrats to @RepRatcliffe a great successor to American statesman Dir. Coats

>>31393, >>31396, >>31407, >>31398 Moar on Rep. Ratcliffe (recent vids)

>>31375 Feds Seize 300 Pounds of Fentanyl, Heroin, Meth at Arizona Border

>>31302, >>31303, >>31304, >>31324 Example of a long bred arranged into 2 lists: general & topical

>>31397 Researcher reports that Soviets in 1950s created child trafficking rings; leads to Epstein (15min vid)

>>31414 General Notables BUN

>>31416 Topical Bun Notables BUN

>>31427 #40b

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:47 p.m. No.35386   🗄️.is 🔗kun


baker #1

>>31490, >>31500, >>31505, >>31515, >>31556 Schrage digg continued

>>31492 Brennan visiting Europe just after election. Smells?

>>31795, >>31498, >>31579 Dead dog post - FF expected?

>>31504, >>31516, >>31518 Breaking News, active shooter at Garlic festival

>>31507 Evelyn Farkas video where she slips up

>>31508, >>31511 DJT tweets

>>31512 Donald Trump Jr Tweets

>>31514, >>31525, >>31538, >>31622, >>31525, >>31661 Cont of request for further diggs on Cummings and Maya Rockeymore Cummings

baker #2

>>31550, >>31563, >>31557, >>31577, >>31585, >>31590, >>31595 Garlic festival shooting a false flag? Anons digg

>>31766, >>31788, >>31766, >>31788 Garlic Festival followups Garlic Festival followups

>>31993, >>32141, >>32088, >>32127 >>32125, >>32124, Gilroy discussion on photo anomalies

>>31918, >>31924 President Trump gives a statement on the tragic shooting in Gilroy, California

>>31600 Possible DJT comms from tweet

>>31613, >>31625, >>31626, >>31627, >>31613 Moar on garlic fest shooting - 666 days since Vegas shooting

>>31055, >>31064 Anons DIGG into Nicole Junkerman following Voats DDOS attack

>>31771 Honduras, El Salvador Expected to Follow After Guatemala, Mexico Make Immigration Deals With Trump

[but notabled in QR #9253]

>>31772 Trump Aides Defend His Comments on Baltimore, ‘Zero to Do With Race

baker #3

>>31774, >>31775, >>31776, >>31783, >>31798, >>31799, >>31803 DJT tweets/retweet

>>31812, >>31847, >>31860, >>32036, >>32045, >>32047, >>32050, >>32056 DJT tweets/retweets, con't.

>>31801, >>31929, >>32032, >>32033, >>32151 Don Jr. tweets/retweets

>>31791 Charlie Kirk on child rape by illegal in Philly

>>31792, >>31793, >>31797 Al Sharpton: no moar Dem infighting, the objective is Trump

>>31863, >>31910 Trump slams Al Sharpton

>>31901 Al Sharpton’s History of Racism, Antisemitism, Anti-Police Rhetoric

>>31891 Al Sharpton, Maryland Officials Blast Trump's 'Venom for Blacks' After Baltimore Rant

>>31922 Limbaugh defends Trump's Baltimore remarks

>>31805 Dem Baltimore mayor confirms Trump's comments are rats

>>31947 Anon digg on Baltimore, Mayor Catherine Pugh

>>31814, >>32070, >>32106 Beijing Warns More Unrest In Hong Kong "Won't Be Tolerated; anon comments

>>31819 Doctor Says Russian Opposition Leader May Have Been Poisoned

>>31821 Representative John Ratcliffe Responds to ODNI Nomination

>>31840 Beijing: No Muslim country criticizes China's position on Xinjiang

>>31846 Comey: thank you, Dan Coats, for serving our nation so well

>>31857 Gingrich: Robert Mueller didn't not write, understand the report (FoxBus vid;7:44mins)

>>31870 Bernie Sanders: Baltimore Looks Like a Third World Country

>>31873 Israel Demolishes Illegal Buildings; International Leaders, Media Demolish Truth (SaraCarter)

>>31876 POTUS signs into law the Sept 11 Victim Compensation Act

>>31878 Did Bernie Sanders let go of dissatissfied employees engaged in union activity?

>>31888 Imam Tawhidi thread on congresswoman infiltrating our gov't to do Qatar's bidding

>>31906 Companies using Facebook 'Like' button liable for data: EU court

>>31954 Australian Muslims are joining international calls to boycott the Hajj

>>32007, >>32009 2018 Federal Human Trafficking Report (check it out anons)

>>31923, >>31911 Chicago Willow Creek Pastor B Hybels' book--does it describe watching CP? (BUN)

>>32059 Vault7: findings re HRC's emails on Weiner's laptop

>>32062 Ivanka tweet on heroic first responders

>>32114 Wyatt on Amy Mek: Salvini is a patriot. Italy is with POTUS (from new Q drop).

>>32189 #41

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:48 p.m. No.35387   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>32240 POTUS issues full pardons for 5 convicted criminals

>>32254 List of possible Declass Docs reference by Joe diGenova

>>32266 PDJT Tweet Republican Party has a new Star Daniel Cameron running for AG of Kentucky

>>32305 Q post 1543 Undiscovered stars learned related to PDJT Tweet

>>32270 'Incarnated Extraterrestrials' graphic from last year

>>32279 PDJT Tweet Iranians never lost a negotiation

>>32282 Anon on positives and negatives for declass this week

>>32284 Ivanka tweet empowering women in deeloping countries

>>32294, >>32399 DJT Jr Tweets

>>32316 Former Lib Dem Candidate Wrote 'Pull Trigger on Farage' Tweet

>>32324, >>32339 Moar FF pic diggs, Gilroy Garlic Festival in CA

>>32337 Crime-Plagued Baltimore Received $1.8 Billion of Obama’s 2009 Stimulus

>>32338 Anon theorizes on exculpatory evidence

>>32351 PDJT Tweets shout out to Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi

>>32356 New The Epoch Times report by Brian Cates ~ The Impeachment Hearing Are Canceled Until Further Notice

>>32306, >>32361 Changes are coming at other IC agencies ~ SES Senior Executive Service a Keystone

>>32365 Q Drop #1543 is to be read backwards!

>>32381 I am Antifa was trending on Twitter in the U.S. and Germany

>>32373, >>32398, >>32405, >>32413 Connections between Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, Baltimore Based Company that is World's Largest Uranium Consumer, and an Elite participating in Pedophilia.

>>32462 PDJT Tweet Elijah Cummings never went to S. Border/0 Dem help, Border getting strong!

>>32470 PDJT Tweet Baltimore worst Crime and Economy numbers

>>32488 Gilroy Shooter Possible Iranian Sleeper Cell, Identified As Iranian-American Shia Zealot

>>32489 BOOM: Comey, Comey Memos Under Investigation by Huber – Memos Possibly to be Released This Week…

>>32490 Whitaker: Barr, Ratcliffe are 'perfect team' to investigate Russia probe (same vid Q tagged)

>>32492 More on money laundering thru book slaes (Baltimore Sun on Pugh's "Healthy Holly" books)

>>32518 DJT tweet quotes Kimberly Klacik on wretched state of Baltimore's inner city

>>32528 Qatari missile found with Italian neo-Nazi slipped through the net

>>32530 Omar retweeted Tom Arnold's endorsement of attack on Rand Paul

>>32552 Mark Simone and Nancy Pelosi Tweets pics of NP and Elijah Cummings in Venice!

>>32634, >>32637, >>32639 Anon's rant to all the people who let this election break up families and friends

>>32845 Jeffrey Epstein hit with lawsuit a day before he was found injured on cell floor

>>32849 Sex Assault Investigation into Trump’s Pick for No. 2 Military Post Found No Semen Evidence

>>32884, >>32882, >>32883, >>32902 Mia Farrow says Donald Trump is a lyer, he was not at Ground Zero

>>32899 PDJT Tweet Progress at the Border

>>32903 The Epoch Times reports Papadopoulos to Bring Back Mystery $10,000 From Greece

>>32898, >>32843, >>32851 Moar Diggs on Red Cross

>>32873 Fox News On Voter Registration Trends In Swing States

>>32912 Q ~ Follow The Money/You're Paying For It

>>32913, >>32915, >>32931 A jury on Monday found that Katy Perry’s 2013 hit “Dark Horse” improperly copied a 2009 Christian rap song

>>32917 FIERY 'Facts Are Facts': Watters Confronts Al Sharpton on His 'Offing the Pigs' Rant

>>32919 Senate Bill Could Fine Up To $15,000 For Sharing A Meme You Didn't Make

>>32938 A$AP Rocky Pleads Not Guilty In Stockholm Assault Case

>>32949 #42

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:51 p.m. No.35389   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#43 baker #1

>>32999, >>33002, >>33005, >>33006, >>33049, >>33052, >>33163, >>33171, >>33172, >>33178, >>33179, >>33534 New DJTs

>>33153, >>33154, >>33165, >>33167, >>33176, >>33177, New DJT retweets

>>33008, >>33014, >>33055, >>33170 New Ivanka: Bipartisan paid family leave. #PFL

>>33020, >>33074, , >>33465, >>33545, >>33555, >>33608 Don Jr. tweets /re-tweets

>>33011 Founder Of Starbucks' Biggest Indian Rival Goes Missing; Shares Tumble

>>33016 Is /pf/ #473 Comms related to Zero Deltas?

>>33017 Anon wants to vote for Trump in 2020 but can't wo/a "legal" homesite

>>33018, >>33094 Gov. Duarte of Chihuahua, Mex (formerly close ally of Mex. Pres. Peña Nieto) arrested 3 wks ago by Interpol in Italy

>>33025, >>33031 Bette Midler flashback: Twatted @theterramarproject (Ghislaine/Epstein) in 2012

>>33030 FOX Business Maria: (Video) Does China really want a trade deal with US?

>>33041 (Video) N.Y. Mayor De Blasio receiving criticism from anti-cop group

>>33059 Rudy G. Twat: The people suffer, their Dem reps get rich!

>>33065 Pelosi & Dems lecture Trump, spouts off on rat-infested Baltimore from 5 star restaurant in Venice

>>33079 (Video) Sen. Cruz accosted at airport by protesters over the border

>>33084 Where did the $16 Billion in US Grants Given to Baltimore in 2018 Disappear to?

>>33089 WATCH: This ‘Stop Socialism’ Ad Will Run in New Hampshire During CNN’s Democratic Presidential Debates

>>33095, >>33097 Susan Collins: 1st GOP senator to back bill requiring campaigns to report foreign assistance offers to FBI (Muh Russia Bill)

>>33096 Justice Dept.: 2 refugees from Somalia arrested in Tucson, accused of providing support to ISIS

>>33099 Trump says WaPo should apologize to McConnell over 'Russian asset' column

>>33100 Trump says he is the 'least racist person anywhere in the world

>>33101 Andy Ngo: Antifa is leading a "Border Resistance" militancy training tour that will converge on a 10-day siege in El Paso, TX

>>33102 Transgender (still XY) Ex-Amazon Employee Charged In Capital One Hack

>>33104 House GOP fears retirement wave will lead to tsunami

>>33106 UN: Trump admin. 'rolling back progress' with death penalty decision

>>33109 Baltimore living conditions under scrutiny after Trump calls out Cummings

>>33110 Major Solar Storm To Strike Earth This Week As "Black Supermoon" Looms

>>33114 Vietnamese Fishermen call for action against China

>>33117 Pakistani Army Plane Crashes Into Homes, Killing at Least 18

>>33121, >>33139, >>33146, >>33147 Kremlin Critic Navalny Returned to Jail Despite Poisoning Fears plus DIGGs

>>33128 (Video) Two US troops killed in apparent Afghan insider attack

>>33132 Fire Destroys 125-Year-Old Texas Church

>>33136, >>33134 (Video) Trump say Black Americans are "happy as hell"; called Out Baltimore, Baltimoreans React

>>33138 (Video) VP Pence & Ivanka Trump Visit Jacksonville

>>33140, >>33148 Vatican > Archdiocese of Baltimore > HAITI DIGG

>>33143 (Video) GOP aims for school safety by ending gun free school zones

>>33145, >>33200 Everything You Wanted to Know about FBI Corruption is right here

>>33149 Britain Tells Iran: Release Ship to ‘Come out of the Dark

>>33150 (Video) Fitton Interview: Brennan was one of the key guys pushing fraudulent dossier.

>>33159 John Solomon: Chris Wray's FBI continues to cover for Team Comey's Russia shenanigans

>>33162 Reminder: Eric Holder making money off fighting Trump from CA to MI

>>33169, >>33173, >>33174 Did VOAT go down because of the "Glow Nigger Test"?

>>33189 Trump: $16 Billion to Baltimore Was ‘Stolen or Wasted, Ask Elijah Cummings Where it Went

>>33205 #LanguageMatters! Anon's guide to correcting socialist propaganda terminology.

>>33208 White House Twat: Clip of POTUS in Jamestown.

>>33214, >>33451, >>33464, >>33465, >>33466 Reminder: Aircraft N-number N474AW shared by Epstein, DynCorp, State Dept. & CIA

>>33215 Anon DIGGs on Nunes past letters to find out what will be released

>>33221, >>33222, >>33290, >>33299 Anons go Chupacabra hunting with Rep. Devin Nunes (Who is it? Perry? Dubya? Hoosain?)

>>33223 USTR Lighthizer and Secretary Mnuchin Begin Trade Meetings in China

>>33271 DNC kicks Yang off the debate stage in September, 2 minutes of fame over

>>33272 CBS does not show full Trump Colbert interview on official website or Youtube, too positive for POTUS, watch deleted scenes

>>33320, >>33529 Planefag reports

>>33728 #43a

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:52 p.m. No.35390   🗄️.is 🔗kun

baker #2

>>33197, >>33396, >>33330 (8min vid) This is the most powerful Donald J Trump video I have ever seen.

>>33377 Countdown on Wray's exit starts now

>>33195 Antifa plans 10 day siege at US Border (article/vid)

>>33363, >>33436 How to hack a voting machine in 18 states in under 2 minutes

>>33468 On NK short-range ballistic missile firings

>>33473 TheLastRefuge on Dems "big, bigger, biggest" ideas (for KEKS--but they're serious!)

>>33453 Hong Kong protesters using our flag for their symbol of freedom!

>>33452, >>33691 Epstein's Pedophile Island, Little St. James USVI on Water July 2019 - Rusty's drone

>>33455, >>33457 Chris Farrell: Fast & Furious still being covered up (vid)

>>33509 Movie, "The Hunt," just previewed during the #DemDebate#2"

>>33521 Ted Cruz: Happening now: Will any of the Dems take a knee for the national anthem?

>>33553, >>33554, >>33558 Tucker on Baltimore woes (start @~16mins)

>>33566, >>33579 DIGG on Fr Eduard Perrone of Detroit, MI

>>33578 Marianne Williamson, Course in Miracles, Oprah, CIA

>>33597 TheLastRefuge: Re Trump not conceding on trade, China's Xi is shooting DPRK rockets again (Kim Jong-un has no control)

>>33600 Sen. Tom Cotton: CNN Rigs Democrat TV Debate to Protect ‘Their Party

>>33629 Klobuchar: It Will Be ‘Very Problematic’ if Our Nominee Supports Abolishing Private Health Insurance

>>33669, >>33709, >>33712 KPMG audit of Red Cross DIGG; Comey connected

>>33679, >>33682, >>33684, >>33685 Pres. Trump on C-SPAN

>>33687 Ltr from POTUS to House Speaker & Pres. of the Senate re emergency in Lebanon

>>33695, >>33696 Red Cross Boxes tied to Libya?

>>33700 USArmy tweet on army values; >>33705 USAF clap-out ceremony

>>33710 U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Actually Makes More than the Men’s Team

>>33715 Secret texts cast early light on Trump-Russian Inquiry (see also Q #3564)

>>33683, >>33716, >>33721, >>33723, >>33727, >>33732, >>33736, >>33737 Patriots4Truth vid clip of Garlic Fest. (guy bleeding in pickup, archive offline)

>>33724 Top spy nominee vows to expose origins of FBI's Trump-Russia probe

>>33730 Senate Democrats push constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United decision

>>33734 Trump, Mongolian leader to discuss trade in WH visit Key exporter of cashmere may seek ways around China

>>33738 #43b

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:55 p.m. No.35391   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#44 ''ghost bake baker #1''

>>33816, >>33824, 33825 , >>33853. >>3385, >>340495, >>34049, >>34084, >>34085, >>34125 DJT tweets

>>33812, >>33872, >>33890 Don Jr tweets/retweets

>>33817, >>33819, >>33851 Ivanka tweets

>>33780 Ghislaine Maxwell charity shutdown and being investigated by FBI

>>33783, >>33807, >>33833, >>33929 Interview with Joe diGenova, Says Both Coats & Wray are No Good [Blackhats] (Beanz) & anon comments

>>33813, >>33847, >>33896 Sec'y Carson speaks in Baltimore amid Trump's criticism of the city (all recent funds being tracked)

>>33823 Latest Dem debate: Notable clashes included Warren vs. Delaney, Sanders vs. Ryan and everyone vs. Trump

>>33830 Another tweak to qrb-bells-whistles.js

>>33831, >>33848, >>33856 Katy Perry, more stars attend Google summit on climate change in private jets, mega yachts

>>33835 For up to the minute details of the Epstein court hearing

>>33838 DIGG on QR on Opus Bono Pres. Joe Maher & Treas. Peter Ferrara

>>33834, >>33839 Woolery tweets

>>33843 Trump campaign calls president debate night’s big winner

>>33844 Missing Billionaire Coffee Baron Found

>>33859 Safe Importation ACT of Certain Prescription Drugs

>>33862 Anon's "eyes on" QRB

>>33863 Fitton: Why is the Left ACTIVELY Fighting against Election Integrity?

>>33875 OAN vido on POTUS continuing to call out Cummings

>>33877 POTUS considers classifying Antifa as terrorist group

>>33878 Kash Patel: Q said "remember this name"; Patel gets sr. WH nat'l security job

>>33882 LegalEagle answers Q's about YTubers' legal rights

>>33884 Art Laffer: AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ would destroy the economy

>>33886 "Morning Joe" Scarborough sees last night's Dem debate as a "really good night" for Dems

>>33885 Sen. Ron Wyden demands special treatment when trying to bring pregnant illegal across the border (Ingraham angle vid)

>>33892 New Cali law could keep multiple Pres. candidates off the ballot

>>33894 Gilroy DIGG, cont.

>>33897 Alleged 9/11 mastermind could blow Saudi Role wide open in lawsuit (ZeroHedge)

>>33902 AOC Gets Testy After NYT Editor Says Squadmates Omar And Tlaib Aren't 'Midwestern'

>>33903 North Korea Launches 2 Short-Range Missiles, Seoul Says

>>33907, >>33908 Body of Missing India Coffee Chain Founder Recovered in River

>>33915 Dazed Jeffrey Epstein shows no sign of injury during court appearance

>>33926 Cummings Skips Tour Of HUD Facility In Baltimore

>>33919, >>33927 QR anon on Flynn's strategy during Mueller probe

>>33930 , >>33938 China Views Lack of ‘Spygate’ Accountability as Evidence of Trump’s Weakness (Conservative Treehouse)

>>33941 NBC: Bin Laden's son & heir is dead

>>33950 PapaD trip to Thessaloniki July 28: FBI just departed from there. Coincidence?

>>33955 Trump Org: DJT sons sport backpacks given to kids in NYC Homeless Shelter system

>>33957 JW: New Docs Show FBI Agents Went To Comey’s Home to Retrieve Memos

>>33958, >>33298 pb, >>33197 pb Anon improves MUST-WATCH DJT video from pb

>>34236 Anon describes how he shrank MUST-WATCH DJT video to fit in 8chan

note-taker - thx anon!

>>34010 FBI investiging South Bend Housing Authority @PeteButtigieg's backyard

>>34015 POTUS + FLOTUS to visit Poland and Denmark 8/31-9/3

>>34020 McCarthy tweet "Dems 200 days and nothing"

>>34027 Is Vatican Bank the billionaires' 'offshore bank'?

>>34033 Dozens of civilians killed by Afghan roadside bomb

>>34037 Is Brennan a Russian asset?

>>34042 Rudy tweets Cummings should accept Trump's offer to help Baltimore

>>34496 #44a

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:55 p.m. No.35392   🗄️.is 🔗kun


baker#1 resumes

>>34035 Mario Lopez Says It"s Dangerous To Raise Kids As Transgender

>>34047, >>34051, >>34052, >>34081 Anons discuss truth/lies, nature of propaganda (see bred for moar)

>>34079 Explosion & Fire at Exxon Facility in Baytown, TX

>>34082 50th anniversary Woodstock event cancelled; ditto for Victoria Secrets show

>>34094 Authorities raid more than a dozen Northeast Ohio massage parlors in human trafficking probe

>>34096, >>34123, >>34096, >>34111, >>34103, >>34123, >>34123, >>34173, >>34182, >>34219, >>34223, >>34259 Planefag reports

>>34099 Hannity on AOC remarks re Palestinian rioters & also those in poverty in US ("they have no choice")

>>34118 Daily Wire: Secret Texts Between FBI's McCabe And British Intelligence During 2016 Campaign

>>34119 Fed Chair Powell Announces Interest Rate Reduction (C-SPAN)

>>34120 Rachel Maddow Show plummets to fifth most watched cable news show

>>34122 Former Financial Advisor Sentenced To 20 Yrs In Federal Prison On 17 Federal Charges Re To $20Mil Ponzi Scheme

>>34153 Oklahoma City police last Thursday released body camera video of an officer-involved shooting on I-35

>>34168, >>34169, >>34192 HR 5515 - John S McCain Nat'l Defense Authorization Act for 2019

>>34180 What's going on at #ISNIC? >>34183, >>34193, >>34199 Cloudflare discussion

>>34174 Anon on /PF/ Q deleted posts

>>34181 QR anon: "If the DNC lawsuit against POTUS...has been tossed...does that mean the evidence (maybe a SERVER) just got liberated?

>>34182 NASA817 plane zig-zagging over San Andreas Fault (why?)

>>34207 Zerohedge: Did Epstein plan to seed human race with his DNA by impregnating multiple women in New Mexico?

baker 2

>>34272, >>34364 James Comey escapes prosecution for leaked memos

>>34478 Patriots Fight /patriotsfight/ board deletes all posts

>>34498 #44b

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:56 p.m. No.35393   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#45a baker #1

>>34532, >>34928, >>35051, >>35200 Plane fag reports (including bun on secret heli ops around DC)

>>34537, >>34541 What ever happened about Pence's plane never taking off for NH?

>>34550 Following Debrief President Trump Announces 10% Additional Tariff on $300 Billion of Chinese Good (Conservative Treehouse)

>>34546 Sean L. Kaul Named Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Office (Who is this guy---DIGG anons)

>>34553, >>34557, >>34565 Inspector General Report on James Comey To Be Released Any Day

>>34558 Ongoing DIGG on N474AW from Centurion Aviation: Epstein/CIA plane

>>34559 Stocks, Yuan, Bond Yields Down As Trump Unleashes New China Tariffs

>>34568 Trump talks to press before departing the White House

>>34570 The 13 Nuttiest Quotes From Wednesday's Democratic Presidential Debate

>>34577 Mystery online nemesis prompts SEC to hire a "reputation management expert"

>>34540, >>34544, >>34582 "No Fly List"? SSSS stamped on tickets/boarding passes of "suspicious" passengers

>>34583 Court Files Come Back To Haunt Kamala, Show Donation from ‘Vile’ Trump 8 Years Ago

>>34587 NBC discovers Epstein's temple

>>34591 Art Gallery Owner Ambushed for Wearing Trump Hat, Head Bashed into Scaffolding: Allegation

>>34596 POTUS Ohio Rally LIVE

>>34598 Steve Bannon on Immigration, China and Donald Trump’s Chances in 2020

>>34601 CNN Ripped Apart Over Debate Production

>>34607, >>34688 Graham threat to bust panel rules roils tension in Senate

>>34643 Steyer tweet 7/24 not picked up: Pelosi & House don't deserve month-long vacation. Petition to cancel Congress' break

>>34644 D'Souza on 2nd Dem Debate (vid)

>>34646, >>34695 John Solomon: Comey's reckoning imminent

>>34652, >>35210 Sara Carter: IRS Complaint Filed Against Cummings’ Wife; plus her partial 2016 tax return

>>34655, >>34664, >>34692, >>34888, >>34929 Dan Coats: Swampy lobbyist: Google, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Bailouts, much more

>>34660 FBI Doc: Conspiracy Theories New Domestic Terror Threat (vid)

>>34665 Reminder: don't take all Q's post as literally true

>>34667 Rep Ayanna Pressley (D-MA): racist & division speech (vid)

>>34676 "On Watch" Bulletin: Asylum Plan Subversion & Guatemala (Chris Farrell on DS sabotage on Guatemala migrant plan)

>>34680 JW 60 Seconds: NEW DOCUMENTS Show FBI Agents Went to James Comey's Home to Retrieve Memos

>>34691 Senator Ted Cruz LIVE from YAF’s 41st NCSC

baker #1 picks up Ghost

>>34695 Summary of Solomon's recent points

>>34693, >>34701, >>34713, >>34724, >>34724, >>34803 Education ain't what it used to be: no textbooks just worksheets, IPADS & computer modules

>>34810 The Black Community Destroys Trumps Racism In One Video (5min vid)

>>34827, >>34831 Video on "The Squad"

>>34841, >>34842, >>34844, >>34848, >>34935 Epstein & Podesta Underground Theaters

>>34847 Truth Factory vid on Epstein, Robt Maxwel, Ghislaine (worth watching)

>>34855 Brandon Straka spoke in Rally pre-show; includes WWG1WGA in his talk!

>>34874 UK "up to its neck" in RussiaGate affair

>>35265 #45a

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 2, 2019, 6:56 p.m. No.35395   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#45b baker #2

>>34887, >>34898, >>34907, >>34957, >>34917 DOJ granted Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson IMMUNITY for potential violations of the ESPIONAGE ACT.

>>34893 New Project Veritas video

>>34902 Reminder: Gabbard backs Reparations

>>34904 Anon claims Twitter made a change to their API regarding RSS

>>34911, >>>/qresearch/7305850 FBI is implicated in destroying evidence to benefit Clinton

>>34923 Here are some good sites with 911 info

>>34941 Another view of the FBI Conspiracy Theorists Threat Memo

>>34870 U.S Naval Institute Twat: The Final Countdown

>>34894, >>35077, >>35133, >>35170 Anons DIGG on Tulsi Gabbard and CFR connections

>>34947 (Video) New Tom Fitton Judicial Watch on Mueller Testimony

>>34951 Anon testifies on hypnotic induction by shock; related to 9/11 mass programming

>>34955 (Video) 7 Of The Most Confusing Moments From The Democratic Debates

>>34948, >>34959 FBI Conspiracy document link and analysis

>>34960 R. Kelly Fans Crowd NYC Courthouse As He Pleads Not Guilty to Sexual Abuse

>>34968, >>34943, >>34645, >>34529, >>34543 Anons discuss Electoral College and 2020 Election

>>34966, >>34976, >>34975, >>34974, >>34973, >>34971, >>34979, >>34981, >>34984, >>34986, >>34987 New DJT

>>34990, >>34989, >>34990, >>34991, >>34993, >>34994, >>34998, >>34999, >>35002 Moar New DJT

>>35162, Don Jr tweets/retweets

>>34936, >>35137, >>35138 Even moar DJT tweets

>>35000 Video on recent solar and seismic activity

>>35008 De Blasio Lauds 'Step Toward Justice' For Eric Garner After NYPD Ruling

>>35017 A$AP Rocky Trial Released From Jail

>>35006 How Deep State functions within China's culture (from Anon who lived there 20 yrs)

>>35020 Edward Snowden to publish memoir titled 'Permanent Record' about mass surveillance

>>35022 Radcliff Turns down nomination for DNI Chief from President Trump

>>35023, >>35024, >>35026 New Ivanka tweets

>>35029 Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Doctor Experimenting on Children as Young as 8 for Transgender Therapy w/ Gov Funding

>>35032, >>35033, >>35050 Bezos sells 1.8 billion worth of Amazon stock. Why does 1.8 billion keep coming up?

>>35034, >>35036 President Trump just signed a deal to let American beef farmers export more of their product to the European Union!

>>35038 Trump Rips California Democrats For Destroying San Francisco, Los Angeles

>>35052 (Video) What Mueller Didn’t Tell Us

>>35060 (Video) Vegans Protest At A Rodeo, Cowboys Run Them Off Using Horses And Whips. KEK!

>>35074 Soledad O’Brien insults black people who support Trump

>>35080 Joe Scarborough: ‘Fat Bastard’ Trump a ‘Demagogue,’ ‘Mussolini-like

>>35085 Fake News: Chelsea Handler Claims Elijah Cummings’ House Was Robbed After Trump Feud

baker #1

>>35093 DeBlasio makes other flyers wait while he deplanes; they are not amused

>>35097 Trump Considering Blockade of Venezuela

>>35090 Black Youth Unemployment Falls to Lowest Level in History

>>35103 Tom Fitton: Mueller Probe Was Result of ILLEGAL Acts by Comey!

>>35108 Trump withdraws Ratcliffe as Intelligence pick

>>35112 Federal judge rules against req't that asylum-seekers enter thru legal ports of entry

>>35115 Trump signs two year budget deal

>>35119, >>35120 Anon on resisting mind control techniques

>>35121 Top social media companies consider deepfake policy changes after Pelosi video

>>35129 Tom Fitton tweet; "And I am not Q" (yep, it's for real!)

>>35134 POTUS' latest exchange with the Liberal Media on the South Lawn (18min vid)

>>35143 USMCA Coalition quotes Sen. John Boozman as promoting USMCA

>>35145 The Dutch ban face-covering clothing, including the burqa & niqab

>>35154, >>35157 NYT, WaPo Op-Eds Blast Dem Candidates

>>35158 WH: 157,288,000: Number of people now employed in the US

>>35161 Atty's File Suit for 8 Covington HS Students against 12 top liberals including Liz Warren & Ana Navarro

>>35163 Wheels Down, Then Up: Marine One Arrival, Air Force One Departure at Joint Base Andrews

>>35168, >>35169, >>35186 Illinois State Sen. Thomas E. Cullerton just indicted on Federal charges

>>35173 Barbara Flynn: We need Gen. Mike Flynn back in This Fight!

>>35175, >>35185 Anons discuss Q #522 -- OWLS Stringer (HOT list)

>>35192, >>35195 Smugglers dismantle outdated border infrastructure near El Centro

>>35201 Afghanistan National and Former U.S. Military Interpreter Charged for Role in Human Smuggling Conspiracy

>>35206 Current no of sealed cases = 112,300

>>35222 DOJ Files Motion to Block Court Order Forcing Release of Comey Memos (LastRefuge)

>>35244 AOC's Chief of Staff & communications director both resign

>>35252 Shill admits defeat in the face of incredibly stubborn anon resistance (hilarious but true!)

>>35267 #45b

Anonymous ID: c458ba Aug. 3, 2019, 7:11 a.m. No.35649   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Wow to the Anon who made this and who has been keeping this up. What a beautiful resource you've given to us. Thank you so much. Bookmarked!

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 3, 2019, 5 p.m. No.36120   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#46a baker #1

>>35320 Press Conf - CA Garlic Shooting (Foxnews Live Feed)

>>35324, >>35327 FEMA to Conduct Nationwide EAS Test on Aug. 7

>>35330, >>35331, Garlic Festival Caps

>>35338 Nearly 25% of Federal Judges are Trump Appointees

baker #2

>>35340 FB Claims it Dismantled SA Influence Campaign : Connection to Imam Mohamad Tawhidi Tweets?

>>35344 Soros Gifts $5.1 Million Check to Democrats

>>35345 Coroner: Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooter Killed Himself ~ Contradicting Police

>>35349, >>35693, >>35775 The only Black House Repub critic of POTUS (Will Hurd) is not seeking re-election

>>35352 Border Chief Reports 5,800 “Fake Families” Discovered at Border

>>35354, >>35627, >>35633, >>35634 QQQ Trust QQQ Banner on Bannon Interview Video PDJT Retweeted

>>35358 Brian Cates Tweet: AOC/Nancy Pelosi Made Deal ~ AOC Staff Resignations

>>35361, >>35363 NEC Director Larry Kudlow -vs- U.S. CoC President Tom Donohue on Proposed China Tariffs

>>35382 Longtime U.S. Chamber of Commerce Chief Tom Donohue Easing Out of Job

>>35364 Traded & Trafficked: Rocky Mountain PBS Podcast~ Covers 2018 FBI Bust ~ 17 of 84 Victims From CO

>>35385 Woman who threw drink at Matt Gaetz pleads guilty

>>35379 Q Post 522 ~ [N1LB] is a Registered Private Gulfstream G-IV in Switzerland

>>35388 Trump Casts Uncertainty Over DNI Acting Director Appt. ~ Lawmakers Want Sue Gordon

>>35394 Rudy Giuliani Tweet ~ Tyson'd John Weaver (Fired by Noname)

>>35417 Anon Project ~ Updating QRB Notables in Muh Notables Thread

>>35403 Rand Paul Pushed for Iranian Diplomat to Meet With Trump

>>35408 The HILL: Activist Laura Loomer announces 2020 congressional bid

>>35413 Chuck Woolery Tweet ~ Panel of Undecided MI Voters: Biden > Hillary 2.0

>>35419 Facebook Wants To Read Your Mind ~ Developing its Brain-Computer Interface ~ Reality Labs division

>>35426 Gov Cuomo NY Signs New Measure 7/30 ~ Must Lock Up Guns

>>35439, >>35441, >>35455, >>35456, >>35459, >>35460, >>35492, >>35494, >>35496, >>35497, >>35502, >>35512, >>35644 John Wayne Airport Full Operational Stop/24,000 Irvine, CA Customers Without Power

>>35493 Photos of Fire-Damaged Substation Near Santa Ana, CA

>>35443 Air Force to Deploy Ground-Based Lasers in First Field Test of ‘Directed Energy’ Weapon

>>35457, >>35488 Fbi Helped HRC Erase and Bleachbit Data off Laptops and Hammer Her Phones

>>35466, >>35471, >>35477, >>35482, >>35486 PlaneFag Reports

>>35498 Brian J. Karem Tweet: His Whitehouse Pass Revoked

>>35514, >>35520 John Wayne Airport Is Right Next To DISNEY LAND/No Fly Zone

>>35519 LaVoy Finicum Analysis

>>35526 16 women suing FBI's Quantico for sexual harassment/gender discrimination: lawsuit specifically calls out James Comey

>>35528, >>35532, >>35547, >>35555 FBI Doc Leak? Zero Hedge Weighs In

>>35535 Joy Villa’s Journey Back to Her Conservative Roots

>>35551 Anon Reminds of Q Post 958 ~ This FBI nonsense is a repeat of last March.

>>35558 2019 Congressional Calendar ~ It's About The Break

>>35577, >>35583, >>35587 Chinese Protesters Fire Laser Pointers at Police, Thwart Facial Recognition Technology ~ Q Post 1282

>>35593 Pedo Symbol Hidden in Plain Sight: Dora And The Lost City Of Gold

>>35597 Anon Reminds: Joy Villa is in Scientology (Scientology Newsroom Oct 8, 2016)

>>35601, >>35598, >>35581, >>35604, >>35605 Anon Spots Smaller Font Used With Q References in So-Called FBI Doc Leak or is it a Fax/Scanner Anomaly?

>>35607, >>35609 Mystery 'FBI Doc' Says Promoters of Conspiracy Theories Claim to be Researchers

baker #3

>>35635, >>35636, >>35637, >>35638, >>35639, >>35640 New DJT

>>36038 #46a

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 3, 2019, 5:02 p.m. No.36124   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#46b baker #4

>>35651 Anon on Nunes "for to be cut" = 42 (Refs to President #42? Something else?)

>>35652, >>35655, >>35656, >>35657, >>35669, >>35697 New "America Needs Voter ID" memes respond to 4 Q posts (sample)

>>35675 "We will not forget" the British role in Trump coup attempt (vid clip)

>>35676 Memefarmer update; VoterID memes HOT now!

>>35698, >>35700 Photo ops for Pelosi (in Ghana on the taxpayer's dime)

>>35703, >>35707, >>35713, >>35715, >>35728, >>35745, >>35754 PlaneFag discussion on significance Bretton Woods flt (plus best way to post on QR)

>>35705, >>35706 DJT tweets on trade deals

>>35708, >>35922 Harvey Schlanger on Mueller hearing & related events (X22 vid; 43mins)

>>35712, >>35727 Hong Kong protests continue; police clash with protesters (one is 2:15:45 live stream vid)

>>35724, >>35725, >>35730 Don Jr tweets

>>35724 Fmr Google engr says G will try to prevent Trump from being re-elected (partial transcript from Tucker last night)

>>35729 Power outage vulnerability history 1990-present

>>35730 How ‘Middle Class’ Joe’s family cashed in on the family name

>>35739 Pro-Trump Activist Drums Up Dozens of Volunteers to Pick Up Trash in Baltimore

>>35742 Foxconn Considers Sale of $8.8 Billion China Plant

>>35743 Mockingbird Media merger: CBS, Viacom reach tentative deal on team to lead combined company

>>35750 McCarthy Details GOP Plan to Retake House Majority: 31 Democrats in Districts Trump Won

>>35753, >>35757 Moar recent planefag reports

>>35756 Michelle Obama says there's 'zero chance' she'll run for president

>>35759 BROTOX for men? (better job security)

>>35770, >>35772, >>35774 Avenatti actually considers a 2020 Presidential run

>>35776 Breaking: active shooter at El Paso Walmart

baker #5

>>35776, >>35786, >>35789, >>35796, >>35798, >>35803, >>35809, >>35811 El Paso Walmart shooting. Multiple fatalities. 1 in custody.

>>35780 POTUS DNI nom maneuver exposed globalist Sue Gordon

>>35781 Voter ID memes bun

>>35783 Rep. Devin Nunes Visits OAN to Talk John Ratcliffe for DNI & Fundraising for 2020

>>35787 Epoch Times: 5 Ways Trump's Campaign Was Spied On

>>35790 Fox News: 1.1 million migrants expected to cross US border illegally in 2019

>>35793 Jeffrey Epstein cover-up at Main Justice (DC). AAG Alice Fisher stopped letters going to JE victims.

>>35794, >>35804, >>35833 Sean L. Kaul (SAIC) named to head FBI Phoenix Field Office. Kaul in HI during Jan 2018 missile alert.

>>35797 Taibbi: The Over-Hyped Rise & Sudden Fall Of 'Superhero' Robert Mueller

>>35814 Feds Charge 90 People, Seize Over 51 Guns, Drugs in Baltimore Drug Conspiracy Crackdown

>>35816, >>35821, >>35829, >>35839, >>35866, >>35944, >>35948, >>35967, >>36016 Supposed video from inside WALMART. Videos from scene afterward.

>>35819, >>35872 El Paso: Politicians respond to reports of active shooter near Texas mall. Bloomberg report.

>>35823, >>35830, >>35831, >>35842, >>35847, >>35851, >>35896, >>35903, >>35921, >>35986 Unconfirmed manifesto. Reported to 8ch. Hoax.

>>35853 Symbolism. Shooting near Hooters. Owl on TV broadcast.

>>35857, >>35865 Surveillance Photos of El Paso Shooter

>>35867, >>35877, >>35891, >>35988 Planefag updates. Instrument calibration?

>>35874, >>35880 Crisis trainings (Feb-2018) before FF in El Paso. Anon points out coats would be worn in TX in Feb (twitter vid).

>>35882 El Paso police classifying event as "gang-related terrorism". Homeland Security on scene.

>>35883, >>35909, >>35915 Antifa plans on being in El Paso on Sept 1. TX Lt. Gov. tells Antifa to 'stay out' after shooting.

>>35885 KTSM TV: Photo of people outside El Paso mall

>>35889 Papadopoulos: Mifsud on tape. It’s over. Italy flipped...

>>35907, >>35910, >>35914, >>35936, >>35955, >>35970, >>35974, >>36017 Patrick Crusius Identified As El Paso Suspect

>>35939 Photos and texts from El Paso. Text indicates larger organized crime.

>>36040 #46b

Anonymous ID: 2d0587 Aug. 3, 2019, 5:02 p.m. No.36125   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>35943 El Paso requesting blood donations in wake of shooting.

>>35949 Video describing this week's military crash in California.

