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Thursday 10.22.2020

>>11214309 ————————————–——– PLEASE FIX THE BREAD AND TIDY UP THE SHIP.

>>11214289 ————————————–——– Tonight, at the debate, when they push 'death count' vs. POTUS, remember this simple fact.

>>11212531 ————————————–——– ( CAP: >>11212542 )

>>11212046 ————————————–——– “Key domestic contacts for phase one target projects.” ( CAP : >>11212104 )

>>11211872 ————————————–——– ( CAP: >>11212215 )

>>11206292 ————————————–——– Did Hussein contact Matt Murray in attempt to persuade not to publish? ( CAP: >>11206370 )

>>11205743 ————————————–——– Financial disclosures ( CAP: >>11205767 )

>>11205650 ————————————–——– Biden insider claims he was witness (Cap: >>11205704)


Wednesday 10.21.2020

>>11203025 ————————————–——– Alan E. Kohler, Jr., FBI, Assistant Director, Counterintelligence Division (Cap: >>11203049 )

>>11202919 ————————————–——– Jill Tyson, FBI, Assistant Director, Office of Congressional Affairs ( CAP : >>11203007 )

>>11202817 ————————————–——– CIA Deputy Director Vaughn Bishop swearing in ceremony

>>11202692 ————————————–——– FBI Deputy Director, David Bowdich ( CAP : >>11202929 )

>>11202551 ————————————–——– Non_CIA_background next?

>>11202412 ————————————–——– Christopher Wray ( CAP : >>11202625 )

>>11202027 ————————————–——– BOOMS EN_ROUTE TOMORROW. This is not a drill.

>>11201288 ————————————–——– Dearest Virginia - We stand with you. ( CAP: >>11201396 , >>11201749 )

>>11200840 ————————————–——– Hunter Biden laptop linked to money laundering probe. (CAP: >>11200908 )

>>11200116 ————————————–——– Epstein, Maxwell, A deep dark world is being exposed. The truth won't be for everyone. Have faith in Humanity.

>>11200113 ————————————–——– #MeToo lost all credibility when they refused to support Tara Reade coming forward re: claims of sexual assault by Joe Biden

>>11199550 ————————————–——– Client? Political pundit [pollster] for sale? Do you see how it works? ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE (Cap: >>11199572)

>>11197253 ————————————–——– The Swamp Runs Deep

>>11193377 ————————————–——– Underage Biden Family Member - FBI can no longer protect? ( CAP : >>11193431 )

>>11193181 ————————————–——– Inappropriate to you? Normal to them? Dark secrets ( CAP : >>11193963 )

>>11193040 ————————————–——– A dark world is being exposed / The truth won't be for everyone / Have faith in Humanity

>>11192967 ————————————–——– Young Anderson Cooper and Mom (Human Sacrifice Symbolism)

>>11192896 ————————————–——– Patton Oswalt -Checking in at Comet Ping Ping (pizzagate)

>>11192872 ————————————–——– Billl Mahr Production Company -Kid Love Production

>>11192741 ————————————–——– ABC News told us it was just a gym -Epsetein Island Temple

>>11192736 ————————————–——– Freedom of information [truth] = END ( ANON: >>11192597 )

>>11192602 ————————————–——– The 4 pillars of the Democrat party (the media)

>>11192505 ————————————–——– Sometimes you cant TELL the public the truth. YOU MUST SHOW THEM

>>11192402 ————————————–——– re-drop You didn't think we highlighted 'Epstein' for no reason did you?

>>11192330 ————————————–——– re-drop Corruption in DC > How to Get Rich

>>11192227 ————————————–——– Twitter has been given the green light to blanket censor all content deemded to threated their SURVIVAL [election].

>>11192101 ————————————–——– All [3] movies playing simultaneously?


Wed 10.21.2020 >>11212479

Tue 10.20.2020>>11210999

Monday 10.19.2020 >>11210990

Sun 10.18.2020 >>11192898

Thu 10.15.2020 >>11138307

Wed 10.14.2020 >>11098469

Tue 10.13.2020 >>11098303

Sun 10.11.2020 >>11098297

Fri 10.09.2020 >>11098292


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Global Announcements

The World Needs You



Notables Are Not Endorsements


>>11215129 Kathy Griffin weighs in on Q / anons

>>11215165 Hunter biz partner confirms email, Joe Biden made millions in China

>>11215181 Unity not division

>>11215204 Minnesota activates National Guard over Floyd case

>>11215231 , >>11215264 , >>11215715 Digg on Christopher Balding (Typhoon Investigation)

>>11215250 Digg on Tony Bobulinski

>>11215247 Link to POTUS released 60 minutes interview

>>11215275 Anon opines on Trump video

>>11215393 Kamala Harris claims 220 Million Americans have died in 2 months (mp4 video)

