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>>17039596 Former Vice President Dick Cheney calls Donald Trump a "coward"

>>17039612 SpaceX is targeting Thursday, August 4 for launch of KPLO to a ballistic lunar transfer orbit from Space Launch Complex 40

>>17039615 Mike Pompeo - 6 things Joe Biden has done to "lower" inflation

>>17041021 Jury Awards More Than $4M to Sandy Hook Family in Alex Jones Defamation Trial

>>17041023, >>17052373 DeSantis Sends Cops To Physically Remove Suspended 'Soros-Backed' State Attorney

>>17041031 Viktor Orbán Gets CPAC Standing Ovation for Telling Globalists 'Go to Hell'

>>17042906 1 dead, 1 injured in small plane crash in Kentucky

>>17043012 Minnesota’s Mall Of America on Lockdown Over ‘Active Incident’

>>17052393 Fleet Week Seattle Returns After Two-Year Hiatus.

>>17052398 U.S. Secret Service - Doggo passes , RIP pupper

>>17052411 Fences At Maricopa County Elections Department Are Reportedly Being Covered Up So People Cannot See!

>>17052417, >>17052423 Update… Jackie Walorski aide caused fatal car crash…

>>17053311 #21267 (Numbered 21266)



>>17025529 Biden Address on Inflation

>>17030884, >>17031198 Meanwhile in Canada, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Alberta have Rejected Trudeau's Starvation Plan

>>17030935, >>17031179, >>17031146, >>17035396 Dick Cheney, tore into Donald Trump in a new ad for his daughter Rep. Liz Cheney

>>17031014 PF reports

>>17031189 Germany: Fire, explosions at Berlin police munitions facility

>>17031182, >>17031190, >>17031197, >>17031199, >>17031182 US govt declares monkeypox public health emergency - Reuters

>>17031194 Whitlock on tax increase bill

>>17031180, >>17033479, >>17033857 Police: Girl held captive with remains of mother, brother

>>17031192, >>17034197 Federal judge strikes down Texas voter residency law

>>17031203, >>17033145, >>17035432 Russia: Spread of COVID-19 Pandemic Suggests Could Have Been Created by US

>>17032591 Airman accused of insider attack on US base in Syria

>>17033154 Dem staffer posing as FBI agent to control MAGA crowd in DC tracked down by an agent

>>17034047 Pentagon delays missile test due to China tensions over Taiwan

>>17034301, >>17034685 How a Mormon church 'help line' hid child sex abuse

>>17034901 Koch Media is now Plaion

>>17035435 Cali State Sen Scott Wiener thinks a national mask mandate will help defeat monkeypox - kek

>>17035438, >>17035875 Pinal County Elections Director Resigns After Primary Election Debacle

>>17035442, >>17035498 US Postpones ICBM Test Launch "To Avoid Misunderstanding" With China

>>17035446, >>17036712 China First: Automakers Push to Allow EV Tax Credits for China-Sourced Batteries

>>17035448 DOJ’s Kristen Clarke announced charges against cops in the Breonna Taylor case today

>>17035504 Space Force members will wear trackers instead of taking fitness tests

>>17035518 Vid of Sen Hawley questioning FBI Director on betting Afghan refugees

>>17037312 Russian court sentenced American basketball player Brittney Griner to nine years in prison

>>17037319 Hungarian PM rails against media, encourages U.S.-Russia dialogue in CPAC speech

>>17039555 #21266

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>>17010836, >>17010840 Know your bunkers - ATTACK IMMINENT

>>17010846, >>17010912 Scientist testifies Fauci's claim that NIH never funded gain-of-function research is 'demonstrably false'

>>17010860 Billions Meant for US Small Business Going to China, Russia: Watchdog

>>17010868 South Africa Confirms Causal Link Between Death and COVID-19 Vaccine

>>17010869 Al-Zawahiri was not killed the way Washington reported

>>17010887 blackrock partners with corrupt cypto company

>>17010888 Migrant Apprehensions Along Southwest Border Hit 180K in July

>>17010893 FBI Director Admits Hunter Biden Payments Could Be Part Of ‘Malign Foreign Influence’ Campaign

>>17010921, >>17010937, >>17010922 Testimony about Act Blue fundraising - from DJT/TS? needs more sauce

>>17010926 NJ Councilwoman Who Mowed Down Cyclist Had at Least 9 Outstanding Traffic Tickets

>>17011117 Putin has accused Western nations of damaging their own economies through money printing while blaming Russia actions in Ukraine

>>17010901 Farage exposes people smugglers advertising on TikTok.

>>17010905 Son of Gulf Cartel Boss Pleads Guilty to Arms Smuggling in Texas

>>17010908 Truth Social is now available for Android

>>17010909 Quadruple Vaxxed Joe Biden Tests Positive For Covid Again… Still Has a Cough, Will Continue to Isolate

>>17010911 Ivanka and Don Jr finally sit for depositions in New York’s Trump Organisation probe

>>17013139 Nayib Bukele met with López Obrador in Mexico

>>17013165 Life insurance claims skyrocket after COVID jab rollout, prompting insurers to take legal action against vaccine manufacturers

>>17013314 US may be complicit in emergence of Covid – Russian MoD

>>17013503 Truth Social is now available for Android

>>17025252 #21265


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Has been a wild day, loads and loads of spam.

Bot Spamming Senpai seems to have cooled off and only doing some light spamming, which is refreshing.

You know it isn't the spam that bothers me, but the high octane extreme board stalling spam that gets on my nerves.


Hopefully there can be a peace between us

Anonymous ID: 050fc1 Aug. 4, 2022, 7:26 p.m. No.17058678   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8695




>>17056617, >>17057453 Update… Jackie Walorski aide caused fatal car crash / MELANIA TRUMP gives condolences to Jackie Walorski

>>17058597 Alex Jones To Pay $4.1 Million

>>17058619 Pinal County Recorder Resigns From Office To Fill Vacancy Left By Fired Elections Director

>>17058662 Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump - “THE CN-END: CNN Circles the Drain, Ratings Plummeting and Cash Drying Up”


Call out notables!

ThanQ Patriots!!

Anonymous ID: 050fc1 Aug. 4, 2022, 7:32 p.m. No.17058709   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8718


Snookems? Anon stop flirting, this is a combat-zone.

And how could you call me OSS booty kisser when he literally banned me and coined the term Tranime?

Just stop and have a beer or something, maybe enjoy a cigar… because this is fucking COMFY SHIFT.