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Anonymous ID: 6daf40 June 18, 2022, 11:47 a.m. No.16468042   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun   >>8118 >>8224


>>16467665 , >>16467815 , >>16467847, >>16467865, >>16467832 Mideast news including Ukraine

>>16467821, >>16467873, >>16467882, >>16467895, >>16467905, >>16467938, >>16467988 Mideast news including Ukraine, con't.

>>16467348, >>16467446, >>16467522 PF reports

>>16467372, >>16467377, >>16467383, >>16467385, >>16467396, >>16467398, >>16467424, >>16467714, >>16467754, >>16467800, >>16467812, >>16467843 Biden bike DIG

>>16467356 Dems Face Turmoil As Concerns Mount About Biden’s Suitability to Run in 2024, Observers Say

>>16467358, >>16467307 Cillizza dig

>>16467306 Ascot winner Naval Crown 17 dig

>>16467312 HRC - "We are on the PRECIPICE of losing our democracy"

>>16467313, >>16467397 Biden claims he'll tax the billionaires now

>>16467338 The Billionaire Family Pushing Synthetic Sex Identities (SSI)

>>16467343 Daily Mail on Tucker's "Biden showers with daughter" report

>>16467346, >>16467359, >>16467623 BITCOIN: How low will it go?

>>16467365 Coal train derailment aerial

>>16467392, >>16467612 Julie Kelly asks Capitol Police, where's the detailed info on Thurs arrests? & more

>>16467400, >>16467437 Drag Q Storyhour pedo was emplyed by Milwaukee Co Circuit Court Judge

>>16467417 Will they treat Colbert's team like J6 prisoners?

>>16467450, >>16467863 NM Co Commissioner sentences to 14 days in jail after decision to DECERTIFY illegitimate election results

>>16467461 CNN's John Berman pressing Jamie Raskin re examples of new evidence from J6

>>16467477, >>16467573 Uvalde efforts to prevent release body cam footage, school shooting records – DIG CALL!

>>16467506 Musk: This is where the writers are, Of past, Present, And Future.

>>16467509 DJT: "In America we don't worship government, we worship God!"

>>16467532 DJT Suggests He’ll Pardon J6 Defendants If President Again

>>16467599 Antifa Agitators Who Assaulted Hispanic Marines Won’t Face Charges Despite Guilty Pleas

>>16467608 HRC says she won't run again (but then, she's a Iiar so……)

>>16467639 Leavitt dig, con't. - Ritualistic Child Abuse Memo

>>16467654 LIVE: President Trump Speaks at the American Freedom Tour, LIVE from Memphis, TN 6/18/22

>>16467661 California bill would make gun owners buy liability insurance

>>16467699 What's going on at the Capitol building? Renovation?

>>16467702 SGT report: "Worse than 2008: They are burning down the House" - Jim Wille

>>16467729 Chuck Ross: "Hilary getting the band back together" (Clinton Global community)

>>16467744 US/NATO (with WEF help) pushing for a Global South famine?

>>16467753 China using QR codes to monitor & track citizens

>>16467807 Black Congressional Candidate Calls Out Dems β€” β€œThe Party Of The KKK And Jim Crow”

>>16467825 Watch: Women Struggling to Find Tampons, But Men's Restrooms Are Stocked Full of Them

>>16467831 Oxford students forcibly removed for protesting event hosting Israeli ambassador

>>16467835 Youtube blogger: Escalating the conflict is the only way out for the US

>>16467845 Biden Adviser Sperling on Recession Fears: β€˜Too Many People Not Realizing' How Successful Our Policies Were

>>16467855 Rising cost of living sparks massive protests in UK and Ireland

>>16467861 "A Disarmed Individual Will Be A Subject", Not A Citizen: Lt. Col. Allen West

>>16467867 France: Change at any cost? will 40% of Le Pen voters vote for Far Left?

