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>>17723924, >>17723940 Flu hospitalizations at highest level in a decade, health officials say

>>17723861 @stillgray: Elon Musk was right. There’s more to the Paul Pelosi story than meets the eye

>>17723870 “Sulking and moping is not an option,” former President Barack Obama told several hundred voters in Pittsburgh

>>17723879 Dem govs most assoc.w/COVID-19 lockdowns facing stiff electoral headwinds, Repubs quickly reopening their states cruising to reelection

>>17723928 Madonna’s Latest Creepy Instagram Post Has People Asking: What Is Wrong With Her?

>>17723961 @charliekirk11: This clip will put Lee Zeldin in the Governor's Mansion

>>17723994 Twitter shocked when multiple US flags collapse at Fetterman rally: 'Perfect metaphor'

>>17724012 'Vaccinated my child without my consent': Rapper M.I.A. unloads on feds as COVID claims crumble

>>17724014, >>17724032, >>17724038, >>17724068, >>17724079, >>17724082 Donald Trump Nicknames Gov. DeSantis: ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’

>>17724018 President Donald J. Trump in Latrobe, PA 11.5.2022 Archived Rally Notes and Clips

>>17724031, >>17724033, >>17724037 In preparation for upcoming Tues. midterm election, National Guard activating cybersecurity teams in 14 states

>>17724063, >>17724065, >>17724070, >>17724078 @elonmusk twats: rocks, twitter searching will get a lot better pronto and trash me but it’ll cost $8

>>17724091 #21720

Anonymous ID: 5bcd84 Nov. 6, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17724098   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17723574, >>17723630 twits gonna twit For the keks

>>17723596 @GovRonDeSantis claims that he didn't lock down Florida???

>>17723633, >>17723643, >>17723730, >>17723748 rally pics

>>17723634, >>17723642 Wow. Spontaneous singing of The National Anthem!

>>17723636 “They Put Her in Prison! She’s in Jail! What a Disgrace!” – President Trump Calls Out Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips at PA Rally

>>17723657 We have to restore free speech

>>17723664 Over 50 countries vote against anti-Nazism UN measure

>>17723687 This nation belongs to (You)

>>17723729 We will soon be a great nation again.

>>17723771 Canuck: MISSING TAPES RECOVERED, Andrew Scheer exposes the actual transcript of claims that Liberals say were never said


>>17723803 Scientists from the University of Bristol and NHS Blood & Transplant (NHSBT) have discovered a rare new blood group system, dubbed “ER” blood type.

>>17723818 Extremely Low Supply of Diesel Terrifying

>>17723828 Military Game ‘Call of Duty’ Goes Woke – No American Flag, 22 Gay Pride Flags, Burning US Flag…

>>17723841 #21719



to be collected

Anonymous ID: 5bcd84 Nov. 6, 2022, 12:20 a.m. No.17724099   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17722969, >>17722996, >>17723022, >>17723165 rally pics

>>17722990 Focus On The Signatures

>>17723005 WATCH LIVE: President Trump Save America Rally in Latrobe, PA

>>17723006 45in N757AF 757 departed Palm Beach Int'l for Latrobe, PA-Arnold Palmer Airport

>>17723014 Admiral Charles Richard said the Ukraine crisis “is just the warmup”.

>>17723027, >>17723073 Nancy has her hands behind her back????

>>17723043 ‘America First Legal’ Publishes Litigation Documents Revealing CDC’s Mask Guidance for Schoolchildren was Motivated by Political Polling

>>17723049, >>17723076, >>17723119 Aaron Carter Dead at 34

>>17723071 ECW RT: As part of Vigilant Storm, @INDOPACOM & the Republic of Korea demonstrated combat readiness, close coordination, & interoperability today

>>17723086 Joe Biden just called Turning Point activists “idiots” for saying he’s a socialist

>>17723091 Graphic for the pitching matchup for Game 6 of the World Series.

