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>>17557073 dough

>>17557090 russian meda warns anyone who protests will be drafted into the military - twat

>>17557147 Transcript of Putin's speech -

>>17557148 Tater Delivers Remarks at the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment Conference -

>>17557157, >>17557167, Russia cannot win nuclear conflict – NATO - (irs and klaus asset newsfeed)

>>17557213 Rep. @RashidaTlaib challenges bank CEOs to agree to stop funding fossil fuels, is rejected by every single one - twat and mp4 vi

>>17557261 BREAKING: Fulton County, Pennsylvania Attorneys Sue Dominion Voting - gwp

>>17557284 Letitia James Polls - not shocking that she is filing a lawsuit against @realDonaldTrump 49 days before her election. - eric trump t.s post

>>17557318, >>17557363, >>17557402, >>17557523, >>17557575, >>17557598, >>17557658, >>17557707, >>17557713, >>17557811, DID A WHOIS CQCOUNTER ON THAT PEEKABOO COMPANY WEBSITE AND IT LEADS TO ISRAEL - peekaboo and trump t.s israel foundation and anon digs

>>17557384 Putin & Powell Pummel Markets; Gold Jumps, Yield-Curve Inversion Nears Volcker Lows - zerohedge

>>17557470 Samantha Power, Pulitzer winner and USAID administrator, slated as World Food Prize speaker -

>>17557477 judge salas husband murder and shooting dig - the silence of the judges topic

>>17557630, >>17557635, >>17557640, >>17557649, >>17557656, Portrait of a patsy - the man who killed the family of Justice Esther Salas - archived article

>>17557491 Doctor Finds ‘Rectangles and Pyramids’ in mRNA Vaccines - epoch times (covid topic)

>>17557507 planefag posts

>>17557517 Washington Monument vandalized with red paint and obscenities, one man arrested -

>>17557524 Letter Surfaces of Obama Foundation Admitting in 2018 They Keep Classified Documents in Unsecured Storage at Furniture Warehouse - twat

>>17557576 229-203: The House has PASSED the Presidential Election Reform Act to reform the Electoral Count Act. - twat (eye on)

>>17557668, >>17557684, >>17557734, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Newsweek, September 21, 2022 -

>>17557751 California School Hosts LGBTQ Club For 4-Year-Olds - dailycaller

>>17557780 Calif. Gov. Newsom says people are fleeing California "because of visa policies in the Trump administration.- twat

>>17557783 Republican AGs demand credit card companies drop plans to track gun sales -

>>17557832 #21525

Anonymous ID: ee7222 Sept. 21, 2022, 3:19 p.m. No.17557859   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17556330, >>17556470, dough baker

>>17556337, >>17556730, planefag posts

>>17556348 DeSantis’ Office Responds to Lawsuit From Martha’s Vineyard Migrants, Points Out They Signed a Consent Form - gwp

>>17556358, >>17556368, China Reacts To Putin Speech, Urges Immediate Ceasefire & Dialogue - zerohedge and moar biden topics

>>17556377, >>17556382, Putin announces partial mobilization, assures Russia’s security in nationwide address - tass,com newsfeed bun

>>17556390, >>17556497, Pfizer is Being Sued For Discriminating Against Whites and Asians - thenationalpulse (covid topic)

>>17556399 Changing the World for Foster Children - melania t.s post

>>17556437 Court says USDA must force food companies to explicitly label GMO ingredients (not just use nondescript QR codes) -

>>17556487, >>17556494, Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement - and youtube link

>>17556511 UK To Spend At Least £2.3 Billion Supporting Ukraine In 2023: Truss - zerohedge

>>17556515 Sen. Tim Scott Introduces Bill To Ban Schools From Keeping A Child’s Gender Transition A Secret From Parents -

>>17556547 Russians Living In Estonia To Have Guns Forcibly Confiscated By The Government - zerohedge

>>17556556 German domestic intelligence is running hundreds of fake right-wing extremist social media accounts

>>17556561 A.G peekaboo james - djt t.s post (kek)

>>17557008 The PeekaBoo Foundation is a non-profit division of PeekaBoo Child Services Inc -

>>17556577, >>17556899, Ethereum becomes WEF coin, and a global CBDC is born - (toldyaso)

