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>>17545596, >>17545798, >>17545808, >>17545817, >>17545821, >>17545849, >>17546099, >>17546198, >>17546196 DOWN SHE GOES, HOUSE OF WINDSOR CLEANING

>>17546059, >>17546107 Authorities in Texas have opened a criminal investigation into Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Martha’s Vineyard operation last week

>>17546072 TRUMP v. UNITED STATES, DOJ just dropped a massive 113 page filing

>>17545773 @realDonaldTrump Truths Newsmax article quoting Ratcliffe

>>17545785, >>17545930 @realDonaldTrump This is what’s happened to America in just two short years. No respect! However, a good time for our President to get to know the leaders of certain Third World countries

>>17545804 @realDonaldTrump reTruth @MelaniaTrump RIP Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, We are grateful for your strength, grace, and dedication for over seven decades. I will always treasure the time we spent together

>>17545813 @realDonaldTrump Truth RE

>>17545824 @realDonaldTrump Truth RE The Federalist

>>17545837 @realDonaldTrump The Radical Left controlled NARA (the National Archives and Records Administration), now becoming more famous than ever, placed a “Harmful Content Warning” on The Constitution of the United States

>>17545844 @realDonaldTrump Thank you to The Federalist on a job well done!

>>17545901, >>17545954 @realDonaldTrump …The man at the FBI in charge of investigating my FAKE involvement (none!) with Russia, was getting paid by, hold on, RUSSIA, and worked for the FBI…

>>17545923 @realDonaldTrump In Real Estate, like in Politics and in Life, LOCATION IS EVERYTHING!!!

>>17545528, >>17545588 CNN Trump Rally and "Qanon" hitpiece

>>17545539, >>17545599 Russia provides BTWC members with evidence on US military bioprograms in Ukraine

>>17545544 Igor Danchenko Confirms He Was PAID BY FBI for Years

>>17545553 Kiev fails to explain destruction of documents on US military bioprogram

>>17545611 Popcorn On the QClock

>>17545690 A closer look at what was on the Queen's coffin

>>17545712, >>17545824 Q+ building the picture / NARA slaps warning on Constitution & Founding Documents

>>17545714 Larry Elder mulling GOP presidential run, even if Trump joins race

>>17545743 IRS Gave Exempt Status to Soros backed group that targeted Trump Republicans

>>17545829 Musk Lawyers Expected to DEPOSE Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tomorrow

>>17545834 87 day delta

>>17545904 Another 7.6 magnitude earthquake, this time in Mexico

>>17545929 Eric Adams’ chief of staff to leave City Hall

>>17545979 Timestamps of Powerful Earthquake's that hit Parts of Mexico on September 19th

>>17546025 Democrats Have A Lengthy History Of Casting Doubt On Election Results

>>17546051 2 high school students identified as victims found dead on Orange County trail

>>17546073 U.S. to seek death penalty against accused New York bike path killer

>>17546104 Federal Court rules Big Tech has no 'freewheeling First Amendment right to censor'

>>17546124 IRS Gave Tax-Exempt Status to Soros-Backed Group Accused of Targeting ‘Trump Republicans’

>>17546153 China on Martha’s Vineyard: Democrats ‘Hostile and Fearful Toward Migrants’

>>17546183 Electoral Count Act reform waiting in wings as Congress ticks toward adjournment

>>17546208 #21510

Anonymous ID: 09bf0a Sept. 19, 2022, 4:19 p.m. No.17546253   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17544752, >>17545097, >>17545110 Blue Check Marks stating Ron DeSantis gave fake brochures, but info checks out -

>>17544763 'Tater on the US Defending Taiwan Against China - twat mp4 vid cnn

>>17544779 FAA Rejects Controversial Request to Reduce Pilot Hours - mp4 vid cnn

>>17544783 ESG is artificial energy scarcity imposed by Leftist elites. Here's the secret: they don't want you to drive at all or even own a car. - t.s post

>>17544786, >>17545044, planefag post - FKA AF1 biden plane callsign

>>17544824 Senior Newsroom Planning and Project Development Editor - wapo recruitment advert

>>17544831 The people of Puerto Rico are in our thoughts, hurricane fiona - kamala twat

>>17544881, >>17544885, US admiral issues China naval blockade warning - (irs and klaus asset non profit)

>>17544901 Archbishop of Canterbury's 'savage dig' in Queen's funeral sermon called stern 'reminder' -

>>17544907 Forensics Expert from AZ Audit: Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania Had at Least 10,000 Anomalous Ballots - gwp

>>17544916 Elon Musk’s Latest Court Filing Against Twitter Alleges Fraud Based on Former Twitter Security Chief’s Testimony in Front of Congress - gwp

>>17544928, >>17544936, The Landmarks Lining Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral Procession Route -

>>17544934 the world needs peace - united nations police twat

>>17544962 Why Are Walmart And Other Major U.S. Retailers Canceling BILLIONS Of Dollars In Orders As Summer Comes To An End? -

>>17544973, >>17545034, 7.5M earthquake strikes off Mexico - USGS -twat

>>17544987 CEO Mike Lindell Announces Lawsuit Against The FBI Over Phone Seizure -

>>17544998 Hunter Biden Prosecutor Needs Special Counsel Status To Protect Investigation, GOP Senators Say -

>>17545007, >>17545009, Zelensky and NATO plan to transform post-war Ukraine into ‘a big Israel -

>>17544976, >>17544955 Melania twat and q decode black heart - notabled

>>17545011 Michigan law firm claimed authorities manipulate children for incriminating statements in sex abuse cases -

>>17545019 IP addresses in China, Russia, Iran, Cuba among recipients of US COVID-19 small business loan funds -

>>17545024 Putin: Terrorists Near Russian Nuclear Power Plants -

>>17545032 White House Announces Massive $10 Billion Aid Package for Jordan -

>>17545036 IDF chief at Auschwitz: Holocaust denial is reason Iran can’t be trusted with nukes -

>>17545046, >>17545290 Why is Israel letting Mexico’s ex-crime chief hide here? - analysis -

>>17545112, >>17545160 NWS PACIFIC TSUNAMI WARNING CENTER HONOLULU HI (due to earthquake in Mexico)

>>17545116, >>17545095, >>17545329 Clockfaggin' (JA / :07 (heavenly messages) / Queen 1:07 Marker)

>>17545121 New Jersey radio hosts defend teachers who have sex with underage students

>>17545177 Biden Declares The COVID Pandemic "Is Over" Despite Continued Use In Policies & Programs

>>17545234 German Nuke Plant leak complicates plans

>>17545249 (youtube) Ron Johnson Asks Dem Chair If He Wants To Retract Original Statement On Hunter Biden Laptop

>>17545261 Fauci, Klain, Yellen, Kendi Headline Pfizer-Funded, Far-Left Conference in D.C. This Week.

>>17545312 Jill And Joe Biden Were Seated In An Unexpected Place During The Queen's Funeral

>>17545338 Office of DNI: Coding week 9.19 - 9.25.22

>>17544893 Queen lowered at 4:49 on the 19th

>>17545411 NYCMayor says he's "looking at" housing illegal aliens on cruise ships

>>17545414 James Comey tweets cryptically after 5 month pause

>>17545428 The Association of American Publishers is suing the Internet Archive

>>17545452 #21509


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