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#25336 >>20656896

>>20656914 Alex Soros feels UNSAFE

>>20657325 (flashback) America's National Security Transition: Passing the Baton - youtube (2017 susan rice to Gen Flynn) intelligence community

>>20656950, >>20657209, >>20657319, >>20657485 US MIL

>>20657263 [WH] thought they could stop Easter. Failed.

>>20657289 SpaceX knocks out 2 Space Coast launches as ULA delays final Delta IV Heavy

>>20657436 Q+ retruths Brian Cates.

>>20657465 TVD Fail - [They] just made Easter stronger.

>>20657467 Biden Easter wish mentions Jesus' sacrifice but not His resurrection.

>>20657508 Happy Resurrection Day anons.

>>20657509 (anons reminder) PRAY.


#25335 >>20656047

>>20656077 ISIS-Linked Egyptian Arrested over Terror Plot on Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

>>20656081 White House Doubles Down After Declaring Easter Sunday ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

>>20656104 Jaguar Wright NAMES People Jay Z Allegedly Eliminated

>>20656112 [Biden Lays an Easter Egg] Ben Garrison

>>20656147 People Call Out Letitia James for Not Prosecuting Jon Stewart for Property Overvaluation

>>20656168 NY Gov. Kathy Hochul defends going to slain NYPD Detective Jonathan Diller’s wake after being told ‘his blood is on your hands’

>>20656211 Cuba Bans Holy Week Processions, Fearing More Anti-Communist Protests

>>20656220 Best Buy offers to screen LGBTQ nonprofit donations after conservative pressure

>>20656303 The description of how Officer Diller’s family welcomed and embraced President Trump is incredible…..

>>20656346 FBI Agent Confronting Oklahoman Says Agency Questions People ‘Every Day, All Day’ over Facebook Posts

>>20656357 Dem clients of daughter of NY judge in Trump hush money trial raised $93M off the case

>>20656371 Black voter in Baltimore has had enough: "You couldn't pay me to VOTE for a Democrat"

>>20656374 After judge's scolding for playing 'race card,' Fani Willis says she'll 'talk about it anyway'

>>20656385, >>20656439 Sean 'Diddy' Combs' luxury yacht draws comparisons to Epstein Island amid sex trafficking probe

>>20656388, >>20656394, >>20656402, >>20656725, >>20656779 US MIL - timestamps to Q drops

>>20656416 Dan Scavino 'Come to Church Sunday' 9:20 PM Q920 "Another coincidence…?" > Q2120 (Freedom.jpg)

>>20656442 Dan Scavino 'Read…' 9:01 PM Q901 "…coincidences?" > Q2101 "…'collective' attacks v. 'Q'."

>>20656498 Q+ "Never forget…" 9:00 AM Q900 "Everything has meaning."

>>20656505 Q+ "HAPPY EASTER!" 9:01 AM Q901 "Do you believe in coincidences?"

>>20656542 Archbishop Viganò calls Biden's Trans-Vis-Day declaration "most serious offense to God and to millions of Catholics and Christians"

>>20656590 73 million AT&T customers personal data posted on the dark web, company says.


#25334 >>20655296

>>20655187, >>20655228 CANNIBALISTIC SEX CULTS - skip to 1 hour in

>>20655208, >>20655462 Large fire at apartment complex in Lomita, California

>>20655231 US Marines are learning how to battle adversaries like China on remote islands

>>20655234 Inside the Harvard Morgue scandal where manager spent decades 'selling body parts on sick black market'

>>20655329 Now Chinese migrants are sneaking onto Guam

>>20655360 Expect A Financial Crisis In Europe With France At The Epicenter by Tyler Durden

>>20655447 2 dead after small plane crashes near Olympic Heights subdivision in Truckee

>>20655583 Independence Ohio- Bridge 3/27/24 Spontaneous Combustion was to blame. Yeah RIGHT!

>>20655815, >>20655824 Russian Pacific Fleet warships arrive in Red Sea

>>20655941 America's Department of Homeland Security "is expected to stop buying access to data showing the movement of phones," reports the U.S. news site NOTUS

>>20655731 Out of curiosity, has any anon been, known of or heard of anyone being out of body and coming back to tell the story?

>>20655962 "CHRIST IS RISEN!" - PDJT (reminder)

Anonymous ID: a1d1f3 March 31, 2024, 10:38 a.m. No.20657702   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#25333 >>20654341

>>20654380, >>20654845, >>20654852 REPORT: The US-59 bridge in Sallisaw, Oklahoma is shut down after being struck by a barge, what a coincidence

>>20654402, >>20654413 Cash-strapped Prince Andrew is spotted having lunch at a fancy private members' club in Mayfair

>>20654437 Massive data breach at AT&T – 73 MILLION Current and Former Account Holders Information LEAKED on The Dark Web.

>>20654443 NYC: 2-Year-Old Boy Shot in Broad Daylight Shooting

>>20654455, >>20654463, >>20654378, >>20654385 Rapid response cargo ships trapped in Baltimore & Q117

>>20654461 Easter in NYC: 1959 vs 2024

>>20654487, >>20654616 Leftists TRIGGERED After Trump Posts Video That Included Imagery of Biden Tied Up on Back of MAGA Truck

>>20654634 Spotted nosing around the KEY Bridge wreck

>>20654675 Springlake MI officians requesting evacuation

>>20654684 Cranes move into place to remove Baltimore bridge debris

>>20654691, >>20654721 Nizhnevartovsk, Russia: There is some glow in the sky tonight

>>20654858 Lara Logan: Rep. Clay Higgins tells reporter that he has SEEN VIDEO EVIDENCE of POLICE walking into rooms, and then RE-EMERGING, dressed as TRUMP SUPPORTERS and CONSTRUCTION WORKERS. Also, GROUPS of what appear to be TRUMP SUPPORTERS roaming the HALLS OF THE CAPITAL well before the BREACH!

>>20654880 We The Media: Georgia Votes to End Unverifiable, Secretly Counted Elections

>>20654894 TGP: Is Justice Coming For Victims of COVID Wrongful Deaths?

>>20654992 The White House is laying down new rules for the religious holiday tradition — no "religious symbols" or "overtly religious themes", while celebrating Easter

>>20655032 Speaker Mike Johnson: The Biden White House has betrayed the central tenet of Easter — which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ

>>20655059 Rest in Peace to Officer Jonathan Diller

>>20655276 #25333 posted in #25334