>>11215449 Matt Gaetz tweet - FBI covered up Joe/Hunter Biden corruption

>>11215268 PlanFag updates

>>11215562 Senator Inhof documents Clinton corruption in China

>>11215642 Biden Grandaughters

>>11215675 Former Social Media executive says 'Mute Trump till after election'

>>11215674 Sean Davis retweets Ric Grenell re: Biden Corruption

>>11215660 POTUS - Suburban Women want Safety and Security

>>11216111 Kek – God Of Primordial Darkness & Chaos In Kemet (Ancient Egypt)

>>11216180 , >>11216201 , >>11216266 , >>11216304 , >>11216398 Biden Jr Benefited From Money Laundering, Ukraine MP Says, Oriental Review on 21/11/2019

>>11216394 Goldman Sachs Charged in Foreign Bribery Case and Agrees to Pay Over $2.9 Billion

>>11215109 Latest Q all Caps, Ran it through Gematria Decode

>>11216596 #14331



>>11214174 Goldman Sachs charged with Bribery

>>11214771 Snowden granted permanent residency in Russia

>>11214280 Q / anon spoken about in TED

>>11214769 GMAX docs unsealed

>>11214758 Anon nails it on current Bakery situation

>>11215532 14330



>>11213219 , >>11213285 OBAMA IN THE WEB

>>11213230 BOOM!

>>11213265 e Biden scored $16 million in income after leaving White House … but where did it go?

>>11213293 , >>11213326 HILLARY CLIN-TON, HO'S MAD

>>11213344 WH, President @realDonaldTrump

>>11213374 Hoary Shit the Biden’s and Chyna are neck deep in cahoots.

>>11213409 , >>11213466 Raniere 56 Letters-of-Support Unsealed — List of Names of Supporters Revealed Here

>>11213412 CEFC->Rosneft->Glencore (Marc Rich)->Hillary->Dossier

>>11213424 Source 1-75 from Biden Crime Family Intel Report

>>11213468 "My father gave me an opportunity to work my way up in his company. Joe gave his son China."

>>11213480 Patreon is banning QAnon conspiracy theorists, joining a growing group of tech companies taking action against the movement

>>11213556 Where's Hunter "Tony Bobulinski's" statement about the Bidens from Outnumbered Overtime!

>>11213582 ARREST JOE & HUNTER!!! NOW!!!!!

>>11213687 Barr update on OPERATION LEGEND

>>11213688 Biden's trip to China with son Hunter in 2013 comes under new scrutiny

>>11213702 Reminder: Bill Clinton sold us out to China in 2000


>>11213782 Ghislaine Maxwell’s ENTIRE testimony revealed

>>11213882 'Waste Of Time': NPR Refuses To Cover Biden Scandal

>>11214572 14329


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Anonymous ID: d5bdd9 Oct. 22, 2020, 12:46 p.m. No.11216745   🗄️.is 🔗kun

1979 – 2004 Biden’s Early Dealings with China


BIDEN first visited China at the age of 36, as part of a US government delegation when he was

the senator for Delaware (1973 – 2009). 188 He spent several days with Deng, China’s newly

anointed ‘paramount leader’, who set the country on a path of reform and opening up.



BIDEN became a SFRC ranking member. During this time, BIDEN supported free-trade

legislation that helped China join to the WTO.




In January, BIDEN became SFRC chairman, and in the same year, China was admitted into the


In August, BIDEN visited China for state-level talks with then CPC Chairman Jiang Zemin (江

泽民), where BIDEN was reportedly tough with China on issues such as weapons proliferation,

its judicial system, and human rights record. 189



On October 7, BIDEN met YANG. 190



9/11 happened

>"Attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001"


China joining the WTO.

>"China became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 11 December 2001"


China wounded America?

To push themselves ahead..

Anonymous ID: cba141 Oct. 22, 2020, 12:46 p.m. No.11216754   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6952

Video Resurfaces Showing Biden’s Open Support for George Soros Organizations


An old video has resurfaced from an event in 2002 that proves just that, with Joe Biden openly throwing his support and appreciation behind George Soros’ Open Society.


At the event, Biden stated, “We should continue to encourage citizen exchanges.


“A two-track circuit has developed in recent years and it is important to keep it going.


“Organizations such as the American-Iranian Council, the Open Society Institute, the Nixon Center, they’ve all played a critical role, and I applaud them all.”

Anonymous ID: 8955b8 Oct. 22, 2020, 12:46 p.m. No.11216756   🗄️.is 🔗kun


You dumb nigger is it that hard to look through the catalog and see all the previous breads? This is correct bread. Thank you baker for your hard work. They are shitting the bread because of their hatred.

Anonymous ID: 3883d9 Oct. 22, 2020, 12:46 p.m. No.11216765   🗄️.is 🔗kun

It was Dan Rather on 60 Minutes with a fabricated story about Bush avoiding service in Vietnam that ended his career in 2004. CBS is shit.

Pepe Farms Remembers


When people say Q is fake , give them a copy of SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS

LB 11216383


Anonymous ID: 746e3e Oct. 22, 2020, 12:47 p.m. No.11216782   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6884 >>6968

The Storm is Here…….


It's been an honor fighting with all of you, Anons!!!! I don't know what the next week or so holds, but NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING!!


See you on the other side if [THEY] take us down before the Election!!

Anonymous ID: 95b123 Oct. 22, 2020, 12:50 p.m. No.11216841   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6948 >>7493 >>7613

>>11216674 (lb)

They way I see it is all of us would be part of the general discussion thread, which would be just like here. Then for the subject threads, people would pick those that they're interested in, which is the same as what happens here whether you know it or not, only it would be far more organized. Maybe we could agree in the general thread what deserves to have a designated thread but I don't think that's necessary since threads of no interest would die on their own just like they do anywhere else. Again, the main thing that matters is solving the problem of enemy bakes. But imo, it's an added benefit for the better organization of info. Anyone who's migrated here from /pol/ should get what I'm saying.

Anonymous ID: 411be5 Oct. 22, 2020, 12:54 p.m. No.11216951   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7228


Trump Releases FULL Unedited 60 Minutes Interview to Expose "Bias" and "Hatred"

Anonymous ID: 3b47cf Oct. 22, 2020, 12:55 p.m. No.11216971   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7305

Baking Seminar #37 for all anons

Thurs 7pm ET: >>>/comms/37505


Original topic:

How can we keep /qr/ open to free speech while making it more 'shill proof' in the future?





How to reconcile?

Please come discuss this with other anons and bakers.

Anonymous ID: 09b898 Oct. 22, 2020, 12:56 p.m. No.11217007   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7083

Nighthawks at Miramar…


A screenshot of the video posted by Airshowstuff (and taken by @winston.dc) showing the touchdown of one of the two F-117s on Oct. 20, 2020.


on Tuesday Oct. 20, 2020, two F-117 Nighthawk stealth jets made a surprise visit to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, landing at the base outside San Diego at around 17.30LT.


While the reason for the visit is unknown, what’s certain is that the aircraft did not perform an emergency diversion: the audio obtained by The War Zone clearly proves the F-117s were not emergency traffic (otherwise they would have stated their status on their first radio call to Miramar Tower) nor did they perform any precautionary pattern. They simply followed the standard VFR recovery, reporting the Initial Point for the visual pattern.


Here’s a video, showing the touchdown of one of the two stealth aircraft that was just posted by Airshowstuff on their Instagram account.


Sauce (with Instagram video clip)

Anonymous ID: ddf51c Oct. 22, 2020, 12:58 p.m. No.11217043   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7085 >>7482 >>7966 >>8080

BBC project manager, 58, is caught watching child abuse videos on group Zoom call in police sting


Duncan Wheelhouse, 58, took part in a Zoom call where he watched child abuse

National Crime Agency were also on call and captured evidence of sexual abuse

Wheelhouse, of Oxford, admitted making indecent photographs of children

Wheelhouse is on unconditional bail until sentencing at Kingston Crown Court



PUBLISHED: 13:20 EDT, 22 October 2020 | UPDATED: 13:20 EDT, 22 October 2020

Anonymous ID: 95b123 Oct. 22, 2020, 12:59 p.m. No.11217060   🗄️.is 🔗kun


There was never any doubt that she's a confirmed traitor once news of her driver surfaced. But being named as a contact means that she MUST be investigated. It's a fucking crime that she wasn't when her driver got pegged as a spy.

Anonymous ID: 98a1dd Oct. 22, 2020, 12:59 p.m. No.11217074   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7103 >>8056

Anon dons his helm of paranoia…

Anime/oss/comms all shills.


Anime bakes,pretends to be aligned with Anons but injects crap notables, makes "mistakes" in the dough.


Comms comes in and uses that to sew discord and split breads.

This is a coordinated two part attack.

This causes chaos and uncertainty with a lot of Anons, and breaks aggregator sites which the normies use.


Am I close?

Anonymous ID: fcdb4b Oct. 22, 2020, 12:59 p.m. No.11217078   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7133 >>7220


  1. how do y'all actively compile notables


  1. WHAT do you do to update the first 3-4 posts after creating the bread? What i'm asking is if you open an qanon pastebin,how do you update with most recent Q posts and notables?That's all I need to know to be able to start actively baking.


I workfag, but ready and willing to bake in afternoons and nightshifts

Anonymous ID: fcc4d1 Oct. 22, 2020, 1 p.m. No.11217085   🗄️.is 🔗kun


> 2020




Child porn is rampant, probably makes up 20% of the Democrat Party base, it's that prevalent.

Anonymous ID: 6e1828 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:01 p.m. No.11217112   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7482 >>7966 >>8080

Dr. Mark T. Esper



This morning I met with Israeli Minister of Defense Benjamin Gantz at the Pentagon where we discussed the security and stability of the Middle East, as well as the United States’ long-standing and continuing commitment to maintaining Israel’s qualitative military edge.