>>35961 Far-Left Groups Plan 'Siege' on El Paso, TX to Push Border Resistance. Anon points out 'they' were telling us in advance.

>>35965, >>35966 Photo of scene. People standing around near victim.

>>35969 Epstein selling $3M helicopter outfitted with 'cuddling couch'

>>35977, >>35995, >>35997, >>36000, >>36008 El Paso shooter's father is a mental health therapist. Grandfather's obit lists family members.

>>36015, >>36019 JuliansRum: CNN Producer (Paul Murphy) follows Crusius on Twitter. Crusius has 56 followers, hasn’t tweeted in 2 years.

>>36020 Joe Biden’s Brother Scored Generous Loans During Banking Committee Tenure

>>36022, >>36027, >>36023, >>36052 Witness says her mom saw 3 armed men dressed in black. Walmart staff describe four shooters.

>>36025 Celebrities, royals and politicians brace themselves as court orders release of explosive Jeffrey Epstein files

>>36042 Gun-free zone: El Paso shooting at Cielo Vista Mall in a place that banned permitted concealed handguns

>>36048 Planefag: Chopper flew a small loop over Las Cruces seemed to highlight San Patricio Court/Loop. Describes shooter?

>>35881, >>35893, >>35919, >>35920, >>35924, >>35925, >>35927, >>35933 DJT Tweets, Retweets

>>36057 #46c

Anonymous ID: 69b35f Dec. 13, 2019, 5:07 p.m. No.39654   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>36102 Deep state signaling with the name of the El Paso shooter?

>>36105, >>36111, >>36106, >>36130, >>36130, >>36273, >>36313, >>36308 Witness accounts of Walmart shooting differ from MSM narrative (Multiple shooters, dressed in all black)

>>36152, >>36428 El Paso Victims Fund @ GoFundMe

>>36154 Reminder Graphic on the Cabal and their obsession with human blood

>>36156, >>36169, >>36232 Anon constructs timeline of El Paso shooting. Manifesto posted 12 minutes AFTER shooting.

>>36161, >>36392, >>36397, >>36448 Walmart Shooter MyLife bio changed from registered Democrat to Republican

>>36162 Walmart shooting makes an anon say "Geeze..."

>>36164, >>36166, >>36264, >>36486 Beta O'rourke smiling or trying to cry during comments on Walmart shooting?

>>36176, >>36179 Archived link of Patrick Crusius (alleged Walmart shooter) supposed 8chan Manifesto

>>36185, >>36516, >>36572 Did a CNN producer follow and DM Patrick Crusius on twatter?

>>36186 QR thinks they one of the Walmart Witnesses is sporting an owl tattoo

>>36190, >>36197, >>36199, >>36198, >>36201, >>36274, >>36284, >>36364 Anons wonder if recent mass causality events are meant to distract from something BIGGER

>>36202, >>36558, >>36559New DJT

>>36206 ,>>36208 Another Mass Shooting, same tropes. Lone Gunman, Hate Crime, FBI... blah blah

>>36177, >>36181, >>36188, >>36288 Twitter Goes Winston Smith (1984), memory holing and banning twats that go against the MSM Walmart Narrative

>>36218, >>36219 Anons wonder if Antifa recent promise to head down to El Paso is linked to the Walmart shooting?

>>36224 2 Planes Intercepted for Entering No-fly Zone Over Trump’s NJ Golf Club

>>36235, >>36355 Planefag chatter

>>36234, >>36259, >>36575, >>36576 Anons theories of why a shooter would wear ear muffs

>>36240 20 Killed, 26 Injured in Texas Mass Shooting, Officials Say

>>36255 Texas Lt. Gov. Orders Antifa to ‘Stay Out of El Paso’ After Walmart Shooting

>>36265 Anon says timestamp from video does not fit the timeline

>>36279 President Trump Responds to Texas Mass Shooting That Left 20 Dead

>>36286 Do the images of the armed man in Walmart and the suspect arrested show two different men?

>>36287, >>36335, >>36504, >>36384 Bunker anons find Qresearch suspicious

>>36296 Twat from WKOW 27 ABC NEWS claiming El Paso police had 3 suspects in custody

>>36301, >>36360 Fox news does two different interviews with same witness

>>36358 Nunes 5 buckets explained

>>36362, >>36431 If shooting was at Walmart, why does Dillard's keep getting mentioned?

>>36363 Anon DIGGs on Sheriff Richard Wiles of El Paso

>>36367, >>36375 Moar Beta O'Rourke: Blah, blah, blah. Racism. Yadda, yadda. Brown people. Blah, blah, blah.

>>36373 FBI to take complete control of El Paso shooting investigation, What could possibly go wrong?

>>36374, >>36383, >>36385 DJT deletes and retweets same tweet, POTUS Comms?

>>36376, >>36391 Anons needs extra shovels for Sean L. Kaul, Phoenix office FBI Special Agent in charge, DIGG

>>36394, >>36553 Gilroy shooter and Walmart shooter kinda look a like?

>>36402 Photo comparison between Parkland/Cruz arrest and TX/WalMart Arrest

>>36413 As US Ditches Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty (INF), Mid-Range Missiles To Be Deployed In Asia "Within Months"

>>36414, >>36425 US federal court exposes Democratic Party conspiracy against Assange and WikiLeaks

>>36416 Harvard Scientists, Funded By Bill Gates, To Begin Spraying Particles Into The Sky To Dim The Sun

>>36420 Taibbi: The Over-Hyped Rise & Sudden Fall Of 'Superhero' Robert Mueller

>>36424, >>36584 Saikat Chakrabarti, The Brain Behind Ocasio-Cortez To Leave Office

>>36426, >>36544 Reminder: The Gitmo Channel coming to a screen near you

>>36121, >>36438, >>36536, >>36525, >>36545, >>36551, >>36466, >>36468, >>36474 Is Bryan Crusius the father of the Walmart Shooter? John of God, Clintons, Maryanne Williamson, MK Ultra connections?

>>36442 WATCH: Rep. Andy Biggs’s full questioning of Robert Mueller

>>36449, >>36450 VIDEO of April Ryan’s Bodyguard Assaulting Local Reporter After Stealing His Camera

>>36451, >>36459, >>36489, >>36535 Dayton Ohio Mass Shooting

>>36830 47a

Anonymous ID: 69b35f Dec. 13, 2019, 5:08 p.m. No.39655   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>36457 Driver plows through crowd gathered at anti-violence rally in Wisconsin

>>36461 The House Republicans and Democrats not seeking reelection in 2020

>>36469, >>36562 Did a Goat from Voat warn us about El Paso?

>>36470 Infrographic on Parkland, Vegas, and other survivors showing back up at other Mass Shootings

>>36478 Links to info about hypnotic words, etc.

>>36493, >>36509, >>36605 Dayton Ohio Mass Shooting Video and images

>>36611, >>36521, >>36439 Alleged video of the Walmart shooter being calmly taken into custody

>>36526 Hundreds of people rush to donate blood for victims of deadly #ElPasoShooting (Cabal running low?)

>>36528 El Paso shooting: Blink 182 were heading to tragic mall when gunman opened fire

>>36537, >>36540 Ivanka tweets for the victims of El Paso and Dayton

>>36539, >>36554 Mysterious Comms anon says stay focused...justice, and gives news from Europe

>>36541 Fort Bliss soldier hailed as hero in El Paso mall shooting

>>36557, >>36707 4.5 TONS of cocaine valued at €1bn seized in record-breaking drug bust in Germany, bills marked 11:11

>>36563 The month of August is traditionally very HOT and El Paso HOT sauce

>>36571 Links to recently published articles about Hillary getting FBI help to destroy data

>>36581 Secretary Pompeo Tweet: Australia is a vital ally, partner, and friend of the U.S.

>>36587 California Scrubs Controversial Kamala Harris-Era Arrest Reports

>>36598, >>36618, >>36673, >>36688, >>36694, >>36690, >>36708 Moar on El Paso Timeline Problem

>>36599, >>36602, >>36596 Reports of Outages and downed sites

>>36604 Anon goes digging through last year's August Q crumbs, finds possible connections

>>36607, >>36608 Twatterfags report the twatterverse narrative is recent Mass Shootings are Trump and supporter related

>>36622 9 Mexican Nationals injured in El Paso, Mexican Foreign Minister to take action

>>36625 Slate: 8chan Is a Normal Part of Mass Shootings Now

>>36630 DOJ Expected To Release Bruce Ohr 302 Reports, Other Documents This Week

>>36632 Body of Missing Oregon 2-Year-Old Found After Parents’ Murder-Suicide

>>36661, >>36627, >>36603 Dayton Mass Shooter Identified as Connor Betts; His Sister Found Among The Victims

>>36665, >>36672, >>36495, >>36621, >>36679, >>36503, >>36729, >>36727, >>36754, >>36764 Dayton shooter's hoodie and Vest patches DIGGs

>>36674 Scientists Just Discovered a Star That's Totally New to Science (New Stars Discovered)

>>36676 Names of Dayton OH victims released

>>36624, >>36663, >>36703, >>36749 El paso shooter Image: "... are closer than they appear" background, Is this a Q Proof?

>>36726 Analysis on the grammar of POTUS's tweet error

>>36732 Dayton Ohio officials Press Conference

>>36765, >>36770 Parkland Families Paint Murals Across the country

>>36766, >>36767 Witness captures the moment the Dayton OH shooting starts

>>36776 FLASHBACK (June 2019) - Deep State Attack on 8Chan! (Neon Revolt)

>>36783 Parents of teen killed at Parkland were in El Paso Walmart shooting

>>36802 Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Taken To Hospital After Being Injured at His Home In Kentucky

>>36792 New Tom Fitton: How convenient! Just as the moment they ran out of steam and talking points. TA-DA!

>>36655, >>36801 Images of Dayton Shooter, Conner Betts

>>36812, >>36811 Peter Navarro stands by Trump's tariffs as successful trade tactic

>>36831 #47b

Anonymous ID: 69b35f Dec. 13, 2019, 5:09 p.m. No.39656   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#48a baker #1

>>36861, >>36907 VIDEO: Officers stop Dayton shooting suspect before he enters Ned Pepper's

>>36873 Anon reposting notable because believes it's very significant

>>36870, >>36874 President Trump: Hate has no place in our country, and we're going to take care of it.

>>36884, >>36945, >>36963, >>36997, >>37094, >>37269 Trump will address nation on gun control on Monday (Zerohedge); anons discuss

>>36886 Pastor Bob Fu: China’s Communist Regime is “The Largest Threat to the United States”

>>36889 For codefags: The Evolution of Q programming language

>>36892 Mexico vows to take legal action against U.S. after deadly El Paso shooting

>>36899, >>36912 Latitude / Longitude dropped on QR at 10:20, Bunker Anons DIGG

>>36901, >>36903, >>36948, >>36990, >>37029, >>37061, >>37144, >>37262 Thomas Flohr, owner of Vista Jet (private jet company for the filthy rich) DIGG anons!

>>36911 Authorities say Ohio shooter wore a bulletproof vest, mask, hearing protection and was carrying at least 100 rounds

>>36914, >>36929 A Brazilian gang leader tried to escape from prison by dressing up as his daughter (Watch video for KEKs)

>>36935 POS Maxine Waters Blames Trump for ‘Escalating Killings’ After Shootings

>>36939 City of El Paso Issues Disaster Declaration After Mass Shooting

>>36940 (Video) Why does Beto laugh?

>>36928, >>36943, >>36954 Anons on Mystery Comms Anon: Gibberish or Moar?

>>36964 Navy Drops Case Against SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s Platoon Commander

>>36970 Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson removed all court-martial authority from Navy Region Southwest

>>36971 Texas Seeks Death for El Paso Shooter, Feds Treating as ‘Domestic Terrorism’

>>36979 Moar on the internet changing El Paso Shooters Party Affiliation

>>36991 Beto O’Rourke Spreads Hoaxes on CNN; Jake Tapper Fails to Correct

>>37002, >>37155, >>37159 One of the best digs into Pedo DJ Saville

>>37008 Some past articles relating to Walmart(s) in ElPaso

>>37010, >>37032, >>37103, >>37106, >>37109, >>37131 Dayton shooter Connor Betts' links to @iamthespookster acct

>>36975, >>37004 8bit gets FAKE NEWS'ED on QR, QR anons respond, Bunker BO responds as well

>>37561 #48a

Anonymous ID: 69b35f Dec. 13, 2019, 5:10 p.m. No.39657   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#48b baker #2

>>37053, >>37056 El Paso shooter's alleged 8chan /pol/ post: anon says it's started at least 12 mins AFTER shooting started

>>37064, >>37070 Police office opens fire on dog, kills woman instead (with vid just of shots fired)

>>37055, >>37075 Candidates CAN draw a salary from campaign account

>>37078 Joe M: "This is the fiercest coordinated attack on Q yet"

>>37097, >>37170, >>37233 Anons look for symbolism in recent shooting events

>>37108 Iran Seizes Another Foreign Tanker in Gulf (Breitbart)

>>37129 Dayton terrorist Conner Betts was a self-described “leftist” and Antifa supporter

>>37114, >>37119, >>37130, >>37132, >>37215 Connor Betts' tattoo looks like Bantha from Star Wars; also wearing red shoes

>>37146, >>37157, >>37134, >>37175, >>37186, >>37234, >>37256 Despite recent events [FFs?], STAY FOCUSED ANONS (espec. on attacks against Q/8chan)

>>37148 NRA issues stmt on shootings in El Paso & Dayton

>>37144 Thomas Flohr > Philippe Sebastien De Salis > Lloyd George Mgmt > Joseph Misfud

>>37169 The Socialist Rifle Association: Anons DIGG!!

>>37194 Lamborghinis, Burkas, Sex Party Invites & ‘Chop Chop Square’: A NY Lawyer’s 15 Yrs In The Middle East

>>37198, >>37265, >>37220, >>37255 Evacuations Ordered After Explosion at Hotel Near Nashville International Airport; Multiple Injuries Reported

>>37221 El Paso Mayor won't attack Trump

>>37239 LastRefuge on IMF blaming America's strong economy for forcing them to devalue their currency

>>37251 Feds Say They Have Thwarted a Mass Shooting Plot In Lubbock, Texas

>>37252, 37253 Just who is the El Paso shooter?

>>37257 Jeff Bezos' yacht spotted of the coast of Turkey

>>37271, >>36881 Bett's "Against all Gods" patch being suppressed on the NET?

>>37278, >>37405 Breaking: Cloudflare CEO @eastdakota tells me the company is cutting off 8chan's access to its DDOS protection service after all, a big reversal from earlier in the day

>>37278, >>37283, >>37301, >>37310, >>37314 Anons respond to Cloudflare news

>>37345, >>37394, Complete Q archive (anons, ARCHIVE OFFLINE)

>>37353 Posted by Ron@CodeMonkeyZ: All our domains have been removed from cloudflare, so we will be moving to another service asap. Please excuse any downtime as we migrate to the new service.

>>37421 BO: To the archivists... Did you make sure you archive everything on the hour?

>>37437 Earlier report? Cloudflare: company has no plans to stop working with 8chan

>>37484 Mika Brzezinski: 'Our job' is to control 'what people think'

>>37566 #48b

Anonymous ID: 69b35f Dec. 13, 2019, 5:17 p.m. No.39658   🗄️.is 🔗kun

"#49a' (pre-deplatforming)

>>37621, >>37652, >>37677, >>37860 Prayers for this bread & board

>>37622, >>37661 Teen arrested re child thrown from 10th floor London Gallery

>>37626, >>37635, >>37637, >>37640 Dayton shooter Connor Betts = Dem, supporter of Antifa/Bernie/Warren

>>37638, >>37642 Dayton shooter, anons on sister

>>37665 Dayton shooting timeline

>>37640, >>37643 USMC message: "Muddin'"

>>37663 Something in our darkest hour: US may be returning to gold standard

>>37666 Ron/CodeMonkey's first message: expect some minutes of downtime" (historic)

>>37672 El Paso / Garlic shooter look alike; need more digs on both shootings

>>37673, >>37678, >>37678 Moar on Garlic Festival shooting

>>37679 Continuing anti-semitic bread titles on QR

>>37692 Cloudflare Raises $150M and Adds to Board of Directors

>>38244 #49a

Anonymous ID: 69b35f Dec. 13, 2019, 5:18 p.m. No.39659   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#49b (post-deplatforming)

>>37696 Hello patriots welcome home!!

>>37699, >>37742, >>37748 BO tests board & posts QRB 8kun logo

>>37733 Ron: Project Odin the best way to avoid deplatforming

>>37788 Learn how to archive offline

>>37795, >>38059 Eric Ciaramella DIGG & pic

>>37798 Ron: will migrate /PatriotsFight/ whenever the board owner requests it here

>>37990, >>37813 How George Soros is trying to subvert the US justice system from the bottom up

>>37823 US Attorney John Durham expands DOJ investigation into origins of the Russian probe

>>37825 USA, Australia & Japan challenging China's "belt & road"!

>>37992 China bought most of Greece’s main port and now it wants to make it the biggest in Europe

>>37825 Trump Offers To Help Mexico "Clean Out These Monsters" After American Family Murdered In Gang Crossfire

>>37825 Gregg Jarrett: Here’s Why The Justice Department Must Investigate Joe Biden’s “Quid Pro Quo”

>>37825, >>38060, >>38062 Hunter Biden, con't: Solomon: Burisma pressed Obama admin to end corruption allegations; Johnson, Grassley seek HB docs; Ukrainians pimped HB's seat

>>37831 A Great Awakening to the Fight Is Upon Us

>>37868 Mika Brzezinski from Morning Joe doing a clip on Q anon today (hit piece)

>>37869, >>37871, >>37875, >>37877, >>37882 Q drops 11-11-19 & anon comments

>>37867 Veteran's Day news bun (some posts also broken out)

>>37885 Justice Dept. to SCOTUS: We Can't Give Work Permits to DACA Migrants

>>37875, 37905 Comello/Frank Cali DIG: Did Frank Cali flip? (for 2nd post, links are for endchan)

>>37907 How to counter Fredrick Brennan's anti-8kun letter writing campaign?

>>37947 #ProjectOdin lawyer review is done, ready for launch after final round of testing

>>37915 MSM narrative: what must be challenged

>>38022 Julian Assange rape investigation dropped by Sweden

>>38023 Impeachment hearing should be postphoned due to a new development

>>38033 JuliansRun decode of Q post on Thailand clown sites & Pope's visit to Bangkok

>>38061 Sara Carter: Horowitz Report Will Be Damning, Criminal Referrals Likely

>>38062 Ukrainians Pimped Hunter Biden's Seat For Leverage With Obama State Department (Nov 6)

>>38084 Trump administration delivers warning to liberal states moving to bar ICE from courthouses

>>38102 Glenn Beck's The Democrats' Blockbuster Hydra Video: Key Points Summary

>>38119 Liberal Law Prof Tells Disappointed CBS Hosts Impeachment Is “Designed To Fail” (vid)

>>38124 Meme farmers return with new links to great memes

>>38132 Yellow Vest update (a year and a week since the start)

>>38154 POTUS remarks on Fox & friends

>>38155, >>38159 Anti-Q writer Alex Kaplan cries anti-Semiticism within 10 minutes of 8kun posting; wrapup smear >>38162

>>38156 Anti-Q articles report: two yr anniversary edition

>>38164 Laundry Disruptor Giuliani Sends Letter to Sen. Graham Outlining Amb. Bill Taylor's Efforts to Block Witnesses

>>38168 "Repubs urge Americans to follow them thru the Fox News looking glass on Ukraine (hit piece but what about Proj. Looking Glass? Q #3585)

>>38168 Centre UA co-founded by Pierre Omidyar, rec'd $500k+ from USAID/Omidyar Network/Soros' Int'l Renaissance Foundation

>>38173 Ex-Fox Shepard Smith decries fake news idea while getting award fr. Cmte to Protect Journalism (DIGG on CPJ!!)

>>38186 An Update & Review on ShareBlue--and a Digg Call

>>38200 Police Can Keep Ring Camera Video Forever, and Share With Whomever They'd Like

>>38203 CM tweet on new Q board creation (see also Q #3627)

>>38195 Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Responds to Command Targeting and President Trump Support…

>>38195 Blackmail Confirmed, Navy Secretary Richard Spencer Removed by Defense Secretary Mark T Esper

>>38190, >>38191, >>38193, >>38196, >>38197, >>38211 Discussion of shorter breads for QRB for jumpstarting the board

>>38213, >>38214, >>38215, >>38218, >>38218 Anon followup on Q's 6'oclock can be dangerous (Q #3599)

>>38222 Next Gen Corruption: Next Gen Corruption: Amazing Polly video on Vindman BANNED by YT

>>38232, >>38233 All Q posts w/caps Nov 2 - Nov 25

>>38245 #49b

Anonymous ID: 69b35f Dec. 13, 2019, 5:20 p.m. No.39660   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>38281, >>38283 Amazing Polly on BANNED YT vid, Ben Collins hit piece & NABU

>>38284 What is NABU (the Natl Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine)??

>>38285, >>38286, >>38287, >>38288 Next Gen Corruption: Amazing Polly on Alexander Vindman connections (banned by YT)

>>38447, >>38448, >>38509 CBSN report: "Tracking Disinformation on Social Media" (e.g., Qanon) - anon notes

>>38450, >>38451, >>38453 New Q board: What is Project D?

>>38455 Ukraine, Trump, & Biden - The Real Story Behind "Ukrainegate"

>>38476 Atlantic Council cites Travis View as expert on disinformation

>>38496, >>38504 Moar on Travis View & StratCom 2018

>>38505, >>38506 Travis View and Fredrick Brennan’s Network Exposed – The Atlantic Council and George Soros

>>38510, >>38519, >>38514 German Marshall Fund DIG

>>38517 Anon on Catherine Austin Fitts (claims missing $21 trillion is a symptom of something worse)

>>38550, >>38568, >>38569, >>38570 Alan Bender, Ilhan Omar & Imam of Peace

>>38534, >>38535, >>38543, >>38544, >>38545, >>38546, >>38547 Deposition of Alan Bender

>>38537 Report that strippers used sex toy on a drugged out Hunter Biden at NYC strip club

>>38552 Will DOJ Watchdog Expected To Downgrade 'Spying' On Trump Campaign To 'Typical Law Enforcement Activities? (Zerohedge)

>>38558 is back online!!

>>38573 Michelle Malkin: Fight for the freedom to question vaccines

>>38574 The battle over free speech & anti-vax speech ban on social media

>>38575, >>38579, >>38590, >>38789 Mandating vaxxes, banning anti-vax speech & convincing people they're safe: Renee Diresta & Dr. Heidi Larson

>>38581, >>38583, >>38589 Anons inquiring about QRB on QR

>>38614, >>38617, >>38619, >>38660, >>38665 On QR, QRB & current activity on QR

>>38682, >>38700, >>38701 >>38704, >>38734 QR mgmt/AFLB on QRB, baker & 8bit

>>38639 Ukrainian Corruption -- A Case Study

>>38609, >>38610, >>38638 Ukraine: Land Privatization Demanded by IMF, Links to Biden Graft Scandal. Engineered Bankruptcy of National Economy

>>38628 Anon: WH confirmation of Q?

>>38655 Serbia, Slovakia Join Sudden Eastern European Gold Repatriation Push

>>38656 Zuesse: Why A Second American Revolution Is Necessary For The Entire World

>>38668 Bongino on 60 Minutes segment slamming conservative media (including Joe M's vid)

>>38671 Q started posting on new ProjectDcomms board

>>38678, >>38681 Anon on London Bridge attack, narwhals & baronness Joanna Shield (combats child exploitation)

>>38685 Is future FBI facility planned with the idea of rebuilding the FBI from the ground up?

>>38688 Barr Disputes Major Horowitz Finding Based On Durham, CIA Evidence

>>38689 Why Are Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Joining the Hong Kong Protests?

>>38690 Krieger: "This Entire Century Has Been An Unmitigated March In The Direction Of Stupidity"

>>38694 Kamala Harris drops out of Presidential race

>>38705 Glenn Beck: Impeachment as a three-act play (5min mp4; funny & informative); ties in Ukraine

>>38706, >>38753 Big attacks on 8kun; codemonkeyz investigating

>>38708 Hedge Fund manipulator Paul Singer was the second largest contributor to Repub party in 2016

>>38707 Anon on implications of findings on illegal voting in one county (multiply the results x 3141 US counties)

>>38715, >>38716 How to have honest elections

>>38717 Bolivia = Text Book Example Of A U.S. Engineered Military Coup In Latin America

>>38736 How far could Nellie Orr have communicated on her HAM radio?

>>38740 FANTASTIC thread by Cat Namus on entire takedown plan by Dems/DS/muh russia/Ukraine

>>38748 Rep. Gaetz rips into witnesses bc "no personal knowledge of material facts"

>>38758 Currently known Q sites

>>38692, >>38796 Anon on the benefits of decentralization as a solution to attacks on 8kun/Q, etc.

>>38800 #50

Anonymous ID: 69b35f March 5, 2020, 1:32 p.m. No.41758   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>38809 Impeachment hearings live updates: Pelosi asks committee chairs to proceed with articles of impeachment

>>38811 August 2018 calender of key events

>>38813 'Snarky' Stanford Impeachment Witness Apologizes After Outrage Over Barron Trump Comment

>>38814 ‘We can impeach again’: Rep. Al Green congressman suggests continuous impeachment effort

>>38815 McCarthy says Pelosi has ‘weakened this nation’

>>38820, >>38837, >>38853, >>38857, >>38860, >>38861, >>38862 QR & QRB discussion

>>38978, >>39035, >>39041, >>39043, >>39113, >>39043 QR & QRB discussion, con't.

>>39613, >>39629, >>39630, >>39636 QRB purpose/future/ideas

>>38825 POTUS: Horowitz/Durham reports to detail alleged Dem coup

>>38855, >>39099 "So now they hang [their hats]" in POTUS tweet

>>38879, >>38880 Comello lawyer: killer was radicalized by Q; Travis View chimes in; see Q #3644

>>38896, >>38902, >>38914, >>38967, >>39087 Anthony Comello's lawyer Robert C. Gottlieb

>>38900 Rep. Roger Marshall (R–Kan.) thinks short-barreled rifles are overregulated, and he's looking to change that

>>38946, >>38971, >>38973 Q #3654 & Project Looking Glass

>>38968, >>38970 The Bradford File reports that US Attorney Durham is seeking information from Admiral Mike Rogers for his investigation

>>39040 Check out the statistics on the QAnon clip versus other clips from the same show

>>39047 New Ukrainian leader heads to high-stakes meeting with Putin

>>39112 Anon on Punisher file name dig Theory on Q #3653 (Punisher): points to Binance, drug running & human trafficking

>>39110 Second theory on Q#3653: points to CastleComedian, Feb Q drops, Wikileaks HRC emails

>>39121 DOJ inspector general, set to release major report on FBI's Russia investigation, spent years prosecuting corrupt officials

>>39122, >>39123 New DJT: I. G. Report out tomorrow. That will be a big story!

>>39189 OAN’s Chanel Rion Gives Debriefing On Ukraine Trip

>>39190 "Undeniable Evidence": Explosive Classified Docs Reveal Afghan War Mass Deception

>>39217 DOJ Inspector General Releases Report On FBI Conduct, Finds "Clear Abuse" Of FISA Process

>>39218 IG Report Redacted for Public Release PDF

>>39234 Was Comey's forest tweet pointing to the Woods Procedures?

>>39239, >>39345, >>39251 IG Reports: to find "Comey" search on "Corney"; "Corney" as "corrupted"; Strzok does not appear at all

>>39507, >>39508, >>39547, >>39548 Q post #3585 & Project Looking Glass (high-tech project or Lewis Carroll allusion?)

>>39601, >>39602, >>39604, >>39625, >>39628 Project Looking Glass, con't.

>>39511 Stmt by AG Barr on the IG's Report

>>39512 New Film: "The Report" (the Senate's torture report, its author Daniel Jones & Q Drops 2657 & 2933)

>>39513 'A constitutional crisis': the CIA turns on the Senate (Guardian article on Daniel Jones/torture report)

>>39517, >>39526, >>39546 POTUS interview re IG

>>39550, 39596 17 Findings from IG Fisa Report

>>39552, >>39563 NJ Shooting coverage (6 dead)

>>39553 Democrats unveil impeachment articles, as White House slams 'baseless and partisan' effort

>>39554 Pelosi holds a press conference on USMCA trade agreement

>>39555 Jason Chaffetz: IG report as damning as it gets

>>39556 , >>39575 Attorney General Barr Calls FBI’s Trump Probe ‘Travesty’ (WSJ, Conserv. Treehouse)

>>39557 AG Barr Speaks On IG Findings, Discusses His Investigation Into Russia Probe (MSNBC)

>>39558 Transcript from Limbaugh on Horowitz, Barr & Durham; plus Rush's theory on what it's about

>>39560, >>39561 Those who do not believe QANON will be mighty surprised (Mike Scheuer)

>>39562 Travis View & Alex Kaplan: responses to Mike Scheuer's support of Q

>>39171, >>39576, >>39567, >>39568, >>39578 Anons on POTUS' comment at Hershey rally on password, 'Victory or Death"

>>39583, >>39598 Normandy Mtg: Zelensky Has No Friends In Europe (plus anon summary)

>>39584 Senate Judiciary Committee LIVE (IG Michael Horowitz testifies)

>>39588, >>39589, >>39590, >>39591 Ted Cruz on spying (not Jason Bourne but 'Beavis and Butt-head'); linked to Q drops on "Bourne"/Project DeepDream/Vorhies

>>39593, >>39594 Possible links between 'Finders' cult, BCCI & Maxwell sisters' Information on Demand

>>39595, >>39606 Digging Into The [Ghislaine] Maxwell Family (& moar on Information on Demand)

>>39605, >>39608, >>39632, >>39633, >>39634, >>39635 DJT's EO on anti-semitism

>>39607 Proposed amendment in articles of impeachment says Ukraine received aid

>>39609 Exit Poll Projects Strong Majority for Boris Johnson

>>39615, >>39616 House Jud Cmte impeachment cmte adjourns wo/voting; Repubs furious

>>39638 House Judiciary panel passes two articles of impeachment against Trump

>>39639 Schiff called 'hypocrite' as past comments criticizing Clinton impeachment emerge

>>39646 Rudy Giuliani Can Barely Contain Himself Over His Ukraine Findings

>>39651 Mark Levin: 'The Next Democrat President of the United States Must Be Impeached'

>>39663 #51

Anonymous ID: 69b35f March 5, 2020, 1:38 p.m. No.41759   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>39731 Sorcha Faal called "popular" with Q followers by fake news

>>39956, >>39959 Project Looking Glass & recent article on declassifying black space programs

>>40381, >>40382, >>40384, >>40385 Project Looking Glass. con't: being used with Sentient Word Simulation and Army After Next (AAN)?

>>39962 The articles of impeachment show Democrats are the ones obstructing justice (from NBC!)

>>40001 CM working on timestamp bugs

>>40004 Q proof (timestamp between POTUS tweet & Q drop 55): "The Storm in upon us......."

>>40010, >>40025, >>40042 Steven Kwast on the urgent need for a US space force (vid & Aug article)

>>40011, >>40072 Comments on fake Q post & how (You)s can be faked (BO & anon)

>>40013, >>40084, >>40086, >>40201 OANN's Chanel Rion interviews former Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko

>>40016 Lindsey Graham invites Rudy Giuliani to Judiciary panel to discuss recent Ukraine visit

>>40066 The Biden Bunch: Survey of Biden family corruption (27min vid)

>>40071 New Wikileaks release shows doctoring of facts in released version of OPCW chemical weapons report on Syria

>>40081, >>40082 Dig on Rachel Whetstone

>>40087 Is Rachel Maddow the activator for leftwing protests?

>>40098 Horowitz report spotlights little-known FBI agent's role in Russia probe, Flynn case

>>40107, >>40108 Russell "Texas" Bentley on Normandy Four Mtgs & Zelensky's reaction

>>40109 Anon on 1:29 from Q Dec 2 drop and LZ 129 Hindenberg Luftschiff: Will Schiff's witch hunt crash & burn?

>>40153 Schiff Claims Ignorance of FISA Abuses, Nunes Shreds Him With Facts in Brilliant Letter, ‘You Are in Need of Rehab’

>>40205 Possible Jeremy Fleming connection Jan 1993 - ECMM Bosnia (same a GCHQ Chief?)

>>40207 Q #3532 on Awan; his brother Abid has a Ukrainian-born wife, Natalia Sova

>>40282 Flynn (vid: 21mins) pub 12-17-19

>>40285 Anon on Q #3717 (first arrests triggering a mass awakening)

>>40298 Melissa Hodgman = wife of Strzok = head of SEC (POTUS just said 'there's problems with the wife'--was she the real insurance policy?)

>>40300 Banning guns will not make schools safe

>>40320 The Travon Martin Race Hoax Exposed (2 hrs; released 10-22-19)

>>40325, >>40326 Anon on Q #3728 (slings & arrows, backchannels & Cuban missile crisis)

>>40333 Martha MacCallum interview with Wm Barr - Part I notes

>>40375 Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Speech: Moral Obligation To Fight Tyranny (vid clip)

>>40376 Admiral Mike Rogers cooperating with Trump-Russia problem (12-20-19)

>>40380 Excerpts from Crowdstrike article plus Google Capital, George Kurtz, Shawn Henry, Steven Chabinsky

>>40382 Ukrainian hryvnia = best performing current this year, how is this possible & is Soros involved?

>>40381, >>40383, >>40384, >>40385 Anon: Project Looking Glass, SWS, ANN & Q's ability to predict future events

>>40397, >>40410 Moar examples of predictive analytic engines (Project Looking Glass)

>>40387 President Trump Addresses Turning Point USA Student Action Summit

>>40395 Joichi Ito, ethics of AI, & the MIT Media Lab

>>40416 Timeline on New Zealand's spying on POTUS, Five Eyes' role, the election of Jacinda Ardern & current situation

>>40437, >>40438 Sara Carter, John Solomon & Brett Tolman weigh in on FISA Court abuse

>>40439 French Unions and Yellow Vests General Strike

>>40440 FOIA Documents Reveal The Fort Knox Gold Mystery: DIGG ANONS

>>40452 Gen. Flynn to be sentenced on Jan 28 -- "done in 30"?

>>40469, >>40470, >>40471, >>40473 Jessie Jane Duff Dig

>>40477, >>40480, >>40482, >>40488 2020 = 0505 reversed (5:5)

>>40478, >>40479, >>40480, >>40481, >>40482, >>40483, >>40484, >>40485, >>40486, >>40488, >>40489 Clock started and planned to end in 2020?

>>40486, >>40489, >>40491, >>40492, >>40493, >>40494, >>40495 "Clock started" DIG con't. - vase = phase?

>>40496, >>40497, >>40502 Ice_T & Ted Nugent tweets

>>40500, >>40501 DIGG on Jane Ginsburg (daughter of RBG)

>>40507 Giuliani's 2020 New Years Eve Statement on the Dems

>>40508 WAPO = disinfo ctr pushing "muh Russia" & discrediting Ukraine corruption

>>40512 BBC: Hillary Clinton to be appointed Chancellor of Queen’s University, Belfast

Anonymous ID: 69b35f March 5, 2020, 1:40 p.m. No.41760   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#52, con't.

>>40513, >>40514 December 5th mission was taking genetically engineered 'Mighty Mice' into space

>>40519, >>40556, >>40564, >>40566, >>40567 BDAanon resource

>>40520 Cynthia Abcug story; Q followers accused of involvement in armed kidnap plot

>>40523 Extremists attack Kenya military base, 3 Americans killed

>>40527, >>40580 Moar on Proj. Looking Glass

>>40534, >>40555, >>40536 Artificial means of predicting the future vs human precognition

>>40537, >>40538, >>40542, >>40557, >>40560, >>40561 AI vs human abilities (anons)

>>40547 Is there a list of all Obama-era NSC members?

>>40546, >>40550 Finding Info Warfare connections (Atlantic Council, Stratcom, ASD, ISD, etc.)

>>40550, >>40558, >>40563, >>40565 Millenium Fellowships from UN/Atlantic Council

>>40565, >>40575, >>40576, >>40578, >>40579 Digital Forensics Research Lab (DFRLab) - Atlantic Council disinfo "digitalSherlocks"

>>40568, >>40568 Soros voting machines

>>40580 Notes re a flowchart for DS disinformation network

>>40587, >>40588 Cipherfags re 52 cards in a deck, etc.

>>40589, >>40592, >>40596 Soleimani & Iran discussion

>>40610, >>40611, >>40612, >>40613 Mnuchin digg

>>40638, >>40639 GPS jamming in SE

>>40674 JW Sues State Dept. for Records Tied to Alleged Monitoring of Trump Fam & Journalists by Yovanovitch

>>40676 Dr. Robt Epstein followup comment on wife's death

>>40686, >>40687 Lauren Boebert clip from gun rights rally

>>40707 POTUS delivers opening remarks at World Economic Forum in Davos

>>40724, >>40725 Discussion of Q #1241 & EPA as slush fund

>>40726, >>40730 Kobe Bryant--state funeral? (maybe not officially but....)

>>40736, >>40737 #52

Anonymous ID: 69b35f March 5, 2020, 1:45 p.m. No.41761   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>40854, >>40862, >>40880 Notes from Repub peach mint defense; Q & A; last day

>>40867 Unpacking Laura Ingraham’s bombshell report on Eric Ciaramella, the Bidens, and Ken Vogel

>>40870 Sanders opens up 15-point lead in New Hampshire: Poll

>>40871 Lindsey Graham: "Impeachment is a dead cat" (vid clip)

>>40872 Rand Paul tweets

>>40888, >>40889 Trump Told Bolton to Help His Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Book Says

>>40890, >>40919, >>40893, >>40895 Int'l Republican Institute

>>40892 ZH Corona vs HIV article [valid or not?]

>>40898 Map showing Wuhan Inst of Virology in "middle of nowhere" with "ghost" roads around it

>>40900 How Q posts can be commonly linked

>>40901 Short redpill vid

>>40903 Quick Pic Baking Instructions

>>40905 Learning to Bake in 2 minutes vid

>>40910 Epstein data dump

>>40915 Yes, Ukraine’s Oligarchs Own the Airwaves, but Their Days Are Numbered (2 yr article but good)

>>40918 Five key people in Ukraine phone leak conspiracy

>>40922 Nancy tearing up SOTU gif

>>40923, >>40925 >>40933 Q "biblical" drops

>>40926, >>40929 On Q3826 past finds the future; Q3827 future finds the past

>>40934, >>40935 Soros and "Judge Roberts surprise" (short vid)

>>40941, >>40942, >>40943, >>40944, Notes on Glenn Beck Vid Ukraine: The Final Piece - Q 3841

>>40949, >>40950, >>40951, >>40952, >>40953, >>40954 "Revival" and banking ties Ukraine & Moldova

>>40955, >>40956, >>40957, >>40958, >>40959, >>40969, >>40970, >>40971 "Revival" con't.

>>40987 Moldova: poor country with lots of trafficking problems

>>40960, >>40961 Kolomoisky, Ukraine & Israel

>>40962, >>40963, >>40964, >>40965 Q post #345; who owns Gannett?; Gatehose Media/Michael E. Reed CEO

>>40977, >>40978, >>40979, >>40980 Recent cheese pizza reference opening up pizzagate again?

>>40982 Creepy wikileaks podesta cheese email: reminder

>>40983 Jeffry Epstein & Towers Financial

>>40991, >>40992 Shadow Inc dig

>>40999 Qanon conspiracy permeates mainstream politics [great--we're moving into the mainstream!]

>>41003, >>41004, >>41005, >>41006, >>41007, >>41008 Biden got "lying dog-faced pony soldier" from this film

>>41013, >>41015 Anonymous or Qanonymous? Q 3855

>>41023, >>41024 Endchan as a possible bu board during 8kun attacks; >>41061, >>41083 (You) Endchan status

>>41025 Neon Revolt re conversation with Ron about Feb 8/9 attack on 8kun

>>41038 "A Clear and Present Danger": What Does it Mean?

>>41012, >>41014, >>41017, >>41050, >>41051, >>41052, >>41078, >>41079 London pics; Is Gina Haspel there?

