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>>18798646 Q Research General #23071: Meme Them Into Submission Edition

Created 050217ZMAY23


>>18798648 #23071

>>18798730 Tucker Carlson considering hosting his own 2024 debate - reportedly took the idea to former President Donald J. Trump, who said he'd be interested

>>18798752 Senator John Kennedy: If electric cars are so swell, how come government has to pay people to drive them?

VIDEO - 'If Electric Cars Are So Swell How Come Government Has To Pay People To Drive Them?': John Kennedy [Channel: Forbes Breaking News]

>>18798800 Epstein's pedophile island sold, plans are for a 5-star resort

>>18798805 PF reports: N757AF 757 45 returns from Scotland and Ireland after leaving on early Monday morning

>>18798831 DHS’s “sweeping new actions” in anticipation of the lifting of Title 42 are a blueprint for failure – if their goal is to actually secure the border

>>18798841 Restrictions on prescribing Ivermectin dropped in Australia

>>18798882 U.S. equal opportunity employment commission website: 233 complaints filed by CIA employees against the CIA

>>18798891 Montana Gov. Gianforte to ban sale of agricultural land, critical infrastructure to foreign adversaries

>>18798916 Former CIA employees and their follow up jobs at MSM outfits

>>18799075 Giant penis mowed into lawn at King Charles’ coronation bash site - kek

>>18799097 Texts between Bret Baier and Tucker Carlson show concern over Fox News' decision desk calling Arizona for Biden too early on Election Night

>>18799150 Stocktrackers: Rep. Dan Goldman (D) sold $WAL, another bank stock, absolutely perfectly

>>18799219 Donald J. Trump: When I take the oath of office on January 20, 2025, we will immediately begin the process of fully Securing the Border and removing the illegal aliens Joe Biden has unlawfully allowed to break into our Country…

>>18799222 Page 317 of "Letters to Trump"

>>18799230 Devin Nunes post pic of golden head of Donald J. Trump

>>18799247 Lt Gen Flynn: The Marxist left has so corrupted America and its election system that it appears no Republican candidate can win in 2024 - next two years will be far worse than previous two years

>>18799277 QClock May 4, 2023 -v11.4 Is Excellent

>>18799290 Eric and Don enjoy some golf, interesting photo

>>18799382 Kash and Nunes: Watermelon head built a total bs impeachment on fake whistleblower Ciaramella, of course he wouldn't know what a real one looks like - This is a good sign…

>>18799452 #23071

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:21 a.m. No.18830835   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18799455 Q Research General #23072: Embrace The Endless Winning Edition

Created 050605ZMAY23


>>18799457 #23072

>>18799462 Eight dead in second Serbian shooting, police hunt killer

>>18799479, >>18799690 Lot going on in Florida's history, interesting part on the Phoenicians.

VIDEO - FLORIDA IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK… Waking Up w/ Analog [Channel: Old World Florida]

VIDEO - FLORIDA WAS A LAND OF GIANTS… [Channel: Old World Florida]

>>18799502 sadistic tranny pedo still being housed in female prison because muh pronouns

>>18799503, >>18799507 Ian Miles Cheong admitted DeSantis is paying him $35,000 a year


>>18799509 The Daily Wire was paid over 110k by Ron Desantis & his team

>>18799558, >>18799560, >>18799566, >>18799599, >>18799655 DeSanctus Shills out in full force on Twitter right now

>>18799579, >>18799607 Gates & the IPPF: Global Health Fraud thread


>>18799634 earthquake M 6.2 - NEAR WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 2023-05-05 05:42:04 UTC

>>18799673, >>18799684, >>18799691 The Fed was merged into the Treasury, incase anyone forgot


VIDEO - WARNING! Global “Bank Run” Soon!! Get Your Cash Out NOW!! [Channel: Chico Crypto]

>>18799800, >>18799803 @realDonaldTrump When I take the oath of office on January 20, 2025,we will immediately begin the process of fully Securing the Border and removing the illegal aliens Joe Biden has unlawfully allowed to break into our Country…

VIDEO - Video upload for 110306987215759393 [3:34] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18799824 @jsolomonreports ‘Pre-meditated and admitted lie:’ Intel pros slam Biden laptop letter after bombshell revelation

>>18799837, >>18799838 Time to clean out the Federal Government

>>18799882, >>18799892, >>18799943 Hunter Biden laptop musical chairs mini-bun


>>18799905 18799914 Akansas and Florida teachers raping students

>>18799914 anon lb bun / teacher charged at the Sarasota Military Academy High School campus for indecent, lewd, or lascivious touching of minors.

>>18799928 Emerald Robinson w/CAP: It’s time for the pro-Israel lobby in America to explain why the former prime minister of Israel Ehud Barak was meeting an infamous blackmailer

>>18799942 anon lb bun / 'Premeditated and admitted lie': Intel pros slam Biden laptop letter after bombshell revelation

>>18799946 anon lb bun / Electrified compressors threat to grid (Texas)

>>18799953 anon lb bun / FTX gets approval for LedgerX sale, asserts $3.9 billion Genesis claim

>>18799968, >>18799972, >>18799980 Father Who Sexually Abused 7-Year-Old Daughter For “Trans Porn” Company Now Recorded As A “Female” Offender By NJDOC

>>18800009 anon lb bun / Amazing letter to Chase from state AGs

>>18800012 anon lb bun / first photos of the wreckage of the Kinzhal hypersonic missile in Kyiv

>>18800020 anon lb bun / Paul Gosar - America has sent over $200 billion to Ukraine

>>18800040 anon lb bun / Anon dig, Retweet 'many' for plausible deniability?

>>18800073 anon lb bun / 9:00 AM EDTmSecretary Antony J. Blinken delivers remarks at the American Foreign Service

VIDEO - Secretary Blinken remarks on Foreign Affairs Day - 9:00 AM [Channel: U.S. Department of State]

>>18800100 Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy -05/05/2023

VIDEO - Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy -05/05/2023 - Tiger Network [Channel: Deestevensvoice4you]

>>18800125 anon lb bun

>>18800219 #27072

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:21 a.m. No.18830837   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18800235 Q Research General #23073: Mayo 5:5 Edition

Created 051336ZMAY23


>>18800243 #23073

>>18800268 anon bun / Young people are smart. Two genders T-shirt gets acceptance among peers.

>>18800269, >>18800279 anon bun / DHS gave themselves the job to "counter disinformation" but are other factions of USA intelligence on the case too?


>>18800273 5 May 1989: The #USS Arizona, which was sunk at the start of World War II at Pearl Harbor, is designated as a National #Historic Landmark

>>18800288, >>18800624 WHO downgrades COVID-19, says it's no longer public health emergency

>>18800293 Google senior software engineer, 31, jumps to his death from NYC headquarters

>>18800303 anon bun / John Podesta shilling for New Green Deal in 5-eyes Australia UK

>>18800306 anon bun / "Ghost in the Machine" video includes rude acronym for upper echelon military leaders.

>>18800309 anon bun / moar comments on "Ghost in the Machine" video

>>18800312, >>18800572 Giant penis mowed into lawn at King Charles’ coronation bash site For Moar KEKS

>>18800313 anon bun / "Flower Moon" eclipse today

>>18800316, >>18800360 “Have you ever wondered who is pulling the strings?”

>>18800319 How Corrupt Is Our Current Situation? It’s Worse Than Most Can Fathom…

>>18800345 @realDonaldTrump Back in the USA, but sadly I see so many really bad things happening to our Country. The DOJ and FBI are destroying the lives of so many…


>>18800359, >>18800503 Biden expected to name Air Force chief Charles Q Brown Jnr as next top US general

>>18800372 Soros And Fortress To Acquire Vice Media Out Of Bankruptcy

>>18800379 anon lb bun

>>18800383 Devolution - Part 22 Irregular Warfare

>>18800385 @USNavy Culinary Specialist 3rd Class Jacob Claytor fires a .240 machine gun

>>18800388 PlaneFag Europe/Med/Asia activity: Italian PM arrives at London, French left Rzseosw after load out, SCO Minister meeting in Panaji India

>>18800389 A short casual commentary from President Donald Trump as he shares the remodeled and rebuilt Turnberry

VIDEO - Donald Trump gives Nigel Farage a tour of his Turnberry hotel and golf course [Channel: GBNews]

>>18800394 @AFGlobalStrike recently completed evaluation on a major software upgrade for B-1’s/Q

>>18800398 Google co-founder Larry Page may be served in Jeffrey Epstein case, judge rules

>>18800403, >>18800406, >>18800511 Ghost Army/51 years/51 intel signers to fals info hmmmm


VIDEO - The WWII Ghost Army [Channel: LiveScience]

>>18800405 @DeptofDefense NATO Partners Prepare to Kick Off 'Formidable Shield' Exercise

>>18800410 CCP planning a "soft" invasion of Taiwan???

>>18800421 @US_SpaceCom In our modern all-domain battlefield, military spacepower delivers the lethality and agility that Joint warfighters employ to deter aggression and defeat threats

>>18800428 @USNHistory #FisticuffFriday

>>18800434 Wagner boss announces ‘withdrawal from Bakhmut’

>>18800457 anon bun / cartoon / animation reflects legacy of war-mongers.


>>18800460 the markets "celebrate" it and the predicted metals dumpage

>>18800462 London comments on claims arms for Kiev being resold

>>18800477 anon bun / Software engineer alleged suicide, off Google building NYC

>>18800491 Colombia blasts US over treatment of migrants

>>18800496 ICYMI: Kash Patel and Devin Nunes on Biden Corruption, Hunter's Laptop, Ukraine and more

VIDEO - Kash Patel and Devin Nunes on Biden Corruption, Hunter's Laptop, Ukraine and more [12:16] [Channel: RealAmericasVoice]

>>18800498 anon bun / Ghost Army congressional award #117 Congress enacted

>>18800506 anon bun / USAToday diss on "shadowgate" draws attention to a "great watch" on corporate / government info exchange.

>>18800524, >>18800755 PlaneFag CONUS activity- Russians left Havana after 3 day stay, Indo-Pac Cmdr Aquilino leaves DC-

>>18800534 US Sails Warship Through Taiwan Strait After China's Drills

>>18800550, >>18800857 Julian Assange makes ‘Kingly Proposal’ to Charles III

>>18800554 Reminder: Vax bad/MMR

>>18800563 anon bun / Don jr. hosts guest on the Collapse of FTX, let's Rumble

VIDEO - Bitboy Crypto's Ben Armstrong Takes You Inside the Collapse of FTX | TRIGGERED Ep. 30 [1:51:37] [Channel: Donald Trump Jr.]

>>18800587 anon bun / Key in [P]harma Merck's logo

>>18800588 anon bun / Black Pill on alleged AI take-over, pushed by Musk

VIDEO - i'm EXPOSING the whole damn thing. [Channel: Elon Musk Zone]

>>18800594 anon bun / 18800704, (Q# 3596 11.15 '17) Major perpetrators of Joseph Biden usurpation and destruction of our Country and Constitution apparently gang-up in last-ditch efforts. -Lara Logan

>>18800597 anon bun / Pharma Fraud getting more notice after years of injuries and open -source data showing same.

>>18800611 The Consolidation of Power Approaches

>>18800616 NIH Leadership Was Deeply Anxious About Wuhan Lab Funding, New Emails Reveal

>>18800661, >>18800680, >>18800852 Trump Truths

>>18800668 anon bun / Biden Admin deliberately allows threats to SCOTUS

>>18800697 PacWest Leads Bank Stock Rebound. Western Alliance and First Horizon Also Jump

>>18800708, >>18800711 Comin back to bite them in the ass time

>>18800724 Serbian president Vučić vows "an almost complete disarming" of the civilian population after mass shootings.

>>18800736 anon bun / Trump's to be on Town Hall CNN Wednesday

>>18800763 Mike Davis: Democrats “Delegitimizing” The Supreme Court Justices To Destroy The Balance Of Power

VIDEO - Mike Davis: Democrats “Delegitimizing” The Supreme Court Justices To Destroy The Balance Of Power [11:32] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18800787 @RobertKennedyJr In 1960, the USSR accused the U.S. of running an aerial spying program over its territory

>>18800817, >>18800889 anon bun

>>18800833, >>18800834 Tater Meets with his Investing in America Cabinet

VIDEO - President Biden Meets with his Investing in America Cabinet [Channel: The White House]

VIDEO - President Biden Meets with his Investing in America Cabinet [Channel: The White House]

>>18800837 Fmr. Attorney General Bill Barr Speaks in Cleveland

>>18800931 Spring at grassley farm

>>18801004 #23073

(62 notables, 76 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:21 a.m. No.18830840   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18801008 Q Research General #23074: The World Is A Stage Edition

Created 051627ZMAY23


>>18801018 #23074-A


>>18801051, >>18801055, >>18801592 Palantir news: 1 yr ago Palantir expands from Covid role, wins $90m deal with US Department of Health, now to be dumped by Biden

>>18801061, >>18801072, >>18801514 Google engineer jumps to death in NYC, second worker suicide in months

>>18801067 @TomFitton: Court hearing set next week for @JudicialWatch FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS LAWSUIT Over YouTube Censorship

>>18801074 PlaneFag Europe update-Hungarians left Paris, French to London, Swiss departed Rome

>>18801077, >>18801083, >>18801126, >>18801286 CDC's Rochelle Walensky resigns, citing pandemic transition

>>18801092 SEC issues $279 million whistleblower award — biggest in agency history

>>18801100 QClock May 4, 2023 -v11.4 Is Excellent OWLS

>>18801104 Americans Trust Guns, Not Government

>>18801114, >>18801140 Reminder: Milley: If Ukraine falls, the current world order will collapse

>>18801123 TRU TUBE 54 Updated

>>18801125 First of its Kind Submarine Visit Forges Relationship

>>18801149, >>18801195 Silver Supply to FALL as Mexico Punishes Miners

VIDEO - Silver Supply to FALL as Mexico Punishes Miners [Channel: Ainslie]

>>18801155 Susan Rice's replacement, Stefanie Feldman

>>18801166 How to Strengthen Security Sector Assistance, The United States Institute of Peace/we haz institue of peace?

>>18801169 Vital Voices Conference on Women Leaders Addressing Global Challenges HRC

>>18801256 Discovery of more moons with water under the surface.

>>18801270 @NavalInstitute Navy to Commission Littoral Combat Ship USS Cooperstown

>>18801292 @25thID You make the call. So what's it going to be?

>>18801294 There is no Hate Speech There is only Free Speech


>>18801326 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Shackleton from ShadowCam

>>18801335 Motorcades of Dr Biden, Zelenska & others ahead of coronation 👑

VIDEO - Motorcades of Dr Biden, Zelenska & others ahead of coronation 👑 | Police security operation 🚔 [Channel: CobraEmergency]

>>18801379 Crowned two days ahead of schedule

>>18801394 A Democrat who twice ran for governor of Maine has pleaded guilty to charges of possessing child pornography

>>18801471 AZ Supreme Court Issues Joke Sanctions Against Kari Lake Over Accurate Claim of 35,563 Unaccounted For Ballots – Fraudulent Signatures to Go Back to Trial!

>>18801475 Covid-19 pandemic is over – WHO

>>18801485 China Approves Safety of First Gene-edited Soybean

>>18801492 Zelensky is a ‘puppet’ – Lavrov

>>18801505, >>18801701 Link to FOIA request logs - good for DIGS

>>18801506 Rep. Gosar Floats Foreign Aid Moratorium After $200 Billion Sent to Ukraine

>>18801521 Virgin Islands struggles to subpoena Google’s Larry Page in Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit against JPMorgan

>>18801527 Naomi Wolf on Walensky resignation - running scared?

>>18801529 Mexican President Stops Pentagon from Tracking ‘Asian’ Balloon Through Country’s Airspace

>>18801541 Why The Libs Threw An Explosive At Me | Michael Knowles

VIDEO - Why The Libs Threw An Explosive At Me | Michael Knowles LIVE at the University of Mississippi [Channel: Young America's Foundation]

>>18801543 Wagner Group to pull out of Bahkmut after taking big losses (kek)

>>18801545 NATO to Open Office in Japan, the Alliance’s First in Asia

>>18801551 Another Ukrainian terrorist plot foiled – FSB

>>18801572 Reception for 'faith leaders' at Coronation

>>18801578 Tragic subway deaths sparks firestorm among Dems

>>18801584 FOX news hemorrhaging viewers

VIDEO - Fox News Hemorrhaging Viewers Since Tucker Carlson Was Fired, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts [Channel: Megyn Kelly]

>>18801591 Denver City Council Member: Tax White-Owned Businesses And Give It To Black, Brown-Owned Businesses

>>18801602 The RESTRICT Act Gives Up Nearly All Notions of Checks and Balances

>>18801616 Pete Ricketts Warns Of New Weapon Communist China Is Using Against The U.S.

>>18801636 Do Not Use Certain Lot Numbers of SD Biosensor Pilot COVID-19 At-Home Tests: may produce bacterial contamination

>>18801662 UT Bioweapons Dept. Study: Do Not Take The Covid Shots - video

>>18801668 At Least 20 Properties in the UK Linked to Nigeria’s President-elect and His Associates

>>18801677, >>18801769 RFKjr :There can be no true democracy when government manipulates the people

>>18801708 Steve Wozniak: If You Want to Learn About AI Killing People, "Get a Tesla"

>>18801720 Healthy children are 30% more likely to become Right-Wing adults

>>18801727, >>18801734, >>18801742, >>18801748 Anon Research Tools

>>18801744 #23074-A

>>18801761 Tucker twitter update: over 80mi now

>>18801764 'Trans kids' prescribed MORE anti-psychotic meds after beginning gender transition than before: study

>>18801770 Migrants Flood over the Border into Texas Days Before End of Title 42

>>18801778 US 1 Month T Bill up 25% from yesterday to today

>>18801781 Ten key unproven—or disproven—assumptions re gender reassignments

>>18801782 Jordan: Hunter Biden "intel" officials letter was drafted to help give Joe Biden a "talking point" in his debate against Trump

>>18801797 US authorities are probing Goldman Sachs’, $GS, role in Silicon Valley Bank's collapse.

>>18801813 PDJT on Vivek Ramaswamy candidacy

>>18801821 PDJT rt's Victor Orban

>>18801838 #23074-B

(62 notables, 76 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:22 a.m. No.18830841   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18801839 Q Research General #23075: Healthy Children Are More Likely to Become Right-Wing - KEK! Edition

Created 052033ZMAY23


>>18801844 #23075

>>18801860 Australian PM ‘frustrated’ over ongoing imprisonment of Assange, but refused to ask the US to release him

>>18801864, >>18801871, >>18801899, >>18801913, >>18801939, >>18802567 DJT Truths

>>18801865 US to Control Land Sales to Foreigners near 8 Military Bases

>>18801907 A staggering number of foreign buyers have bought into Australia’s property market in recent months

>>18801909, >>18802081 PepeCoin

>>18801919 Another Ukrainian terrorist plot foiled

>>18801928, >>18801938, >>18801940, >>18801942, >>18801995 Jill Biden tweets

>>18801931, >>18802494 Planefag

>>18801945, >>18801950, >>18801959, >>18802017, >>18802088, >>18802353 Joe Biden tweets

>>18801961 Geraldo Rivera: Attorney General Bill Barr spoke today at the @TheCityClub promoting “One Damn Thing After Another”

>>18801969, >>18802095, >>18802109, >>18802121, >>18802127, >>18802134, >>18802246 Explosion reported at industrial plant near Houston


VIDEO - DEER PARK FIRE: Plant catches fire in Deer Park, Texas; Firefighters on scene [Channel: FOX 26 Houston]

>>18801971 Checkmate, Fox News: Why Tucker Carlson Is the Perfect Choice to Host the GOP Presidential Debate

>>18801974, >>18802030, >>18802071 Chuck Grassley: We’re currently experiencing a shortage of foster parents across the nation incl Iowa

>>18802004, >>18802177 TikTok; the Fifth Column

>>18802041 Unfathomably Based



>>18802083 literally who? declares Covid-19 is over

>>18802093, >>18802113, >>18802136, >>18802173 Chris Hipkins, Rishi Sunak share sausage rolls at Downing St.

>>18802186 Prince Harry arrives in London on commercial flight for King Charles’ coronation

>>18802220, >>18802259, >>18802300, >>18802332 CONPLAN 3502

>>18802228, >>18802236, >>18802313 'Horror Show'

>>18802268 The 3 banks that failed during Biden's tenure held more assets than all banks that failed during entire 2008 collapse, combined

>>18802351 Compliance


>>18802352 Former Chief Security Officer Of Uber Sentenced To Three Years’ Probation For Covering Up Data Breach Involving Millions Of Uber User Records

>>18802381 San Bernardino County in California pays $1.1 million ransom after cyberattack disrupts Sheriff's Department systems

>>18802421 Tucker Carlson makes first public appearance since Fox News firing

>>18802454 Colorado’s largest teacher’s Union just passed a resolution declaring that capitalism “inherently exploits children, public schools, land, labor, and resources"

>>18802493 Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

>>18802497 Pain Delta

>>18802509 White House unveils new press badge restrictions, rules for access

>>18802512, >>18802551 Lieandro Killer-Orca: “The Border is Not Open, Has Not Been Open”

VIDEO - DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas Claims Border "Has Not Been Open" Despite Historic Illegal Immigration [Channel: GOP War Room]

>>18802519 Congressman Andy Ogles Endorses President Trump

>>18802560 Jordan Neely (NY Subway Guy), was a career criminal with 40+ arrests and open felony arrest warrant for assault

>>18802591 #23075

(34 notables, 68 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:22 a.m. No.18830843   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18802597 Q Research General #23076: Unfathomably Based Edition

Created 052327ZMAY23


>>18802608 #23076

>>18802642 Jim Jordan's House Panel Takes Aim At WEF-Backed Scheme To Censor 'Harmful' Online Content

>>18802648 Embattled St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner resigns

>>18802675, >>18802753, >>18802762 Watch the water: Deer Park, Texas

>>18802694 Burger King is closing 400 stores nationwide by the end of 2023

>>18802722 US experts warn of ‘Russian air superiority’ over Ukraine

>>18802727 UK coronation party map shows no events registered in Scotland

>>18802765, >>18802819 Refresher: Hunter Biden E-mails

>>18802766 Tina Peters: Outside the court house for my Contempt trial today

>>18802772 Mike Pence Tells Fox News Anchor "A Storm is Coming One Week from Today"

>>18802785 General Flynn: We better get ready for a summer of disease here in the United States…it’s coming

>>18802825 Sotomayor didn’t recuse herself from Random House cases after getting $3 million for her memoir

>>18802838 Sidney Powell - Defending The Republic Newsletter

>>18802856 Soros To Help Save Vice News

>>18802886 Kayleigh McEnany will fill Tucker Carlson's timeslot next week

>>18802925 Two-mile homeless camp takes over in California’s posh Marin County and tax dollars help fund it

>>18802929, >>18802935 DCNF Reporter Wins Massive Legal Victory Against County That Tried To Silence Her For Requesting Public Records


>>18802962 Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz told staff that pursuits have been effectively banned in all circumstances

>>18802975, >>18803074 Fetterman: cheers to the weekend!

>>18803008 It’s been almost 3 years… The fence and plywood are still covering the front of the federal courthouse in Portland

>>18803017 Who is Richard Gage and what does he know about 9/11?


