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>>18510156, >>18510581 DJT - THANK YOU IOWA! #MAGA

>>18510164 President Donald J. Trump in Davenport, IA

>>18510220 New Wuhan Scandal: US Agencies Double-Paid Virus Research Costs

>>18510228, >>18510237 Robert Bruce Zoellick (Evergreen Park, IL), World Bank, Corruption Hunters, Hillary Clinton and Moar

>>18510264, >>18510283 What was left of the team responsible for Microsoft AI ethics has now been wiped out completely



>>18510567 Elliot Smerling - SVB related

>>18510577 Adam Schiff Named As โ€˜Person of Interestโ€™ in VIP Child Sex Ring Investigation

>>18510580 US to limit PFAS 'forever chemicals' in drinking water

>>18510608 RAF and German jets intercept Russian aircraft near Estonian airspace

>>18510668, >>18510669, >>18510671, >>18510675, >>18510679, >>18510682 Virgin Islands subpoena multiple banks for Jeffrey Epstein's financial records

>>18510712, >>18510715 Drone pilots fight foreign wars from remote Nevada desert - 6/20/18

>>18510719, >>18510737 Speculation mounts over ID of โ€˜newโ€™ Biden family member who got cut of $3M wire

>>18510783 At Americaโ€™s Most Lawless Border (With Arizona Sheriff)

>>18510805, >>18510809 United States Sanctions Human Rights Abusers and Corrupt Actors Across the Globe - 12/21/17

>>18510866 #22700

Anonymous ID: 5e46e2 March 15, 2023, 12:27 a.m. No.18510869   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


>>18509367 Moscow regards the presence of American UAVs in the Black Sea as a provocation

>>18509398, >>18509710 US spy stabbed in terrorist attack โ€“ media

>>18509478 Doubts in Ukraine about readiness for new offensive

>>18509509 PF - Potato in 82-8000 747 went to Las Vegas after muh guns in Smell A and is currently at a fundraiser for Democratic National Committee

>>18509512 Honduras will seek to establish diplomatic ties with China

>>18509523 Special prosecutor steps down in case against Alec Baldwin

>>18509536 SVB, Signature Bank and Credit Suisse donated $1.2M to Democrats since 2017

>>18509597 RFK Jr: The CIA Has Made a Conscious Decision to Weaponize Itself Against the American People

>>18509693 443 Boko Haram Fighters Surrender as Death Toll in ISWAP Clash Rises to 300

>>18509700 Texas Border Sector Reports 10K Known Border Crossers in Single Week

>>18509703 Signature Bank boss hosted a company seminar on gender-neutral pronouns 'ze' and 'hir' five months before becoming the third largest bank failure in US history

>>18509752 RFK Jr. Says CIA Is Connected to 2001 Anthrax Attacks

>>18509849 Obama official, Hillary donors, improv actor: Meet SVBโ€™s board of directors

>>18509863 Asian Stock Markets Tumble in Wake of SVB Collapse

>>18509898 181. Silicon Valley Bank - Trump & The Cartel Drug Money Bank

>>18509939 Today, President Donald J.Trump announced his Eastern Iowa Leadership Team

>>18510029 Osundairo brothers break-down Smollett's Hoax

>>18510098 #22699

Anonymous ID: 5e46e2 March 15, 2023, 12:27 a.m. No.18510871   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


>>18508597, >>18508841, >>18508911 Biden - It's time for Congress to ban assault weapons. // BREAKING: This EO ain't shit, and targets gangbangers

>>18508677 Silicon Valley Bankโ€™s U.K. arm to be acquired by HSBC for just over $1

>>18508710 Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) donated about $73.5 million to (BLM) Black Lives Matter-related groups, social justice causes, records show

>>18508795 Silicon Valley Bank deleted their Twitter - you can download it from my Telegram

>>18508835 Robert Kennedy Jr tells Jimmy Dore anthrax was mailed to the two senators trying to block the Patriot Act in 2001

>>18508851 Moodyโ€™s Downgrades the Entire U.S. Banking System

>>18508867 Chinaโ€™s Threat: Studeman Warns Americans to be More Informed

>>18508871 NATO military excercise "Orion" in the streets of French cities

>>18508892 James O'Keefe - Twenty new people have purchased cameras on their own and are now activated in my citizen army!

>>18508917 Ecohealth Alliance Conducted Risky Experiments on the MERS Virus in China Was Gain of Function

>>18508933, >>18508935, >>18508938 Was NIH-funded work on MERS virus in China too risky? Science examines the controversy

>>18508950 Georgian nationalists protest against the foreign interference of Western NGOs in their country's domestic affairs.

>>18508961 MERS-Cov genetic sequence is patented

>>18508971, >>18508975, >>18508978, >>18508979, >>18508984, >>18508986 Fouchier study reveals changes enabling airborne spread of H5N1 - 6/21/12

>>18508992 Maryland mayor resigns after being arrested on more than 50 counts of child pornography.

>>18509007, >>18509008, >>18509010, >>18509015, >>18509017, >>18509021, >>18509024 Fouchier - The Deadliest Virus

>>18509018, >>18509137 DJT - The Great Patriots at The Gateway Pundit Site are doing an incredible job delivering TRUTH to the American People.

>>18509019 Kash Patel: J6 Report Reveals Intel Withheld from Intelligence Agency, The Truth of J6

>>18509020 Former SEC lawyer-turned-stock-fraudster pleads guilty in second securities scam

>>18508936 Ben Garrison - "Is This The Death Of The Dollar?"


>>18509069 Fouchier is notable for his research on respiratory viruses of humans and animals, antigenic drift, and influenza virus zoonoses, transmission and pandemics

>>18509078 Only ONE member of failed SVB's board had a career in investment banking - and the rest were Obama, Clinton mega-donors

>>18509082 Oregon HS students had to write โ€˜sexual fantasy,โ€™ include sex toys in assignment

>>18509088 Manhunt Underway For Ex-Chief of Staff of Former Governor Larry Hogan

>>18509103 AG Letitia James to host โ€˜Drag Story Hourโ€™ for kids in NYC โ€” sparking outrage

>>18509303 Antifa smashing doors and windows at UC Davis entrance where Charlie Kirk is speaking

>>18509314 #22698


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Q Research Notables #17: Enjoy The P@in >>18405516

Anonymous ID: 783043 March 15, 2023, 12:30 a.m. No.18510880   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>0971 >>1118

"Idiot socialist describes free trade and prove he's and idiot socialist. This is why we can't have nice things." People do it with Capitalism too.


Socialist: Yes look where capitalism got us.


Capitalist: This isn't Capitalism.


We're arguing over what to call freedom from corruption which is why Ayn Rand hates labels. People who otherwise agree end up fight over what to call themselves or their system instead of implementing it. Drop the labels and just advocate for freedom. Can't have freedom unless we #EndTheFed.


They claim to want a "Moneyless society" and move back to barter. Actually both "Socialists" and "Capitalists" want a barter system. What their really against is the fiat money system. Real money (gold/silver) is a barter system that eliminates the "double coincidences of wants" problem a scaled up economy runs into. They should be advocating for a "Fiatless society".


A barter system will organically evolve real money (gold/silver) as the medium of exchange to eliminate the "double coincidences of wants". Corruption bastardizes real money by introducing fiat.


We're going to have to unite with these people to win this war. That's not to say we should compromise values. We need to show each other we have the same values but are confounded by the rulers pervert our words.

Anonymous ID: f9956f March 15, 2023, 12:36 a.m. No.18510904   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>0926 >>0934

Has any other anon experienced this? I have found โ€˜Qโ€™ in my text entry more than 20 times after I have locked my phone, left it for some time and have come back to it. It usually happens when Iโ€™ve taken a break from digging or learning and usually seems to me like a callback to continue digging and learning. I canโ€™t be the only one to experience this. It has happened too many times for it to be a coincidence

Anonymous ID: 880e19 March 15, 2023, 12:46 a.m. No.18510937   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>0978 >>1365 >>1460 >>1520 >>1562 >>1690

Censorship addicts: Democrats seek to squelch speech on banks


March 15, 2023


Concerned about your money after recent bank failures? You might want to keep those thoughts to yourself.

While some rushed to get their money after the collapses, at least one leading Democrat is pushing for censorship of those who do not have faith in the banking industry.

The Democratic Party for more than a decade has alienated many of us in the party with its embrace of censorship and speech controls.

Democratic leaders actively promote censorship on social media and vehemently defend government efforts to target citizens or groups.

Some have even adopted McCarthyite labels like โ€œRussian loversโ€ to paint free-speech advocates as disloyal or dangerous in opposing censorship efforts.

Subjects from climate change to gender identity to COVID to elections have been gradually added to the list of prohibited thoughts.

Now Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) has put bank solvency on the list.

It is only the latest example of censorshipโ€™s slippery slope.

Kelly shows how censorship is addictive; it not only builds an increasing tolerance for speech limits but a decreasing tolerance for opposing views.

The immediate inclination becomes to silence those who challenge you or refuse to accept your โ€œtruthโ€ on any given subject.

In a Zoom call this week with a couple hundred participants, Kelly asked representatives from the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation about censoring social media to remove those raising doubts over bank solvency in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank crises.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) confirmed Kelly suggested โ€œthat government should work with social media companies to censor information that could lead to a run on banks.โ€

As in past censorship calls, Kelly reportedly cited the danger of โ€œforeign actorsโ€ using social media โ€” to undermine banks. Itโ€™s those pesky Russians again.

The list of subjects justifying censorship keeps getting longer.

In a critical November 2020 hearing, tech CEOs appeared before the Senate. Twitterโ€™s then-CEO Jack Dorsey apologized for censoring The Postโ€™s Hunter Biden laptop story but pledged to censor more people in defense of โ€œelectoral integrity.โ€

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), however, was not happy. He was upset not by the promised censorship but that it wasnโ€™t broad enough.

He noted itโ€™s hard to define the problem of โ€œmisleading information,โ€ but tech companies had to impose a sweeping system to combat the โ€œharmโ€ of misinformation.

โ€œThe pandemic and misinformation about COVID-19, manipulated media also cause harm,โ€ Coons said. โ€œBut Iโ€™d urge you to reconsiderโ€ putting in place a โ€œstandalone climate change misinformation policyโ€ because โ€œhelping to disseminate climate denialism, in my view, further facilitates and accelerates one of the greatest existential threats to our world.โ€

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) also warned he and his colleagues would not tolerate any โ€œbacksliding or retrenchingโ€ by firms โ€œfailing to take action against dangerous disinformation.โ€

He demanded companies keep using โ€œthe same kind of robust content modificationโ€ โ€” the new Orwellian term for censorship โ€” they did in the 2020 election.

History has shown censorship becomes an insatiable appetite. Once you silence opposing views in one area, opposing views in other areas become increasingly intolerable.


Rather than convince citizens that their deposits are safe, it is easier to just silence anyone who disagrees with you.

With Democratsโ€™ vocal support, Twitterโ€™s former censors recently revealed the standard they used to censor citizens.

Ex-Twitter executive Anika Collier Navaroli explained at a House hearing last month that Twitter tried not to just โ€œbalance free speech and safety.โ€

Rather, it asked โ€œfree expression for whom and public safety for whom. So whose free expression are we protecting at the expense of whose safety, and whose safety are we willing to allow to go the wind so that people can speak freely?โ€

Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-NM) responded: โ€œExactly right.โ€



Anonymous ID: a791a8 March 15, 2023, 12:52 a.m. No.18510948   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

>>18510577 pb

>Adam Schiff Named As โ€˜Person of Interestโ€™ in VIP Child Sex Ring Investigation

Newspunch no clue, but Shiff is one of the most obvious kiddies peddlers of the bunch, so that would be no surprise.


1st arrest??

Anonymous ID: 3c7d5a March 15, 2023, 12:54 a.m. No.18510953   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>0958

"Using the movie, programmers encourage slaves to go 'over the rainbow,' 'follow the yellow brick road' or 'follow the rabbit' etc, and dissociate, effectively separating their minds from their bodies."

Anonymous ID: 783043 March 15, 2023, 1 a.m. No.18510971   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>0987 >>0998 >>1041 >>1118 >>1247 >>1365 >>1460 >>1520 >>1562 >>1690


We should be able to come together to #EndTheFed. A healthy society is based on a mixture of voluntary capitalism and socialism.


What is a relationship amongst trusted friend and family? Socialism


What do we call the system of free exchange protected by law against the untrustworthy? Capitalism


We need to end the corruption of the Fed's fiat and corruption of the gov's laws, and then we can have a functional economic system called freedom.

Anonymous ID: 880e19 March 15, 2023, 1:02 a.m. No.18510978   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1365 >>1460 >>1520 >>1562 >>1690


>Censorship addicts: Democrats seek to squelch speech on banks





So now โ€œthe expenseโ€ of free speech is too high if it might undermine faith in our banksโ€™ stability. It is that easy.

Parag Agrawal explained it years ago. After taking over as Twitter CEO, Agrawal said the company would โ€œfocus less on thinking about free speechโ€ because โ€œspeech is easy on the Internet. Most people can speak. Where our role is particularly emphasized is who can be heard.โ€

The great civil libertarian Justice Louis Brandeis once warned, โ€œThe greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.โ€

Sen. Kelly is now that man in seeking censorship to protect banksโ€™ assets while leaving free speech insolvent.



Anonymous ID: 07f633 March 15, 2023, 1:05 a.m. No.18510989   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1679 >>1686


962 on the tail; 12:41 timestamp -Q962 & Q1241 = 23 in the timestamp

7[9] characters with spaces, 6[6] no spaces, 8[7] bytes -Q967:

>Timestamp Mar 28 in link as mirror 823

Final Stage


Image size = 2048+1362 = 3410 -17


>[They] are afraid.

>They are losing control of the message.



>Timestamp Jul 10 in link as 7(28)

>Stealth Bomber

55, 23 in link

Anonymous ID: 880e19 March 15, 2023, 1:08 a.m. No.18511001   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1008 >>1030 >>1365 >>1460 >>1520 >>1562 >>1690

Prepare Yuranusthe alien invasion is back on, repeat, alien invasion is a go!


Pentagon officials suggest alien mothership in our solar system could send mini probes to Earth


March 15, 2023


Pentagon officials said in a draft document last week that aliens could be visiting our solar system and releasing smaller probes like missions conducted by NASA when studying other planets.


A draft research report authored by Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the Pentagonโ€™s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) and Abraham Loeb, chairman of Harvard Universityโ€™s astronomy department was released on March 7 and focuses on the physical constraints of unidentified aerial phenomena.


โ€œโ€ฆAn artificial interstellar object could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth, an operational construct not too dissimilar from NASA missions,โ€ the report read. โ€œThese โ€˜dandelion seedsโ€™ could be separated from the parent craft by the tidal gravitational force of the Sun or by a maneuvering capability.โ€


The AARO was established in July 2022 and is responsible for tracking objects in the sky, underwater and in space โ€“ or possibly an object that has the ability to move from one domain to the next



Anonymous ID: 4b3a23 March 15, 2023, 1:11 a.m. No.18511013   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1021

If someone says, โ€œI love God,โ€ and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen? And this commandment we have from Him: that he who loves God must love his brother also.

Anonymous ID: 029d7e March 15, 2023, 1:19 a.m. No.18511041   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1045 >>1047 >>1066 >>1365 >>1460 >>1520 >>1535 >>1562 >>1690


Ending the fed is out of our individual hands. Collectively, I am not sure what we can do.


But you can change the way you interact in the commerce system. Through their fraud after confiscating our Gold in 1933, they eliminated all real money. A federal reserve note is a debt instrument. You can't pay a debt with a debt. There is no real money.


But we can use that to our advantage if you know the remedy they left for us. We are actually the creditors, and not the debtors.


We have all silently acquised to the system through ignorance and mass deception.


Correct your political status and stop being a Citizen. Learn commerce, contracts, strawmanโ€ฆ


Maxim of law: that which one creates, one controls. We the People created the government. Except our government incorporated themselves and they created the 14th amendment Citizen (which they control).

Anonymous ID: 1acafe March 15, 2023, 1:27 a.m. No.18511065   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

NASA - Definitions.


Hebrew for Christians (Judeo-Christian)


Strongs Concordance (Christians)


Weird, Jew version for Christians is "to lift up", but Strongs is "to lead astray".


Same Hebrew word, the characters are the same.

Anonymous ID: 783043 March 15, 2023, 1:34 a.m. No.18511084   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1094 >>1118

There are "very fine people on both sides" of this. Some "socialists" are just ignorant just as their are "capitalists" that are ignorant. One calls the other thieves while the other call them racists. Our enemy isn't flesh and blood its principalities. Hate the sins not the sinners.


Do we not accept those that turn away from sin. Why would Q have us fight to educate one another and unite if it wasn't for that purpose?

Anonymous ID: 07f633 March 15, 2023, 1:40 a.m. No.18511104   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1511 >>1679 >>1686

Offutt AFB

โ€ฆa devastatingflood

55thโ€ฆ1 of 8 -Q+

45 in the link

Timestamp 1526 / 326 -Q1526 = 17 timestamp; Q326:

>False flag(s).

>Expect fireworks.


โ€ฆ720 mil gallonsโ€ฆ68.5 milโ€ฆRECON -Q685:

>Date Feb 07 (207)

>Recon photo

โ€ฆunpredictable weatherโ€ฆ10 ft high // photo of crew digging -Q10:

>Haiti earthquake



Anonymous ID: 6ea89d March 15, 2023, 1:40 a.m. No.18511105   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1121 >>1580



The Osundairo brothers were hired men for a con created to dupe America. They share what they were instructed to do the night of the staged attack on Jussie Smollett.

Anonymous ID: 4b3a23 March 15, 2023, 1:42 a.m. No.18511108   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1115 >>1126


This is where you err from the Truth of the Knowledge of God.

For God is, and is personal to all who draw near to Him. His "Sheep" hear His voice and won't follow another.

A BOT can only have data-input about God but has zero-capacity for a personal relationship with Him.

Anonymous ID: 880e19 March 15, 2023, 1:43 a.m. No.18511114   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


>CBS channel simulated the fall of the American MQ-9 Reaper drone in the Black Sea


Like they simulated a gas attack in Syria?


That was (allegedly was) a $32 MILLION DOLLAR TOY. Who's going to ante up? C'mon anons, for only hundreds a day you too can help the Potato.

Anonymous ID: 3c7d5a March 15, 2023, 1:46 a.m. No.18511127   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1132 >>1136 >>1142

One little quote from an MKULTRA dig and hostility hostility hostility with accusations of paranoia. Very interesting. I think I will be spending moar time digging this subject. Revisting the old digs and cross-referencing with anything else I've read on the subject from the source I found tonight.

Anonymous ID: 1abff9 March 15, 2023, 1:50 a.m. No.18511140   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1365 >>1460 >>1520 >>1562 >>1690


that is the worst simulation ever

and the facts seem all wrong.

it flys high not ground level.

long detailed article below,

Exert below of just the dimensions of the 66 foot long craft.




The MQ-9 Reaper is a large unmanned Air Force aircraft that is remotely operated by a two-person team. It includes a ground control station and satellite equipment and has a 66-foot (20-meter) wingspan. The team includes a rated pilot who is responsible for flying the aircraft and an enlisted aircrew member who is charged with operating the sensors and guiding weapons.

Used routinely during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for surveillance and airstrikes, the Reaper can be either armed or unarmed. It can carry up to eight laser-guided missiles, including Hellfire missiles and other sophisticated munitions, and can loiter over targets for about 24 hours. It is about 36 feet long, 12 feet high, and weighs about 4,900 pounds (11 meters long, 4 meters high, and 2,200 kilograms). It can fly at an altitude of up to 50,000 feet (15 kilometers) and has a range of about 1,400 nautical miles (2,500 kilometers).

The Reaper, which first began operating in 2007, replaced the Air Forceโ€™s smaller Predator drones. Each Reaper costs about $32 million.

Anonymous ID: 783043 March 15, 2023, 1:54 a.m. No.18511148   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1156 >>1159 >>1172


Did Jesus help sinners?


Yes, Jesus did help sinners. He gave His very life on the cross to bear sinners' sin and condemnation for all who would trust in Him. He modeled how to treat them by showing overwhelming mercy and undeserved grace, sending the self-righteous scurrying off like dogs with tails caught between their legs. Additionally, Jesus was a friend of sinners who drew them to Him, showing His love and compassion for them.

Anonymous ID: eafc09 March 15, 2023, 2 a.m. No.18511163   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1283 >>1365 >>1460 >>1520 >>1562 >>1690

PDJT_47 mentioned la_Bron and womens' basketball

  • so is he coaching or dis-GUY-sized playa for March Madness (DI WBB)


3019 (13) (4)

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 3/10/2019, 11:09:20 PM ID: e86c0f

8chan/qresearch: 5616382

>Q Clock [ Min: 38 | :25/:55 Mir: 12 | 180 Mir: 8 | :35/:05 Mir: 32 ]

Shall We Play A Game?

How many Tweets has POTUS 'forwarded' in the past 12-hours?

Primary topic(s)?

March Madness.

Do you have your [ ] filled in?{ }



Bracket IQ

basketball-men-d1 flag

Daniel Wilco | | March 14, 2023

The absurd odds of a perfect NCAA bracket

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How to Watch Every March Madness Game, Starting Tonight

{ setting the stage }:

Three things are certain in March: daylight savings time, the start of spring, and a riveting end to another NCAA basketball season.

March Madness brings the diehard college fan and casual viewer together to fill out brackets of 64 teams with wild optimism.


Today and tomorrow, the excitement begins with the โ€œFirst Four,โ€ a batch of four games that serve as a primer for the โ€œmadness.โ€

They also seed the last four spots.

These four games will be on truTV at 6:40 p.m. EDT, with SE Missouri State facing Texas A&M-CC.

This will be followed by Pitt playing Mississippi State at 9:10 p.m. EDT.


Tomorrow night the Knights of FDU hit the court against the Tigers of Texas Southern at 6:40 p.m. EDT,

with Nevadaโ€™s Wolfpack challenging Arizona Stateโ€™s Sun Devils at 9:10 p.m. EDT. Again, these games will be on truTV.


Thursday, March 16, the tournaments kick into high gear with 16 games across CBS, TNT, TBS, and truTV.

Get ready for all the hoop action to start with the first game at 12:15 p.m. EDT.

The day begins with fan favorites, West Virginia and Maryland. The last game will start at 10:05 p.m. EDT.


The same times will apply for Friday. Once winners start to emerge, the rest begins to shake out.


The second round will be on March 18 and 19, then the Sweet 16 on March 23 and 24, followed by the Elite 8 on March 25 and 26.


The Final Four head off against each other on April 1, with the Championship decider on April 3.


Now, let us help you fill out that bracket.


In the East, Duke and Kentucky are in a good position to make it to the Final Four.

Duke is playing insanely well and has one of the best freshman players.


In the Midwest, Kent State will be an exciting team to watch, and theyโ€™ve got a bit of underdog charm.

If there is an upset this year, we feel good about this team with its incredible turnover margin and great defense.


If youโ€™re going to put your money on anyone, Texas is a safe bet after beating an excellent Kansas team by 20 points.


For the West, VCU is a beautifully competitive team in the tournament every year; theyโ€™re definitely a second-round team.


Iona could very well be a sleeper in 2023.


The takeaway is to avoid any Big 10 school โ€” they just arenโ€™t it when performing under pressure.


And finally, in the South, Arizona is the team. They could pull away with the whole kit and caboodle.


Alabama should leave this group easily too, with no real challenges, but you never know.


Thatโ€™s why we watch after all; you never know.

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>Re_read drops


>Re_read drops

We have the server.

Two photos of 6's on the boat -[66]

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NEW ๐Ÿšจ Pentagon officials said in a draft document that aliens could be visiting our solar system and releasing smaller probes like missions conducted by NASA when studying other planets, NY Post reports

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NATO/US is always baiting Russia

The drone business just seems to be another pointless provocation

A few days back a B52 bomber headed towards St Petersburg over the sea and pulled sharply away to starboard, over Estonia, at pretty much the last moment, just before entering Russian air space

NATO and the US is playing a dangerous game trying to provoke the Bear

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>black library seems to think they shit perfumed gold.

Yeah, some of the fatties were a chore, with a lot of useless filler, but some of them do provide quite a bit of context later on. All in all it's been a worthy epic to follow The Wheel of Time in my literary journey through life. Need to find another epic that'll take a year to go through to follow The Horus Heresy once I'm done it.

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Pentagon officialsย said in a draft document last week that aliens could be visiting our solar system and releasing smaller probes like missions conducted by NASA when studying other planets.


A draft research report authored by Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the Pentagonโ€™s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) and Abraham Loeb, chairman of Harvard Universityโ€™s astronomy department was released on March 7 and focuses on the physical constraints ofย unidentified aerial phenomena.


โ€ฆAn artificial interstellar object could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth, an operational construct not too dissimilar fromย NASA missions,โ€ the report read. โ€œThese โ€˜dandelion seedsโ€™ could be separated from the parent craft by the tidal gravitational force of the Sun or by a maneuvering capability.โ€


The AARO was established in July 2022 and is responsible for tracking objects in the sky, underwater and in space โ€“ or possibly an object that has the ability to move from one domain to the next.

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digits checked


I've been reading up on cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol in the blood have been proven to fight/decrease infections in the body

Cue the egg shortages/high prices!

No eggs in the diet means less cholesterol, which translates into more susceptibility to infections

My own pet conspiracy theory is that the manufactured egg shortages are another method of increasing sickness in the general population, especially the already immune compromised vaxxies

People with chronic low cholesterol (genetic condition) often use eggs to boost them into the right cholesterol zone

Statins that people take to lower "bad" cholesterol actually thin and weaken the walls of the heartโ€ฆ..heart failure then follows


"They" are trying to sicken and kill us in a hundred different devious ways

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What do you expect? You have a tranny baking, defiling the Q and Marine banner with a faggot rainbow. It is being done so the rest of the world slowly thinks the Q movement is a tranny movement. When we are usurped and comped completely, it will be the fools like you who are responsible for it. You can be proud that you betrayed your country for flamming faggot drag queens that follow your daughters into the ladies bathroom. Congrats.

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The answer is surgical strikes, get the US personnel (spies) offed and things should improve. Lob some assorted and sundry weaponry into the heart of the Deep State and make life a whole lot better for all concerned.

Maybe not spies per se, lets say, anthropologists on loan to various Ukraine biolabsโ€ฆ. financed by Potato Etal

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U.S. Indo-Pacific Command @INDOPACOM




and Japan Self-Defense Forces completed the first Japan-based #IronFist23 exercise on Monday in ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต.


Read more:


{ 03.13.2023

{ story by 1st Lt. Iris Robare

{ 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit


{ This bilateral exercise between the two countries continues to demonstrate the commitment of U.S. and Japan forces

{ to maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific. Iron Fist is just one of several bilateral and multilateral exercises in which

{ U.S. and Japan forces participate each year.

{ The 31st MEU and 1st ARDR are partnered for participation in Talisman Sabre, to be conducted in Australia in July 2023.

{ }


๐Ÿ“ธ: MC1 Shelby M. Tucker




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C.i.A.'s "Iron Hand".


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Big post.

@Jack thought he was protected.

No sleep since drop.

Tasked [3] to remove followers in drip order and restrict.


HOT in DC.

No sleep.

Stay tuned.


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I have high cholesterol. I was, at one time prescribed a statin. I took one pill and my body hurt EVERYWHEREโ€ฆmuscles and joints. I only took it that one time.

One internist, later told me, told high cholesterol was not a problem.

There is one KETO doctor out there, who has been eating 4 eggs a day for decades now. He is as fit looking as any human can be.

Just as we were told grains were the best, they lie to weaken us, to kill us, as you said.

Anonymous ID: 1acafe March 15, 2023, 2:39 a.m. No.18511231   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1234


Im tellin you, Psycho Nurses and their victims will be a thing.


They were vaccinating anything they could get their hands on, they thought they were saving the world.


Vaccinating severely compromised and extremely Ill people, even they knew, was a big no no.

Anonymous ID: 880e19 March 15, 2023, 2:40 a.m. No.18511233   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1252


>Statins that people take to lower "bad" cholesterol actually thin and weaken the walls of the heartโ€ฆ..heart failure then follows


They went hard after eggs shortly after they came for whole milk. The egg thing didn't take in anon's house, MomAnon was good for a blue plate special breakfast every morning. Anon wanted cereal but it was not to be. Anon wanted to take lunch to school, also a non starter, hot meals ya know.. I wanted those small brown sacks soooo bad..

I quit ALL pharma stuff a year, year and a half ago. Guess what happened/ NOTHING HAPPENED. Anon has had zero needle pokes in 5 years (I get the orders for a blood draw and I ALWAYS waltz on by and never stop, Doctor excorts me, I wait, Doctor leaves, I leave too.

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San Franciscans line up at board meeting to sing and shout their support for a reparations plan to give every black resident $5M, wipe personal debt, provide $97K guaranteed incomes and homes for just $1 - and no one asks how the city will foot the bill

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors on Tuesday held a public hearing to allow people to air their views on a plan to provide reparations to black residents

The draft was unveiled in December by the SF African American Reparations Advisory Committee after two years of work; a final plan will be filed in June

The initial recommendations call for a one-time, lump-sum reparations payment of $5 million to each eligible recipient: critics say it is financially impossible

Anonymous ID: 4a1d68 March 15, 2023, 2:44 a.m. No.18511245   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


>Did they fuck with the peppers too?

>Jalapeรฑo seeds (for growing at home) lost all their heat about 4 years ago.

>Now even store bought have no hear.

>They don't want us to have capsaicin?


try "Scotch Bonnet" 4~KeK(s) ymmv

Anonymous ID: 880e19 March 15, 2023, 2:49 a.m. No.18511258   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1471


>I was, at one time prescribed a statin


I was too but not for a medical condition, more of a "everybody's taking it" and I've never felt better than since I quit taking that stuff. Same with whatever the other thing does, Losartin? I lost all faith and confidence in medicine and I never had much to start with.

Anonymous ID: ccb2c2 March 15, 2023, 2:49 a.m. No.18511259   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1263


No billie, you are wrong. US Marines do not take kindly to their memorial being desecrated, especially when they're raising an American flag. You were asked nicely, many times to stop with the rainbow, but you force it in Q's face. Now comes the pain.

Anonymous ID: 783043 March 15, 2023, 2:51 a.m. No.18511260   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1278


Real money (precious metals) is barter. It's the commodity that eliminates the "double coincidences of wants". Instead of trading goods we produce with others, we trade our goods for one common good and use that to trade for the things we need. The dollar does the same thing but has no intrinsic value and can be printed. So instead of trading goods for paper iou's, we trade in a commodity with real value.

Anonymous ID: fdd010 March 15, 2023, 2:51 a.m. No.18511263   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1274 >>1280 >>1307


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you fucking marxist? Iโ€™ll have you know I graduated top of my class in Militarized Memetics, and Iโ€™ve been involved in numerous raids on normie channels, and I have over 300 social media suspensions.

I am trained in Meme warfare and Iโ€™m the top kek on all of boards. You are nothing to me but just another shill waiting to be BTFO. I will troll you with a precision and cutting force the likes of which has never been seen before by the Infamous Hacker 4Chan.

You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, nigger. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Q Researchers across the dark web and a very spiteful yelp review is being written about you right now so you better prepare for the lulz, faggot. The dankness that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your self-esteem. Youโ€™re fucking dead, glowtard. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can heckle you in ways you can't even begin to comprehend, and thatโ€™s with my unfettered, uncucked, extra-vaccinated brand of PURE, UNADULTERED, MIND-FUCKING AUTISM.

Not only am I extensively trained in verbal combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the meme vaults and I will use them to their fullest extent to wipe your miserable IP off the face of the bread, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little โ€œcleverโ€ comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking fingers.

But you couldnโ€™t, you didnโ€™t, and now youโ€™re paying the price, you goddamn cunt. I will shit freedom all over your head and your eyes will finally be opened. Youโ€™re fucking asleep. Wake. Up.

Anonymous ID: ccb2c2 March 15, 2023, 2:52 a.m. No.18511266   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1290 >>1381


Turns out, anons of 8kun allowed this to happen. Not a word when your children are molested. Not a single word. You wanted this. You're going to get this. You just don't know the extent. Slowly they've been demoralizing and subverting anons. Anons are not brilliant people, they welcomed it. This is how they infiltrated our schools at elementary levels. Anons are not bright enough to see it.

Anonymous ID: c5d39a March 15, 2023, 2:54 a.m. No.18511271   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


if its AI it is not art. It is a computer generated image based upon a preset algorithm that sometimes uses another image for influence then scans the system for images that can be put in place with out destroying the basic shapes of the first. You might be able to call it art but you would be wrong.

Anonymous ID: ccb2c2 March 15, 2023, 2:55 a.m. No.18511274   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1381


Sorry tranny lover. It is not up to me to judge you. God will judge you and you can explain to him why you allowed this to happen; why you allowed the Q movement to continuously draw in trannies and gays. Why you helped to destroy the only hope our once proud country had. YOU will have to answer. I cannot answer on your behalf.

Anonymous ID: d01812 March 15, 2023, 2:57 a.m. No.18511279   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1282 >>1299 >>1381



The Tranime baker was warned specifically, yesterday, to stop posting its divisive anime, as it was goading and disrupting the board

The freak toned it down for a while but is now back to its usual modus operandi

Unfortunately it hogs the kitchen for marathon bakes and constantly spergs on anons

The Tranime is definitely schizo, especially since it posted explicit photos of its genitals not so long ago

BO and BV's need to nuke it from space

Anonymous ID: 07f633 March 15, 2023, 2:58 a.m. No.18511284   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1511 >>1679 >>1686

INDOPACOM retweeting IISS_org

John C. A[q]uilino looking peaceful

[Q]uest for an Enduring Future

18+13+10+6 = 47

Linked article:

โ€ฆneither imminent nor inevitableโ€ฆ -NI NI -> 149 -> Q149:


5,100 hoursโ€ฆ1,150 landings -Qalerts 5100 -> Mar 15 Delta -> Q3093:

The clock is ticking

Qalerts 3093 = 17 posts

5100 + 1150 = 6250 -Qalerts 6250 -> Q4068:


Qalerts timestamp 122 -Q4272:


45/55 in the link

Anonymous ID: 7ebb8b March 15, 2023, 3 a.m. No.18511291   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1300 >>1365 >>1460 >>1520 >>1562 >>1690



Chuck Schumer gives donations linked to

Silicon Valley Bank to charity


New York Post, by Victor Nava


Posted By: FlyRight, 3/15/2023 12:39:18 AM


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has rid himself of political contributions tied to the failed Silicon Valley Bank, giving the campaign funds to charity, according to multiple reports on Tuesday. The New York Democrat received the maximum allowable individual contribution of $5,800 from former Silicon Valley Bank CEO Greg Becker in June 2021, and Schumerโ€™s campaign benefitted from a $2,700 contribution from the failed bankโ€™s political action committee in 2015, FEC filings show. A spokesperson for Schumer informed news outlets on Tuesday that all political donations linked to Silicon Valley Bank have been given to charity.M

Anonymous ID: ccb2c2 March 15, 2023, 3:01 a.m. No.18511294   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1296 >>1381


Many "yous" from Q. But that doesn't mean a thing. What you are doing does. You haven't been baking for years either. You've only started descreting the US marine memorial with your gay tranny rainbow recently. If you'd stop with the rainbow, everything would have been fine, but you go too far to exalt yourself and push the tranny beacon. It is for this reason you will answer, soon.

Anonymous ID: 7ebb8b March 15, 2023, 3:02 a.m. No.18511297   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1363 >>1365 >>1460 >>1520 >>1562 >>1690


VIDEO: Power Outages Hit 266K as Winter

Storm Intensifies on East Coast


Breitbart Local, by Amy Furr



Posted By: ladydawgfan, 3/14/2023 11:49:21 PM


A winter storm is slamming residents in the Northeast and New England, causing dangerous conditions. Heavy snow, rain, high winds, and coastal flooding have made travel nearly impossible for millions living near and north of the Interstate 95 corridor, Fox Weather reported Tuesday: The winter storm is dumping snow from central and upstate New York and northeastern Pennsylvania into North Jersey and western and northern New England. Meanwhile, heavy rain is falling across southeastern New England ahead of a changeover to snow in some areas, which should include Boston later Tuesday. A CBS News reporter in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, said the storm was dumping snow at approximately one inch per hour.

Anonymous ID: 1acafe March 15, 2023, 3:03 a.m. No.18511299   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1305 >>1381


My Psychology Professor taught us Bi/tranny/gay is a mental illness.


Some still do.


So I would have to agree. What I think is interesting about homos is they all maintain the belief that they can convert straights but for some reason they refuse to believe they can return to being straight.

Anonymous ID: 880e19 March 15, 2023, 3:05 a.m. No.18511307   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1315 >>1328 >>1329 >>1345 >>1358 >>1401




I hole-hardedly agree, but allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with this I am here to bring you back into reality. I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go. Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't take rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like itโ€™s a peach of cake.

Anonymous ID: fa1877 March 15, 2023, 3:07 a.m. No.18511312   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1381


a bit of attention is fine for all the work and time he spends on this, for years now no less.

Give him a break, or do more work than him and set an example. Of course you won't.

And he actually showed yesterday that anime baker is not an actual Nazi. Of course the shill ignores that.

Anonymous ID: fa1877 March 15, 2023, 3:09 a.m. No.18511318   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1337


Thiomersal, also called thimerosal, is an ethyl mercury derivative


the FDA considered that the cumulative dose of mercury received by young infants following vaccination was high enough to request vaccine manufacturers to remove thiomersal from vaccine formulations

Anonymous ID: 088d12 March 15, 2023, 3:09 a.m. No.18511319   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1322 >>1381


Rainbow is NOT okay in the means it's being subjugated. Wake up, you're being infiltrated and you're defending filth. When your daughter is being raped and finger molested in the ladies bathroom by a tranny fag. Do not look to anons for comfort. But instead, remember how you defended the trannies.

Anonymous ID: fa1877 March 15, 2023, 3:14 a.m. No.18511334   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


>ask professional killers if a natural rainbow made by God is fine

5 hours later

>Oh hi, I'm totally a Marine, I hate anime and God's rainbows. But I love killing innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan.


>see, the "Marine" is totally against anime.

Anonymous ID: fb661f March 15, 2023, 3:17 a.m. No.18511337   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1343 >>1346


the FDA considered

>[They] thought about IT

that the cumulative dose

>Well shit isn't that necessary to know before mass marketing

of mercury

> Green text .. if you think โ€ฆ You're already there

received by young infants

> Redundancy don't harm babies.. they've just seen some shit.. let them be

following vaccination

> NOT necessary

was high enough to request

> Patients becoming post-market research data points

vaccine manufacturers

>Liability fringe protection

to remove thiomersal from vaccine formulations


Anonymous ID: 06e69e March 15, 2023, 3:21 a.m. No.18511341   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1365 >>1460 >>1520 >>1562 >>1690

Think Mirror


Jim Cramer says the Fed is on the cusp of a โ€˜soft, safe landingโ€™ in its inflation fight


The collapse of multiple banks, the potential folding of start-ups and the general unease in the economy all suggest the Federal Reserve is on the โ€œcusp of a soft, safe landing,โ€ CNBCโ€™s Jim Cramer said Tuesday.


โ€œUntil last weekโ€™s banking fiasco, I think [Federal Reserve Chair] Jay Powell was losing the war against inflation,โ€ Cramer said. But the bank run which led to the failure of Silicon Valley Bank

and the concurrent tech troubles are signs that Powell is winning the battle, if not the war, he added.

Anonymous ID: fa1877 March 15, 2023, 3:21 a.m. No.18511343   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1368


Imagine going

"oh well, let's inject a few fucking nerve poisons into children and even new borns, that totally makes sense"


"Are you out of your fucking mind? Stop it immediately, you are sick, you will make these children sick"


"No, you see first of all it's derivatives, and second it's vaccines"


"Oh, it's about vaccines. Now that totally makes sense and will protect them from harm"

Anonymous ID: 880e19 March 15, 2023, 3:22 a.m. No.18511346   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


This is disgusting, did they disclose what that cumulative dose of MERCURY does to infants?


This is exactly why the cute kid next door was born at home. Child is happy, healthy and unaffected by pharmaceutical meddling.



Just the correct amount it seems, I'm not sure I've ever been stoned enough to lapse into a great writer but it's a noble goal.



Mornin' Samโ€ฆ missed bedtime yet again I did..

Ascension Joy ID: 131d5a If Global Currency Conflict Do Not End In April 2023 Then It Will Be 100% Nuclear War March 15, 2023, 3:23 a.m. No.18511347   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1366

If Global Currency Conflict Do Not End In April 2023 Then It Will Be 100% Nuclear War


I have finally shared the final puzzle of this grand world conflict between nations especially around the international currencies war.


Both of my brand new solution/vision in my newest book โ€œThe New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Loveโ€ are very good and can easily implement in real life (if only care about economic).


They are all 100% fiat money paper and do not have any natural resources involved.


I do not think there are any better idea/solution than mine because my solution my strategy can work for many hundreds if not thousands year to come since it has both the feature of โ€œcreationโ€ and โ€œdestructionโ€.


I have sent the email and download link to many entities and to top 3 biggest nations at the moment already. But due to the sensitive I have set multi layer of passwords and require military grade software to able to โ€œunlockโ€ and read the content/document inside.


After the next couple of days, if things do not get better (either I do not receive any contact from any top organization or do not receive any donation), then I will put it on mainstream big market for sale so all entities can obtain it as long as they have some money.


After that future point, I will fully free and have no hidden debt left with this civilization. Thus I will able to do my stuff I prefer later and do not need to care much about the rest of the society for I have gave everything, every possible strategy/policy/solution to end the world conflict about international currency war.


Because I knew from the very beginning that it is not about high-end knowledge but the real root problem is how to โ€œmanageโ€ the normal public people.

Thatโ€™s the reason I have declined to make easy money via selling educated books/courses.


If my vision my strategy are not good enough and cannot stop war in April 2023, then it will be 100% nuclear war from May 2023.


But I still believe my information I have shared in the book are the โ€œknowledge insuranceโ€ about international financial system which all entities especially the military of all nations are waiting for.


If you still not able to read the book, then you can obtain the book at https://ascensionjoy. com/book-the-new-fair-world-economic-financial-system-that-people-will-love/ .


It is not a typical knowledge you can found on any school but a brand new vision, new looking about how you should treat the economic.


Best Regard,

Ascension Joy โ€“ Bodhi Udumbara


Source: https://ascensionjoy. com/03/2023/if-global-currency-conflict-do-not-end-in-april-2023-then-it-will-be-100-nuclear-war/

Anonymous ID: acb63f March 15, 2023, 3:24 a.m. No.18511357   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1375



BANKRUPTED America is not the greatest country in the world in fact America is the most corrupted country in the world.


Trump's election was stolen so what did the lethargic lazy American people do in response to a blatantly stolen election by the highly organized DEEP STATE, MSM and dirty Washington politicians?


They did absolutely nothing because they are weak stupid assholes that got sucked in by people like the walking dead corpse of Nancy Pelosi and as a result America is now a piece of shit garbage disposal for third world buffoon illegals that need a new place to take a bean shitโ€ฆ..


American people you assholes got exactly what you fuckin' deserve~


Further more when a faggot like Zelenskiy can blackmail the fake American president for billions and billions it is proof that the American ZOMBIES are lifeless weak dumbass bastardsโ€ฆ


Now you idiotic fools got Frank Luntz's boyfriend getting ready to run America even further into the groundโ€ฆ.lol


In closing America:Who gave the fake president Joe Biden the permission to invade your country with millions of low IQ subhuman worthless people?


RIP America

Anonymous ID: c9bb80 March 15, 2023, 3:25 a.m. No.18511361   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun




Anon would like to help train Jim's AI.

Thinking a site like Zuckerberg's "Hot or Not"? e.g. "Spam or Not?", or "Shill or Not?", etc.

Perhaps more classifying.

There have been "poison Q drops" i.e., both people pretending to be Q, and also, people quoting drops that actually misquoted (intentionally or otherwise). So should have all the Q drops in a database, to compare against.

Anon is VERY interested in feeding an AI Scripture and texts on the shape of what we're standing, including YouTube channels JonLevi, Divergent, Paul Cook, Mudfossil University, and Tyson's Mudfossil Adventures. A new one, My Lunch Break.

Because the shapes that we're standing on, used to be alive. And, the buildings used to be larger.

And give the AI hands and the ability to experiment.

Or, could just teach people to start looking.

Hmmโ€ฆ :)

Anonymous ID: 686854 March 15, 2023, 3:27 a.m. No.18511364   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1367

Geraldo Rivera



Hunter Biden has been investigated for almost five years. Aside from fact heโ€™s been a junkie dirtbag nothing remotely criminal has been uncovered.

Put up or shut up.


4:20 PM ยท Mar 14, 2023

Anonymous ID: a73082 March 15, 2023, 3:27 a.m. No.18511365   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

notables @ 420


#22701 >>18510874

>>18510930 Avril Lavigne based

>>18510937, >>18510978 Censorship addicts: Democrats seek to squelch speech on banks

>>18510999 Jen Psaki describes MSNBC as having a "high record of being factual"

>>18510971, >>18511041, >>18511045, >>18511047 14th Amendment Citizen

>>18511001 Ayy Lmao Reloaded

>>18511086, >>18511097, >>18511140 American MQ-9 Reaper drone falls in Black Sea

>>18511163, >>18511283 PDJT_47 mentioned la_Bron and womens' basketball

>>18511236 San Franciscans line up for support of a reparations plan to give every black resident $5M & moar

>>18511291 Chuck Schumer gives donations linked to Silicon Valley Bank to charity

>>18511297, >>18511363 Power outages hit 266k as Winter Storm intensifies on East Coast

>>18511341, >>18511344 Think mirror


Anonymous ID: 5c42c0 March 15, 2023, 3:29 a.m. No.18511369   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1378 >>1390 >>1437 >>1460 >>1520 >>1562 >>1690

Hmmmmโ€ฆbanking part of the movie JUST GOT ALOT BETTERโ€ฆ


This VI case has TRACTION and has not been public at allโ€ฆ


"The government of the U.S. Virgin Islands alleges in a lawsuit filed this week thatJPMorgan Chase"turned a blind eye" to evidence that disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein used the bank to facilitate sex-trafficking activities on Little St. James, the private island he owned in the territory until his 2019 suicide.


Everyone Heard About Jeffrey Epstein's Enablers. Few Listened To His Victims

In a more than 100-page complaint filed by U.S.V.I. Attorney General Denise George in the Southern District of New York in Manhattan on Tuesday, the territory alleges thatJPMorgan failed to report Epstein's suspicious activitiesand provided the financier with services reserved for high-wealth clients after his 2008 conviction for soliciting a minor for prostitution in Palm Beach, Fla.


The complaint says the territory's Department of Justice investigation"revealed that JP Morgan knowingly, negligently, and unlawfully provided and pulled the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid and was indispensable to the operation and concealment of the Epstein trafficking enterprise."

Anonymous ID: 686854 March 15, 2023, 3:31 a.m. No.18511377   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1442




POTUS: "If we don't keep the temperature from going above 1.5 degrees Celsius, raised, then we're in real trouble. That whole generation is damned โ€” I mean, thatโ€™s not hyperbole.โ€


1:49 PM ยท Mar 14, 2023

Anonymous ID: c2d30b March 15, 2023, 3:32 a.m. No.18511381   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1383 >>1395 >>1404 >>1407 >>1409 >>1427 >>1432 >>1449 >>1472 >>1494 >>1620 >>1638 >>1663 >>1683





















probably missed a few links kek

re rainbow banner, tranime baker, what is ok and what is not, how far does free speech go


atm, don't have any grand ideas on this

spent hours here last night trying to resolve problems on the same

still writing but let me post this now

to say I'm here & listening

Anonymous ID: 5c42c0 March 15, 2023, 3:36 a.m. No.18511390   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1437 >>1460 >>1507 >>1520 >>1562 >>1690



Well Well Sarah is backโ€ฆ


"By Inside Edition Staff

First Published: 11:21 AM PDT, March 14, 2023


Sarah Kellen was among the members of Epstein's inner circle that attorneys for the U.S.Virgin Islands are looking to depose in their civil lawsuit against J.P Morgan.


A longtime aide of Jeffrey Epstein is apparently living the high life in Miami as attorneys for the U.S. Virgin Islands attempt to subpoena her, according to court documents.


Sarah Kellen Is among the members of Epstein's inner circle that attorneys for the U.S. Virgin Islands are looking to depose in their civil lawsuit against J.P Morgan, but court documents obtained by Inside Edition Digital say that all four attempts to serve her at her Miami apartment have been unsuccessful.


Lawyers for the U.S. Virgin Islands are now asking a federal court judge if they can serve Kellen by certified mail due to the time restraints of their case, whichrequire all depositions be completed by the end of April.


In the governmentโ€™s motion, they state that Judge Alison Nathan called Kellen "a criminally responsible participant" in Epstein's enterprise while Nathan sentenced another of the pedophile's longtime aides, Ghislaine Maxwell, to 20 years in prison following her conviction on federal charges including child sex trafficking.


In those remarks, Judge Nathan also said that Kellen was "a knowing participant in the criminal conspiracy." Kellen has never been arrested or charged.


The motion for authorizing alternative service filed by lawyers for the U.S. Virgin Islands lists Kellen's address as a one-bedroom apartment on the 36th floor of a luxury Miami Beach high rise, and property records obtained by Inside Edition Digital confirm that she purchased the property in August 2021.


Between 1998 and 2013, the bank "serviced approximately fifty-five Epstein-related accounts collectively worth hundreds of millions of dollars," the court document says.

Anonymous ID: 5c42c0 March 15, 2023, 3:42 a.m. No.18511404   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1432 >>1524 >>1527



+1 anonโ€ฆwe live through the anime baker wars and survivedโ€ฆEVERYONE knows the anime OP nowโ€ฆonly the newbies get sucked inโ€ฆprincipals are important and free speech we will stick by above annoyance.


every three letter in the world is here. this is not FOLLY, this is WARโ€ฆso it won't be COMFORTABLE all the timeโ€ฆ


any anons remember what it was like on the half before we came over to 8chan? Yeahโ€ฆthatโ€ฆ

Anonymous ID: 07f633 March 15, 2023, 3:42 a.m. No.18511411   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1415 >>1679 >>1686

NatGuard Chief Gen Hokanson

Statue pointing rifle at Hobbs

>Similar to Cheney at J6 hearings

>Long decode on this last night. Ended up at Q2187:


>Timestamp Sep 16 -> 9 16

Thursdays this month = 2 9 162330

>[think 'the football'] -> MOAB


Anonymous ID: 7ef335 March 15, 2023, 3:44 a.m. No.18511417   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>1423

Soft metals in the brain.


Mercurial (bi-polar?)

"mad as a hatter" (mercury poisoning)

Autism as a Minimata disease variant


Now consider Aluminum.