>>16467876 Disney World employee among 12 alleged sexual predators busted in undercover operation

>>16467899 Numbers of Unaccompanied Migrant Children Rising at U.S.-Mexico Border

>>16467910 Even Gavin Newsom admits Twitter won’t let you talk about murder statistics

>>16467943 Leaked Audio: Americans' Private TikTok Data Accessed From China

>>16467954 Arlington Public Library @ArlingtonVALib has groomer materials in the children's section ready!

>>16467962 Facebook Is Receiving Sensitive Medical Information from Hospital Websites

>>16467965 CDC advisers recommend COVID-19 shots for children under 5

>>16467975, >>16467982 WOKE Teacher was just arrested for raping students and filming it

>>16467984 Washington Post Puts Out Hit Piece On Clarence Thomas' Wife re Comms w/Trump lawyer

>>16467994 LILLEY: Trudeau government threatens to bring back mandates and change definition of fully vaccinated

>>16468035 #20833

Anonymous ID: 6daf40 June 18, 2022, 11:48 a.m. No.16468044   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun



>>16466521 hunter biden, burisma, and corruption - pdf.

>>16466522, >>16466583, >>16466599, forces twats

>>16466468, >>16466538, Sergey Brin β€” the Google co-founder who is one of the top 10 richest persons in the world with a net worth of $93 billion β€” has filed to divorce his wife: Court docs -

>>16466557 Do you recognize irregular warfare - trump 12 page statement against the j6 committee

>>16466573 Uvalde police claim they don't need to release records about shooting - twat

>>16466580 An Irish politician has been arrested after trying to board British naval vessel HMS Enterprise, a survey ship, in Cork Harbour. Here's a clip of the incident.- twat

>>16466582 planefag mcfly85 call sign (back to the future comms).

>>16466587 DJT: "I watched this owlife Raskin making things and statements up, from out of nowhere. Pure fiction!"- djt

>>16466597, >>16466605 Controlled demolition of America

>>16466644 State of emergency declared in Ecuador -

>>16466601, >>16466609, >>16466656 Call to Digg, Omaha children’s hospital money laundering - twat robert gage

>>16466657, >>16466715, 'I literally lost organs:' Why detransitioned teens regret changing genders - groomer, pedo and commie topic

>>16466663, >>16466671 julian assange wife, we are going to fight this - twat

>>16466686 The Engineered Stagflationary Collapse Has Arrived – Here's What Happens Next - zerohedge and bun

>>16466696 FOUND IT, FROM CHUCKY OWN CROOKED MOUTH, FEDERALIZE THE ELECTIONS COS IT IS IN THE CONSTITUATION - youtube chuck schumer speech - youtube with timestamp.

>>16466720 Governor To Oppose COVID Vaccines For Kids, desantis - daily caller.

>>16466725 Electric rates in Texas have surged over 70% as summer - election wizard twat

>>16466731 The Clintons claim America is on the edge of losing democracy - hillary

baker change

>>16466772 Clockfag Report

>>16466777, >>16466800, >>16466831, >>16466892, >>16466802, >>16467127 Call to Digg, Omaha children’s hospital money laundering continued

>>16466805 Odd sculpture in New Orleans/Mayor Cantrell twat: As Juneteenth approaches, we celebrated with an unveiling in Lafayette Sq

>>16466866, >>16466891, >>16466917, >>16467002, >>16467011 Biden, 79, FALLS OFF his bike during ride near his Rehoboth Beach home

>>16466879 SpaceX is targeting Sat. June 18 for a Falcon 9 launch of SARah-1 mission from Space Launch Complex 4 East (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Space Force Base in CA

>>16466888 Uvalde officials are using a legal loophole to block the release of shooting records

>>16467033 Federal Court Holds Glyphosate Registration Unlawful

>>16467071 Some of UK's asylum claimants to be electronically tagged – BBC News

>>16467256 #20832

Anonymous ID: 6daf40 June 18, 2022, 11:48 a.m. No.16468045   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun


>>16465742 Eat Ze Bugz - World's largest cricket processing plant coming to London, Ontario