>>18803024, >>18803047, >>18803302 ICYMI: 2024 National Republican Primary (14:41 timestamp / 5:5)

>>18803025 Georgia is where voter integrity teams delivered 30,000+ affidavits and other proof about fake voters to the county judge

>>18803073 Watershed Analysis Tool for Environmental Resources: GIS Technology in the New Millennium

>>18803089, >>18803112 Kellyanne Conway: Join me at the top of the hour on #Hannity to hear the latest about the Biden scandalabra

VIDEO - 🔴Hannity - FOX News Live Stream | 5/5/2023 #foxnewslive #live #hannity [Channel: Toby TV]

>>18803111, >>18803343 Ehud Barak, Leader of Israel’s Protest Movement, Visited Epstein ‘Dozens of Times’

>>18803127 EU agrees €1 billion ammo package for Ukraine

>>18803128 Scientists Found New Psychoactive Drugs In Wastewaters

>>18803171 Women’s Clothing Brand Anthropologie Features Male Model, Disables Comments After Getting Slammed by Customers

>>18803256 Two Massachusetts Towns Call a Halt to 5G Towers Until FCC Complies With Court Order to Review Science

>>18803259 AZ Supreme Court Orders Hearing On Kari Lake’s Signature Verification Case

>>18803277, >>18803304 Full Flower Moon

>>18803324, >>18803346 White House unveils new press badge restrictions, rules for access

VIDEO - African reporter hits back at Karine Jean-Pierre for not calling on him [Channel: Fox News]

>>18803355 #23076

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:22 a.m. No.18830844   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18803364 Q Research General #23077: Be Based Edition

Created 060203ZMAY23


>>18803374 #23077

>>18803400 At least 8 of Georgia’s 'fake electors' have received immunity deals in 2020 election probe

>>18803411 Email Shows Ex-Acting CIA Director Mike Morell Pleading with John Brennan to Sign “Spies Who Lie” Letter to Give Biden a “Talking Point to Push Back on Trump” During Debates

>>18803418 Donald J. Trump: The problem with Ron DeSanctimonious is that he needs a Personality Transplant, and those are not yet available

>>18803430 Biden Regime Approves Nation’s First ‘Congestion Pricing’ Tolling Plan For New York

>>18803447 The Fantasy of AI Alignment: American Thinker

>>18803448 17 Democrats present bill targeting Israeli rights abuses in litmus for U.S.-Israel ties

>>18803461, >>18803489, >>18803593, >>18803599, >>18803608, >>18803632, >>18803636, >>18803787, >>18803886 Q said it and now Elon (aka X) is saying that the moon landing was fake Apollo 14


VIDEO - Large brush fire forces evacuation of Alberta hotel [Channel: CTV News]

>>18803462 White House proposed press hard pass policy

>>18803464 Donald J. Trump: ELECTION INTERFERENCE! 6:40 PM

>>18803511 The Government Created a New Disinformation Office to Oversee All the Other Ones

>>18803555 Ex-KNBC news producer Phil Drechsler charged with distribution of child pornography

>>18803562 PF Report Callsign O194W. N1904W 1994 GULFSTREAM 4 Daniel Schwartz

>>18803576, >>18803585 Groups that aggressively lobbied for covid jab mandates were funded by, you guessed it: PFIZER (Cap 0:13)


>>18803603, >>18803621 Tucker Carlson Full May 4th Speech visits Alabama non-profit for the disabled, turns optimistic

VIDEO - Tucker Carlson - Oxford AL 5/4/23 Key note Address for the Rainbow Omega Foundation [Channel: Mark McMillan]

>>18803609, >>18803677 Strathcona County (Alberta, Canada) has issued an evacuation alert due to a large grass fire burning

>>18803644, >>18803944 U.S. Navy Ship In Sudan To Help Evacuate Americans

>>18803743 Shipments From Ukraine Slowing as Black Sea Grain Deal Deadline Nears

>>18803792, >>18803805 Laura Loomer Found a hand signed note from President Trump that says…in support of him in The Villages


>>18803807, >>18803808 Joe Biden Defends Son Hunter as Feds Near Decision Whether to Bring Charges “My Son Has Done Nothing Wrong”


>>18803810, >>18803823 Eight Georgia Republicans who convened in December 2020 to declare Donald Trump the winner have accepted immunity deals from Atlanta-area prosecutors

>>18803822, >>18803829, >>18803911, >>18803915 Apollo 14, National Geographic July 1971 page 136 - pullout, expert in photographic analysis 'That photo is impossible' (First 0:34 seconds)

VIDEO - 😨 They're LYING TO US! 🧐 Seeing LIFE more clearly [Channel: Theoria Apophasis]

>>18803846 Support 8kun here

>>18803877 Richard Grenell: Is there any wonder why this machine has come against Donald Trump so hard?

>>18803879 Dipshit in a panic, kek Jeff Clark @JeffClarkUS

>>18803991 Pete Davidson is mourning the loss of his 2-year-old dog, Henry DOG COMMS

>>18804082, >>18804095 China National Space Agency Zhurong rover has shut down after its solar panels failed? worked 3x longer than intended

>>18804122 #23077

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:23 a.m. No.18830848   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18804130 Q Research General #23078: Donald J. Trump: ELECTION INTERFERENCE! 18:40 Edition

Created 060510ZMAY23


>>18804141 #23078

>>18804167, >>18804268 Over 25 school employees arrested for sexual misconduct with minors in just one week

>>18804186 FDA issues warning: stop using COVID-19 at home tests

>>18804248 Elderly man rampages on #LGBTQ and is fed up with the nonsense Absolutely brilliant (Cap 2:01)


>>18804251, >>18804267 “And Neither Are You” for keks


>>18804266 some royal stuff before KC3 coronation

VIDEO - Watch: King Charles' coronation preview [Channel: TODAY]

>>18804272, >>18804333, >>18804347 KENTUCKY DERBY TODAY, comms

>>18804299, >>18804574, >>18804596, >>18804628, >>18804650 Coronation LIVE rumble and yt links

VIDEO - Coronation Breakfast with Stephen and Ellie | Saturday 6th May [Channel: GBNews]

VIDEO - LIVE: King Charles' Coronation procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey [Channel: Reuters]

VIDEO - WATCH LIVE: King Charles III Coronation [Channel: The Royal Family Channel]

>>18804353, >>18804386, >>18804390, >>18804461, >>18804474 Trump Defense Lesson 1: If you can defend yourself passionately and destroy the psyche of the politically motivated prosecutor in the same statement… do it.




>>18804374 Reminder: Democrats demanded fines, imprisonment, quarantine camps, and taking children away from those who would not consent to the COVID injections

>>18804385 Hunter Biden laptop letter's Joe Biden 'talking point' strategy confirmed in email to John Brennan BUN

>>18804442 Paul Sperry: As of April, records show the Biden family is STILL doing business with the Bulger family of Irish Mafia fame

>>18804451 Paul Sperry: There's a reason that Sen. Dianne Feinstein refuses to step down: Feinstein kept a Chinese spy on her staff for 20 years, They don't call her "Chi Fi" for nothing …

>>18804456, >>18804458 Paul Sperry: Explain the Chinese Spy, Sen. Feinstein

>>18804463 Paul Sperry: "Think about Diane Feinstein and what she had access to…"

>>18804466, >>18804475, >>18804476 Paul Sperry: Elizabeth Warren & the Biden CFPB are pressuring credit bureaus to stop including ANY unpaid medical bills on consumer reports to help boost credit scores for blacks

>>18804473 Paul Sperry: Prose of Eric Ciaramella in his 4/25/2023 Lawfare book review

>>18804480 Donald J. Trump: Bill Barr was a weak & slovenly man who was ill equipped to be Attorney General because he was literally in fear

>>18804512 McCain Institute themes themselves as "Indispensable Power"? Psychopaths Incorportated

>>18804513 Donald J. Trump: Barr was most afraid of anything having to do with the Rigged Election: They got away with “murder,” He was useless. I “nicely” fired him. He is now a soundbite!

>>18804518, >>18804519, >>18804531 Donald J. Trump: Jack Smith is Special “Persecutor.” He is a Trump Hating SLIMEBALL who is going far beyond the original instructions of the Department of Injustice

>>18804520 Donald J. Trump: All of these Fake Prosecutions are merely being done to Interfere with, and Influence, our Elections. It is a dangerous time in America!!!

>>18804528, >>18804554, >>18804557 Trump didn’t get along very well with the CIA. What does the CIA do to Presidents it disagrees with?

>>18804629 President Trump Tells Liberal Hack E. Jane Carroll Is Not His Type – “And Neither Are You”

>>18804678 Trump had the bust of Winston Churchill put back in the White House, Biden removed it. Biden has gone out of his way to show contempt for the crown

>>18804733 Baker change

>>18804743 RFK Jr: The Ukraine Conflict Really Started in 2014 — When the U.S. Overthrew the Ukraine Govt

>>18804755 Tucker Carlson Explains How Watching Trump 'Exploded' His World Views

>>18804895 #23078

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:23 a.m. No.18830852   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18804903 Q Research General #23079: Groom of the Stool Crowned: Charlie Sits On It Edition

Created 061112ZMAY23


>>18804917 #23079

>>18804945 Potatus Tweet: Congratulates King Charles III and Queen Camilla

>>18805000 Jill BIden Tweet - It’s an honor to represent the United States…

>>18805057 @larryelder - The hidden costs of EVs

>>18805060, >>18805068 This patriot just body slammed the fake news from the top rope.


>>18805096 @realDonaldTrump - Good Luck and Best Wishes to the wonderful new King and Queen of The United Kingdom.

>>18805127 Google engineer, 31, jumps to death in NYC, second worker suicide in months

>>18805161, >>18805191, >>18805192, >>18805208 Prince Andrew booed as he's driven down The Mall ahead of King Charles coronation

>>18805169 @realDonaldTrump - Joe Biden should have been at the Coronation of King Charles III. Is that really so much to ask?

>>18805198 RT: Over 2,000 US banks are insolvent

>>18805217 Research Links Covid Vaccines to Eyeball Clots.

>>18805280 the moment image of crowning (meme material)

>>18805530 @julie_kelly2 - Raskin brags about throwing his political opponents in jail

>>18805531 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

>>18805542, >>18805551, >>18805576 New Elon

>>18805561 'PlaneFag Europe/Med and Conus and activity

>>18805624 Tesla speedometer @ 322, Tesla/Musk retweet

>>18805659 #23079

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:23 a.m. No.18830856   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18805697 Q Research General #23080: Almost Smooth Edition

Created 061440ZMAY23


>>18805704 #23080

>>18805739 Man who pepper sprayed police on Jan 6 gets 14 year sentence

>>18805744, >>18805746, >>18805795 Donald J. Trump on truth social: mp4s of Scotland trip

VIDEO - Video upload for 110322303432387116 [57] [Channel: hostid1]

VIDEO - Video upload for 110322300003066950 [41] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18805756 Donald J. Trump on retruths: How corrupt is our current situation? It’s worse than most can fathom…

>>18805816 Dan Scavino posting a behind the scenes of DJT[-7]Years ago, 8:54pm5/5/23

>>18805877 Audi Q7 car carrying Russian journalist and politician Zakhar Prilepin was blown up by an IED in Nizhny Novgorod

>>18805883, >>18805914, >>18805954 Alberta Canada is burning ahead of an important provincial election

VIDEO - Out-of-control wildfire forces west-central Alberta residents to flee [Channel: CBC News]

>>18805885 It's official, Syria will return to the Arab League

>>18806014 Denver councilwoman CdeBaca suggests tax on white owned businesses

>>18806072 Pentagon-funded censorship firm Graphika began monitoring covid “disinfo” on Dec. 16, 2019 – two weeks before WHO knew covid existed

>>18806077 Countdown to inauguration 2025

>>18806084 The FDA issued a warning to consumers on Thursday to stop using a certain COVID-19 at-home test due to the potential for bacterial contamination in the product’s liquid solution

>>18806228 California defaults on $18.6 billion debt, now businesses have to pay

>>18806233 @FORSCOM Soldiers from 25th CBRNE CO - TE, 83rd Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) ran a chemical reconnaissance mission

>>18806238 The pen is mightier than the King mp4 - KEK


>>18806431 #23080

(16 notables, 20 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:23 a.m. No.18830857   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18806436 Q Research General #23081: Time Is Always On Our Side Edition

Created 061802ZMAY23


>>18806440 #23081

>>18806487 Reports out of Panama: Tuberculosis incoming across southern border

>>18806524 Operation Nightingale Enforcement Action: OIG of Health and Human Services identified individuals using fake documents to pose as health care providers (nurses and doctors)

>>18806545, >>18806687 Chilean/American citizen journalist Gonzalo Lira arrested in Ukraine, accused of "Russian sympathies"

VIDEO - 2023.04.26 Demographics of Ukraine [Channel: Gonzalo Lira — Again]

>>18806624 Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken delivers a commencement address at Georgia Technical Institute in Atlanta, Georgia

VIDEO - Secretary Blinken delivers a commencement address at Georgia Technical Institute - 3:00 PM [Channel: U.S. Department of State]

>>18806637 Mexican President claims to have evidence of China shipping fentanyl to Mexican Cartels

>>18806640 Pro-Russian blogger Gonzalo Lira detained in Kharkiv


>>18806641 B-1B Lancers participated in exercise COPE INDIA 2023, enhancing the partnership between the U.S. Air Force and Indian Air Force. The exercise marks the 1st time that a B-1 has participated in an exercise with India!

>>18806643 Jill Biden and Hunter’s daughter show support and solidarity for Ukraine with colors of their outfits at King Charles III’s coronation

>>18806648, >>18806661 A big Q, and King Charles III during the live ceremony; KC=11.3 marker

>>18806653 IRS whistleblower will share his allegations against AG Garland lying to Congress

>>18806663 13,000 evacuated as 100 wildfires burn across Alberta Canada

>>18806695 Pakistan is likely to pay for shipments of crude oil from Russia in Chinese yuan - unnamed official from the Ministry of Energy

>>18806716 Mike Flynn Retweet Tucker Clip: "There are members of congress controlled by the intel agencies"


>>18806721 SEC Issues Largest-Ever Whistleblower Award

>>18806730 Confirmed: Jeffrey Epstein’s History as an FBI Source.

>>18806772 U.S. To Fast-Track $500M Military Package To Taiwan: Report

>>18806777 Ohio Democrat Senator Took Thousands Of Dollars In Donations From Pharma Companies At Center Of Opioid Crisis

>>18806812 Billionaire Peter Thiel Pursues Immortality By Planning Cryopreservation After Death

>>18806815 Children 5-12 Years Old Who Were Injured or Permanently Disabled by Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. 25 Horror Stories Every Parent Should Have in Their Legal Files

>>18806817 At U.N.’s Request U.S. Funds Program to Support Displaced LGBTQI+ Refugees, Asylees

>>18806824 Ex-CIA chiefs plotted to frame Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinfo - email leaks

VIDEO - Ex-CIA chiefs plotted to frame Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinfo - email leaks [6:02] [Channel: RT]

>>18806836 The Royal Family’s 800-year relationship with Britain’s Jews, in 7 historical tidbits - .timesofisrael

>>18806839, >>18806979 2016 days between Q's 1st post and King Charles Coronation, (666) after Elizabeth’s funeral.

>>18806935 Biopharmaceutical CEO Dead After Fiery Car Crash in North Carolina – Investigation Underway

>>18806946 INSANITY: Biden Regime to Give $332.5 Million Tax Dollars To Left-Wing Non-Profits & Democrat Cities To Help Settle Illegal Aliens to US

>>18806980 Supreme Court grants release of high-risk paedophile amid lack of prison rehab programs

>>18807042 Tucker Carlson gagged by Fox contract – NYT

>>18807058 Wagner to cede to Chechens in key Donbass city – Prigozhin

>>18807074 Britain’s Conservative Party lost more than 1,000 council seats in local elections on Friday

>>18807087 How the Suppression of Wages Is Destroying America

>>18807105 Suspect in Prilepin car bombing arrested

>>18807125 Russia planning strict new alcohol laws – RIA

(33 notables, 36 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:24 a.m. No.18830859   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18807226 Q Research General #23082: EBAKE

Created 062047ZMAY23


>>18807248 Black Sea Grain Deal: No New Ships Authorized

>>18807257 Milton-Union School District custodian accused of sexually assaulting child on school property

>>18807280 VA doctor indicted for sexually assaulting multiple patients

>>18807283 Russian Oil Companies Ramp Up May Exports to Meet Asian Demand

>>18807349 US Planning More ‘Robots at Sea’ In Middle East To Combat Iran

>>18807467 Kentucky Derby races on amid 7th death, scratched favorite

>>18807500 Wealthy Maine lawyer and Democrat candidate for governor pleads guilty to child porn charges

>>18807510 Over 6.3 million illegal aliens entered the country since January 2021

>>18807533 #23081

>>18807568 #23082

>>18807570, >>18807579 PF Reports

>>18807608 Anti-monarchy protesters detained in London

>>18807653 FDA: More than 500K COVID Tests Should be Thrown Out Due to Bacteria Contamination that Can Cause Illness

>>18807658, >>18807699, >>18807822 📌#Allen | #Texas Active shooter reported at Allen Outlet Mall With multiple fatalities and injuries reported, the suspect is dead

>>18807761 @CMZ and @ElonMusk: Feature to gift Twitter blue checkmark coming soon

>>18807777 Smirnoff vodka ads feature drag queen who flashed genitals while disrupting Texas state Capitol to fight for child sex changes

>>18807787 Sam Smith cancels Tel Aviv concert under pressure from Palestinian activists

>>18807811 Atty Tom Renz: “The COVID-19 murder for money scheme in the hospitals have been carried out by fake doctors and nurses”

>>18807848 @ElonMusk talks about his childhood, middle income upbringing, and the lack of evidence to back claims of his father's emerald mine

>>18807903 Liverpool fans boo national anthem on coronation day

>>18807949 Mage wins the Kentucky Derby

>>18807979 #23082

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:24 a.m. No.18830861   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18807983 Q Research General #23083: President Trump Was Right About Everything Edition

Created 062319ZMAY23


>>18807986 #23083

>>18808020 Who Was Dodi Al Fayed's Mother? Samira Khashoggi was part of the influential Saudi family.

>>18808059 @BarackObama Newt Minow was a dear friend

>>18808073 We’re Not Going to Win 2024 but the Governors Can Change Everything


>>18808095, >>18808107 What Does Liege Man Mean - Next Post, Williams Oath Explained

VIDEO - See Prince William pledge his loyalty to King Charles III [Channel: TODAY]

>>18808118, >>18808185 AN ILLUMINATI PRIMER By Veronic Swift


>>18808121 Qpost review for todays delta posts Jimmy Savile at the British coronation

VIDEO - Jimmy Savile at the british coronation | Qpost review 5-6-xx [25:00] [Channel: Qrumb Decodes , Qposts & memes]

>>18808139 Protesters are now disrupting the subway in New York city protesting the death of Jordan Neely.


>>18808156, >>18808235, >>18808252 Q 100 Princess Diana

>>18808181, >>18808193 All 51 signatories should have their clearances revoked & each should be brought in front of the judiciary committee under subpoena

>>18808277, >>18808296 @HillaryClinton @vitalvoices over the years. Here's to even more connections and conversations.

>>18808287 What do anons what most?

>>18808360 Biden said to pick Air Force Gen. CQ Brown Jr. would replace Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Mark Milley, whose term ends in October

>>18808408 Today's clock time as drop number has a parade and "666" date

>>18808442, >>18808538, >>18808609 YUGE ban assault riffles coming Texas mall shooting, Pulled from twitter just now


>>18808447 LIVE: Processing Location in Brownsville, Texas; Border Patrol providing aid and comfort to illegals

VIDEO - Live - Border Coverage - Streets of Brownsville - Day 6 [Channel: Oreo Express]

>>18808466, >>18808491, >>18808526, >>18808530, >>18808563, >>18808565 Dan Scavino: who are these people?

>>18808469 lb PlaneFag CONUS update-one of the SAMs left Flagstaff back to JBA, PATs back to Tucson and Phoenix and JOSIE33 E-6B Mercury west from Tinker

>>18808559, >>18808642 Donald Trump: 4-6% Lost Forever Q529 Q3029 Q337

>>18808594 Roberta Kaplan. NOT MY CHOICE

>>18808600 BIDEN: Free Ophthalmologist Exam?

>>18808621 FAKE NEWS Israeli media say that Netanyahu has ordered the army to speed up preparations for a possible attack on Iran's nuclear infrastructure

>>18808691, >>18808708 Q100 Tiktok keeps taking down this video, cell phone video of Biden’s Inauguration and press from a balcony, Maybe 100 people? (3:52)

VIDEO - Video upload for 110324666270311428 [3:52] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18808698 The Vaxxed are Getting their wake up call Please Stand-by (2:19) kek

VIDEO - A word to the unvaccinated [Channel: G3N3SIS]

>>18808732 #23083

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:24 a.m. No.18830864   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18808734 Q Research General #23084: Q 100 Edition

Created 070133ZMAY23


>>18808756 #23084

>>18808793 anon bun lb / active shooter in Frisco, TX

>>18808814, >>18808857 Closeup of tattoo on Texas mall shooter's hand

>>18808882, >>18808995 anon bun lb / dead shooter with logo of City of Dallas on back of hand.

>>18808899, >>18808912, >>18808925 MP4 about Russian FSB foiling a terrorism plot allegedly sponsored by UKR special forces

VIDEO - FSB prevents terrorist attack targeting Zaporozhye NPP chief [Channel: RT]

>>18808922 anon bun lb / mainstream media mocks q research but never brings up the issues discussed.

>>18808941, >>18809185 Study: high levels of toxic metals found in widely consumed drinks

>>18808956 anon bun lb / Immediate dash-cam footage released; allegedly shows cop car backing up away from action.


>>18809062, >>18809172 Jordan Neely attacking someone years ago @2:55 on video

VIDEO - Joey Boots Trolls Michael Jackson Impersonator [Channel: Joey Boots]


>>18809069 Anon questions the timing of Texas shooting based off video footage

>>18809173 anon bun lb / Prince appears sad for crowning; appears a Sad King too.

>>18809200 anon bun lb / task force created by Gov. Newsom recommends billions of dollars to black residence who are slave descendants, now moves to legislature.

>>18809203, >>18809230 California panel approves recommendations to provide reparation payments to black residents - didn't California just default on their debt? Where is this money coming from

>>18809225 Texas Stonebriar mall in Collin County (12 miles from Allen) being evacuated due to another possible active shooter situation

>>18809257 Stephen Miller: Today’s bureaucrats have vastly more power than yesterday’s aristocrats. King Charles cannot jail, spy on, censor, disenfranchise any who oppose him. Could one say same of Comey, Clapper, Brennan and others?

>>18809344 anon bun lb / NY citizen's audit prepared Technical Briefing to present to legislature.

VIDEO - NY Citizens Audit Presents to NYS Legislature Election Committees May 1, 2023 in Albany [51:25] [Channel: New York Citizens Audit]

>>18809381 Senator Feinstein releases new statement on her absence from the Senate - health problems

>>18809479 @UNGeneva We want peace. Silence the guns. - interesting hashtag #IncestInPeace

>>18809525 #23084

>>18809541 anon bun lb / Diana predicted her death? Murder?

(20 notables, 27 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:24 a.m. No.18830867   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18809532 Q Research General #23085: Bring On The Freedom And Peace Edition

Created 070408ZMAY23


>>18809535 '''#23085

>>18809571 RFK Jr. Hillsdale talk, near the end he talks about the CIA and his family

>>18809583 MIT researchers have designed a mobile vaccine printer that could be scaled up to produce hundreds of vaccine doses in a day,generates vaccine-filled microneedle patches

>>18809604 anon bun lb

>>18809615 Elon replied to a tweet about his childhood and past.

