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>>17788351 PF reports

>>17788175 Nord Stream Leaks Confirmed as Sabotage, Sweden Says

>>17788183, >>17788256

Soros: β€˜I am confident that Trump will turn out to be a transitory phenomenon’

>>17788185 Am. Thinker: Single women say 'No' to Vaccinated Single men

>>17788188 Anon Opine: PROTO star comms

>>17788196, >>17788382 FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried cashed out $300 million during funding spree - WSJ

>>17788210 JEAN-PIERRE: "You can get both shots in both arms. Go do it. PLEASE!"

>>17788223 Kanekoa:Β  Marco Polo has documented 459 crimes committed by the Biden family and their associates

>>17788231 Poland qualifies Ukrainian missile strike as β€˜unfortunate accident’

>>17788245 Japan's inflation hits 40-year high as weak yen fans import costs

>>17788250 CF Gave Warnock's Church Mad Stacks After He Campaigned for Hillaryβ€”Then it Got Weird

>>17788260 Boebert: Frisch called me to concede

>>17788289, >>17788290 DJT: Here we go again

>>17788293, >>17788304 DJT: I’ll be making a statement on the never ending Witch Hunt tonight at Mar-a-Lago, 8:30 P.M.

>>17788301 Not The Bee: ICE just tracked down and captured more than 130 illegal-alien sex predators

>>17788357 Carhartt will enforce vaccine mandate despite Court's ruling

substitute notetaker

>>17788350, >>17788478 Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to more than 11 years in prison

>>17788367 @45: Here we go again re J6

>>17788372 @45: Does anyone read National Review? So negative to Conservatives & me

>>17788398 Philadelphia Man Charged with Forging Signatures on 2019 Election Papers

>>17788392, >>17788399, >>17788402 People who resisted covid jabs are heroes

>>17788410 Miscarriage of science – vid

>>17788417 Jean-Pierre: We do not politicize the DOJ" (for keks)

>>17788422 >>17788410 Miscarriage of science – vid

>>17788441 Iranian protesters set fire to Ayatollah Khomeini's house

>>17788450 Shady Dealings: Someone Made a Killing on the Rumor That Binance Is About To Acquire Voyager; Meanwhile, FTX Crypto Assets Are Now Worth Just $659!

>>17788459 @45 Truth Storm!

>>17788348 China Operates Police Stations in the US, FBI Chief Admits

>>17788498, >>17788375, >>17788333, >>17788449>>17788464 Gates, Soros, Mologic and blood testing industry

>>17788320 Corruption: Dem mayor who used taxpayer money to purchase first-class plane tickets to Europe is under fire again for spending $225,000 for personal gain

Pregnant Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison for Criminal Fraud

>>17788482, >>17788496 Who Is Jack Smith, the New Special Counsel?

>>17788516Β #21799

Anonymous ID: 5af3f9 Nov. 18, 2022, 3:31 p.m. No.17788522   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun


>>17787834 Pennsylvania lawmakers voted on Wednesday to impeach Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner (D.), capping a months-long campaign to remove the George Soros-backed prosecutor on the heels of a historic murder wave.

>>17787845 @mikepompeo We must show the American people that we've earned their trust. That we're focused on improving livesβ€”not boosting our egos.

>>17787860 Catherine Engelbrecht Was Kept in Solitary Confinement for 4 Days

>>17787885 The Media’s β€˜Strange New Respect’ for Mike Pence

>>17787897, >>17787914 Bring on the bone marrow failure!

>>17787907, >>17787950, >>17787961, >>17787950, >>17787983, >>17788002 Thanks to the ANON who posted the link to the CISA Dir stating on 11/09/2022

>>17787914 Ultomiris Approved to Treat Rare Blood Disorder

>>17787938 Alameda diggz

>>17787989, >>17788027, >>17788037, >>17788040, >>17788096 Who is Jack Smith, The Lawyer that is the Special Council, his Wikipedia page was created today.