>>41054, >>41057 Soros-Tied Group Run by Top Dem Operatives Promotes Global Leftist Agenda

>>41070, >>41071, >>41072 Killbox analyses (summary)

>>41073, >>41074 Avenatti convicted

>>41077 Anon on "pirate" anon posts

>>41080 BDA anon is back

>>41084 #53

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 12:49 p.m. No.44292   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>41185 Michael Bloomberg told a co-worker to "kill" her unborn baby

>>41190, >>41198 Caroline Fleck Suicide. A pedo who molested Harry Styles

>>41629, >>41632, >>41681, >>41682, >>41683, >>41684 Anons talk /qresearch/, /qrb/, and endchan

>>41635 For Keks: Ytube of Russian People's Reactions to Putin Portait in their apartment elevator

>>41637 Jan Peter Meister, Accused of Threatening to kill Schiff, also raped two teenage girls (13,14) in the 80s

>>41638 George Webb Ytube - Joe Biden's private Island across from Epstein island

>>41644, >>41646, >>41647 To be blunt…. Out of the box thinking on 'blunt' marker

>>41648, >>41649 Q "To be blunt", uses an actual Ellipsis followed by a single period and NOT four periods together.

>>41650, >>41651 Britfag on the UK thread places Gina Haspel/red bus London and Piccadilly Circus pics around Winter 2013/2014

>>41653, >>41654, >>41670, >>41664 When Brennan was trying to set up Flynn in London, Haspel was Station Chief.

>>41666, >>41667 MGM Resorts have personal data of 10.6 million guests stolen

>>41692 Hilldawg email docs released by Judicial Watch

>>41693, >>41694 Saddam Hussein's Cousin Financing Rezko, Blagojevich, and Hussein Digg. Nadhmi Auchi

>>41698 WINNING FAGS - SCOTUS sides 5-4 with POTUS on Immigration. Immigrants need $$$$$ to come legally

>>41704 damsnon this place still going. Noice! NeverSurrender

>>41714, >>41724, >>41716, >>41722 Anyone else going thru the COIN Manual dropped by Q?

>>41720 ISIL looted $429 million from bank(s) in MOSUL, IRAQ - Allowed arms purchases for Syria invasion/some of it in Gold

>>41723 From QR. UK Pedo connections Info-Graphic.

>>41725, >>41726 SANOFI Pasteur - French vaccine company. Wuhan/Bill Gates $/Suicided Employees/Clinton Foundation Digg

>>41737 Navyfag knowledge: Red over Red means "vessel not under command,"

>>41729 Rep Louie Gohmert's comments on the death of Philip Haney

>>41730 Dr. Steven Patrick Schrage, the man who set up Carter Page Diggs.

>>41731 This could break a few seals: U.S. Accountant Pleads Guilty in Panama Papers Investigation

>>41770, >>41773 Be Prepared: The origin story behind the Scout motto

>>41775 Monkey Meme Myth: Monkey see, Monkey do, Monkey conditioned? (No, it can be reversed)

>>41778 POTUS decision making makes anon feel like Tony Stark when Doc Strange gave up the time stone.

>>41779 Through the Looking Glass ...and Beyond (ytube), Did a channeler predict COVID-19?

>>41784 Infographic on VIP anon and "the picture"

>>41797 Anon on keeping the same ID on a multiday/week thread

>>41816 CALL to DIGG - What about the effects of coronavirus on smokers, ex-smokers and vapers?

>>41820 Corey Feldman dig from endchan. Dad ran a child talent agency/Uncle big in music from 80's & 90's

>>41829, >>41831 For Baker Fags: A vid on Baker's Lag, and another on comms showing entire bake

>>41830 A site for compressing videos to fit under 8kun's 16mb limit

>>41837 Big Dick Anon Update

>>41866 Ukraine to close borders to foreigners March 15 for two weeks, and suspend all air travel.


Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 12:52 p.m. No.44293   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>41185 Michael Bloomberg told a co-worker to "kill" her unborn baby

>>41190, >>41198 Caroline Fleck Suicide. A pedo who molested Harry Styles

>>41629, >>41632, >>41681, >>41682, >>41683, >>41684 Anons talk /qresearch/, /qrb/, and endchan

>>41635 For Keks: Ytube of Russian People's Reactions to Putin Portait in their apartment elevator

>>41637 Jan Peter Meister, Accused of Threatening to kill Schiff, also raped two teenage girls (13,14) in the 80s

>>41638 George Webb Ytube - Joe Biden's private Island across from Epstein island

>>41644, >>41646, >>41647 To be blunt…. Out of the box thinking on 'blunt' marker

>>41648, >>41649 Q "To be blunt", uses an actual Ellipsis followed by a single period and NOT four periods together.

>>41650, >>41651 Britfag on the UK thread places Gina Haspel/red bus London and Piccadilly Circus pics around Winter 2013/2014

>>41653, >>41654, >>41670, >>41664 When Brennan was trying to set up Flynn in London, Haspel was Station Chief.

>>41666, >>41667 MGM Resorts have personal data of 10.6 million guests stolen

>>41692 Hilldawg email docs released by Judicial Watch

>>41693, >>41694 Saddam Hussein's Cousin Financing Rezko, Blagojevich, and Hussein Digg. Nadhmi Auchi

>>41698 WINNING FAGS - SCOTUS sides 5-4 with POTUS on Immigration. Immigrants need $$$$$ to come legally

>>41704 damsnon this place still going. Noice! NeverSurrender

>>41714, >>41724, >>41716, >>41722 Anyone else going thru the COIN Manual dropped by Q?

>>41720 ISIL looted $429 million from bank(s) in MOSUL, IRAQ - Allowed arms purchases for Syria invasion/some of it in Gold

>>41723 From QR. UK Pedo connections Info-Graphic.

>>41725, >>41726 SANOFI Pasteur - French vaccine company. Wuhan/Bill Gates $/Suicided Employees/Clinton Foundation Digg

>>41737 Navyfag knowledge: Red over Red means "vessel not under command,"

>>41729 Rep Louie Gohmert's comments on the death of Philip Haney

>>41730 Dr. Steven Patrick Schrage, the man who set up Carter Page Diggs.

>>41731 This could break a few seals: U.S. Accountant Pleads Guilty in Panama Papers Investigation

>>41770, >>41773 Be Prepared: The origin story behind the Scout motto

>>41775 Monkey Meme Myth: Monkey see, Monkey do, Monkey conditioned? (No, it can be reversed)

>>41778 POTUS decision making makes anon feel like Tony Stark when Doc Strange gave up the time stone.

>>41779 Through the Looking Glass ...and Beyond (ytube), Did a channeler predict COVID-19?

>>41784 Infographic on VIP anon and "the picture"

>>41797 Anon on keeping the same ID on a multiday/week thread

>>41816 CALL to DIGG - What about the effects of coronavirus on smokers, ex-smokers and vapers?

>>41820 Corey Feldman dig from endchan. Dad ran a child talent agency/Uncle big in music from 80's & 90's

>>41829, >>41831 For Baker Fags: A vid on Baker's Lag, and another on comms showing entire bake

>>41830 A site for compressing videos to fit under 8kun's 16mb limit

>>41837 Big Dick Anon Update

>>41866 Ukraine to close borders to foreigners March 15 for two weeks and suspend all air travel.

>>41874 #54

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 12:53 p.m. No.44294   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#55 (short bread)

>>41892 Anon sees links between how Chernobyl catastrophe handling and Coronavirus handling

>>41893, >>41894, >>41896, >>41923, >>41947 Vid editing discussion

>>41968 Free image/video screenshots & production tools

>>41897, >>41909, >>41911, >>41914, >>41912, >>41957 Bill Gates' connection to the pandemic.

>>41930, >>41935 Yamiche Alcindor diggs

>>41931, >>41937 Tips for notables

>>41951, >>41953 Notable data from available to the public.

>>41960 Anon recommended video from "Where We Go 1 We Go All"

>>41978 25 crosses in Q Drop #3125. Red Cross, Haiti related?

>>41995, >>41996 Diggs on declining bee population

>>42000 Violins and images. By this musician / patriot (ytube)

>>42002 propose starting a new /qrb/ thread at the beginning of each new month.

>>42009 Pew Research Center Survey: 23% of Americans have heard of Qanon

>>42024 #55

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 12:55 p.m. No.44295   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>42033, >>42034 MSM Articles on Q and 8chan: ~1700 articles Jan 1 2020 thru March 2020

>>42072 John Durham speaking at St. Joseph's University - 3-5-18

>>42076 Nancy's signing pens and Q 1424: "Follow the pen" - 1-15-20

>>42079 Original Cannibal Club in 19th Century London

>>42082 Report Vindicates Trump on Ventilator Debate

>>42085 Quinine and its derivatives

>>42097, >>42098 State Dept. Releases Phone Transcript Of Hillary Admitting She Knew Benghazi Was Planned Attack

>>42099, >>42100 Russian doctor offers a new approach to treatment of corona-virus (to prevent blood clots)

>>42101, >>42102, >>42103 More on blood clotting approach to corona treatment

>>42104, >>42105, >>42108 Article: COVID-19 Attacks the 1-Beta Chain of Hemoglobin and Captures the Porphyrin to Inhibit Human Heme Metabolism

>>42115, >>42121, >>42122, >>42123, >>42124, >>42126, >>42127, >>42131, >>42132, >>42133, >>42134, >>42136 /qresearch/ bu board needed? discussion

>>42137 April - July 2019: Takeover for by /qr/ board by BVs and then BO @FJ

>>42143, >>42156 Hidden in Plain Sight (vid on the Illuminati in Hollywood)

>>42144 Q posts on bad actors

>>42148 Two Brit spy rings, the Middle East, Alfa Gp, PLO, Soros, Labor, Giustra, NIAC, Obama, Pakistan, Shareblue & China

>>42150 12 reasons Dr. Anthony Fauci is a very dangerous man

>>42152 WikiLeaks file dump


>>42160, >>42161, >>42162, >>42163, >>42182 Discussion of qresearch and qrb on /qrb/

>>42199, >>42185 New boatfagging thread on /qrb/

>>42201 Calls to dig into RAND

>>42209 Testimonial by nurse practitioner re conditions in NYC Covid-19 wards

>>42221 Banned Drs. Erickson & Massihi COVID-19 Briefing: MP4s

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 12:56 p.m. No.44296   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>42267 Who is Q? (vid)

>>42269 USA vs Michael T. Flynn: motion to withdraw all pending motions (5-7-20) - GRANTED

>>42270 Interview with Bill Binney (4-23-20)

>>42271 Banned YT channels archived here

>>42289 May 2020 Newsletter Coronavirus Special Report from Dr Schulze

>>42293 Q from BO 8bit re baker vetting; other discussions >>42297, >>42298, >>42305, >>42308, >>42310

>>42310, >>42313, >>42316 Q&A between BO 8bit & current baker; BO decides to close out /qrb/

>>42321, >>42322, >>42323 Anons: No, don't close this board!

>>42326, >>42328, >>42330 New BO arrives; anons rejoice >>42336, >>42337

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 12:57 p.m. No.44298   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>42538 BuzzFeed "Reporter" Who Got Zerohedge Banned On Twitter, Fired For Plagiarism

>>42536, >>42535, >>42537 New dig on the NSA Traffic Cams from the UK thread

>>42521 Notes on ALL FOR FLOYD: IPOT on Floyd & the Weathermen - DIGG Call

>>42496, >>42497, >>42502 HCQ news

>>42492 Anon repost from qresearch re: the insanity of current events

>>42482, 42529 old BO drops by

>>42475 Articles on George Soros, OSF & Antifa

>>42470, >>42471, >>42472 News regarding General Flynn

>>42458 Anon on creating high-quality posts

>>42445, >>42446 LisaMI6/Victoria embankment pics digg

>>42396, >>42398 (You) Laura Ingraham - Terry Turchie interesting discussion on Weather Underground

>>42390, >>42391, >>42392, >>42451, 42525 Board issues on qresearch

>>42385, >>42387, >>42401, >>42410, >>42407, >>42403 Anons discuss NG and DC Mayor

>>42380 Report on BRICK STASHES Shannon Bream FOX NEWS - 'follow what they call 'breadcrumbs'


Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 12:58 p.m. No.44299   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#59 Final

>>42549 Qresearch board issues

>>42553 Salon hit piece, but great news. Lauren Boebert wins her primary, and gets a THUMBS UP from POTUS!!

>>42564 Joe Biden's Bloopers, Blunders, and Gaffes: The TOP 30 Countdown!

>>42565 There are now 2000+ Articles on Q & 8chan/qun - repost from qresearch

>>42571, >>42572 HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE: QUACK CURE OR MISLEADINGLY MALIGNED? Anon Op-Ed repost from qresearch

>>42576 Clinton Foundation, Epstein, SDNY, and moar

>>42579 State Department Human Trafficking Report

>>42580 Judge awards damages in first 'Dossier' lawsuit vs. Christopher Steele

>>42584 Tom Fitton twat - They all knew DJT was innocent

>>42585, >>42589, >>42589, >>42587, >>42588 London NSA Traffic Cam diggs

>>42590 Former SDNY chief Geoffrey Berman told Congress ‘I decline to answer’ in response to 27 questions

>>42591, >>42595 Anon on Alabama Senate race and Q crumbs

>>42602, >>42603, >>42604, >>42605 MSM Articles on Q and 8chan: ~2000 articles as of July 2 2020

>>42608 Big Tech Is Out to Get Conservatives,' Jim Jordan Warns. He Gave 15 Examples

>>42610 Pacific Northwest (OR/WA) thread on /comms

>>42617 Vote-by-mail assessment for Oregon

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 12:59 p.m. No.44300   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>42630 Civil Flag Myth origin

>>42632,>>42633, >>42634, >>42635, >>42637, >>42659 Call to Digg UK bus stop from Q post

>>42655 KEVIN CLINESMITH IS A TRAITOR from /qresearch

>>42656 Refresher on Sally Moyer (agent 5) from /qresearch

>>42663, >>42664 Moar UK (Vids)

>>42665 Flak after CTH released William Aldenbergs name

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1 p.m. No.44301   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>42676, 42677 Cloudflare, Maria Eitel digg and sauce

>>42686, >>42688, >>42687 Expeditionary Learning Schools Outward Bound (from /qr)

>>42694 7 Cyber Defendants, Including "Apt41" Actors, Charged in Connection w/ Computer Intrusion Campaigns (from /qr)

>>42697 RBG Announcement from AG Barr

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:02 p.m. No.44302   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>42859 Map of COVID-19 case trends

>>42731, >>42744, >>42745, >>42746, >>42732 /qr, baking, and moar

>>42723 Intel Sources: CIA Director Gina Haspel Banking On Trump Loss (from /qr)

>>42725 Guy who makes Remdesivir could also be the guy who engineered China Virus?

>>42730, >>42729 List of Awan customers and DWS scandal

>>42740 4chan post treason map

>>42742, >>42743 Clinton email diggs

>>42761, >>42762 On the lastest Q and the GLOBAL DISINFORMATION NETWORK (from /qr)

>>42785 Giuliani Signals 10 Days, Shutdown, The Hunted Have Become The Hunters - Episode 2307b

>>42786 Hunter Biden laptop

>>42787 Q Strategic missile launch vid

>>42788 Project Veritas Google election interference

>>42810, >>42811 Ghislaine Maxwell pdfs

>>42834 EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Successfully Lobbied Joe Biden

>>42835, >>42836 EXC: Is “Peter Henderson” Joe Biden’s E-mail Pseudonym?

>>42837, >>42838 Biden finally breaks silence on son Hunter's laptop, Obama knew

>>42893 Biden’s Sex Tapes, The CCP’s “BGY”

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:03 p.m. No.44303   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>42997 Why doesn't Vaughn Ary show up in

>>42996 Wget Dominion manual links

>>42995 Chanel Rion's Dominion-izing the Vote

>>42994 Smartmatic ties

>>42992 Sidney Powell regarding elections (VID)

>>42984 Circuit courts reassigned


>>42954 Ezra Cohen Watnick speaks

>>42952 London pics continued

>>42948 List of news sites

>>42943 Dominion voting digg (off bread link)

>>42938 Anon opines on habbenings

>>42928 This will make a nice exhibit in the case for tearing apart Twitter

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:04 p.m. No.44304   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43033 CDC death total Digg

>>43030 About Barr post from /qresearch

>>43028 ATT datacenter post from /qresearch

>>43025, >>43026 PRAYER FOR RELIEF SCOTUS election case

>>43014 Vanity Fair article digs up dirt on Doug Band

>>43013 Full POTUS speech: 'Most Important Speech Of His Life'

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:05 p.m. No.44305   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43110 Mil Helo on fire NY

>>43066 Chain of Command

>>43063, >>43113 Disputing US Corp Mythos

>>43058 Pence chief of staff, ties to Strzok/Page

>>43054, >>43055, >>43056, >>43057 US election data international involvement

>>43050 Lin Wood dropping on Mark Meadows

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:06 p.m. No.44307   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43156 Yale study uncovers flaws in process for maintaining state voter rolls

>>43157 Politicized pandemic shaped compliance with social distancing

>>43160 Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced to jail for corruption

>>43161 Dark side of wonderland: ahead of V&A show, book explores Alice’s occult link

>>43163, >>43162 Useful Covid links

>>43173 Epoch Times: CPAC interview with Kash Patel

>>43174 PDJT & Ronna McDaniel likely to urge Herschel Walkr to seek nom for US Senator from GA in 2022

>>43178 HBO Calm Before the Storm: Episodes 1-3 on

>>43186 Man working on gun violence video shot to death in Philadelphia

>>43187 Call to pick up 'old bread' lost gold from QR - We Are the News

>>43188 San Antonio Is Requesting Volunteers As Its Expo Hall Is Being Transformed Into Shelter for Illegal Alien Children

>>43189 UK signs deal for GlaxoSmithKline to produce 60 million doses of Novavax Covid-19 vaccine

>>43191, >>43190 Pentagon ‘diversity chief’ reassigned amid probe of social media posts

>>43192 Knight Foundation, Funders of the “Fact-Checkers” Who Defend the CCP, is Heavily Invested in China

>>43193 LA Times Columnist Admits Vaccine Passports Will ‘Single Out’ Vaccine Skeptics, ‘Break The Resistance Down’

>>43194 Montana Election Audit Reveals Irregularities for 1 in 14 Mail-In Votes Cast

>>43195 Leaked Video Shows Border Patrol’s Struggle to Revive 9-Yr-Old Migrant Girl Who Drowned Crossing Rio Grande

>>43196 New Gen Flynn interview (YT)

>>43197 FBI Deploys Creepy “Sentiment Analysis” Tools To Screen National Guard For Pro-Trump Sympathies

>>43198 US Navy tells staff on 'extremism' training course they can advocate for BLM at work but they are NOT allowed to discuss 'politically partisan issues'

>>43199 FOIA Request Shows FBI Adding Non-Prohibited Buyers to NICS Preventing Gun Purchases

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:07 p.m. No.44308   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#68 corrected

>>43208 Lin Wood Fireside Chat #17 | Are We Under a Satanic Attack? Is Lin Wood Going to Run for Office?

>>43209 Bizarre tweet From U.S. Strategic Command spawns panic about nuclear codes

>>43210 BBC undercover video showing lab tech's being completely unconcerned about almost certain contamination of CV-19 pcr samples.

>>43211 Florida's Covid-19 hospitalizations continue to decrease, despite all restrictions being lifted (Tampa Bay Times)

>>43215 Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen thinks climate change is the big challenge for country's security

>>43216, >>43217 Super creepy "Covid pass" proposed for LA school attendees

>>43219, >>43220 DeepDotWeb Administrator Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering Conspiracy

>>43221 Italy’s Salvini, Hungary’s Orban, and Polish Prime Minister to Discuss Alliance in EU

>>43222 Court Rules It’s Not Rape If Woman Gets Voluntarily Drunk Before Sex Assault Ha ppens

>>43223 WHO's Covid admin Peter Daszak admits long-Standing CCP links

>>43224 Huawei posts record profit in 2020 despite mounting US pressure

>>43225 New York Times Commissions Research from Extreme-Left ‘Media Matters'

>>43226 Democrat Elissa Slotkin Claims Antifa Are ‘Boogeymen Who Aren’t There’

>>43227 Large Convoy Of Russian PMCs Spotted On Central African Republic Border With Sudan

>>43228 Biden Administration Open to Creating 'Road Map' Back to Full Iran Nuclear Deal

>>43229 Arizona Senate hires auditor to review 2020 election in Maricopa County

>>43230 Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger Both Caught On Tape In CHINESE SCANDALS

>>43231 U.S. Attorney Letter Confirms Rep. Gaetz’s Version of Events in Bizarre ‘Sex Trafficking’ Story

>>43232 Microsoft Wins $22 Billion Contract To Supply US Military With Augmented-Reality Headsets

>>43233 HRC Backs Nuking the Senate Filibuster: It ‘Should be Lifted for Constitutional Matters’

>>43235 Arizona Sheriff: Illegal Border Crossings May Be Underreported By 300%

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:07 p.m. No.44309   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43248 Half Whitmer schools helping infiltration of China

>>43250 Here’s The Trump Interview Facebook Banned

>>43251 What we know about the Durham investigation so far

>>43253 Mar 31: Mike Lindell releases irrefutable proof of election theft

>>43254 Pressure grows on Prince Andrew to talk after pal Maxwell slapped with new charges

>>43255 AZ Senate Repubs Announce Team Who Will Perform Maricopa County Election Audit

>>43256 Hunter Biden: President Trump Is “A Vile Man On a Vile Mission”

>>43257 Tweet re expansion of asymptomatic testing

>>43259 America's Cities Are Being Turned Into Crime-Ridden War-Zones; Murder Rates Are Way Up Again In 2021

>>43260 It’s not just QAnon - Dems & independents also want to recall California’s governor

>>43261 'Sneaky' Carbon Tax Could Help Fund Democrats' Progressive Agenda

>>43262 Shipments of Johnson & Johnson vaccine halted

>>43263 China Issues Rare "Strong Warning" To Japan As Disputed Island Incidents Escalate

>>43265 Sidney Powell on Maricopa county Board of Supervisors (not happy about forecoming audit)

>>43267 Sweden rejects Gates' plan to block the sun

>>43268 Nike: quick win in lawsuit against design company MSCHF

>>43269 Boebert on bloated Biden infrastructure plan

>>43270 US Pacific Fleet tweet

>>43271 New York Will Officially Begin Requiring ‘Vaccine Passports’ On April 2

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:09 p.m. No.44310   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43281 Officer Killed, Attacker Dead At U.S. Capitol; Suspect Is Nation of Islam Follower Noah Green

>>43282 MLB says it's pulling 2021 All-Star game out of Georgia over voting law

>>43283 Seattle court: Recall effort can proceed on Seattle council member K'shama Sawant who let protesters into city hall

>>43285 Candace Owens: Big Tech is colluding to create a peer pressure campaign for vaccinations.

>>43286 Efforts to segregate campus housing and graduations are 'pleasing' supremacists, ex-governor warns

>>43287 Ohio lawmakers move to preemptively ban vaccine passports over concerns about privacy

>>43288 Biden's destruction of America - Day 72

>>43289, >>43295 Q-like posts

>>43290, >>43291 Georgia Sen. Ossoff Breaks With Biden Over Baseball Boycott Due To New Voting Law

>>43292, >>43293 Nearly 75% of Georgia voters support requiring photo ID to vote

>>43296 Kremlin says that any NATO troop deployment to Ukraine would raise tensions

>>43297 CDC walks back claim that vaccinated people can’t carry COVID-19

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:10 p.m. No.44311   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43307, >>43308, >>43309 QR anon: 40,000 view right now

>>43310 Scott Presler in Huntington Beach for cleanup and voter reg. drive

>>43312 Murray Rothbard on what happened to "15 days to slow the spread"

>>43313 UK companies will be able to bar people who have not been vaccinated

>>43315 YT up to its old tricks - deleted mils of dislikes from Joe's vids

>>43317 Atlanta Braves Fire Back After MLB Moves All Star Game

>>43318 Pentagon OKs Third Military Base to House Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Minors Amid Biden Border Surge

>>43319 Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs law allowing permitless handgun carry, purchase

>>43320 The Georgia House strikes back at Delta

>>43321 Facebook Quickly Scrubs Capitol Assailant’s Facebook Page Praising Farrakhan As Jesus

>>43323, >>43322 GOP probes $35 million in tax dollars to 'Team Biden' firm in California

>>43324 Matt Couch: Black criminal described as having "dark white skin"

>>43325, >>43326 John MacArthur’s LA County Church Continues To Fight For Freedom To Hold Indoor Services

>>43327 Irate pastor throws cops out of his church - GET OUT NAZIS!!!

>>43329 Biden administration quietly restoring massive cash flow to Palestinians

>>43331 #71

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:10 p.m. No.44312   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43340 Former leader of Dominion Energy dies day after retiring

>>43341 Videos Resurface Showing Biden WANTED A Border Crisis

>>43342 AP pleads for "neutral language" about the border crisis

>>43343 FB data megabreach

>>43344 7 Dem governors urge Biden to lift Trump-era $10K cap on tax deductions

>>43345 Anti-lockdown Protest, Downtown, Toronto, Canada, Saturday April 3, 2021 Part 2

>>43347 BIAS NEWS: FLASHBACK: Jesus of Nazareth resurrected from the dead

>>43348 It’s been 5 months and we still don’t know the chain of custody for over 400,000 absentee ballots in GA

>>43350 Delaware has far more restrictive voting laws than Georgia does

>>43351 WAPO just found out Travis View - Logan Strain (13 mos after QR anons)

>>43352, >>43353 6000% Increase in Reported Vaccine Deaths 1st qtr 2021 vs 1st qtr 2020

>>43355, >>43356 Anon: notice the app on Hunter's phone running messages: XR vision logo

>>43357, >>43358, >>43359 Anon diggin' on George Bush the son - great face shots

>>43360 (You) India shuts down Mumbai after reported Covid surge ('sup?)

>>43361 (You) Scavino: 3 crosses light up metropolitan sky

bread 71 starts here

>>43307, >>43308, >>43309 QR anon: 40,000 view right now

>>43310 Scott Presler in Huntington Beach for cleanup and voter reg. drive

>>43312 Murray Rothbard on what happened to "15 days to slow the spread"

>>43313 UK companies will be able to bar people who have not been vaccinated

>>43315 YT up to its old tricks - deleted mils of dislikes from Joe's vids

>>43317 Atlanta Braves Fire Back After MLB Moves All Star Game

>>43318 Pentagon OKs Third Military Base to House Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Minors Amid Biden Border Surge

>>43319 Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs law allowing permitless handgun carry, purchase

>>43320 The Georgia House strikes back at Delta

>>43321 Facebook Quickly Scrubs Capitol Assailant’s Facebook Page Praising Farrakhan As Jesus

>>43323, >>43322 GOP probes $35 million in tax dollars to 'Team Biden' firm in California

>>43324 Matt Couch: Black criminal described as having "dark white skin"

>>43325, >>43326 John MacArthur’s LA County Church Continues To Fight For Freedom To Hold Indoor Services

>>43327 Irate pastor throws cops out of his church - GET OUT NAZIS!!!

>>43329 Biden administration quietly restoring massive cash flow to Palestinians

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:13 p.m. No.44313   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43387 6 dead, at least 27 others wounded in weekend shootings across Chicago-b911

>>43388 S Immanuel tweet "I just came out of Walmart. In Texas don’t have to wear a mask..."

>>43389 , >>43390 Task Force Pictures Hate Crime Suspects Behind Series of Violent Attacks on Asian Americans-gatewaypundit

>>43391 Black Panther Minister of Defense ‘Brother AJ’ Brandishes Guns at the Georgia Capitol-gatewaypundit

>>43392 Raffenberger petitions GA court: doesn't want to hand over ballots for audit-gatewaypundit

>>43393 Kentucky passes a philosophical exemption law for vaccines so they can’t be forced on people ‘21RS SB 8’-KY legislature and

>>43395 Social Media chimes in on 60minutes piece on FL Gov. DeSantis

>>43396 Suez rescue of 1000 kids from container ship is FAKE FAKE FAKE NEWS

>>43398 Biden's Absolute Zero Timeline-worlddoctorsalliance

>>43403, >>43408, >>43415, >>43423 pf report(s)

>>43404 U.S. Treasury's Yellen calls for global minimum corporate tax-reuters

>>43406 followup vid - A Canadian pastor quite literally exorcised the local police from his building after they apparently tried breaking up his church service over COVID rules-tmz and y/t

>>43411, >>43416, >>43432 Posobiec twat and article : Justice Clarence taking the lead on social media adjudication, watch that section 230 soc media and and Section230 reminder

>>43413 JUST IN: The Supreme Court has dismissed a federal appeals court decision holding that former Pres. Trump violated the Constitution by blocking his critics on Twitter-b911

>>43417 DeSantis, Manatee officials work to prevent 20-foot wall of wastewater at Piney

>>43418 KANSAS Twat: "Requiring Americans to show proof of vaccination, or a ‘vaccine passport,’ in order to engage in society is outrageous and un-American..."

>>43419 Chinese aircraft carrier and 5 ships pass Okinawa on way to Pacific-nikkei

>>43420 GameStop to capitalize on 'stonks' rally with $1 billion stock sale plan-reuters

>>43421, >>43422 Russia Russia Russia back in the news- "Russia's growing nuclear arsenal and President Biden's inaction on nuclear weapons may put American allies in grave danger, Republicans and defense experts say."-washingtonstandard

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:15 p.m. No.44314   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43474, >>43478, >>43480, >>43494, >>43502, >>43507, >>43508 pf report(s)

>>43469 The Wayback Machine: Statement by President Eisenhower Upon Signing the Communist Control Act of 1954-Death For

>>43479 BlackRock Breaks Ranks With Wall Street in Performing Race Audit-bnnb-berg

>>43481, >>43482, >>43483 Beijing Accelerating Timeline for Possible Invasion of Taiwan, Expert Warns-Apr 4 epochtimes

>>43484 JPMorgan’s Federally-Insured Bank Holds $2.65 Trillion in Stock Derivatives; How Did It Avoid the Archegos Blowup?-wallstonparade

>>43492 Scavino: “@MLB requires photo ID to pick up tickets from Will Call, but boycotts Georgia for voter ID law”

>>43493 It’s A Good Time to Die?

>>43497, >>43498 A Rundown Of Major U.S. Corporate Media’s Business Ties To China

>>43499 Fauci: Federal government won’t mandate vaccine passports

>>43500, >>43501 Massive Chinese military deployment to Myanmar:

>>43505, >>43504 PDJT GAB on NYT article

>>43506 Japan and Germany plan to hold the first-ever talks between their foreign and defense ministers as early as next week.

>>43509, >>43514 (You) An NYPD precinct commander fatally shot himself in the head inside a department vehicle near Kissena Park on Monday

>>43517 The Arkansas Senate voted to permanently block the state's governor from ever imposing another mask mandate. House must vote in.

>>43519 Apple Inc. sold by Chief Operations Officer: $16.83m-Apr 5

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:15 p.m. No.44315   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43555 PF reports

>>43554 KKR raises $15bn for largest Asia fund

>>43558 Credit Suisse Starts Unloading Stocks Tied to Archegos Collapse

>>43560 Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski Now Trails Republican Challenger By15 Points

>>43563 Suga gets his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

>>43571 (You) Interesting Myanmar Links (& pics of G Soros)

>>43573 (You) National Justice - FBI plans to refabricate image whilst smearing opponents

>>43579 (You) CFR State and Local Officials Webinar: A Conversation With CFR President Richard N. Haass (vid)

>>43584 Japan Finance Minister backs new SDR allocation, U.S. calls for minimum corp tax

>>43585 (You) The UGLY truth about the Covid-19 lockdowns – Nick Hudson, co-founder of PANDA

>>43586 (You) Pfizer Adverse reactions, 18-29 year olds

>>43588 (You) Pierre Trudeau FBI dossier: Chinese community in Canada warned CCP would infilteration if relations normalized

>>43611 (You) European Plans For ‘Vaccine Passports’ Were In Place 20 Months Prior To The Pandemic. Coincidence?

>>43613 (You) The Nazi Roots of the “Brussels EU”

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:16 p.m. No.44316   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43653, >>43658, >>43662, >>43663, >>43671, >>43676, >>43685, >>43686, >>43694, >>43698, >>43704, >>43708, >>43711 planefaggin

>>43707 @PressSec on federal government supporting vaccine passports: ""The government is not now, nor will we be supporting a system that requires Americans to carry a credential. There will be no federal vaccinations database."-b911

>>43706 Qatari Royal Is Among Investors Exposed in Credit Suisse Supply-Chain Funds-bnnb'berg

>>43705 The University of Oxford says it is pausing the trial of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in children amid an investigation into the jab's possible link with blood clots - SKY and b911

>>43693 Tencent, the Chinese tech giant with which @MLB reportedly extended its contract, has 7,700 employees, all members of the CCP

>>43691 China Creates Its Own Digital Currency

>>43690 Iran rejects the offer to unfreeze $1 billion of its assets in return for 20% uranium enrichment suspension at #JCPOA talks in Vienna.

>>43677, >>43678, >>43680 Live Updates: 2 victims, suspect "down" in shooting near Army base in Frederick, Maryland

>>43669 Credit Suisse overhauls management as it takes $4.7 billion hit on Archegos

>>43661 Biden's DHS may restart border wall construction to plug 'gaps'

>>43657 Fidelity, Square, Coinbase Launch Bitcoin Trade Group

>>43652 "The Plan"

>>43647 "Situational Awareness and Actionable Intelligence

>>43641, >>43642, >>43645, >>43646, >>43650 Everything we need is at our reach.

>>43640 Q like

>>43733 #76

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:17 p.m. No.44317   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43756, >>43764, >>43765, >>43767, >>43772, >>43777, >>43795, >>43828 PF reports

>>43827 Survey: 73% of Black Voters Say Voter ID Is Necessary to ‘a Fair and Secure Election Process’-breitbart

>>43825 Calls grow louder to boycott Beijing’s Olympics — and analysts warn of retaliation from China-cnbc

>>43823 GAC: Two tankers run aground in Suez Canal

>>43813 Video shows sobbing boy abandoned by smugglers at US-Mexico border-b911

>>43790 Women for America First: "Rep Matt Gaetz has been a fearless leader in DC. Few members of Congress have been more willing than Matt to stand up & fight on behalf of President Trump & his America First Agenda."-soc. media

>>43774 SEC Obtains Emergency Asset Freeze, Charges Actor with Operating a $690 Million Ponzi Scheme

>>43771 PG&E Charged With Crimes in 2019 California Wildfire

>>43769 Election Fraud Prosecution at an ‘All-Time High’ from the Texas Attorney General’s Office

>>43768 Mike Lindell Announces New Social Media Platform: 'Frank', coming out next week!

>>43766 Frontier Group Holdings (IPO): $356.55m-Apr 6, Frontier Announces Closing of Initial Public Offering and Full Exercise of Underwriters’ Option

>>43758 Trump Says Georgia Election Reforms Don’t Go Far Enough

>>43757 Morgan Stanley dumped $5 bln in Archegos stock night before fire sale -CNBC

>>43755 What is a zero-carbon future? What does it look like? To imagine, turn off your heater. No airports. No shipping. No animals

>>43752 256 fully-vaccinated Michigan residents get Covid-19, 3 die

>>43750 Durham Is Planning on Destroying All Russia Collusion Material on April 28

>>43748 Oregon Governor Vows To “ERADICATE” Trump “Forces”, Sympathizes With Antifa Murderer

>>43747 Arkansas House Overrides Governor’s Veto Of Bill Banning Trans Puberty Blockers For Children

>>43743 q like still needs decode

>>43851 #77

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:18 p.m. No.44318   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43893, >>43898, >>43921, >>43930, >>43938 planefaggin GOLD

>>43942 GMaxwell: Now prosecutors have revealed the full scale of the mountain of evidence in the case, which stretches to within a stone's throw of three million pages.

>>43939 President Biden to unveil executive action on gun control Thursday - Politico

>>43937 China sent more fighter jets into Taiwan's air defense zone today; Taiwan says it will fight to the end if there's war (Reuters)

>>43934, >>43935 Drone-Ception: Valkyrie Drone Launches Mini-Drone in New Air Force Test

>>43933 Peeps to watch on social media

>>43932 Ukraine’s admission to NATO will only exacerbate crisis in southeast, Kremlin says

>>43929, >>43913 Russia, Russia, Russia…

>>43927 THE TIMELINE - Donald Trump, Q and The Great Awakening - VA Patriot

>>43925 White House: Americans Not Required to Carry ‘Vaccine Passports’

>>43924 “1,000 'woke' companies unite against election-integrity laws!”

>>43922, >>43923 United to train inexperienced pilots

>>43919 Doormen Who Witnessed NYC Attack On Asian American Woman Fired

>>43918 An appeals court has rejected a bid by the former operators of to recuse a judge in Arizona

>>43914 NOAA Fisheries Announces Gear and Harvest Limits at Artificial Reef Sites in the South Atlantic Region

>>43910 Russian Foreign Minister Sergey #Lavrov and #US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John #Kerry had a brief unplanned meeting in Delhi.

>>43909 Archegos woes prompts Japan watchdog to probe risky transactions

>>43908, >>43911, >>43912 For the first time, Iranian state media acknowledges an Iranian ship in Red Sea is a Revolutionary Guard base and it is currently under attack.


>>43904 Clay Clark's Health & Freedom Conference 2021 | General Flynn, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell

>>43903 Flynn interview vid with url to recommended by AJ

>>43895 Former Trump aide Stephen Miller launches group targeting Biden’s policies

>>43894 Myanmar coup latest: Explosion reported at Yangon shopping mall

>>43890 Hungary Tripled Gold Reserves as Central Banks Turn Buyers Again

>>43872, >>43874, >>43875, >>43877, >>43878 QE2 Metals Ceremony, Shipping Magnate JP Morgan, Human Genome, and curiously SONOR

>>43869, >>43871, >>43880 stab at q like decode

>>43867 2nd wave of Corona will mean the non-"vaccinated" will get sick from the more contagious virus, but will benefit from their natural killer cells fighting back.

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:19 p.m. No.44319   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>43971, >>43974, >>43985, >>43991, >>43995, >>44006, >>43995, >>44006, >>44011, >>44028 planefaggotry

>>44029 Scavino Channel Telegram

>>44027, >>44030, >>44032, >>44033 Military attache has "occupied" embassy, Myanmar UK ambassador says (AP)

>>44019 ‘Protect Democracy Project’ – The Group Threatening Arizona Auditors Is Connected to Obama, Soros, China and Biden’s DOJ

>>44018 Ohio court, mask mandates unconstitutional

>>44017 HBO Exterminate All the Brutes Radical masterpiece of white supremacy, violence and the History of the West

>>44016 Idaho Governor signs executive order banning vaccine passports

>>44013, >>44015 Nancy Pelosi Rents Office Space To Group Designed By Pedophile, Connected To Pedophilia And Child Porn

>>44011 >>44011 BACN is a comms relay/gateway system that provides military commanders with a versatile means of exchanging information from multiple air, ground, and maritime sources

>>44004 FinCEN Begins Making Rules For Corporate Transparency Act

>>44000 Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey to let statewide mask mandate expire Friday

>>43992, >>44009 The WHO Is Re-writing History, They're having a hell of a time selling the vax/'gene therapy' so need to redirect the narrative

>>43987 Tesla Delays Delivery For Refreshed Model S And Model X Vehicles

>>43982 Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Says The Quiet Part About Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Out Loud

>>43979 Fed officials expect it will be ‘some time’ before it starts tightening policy, minutes show

>>43977 Biden says China "counting on American Democracy to be too slow, too limited, and too divided to keep pace."

>>43973, >>43975, >>43978, >>43980 US Embassy Head of Security Found Dead in Nairobi Hotel

>>43972 Kate Brown Criminal Governor of Oregon makes terrorist threats against political opponents

>>43957 Kansas: Great conversation with Peter Thiel at the @nixonfoundation seminar last night.

>>43955 The Bee: Democrats Warn That If HR 1 Isn’t Passed, Republicans Could Win Some Elections

>>44037 #79

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:20 p.m. No.44320   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>44072 planefaggin' GOLD

>>44110 Small Business Coalition Launches Antitrust Campaign Targeting Amazon, Big Tech

>>44109 DIGG CALL on Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB)

>>44106 The Fauci/Covid-19 Dossier by Dr David Martin

>>44103 Why aren't we allowed to know how Officer Sicknick died?

>>44101 Mike Lindell - Scientific Proof Documentary

>>44100 Peter Thiel suggests Bitcoin may be 'Chinese financial weapon against the U.S.'