>>16465770 Republican Flores wins seat held by democrats for over 100 years (vid)

>>16465781, >>16465795, >>16465798 youtube dark journalist and pirate anon posts (anon nom)

>>16465797, >>16465812 Questions every county should be asking their voting machine vendors

>>16465894, >>16465920 Anon to Water and Sewer construction fags (anon Nom)

>>16465903 June 17 - Microseismic activity Las CaΓ±adas del Teide #Tenerife (Spain) - 458 earthquakes detected

>>16465910 Task Force Spartan @TFSpartan Training always continues, even after sunset! (+ Scavino)

>>16465912 Remains found in the Amazon identified as UK journalist

>>16465976 Women’s Bureau of the Department of Labor to Host Webinar on the β€˜Power of Trans Inclusion’ in the Workforce

>>16466006, >>16466043 Pedophile Husband, Caught by wife, covered in gasoline, set on fire.

>>16466010 Scavino FB - Miss him yet?

>>16466032 PDJT TS - In America we don't worship government, we worship God!

>>16466034 From June17 GP - Roger Stone sets the record straight re: Watergate

>>16466038 Hawaii teacher arrested: allegedly filmed rape of a 13-year-old boy and sent the vid to other teachers

>>16466060, >>16466394, PlaneFag

>>16466079, >>16466184, >>16466334, monkey pox sex safely - (virus fear porn and covid topic) the cull is real, the fear is fake, mp4 vid

>>16466104, >>16466125, 50 illegal migrants on terror watch list have been caught at the border so far this year - daily mail (immigration topic)

>>16466108, >>16466181, >>16466238, >>16466383, groomer, pedo and commie topic twats and mp4 vids nyc mayor adds adds $6.7m to lgbtq+ services.

>>16466111 JULIAN ASSANGE COURT CASE AND NEWS COMING INTO THE NEXT NEWS CYCLE, -robert gouveia youtube and mindmap

>>16466137, >>16466301, Uvalde officer passed up shot at gunman before shooter entered school:- wapo

>>16466143 Pro-Life Groups Sound The Alarm Over Repeated Attacks, Call Out FBI, DOJ For Not Doing Enough - daily caller

>>16466155 THEIR TERRIBLE NARRATIVE - FREEFORM FRIDAY - polly on klaus schwab the great narrative book and agenda.

>>16466160 LIVE: President Trump Speaks at the American Freedom Tour, LIVE from Memphis, TN 6/18/22 - Trump speech sat at memphis youtube.

>>16466218, >>16466224, >>16466263, >>16466291, >>16466386, J6 COMMITTEE HAD A VIDEO SHOWN IN EVIDENCE DELETED DUE TO MISINFORMATION.- youtube robert gouveia and j6 topic

>>16466299, >>16466306, >>16466337, Tucker Carlson explains how nine of Stephen Colbert's producerswere able to gain access to government buildings after hours. -mp4 vid from tucker.

>>16466236 the fake news will no longer allow the big lie phrase - djt truth social

>>16466231, >>16466369, woman eaten by 20 pet cats after dropping dead, liberal women future - twat and willow wh cat news.

>>16466328 bitcoin below 20k, burn baby burn- screen cap.

>>16466339 Cost of living crisis: Britons cannot expect pay rises to keep up with inflation, Treasury warns - (murdoch channel).

>>16466347 Michigan Police Will Not Respond To Every 911 Call Due To High Gas Prices - kek

>>16466358 Climate Warrior Barack Obama Installing Propane Tanks Totaling 2,500 Gallons On Martha’s Vineyard Property - dailywire twat

>>16466370, the swamp today, house and senate meeting.

>>16466408 Iran fighter jet crashes after engine fails, pilots survive -

>>16466409 TikTok Moves US User Data to Oracle Servers -

>>16466410 CIA and the drugs in black community -

>>16466425 #20831


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>>16459793 #20822, >>16460277 #20823, >>16460966 #20824

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