>>17787991 2022 election fraud

>>17788004 @ChuckGrassley Govt must b held accountable to the ppl & Wray’s commitment to transparency is lackluster at best

>>17788071, >>17788074 Dozens of Documents Linked to Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Associates will be Unsealed After Judge Rules Public Interest Trumps Privacy

>>17788087 RCH3246 C-17 on descent for Halifax-that German AF GAF679 GLEX also went to Halifax-C102 US Coast Guard G5 heading to Reagan National from Weisbaden Army Airfield depart

>>17788125 PF COUNS Activity Update: AE7466 E-11A BACN (aerial wi-fi) out from Miramar after arriving last night from Wichita >>17785576 pb as BACON05 this is it's first 'official' flight after arriving

>>17788133 A poll watcher gives a stunning report out of Arizona.

>>17788146 #21798




>>17787528 27 Counties in Illinois Pass Referendums to Explore Seccession From State

>>17787532 House GOP brings bill to audit Ukraine spending – nearing $103 billion

>>17787533 I think SOS FFAA is a tag for the Brazil Protests.

>>17787537 Qatar bans sale of alcohol at World Cup stadiums, in U-turn two days before 1st game

>>17787538, >>17787542, >>17787547, >>17787552, >>17787554, >>17787557, >>17787566, >>17787641, >>17787644 @mikepompeo Today, I’m going to speak at @RJC on how we can regain Americans’ trust and win again.

>>17787540 Jesse Venture might have been an Autists before Q Anons collected autists

>>17787543 @mikepompeo This happens on a daily basis because of the Biden Administration's policies.

>>17787545 Body-Cam Footage Confirms Paul Pelosi Opened Door for Police, Contradicts DOJ Account

>>17787551 Federal agents conduct mysterious raid on Area 51 website creator’s homes

>>17787553 State Department tells staff abroad to promote anti-populist 'disinformation' game in schools

>>17787574 Deaths among European Children aged 0-14 have increased by 552% since the EMA approved the COVID Vaccine for Kids

>>17787576 Freedom Fridays …13:22 = 17 and 17 beats in the tweet.

>>17787580 @elonmusk New Twitter policy is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach. 13:31 = 17

>>17787588, >>17787718 @elonmusk Kathie Griffin, Jorden Peterson & Babylon Bee have been reinstated. Trump decision has not yet been made

>>17787597 Premier Danielle Smith fires entire Alberta Health Services board


>>17787608 Child sexual abuse: new guidelines for first responders

>>17787643 Wall around Biden’s North Shores home is finally being built

>>17787651 Garland to Name Special Counsel to Determine Whether Trump Should Face Charges

>>17787657 Meet the Globalist Billionaires Behind the Presidential Ambitions of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

>>17787668, >>17787726 Democrat Adam Frisch Concedes to Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert – Does Not Want Recount for Some Reason

>>17787682 β€˜Serious, deliberate and unprecedented’: Liberal Party accuses Victorian Electoral Commission of election interference

>>17787725 Rescue crews are responding to a small plane crash east of Harvey Field in Snohomish

>>17787737, >>17787746 Garland, live, if so inclined

>>17787741 It's about the break?

>>17787747 A Doctor Is Facing $500 Billion In Fines For Promoting Vitamin D3 & Zinc During The Scamdemic

>>17787769 DeSantis Has A Message For The WEF & They’re Not Gonna Like It

>>17787755 Warnock vs Herschel double standard reporting

>>17787757 Detective Glenn Eddy blows lid on sickening tactics used on kids in court

>>17787760 Konnech CEO linked foundation flew Harvard's Charles Lieber to China/Harvard notoriety iirc

>>17787789 Check Out The Elites Tied Up With FTX Con Artist And Mega-Democrat Donor Sam Bankman-Fried

>>17787793 Stop the Steal: Truckers and Indios Back Bolsonaro, Start Shutting Down Brazil

>>17787814 #21797

Anonymous ID: 5af3f9 Nov. 18, 2022, 5:06 p.m. No.17789163   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun


We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.