>>44099 Scott Presler sweeping the country to pick up trash & register voters

>>44098 The 5 States With the Most Underfunded Public Employee Pensions

>>44086 BREAKING: Georgia to lift all Covid-19 restrictions starting tomorrow

>>44085 Biden EO: White House Announces Six 'Initial Actions to Address the Gun Violence

>>44083 Occidental Petroleum Corp. sold by Carl Ichan:$179.55m-Apr 5-6

>>44078 Prosus raises $14.7 billion from Tencent sale in world's largest block trade

>>44075 Indiana AG Todd Rokita launches investigations into five Big Tech companies over censoring conservative content

>>44052 New Mexico ends qualified immunity for all government workers

>>44098 Stephanie Psaki, Judith Bruce & Paz de la Huerta

>>44095, >>44096, >>44087 Stephanie Psaki: Judith Bruce & Paz de la Huerta

>>44090, >>44093, >>44094 Stephanie Psaki: Judith Bruce & Population Council/Girl Center

>>44060, >>44067, >>44088 Stephanie Psaki: The Girl Innovation, Research, and Learning (GIRL) Center

>>44054 Stephanie Psaki, Senior Advisor on Human Rights and Gender Equity

>>44051 Psaki fam: Unitarian Rev. Kirsten Psaki

>>44050, >>44053 Psaki fam digg intro: DS connections

Anonymous ID: 669b4d April 8, 2021, 1:21 p.m. No.44322   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>44173, >>44194, >>44201, >>44203, >>44204, >>44205, >>44229 PF reporting

>>44228 U.S. Senate Banking chair presses Wall Street banks on Archegos ties

>>44215 LIVE: South Texas Border Visit with Congressman Jim Jordan in McAllen, TX

>>44200 Egypt Will Release Ship That Blocked Suez Canal Once Compensation Deal Reached

>>44192 Update: New Hampshire House Passes SB43 to Mandate an Audit of Windham’s Disturbing 2020 Election Results

>>44188 Merkel Demands Putin Reduce Russian Troops Near Ukraine In Phone Call

>>44185 Iran Ignores US Sanctions – Sends Tankers with 3 Million Barrels of Crude Oil to Syria – Biden Caves – Will Lift Sanctions for New Deal

>>44183 Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Issues Administrative Order Refuting Georgia’s New Election Integrity Law

>>44181 Jobless Claims Jump to 744,000, Much Worse Than Expected

>>44174 (You) Three New F-35 Squadrons To Be Based At Florida's Previously Storm-Ravaged Tyndall Air Force Base

>>44153 Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz’s Accused Extorter Confirms Asking for $25 Million, Denies Extortion

>>44152 White House: Joe Biden Not Waiting on Congress, Using DOJ to Put Forward Gun Control

Anonymous ID: d219ad April 8, 2021, 2:39 p.m. No.44351   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#82 crowdbake

>>44270, >>44272, >>44286, >>44289, >>44332, >>44333 GOLD Eyes in the sky

>>44341 Florida Senate Passes Bill Promoting ‘Intellectual Freedom And Viewpoint Diversity’ In Colleges

>>44340 Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker Says ‘No’ to Vaccine Passports

>>44339 Tennessee Governor Signs Constitutional Carry Bill Into Law

>>44339 Tennessee Governor Signs Constitutional Carry Bill Into Law

>>44329 Russia dug on Psaki when she was Obama's press secretary. apparently, she is still psakiing. rt >>44050

>>44321 Corning Inc. sold by Samsung Display Co.:$1.522B-Apr8: Samsung sold back to Corning

>>44297 Giant VIX Options Trades Bet That Stock-Market Calm Won’t Last-bnnB'berg plus background on VIX and it's "mgmt"

>>44287 Diners Chant "Get Out" As Health Officials Try To Shut Down Restaurant-zh

>>44285 DJT statement on Asa Hutchinson Gov or Arkansas-RBSN soc. media

>>44283 White House announces 6 ‘initial’ executive actions on gun control-b911

>>44277 US adds Chinese supercomputing entities to economic blacklist-nikkei

>>44276 IMF, World Bank to unveil 'green debt swaps' option by November, Georgieva says-reuters

>>44275 IMSC twat: "Eyes In The Sky...CH-53E Super Stallion 23 supports @IMSC _Sentinel

>>44274 Potus supports Sen Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

>>44269 How do you test an ICBM without launching it?

>>44266 Wyoming Governor Signs Bill Requiring Voters to Present Identification

>>44265 Putin formally enacted a series of anti-LGBTQ+ amendments banning marriage equality and transgender adoptions

>>44263 American Jewish Congress Says MTG Using Gab To Raise Money Threatens ‘American Democracy’

>>44258 Venezuelan mayor in hot water after placing warning signs on homes of people who tested positive for virus

>>44256, >>44259 Call to diggz Dr. Robert D. Lesslie

>>44255 Mandatory vaccines are ‘necessary in democratic society,’ don’t infringe human rights, EU court rules

>>44249, >>44250, >>44251, >>44252 Putin: Defender of Christian Faith and Morality

>>44243 Myanmar coup latest: China said to have contacted shadow government

>>44242, >>44244 Biden's ATF pick, David Chipman, isn’t just problematic because he’s a gun control activist

>>44241, >>44254 Biden ADMITS He's Making It Easier for Govt to Take Guns from Citizens

>>44342 #82

Anonymous ID: d219ad April 9, 2021, 12:31 a.m. No.44487   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>44362, >>44364, >>44399, >>44415 planefaggin

>>44426, >>44428 Thiel: #Bitcoin may be a Chinese financial weapon against the United States./ bitcoin has a verifiable NSA hash id on it.

>>44425 Statement Regarding Securities Lending Small Value Exercise

>>44403 BLM Protestors, Including George Floyd’s Nephew, Storm Iowa State Capitol

>>44402 Biden Gun Speech Filled With Falsehoods

>>44400 Florida Senate Passes Bill Promoting ‘Intellectual Freedom And Viewpoint Diversity’ In Colleges

>>44398 ok anons, it is not human trafficking at the border, it is MIGRANT SMUGGLING

>>44396 Check out Scavino on Telegram

>>44392 Portland City Council Approves $1.4 Million for ‘Unarmed’ Patrols to Combat Gun Violence

>>44390 Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker Says ‘No’ to Vaccine Passports

>>44385 Tennessee Governor Signs Constitutional Carry Bill Into Law

>>44383 C3 AI sold by Baker Hughes Holdings: $56.11m-Apr 7-8

>>44382 Potus supporting Rand Paul for election

>>44379 Caribbean island of St. Vincent has declared a red alert as seismologists warned that the La Soufrière volcano shows signs of an imminent eruption

>>44374 Biden Declares Second Amendment Not ‘Absolute’

>>44366 FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Screams at Michigan Union Worker: “You’re Full of Sh*t!” When Confronted about Taking Away Second Amendment Rights

>>44363 Atlanta Mayor Lance Bottoms Signs Executive Order Circumventing GA Election Laws

>>44356 Pompeo now on Fox

>>44354, >>44355 AZ county still obstructing election audit

>>44353 Today we filed a complaint in the battleground state of Wisconsin.

>>44438 #83

Anonymous ID: f38531 April 9, 2021, 9:01 a.m. No.44573   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Baker Change

>>44513, >>44525, >>44528, >>44535 Planefag reporting

>>44536 JPMorgan trims exposure to Russian local bonds, rouble on Ukraine tensions

>>44533 Turkey says U.S. warships to deploy in Black Sea until May 4

>>44517, >>44518, >>44519, >>44520 Potential Scenario for seeing a legitimate AF1 call sign, Not AF1 Joe and THAT moment of major shit going down

>>44516 'Big Brother' Mandates Brits At Pubs Register On Government Tracking App, Hand Over Phones

>>44515 The head of the snek? Cameroon in Talks With Rothschild to Advise on Eurobond Sale

>>44510 Crooked Dirty Cop from Mueller Coup Now Involved in Corrupt NY DA Cyrus Vance’s Investigation Into President Trump’s Taxes

>>44509 Biden Adviser Richmond: Republicans Need to Stop Hiding Behind Second Amendment — It’s Not Meant for ‘Weapons of War’

>>44508 HE DED: The Duke of Edinburgh has died, Buckingham Palace announces

>>44500 Surprise, Surprise - FBI Again Requests Delays in Production of Records in Seth Rich Case

>>44498 Dr. Simone Gold w/CAP: Our woke corporations are silencing credentialed medical panels that don't conform to the pre-determined "consensus" of experts.

>>44475, >>44476, >>44478, >>44483, >>44484 digg into effects of 'young' blood and adrenachrome related information

>>44471 Gen Flynn invterviewed. Says Jan 6 was FF to distract from stolen election

>>44467 DC MEDICAL EXAMINER REPORT: DC riot only homicide was Ashli Babbitt. Shooter remains unnamed???

>>44466 College surrenders to prof who refused 'mandatory diversity training'

>>44465 More Fake Hate – Black Leftist College Student Admits to Drawing Racist Graffiti to Stir up Racial Strife and Enhance Racial Animosity

>>44541 #84

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 April 9, 2021, 7:06 p.m. No.44685   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>44575, >>44580, >>44612, >>44615, >>44620 planefaggin

>>44630 White House Border Coordinator to Step Down

>>44623 (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas reaffirmed his support for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), seemingly changed his tune

>>44619 Fed Looks Poised to Step Up Buying in Belly of Treasuries Curve

>>44617 When Voters Legislate, we Need to Respect Their Work Too vid

>>44611 Second Vaccination Site Halts Operations After Adverse Reactions to Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

>>44607 In the Democratic Party of Nevada, they had an election recently for leadership, and four of the five people were card-carrying members of the socialistic party.

>>44605 News Corp issuing $1 billion bond for acquisitions, operations

>>44601, >>44604, >>44606 numbers fags on Duke's death

>>44599, >>44600, >>44602, >>44608 Dr. Hans-Jakob Schindler, senior director of the Counter Extremism Project

>>44598 Earl Simmons, the rapper better known as DMX, died on Friday at White Plains Hospital, He was 50 years old.

>>44595 NH Senate Sends the NH “Windham Incident” FORENSIC AUDIT BILL to the Governor! (24-0 Vote!)

>>44592, >>44593 Watchdog group files formal complaint in Wisconsin alleging 'private control over election process'

>>44591 Newsweek Compares QAnon, Who Never Killed Anyone — To ISIS, Who Murdered Over 18,800 in Iraq Alone

>>44589 Police Officers Pay Visit to Home of Anti-War Activist Over Harmless Tweet Criticizing AOC

>>44585 add Levi's to the list of turncoats

>>44583, >>44586 Kuru diggz/adrenal corticosteroid

>>44581 Citigroup urges longer freeze over botched Revlon payment

>>44566 Explanation for 99th airlift

>>44647 #85

Anonymous ID: eaa861 April 12, 2021, 7:24 p.m. No.45284   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>44659, >>44665, >>44681, >>44691, >>44725 pf reports

>>44724, >>44728 Scavino twats: We can't wait for the moment to come when we'll say Donald Trump is back and we'll leave the short Biden era behind!/Circle Back

>>44715 Migrant Families To Stay In Phoenix Hotels Amid Border Crowding

>>44660 AMC Corp. sold by Wanda America Entertainment: $220.73m-Feb 1, Mar 19-20

>>44661 Pentagon orders new screening procedures to weed out extremists-politico great! moar of this shit...

>>44662 Bye-Bye RINOS! Trump To Deliver Keynote Speech At RNC Donor Retreat-palmierireport

>>44663 BlackRock, State Street Exploring Takeover Of Credit Suisse Asset Management Arm-zh

>>44670 Attorney Matthew DePerno Releases Michigan Elections Forensics Report – 66,194 Unregistered Ballots Tallied in JUST 9 COUNTIES-gatewaypundit + pdf links

>>44672 ~~Liberal~~ Far-Left Boston Hospital to Set Up Preferential Treatment Based on Race, Whites Last – Want to Make This a National Policy-gatewaypundit

>>44673 Aramco signs $12.4 billion pipeline deal with EIG led consortium-reuters

>>44681 SAM082 G5 KAF AC (99th Airlift) arrived at Panama Pacifico Airport.....Gates Foundation AC at same airport since 0401 according to ADS-B data

>>44684 Academy Sports and Outdoors sold by KKR & Co.: $221.99m-Apr 7

>>44686 China Fines Alibaba $2.8 Billion in Landmark Antitrust Case-nytimes

>>44687 Seattle Students to Return to Schools Now Covered With Homeless Apr 7

>>44749 #86

Anonymous ID: eaa861 April 12, 2021, 7:24 p.m. No.45285   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>44762, >>44765, >>44767, >>44783, >>44784, >>44785, >>44787, >>44789, >>44790, >>44813, >>44868, >>44869 pf reports

>>44764 Myanmar coup latest: Junta rejects visit by UN envoy-nikkei

>>44775 By 5-4 Vote, Supreme Court Lifts Restrictions on Prayer Meetings in Homes-nytimes

>>44786 Investigators for Attorney DePerno Reportedly Discover Modem Chips Embedded in Michigan Voting System Computer Motherboards-gatewaypundit and

>>44788 Kissinger Warns Washington to Accept New Global System or Face a Pre-WWI Geopolitical

>>44795 NON-COVID deaths are still being misdiagnosed as COVID deaths

>>44797 Twitter’s Child Porn Problem Just Got Drastically Worse

>>44799 Saint Vincent volcano sparks mass evacuation

>>44801 18 Missing Children Recovered by US Marshals, Dozens More Located in Maryland - official gives credit to PDJT

>>44803 Twitter Refuses to Host Archive of Trump’s Banned Tweets

>>44804, >>44805 Left wing groups posing as non-partisan pressure AZ to stop Voter ID laws

>>44806 Nearly 700 Americans’ Data Exposed in Giant Chinese Surveillance Files

>>44807 Lin Wood Fireside Chat #18 | General Flynn Endorses John Bennett for OK GOP Chair

>>44844 CM: more on adreno glucocorticoid rabbit hole

>>44850 Biden Signs Executive Order Forming Commission To Study Changes To Supreme Court

>>44857 Explosive evidence of voter fraud in Michigan

>>44863 Marjorie Taylor Green seeks to IMPEACH JOE BIDEN

>>44868 Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin to visit Israel, Germany and Britain

>>44870 President Trump Sets Record for Giving Up the Most Net Worth While Selflessly Serving His Country

>>44871 FOX: President Trump Sets Record for Giving Up the Most Net Worth While Selflessly Serving His Country

>>44872 #87

Anonymous ID: eaa861 April 12, 2021, 7:25 p.m. No.45286   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#88 crowdbake

>>44892, >>44893, >>44901, >>44920, >>44926, >>44927, >>44941 pf reports

>>44881 UK retailers join pubs and clubs in rejecting Covid-status certificates-guardian

>>44882, >>44883 Grenell group seeks to reshape California politics beyond recall: Californians want 'permanent change'-foxnews

>>44885 Peer-reviewed: “We find that students made little/no progress while learning from home”-soc media and

>>44886, >>44887 Quick overview of the BIG evidence drop from yesterday - Michigan Case for Voter Fraud-several related vids about voting fraud

>>44888 World Doctors Alliance: "Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxosmithkline, which (accidentally) owns Pfizer!...."

>>44889 Seed sovereignty activists hit back-soc. media

>>44894 South Korean Premier in Iran for Talks Over Frozen Oil Funds-bnnB'berg

>>44896 Dept. of Defense Law War manual .pdf

>>44898 Boris Johnson's Father Stanley Johnsons "literary works"

>>44899 Donald Trump attacks Mitch McConnell at fundraiser in Palm Beach this weekend-meetthepress via soc. media

>>44900 Iran atomic agency says nuclear facility hit by 'terrorist' act-afpnews

>>44902 Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Aims to End Single-Family

>>44903, >>44905 New Scavino twat plus Drop #1117

>>44906 United States threatens "consequences" if Russia acts "aggressively" towards Ukraine-disclosetv

>>44907 Swiss watchdog asked Credit Suisse on Greensill risks-reuters

>>44930 Nagoya Protocol : Be aware

>>44929 Harvey Weinstein secretly indicted on rape charges by grand jury in Los Angeles

>>44928 Pompeo: Full armor of God time

>>44925 China’s blacklisted supercomputer organisations: who are they and what do they do?

>>44922 Stingray, the fake cell phone tower cops and carriers use to track your every move

>>44921 North Korea completes building new 3,000-ton submarine

>>44932 Texas Governor Dismisses Biden’s Gun Control Measures as ‘Show’

>>44943 100 business executives discuss how to combat new voting rules

>>44933 Israel appears to confirm it carried out cyberattack on Iran nuclear facility -

>>44949 #88

Anonymous ID: eaa861 April 12, 2021, 7:25 p.m. No.45287   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>44981 Planefags aloft

>>44969, >>44972 Texas and Florida Continue to Beat Lockdown States: Fauci ‘Not Sure’ Why Open States are Winning

>>44975, >>44980, >>45008 Pompeo tweet on Taiwanese pineapple/checkmate/Mercer - ANONS DIGG

>>45023 More on "Mercer" - Mercer Law School, Lin Wood, Cathy Cox

>>44985 CM: Cambridge trying to link mental illness with questioning the mainstream covid narrative

>>45016 Sluggish schizophrenia = fake psychiatric disorder used against dissidents who questioned the Soviet narrative in 1970s and 80's

>>45004 Economic Schedule-week of April 11th

>>45010, >>45013, >>45015, >>45017 BLM Terrorists riot in Minnesota: multiple videos

>>45019 On The Psychology Of The Conspiracy Denier: A closer look at the class that mocks

>>45022 Fox News Under Fire As Mike Lindell Hires Investigators To Look Into Them

>>45024 French Police Tell Airbnb To Report Customers Who Violate Lockdown Rules

>>45025 Blinken Warns It Would Be ‘Serious Mistake’ for Beijing to Attack Taiwan

>>45027, >>45026 Do mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Progressively Degenerate Your Brain From Prion Disease?

>>45030 #89

Anonymous ID: eaa861 April 12, 2021, 7:25 p.m. No.45288   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#90 crowdbake

>>45084, >>45086, >>45091, >>45101, >>45106, >>45107, >>45108 Planefag reporting

>>45118 ENOUGH! Restaurant Owners and Patrons SCREAM at Government Mask Enforcers to “Get Out!” After They Lecture on Masks

>>45116 Biden Withholds $150M Of Ukraine Aid Amid Tensions

>>45113 Taiwan Records Largest Ever Incursion By Chinese Air Force With 25 Planes Monday

>>45112 Hungary's central bank to buy green government bonds in QE scheme

>>45105 They aren’t hiding their advocacy anymore.

>>45103 Pompeo: The Iranians love appeasement, and they will drive a truck through weakness.

>>45097 Minnesota: National Guard troops to be deployed in order to deal with "further civil unrest"

>>45082 U.K. to Probe Greensill Contracts, Lobbying Amid Cameron Furore

>>45076 Microsoft to buy AI firm Nuance Communications in $19.7 billion deal in healthcare push

>>45050 Multiple Businesses Vandalized After Anti-Curfew Protest in Montreal Turns Into Riot (VIDEO)

>>45049, >>45059, >>45061 WTH Is This? Over 100 Top Corporate CEOs Join First-of-its-kind Call to Denounce Voter ID Laws

>>45207 #90

Anonymous ID: eaa861 April 12, 2021, 7:26 p.m. No.45289   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>45134, >>45135, >>45136, >>45139, >>45142, >>45160, >>45166, >>45197 GOLD Eyez in the Skyz

>>45218 'Extremely Dangerous' Radioactive Material Stolen In "Violent" Truck Robbery

>>45216 Why is no one asking why #DaunteWright was out on no cash bail for felony robbery,prior outstanding warrant?

>>45199 Q refresher

>>45198 Sometimes you have to look at things from a different view to get the best pictures.

>>45195 Pentagon Scientists Working in Secretive Unit Create Microchip to be Inserted Underneath Skin, Which Will Detect Covid-19

>>45192 Johnson & Johnson's one-dose COVID-19 vaccine won't be coming to Australia

>>45190 Paul Kelly denies government dropped the ball on Moderna contract as Australians cancel vaccine appointments

>>45187 Bannon: Big Corporations Are Bigger Problem Than Biden Regime

>>45185 200 businesses are backing gun control

>>45172 New Hampshire Governor SIGNS SB 43 INTO LAW! – Mandates Audit of Windham’s Fraudulent 2020 Election Results!

>>45168 Biden Administration Officials Sued by Arizona AG Over Immigration Executive Orders

>>45165 Italy prepares new 40 bln euros economic stimulus package

>>45163 Congressman Introduces Federal Ban on Coronavirus Vaccine Passports

>>45143 State Attorneys General tell Facebook and Twitter to kill vaccine skepticism

>>45138 Robert Kraft resigns from Apollo board amid Epstein controversy

>>45137 U.S. budget deficit hits record high for March as aid payments swell outlays

>>45219 #91

Anonymous ID: eaa861 April 12, 2021, 9:35 p.m. No.45350   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>45228, >>45229, >>45270, >>45310, >>45318 pf reports

>>45232 Subpoenaing the Brookings Institution, Durham Focuses on Trump-Russia Dossier-nytimes

>>45233 Ulta Beauty Inc. sold by Chanel, Inc: $139.29m-Apr 6,7,8,9

>>45234, >>45235, >>45256 CCP Virus Variant Affects Vaccinated People More Than Unvaccinated People: Study” [South African variant]-epochtimes plus vid linky

>>45244 Japan decides to release water from Fukushima nuclear plant into

>>45251 Biden’s Cyber Nominee Is On Board Of Think Tank Founded By Spygate Professor Stefan Halper-dailycaller

>>45273 Belgium Must Lift ‘All COVID-19 Measures’ Within 30 Days, Brussels Court Rules-brusselstimes

>>45277, >>45278, >>45291 World Economic Forum Wants You to Wear a Microchip-Powered Smart Mask That Tells You When You’re Allowed to Have Fresh

>>45280 MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Announces He's Launching 'MyStore,' a Patriotic Rival to Amazon

>>45282 Gen. McInerney posting for the second night in a row on BLM/antifa riots in dif cities....posted just now that they're armed

>>45307, >>45310 Brooklyn Center City Council approves resolution banning crowd control tactics during protests, rubber bullets & tear gas

>>45312 Statement on Supremes from 45

>>45313 Portland Andy livestream

>>45317 The Brooklyn Center, MN police department has taken down the ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag from their flagpole at police station

>>45321 #92

Anonymous ID: eaa861 April 13, 2021, 3:41 p.m. No.45502   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>45333, >>45383, >>45388, >>45396, >>45403, >>45412, >>45413 Planefags aloft

>>45330 Gov. Ron DeSantis Hangs ’Florida Uses E-Verify’ Signs on All Highways into Sunshine State

>>45358, >>45351, >>45355, >>45376, >>45378, >>45379, >>45377 Anons on infectious prions in diseases & possible link to mRNA prion mutations

>>45360 Will Smith pulls filming of “Emancipation” out of Georgia, cites the state’s [NEEDED] election reform

>>45361 US Official Contradicts Biden on Illegal Immigrant Surge in Court Filing

>>45362 Pompeo tweet: chess positions indicate White's turn, both opponents have moved 5x = 5:5

>>45363 DeSantis: "We are witnessing an Orwellian big tech corporate media collusion."

>>45364 Nancy Pelosi Turns on AOC, The Squad

>>45390 U.S. consumer prices increase solidly in March

>>45394 Nomura Tightens Leverage For Some Hedge Funds Clients As ECB Starts Asking Questions (moar Archegos fallout)-zh

>>45402 Austria follows Italy as governments resume ultra-long issuance-reuters

>>45404 Russia Warns US Warships To Stay Far Away From Crimea "For Their Own Good"-zh

>>45409, >>45414, >>45417 U.S. health officials are recommending Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine not be used

>>45410 Margin Debt Has Exploded by 49 Percent in One Year to $814 Billion. The Actual Figure May Be in the Trillions. Here’s Why.

>>45411 45: "The Biden Administration did a terrible disservice to people throughout the world by allowing the FDA and CDC to call a 'pause' in the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine."

>>45415 Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison tells staff he is going to tear down $80million Florida mansion he just bought

>>45416 Crispr mangles DNA it wasn't supposed to touch

>>45419 Biden to withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of attacks that drew U.S. into war there

>>45420 #93

Anonymous ID: eaa861 April 13, 2021, 3:41 p.m. No.45503   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>45433 GOLD Eyes on the Skys

>>45489 The Bee: Minneapolis City Council To Offer Looting Passports

>>45484 Authorities will give "major" update in Kristin Smart case

>>45483 Rep. Ashley Hinson seeks to revive Trump's deregulation executive orders

>>45482 Veritas: on Gaetz/CNN

>>45481 America's Future | General Michael Flynn / April 12, 2021

>>45479 Google ex-CEO Eric Schmidt Calls for Full Communism

>>45478 Texas Bill Will Label Parents Getting Sex Change Hormones and Surgeries for Their Children as Child Abuse

>>45477 Moar deets re: A truck filled with highly radioactive material was stolen from a Mexican town in an armed heist.

>>45476 Aluminum Jumps to Highest Since 2018 on Strong China Trade Data

>>45475 Iran vows to start 60% uranium enrichment in breach of nuclear deal

>>45474 EU to Lay Out $1 Trillion Debt Plan to Start Rivaling Treasuries

>>45469, >>45471 Packing the Supreme Court means "Blowing up the Constitution!" | Tom Fitton /sky is blue btw

>>45466 HERE WE GO – The head of NATO issues ultimatum to Russia to withdraw from Ukraine’s border!

>>45461, >>45464, >>45465 KIM PORTER and POLICE CHIEF RESIGNED

>>45459 NCAA ‘unequivocally supports’ transgender athletes participating in women's sports and will pull championships from states that disagree

>>45458 Scientific American to begin using term 'climate emergency,' says it 'agreed with major news outlets worldwide' to do so

>>45454, >>45480 Authorities in Egypt have impounded a megaship that blocked the Suez Canal, negotiations were still taking place

>>45451 Credit Suisse identifies $2.3 billion of exposed assets in Greensill-linked funds

>>45450 Grassley: It’s time we examine the need for Section 230 immunity

>>45449 Durham back in the news cycle

>>45448 CM: The world is watching Maricopa county.

>>45447 Georgia Judge Now Reportedly Preventing Access to Actual Ballots in Upcoming Audit

>>45446, >>45460 PROJECT VERITAS: CNN Director Admits Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump From Presidency

>>45442 Pompeo: I said back in May that there was enormous evidence the Wuhan virus spread from a lab leak. The Left scoffed at this statement.

>>45440 Russia has claimed new slices of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean in two fresh submissions to the United Nations.

>>45435 "This Is A Fatal Event": China's Bond Market Hammered After Huarong Bankruptcy Rumors

>>45434, >>45468 DC Flooding/DC Water has installed about a dozen automated flushing devices (autoflushers) on hydrants throughout the District.

>>45432 Rouble recovery gains pace after Biden-Putin phone call

>>45493 #94

Anonymous ID: 3c863a April 16, 2021, 9:04 p.m. No.46176   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>45518, >>45535, >>45537, >>45541 planefaggin

>>45562 Fauci & FDA’s Woodcock Responsible for Hundreds of Thousands of American Deaths for Smearing HCQ

>>45559 Bloomberg reporters tailed by CCP security when investigating solar panel factories in China

>>45557 Chuck Woolery: As long as rioters don't have to pay a price for rioting, it will continue

>>45555 Still no infor on the officer who killed Ashli Babbitt, but lots on the officer who killed Duante Wright in less than 3 days

>>45553 McInerney coverage of BLM demonstrations starts here

>>45551 Rufo on Santa Clara Co Dept of Ed denouncing US & trying to recruit students as activists

>>45564, >>45546 Top Trump Admin Official Praises Biden For Adopting ‘Nearly All’ Of His Predecessor’s China Policies

>>45563, >>45545 Supreme Court to Ninth Circuit: We Mean What We Say on Religious Liberty

>>45540 Wall Street, Corporations Team Up with Soros-Funded Group to Pressure States Against Election Reforms

>>45539 Moar O'Keefe on CNN

>>45538 @TheCVN69 Ain't no party like a flight deck party.

>>45532 Toshiba president to step down on Wed.

>>45529 Coinbase reference price for listing is set at US$250 by Nasdaq

>>45528 ERCOT Urges Texans To Conserve Power As Another Cold Blast Sparks Grid 'Emergency'

>>45527 Hong Kong Epoch Times Vows to Never Give Up After Attack on Printing Press

>>45526 22 Republican State Attorneys General Argue Congress Making D.C. a State Is Unconstitutional

>>45524 Joe Comms….All of Joe's tweet timestamps so far today equal 17

>>45517, >>45519 Japan to start releasing Fukushima water into sea in 2 years

>>45515 Credit Suisse offers big blocks of Discovery, iQIYI shares related to Archegos

>>45566 #95

Anonymous ID: 3c863a April 16, 2021, 9:04 p.m. No.46177   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#96 crowdbake

>>45594, >>45602, >>45606, >>45609, >>45616, >>45623, >>45642, >>45645, >>45646 Eyes to the skies

>>45644 Boatfag Report

>>45656 US Pushing Japan's PM Suga To Issue Joint Taiwan Statement With Biden

>>45651 Bain joins CVC in Toshiba bid, with KKR also in the running

>>45650 George Floyd's girlfriend was Daunte Wright's teacher, relative says

>>45649 Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, will be charged with second-degree manslaughter

>>45648 Powell: QE taper likely "well before" interest rate increase

>>45643 If the Maricopa County audit reveals a Trump win (less than 11,000 votes) in Arizona...

>>45641 Pelosi’s House Democrat Margin Shrinks as Republican Representative Sworn In

>>45640 Kamala Harris to travel to Mexico and Guatemala amid ongoing migrant crisis

>>45639 CHAUVIN TRIAL UPDATE: Medical expert testifies that George Floyd died from sudden cardiac arrest brought on by heart disease and drugs during restraint by police

>>45637 Ford, GM, Other Michigan Companies Denounce State Senate Voting Bills

>>45630 Rigged till the end: "Wall Street Took The Win, Again": Snapshot Summary Of Big Bank Earnings

>>45618 (You), >>45619 (You) New Mike Pompeo w/CAPs: visit to Liberty University and equity for Africa summit.

>>45617 Coinbase Is Indicated to Open at $340 in Nasdaq Debut

>>45604 Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff has died in a federal prison

>>45597 Wells Fargo profit beats estimates as bank frees reserve funds

>>45593 Pelosi Book Excerpt: Speaker Would Not Have Been Elected to Congress in 1987 Without Tricking Republicans into Voting for Her

>>45658 #96

Anonymous ID: 3c863a April 16, 2021, 9:04 p.m. No.46178   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>45668, >>45676, >>45678, >>45692 planefaggin GOLD

>>45722 Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc sold by Richard Branson: $150.32m-Apr 12,13,14

>>45714 Biden admin will sanction 12 Russian individuals, including govt & intel officials, & 20 entities, 10 officials will be expelled from US

>>45710, >>45712, >>45713, >>45715, >>45718 AND HERE COMES THE DESTRUCTION OF THE USELESS SUPREME COURT !!!

>>45709 Ivanka vax tweet

>>45708 Anti-CCPvirus vaxxes are ALL linked to neuro-degenerative conditions

>>45706 45: Great news for the Republican Party! Senator Lisa Murkowski said she is “still weighing whether she will run again”

>>45705 Defund the Police Refresher

>>45704 Second UK inquiry into ex-PM David Cameron lobbying scandal announced by select committee of MPs

>>45700 Chewy, Inc sold by Argos Hodings: $501.22m-Apr 12

>>45699 West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice reiterated Wednesday that he doesn’t plan to veto a bill banning transgender school sports, but.......

>>45698 Florida House passes contentious transgender sports ban

>>45696 Biden DOJ Pick Struggles to Defend Record on Black Panther Prosecutions

>>45695 District Court Upholds Ohio Law Banning Down Syndrome Abortions

>>45691 vax trial results pdf

>>45690 NFL to restrict unvaccinated coaches, staff from working with players

>>45688 NYT: Swiss Billionaire Behind ‘Hub Project’ to Influence U.S. Media, Politics; Bids for Tribune Co.

>>45687, >>45693, >>45694 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine linked to prion-based disease in vaccine recipients.

>>45685, >>45686 Body found, 12 missing after boat capsizes off Louisiana

>>45675 FBI will soon be producing an unclassified assessment of the risk posed by QAnon

>>45673 Two Charged in Suspect $1 Billion Transfer Using N.Y. Credit Union

>>45672 Good morning, today is a great day to rise up against QAnon and work to unseat Marjorie Taylor Greene.

>>45671 'Please drink' treated Fukushima water: China asks Japan's minister

>>45666 Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

>>45727 #97

Anonymous ID: 3c863a April 16, 2021, 9:07 p.m. No.46180   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#98 crowdbake

>>45788, >>45800, >>45808, >>45821 Eyes on the Sky

>>45820 Mississippi National Guard to host Southern Strike in Gulfport

>>45819 Texas Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar says bring in the United Nations to take over the southern border.

>>45812 Russia is closing the strategic Kerch Strait in the Black Sea for warships and state ships of foreign countries until October 2021

>>45804 US Cancels Black Sea Deployment Of 2 Warships After Biden-Putin Call

>>45800 Myanmar coup latest: Military crackdown hardens in Mandalay

>>45793 Bank of America profit more than doubles on trading gains, reserve release

>>45764, >>45765, >>45766 Joint CDC and FDA Statement on Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

>>45756, >>45758 Sinking of the Titanic to Create the Federal Reserve Corp.

>>45755 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee just voted against keeping the Supreme Court at nine justices!

>>45754 The country may never fully understand the lengths to which certain senior officials in the United States Government went to prevent Trump from bringing our troops home from Afghanistan.

>>45753 Judge in Texas lawsuit against Google issues protective order

>>45752 NCAA Threatens to Pull Events From States With “Anti-Transgender” Laws

>>45748 ‘Unofficial’ US delegation welcomed

>>45747, >>45750 Constitutional Crisis Q posts.

>>45746 Moscow Calls for Avoiding Military Escalation in Afghanistan Amid US Decision to Reschedule Exit

>>45742 China's central bank injects 150 bln yuan ($22.97 billion) through medium-term loans

>>45736, >>45737, >>45739 CM on Supremes and Maricopa County

>>45822 #98

Anonymous ID: 3c863a April 16, 2021, 9:08 p.m. No.46181   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>45873, >>45876, >>45884, >>45884 Eyes in the sky

>>45893 Indiana lawmakers vote to override Gov. Holcomb's veto on emergency powers bill

>>45892 Raul Castro, 89, is stepping down as head of its Communist Party

>>45889, >>45891 Montana Supreme Court Email Scandal May Lead to Arrests, Impeachments

>>45888 Vernon Jones, Who Ditched Dems To Join Trump’s GOP, Will Announce Run For Georgia Governor

>>45887 Fake Q on Parler

>>45886 Twitter has suspended @JamesOKeefeIII

>>45881 Judicial Watch Sues for Records about Reparations Program in Evanston, Illinois

>>45880 Revealed: Former AG Barr blocked Derek Chauvin plea deal that would have given 10 year sentence

>>45878, >>45879 The FBI opens a new investigation into crimes committed by China every 10 hours (1/2)

>>45877 Executive Order on Blocking Property with Respect to Specified Harmful Foreign Activities of the Government of the Russian Federation

>>45870 JPMorgan to Sell $13 Billion of Bonds in Largest Bank Sale Ever

>>45869 Noem: We’re Not Accepting Settlement of Illegal Immigrants in S.D.

>>45868 Former VP Pence received a pacemaker yesterday in Virginia

>>45865 Texas Senate Defies NCAA, Gives Transgender Athlete Ban Initial Approval

>>45863, >>45864 Biden Admin Arrests Journalist Who Recorded Ashli Babbitt Murder As DOJ Hides Identity Of Shooter

>>45861 House Democrats have introduced a resolution to abolish the electoral college

>>45859 Quick History Lesson

>>45858 France’s controversial ‘global security’ bill that sparked widespread protests adopted by parliament

>>45856 Russia pledges retaliation, summons US envoy over new sanctions, as NATO & EU back Biden’s move to target country’s national debt

>>45855 Raw footage of Officer Darion Jarret murder

>>45853, >>45854 Informant Snitches To Portland Police, Results In Arsonist Arrest, Chaos In Antifa Ranks

>>45852 Pfizer CEO says people will likely need a third dose of a #COVID19 vaccine

>>45851 Imaad Zuberi, a major Democratic fundraiser facing 12 years in prison, has filed an extraordinary complaint with the CIA's chief watchdog alleging he witnessed "flagrant problems

>>45849 House Democrats have reintroduced a bill to ban high-capacity gun magazines

>>45847 Citigroup exits 13 global consumer banking markets …

>>45844, >>45848, >>45850, >>45866 Epstein using “Black Arts Capital LLC” as a proxy

>>45842 House advances legislation on awarding reparations to a final chamber vote

>>45841, >>45860 UK Government release most frightening report yet on Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

>>45840 Saudi Arabia says Iran's announced decision to raise the level of uranium enrichment to 60% “cannot be considered a program intended for peaceful uses.”

>>45839 Senate, House to hold hearings with major bank CEOs in late May

>>45837, >>45838 Bill Mitchell, an account to watch

>>45836 Police shooting stats

>>45835 Chicago braces for release of video in Adam Toledo's shooting death

>>45834 Chinese Asset Manager Suffers Bond Selloff After Delaying Results

>>45833 Appeals court rejects academic’s libel suit over claims of affair with Flynn

>>45832 Congressman @MondaireJones says the "Far Right" Conservative Majority on the Supreme Court is "hostile to Democracy itself".

>>45831 PART 3: @CNN Director Says Network Is ‘Trying to Help’ The Black Lives Matter Movement

>>45829, >>45857, >>45862, >>45867, >>45871 Kayleigh: And just like that congressional Democrats advocate for destroying two American institutions: the Supreme Court and the Filibuster.

>>45894 #99

Anonymous ID: 3c863a April 16, 2021, 9:08 p.m. No.46182   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>45911, >>45915, >>45916, >>45922, >>45929, >>45933, >>45938, >>45942 pf reports

>>45909 Record JP Morgan Bond Offering 2x Oversubscribed

>>45910 SoftBank Infusion Meant to Pay Back Credit Suisse Investors Went to Greensill Bank

>>45912 China summons Japan's envoy to protest Fukushima water release

>>45913 Gorka interview with PDJT on America First: "They stole the election"

>>45914 Outset Medical Inc. sold by Warburg Pincus LLC: $197.74m-Apr 13

>>45916 More on Japanese PM Suga's travels & Biden returning home to Delaware

>>45917 Remembering Solyndra - A $524 Million Green Energy Failure

>>45930 Anon on NWO long-term plan

>>45932 List of companies standing for "democracy" (against voting security)

>>45941 Anon on QR code in image of Ivanka getting vaxxed

>>45948 Brazil's Supreme Court agrees Lula convictions are void

>>45950 Biden to host Japanese PM Suga-in a "Private Meeting" on friday SoKo's President Moon Jae-in next up at for visit

>>45953 Beijing Pursuing ‘Offensive Decoupling’ Against West: Former Senior Official

>>45954 Leaked docs shows that Google secretly rigged its online ads ("Project Bernanke")

>>45961, >>45960, >>45959, Developing: unconfirmed shooting victims at Federx facility in Indianapolis

>>45962 Saavedra says body cam vid of Adam Toledo vid was deceptively edited by CBS

>>45963 Montana Becomes Latest State To Ban Vaccine Passports

>>45964 Kim Boo-kyum, former four-term lawmaker, nominated as S. Korea's new prime minister

>>45970 CM: Fraud vitiates everything (on Google deplatformeing of Maricopa Co audit volunteer observer application)

>>45974 Liberal Law Prof Calls Democrat Effort To Pack The U.S. Supreme Court A ‘Hostile Takeover’

>>45983 #100

Anonymous ID: 3c863a April 16, 2021, 9:08 p.m. No.46183   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#101 crowdbake

>>46011, >>46014, >>46033, >>46035, >>46037, >>46045, >>46051, >>46076 Planefagg'n

>>46077 Nebraska’s Governor Pete Ricketts responded to Biden’s actions by declaring the state a “Second Amendment Sanctuary”.

