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noter taps, baker change

>>18513341 Farmers’ protest party set to shake up Dutch political landscape

>>18513345, >>18513358, >>18513370, >>18513389, >>18513466, >>18513476, >>18513489 Israel uses high-technology to influence election results

>>18513346 NBA owners have $10 billion in China, afraid to criticize Communist regime

>>18513349 Israeli AG ends probe into ex-Mossad chief over $20,000 gift from Australian billionaire

>>18513369 Researchers oversold Israeli COVID shot; "the project failed"

>>18513373 More linking "hate" with school board mtgs

>>18513380 9 million AT&T customer accounts breached

>>18513384 Judicial Watch Sues Federal Trade Commission for Communications about Twitter Owner Elon Musk

>>18513386, >>18513392, >>18513513, >>18513587 Rep. Chip Roy Formally Endorses DeSantis For President

>>18513417 NZ: Response to Freedom of Information request shows mRNA boosters increase risk of death by 11%

>>18513426 James O'Keefe launches O'Keefe Media Group after ouster from Project Veritas

>>18513429 Justice Department Investigation Leads to Takedown of Darknet Cryptocurrency Mixer that Processed Over $3 Billion of Unlawful Transactions

>>18513442 Black Lives Matter Movement Received Nearly $83 Billion from Corporations

>>18513479 Defense Secy Austin speaks with Russian counterpart

>>18513481, >>18513515 Swiss National Bank will provide liquidity to Credit Suisse if necessary

>>18513506 Trump allies accuse DeSantis of violating campaign finance laws

>>18513616 USMC - Job well done!

>>18513691, >>18513748 PF

>>18513734 IAEA inspectors have found that roughly 2.5 tons of natural uranium have gone missing from a Libyan site

>>18513742, >>18513769 HRC twat on Pat Schroeder

>>18513760 Bakhmut pocket is collapsing. Military Summary and Analysis 2023.03.15.

>>18513812 Did Pfister try to influence 2020 election with timing of vax announcement?

>>18513829 Geraldo: Hunter Biden has been investigated for almost five years… nothing remotely criminal has been uncovered

>>18513865 Biden Gang Executed Hostile Takeover of FDIC – Now FDIC Bails Out SVB and Signature Bank But Won’t Say If They’ll Bailout All Banks

>>18513879 #22704-B



>>18513237, >>18513361, >>18513393, >>18513441, >>18513393, >>18513441 , >>18513412 'Tater Discusses his Plan to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

>>18513239 FDA Authorizes Updated COVID-19 Vaccine for Children as Young as 6 Months Old

>>18513250 Erdogan says Turkey will honour its pledge on Finland’s NATO bid after meeting the Finnish president on Friday

>>18513252 Cop Gets 14 Years for Responding to Child Rape Case by Raping the Child Himself

>>18513256 Evidence Shows Dr. Fauci Contributed Directly and Significantly to China’s COVID R&D and Propaganda

>>18513269 A 96-Page DC Police Report UNCOVERED – Shows Govt Knew MAGA Was Coming on Jan 6 and Entrapped Them ALL

>>18513274, >>18513282 @1stMEF Stand by… CONTACT!💥⚡️

>>18513276 Moar banking updates

>>18513283 Former Pakistani PM alleges assassination plot

>>18513286 Judge Rejects Request From Moderna, Moving Key COVID-19 Vaccine Case To Discovery

>>18513289 Is Misinformation the Problem? Re-examining the Infodemic with Renée DiResta - 2023 Annual NLM Lecture

>>18513292 FY2024 Budget Requests for the Congressional Budget Office, the Government Accountability Office, and the Government Publishing Office

>>18513295 Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture, Glenn "GT" Thompson (PA-15), Hosts a Farm Bill Listening Session in Waco, Texas

>>18513300 To Receive Testimony on Military and Civilian Personnel Programs in the Department of Defense in Review of the Defense Authorization Request for Fiscal Year 2024 and the Future Years Defense Program

>>18513304 Ukraine invites Ron DeSantis to visit after his claim war not ‘vital’ to US

>>18513305 Hearings to Examine the Future Path of VA's Electronic Health Record Modernization Program

>>18513320 ‘Utter Lunacy’ — Transgender Child Sex Offender Found Guilty of Raping Friend with ‘Her Penis’

>>18513327 Elementary school teacher says confusing kids about gender is ‘the goal’

>>18513328 @USMC #Marines hot load a Mark 82 General Purpose bomb onto an F/A-18C Hornet aircraft on San Clemente Island, Calif.



#22703 >>18512446

>>18512493, >>18512522, >>18512524, >>18512526, >>18512529, >>18512538, >>18512541, >>18512543, >>18512545, >>18512548 Business MUST TAKE CASH legal tender

>>18512498 Washington Foreign Press Center Briefing on "CHIPS Act."