>>18809636 Rep. DeLauro on GOP default threat: 'They have to govern. They are in the majority'

VIDEO - Top Appropriations Dem on GOP default threat: 'They have to govern. They are in the majority' [Channel: MSNBC]

>>18809659 "Have a plan to kill everyone you meet"/Gen Mad Dog Mattis werdz


>>18809676, >>18809686, >>18809695, >>18809702, >>18809728, >>18809740, >>18809750, >>18809755, >>18809879, >>18810185 Meatball Ron Bun





>>18809684 PF Elvis55 lands at Smyna AP in Nashville after being in Puerto Rico

>>18809685 Catholic Charities connection to Podesta. old digs

>>18809725, >>18809918 >>1880997 Alberta announced a state of emergency on Saturday (May 6 2023) as wildfires flared across the Canadian province

>>18809742 Desantis

>>18809749 Scientists discover massive metal “structure” under surface of the moon and are now trying to figure out what it is

>>18809778, >>18809795 Trump Trial Thread Day 7 (2 days ago)


>>18809846 Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was September 19, 2022, 666

>>18810013 7 months ago Whistleblowers Roundtable with Kevin Shipp, Bill Binney & John Kiriakou

VIDEO - Whistleblowers Roundtable with Kevin Shipp, Bill Binney & John Kiriakou [2:13:02] [Channel: Crowdsource the Truth]

>>18810070 interesting thread on half last night

>>18810076 2019 Q validity

>>18810102, >>18810171, >>18810270 Musk Tweets & memes

>>18810160 Donald Trump Gives Deposition in Jean Carroll Rape, Defamation Case

VIDEO - Donald Trump Gives Deposition in Jean Carroll Rape, Defamation Case [Channel: Law&Crime Network]

>>18810169 Tucker Carlson - Oxford AL 5/4/23 Key note Address for the Rainbow Omega Foundation

VIDEO - Tucker Carlson - Oxford AL 5/4/23 Key note Address for the Rainbow Omega Foundation [Channel: Mark McMillan]


>>18810212 The Battle Within the Club is Escalating Now


VIDEO - EyesIsWatchin Podcast #96 - Banks Collapse, CBDCs Incoming, World War [Channel: EyesIsWatchin]

>>18810253, >>18810288 @elonmusk Make Orwell Fiction Again

>>18810323 Oklahoma bans first 13 companies from state business for ESG policies

(26 notables, 40 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:25 a.m. No.18830869   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18810333 Q Research General #23086: It's Time To Wake Up EBAKe edition

Created 071153ZMAY23


>>18810336 #23086

>>18810337 Oklahoma bans first 13 companies from state business for ESG policies

>>18810350 Between 2011 and 2019, the New York Times and the Washington Post increased their usage of the words "racist," "racists," and "racism" by over 700%

>>18810352 Karl Jenkins or 45? For the keks

>>18810354 Now EVERYBODY Hates Bud Light

>>18810370 New Poll released by ABC/Washington Post has Trump trouncing DeSantis by almost 30

>>18810393 @realDonaldTrump RINOs killed National Review

>>18810427 Trump shares his experience at the opening night of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’

VIDEO - Trump shares his experience at the opening night of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ [2:03] [Channel: Just The News]

>>18810445 2013-2017 Ehud Barak met with Jeffrey Epstein dozens of times, flew on private plane

>>18810449 Cody's Wish wins The Churchill Downs (GI) on #KyDerby day.

>>18810465 Planefag:KECK215

>>18810475, >>18810519, >>18810523 Biden did not attend the coronation of King Charles in London on Saturday, but his official delegation broke with American tradition

>>18810506 The Republican Party is not positioning to win the 2024 election. The goal of the republican party is to remove the threat represented by Donald Trump

>>18810562, >>18810566, >>18810686 Tucker and Tulsi Gabbard interview and Chuck Schumer is an Asshole

VIDEO - Tucker Carlson Today | Tulsi Gabbard [1:05] [Channel: Randy1743]


>>18810720, >>18810758 Ky Derby horses get euthanized. These are all comms anon and we need to dig.

>>18810803, >>18810804 Mage, Kentucky Derby winner, is son of Good Magic. Here's more to know about his pedigree, #8

>>18810813 #23085

>>18810844 Comer on it


>>18810868, >>18810893, >>18810925, >>18810957 @realDonaldTrump Crooked prosecutors of Garland, beat them at their own game/0 delta KEK

>>18810902, >>18810931, >>18810982 @realDonaldTrump In the History of our Country, there have never been Crowds like a MAGA Crowd, Where is DeSantis

>>18810987 China’s Gold Splurge Reaches Sixth Month as Reserves Rise Again

>>18811005, >>18811044 @realDonaldTrump Fresh Freedom FF

>>18811034 ⚡️It’s official, documents have been signed, Syria is now a member of the Arab league again.

>>18811063 #23086

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:25 a.m. No.18830871   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18811059 Q Research General #23087: NO NEW BAKERS! UNION IS FULL! wink Edition

Created 071613ZMAY23


>>18811075 #23087



>>18811104 US launches another ministry of truth

>>18811105 Cleveland Clinic Study Reveals More COVID Vax Doses = MORE COVID


>>18811106 Hidden occult religion philosophically explained(wokeism/marx). James Lindsay part 1

>>18811119 Today, the Arab League unanimously adopted a resolution to lift the freeze on Syria’s membership, requests all foreign forces, including US troops and mercenaries/militias/terrorists, to leave Syria

>>18811135, >>18811147, >>18811165 They’re getting ready to drop it all? August is hot?

>>18811137 Ukraine vows to keep killing Russians worldwide

>>18811162, >>18811196, >>18811205 Tucker wants his freedom, Faux will pay, heads will explode

>>18811169 @MELANIATRUMP Today, on the 5th anniversary of my Be Best initiative…..

>>18811249 US asked Türkiye for access to Russian air defense system

>>18811274 EU defenseless against China – Berlusconi

>>18811278, >>18811306 2021 The strange story of Ted Hilk, MIT graduate

>>18811291 Stimulus check update: Direct payment worth $800 to be paid out to recipients in nine days

>>18811307 California reparations panel approves payments of up to $1.2 million to every Black resident

>>18811364 Thread on Hack of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic

>>18811384 Sen. Kyrsten Sinema says she has no interest in becoming a Republican

>>18811400, >>18811437, >>18811539, >>18811714 A group of Venezuelan ILEGAL inmigrants was run over in a road car accident vid 7 dead


>>18811422 San Bernardino County pays $1.1-million ransom over Sheriff's Department hack

>>18811456, >>18811485 Pornhub co-owner, Solomon Friedman, a criminal defense lawyer, private equity partner and ordained rabbi, 'enthusiastic supporter of age verification,' it will not operate in jurisdictions with laws requiring sites to collect user data

>>18811472, >>18811555, >>18811605 Potential for One Million Illegal Alien Migrants May 11th With Biden Ending Title 42

VIDEO - Title 42 Ending! Border Surge! Could This Be The SWAMPS Last Fatal Mistake? 5-6-23 David Nino Rodri [Channel: levtcs]

VIDEO - Live - Border Coverage - Streets of Brownsville - Day 7 [Channel: Oreo Express]

>>18811481 Qpost review for 5-7-xx deltas

VIDEO - Ty Baker | Qpost review 5-7-xx [31:31] [Channel: Qrumb Decodes , Qposts & memes]

>>18811482 “This Poll is Brutal For Biden”

>>18811533 PF VADER51 out of PHX SE Bound

>>18811622 Texas outlet mall mass shooter identified as 33 year-old Mauricio Garcia

>>18811664 @PostGuam Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Pacific awarded a $106,898,463 firm-fixed price task order to Core Tech-HDCC-Kajima LLC

>>18811743 "My message to the Department of Justice is very loud and clear. Do not indict Hunter Biden before Wednesday,"Comer

>>18811824 #23087

(27 notables, 38 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:26 a.m. No.18830873   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18811826 Q Research General #23088: BE BEST Anniversary Today Edition

Created 071851ZMAY23


>>18811836 #23088

>>18811859 George Stephanopoulos Breaks Down Jawdropping New Poll Showing Trump Clobbering Biden

>>18811865 Republican Oversight Committee Wants Answers From John Kerry About His Secret Talks With China

>>18811870, >>18812086 Series of ads dug up from the 1990's by Bud-Lite featuring men dressed as women to get free beer!

VIDEO - Budweiser PANIC As ‘Transphobic’ Bud Light Ads Resurface From 1990’s | These Are Hilarious 😂 [Channel: Benny Johnson]

>>18811871 PF reports

>>18811873 FBI Seizes Couple’s Life-Savings Without Charging Them of Crime - they fight back

>>18811880 US Heading Toward Power Grid 'Reliability Crisis,' Energy Commissioner Warns

>>18811883 Biden Crime Family Financial Scandal Is “Biggest Foreign Corruption Scandal in American History”

>>18811888, >>18811914, >>18811979 Cannabis Use Causes Almost a Third of Schizophrenia Cases in Young Men: Study

VIDEO - Ronald Reagan: "Marijuana… is probably the most dangerous drug" [Channel: akchuk]

>>18811891 At Least One in Five Women Now Own Guns

>>18811895 AI has the potential to replace workers, spread “disinformation,” and enable cyberattacks

>>18811899 Texas GOP Rep. Says Americans Should Carry Guns To Stop Active Shooters, Following Mall Shooting

>>18811902, >>18811945 Zelensky Meets with BlackRock Vice Chairman Biden setting stage for pardoning Hunter as he frames potential DOJ charges as 'political witch hunt': Devine

>>18811933 Moar Ted Hilk diggz

>>18811948 They’re not sending troops to the border to protect it…

>>18811958 Disney+ Greenlights German Original About Pregnant Teen Who Falls In Love With The Devil

>>18811966 Nanotech Found In Dental Anesthetics: Nanotech Found In Vaxx Also Observed In Dental Drugs.

VIDEO - Report: Nanotech Found In Dental Anesthetics: Nanotech Found In Vaxx Also Observed In Dental Drugs [10:27] [Channel: Stew Peters Network]

>>18811972, >>18812231, >>18812268 Six killed when cars rams Texas shelter



>>18811978 @RealJamesWoods I always love promoting my dear friend and honored patriot, ⁦@GarySinise⁩, as he celebrates vets - upcoming event

>>18811986 Comer to the DOJ: “Do Not Indict Hunter Biden Before Wednesday”

>>18811992 Bonnie Straight, wife of American State National movement leader David Lester Straight, sentenced to 5 years in prison for gun carry charge

>>18811997 US arms shipments to Taiwan lag as Biden prioritizes Ukraine

>>18812011 Princes William and Harry may have visited paedo billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion when they were children

>>18812016 The United States asked Turkey for access to the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems purchased from Russia for their study

>>18812034 Minnesota Governor Tim Walz breaks promise, signs partisan elections "overhaul" package

>>18812163 Tucker Carlson to Unleash Hell On Fox News

>>18812169 Potato tweets

>>18812179 Ex-Russian space boss questions US Moon landing

>>18812184 Epstein BOMBSHELL! Chomsky And Others Appear Compromised | Reality Rants With Jason Bermas

>>18812195 Hospital nurse admits killing at least TWENTY coronavirus patients because he didn't want to see them suffer

>>18812225, >>18812272 Texas State Law Enforcement Identifies Shooter Responsible for Killing Eight

>>18812228, >>18812246 John Solomon: Texas launches probe into children's medical center for potentially 'illegal' trans procedures

>>18812250 World Food Programme suspends 60% of Palestinian aid


>>18812263 Ukraine news on Wagner group from RT

>>18812306 Poland losing billions over Russian oil ban

>>18812376 In just 20 minutes, WAPO blamed two mass killings committed by Hispanic dudes on white supremacy and an SUV

>>18812444 Is sinking Biden ship causing some dems to jump off?

>>18812502, >>18812512 UFO' seen flying over King Charles' Coronation as mystery object spotted over aircraft

>>18812519 Mayhem Unfolds In Oakland As Soros-Backed DA Fails To Enforce Law And Order

>>18812564 Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination


>>18812597 Media Matters awards top honors to Q vids on Rumble - way to go!

(41 notables, 50 posts)


Q- >>18812212

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:26 a.m. No.18830874   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18812629 Q Research General #23089: EBAKE

Created 072256ZMAY23


>>18812632 #23089

>>18812660 Oregon secretary of state resigns over lucrative weed contract Fagan’s resignation is effective May 8.

>>18812664, >>18812676 Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination



>>18812718 #Binance outflow data confirms largest withdrawal in it's history, over 162,000 $BTC, over $4.6 Billion

>>18812761 #23088

>>18812769, >>18812803 Refresher 2016: Dissecting the #PizzaGate Conspiracy Theories

>>18812802, >>18812894 Trans Activist Who Disrupted Texas Legislature Touts Partnership with Vodka Retailer Smirnoff

>>18812814, >>18812827 Kissinger makes Ukraine peace prediction With China involved, serious negotiations could begin by the end of the year

>>18812865 Moar on Mauricio Garcia Latino White Supremacist

>>18812890 Ukrainian agents have been arrested while attempting to attack a military airfield in central Russia with drones

>>18812950, >>18812983, >>18813089, >>18813094, >>18813114 Google co-founder MIA in Epstein lawsuit – Virgin Islands/PF tracked

>>18813056 Tucker Carlson spoke to Elon Musk about working together

>>18813061, >>18813100, >>18813146 Couple claims cartel spies on ranch as cameras catch hundreds of migrants



>>18813115 Launch of Cyclone-Tracking TROPICS CubeSats from New Zealand

VIDEO - Launch of Cyclone-Tracking TROPICS CubeSats from New Zealand (Official NASA Broadcast) [Channel: NASA]

>>18813163 TX: I asked DHS Secretary Mayorkas why single adult males (traveling without family members) from Venezuela with no family here

>>18813169 FULL VIDEO: Trump deposition in E. Jean Carroll rape trial

VIDEO - FULL VIDEO: Trump deposition in E. Jean Carroll rape trial [Channel: FOX 5 New York]

>>18813209 Devolution - Part 24 Blinken You'll Miss It

>>18813222 Refresher: Mara Salvatrucha 13

>>18813223 Nicolas “Nick” Gilbert, the son of Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has died. He was 26

>>18813248 Linux is Digital Freedom!

>>18813296 @GenFlynn to Comer: Tater peachmint: Talk is cheap! Bring it and we will stand behind the GOP to get this done.

>>18813345 @realDonaldTrump Melania, congratulations on doing a truly great job!

>>18813358 #23089

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:26 a.m. No.18830876   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18813359 Q Research General #23090: We Are Going To Need A New Vodka Brand Edition

Created 080143ZMAY23


>>18813372 #23090

>>18813403, >>18813491 California Defaults On $18.6 Billion In Debt, Saddling Employers With The Expense

>>18813438 @ReadeAlexandra- I want to make something clear. If something happens to me, all roads lead to Joe Biden.

>>18813459 Vallucos linked to top-tier Texas gangs

>>18813468 Robert Kennedy Jr. blames CIA for JFK assassination, fueling controversial claim

>>18813502, >>18813601 Tucker Carlson knows 'where a lot of bodies are buried'

>>18813510 Taylor Swift concert in Nashville is under a shelter in place due to lightning

>>18813529 @realDonaldTrump So funny to watch Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd on Meet the Fake Press interview the very unpopular former Governor of Arkansas…

>>18813536 James Comer Pledges to Help Distract Americans from Title 42 Expiration and Border Swarm by Holding Press Conference

>>18813541 Qpost review for todays qposts, May 7th

VIDEO - Ty Baker | Qpost review 5-7-xx [31:31] [Channel: Qrumb Decodes , Qposts & memes]

>>18813620 DOJ accused of colluding with the CCP to arrest Chinese billionaire and anti-communist Miles Guo

>>18813631 The Dirty Truth #6 With Special Guest Ric Grenell

VIDEO - The Dirty Truth #6 With Special Guest Ric Grenell [29:48] [Channel: RealDirty]

>>18813682 Liberal Utopia: Two-Mile-Long Vehicle Encampment Spotted In California

>>18813721 Kissinger makes Ukraine peace prediction

>>18813847 PF Update

>>18813908 @chiefnerd ·– Chelsea Clinton Announces 'The Big Catch-Up' Initiative Which Will Be 'The Largest Childhood Immunization Effort Ever'

>>18813918, >>18813931, >>18813970, >>18813983 JUST IN: the largest outflow of Bitcoin ever out of Binance has just occurred, more than 175,000 Bitcoins

>>18814108 #23090

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:27 a.m. No.18830878   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18814146 Q Research General #23091: James Comer Distraction Title 42 Swarm by Holding Press Conference Editio

Created 080525ZMAY23


>>18814152 #23091

>>18814172, >>18814496 DJT TS w/CAP: So funny to watch Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd on Meet the Fake Press interview the very unpopular former Governor of Arkansas…

>>18814439 Jill Biden and Granddaughter Wear Their Support of Ukraine at Coronation

>>18814490 STARVE FOR THE CLIMATE: European Union partners with Dutch government to shut down dairy, cattle, pig, and poultry farms across the country

>>18814545 Manmade: Studies Suggest That Wind Parks Cause Climate Change, Even Regional Drought

>>18814560 Hunter evidence is coming out to the public.

>>18814598 Lara Logan TS w/CAP: Let’s play “Connect The Dots”. Let me know when you see it:

>>18814714 Zakharova on Zelensky's cancelation of May 9 Victory Day Celebration: "the incarnation of Judas" in the 21st century

>>18814722 Guys like this are the ones people laugh at now but they'll be sitting atop a mountain of skulls when it all collapses.


>>18814744 Massive drone, missile strikes reported in Ukraine. Kiev as well as the Odessa, Chernigov and Dnepropetrovsk Regions

>>18814754 West must be ready for unfavorable outcome in Ukraine – Czech president

>>18814771 Gov. Abbot live on FB for border update. 10 year sentence for anyone assisting smugglers…

>>18814825 1.25 Million Have 'Top Secret' Access in the U.S. (as of 10/2019 analysis)

>>18814835, >>18814837 Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Keeps Calling Rape ‘Sexy’, As Social Media Notices Her Story Matches a 2012 Law & Order Episode. Mistrial denied.

>>18814868 Central Bank Gold Buying Off To A Record-Breaking Start In 2023, Led By Singapore

>>18814917 John Cleese in hysterics over King Charles’s Coronation - ‘It was a Monty Python sketch!’

VIDEO - John Cleese in hysterics over King Charles’s Coronation - ‘It was a Monty Python sketch!’ [Channel: GBNews]

>>18814922 #23091

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:27 a.m. No.18830880   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18814932 Q Research General #23092: Calm Before The Storm Edition

Created 081301ZMAY23


>>18814941 #23092

>>18814968 White House Live "Scheduled Events" for 08MAY23

>>18815001 Lara Trump: It's only going to get WORSE

VIDEO - It's only going to get WORSE [3:31] [Channel: Lara Trump]

>>18815018 US launches new 'ministry of truth'

>>18815022 A new Battleground Q thread is up

>>18815028 CIA involved in JFK’s murder – Robert Kennedy Jr

>>18815031 The GOP House & Senate unveiling a massive bribery network involving the Biden family on Wednesday

>>18815033 Meme of the Thread

>>18815035 What can China do in response to NATO’s foray into Asia?

>>18815039 Covid can never be eradicated – WHO

>>18815043 Abbott Governor of TX announced today Federal Government undermines USA Constitution

>>18815054 Anon Bun / (maybe a repeat) Fox news announcer orders public "Have a plan to kill everyone you meet" – still has job?

>>18815064 UFO Disclosure happening?

>>18815069 EFF demands King Charles to return ‘stolen’ Star of Africa diamond

>>18815073 Russia bombed a Red Cross Facility in Ukraine?

>>18815075 St Edward’s Crown - which is arguably the most famous crown jewel in the world

>>18815080 Fire at gold mine in Arequipa, Peru leaves 27 dead

>>18815099 IAEA issues warning over Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant

>>18815101 New York: Protests Against Death of Black Man who Threatened Subway Passengers

VIDEO - Jordan Neely's family calls Penny's statement 'admission of guilt' [Channel: Eyewitness News ABC7NY]

>>18815105 Man Charged With Hate Crime After Allegedly Shooting Two Men Because They Were White

>>18815112 Oklahoma Bans More than a Dozen Woke Banks from Doing Business with the State

>>18815116 #OTD in 1945, news about the Nazi surrender erupted all over the world

>>18815145 Happy #MelaniaMonday

>>18815149 Shooter found with 911 insignia?

>>18815150 Anon Bun / Oklahoma gets it right; Black American who allegedly shot White Americans named "hate crime" motive, politicized Banks banned from work with State.

>>18815156 Are they building temples at the border now?

>>18815204 May 8, 1945 marked the end of major combat in Europe, and V-E Day was recognized

>>18815216 @RepSwalwell Sorry, Marge. The shooter who your gun fetish policies helped arm wore a Right-Wing Death Squad patch

>>18815231 White House prepares for possible charges against Hunter Biden

>>18815266 Test shows explosive power of a lithium-ion battery thermal runaway

VIDEO - Test shows explosive power of a lithium-ion battery thermal runaway [Channel: CBS News]

>>18815270 Anon Bun / Conspiracy Treehouse explains how too many coincidences plus "Occam's Razor" lead to the conclusion that j6 event was staged.

>>18815279 Elon Musk Couldn’t Fix Twitter Even If He Wanted To?

>>18815301 Trump’s case assigned to Judge Ronnie Abrams.

>>18815310 Q3 yr deltas - Shadow Presidency

>>18815322 Ex-prosecutor approached DOJ in 2018 with witness who claimed Joe Biden involved in 'bribery'

>>18815339 Plane Fag Europe/Med activity

>>18815347 Who Are the 9 Secret Intel Officials Who Signed on to Hunter Biden Laptop Disinfo Letter

>>18815372 Biden’s Border Chief Says He Can’t Explain Border Rush

>>18815393 Anon Bun / vid "Summit on American Democracy [sic]" speaker explains how Democrat Pollworkers "pulled through" the election crisis.


>>18815398 2 of the 3 GTMO jets up

>>18815407 Anon Bun / Biden lies about jobs created, fact-checked by Twit.

>>18815409 Anon Bun / Eugenicists applaud their success after the clot-shot killed and maimed millions world-wide

>>18815424 Anon Bun / TOM FITTON: Biden strives to over-ride Congressional approval on the creation of Debt - which is Sedition.

>>18815436 Army: Peak-a-boo! (Letitia James?)

>>18815444 @Kash #KashsCorner, grab it n catch up:

VIDEO - Kash’s Corner: The DC Handshake Coverup and the Hunter Biden Scandal | 05-07-2023 [32:50] [Channel: BroadcastsNetwork]

>>18815445 Hunter Panic - Chinabiden and Partner Missing MP4


>>18815454 How Much More Involved is Antony Blinken in the Biden Laptop Coverup Scandal?

>>18815473 THORN22 E-4B Nightwatch departed Robins AFB NW heading to Offutt

>>18815483 Summit on American Democracy: Day 1


>>18815488 King Charles III Makes Surprise Appearance on ‘American Idol’ From Coronation Concert

>>18815560 Kek of the Thread

>>18815568 Golden pearls?


>>18815570 FOX Corp Demands Dominion Look into Leaks of Tucker Texts

>>18815578 - 'have a plan to kill everyone you meet'?

>>18815584, >>18815638 Anon Bun

>>18815690 #23092

(56 notables, 57 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:27 a.m. No.18830881   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18815695 Q Research General #23093: WH prepares for possible charges against Hunter Biden Edition

Created 081600ZMAY23


>>18815706 #23093


>>18815724 Weight Loss Brand Jenny Craig Files for Bankruptcy, Shuts Down

>>18815735 Ray Liotta’s Cause of Death Revealed

>>18815749 And Now you know

>>18815769 Anon Bun / ELON MUSK: why doe the Media misrepresent incidents of violence by Black Americans on White Americans?

>>18815790 DeSantis Drops Even Farther Behind President Trump In Latest

VIDEO - Richard Baris: DeSantis Drops Even Farther Behind President Trump In Latest Polls [7:59] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18815792 Durham! Conspiracy! Indictments! And Hilldog. Oh My! MP4


>>18815815 LIVE: Invasion in El Paso

VIDEO - Invasion in ElPaso [Channel: Anthony Aguero Live]

>>18815820 Doctor 'pulls baby's head off during childbirth #WTF!

>>18815821 Catholic Charities is Big Mad BUN

>>18815837 "Foreign Malign Influence Center" (FMIC) should cause concern for all citizens.

>>18815838 @USBPChief Past 72 Hours: Apprehensions….

>>18815861 Joe Biden's bribery allegations were brought to the DOJ in 2018

>>18815878 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

>>18815965 Biopharmaceutical CEO, UNC employee identified as two killed in fiery Chapel Hill wreck

>>18815974 We are about to take over the Georgia Republican party with MAGA candidates,

VIDEO - John Fredericks: 70 Brand New MAGA Delegates Help Take Over Georgia State Convention, RNC Takeover [4:42] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18815976 1345ET 'Tater Delivers Remarks on Holding Airlines Accountable

VIDEO - President Biden Delivers Remarks on Holding Airlines Accountable [Channel: The White House]

>>18815984 Anon Bun / Shooter in TX was a Latino "White Supremicist"?