Anonymous ID: d13b79 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:01 p.m. No.11217127   🗄️.is 🔗kun



and we let them do it, so now we're neck deep in their treasonous shit.


would have never believed just how many are involved. plus we have all the Davos/Gates/Schwab fuckery and they're ready to vac and chip as they intentionally try to destroy the economy and society worldwide.


psychopaths on the loose for way to long!!!

Anonymous ID: b8503b Oct. 22, 2020, 1:01 p.m. No.11217132   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Thursday, October 22

9-10:30 PM EDTon ABC · CBS · NBC · PBS


Stream: C-SPAN on YouTube · CBSN · CNNgo · Fox News Go · USA Today


Apps: CBS News App · Fox News App · NBC News


Moderator: Kristen Welker


Location: Belmont University, Nashville


Format: Six segments of approximately 15 minutes each: Fighting COVID-19, American Families, Race in America, Climate Change, National Security, and Leadership. Each candidate will have two minutes to speak uninterrupted at the start of each segment.

Anonymous ID: b50012 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:02 p.m. No.11217164   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Cooredinated qanon moniker from MSM is used as an attack vector. Qanonbin was to replace pastebin which was comp'd and locking doughs behind a censor filter, and outright deleting others.


Pastebin, as useful as it is, is comp'd. Some bakers even post the same bread side by side in each site so anons can see this for themselves.

Anonymous ID: 7de7e1 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:03 p.m. No.11217170   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7223 >>7246 >>7482 >>7966 >>8080


Catherine Herridge @CBS_Herridge

NEW: Republican senators @ChuckGrassley + @SenRonJohnson letter to Tony Bobulinski “According to recent reports that published emails allegedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop, the Committees have identified you as an individual involved in one or more of these business arrangements

3:49 PM · Oct 22, 2020

or financial transactions with Mr. Biden. As part of the ongoing efforts to validate + verify the information in those emails, the Committees request that you provide all records related to any of your business dealings—including, but not limited, to bank records, wire transfers,

account balances, gifts, business transactions, travel records…" Committee deadline: October 23 + Bobulinski already providing records to senate investigators.


3:49 PM · Oct 22, 2020

Anonymous ID: 8b8869 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:03 p.m. No.11217178   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7216 >>7272

Archive Update

"Numbering Fatigue…" Edition


I added #14265 to #14331 and updated the checksums.


HTML: MD5: 70835e40b3da743f7b453bfd02808453


The archive now contains 14355 breads.



Anonymous ID: 7de7e1 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:06 p.m. No.11217246   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7283 >>7302 >>7441 >>7482 >>7621 >>7966 >>8080



Catherine Herridge @CBS_Herridge


NEW: Republican senators @ChuckGrassley + @SenRonJohnson letter to Tony Bobulinski “According to recent reports that published emails allegedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop, the Committees have identified you as an individual involved in one or more of these business arrangements

3:49 PM · Oct 22, 2020


or financial transactions with Mr. Biden. As part of the ongoing efforts to validate + verify the information in those emails, the Committees request that you provide all records related to any of your business dealings—including, but not limited, to bank records, wire transfers,


account balances, gifts, business transactions, travel records…" Committee deadline: October 23 + Bobulinski already providing records to senate investigators.


3:49 PM · Oct 22, 2020

Anonymous ID: 3de36b Oct. 22, 2020, 1:06 p.m. No.11217267   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Published 17 mins ago

President Trump plans to bring Hunter Biden associate

==Tony Bobulinski as guest to debate

Anonymous ID: 4914b4 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:07 p.m. No.11217274   🗄️.is 🔗kun

so is biden and his campaign prepared to state and show as proof of no crimes and categorically deny all charges as liber , prove it up with sleepy hiden joe's taxes and in court sue.


lets see what happens, sleepy grandpapi kissing his liddle grandchildren

Anonymous ID: 6254f7 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:07 p.m. No.11217295   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Non-comms bread to be filled

Q Research General #14341 E-Bake






Non-comms bread to be filled

Q Research General #14341 E-Bake






Non-comms bread to be filled

Q Research General #14341 E-Bake





Anonymous ID: 4914b4 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:09 p.m. No.11217344   🗄️.is 🔗kun

cavuto and msdnc are motioning for the censoring o the biden story as not necessarily a part of this conversation


people want to talk about staying in lockdown for goodness sakes -listen to the stars

Anonymous ID: 3de36b Oct. 22, 2020, 1:10 p.m. No.11217385   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7411 >>7413 >>7455 >>7456 >>7482 >>7522 >>7523 >>7531 >>7573 >>7607 >>7635 >>7653 >>7695 >>7719 >>7753 >>7789 >>7897 >>7954 >>7966 >>7977 >>7990 >>8080 >>8117

More than 90 anti-trafficking organizations are denouncing

QAnon in an open letter

Kelly McLaughlin 1 hour ago


At least 96 anti-trafficking organizations have signed an open letter criticizing QAnon's conspiracy theories about sex trafficking.

