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#24477 >>19936227

>>19936275 Former Sky News boss John Ryley says he 'failed' on climate change coverage

>>19936309 Brace Yourself For What's Coming in 2024 - Victor Davis Hanson

>>19936310 The shadow of Trump: inside the 17 November Guardian Weekly

>>19936329 Reminder - President Trump speaks at Iowa Commit to Caucus Event in Fort Dodge - 11/18/23

>>19936395 The CIA'S SV40 cancer weapon - full story w/Shannon Joy

>>19936470 A New Tool Allows Researchers to Track Damage in Gaza

>>19936503, >>19936567 PF update

>>19936610 Biden Offers China Unprecedented Access to US Nuclear Test Site

>>19936621, >>19936721 SpaceX launches Super Heavy-Starship rocket on 2nd test flight, but fails to get to space

>>19936681, >>19936682 Senate Democrats back down on Supreme Court ethics subpoenas after GOP threats

>>19936701 US Army asks troops who left over Covid mandate to come back as war looms

>>19936716 DJT re: The Witch Hunt

>>19936936 James Biden signals willingness to cooperate in brother’s impeachment probe, Comer reveals

>>19936947 #24477

Anonymous ID: d8edc1 Nov. 18, 2023, 8:17 a.m. No.19936958   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7216

#24476 >>19935359

>>19935597 Minnesota’s America-hating AG Keith Ellison just admitted the chilling truth about George Floyd…

>>19935684, >>19935979 Al Jazeera reports IDF has ordered doctors, patients, wounded, and displaced people to leave the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza within an hour.

>>19935710 Trump is “deliberately inviting” the criticism that he’s behaving like Hitler

>>19935758 James Comey writing a murder mystery about a hedge fund — and it sounds a lot like Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater

>>19935797, >>19935980 Elon Musk announces that X is filing a lawsuit against Media Matters

>>19935805 That's why Newsom went to China. Take on Biden/China

>>19935882, >>19935883 >>19935886 Revelations from the testimony of Special Counsel David Weiss

>>19935897, >>19935900 Elise Stefanik supplementing her ethics complaint against Judge Engoron

>>19935915 Kash Patel on weaponized judicial system

>>19935920 DOD Announces Release of 2023 Strategy for Operations in the Information Environment

>>19935969 Federal Judge Fast-Tracks Lawsuit Against Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Employees

>>19935999 US politicians are still benefiting personally from the Israel-Hamas & Ukrainian war, with a resistance to ceasefire.

>>19936006 Censorship Industry: ‘Business Booming’ for Ex-Facebook ‘Disinformation’ Experts amid Wars

>>19936014 San Diego Man Kills Himself After @FBI Launches Probe Into How He Helped The Biden Administration Get A Security Firm They Favored A $600 MILLION Federal Contract On Border Security!

>>19936062 TOMA TAKEOVER: Runbeck CEO Serves as Board Member with Newly Elected Speaker Toma's Brothers

>>19936129 Report: Worry Mounts About Violent Protests at Democrat Convention After DNC Riot

>>19936154 Steel: Growing Antisemitism Among Democrats Is Creating a Political Crisis

>>19936365 #24476 posted in #24477

Anonymous ID: d8edc1 Nov. 18, 2023, 8:17 a.m. No.19936961   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7720

#24475 >>19934937

>>19934633 Some Nancy Pelosi Daughter on film talking about January 6th

>>19934659 Trump Turnberry has once again secured its prestigious spot amongst GOLF magazine’s renowned list of the ‘Top 100 Golf Resorts in the World!’

>>19934732 Marcos, Xi meet in San Francisco to ease South China Sea tensions



>>19934831 Vladimir Putin: "Humanity cannot be divided into “first and second class like meat"

>>19934843 Builders of J6 gallows remain unidentified while FBI and DOJ continue to pursue other defendants

>>19934862 Follow the link below to view the January 6th tapes for yourself.

>>19934872 Anon Predicts 100s and 100s of whistleblowers from the ranks of the House and DC Police

>>19934923 'Big Banks' See $63BN Deposit Outflows Last Week, Loan Volumes Continue To Contract

>>19934986 Support For Israel Drops As 68% Of Americans Want Ceasefire, Negotiations

>>19935008 Jim Jordan Issues Subpoena to Bank of America for Sharing Customers’ Private Financial Information with the FBI

>>19935027, >>19935046 Breitbart News Joins First Media Visit to Netiv HaAsara, Town Hit by Hamas

>>19935067 JFK in Palm Beach sixty years ago today

>>19935083, >>19935117 Ben Shapiro eloquently comes to the defense of Elon Musk's tweet bumble

>>19935101 Donald Trump opens up stunning THIRTY-NINE point lead over Ron DeSantis in GOP rivals' home state of Florida

>>19935114 Dan - Happening Now at Mar-a-Lago, Legendary @CoachLouHoltz88 introducing @realDonaldTrump…

>>19935169, >>19935224 Former President Donald Trump to the stage in Mar-A-Lago at AFPI’s Experience & Gala!

>>19935183 Trump Campaign Statement on Legal Victory in Colorado

>>19935210 Boris Epshteyn On Trump's Trials : "All of these are coordinated election interference"

>>19935215, >>19935223 Refresh - January 6 video they've never shown the public.

>>19935218 BREAKING: Former President Trump said at Mar-a-Lago tonight, “We have so much evidence of election fraud, and I look forward to introducing it in my trials."

>>19935102, >>19935112, >>19935236 Donald Trump will Complete the System of German Idealism

>>19935267 President Trump's speech at Team Trump Iowa Commit to Caucus Event in Fort Dodge, Iowa.4PM ET 11-18-23

>>19935297 Scott Adams predicted Donald Trump in 1990

>>19935303 The DOJ Also Recently Let Wall Street Short Sellers Burn All Evidence Of Their Financial Crimes

>>19935321 And the place went NUTS!

>>19935330 For the Keks

>>19935337 #24475

Anonymous ID: d8edc1 Nov. 18, 2023, 8:17 a.m. No.19936962   🗄️.is 🔗kun

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oh, yous guise want to know how put up the gallows on January 6th too?