>>46075 Cache of docs set to be unsealed in Ghislaine Maxwell case

>>46074 Brandon Scott Hole, 19, as the alleged shooter who opened fire at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis

>>46073 Psaki defends Biden UN ambassador who said founding documents 'weaved' with racism

>>46072 Why Is the Biden Administration Still Seizing Land for a Border Wall if He's Not Going to Build It?/who is really in control?

>>46068 Texas House approves "constitutional carry"

>>46065 Italian MP has called for billionaire Bill Gates to face trial in the International Criminal Court for charges of “crimes against humanity.”

>>46063 Florida Gov. DeSantis Says Lockdowns Were a ‘Huge Mistake’

>>46045 Russia, retaliating against Washington, says it will ask 10 U.S. diplomats to leave

>>46042 Gunman Kills 8 People at Indianapolis FedEx Warehouse Before Killing Himself

>>46039, >>46046, >>46058 Helllooo... Totally normal to hear a jet fly over the whitehouse and drown out a press conference.

>>46032 Venezuela Cut Off From Share of IMF’s $650 Billion New Reserves (SDR's)

>>46031 Back to old tricks: Foreign selling in Treasuries in February hits highest since December 2018

>>46022 Bitcoin falls as Turkey bans cryptocurrency payments

>>46018 China opens its borders to multi-billion dollar gold imports

>>46016, >>46017, >>46044 Google deplatformed the Maricopa county audit volunteer observer application. The audit application was then switched to using wufoo, who also deplatformed them.

>>46015 New Hampshire Gov lifts mask mandate. Idaho House passes bill banning masks. Arizona sez parents must permit child sex Ed.

>>46082 #101

Anonymous ID: c89264 April 18, 2021, 2:58 p.m. No.46413   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>46096, >>46106, >>46146 planefaggin GOLD

>>46146, >>46155, >>46157 Wrays of Light

>>46149 Hannity will present an exclusive interview with former President Trump at Mar-a-Lago on Monday

>>46143 Credit Suisse Is Sued Over Greensill Capital and Archegos

>>46135, >>46158 Powers and Nuland are back, 7th Floor Encore

>>46122 DOJ filed a lawsuit today against ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone

>>46121 Russia demands one million illegal migrants to leave the country by June 15th

>>46120 Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Expands Mask Mandate to 2-Year-Olds

>>46114 Botus doesn't know protocol

>>46113 Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers reveal more than 2,000 ‘highly confidential’ photos in the evidence against her

>>46110 Elon Musk's SpaceX wins $2.9 billion NASA moon landing contract

>>46108 GameStop CEO Sells $12 Million of Stock in Video-Game Chain

>>46105 Kash Patel being investigated

>>46104 Florida Legislature passes ‘anti-riot’ bill

>>46103 Hospitals In Cuomo’s State Denied Lifesaving Drug To People Dying Of COVID After It Showed Amazing Promise

>>46101 Texas Congressman Unveils Bill to Designate Certain Mexican Cartels as Terrorist Organizations

>>46100 The SEC today announced that Joel R. Levin, the Director of its Chicago Regional Office, will leave the agency at the end of May.

>>46099 AG Garland has revoked a Trump-era memo that restricted the use of consent decrees, often used by fed prosecutors in investigations of police depts

>>46098 Bank of America to Set Record for Largest Bank Bond Sale at $15 Billion

>>46092, >>46093 House Will Vote on Whether to Make Washington D.C. a State Tuesday

>>46162 #102

Anonymous ID: c89264 April 18, 2021, 2:58 p.m. No.46414   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>46224, >>46226, >>46227, >>46231, >>46232, >>46234, >>46238, >>46243 PF reports

>>46188 Reminder: Schumer mocks prayer in Congress - is that the next thing to go?

>>46190 Texas Repub Rep. Chip Roy has introduced new bill that would designate drug cartels as Foreign Terror Organizations

>>46194, >>46200 Gen. Mike Flynn endorsing of Lin Wood for chair for S Carolina GOP chair (great 2-min vid)

>>46195 Police fight back in Minneapolis

>>46197 Gen. Flynn Warns About Possible Threats from Antifa/BLM in Maricopa Election Audit

>>46198, >>46199 Border Officials Seize Over 170,000 Counterfeit N95 Masks From China

>>46201 Creepy Atlantic article says "mRNA Vaccines Are Looking Better and Better"

>>46203 Andy Ngo: Portland Antifa clashes with BLM (good - let me fight among themselves)

>>46205 UK: New report shows that nearly a quarter of registered Covid deaths are NOT caused by the virus

>>46206 Alberta: Court permits gov't to avoid producing evidence supporting lockdowns at May 3 trial of Pastor James Coates

>>46208, >>46210 Portland rioters setting multiple fires

>>46213 America’s Frontline Doctors released a Vaccine Bill of Rights for State Legislatures (404 but returning?)

>>46214 How Bill Gates Helped Drug Companies Maintain Their Monopoly On Vaccines During COVID

>>46215 Sara Carter: CNN viewership declined over 50% since Biden took office

>>46216 US Church Membership Plunges Below 50% For First Time

>>46217, >>46218 Feds using taxpayer dollars to buy body parts of babies up to 24 weeks old

>>46219 NBC savages mil troops for supporting Trump, believing in election fraud & discussing Q

>>46220 Nat'l Unity Summary - Health and Freedom Conference speakers/schedule

>>46221 COVID VACCINE VICTIMS Video (3-minute mp4)

>>46222 Buried Lead – WAPO says AG Barr is key figure who blocked declass of Spygate docs

>>46233 Did long-time swamp rat Gilbert Chagoury flip on the Clintons in 2019?

>>46235 China's Ant explores ways for Jack Ma to exit as Beijing piles pressure

>>46239 WHO-sponsored site lets users look up adverse reactions to drugs

>>46249 #103

Anonymous ID: c89264 April 18, 2021, 2:59 p.m. No.46415   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>46267, >>46277, >>46284, >>46287 PF reports

>>46259 Dr Simone Gold: Orgs that mandate anti-CCPvirus vaxxes are violating Federal law

>>46261 JovanHuttonPulitzer: Who registered four "vaccinepassports" domains in July 2016?

>>46268 QRB notables staying up-to-date in - congrats, anons

>>46269, >>46263 Biden Isn't Ending The Afghan War, He's Privatizing It

>>46281 CM mining for info on possible antifa interference in Maricopa audit

>>46282 Lineup of planned speakers at Health & Freedom conference

>>46283 Who's coordinating to stop Lin Wood from representing Roslyn La Liberte in her suit against Joy Reid?

>>46285 Ptld Rioters Set Fire To Apple Store; Smash Up Church, Veggie Grill, Historical Society: "No more history!"

>>46286, >>46288, >>46304, >>46306 Shameful display: NO ONE met Japanese PM at WH Door except stationary Army guard; anon offers solution (for keks)

>>46289 Az senate to start Maricopa audit of 2.1mil ballots

>>46292 Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Forms ‘America First Caucus’

>>46299 Breonna Taylor’s mom calls BLM a fraud, says they've done NOTHING for the fam

>>46301 Biden Pick Gary Gensler is Sworn In as SEC Chairman

>>46302 Myanmar news: junta chief to attend ASEAN summit in Indonesia

>>46303 HUGE turnout for Ontario freedom march, onlookers join in

>>46305, >>46307, >>46312, >>46314 Q drop #1100 - Biden serves as XI proxy, occupying DC: "Xmas in DC"?

>>46321 Oracle film debuting tomorrow: The Pushback (gotta be on CCPvirus/vaxxing but doesn't say)

>>46326, >>46327 Health Canada warns uses about made-in-China SNN200642 blue masks with asbestos-like graphene particles - CONFIRMED

>>46328 Dec 2020: SNN200642 graphene masks hailed as filtering out 98% of Covid-19 Particles

>>46331 What is graphene? "Stronger than steel...could be the future of tech"

>>46329, >>46330, >>46333 Vid of Seattle Antifa post-riot mtg - recap & planning

>>46341 #104

Anonymous ID: c89264 April 18, 2021, 2:59 p.m. No.46416   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>46364, >>46368, >>46372, >>46373, >>46374, >>46376, >>46378, >>46380 Eyes in the Sky

>>46404 Pompeo/Q

>>46403 TDIH Revere and Dawes warn of British attack

>>46402, >>46407 Fox Three

>>46401 Trump's post-D.C. plan takes shape with rollout of America First funding, policy, messaging arms

>>46400 Israel, Greece sign $1.65bn defense deal

>>46395, >>46398 >>46399 Watch the Water

>>46393 Kerry Signs Another Garbage International Deal – This Time with China Regarding Climate Change

>>46390, >>46391 45: I wish Joe Biden wouldn’t use September 11th as the date to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, for two reasons.....

>>46389 Stats for the keks!

>>46388 Spring flowers overlooking Section 71 from Court 9 at Arlington National Cemetery.

>>46387 #GenMilley: “Sexual assault is not only abhorrent, it’s a serious crime. It's corrosive to the very essence of what it means to be in the military.

>>46386 Hours after @RepMaxineWaters came to the #TwinCities and incited violence from #BrooklynCenter, shots were fired at police & National Guard

>>46383 Law of War Manual

>>46382 Law of War: The Storm (Super-Proof)tried to post, Majic Eyes Only. bitchute, Rumble

>>46381 Trudeau to Pile on Record Debt Steering Canada Out of Pandemic

>>46379 Maxine Waters: Derek Chauvin Must Be ‘Guilty, Guilty, Guilty’ or We Take to the Streets

>>46377 5.9 earthquake in Iran where a nuclear power plant is located

>>46371 Two strong magnitude 6.2 and 5.8 earthquakes hit Taiwan.

>>46369 Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association raises Japanese flag in Taipei for first time: no longer concerned about China’s feelings

>>46366 Bitcoin slumps 14% as pullback from record gathers pace

>>46360 2019 Refresher: FB tries to start a global cryptocurrency

>>46359, >>46361 20 Albuquerque officers resign from Emergency Response Team following protests

>>46358 EzraC WWG1WGA

>>46356, >>46357 Scavino/Q/Law of War BOOM

>>46351, >>46352, >>46353 General McInerney Telegram

>>46350 CM: If you have proof, chat logs, or information regarding BLM or antifa booking rooms in Arizona to protest the audits, please email me:

>>46410 #105

Anonymous ID: 14e101 April 19, 2021, 3:48 p.m. No.46727   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>46435, >>46467 planefaggin

>>46494 Dominion Advisor Met With John Podesta Offering ‘Anything’ That Would Help Defeat Trump, According to Email Released by WikiLeaks

>>46490 Kevin McCarthy Presses Nancy Pelosi to Take Action Against Maxine Waters for ‘Inciting Violence’ in Minnesota

>>46471 CodeMonkeyZ on Telegram - DO NOT MOVE THE ARIZONA AUDIT!

>>46465 Coinbase Inc. shareholders, including CEO, CFO, Chief Product Officer and Chief Accounting Officer cash out large: $4,612,933,426-April 14-15

>>46462 No Mandatory Injections

>>46445 [FRANK IS HERE!]

>>46440, >>46450 Lin Wood Affirms the Truth of Q's Message in conference speech

>>46438 (You) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said Sunday that she plans to introduce a resolution calling on Congress to expel sixteen-term Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)

>>46433 Utah Reporter Stalks Paramedic at His Home to Out Him and Harass Him, He Donated to the Defense Fund for Kyle Rittenhouse

>>46506 #106

Anonymous ID: 14e101 April 19, 2021, 3:48 p.m. No.46728   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#107 crowdbake

>>46574, >>46581, >>46584, >>46595, >>46598, >>46605, >>46606, >>46616 planefagg'n

>>46622 Wall Street’s Mega Bank CEOs To Be Hauled Before Congress in May; Nobody Will Say Why

>>46618 US troop withdrawal may disrupt CIA network in Afghanistan

>>46617 EU Says Russia’s Troop Buildup on Ukraine Border Is Largest Ever

>>46613 Chile’s vaccination campaign against the coronavirus has been one of the world’s quickest and most extensive, but a recent surge in infections has sparked concern

>>46611 Al Sharpton shamelessly boarding a private jet this morning. No shame in his everlasting grift!

>>46609 Credit Suisse's co-heads of prime services to step down

>>46594 Apple confirms #Parler is allowed to return to the app store.

>>46583 After a bitcoin crackdown, China now calls it an ‘investment alternative’ in a significant shift in tone

>>46582 Watch Live: Chauvin Closing Arguments Begin As Black Leaders Warn Of More Riots If Acquittal Reached

>>46579 Danske CEO bows out over Dutch ABN money laundering inquiry

>>46578 Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor Families Ask Black Lives Matter Where Money Went

>>46570 K Kaur MD w/CAP: PSA reminder that govts have never controlled a virus in history of human civilization, nor can govts ever control a seasonal endemic virus...

>>46565, >>46569 Leftists Rush To Defend Maxine Waters As Expulsion Petition Circulates After She Incited Scores Of Violent Rioters And Insurrectionists

>>46623 #107

Anonymous ID: 14e101 April 19, 2021, 3:48 p.m. No.46729   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>46634, >>46635, >>46637, >>46647, >>46699 planefaggin

>>46716 State Department Plans "Do Not Travel" Advisory For 80% Of Countries Amid COVID Comeback

>>46714 James O’Keefe sued Twitter in The Supreme Court of New York today

>>46713 Rep Greene: I just went inside the Capitol to file my resolution to #ExpelMaxineWaters for her history of inciting violence

>>46708 Foxconn reaches new deal with Wisconsin on scaled-back US plant

>>46701 Today's day in history has quite a few violent and significant events in it.

>>46690, >>46692, >>46696 Judge Cahill states Maxine Waters may have given the defense basis to overturn the entire trial on appeal. Nelson said she threatened the jury.

>>46676 Pelosi Says Maxine Waters Does Not Need to Apologize For Incitement to Violence That Led to Shots Fired at National Guard

>>46671 Kevin McCarthy Moves to Formally Censure Maxine Waters for Having ‘Broke the Law,’ ‘Incited Violence’

>>46668 New Zealand said Monday it would not let the 'Five Eyes' intelligence alliance dictate its dealings with its largest trading partner China

>>46663 Cigarette Makers Plunge on News That U.S. May Curb Nicotine

>>46662 Demolition begins on former Epstein mansion

>>46659 Parler Allowed Back on App Store After They Fire Pro-Free Speech CEO, Introduce ‘Trolling Filter’

>>46657, >>46700 Cyber Polygon, the WEF’s Cyber Warfare Game: Simulation of Cyber Attack on the Supply Chain and Global Economic System

>>46649 Mark Zuckerberg has sold $1.54B in Facebook shares since November 9th, 2020

>>46648 Maricopa County Given $3 Million of ‘Zuckerbucks’ Before Election But No One Knows Who Specifically It Went To and What It Was Used For!

>>46646 AZ: Ducey preemptively bans vaccine passports; order does not apply to private businesses

>>46645 Oil futures end higher; Libya reportedly halts output at some major oil fields

>>46639 U.S. Treasury names green financial adviser to new climate 'czar' post

>>46638 Tokyo to request another state of emergency as early as April 22

>>46636 Myanmar coup latest: EU sanctions 2 military-linked companies

>>46717 #108

Anonymous ID: 658251 April 21, 2021, 1:27 p.m. No.47215   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>46756, >>46757, >>46785 planefaggin

>>46816 File under Isolation: Quarter Of UK Population Wants To Work At Home Forever, New Survey Finds

>>46812 Rioting Terrorists Once Again Destroy Portland, Target Youth Center, Popeye’s, Natural Grocers

>>46811 250 D.C. National Guard Activated in Advance of Derek Chauvin Verdict

>>46805, >>46808 3 who died after vaccine were infected BEFORE injections, Michigan officials say

>>46803 CM on the AZ ballot audit

>>46753 Oprah-Backed Oatly Files for IPO

>>46752 Rev. Jesse Jackson has come to speak to a crowd of a few hundred protesters out in downtown Minneapolis

>>46751 Former Vice President Walter Mondale, has died. He was 93.

>>46748 Current look at Downtown Minneapolis just after sunset-was only a tv helo here before

>>46747 Andrew Thomas (28), who fired on the #Minnesota National guard during the early morning hours of April 18 is arrested and charged

>>46746 45 joins @SeanHannity tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern on @FoxNews

>>46745 Lindell TV

>>46743 Thank you for volunteering to observe the Maricopa County, Arizona Audit.

>>46738 Exxon Mobil makes a pitch for capturing emissions and a carbon price.

>>46736 Millionaire offers $1.2 M reward to anyone providing an isolated sample of the COVID-19 virus

>>46818 #109

Anonymous ID: 658251 April 21, 2021, 1:29 p.m. No.47216   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>46848, >>46870, >>46894 Eye on the sky

>>46911 What's the beef?: Untouched burgers at Japan-US summit talks spark speculation online

>>46908, >>46909, >>46910 President Biden Invites 40 World Leaders to Leaders Summit on Climate

>>46907, >>46890 US must prepare for nuclear war?

>>46906 Trump is frustrating political pundits by refusing to commit to running in 2024

>>46905 Biden Admin Announces ‘Strong Support’ For DC Statehood Bill, Says 51st State ‘Long Overdue’

>>46900 New Zealand throws support behind Five Eyes spy network 24 hours after raising concerns about increasing its remit

>>46899 “Now I’m Beginning to Wonder Why Would They Not Want to Prove That Their Election System Works?”

>>46895 Biden: 'Evidence is overwhelming' in Chauvin trial

>>46883 U.S. files lawsuit against Danske Bank, attorney says

>>46871, >>46872 NHS whistleblower on what is actually happening in UK hospitals

>>46869 Chinee likee: Crypto inflows hit $4.9 billion as of mid-April -Coinshares data

>>46863 The Chinese Communist Party Has an Extensive Research Network Supporting Biowarfare

>>46862 Global reset alert? CVC Capital tells Toshiba it is suspending acquisition plans

>>46861 Steve Scalise Wants Accountability For Maxine Waters: ‘I Was Shot Because Of This Kind Of Dangerous Rhetoric’

>>46858 Dershowitz: Maxine Waters’ Tactics ‘Borrowed Precisely from the Ku Klux Klan’

>>46843 Minneapolis Mayor Frey Joins Mad Maxine – Blames Police for George Floyd’s Death as Rioters Prepare to Pillage his City

>>46841 Carlson: ‘Maxine Waters Is Someone Who Supports Mob Violence — She Always Has Supported, We Have Known This’

>>46833 Mexico’s President Obrador Offers Deal to Joe Biden: Work Visas for Border Security

>>46912 #110

Anonymous ID: 658251 April 21, 2021, 1:33 p.m. No.47221   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>46982 62-4126 USAF Rivet Joint sw of Hong Kong in south china sea/planefaggin

>>46990 COLUMBUS, Ohio — A family member has confirmed the person shot- killed by a police officer in Tuesday was 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant

>>46986 Anonymously planned 'no-mask picnic day' across Japan canceled after backlash

>>46972 Black Lives Matter Mob Attacks Truck, Just Minutes After Getting the Verdict They Wanted

>>46969 CM on Chavin verdict & the grip of Maoism on the country

>>46964 Mikovitz: COVID Vaccines Could Cause Irreversible Harm! CDC NOT Telling You

>>46962 Jim Caviezel explains what the term ‘adrenochrome’ refers to while promoting his new film about child sex trafficking.

>>46958 McInerney: George Floyd's lawyer stated they will be having a protest in Texas soon.

>>46952 United Kingdom Travel Advisory: Level 4: Do Not Travel, April 20, 2021

>>46946, >>46948 Second Study on CDC's Website Confirms Masks Cause Serious Side Effects

>>46945 McInerney on Chauvin verdict

>>46944 MT Greene Reveals MAGA Revolt In GA

>>46941 They don't want you to travel.

>>46940 GUTFELD: "I'm glad that [Chauvin] was found guilty on all charges, even if he might not be guilty of all charges."

>>46939 House votes 216-210 to defeat the Republican resolution to censure Maxine Waters.

>>46938 Q themes being exposed. It's fun to be an anon.

>>46937 Jovan Pulitzer will play a role in the Arizona election audit

>>46936 Pompeo & Sekulow on the Humaritarian Crisis at the Southern Border

>>46934 I’ve got this gut feeling that someone somewhere is definitely taking advantage of this huge distraction today

>>46931, >>46973, >>46976, >>46978, >>46979, >>46980, >>46981, >>46984, >>46988, >>46989, >>46991, >>46997, >>46998 Guilty X3 and moar

>>46921 Cryptocurrency Giant Binance.US Hires Former Top Bank Regulator

>>47001 #111

Anonymous ID: 658251 April 21, 2021, 1:34 p.m. No.47222   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>47049, >>47053, >>47057, >>47058, >>47078, >>47083, >>47092, >>47098 Eyez to the skyz

>>47009 BLM protesters in Columbus block road after shooting of a black female with a knife

>>47015, >>47016 16-year-old girl shot and killed by police officer in SE Columbus

>>47022 21 Black Leaders Denounce the Left’s Lies About Georgia Election Law

>>47024 Officer body cam shows Makiyah Bryant attacking another girl with a knife when shot

>>47025 Andy Ngo: Columbus mayor says "the officer took action to protect another young girl"

>>47027 DisarmtheDeepState removed from Twitter; see website instead

>>47028 Posobiec: media vs bodycam (media says girl dropped the knife - NOT TRUE)

>>47029, >>47032 Reseachers claim success in testing Pfizer & Moderna vaxxes on children 12-17; want it ready for fall

>>47030 STRATCOM commander wants Congress to update US triad; says China’s nuclear program advances weekly

>>47031 Andy Ngo: Protester blocks cop on bike in Portland; violent brawl ensues

>>47044 Minneapolis City Council Candidate and Former City Employee Encourages Rioters to Burn Down Wealthy Neighborhoods

>>47045 (Video) BLM Minneapolis: ‘I Don’t Want to Say We Need to Start Killing All White Folks… But… Maybe They Need to Feel the Pain and Hurt’

>>47046 New Hampshire Officials Will Select Audit Team Next Week – Forensic Audit Will Be Completed in Next 45 Days

>>47047 Heads Up!! Indonesian Submarine Disappears During Routine Naval Drill.

>>47064 Crypto War: Deutsche Boerse to de-list Coinbase from Xetra and Frankfurt trade

>>47077 Japan PM Suga cancels visit to India and Philippines

>>47084 Wisconsin City Clerks Weigh in on Green Bay Colleague Who Quit Job Over Outside Election Help

>>47086 Bye Bye MN Twins! The Pohlads should have kept their mouths shut

>>47088 Pompeo: Qasem Soleimani was on a mission to cause problems for America.

>>47089 TODAY at NOON: Stay tuned to the @RepublicanStudy Twitter account for a live broadcast of #RSC's #MaxPressure rollout with Secretary @mikepompeo

>>47091 A group of hackers named REvil has stolen and published product blueprints from Apple supplier Quanta Computer

>>47094 Dulce base, New Mexico

>>47101 Nasdaq tops quarterly profit views on trading surge

>>47111 #112

Anonymous ID: 658251 April 21, 2021, 1:34 p.m. No.47224   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>47115, >>47118, >>47123, >>47143, >>47148, >>47166, >>47172 planefaggin GOLD

>>47193 German citizens respond to parliament vote on 'Enabling Act'

>>47191, >>47192, >>47194, >>47196 Q like decodes

>>47170, >>47173, >>47174 Hmong diggz/CIA

>>47165, >>47170, >>47168, >>47171, >>47175, >>47178, >>47180, >>47182, >>47186, >>47188, >>47191 Q like decodes

>>47161 Soros- and Clinton-connected AZ Sec. of State, Katie Hobbs, opposes Maricopa audit

>>47157 Rescue vessels begin search for missing Indonesian submarine

>>47155 Democrat Mayor, BLM Activist Hit With 11 Child Sex Felony Charges.

>>47150 Yellen lays out 'bold' climate agenda for U.S. economy, markets

>>47149 Where are we in (((their))) plan?

>>47146 Seattle Antifa calls for direct action tonight in the former CHAZ area: “All Cops Are Chauvin”

>>47144 Candace Owens: “That’s All They [Democrats] Want Are Pawns in Their Nefarious Scheme to Take Over This Country.”

>>47139 Jamie Dimon says `justice was served’ after Derek Chauvin found guilty for murder of George Floyd

>>47136, >>47140 ValerieJarrett opines on Col's shooting

>>47134 The liberal case for letting black girls stab one another

>>47132 BLM says that Biden is sending more military equipment to Black neighborhoods than Trump did

>>47130 Democrats are bleeding support from two of their key voting blocs

>>47128 Grenell: @KelloggsUS partnering with @glaad in the name of "gay rights."

>>47126 Newsom's attorney told the Court it's ok for a Governor to claim absolute power because people can always recall him if they don't like it.

>>47125 China Considering Huarong Bailout With $15 Billion PBOC Backstop

>>47124 All senators backed 15mo restrictions on fentanyl last yr Opioid crisis continues Now dems balk at longterm/reasonable extension/China

>>47122 China Takeover of the United States Progress 60%

>>47116 Putin warned Tuesday of Russia's “swift” and “severe” response to foreign hostile actions and decried Western sanctions, which he likened to a sporting competition.

>>47114 Indonesian Military Says Submarine Missing With 53 on Board

>>47199 #113

Anonymous ID: 658251 April 21, 2021, 7:19 p.m. No.47314   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>47166, >>47172, >>47184, >>47195, >>47214, >>47257, >>47265, >>47274 pf report(s)

>>47219 Pakistan: Four killed and 12 wounded after bomb explodes at luxury hotel-skynews and soc. media

>>47223 Every Physical Silver Ounce Has Been Sold Up To 1000x-zh

>>47225, >>47226, >>47227, >>47230 Vlad/Chauvin/Hmong/C_A diggz

>>47229 US Congressional committee passes bill to boost military support for Ukraine-nationalnews

>>47228 (goes with 240), >>47238, >>47242, >>47231, >>47235, >>47236, >>47240, >>47285, >>47287, >>47288 Q likes/decodes

>>47239 USAFSOC Twat "Thumbs up to @SpecialTactics_ operators assigned to the 321st Special Tactics Squadron" Q drop #1037

>>47260 Science vs Pseudoscience

>>47264 Tusimple Holdings, Inc sold by Chairman/CEO Sina Corp.:$ 270.27m-Apr 19

>>47268, >>47269, >>47270 cable map?

>>47275 Credit Suisse had "surprise" $20 billion exposure to Archegos investments

>>47284 Malaysia issues $800 million U.S. dollar sustainability sukuk, world's first by a sovereign

>>47293 Square Inc sold by @jackoff ($25m) and co-founder Jim McKelvey ($49m)-Apr 19

>>47302 q like university posts/foundings

>>47305 #114

Anonymous ID: 95931b April 22, 2021, 4:21 p.m. No.47559   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>47379, >>47380, >>47388, >>47389 GOLD Eyez to the Skyz

>>47398 Silver demand surging to its highest since 2015 - Silver Institute

>>47387 How Conservatives can take back the Republican Party - one precinct at a time


>>47383 Fake Pfizer Vax Can Apparently Help Prevent Wrinkles

>>47382 Syrian Missile Explodes in Area Near Israeli Nuclear Reactor, Israel Retaliates

>>47381 Adverse Reactions to Chinese-Made COVID-19 Vaccines Appeared in China: Leaked Documents

>>47378 LIN WOOD: The love of money is the root of ALL evil. Follow the money to find the evil. ACB

>>47367 Another exec at China's biggest policy bank accused of graft

>>47360 Slow Death: Credit Suisse Races to Contain Archegos Hit With $2B Capital Raise

>>47355 Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Drop to 547,000

>>47354 Nancy P should be arrested: House Democrats Pass Plan to Stop Travel Bans After Terror Suspects Caught at U.S. Border

>>47352 UK Plans To Launch "Vaccine Passports" Next Month. May 17

>>47344 China Behind Another Cyber Attack in the US – Hacked Into US Computers and Networks Accessing Systems Remotely

>>47343 WTH? Postal Service is Running a “Covert Operations Program” That Tracks and Collects Americans’ Social Media Posts

>>47342 South Dakota’s Kristi Noem Bans Vaccine Passports

>>47340 CodeMonkeyZ on Telegram: Reminder: Do not use Parler. Parler is the Mike Pence of social media.

>>47404 #115

Anonymous ID: 95931b April 22, 2021, 4:21 p.m. No.47560   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>47420, >>47422, >>47463, >>47467 GOLD Eyez in the Skyz

>>47500 North Carolina's Lt. Gov. Robinson goes nuclear on 'insane' and 'insulting' leftist narrative on voter suppression

>>47497 Religious Leaders Hold Home Depot Hostage Unless Company Meets Demands Over Election Reform

>>47493 CEO Of Turkish Exchange Thodex Flees Country, Leaves User Funds Irretrievable

>>47488 Scavion tweet/Q#3551

>>47487 Tokyo, Osaka region to come under COVID-19 emergency from Sun. to May 11

>>47484 Goodbye evidence. Yup. Hiding DNA, NO more DNA/ Epstein's Florida beach estate demolished

>>47483 (0) Delta hhmmmmmm

>>47481 @USNavy Mastering the air and sea…from the shore!

>>47479 @DeptofDefense Stryker set.

>>47477, >>47489, >>47490, >>47495 Maricopa County Is Moving Voting Machines to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum Where the AZ Audit Will Be Performed

>>47476 Senate passes anti-Asian hate crimes bill

>>47473 @US_SpaceCom #satellites #MILSTAR #SATCOM

>>47470 @USMC Locked On Target

>>47469, >>47478 Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for ISIS-inspired Bombing in New York City Subway Station in 2017/Q posted bout this

>>47456 London Mayor Candidate Laurence Fox Says ‘Get Your Mask Off; Grow Some Balls!’

>>47455 UN special envoy to meet ASEAN leaders;Myanmar

>>47454 Xi Jinping Promotes ‘Green Belt and Road’ at Biden Climate Summit

>>47453 North Dakota's Republican governor vetoes transgender sports bill, kicked responsibility for governing state sports to the North Dakota High School Activities Association

>>47452 Microsoft Partners With Chinese Military-Linked Huawei Spinoff.

>>47451 Pompeo: The Paris Climate Accord has no enforcement mechanism and will cost the American people a fortune with no benefit.

>>47450 Pfizer Vaccine Confirmed To Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases

>>47449, >>47468 Who will speak for the children?/Scavino puts it out there! Winning

>>47448 Stocks Puke As Biden's Capital Gains Tax Reality Strikes

>>47446, >>47447 Scavino on Operation Warp Speed

>>47445 welcome to Instagram, MI5

>>47444 Dem/commies are so stupid they don’t realize Washington DC is NOT part of US

>>47443 SEC Chief Gensler Names Alex Oh to Lead Enforcement Division

>>47439 Read between the lines, anons. The kids were sold for abuse & sex

>>47436 Mike Lindell asks us to call and email Alan Duke and lawyer at Lead Stories who are censoring us all

>>47432, >>47434, >>47440 U.S. House passes bill to make DC the 51st state./Requires Constitutional amendment

>>47428 Nazism

>>47426 Greensill: Bank of England releases emails amid Cameron lobbying row

>>47421, >>47423, >>47438 Neuro-Weapons/Protection

>>47514 #116

Anonymous ID: 95931b April 23, 2021, 7:17 p.m. No.47786   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>47526, >>47562, >>47563, >>47568, >>47576, >>47577, planefaggin

>>47583 Tokyo Motor Show cancelled for first time in 67 years

>>47580 Supreme Court Makes It Easier to Impose Life Without Parole on Juvenile Murderers

>>47579 >>47579 Arrest warrants issued for Myanmar's NUG ministers ( National Unity Government)

>>47578 US airdropped supplies near Senkakus in China-conscious drill, an apparent warning to China over recent incursions.

>>47573, >>47574 PHOENIX — The Arizona Democratic Party filed a lawsuit Thursday aimed at halting the state Senate audit

>>47571 Rare Lumber Trade Shows How Extreme U.S. Shortages Have Become

>>47570, >>47570, >>47572 Maricopa county board of supervisors filed a surprise lawsuit about an hour ago to stop recount.

>>47564, >>47565, >>47566, >>47567 WA Governor Inslee’s informant army – here’s the public records request snitch list

>>47557 Arizona Vote Audit Live Stream

>>47552, >>47553, >>47554, >>47555, >>47556 Washington State passed an Act prohibiting the open carry of certain weapons at public permitted demonstrations and the state capitol.

>>47543 Arkansas vetos ban on trans gender care for kids

>>47542 trans girls in sports banned

>>47541 TheRealCVN71: Working tirelessly and never giving up

>>47540, >>47546 >>47548, >>47550 Alan Duke diggz

>>47537, >>47538, >>47539 Q like sigcomms

>>47532, >>47533, >>47534 77 inmates at Iowa prison incorrectly given up to six times the normal dose of Pfizer COVID vaccine

>>47530 Debt Ceiling Set to Fuel T-Bill Drought Holding Rates Near Zero

>>47591 #117

Anonymous ID: 95931b April 23, 2021, 7:17 p.m. No.47787   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>47615, >>47625, >>47631, >>47632, >>47637, >>47638, >>47645, >>47658, >>47664 Eyez on the skyz

>>47676 ECW: Any means necessary

>>47674, >>47675 @USNavy The future of fighting. #USXIBP21

>>47673 @45thSpaceWing proud to support the Crew-2 launch, the third crewed launch in the past year.

>>47670 Another Humiliation on the World Stage: Idiot Joe Biden is the Only One Wearing a Mask During Virtual Climate Change Discussion with World Leaders

>>47663 Pompeo: China has repeatedly broken promise after promise........

>>47661 @lancer_brigade New Equipment!

>>47660 @USNavy Making memories while serving side by side in the #SouthChinaSea./Q's

>>47659, >>47662, >>47667, >>47668 Israeli pipeline company signs deal to bring UAE oil to Europe/Strait of Hormuz, worst is yet to come?

>>47657 Dims bringing back Jim Crow

>>47656 Kitco mourning the loss of Peter Hug

>>47655 Killery: The deadline is this Sunday, so no dilly-dallying.

>>47653 Biggest QQQ Exodus Since 2000 Ups the Ante on Big Tech Earnings

>>47652 Flynn n Jess: What and why is Maricopa hiding?

>>47649, >>47650, >>47651 Grenell RT: Serbia, Nalvany, comfortably smug wapo

>>47648 Virginia AG candidate Chuck Smith is vowing to protect the Norfolk Naval Base from encroachment by the red menace in China if he is elected

>>47644 Grassley: Missing a in "hve" plus Senate Republicans vote to keep rule forbidding earmarks.

>>47642, >>47643 Herrige on riot arrests

>>47641 Biden to Make First Overseas Trip in Office to UK, EU

>>47640 CM: The world is watching Maricopa county.

>>47639 McInerney: Never doubt the strategies of General Michael Flynn.

>>47619 This won't end well: Turkish crypto exchange boss goes missing, reportedly taking $2 billion of investors’ funds with him

>>47608 AOC agrees to debate MT Greene on green new deal. maybe.

>>47604 (90min film) Pushback: The Day the World Stood Together

>>47602 SHAME ON SPINELESS REPUBLICANS! Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren Speaks Out on Harsh Treatment of Jan. 6 Detainees in Isolation

>>47601 General Michael Flynn, Dinesh D'Souza, Kevin Sorbo To Headline "American Revival" Event in Miami, FL In October

>>47599 Oklahoma Governor Passes Law to Protect Drivers Who Hit Rioters Blocking Roadways

>>47680 #118

Anonymous ID: 95931b April 23, 2021, 7:17 p.m. No.47788   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>47689, >>47724, >>47739, >>47751 GOLD Eyez in the Skyz

>>47757 DHS drops the ball

>>47740 Pentagon Sending B-52s, Carrier to Guard Afghanistan Withdrawal

>>47736 Cuomo blocks release of COVID nursing home data sent to feds

>>47731, >>47756 FBI Finally Releases Records on Murdered DNC Analyst Seth Rich

>>47725 Chlorinated swimming pool water can kill COVID virus in just 30 SECONDS, study finds

>>47723 4chan founder has left Google

>>47722, >>47726 FDA green lights use of Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine after pause/rebuttal

>>47718 CM: Refusing to pay the insignificant amount of a million dollars just means they have a better plan in place.

>>47702, >>47704 “Democrats Sent 73 Lawyers to AZ – THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID!”

>>47697 Federal Reserve Bank of New York Reverse Repo(s) April 8-23: $625.35B

>>47695 45 statement

>>47692 Russia withdraws troops from Ukraine border as Biden caves

>>47690, >>47705, >>47707, >>47709 The Maricopa judge has just paused the audit from 5 PM today until noon monday and all it cost the democrats was 1 million bucks!

>>47776 #119

Anonymous ID: 658251 April 25, 2021, 2:09 p.m. No.48108   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>47800, >>47816 Eyes on the Sky

>>47790, >>47795, >>47796, >>47813, >>47847, >>47799, >>47802, >>47803, >>47807 Vids & images from Maricopa audit; is this guy on his phone? >>47852, >>47855

>>47801, >>47819, >>47831 CM on Maricopa audit; >>47833 On-site anon's response

>>47808 The Stock Market Is Just One Hedge Fund Blowup Away from a Crash. Here’s the Ugly Math

>>47815 Scavino tweet with Blue Line flag

>>47820 CM on Koch-related AZ Supreme Court appt

>>47821 First day of Arizona Senate election audit nearly stopped before it began. Here's what happened

>>47822 TechnoFog: It is Time to End Compulsory Public Education

>>47823 Mason-Dixon Poll: Americans Reject Court-Packing

>>47824 Naval District in DC Is Still on Lockdown After 5 Months -- Families Begging for Relief

>>47825 NV Sec'y of State Does Flimsy Review of Likely Election Fraud – Ignores Biggest Issue

>>47826 Liz Cheney fails to invite Trump to annual GOP meeting in Florida

>>47827 Hawley, Braun Proposal Would Direct Biden to Declassify Intel on Wuhan Lab, CCP Virus

>>47828 Texas Senate Passes Resolution to Curb China’s Forced Organ Harvesting: ‘There Needs to Be a Global Outcry’

>>47829 Ghislaine Maxwell Pleads Not Guilty to Sex Trafficking

>>47830 Ken Cuccinelli of children at the border: "If you did this in America, it would be child neglect"

>>47832 Labs in US can’t find Covid-19 in one of 1,500 positive tests

>>47858 #120

Anonymous ID: 658251 April 25, 2021, 2:09 p.m. No.48109   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#121 community bake

>>47886, >>47890, >>47891, >>47893, >>47896, >>47897, >>47905, >>47908 pf report(s)

>>47870 President Trump Has Been Briefed on AZ Audit – Is “Very Interested” – Rudy Giuliani Joins the War Room to Discuss Historic AZ Election Audit (VIDEO) gatewaypundit Apr 23

>>47871 "It Will Be Bloody" - Philippines' President Duterte Threatens to Send Naval Ships To West Philippines Sea as China Threatens-gatewaypundit Apr 23

>>47872 French drug assessment center demands removal of all four widely used COVID vaccines-lifesitenews Apr 22

>>47873 Washington State Department of Health Allows Vaccination Sites to Deny Vaccines to White People to 'Address Inequities'-gatewaypundit Apr 23

>>47874 POTUS 45 statement on dems and Maricopa audit.