>>17556582 Beijing may use Anti-Secession Law to seek Taiwan reunification, Chinese foreign minister says -

>>17556607 Video: Pompeo mocks Xi Jinping with ‘Pooh mug’ while talking directly to Chinese people in new series - youtube

>>17556609 #21523: full notes

>>17556622 Saudis invite PA but not Israel to UN ministerial meeting on Arab Peace Initiative -

>>17556629 FEMA lost over $3.7 billion in fraudulent COVID relief payouts, fed watchdog report -

>>17556638, >>17556828, Israel's climate tech industry on the world stage.-

>>17556682 We’re supporting innovators in food, such as Sasipen Pan - rockeller foundation twat

>>17556701 The owners of the major media companies don't just protect pedovores -

>>17556732 FAUCI: "You have to do something that's rather draconian, and sometimes when you do draconian things, it has collateral negative consequences - twat and mp4 vid

>>17556749 zelensky parents retire in israel with 8 million and big house plus citizenship - twat

>>17556770 Trump Posts Scorching Reply to Lawsuit Filed By ‘Failed’ New York A.G Letitia James - gwp

>>17556794 Report: Puberty blockers foisted upon minors proven to have devastating, irreversible effects -

>>17556757, >>17556795 Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law - mp4 vid, anon dig and qpost 4084 and law screenshot

>>17556883, >>17556892, Today's Durham filing. United States v. Danchenko -

>>17556879 Joan Rivers was killed for casually confirming that Michelle is transgender -

>>17556948 Paul Sperry: Why Isn’t MUELLER Under Investigation for Defrauding the Court and Obstruction?- paul sperry gettr

>>17556957, >>17556968, Son of US District Judge Esther Salas killed, husband shot in their New Jersey home 7/20/2020 - the silence of the judges mossed dig


>>17557020 #21524

Anonymous ID: ee7222 Sept. 21, 2022, 3:19 p.m. No.17557865   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17555574 dough

>>17555576 The Texas Sheriff Investigating DeSantis Is Under Fire for a Botched Murder Investigation -

>>17555598 Man Arrested For Attacking Projector At Turning Point USA ‘Meme Wars’ Event: Report - dailycaller

>>17555698 One of my heroes. Si se puede! - hlllary twat

>>17555715 Unilever CEO Alan Jope declared his company would “not back down” on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues during a Tuesday forum at theClinton Global Initiative. - dailycaller

>>17555723, >>17555749, >>17555964, >>17556065, >>17556072, >>17556143, >>17556173, letitia james live filing lawsuit against trump - youtube and anon opine

>>17555773 World leaders will discuss global issues. 20th to 24th sept - anon dig with list of speakers

>>17555796 Democrats Have Set Their Sights On Another Key State’s Voting Laws - daily caller

>>17555803 Kansas man sentenced for performing illegal autopsies, benjamin crump - twat

>>17555821 planefag posts

>>17555822 Danielle Anderson, ‘Expert’ Who Helped ‘Fact-Check’ Lab-Leak Theory, Was Secretly Part Of Dangerous Coronavirus Research - daily caller

>>17555836 Learn more and apply to join global student leaders: - clinton global initiative uni twat

>>17555858 41-year-old suspected killer Shannon Brandt, who admitted to hitting 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson with his car over the teen's conservative views, was RELEASED yesterday on $50k bond - twat

>>17555892 Federal Judge Rules People Under Felony Indictment Can Buy Guns - daily caller

>>17556286 Trump Warns That Conflict in Ukraine Could Start WWIII, Says It Wouldn’t Have Happened if He Was Still President - gwp

>>17556297 Vanderbilt Pediatric Transgender Clinic Nukes Website After Matt Walsh Exposes 'Big Money Maker' Motive - youtube

>>17556609 #21523

Anonymous ID: ee7222 Sept. 21, 2022, 3:20 p.m. No.17557868   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17554777 DOUGH CHQ

>>17554801 Second Cop Refutes Claim He Endorsed Wisconsin Democrat Mandela Barnes

>>17554815 West wants to partition Russia like USSR – Putin

>>17554815 West wants to partition Russia like USSR

>>17554823 Anon Digs on TT1915

>>17554824, >>17554829, >>17554837, >>17554841, >>17554844, >>17554848 The Swamp Today