The letter, signed by groups including Freedom Network USA, Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking, the Human Trafficking Institute, and more, say QAnon is harming the actual work they're doing to prevent sex trafficking.

"There is not a deep state cabal of Democratic politicians and Hollywood celebrities who traffic children for sex," the organizations said.


At least 96 anti-trafficking organizations have denounced QAnon in an open letter that criticizes the group's sex trafficking conspiracy theories.


QAnon, which originated on the internet message board 4chan, has spent years promoting a false notion that President Donald Trump is fighting a cabal of Democratic elites running a vast pedophilic sex-trafficking ring.


The group's anti-trafficking campaign, which included false notions about Wayfair and a USPS phishing scam, has spread across the internet, and been supported by numerous candidates in the November US election. But the campaign relies on exaggerated data, false accusations of children being kidnapped from their homes, and partisan rhetoric.


And actual anti-trafficking organizations and trafficking survivors have long criticized QAnon's baseless conspiracy theories.


In a letter signed by groups including Freedom Network USA, Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking, the Human Trafficking Institute, and dozens of others, the groups said QAnon's theories are harming their actual work to prevent sex trafficking.


Anonymous ID: 95b123 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:10 p.m. No.11217407   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Not me. Never been able to rule out that possibility. Seemed even more likely once the scamdemic was carried out. Not sure how hopeful to be now. But a little is better than none. We shall see. The most important thing going forward, no matter what, is to not let our 2A be chipped away.

Anonymous ID: 0b2fe3 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:11 p.m. No.11217420   🗄️.is 🔗kun


The Dental Group

COVID-19 Update: Click Here


Welcome to Our Office


At The Dental Group, we are eager to become the dental home for all of your general and specialized dental needs. With our experienced staff trained in multiple dental fields, we offer families of Riverdale, New Carrollton, Mt. Rainier, Bladensburg, and the surrounding communities with complete and comprehensive dental care that will ensure a healthy and beautiful smile from the age of 2 to 102.


Contact Us! Appointment


We Offer Services of Every Specialty

Our dental practice is comprised of multiple specialty dentists, allowing us to provide families with a service for every general, cosmetic, restorative, and specialized need. Whether you are looking for a pediatric dentist to help care for your child’s first tooth, or are looking to fill the gap in your smile with a dental implant, our Specialty Group can help. We offer a variety of services, including:






Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Sedation Dentistry

We stand by the services of our general and specialized dentists, providing you with treatments backed by experience and education in the preventive and restorative dental care you require. Additionally, with all of our specialty services, your family won’t have to wait through the referral process, and can instead be scheduled for our specialists’ next available appointment.


Unique Treatment for Unique Smiles

Patients of our practice will be scheduled with the same general dentist for their various routine visits and procedures, allowing us to create long-lasting relationships with you and your family. Our doctors understand that our patients are unique individuals and tailor treatments to your individual needs and comfort levels.


We walk patients through their various options, allowing you to have the final say in your dental care. This approach allows us to help patients without pushing expensive or invasive services on you that you aren’t comfortable with. Our dentists are committed to using education, a conservative approach, and sedation to ensure that your whole family will enjoy a healthy smile.


Contact Our Dental Home

The team of professionals at The Dental Group enjoys helping families achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. If you have questions about our comprehensive dental practice for the whole family, or just to schedule an appointment, contact us today.


We provide services for families from all over the DMV with high-quality care, catered to meet your needs and comfort. Contact our team today.


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Our Blog


Imagine a new you. Read our articles for expert insight and tips on how to re-define yourself.

Anonymous ID: 5a9053 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:11 p.m. No.11217429   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7980




Clinton with the arrow after Obama seems to be an indicator.

Biden reverting back to the 3 banner messaging, after her failed run?

Anonymous ID: 98f19a Oct. 22, 2020, 1:13 p.m. No.11217470   🗄️.is 🔗kun


take a hike….

get down off that horse.


look around.

think about what is going on.

think about all we have dug up these last 3 years.


what is the meaning of apocalypse?


we are in one FFS.

it's just that now it is being revealed…


have a drink and ponder it all

Anonymous ID: c78518 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:13 p.m. No.11217473   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Sweepers, Sweepers, man your brooms.

Give the ship a clean sweep down both fore and aft!

Sweep down all decks, ladders and passageways!

Dump all garbage clear of the fantail!


