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>>17552500 “He Takes the Bait Because He’s Drinking and Tweeting Every Night” – Attorney Mike Davis on Andrew Weissmann’s Crazy Tweets About Unlawful Mar-a-Lago Raid

>>17552552 MTG: LIVE Ep. 25 - Chloe Cole

>>17552555 Lindell Civil Rights Lawsuit: Tom Fitton

>>17552597, >>17552564, >>17552640, >>17552672, >>17552714, >>17552785 PF Reports

>>17552625 TACAMO

>>17552580, >>17552588, >>17552623 reminder Why the CIA Is Called the ‘Catholic Intelligence Agency’

>>17552598 PEDO BUN 20 September 2022

>>17552639 Politico reports that the White House has become “irritated” with me & our @FoxNews team’s reporting at the border

>>17552702 FedNow making it easier to steal from you

>>17552867 Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation FedNow

>>17552745, >>17552748, >>17552795 Senate doesn’t have to release full CIA torture report

>>17552768, >>17552839 PANIC Frank Figliuzzi reacts to former President Trump openly embracing and amplifying QAnon

>>17552784 California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs law allowing human bodies to be turned into garden soil

>>17552794 Q DROP #189 The Cult Runs the World

>>17552815 Pelosi, Schiff, McCarthy and burns are going to the SCIF with @CIA dir burns

>>17552797, >>17552811, >>17552818, >>17552821 Biden warning of Dark winter coming on the 23 oct 2020 and 2001 john Hopkins Dark Winter pandemic training

>>17552819, >>17552834, >>17552859, >>17552919 Q Links to Pope's Tweet on Human Trafficking Q DROP #3565

>>17552735, >>17552770, >>17552826 It's only scary if your a pedo

>>17553000, >>17553039 FBI Concerned That If MAGA Doesn't Conduct A Terrorist Attack Soon They'll Have To Fake One

>>17553045, >>17553002, >>17552969 CORNWATCH

>>17553055 Massachusetts Voter Info Booklet Does Not Include Question 4 about letting Illegals get licenses. Fucking dirty bastards

>>17553069 REP. SPEIER: "We have 128 [military] bases and installations in red states, in these states that ban abortion

>>17553126 Kamala Harris Meme Triggered Violent Student, Smashing The Projector University Of Iowa (Cap 0:18)

>>17553184 Maniac arrested at University of Iowa after violent attack at TPUSA Benny Johnson event

>>17553203 #21519

Anonymous ID: ec205e Sept. 20, 2022, 8:14 p.m. No.17553218   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17551725 Video comparing President Trump and Biden on 60 Minutes (Cap 0:47)

>>17551728, >>17551754, >>17551775, >>17551794 All those little things.

>>17551736, >>17552031 The Swamp Is Trapped, Durham Is Exposing It All, The Truth Will Be Revealed

>>17551741 Dr. Shayne Taylor transgender clinic at Vanderbilt here in Nashville

>>17551827, >>17551907 Woman’s in Iran burn their hijabs in protest of the latest murder by the morality police (Cap 0:32)

>>17551757 The Lawsuit Alleges Morgan Stanley , Barclays And Other Banks

>>17551770, >>17551880, >>17551899, >>17551859, >>17551991 SPACE FORCE song

>>17551776, >>17551781 Democrats vote down investigation of Hunter Biden

>>17551804 Dems suffer another defeat: Federal appeals court reverses ruling on Jan. 6 subpoena to RNC, dismisses case

>>17551832, >>17551857 Ray Epps

>>17551843 Peaceful solution to Ukraine crisis currently not possible?

>>17551818, >>17551851 Putin's fascinating strategy upsets CNN (Cap 3:00)

>>17552015 British Intelligence warns Ukraine that Russia is preparing for a new dangerous phase of war to get the job done Quick

>>17551861 Former soldiers sentenced for transporting undocumented citizens

>>17551876, >>17551885, >>17552123, >>17552134, >>17552141 RALLY in Wilmington, NC this FRIDAY

>>17551925, >>17551932 General Assembly on the United Nations Starts Tomorrow in NYC 77th Session

>>17551936, >>17551938, >>17551952 Pentagon Opens Sweeping Review of Clandestine Psychological Operations

>>17551956, >>17551996 Illegal Venezuelan Migrants File Class Action Lawsuit Against DeSantis

>>17551999, >>17552021 Clockfag For God and Country

>>17552032 On July 4th 1776, King George of England wrote in his personal diary, "Nothing Important Happened Today". Xfiles (Cap 3:42)

>>17552047 Truss admits her tax cuts will disproportionately benefit the rich

>>17552048, >>17552007 Another Disinfo campaign?