VIDEO - On The Ground Footage Of Texas Shooting Disproves White Supremacist Narrative Surrounding Shooter [6:18] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18815988 PAT028 NW Bound out of Dobbins AFB

>>18815990 Americas Mama Bear #BeBest

>>18816003 Anon Bun / Rogan dog coms? "ZELDA" 14 yr. old puppy? "She was so judgmental, that when she loved you, you really knew you earned it"

>>18816019 Anon Bun / GATEWAY PUNDIT - Ray Liotta died of respiratory issues and acute heart failure, but (?) was he injected?

>>18816028 Allen, Texas mall shooter was removed from Army over mental health concerns

>>18816035 Texas has deployed their own Texas Tactical Border Force as migrants wait to storm the border once Title 42 ends.


>>18816046 What’s behind Syria’s return to the Arab League?

>>18816063 Anon Bun / TEXAS Rhino's support an open border- LARA LOGAN

VIDEO - Lara Logan: Texas Officals Are Complicit With Southern Border Invasion [10:15] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18816066, >>18816076, >>18816088 MP4, The UN & Clinton Foundation occupy an old US base in Panama to help supply illegal aliens on their way to America?


>>18816090 Anon Bun / UN and |Clinton Foundation colluded in Panama with a supply station for illegal alien invasion - DC_Drano

>>18816106 The DOJ Is Going to Indict Trump?

VIDEO - Stage Set For Donald Trump Imprisonment [Channel: Jesse Kelly]

>>18816112 Kremlin Responds To Ukraine Intel Chief's Threat To "Kill Russians Anywhere"

>>18816129 Climate Change Too Important To Be Left To Personal Choice

>>18816133 Hot Tater

VIDEO - President Biden Delivers Remarks on Holding Airlines Accountable [Channel: The White House]

>>18816143 Anon Bun / US askd Turkey to donate to Ukraine. DENIED

>>18816154 Who Are the 9 Secret Intel Officials Who Signed on to the Hunter Biden Laptop Disinfo Letter

>>18816166 Border INVASION Begins This Week

VIDEO - The Real Border INVASION Begins This Week and Even DEMS Are Panicking [6:12] [Channel: Dan Bongino Show Clips]

>>18816193 FDA: People Can Eat These Gene-Edited Pigs

>>18816215 Comer, Oversight Committee Republicans to Hold Press Conference on Investigation into the Biden Family

>>18816216 Massive Strike On Ukraine?

>>18816220 Kiev confirms that Biden administration sponsors terrorism

>>18816232 Colorado to allow DACA recipients to work as armed police officers #IllegalPolice

>>18816251 DJT - I am heading to Des Moines this Saturday to rally with the Great People of Iowa #RALLY

>>18816258 Anon Bun

>>18816268 Michelle Obama launches PLEZi Nutrition junk food company

>>18816283 Twitter to remove inactive accounts #RecordsPurged

>>18816284 Reid Hoffman/Epstein Connection

>>18816292 @HillaryClinton In Canada, red is my color.

>>18816331 @BernieSanders It’s time for us to move to a 32-hour work week with no loss in pay.

>>18816333 DeSantis prohibits CCP from buying or owning farmland

>>18816347 @CollinRugg Our southern border is a tool for literally any country to enter illegally. MP4 #AsianInvasion


>>18816359 REMINDER: Know your Bunkers

>>18816380 Numerous actors, musicians, and comedians participated in the "Drag Isn't Dangerous" online telethon

>>18816383 Anon connecting connections Obama - Missed Information Board


>>18816399 4KEKS @PapiTrumpo TITANIC GOING DOWN!!! MP4


>>18816414 US can’t explain what happened to Nord Stream

>>18816424 WE GOT TWEET STATEMENT (Cap) - Allen Texas.Trans Shooter connected

>>18816428 Ukraine cancels traditional holiday celebrating defeat of Nazis

>>18816448 @HillaryClinton The Supreme Court shouldn't be the only branch of the United States government without an enforceable code of ethics.

>>18816463 Kek of the Thread

>>18816469 #23093

(59 notables, 61 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:28 a.m. No.18830883   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18816474 Q Research General #23094: Title 42 Ending - DEFCON May 11th? Q511 Edition

Created 081950ZMAY23


>>18816502 'Life and death situation’: Unvaccinated mum challenges hospital’s ‘no jab, no heart’ policy

>>18816507 Report: IRS Whistleblower’s Lawyers Meet with Congressional Investigators on Hunter Biden Tax Probe

>>18816522 Zelensky signs decree on celebrating Europe Day instead of Victory Day on May 9 in Ukraine. On May 8, Ukrainian President proposes to celebrate the Day of Remembrance and victory over Nazism in World War II

>>18816525, >>18816529 ‘Snow ISIS’

>>18816535 'Excess deaths' in UK rise

VIDEO - Excess deaths in UK rise [Channel: Dr. John Campbell]

>>18816551 [Alphabet Company] has failed to comply with a subpoena related to federal government officials working with technology firms to censor content.

>>18816564 @RonFilipkowski The German Army in WWII had 150,000 soldiers of Jewish descent. Hitler personally approved 77 senior officers who were Jewish, including 25 Generals.

>>18816620, >>18816680, >>18816689, >>18817186 Why are they so clean after marching 1000s of miles?

>>18816633 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks on assassinations of his uncle and father

>>18816640 Chilean Right Triumphs In Key Vote On Attempt To Impose 'World's Most Progressive' Constitution

>>18816691 Sidney Powell - Defending The Republic Newsletter

>>18816779 The Psyche & Philosophy Behind Mind Control w/ Justin Deschamps

VIDEO - EP. 241: The Psyche & Philosophy Behind Mind Control w/ Justin Deschamps [2:37:32] [Channel: CourtenayTurner]

>>18816824, >>18816909, >>18817079 Special Coverage: Kari Lake Status Conference, BACK IN COURT 17th @9AM

VIDEO - Badlands Media Special Coverage: Kari Lake Status Conference [0] [Channel: Badlands Media]

>>18816844 DOJ seeks 25 years in jail for Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes

>>18816857 US Virgin Islands can't find Google co-founder Larry Page to subpoena him in a lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase for 'enabling Epstein's sex-trafficking ring' - as prosecutors try to reach him through parent [Company Alphabet]

>>18816989 TX pol Dade Phelen stalls on "Family Friendly" drag show ban, hires twitchy lawyers to bury facts.

>>18816993, >>18817080 White House bans media from Biden event as Hunter indictment looms

>>18816999 Joe Biden Accuser Tara Reade Declares ‘I Am Not Suicidal’ After Invite to Testify to Congress

>>18817019 Ex-prosecutor approached DOJ in 2018 with witness who claimed Joe Biden involved in 'bribery'

>>18817026 Biden’s Border Chief Says He 'Can’t Explain' Border Rush

>>18817053 A new EU sanctions package calls for sanctions against more than 35 companies from Iran, China, Armenia and more because they allegedly support the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation - Bloomberg

>>18817065 ICYMI: Truth by Donald J. Trump “Crooked Joe Biden has still not visited the incredible Patriots of East Palestine, and Mayor Pete couldn’t get out of there fast enough. But that’s ok — our movement will be their voice, and we will NEVER forget them.”

>>18817082, >>18817130 TURBINES OF DEATH

>>18817153 bill gates and cdc funded the national pta?

>>18817192 Brett Favre Stands With Tucker, Calls for Fox News Boycott

>>18817203 Texas preparing to send ‘thousands more’ migrants to NYC, Chicago and other sanctuary cities this week

>>18817204 Citizen Journalist Investigates Four Residences in New York and Uncovering More Victims of @actblue linked Donation Scheme


>>18817207 Florida recently implemented E-Verify and it has caused its construction sites to stop.

>>18817234 In Plainview ISD (Plainview South Elementary School in in Plainview, Texas), a first grade little girl was sexually assaulted by multiple boys in her classroom, with the teacher in the room. It was filmed on a school iPad.

(29 notables, 37 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:28 a.m. No.18830884   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18817267 Q Research General #23095: EBAKE

Created 082249ZMAY23


>>18817272 #23095

>>18817284 RIP John Roland, a great and preeminent Newscaster in New York City

>>18817291 Hero employee loses life after hiding shoppers while shooter kills nine

>>18817299 Ordinary people challenge battery plant with ties to CCP

>>18817305 What is a WHITE HISPANIC?

>>18817314 In 2015, RFKjr said those opposing global warning narrative should be "punished"

>>18817317, >>18817892 NIH renews grant to organization that funded coronavirus experiments in Wuhan

>>18817325 Is WHO planning for 10 years of pandemics (2020 to 2030)?

>>18817326 Deceased COVID-19 vaccine recipient payments and funeral costs

>>18817332 NLPC Chairman Peter Flaherty is Arrested During Berkshire Shareholder Proposal Presentation

>>18817344 EndoftheRoad News on Tora3

VIDEO - EndOfTheRoadNews 4 9, 2023 - Tiger Network [Channel: EndOfTheRoadNews]

>>18817353 Who Are the 9 Secret Intel Officials Who Signed on to Hunter Biden Laptop Disinfo Letter “Who Cannot Be Named Publicly”

>>18817355 Kari Lake for AZ Governor - Lake is not giving up


>>18817356 Germany surrendered today in 1945

>>18817361 Poso: to Hayden, Remember when you signed the Hunter laptop letter, you piece of human shit?

>>18817372 Musk confirms Twitter to purge inactive accounts, warns users of follower drops

>>18817403 WV Sec State says 2020 election was fraudulent - the first of many?

>>18817404 RE male-to-female transitioning: if they got periods (ouch), would end the trend within 28 days

>>18817415 per LIFENEWS: Chinese atheists create chimera; blends between species.

>>18817432 New weapon ‘changing course’ of Ukraine conflict – Telegraph

>>18817436 Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan arrives in Moscow

>>18817440 ActBlue scandal continues – Okeefe


>>18817448 Florida lawmakers pass bill allowing radioactive material to be built into Florida roads

>>18817454 There are 3,457 active Starlink satellites at this moment.

>>18817462 Italy urges citizens to leave Ukraine

>>18817473 Children removed from home in Virginia, Terrant County TX Bass family implicated; call to dig


>>18817501 Victory Day celebration today; Russia use to be our ally against NAZI. What changed?

>>18817558 Shooter story gets questioned by Elon and "Redheaded libertarian on Twit

>>18817571 Red Cross Society warehouse blown up in Odesa per "Defense of Ukraine" twit

>>18817602, >>18817624 Prepper warns of border invasion - Migrant invasion appears to be a fighting force.


>>18817612 Liz Robbins memorial at creepy St. John the Divine Cathedral NYC, per Hillary Clinton twit.

>>18817728 #23094 in #23095

>>18817735, >>18817742 Gag order on Trump out of (NY Southern District?) Manhattan criminal case regarding Smarmy Daniels

>>18817805 Kash Patel: Intel pros who lied to give Country to Biden, lawyer-up; "MARK ZAID represents 9 of the guys who signed the 51 intel letter"

VIDEO - Kash Patel: "Mark Zaid represents 9 of the guys who signed the 51 intel letter" [7:51] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18817809 academic who specializes in Eco-Green issues calls out Anarchists for Pedophilia


>>18817837 RFK jr., survivor of Deep State relentless attack on his family, remembers wisdom of POTUS JFK

>>18817872 Operation Shield and Arrow: IAF assassinates Islamic Jihad officials in Gaza

>>18817877 New York judge bars Trump from discussing certain evidence in DA Bragg prosecution

>>18817910 India: ethnic clashes in Manipur, at least 55 dead and 260 injured

>>18817948 COVID Tests Declared Unsafe, Mass Recall Issued

>>18817981 #23095

(41 notables, 44 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:28 a.m. No.18830887   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18817998 Q Research General #23096: ILLEGAL INVASION EDITION

Created 090105ZMAY23


>>18818021 #23096 Shout out to noter o7

>>18818023 Immigration World Poverty and Gumballs 2010, Call it "Thinning the herd!!!

VIDEO - Immigration and World Poverty Explained with GUMBALLS - Does Immigration Really Help The Poor? [Channel: Indicrat]

>>18818036, >>18818161, >>18818366 Seth Rogen Dead Dog Comms

>>18818072 Federal Authorities Seize 13 Internet Domains Associated with ‘Booter’ Websites that Offered DDoS Computer Attack Services

>>18818077, >>18818085, >>18818092, >>18818106, >>18818121, >>18818129, >>18818137, >>18818146, >>18818153, >>18818162, >>18818169, >>18818177 Jeremy Bash is One of the 51 Officials Who allegedly Misled Voters Before the 2020 Election (Hunter Biden Related) Michael V. Hayden Richard H. Ledgett Jr, Michael Vickers, Michael Morell, Leon Panetta, Glenn Gerstell, Jonna Hiestand Mendez,Kristin Wood, James Clapper, John E. McLaughlin, Douglas H. Wise

>>18818099 COVID Tests Declared Unsafe, Mass Recall Issued

>>18818125, >>18818349 John Solomon, Biden "Bribery" Probe Broadens

VIDEO - Breaking News with John Solomon, Biden "Bribery" Probe Broadens | TRIGGERED Ep. 31 [1:16:59] [Channel: Donald Trump Jr.]

>>18818130 Criminal Charges Unsealed Against Iranian National Hesam Fatehi Peykani for Immigration Fraud and Human Smuggling Conspiracy

>>18818151 Kash Patel: There is a pattern of officials investigating people that allege waste, fraud and abuse

>>18818159 MSNBC beat Fox News in demo ratings at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm on Friday by an average of 35 percent in each time slot cataclysmic

>>18818183, >>18818189 Robert F. Kennedy is on Sean Hannity show. Hannity is NOT HAPPY with what RJK jr. is saying. Hannity is a scum bag,

>>18818198 F35LTNG

>>18818211, >>18818379 Kari Lake Lawsuit Going Back to Trial May 17, 18, 19 – Attorney Kurt Olsen Makes BOMBSHELL Claim of “Extraordinary Findings of Misconduct” By Maricopa County

>>18818213 Comer Asks DOJ to Delay Potential Hunter Biden Prosecution Until GOP Press Conference

>>18818222 Liz Harrington ~ Trump sitting at 27% of the "Black Vote" in Wisconsin "This tells me his numbers are much higher."

VIDEO - Liz Harrington: Polls [5:23] [Channel: RedpillUSAPatriots]

>>18818243, >>18818491 President Trump being GAGGED from speaking about his WITCH HUNT communist show trial is a DISGRACE,ELECTION INTERFERENCE

>>18818299 "Tidal wave" of asylum seekers could head to New York City when Title 42 expires

>>18818306, >>18818328 PF RAIDR37, out of MCAS Mirmar Descending through 5000 Squawking 4665

>>18818314, >>18818323, >>18818348 Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt Defends Vetoing PBS Funding, Calls LGBTQ Child Programming ‘Indoctrination’

>>18818357 Thomas Massie: Is E-Verify actually Patriot Act 2.0?

>>18818367, >>18818425 NYC Catholic Church Displays "God Is Trans" Exhibit

>>18818378 'roth shield and arrow'


>>18818381 Equal Justice Under the Law; More Hunter Biden Revelations

>>18818383 Agenda47: Protecting Students from the Radical Left and Marxist Maniacs

VIDEO - Agenda47: Protecting Students from the Radical Left and Marxist Maniacs [2:41] [Channel: DonaldTrump]

>>18818390, >>18818423 UNICEF Says More Than a Million Polio Vaccines Intended for Children Destroyed in Sudan W.H.O. noted these laboratories store dangerous pathogens for vaccine research

>>18818420 Sec. Blinken faces contempt of Congress charge after ignoring multiple House subpoenas

>>18818427 FBI Agents Break Rank, Slam Agency For Efforts To Shield Biden: ‘Entrenched With Partisan Politics’

>>18818463, >>18818469 Texas state GOP Rep. Bryan Slaton had to resign

>>18818479 Jean-Pierre: Joe Biden Would Veto Border Security Bill

>>18818485, >>18818530 JONAH89 (following COVE68)

>>18818518 Lockheed Martin AC-130J Ghostrider 16-5844

>>18818575 Donald Trump Issued ‘Gag Order’ Over Criminal Trial at Manhattan D.A.’s Request

>>18818577 Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the deployment of an additional 545 National Guardsmen

>>18818604 Maricopa officials conducted SECRET TESTING of tabulators on October 14th, 17th, & 18th” after the County’s Logic & Accuracy tests…

>>18818610 Liberal Billionaires Funded The Communist-Linked Group Pushing Jordan Neely Protests

>>18818633 PDJT: Have you gotten my #1 book?

>>18818655 Former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill says Jesus would not support 'everyone walking around with weapons of war'

>>18818660 Montel Williams says viewing video from Texas outlet mall shooting reminded him why he doesn't own a gun anymore

>>18818679 FTX co-founder Bankman-Fried files motions to dismiss all but three charges

>>18818681 Covid Tests Declared Unsafe, Recalled By The FDA

>>18818707 Winning the Gender War | with Stella & Alasdair

VIDEO - Winning the Gender War | with Stella & Alasdair (On Location in Ireland) [Channel: Benjamin A Boyce]

>>18818786 #230096

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:30 a.m. No.18830891   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18818795 Q Research General #23097: Late Night Shiptoastin EDITION

Created 090351ZMAY23


>>18818801, >>18819566 #23097

>>18818813, >>18818845, >>18818878, >>18819044 NLPC Chairman Peter Flaherty Arrested During Berkshire Shareholder Proposal Presentation After Connecting CEO Warren Buffett to Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein


>>18818879 US threatened WWII vets over Victory Day parade – envoy

>>18818932 Julian Assange: Australian MPs urge US ambassador to end extradition bid

>>18818937 PF Report

>>18818945 Live link for VICTORY DAY PARADE & PUTIN SPEECH:

>>18818997 Rod Rosenstein refused to investigate Bidan when the 2018 whistleblower came to them saying he had verifiable proof Bidan was being bribed as VP. Wray is doing the same thing today

VIDEO - Frank Gaffney: "We are at war with the CCP, and it's a war that has been going on for decades" [13:40] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18819065 Hannity segment with RFK Jr - 8MAY23

VIDEO - RFK Jr [10:19] [Channel: RedpillUSAPatriots]

>>18819071 Alex STEIN and CROWDER need to be cancelled from any legit conservative or Christian any thing


>>18819089 Why is the head of the Teacher's Union constantly in Ukraine?

>>18819105, >>18819108 Shawn Ryan/Ryan Montgomery (vid)

VIDEO - Ryan Montgomery - #1 Ethical Hacker Who Hunts Child Predators Catches One Live On Podcast | SRS #56 [Channel: Shawn Ryan Show]

>>18819173, >>18819186, >>18819197 Live VICTORY PARADE on Red Square + moar

>>18819212, >>18819218, >>18819220, >>18819235, >>18819237, >>18819255, >>18819262, >>18819276, >>18819302, >>18819320, >>18819356, >>18819373, >>18819385, >>18819393, >>18819397, >>18819515 Border Invasion: Alan, Welcome Aboard?

>>18819221 Tom Hanks' debut novel lifts lid on movie industry, and his on-set behaviour

>>18819301 @DineshDSouza: AG Garland Makes Significant Announcement About John Durham's Probe

>>18819308 California's New Hotline Program: Snitching on Your Neighbors for 'Hateful' Activity

>>18819317 @RepThomasMassie: E-verify bill contains vague references to two pilot programs of non-photo tech. What is it?

>>18819321 Threadreader: Flynn Lawsuit related to Q

>>18819327, >>18819333 President Of Group Tied To Hunter's Ukraine Biz deals appointed to AF Academy Board of Visitors

>>18819351 Pierre Kory on mass censorship

>>18819386, >>18819407 Tomorrow's delta: Q replied to his own 2 year Delta (Comer tomorrow)

>>18819391 Former Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has been arrested.

>>18819404 #ChuckGrassley: Kicked off gr8er Des Moines Partnership’s DSM DC trip this morning in the 4AM hr at dsm airport

>>18819423 BREAKING - China warns Canada: "We advise the Canadian side to immediately stop its unreasonable provocations," foreign ministry spokesman said."

>>18819544 Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has been arrested during a court appearance in Islamabad over corruption allegations…



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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:30 a.m. No.18830893   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18819586 Q Research General #23098: Tuesday Morning Melania Edition

Created 091212ZMAY23


>>18819594 #23098

>>18819601, >>18819604, >>18820183 @realDonaldTrump DeSanctimonious put off his announcement until June because his numbers are sooo BAD

>>18819615, >>18819780 Far-Left Judge Juan Merchan Blocks Trump From Posting Details About Stormy Daniels ‘Hush Payment’

>>18819642 @realDonaldTrump I’ll be doing CNN tomorrow night, LIVE from the Great State of New Hampshire

>>18819726 More Indians own property in UK than English themselves

>>18819741 Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy

VIDEO - Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy - 05/09/2023 - Tiger Network [Channel: Deestevensvoice4you]

>>18819770 Kash: Never before have i ever heard a judge barring the defendant from access to evidence

>>18819786 The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has set up a body to counter foreign ‘disinformation’

>>18819808 Rep. Lance Gooden told why he is supporting Donald Trump over Ron DeSantis

>>18819813 Melania goes public to say she is 'fully BEHIND' Trump's 2024 bid

>>18819827 Text Reveals Jesse Watters Wanted Network to Fire Never-Trump Host Tucker

>>18819831 Astonishing video footage appears to capture the moment an F-16 American fighter jet crashed

>>18819833 Study presents large brain-like neural networks for AI

>>18819847, >>18820245 Glenn Greenwald announced his husband just passed away

VIDEO - Hunter Hypocrisy, and Trans vs. Girls Rights, with Glenn Greenwald, Carrie Prejean, and Britt Mayer [Channel: Megyn Kelly]

>>18819862, >>18819941, >>18820119, >>18820281, >>18820299, >>18820324 Pakistan News - Imran Kahn just arrested



>>18819925 Natalie Jean Beisner's #walkaway

>>18819932 Field Hearing, Staten Island, New York - Trade in America: Securing Supply Chains and Protecting the American Worker

VIDEO - Field Hearing on Trade in America: Securing Supply Chains & Protecting Workers – Staten Island [Channel: Ways and Means Committee Republicans]

>>18819957, >>18820017 ‘Squad’ Member Rashida Tlaib Slammed for Hosting Event Mourning ‘Catastrophe’ of Israel’s Founding

>>18819969 Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Pfizer VP - Pandemic was FAKE


>>18820028 It Gets Worse For Bud Light Chicago Gay Bars Join The Boycott

VIDEO - It Gets Worse For Bud Light Chicago Gay Bars Join The Boycott [Channel: Conservative Twins]

>>18820037, >>18820238, >>18820268, >>18820278, >>18820309 America First Legal Releases New Documents Obtained from Lawsuit Against CISA Further Exposing the Deep State

>>18820049 @GhiamSarnegouni has obtained 50 TB of data/docs from #Iran's Foreign Ministry

>>18820090, >>18820100, >>18820294 PlaneFag CONUS activity

>>18820094, >>18820140 Nuclear Iran has support of Xi, Putin?

>>18820101, >>18820103 America's processed food problem exposed

>>18820127, >>18820132 Voice of God" technology


>>18820150 We are now living through Biden’s end game for the border.

>>18820216 Brock Pierce call to dig

>>18820228, >>18820312 Tim Scott to FHFA regarding GSE's

>>18820253, >>18820256, >>18820282, >>18820283 @45/Q's/Deltas

>>18820275 So Peter Strzok’s wife is in charge of the Sam Bankman-Fried/Clinton/FTX money laundering investigation

>>18820302 @mikepompeo Texas is stepping up and sending police to the border, but they shouldn’t have to.