Anonymous ID: 6e1828 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:13 p.m. No.11217482   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7495 >>7970

early NOTABLES @300

Notables are not endorsement


>>11216774 PF

>>11216783, >>11216897 BREAKING: Tony Bobulinski to be @realDonaldTrump special guest at tonight’s debate

>>11216955 For the Keks

>>11217043 BBC project manager, 58, is caught watching child abuse videos on group Zoom call in police sting

>>11217112 EsperDoD met with Israeli Minister of Defense Benjamin Gantz at the Pentagon

>>11217111, >>11217170, >>11217246

@CBS_Herridge: NEW: Republican senators @ChuckGrassley + @SenRonJohnson letter to Tony Bobulinski “According to recent reports that published emails allegedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop, the Committees have identified you as an individual involved in one or more of these business arrangements

>>11217385 More than 90 anti-trafficking organizations are denouncing QAnon in an open letter


Anonymous ID: f78d7d Oct. 22, 2020, 1:14 p.m. No.11217508   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7551

Fuck the Breads - Fuck the Bakers


Don't give a Rat's Ass if there is never another Bread


Don't read them and don't need them

And yet I manage to stay up to date on everything


Blow the whole damn place up

I am Anon - I will survive just fine

Anonymous ID: d72ce2 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:15 p.m. No.11217544   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7942

How this whole shitshow split bread started (this time around)


Few mornings ago, baker put JUnited States in his title. Shitbag jews got all bent outta shape attacked baker entire thread. Baker tried to explain to the Jew that the J stood for Judicial, as the courts are trying to run America.


Not good enough for (((them))) so the started an ebake to steal control of the bread. Problem is, they start ebakes and then don't attend to them, like taking notes, and let the bread go ghost to sow confusion.


When I saw bread was ghost, I picked up the bake. Around 300 I posted notables, which included something not so warm and fuzzy about the Jews (75% Jews voting for Biden i think). Anyways, Jews screamed that I was a clown baker and started an ebake at 600 post.


Well, I already had gone through the work to fix the dough and tidy thing up, so I posted my bread. I put in my title (for anime baker) because the Jews had hounded anime baker the entire night before.


So when the ebake ghosted his bread, I kept my up and the sheep who followd the ebaker needed a place to post, so they migrated by my bread..


Then Q posted in my bread, then the Jews went back to splitting breads..


Q didn't post again until anime baker had the bake, and has pretty much only posted in anime bakers bread since, even though the jews had plenty of split breads, so if you don't think Q is trying to tell the Jews to quit splitting the breads, I don't know what to tell you…

Anonymous ID: e2ead8 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:15 p.m. No.11217548   🗄️.is 🔗kun


U.S. Army


Strive for excellence and remember that it's about the team.


#USArmy video by Capt. Daniel Parker


#ThursdayThought #ReadyToFight #KingofBattle


0:30 / 0:31

3:08 PM · Oct 22, 2020

Anonymous ID: 3de36b Oct. 22, 2020, 1:15 p.m. No.11217549   🗄️.is 🔗kun

QAnon followers, anti-mask extremists, and militia members

are working the polls this November

Members of private QAnon Facebook groups, anti-mask Facebook groups, and a militia forum are volunteering at polling locations and recruiting other members to do the same



PUBLISHED 10/22/20 2:45 PM EDT


Far-right forums have been encouraging forum members to volunteer as poll watchers, and Media Matters has uncovered additional discussions in private QAnon Facebook groups, anti-mask Facebook groups, and even a pro-militia forum in which users say they will be poll watchers or election officials and encourage other members to volunteer.


Each of these groups could present difficult and unpredictable situations for voters come November.


QAnon followers

This unfounded conspiracy theory claiming that President Donald Trump is secretly fighting members of the “deep state” and pedophiles has been classified by the FBI as a potential domestic terror threat and has been directly linked to multiple killings, a planned kidnapping, and even terrorism.


Media Matters has found members of QAnon Facebook groups discussing working to monitor polls. In one private group, on a thread pushing a conspiracy theory about election fraud, a user commented, “I’m an election judge at the polls.”


“I’m a poll watcher. I’ll keep my eyes open,” replied another.


In a separate QAnon group, a member encouraged other followers to volunteer to be poll observers: “Care about honest elections? Vote Early. Volunteer as a poll observer.”


Militia members

An online forum for organizing militia members across the country contained a thread emphasizing that this election “must be UNCONTESTABLE” and that Democrats are supposedly going to “cheat the Presidential part of it.”


“I've said before and I maintain this–the red wave up and down the ballots should be monstrous,” wrote the user, “and the Democrats should be so humiliated by it they won't show their faces in public for months.”


The user then encouraged members to volunteer as poll watchers: “The solution to this is to firstly, volunteer if you can to be a poll worker. Second, volunteer if you can to be a poll WATCHER.”


Another user followed up: “We can definitely expect troublemakers to try and block people from voting; especially in those districts where it going to be a toss-up on who will win. Each election cycle there seems to be incidents where someone or someone’s start trouble so voters can’t get to the polls. I expect that to be a bad issue this year— especially if Trump gets anywhere close to getting re-elected.”


On a different thread, one militia member claimed to have “three scouts working three different voting stations at three different cities.”


This anticipation of trouble at the polls comes amid a recent rise of far-right militia activity and occasional violence in some states.