>>17552257 Anon on Difference between a Democracy and a Republic

>>17552066 Airplanes Flying Banners Martha's Vineyard "VINEYARD HYPOCRITES"

>>17552258, >>17552120, >>17552059, >>17552133, >>17552139, >>17552101, >>17552284 Don Lemon's dinner date, Christopher Robert Matson, is facing seven counts of child pornography, (2020) Is Don Lemon a pedophile?

>>17552340 Don Lemon Says His New Job As CNN's Janitor Is Not A Demotion

>>17552145, >>17552157, >>17552162 They don't know that we know that they don't know that we know what they know :)

>>17552165 Outlining the FBI Hiring of Igor Danchenko as Confidential Informant

>>17552166 US Navy: Back on the move

>>17552213 Cancer Researcher, Fire Lieutenant, Kona Ice Franchisee Accused Of Trying To Meet Kids For Sex (0:26)

>>17552225, >>17552243, >>17552255 Washington Monument vandalism (arrests made) 'Have you been fucked by this ⬆️ ''

>>17552333 Number of fugitives on terror watch list apprehended at border soars 400%

>>17552407, >>17552391 Meet George Soros

>>17552411 #21518

Anonymous ID: ec205e Sept. 20, 2022, 8:14 p.m. No.17553220   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17550928 Blackstone-Announces-Commitment-to-2000-Refugee-Hires-Across-Global-Portfolio-Companies-and-Real-Estate-Properties -

>>17551006 The Cape Cod DEA Office with the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force seized over 850 gms of cocaine and $8-thousand in cash! It’s the largest seizure of cocaine on the Vineyard! - twat

>>17551017 save america rally in wilmington nc - djt t.s post


>>17551062 Kash expects more Durham bombshells to come out of the Danchenko trial - t.s post

>>17551069 Bexar Co Sheriff is tired of long waits for tables, so he urges restaurants in San Antonio to hire the 2 million+ illegal aliens who have crossed during the Biden Border Crisis.- twat and mp4 vid

>>17551150 why the Israeli Ministry of Health didn't share the safety data.- steve kirsh twat

>>17551201 "Doug Ramsey, Beyond Meat's Chief Operating Officer, has been suspended effective immediately. - twat (not sure if true but kek)

>>17551222, >>17551360, Migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard file class-action suit against DeSantis -

>>17551299, >>17551475, planefag posts

>>17551302 This Trump Vs Biden On 60 Minutes Is Spectacularly Funny! - twat and mp4 vid

>>17551320 Putin talkin’ about a storm. - t.s post

>>17551368, >>17551467, two school bus crashes with children aboard - apnews and twat

>>17551385 Dems BLOCK Republican bid to get access to Hunter Biden documents on his foreign business dealings -

>>17551415 The U.S. Space Force, the newest military branch established in 2019 under President Trump, has officially adopted its own song titled “Semper Supra” - twat and mp4 (holy shit that is terrible, sounds like starship troopers)

>>17551430 T-mobile teamed with Musk for global cell-to-space comms -

>>17551435 The things we do for the Orange Jesus’ - daily mail (liz cheney on trump)

>>17551437 The things we do for the Orange Jesus -

>>17551447 Trump's legal team is trying to avoid turning over information about whether or not the documents found at Mar-A-Lago were declassified -

>>17551449 Lockdown issued at Thomas Jefferson High School as a precaution; officials say no danger is present -

>>17551487 Bankwest announces all east coast branches will close by end of October as customers flock to digital services -


>>17551528 Maricopa County Recorder RINO Stephen Richer Gives BS Response 6 Weeks After He Was Censured By Maricopa County Republicans - gwp

>>17551540 Putin's Major Wartime Speech Postponed In Highly Unusual Move - zerohedge

>>17551597 Dr. Thomas Binder Interview – How Psychology Was Weaponized To Suppress Truth In The Age Of COVID - dr thomas binder interview

>>17551605 Prosecutors charge 47 'pandemic fraudsters' who 'fleeced anti-hunger children's charities to buy commercial real estate - daily mail

>>17551668 #21517


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