>>18820326 @US_CYBERCOM Alongside our interagency and partners, we’ve exposed a Russian intel FSB Center 16 implant, called ‘Snake’

>>18820348 #23098

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:30 a.m. No.18830897   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18820350 Q Research General #23099: Constitutional Carry On Display Edition

Created 091549ZMAY23


>>18820357 #23099


>>18820372, >>18820388, >>18820403, >>18820410, >>18820411, >>18820743 Moar on Imran Khan arrest

VIDEO - Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan arrested | PTI claims 'Imran badly injured' | Pakistan News | WION [Channel: WION]



>>18820392, >>18820406 Erik Prince: The United States' Long-Term Enemy Is The CCP, The Collapse Of American Credibility

VIDEO - Erik Prince: The United States' Long-Term Enemy Is The CCP, The Collapse Of American Credibility [12:18] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18820405 The United Nations took action in the wake of George Floyd’s

>>18820409 Secretary Antony J. Blinken holds a joint press availability with UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly

VIDEO - Secretary Blinken holds a joint press availability with UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly 12:15 PM [Channel: U.S. Department of State]

>>18820413 Derek Johnson and Title 42 breakdown

VIDEO - Derek Johnson and Title 42 breakdown [1:49:26] [Channel: RattleTrap1776]

>>18820443 ICYMI: Farage: The Trump Interview | Wednesday 3rd May

VIDEO - Farage: The Trump Interview | Wednesday 3rd May [Channel: GBNews]

>>18820485 The pregnancy prevention plants are the handiwork of the San Diego biotechnology company Epicyte, researchers have discovered a rare class of human antibodies that attack sperm

>>18820490 Ousted Caritas chief denounces Vatican 'power grab'

>>18820521, >>18820690, >>18820740, >>18820751, >>18820797, >>18820828, >>18820854, >>18820908 Press Briefing by Press Secretary Buckwheat

VIDEO - Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre [Channel: The White House]

>>18820531 @realdonaldtrump Waiting for a jury decision on a False Accusation where I, despite being a current political candidate

>>18820539 @MELANIATRUMP I enjoyed the open and sincere discussion I had this past weekend, over lunch, with a group of teens from the foster care

>>18820545 Canada condemns the demolition of the donor funded school in Jubbet Ad-Dhib.

>>18820580 Google breaks ground on 2 data centers in central Ohio

>>18820582 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Shadows of Earth

>>18820590 Suffolk calls on OSHA to require suicide awareness training

>>18820596, >>18820693 Silver: $50…this is the bank killer…not gold.

>>18820613, >>18820615 Elon is literally shining the light on glowie front companies now/bellingcat

>>18820635, >>18820659, >>18820680 Barroon ober Illinois

>>18820671 Defense Department Spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder briefs reporters at the Pentagon on a range of issues

>>18820694, >>18820745 German chancellor objects to WWII victory parade in Moscow

>>18820723 “I Really Touched the Third Rail on a Mention of Jeffrey Epstein”

>>18820728 Qpost review for today’s drops; Faith in God

VIDEO - Taco Tuesday | Qpost review 5-9-xx [41:35] [Channel: Qrumb Decodes , Qposts & memes]

>>18820732 This morning, Fort Hood will be redesignated Fort Cavazos/Gen. Richard Edward Cavazos

>>18820905 Hunter Biden arranged NYC meeting between VP Biden and Rosemont-connected business associate

>>18820921 PlaneFag CONUS update

>>18820934, >>18821023 DoD Releases National Defense Science and Technology Strategy

>>18820950 Spike Protein Damage is triggered by the Covid pathogen, but more damaging by the mRNA vaxxes

>>18820959 Humans arrived in the Americas 26,000 years ago from CHINA, new research claims

>>18820975 “F*ck You Americans!” – Illegal Aliens Swear at and Insult News Reporters in a Heated Exchange in El Paso, Texas

>>18820988 Donald Trump Meets With Pro-Life Leaders, Pledges to Govern Pro-Life if Elected Again

>>18821004 Italy's Meloni To Pull Trigger On Belt & Road Exit In Major Blow To China

>>18821014, >>18821019 Ukraine peace talks now impossible – UN chief

>>18821058 NIH Renews Controversial Grant To EcoHealth For Coronavirus Bat Study

>>18821104 #23099

(35 notables, 55 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:31 a.m. No.18830899   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18821106 Q Research General #23100: Another 00 Milestone Acheived, Silver Godzirra Mound Crowned Edition

Created 091847ZMAY23


>>18821115 #23100-A

>>18821149 LinkedIn Slashes Over 700 Jobs, Closes China App Amid ‘Evolving Market’

>>18821156, >>18821234 Chuck Schumer Summons Democrat Caucus for More Gun Control

>>18821166 Pharma Giant Behind Botox, Breast Implants Bankrolled Doctors Pushing Trans Cosmetic Procedures

>>18821167 LIVE: Border Crisis in El Paso

VIDEO - Live - El Paso Tx - Border Coverage - Chaos - Day 9 [Channel: Oreo Express]

>>18821171, >>18821185, >>18821204, >>18821240, >>18821285, >>18821648 Not guilty on rape, guilty of defamation

VIDEO - Jurors Finds Donald Trump Guilty of Sexually Abusing writer E. Jean Carroll | USA News Live [Channel: CNN-News18]

>>18821187 Ex-FBI chief gave $100K to Biden grandkid trust as he sought ‘future work’

>>18821207 US, Taiwan in Talks on US Providing $500 Million in ‘Free’ Weapons

>>18821231 World at War

>>18821235 CNN: "Trump no longer eligible to run for President"

>>18821251 Swamp meets

>>18821324 US facing crisis of 'system-wide, extensive' blackouts, Energy Commissioner warns John Haughey The Epoch Times

>>18821327 Ukraine’s Defense Minister Says Lower Expectations of Counteroffensive

>>18821337 U.S. Agencies and Allies Partner to Identify Russian Snake Malware Infrastructure Worldwide

>>18821341 Ray Epps' wife in Natl diretor of sales for DOMINION

>>18821348, >>18821375, >>18821497 PDJT: No idea of this woman is, witch hunt continues

VIDEO - Donald Trump found guilty of sexually abusing E Jean Carroll in the 1990s [Channel: GBNews]

>>18821357 US Sanctions El Chapo’s Son; DEA Nabs over 3,300 Suspected Cartel Members

>>18821367 ICE arrests 14 known or suspected human rights violators during national operation

>>18821371 A huge strike from @JimJordan at the heart of the censorship-industrial complex

>>18821378 Ryan Montgomery - #1 Ethical Hacker Who Hunts Child Predators Catches One Live

VIDEO - Ryan Montgomery - #1 Ethical Hacker Who Hunts Child Predators Catches One Live On Podcast | SRS #56 [Channel: Shawn Ryan Show]

>>18821402 Did the FBI run nearly half the child porn sites on the dark web in 2016?


>>18821438 Stephen Miller Retweeted Mike Lee re debt limit

>>18821468 Jury finds Trump DID sexually abuse E. Jean Carroll; told to pay $5m damages

>>18821472 Emergency landing at Midland International Air and Space Port

>>18821482, >>18821716 Pentagon announces $1.2 billion Ukraine aid package

>>18821485 Arkansas Judge Suggests Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Reveal Prices of Paintings Sold to Anonymous Buyers

>>18821495 Biden’s Poll Numbers Look Awful

>>18821501 The US’ largest clean energy infrastructure project is kicking off construction

>>18821503 WHO New Health Regulations

VIDEO - WHO New Health Regulations [Channel: Dr. John Campbell]

>>18821506 Hunter Biden arranged NYC meeting between VP Biden and Rosemont-connected business associate

>>18821510 Sundance: Lara Logan, Texas Republican Politicians Working Against Border Security

>>18821512 @OKeefeMedia Trailer for upcoming O’Keefe Academy ‘Masterclass’ on Journalism Ethics

>>18821514 Investor arrested after linking Bill Gates to Jeffrey Epstein while criticizing Warren Buffet

>>18821517 Home prices fell in 31% of the U.S.

>>18821519 Elon Musk Calls The Allen Texas Mall Shooter Narrative “A Very Bad Psyop” - story came from BELLINGCAT

>>18821532 El Paso- Border patrol and ICE checking papers at migrant camp in downtown El Paso

>>18821538 PJ Media: Why Do They Keep Voting for This? Spelunking the Minds of Leftists

>>18821546 6-year-old girl was recorded being sexually assaulted by a boy in the classroom while a teacher was present

>>18821548 Schwab Began Hedging Interest-Rate Risk With About $3.9 Billion in Derivatives

>>18821557 Fact check: 2017 video shows Nancy Pelosi talking about Republicans using ‘wrap-up smear’ tactic

>>18821558 Ukrainian counteroffensive is not a ‘big battle for Middle-earth’ – Zelensky’s aide

>>18821578 Vanguard’s Trillion-Dollar Man Leads a Fixed-Income Revolution


VIDEO - Abuser Remains a Rector In Rome — Dr. Jules Gomes [Channel: Church Militant]

>>18821619 Ukraine (whines that Russia saved the life of billions and) blasts foreign leaders for attending WW2 victory celebration

>>18821631 DOJ Files Criminal Charges Against GOP Rep. George Santos

>>18821650 MSM: ‘It’s filthy…and utterly corrupt’, Tucker Carlson takes aim at Fox News

>>18821653, >>18821672 Social Media Influencer Armies Driven by DARPA Tech and the "Disinformation Governance Board" Gets Rebooted

>>18821659 Childrens Health Defense: "Edible food coating" hits organic foot market (Apeel)

>>18821675 Chinese Warships Circle Japan, Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan Prepare for Spring Patrol - USNI News

>>18821699 Ukraine peace talks now impossible –(Useless) UN chief

>>18821729 Serbian president reveals what West wants him to do

>>18821758 Russell Brand rants about Kanekoa thread on 2020 election fraud

>>18821792 Oklahome bans state business w/BlackRock & other companies committed to ESG

>>18821813, >>18821826 Ezra A. Cohen Retweeted: INBOX: Sens. Warner, Cornyn, Wyden & Moran will unveil legislation to “reform the security classification system"

>>18821816 Bannon: Dems vote against making indecent exposure towards children a felony

>>18821831 Everything ‘Could Be an Enemy’: Immune Disorders Post-Injection

>>18821836 Fearing Russian capture, US strips sensitive tech from M1 Abrams tanks

>>18821840 TX shooter posted weird time-delayed video


>>18821869 Kash: this newest demonstration of a two tier system of justice and selective use of political judiciary will cause polls to hit the stratosphere…

>>18821894 MAGA’s Ascendant On Debt Ceiling Crisis | Donald J. Trump Will Be The Next President

VIDEO - MAGA’s Ascendant On Debt Ceiling Crisis | Donald J. Trump Will Be The Next President [13:34] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18821913 Devastating News on April Sales – Trump-Friendly Beer Company Sees Massive Surge

>>18821918 US Senate Has Budget that Passed in the House'''

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:31 a.m. No.18830900   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18821939 Q Research General #23101 : EBAKE for you lazy peeps

Created 092338ZMAY23


>>18821943 #23101

>>18821956 Upgrades: Regions 3296 and 3297 keep Earth in the crosshairs, firing big solar flares with up to R2-level #RadioBlackouts on Earth's dayside

>>18821961 May 09, 2023 - Statement from the Trump Campaign

>>18821973, >>18822032, >>18822120, >>18822162, >>18822292, >>18822577 Trump to appeal battery, defamation verdict in E. Jean Carroll case

VIDEO - TRUMP INDICTMENT UPDATE! Clean Election Success, Illegal Immigration Update [Channel: Judicial Watch]

VIDEO - Kim Clement's Daughter Donne Clement Petruska on Her Father's Kennedy Prophecies [58:00] [Channel: The StoneZONE with Roger Stone]

>>18821979, >>18822000, >>18822001, >>18822006, >>18822008, >>18822016, >>18822036, >>18822038 DJT45

>>18821988 Swedish Defense Minister Paul Jonson says Stockholm has no plans to send fighter jets to Kiev, as they got "no extras"

>>18822011 Australian lawmakers call on US to drop Assange extradition bid

>>18822030, >>18822126 Ezra A. Cohen: Studeman is one of the best intelligence officers and GO/FOs we have across DoD - a true disruptor, who gets it


>>18822066, >>18822076 Totally sane and unsuspicious project to put online

>>18822075 50-year Graph shows Media use of Racist, Racists, or Racism

>>18822082 DoJ arraigning GOP Rep. Santos tomorrow morning, giving MSM an excuse not to cover the House Oversight presser on Biden corruption scheduled for 9 a.m

>>18822089 Elon Musk Warns Users That Zuckerberg’s “WhatsApp” Cannot Be Trusted, Here’s What He Said About The Messaging Platform…

>>18822092 From the Victory Day speech given by Putin today

>>18822096, >>18822166 Tonight Israel launched Operation Shield and Arrow

>>18822098 Dianne Feinstein Returns To D.C.

>>18822099 NASA Announces Upcoming Retirement of Space Technology Head

>>18822101, >>18822346, >>18822360, >>18822399 Tucker Carlson Is Back, On A New Platform

VIDEO - 🔥 Tucker: New Show on Twitter! [2:56] [Channel: Uncensored Storm]

>>18822102, >>18822278, >>18822296, >>18822315, >>18822557 House Oversight will prove tomorrow that Biden engaged in an influence peddling scheme as VP from 2015-2017


>>18822127 2003 Gulf War Started 1 Month After Gilgamesh's Tomb Found


>>18822143, >>18822405, >>18822623 Jill / Joe Biden Tweets

>>18822148 Japan, South Korea, US Defence Ministers plan to reach an agreement on the sidelines of an Asian defence summit to be held in Singapore early next month

>>18822173 #23100-A

>>18822179 #23100-B

>>18822186 Chinese Spaceplane Docked With Another Object Multiple Times Data Indicates

>>18822234 Canada expelled Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei

>>18822264 How Big Banks Are Trying to Make America Woke

VIDEO - How Big Banks Are Trying to Make America Woke | #Heritage50 [Channel: The Heritage Foundation]

>>18822277 Kevin McCarthy: Our national debt crisis is too important to play politics

>>18822312, >>18822369 Planefag

>>18822385, >>18822394 Michelle / Barack Tweets

>>18822387 Body Language - House Judiciary Committee, Child Exploitation Hearing

VIDEO - Body Language - House Judiciary Committee, Child Exploitation Hearing [Channel: Bombard's Body Language]

>>18822406 Kingsley Cortes: MAGA

>>18822408 Sebastian Gorka: The Trump Verdict is a Joke!

VIDEO - Video upload for 110341726001347010 [8:55] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18822412, >>18822500 National Fentanyl Awareness Day

>>18822429, >>18822437 Mike Pompeo Tweets

>>18822450 First graders bringing porn to class, 6-year-old performed oral sex on classmate while recorded by another classmate via tablet

>>18822465 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Elon Musk reveals Tucker Carlson has NOT signed a deal with Twitter

>>18822466 Gisele Barreto Fetterman: DC date night @ the Senate Leadership dinner 💘

>>18822480, >>18822537, >>18822546, >>18822551 Lightfoot declares State of Emergency over Chicago immigrant surge

>>18822482, >>18822484, >>18822519 DJT: Appealing the verdict, fighting this - the whole thing is a scam

VIDEO - Video upload for 110341681988271203 [1:25] [Channel: hostid1]

VIDEO - Video upload for 110341679071502131 [15] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18822513 Eric Trump

>>18822517 PAKISTAN: All internet has been shutdown - possible blackouts are incoming as mutiny detected in the army

>>18822529, >>18822532 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Anon drops meme bombs that make all Tucker, Fox, Elon, Twatter talk look like DS Kayfabe… NO ANON NOTICES

>>18822535 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / DS SHILL REEEE'S!

>>18822540 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / RAPE ME! = CIA AGENT First female editor of the CIA Honey Pot > Playboy

>>18822545 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Anon drops another bomb that, when truly considered, makes about 99% look like sheeple right about meow! Zero fucking Discernment Sheeple! Q would agree!

>>18822548 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / SUV driver hits crowd at Texas bus stop near border; 8 dead Catholic Charities

>>18822552 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Catholic Charities Launches The Agape Project - Love yet they need $600,000 to renovate their migrant processing… Anon means, Poor immigrant "shelters" centers.

>>18822555 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Once Catholic Charities and other NGO'S/501C3 have shipped immigrants to places like (YOUR TOWN), Lansing Michigan, for instance… Another Catholic Charities takes it from there. All on We the Peoples Dime.

>>18822575 Sens. Warner, Cornyn, Wyden & Moran will unveil legislation tomorrow to reform the Security Classification System

>>18822582 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / ‘We’re going to do our best’: Uncertainty looms for San Antonio migrant center ahead of Title 42 end < notice the use of the terms "migrant center" and "shelters" in most MSM news. Antonio Fernandez, Catholic Charities president and CEO < Shovels!

>>18822585 John Solomon has uncovered a NEW email from Tony Blinken to Mike Morell in Oct of 2020 (Hunter's laptop)

>>18822586 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Keep Posting Karli Bonne who works for Jeff MG SHOW Lied to the world for $ > P = Payseur and many other Mis and Dis Information [decodes] Q lights [them] UP! POTUS lights [them] UP! Anon makes [their] lives hell. Remember Vigano?o7

>>18822588 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Bigger yet older dive into Catholic Charities, a Homeland Security approved Charity! Republican Lawmakers Congressmen Lance Gooden and Jake Ellzey of Texas, Andy Biggs of Arizona and Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin are on Catholic charities ass.

>>18822590, >>18822598 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Reminds all Anons of [Sebastion Gorka] Q past. "Q IS GARBAGE!" and on and on this Traitor Blow hard blows yet for some reason… even when the same news can be sourced from a non [DS] source… some anon are still [SHEEPLE] or [DS Shills]

VIDEO - Video upload for 110341805421484216 [35] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18822602, >>18822605 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / The entire MG SHOW P = PAYSEUR bullshit is CIA DISINFO. Dig! Read! Discernment… Now ask yourself why many wish to believe it…

>>18822608 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / 52 post shill Reeees! "Q is a psyop you retard."

>>18822609 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Karli is not a fucking White Hat or her IQ is off the charts albeit in the wrong zero fucking discernment… direction!

>>18822613 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Another example of the MG SHOW P ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT = POPE, PAPACY, PONTIFEX, VATICAN or anything even in that direction! Ya gotta fucking believe us!

>>18822625 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Soros in 2 drops?!!?!? How did Anon do that!?! Anon read the drops! PLAYER CHANGED THE GAME! and this means that about 10% of the past [decodes] were complete [DS] [INJECTED] [INFECTED][TRAITOR] Surround by Evil! SHIT! Zero will to correct past errors???

>>18822627 May 10 Deltas

>>18822628 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Soros in 5! Godfather III or P!… Which would you like anon to use to demonstrate the P = PAYSEUR lie?

>>18822637 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / A gentle reminder of the Time at Q camp that Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden for a favor… hint: they were neighbors and best frens! Hunter, please helps get Buckley into the Oldest Roman Catholic Jesuit University in the U.S., please! Tucker claims to be a Presbyterian kek!

>>18822643 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / Anon gently guides newfag OR Pussy DS shill to a drop that explains "QANON"

>>18822646 #23101

>>18822647 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain / One final bread reminder that basically means if you fell for the [MG SHOW] P = Payseur Bullshit… You might be a Catholic and/or stupid so you might wanna think about going BACK! and take yer reddit spacing with you! This is a war zone! Muh muh muh muh muh!

(65 notables, 101 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:31 a.m. No.18830902   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18822650 Q Research General #23102: Victory Day Edition

Created 100214ZMAY23


>>18822660 #23102

>>18822714 Might be Biblical…

>>18822724 We are about to see exactly how the billionaire corporate funders control the Red State operations and manufacture the ‘illusion of choice‘

>>18822745 On May 10, Maricopa County supervisors are set to revise their agreement with Recorder @stephen_richer on how elections are run

>>18822760, >>18822782, >>18822829 Gender Medicine Has Gone INSANE | An Inside Investigation into WPATH

VIDEO - Gender Medicine Has Gone INSANE | An Inside Investigation, with Eliza Mondegreen [Channel: Benjamin A Boyce]

>>18822762 Tucker just made his first big legal move against Fox News for firing him

>>18822786, >>18822789, >>18822791 The Story Behind The "Foundation" by Isaac Asimov

>>18822835 California Launches ‘Snitch Hotline’ to Report ‘Hate Acts’ Including Name-Calling

>>18822873 Former Trump Official Steve Cortez is the latest turncoat to expose himself and has endorsed Desanctus today

>>18822932 GOP Sen. Tuberville says the NY verdict against Trump "makes me want to vote for him twice."

>>18822933 DJT: This was a very unfair trial, that's all you have to say, this was a very unfair trial


>>18822934 Glide Bombs: New weapon ‘changing course’ of Ukraine conflict

>>18822947, >>18822958 Bun O' [P]ure [P]ain

>>18822953 The end of Joe Biden has arrived

>>18822957, >>18822975, >>18822999, >>18823001, >>18823053 Gabriel Aurel Popoviciu / National Bank of Romania

>>18822978 Abe Hamadeh: The cover-up is always worse than the crime

>>18823011 California’s Port Dominance Slipping as Cargo Shifts East

>>18823020 Lol. Mark Zaid outs the deep state while trying to defend it

>>18823028 Planefag

>>18823073 Coal company demands 'emergency service' from BNSF

>>18823081, >>18823211 Possible meteorite the size of a potato smashed through the roof of a New Jersey home

>>18823121 @PapiTrumpo: Can't fear the storm when you are the friggin storm!!!

>>18823122 @DerekMyers: I can publicly confirm that during my brief time in the Congressman’s office I had met secretly with agents from @FBI


>>18823181 Kash: The two tier system of justice embeds itself in the manuscript review process for former govt employees that want to publish written work

>>18823193 Blinken sent Russian disinformation claim to organizer of Hunter Biden laptop letter, email shows

>>18823203 LTC (Ret) Pete Chambers, Special Forces, and the Border Crisis

VIDEO - Ep2237_BardsFM - LTC (RET) Pete Chambers, Special Forces and the Border Crisis [Channel: BardsFM]

>>18823221 More than two dozen residents of Latvia were arrested on Tuesday for violating the law against celebrating the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany

>>18823222 Canada and China have mutually expelled diplomats in tit-for-tat moves after Canada first booted a Chinese diplomat based in Toronto, Zhao Wei

>>18823235 LIVE: Rules Committee Hearing on HR 2 and HR 1163

VIDEO - Rules Committee Hearing on H.R. 2 and 1163 [Channel: HouseRules]

>>18823247 Kari Lake Shares Talking Pints With Nigel Farage

VIDEO - Kari Lake Shares Talking Pints With Nigel Farage [15:38] [Channel: KariLake]

>>18823258 Biden Admin Creates New Disinformation Office To Oversee The Rest

>>18823276 ‘All’ NATO members support Ukraine membership

>>18823283, >>18823416 Anon Opines On The Legacy Of Milton's Satan On Today's Elitists, Marxists, & Radicals

>>18823304 Chinese Militia Boats Cross Indian, ASEAN Warships Exercising in South China Sea

>>18823314 Kenyan investigators say post-mortem reports have raised suspicions about the harvesting and trafficking of body parts

>>18823378 Comer, Oversight Committee Republicans to Hold Press Conference on Investigation into the Biden Family’s Business Schemes, May 10, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. ET

>>18823452 Kevin McCarthy Cancels Rashida Tlaib’s Antisemitic Event at U.S. Capitol

>>18823461, >>18823475 (1933 & Weird Vibes) Clara Bow in costume for a Hollywood party with two unidentified people dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse

>>18823463 CA Gov. Newsom declines to back reparations checks, says slavery's legacy about 'more than cash payments'

>>18823484 #23102

(41 notables, 53 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:32 a.m. No.18830903   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18823488 Q Research General #23103: You Are The Friggin Storm Edition

Created 100546ZMAY23


>>18823496 #23103

VIDEO - EPIC THUNDER & RAIN | Rainstorm Sounds For Relaxing, Focus or Sleep | White Noise 10 Hours [Channel: Relaxing White Noise]

>>18823512 mRNA-LNP compounds are cellular genetic dirty bombs

>>18823523, >>18823531, >>18823535, >>18823537, >>18823549, >>18823580, >>18823611, >>18823675, >>18823684, >>18823732, >>18823818, >>18823955 Donald J. Trump: Lewis Kaplan COMMS

>>18823576 Rep. George Santos charged by Justice Department in federal probe

>>18823578 Video: 7,000-Year-Old Road Discovered Under Croatian Waters

>>18823592 ‘Cult death’ victims were missing organs &ndash; police Kenyan

>>18823607, >>18823622 Ex-Ukrainian (Nazi whines) envoy to Germany tears into successor

>>18823641 EU to take anti-Russia sanctions global &ndash; media

>>18823664 Advertising with holograms


>>18823743, >>18823764, >>18823771 Gun-owning civilian helping Texas mall shooting victims on scene says …

>>18823843 Increase from 19.9% to 20.5% excess mortality from cancer in younger ages over the last 5 weeks

>>18823957 NATALIE WINTERS: House Oversight Committee Will Present Bank Records from VP Biden Showing $1M Bribe

VIDEO - House Oversight Committee Will Present Bank Records from VP Biden Showing $1M Bribe [4:23] [Channel: Uncensored Storm]

>>18823963 I don't see Congress's Investigation and Oversight Powers having ARREST powers at all. ArtI.S8.C18.7.1 Overview of Congress's Investigation and Oversight Powers

>>18823980, >>18823986, >>18823990, >>18823993, >>18823997 senator roberts expose U.N push for pedophilia - bitchute video and full spectator article

VIDEO - Senator Malcolm Roberts just stood up in Australian Parliament and exposed the UN/WHO… [Channel: Free Your Mind]

>>18824008 Q4198 May 10th 2018, 2020

>>18824014 Donald J. Trump: After listening to the Anderson Cooper tape of the Carroll interview where she said “rape is sexy,” and other totally incriminating things

>>18824016 Donald J. Trump: This Clinton appointed Judge, Lewis Kaplan,"TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE" =17

>>18824060, >>18824061, >>18824076, >>18824103 Children targeted by WHO ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe’

>>18824074 1.3 Why should sexuality education start before the age of four?