Anti-mask extremists

Members of private Facebook groups that oppose COVID-19 mask mandates are also encouraging members to volunteer as poll watchers.


ID: 6db101 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:16 p.m. No.11217595   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Pedovores have no fixed ethnic religious or ideological identity.


Pedovores like shills paid to protect them, are parasitic opportunists with no fixed moral or value system.


As they say in some old country "They live like they have no family."

Anonymous ID: bf334f Oct. 22, 2020, 1:17 p.m. No.11217607   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7683 >>7690 >>7910 >>7970 >>8005



On behalf of an underfunded and nonpartisan field dedicated to ending this horrific form of exploitation and abuse and helping those who have survived it, we urge you to engage real needs rather than politically motivated and profoundly dangerous narratives that harm the very people who they claim to be speaking for — victims, survivors, children, families and vulnerable communities.




3Strands Global Foundation


Advocating Opportunity


Amara Legal Center




American Gateways


Americans for Immigrant Justice


Arizona State University Office of Sex Trafficking Research


ATEST (Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking)


The Avery Center for Research and Services


Coalition Against Trafficking in Women


Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking


Community Legal Aid Society Inc. (CLASI)


Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants


Corporate Accountability Lab


The Exploitation Intervention Project


Foreign Policy for America


The Freedom Fund


Freedom Network USA


Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition, Yale University


Give Way to Freedom


Global Center for Women and Justice Vanguard University


Global Fund to End Modern Slavery


Grace Farms Foundation


HEAL Trafficking


Heartland Alliance


HIAS Pennsylvania


Human Rights First


Human Trafficking Collorative Network


Human Trafficking Institute


The Human Trafficking Legal Center


Humanity United


Institute to Combat Trafficking


International Corporate Accountability Roundtable


International Institute of Buffalo


International Justice Mission


International Organization for Adolescents (IOFA)


International Women’s Media Foundation


Jewish Women International


Justice At Last


Justice in Motion


Lantos Foundation for Human Rights & Justice


Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Family Services


Liberty Shared




McCain Institute for International Leadership


Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare — North


Migration that Works


Mosaic Family Services


National Network for Youth


National Organization for Women, Hollywood Chapter


National Survivor Network


New England Coalition Against Trafficking


New Hampshire Human Trafficking Collaborative Task Force


North County Lifeline


North River Law PLLC


North Texas Academic Collaborative on Trafficking


Open Society Foundations


Phoenix Dream Center




Preble Street


Project iRISE


Quinnipiac University School of Law Clinic


Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association


Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism




Sanctuary for Families


Shared Hope International


Solidarity Center


Stardust Fund


T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights


Tivnu: Building Justice


U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking


Union for Reform Judaism


University of Maryland SAFE Center for Human Trafficking Survivors






VIDA Legal Assistance, Inc.


Additional Signers as of October 22, 2020:


Academy on Violence and Abuse


Albany County Crime Victim and Sexual Violence Center


Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives


Karana Rising Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking


Leadership Conference of Women Religious


Mid-Atlantic Coalition Against Modern Slavery


National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd


National Council of Jewish Women-St. Louis Section


Project NO REST


Resiliency Foundation


Salvatorian Advocacy for Victims of Exploitation (S.A.V.E.) Inc


School Sisters of Notre Dame Atlantic Midwest Province


Srs. of St. Joseph of Cluny


St. Louis Children’s Hospital


Stop Modern Day Slavery


Teens Against Child Trafficking


Trafficking in America Task Force


Zero Abuse Project



Anonymous ID: 411be5 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:20 p.m. No.11217738   🗄️.is 🔗kun


[In a stunning development, a former Chief Science Officer for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says "there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen." The "Big Pharma" insider asserts that false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID tests are being used to manufacture a "second wave" based on "new cases."


Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, says that half or even "almost all" of tests for COVID are false positives. Dr. Yeadon also argues that the threshold for herd immunity may be much lower than previously thought, and may have been reached in many countries already.


In an interview last week Dr. Yeadon was asked:


"we are basing a government policy, an economic policy, a civil liberties policy, in terms of limiting people to six people in a meeting…all based on, what may well be, completely fake data on this coronavirus?"


Dr. Yeadon answered with a simple "yes."


Even more significantly, even if all positives were to be correct, Dr. Yeadon said that given the "shape" of all important indicators in a worldwide pandemic, such as hospitalizations, ICU utilization, and deaths, "the pandemic is fundamentally over."


Yeadon said in the interview:


"Were it not for the test data that you get from the TV all the time, you would rightly conclude that the pandemic was over, as nothing much has happened. Of course people go to the hospital, moving into the autumn flu season…but there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen."](

Anonymous ID: b8503b Oct. 22, 2020, 1:22 p.m. No.11217808   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Donilon brothers


Thomas Donilon Partner with brother Terry Donilon in Blackrock. Also Natonal security advisor for Obama. Also worked for Clinton and Carter


Mike Donilon - Works for Biden's campaign


Terry Donilon - Spokesperson for Boston Archdiocese and partners with Thomas Donilon in Blackrock


Terry Donilon's wife, Catherine M. Russell, is chief of staff to Jill Biden.

