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#24852 collecting



#24851 >>20253018

>>20253035 Here are the Top 10 Politicians taking influence money from Israel

>>20253042, >>20253072, >>20253093, >>20253128, >>20253117 Biden / WH tweet decode

>>20253060, >>20253276, >>20253403 Iran Launches Missile and Drone Attack on Pakistan, Targeting Jaish Ul Adl Headquarters in Balochistan

>>20253069 Farmer Revolution: Globalist Gov’t Must Go, German Protesters Demand as Farmers Issue Deadline to Sholz

>>20253074 Surgeon Whistleblower Alleges Texas Children’s Hospital Ignores Law Protecting Children from Transgender Procedures

>>20253092 Hunter Biden And Kevin Morris Set Up Unusual Payment Structure For $875,000 Art Purchase

>>20253122, >>20253460 Trump to Deliver Remarks in Atkinson, New Hampshire - 1/16/24

>>20253158 SGT Report Covfefe Theory

>>20253161 US Launches More Strikes Against Houthis in Yemen as Escalations Continue

>>20253163 NYC gallery owner Brent Sikkema, who palled around with Michelle Obama, fatally stabbed during robbery at his home in Rio

>>20253175 Youtube is breaking your PC?

>>20253196, >>20253297 Woman's body, wreckage found after plane crashes into ocean in Half Moon Bay, California (Maria?)

>>20253209 Israel forbids doctors from speaking to UN group investigating Oct. 7 atrocities

>>20253219, >>20253225, >>20253247 The timing of the new German / NATO projections for potential war by end of 2024 or early 2025…

>>20253244 Invisible Treason in America is the new book by Generals Thomas McInerney and Paul E. Vallely

>>20253281, >>20253543 Fani Willis Is in Full Panic Mode

>>20253286 Gonzalo Lira's torturers were allegedly trying to extort $500,000 from him, killed him after he told his lawyer

>>20253290, >>20253296 Travelers at Dulles and Reagan airports warned that they may have been exposed to "highly contagious measles"

>>20253292, >>20253576 The descent into World War 3: How Russia, Iran and China are making moves that will drag us all into conflict

>>20253307 Ezra Levant pummels Bill Gates Foundation President about Gates & Jeffrey Epstein

>>20253309 Scotland threatens parents who block transition of children with up to 7 years jail time

>>20253321 New Argentinan President Milei Makes First Visit of Presidency to Lubavitch Chabad NYC, of Illegal Tunnels Fame

>>20253355 Court won’t rehear case that let special counsel comb Trump Twitter account

>>20253382 Former First Grade Teacher Admits to Asking Minors for Explicit Images on Snapchat

>>20253440, >>20253485 Over 30 Israeli NGOs will hold a huge conference on 28 Jan on steps to establish settlements in Gaza

>>20253560 Train Crash Leaves South Africa's Coal Exports Throttled

>>20253584 Putin brought up the 2020 American presidential election as an example of what democracy should not look like

>>20253607 Federal Appeals Court Rejects Trump’s Request to Block Jack Smith Accessing His Twitter Feed

>>20253611 PF: Gitmo express on route

>>20253641 DJT: Americans for Chinese Prosperity, a RINO Charles Koch con job that is funding

>>20253683 Mom facing jail time for trying to enter Massachusetts State House without proof of COVID shot

>>20253780 #24851

Anonymous ID: 1067ee Jan. 16, 2024, 4:27 p.m. No.20254613   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#24850 >>20252175

>>20252283, >>20252319, >>20252351, >>20252394, >>20252396, >>20252541 Scavino: NH stops n dates

>>20252255 Moar Miss America/National Rhodes(GLOABLIST) Finalist

>>20252304 @USSConstitution Snow-kissed history: The USS Constitution's stern stands resilient as snow covers Boston Harbor

>>20252312 Paul Mango, HHS deputy chief of staff for policy, disavowed any government role for testing the vaccines

>>20252318 Cyclone Belal: Mauritius assesses damage after flash flooding

>>20252326 Military Commissions Media Invitation Announced for United States v. Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri Pre-Trial Hearing

>>20252342 105 years ago, the 18th Amendment banned the manufacture and sale of intoxicating beverages

>>20252361, >>20252425 Trump v E. Jean Carroll trial LIVE

>>20252367 Raynard Jackson Breaks Down The Black Vote And Fani Willis Case

>>20252378 Doomsday cult pastor and others will face murder and child torture charges over deaths of 429 people in Kenya.

>>20252410 Madcow has a meltdown after “fascist” Donald Trump’s solid performance in the Iowa caucuses.