>>18824087, >>18824137, >>18824142, >>18824161 Donald J. Trump: Hundreds of thousands of people will be pouring into our Country today from “parts unknown.”

>>18824090 Reminder: Robert Hur, Special Counsel in Biden Document Probe, was DOJ Point Person in Russia Investigation

>>18824095, >>18824097, >>18824100, >>18824115, >>18824247, >>18824251 LIVE LINKS: 9:00 am House Oversight Committee on Hunter Biden

>>18824099 TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testifies before Congress a month ago

>>18824105, >>18824122 E Jean Carroll says her ordeal has been 4 years. Stephenoplis questions her 4 years (Cap 3:28)


>>18824106, >>18824117, >>18824141 Biden Administration changed the rules to severely restrict Congress’ access to suspicious activity reports, the Biden Crime family have racked up at least 150 suspicious activity reports

>>18824107 "New York Jury Finds Trump Not Guilty of Rape, But Guilty of Defaming His Accuser by Denying It" doesn't even make sense

>>18824108 Biden administration's 'absolutely reckless' decision to give another $2million taxpayer grant to EcoHealth Alliance to research bat coronaviruses - despite their links to lab leak fears

>>18824132 “Judgment Day for the Biden Administration” – Rep. James Comer Teases What to Expect on Wednesday’s Press Conference (VIDEO)

>>18824165, >>18824176, >>18824248 Kash Patel: Congress Subpoena List 4:1) Gina Haspel- as Director she allowed 51 Intel Letter: She illegally ran CIA election scams Q2067

>>18824179 Tucker Carlson: 81.3 Million Views in 18 Hours , Cry More Fox News ,We’re back.

>>18824195 House Oversight Committee Chairman: Wednesday Will Be ‘Judgement Day’ For Biden In Hunter Investigatio

>>18824201 Adam Schiff Embroiled In Another Controversy: facing more allegations that he leaked highly classified information for years in order to damage then-President Donald Trump

>>18824254 Links for Comer press conference on Biden Family pay for play felonies

>>18824264 #23103

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:32 a.m. No.18830909   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18824266 Q Research General #23104: Where is Hunter? Parts Unknown Edition

Created 101255ZMAY23


>>18824280 #23104

>>18824294 LIVE: Republicans Hold Press Conference: Investigation into Biden Family’s Business Schemes

>>18824318 Swamp Schedule ID 9871ae

VIDEO - “The Future of Digital Assets: Measuring the Regulatory Gaps in the Digital Asset Markets” [Channel: House Committee on Agriculture]


>>18824333 President Reagan told us: “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.

>>18824335 What comms is Kash putting out there?

>>18824353, >>18824450, >>18824473, >>18824474, >>18824490, >>18824499, >>18824563, >>18824871, >>18824957 ID 7370b2, Anon Notes: Biden's Business Presser

>>18824477 Wind turbines for power generation may contribute to local drought conditions?

>>18824512 @Kash Money doesn’t lie- bank records, bank records, bank records… put them out, summary documents will not suffice

>>18824520 Translation: House Oversight Chairman James Comer is over the target.

>>18824524 MP4 The DOG — DOJ — needs to get off its ass


>>18824527 Q-CHQ 20 post(s) found containing "follow the money"

>>18824534 @dbongino Biden Inc. was selling something. They were selling OUT the country to our enemies.

>>18824536 Release Report on How Senior Intelligence Community Officials and the Biden Campaign Worked to Mislead American Voters on the Hunter Biden “Intel” Statement

>>18824539 @dbongino It’s now obvious Biden was running a shakedown operation.

>>18824540 QClock May 09, 2023 321 Start

>>18824546 “Today we become A THIRD WORLD NATION!!!”

>>18824547 .@realDonaldTrump is being harassed while DOJ protects Biden crime family.

>>18824554 @marklevinshow How the hell has Merrick Garland been able to protect Joe Biden

>>18824560 We have now established a network of over 20 companies formed by the Bidens and their associates.

>>18824575, >>18824617, >>18824722, >>18824913 BUN George Santos has just been arrested and changed with fraud and money laundering

>>18824584 Multiple Biden family members received money from the Chinese after it passed through an associate’s account.

>>18824607, >>18824706 PlaneFag Europe/Med activity

>>18824643 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

>>18824645 Second Bank Records Memorandum from the Oversight Committee’s Investigation into the Biden Family’s Influence Peddling and Business Schemes

>>18824673 Charlie Kirk @Charliekirk GOP House Oversight is alleging a complex web of more than 20 shell companies

>>18824681, >>18824727 @RichardGrenell Any reporter or outlet ignoring the bank records uncovered by the House Oversight Committee is part of the corruption. central issue. QMapped

>>18824687 James Comer: House Oversight Will Request Information from Hunter Biden’s Art Galleries, Bank Accounts, Chinese Dealings

>>18824715 Fox News Execs Make Big Announcement After Tucker Carlson Ouster

>>18824723 I see what ya did there - pepe of the thread

>>18824724 Rosemont Seneca Divests in American Companies

VIDEO - Bidens Ukraine And Hunter and Seneca Partners Sold Out America [Channel: Pilgrims2Patriots]

>>18824752 Anon ask, Where's Durham?

>>18824753 Jewellery worn by Princess Diana to her final official engagement before her death

>>18824761 CPI Slip Sparks Panic Bid In Stocks, Bonds, Gold, & Crypto; Dollar Dumps

>>18824762 7,000-Year-Old Road Discovered Under Croatian Waters

>>18824776 @maxpcohen Ahead of Comer press conference on Biden family influence peddling investigation

>>18824781 @elonmusk Trust nothing, not even nothing

>>18824809 REMINDER PDJT CNN Tonight at 8 o'clock

VIDEO - Video upload for 110344881394090498 [32] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18824881 Biden Family Connection

>>18824886 Nine (9) Biden family members rec'd wire transfers from Chinese/other foreign accounts, per House Oversight: Qmapped

>>18824889 @POTATOES Millions of young people are facing mental health challenges as they navigate the digital world and face bullying, violence, and trauma.

>>18824907 Anon theory: Hunter, Natalie & Institutionalized Cover for the Biden Crime Family

>>18824931 TRENDING: The Bidens

>>18824960 SAM947 G5 arriving at Miami Int'l

>>18824980 Mayorkas gives update on border crisis as Title 42 set to end

VIDEO - Mayorkas: Title 42 end does not mean open border [Channel: Fox News]

>>18825047 #23104

(46 notables, 59 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:32 a.m. No.18830910   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18825052 Q Research General #23105: Title 42 - The Border Has Fallen Edition

Created 101529ZMAY23


>>18825069 #23105

>>18825092 11:30 AM EDT Press Conference with Chair of the NATO Military Committee,

>>18825099 11:40 AM EDT Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will gaggle aboard Air Force One

VIDEO - Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Gaggle Aboard Air Force One En Route to New York, NY [Channel: The White House]

>>18825101, >>18825121 memory hole bun

>>18825123 Live Invasion

VIDEO - 🔴🅻🅸🆅🅴🔴SUA-MEXICO Border💚🤍❤‍🩹Brownsville-Matamoros Bridge🌏Texas-Tamaulipas🚦 [Channel: WebcamGreece]

>>18825141 Day 2020 since Q1

>>18825150 Potato on 92-9000 747

>>18825158 Comer Reveals Biden Family Members Receiving Payments from Chinese Energy Company


VIDEO - Press Conference on Biden Family's Business Schemes [Channel: GOP Oversight]

>>18825176 @RoyalFamily The Recognition The King turns to each of the four points of the compass before The Archbishop of Canterbury proclaims him the ‘undoubted King’. #EpsteinMapped

>>18825182, >>18825197 Prior Biden/Romania Digs

>>18825225 Taibbi and associates just dropped this most excellent map of the censorship project re: Twitter.

>>18825228 @nypost NineBiden family members who allegedly got foreign money identified by House GOP

>>18825241 Robert F. Kennedy on "Face the Nation" in 1967

VIDEO - From the archives: Robert F. Kennedy on "Face the Nation" in 1967 [Channel: Face the Nation]

>>18825372 Heated vaccine debate between Robert Kennedy Jr. and Alan Dershowitz moderated by Patrick Bet-David.

VIDEO - Heated Vaccine Debate - Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz [Channel: Valuetainment]

>>18825375 Sidney Powell - Defending the Republic Newsletter

>>18825397 1:00 PM EDT The Need to Make Insulin Affordable for All Americans

>>18825409, >>18825558 In major reversal, biden resurrects trump border policy ahead of title 42 repeal?

>>18825419 House Passes Budget Bill Avoiding Default

>>18825422 Review: BaldingsWorld Drop (#4936) / Typhoon Investigations of Biden Corruption & The CCP


>>18825537 @Elon a bit surprised by AI racial answers

>>18825564 God bless and protect Our children, and fam's from evil. #Pray

>>18825566 Swamp Schedule ID 0f1a52

VIDEO - A Contested Domain: From Space Theory to Practice [Channel: Center for Strategic & International Studies]

>>18825602 CAPS - @Robertkennedyjr Traces the U.S. Govt's Bioweapon Program

>>18825606 QClock May 10, 2023 -v1 Payments to Bidens

>>18825622, >>18825660 9 Biden family members received wire transfers from foreign nationals via shell companies.


>>18825630 Biden via incremental payments tried to conceal funding sources

>>18825656 GOP Rep. George Santos is in custody to face charges of fraud, money laundering

>>18825668 RSBN "This could be the most corrupt scheme in American politics"

>>18825694 Number of civilians killed by Kiev in Donbass named by Russia

>>18825707 The Censorship-Industrial Complex: Top 50 Organizations To Know

>>18825728 US developed AI tool to battle ‘Russian disinformation’ – Blinken

>>18825828 #23105

(33 notables, 38 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:33 a.m. No.18830913   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18825830 Q Research General #23106: Biden Crime Family Edition

Created 101822ZMAY23


>>18825845 #23106


>>18825863 A Review of the President’s Fiscal Year 2024 Funding Requests for the FBI & DEA.

>>18825884 CIA Operatives Aided in Hunter Biden Laptop Cover-Up

>>18825893 Oversight Hearings to Examine the Library of Congress

>>18825977 Pelosi, Warren, Booker join Biden campaign’s national advisory board

>>18826141 Texas National Guard Soldiers with Riot Gear Arrive at Major Illegal Crossing in Brownsville, Texas

>>18826146 resident Biden - my invest in America agenda is working.

>>18826155 @realDonaldTrump - Heading to the Great State of New Hampshire. CNN LIVE, Tonight, 8:00 P.M.

>>18826290 How to stop the cartels


>>18826310 FBI Denies Request For Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto, Writings

>>18826335 EQ Report: M 7.6 - 95 km WNW of Hihifo, Tonga

>>18826450, >>18826466 Heavy gunfire erupts at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge on the US-Mexico border.


>>18826472 Scientists have a futuristic plan to live underwater and 'unlock the ocean’s mysteries'

>>18826493 POTUS Truth Back of hat pic

>>18826499, >>18826500, >>18826504, >>18826509 Gunfire reported at the U.S. - Mexico border



>>18826525 Explore the GIGAMOON: Incredible interactive image stitched together from 280,000 individual photos

>>18826562 FBI ignores House Oversight subpoena…

>>18826624 #23106

(18 notables, 22 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:33 a.m. No.18830915   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18826671 Q Research General #23107: SHOTS FIRED #BorderTown Edition

Created 102128ZMAY23


>>18826685 #23107


>>18826690 BIDEN: "We've had chaos at the border for a number of years…"

>>18826719 Honduran citizen latest to admit selling thousands of fraudulent temporary Texas license plates

>>18826726, >>18826731 Mexican media reports a shooting has occurred between ‘elements of the army and armed civilians

>>18826746 FBI Used Congressional Staff as Confidential Informants and Human Assets to Build Case Against Congressman George Santos

>>18826753 USGS & partners are using cellphones 📱 at @IndianaDunesNPS to listen for amphibians 🐸 and other animals that use noise to communicate

>>18826762 "A Tsunami Of Humanity"

>>18826786 FBI refuses to give Congress informant file alleging Biden took bribes as vice president

>>18826802 Swamp! (FBI interference)

>>18826814 Reportedly, the DOJ is offering Rep. Santos a deal for a light sentence if he pleads guilty AND agrees to resign from Congress

>>18826839 HARRIS: "Everything is in context."

>>18826859 Major Moscow Summit Moves Syria-Turkey 'Normalization' Forward

>>18826872 Donald J. Trump - Thank you to Governor Jim Justice for the wonderful Endorsement!

>>18826879, >>18826955 PF Reports

>>18826884 Dianne Feinstein, 89, arrives at Congress in a wheelchair

>>18826889, >>18826945 In Major Reversal, Biden Resurrects Trump Border Policy Ahead Of Title 42 Repeal

>>18826896 SpaceX To Launch Vast's Commercial Space Station and First Human Spaceflight Mission

>>18826907 SpaceX Starlink Mission

VIDEO - Starlink Mission [Channel: SpaceX]

>>18826908 They skeert

>>18826918 Biden appears to fold on the debt ceiling battle

>>18826921 New DJT: Massive rallies are back!

>>18826950 FBI Hiding Key Document Detailing Bribery Scheme Involving Joe Biden and Foreign National

>>18826963, >>18827027, >>18827041 Biden family received over a million dollars from a Romanian real estate tycoon accused of corruption.

>>18826975 Where does the extra COVID money go?

>>18826989 Oversight Committee @GOPoversight - "There is no real business here. None." The Biden family business is peddling influence.

>>18827017 @mtaibbi - When did Wikimedia reach out to Twitter for a “disinformation” contact at the FBI?

>>18827034 Three people missing after military Learjet crashes into sea off Navy live-firing range San Clemente island

>>18827059 SpaceX Ax-2 private astronaut mission will grow 1st stem cells in space

>>18827078 A huge group of migrants has just been apprehended by border patrol after illegally crossing into El Paso from Ciudad Juarez.


>>18827080 🔎IMMIGRATION DOCS &mdash; America First Legal is releasing the damning findings from its first FOIA request and FOIA enforcement lawsuit

>>18827111 Photos of the aftermath of the shootout between a cartel and Mexican troops

>>18827160 One America News Investigates: Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff's Case

VIDEO - One America News Investigates: Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff's Case (Part 3) [Channel: One America News Network]

>>18827193 Coca-Cola to build $650M Fairlife plant in New York state

>>18827361 #23107

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:34 a.m. No.18830918   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18827414 Q Research General #23108: TRUMP INTERVIEW REVIVES CNN

Created 110003ZMAY23


>>18827447 #23108-A

>>18827493, >>18827508 CNN townhall notes

>>18827503, >>18827507, >>18827787 Donald brought receipts! [J6]

VIDEO - Trump Brings Receipts - Drives CNN Moderator NUTS [57] [Channel: BonginoReport]

>>18827520, >>18827639 Rave reviews so far

>>18827539 Kash: There no coincidences in govt - Comer announced today presser last week, and put DOJ on warning…

>>18827540 Jeffmac / Badlands Media coverage

>>18827541 Night Owl News coverage

>>18827544 The crowd supports Donald Trump, they know the trial was rigged and fake

>>18827547 Boatfag

>>18827549 DJT: A person named Ashley Babbitt was killed…that thug that killed her; there was no reason to shoot her, at blank range, cold blank range, they shot her

>>18827561 Collins: What do you say to voters who say it [Carroll] verdict] disqualifies you from being president?

>>18827580 Shots fired at border, news blackout, EBS test in Canada

>>18827592 President Trump [to republican congressmen, senators]: If they don't get you massive cuts, you're going to have to do a default

>>18827601 DJT: It's not the gun who pulls the trigger it's the person who pulls the trigger, it's a big mental health problem

>>18827628 President Trump: Getting rid of Roe v Wade was an incredible thing for pro-life, because it gave pro-life something to negotiate with

>>18827635, >>18827764 Sebastian Gorka: How moronic is Kaitlin Collins?

>>18827648 President Trump: People that will kill a baby in the ninth month, or the eighth month, or the seventh month, or after the baby is born, they are the radicals

>>18827674 The Fark thread is overloaded with salt

>>18827688, >>18827706 President Trump: Tomorrow is going to be a day of infamy - you're going to have tens of thousands of people pouring into our country…

>>18827709 President Trump: When you say to a family that if you come [illegally], we're gonna break you up, they don't come. And we can't afford to have any more…

>>18827719 President Trump: We're giving away so much equipment [Ukraine] - we don't have ammunition for ourselves

>>18827725 U.S. Coast Guard Seizes $80 Million of Heroin in Gulf of Oman

>>18827733, >>18827793, >>18827837 President Trump: I want everybody to stop dying [Ukraine]

VIDEO - CNN moderator tries "gotcha" Russia question, Trump OBLITERATES her [59] [Channel: BonginoReport]

>>18827761, >>18827768, >>18827776, >>18827779, >>18827781, >>18828005 DJT to Collins: You are a nasty person

VIDEO - Trump to CNN Moderator: “You’re a Nasty Person, I Tell Ya!” [28] [Channel: BonginoReport]

>>18827762 Dan Scavino: DHS and CBP Celebrate 400 Miles of New Border Wall System (October 29, 2020)

>>18827766 Charlie Kirk: Trump is a beast - that is all

>>18827789, >>18827790 Dan Scavino: “THE MAN IN THE ARENA”

VIDEO - “THE MAN IN THE ARENA” [1:20] [Channel: DanScavino45]

>>18827791 Catturd: The face you make when your entire career lasted 30 minutes

>>18827810 Did Kari Lake Just Find the Smoking Gun? Cyber-Security Expert Drops Bombshell Clue in New Lawsuit

>>18827825, >>18827826 CNN Trump Town Hall Blows Up in Its Face as AOC Turns on Network: 'Should Be Ashamed'

>>18827834, >>18827842, >>18827852, >>18827859 US construction tech investor targets Europe

>>18827836 Kash: Trump 1,000 - CNN 0; Truth over fake news every time

>>18827844, >>18827847 President Trump: Why is it that Biden had nine boxes in Chinatown? And he gets a lot of money from China

>>18827850 @RepAdamSchiff: The indiscriminate rocket attacks by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad against innocent Israeli civilians must stop

>>18827861 Richard Grenell: @jaketapper’s voice is shaking - Lol

>>18827867 Israel ‘at height of battle’ with Gaza militants – Netanyahu

>>18827868 Good move by POTUS going into the lions den to reach more of the brainwashed and get some info in

>>18827878 Hear Trump's response when asked if he owes Pence an apology for Jan. 6

VIDEO - Trump was asked if he owes Pence an apology for Jan. 6. Hear his response [Channel: CNN]

>>18827882 Harrington: Trump ‘won over’ people at CNN town hall

VIDEO - Harrington: Trump ‘won over’ people at CNN town hall | CUOMO [Channel: NewsNation]

>>18827901 President Trump has released 11 statements today

>>18827919 We Are The People Radio coverage (starts @ 28:30)

VIDEO - Donald Trump CNN Townhall LIVE Watch Party with Alan & James [2:13:16] [Channel: We The People Radio]

>>18827928 'Secret campaign' used thousands of New Yorkers' identities without consent to influence federal policy

>>18827954 Planefag

>>18827966 DJT: We've given 171 billion dollars so far, they've [EU] given 20…


>>18828014 Marjorie Taylor Greene: I’m so proud of President @realDonaldTrump tonight, GREAT JOB!

>>18828038 @RepMattGaetz: The CIA helped recruit 51 former intelligence officials to sign a letter defending Hunter Biden in order to benefit Joe Biden’s presidential campaign

>>18828044 Northwestern University Student Government Pulls Funding For College Republicans Over Flyer They Posted Warning of “Dangers of Identity Politics”

>>18828051 Junk Food Rewires Your Brain

>>18828055 Byron Donalds calls out CNN's lies about President Trump

>>18828059 The CNN Town Hall was a 90 minute broadcast, though the network expected the actual event to go as long as 75 minutes

>>18828062 Sen. J.D. Vance: "We may have the first big win on a Debt Ceiling pretty much since I've been alive"

VIDEO - Sen. J.D. Vance: "We may have the first big win on a Debt Ceiling pretty much since I've been alive" [13:52] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18828118 Teachers' union president Randi Weingarten tweets about service that scans people's social media accounts for potentially problematic posts

>>18828141, >>18828158, >>18828171 Side-by-side: We The People vs Establishment



>>18828167 Judge Elizabeth Scherer, From Parkland School Shooting Case, Abruptly Resigns To Pursue Unspecified "Career Opportunities"

>>18828172 Restrict Act / Misc.

>>18828184 America Last: Biden Regime to Send Ukraine ANOTHER $1.2 Billion in Military Aid – Including Air Defense Systems and Ammunitions

>>18828190 #23108-A

>>18828192 #23108-B

(58 notables, 79 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:34 a.m. No.18830920   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18828209 Q Research General #23109: Trumped Edition

Created 110335ZMAY23


>>18828216 #23109

>>18828302 Trump calls for US debt default

>>18828303 The Censorship Industrial Complex TOP 50 Anti-"Disinfo" Orgs

>>18828383, >>18828438, >>18828458, >>18828551 Discovery of Medical Countermeasures Against Novel Entities (DOMANE)

>>18828406 A tornado over the Rockies in Montana


>>18828414 Truth-checking Kaitlan Collins

>>18828446 Russian Court Seizes Control of Four Tugs Owned by Maersk’s Svitzer

>>18828466, >>18828481 Donald Trump just did an hour in the Lion's Den on CNN - can you imagine Joe Biden doing an hour on Fox News?