>>17554840 Democrats’ losses in Congress may affect Ukraine

>>17554872 US blocked Russian diplomats from UN

>>17554894 Germany outlines UN Security Council ambition

>>17554917 Bun of Pedos Outing Themselves

>>17554920 Colombia blasts ‘irrational’ war on drugs

>>17554926 QClock September 20, 2022- Statute of Limitations Lifted For Child Sex Abuse Victims

>>17554950 Former FBI Director James Comey has deal for two crime novels "inspired by real work I've done"

>>17554952 Q/POTUS Twitter 0 Delta Exchanges

>>17554956 Moscow provides details on partial mobilization

>>17554966 Man sets himself on fire in protest against ex-PM’s funeral

>>17554970 Q Research General #21412: Activate Comfy Shift Edition GA 1 ~ 66

>>17554974 Twitter to depose Elon Musk in Delaware on Sept. 26-27?

>>17554846 Abp. Viganò: Belgian bishops are rejecting the Catholic Faith with homosexual ‘blessings’

>>17555039, >>17555048 Vladimir Kornilov: Time to drop our illusions, the West is waging a war to destroy Russia

>>17555057 London has Fallen MP4

>>17555070 Call sign ENRGY80 (Energy = Qi)

>>17555102 How the Australian ant-slayer spider captures shills *cough Ants

>>17555109 Michelle Obama plans 6-city tour for 'The Light We Carry

>>17555156 @dbongino - FBI Whistleblower gonna talk

>>17555160 LIVE: New York AG James, who has been investigating Donald Trump, to make 'major announcement'

>>17555164 'You Have Utterly Failed.' The Department of Justice Undercounted Nearly 1,000 Deaths in U.S. Prisons

>>17555169 US trying to lure India away from Russia – CNN

>>17555173 1035ET: 'Tater Delivers Remarks before the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

>>17555182 #OTD 2001, DIA's top Cuba analyst, Ana Montes, was arrested by @FBI

>>17555229 Putin announces 'partial' military mobilisation in Russia

>>17555249 Elton John To Perform At The White House

>>17555252 Furious Chinese Fans ‘Whitewash’ “The Little Mermaid” – Transform Black Ariel into a White Character

>>17555313, >>17555320, >>17555333 Q Vatican Research #5 "Going to be Biblical" Edition Notes - Just the Basics - Updated 9/19/2022

>>17555392 ‘Federal Assault Weapons License Bill’ Just Passed Congress?

>>17555401 US reveals plan for seized Russian funds

>>17555442 WH @PressSec says Biden didn't actually mean the Covid pandemic is over despite saying it.

>>17555457 _p_coord_confirm_y #AnonCode

>>17555488 The National Archives holds two copies of the first printed draft of the #Constitution.

>>17555497 Anons Asks, Are we at the precipice yet?

>>17554799, >>17554811, >>17554834, >>17554861, >>17554937, >>17554944, >>17554951, >>17555008 MP4, >>17555014 MP4, >>17555028, >>17555037, >>17555038, >>17555082, >>17555110, >>17555150, >>17555151, >>17555168, >>17555269, >>17555284, >>17555346, >>17555374, >>17555451, >>17555481 Memes of the Thread

>>17555548 #21522


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>>17474548 Q Research Notables #15: High Five


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Q Research General #21526: The Peekaboo foundation and A.G Letitia edition

B.V could you lock the duplicate bread, issues starting bread.

Baker is tapping out, new baker please claim bread, will lurk for a while to confirm hand off, note takers please step up, eyes are hurting due to prolonged bakering.

Spent nearly a hour finding archived post on the shooting and murder of at judge salas house killing her husband and shooting her son, this was done to scare and silience the judges,

highly recommended did not find source but leads are there in the texts

God Speed Ahead - o7

Anonymous ID: ee7222 Sept. 21, 2022, 4:14 p.m. No.17558140   🗄️.is 🔗kun



>He stated that the PCAOB used “informal rulemaking” to adopt “staff-driven” rules which evaded the need to obtain SEC approval for all rules. As an example, he says that the PCAOB’s rule making regarding stock options was “not subject to any rule at all” despite functioning as a rule.