Anonymous ID: ea9416 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:23 p.m. No.11217821   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8137

Non-comms bread notables

I'm not the baker


>>11217675 Remdesivir Approved

>>11217511 Strive for excellence and remember that it's about the team.

>>11217474 You violated the implied agreement by going in under the false pretense that you were actually journalists and not simply activist for the Democrats.

>>11217376 Catherine Herridge @CBS_Herridge

>>11217207 Hunter Biden business associate's text messages indicate meeting with Joe Biden | Fox News

>>11217160 Volatile and Angry MSNBC Host Cuts Off Interview With Trump Campaign Spokesman, Refuses to Let Him Discuss Voter Fraud

>>11217097 Deputy Arrested for producing CP

>>11217046 BREAKING: Tony Bobulinski to be @realDonaldTrump special guest at tonight’s debate

>>11216999 I value my freedom of speech and freedom of thought

>>11216907 Kamala Harris Failed To Prosecute Illegal MS-13 Gang Member Just Months Before He Murdered Family

>>11216870 Fort Bragg Now Admits its Twitter Account Wasn't Hacked

>>11216763 Paul Pelosi Jr - Good research thread on Commie Reddit

>>11216729 California Just Declared War On Thanksgiving With Kafka-Level Regulations

>>11216705 Judicial Watch Sues for McCabe/Strzok/Page FBI Text Messages

>>11216685 LA Fines Catholic Church Behind Coronavirus Restriction Lawsuit

>>11216662 They’re Panicking! Biden Spox on Debate


>>11216453 Trump posts full '60 Minutes' interview showing him walking out

>>11216291 Kmala inflating COVID deaths "We're looking at over 220 million americans who just in the last several months…DIED!!!!!"

>>11216213 @USArmy

>>11215906 NEW DJT JR

>>11215316 QAnon Is Becoming a Republican Dog Whistle

>>11215367 A new lawsuit targets Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballot deadline

>>11215515 Fort Bend County suspect possessed more than 2K child pornography files, DA's Office alleges

>>11215634 “You Can Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later” – Joe Biden Lectures Ukrainian President and Lawmakers in 2015 Speech on Economics

>>11215699 Moscow Salvages START Nuke Control Extension by Accepting Additional Terms

>>11215770 House Democrats pass $2.2 trillion stimulus bill over GOP opposition; bipartisan talks continue

>>11215808 Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for Any Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically for COVID-19

>>11215893 Pressure builds for NBC's Kristen Welker to address Hunter Biden at debate: ‘This is a moment of truth'

>>11215928 THIS IS WEIRD: Facebook Posts Several Strange Questions About In-Person Voting — Are They Plotting with the Far Left Against Voters on Election Day?

>>11215995 Democratic Governors killing elderly parents to fluff China Virus numbers to scare the public into submission

>>11215675 Former Social Media executive says 'Mute Trump till after election'

>>11216029 Matt Murray Bing top search results

>>11216043 AF2 leaving Detroit

>>11216084 Ohio sheriff goes viral after volunteering to help anti-Trump celebrities leave the country

>>11216637 Off Bread Notes

>>11215393, >>11216054 Kamala Harris claims 220 Million Americans have died in 2 months (mp4 video)

>>11216198, >>11216212 California court joins in barring Trump census order on maps.

>>11215231 , >>11215264 , >>11215715 Digg on Christopher Balding (Typhoon Investigation)

>>11216417, >>11215485, >>11215346, >>11215389, >>11215402, >>11215880, >>11216033, >>11216036, >>11216618 Other News

ID: 6db101 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:24 p.m. No.11217857   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Remote and ineffectual shill

That dared attack my president

With that poor weapon, half-impelled,

Unlearnt, unsteady, hardly held,

Unworthy for a tilt with men—

Your quavering and corroded pen;

Shill poor at Bed and worse at Table,

Shill pinched, shill starved, shill miserable;

Shill stuttering, shill with roving eyes,

Shill nervous, shill of crudities;

Shill clerical, shill ordinary,

Shill self-absorbed and solitary;

Shill here-and-there, shill epileptic;

Shill puffed and empty, shill dyspeptic;

Shill middle-class, shill sycophantic,

Shill dull, shill brutish, shill pedantic;

Shill hypocritical, shill bad,

Shill furtive, shill three-quarters mad;

Shill (since a man must make an end),

Shill that shall never be my friend.

Anonymous ID: 3397f5 Oct. 22, 2020, 1:24 p.m. No.11217879   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>Go fuck yourself, nigger. You're not even smart enough to know when a problem needs to be addressed.

Move on junior. This aint /pol/ this place does not want to be /po/, if Q wanted to post on /pol/ he would have, so tell your checkwriters that this is not going to work.