>>18828504, >>18828588, >>18828598, >>18828613, >>18828622, >>18828670, >>18828677 Alice / Cern / Rabbits

>>18828505 Hackers Could Use ChatGPT to Infiltrate Vessels

>>18828538, >>18828539, >>18828542, >>18828547 List of AJ Known Associates (Possible Dig)

>>18828572, >>18828610 Dangerous rabbit terrorizes neighborhood

VIDEO - Monty Python Bunny Scene [Channel: Casey Jones]

>>18828621, >>18828625, >>18828636 National Biocontainment Training Center - University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

>>18828655, >>18828659 Bible Questions

>>18828731, >>18828751 Burning objects of unknown origin flew in the sky over Japan

>>18828777 CNN going conservative under the will of John Malone, major shareholder in CNN's new parent company

>>18828830, >>18828839 CNN Broadcasts Trump Townhall, The Culmination of Their Seven-Year Effort to Destroy President Trump, CNN Leaves in Tears

>>18828832 Full Video: CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall with Donald Trump

VIDEO - CNN Donald Trump Presidential Town Hall - May 10 2023 FULL SHOW [Channel: spence]

>>18828840 PF: This evening, there are several flights into the Mexican bordertown of Tijuana - flights are arriving every few minutes

>>18828865 Eyez on your Dishwashers

>>18828887, >>18828890 'Network insiders' big-mad over Trump CNN Town Hall

>>18828910 Biden Admin Restores Trump Era Border Policy At The Last Minute As Title 42 Expires

VIDEO - Trump v Biden: The Final Debate [Channel: Sky News]

>>18828953, >>18828962 (1 year ago) Former Honduras President Arrested (0:52) "For a man once considered a key US ally in the region [Obama]"

VIDEO - Former Honduras President Arrested, Facing Drug Trafficking Charges In U.S. [Channel: NBC News]

>>18828968 #23109

(24 notables, 45 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:34 a.m. No.18830923   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18828972 Q Research General #23110: The Lion's Den Edition

Created 110709ZMAY23


>>18828979 #23110

>>18829008, >>18829178, >>18829186, >>18829218, >>18829239, >>18829244, >>18829262, >>18829268, >>18829293, >>18829369, >>18829375, >>18829392, >>18829512, >>18829542, >>18829612, >>18829636 45 CNN townhall mimi-bun

VIDEO - CNN Donald Trump Presidential Town Hall - May 10 2023 FULL SHOW [Channel: spence]

VIDEO - When You Absolutely OWN CNN…. [Channel: John Talks]



>>18829106 IN FOCUS: Candidate for Mayor of Toronto, Chris Sky, on Digital Currency

VIDEO - IN FOCUS: Candidate for Mayor of Toronto, Chris Sky, on Digital Currency [5:08] [Channel: One America News Network]

>>18829181 Dan Scavino w/CAP: BUT &mdash; CNN just told us that only 52 miles was completed under a Trump Administration

>>18829184 Dan Scavino w/CAP: Sit down, you werent called, sit down, sit down, SIT DOWN, go ahead All the dogs sit down on the second command…

VIDEO - Video upload for 110348117239316165 [5] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18829211 BREAKING: E. Jean Carroll And Her Lawyer Suggest She Colluded With NY Dems To Create Trump Loophole


>>18829290, >>18829309 Tom Fitton w/CAP: @RealDonaldTrump is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT on the Presidential Records Act and the @CNN activist is WRONG!

>>18829314 Disney+ Subscriptions Plummet by 4 Million as Studio Keeps Pushing Transgender, Drag Queen Content

>>18829346 Judicial Watch: The Clinton and Obama gang are implicated in Epstein scandal! (video)

VIDEO - Video upload for 110344464392295839 [35] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18829384 DJT Jr. w/CAP: I’m told this is real but who knows these days.

VIDEO - Video upload for 110347807468663209 [9] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18829451, >>18829467 FBI Hiding Key Document Detailing Bribery Scheme Involving Joe Biden and Foreign National

>>18829477 UK supplies long-range missiles to Kiev.

>>18829485 DOJ Strategically Timed Political Arrest To Coincide With Press Conference Detailing Evidence Of Biden Corruption

>>18829492 Devin Nunes w/CAP: According to the House Oversight Committee, the Biden family accepted more than $1M from a corrupt Romanian businessman…

>>18829605 explains convenient coincidence of transsexual promotion for transvestites,



>>18829659 habbenings in congress for 5/11/2023

>>18829674 Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy - 05/11/2023

VIDEO - Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy - 05/11/2023 - Tiger Network [Channel: Deestevensvoice4you]

>>18829702 National Police Association sues to make trans Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale's manifesto public - days after cops said they were pausing plans to release it…

>>18829703 DHS is using an encrypted online chat room to tell Mexico where to send illegals to cross the border to avoid TX National Guard and DPS officers.

>>18829721 U.S. Interest payment is now equal to Defense spending

>>18829781 #23110

(23 notables, 40 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:35 a.m. No.18830924   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18829790 Q Research General #23111: Standing Tall For America Edition

Created 111337ZMAY23


>>18829799 #23111

>>18829804, >>18829904 PDJT FULL Town Hall Interview loaded to Bunker


>>18829838, >>18829878 Kash: Gina Haspel- as Director she allowed 51 Intel Letter (Steele Dossie 2.0) rush approval and had CIA solicit signatures pushing bogus intel to rig election

>>18829853 Hearing Entitled: Oversight of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank: GAO’s Preliminary Review

>>18829854 NZ Minister of Finance caught allegedly following graphic underage Instagram account

>>18829855, >>18830000, >>18830045, >>18830060, >>18830071, >>18830123, >>18830146, >>18830155, >>18830173, >>18830236 Investigating Pandemic Immunity: Acquired, Therapeutic or Both

VIDEO - Select Subcommittee Hearing [Channel: GOP Oversight]

VIDEO - Select Subcommittee Hearing [Channel: GOP Oversight]

>>18829861, >>18829932, >>18829939, >>18829954, >>18829962, >>18829979, >>18829990, >>18829995, >>18830004, >>18830008, >>18830018, >>18830020, >>18830030, >>18830034 LIVE: GOP Senators to Hold Press Conference on Biden's Border Catastrophe

VIDEO - LIVE: GOP Senators to Hold Press Conference on Biden's Border Catastrophe 5/11/23 [0] [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>18829890, >>18830141 Pakistan/Khan Supremes rule arrest illegal

>>18829898 eyez on CNN host Collins


>>18829920 We are witnessing the birth of a new template for trying to silence any non-left media, voices or criticism

>>18829936 Senate voted today to confirm Dr. Colleen Shogan as the 11th Archivist of the United States.

>>18829947, >>18829972 THE HUNTER BIDEN STATEMENT: 65 pages long, CONCLUSION begins on page 63.

>>18829986 QClock May 10, 2023- v2 Moves Countermoves Illicit Payments & Money Laundering

>>18830002 PlaneFag Europe activity-WH NSO and mebby JCOS Milley left Vienna, Brazilian envoy left Rzsesow airport after a 'visit to Kyiv'

>>18830009, >>18830086 Today at 9 a.m. EDT, Fort Benning will be redesignated as Fort Moore

>>18830010 Trans-Identifying Male Academic Who Claimed Porn Motivated His Transition Awarded Pulitzer Prize

>>18830013, >>18830075 House Committee Holds Hearing on 'American Confidence in Elections

VIDEO - House Committee Holds Hearing on 'American Confidence in Elections: Protecting Political Speech' [Channel: NTD]


>>18830017, >>18830135 Title 42 ER's called

>>18830025 LIVE: House Budget Committee's Hearing to 'Expose the Woke, Wasteful, and Bloated Bureaucracy'

VIDEO - LIVE: House Budget Committee's Hearing to 'Expose the Woke, Wasteful, and Bloated Bureaucracy' [Channel: NTD]

>>18830058, >>18830102 The Pfizer's vaccine contains the SV40 sequence which is known as a promoter of the cancer virus.

>>18830062 The Vietnam War Commemoration, a national 50th anniversary remembrance, holds a “welcome home” event in the National Mall

>>18830077, >>18830167 live border

VIDEO - Live - Border Coverage - Juárez - El Paso - Title 42 [Channel: Oreo Express]



>>18830096 Pennsylvania Settles Voter Rolls Lawsuit with Judicial Watch Penn Removes 180k Dirty Names from Voter Rolls

>>18830116 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Fomalhaut's Dusty Debris Disk

>>18830117, >>18830140 Enty: Epstein/Burns

>>18830138 Rare M3.1 - M3.3 earthquake in Central Arizona at the San Francisco Volcanic field directly next to a previous rupture point.

>>18830143 Investigating McKinsey's Ties to the Trudeau Govt.

VIDEO - BREAKING: Investigating McKinsey's Ties to the Trudeau Govt. [Channel: Garnett Genuis]

>>18830154, >>18830170 PlaneFag CONUS activity

>>18830181 Refresher on "Snow White", Scientology Infiltration Of The U.S & WW Govts

>>18830196, >>18830203, >>18830205, >>18830210 Here Are The Docs Instructing Border Patrol To Release Waves Of Migrants Into The Country

>>18830198 Fed funds futures traders see 50%(46.6%) chance of July Fed rate cut, with regional banks back in focus

>>18830229 JPMorgan CEO Dimon says bank is convening a 'war room' on debt ceiling

>>18830251 Today's order is a win for two 2020 election fraud cases in Atlanta that will now proceed to trial.

>>18830287, >>18830312 Refresher: Marshall Plan yo fren

>>18830298 @Caltech researchers found a new quantum phenomena where groups of atoms hit by a laser will abruptly stop reflecting light at certain frequencies

>>18830304, >>18830314 Brennan walking into a closed-door interview with @JudiciaryGOP and @Weaponization


>>18830322 #23111

(38 notables, 76 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 12:17 p.m. No.18831173   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18830323 Q Research General #23112: Moves And Counter Moves Till….. Edition

Created 111622ZMAY23


>>18830326 #23112

>>18830333 Britain has delivered long-range ‘Storm Shadow’ cruise missiles to Ukraine ahead of expected counteroffensive

>>18830341, >>18830650, >>18830723, >>18830768 Moar Border


VIDEO - LIVE: Migrants camped on the US border with Mexico in California as Title 42 ends [Channel: Reuters]



>>18830351, >>18830511, >>18830523, >>18830547, >>18830560, >>18830571, >>18830583, >>18830658, >>18830667, >>18830691, >>18830718, >>18830795 Buckwheat up/Mayorkas

VIDEO - Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Secretary Mayorkas [Channel: The White House]

>>18830364 Biden EPA tells power plants to slash nearly all emissions or close down

>>18830377 @NORADCommand wishing NORAD a happy 65th anniversary

>>18830378 twit trends Trumps CNN

>>18830451, >>18830459, >>18830513 Market man

>>18830456, >>18830544, >>18830581 Brennan being interviewed RIGHT NOW behind closed doors, over the IC letter calling Hunter Biden's laptop "Russian disinformation" Boom!


>>18830457, >>18830761 PlaneFag CONUS update

>>18830501 Department of State Press Briefing with Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel.

VIDEO - Department of State Daily Press Briefing - May 11, 2023 - 1:15 PM [Channel: U.S. Department of State]

>>18830556 CDC Updated Recommendations for COVID-19 Vaccine Use

>>18830573 Bannon War Room SWATTED During Live Broadcast

>>18830588, >>18830617, >>18830694, >>18830732 Bill Clinton in Bulgaria: Glad to be back again CGI Refresher: Kosovo/serbia shares borders with montenegro.

VIDEO - Tucker: Why question US obligations to Montenegro [Channel: Fox News]

>>18830596 Jeffries Says Republicans Are Creating “A Fictional Argument Around What’s Happening at the Border”

>>18830607 Rand Plummets To Record Low After US Accuses South Africa Of Supplying Weapons To Russia

>>18830614 A “mysterious” disease has ravaged Kagi, a community in Kenya’s northern county of Marsabit, killing nine

>>18830618 Ireland visit was to make sure ‘Brits don’t screw around’

>>18830645 IRS Files $44 Billion Claims Against Bankrupt FTX

>>18830673 Ron Paul Says Forget Ukraine, DC Hawks Dragging NATO Into Taiwan War

VIDEO - Weekly Update — NATO‘s Great New Idea: ‘Let’s Start A War With China!’ [Channel: RonPaulLibertyReport]

>>18830675 @NavalInstitute This 1987 Miller Lite commercial features Sgt. Bill Dower, USMC

>>18830706 ICYMI: Feds Arrest Alleged Chinese Spy in Boston

>>18830709 @NavalInstitute We know you’re always #OnTheMove

>>18830712 EU wants Georgia to turn away Russian planes

>>18830725 Will the Senate wait until the last day to vote on the Budget bill?

>>18830736 The Effects of Orchiectomy and Age on Vascular and Metabolic Health in Older Versus Younger Transgender Women

>>18830742 NATO ready for “large-scale operations to defend every inch of alliance’s territory”

>>18830746 DHS Official Gets Life for Using His Federal Authority to Rape, Abuse, and Then Silence Women Victims

>>18830748, >>18830846 Censorship Laundering: How the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Enables the Silencing of Dissent

VIDEO - Censorship Laundering: How the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Enables the Silencing of Dissent [Channel: Homeland Security Committee Events]

>>18830750 Fiscal Year 2024 Department of Energy Budget Request

VIDEO - Energy Subcommittee Hearing: “The Fiscal Year 2024 Department of Energy Budget” [Channel: House Committee on Energy and Commerce]

>>18830753 FDA Oversight Part II: Responsibility for the Infant Formula Shortage

>>18830755 Russiagate


>>18830756 Biden mocks Trump town hall speech(pffffff)

>>18830757 Getting Back on Track: Exploring Rail Supply Chain Resilience and Challenges

VIDEO - Getting Back on Track: Exploring Rail Supply Chain Resilience and Challenges [Channel: T&I Committee Republicans]

>>18830758 Appeals court ruling could pave way for release of Jeffrey Epstein grand jury records

>>18830760 Hearing on Reviewing BIS Part I: U.S. Export Controls in an Era of Strategic Competition

VIDEO - Hearing on Reviewing BIS Part I: U.S. Export Controls in an Era of Strategic Competition [Channel: House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans]

>>18830763 Reauthorizing the U.S. Fire Administration and Fire Grant Programs

VIDEO - Reauthorizing the U.S. Fire Administration and Fire Grant Programs [Channel: House Science, Space, and Technology Committee]

>>18830775 Biden DHS Using Encrypted Chatroom To Collude With Mexican Officials To Bring Illegal Aliens Into U.S.

>>18830806, >>18830811 Not One ‘Journalist’ Asks Joe Biden About Comer’s Evidence of Bribery Scheme at Airport Gaggle – But Santos Gets a Mention!

>>18830830 US lawmakers to introduce bill to combat normalization with Syria's Assad

>>18830839 Preliminary Ratings for @CNN Town Hall with POTUS Trump WED 5/10 3.1 million total viewers

>>18830896 U.S. Attorney General OKs Transfer of Forfeited Funds From Russia Oligarch for Use in Ukraine

>>18830911 Anger spreads in Pakistan as govt arrests nearly 1,000 Imran Khan supporters

>>18830928 These Maricopa County officials KNEW that at least 260 tabulators were GOING TO FAIL on Election Day

>>18830934 #23112

(45 notables, 69 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 3:17 p.m. No.18831809   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3586


>>18830937 Q Research General #23113: Russiagate: The Villains Who Will Lose Edition

Created 111837ZMAY23


>>18830953 #23112


>>18830964 Migrants Arrive in Sanctuary City Chicago with Colds, Pink Eye, COVID-19: ‘It’s Unsustainable’

>>18830966 'Abused' ex-wife slams US Army Cyber Command for refusing to fire high-ranking officer after he was investigated for 'raping and pimping her out…

>>18830974 BRICS to Launch Common Currency for International Trade?

>>18831041 Santos fundraising off of indictment: 'the fight is real

>>18831045 2020 PA Presidential Election Results: TRUMP WON

>>18831047 COVID Vaccine roll-out caused 338x increase in AIDS-associated Diseases & Cancers in 2021 says CDC

>>18831075 House Budget Committee member says Biden needs to 'quit whining' about debt ceiling and negotiate

>>18831109 Last night, Kaitlan Collins claimed that Secretary of Defense Chris Miller said that Trump didn’t “give the order” for National Guard troops.


>>18831122 Criminal cartels will keep order at the border to maximize their profits: Yuma Border Patrol Chief

>>18831129 econfag offering up some cogent thought

>>18831142 U.S. Border Patrol has seized an explosive device that was attempted to be smuggled into the U.S. at an Arizona port of entry.

>>18831163 LIVE: House Subcommittee’s Hearing on ‘DHS’s Suppression Over Free Speech’

VIDEO - LIVE: House Subcommittee’s Hearing on ‘DHS’s Suppression Over Free Speech’ [Channel: NTD]

>>18831198 ‘Mysterious’ disease kills nine in Kenya &ndash; officials

>>18831306 PM Trudeau meets with Moldovan President Maia Sandu

VIDEO - PM Trudeau meets with Moldovan President Maia Sandu – May 11, 2023 [Channel: cpac]

>>18831336 Musk announces he has picked Twitter's next CEO

>>18831340 Report: Nearly 25% of medical science papers and 34% of neuroscience papers are bogus

>>18831395, >>18831399 KC playn both sides


>>18831420 Kari Lake w/CAP: There is a trail of debris on the Mexico side of the Yuma Border. Each item tells a heartbreaking story…

>>18831428 #Marines supporting Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa conduct night flight operations with a KC-130J Super Hercules in Djibouti,

>>18831473 Ukraine using chemical weapons, Russian journalist claims

>>18831499 Finland PM announces divorce after she's spotted grinding with man in raunchy club video

>>18831525, >>18831577, >>18831579, >>18831645 Migrants rush across US border in final hours before Title 42 expires. Natty onsite



>>18831638 The Vigilant Fox w/CAP: Ivermectin: The Untold Story of a 'Miracle Drug'

>>18831681 #23112

(25 notables, 29 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 6:17 p.m. No.18832664   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3588


>>18831695 Q Research General #23113: Mercy Rule Is In Effect Edition

Created 112154ZMAY23


>>18831707 #23113

>>18831712, >>18831957, >>18832113, >>18832118, >>18832139, >>18832361 Trump Townhall KNOCKOUT

VIDEO - Trump Townhall KNOCKOUT and Media FURY; FBI REJECTS Congressional Subpoena [0] [Channel: Robert Gouveia]

VIDEO - Donald Trump Gets Standing Ovation At CNN Town Hall [28] [Channel: DC Enquirer]





>>18831719 Eurovision fans go WILD over interval drag act

>>18831730 Ukranian president Zelenskyy banned from delivering Eurovision video message

>>18831732 Child from Big Rivers region in Northern Territory dies after contracting mosquito-borne disease Murray Valley encephalitis

>>18831734, >>18831827, >>18831866, >>18831972, >>18831978, >>18831982, >>18831994, >>18832095, >>18832098, >>18832394, >>18832414 Border bun


>>18831740 Supreme Court Ruling Could Legalize "Assault Rifles" In Every State

>>18831745 World Health Organization declares end to mpox public health emergency (thank GOD, kek)

>>18831761, >>18831899 Attkisson to explore 2020 election problems

>>18831794 Cancer cure? Dr. Burzynski and the Antineoplaston peptide


>>18831807, >>18831810 Tennessee Man Sentenced To 600 Months For Child Production Offenses

>>18831833 Judge Elizabeth Scherer, From Parkland School Shooting Case, Abruptly Resigns

>>18831849, >>18832050 Anti-vaxxers kicked out of pharmacy after trying to deliver cease and desist letter for administering Covid jabs

>>18831851, >>18831871, >>18831891, >>18831893, >>18831991, >>18832099, >>18832282, >>18832339 PF reports

>>18831855 Biden Is Selling Weapons to the Majority of the World’s Autocracies

>>18831872 Medpage says 19 states have restricted sex-change surgery and treatment in children

>>18831873, >>18831903, >>18831910 FBI Releases Results of OIA FISA Query Audit

>>18831880 WHCA Advised Biden Admin On New Rules Governing Press Passes

>>18831884, >>18831901, >>18831974, >>18832104 House Oversight Chair Rep. James Comer says DoJ wants to protect the Bidens, despite evidence they committed serious felonies

>>18831894 House votes YES on Secure Border Act in 219-213 vote, includes e-Verify requirement, with 2 Republicans joining Democrats to vote against border security

>>18831915 As CEO of 'non-profit', International Rescue Committee, Miliband makes $1mil+ a year, and the two senior VPs below him make a combined $900,000+ per year

>>18831918 After pushing pro-criminal policies for years, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee demands special session on gun control

>>18831938, >>18832001, >>18832042 DJT: American Greatness Poll - Trump Leads DeSantis in Florida GOP Primary

>>18831943, >>18831965, >>18831968, >>18832359 DJT: People are criticizing CNN for giving me a Forum to tell the TRUTH - I believe it was a very smart thing that they did

>>18831948 (Canada) Election Interference: Tides Foundation and David Sadzuki named


>>18831950, >>18831959 Biden, Hill leaders delay debt ceiling meeting as Treasury warns of looming deadline

VIDEO - Friday's planned debt ceiling meeting at White House postponed [Channel: NBC News]

>>18831956 DJT: Congressman Andy Ogles is a fantastic Representative for the incredible people of Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District

>>18831989 Why did E. Jean Carroll consider herself a "MASSIVE" fan of Donald Trump's show, The Apprentice?

>>18831999 White House Press Secretary Implicated In Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup

>>18832010, >>18832063 Devin Nunes: @LeeSmith and I had a great conversation discussing @realDonaldTrump #CNNDebate

VIDEO - Disinformation and the Deep State [50:27] [Channel: Devin Nunes]

>>18832013, >>18832021 America First Legal Releases New Internal DHS Documents Revealing The Government Is Funding Trainings Intended to Target Conservative Americans

>>18832016 Concerned Father Who Gave Heartfelt Speech at School Board Meeting Lost Job After Radical Progressive Activists Began Attacking and Harassing Him

>>18832034 Reserve Bank puts Australia on notice for a potential recession

>>18832093 Emerald Robinson: Looks like CNN employees are leaking internal calls to the Jeffrey Epstein Memorial Office Professor of Media Studies at Hah-Vud

>>18832128 Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered to release their former Prime Minister, Imran Khan

>>18832137, >>18832141, >>18832143, >>18832177, >>18832184, >>18832195, >>18832226, >>18832260, >>18832393 5.4M Earthquake in Sacramento

>>18832161, >>18832233 Pope calls sex abusers 'children of God', deserving of 'love'

>>18832241 Soviet-Style Persecution in Canada: Parents of Josh Alexander Targeted For His Christian Faith (Exclusive Interview)

>>18832310 Trump Files Notice to Appeal E. Jean Carroll Verdict

>>18832352 Fed Emergency Bank Loans Soared As Money Market Inflows Continue To Surge

>>18832411, >>18832428 It's unclear whether Gen. Paul Nakasone, the head of the NSA and the U.S. Cyber Command, is planning to retire or take another position

>>18832413 Pompeo: Susan and I are praying for Israel and every Israeli family as they face a wave of rockets aimed at murdering civilians

>>18832444 #23113

(43 notables, 91 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 9:17 p.m. No.18833585   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18832460 Q Research General #23115: It's Happening Edition

Created 120028ZMAY23


>>18832469 #23115

>>18832482, >>18832528, >>18832650, >>18832675, >>18832680, >>18832835, >>18832910, >>18833124, >>18833142 Border bun




>>18832508, >>18832514, >>18832519 Senator Ron Johnson: ‘We Have Evidence Hunter Biden Paid Sex Trafficked Prostitutes And The Media Isn’t Even Looking Into It’

>>18832517 Two Youths Commit Suicide In Taxpayer-Funded Cross-Sex Hormone Study

>>18832526, >>18832535, >>18832798, >>18832804, >>18833007, >>18833033, >>18833081, >>18833150 Geopolitics

>>18832538, >>18832545, >>18832560, >>18832587, >>18832597, >>18832957 PF reports

>>18832552 New DOJ Policy Proposal Would Limit FBI Infiltration Of Terrorist Groups, Docs Show

>>18832572, >>18832733 Rep. Jim Jordan Says 4-hour Inquiry with Former CIA Dir. Brennan “Further Confirmed that this Thing Was All Political” in Suppressing Hunter’s Laptop



>>18832589, >>18832654, >>18832691, >>18833084 Election Shenanigans



>>18832594, >>18832902, >>18832973 EQfag Sacramento updates

>>18832609 Border Patrol Union: Mayorkas is a propagandist

>>18832623 Kaitlan Collins is hosting CNN's 9:00 pm hour - Van Jones, Maggie Habberman are on her panel

>>18832634 'Catastrophic situation': FERC Commissioner Christie warns America's power grid is in big trouble

VIDEO - 'Catastrophic situation': FERC Commissioner Christie warns America's power grid is in big trouble [Channel: The HARRY READ ME File]

>>18832655, >>18832663 Live Video Coverage: Border Gates 40 & 42 east of El Paso

>>18832666 Trump slams Biden for dropping Title 42

VIDEO - President Trump Slams Biden for Getting Rid of Title 42 [1:43] [Channel: Donald J. Trump]

>>18832669 Adam Schiff TAILSPINS After Learning of New Committee Investigating FBI

VIDEO - Adam Schiff TAILSPINS After Learning of New Committee Investigating FBI [4:44] [Channel: Dan Bongino Show Clips]

>>18832686, >>18832766, >>18833077, >>18833105, >>18833117 It appears that the new CEO of Twitter will be Linda Yaccarino, if the Wall Street Journal’s reporting is correct

>>18832762 Strange sounds recorded high in Earth's atmosphere have scientists baffled

>>18832783, >>18832785 Deep State can’t cover for scale of Biden corruption

>>18832784 The House passed a comprehensive border package Thursday, the same day Biden admin strips border officials of one of last tools to stem waves of illegal migration

>>18832805 A powerful eruption on the sun could create widespread auroras tonight

>>18832809, >>18832817, >>18832823, >>18832998 Allergies / D3 (is actually a Hormone aka important)

>>18832825, >>18832829, >>18832849, >>18832866 Do Asylum Seekers Get Green Cards to Work?