>>20252414 United Airlines CEO is a cross-dressing freak…

>>20252415 Schiffty Schifft reads writing on the wall

>>20252462 China blasts president of the Philippines for congratulating Taiwan election winner

>>20252468 Zelensky Courts JPMorgan, Bank of America & Bridgewater CEOs At Davos, Urges More Money From West

>>20252470 Noor Bin Ladin Live From The World Economic Forum Conference In Davos

>>20252567 The Working Class Party Built Around President Trump Showed Up In Iowa

>>20252613 Iowa 17 flags on stage

>>20252651 Two passenger jets collide at Japanese airport weeks after deadly crash inferno

baker change

>>20252655 Press Briefing Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby

>>20252671, >>20252704 Dr. Nehls Describes The Attacks On Our Mental Freedom


>>20252687 Former Army captain charged with murder of two women, dog in Apex shooting

>>20252688 BlackRock and Fidelity are dominating the ‘two-horse race’ for Bitcoin ETF billions

>>20252705, >>20252721 Adam Schiff dog comms: Franklin the dog really hates lions of all kinds

>>20252720, >>20252709 @NikkiHaley: Americans done carrying the baggage for two 80-year-old politicians of the past

>>20252723 Nigel Farage On Ukraine-Russia War: "We Need To Have Negotiations"

>>20252791 Iowa: Steve Bannon Calls On DeSantis And Haley To Drop Out After Iowa Caucus

>>20252829 Frigid Chicago Temps Turn EV Charging Stations into ‘Car Graveyards’

>>20252847 "Decisive Victory": Kari Lake Recaps President Trump's Iowa Performance

>>20252874 Former head Canadian LGBT activist group Sean Gravells arrested, charged multiple sex crimes against children

>>20252879 Harvard Professor Naomi Oreskas Condemns Free Speech Platform X as a “Toxic Place”

>>20252897 Zelensky Courts JPMorgan, Bank of America & Bridgewater CEOs At Davos, Urges More Money From West

>>20252902 "Biggest Win Ever In Iowa": Lindell On President Trump's Iowa Victory!

>>20252937 Poland’s New, Gay Deputy Justice Minister Announces Laws Banning ‘Hate Speech’ Against Gays, Transgenders

>>20252948 @FakePOTUS: Enjoying the first snow of the year at the People's House

>>20252951 Marketfag Reports: DWAC surging

>>20252963 Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis addressed churchgoers at Big Bethel AMEi

>>20252999 #24850


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>>20249677 #24846, >>20250490 #24847, >>20251349 #24848

>>20250104 #24843, >>20248085 #24844, >>20248865 #24845

>>20244568 #24840, >>20245495 #24841, >>20246456 #24842

>>20242121 #24837, >>20243057 #24838, >>20243841 #24839


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LIVE: Trump to Deliver Remarks in Atkinson, New Hampshire - 1/16/24


Q Research General #24852: Increased Capacity Edition

>>20253801, >>20254340, >>20254359, dough bread claimed.

>>20253852 Hunter Biden has sold more than $1.5 million in artwork, thanks largely to purchases from two Joe Biden donors - twat jim jordan

>>20253862, >>20254115, >>20254149, Jack Smith Smacked Down by Appellate Judges for Violating Donald Trump’s Executive Privilege -

>>20253870 DEI Strikes Again: Georgia Credit Union Bars Customers From Purchasing Firearms -

>>20253871 iowa trump win articles.bun

>>20253875, >>20253933, >>20254280, planefag

>>20253889 Hillary Clinton spotted with memoir about 'shame and secrecy' - daily mail

>>20253935 yuval nawari wef faggot mp4 vid

>>20253973 trump news articles

>>20254016 President Of Canadian LGBT Organization Arrested On Child Sex Abuse Charges - zerohedge

>>20254025, >>20254032, >>20254524, davos 2024

>>20254071 Javier Milei is standing by closing Argentina’s central bank, per Bloomberg. - twat

>>20254097 New proposed bill in Maine says the state can take custody of a kid if the parents oppose sex change surgery - libs of tic toc twat

>>20254195 Trump to Deliver Remarks in Atkinson, New Hampshire - 1/16/24 - rsbn plus links.

>>20254197 WHO Demands Global Meat Consumption Ban by 2025 -

>>20254264 Longtime Republican Senator Hospitalized chuck grassley -

>>20254383 Zelensky calls for direct military intervention of European nations in Ukraine at WEF Davos meeting -

>>20254412, >>20254428, >>20254441, >>20254457, >>20254490, >>20254505, >>20254560, djt statements rally nh

>>20254451 White House Swatted by ‘Prank Caller’ Claiming Residence on Fire - sundance

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