>>47877 NIH has identified over 500 ‘scientists of concern’ amid Chinese espionage concerns, says agency official-washexaminer Apr 23

>>47875 U.N. Elects Iran to Commission on Women’s Rights-unwatch and soc. media

>>47879, >>47880 Room layout details from on-site Maricopa audit observer

>>47892 moar Turkish crypto fuckery: Vebitcoin: Turkey arrests four people after cryptocurrency collapses-bbc

>>47895 ASEAN 'consensus' urges Myanmar junta to end violence-nikkei

>>47898 CIA Chief Makes Unannounced Afghan Visit As Pentagon Scrambles To Move Out Equipment-zh

>>47902 Oregon Bill to BAN Livestock - Stunning War on Farming/Ranching

>>47900, >>47903, >>47906, >>47904, >>47907, >>47912, >>47914 Dig on revival of Pentagon dormant IP addresses

>>47910, >>47911, >>47912 The Mystery of AS8003 (related to IP DIG)

>>47904, >>47914 and significance of 11-11-18 - the 100th anniv. of Armistice Day (related to IP DIG)

>>47908 Biden recognizes Armenian deaths as genocide, prompting relief in Armenia and fury in Turkey

>>47930 #121

Anonymous ID: 658251 April 25, 2021, 2:10 p.m. No.48110   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>47959, >>47960, >>47976, >>47984, >>47984, >>47995, >>47996 planefaggin

>>47997 Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and President Bill Clinton smile together in never-before-seen images

>>47989, >>47990 45 Statements n Audit

>>47978 Chinese Firms Are Listing in the U.S. at a Record-Breaking Pace

>>47975 Public school enrollment plunges in California — and everywhere else

>>47971 Ohio Bar Announces They Will Not Show NBA Games Until LeBron James is Expelled, Controversial Basketball Player Responds

>>47970 Southeast Asian leaders reach consensus on Myanmar

>>47968 Montana Governor Signs Law Prohibiting Enforcement of Federal Gun Bans to Protect Constituents From Biden’s Attack on Second Amendment

>>47966, >>47967 CM on Japanese alien contact

>>47963, >>47964, >>47972 Grassley: Planting has started on the Grassley farm #cornwatch

>>47961, >>47987 45 Makes $10K donation to families of missing United Cajun Navy members

>>47949 Athletes will be banned from "taking a knee" or "raising a fist" at Tokyo Olympics,

>>47944, >>47947, >>47980 Canadian researchers Freedom of Information request returns no record of isolated Covid-19

>>47940, >>47948, >>47953, >>47954, >>47955, >>47998, >>48004, >>48007 Maricopa forensic audits

>>48015 #122

Anonymous ID: 3c863a April 25, 2021, 7:15 p.m. No.48219   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>48022 Maricopa anon report: Purple shirts are runners - important to watch

>>48023, >>48024 Maricopa anon report: sent audit feedback to

>>48026 CM Maricopa audit reports

>>48027 MIT study: Limiting the capacity of bars/restaurants does NOTHING to cut CV-19 risk

>>48028 Tess Lawrie on Ivermectin in UK & new org to promote it: BIRD

>>48029, >>48040 HUGE London protest of lockdowns & vaccine passports

>>48030 Lockdown stats show lockdowns don't lead to a high covid death rate

>>48032 15 sec must-watch "We're not gonna take it" vid by seniors

>>48033, >>48039 London protest: police charged the crowd and the crowd charged back (they're not gonna take it, either)

>>48035, >>48036 Vid of watermarks being tested with UV in @Maricopa audit

>>48043, >>48044 UV testing on Maricopa ballots from GP

>>48037 Scott Presler politely smacks down Liz Cheney rep who tried to take him down

>>48038 McInerney on why the 'establishment' is so rattled by AZ audit

>>48041 Lauren Boebert on her recent meeting with PDJT

>>48042 Pixar Seeking ’14-Year-Old Transgender Female’ Cartoon Character

>>48045 Turkey Blasts Joe Biden’s Armenian Genocide Statement

>>48046 Scavino mocks social distancing citing MIT study; see also >>48027

>>48047 Spiffy new photo showing Maxwell & Epstein at the WH w/Pres. Clinton

>>48048 French medics accidentally give saline not Pfizer jabs to 140 patients [quel dommage]

>>48051 #123

Anonymous ID: 3c863a April 25, 2021, 7:15 p.m. No.48220   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>48071, >>48075, >>48081, >>48084, >>48089, >>48090, >>48128, >>48139, >>48140 pf report(s)

>>48062, >>48087 General McInerney "Let me explain why the establishment is so terrified of the ongoing audit."-soc. media

>>48065, >>48066, >>48067 Big Tech suppressing AZ audit

>>48072 China Huarong Delays Release of 2020 Results Past April Deadline-bnnB'berg

>>48073 Economic Schedule for week of April 25,2021-calculatedrisk

>>48074 Biden and Putin eye possible June summit: Kremlin aide-nikkei

>>48077 running out of people who want to be euthanized um immunized. wait wut?

>>48078 3rd state of emergency takes effect in Japan-nhk

>>48094 Wow! So much to learn about my new home state of South Carolina and its RINO Republican officials.

>>48095 2019 South Carolina is becoming home to a quiet Qatari military aircraft project

>>48096 Since UV is able to detect oil from finger prints, if there are no fingerprints on the ballot then the likelihood of the ballot being marked through a non-human process is high.

>>48097 James O'Keefe joins Maria Bartiromo to Discuss HISTORIC Legal Win vs. NYT and Upcoming Twitter / CNN Libel Suits

>>48098 Pro-freedom Save Our Rights UK group on the anti-lockdown, anti-vax passport march in London yesterday.

>>48099 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease

>>48102, >>48103 Joe comms….

>>48104 Symbols will be their downfal

>>48105 Wuhan Lab Connected to Chinese Military, Documents Reveal

>>48106 PayPal suspends donations to volunteer ‘Rangers’ providing armed security during Arizona audit

>>48107 BLM Marxist Agenda uncovered

>>48111 Arizona Republicans STRIKE BACK – File Motion of Their Own Against State Democrats – Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Delivers Update on Maricopa County Forensic Audit

>>48117 Gervais: It’s The Oscars tonight! I wasn’t invited. Was it something I said?

>>48141 CM: Jovan is involved in the audit and has confirmed that there is no fingerprints check.

>>48152 ICYMI: Jovan Pulitzer offered $10M to stay quiet about voter fraud'''

>>48153 #124

Anonymous ID: 3c863a April 26, 2021, 9:33 a.m. No.48392   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>48175, >>48207 planefaggin

>>48247 CM: How to force a judge recusal

>>48244 Nine miles of people, but zero column inches. (comms?)

>>48227 MikeyRotChild: Woman went to check her corn, got swallowed by a python (corn, 23 pain comms?)

>>48225 Suga suffers triple defeat in bellwether Diet by-elections

>>48224 Chuckie: Excited to be watching the Oscars with an ice cold plant-based beer. (comms?)

>>48218 The ballots in question were printed with the registration off target so that the ballots would be rejected by the vote tabulation scanners......

>>48209 President Trump: My wife, Melania's birthday is TOMORROW.

>>48206 Americans Will Officially Need A Vaccine Passport For Travel To Europe In 2021

>>48199 Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Top channels to join on Telegram

>>48185, >>48193, >>48195 Judge in AZ audit case has recused himself

>>48182 Botus and Blotus head to WH on Marine One

>>48181 Grassley: might have to wait for corn harvest but tulips comin up soon

>>48180 Arizona Republicans STRIKE BACK – File Motion of Their Own Against State Democrats

>>48179 How to Detect Counterfeit Money: 8 Ways to Tell If a Bill Is Fake

>>48178 More Joe comms….

>>48176, >>48177 Kamala Harris has built a digital army, of bots

>>48174 Refresher for the keks: A 1989 AP Report: Nations “Wiped Off Face of the Earth” by 2000

>>48171 Pompeo: Enough popcorn for a movie marathon!

>>48164 Jovan Pulitzer fraud investigation

>>48258 #125

Anonymous ID: 3c863a April 26, 2021, 9:39 a.m. No.48393   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>48307, >>48326, >>48337, >>48351 eyez on the skyz

>>48346 Fauci Flip-Flops Again: Outdoor COVID Infection Risk Is "Miniscule"

>>48336 Pandemic snake oil: Bain sets up $1bn business succession fund focused on Japan

>>48331 Supreme Court to take up right to carry gun for self-defense

>>48329 New CM telegrams w/CAPs: disinformation battlefield. AZ AG rejects Dem call for audit investigation.

>>48328 New Gen McInerny telegram w/CAP: links to AZ audit cams and link for 'see something say something'

>>48327 Copper Hits 10-Year High Amid Supply Constraints And Infrastructure Plans

>>48325 Media Hack Morgan Loew Admits to Sneaking Inside AZ Audit Room at Veterans Memorial Center w/out Proper Credentials Before Ballots Arrive in Attempt to Discredit Process

>>48323 Mike Pompeo w/CAP: Our Administration’s exquisite strike on Qasem Soleimani had a massive impact on Iran and the Middle East...

>>48321 Census numbers expected to shift House power to the South, West

>>48320 Dan Scavino w/CAP: REMINDER!! 6FT!!

>>48309 FBI Documents Bombshell: Undisclosed Entity Could’ve Paid For Seth Rich’s Murder

>>48297, >>48298, >>48299, >>48300 Global Resource Systems, LLC acquired 56 million IPV4s on Bidan's 'inauguration' day.

>>48282 Understand? Got it?!

>>48353 #126

Anonymous ID: b4f87c April 26, 2021, 8:03 p.m. No.48583   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>48388, >>48395, >>48398, >>48401, >>48402, >>48429 Gold Eyez in the Skyz

>>48449 Cybersecurity expert Dan Kaminsky dead at 42, internet erupts with COVID vax conspiracies

>>48448 Australia Calls Out Biden And His “Woke Military”…

>>48439, >>48442 >>48450 @USNavy There’s always something to do at sea!

>>48432 Solid 5Y Auction Prints On The Screws, Easing Concerns Ahead Of Tomorrow's 7Y

>>48431 Ariz. audit underway, officials finding signs of fraud

>>48430, >>48437 Kamala Rides Fear Pron Wagon to the UN, spreads diplomacy South of the Border

>>48427, >>48436, >>48441 Vax is binary weapon?

>>48417 Methodists split over homosexuality

>>48416 Twitter Won’t Take Action Against LeBron James for Tweet Targeting Officer

>>48410 Cheney ignores her odds

>>48409 Carlyle Seeks to Raise $22 Billion for Flagship Buyout Fund

>>48407 Far-Left Activist and CNN Talking Head Reads Manchin and Sinema’s Phone Numbers on TV to Pressure Them Over ‘George Floyd Justice

>>48406 US Embassy In Turkey Closes For 2 Days Over Genocide Statement Backlash

>>48405 Trump Expects "Startling Results" As Arizona Legislators Take Possession Of All Ballots, Voting Machines From Maricopa County

>>48404 NC City Declares State of Emergency Prior to Bodycam Video Release of Andrew Brown Jr. Shooting

>>48403 John Kerry Told Iran’s Foreign Minister About Israel’s Covert Operations in Syria

>>48400 Because now they are playing the same game, but this time with India. ....

>>48399 Maricopa County judge recuses himself from lawsuit over Senate Republicans' election audit

>>48397, >>48419, >>48420, >48422 Tidewater decodes?

>>48396 @USMC Can You Knot?

>>48391 Goldman Sachs watching total margin loans after Archegos fund blowup

>>48386 “The Mainstream Media Is Now Coming In for Their Bombing Runs” – Steve Bannon Warns of the Coming Media Attacks on the AZ Audit

>>48382 Pompeo: DC statehood isn’t about representation. Let’s call it what it is: the Left’s attempt at an unconstitutional power grab for more seats in Congress.

>>48376, >>48378, >>48389 Is water becoming a commodity to be bought, sold and traded by Wall Street firms and hedge funds?

>>48371 Ugly, Tailing 2Y Auction Is Ill Omen As Bid-To-Cover; Indirect Bid Both Plunge

>>48370 45th President Donald Trump’s presidential portrait is set to go up in the Smithsonian when it reopens on May 14th.

>>48451 #127

Anonymous ID: b4f87c April 26, 2021, 8:03 p.m. No.48584   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>48476, >>48477, >>48480, >>48485, >>48509, >>48528, >>48539 planefaggin

>>48543 @TheRealCVN71 Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than those you did

>>48541, >>48542 Pompeo Pushes Investigation Into Kerry for Leaking Secrets to Iran

>>48540 Tracy Beanz

>>48533, >>48534, >>48536 call to diggz NEWSWEEK, DAILY BEAST and IBT TIMES

>>48520 AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward Tells Gateway Pundit “This Is America’s Audit. It is for America”

>>48508 America First Legal filed lawsuit against the Biden Admin for illegally excluding Americans from receiving farm aid based upon their race.

>>48506, >>48535 Myanmar military to consider accepting ASEAN envoy

>>48505 Tesla's Elon Musk qualifies for $11 billion options payout

>>48504 GameStop raises $551 million to accelerate e-commerce push, shares jump

>>48502 Pentagon Reveals 3-Hour Long IRGC "Swarming" Incident Of US Vessels In Persian Gulf

>>48501 The FISA abuses have continued.

>>48498 LIVE: 'Club 45' Dinner in West Palm Beach

>>48492 Secretary of State Dr. Shirley N. Weber Announces Threshold Met to Trigger Recall, Signature Withdrawal Period

>>48475 The Florida Senate on Monday passed legislation requiring social media companies to publish standards for use and abide by them

>>48474, >>48511 Project Veritas SUES CNN In Federal Court Following Ana Cabrera's Malicious ON-AIR Defamation

>>48473 45 Endorsement of Susan Wright

>>48469, >>48490 The Census Bureau releases House reapportionment data based on the 2020 census, kicking off the official redistricting process

>>48462, >>48463, >>48465, >>48466, >>48470, >>48489, >>48491 AZ audit

>>48461 Joe Comms

>>48546 #128

Anonymous ID: f38531 April 28, 2021, 8:47 a.m. No.48980   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>48579, >>48580, >>48582 Eyes in the sky

>>48557 Botus on American Jobs Plan

>>48559, >>48561, >>48562 New Maricopa audit judge, Daniel Martin, not only appt'd by dem Janet Napolitan also worked for Perkins Coie

>>48575 Lou Dobbs: Super Moon rising

>>48581, >>48612, >>48613 General McInerney on fire - & Lin W encounter with D McKissick

>>48587 Nuremberg Code & Requirement for children to wear masks in school

>>48603 Search & Seizure at Home of Judge Who Rendered the Sensational Weimar Mask-Judgment

>>48588 Grassley asks why annual report left out key data on student visa programs from Trump-era reports

>>48601 New "Fake pandemics and pretend viruses" thread

>>48607, >>48608, >>48609, >>48610, >>48611 Anon on fake pandemics & pretend viruses parts 1 - 5

>>48643 Biden Has Andrew Cuomo Lead White House COVID Calls with Governors

>>48644 State Dept. Suggests Kerry Didn’t Share Secrets with Iran’s Zarif About Israel’s Operations in Syria

>>48645, >>48646 Census: TX Gains 2 House Seats, CA, NY Lose One As US Political Map Is Redrawn

>>48649 #129

Anonymous ID: f38531 April 28, 2021, 8:48 a.m. No.48981   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>48672, >>48676, >>48703, >>48717, >>48719, >>48723, >>48724, >>48736 Eyez on the skyz

>>48739 4-Star Generals Want China, Russia Intel Declassified

>>48738 AZ House passed prison for life for child sex crimes

>>48735 US-cert.cisa. gov alerts

>>48733 US State Department issued a new travel advisory urging all Americans interested in leaving #Afghanistan to do so "ASAP"

>>48732 @USMC Weld Done

>>48730 Supply Chains Implode As "Price Doesn’t Even Matter Anymore"-"It's About To Get Much Worse"

>>48726 Canada introduces bill to police all internet speech

>>48725 Mexico posts unexpectedly large trade deficit as auto exports struggle

>>48722 Chief of Border Patrol Bucks Biden, Will Say ‘Alien’ Until Law Changes

>>48718 Google, Soros, & Gates-Fund Media Outlet ‘Project Syndicate’ Publishes Op-Eds For China’s State Media, Stuff to digg

>>48716 Grassley: 2day at judic hrg I asked reps from Facebook YouTube & Twitter about censorship of users w/out warning or due process

>>48713 Judicial Watch: Documents Show CA State Officials Coordinated with Big Tech to Censor Americans’ Election Posts

>>48712 Give this mayor a call, sound off for 1A

>>48710, >>48711 Gen. McInerney

>>48709 Dobbs: Demographics are destiny

>>48708 Call to diggz on Prince Andrew

>>48705 Bidens destruction of America download

>>48704 For the keks! Training new recruits be like....

>>48702 Earth gazing outside the Dragon window.

>>48700 Flotus appreciates her b'day wishes!

>>48699 America's Frontline Doctors now providing $4,000 + attorney fee lawsuits for plaintiffs aka you, if you qualify for mask exemption and an employer/airline/company discriminates you.

>>48698 Supreme Court: Pfizer, Moderna et al. may own your genes once you’re injected with their lab-created mRNA, DNA

>>48696, >>48697 Cyber Ninjas Are Also Part of Team Refuting Secretary of State Benson’s Letter Claiming ‘Operator Error’ in Election Results in Antrim County, Michigan

>>48695 Private school in Miami warns teachers against taking COVID-19 vaccine. Will not hire and will fire anyone that got it

>>48694 Vote for the Joe Kents of this country every State every County every precinct…. #throwthebumsout!

>>48688 Karen rebels step up attacks as Myanmar army struggles to rule

>>48686 Washington Post shuts down presidential fact-checking database after 100 days of Biden

>>48685 Home prices surge by most since 2006

>>48683 Justice Dept. Asked to Examine Whether Swiss Bank Kept Helping Tax Dodgers

>>48677 File under ooookaaaay... Indonesia says powerful underwater wave likely sunk submarine

>>48674 Suga orders SDF to open vaccination site in Tokyo

>>48671 Connecticut Judge Denies Protection for Girls from Transgender Athletes

>>48669 Archegos Fallout Tops $10 Billion As UBS, Nomura Report More Losses

>>48664 Bulk Carrier Smashes Into Suezmax Tanker Off China's Top Refining Port

>>48658 "Unconfirmed Reports" Of Oil Tanker Attacked Off Saudi Coast

>>48742 #130

Anonymous ID: f38531 April 28, 2021, 8:48 a.m. No.48982   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>48756, >>48760, >>48776, >>48780, >>48787, >>48800, >>48807, >>48821, >>48834, >>48840 planefaggin

>>48827 Joe Biden wore a mask outside to announce that fully vaccinated Americans don't need to wear a mask outside.

>>48823 Charles de Vaulx apparent suicide after his financial empire collapsed

>>48820 Jake Sullvan arrives for meetings with Israel National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat at the Israel embassy.

>>48819 Myanmar coup latest: US senators call for sanctions on energy group MOGE

>>48818 Technofog needs help

>>48817 FISA court doc shows FBI looked for domestic terrorists without warrants, report

>>48816 CCP collaborators debunked Wuhan lab leak

>>48815 Flynn: “The people have spoken,”

>>48814 45: Liz Cheney is polling sooo low in Wyoming, and has sooo little support, even from the Wyoming Republican Party, that she is looking for a way out of her Congressional race.

>>48809 Unmasking the surgeons: the evidence base behind the use of facemasks in surgery

>>48802 There are currently at least 89 studies, with 48 being peer-reviewed (as of April 17, 2021), showing that Ivermectin is highly effective in treating COVID-19 in early stages and as prophylaxis (preventative measure).

>>48794 Liberal push to expand Supreme Court is all but dead among Hill Dems

>>48792, >>48793 Vice President Harris Participates in a Roundtable with Representatives from Guatemalan Community-Based Organizations

>>48788 Maricopa County Judge did not issue a restraining order today. The audit continues.

>>48783 Inflation Expectations Hit Eight-Year High Amid Reopening Cheer


>>48772 45: The Radical Left Democrat Party has gone absolutely INSANE in fighting the Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam..............................

>>48765 Truth makes Democrats very, very angry.

>>48759, >>48761 “They Sent a Team of 100 Lawyers to Stop It Because They Know What the Result -Will Be”

>>48843 #131

Anonymous ID: f38531 April 28, 2021, 8:49 a.m. No.48983   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>48934 Who needs Congress? Biden Signs $15 Minimum Wage for Federal Contract Workers

>>48925 Biden Set To Unveil $1.8 Trillion Expansion Of American "Social Safety Net"

>>48920 Marjorie Taylor Greene to Headline Pro Police ‘Back the Blue’ Rally this Saturday in Columbus, Ohio the Day After Funeral of Ma’Khia Bryant

>>48919 Nancy Pelosi to Exclude 1,400 Invitees from Biden’s First Address to Congress While He Speaks Without a Mask

>>48903 McInerney on Islamic Jewelry shop infiltration

>>48902 McInerney: POTUS & Q told us about Kerry's shady dealings two years ago (but Obama's even worse)

>>48901 CM: flight attendant witnessed libs from Philly bragging about "helping" w/AZ audit -who to inform?

>>48900 NY Post fake pics in story pushing India "covid crisis"

>>48899 Hunter Biden hired to teach a course on FAKE NEWS this fall (he outta know)

>>48897 The China Biden government of thugs has made it possible to "legally target EVERY AMERICAN whom dares question the legitimacy of the 2020 election."

>>48893 Idaho State Senate Passes Bill Banning Teaching Of Critical Race Theory In Schools

>>48889 Former Obama White House advisor Seth Andrew arrested, accused of stealing from charter school he founded

>>48879 911 Pentagon hit with missile

>>48876 @EpochTimes having our congressional credentials pulled (I expect temporarily)

>>48873 @SenatorHagerty. Big tech giants are common carriers and need to be regulated as such.

>>48870 Charles de Vaulx awarded Morningstar's "International Stock Manager of the Year."

>>48867, >>48878, >>48883 Pricey Corn Has Farmers Feeding Wheat for Humans to Livestock

>>48864 Biden to Nominate Former Pentagon Official Frank Kendall to Top Air Force Post


>>48859 Arizona Republican Party @AZGOP audit reports

>>48858, >>48862, >>48872 CRISIS at the Southern Border…

>>48856, >>48860, >>48871, >>48869, >>48874 Goldman, Santander, SocGen help European Investment Bank issue €100m public blockchain bond

>>48855 Here is the fun infographic from the CDC detailing what rights unvaccinated infidels no longer have

>>48853 Pompeo: While I was briefing Trump, Kerry was briefing Iran

>>48851, >>48865 President Biden is expected to call for universal free preschool in Wednesday's address to Congress

>>48940 #132

Anonymous ID: 3177da April 29, 2021, 9:53 a.m. No.49419   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>48965, >>48970, >>48975, >>48990, >>48996, >>49004, >>49032 Gold Eyez in the Skyz

>>49030 UK Councils Advertising Covid Marshall Roles Beyond End of June Restrictions

>>49029 Chinese National Sentenced to 14 Years for Laundering Drug Money for Mexican Cartels

>>49028 Biden Chief of Staff’s Wife Openly Collaborated with Chinese State Media

>>49027 Drought-hit California moves to halt Nestlé from taking millions of gallons of water

>>49026 Food For Thought

>>49025 45 on On Bongino today

>>49022 European Parliament Seeks SWIFT Shut-Off For Russia "If Ukraine Aggression Continues"

>>49015, >>49018, >>49021 Future gonna prove past? We are on the edge of our seats!

>>49008 BIDEN's destruction of America Day 98

>>49000, >>49001, >>49002 "Globalist Banker Predicted Scamdemic & Genocide of The Useless

>>48999, >>49005, >>49006, >>49013 Federal Investigators Execute Search Warrant at Rudy Giuliani’s Apartment/Insert Rudy

>>48997 We'll do a rally soon.

>>48994 Tides Center

>>48992 Scavino/Q Like Clockwork.You have been prepared.

>>48988, >>48989, >>48991 Man arrested at airport after 35 birds intended for singing contests found in his clothing, officials say/Q's

>>48986 Kill Chain-The.Cyber ​​War on Americas Election

>>48984 ECB's Lagarde sees rapid rebound as vaccinations take off

>>48979 CM: Please call the Judge’s Clerk’s Office at 602-372-2925 and ask that Judge Martin recuse himself regarding case number: CV2021-006646

>>48977, >>48978 Stock ETF Inflows of $246 Billion Already Top All of Last Year

>>48976 Desantis getting luv

>>48974 ICPs and memory cards are being analyzed on camera one.

>>48971 Myanmar coup latest: Death toll rises in clashes near India border

>>48969 Tesla discloses notice from EPA alleging noncompliance with the Clean Air Act of 1963

>>48967 Hitachi Agrees to Sell Metal Unit to Bain Group for $3.5 Billion

>>49037 #133

Anonymous ID: 3177da April 29, 2021, 9:54 a.m. No.49420   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>49049, >>49059, >>49137 Gold Eyez in the Skyz

>>49136 Propaganda Vs Truth

>>49135 Smart Global Holdings Inc. sold by Silver Lake partners: $101m-Apr 26

>>49133 F.B.I. agents on Wednesday morning also executed a search warrant at the Washington-area home of Victoria Toensing

>>49131 'Woke' ideology is 'wrecking Christianity,' warns Christian rock star

>>49127 WARNINGS From "1984" and "Brave New World" You Must Hear | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 132

>>49123 Wonder how many states have some sort of electric/'green wave' bills on dockets?

>>49118, >>49121 Biden wants to build 500,000 charging stations. Here’s where we stand and how we get there.

>>49113, >>49115 Vail, AZ takes school board in own hands

>>49098 The Bee: Cuomo Regretting Killing All Those Elderly After Losing House Seat

>>49091 Gen McInerney/Silent Running

>>49089 For the Keks!

>>49088 Navy Seals to shift from counterterrorism to global threats

>>49083 Palm Beach County's tax collector is tellingher employees to get vaccinated or risk losing their jobs.

>>49081 Ron DeSantis Extends Emergency Order: Necessary to ‘Protect’ Floridians from ‘So-Called Vaccine Passport’

>>49078 SEC Enforcement Chief Alex Oh Resigns Just Days After Taking Job

>>49075 Total WAR on FOOD targeting ranchers to outlaw all forms of meat, including cattle and backyard chickens

>>49074, >>49077, >>49100 Biggs asks Biden to suspend John Kerry’s security clearance

>>49072 'Apple tops expectations across the board while boosting dividend 7% and adds $90B share buyback

>>49069, >>49076 Rudy Giuliani responds to the feds raiding his NYC apartment

>>49063 Analysis of FBI FISA abuse from TechnoFog

>>49061, >>49067 Optimistic Fed Signals "Strengthening" Economy, Shrugs Off Inflation As "Transitory"

>>49059 Alabama AG Steve Marshall pulls out of National Attorneys General Association

>>49052 Drudge Report Drops Links to Gateway Pundit, Other Conservative Sites

>>49050 New Judge in Election Case in Arizona, Judge Martin, Was Picked by Judge and Wife of Maricopa County Supervisor, Bill Gates!

>>49045 Exclusive Investigation: Separating rumor from fact on Covid-19's origin

>>49143 #134

Anonymous ID: 3177da April 29, 2021, 9:54 a.m. No.49421   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>49263 Trump To Restart MAGA Rallies As Early As May, Calls Potential 2024 Opponent 'Total Loser'

>>49261 WATCH LIVE: Senator Tim Scott Delivers Response to Biden Address

>>49254, >>49258 Oregon Town Declares Emergency to Fight Gov. Brown's Lockdowns

>>49241 Biden: “We Have to do More Than Just Build Back Better. We Have to Build Back Better”

>>49236, >>49238, >>49242 Joe Biden: Jan. 6 was “Worst Attack on Our Democracy Since the Civil War”

>>49235 Arizona Rangers Guarding Forensic Audit Center Raises $140,000 to Continue Their Protection of Maricopa County Audit

>>49230 Joe comms/17

>>49229 Police Officer Who Made Viral TikTok Video Mocking LeBron James SUSPENDED — Fundraiser Launched

>>49227 China official won't delete satirical Hokusai pic about Fukushima water

>>49226 Ken Bennett, Maricopa Audit Senate Liaison

>>49224 Botus bad stats

>>49220 Build Back Better / Blood Brain Barrier

>>49216, >>49222 Roy Blunt GA, left black eye

>>49210 2006 Pima County, AZ Investigation Found Computer Technician Exported Election Data from Voting Machines

>>49200 I’ve just formed an exploratory committee to take on @AOC in the 2022 election.

>>49194 “There’s material on Hunter Biden’s laptop suggesting he was involved in the sexual abuse of minors.“

>>49192 Lawmakers call for IG's removal: 'the only thing this watchdog appears to hunt is her own employees'

>>49188 Japan to tighten borders for arrivals from 4 US states, India, Peru-May 1st

>>49182 DRAMATIC results from Ivermectin in Czech Republic!

>>49179, >>49181 SC Governor done with masks

>>49176 new x22

>>49271 #135

Anonymous ID: 3177da April 29, 2021, 9:54 a.m. No.49422   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>49300, >>49306, >>49308 NY cop fatally shot himself inside his apt - laptop connection?

>>49307 Eyes on the skyzz

>>49325, >>49312 AZ school board flees as angry parents demand no more masks for kids in school

>>49315 45 joins Maria Bartiromo tomorrow am

>>49319 Biden promoting "the sacred right to vote"

>>49321 Tesla sold by Chairman: $46.31m-Apr. 26

>>49322 Sen. Hawley Introduces Bill to Defend U.S. Circuit Boards From Chinese Exploitation, Strengthen Supply Chain

>>49353 , >>49323, >>49350, >>49352 Statement from Rudy W. Giuliani

>>49326 Vega rocket returns to flight with Europe's most advanced Earth observation satellite yet

>>49331 Maricopa audit: 5 days in, 8 boxes done

>>49332 FTC Hits Chiropractor for Violating COVID Consumer Protection Law

>>49333 COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act of the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act

>>49334 MIRROR Censored Video: =>Eric Nepute - Common Sense Health Group 4 8 2020 (mirror).mp4

>>49356 Coronavirus Spike Protein Alone May Cause Lung Damage

>>49361 Brahm Resnik gets called out by Maricopa Audit

>>49367 #136

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 3, 2021, 10:57 a.m. No.50398   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>49382, >>49383, >>49386, >>49387, >>49397, >>49398, >>49399, >>49401, >>49406, >>49416, >>49426, >>49440, >>49455, >>49457 Eyez on the skyz

>>49469 Joint Session Address ratings

>>49467 Alex Oh: The Strange Case of the SEC Enforcement Chief Who Beat a Hasty Exit After Six Days on the Job

>>49462 Lawfare Groups Ask For Federal Intervention in Arizona Ballot Audit – Send Letter to DOJ Asking for Immediate Involvement

>>49460 Ghislaine Maxwell pictured for the first time behind bars — with a bruise/czech it left eye

>>49458 Mexico finance ministry says rise in inflation doesn't appear permanent

>>49456 Amazon has made more profit during pandemic than previous 3 years of earnings in total

>>49446 ANOTHER LEAKED AUDIO: John Kerry’s 2016 Meeting with Syrian “Revolutionaries” Pushing for US Bomb Attacks on Syria


>>49438 Keep your eyes on the Audit!

>>49434, >>49435 GOP ELITES DROP TRUMP!

>>49431 DeSantis on VP list for 2024?

>>49428 Facebook "accidentally" blocks resignation calls against the Indian prime minister Modi.

>>49427 Grassley: Biden’s msg last night made Democrats’ plan to spend spend spend & tax tax tax pretty clear

>>49425, >>49429 US Sells Treasury Bills At 0% For The First Time Since The Covid Crash

>>49424 Not The Bee: Apparently Gen Z Doesn't Know What Meat Is And I Am Now Weeping For Our Future

>>49423 The Bee:'Who Are You? Where Are My Pills?' Says Biden In Dynamic Speech Echoing All Of America's Concerns

>>49417 “The Truth About COVID-19

>>49408 Globalist publication Foreign Policy has squarely pegged Janet Yellen as a Technocrat

>>49407 The U.S. DOJ has repealed a Trump-era policy that cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in grants to sanctuary cities

>>49396 Feeding Chickens Is So Costly It’s Changing Global Trade Flows

>>49395 Taiwan bans recruitment from China to combat chip talent poaching

>>49388 Russian FM Lavrov: US Relations Now Worse Than Cold War

>>49385 Shakeup in Iran's presidential office after leaked FM tape

>>49384 Q1 GDP Unexpectedly Misses Despite Stimmy-Funded Spending Surge

>>49378 CNN Caught Trying to Spread Opposition Research in Alaska

>>49478 #137

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 3, 2021, 10:57 a.m. No.50399   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>49501, >>49510, >>49515, >>49522, >>49532, >>49534, >>49554 Gold Eyes to the Skyz

>>49581 Tucker talked about Schenck - 1917/Schenck v. United States: Defining the limits of free speech

>>49568 Inside the Foreign-Funded ‘Hub Project’ to Transform America

>>49566 CALL TO DIG/ Ray Cammack

>>49564, >>49565 DID SOMEONE SAY——— RALLY!? #MAGA

>>49560 South Korean President Moon will visit White House on May 21, confirming ‘ironclad alliance’

>>49558 Gaetz scandal isn't about Gaetz

>>49555 Mints are running out of gold; not enough physical silver to cover paper - former U.S. Mint Director

>>49545 Giuliani: DOJ Secretly Went into My iCloud Account in 2019 as We Were Defending Against Phony Impeachment

>>49544 Illinois judge rules FOID card 'unconstitutional'

>>49543 Paris Mayor Backs Military Chiefs Who Threatened To Seize Control From Macron Over Inaction On Radical Islam

>>49533 new x22report It’ Going To Happen, Keep Fighting, They Have Gone To Far, Hit Back 10 Times Harder

>>49530 100 Days Into Biden’s Presidency, Hunter Still Owns Stake In Chinese Private Equity Firm, Business Records Show

>>49523 “I’m Working on it, Man! Give Me Another 5 Days”

>>49519 mail in data for Botus attendance has yet to be tabulated, waiting.......

>>49516 the gaffs just keep comin

>>49512 SC school board wants to buck the governor

>>49511 Killery is habby, should be a warning alert for all

>>49506 NYT jacks viewer numbers for Botus, still way low compared to 45

>>49586 #138

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 3, 2021, 10:57 a.m. No.50400   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>49606, >>49658, >>49665 Eyes on the skies - C'mon man!...two trips in two days?

>>49610, >>49614 BILL GATES' luxury catamaran visits the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

>>49613, >>49616, >>49618 Child trafficking getting exposure from Gen. McInerney, Tucker, PDJT, Lin Wood

>>49616, >>49653 General McInerney on Telegram: Contact AZ State Fair to shut down surprise carnival near Maricopa audit site. Tim Scott is a RINO coward trash Senator.

>>49619 Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett: Maricopa County Election Audit on Pace to be Done by Deadline

>>49620, >>49621, >>49622 The Anti-Lockdown Movement Is Large and Growing

>>49623 Antifa has threatened to kill the mayor of a major American city in an ISIS-style video

>>49624 Rep Boebert brings space blanket to Joe's speech - guess why?

>>49633 "Makes Me Worried": China Based Companies Rush To List On U.S. Exchanges At A Blistering Pace

>>49634 UK spy agencies are looking for the next Alan Turing and‘Q’in recruitment drives with a focus on tackling cyber threats

>>49635 Examiner Who Performed Andrew Brown Autopsy Previously Had License Suspended, Accused Of Mishandling Prior Investigation

>>49636 Cypress College Professor Can Barely Hide Her Disdain When Student Calls Police ‘Heroes’

>>49640, >>49642 report: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Intelligence Unit raided the offices of President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

>>49666 Antifa Terrorists Issue Direct Physical Threat To Portland Mayor: Resign Or Else….

>>49675 #139

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 3, 2021, 11 a.m. No.50401   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>49683, >>49686, >>49690, >>49711, >>49715, >>49721, >>49758 OO Eyez in da Skyz

>>49759 Trump supporter shares what he uncovered after infiltrating anti-fascist group in Sonoma Co.

>>49745, >>49746 MayDay MayDay

>>49743 Florida State Senate Upholds Private School’s Decision To Keep Recently Vaccinated Teachers Away From Students

>>49741, >>49756 Florida Passes New Elections Bill Adding Restrictions To Vote-By-Mail And Ballot Drop Boxes

>>49739, >>49744 We are sharing the grief sorrow of Jordan and sincerely express our deepest condolences on the demise of His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Talal.

>>49737 BIDEN EFFECT: GM Flees To Mexico To Invest $1 Billion In Electric Vehicles

>>49736 Exxon Pays Down Billions In Debt Thanks To Soaring Cash Flow As Profitability Returns

>>49734 Tesla Just Paid Back $614 Million In Loans It Received For Its Shanghai Gigafactory

>>49733 John Kerry discloses millions in income from finance, energy firms

>>49728 Lebanese prosecutor opens probe into central bank governor and brother

>>49727 Yep, UV workstations are gonzo.

>>49726 Radical St. Louis Board Approves $4 Million in Funding Cuts to Police, Elimination of 98 Jobs after Homicide Rate Hit a 50 Year High

>>49725 Biden’s CIA Director Claims He Cut Ties with Chinese Communists, But His Group Maintains Links.

>>49722 Supreme Court Backs Illegal Immigrant Challenging Deportation

>>49720 Trump Campaigns for Susan Wright in Texas House Race

>>49718 Idaho Bans Teachers From Forcing Students To ‘Affirm’ Critical Race Theory In Government Schools

>>49717 Elon Musk's SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket into space late Wednesday, deploying its payload of 60 Starlink Internet network satellites into low-Earth orbit.

>>49716, >>49719 Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice Presided Over 20 Years Of War Combined. Now They Want Biden To Nix Biden’s Withdrawal

>>49714 Baker Hughes sold by General Electric Co.: $971.13m-Apr 29

>>49712, >>49713 A Record 34% Of All Household Income In The US Now Comes From The Government

>>49710 China is currently using a traditional vaccine instead of mRNA for covid. Could they know something we don't?

>>49705, >>49706 Killery decode

>>49704 Redpill site to check out

>>49703 For the children!

>>49702 A dual Russian-Swedish national was arrested Tuesday at LA Int'l Airport, alleged operation of the longest-running bitcoin money laundering service on the darknet.

>>49700 Watching Unemployment fraud bleed

>>49699 Dims don't disagree enough

>>49695 restaurant in Virginia where the owners are reminding Americans of their rights .

>>49693 In a recent poll, Rasmussen found that 65% of American voters prefer capitalism to socialism, saying it’s a “better system.”

>>49691, >>49692 >>49694 The high volume of orders during the pandemic has let Amazon run its warehouses at near full capacity.

>>49689 Dallas Fed President Spooks Stocks: "We've Got Real Excesses In The Housing Market", Rate Hike Needed In 2022

>>49762 #140

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 3, 2021, 11 a.m. No.50402   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#141 Crowd bake/notetakers

>>49776, >>49781, >>49782, >>49783, >>49789, >>49811, >>49813, >>49827, >>49836, >>49839 pf reprt(s)

>>49771 12 Armed FBI Agents Kick Down Door of Couple’s Home Looking For Pelosi’s Laptop – Case of Mistaken Identity-gatewaypundit

>>49772 Poll: Majority of French Agree With Military Generals That the Country is Heading Towards “Civil War”-summitnews

>>49773 Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas warns that Covid-19 tyranny is becoming “a second Holocaust”-dcclothesline

>>49776 Not AF1 Joe activity-Joe took Marine One to Wilmington from Philly Int'l

>>49778 Why Marxist Critical Race Theory TEACHES AMERICA IS EVIL | Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense Ep. 133

>>49780 Q drop #1304-07 3yr Delta April 30th

>>49786 Joe Biden Administration Extends Mask Requirement for Travelers Though September-breitbart

>>49787 Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett: Maricopa County Election Audit on Pace to be Done by Deadline-gatewaypundit

>>49788 CSX Corp. sold by Mantle Ridge LP (Vice Chair of CSX too): $192.68m-Apr 28,30

>>49791 Pentagon Cancels Trump's Border Wall Projects Under Biden Order-newsmax

>>49794, >>49795, >>49796, >>49803 Q likes

>>49790, >>49797, >>49798, >>49799, >>49800, >>49801, >>49802, >>49804, >>49805, >>49808 decodes

>>49812, >>49814 Madcow 2019 and now

>>49815, >>49826 Gen Flynn

>>49816 Biden Administration to Allow More White House Aides to Return

>>49818 President Trump at Mar-a-Lago: “Let’s See What They Find… You’ll Watch Pennsylvania,Georgia,Michigan,Wisconsin,New Hampshire!”

>>49822 FRBNY Reverse Repo Operations April 26-30: $766.523B

>>49832 Kekistan sanctions John Kerry.

>>49833 Japan to approve Moderna vaccine as soon as May 21, report says

>>49843 ASEAN seeks to bring US and China on board to end Myanmar crisis

>>49847 The Italian F-35As Have Deployed To Estonia For NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission

>>49848 Red Red

>>49853 #141

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 3, 2021, 11:01 a.m. No.50403   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#142 Notetaker Extraordinaire SFT'lous GOLD TYVVM

>>49909, >>49917, >>49926, >>49928 pf report(s)

>>49866 Maricopa audit moving into phase 2

>>49874, >>49867. >>49878, >>49880 Scotland Yard probing Kevin Spacey - anon on others, bigger pic

>>49876 Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, an early adaptor and pioneer of the HCQ protocol, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

>>49881 Civil War Soldiers Glad They Didn't Live Long Enough To Experience Horrors Of The January 6th Capitol Riot (KEKS)

>>49885 Vid of empty Indian hospital - Covid emergency?