>>18512523, >>18512553 Meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

>>18512556, >>18512587 Okeefe Media Group is live

>>18512575 It's National Kansas Day!

>>18512595 Next month, the Wisconsin Supreme Court election will determine the future of reproductive rights for millions.

>>18512600 PF SAM334 G5 heading for OKC after a hold NE of Little Rock and SHINR40 back to Majors Airport

>>18512601, >>18512621 Large Explosion with a active fire reported at a River Waste Water Treatment plant #Baltimore | #Maryland

>>18512604, >>18512607, >>18512599 SVB Wine Blog

>>18512611, >>18512613 2022 I Finally Understand Why We Hate Russia

>>18512633, >>18512715, >>18512780 Credit Suisse CDS Reach Crisis Levels as Banks Rush to Buy Protection

>>18512663 PF Kamala Harris visiting New Jersey for DNC finance event

>>18512670 We are here to empower citizens through journalism. Subscribe & join us today! O'Keefemediagroup

>>18512674 LIVE: Protest In Paris Over Pension Reforms

>>18512679 more than 100% inflation in Argentina per year based upon the current monthly inflation

>>18512680 @TeamTyndall The last "first flight" 🥹🫡

>>18512683 Aussie Buying US-designed nuclear submarines to be “sunk” near China is no way to defend the country, Paul Keating said

>>18512698 DOJ investigation Leads to Takedown of Darknet Cryptocurrency Mixer that Processed Over $3 Billion of Unlawful Transactions

>>18512708 Seymour Hersh shares concerns about what US could do next in Ukraine conflict

>>18512709, >>18513020 Miles Guo indicted for $1B fraud conspiracy!

>>18512712 #OTD in 1981, the 55th Wing lost 6 Airmen when RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft 61-2664 crashed upon landing in severe weather at Shemya AFB, Alaska.

>>18512722 Canada dubbs trudeau little potato

>>18512733 SEC Proposes New Requirements to Address Cybersecurity Risks to the U.S. Securities Markets

>>18512746 PF SAM489 G5 inbound to JBA from Scott AFB with VM714 USMC C560 from Chatanooga Regional and finally RCH4136 C-17 heading west to go pick up Potato equipment in LV

>>18512768 SEC’s Gary Gensler unveils plan to prevent hacking, systems failure

>>18512769 Iran, Russia, and China begin joint naval drills in Gulf of Oman

>>18512795 15 Mar 1493: Christopher #Columbus reaches #Barcelona, Spain after his first #voyage to America

>>18512803, >>18512843 'American spy working at GCHQ' stabbed in suspected terror incident VIA

>>18512850, >>18512873, >>18512890, >>18512897, >>18512922, >>18512983, >>18513009, >>18513023, >>18513057 Credit Suisse shares close down more than 24 percent

>>18512904 “These bank records prove that the Bidens did receive money through a shell company from the Chinese Communist Party… and we’re just gonna keep following the money.”

>>18512926 #DEA lab testing reveals 6 out of 10 fentanyl-laced fake Rx pills analyzed in 2022 now contain a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl.

>>18513026, >>18513162 San Francisco: Health Care Workers Must Be Vaccinated and Wear Masks or Face Prison!

>>18513146 A University of Minnesota group will host the daughters of two leaders of an Islamic charity that provided funding to the terrorist organization Hamas

>>18513165 'Tater Discusses his Plan to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

>>18513168, >>18513156 Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark A. Milley brief the news media following a Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting

>>18513205 #22703


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Anonymous ID: e748b9 March 15, 2023, 2:11 p.m. No.18513904   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3911 >>3912 >>3916 >>3917 >>3928 >>3929 >>3948 >>3972 >>3976 >>3982 >>3988 >>4035 >>4039 >>4054 >>4097 >>4106 >>4264 >>4341 >>4524 >>4605 >>4628 >>4642 >>4651



baker seeking handoff

Anonymous ID: e748b9 March 15, 2023, 3:02 p.m. No.18514147   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4264 >>4524 >>4605 >>4628 >>4642 >>4651


>This SVB and the rest smells to high heaven to me

no kidding.


Polly did dig on timing of SVB and Peter Thiel and his Founders Fund. Said that Thiel suggested the people might want to withdraw funds from SVB, which resulted in a bank run


DIG needed


ALSO wondered whether SVB was intended to be a DISTRACTION from judgment on JP

Morgan - judge just ordered Morgan to turn over docs related to the financing of Jeffrey Epstein 3-9-2023 - the day before the bank run.

>>18504429, >>18504437


Reposting so anons can check more closely -

Amazing Polly TENTACLES video: