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#23185 >>18886733

>>18887371 Tonight at 6pm ET: Watch @jsolomonReports and co-host @AmandaHeadโ€™s exclusive interview with president @realDonaldTrump on #JustTheNewsNoNoise!

>>18886733, >>18886893, >>18887217 US senators issued satellite phones for emergency communication

>>18886773, >>18886821, >>18887228, >>18887228 Presser bun

>>18886780 Melania Monday Be Best Thunder Energy

>>18886793, >>18886830, >>18886834, >>18886845, >>18886877, >>18887012, >>18887061, >>18887124, >>18887169, >>18887251 Planefags

>>18886797 New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Have โ€˜Negativeโ€™ View of George Soros

>>18886811 We now have black-and-white evidence that the FBI interfered in the 2016 election

>>18886832 (4chan thread) Mel Gibson now involved in fighting sex trafficking of children

>>18886836 U.S. bomb made to target Iran's underground nuke facilities briefly publicized

>>18886838 Bobby Kennedy Jr quoting Justice Neil Gorsuch

>>18886851 Joshua Philipp notes "suspected Soviet agent" Robert Maxwell's FBI file now offline

>>18887443 Madeleine McCann search resumes in Portugal 16 years after British toddler's disappearance (Podesta / 11.3)

>>18886882, >>18886987 @Jerusalem_Post comms

>>18886902 Croatian EU Parliamentarian Mislav Kolakusic Publicly Declares WHO a TERRORIST Organization

>>18886916 Probably a good time to re-read drop 34

>>18886921 โ€œIt Is Marxistโ€ - They Want to Gather Biodata from All Humans and Share It - Dean Michele Bachmann Gives Update from World Health Assembly in Geneva

>>18886935, >>18886964 Qanon can live rent-free in Yuval Harari's head

>>18886986 Trends: Truth Social

>>18886988 Ex-Intelligence Officials Who Knew 2016 Russian Collusion Was a Hoax Cooked Up Scheme to Help Biden in 2020

>>18886996 AZ Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borelli issues letter to every county election office notifying them no electronic voting machine can be used in '24 election

>>18887013 Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez engaged

>>18887055, >>18887103, >>18887130 COVID-19 Vaccines: Proof of Lethality - Over One Thousand Scientific Studies

>>18887062 Admitted Wife Beater Tom Carper to Step Down From Senate

>>18887077, >>18887097, >>18887141 Turkish government rebukes โ€˜Russian election interferenceโ€™ claims

>>18887078 Biden to end familial DNA testing at border, key deterrent to fraud and child trafficking

>>18887113 Fox News Coordinating with DeSantis โ€˜Never Back Downโ€™ PAC?

>>18887117, >>18887136 Why the FBI and Democrats are attacking whistleblowers

>>18887188 BBC is now starting to create fake social media accounts to "understand" (distort) and "counter-disinformation" (create it)

>>18887246 Ukraine will most likely not be able to become a NATO member state in the foreseeable future as it does not meet a number of requirements

>>18887276, >>18887326 London Banker's "Crown" Private Corporation

>>18887288 FBI admits to destroying ''all'' Hillary Clinton / Clinton Foundation investigation evidence after Biden took office

>>18887342 Oversight of Nonprofit Organizations: A Case Study on the Clinton Foundation

>>18887348 Banks Win Dismissal of U.S. Silver Price-Fixing Litigation + BlackRock increases position in PSLV by 124.35%

>>18887376, >>18887416 Hilldog: 'Let's be clear'

>>18887448 Chelsea Clinton tweet

>>18887381, >>18887403 Naval Surface Forces: ๐Ÿš€ 3..2..1โ€ฆBLASTOFF!๐Ÿ”ฅ

>>18887405 Trump Drops $3.8Bn Lawsuit on Jeff Bezosโ€™s Washington Post

>>18887499 Merrick Garlandโ€™s J6 Juries Prove Durhamโ€™s Point: Conservatives Canโ€™t Get A Fair Trial In D.C.

>>18887505 Durham reports shows Biden and Obama knew truth of Trump collusion hoax but kept silent

>>18887522 #23185

Anonymous ID: e1a94a May 22, 2023, 2:38 p.m. No.18887532   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8114

#23184 >>18885904

>>18886034, >>18886168, >>18886486, >>18886511, >>18886558 Eyez on the Skyz PlaneFag CONUS activity and some 'housekeeping'

>>18885945, >>18885961 The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

>>18885947, >>18885984, >>18886027, >>18886037, >>18886399 Campaign 2024: Sen. Tim Scott Announces Presidential Campaign

>>18885974 The Resident meets with Speaker Kevin McCarthy 5:30p EDT

>>18885979 Ricky Schroder Describes Hollywood Satanic Cult Ritual

>>18886018, >>18886040 Weiner laptop docs

>>18886019 Pelosi silent on Trump 'cold hard evidence' collusion claim after Durham

>>18886031 Google trix

>>18886041 NYC Mayor Eric Adams calls for migrants to be sent to EVERY U.S. city or Sanctuary City Blues

>>18886047, >>18886127, >>18886215 @real_DonaldJTrump Good luck to Senator Tim Scott in entering the Republican Presidential Primary Race


>>18886052 @USNavy #MotivationMonday with @USMC

>>18886069 Moar Tucker

>>18886073, >>18886082 On Monday, May 22, U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona will travel to Puerto Rico, systemic changes to the Puerto Rico Department of Education

>>18886078, >>18886089, >>18886149 PacWest to sell real estate loans to Kennedy-Wilson unit; shares jump

>>18886101, >>18886155, >>18886219, >>18886285 50 US Senators issued satellite phones for ER comms by Sgt of Arms, all 100 were offered

>>18886107, >>18886122 Follow up to Dominion Voting Equipment test for Maricopa County Zoom Meeting

>>18886124, >>18886143, >>18886176, >>18886534 Why is Turkey involved in AZ elections?/Flake?

>>18886187, >>18886252 Dutch Politicians Pressure Farmers to Cut Nitrogen Emissions to Stop Phony Climate Change

>>18886189 Shares of Grupo Mexico Transportes fall after Mexican Navy takes over part of railway

>>18886200, >>18886211, >>18886214, >>18886217, >>18886221, >>18886223, >>18886225, >>18886226, >>18886228, >>18886231, >>18886232, >>18886236, >>18886238, >>18886241, >>18886244, >>18886246, >>18886253, >>18886258, >>18886259, >>18886260, >>18886263, >>18886270, >>18886288, >>18886345, >>18886378 @realDonaldTrump Truths

>>18886240 America First Legal Launches Investigation into Microsoft Prioritizing Hiring H-1B Visa Holders Over American Workers

>>18886245 @realLizUSA Thatโ€™s how little they care about your vote

>>18886254 Drag is not inherently sexual. The point of the shows isnโ€™t sex. But, the drag queen shows for kids are ALWAYS ones that include pussy-patting, twerking, sex simulations and more.

>>18886279, >>18886450, >>18886662 Durham confirms my '20 reporting Podesta, as part of "post-election activities,"

>>18886299 Department Press Briefing with Spokesperson Matthew Miller Department of State, Part of Texas Tribune Festival - Trump: One Year President Trump, Ethics, and the Law

>>18886302, >>18886309, >>18886312, >>18886314, >>18886316, >>18886321, >>18886326, >>18886330, >>18886334, >>18886336, >>18886339, >>18886344, >>18886347, >>18886359, >>18886372, >>18886407 Durham/Trump aricles

>>18886403, >>18886519 Are recent spikes in teen gender dysphoria connected to Pfizer jabs?

>>18886304 The most violent sex offenders in the US that are confined in Washington stateโ€™s McNeil Island will be released and placed into private homes across the state.

>>18886386 PF SPAR84 NATO G5 departed Lisbon after arriving on 0518 from a Warsaw depart and ground stop-Ramstein AF depart prior-Bilderberg Meeting

>>18886437, >>18886445 HPSCI sources tell me that former Chairman Nunes sent Special Counsel John Durham more than a dozen criminal referrals including for alleged perjury by witnesses including former FBI official Andrew McCabe yet Durham sought grand jury indictments on none of them

>>18886500 Croatian EU Parliamentarian Mislav Kolakusic Publicly Declares WHO a TERRORIST Organization

>>18886509 Zelensky rents his Italian villa for โ‚ฌ50,000 to Russians

>>18886551 Dropin like flies

>>18886619, >>18886640 Chelsea Das Boot

>>18886699 @OfficialFtSill Your sacrifices don't go unnoticed. ๐Ÿ‘Š

>>18886715 #23184

Anonymous ID: e1a94a May 22, 2023, 2:38 p.m. No.18887534   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

#23183 >>18885087

>>18885106, >>18885406 Jeffrey Epstein used his knowledge of Bill Gates' 2010 affair with a Russian bridge player to threaten the Microsoft billionaire

>>18885107, >>18885215 Tom Fitton: Obama FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million for dirt on @realDonaldTrump just one month before the 2016 election; Durham Report, p. 118

>>18885109, >>18885124 Gene Ho is rebooting George Magazine, which was JFK Jr.'s brand back in the 90s

>>18885115, >>18885279 School district hit with lawsuit for stopping student from wearing 'only two genders' shirt

>>18885122 Russiaโ€™s Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, located near the front line with Ukraine, has been cut off from its external energy supply

>>18885139 Transgender woman 'forced to use men's changing room at yoga studio sues for millions

>>18885178 Deep State in Deep Shit: they have no other choice but try to cheat (traps are set, world is watching)

>>18885244 Mt. Etna eruption today

>>18885255 When you're 14 beers deep trying to explain high taxes

>>18885257 In less than 2 mins Jim Caviezel drops like 20 redpill nukes

>>18885261 Fox News Lays Off Entire Investigative Unit After $787.5 Million Dominion Settlement

>>18885345, >>18885742 Axiom Docking and Welcome Ceremony at International Space Station

>>18885404, >>18885453, >>18885464, >>18885474, >>18885576, >>18885584, >>18885655 Mil Water Comms

>>18885418 The Unknown Agreement Between Zionism And 1933 Germany (when we are divided, [they] become invisible)

>>18885424, >>18885430 U.S. Coast Guard, partners prepare for arrival of Typhoon Mawar to Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

>>18885438, >>18885449, >>18885488, >>18885556, >>18885653, >>18885667, >>18885713, >>18885704, >>18885727 'Twist' comms

>>18885472 Wenstrup Demands Accountability for COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths, Requests Transcribed Interview with Former Governor Andrew Cuomo

>>18885483, >>18885493 Symbolism will be their downfall kinda vibe

>>18885522 DJT: Iโ€™ve won two Elections, the second far bigger than the first (it was Rigged!), my Endorsement is considered, far and away, the most powerful in political history

>>18885541, >>18885605, >>18885567 Planefag: JEDI35 | HARLEY9

>>18885549, >>18885608, >>18885552 Harley Davidson death by Budweiser can

>>18885610 (Australia) A supposed meteor could be seen plummeting to the ground, followed by a loud bang and light illuminating the sky

>>18885616, >>18885619, >>18885655 DJT: Our Elections are Rigged and our Borders are Broken. How can a Country do worse than that!

>>18885654 Byron Donalds: World Leaders know what time it is when Donald Trump is in charge of America

>>18885666 Ukrainian saboteurs intrude into Belgorod Region โ€“ Moscow

>>18885712 McCarthy comments on Durham Report with Bartiromo

>>18885741 EU not planning to reconnect key Russian bank to SWIFT

>>18885755 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (May 22, 2023): Supernova Discovered in Nearby Spiral Galaxy M101

>>18885759 Nice infographic, sauce would be nice

>>18885777 Never forget

>>18885812 Modi calls for UN reform

>>18885815 Trump trending

>>18885857 Chikli doubles down on Soros attacks despite criticism rhetoric is antisemitic

>>18885098, >>18885285 Mil tweet decodes

>>18885894 #23183


Previously Collected

>>18884290 #23181, >>18885078 #23182

>>18882209 #23178, >>18882746 #23179, >>18883519 #23180

>>18879523 #23175, >>18880436 #23176, >>18882154 #23177

>>18877171 #23172, >>18877943 #23173, >>18878707 #23174

>>18874615 #23169, >>18875538 #23170, >>18876380 #23171


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Q Research Notables #18: Unstoppable >>18830792

Anonymous ID: c4243c May 22, 2023, 2:46 p.m. No.18887565   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun



A message to so-called conservatives.


David Gordon interviews Bryson Gray, a conservative commentator and rapper.

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 2:48 p.m. No.18887570   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8118 >>8211 >>8279


Matt Walsh


Foxโ€™s handbook codifies trans ideology into official company policy. Trans-identified employees can use the bathroom of their choice and their coworkers are required to respect their pronouns. Read more here:

Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology

Leaked Fox News policies indicate Fox permits employees to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, rather than their biology.

1:12 AM ยท May 22, 2023




Anonymous ID: 000000 May 22, 2023, 2:49 p.m. No.18887573   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7586 >>7599

US governmemt lied to you about:


Hillary email server not a big deal

Trump and Russia collusion

COVID "super killer" pandemic

Fauci lockdowns to flatten the curve

COVID jabs that would save your life

2020 election was secure and fair

Biden knowing Steele dossier was bogus


and they want you believe they will always tell you truth

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 2:49 p.m. No.18887578   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


The Gateway Pundit


John Durham Ignores Role of U.S., U.K., and Australian Intelligence Operatives in Setting the Stage for Crossfire Hurricane via @gatewaypundit

John Durham Ignores Role of U.S., U.K., and Australian Intelligence Operatives in Setting the Stageโ€ฆ

Failed Prosecutor John Durhamโ€™s report on the Hillary Clinton campaign plot to convince the American electorate and U.S.

1:24 AM ยท May 22, 2023




Anonymous ID: cc7411 May 22, 2023, 2:50 p.m. No.18887584   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8118 >>8211 >>8279

7:00 PM EDT

Speaker McCarthy News Conference on the Debt Limit

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy holds a press availability with reporters on Capitol Hill following his meeting with President Biden at the White House on raising the debt limit and cutting federal spending.

Anonymous ID: cc7411 May 22, 2023, 2:51 p.m. No.18887588   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


President Biden Meets with Speaker Kevin McCarthy on the Debt Limit

President Biden holds a meeting at the White House with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on the looming deadline to raise the debt limit.

Anonymous ID: e9169e May 22, 2023, 2:51 p.m. No.18887590   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7595 >>7617

Ok anons need your help


Son ps4 shit itself.


Error message as


Cannot continue using the application

The data for the following application is corrupt.


Delete application from ps4 and download again from library

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 2:51 p.m. No.18887591   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7604 >>8118 >>8211 >>8279


Square profile picture

Diamond and Silkยฎ


Trump Social Media Firm Files $3.78 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Against Washington Post. #diamondandsilk #trump2024

Trump Social Media Firm Files $3.78 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Against Washington Post

Former President Donald Trump's social media company, Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), has filed a defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post,

2:52 PM ยท May 21, 2023




Anonymous ID: c95552 May 22, 2023, 2:53 p.m. No.18887597   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7606 >>7625 >>7668 >>8045 >>8118 >>8211 >>8279



Ray Stevenson, star of 'RRR.,' and 'Star Wars: Ahsoka,' dies at 58


Ray Stevenson, the character actor who featured in movies like "Punisher: Warzone" and the Indian smash "RRR," has died, ABC News has confirmed.


A representative for the actor said he died on Sunday, four days before his 59th birthday. No other details are being made available at this time, the rep added.


Stevenson was also known for TV roles, like HBO's "Rome" and the upcoming "Star Wars: Ahsoka," debuting in August.


He began his acting career starring in roles in several television miniseries in the '90s, including "A Woman's Guide to Adultery" in 1993 and "The Tide of Life" in 1996. He also starred in several TV movies such as "The Return of the Native" in 1994 and "The Theory of Flight."


In 2004, he landed the role of Dagonet in the film "King Arthur," starring Keira Knightley and Clive Owen.


Stevenson went on to star in several TV series and more films throughout the early 2000s including the TV series "Rome" as Titus Pullo, and the film "Punisher: War Zone" where he played the lead role of Frank Castle.


In 2014, he starred in the first "Divergent" film as Marcus. Stevenson went on to star as the character in the following films in the franchise: "The Divergent Series: Insurgent" and "Allegiant."


Following "Divergent," Stevenson appeared in "Thor: Ragnarok" as Volstagg, which also starred Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Mark Ruffalo and Idris Elba. He also voiced the character of Gar Saxon in "Star Wars: Rebels" in 2016 and "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" in 2020.


One of his most recent roles was in the Academy Award-winning film "RRR," in which he played Scott Buxton.


He is slated to to appear as Baylan Skoll in the upcoming "Star Wars" miniseries "Ahsoka" later this year.

Anonymous ID: f8a87b May 22, 2023, 2:54 p.m. No.18887601   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7609 >>7650 >>7653 >>8118 >>8211 >>8279

Biden DOJ Formally Shut Down Clinton Foundation โ€œInvestigationโ€ in August 2021 โ€“ FBI Destroyed All Evidence!


Bidenโ€™s corrupt Justice Department shut down their โ€˜investigationโ€™ into the Clinton Foundation in August 2021, according to FOIA documents obtained by the New York Times.


The FBI then โ€˜returnedโ€™ or destroyed all of the evidence!


โ€œThe Justice Department kept open the investigation into Hillary Clintonโ€™s family foundation for nearly all of President Donald J. Trumpโ€™s administration, with prosecutors closing the case without charges just days before he left office.โ€ The New York Times reported.


The DOJ investigated the Clinton Foundationโ€™s relationships with foreign donors while Hillary Clinton was the head of the Department of State during Obamaโ€™s presidency.


Thanks to Judicial Watch, the American public was made aware of Hillary Clintonโ€™s private email server.


Hillary Clinton conducted official business on a non government server so she could hide her Clinton Foundation pay-to-play while she was head of the Department of State.


According to emails obtained by Judicial Watch, Hillary Clinton gave preferential treatment to Clinton Foundation donors while she was Secretary of State.


In fact Judge Royce Lamberth previously said Clintonโ€™s use of a private emails was โ€œone of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.โ€


However, Joe Bidenโ€™s Justice Department formally shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation in August of 2021 after the FBI suddenly dropped their probes.


โ€œIn August 2021, the F.B.I. received what is known as a declination memo from prosecutors and as a result considered the matter closed.โ€ the New York Times reported.


And all the evidence is forever destroyed!


The Times reported: โ€œAll of the evidence obtained during the course of this investigation has been returned or otherwise destroyed,โ€ according to the FBI.

Anonymous ID: c1d0c7 May 22, 2023, 2:54 p.m. No.18887605   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7622 >>7626 >>7646 >>7649 >>8094 >>8110 >>8122 >>8155 >>8221

>>18887448 LB (notable)


<Chelsea Clinton tweet


Ok, LadyAnons help me out here. Chelsea is wearing โ€œthe bootโ€ again but whatโ€™s odd to me is the picture outside shows aโ€œheelโ€(kek) and it looks like she may be wearing stockings?! The picture inside looks like a โ€œflatโ€ shoe to me.



Anonymous ID: 9cacde May 22, 2023, 2:55 p.m. No.18887612   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7632 >>7652

By bringing light to certain activities, such activities can be altered to otherwise cancelled.


Earlier in the month, a massive amount of explosive material has gone missing off of a train. This material, if detonated, could easily destroy a massive portion of an entire city block and cause damage in a multi-block radius.


If this were to occur, it will have to occur after this post and the activity will have been called out. By speaking up on the subject, you are literally forcing the option of nefarious use to be shelved and to be cancelled.


This is in a recent decision to offer sat phones to critical members of government, of which the timing is suspect.


Eyes and ears open, anons. Things might be getting REAL, real fast.

Anonymous ID: f8a87b May 22, 2023, 2:55 p.m. No.18887613   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

"His age is an issue and people have every right to consider it."


Hillary Clinton reacts to Joe Biden almost tripping down a cement staircase in Japan this weekend.

Anonymous ID: b629f7 May 22, 2023, 2:55 p.m. No.18887615   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

>>18881066 pb

>somebody who knows how to build = HIRAM ABIFF (the mason builder who built solomon's temple)


>you're fired / you're hiredโ€ฆ hire 'em


>uh biff? I think that has come up before with Trump, no?


>HIRAM ABIFF is known as the 3rd pillar (column) the pillar of light that stands between BOAZ AND JACHIN (TWIN TOWERS)

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 2:55 p.m. No.18887616   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8118 >>8211 >>8279


This is the principle advisor to Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and other globalist elites desiring to rule the world. Donโ€™t take my word for, listen to this soulless, Godless and sad little man.

Anonymous ID: c4243c May 22, 2023, 2:55 p.m. No.18887618   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

Construction costs push JE Dunn jail project price up 17%


Rising materials costs caused a delay on the $301 million detention center in Kansas City.


Across the country, high material costs combined with mounting financing issues are adding to the time it takes to get projects across the finish line.


For example, Irvine, California-based Shopoff Realty Investments paused construction in March on its $550 million Las Vegas Dream Resort project due to construction financing issues. Meanwhile, New York City-based Vornado Realty Trust also hit pause on an 18 million-square-foot project in midtown Manhattan because of unfavorable capital markets.


Another similar issue is playing out in the Midwest.


After breaking ground almost a year ago, Jackson County legislators in Kansas City, Missouri, voted to greenlight construction last week on a $301 million detention center project, after months of holdup. The two Kansas City, Missouri-based general contractors on the project, JE Dunn Construction and Axiom Construction Group, expect to complete construction in the second half of 2025, according to a project presentation shown to the Jackson County Legislature.


The project price tag, originally pegged at about $257 million, soared to over $300 million amid rising building costs, according to the presentation.


That led to a construction pause due to questions around the projectโ€™s guaranteed maximum price. Given the 17% price tag increase, Jackson County legislators were wary to move forward with the project, largely due to concerns around financing.


Nevertheless, Jackson County legislators finally agreed earlier this month to borrow up to $262 million for the project, with the rest of the costs to come from both county revenue and proceeds from interest earned on the borrowed money, according to the Kansas City Star.


The unanimous vote allows JE Dunn and Axiom to lock in the cost of building materials and begin site work for the facility, avoiding concerns of further price hikes. Components of the approved ordinance include detailing, site demolition, site development, earthwork, engineering and early procurement of long lead materials, said Jeff Jenkins, project director at JE Dunn, in a document sent to the county legislature.


That permits the project to move forward with early earthwork and some site infrastructure items to allow the building pad to become ready for additional scopes of work, according to the document.


Construction input prices ticked up a slight 0.2% in April and remain nearly 40% higher since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an Associated Builders and Contractors analysis of government data released last week.


For example, prices for concrete products, one of the main materials used in the detention center project, jumped 13.2% in April since last year, and are up 30% since February 2020. Meanwhile, even though iron and steel prices ticked down 14.3% since last year, those commodities still sit 66.3% pricier since February 2020.


The $301 million jail project will total approximately 400,000 square feet, hold about 1,000 beds and support additional capacity expansion if needed, according to the project fact sheet. The facility sits on county-owned land near the U.S. 40 Highway in Kansas City.


Some suspicious numbers in hereโ€ฆ

Anonymous ID: 7f4514 May 22, 2023, 2:56 p.m. No.18887620   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7654 >>8118 >>8211 >>8279






Note: Link below to Monday 22nd May 2023 episode!!!


~Happy Victoria Day to all our Canadian viewers, and welcome to a brand new week of The Mark Steyn Show. Today's episode concludes with a favourite Canadian song of Mark's just for the holiday.

Our Monday show also features the return of our first ever "vaccine victim" - Vikki Spit, who lost her beloved Zion to the AstraZeneca shot and, after her appearance on the Steyn Show, became the first person to be compensated by the UK government for her widowhood. Vikki talks movingly about grief and a few small consolations - and about her lawsuit against AstraZeneca.

Also on the show is our Stats Man Jamie Jenkins, who digs deep into what the disastrous Covid policies of the last three years have done to the healthcare system.

All that plus Mark's Mailbox - and a word on the late Martin Amis

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 2:57 p.m. No.18887629   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7647 >>7943


A โ€œdisruptive eventโ€, you say? ๐Ÿ‘€


โ€œMembers of the U.S. Senate were recently offered satellite phones that will allow them to communicate in the case of a โ€œman-madeโ€ or natural disaster, according to a report.โ€

Anonymous ID: a1b557 May 22, 2023, 2:57 p.m. No.18887632   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


They would still proceed because you're posting it on a site that gets 174 UID's a bread. They won't care about that.

Even if you blasted it all over twat and fb your posts would then be suppressed.

Sometime you have to let them make their move to spring the trap.

Anonymous ID: cc30ca May 22, 2023, 2:58 p.m. No.18887633   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


the "police" will be the one's forcing you into a camp and will preform all manners of unconstitutional acts for a paycheck. "Oh but they're not all bad"! โ€ฆ..They do whatever they are told by who pays them. So this argument is invalid. The top dictates the policy.

Anonymous ID: 1839db May 22, 2023, 2:58 p.m. No.18887634   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7644 >>7680 >>7784

Trump, you lose me with death penalty for drug dealers. It's anti-American and anti-free market capitalism. Premeditated murder is punishable by death. Selling caffeine, nicotine, mushrooms, vitamin b17, or ivermectin is not premeditated murder. Selling mrna vaccines was premeditated murder, but we know you don't mean the US government sanctioned drug dealers.

Anonymous ID: cc7411 May 22, 2023, 2:59 p.m. No.18887639   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8118 >>8211 >>8279

Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen Sends Letter to Congressional Leadership on the Debt Limit

May 22, 2023

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen sent a letter to all members of Congressional leadership regarding the debt limit.

The full text of the letter can be found here and is available below.


The Honorable Kevin McCarthy


U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515


Dear Mr. Speaker:


I am writing to follow up on my previous letters regarding the debt limit and to provide additional information regarding the Treasury Departmentโ€™s ability to continue to finance the operations of the federal government. In my May 15 letter, I noted that our best estimate was that Treasury would be unable to continue to satisfy all of the governmentโ€™s obligations by early June if Congress does not raise or suspend the debt limit before that time. In that letter, I also noted that while it is impossible to predict with certainty the exact date when Treasury will be unable to pay all the governmentโ€™s bills, I would continue to update Congress as more information becomes available. With an additional week of information now available, I am writing to note that we estimate that it is highly likely that Treasury will no longer be able to satisfy all of the governmentโ€™s obligations if Congress has not acted to raise or suspend the debt limit by early June, and potentially as early as June 1.


These estimates are based on currently available data, and federal receipts, outlays, and debt could vary from these estimates. I will continue to update Congress as more information becomes available.


We have learned from past debt limit impasses that waiting until the last minute to suspend or increase the debt limit can cause serious harm to business and consumer confidence, raise short-term borrowing costs for taxpayers, and negatively impact the credit rating of the United States. In fact, we have already seen Treasuryโ€™s borrowing costs increase substantially for securities maturing in early June. If Congress fails to increase the debt limit, it would cause severe hardship to American families, harm our global leadership position, and raise questions about our ability to defend our national security interests.


I continue to urge Congress to protect the full faith and credit of the United States by acting as soon as possible.




Janet L. Yellen


Identical letter sent to:

The Honorable Hakeem Jeffries, House Democratic Leader

The Honorable Charles E. Schumer, Senate Majority Leader

The Honorable Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Leader



The Honorable Jason Smith, Chairman, House Committee on Ways and Means

The Honorable Richard E. Neal, Ranking Member, House Committee on Ways and Means

The Honorable Ron Wyden, Chairman, Senate Committee on Finance

The Honorable Mike Crapo, Ranking Member, Senate Committee on Finance




h/t c-span

Anonymous ID: f8a87b May 22, 2023, 2:59 p.m. No.18887642   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8118 >>8211 >>8279

E. Jean Carroll seeks more damages over Trump's CNN town hall comments


The former advice columnist's Monday filing stems from comments Trump made on a CNN town hall after the verdict in which he reiterated his denial of the event and contended that the trial had been unfair.


E. Jean Carroll on Monday is seeking additional damages from former President Donald Trump over comments he made on a CNN town hall disparaging her claims that he had raped in in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990s.


Carroll previously brought a civil suit against Trump that specifically alleged battery and defamation, with the latter stemming from his denials of her claims. That jury in early May, awarded Carroll $2 million in damages from her battery claim, though the jury notably determined that Trump did not rape Carroll as she had claimed and characterized his behavior as sexual abuse. They further awarded her $3 million for the defamation count.


The former advice columnist's Monday filing stems from comments Trump made on a CNN town hall after the verdict, in which he reiterated his denial of the event and contended that the trial had been unfair.


The Monday filing said Trump's comments "show the depth of his malice toward Carroll, since it is hard to imagine defamatory conduct that could possibly be more motivated by hatred, ill will or spite," according to the New York Times. "This conduct supports a very substantial punitive damages award in Carrollโ€™s favor both to punish Trump, to deter him from engaging in further defamation, and to deter others from doing the same."


Trump has maintained his denial of Carroll's account and his attorney, Joseph Tacopina, has filed a Notice of Appeal to begin the process of challenging the verdict.


Carroll's original case was made possible due to New York's Adult Survivors Act, which temporarily created a legal window for alleged victims of abuse to sue their attackers even if the statute of limitations has passed.


During the legal proceedings, Trump's legal team had challenged the partiality of the judge, seeking a mistrial on the grounds Judge Lewis Kaplan had repeatedly made "unfair and prejudicial rulings" against the former president. Kaplan denied that request.

Anonymous ID: fb9fc8 May 22, 2023, 3:01 p.m. No.18887651   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

When Lord Hanuman went to Lanka as a spy,

and while he was demolishing Ravana's kingdom before he returned to Lord Rama,

he LOUDLY proclaimed in Lanka:

"I'm just an average monkey ! Where I am from has others who are thousands of times stronger than I am."


^ This, technically was a lie.


And it had/has consequences, especially since this happened in prehistoric times. Refer to meme # 2. Lord Hanuman later came back as Lord Arjuna.



Anonymous ID: b629f7 May 22, 2023, 3:02 p.m. No.18887654   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun




last I checked, UK doesn't murder inconvenient citizens quite to the same extent that the US does


Their courts wouldn't even label Assange's lawyer John Jones's train push a suicide, even though "Police say they are not treating the death as suspicious".


In the US that would be recorded as "suicide" no problem at all

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 3:02 p.m. No.18887656   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7675 >>7718


274 thousand ballets were signature verified in less than three seconds which is impossible.

We all know how corrupt our system is but now it has become crystal clear.

Now we have AZ Senate leader Sonny Borelli notifying Katie Hobbs that no electronic voting machines can be used in the 2024 election. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out especially if Katie can't employ these machines in the upcoming election.

You've got to hand it to Kari โ€ฆwhen other governor and Senator candidates just laid down and allowed them to steal the election, she never quit.

Anonymous ID: f8a87b May 22, 2023, 3:02 p.m. No.18887657   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8118 >>8211 >>8279

Indiana Republicans successfully get pervert-founded sex institute defunded


Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a two-year budget bill on May 4. While the Republican-passed and -ratified House Bill 1001 featured accelerated tax cuts and a robust private school voucher program, it served also to spare the taxpayers in the state from paying into a sex institute founded by a notorious pervert esteemed by liberals for his distortion of Americans' perception of sex and normalcy.


Among the many things HB 1001 does is require that state appropriations cannot be "used to pay for the administration, operation, or programs of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction."


While leftists have long supported defunding various institutions, they have taken exception to this case, with some suggesting that the move is "tremendously disappointing."

Alfred C. Kinsey, who died in 1956, penned two controversial and consequential books which were used to great effect by proponents of the so-called sexual revolution: "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" and "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female."

In these books and elsewhere, the zoologist-turned-sexologist, sometimes called "the father of American sex research," made suspect claims about the public's sexual norms and common proclivities.

For instance, he reportedly incorporated the sexual histories of imprisoned sex offenders, including "several hundred" male prostitutes, into a survey sample he suggested was representative of the general population but for which he did not ultimately disclose the breakdown.


Crisis Magazine noted Kinsey and his colleagues proclaimed in their research, "69 percent of men had been with prostitutes, 10 percent had been homosexual for at least three years, and 17 percent of farm boys had experienced sex with animals."

Anonymous ID: f8a87b May 22, 2023, 3:03 p.m. No.18887664   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7704 >>8118 >>8211 >>8279

Lawmakers Want Answers On NIH Trans Kids Study That Led To Two Suicides


The study was titled โ€˜Psychosocial Functioning in Transgender Youth after 2 Years of Hormonesโ€™


Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate have demanded answers from the National Institutes of Health over a two year study involving prescribing gender changing hormones to hundreds of children, as it emerged that two of the โ€˜youthsโ€™ ended up killing themselves.


As Fox News reports, the study titled โ€œPsychosocial Functioning in Transgender Youth after 2 Years of Hormones,โ€ examined 315 individuals โ€œbetween the ages of 12 and 20 who identify as transgender and were given cross-sex hormones.โ€


The study, involving 240 children, was funded by NIH which admits that โ€œtwo young people tragically died by suicide.โ€


Despite the deaths, the NIH carried on the study to its conclusion.


Over a dozen lawmakers, including Lauren Boebert, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul have penned a letter to the NIH director Dr. Lawrence Tabak.


The letter notes that โ€œDuring this study, two young people died by suicide and eleven reported suicidal ideation,โ€ adding that โ€œRather than shutting the study down after such serious adverse events, the researchers published their paper, concluding that the study was a success because cross-sex hormones had altered subjectsโ€™ physical appearance and improved psychosocial functioning.โ€


Researchers assert that โ€œDuring the study period, appearance congruence, positive affect, and life satisfaction increased, and depression and anxiety symptoms decreased.โ€


They also claim that despite 11 kids expressing a desire to kill themselves and two actually committing suicide, โ€œIncreases in appearance congruence were associated with concurrent increases in positive affect and life satisfaction and decreases in depression and anxiety symptoms.โ€


North Carolina Senator Ted Budd, another co-signer of the GOP letter described the study as โ€œabsolutely tragic,โ€ charging that those involved are โ€œin search of an agenda and justifying an agenda, theyโ€™re not really about childrenโ€™s safety as weโ€™ve seen from the suicides.โ€


The Republicans further note in their letter that โ€œthe four clinics and some of the researchers who conducted this experiment are outspoken advocates for conducting gender transition interventions on children.โ€


โ€œWere the individuals who tragically died by suicide while participating in this study minors?โ€ the lawmakers ask, adding โ€œWere participants and their parents given the opportunity to reconsider their consent and withdraw from this research in light of the suicides?โ€

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 3:05 p.m. No.18887672   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7699


NEW - BBC is now starting to create fake social media accounts to "understand" and "counter disinformation."



Anonymous ID: f8a87b May 22, 2023, 3:07 p.m. No.18887678   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7685 >>8118 >>8211 >>8279

The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Destroyed


If you wanted to destroy the middle class, one way that you could accomplish that goal would be to flood the system with money. Of course that is precisely what we have witnessed over the past few years. Our leaders have pumped trillions of new dollars into the system, and the wealthy have gotten much, much wealthier. But meanwhile, the rest of us have seen the cost of living rise much faster than our paychecks have. As a result, we are getting poorer and the middle class is shrinking.


Over time, our capitalist economy has steadily evolved into a system where almost all of the wealth and almost all of the power are concentrated in the hands of giant institutions.


Collectively, big government and big corporations run virtually everything, and this system of โ€œcorporate socialismโ€ funnels tremendous amount of wealth into the pockets of a very small minority of the population.


If you are in that club, life is good.


But if you are not in that club, life can be a struggle.


The gap between the rich and the poor has steadily grown, and now it is larger than it has ever been before. Even U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders acknowledges that we have a massive problem on our handsโ€ฆ


Today, half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck, 500,000 of the very poorest among us are homeless, millions are worried about evictions, 92 million are uninsured or underinsured, and families all across the country are worried about how they are going to feed their kids. Today, an entire generation of young people carry an outrageous level of student debt and face the reality that their standard of living will be lower than their parentsโ€™. And, most obscenely, low-income Americans now have a life expectancy that is about 15 years lower than the wealthy. Poverty in America has become a death sentence.


Meanwhile, the people on top have never had it so good. The top 1% now own more wealth than the bottom 92%, and the 50 wealthiest Americans own more wealth than the bottom half of American society โ€“ 165 million people.


Of course Sanders believes that even more socialism is the answer, but more socialism is never the answer.


Centralizing wealth and power leads to widespread poverty. We have seen this same pattern over and over again all over the globe.


Decentralizing wealth and power leads to boundless prosperity like we saw in early America.


Unfortunately, our current system is what it is, and the middle class is being absolutely crushed.


Earlier today, I came across a tweet from Mike Cernovich that really resonated with meโ€ฆ


I made $10 an hour as a part timer worker in Home Depot style store. $12.50 on weekends. This was 1990โ€™s in small town. Would be $19 an hour today and $24 on weekends.


I checked and same job TODAY is $12.50 an hour.


This is what inflation has done to the working class.


This is what so many of the โ€œworking poorโ€ are facing today.

Anonymous ID: 06484e May 22, 2023, 3:07 p.m. No.18887679   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

>>18887428 lb

This video is is right up there with Joe Maspoe's "The Plan To Save The World" video which from time to time, I go back and watch to remind myself and to replenish my vigor for this fight. I wavier. Damn near by the day but deep inside myself I know one fucking thing, I ain't going down without a fight and while not being a betting man, I wager that there are a 100 million others in this country who think and feel the exact, same way. This shitshow ain't happening on my timeline and perhaps I don't even live to see the battle turn decisively in our favor. Nonetheless, right is right and wrong is wrong and nothing or no one changes that. I've been in this fight for decades and while weary at times, the fight continues. Failing is not an option. I am a free man. I was born free and I will continue to be free until God calls me home no matter what these evil, stanic motherfuckers do. "I will not live on my knees at the behest of any man".


To the Patriots in our Military, I am with you and I will stand with you. Your top tier command is compromised. But, I know that "You", are not. To President Donald J. Trump, you have unfinished business for We, the People in 2024. You have unfnished business with those who wronged you and by extension, wronged this nation. I stand with you 100%. You earned it. You both, the same as I, love this country and what it's people, philosophy and values stand for. If that is not worth fighting for, then nothing is worth fighting for.

God bless you Mr. President. God bless our right minded MIlitary and may God bless these United States of America. Thank you Juan O' Savin for this much needed message. I believe it to be true.


Anonymous ID: 659bf9 May 22, 2023, 3:11 p.m. No.18887694   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

>>18887503 lb

So do they meet standards? That would take some digging but apparently the standards are in the bill Hobbs vetoed. So let the Demonrats gnash their fangs and wail about it but seems like a way to point out that R's are reasonable and the Drats are deranged election thieves.

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 3:11 p.m. No.18887695   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7727


Where did all the money go? Ukraineโ€™s military loses major stronghold city to Russian mercenaries


โ€œAmericans have been looted forโ€ $150 billion. โ€œWhen, if ever, will the people in charge consider striking a peace deal to the benefit of humanity?โ€

Anonymous ID: 3b34e8 May 22, 2023, 3:12 p.m. No.18887702   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

Look, Squirrel!


Nord Stream โ€˜sabotageโ€™ whistleblower allegedly comes forward

Anonymous ID: 48a377 May 22, 2023, 3:15 p.m. No.18887708   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7841 >>8118 >>8211 >>8279

THREAD: Unveiling the Connections and Actions of




What a coincidence that it was Wen, ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ's and ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ณ's top Covid fearmonger, who was interviewed right after the Boston Bombing. She speaks as if she's struggling to recall her lines. At least her accent has improved.

Anonymous ID: 1839db May 22, 2023, 3:16 p.m. No.18887712   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7765 >>7812


It's where I get off the Trump train. It's an unacceptable policy position. Selling drugs should be more legal, not less legal. Trump is a teetotaler, but that doesn't mean we should go back to prohibition. And just because he doesn't do drugs, doesn't mean everyone else has to do as he does or DIE. It's insane. We don't even have a death penalty for running people down with a car on purpose.

Anonymous ID: 407370 May 22, 2023, 3:20 p.m. No.18887726   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7738 >>7796


What I wrote in response to President Bidenโ€™s covid diagnosis also applies to todayโ€™s announcement from CDC Director Walenskyโ€™s that she has covid. This is a virus thatโ€™s here to stay. Vaccines & treatments prevent severe disease for vast majority.

Bidenโ€™s covid diagnosis is a teaching moment for the country

Anonymous ID: c95552 May 22, 2023, 3:23 p.m. No.18887733   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


between a rock and a hard place. i doubt any of us were ever faced with such a shit choice.


If anon has to choose between him and a cult of cannibals then I choose Trump.

Anonymous ID: dde8c4 May 22, 2023, 3:23 p.m. No.18887734   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7761 >>7769 >>7936 >>8118 >>8211 >>8279

Anons I just rememered PDJT dropped his Criminal Conspiracy, RICO & Racketeering lawsuit about a year+ ago and he can refile it now!


I donโ€™t know if PDJT realized the ultimate Durham report would prove everything in his own lawsuit, but all of the charges in his own 100 page lawsuit, reads very much like Durhams elucidated crimes of Criminal conspiracy etc


Durhamโ€™s report is the actual DOJ and Special Counsel confirming andproving the RICO and Racketeering case against all the subjects involved including other crimes; and if there was any prosecution by Durham it would have been similar to all the crimes PDJT had in his suit.


This is astoundingly lucky because when PDJT refiles his suit,it cannot be legally challenged as a Conspiracy Theory because it is an official legal report signed off by the the DOJ, SC and US Attorney GeneralMerrick Garland a radical democrat that would never allow itโ€™s release of anything untrue.


So Trump can use the exceptional legal product of the DOJ, and none of the charges in his suit can be challenged that they didnโ€™t happen by courts or opposing lawyers, because Durham specifies the action all people involved took, including Obama & Bidan.I get the feeling that the prosecution of all involved will come via PDJTโ€™s lawsuit. Maybe that he was thanking Durham and not upset, because he knew all along the DOJ would not be able to prosecute all the conspirators.


Anons do you have any feedback? Any Lawfags here to comment?


PDJTโ€™s lawsuit attached. See below did the FBI keep his lawsuit alive by continuing to investigate long into 2019-2020, did they extended the Statute of Limitations? Is there any way Trump can prove that all of the players continued through the end of 2020 with election rigging?


Trumpโ€™s $24 Million RICO Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton Nearly Doubles in Size and Seeks to Sidestep Legally Fatal Flaw in Original Paperwork

AARON KELLERJun 22nd, 2022, 10:35 am

The revamped lawsuit seeks to sidestep theapplicable statute of limitations, a legal mechanism which stops lawsuits dead in their tracks if they are filed beyond a certain time. Most, if not all, of defendants in Trumpโ€™s lawsuit have asserted statute of limitations defenses as a complete bar to many or all of the claims the ex-president pressed against them.

โ€œThe gravamen of [Trumpโ€™s] claims concerns alleged events occurring in 2016 and 2017, so the statute of limitations on his claims expired long ago,โ€ Clintonโ€™s own lawyers wrote in an April 20 motion to dismiss the original complaint. That motion cites the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure that governs dismissals based on so-called โ€œtime-barredโ€ claims.

Anonymous ID: f8a87b May 22, 2023, 3:25 p.m. No.18887745   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7777

5th vaccine gets rolled out and this happens - what a shock - FFS how stupid are people?


Australia's fifth Omicron COVID-19 wave is approaching. What can we expect this time?


A leading epidemiologist says it is clear Australia is approaching its fifth Omicron wave of COVID-19.


University of South Australia Professor Adrian Esterman says it is certainly true for South Australia which has seen cases increase for three consecutive weeks.


But, how is the rest of the nation tracking and what could a fifth COVID wave look like?

How many cases make a wave?


Simply put, a wave happens when the numbers increase week on week.


Infectious diseases paediatrician Robert Booy says it doesn't depend on how many cases there are, but rather that there is a surge in numbers.


"It's about what was the rate of disease this week compared to last week and the week before," he said.

What do the numbers tell us?


The number of average daily cases has increased by 19.7 per cent across the country in a week.


This is based on data from May 16 and relies on people recording their positive COVID test results.


This data shows that the number of average daily cases rose in each state and territory apart from the Northern Territory.


However, how each jurisdiction is reporting its COVID cases is starting to change.


For example, Queensland is now reporting its seven-day rolling average rather than the number of COVID cases reported each week.

Anonymous ID: d490e6 May 22, 2023, 3:29 p.m. No.18887760   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7963


In the photo: Yitzhak Rabin studies a map of Israel's industrial zones during a visit to the Fenitzia plant in the Galilee. Photo: Avi Ohayon, GPO/National Photo Collection Source:

Anonymous ID: dde8c4 May 22, 2023, 3:34 p.m. No.18887789   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8118 >>8211 >>8279

Dobbs: U.S. Requires Church-Style Commission for โ€œ8 Years of Political Persecutionโ€ of Trump


Really funny opening answer from Lou Dobbs, heโ€™s quite interesting and brilliant


11:11 minutes


The Great America Show with Lou Dobbs

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 3:34 p.m. No.18887790   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8118 >>8211 >>8279


James Comeyโ€™s Cousin URGES FBI Investigation into the Link Between Psychiatric Drugs + Mass Shootings


โ€œWhatโ€™s going on with these mass shootings and the FBI? Why canโ€™t they solve them?โ€ asked co-founder of AbleChild Sheila Matthews.


โ€œSo, Iโ€™m very laser-focused on the FBIโ€™s role. I think itโ€™s corrupted. And if thereโ€™s any way I can use my relationship with the former FBI director [James Comey], I beg him to come out and speak on these mass shootings,โ€ she pled.


โ€œYouโ€™ve got to have a little bit of humanity left in you, Jim, to get out in front of the cameras and tell us what you know about these mass shootings.โ€


Watch the full episode on #CHDTV:โ€“mass-shootings/


Follow @ChildrensHD

Trending News ( | Donate (

Anonymous ID: 4eaf1e May 22, 2023, 3:35 p.m. No.18887796   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun




Now they have had Covid with the vax and are happy to get boosters, cus "they won't suffer so much when they get the Covid". No matter what you tell them, I had Covid I barely had a cold. Testing positive for covid don't mean shit.


And they believe the unvaxxed are mentally ill. Idiocracy is the movies we are living now.

Anonymous ID: c2f60b May 22, 2023, 3:35 p.m. No.18887799   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7859

>>18886928 (PB)

>โ€œcurrent president is betterโ€ and that he hopes he will be re-elected, arguing that that 80-year-old Democrat knows โ€œwhat you have to do to prevent the world from going to war.โ€


Anonymous ID: 7f4514 May 22, 2023, 3:36 p.m. No.18887804   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7817


yeah but, no but, yeah but.

oh ffs Q is answering an anon, it is not a Q drop.

it looks like a Q and A or a comment Q picked up.

do you morans ever read the Q drops.


What number, no it was no 66


Anonymous ID: a1b557 May 22, 2023, 3:37 p.m. No.18887808   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7835 >>7866



Here's the problem. He keeps saying corageous people need to step up. They have and he knows this. However, the real issue is in the same statement he says that our country has never gone through anything like this before, which is true.

It's a situation of this Country being caught between a rock and a hard place.

The only way is through.

The derp state is going to have to indict. He's too radioactive for an attempt on his life and they know this. They couldn't contain that fallout so they have to take the chance with an indictment and we have to ride it out with FACTS to the normies.

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 3:38 p.m. No.18887811   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7816 >>7840 >>7848 >>7886


Karli Bonneโ€™ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ




Tech mogul, 45, who spends $2m trying to de-age himself is injected with the BLOOD of his teenage son as part of latest attempt to dodge middle-age

May 22, 2023, 10:44 AM

Anonymous ID: a1b557 May 22, 2023, 3:40 p.m. No.18887822   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7920



They want us to commit an act of violence and when that doesn't happen they will frame it up anyways. They have no choice now.

Just stay calm when they make their move and let the team work it out. All contingencies have been considered and written into the plan.

Anonymous ID: 2461c6 May 22, 2023, 3:40 p.m. No.18887824   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7829 >>7880 >>7904

Speaker Kevin McCarthy



Let's remember how we got hereโ€”10 days out from a Biden default on the national debt. He ignored the looming crisis for months, despite my repeated calls to negotiate. Because of his inaction, he risks bumbling into the first default in American history.


May 22, 2023, 2:27 PM

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 3:40 p.m. No.18887825   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7833


Charges have been dropped against Jayson Hayden, who filmed himself beating 75-year-old Army veteran Norman Bledsoe in a Detroit, Michigan nursing home in 2020. The elderly victim died weeks after the assault.


Authorities determined that Hayden was incompetent to stand trial due to mental illness and dropped all charges against him. He now lives in a psychiatric hospital in Michigan.


Article ( ๐Ÿ”—


Speak Truth to Power | @TheWashingtonPundit

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 3:43 p.m. No.18887834   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7845




You can stop the spread of misinformation!

12:22 AM ยท May 22, 2023




Anonymous ID: 4eaf1e May 22, 2023, 3:43 p.m. No.18887835   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


digits are strong with this one


>Here's the problem. He keeps saying corageous people need to step up. They have and he knows this. However, the real issue is in the same statement he says that our country has never gone through anything like this before, which is true.


>It's a situation of this Country being caught between a rock and a hard place.


>The only way is through.


>The derp state is going to have to indict. He's too radioactive for an attempt on his life and they know this. They couldn't contain that fallout so they have to take the chance with an indictment and we have to ride it out with FACTS to the normies.

Anonymous ID: 006ef5 May 22, 2023, 3:47 p.m. No.18887854   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7862

California man sets UC Berkeley students on fire in boba tea shop


and the students chase his ass down and actively restrain him while he pulls out an AXE they continue to hold him until he can be arrested


>no white people involved

>must remain out of MSM news cycle

<that's why frogs have the microphone

Anonymous ID: 763d40 May 22, 2023, 3:50 p.m. No.18887866   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


>He's too radioactive for an attempt on his life and they know this.


[19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals.

Think nuclear stand-off.




Jan 27, 2018


How do we truly protect those important to us?

[19] immediates [no longer with us].

Self-suicide if actioned.

Real life.



Jan 27, 2018

Anonymous ID: a1b557 May 22, 2023, 3:57 p.m. No.18887898   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7912


That's exactly the last thing we need is civilians going off shooting other civilians.

Let the process work. You've been given the drops and know how to filter out the disinformation. You're to spread true, factual information. That's your role.

Anonymous ID: c1ce8e May 22, 2023, 3:57 p.m. No.18887901   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

If anons have access to a chat gpt:

Request to ask it to elaborate if the Antichrist could be a.i.


That would be interesting to see what it says.

(I know it's biased to the left, but what about biased towards Satanism??)

Anonymous ID: 4334c6 May 22, 2023, 4 p.m. No.18887915   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8005 >>8118 >>8211 >>8279


>brought back from Haiti

that's an assumption

about all we can say for sure is that it looks like they got into Haiti airspace, no landing, or even flight over land is shown

they COULD have landed, but anon highly doubts it and also keeps in mind that mil can screw around with ads-b signals in all sorts of weird ways. as many have witnessed before.

Anonymous ID: 8095b8 May 22, 2023, 4:04 p.m. No.18887934   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

So here's the REAL story:


Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi to secretly retrieve US-made Stinger Missiles that the State Dept had supplied to Ansar al Sharia in Libya WITHOUT Congressional oversight or permission.


Sec State Hillary Clinton had brokered the Libya deal through Ambassador Stevens and a Private Arms Dealer named Marc Turi, but some of the shoulder-fired Stinger Missiles ended up in Afghanistan where they were used against our own military. On July 25th, 2012, a US Chinook helicopter was downed by one of them. Not destroyed only because the idiot Taliban didn't arm the missile. The helicopter didn't explode, but it had to land and an ordnance team recovered the missileโ€™s serial number which led back to a cache of Stinger Missiles kept in

Qatar by the CIA.


Obama and Hillary were in full panic mode, so Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi to retrieve the rest of the Stinger Missiles. This was a "do-or-die" mission, which explains the Stand Down Orders given to multiple rescue teams during the siege of the US Embassy.


It was the State Dept, NOT the CIA, that supplied the Stinger Missiles to our sworn enemies because Gen. Petraeus at the CIA would not approve of supplying the deadly missiles due to their potential use against commercial aircraft. So then, Obama threw Gen. Petraeus under the bus when he refused to testify in support of Obamaโ€™s phony claim of a โ€œspontaneous uprising caused by a YouTube video that insulted Muslims.โ€

Obama and Hillary committed TREASON!


THIS is what the investigation is all about, WHY she had a Private Server, (in order to delete the digital evidence), and WHY Obama, two weeks after the attack, told the UN that the attack was the result of the YouTube video, even though everyone KNEW it was not.


Furthermore, the Taliban knew that the administration had aided and abetted the enemy WITHOUT Congressional oversight or permission, so they began pressuring (blackmailing) the Obama Administration to release five Taliban generals being held at Guantanamo.


Bowe Bergdahl was just a useful pawn used to cover the release of the Taliban generals. Everyone knew Bergdahl was a traitor but Obama used Bergdahlโ€™s exchange for the five Taliban generals to cover that Obama was being coerced by the Taliban about the unauthorized Stinger Missile deal.


So we have a traitor as POTUS that is not only corrupt but compromised, as well, and a Sec of State that is a serial liar, who perjured herself multiple times at the Congressional Hearings on Benghazi. Perhaps this is why no military aircraft were called upon for help in Benghazi: because the administration knew that our enemies had Stinger Missiles that, if used to down those planes, would likely be traced back to the CIA cache in Qatar and then to the State Deptโ€™s illegitimate arms deal in Libya.



Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 4:09 p.m. No.18887951   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Destroyed


If you wanted to destroy the middle class, one way that you could accomplish that goal would be to flood the system with money.ย

Anonymous ID: 659bf9 May 22, 2023, 4:10 p.m. No.18887958   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>7971 >>7976 >>7987

Any pushers doing this should get the death penalty


The Dangers of Smoking Weed Laced With Fentanyl

When you have too many depressants in your body, the effects of them can become amplified. The largest risk here, besides overdose, can come from how this alters your bodyโ€™s behaviors. Most commonly this can be seen as slowed breathing, weakened pulse, and unconsciousness. In extreme cases, this can also lead to organ damage.


Another strong risk factor comes from a person consuming more than they intend to because theyโ€™re unaware of another substance being laced with their original one. With fentanyl, this is especially common due to its potency. It only takes a very small amount to achieve the same results as it might with weed.


Because of this, a person might smoke their normal amount of marijuana without realizing it will impact them more than they accounted for. This can lead to an increased risk of overdose.


Fentanyl Overdose and Its Risks

An overdose occurs when you have more substances in your body than it is able to both process and safely hold. Your liver is the primary processing center for toxins within your body, and it can only process so much at a time. If you continue to put more of a substance in your body than your liver can handle, the substance will start to go into other parts of your body like the bloodstream.


Any substance that we consume that alters our state, no matter how legal, is still a toxin within the body. This means that in large amounts, it can become a problem.


Fentanyl overdoses do not have to be fatal if you react properly and seek medical attention. In order to do this, itโ€™s important to know the signs of an overdose:


Chest pain

Blue-tinted lips and skin


Slowed breathing


Anonymous ID: 62fd21 May 22, 2023, 4:15 p.m. No.18887985   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8128


>Injection of "disinfectant"

Doctors laughed about this "insane suggestion"


>always good to remember





Neurological complications


Aluminum hydroxide


Thiomersal / Mercury

Thimerosal is an alkylmercury compound (approximately 49% mercury by weight) used as an antiseptic and antifungal agent.It has a role as a disinfectant

Unused medication vials. Always check with your supplier to see which, if any, of the unused vaccine can be returned. If the vials cannot be returned, disposal options must be determined based on the following vaccine delivery method:

Preservative-containing vaccines. If unused vaccine vials or syringes are expired or subject to recall, it must be determined whether the vaccine exceeds the maximum concentration (0.2 mg/L) for the toxicity characteristic for mercury per federal law. Look for 0.01% thimerosal. These vaccines must be disposed of as hazardous waste if the concentration is >0.2mg/L, or as medical waste destined for incineration if it is <0.2mg/L.


Polysorbate 80




But there is also the disinfectant called CDS.

Anonymous ID: 83d0ea May 22, 2023, 4:15 p.m. No.18887986   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


COVID didnโ€™t achieve the goal they wanted, and their narratives are now FAILING BIG TIME.


We The People are waking up at a lightning FAST clipโ€ฆThey are LOSING control.


A wild animal backed into a corner is going to lash out, in an attempt to regain that control.


The enemy is MOST dangerous when in a PANIC.

Anonymous ID: f8a87b May 22, 2023, 4:19 p.m. No.18888007   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8016

AZ State Senator Borrelli Throws Down The Gauntlet, ORDERS County Supervisors to Comply With SCR1037 Which Bans Foreign Voting Machines in Arizona


Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli put Arizona County Supervisors on notice this morning with a notice to stop using foreign machines in their elections.


Article 1 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution gives State Legislatures the power to โ€œregulate the โ€˜Times, Places and Manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives.โ€™โ€


As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, The Arizona House and Senate passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 1037, setting official requirements for the use of electronic voting machines in the state and banning the use of those that use foreign components.


This resolution also requires the source code used in any computerized voting machine for federal elections to be made available to the public.


This Resolution bypassed the Governor and was transmitted directly to the Secretary of Stateโ€™s office. If the Secretary of State and Arizona Counties do not comply with this new rule, the Legislature can and likely will sue.


Senator Borrelli issued the following press release this morning:


Senate Majority Leader Calls on County Supervisors Statewide to Protect National Security During Future Elections


PHOENIX, ARIZONA- Arizona State Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borrelli is notifying all County Board of Supervisors within the state of Arizona via letter today that they must first and foremost prioritize protecting national security during any future elections.


Back in 2017, the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security issued a statement clearly designating elections infrastructure as critical infrastructure, which means these electronic systems must have safeguards in place to prevent any attacks which threaten our national security.


This session, the Senate passed legislation that would have fulfilled federal government requirements to protect critical elections infrastructure, however Senate Bill 1074 was vetoed by the Governor. Therefore, with the passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 1037 (SCR 1037) by the Legislature and its transmission to the Secretary of State. The Legislature is exercising our plenary authority to see that no electronic voting systems in the state of Arizona are used as the primary method for conducting, counting, tabulating, or verifying federal elections, unless those systems meet necessary standards of protection.


โ€œThe federal government has made it very clear that elections equipment is considered a target by those who want to threaten the safety and security of our country,โ€ said Majority Leader Borrelli. โ€œWe have long ignored this elephant in the room by allowing electronic voting systems made with parts produced in countries considered adversaries to the United States to be used as the primary method for conducting our elections. It is in our stateโ€™s and nationโ€™s best interest that we comply with implementation of security measures to protect our republic.โ€

Anonymous ID: bdfcbc May 22, 2023, 4:20 p.m. No.18888012   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun   >>8023

Regarding PB notable #18887288 FBI destroys evidence, shouldnโ€™t that be reported to NARA as a criminal act? How long are they required to keep investigative records? Especially on a former SoS, First Wife and presidential wannabe?

Anonymous ID: d51b6a May 22, 2023, 4:22 p.m. No.18888026   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun




White hats using FBI tools against deep state? Require congress to check in at regular intervals with facial and fingerprint.


Inside The Smartphone The FBI Built To Catch Criminals

Anonymous ID: a49370 May 22, 2023, 4:22 p.m. No.18888027   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

>>18886830 lb

AF2 and SAM2A C-40Bs departed Moffett Federal Airfield heading EN

Mexi AF FAM3527 and 3528 737s out again and heading NW after arriving from a Tijuana Int'l stop earlier today and XCOPF 727 reappears heading WN (just north of Acapulco) it was leaving Tijuana Int'l as the three AF acs were on descent for TJ


Kamala Harris visits world's largest semiconductor tech site (Applied Materials) being built in Bay Area