>>49886 Biden's ratings vs sucked bigly

>>49888 McInerney on Skippy: "Soon"

>>49889 Tesla With ‘No One’ Driving Crashes in Texas, Killing Two

>>49891 Significant Jump This Week in Reported Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccine

>>49892 McInerney: No Time. Evil is rising. We have to move faster

>>49914, >>49951 U.S. Space Force Chief Scientist: ‘Human Augmentation’ Is Now from June 2019

>>49915 Scavino on rumble

>>49916, >>49918, >>49919, >>49920, >>49921, >>49922, >>49923, >>49932, >>49942, >>49943 Q like post(s)

>>49927 Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Buys 600 More Acres of Land in Hawaii Amid Protests-sputniknews

>>49929 Berkshire Profit Soars As It Sells Others, Buys Back Its Own Stock-zh

>>49937 Introducing a New Death Tax

>>49938, >>49940, >>49949 @DeptofDefense Bringing the ⚡️!

>>49939 Biden adm targeting Rudy Giuliani is retaliation for uncovering first family corruption — and a continuation of Crossfire Hurricane.

>>49941 ICYMI: The Auditors in AZ already know, It was over before it started. We have it all.


>>49945, >>49946, >>49948 How do I fight against this shit?

>>49952 Washington DC Is Paying $1.6 Million In Settlements To Rioters At Trump’s Inauguration

>>49953 Press Are Taking Photos of License Plates, Faces, Name Badges in Arena Parking Lot – Audit Workers Afraid They Will Be Doxxed by Media

>>49954 #142

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 3, 2021, 11:01 a.m. No.50404   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>49983, >>49988, >>49994, >>49995 Gold Eyez to the Skyz

>>50037 Researchers find link between multi-generational households & COVID-19

>>50035, >>50036 Open Letter from Physicians to Universities: Allow Students Back Without COVID Vaccine Mandate

>>50023, >>50024, >>50034 Dan Scavino tweet on GERONIMO & Q #144

>>50016 Every damn ballot bitches.

>>50015 Fund The Audit

>>50008, >>50009 AZ audit poppin, heads up

>>50007 Illegal Immigrants Fly American, Courtesy of Biden Border Policy


>>50005 Grassley's Senate floor speech - "NO!" on Samantha Power for USAID

>>50004 why was John Kerry even speaking with Iran when President Trump was leading Middle East peace talks?

>>50000, >>50010 You thought Anthony Wiener's laptop was insane wait til Pelosi's stuff starts leaking...

>>49998, >>50011 Maricopa Audit. All ballots need this watermark or they do not count.

>>49993 Today Biden said that America is an embarrassment due to our murder rate… think he has a different agenda for his gun laws?

>>49992, >>50001, >>50002 Eyez On For Susan Wright/Congrats in order

>>49990, >>49996, >>49999 A loser showed up at the @UtahGOP Convention today

>>49981, >>49982, >>49984, >>49985 COLD FUSION WAS REAL AFTER ALL/Major Chinese investors in talks to take Aramco stake

>>49979 Dangers of Untested Vaccines since 1986, especially for the elderly

>>49976, >>49977, >>49978 If @JoeBiden had just followed Donald Trump’s plan, US troops would be out of Afghanistan today.

>>49971, >>49972, >>49973 Hit piece on AZ audit that mocks legit security concerns

>>49966 @USNavy “We will compete to achieve our national interests, cooperate where we can, and confront where we must

>>49965 Biden's Pentagon Denies Vet Biker Group a Parking Permit for Memorial Day Event - First Time in 32 Years

>>50039 #143

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 3, 2021, 11:02 a.m. No.50405   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#144 baker gone, new baker sneaks in to steal da bake

>>50047 CNN Is Caught Outside AZ Audit Center Parking Lot Harassing State Audit Workers-gatewaypundit

>>50048, >>50056, >>50063, >>50075, >>50076, >>50077, >>50080 pf report(s)

>>50052 Dems get locked out of Texas special election-msn

>>50053, >>50062, >>50023 pb Geronimo and Apache references in the same day?

>>50054 JUST IN - US State Department spokesperson Ned Price denies reports of a prisoner swap with Iran.-disclosetv soc. media

>>50057, >>50058, >>50060 Q like post(s)

>>50064 Former Netflix VP convicted of fraud, money laundering-foxbusiness

>>50065 “There Is Something Fishy on the Final Census Results – There Should Be an Investigation or Litigation” – TX Gov. Greg Abbott Weighs in On Shocking Census Numbers (VIDEO)-gatewaypundit

>>50067 Wyoming backs coal with $1.2M threat to sue other states-yahoo

>>50068 Richest Americans Add $195 Billion To Net Worth During Biden's First 100 Days-zh

>>50069 Navarro Twat: "Hydroxychloroquine appears to be saving lives in India..." May 1

>>50070 U.S. investigates suspected energy attack near White House - CBS News May 1

>>50071 Registered voters vs. % turnout graph

>>50072 21 metric tons core stage of China's Long March 5B rocket will make an uncontrolled reentry in the coming days following the space station launch-disclosetv soc. media

>>50073 Myanmar coup latest: Flash mobs defy junta; multiple protesters killed-nikkei

>>50074 Maricopa Arizona Audit: "You @katiehobbs might be held accountable for having your paid election expert Ryan Macias impersonate a reporter and try to sneak past security to get on the ballot floor. More to come!"

>>50079, >>50090 Anons on KANSAS & 6-1, Ball_CALLED…End_Transmission, Insurrection Act

>>50080 SAM265 C-40B and RCH352 C-17 arrive at JBA after both went to Peterson AFB, Hickam AFB and Omaha, NE- trip began 0429.....

>>50083 Q's answered on Ivermectin by Drs Moheen Syed & Syed Haider

>>50086, >>50059 Anons on Q-like posts with a "David" theme

>>50088, >>50089 Anon on Q #556 & ways to track people (including the POTUS)

>>50091 #144

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 3, 2021, 11:02 a.m. No.50406   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>50136, >>50150, >>50178 planefag updates

>>50101 [WHO]’s about to drop: Could this be Dr. David Nabarro?

>>50105 Moar on "Call the Ball/Pompeo": FISA Goes Both Ways

>>50106 Next phase fear pron: "You're selfish if you do not cooperate"


>>50108 Fear porn from Joint Chiefs: What will happen if we withdraw from Afghanistan

>>50109 Lubbock TX Votes to Ban Abortions — Dubs Itself ‘Sanctuary City For the Unborn’

>>50111 Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Lays out Plan to Control the Global Internet: Leaked Documents

>>50112 Russia Says It's Ready for Disconnection from SWIFT

>>50113 Kinzinger-backed anti-Trump candidate placed 9th with 3%

>>50114 Arizona Conservatives: Audit may be off today, but conservatives can still act

>>50115 Science completely down the tubes when it come s to CV-19 studies

>>50117 Austin Votes to Reinstate Public Camping Ban: ‘Lawlessness Is Not Helping the Homeless’

>>50121, >>50125 New York Times, WaPo, NBC forced to retract false claims about Giuliani

>>50129, >>50147, >>50131 MIS: an extreme immune response to COVID-19

>>50138 The Bee: Scholars Now Believe Father Abraham Spent Most Of His Time Putting Out Oil Lamps His Kids Left On

>>50147 having an immune response to the "spike protein" does not seem as protective as having an immune response to other parts of the "virus"

>>50148 Nigel Farage Says Trump Will Reemerge And Win In 2024, Compares 2020 Setback To Years That Preceded Brexit

>>50149 In the event of conflict 2017 Gen Milley

>>50152 NH: URGENT: Calling All Patriots! Windham Board Members Plan Meeting at 7 PM Monday Night at Windham High School

>>50155 Chinese vaccines arrive in Myanmar

>>50161 Grassley: These cable companies are getting to big like goggle so they can ignore their customers FNC has taken their ticker off.

>>50172 Gitmo update

>>50174, >>50173 Q likes Tradcraft/Jordan

>>50175 Biden Prepares For Stealth Food Stamp Increase Of Up To 20% Without Congressional Approval

>>50183 Sec of State Blinken Tells 60 Minutes Closing Guantanamo is ‘Certainly a Goal’ For the Biden Administration

>>50186 #145

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 3, 2021, 11:03 a.m. No.50407   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>50244, >>50245, >>50249, >>50253, >>50270, >>50280 Spyz in the skyz?

>>50200 Economic Schedule for Week of May 2, 2021

>>50202 CDC: Over 9,000 People Who Got Vaccinated Later Tested Positive For COVID-19, Over 100 Died

>>50203 Voters Advance 2 Republicans, No Democrats in Texas Special Election Runoff Race

>>50204 DR. Sherri Tenpenny & Dr. Lee Merritt: The medical industry has now become weaponized

>>50205 Finland: Int'l Criminal Court should investigate its govt for large-scale & systematic crimes against humanity

>>50206, >>50208 Nuremberg Code: ten standards in experiments on human subjects

>>50209 Must-see vid for KEKS

>>50252 New DJT w/CAP: The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!

>>50264 U.S.-Led NATO Forces Officially Begin Afghanistan Withdrawal over Weekend

>>50268 Windham Selectmen Get Caught! City Officials Chose Voting Group THEY NEW Was Known for Providing Cover for Voting Machine Companies and an “Absence of Values"

>>50277 Leftist Internet Company Shuts Down “Truth Over Fear” COVID Summit to Silence Health Professionals Concerned About Lockdowns and Experimental Gene Therapy Injections

>>50278 State Department Denies Reports Of Iran Prisoner Swap For $7 Billion In Unfrozen Funds

>>50279 Verizon sells Yahoo, AOL and media assets to Apollo in $5B deal

>>50285 #146

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 3, 2021, 11:03 a.m. No.50408   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>50302, >>50305, >>50320, >>50325, >>50330, >>50372, >>50375 mariachi planefag updates

>>50374 Armenian Prosecutor-General’s Office opens case over president’s double citizenship

>>50370 More than a hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner wrote the following:

>>50363 Opponents of ‘critical race theory’ win Texas school board election

>>50359 Is the real Klaus Schwab a kindly old uncle figure wishing to do good for humanity, or is he really the son of a Nazi collaborator

>>50358 Covid-10 UNLOCKED: Is the cure worse than the disease worse than the cure?

>>50356 The Biden admin is considering using outside firms to track extremist chatter by Americans online, an effort that would expand the govts ability to gather intel

>>50355 Myanmar coup latest: Military chopper shot down by Kachin army, group says

>>50352 @usairforce Airmen at the 149th Fighter Wing, Texas, demonstrated an autonomous machine solution for an @AFWERX

>>50348 @GovRonDeSantis is signing the 'Emergency Orders' bill in St. Petersburg that would limit local orders to 7 days at a time, up to 42 days

>>50345 The Bid Lie

>>50344 Gold (and Silver) Is Laughing At Powell

>>50341, >>50343, >>50343 Grassley on Budget

>>50336 Not The Bee: Sad: THIS is what had to happen in order for Oregon's Health Authority to change their masking rules for outdoor sports

>>50334, >>50342 The Bee: Jeopardy Bans All Contestants From Having Hands

>>50328, >>50338, >>50339 Q: We are all waiting for 45's orders

>>50319 CM all that we see is not that there is

>>50316, >>50364 'Boystown' child sexual abuse website shut down in multi-national police operation

>>50315 Gen McInerney

>>50311 Mexican remittances reach record $4.15 bln in March

>>50310 GenesisDigital's Kartra Shuts Down “Truth Over Fear” COVID Summit

>>50308, >>50312 UN affiliated Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) proposes that governments should publish rules as computer code

>>50306 wonder who BLM works for?

>>50388 #147

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 6, 2021, 5:38 a.m. No.51197   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>50413, >>50414, >>50416, >>50424, >>50433, >>50445, >>50447, >>50466, >>50472, >>50483 planefaggin

>>50486 ECW: Registration is now open for the Public Interest #Declassification Board’s (PIDB) Virtual Public Meeting on May 18 at 1 pm.

>>50480 Cuomo worried about grandma's now?

>>50479, >>50481, >>50482 Security Breach After Arizona Court Released Sensitive Documents to the Public

>>50478 Gov. Inslee announced Monday that venues in Washington state are now allowed to have vaccinated sections to increase capacity.

>>50476 Joe Comms

>>50469, >>50477 Gen Mc: Botus running for VP: "I am a Zionist. You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist."

>>50468 The Air Force Should Refrain from Retiring These 5 'Old' Aircraft

>>50465, >>50467 Windham, NH Board WALKS OUT of Town Meeting After Outraged Residents Shouts Them Down Over Audit!

>>50463 Moar CM: Why would the government announce a partnership to utilize private industry for spying on citizens?

>>50459 CM: In what situation(s) can a divorce be strategic?

>>50454 Apollo Lines Up $2 Billion Debt Sale for Verizon Media

>>50437, >>50446, >>50458 Bill and Melinda Gates announce divorce

>>50428, >>50440 The former Democrat House Speaker for the state of Oregon was arrested and charged over human sex trafficking.

>>50425 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ends COVID-19 restrictions statewide

>>50423 Intruder stopped by armed guards from driving through CIA main entrance

>>50421 War Of Words Erupts Between Buffett & Robinhood, Which Just Reported Soaring Revenues From Selling Client Orders To Citadel

>>50418 U.S. Treasury increases Q2 borrowing estimate due to COVID-19 response

>>50488 #148

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 6, 2021, 5:38 a.m. No.51198   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>50523, >>50524, >>50526 planefaggin

>>50552 FDA is set to authorize the Pfizer vax for teens 12 - 15 early next week

>>50549 Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

>>50546 150,000 freedom protectors march in Montreal on May 1

>>50542, >>50541 Craig Wright is suing to prove he is the creator of Bitcoin = Satoshi Nakamoto, worth $60bil

>>50535 Fauci's Cult

>>50532 Funny how these Indian villagers don't see vax pushers as their saviors....

>>50528, >>50529, >>50530 ‘Not Only Are They Friends, They Are Roommates’/McCarthy, Lunz/Q#4919

>>50526 Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN)

>>50525, >>50531 'Deplorable' professor creates 'anti-indoctrination mill' with new education startup

>>50520 Commodity Rally Puts Focus on Key Correlations to Watch

>>50518 Hear From the First Attorney to Have Court Order to Audit Dominion Machines in the Nation

>>50517, >>50519, >>50522 Bidens visit Carters

>>50516 MI6 spy Christopher Steele 'produced second dossier on Donald Trump for FBI'

>>50515 States Offer Beer, Cash Incentives As Vaccine Demand Softens

>>50514 X22

>>50512 US Launching Five Digital Dollar Pilot Programs

>>50508, >>50510, >>50527, >>50539 Moar Winham NH coverage

>>50503 Arizona Judge Dan Martin Released the 2020 Election Audit Team’s Security Document to the Public

>>50555 #149

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 6, 2021, 5:39 a.m. No.51199   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>50596, >>50608, >>50622, >>50625, >>50627, >>50635, >>50639, >>50653 Planefaggory aloft

>>50650 $17.5 Million In Revenue And $5.4 Billion In Losses: Archegos Was A 300x-Levered Time Bomb For Credit Suisse

>>50647, >>50648, >>50649 Pompeo: energy costs/Iran

>>50645 Grenell

>>50644 Another building “jumper”

>>50642 Grassley comms

>>50640 Kneepads on the go

>>50638 The Bee: Chinese Officials Violently Raid Another Church But Don't Worry That Will Never Happen Here

>>50637 CM: FVEY?

>>50634, >>50636 Gen Mc

>>50633 Neuro rights

>>50632 45's telegram list

>>50631 Minneapolis Target Store That Was Ransacked By Rioters Now Features Mural Celebrating Rioters

>>50630, >>50648 Iran’s criminal regime is criminal/Al Qaeda

>>50624 Dogecoin Spikes 50% Intraday, Cripples Robinhood's Crypto Trading

>>50623 Corn tops US$7 a bushel for first time since 2013

>>50617 Standoff Ends as FBI Shoots, Wounds Armed Man Outside CIA Headquarters

>>50615, >>50618 (You) DS comms? with bonus miniature Carter's and furniture???

>>50613 Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Sends Out Warning to Staff: Watch Out for Black Lives Matter Protests Downtown Phoenix This Week!

>>50610 U.S. trade deficit hits a record high amid pent-up demand

>>50592 The Coup Continues: Soros’s Open Society and Globalist Allies Partner with Far-Right Neo-Nazi Party in Hungary to Oust Orbán

>>50587 China Is Trying To Break Up The Five Eyes Intelligence Network

>>50580 Tucker Carlson Drops Bomb: GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and Frank Luntz Are Roommates! (VIDEO)

>>50578 Report: GOP Looks to Replace Liz Cheney with Another Woman

>>50654 #150

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 6, 2021, 5:40 a.m. No.51200   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#151 crowdbake

>>50684, >>50685, >>50689, >>50711, >>50711, >>50719 planefaggin GOLD

>>50728 Arkansas Ends Sales Taxes On Gold & Silver; Additional States May Soon Follow

>>50724, >>50724 D'Souza: Abolish the FBI

>>50723 TecnnoFog: Derek Chauvin's attorneys have filed a motion for new trial

>>50722 Donald J. Trump vid from Gen McInerney

>>50721 Columbian gov't using deadly force on CV-19 lockdown violaters

>>50720 Fiserv, Inc sold by KKR&Co.: $2.70b-May 3

>>50715 Meme: Evidence that the pandemic was planned

>>50714 Cascade Transfers $1.8 Billion of Equities to Melinda Gates

>>50712, >>50713 More on DePerno's finds in Michigan lawsuit - cracking Dominion's code

>>50710 Delores Cahill speech in Cork: "We are sovereign individuals"

>>50709 The Big Vaccine Spin: msm vs truth

>>50698 DC FINALLY Specifies PCR Test Cycle Threshold For Vaccinated Individuals

>>50701, >>50697 Antrim County Plaintiffs Introduce New Evidence in 2020 Election Case

>>50694 Jordan & Biggs to FBI: why is FBI still abusing its surveillance authority?

>>50700, >>50696 Conservative think tank Heritage Foundation stops taking Big Tech donations

>>50699, >>50695 Kansas Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto, Bans the Election Zuck Bucks

>>50726, >>50688 FBI: Man shot outside CIA headquarters has died

>>50691, >>50727 Caitlyn Jenner First Campaign Ad: California Needs a ‘Compassionate Disrupter’

>>50690 Here’s the $47.6 Billion Stock Portfolio Bill Gates Will Keep to Himself after His Divorce from Melinda

>>50687 Fed's Kaplan says jury is out about inflation outlook

>>50680, >>50682 Schumer ‘Actively Exploring’ Granting Citizenship to Millions of Illegal Immigrants Without GOP Support

>>50677 State Dept. Releases Phone Transcript Of Hillary Admitting She Knew Benghazi Was Planned Attack

>>50675 Soros-Connected Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, Snuck an Arizona Outsider Into the 2020 Election Audit

>>50674 Charlie Crist Calls Quits on the House to Run for Governor as Pelosi’s Majority Crumbles

>>50668, >>50669 Honeywell Admits Sending F-35, F-22 Part Drawings To China

>>50667 UHC app services: Noted are the removal of rights and data confiscation for all device addresses.

>>50729 #151

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 6, 2021, 5:41 a.m. No.51201   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>50752, >>50763, >>50776, >>50779, >>50782 planefaggin

>>50842 Q# 1266

>>50820 “The unprecedented surge of pro-life activity in state legislatures this year proves life is winning in America,”

>>50814 Scavino: Travel and tourism is on fire in Portland

>>50808, >>50809, >>50811, >>50812, >>50815, >>50816, >>50817, >>50821, >>50822 FBI blackvault open for business

>>50806 Judge sends @Arizona_LP packing on its claim that it (and other parties) were entitled to be observers at the extra audits

>>50800 Biden’s Stimulus Springs Leaks as March Trade Deficit Explodes to Highest Level Ever

>>50799 Bill Barr Went to Rome to Hear a Secret Tape From Joseph Mifsud, the Prof Who Helped Ignite the Russia Probe

>>50798, >>50803, >>50810 Freedom-Extortion Team 17

>>50797 Cruz with 45

>>50796 $1.2 M reward offered for proof COVID-19 virus exists

>>50794 For the keks!

>>50792 Nowhere in the constitution does it say you need the CDC's permission to do anything

>>50791 @NationalMallNPS Happy #StarWarsDay

>>50790 Netanyahu fails to form coalition government in Israel

>>50789 George Soros-backed prosecutor in St. Louis was ordered Tuesday to face a professional disciplinary hearing

>>50787 Gates and Bezos Divorces

>>50785, >>50793 @DeptofDefense F-22 Raptor flies alongside an @AusAirForce

>>50783 Shady Democrat Operative Ryan Macias Misrepresented Himself as Media to Get on Audit Floor

>>50781 @USArmy #USArmy researchers developed a technique that allows robots to remain resilient

>>50775, >>50780, >>50784 Czech this site: Thousands of medical doctors say the pandemic was planned

>>50772 Push for U.S. 'vaccine passport' grows as Canada announces its own

>>50771 Being the Chairman of a minority party, it is very important to ensure that all our votes count

>>50767 Pfizer says COVID vaccine generated $3.5 billion in revenue in Q1

>>50765 Records Show Iowa State Officials Coordinated with Big Tech to Censor 2020 Election Posts

>>50761 Pink Shirts – Observers Representing Katie Hobbs

>>50760 former staffer for @SenFeinstein continued to pay large sums of money in 2019 to former British spy ChristopherSteele

>>50758, >>50759 federal judge has ordered the release of a legal memorandum the Trump-era Justice Department prepared for then-AG Barr

>>50757, >>50762 Va Teachers Unions Plan Power Grab, Critical Theory Curriculum After Public Sector Collective Bargaining Legalized

>>50756, >>50802 “From the Desk of Donald Trump”

>>50754 Kevin McCarthy’s Luxury Rental Firm’s Largest Shareholder Is Mao’s Grandson.

>>50751 Moar election fuggery confirmed

>>50750 It’s Brakey Time: “My role in this audit is to bring Transparency.

>>50843 #152

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 6, 2021, 5:41 a.m. No.51202   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>50899, >>50912, >>50917 Eyez on the skyz

>>50851 Nuggets from the Black Vault

>>50856 Pfizer doc confirms ‘Covid Vaccine Shedding’ leading to ‘Menstrual Cycle Disruption’ and ‘Miscarriage’ is possible via ‘skin-to-skin contact’ * ‘breathing the same air’

>>50857, >>50865 The Collateral Global Project

>>50858 Dr Peter McCullough: Gov't is scrubbing unprecedented number of injection-related deaths

>>50862 The New Nuremberg Trials 2021

>>50863 CM: Maricopa audit is ~15% complete

>>50864 CM: Russia & China can militarize merchant vessels by hiding missiles in containers

>>50866 India’s Coronavirus emergency tells a poorly understood story

>>50867 Reporter badgering Gen Flynn w/Q-questions gets the takedown he deserves

>>50868 Apr 23: Interview with Atty Matthew DePerno on Antrim Co Audit

>>50869 Only protesters showed up to greet 81mil vote getter VP Harris in Milwaukee

>>50891 Kerry and Biden’s Iranian Buddies Blow up US Capitol Building in New Video

>>50897 Biden Chief of Staff: Fauci Advised Us Herd Immunity ‘Doesn’t Really Apply’ to ‘This Particular Virus’

>>50907 EU-China deal ‘suspended’ in ‘slap down’ of Angela Merkel

>>50910 Yawn... Fagbook sez DJT still banned

>>50911 New DJT telegram w/CAP: No support for Liz Cheney. McConnell gutless

>>50913 To the moon alice: Lumber Futures Extend Record Rally to Top $1,500 for First Time

>>50918 And gone... Archegos prepares for insolvency as banks seek compensation

>>50922 #153

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 6, 2021, 5:41 a.m. No.51203   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>50933, >>50938, >>50946, >>50959, >>50961, >>50962 Eyez to those Skyz

>>50969 Roy Gordon Cole: Man Shot Dead by FBI at CIA Headquarters

>>50968 Fed officials tamp down overheating worries as nervous investors look on

>>50965 Nakasone on 3 yrs now

>>50963 Twitter Re-Ups Pledge to Maintain Trump Blacklisting Forever

>>50960 Most Vaccinated Country on Earth Closes Schools and Sports as COVID Cases Surge — 35% of New Cases Are Fully Vaccinated Residents

>>50957 General McKenzie - For the first time since the Korean war, US does not have air superiority

>>50955 DHS Chief: We Should Not See Borders as ‘Lines that Mark National Boundaries and Divide Us’

>>50954 PA Gov. Tom Wolf Faces Ballot Initiative Which Would Effectively Strip Him of Emergency Coronavirus Powers

>>50953 Meghan McCain's disdain for Trump laced with 8 kun anology's

>>50951, >>50952 New plans for Israeli coaliton gov't without BiBi

>>50949, >>50950 Pope Francis Tells ‘Vax Live’ Concertgoers to Abandon Individualism

>>50947 The Fed Finally Gets Some Tough Questions... And Fails To Answer Them

>>50945 C_A influence in Ecudor

>>50944, >>50948 CM on Pence and American cities under seige

>>50939, >>50941 Gen Mc: Liberals are trying to report you to the FBI, Election Integrity Alliance n moar

>>50936, >>50937 Stefanik to take Cheney’s leadership post ?

>>50935 Privia Health Grp. sold by Pamplona Capital Mgmt: $361.05m-May 3

>>50934 Tennessee Legislature has passed a major reform bill that would require all absentee ballots to contain a watermark for added security

>>50972 #154

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 6, 2021, 5:43 a.m. No.51205   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>50993, >>51011, >>51015, >>51044 planefaggin

>>51079, >>51080, >>51083, >>51084, >>51085 MS Election Guard

>>51068 Texas Senate Passes Constitutional Carry Bill

>>51063 Hasaka plunges into darkness for seventh day in a row due to power outage after Turkish regime loots Syria’s share of Euphrates River’s Water

>>51055, >>51056 @ChuckGrassley letters to @SecBlinken + State IG “Did Secretary Kerry retain his security clearance after leaving office.

>>51052 South Carolina lawmakers vote to add firing squad to state's execution methods

>>51051 Amazon, Inc. sold by Chairman/CEO and Pres. Jeff Bezos: $2.48b-May 3,4,5

>>51050 Nakasone

>>51049 Texas Moves to Stop Chinese Power Firm From Taking Land Near Military Base

>>51048 WA: Inslee brings vaccine passports, segregation to stadiums, colleges, churches

>>51047 Honeywell fined US$13 million for sharing military specs with China

>>51046, >>51054 Melinda Gates Commits $375 Million for Population Control

>>51045 Investigation finds massive wrongdoing by prosecutor in case against ex-Missouri governor

>>51042 Jenna Ellis launches election integrity watchdog group with Texas AG Paxton

>>51041, >>51043 BBC BTFO in free speech dept

>>51039, >>51040 Maricopa County board of electors have admitted they do not have the administrative password(s) to access the tabulation machines

>>51036, >>51037 Shocking Truth About Adrenochrome And Child Trafficking "Sound Of Freedom" Jim Caviezel 4-16-2021

>>51035 HSI seeks help identifying potential victims of ex-preschool teacher convicted of child exploitation

>>51034 Louisiana House Passes Bill to Ban Private Funding of Election Administration

>>51033 CM: Please help backup and archive these pages ASAP:

>>51032 Occupant authorities plan to drill bore holes in Sea of Azov for fresh water

>>51030 Every conservative state should enact the following 10 legislative reforms

>>51028 GOD: no one should be on Facebook For the keks!

>>51027 China now trying to expand its territory to island within reach of Hawaii

>>51025, >>51031 Monster thread on Covid Vaccines and death rates

>>51024 Harvard will require all students on campus this fall to be vaccinated.

>>51023 Whitmer says freedom for Michiganders is contingent upon getting injected for Covid-19

>>51020, >>51021 As part of the AZ-Sen GOP election audit, an official admits organizers are looking for bamboo fibers in ballots

>>51019 New Ad Slams Abbott For Attempt To Kill Bill Banning Child Gender Transitions, Genital Mutilation, Chemical Castration

>>51010, >>51012 Schiff: Trump Is ‘Pathologically’ Continuing to ‘Endanger Our Democracy’

>>51009 Special Session: International Legal Offensive - Part 2== Investigation into fed and state government imposed unprecedented restrictions.

>>51005 Credit Suisse stops custodian service for some U.S. cannabis stocks

>>51000, >>51006 Sidney Powell - Fresh 18 minute interview

>>50996 US Space Command Closely Tracking Large Chinese Rocket's Out-Of-Control Fall To Earth

>>50995, >>50997, >>50999 Interview by Jean-Pierre De Villiers with Nick Hudson, organizer of PANDA = Pandemic Data & Analytics

>>50994, >>51022 Coronavirus Update New York City: NY Yankees, Mets to reopen stadiums with different capacity rules

>>50985 U.S. SEC chief plans to scrutinize short-sellers, rein in 'gamification' following GameStop trading frenzy

>>51087 #155

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 6, 2021, 5:43 a.m. No.51206   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51106 Eyes on the Skyzzz

>>51100 First UK mask discrimination case settled for 7000 pounds sterling

>>51103, >>51108 Desantis warns protesters NOT to come to Florida

>>51105 Did all four of vax makers paid out large settlements due to fraud? (meme)

>>51109 Barr endorses Sarah Huckabee

>>51110 Alex Berenson seeks info on young adults with severe reactions to covid vaxxes

>>51111, >>51115 U.S. Build Mysterious SR-72 Fastest Plane Ever | The SR-71’s Replacement

>>51113 Kansas Legislature Rallies Around Election Integrity Reforms, Overrides Democrat Governor’s Veto



>>51125 Arizona state House passes ban on Critical Race Theory - next to Senate

>>51131 Republican Senator Demands Answers From WH For Hunter Biden’s Continued Stake In Chinese Firm

>>51133 Migrant crisis also about the CARTELS that run the border

>>51136 Goldman Sachs and the 1MDB Scandal

>>51137, >>51138 Q-like post re STRAT SIGINT

>>51143 CM election fraud news

>>51151 Sharyl Attkisson investigates Covid-19 origins - excellent report

>>51158 #156

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 7, 2021, 9:35 a.m. No.51566   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51227, >>51237, >>51238 Perfuse Planefaggory

>>51233 Lebanon's lights may go off as cash for electricity runs out

>>51231 Marine Le Pen to French Generals: “Join Me in the Battle for France”

>>51220 Bank of England slows bond-buying, sees economy bouncing back more quickly

>>51216 AZ GOP - We Hope Signature Verification Will Take Place As Audit Continues To Possibly End Of June

>>51186 Tucker: death rate for Covid vaxxes monumental as compared to that for flu vaxxes

>>51182 Andy Ngo: Black Hammer gp looking for $ to set up commie state in Co with minorities

>>51181 Sorbo tweet for KEKS

>>51180 Covid vaxxes: shedding or self-spreading?

>>51179 Sidney Powell: AZ legislators MUST stay in session, let them know NOW

>>51176, >>51177 Study: Disposable plastic face masks contain toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium, and antimony

>>51173 COVID Vaccines: Necessity, Efficacy and Safety

>>51172, >>51185 Warning to docs dispensing Covid vaxxes: "I was just following orders" won't cut it

>>51171 Gen McInerney on AZ audit: "No turning back now:...."Civil War"

>>51170 COVID Shot Killing Large Numbers, Warns Top COVID Doc Peter McCullough

>>51166, >>51175 Anon on algo for notes

>>51241 #157

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 7, 2021, 9:36 a.m. No.51567   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51261, >>51272, >>51303, >>51321, >>51326 planefaggin GOLD

>>51324 Civil War? in Columbia czech it for yourself

>>51323 UK board decode

>>51314 IMF reaches staff level agreement with Honduras, proposes more support

>>51306 JCPenney cuts hundreds of jobs

>>51297, >>51298, >>51300 Jon Miller consistent re: Jenner for Gov

>>51296 Grenell: Check out this WSJ reporter’s twitter feed and then look at the DNC’s twitter feed: @michaelsderby

>>51293, >>51294 Eventually, all dots connect.

>>51292 US-China relations: Biden’s trade team set for first talks to discuss phase one deal

>>51290 Grassley: I Timothy 2:1-2 says to pray for ppl in govt On natl day of prayer

>>51288 Not The Bee: Coke is pausing its woke "diversity" plan after extreme backlash and the resignation of its chief lawyer

>>51287, >>51289 The Bee: Internet Inventor Al Gore Bans Trump From Internet

>>51286 CM breaks down audit progress

>>51285 Gen Mc: on civil war and satanism

>>51284 American Express puts $40 million into a fund to provide loans to small business owners of color

>>51283 unmanned space X took off and landed back on it's pad after 6 minute flight

>>51282 Liberty steel owner in talks over £200m lifeline

>>51281 One of the hallmarks of totalitarian systems is the criminalization of dissent/Read censorship twitter, FB, gov't transparency

>>51280 Technocrats are merging “Health security” and “national security” to create the ultimate digital dictatorship

>>51279 45

>>51278 Merkel Breaks With Biden, Opposes WTO Plan To Waive Vaccine IP Protections

>>51277 Forced Organ Harvesting in China condemned in Texas why?

>>51276 Bloomberg out of China

>>51275 States are pushing back against Joe Biden’s administration over issues such as energy, immigration, COVID restrictions, security, fiscal policy

>>51273 The Chinese regime paid subsidies to maintain and develop the freight train operations that connect China with Central Asia and Europe

>>51270, >>51271, >>51295 ‘We MUST Do Better Than Liz Cheney’./She's backing down

>>51269 “The Case For Five New States” – argues that doing so would assist in “ending the whiteness of Congress.”/Dims be desperate

>>51263, >>51264, >>51265, >>51274, >>51268 Blue Staters read and Fight, Fight, Fight

>>51260 Notes from the Underground, America set itself apart from the Soviet Union by declaring that, unlike them, we weren't Godless atheists

>>51259 Tesla Permabull Baillie Gifford Dumped 40% Of Its Stake In Q1

>>51257 Iron Ore, Steel Hit All Time High As Monster Commodity Rally Breaks Records

>>51256 business owners and the Oregon Moms Union has filed a lawsuit against Oregon’s Democratic Gov Brown after “Extreme Risk” restrictions went into effect

>>51331 #158

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 7, 2021, 9:36 a.m. No.51568   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51341, >>51343, >>51353, >>51361, >>51362, >>51371, >>51381, >>51403, Eyez in the Skyz

>>51400 Japan to expand, extend COVID-19 state of emergency

>>51398 Fundraiser Launched by Citizens of Windham to Raise Funds to Hire Their Own Auditor Jovan Pulitzer to City Audit!

>>51397 MEET MAXIMO ALVAREZ Cuban immigrant WARNS against socialism at Trump roundtable meeting

>>51396 Woke Takeover: NFL Hires Katie Hill, Former Obama Comms Director

>>51390, >>51392, >>51405 Shot to bits: Pfizer and Moderna CEOs speak out as shares plummet after Meghan and Harry back Biden move to waive vaccine patents for poorer countries

>>51388, >>51394, >>51393 GMax comms?

>>51387 Five MDs agree: CV-19 jabs are BIOWEAPONS

>>51386 Pompeo: Today on this #NationalDayofPrayer,

>>51385 Back to the usual levels of bureaucratic corruption at the Pentagon.

>>51382 GOP contender for VA gov

>>51380 Thousands of migrants, enrolled in the now-defunct “Remain in Mexico” program, released into the United States interior

>>51376 Killery a bit worried about audits and red states winning

>>51374 Latest CDC VAERS shows 4178 Americans DEAD following experimental COVID jabs

>>51368 Interview With Attorney Matthew Deperno On Antrim County Election Fraud Update

>>51367 The FBI Invaded Trump's Attorney-Client Privilege, AGAIN | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 134


>>51360 Federal Gov’t Telling Facebook to Silence Those With Vaccine Safety Concerns Says Lawsuit

>>51359 San Diego Spending $5M in Taxpayer Money to Give Lawyers to Illegal Aliens

>>51358 UK reaches agreement with EU to end bitter row over post-Brexit diplomatic status

>>51357 Where is it coming down…

>>51356 Biden Plan To Recover $700 Billion Through IRS Audits Is Unrealistic

>>51355 Judge Dabney Friedrich ruled in an Alabama case that the CDC exceeded its authority by issuing a moratorium on evictions

>>51351 Jonathan Bush, brother of President George H.W. Bush, dead at 89

>>51350 Soldier hijacks South Carolina school bus: full news conference

>>51349 U.S. SEC chair tells Congress he plans new rules on climate risk, trading

>>51347 With only 9 days left to go before the audit is set to be completed, signature verification will cease immediately

>>51418 #159

Anonymous ID: 66c6f8 May 7, 2021, 9:36 a.m. No.51569   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51445, >>51463 Eyez on the Skyz

>>51490 The Inside Story Of Fulton County, GA GOP Attempts To Oust Newly-Elected Grassroots Chair

>>51482 Josh Barnett w/CAP: How did @MaricopaVote and Board of Supervisors perform an "audit" (2) when they did NOT have the admin password?

>>51480 sound the alarm: Radioactive material spills from rusty container at Fukushima plant

>>51470, >>51476 Gen McInerney telegrams w/CAPs: Nothing can stop what is coming! It was never about the virus. Add Obstruction of Justice to their long list of crimes

>>51458 Maricopa County Defies Subpoena, Won't Release Hardware For Election Audit Over 'Security Risk'

>>51455 “Why Are You Working So Hard to Shut the Audit Down? What Are You Hiding” – TGP Reporter Confronts AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs — Katie Hobbs Runs! (VIDEO)

>>51442, >>51453 Bad guys shedding assets? One Main Financial sold by Apollo Global Mgmt.:$476.20m-May 4. P&G sold by Trian Fund Mgmt: $371.78m-May 6th

>>51430 Somerset Belenoff, Countess of Banbury and Arran: "I pull the strings, and the elite dance"

>>51427 Smoke meet mirrors: Pentagon chief says removal of all contractors from Afghanistan under way

>>51493 #160

Anonymous ID: f38531 May 7, 2021, 5:55 p.m. No.51653   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51511, >>51518, >>51521, >>51524, >>51527, >>51534, >>51545, >>51560 friday planefaggory

>>51570 New York hedge fund founder Kamensky sentenced to prison in Neiman Marcus fraud

>>51565 Mollie found a fascinating thread

>>51564 The Bee: Study Finds Connection Between Believing Russia Rigged 2016 Election And Believing 2020 Election Was Foolproof

>>51563 May 7 CM lays out Maricopa glitch that will see them face treason charges

>>51562 Pelosi says 'disappointing' jobs report calls for more government spending

>>51561 The Real Gen Flynn

>>51559 May 7 Gen McInerney

>>51558 BLM Founder Patrisse Cullors Says It’s “Really Cool” People Compare Her to Chinese Communist Mass Murderer Mao Tse Tung (VIDEO)

>>51556 Of Census and vote counts

>>51555, >>51557 AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett: Dominion Refuses to Comply with Subpoena and Turn Over Password

>>51554 The World Economic Forum on creating a Digital Citizenship

>>51553 dropping on Stormy case and MI vote fraud

>>51552 Kashkari Slams Fed Critics, Pretends Stimulus Isn't Helping Wall Street


>>51550 NDT on a roll Taiwan supported, GMO mosquitos, FEC drops Stormy case, Pfizer wants full approval

>>51532 NEWS from Maria Zack & General Tom McInerney

>>51531 Why are you fighting against the forensic audit so hard? Treason is a real thing.

>>51525 The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays key role in illness

>>51523 Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Will Not Seek Reelection

>>51517 Patriot hijacks his J&J covid vaccine. walks out with it. "taking it to a lab to get it tested!"