>>17723096 Indiana Police Arrest 20 Suspects in Child Sex Sting Operation

>>17723097 Nolte: About Those Three Bizarre Media Retractions in the Paul Pelosi Story

>>17723098, >>17723110 National Guard Cybersecurity Experts Ready to Help During Midterms: ‘We Are Citizen Soldiers’

>>17723111 USPS District Mgr Confirms…MI SOS Jocelyn Benson LIED on Taxpayer-Funded Website About Postal Workers

>>17723113, >>17723120 BREAKING: Doug Mastriano speaks in Latrobe, PA as a perfect rainbow appears in the sky above

>>17723128 Experts, GOP Reps Call On The Biden Admin To Shut Down A Secret Chinese Police Station In NYC

>>17723143 China's rise supercharged Australia's economy. But now that's unravelling, and the Albanese government faces a serious challenge

>>17723145 Oprah helped Dr. Oz with his career. I assume because she vetted him and found him to be a wonderful person. Now she is against him. Oprah is a fraud. -Kid Rock

>>17723148, >>17723154 J Watkins try spelling it differently, engineers working hard to fix things

>>17723175 NBC Refuses To Issue On Air Correction For Deleted Paul Pelosi Video

>>17723191 CNN's fact checker in chief, Daniel Dale, just blasted Biden Adm for lying for 2 years and twitter libs are blowing up

>>17723202 #21717


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>>17723186 #21712-A2, >>17723108 #21712-A1, >>17722463 #21713

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>>17720621 #21707, >>17720697 #21708, >>17720994 #21709


>>17474548 Q Research Notables #15: High Five

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Sunday 11.06.2022

>>17724555 ————————————–——– You have all the tools you need.


>>17724096 Q Research General #21721: Sanctimonious Endeavor Edition

>>17724100 DOUGH, baker ghosts

>>17724300 new baker notes, baker departs

>>17724394 #21718 notes




>>17724107, >>17724108 Jen Bush is pushing DeSantis.

>>17724113 Maggot Haberman reporting that Roger Stome started attacking DeSantis several weeks ago

>>17724131, >>17724135, >>17724136, >>17724162, >>17724163 @elonmusk says journalists with “they/them” pronouns in bio will pay a $16 monthly fee instead of the standard $8

>>17724149 Red Wave on the Sunset

>>17724150 Doctors Advised to Suggest Suicide to Patients as Canada Runs Out of Basic Painkillers

>>17724156 Coast Guard offering ‘unheard of’ $50K signing bonuses as recruitment plummets

>>17724160 Never Before Seen Substances Inside the Arteries of Sudden Death Victims

>>17724170 Democrats will mandate Covid shots for your kids to attend school, but they know that’s too controversial to say before an election.

>>17724172, >>17724176 Right when Fetterman introduces Obama as a "sedition free" president, all the American flags fall over. You can't even make this stuff up.

>>17724177 Victor Davis Hanson: Midterm re-election will be a 'realignment'

>>17724183 Winfrey’s endorsement of John Fetterman might be just a way to hedge her bets

>>17724191 Biden warns Putin US will defend ‘every inch’ of NATO land after Ukraine annexation

>>17724195 Nolte: Six Reasons Corporate Media Failed to Frame MAGA for Paul Pelosi Incident

>>17724197 The Fed crashed the housing market. Builders and banks want help.

>>17724199 SNL covid commercial

>>17724211 "Here we go." -King Palmer for the keks

>>17724219, >>17724220 Bruce Daisley was Twitter vice president for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

>>17724221 The Secularist Tyranny of the Democrats Is on the Ballot

>>17724222 Mother Of Slain NYC Teen Criticizes Governor Over Bail Reform

>>17724224 Barack Obama says John Fetterman is fit to serve in Senate after stroke

>>17724247 Twitter account Ultra MAGA BELLA Hot Babe was run by someone in China

>>1772426, >>17724269, >>17724281 Amid mass Twitter layoffs, UN urges Elon Musk to 'ensure human rights are central' to company's management

>>17724284, >>17724287, >>17724290 Refresher: Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief

>>17724294 Dr. Anthony Fauci receives the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards

baker change

>>17724336, >>17724361, >>17724500 Aaron Carter Last Twat

>>17724362, >>17724365, >>17724383, >>17724389 Opinion piece fascinating in that it chooses adopt our language and twist it to the liberal game plan

>>17724426 'This is playing with fire - it could spark a lab-generated pandemic': Experts slam Boston lab

>>17724429 Conspiracy author David Icke has been banned from entering the EU

>>17724460 America First Legal’ Publishes Litigation Documents Revealing CDC’s Mask Guidance for Schoolchildren was Motivated by Political Polling

>>17724463 Gas production breaks records, leading to Enbridge $3.6B expansion project

>>17724522, >>17724552 ObummaBidan mostly empty 10K seat stadium

>>17724537 Hey guise, feel like doing another rally today in Sanctimonious Florida?

>>17724555 Q You have all the tools you need.