>>51513, >>51533 Shocking Miss: The U.S. Economy Added Just 266,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Ticks Up

>>51509 market watch: Nasdaq Explodes Higher, Gold Gains, Dollar & Bond Yields Crash After Dismal Jobs Data

>>51504 Unhinged Beta Male Harasses Pregnant Woman at Grocery Store for Not Wearing a Mask (VIDEO)

>>51503 After Only a Few Days in Jail, HUNTER BIDEN’S PIMP Was Suddenly and Mysteriously Released to a Treatment Center Rather Than Serving Years in Prison

>>51572 #161

Anonymous ID: f38531 May 7, 2021, 6:50 p.m. No.51664   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51620, >>51623, >>51648, >>51654 GOLD Eyez in the Skyz

>>51654 Texas Senate Approves Permitless Carry Of Handguns

>>51651 Late afternoon Maricopa ER meeting Scared Much?

>>51652 Zoom Video Communications, Inc sold by CEO: $57.01m-May 5,6

>>51647 Russian Defense Ministry: US-led coalition removes military equipment to Syrian al-Jazeera

>>51646 Documents reveal China discussed weaponisation of coronaviruses prior to pandemic

>>51645 Norwegian Cruise Lines threatens to skip Florida after DeSantis says no to vaccination 'passports'

>>51644 Liz Cheney organized op-ed by former Defense Secretaries

>>51643 spillin Beanz on MI fraud


>>51632 ‘External devices’ w/vote totals removed during election by Maricopa Co or Dominion employees


>>51629 Amazon, Inc sold by Chairman/CEO/Pres-Jeff Bezos: $2.43b-May 5,6

>>51625, >>51627 Patriots in the intelligence agencies and Military have it all.

>>51619 Derek Chauvin and Three Former Minneapolis Officers Indicted on Federal Civil Rights Charges

>>51616, >>51617 DeSantis Tells Antifa and Black Lives Matter to Stay Out of Florida

>>51613 Consumer Credit Explodes Higher As Americans Rediscover Their Love For Credit Cards

>>51612 Routers

>>51611 President Trump Outlines Evidence of Election Manipulation in Michigan/ Electronic Ballot Manipulation in Antrim County

>>51606, >>51622 WARNING: New World Health Organization Group to Plan Health and the Economy of the Entire World


>>51596, >>51600 University Of Pittsburgh Uses Taxpayer-Funded Aborted Babies For Medical Research

>>51595 Reminder: the cabal is advertising its plans in The Economist, every week

>>51593 >>51594 Three Developments That Should Nullify Maricopa County 2020 Election

>>51590 Joe comms

>>51589, >>51601 Bitcoin etc has always been (((them))). No they’re officially telling you.

>>51656 #162

Anonymous ID: d1ea61 May 10, 2021, 6:50 a.m. No.52158   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51671, >>51680, >>51681 Eyez in the Skyz

>>51673 Maxey unearths more evidence of Biden fam working with CCP

>>51678 Blackstone Group sold by Vice-Chairman: $77.96m-May 5,6,7

>>51679 2020 PDF on how to scare people into social distancing

>>51683 NATO exercises in Estonia - what are they doing anyway?

>>51684 Smoking Gun Emails Reveal How Milwaukee Shared Government Election Data with Far Left Groups

>>51690 CM updates on Maricopa audit - including Jack Sellers stmt

>>51692 McInerney on Jack Sellers stmt

>>51694 McInerney: image of Obama & Fauci in Wuhan Lab in 2015

>>51695 Dr Michael Yeadon: "I know of more vax deaths than covid19 deaths"

>>51696 Former Maricopa Co recorder on 2020 county election strategy (vid)

>>51697 All-white Disney exec team decries white privilege - ya sure, you betcha

>>51699 Last Refuge thread on Kaitlan Collins charge re Trump admin seeking info on WAPO reporters

>>51701 Border Democrat accuses Biden of playing a 'shell game' to mislead the public on unaccompanied minors

>>51706 , >>51703 BLM Founder Who Bought $3.2 In Real Estate Also Funneled Business To Her Baby Daddy's Company

>>51707 #163

Anonymous ID: d1ea61 May 10, 2021, 6:50 a.m. No.52160   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51726, >>51730, >>51734, >>51735, >>51771, >>51791 pf report(s)

>>51719, >>51720, >>51722 Gen. McInerney Twat "Speculation On the Maricopa Audit" /anon thoughts on/connecting dots

>>51727 Cyberattack Shuts Down Massive East Coast Gasoline Pipeline-forbes

>>51731 Federal Reserve Bank of New York Reverse Repo operations week of May 2nd, 2021-$757.09b-total of $2.148T since April 8

>>51732, >>51590 pb Joe comms Biden Twat decode

>>51733 Japan asking all prefectures to set up mass vaccination centers-japantimes

>>51741 GOP Conference Vote To Get Rid of Liz Cheney Scheduled for Next Wednesday, 9am-theconservativetreehouse May 7

>>51747 The Financial Times reports, Enemies speak out of both sides of their mouth

>>51749 Facebook Is Doing Planned Parenthood’s Bidding In Banning Pro-Life Group LifeSiteNews

>>51750 Virginia Military Institute To De-Person Stonewall Jackson, Re-Attribute Quotes in Soviet-Style Purge

>>51751 Plano, TX - cops should be ashamed of themselves for not enforcing the law.

>>51752 Tune in at 6p Arizona time to hear important updates in our lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s reckless immigrations policies

>>51758 Contacts, Websites, Other Info

>>51760 Mike Lindell: 'I'll Give Dominion a Little Scare, We Have the Machines'

>>51761 It has now been one month since the Texas Rangers began allowing full crowds in their stadium

>>51762 monty python returns. kek

>>51764, >>51767 U.S. military predicts Long March 5B debris to fall to Turkmenistan Nothing has been confirmed yet!

>>51775, >>51777, >>51778 McInerney is following the ROUTERS discussion:

>>51781, >>51784 Hedge Funds Are The 'Most Short' Junk Debt Since Lehman

>>51792, >>51793 Scavino n Q's

>>51796, >>51801 Pompeo n Q's

>>51799 CM: Did you know that last November in Maricopa County, VOTER FILES WERE HACKED?

>>51803 Marker 9- Chinese sat tumbling to earth?

>>51804 Target, Mar A Lago?

>>51806 The AZ Voter “Empowerment” Task Force is Trying to Shut Down Liz Harris’ Canvassing Operation

>>51808 #164

Anonymous ID: d1ea61 May 10, 2021, 6:51 a.m. No.52161   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51816, >>51817, >>51819, >>51820, >>51827, >>51829, >>51834 Chinese rocket re-entry

>>51818 Two men in custody after caught with more than 7kg of radioactive uranium

>>51822 US jobs report is a "disaster"

>>51823, >>51826, >>51840 Scavino: STAY STRONG MAGA

>>51824 Original D5 Comm Map

>>51828 Adrian Fontes describes how he worked w/AZ recorders to prep for 2020 election

>>51831 5th Fleet intercepted thousands of weapons Iran was supplying to its militias

>>51832 ‘Humbled’ Sadiq Khan re-elected as London mayor

>>51833 Anon on Scavino tweet & Q #1046, #210, #4953

>>51835 USSOCOM Vice chief of Naval Ops toured the Human Performance Training Ctr

>>51837, >>51841, >>51842, >>51844 Obama dog comms on death of dog "Bo"

>>51838 Byrne predictions for May 2021

>>51845, >>51848, >>51852, >>51854 Iceland volcano emits sound, eruption behavior changes, viewers told to evacuate

>>51846 2010 Discussion of program "Axcess" in 2008 AZ elections

>>51853 Russ Ramsland: “The Battle This Time Is Over One Thing – Truth”

>>51855 General Flynn: today if 40th Wedding Anniv., thx to all who have stood by our side

>>51857 The Case Against Gates (& his quest to vax the world)

>>51861 #165

Anonymous ID: d1ea61 May 10, 2021, 6:51 a.m. No.52162   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51876, >>51880, >>51882, >>51888, >>51899, >>51904, >>51904, >>51905, >>51905 Eyez in the Skyz

>>51877 Colonial Hackers Stole Data Thursday Ahead of Pipeline Shutdown

>>51878 Dogecoin loses third of price after Elon Musk calls it a 'hustle' on 'SNL'

>>51881 Maricopa Arizona Audit continues

>>51883 Scavino: Trump victory slide show

>>51886 Repost: casket builder says orders for caskets for unborn are up - more miscarriages?

>>51890 Deleted Trump post

>>51893 Derby winner Medina Spirit fails postrace drug test; Bob Baffert banned at Churchill Downs

>>51894 Stmt by PDJT on Medina Spirit

>>51898 BRAND NEW VENTILATORS found in dump

>>51902 Now even the DEAD are being Covid-diagnosed - by morticians

>>51903 Effective treatment of covid in India: use higher doses of Ivermectin with Vitamin D

>>51908 Men in white covid suits come to commit citizen to hospital coz 'doctor ordered it'

>>51909 Follow-up on Iceland volcano

>>51910 Dr Tess Lawrie on Ivermectin and the state of affairs re evidence-based medicine

>>51912 "NO jab for me – 35 reasons why"

>>51920 #166

Anonymous ID: d1ea61 May 10, 2021, 6:52 a.m. No.52163   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>51958, >>51969 Eyez on those Skyz

>>52000, >>52010 Scavino-Hit em back hard with a cannon, 45 from 1992

>>51998 China to refurbish and expand strategic airfield just 1,800 miles from Hawaii

>>51996 Strzok Sr diggz

>>51995 White House Creates Task Force to Deal With Pipeline Breach

>>51994 Beijing turns up ‘united front’ heat for centennial

>>51993 Clear for landing!

>>51992 Sen. Mitt Romney Censured by Utah County Republican Party

>>51968 theblackvault/The Evolution of Strategic Influence

>>51966, >>51967 Corona Ausschuss with Reiner Fuellmich

>>51964, >>51965 Norway: Risk of Dying From AstraZeneca Higher Than of COVID-19

>>51954, >>51960 CM on resignin 8kun adm, Perception is not reality, Quo Warranto

>>51939, >>51942, >>51948 Gen Mc with some eye openers on Soros, Kissinger, AZ audit


>>51934 If this is your church, leave...

>>51932, >>51933, >>51936 Starbucks is considering shutting down their Facebook page due to Starbucks employees being offended by "hateful comments"

>>51931 DeSantis: We’re Suing CDC Because ‘One Unelected Bureaucracy’ Doesn’t Have Authority to Close an Entire U.S. Industry

>>51929, >>51930 Guest editors at a major academic pharmacology journal resigned after a paper on Ivermectin had been pulled for no good reason

>>52013 #167

Anonymous ID: d1ea61 May 10, 2021, 6:52 a.m. No.52164   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52026, >>52037, >>52038, >>52052 Disgusting: Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested & dragged away mid-freeway

>>52027 At Vatican conference, Chelsea Clinton calls for global crackdown on anti-vaccine social media posts

>>52030 Conservative college grad with a message

>>52031, >>52032 ID2020's program to provide digital ID with vaccines

>>52035 Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 - DC swamp's effort to take down any who oppose them

>>52036 Dr Mike Yeadon - calls vaccine pushing evil & warns people to avoid top-ups

>>52042 Lysine interrupts the replication of viruses

>>52046 Biden should reinstate maximum pressure on Iran NOW

>>52050 U.S. Fines Honeywell $13 Million for Sharing Military Specs with China

>>52051 Gingrich: No question that battleground states were stolen in 2020 election

>>52054, >>52055 Food becoming rapidly more expensive; why it's happening

>>52056 Iceland Volcano pulse is cyclic

>>52057 Ashli Babbitt's family says she was murdered and will file wrongful death lawsuit

>>52059 CDC flipflops again on CV-19 mode of transmission (now says it's airborne)

>>52060 Reiner Fuellmich ⁣Interviews Nazi Survivor Vera Sharav

>>52062 Keks on covidiot police

>>52063 Project Veritas looms large in Times Square

>>52064 Flood of immigrants from south continues, many from Venezuela

>>52065 #168

Anonymous ID: d1ea61 May 10, 2021, 6:52 a.m. No.52165   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52142 Eyez on the skyz

>>52145 Amazon To Unleash Billions In Buybacks With Jumbo 8-Part Bond Offering

>>52129 Serving soldiers warn French President Macron that the "survival" of France is at stake after he made "concessions" to Islamism...

>>52127 "We're In A New World" - Commodities Crash-Up At Record Pace As Iron Ore, Copper Explode Higher Overnight

>>52125 article quoting Democrats celebrating their success at lying to Americans about the true goals of the president their “conspiracy” elected.

>>52115 Utah County Censures Mitt Romney for Trump Impeachment Vote

>>52107, >>52108, >>52109, >>52110, >>52111 Gen McInerney telegrams w/CAPs: The Second American Revolution. Anti-Christ comms

>>52078, >>52079, >>52084 Antrim County Court Hearing Today: Judge to Decide Whether to Expand Audit or Shut the Case Down as Requested by Democrat Secretary of State

>>52146 #169

Anonymous ID: eaa861 May 12, 2021, 1:08 p.m. No.52850   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52174, >>52185, >>52189, >>52206, >>52233 Eyez to the Skyz

>>52235 UK Announces Voter ID Law to Avoid U.S.-Style Election Fraud.

>>52227 Maricopa witness story

>>52226 Wyoming Governor Bans Vaccine Passports

>>52220 MI ALL EARS ON MI hearing at 1:30 CST where the evidence of criminal election fraud will be heard

>>52219 @USArmy Deepfake detection

>>52218 Victims of FBI seizure are missing items from their safe deposit boxes for no known reason:

>>52217 Georgia politician, activist Abrams says ‘absolutely’ hopes to become U.S. president

>>52216 Georgia GOP Governor Kemp signs bill prohibiting large cuts to police budget

>>52215 @USNavy Not on our watch! ⚓

>>52214, >>52222 On Susan Hennessey

>>52209, >>52210, >>52211, >>52212, >>52221 Pipeline Cyber attack stuffs

>>52207, >>52208, >>52225, >>52228, >>52229, >>52231, >>52230, >>52232 Q-likes/decodes

>>52204, >>52205 New Michigan election lawsuit filing " Has the Nuts"

>>52202 Honored to earn the support for House GOP Conference Chair from President Donald J. Trump

>>52199 Revlon Replaces Citi on Revolver Loan and Posts Narrower Loss

>>52198, >>52201, >>52203 India Election or Virus?

>>52197 Latest CDC Guidelines For the Keks!

>>52196 @USAirforce Arthur Tien Chin was one of the first U.S. volunteer combat aviators

>>52194 Statement by Donald J. Trump

>>52193 If a “mail in ballot” doesn’t have any creases/folds in it then it wasn’t a mail in ballot

>>52188 Banks told to 'hit the accelerator' in ditching Libor rate

>>52186, >>52187 An Analysis Of The "New World Order" And Its Implications For U.S. National Strategy

>>52182 Pompeo: Implementing the 1619 project and critical race theory in our schools is another attempt by the radical Left to inject socialism into every aspect of our lives

>>52179, >>52181 Jenner grew up in Sandy Hook CT

>>52177 @USNavy Hello Monday

>>52173 'We May Not Have a Full Two Years': Democrats' Plans Hinge on Good Health

>>52171 Bond Traders Lift 5-Year Inflation Outlook to Highest Since 2006

>>52170, >>52172 Jo comms

>>52167, >>52168, >>52169 JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank among firms sued by 1MDB over $23-bn loss

>>52239 #170

Anonymous ID: eaa861 May 12, 2021, 1:08 p.m. No.52851   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52261, >>52262, >>52310, >>52315, >>52322, >>52329 planefaggin

>>52332 Jo comms

>>52331 CM on Katie Hobbs

>>52328 Keep the facts straight.

>>52325 Why is a Member of Congress acting as the press secretary for Hamas?

>>52324 Hamas gives Israel 2 a.m. ultimatum to remove forces from Temple Mount

>>52321 Queen of England is set to announce on Tuesday that citizens will be required to show photo IDs in order to vote in general elections as a means of tackling fraud (Guardian)

>>52319, >>52320 FITSForum:The Case For Lin Wood

>>52313 Alphabet, Inc sold by Sergey Brin: $32.74m-May 7

>>52311 @USNationalGuard Fire season has started earlier than in previous years.

>>52305, >>52306, >>52309 CIA Releases New 'Woke' Recruitment Ad Featuring Gay Librarian Despite Criticism

>>52304 Has The Mainstream Media Finally Turned Against Bill Gates?

>>52301 Willing victims flock to get puncture wounds in Count Dracula's castle,as authorities in Transylvania open it as a Covid VACCINE site

>>52300 LAPD’s Topanga Division Station Firebombed in Latest Attack on Law Enforcement

>>52298 They don't really care about us


>>52285 Immediate Use of Ivermectin Medicine Globally Can End COVID-19 Pandemic

>>52282 All five Maricopa County supervisors to be subpoenaed Monday over audit

>>52279 U.S. Coast Guard Ship Fired Warning Shots at Iranian Fast Boats

>>52277 Amazon Bond Offering Upsized To $18.5BN, Its Largest Ever, Ahead Of Buyback Frenzy

>>52275 Janet Yellen Is Attempting to Consolidate the Fed’s Power to “Supervise” Wall Street Banks

>>52258 U.S. Offers States $350 Billion in Virus Aid, With Conditions

>>52255 Largest U.S. refinery shuts crude units due to Colonial outage

>>52254 Dear GOP: the border is more cataclysmic by the day.

>>52251, >>52257, >>52253, >>52256, >>52259, >>52260, >>52263 Q-likes

>>52334 #171

Anonymous ID: eaa861 May 12, 2021, 1:08 p.m. No.52852   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52355, >>52365 PF updates

>>52406, >>52408 Former Carlyle Group CEO Glenn Youngkin has won the Republican convention for #VAGOV and will be the party's nominee in the fall.

>>52386 Alphabet, Inc sold by Sergey Brin: $66.13m-May 7

>>52385 Scavino on Mittens

>>52381 Proof That the Pandemic Was Planned & With Purpose

>>52380 Swampy....Susan Hennessey

>>52379 Scavino on US stands with Israel

>>52375 Goa Recommends Ivermectin to All Above 18 After Scientists Say Its Use Can 'End Covid-19 Pandemic'

>>52367 'Hardly a coincidence' political leaders all over the world parrot 'build back better' mantra

>>52366 Q-like decodes from today

>>52364, >>52368 Does the Chinese government own Dominion?

>>52362, >>52363 CNN tanks/Foxitis

>>52360, >>52361 Description of the psychology of fear that has led to lockdowns

>>52359, >>52369, >>52370 Australia going for the throat. No wonder the CCP is all but declaring war on Aussies.

>>52357 Oracle Corp sold by Larry Ellison-Exec. Chair: $335.03m-May 6,7,10

>>52353 57 Top Scientists and Doctors: Stop All Covid Vaccinations

>>52351 The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis

>>52348 Biden says anyone on unemployment benefits who turns down a job will lose their payments

>>52345, >>52346 CP, CCP? DS

>>52344, >>52358 Scavino

>>52415 #172

Anonymous ID: eaa861 May 12, 2021, 1:13 p.m. No.52855   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52431 Kansas Sheriff’s Office Still Probing 12 Claims of 2020 Election Fraud

>>52432 Daily Mail fear pron more potent than new Indian variant

>>52439 NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to increase NYPD funding by $105 million following a large surge in violent crime - Politico

>>52440 Candace Owens: Dr. Fauci should be in federal prison

>>52441 OJ SImpson endorses Liz Cheney, says she "stands up for the truth"

>>52448 FAQ sheet provided by AZ citizens filing Quo Warranto

>>52449 @RonDeSantisTelegram - new channel

>>52450 Gen. Flynn on the importance of protecting the Rule of Law

>>52451 Former police chief: If we lose the rule of law, we are going to lose America

>>52453 Mask worn to Trader Joe: "This Mask is as USELESS as the Governor"

>>52454 Dr. Peter McCullough talks w/Tucker about available covid treatments

>>52455 Majority of Covid Hospital Admissions Over Winter Were Vaccinated

>>52457 Gen McInerney on "American First" (not "Israel First")

>>52458 CM telegram posts on Katie Hobbs

>>52459 CM questions to answer on AZ election corruption

>>52460 This Fauci Impersonation is HILARIOUS

>>52461 #173

Anonymous ID: eaa861 May 12, 2021, 1:13 p.m. No.52856   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52496, >>52500, >>52512, >>52532 Perfuse Planefaggory

>>52542, >>52543 Gain of function-Can take a non-lethal virus to humans and make it deadly!

>>52541 Citizens Launch Petition To Audit The Vote In Pennsylvania, Citing ‘Alleged Fraud’

>>52538 Vigilante spys

>>52531 Emmanuel Macron facing massive anti-EU protest in Paris – Frexit campaign gains momentum

>>52529 Michigan's deadline arrives but Enbridge vows to keep oil moving/half whit BTFO

>>52528 NY Urgent: Get on the phone NOW Senate sneaking through bill to put all adult vaccine records in NYS database

>>52525, >>52527, >>52533, >>52534 Trump knows. He always knows.

>>52521 Penzone Raises Fears, Anger With COVID-19 “Snitch” Tip Line

>>52520 @SpaceForceDoD With Combat Development Teams being placed at each Delta and Garrison, we’re leveraging Digital Operations

>>52519 U.S. and French troops begin joint military drills with SDF in Japan

>>52518 Your Administration is now overseeing the largest child smuggling operation in the world.

>>52517 Mike Flynn Endorsed Virginia AG Candidate Chuck Smith Requests Recount Following Close Race

>>52514 CM: The router story so far

>>52513 Aung San Suu Kyi likely to appear in court

>>52509, >>52510 What Gates reads comms

>>52508 Soybean Futures Touch $16 in Chicago, Highest Since 2012

>>52506, >>52511 DOE controls the pipelines

>>52505 BLS: Job Openings Increased to Record 8.1 Million in March

>>52502, >>52523 Colonial Pipeline Partially Reopens; EPA Waives Environmental Rule To Boost Fuel Supplies

>>52493 Trump Justice Department secretly obtained Post reporters’ phone records

>>52490, >>52491 “Votes Were Intentionally Switched – The Number is MASSIVE” – President Trump Weighs in on Michigan Election Fraud Case After Monday’s Hearing

>>52488, >>52489 "Gas Run Has Begun" - Fuel Stations Run Dry Amid Hacked Pipeline

>>52546 #174

Anonymous ID: eaa861 May 12, 2021, 1:13 p.m. No.52857   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52576, >>52583, >>52591, >>52605, >>52608, >>52616, >>52619, >>52636 planefaggin GOLD

>>52639 The router story so far:

>>52634 CM: Do not get distracted! Maricopa County audit needs full focus through its completion.

>>52630 @USMC Watch Me

>>52629 Biden picks Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan

>>52628 .@TheRealCVN71 Teamwork.

>>52624 Scavino: TRUST THE PLAN

>>52623 Former GOP officials say either break from Trump or will make a new party

>>52622 Arizona Governor Signs Law Designating Gun Stores As Essential Firms

>>52621 Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson: Liz Cheney Shouldn’t Be Removed, Trump is ‘Dividing’ GOP

>>52610 45th Space Wing has been redesignated as Space Launch Delta 45

>>52609, >>52614 Amazon Inc. sold by Jeff Bezos: $1.71B-May 7,10

>>52598 45 supporting Wilton Simpson

>>52588 Cuomo: “You cannot mandate vaccines because these vaccines are approved under something called an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

>>52587, >>52589 Dr. Pierre Kory Talks About Human Rights and Big Science/WHO Disinfo

>>52582 White House Explores Jones Act Waiver to Ship Fuel by Tanker

>>52576, >>52577, >>52578, >>52585 See inbound flight(s) but nothing outbound/Israel

>>52575, >>52580 Hamas Fires 130 Rockets On Tel Aviv, Israel Collapses 13-Story Building In Gaza

>>52571, >>52574 Ichor Sciences developed StatBond, which treats uncontrolled bleeding from noncompressible areas of the body

>>52561 The FBI Is Nothing More Than A Democrat Activist Superpac With Legal Authority. And It Must Be Disbanded

>>52647 #175

Anonymous ID: eaa861 May 12, 2021, 1:14 p.m. No.52858   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52665, >>52690 Planefaggory updates

>>52704 Balfour

>>52703 Don't forget Gas Buddy

>>52696 Whitmer set to make mask mandate permanent

>>52695, >>52697, >>52699 BlackRock gets licence for China wealth management JV with China Construction Bank

>>52694 45 on Windmills in the Vineyards

>>52692, >>52693 120+ retired military flag officers warn US ‘under assault’ by socialists, Marxists, urge Americans to fight back

>>52688, >>52689, >>52691 Iran is primary supporter of Hamas

>>52685, >>52686, >>52687 Gen Mc on Israel, GMax and AZ audit

>>52684 Alphabet Inc. sold by Sergey Brin: $64.58m-May 10

>>52680 Lin Wood with Lindell: Trump wins!

>>52678 Instructions on how to “correct a mistake” aka spoil your ballot.

>>52676 Air pollution from animal agriculture KILLS 12,700 PEOPLE EACH YEAR !

>>52673 “The hackers” have warned that 24 other companies have been attacked like the pipeline

>>52671 MI County GOP Chair and Lawyer Haider Kazim Withdraws From Antrim Co. Voter Fraud Case After Fighting Yesterday To Stop It…

>>52669 Officer Derek Chauvin's attorneys have filed a motion for new trial.

>>52666, >>52668 EU Ombudsman To Probe Gas Projects In Western Balkans To End Fossil Fuels

>>52664, >>52672 Governor Roy Cooper Declares State of Emergency Over Gas Shortage in North Carolina/American Airlines changing routes

>>52663 Tribalism has come to the West

>>52662 Link to debunk of that evil slide show on vaccines for schools

>>52657 heads up, fuggery afoot in reporting

>>52705 #176

Anonymous ID: eaa861 May 12, 2021, 1:14 p.m. No.52860   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52713 Josh Barnett: There's going to be a forensic audit of MI

>>52718 Lin Wood: "I love Q&A. PS Oh no! Did I say Q?

>>52719 Trump kicked of Twitter but Hamas leader still there celebrating the bombing of Tel Aviv

>>52720 Strange 25-ft statue erected Rockefeller Ctr supposed to honor African culture

>>52721 Orange County Pauses Vaccine Digital Verification System

>>52722 Intel Slava on Middle East events

>>52723 Canada: MI Oil Line Shutdown Could Undermine US Ties

>>52724 The Real Threat Of Civil War In France

>>52726 WW3.INFO: Iran is orchestrating events in Middle East

>>52727 Reminder: McInerney image of Hamas in the Capitol Bldg 3-20

>>52728 Windham NH audit news

>>52729 Should Pro V&V work on Dom machines void the AZ election?

>>52730 What's going on with the CIA & FBI? (Bongino Show)

>>52731 Reply to EzraACohen on Iran Nuclear Plant

>>52739, >>52735 Despite fuel shortages, Psaki says Biden may still cancel existing pipelines (mp4)

>>52742 Statement on the Middle East by Donald J. Trump

>>52743 How “Nudging” is damaging our society and why behavioural scientists must be held to account

>>52744 #177

Anonymous ID: eaa861 May 12, 2021, 1:15 p.m. No.52861   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52771, >>52780, >>52788, >>52802, >>52803, >>52805, >>52822 planefaggin

>>52819 BlackBerry Prevents DarkSide Ransomware — Years Before It Ever Existed

>>52818 Le Pen Denounces Migrant Taxi NGOs as Part of ‘Modern Slavery’

>>52817 Florida Restaurant Owner Says People Started Applying As Soon As Gov. DeSantis Nixed Unemployment Waivers For Job Search

>>52816 Gas Shortage is our own government and industries Fucking We the People…

>>52815 White House Agrees To Removes China's Xiaomi From Pentagon Trade Blacklist


>>52806, >>52807 Merriam-Webster dictionary has changed definition of “anti-vaxxer” to include “people who oppose laws that mandate vaccination”

>>52804 45: I look forward to soon watching [Liz Cheney] as a Paid Contributor on CNN or MSDNC!

>>52801 Younger Democrats, however, have taken a dimmer view of Israel in recent years

>>52800 Government warning to gas hoarders: Don't put gasoline in plastic bags

>>52797 Global firms leave Myanmar office block with military ties

>>52791 Dip-Buyers Disappear As Bonds, Stock Bloodbath Escalates

>>52790, >>52792 @DeptofDefense Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready.

>>52787 Swiss aim to re-open economy, donate AstraZeneca COVID-19 shots

>>52786 For the Keks! Moments ago, Representative Anon from Kek's 17th Congressional District, nominates Marjorie Taylor Greene for the position of Conference Chair

>>52785 Ellen DeGeneres to End Talk Show Next Year After 19 Seasons


>>52782 You will drive nowhere and be happy

>>52779 Senators Introduce Bill Forcing Colleges to Disclose Financial Ties With Beijing

>>52778 Judge orders IRS to reveal if it criminally investigated Clinton Foundation

>>52777 Insurance Brokers Sell Assets to Win Approval for $35 Billion Merger

>>52775 Japan to restart nuclear reactor beyond 40-year limit in June

>>52768 U.S. consumer prices post biggest gain in nearly 12 years as inflation pressures build

>>52767, >>52769 Liz Cheney has been ousted from her GOP leadership post by House Republicans.

>>52766 CE Nominee Worked With BLM to Push False Claim That White Man Murdered 7-Year-Old Black Girl

>>52765 Biden delayed his call with Israeli leadership and restarted funding to the Palestinian Authority through the UN

>>52763, >>52764 Mass. churches amassed over $82M in small business PPP loans; Roman Catholic dioceses alone collected over $20M

>>52761, >>52762 STUNNING TESTIMONY:AZ Elections Witness, Jan Bryant, Testifies that Private Company Was Scanning Ballots Offsite

>>52760 Catholic Church investigating claims children were prostituted to Church officials

>>52759 @US_Stratcom A historic milestone for the submarine community

>>52757, >>52758 Stage is being set for new election

>>52756 The Spirit of America

>>52823 #178

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 15, 2021, 12:56 p.m. No.53750   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52867, >>52872 PF updates

>>52889 Colonial Pipeline restarts service.

>>52888 Rep. Paul Gosar Stands Up for Ashli Babbitt, Demands To Know Who Executed Her

>>52886 Eric Clapton after COVID vaccination: 'I should never have gone near the needle'

>>52883 Anon journalist: scaremongering UK press is criminally negligent in their reporting on Covid

>>52882, >>52885 Story on Lordsburg FBI raid coming together, slowly

>>52881 45: Did Joe Biden put Hunter in charge of our energy, with all of his Burisma experience?

>>52877 Today's USA pacification effort includes purging of military and local/state police in favor of national police controlled by the left

>>52876 Texas Farmer, Wife Blast Biden After Finding 5 Little Migrant Girls Abandoned In Brutal Heat

>>52869, >>52870, >>52871 Gen Mc ,on many things kek

>>52868 Facebook-backed Diem abandons Swiss license application, will move to the U.S.

>>52866 Barnett on gain of function, eyes on Maricopa

>>52862 Maybe President Biden can tap Hunter's expertise to help devise a strategy to get us out of the current gas shortage.

>>52859 Israeli warplanes have destroyed the Islamic National Bank in Gaza

>>52853 Former progressive wakes up

>>52848 Biden officials testify that white supremacists are greatest domestic security threat

>>52842 You know what they say: Better to have someone pissing in the tent than out of the tent. Cheney is officially out

>>52841 45 on Jimmah n Botus

>>52839 Citi Is Denied Stay of Mistaken-Transfer Ruling During Appeal

>>52836 Russian FM Lavrov and US Secretary of State Blinken agree to meet May 20: Moscow

>>52833 Mark Levin explains the chaos in the ME

>>52892 #179

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 15, 2021, 12:56 p.m. No.53751   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>52937, >>52988 planefaggin GOLD

>>52987 Academy Sports and Outdoors Inc sold by KKR&Co.: $405.57m-May 10

>>52986 Biden HHS Secretary Attempts to ERASE a Federal Abortion Law He Doesn't Like

>>52975 Alphabet, Inc sold by Sergey Brin: $63.49m-May 11

>>52969 AZ secretary of state now trying to pretend AZ audit team was connected to the Internet

>>52968, >>52972 Here comes the 25th

>>52962 libs are freaked out over this Mayoral race in Alaska.

>>52957 Sign the petition to RECALL Hobbs.

>>52956, >>52959 Nephew of Italian Prime Minster Alleges CIA And Leonardo SpA Involvement In Nov 2020 Election Fraud

>>52954 Arizona Today -Interview with Senator Borrelli and Col. Waldron

>>52949, >>52960, >>52964, >>52966, >>52967 Dark pools are private exchanges for trading securities that are not accessible by the investing public

>>52948 Mollie Hemingway talking about her book Rigged. says people are "absolutely right to be concerned"

>>52927 Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Linked to More Blood Clot Cases

>>52925, >>52929 John Kerry Admits Uyghur Slave Labor Is Being Used to Build Solar Panels

>>52921, >>52931, >>52932, >>52934, >>52935, >>52943 SEC DENIES 14 DAY DARK POOL TRADING EXTENSION

>>52918 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will restart border wall construction in Rio Grande Valley

>>52917, >>52919, >>52938, >>52941 Ohio adults who have received their first COVID-19 shot will be entered into a drawing

>>52906, >>52908 American Medical Association Embraces Critical Race Theory, Rejects Meritocracy

>>52904 Colonial Pipeline Restarts Operations After Ransomware Attack

>>52991 #180

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 15, 2021, 12:57 p.m. No.53752   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>53010 Eyez in the skies

>>53021 Maricopa County Deleted ENTIRE DATABASE Prior To Turning Over Equipment To Audit

>>53025 Senate President Karen Fann’s letter to the Maricopa Board

>>53036 Exhibits attached to Senate letter

>>53035 Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database

>>53038 DotNetMatt offers some insights on Maricopa database deletion

>>53039 Gen Flynn on Maricopa database deletion

>>53040 CM: They DELETED THE DATABASE! Who's gonna flip first?

>>53026 Bombshell Report On Hunter Biden & China Spy Chief (Bongino)

>>53027 TechnoFog: Liz Cheney, good riddance!

>>53028, >>53029 Zelenko on NEJM study on effect on covid in pregnancy

>>53030 Pro-vax India Public Health Minister dies the day after getting vaxxed

>>53031 Tucker C calls for criminal investigation of Fauci

>>53032 Nicholas Wade: Origin of Covid — Following the Clues

>>53034 Project Veritas response to recent hit piece - entertaining

>>53037 33 Defendants Face Child Pornography and Enticement Charges as a Result of Operation Clean Sweep

>>53041 Anybody up for McFries - with a NEEDLE on side of the box?

>>53042, >>53043 Nephew of Italian PM invovement in election fraud; letter

>>53045 #181

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 15, 2021, 12:58 p.m. No.53754   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>53077, >>53102, >>53110, Eyez on the skyz

>>53146 Did the Big Guy get his 10% cut of the 5 million dollars?

>>53144 YouTube banned this speech Rep McClintock gave on the House floor! Dec 8, 2020

>>53142, >>53147, >>53148 If You Drove an Electric Car, ‘This Would Not Be Affecting You’

>>53137, >>53139, >>53140, >>53149 LAW OF WAR: THE STORM

>>53136 US withdraws 120 military personnel from Israel as violence continues

>>53135 Many universities and other schools are requiring that students must be vaccinated for COVID-19 before they are allowed to return to campus

>>53134 The WEF is creating such giant Public-Private Partnerships to support its Great Reset, aka Technocracy.

>>53133, >>53143 Ric Grenell is blasting Susan Rice and says she is acting as a “shadow president.”

>>53130 America's Audit: What the mainstream media isn't telling you...

>>53125, >>53126 Army to test laser weapon as it looks to field rapidly developed system next year

>>53123 Mariachi Myanmar coup latest: Junta sells off scarce dollars as kyat crashes

>>53121 Cuba: Plans to Conquer US Without Firing a Single Bullet

>>53119, >>53120 Gold star collection of anti-mask info

>>53118, >>53132 while on the subject of Cheney out....

>>53114, >>53145 Fauxi jocularity and culpability for it all

>>53104, >>53109, >>53111 CM on Gen Flynn, audit

>>53103 Gen Mc on Italian spys, Kamatoe and Target

>>53096, >>53097, >>53099 Massive blaze breaks out at Brooklyn power plant

>>53086 Inflation Nation: Producer Prices Soar By Most on Record

>>53079 Summer DNC races funded: Colonial Pipeline paid hackers nearly US$5M in ransom

>>53076 buh bye fiat: Goodbye Elon, Hello Steve Cohen: Point72 To "Get Big" In Crypto

>>53066 Commanding General at Fort Campbell Issues New Guidelines – Unvaccinated Soldiers Cannot Take Pass or Leave Base – Considered Non-Deployable

>>53159 #182

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 15, 2021, 12:58 p.m. No.53755   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>53209, >>53210, >>53235 GOLD Eyez on the Skyz

>>53246, >>53247 @NORADCommand WE HAVE THE WATCH unclassified

>>53245 Maricopa County Supervisors Call Emergency Meeting / Panic level going off the charts now

>>53244 Here are the RINOs that want to start a new party.

>>53242 Pres. Biden says the "rule" is "get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do"

>>53240 ACLU Counsel Doubled As Professor For Chinese Communist-Run University Flagged For Espionage.

>>53236 The Data Drives Deleted by the Maricopa County Included Adjudicated Files (Where Votes Were Changed)

>>53233 Turkey's Erdogan tells Putin Israel needs to be taught 'deterrent lesson'

>>53229 Senator Hawley grills Homeland Security Secretary

>>53228 Anti-Human Trafficking Partnership Launched by Gov. Bill Lee

>>53227 Top California Democrat and Think-Tank Titans Slated to Attend Chinese Communist Diplomacy Event

>>53225 Election integrity revelation: Detroit bragged that use of Zuckerberg funding ‘created a new normal’

>>53224 Crypto exchange Binance reportedly under investigation by DOJ, IRS

>>53209 Alphabet, Inc sold by Larry Page: $30.99m-May 11

>>53202 Major keks! n foreign policy

>>53195, >>53197, >>53199 "If you are fully vaccinated, you can start doing the things that you had stopped doing because of the pandemic."

>>53194, >>53198 Jovan Pulitzer: "You have to manage this like you are prosecuting the mafia"

>>53191 Top Israeli Official: Hamas Can Surrender, Or ‘We’ll Hunt Down Every Commander, Every Post, Until We Win’

>>53187, >>53188 Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Signs Bill Requiring Burial or Cremation of Fetal Remains

>>53183, >>53186, >>53230, >>53231, >>53242 CDC to issue guidance Thursday,fully vaccinated people to ditch masks indoors in ‘many instances’

>>53182, >>53206, >>53216, >>53217, >>53218 Coast Guard has stopped all river traffic - over 400 barges are already backed up

>>53181 Fuggen comms bakers comp'd

>>53180 Yes, Dr. Fauci’s NIH did fund the Wuhan Virology Lab. Here’s the verbatim admission from their chief scientist Dr. Shi Zhengli.

>>53175 “Mmmm!…vaccination.” NYC Mayor announces Shake Shack will give free food to vaccinated New Yorkers.

>>53174 Chicago has released more than 1,000 feral cats onto the streets — hoping to end its long-running ranking as the rat capital of the US

>>53173 Florida governor to pardon everyone in state charged with breaking Covid restrictions

>>53249 #183

Anonymous ID: 3c863a May 15, 2021, 12:59 p.m. No.53756   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>53256, >>53262 Maricopa IT Advisors Have a Detroit Connection and Other Troubling Revelations

>>53257 Keith Raniere Files Appeal; Seeks to Have Conviction Overturned

>>53260, >>53265, >>53290, >>53303, >>53304 Eyez in the Skyz

>>53263 New Amicus Brief Exposes AG’s Bad Faith on Election Transparency

>>53264 Maricopa IT advisor - Ed Winfield

>>53267 Maricopa IT advisor - Todd Bright

>>53268 Maricopa IT advisor - Todd Lester Godsey

>>53270 Maricopa customer satisfacton - Director Michael Miller

>>53266 Brown Chemists Create Cancer-Detecting Nanoparticles

>>53271 Anti-Christ vs anons (keks)

>>53273 Avantor, Inc. sold by Goldman Sachs: $80.58m-May11

>>53279 Republicans Introduce House Bill to Fire Fauci: “Few People Have Earned Their Termination More Visibly”

>>53280 The QE Endgame: A Big Problem Is Emerging For The Fed

>>53281, >>53286, >>53295 Dominion Slams Arizona Forensic Audit and WILL NOT Release Maricopa Passwords

>>53284, >>53291, >>53293, >>53302 FBI Warns of Prison Time If You Present a Fake Vac