>>18832838, >>18832848 (Feb 13, 2023) PEPFAR 2023 Country and Regional Operational Plan Guidance and Technical Considerations

>>18832857 Hunter Biden’s Divorce Lawyers Knew About ‘Romania Deal’ Payments

>>18832860 Biden / Cancer Moonshot

>>18832880 Institute For Protein Design: Responding to COVID-19 with de novo protein design (David Baker, Oct 2020)

>>18832890 Without Waterways Biden’s Climate Plan Will Waste Trillions

>>18832926 ESO telescope reveals hidden views of vast stellar nurseries

>>18832945, >>18832953, >>18832962 Federal Judge In Virginia Rules 18- to 20-Year-Olds Cannot Be Barred From Buying Handguns

>>18832977 Dershowitz: 'No Way' Case Against Trump In Fulton County Can Be Successful

>>18832983 ‘Absolutely Reckless’: NIH Allows EcoHealth Alliance to Resume Coronavirus Research

>>18832997 WEF Orders Govts to Arrest Citizens Who Read 'Fake News' Online

>>18832999 Kash: CNN tried to crank out same Jan 6 disinfo narrative re Natl Guard, 45 shut em down

>>18833006 Trump Receives Standing Ovation At CNN’s Town Hall

>>18833022 More Pesticides on Kids’ Food? EPA Wants to Greenlight Chemical Linked to Reproduction, Developmental Issues

>>18833035 Daisy Beldam, Rex Bell's mother, Clara Bow's mother-in-law, with Rex Bell Jr.

>>18833041 Leo Terrell Torches Geraldo Rivera After Rivera Takes Cheap Shot Against President Trump and Defends E Jean Carroll Verdict

>>18833042 DTjr: Going to go out on a limb and say the judge probably didn’t allow this one into evidence either

>>18833076 Fresh X-22: No Sleep In DC, Treason At The Highest Level, Trump Dropped The Hammer

>>18833106, >>18833205 Dan Scavino Truths

>>18833209 #23115

(42 notables, 86 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 11, 2023, 11:17 p.m. No.18834105   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18833220 Q Research General #23116: Encore Edition

Created 120310ZMAY23


>>18833234 #23116

>>18833303 Finger Lakes Lore (Tattoo'd onto Hunter Biden's back)

>>18833311 A Dead Body has been found inside freezer of Arby’s restaurant

>>18833336, >>18833471, >>18833507, >>18833559, >>18833653 Big-brain has entered chat

>>18833370, >>18833419 Qpost 316 / Pompeo tweet

>>18833387 LIVE: From the border at El Paso/Juarez; large media presence on Mexico side as Title 42 expires

VIDEO - Live - El Paso - Juárez - Border Coverage - Ending Of Title 42 [Channel: Oreo Express]

>>18833397 Elon Musk Hires Ultra Woke Linda Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter – Former Head of NBCUniversal Advertising, WEF Board Member, Pioneer of Wokeism

>>18833398, >>18833517, >>18833519, >>18833547 Texas Law Enforcement are on High Alert at Gateway International Bridge in Anticipation of Title 42 Expiration

>>18833417, >>18833440, >>18833464, >>18833485, >>18833512, >>18833527, >>18833539, >>18833619 Durham 23

VIDEO - Special Counsel, John "The Punisher" Durham | [Channel: Eric D. Kirk]

VIDEO - Special Counsel, John, "The Punisher" Durham | Operation ? [Channel: Eric D. Kirk]

>>18833468 Trump was in high spirits today, dancing to "Macho Man" by the Village People


>>18833546, >>18833589, >>18833609 PF reports

>>18833661 James Woods: A year and a half before the election and I predict the left will do everything in its power to cripple Twitter, legally or otherwise

>>18833744 The Jewish Voice: Sotheby’s to Auction Off Oldest Surviving Hebrew Bible; 1,100 Year Old Codex Sassoon Could Net Up to $50M

>>18833757 Alejandro Mayorkas defended Biden admin’s disastrous handling of the ongoing crisis on the U.S. southern border during a press conference this week

>>18833767 A Federal Judge In Florida Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Key Biden Border Policy as Title 42 Expires

>>18833768 Israeli Woman Attacked by Drunken Secret Service Agent of Biden Speaks Out

>>18833773 Trump Broke CNN


>>18833827, >>18833839, >>18833853, >>18833904, >>18833921 Bun o' Pain

>>18833907 Anon opines: Comer told us what happens

>>18833935 @USSOCOM

>>18833942 Mike Pence: Thank You @HouseGOP and @SpeakerMcCarthy! A Storm is Coming and House Republicans are showing the way to Secure the Border Now!

>>18833952 Photograph of Lloyd Katz and U.S. Senator Joe Biden, 1986

>>18833977 #23116

(23 notables, 44 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 12, 2023, 5:17 a.m. No.18834853   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18833985 Q Research General #23117: Durham 23 Edition

Created 120549ZMAY23


>>18833995 #23117

>>18834108 Kari Lake still fighting

>>18834147 300 troops being deployed to fight Alberta wildfires, more than $2M paid out to evacuees

>>18834157 Kari Lake - An improvised explosive device was intercepted at our Douglas, AZ point of entry.

>>18834217, >>18834233 “Peace comes through strength,"

>>18834276, >>18834282 Barroons!

>>18834281 The Biden Administration is absolutely corrupt to its core.

>>18834298 @elonmusk - economic enema en route

>>18834332, >>18834336 DHS is using an encrypted online chat room to tell Mexico where to send illegals to cross the border

>>18834334 Todd Bensman Reports on Migrants Entering U.S. from Matamoros, Mexico

VIDEO - Todd Bensman Reports on Migrants Entering U.S. from Matamoros, Mexico [Channel: Center for Immigration Studies]

>>18834375 nice hat

>>18834390, >>18834394, >>18834551 The Cipher Brief and More

>>18834440 Note taker

>>18834444, >>18834447 Elon Musk Hires Ultra Woke Linda Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter

>>18834458 Chip Roy: These are impeachable offenses

VIDEO - Chip Roy: These are impeachable offenses [Channel: Fox News]

>>18834465 Late night 7th slangin' some keys, rocking the green

>>18834473 Age Is Just A Number! Words Of Tucker

VIDEO - Age Is Just A Number! Words Of Tucker [Channel: Bontrager Legacy Media Group]

>>18834516 Jordan: Brennan's Interview Today Confirmed Political Laptop Suppression

VIDEO - Jordan: Brennan's Interview Today Confirmed Political Laptop Supression [2:13] [Channel: Uncensored Storm]

>>18834560 @elonmusk - That will not be the case (regarding shadow or outright bans?)

>>18834692 How the Biden corruption empire ran under the radar for so long

>>18834695 Anderson Cooper Whimpers Over CNN Hosting

>>18834705 Hunter Biden and ex-wife Kathleen Buhle's divorce attorneys were aware of 'Romania deal' payments

>>18834725 Look inside this weeks #KashsCorner-BIDEN CRIME FAMILY SYNDICATE exposed

>>18834735 #23117

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8806cd May 12, 2023, 9:17 a.m. No.18835735   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18834736 Q Research General #23118: Distractions Everywhere Edition

Created 121124ZMAY23


>>18834756 #23118

>>18834786, >>18834788 4 billionaire's connections to epstein

VIDEO - Whitney Webb: This is why Epstein documents are coming out now | Redacted with Clayton Morris [Channel: Redacted]

>>18834800 Zelensky, what is wrong with him?

>>18834832, >>18835024 Illegal Aliens have arrived in Brownsville, TX with a care package from DHS complete with government issued cell phone


>>18834842 Journalists Naomi Wolf & Mark Steyn Silenced by British Media Regulator for Reporting the Truth

>>18834854 Aggressive ‘Turbo Cancers” in Young People Linked to Immune-Suppressing Shots, Says Dr. Ryan Cole

>>18834889 Paramount Media Networks Announces Layoffs as MTV News Shuts Down

>>18834939 Swamp Schedule for 5/12/2023

>>18834953 You can tell the Mockingbird Mainstream Media is in SERIOUS PANIC MODE when they put out nonsense like this…

>>18834980 Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy - 05/12/2023

VIDEO - Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy - 05/12/2023 - Tiger Network [Channel: Deestevensvoice4you]

>>18834994 More rockets towards Israel this evening ! So far over 800 in 2 days

>>18834995, >>18834997, >>18835018, >>18835060 anons opine on status of title 42. judge issues restraining order as title 42 expires

>>18834998 Marine veteran Daniel Penny, 24, hands himself into police to face manslaughter charge - as witness, 66, comes forward to say he only intervened AFTER…

>>18835026, >>18835074 House GOP panel says members of Biden family got $10 million from foreign entities as Democrats note no sign of Joe Biden's involvement

>>18835029 Fryday KEKs: MAZE w/CAP: Wow. Anderson Cooper is sick and tired of Joe Biden.


>>18835072, >>18835073, >>18835080 DJT TS w/CAPs (mini-bun)

VIDEO - Video upload for 110355788296609402 [1:00] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18835095 Possible new CEO of Twitter worked under Trump’s admin.

>>18835208 Global Internet Shutdowns Are at Record Levels—Here’s What to Do If It Happens to You

>>18835213 James Woods Responds to Kevin McCarthy and Speaks for All of Us…

>>18835226 Oklahoma Governor Fights Drag Queen “Indoctrination” By Pulling State PBS’ License

>>18835238 Titter Trends: Trump/CNN

>>18835302 Planefag with eyez on our skyz

>>18835446 A federal judge said Wednesday that federal prohibitions on licensed dealers selling handguns to 18- to 20-year-olds are unconstitutional…

>>18835448 At Year End, 4,127 U.S. Banks Held $7.7 Trillion in Uninsured Deposits; JPMorgan Chase, BofA, Wells Fargo and Citi Accounted for 43% of That

>>18835484 USAF w/CAP: Bringing fire down from the skies.

>>18835519 #23118

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8449c7 May 12, 2023, 12:17 p.m. No.18836600   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7127


>>18835533 Q Research General #23119: Title 42 Not So Dead Edition

Created 121532ZMAY23


>>18835539 #23119

>>18835567 @realDonaldTrump CNN has new asshole


>>18835585 Another Galactic Current Sheet, California Quakes, Weird Tornado

VIDEO - Another Galactic Current Sheet, California Quakes, Weird Tornado | S0 News May.12.2023 [Channel: Suspicious0bservers]

>>18835591, >>18835676, >>18835696, >>18835706, >>18835779, >>18835957 McCormick: What can we do as a collective, as communities, outside of government? The empowerment of the people./human trafficking

>>18835624 Credit Default Swaps Rate on 1month +87.17% and 1y +450% T Bill/Note

>>18835640 Net Zero Grid Batteries Would Bankrupt America

>>18835647 Robert Gouveia - Kari Lake Oral Arguments on 2022 Election Malfeasance

VIDEO - Kari Lake Oral Arguments on 2022 Election Malfeasance [0] [Channel: Robert Gouveia]

>>18835671, >>18836095 PlaneFag Eyez on the sky

>>18835682 California Reparations Task Force demands racial discrimination is LEGALIZED

>>18835732 @archivesfdn How close did WWII get to home? #OTD in 1942, a German U Boat sank an American tanker

>>18835737 Bannons War Room

>>18835750 The hospital has a policy that requires all organ donors to be fully vaccinated/denied transplant

>>18835755 Sidney Powell - Defending The Republic Newsletter

>>18835756 Reports Weekly Active Inventory Up 31% YoY; New Listings Down 16% YoY

>>18835757, >>18835766, >>18835838 Who is REALLY facilitating America's Border Crisis?

>>18835797, >>18835821, >>18835824, >>18835827, >>18835847 TheY want our kids



>>18835801 Senator Tommy Tuberville has just sold millions in stock and options.

>>18835858 US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is stepping down

>>18835861 Mac Warner Calls on Secretary of State Tony Blinken to Resign

VIDEO - Mac Warner Calls on Secretary of State Tony Blinken to Resign [Channel: Who's Counting With Cleta Mitchell]

>>18835869 Corey's Digs Media Manipulation, Biden Crimes & States Fight Back

VIDEO - Dig It! #187: Media Manipulation, Biden Crimes & States Fight Back [48:35] [Channel: Corey's Digs]

>>18835930 ICYMI The Twitter Files: The Censorship Industrial Complex with Matt Taibbi

VIDEO - The Twitter Files: The Censorship Industrial Complex with Matt Taibbi [Channel: Buckley Institute]

>>18835945 Senator Warns Donald Trump of ‘Impeachment’ If He Issues Pardons for J6 Defendants as President

>>18835975 Court: Records of Florida grand jury's Jeffrey Epstein investigation can be made public

>>18836022 Sperry: Biden started with 0 and went into public office & became a multimillionaire along w/ kin, while Trump started with billions & went into public office & lost $

>>18836040 Priva Health sold by Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt Division: $536,472,909 on May 8th as a secondary

>>18836055 New Twitter CEO confirmed 👇🏼 @LindaYacc starts in 6 weeks Yaccarino

>>18836093, >>18836113, >>18836120, >>18836123, >>18836201, >>18836225, >>18836273 Buckwheat up

VIDEO - Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Mitch Landrieu [Channel: The White House]

>>18836128 Issa (R-CA) says former New York District Attorney Mark Pomerantz is declining to answer questions in his deposition on the case against former President Trump.

>>18836142 UltraViolet calls for firing of CNN CEO as Trump town hall draws 3.3 million viewers, hot air for the keks

>>18836150 Biden Administration Caught Coordinating Illegal Crossings with Mexican Government

>>18836185 30 illegal migrants dropped off on Kamala Harris’ front lawn in DC after being bussed by Texas Governor Abbott


>>18836207 Cheecaho residents not feelin so sanctuary

>>18836281 TUNE IN at 1 pm EDT tomorrow for all-day rally coverage on RSBN

>>18836285 #23119

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8449c7 May 12, 2023, 2:17 p.m. No.18837125   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7707


>>18836290 Q Research General #23120: CNN Haz A New A**hole? NOT Same Ole Edition

Created 121808ZMAY23


>>18836300 #23120-A


>>18836311, >>18836315, >>18836317, >>18836342, >>18836356, >>18836360, >>18836382 Buckwheat continues

>>18836349 Robert Kennedy, Jr. Bravely Points Out the Connection Between SSRI Antidepressant Use and Mass Shootings

>>18836354 It's Official: Top NBCUni Ad Exec And World Economic Forum Taskforce Chair Is Twitter's New CEO

VIDEO - Who is she really? [Channel: Anything Goes]

>>18836357 Background Press Call by a Senior Admin Official on National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s Meeting with PRC Director Wang Yi

>>18836367, >>18836371 "RIP Twitter" trends #1 after Elon announces he's named Linda Yaccarino

>>18836375 Herridge: Republicans say Biden campaign exploited former intel officials to discredit Hunter Biden laptop allegations/normie news

>>18836376 New FDA Guideline Allows More Gay and Bisexual Men to Donate Blood Without Abstaining from Sex

>>18836386 Top Erdogan Official Accuses US Of Meddling In Turkish Elections

>>18836398 'There Are Only Two Genders' T-shirt, wears it to school again — with 'censored' on it. He's told to remove shirt; now he's suing.

>>18836401 Cycling Race Director Says Trans Athletes Could 'Kill the Sport'

>>18836407 Obama Phone 2.0: Illegal Aliens Get Free Cell Phones Courtesy of US Taxpayers

>>18836428 House Homeland Security Committee Chair Reveals He Has Evidence Of Mayorkas’ ‘Potential Fraud’

>>18836438 Serbians Hand Over Firearms, Ammo, After ‘Almost Total Disarmament’ Enacted

>>18836439 Donald John Trump on Human Trafficking

VIDEO - Trump: I'll Fight Human Trafficking 'Epidemic' [Channel: Associated Press]

>>18836441 Germany Changes Mind Again, Will Sell Major Stake in Top Port to China Government Owned Shipping Giant

>>18836442 @SLDelta45 We are excited to announce the Ascension Island Auxiliary Airfield runway project is now complete!

>>18836443 @X22Report Maricopa County Superior Court Holds Oral Argument in Lake v. Hobbs Case

>>18836448 Border Patrol Migrant Processing Centers Filled After Trump-Era Policy’s End

>>18836451 Russia won’t shoot down Starlink satellites

>>18836460 @X22Report Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Key Biden Border Policy as Title 42 Expires

>>18836471 USGS Alert Levels Up at Volcanoes in the United States: ORANGE and YELLOW in Effect

>>18836472 @DanScavino Bongino show

>>18836536 IDF: Iron Dome malfunction to blame for deadly Rehovot rocket strike

>>18836556 Pope Francis warns pets must not replace children in Italy

>>18836562 NY gov. announces $25 million in funding for hate crimes prevention

>>18836566 Macron condemns vandalism of explicit painting in Paris Museum

>>18836567 PF report

>>18836581 Israel's Operation Shield and Arrow: Is blowing stuff up a strategy?

>>18836590 Hardcore ESG gospel


>>18836593 Liberal media circles the wagons around Biden’s corruption

>>18836596 Egypt ignored US requests to block Russian flights

>>18836611 Vox reports the new Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino is also a known Trump supporter… [hmmm….]

>>18836620 DeSantis Quietly Signs New Law Sealing All of His Travel Records From Public, Applies Retroactively

>>18836628 Dan Scavino from DanScavino JR

>>18836630, >>18836636 Biden’s 2019 Tweet Attacking Trump Comes Back to Haunt Him After Migrant Child Dies in US Custody Hours After Title 42 Expires

>>18836635 Excess deaths, new UK data

VIDEO - Excess deaths, new UK data [Channel: Dr. John Campbell]

>>18836638 For Third Day in a Row, Israel Prevents Foreign Journalists from Entering Gaza

>>18836678 Balkans' biggest drug lords arrested after investigation into encrypted phones

>>18836711 Soros partly controls human rights court – Medvedev

>>18836712 #23120-A

>>18836713 PDJT: California should let Tesla & @elonmusk open the plant, NOW

>>18836721 Space Launch Delta 45, more info

>>18836724 Baltimore sues Hyundai, Kia over massive spike in car thefts

>>18836725 Trade Minister Don Farrell given surprise Forbidden City tour, China's foreign minister to visit Australia

>>18836736 @Techno_Fog: More on Flynn case re Jill Wine-Banks

>>18836739 Seyed Hassan Nasrallah: Netanyahu's calculations failed

>>18836747 With migrants overwhelming our border right now, here is a live look at Martha's Vineyard


>>18836753 Hydroxychloroquine–Number Of Prescriptions Explodes In France

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8449c7 May 12, 2023, 4:17 p.m. No.18837704   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18836776 Q Research General #23121: Migrant Child Dies in US Custody Edition

Created 121959ZMAY23


>>18836800 #23121

>>18836820 Pet comms re human trafficking?

>>18836826, >>18836932, >>18837019 Kari Lake brings new evidence in hearing as Maricopa County, Hobbs, Fontes seek to dismiss case

>>18836830 Comer: Bidens had foreign business dealings on at least three continents

>>18836831 NYC Mayor Adams considers abandoned prison, asks property owners to house influx of migrants

>>18836832 Russian tycoon wants his superyacht back

>>18836836 Florida rejects Holocaust textbooks for falling afoul of ‘woke’ education ban

>>18836839 Facebook Censors Title 42 Migrant Influx Stories

>>18836843 Do not forget: October 30, 2020 Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens

>>18836847 Hebrew media, citing the Egyptian report that Hamas will officially enter the conflict within 2 days if no ceasefire

>>18836859 Taiwan Says Its Military Won't Let The US Blow Up Semiconductor Factories

>>18836861 Erdogan scolds rival over ‘Russian interference’ claim Trembling, Confused Dianne does not know where she's going when wheeled into work

>>18836868 Trembling, Confused Dianne Feinstein Asks ‘Where Am I Going?’ As She’s Rolled Back In To Work As A US Senator

>>18836980 JESUIT UNIVERSITY RAKING IN ARAB CASH BUILDS MOSQUE $333 million from Qatar, $20 million from Saudi Arabia

>>18836994 Attorney General Bailey Moves for Emergency Relief at Southern Border

>>18837010 Rejection of solar farms in Ohio grows locally and statewide

>>18837015, >>18837084 It's the Obamas


>>18837032 India discovers large lithium deposits capable of covering 80% of state’s needs

>>18837140 @America1stLegal with @KenPaxtonTX to file an emergency lawsuit, on behalf of a coalition of states, to halt Biden’s planned and orchestrated deluging of our communities with illegal

>>18837150 Twitter’s stock will be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange on November 8

>>18837182 NH Gov. Sununu lambasts GOP voters at CNN town hall: 'embarrassing'

>>18837188 Biden Administration ORDERING BORDER PATROL AGENTS to retreat from the front line..

>>18837193 Documents Reveal Homeland Security Listed Pro-Life Moms as “Radicalization Suspects”

>>18837209 Putin Still Selling U.S. Nearly $1 Billion in Nuclear Fuel

>>18837239 Saturn reclaims 'moon king' title with 62 newfound satellites, bringing total to 145

>>18837262, >>18837352 El Paso Tx Gate 42 opened for illegals..


>>18837295 PF training exercises

>>18837309, >>18837312 "Come on, man. This has been going on for 20 years."

VIDEO - WATCH LIVE: Harris delivers remarks at meeting for faith leaders [Channel: PBS NewsHour]

>>18837326 According the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, out of the 771 miles of border wall, 738 miles has been funded by the Trump Admin

>>18837454 PF: Canada AF CFC01TrudopeCL-60 heading back to Ottawa from Goose Bay, Newfoundland CONUS update


>>18837457 Biden Heads to the Beach as Border Crisis Explodes, DHS Forces Officers to Work All Weekend

>>18837469 HRC Lawyer Mark Pomerantz Pleads Fifth and Refuses to Answer Questions in front of Congressional Panel on Trump’s Garbage Indictment

>>18837521 #23121

(33 notables, 38 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8449c7 May 12, 2023, 7:16 p.m. No.18838607   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18837526 Q Research General #23122: Gate 42 Edition

Created 122241ZMAY23


>>18837535 #23122

>>18837554 Moscow has said it reserves the right to take any measures deemed necessary to “neutralize a threat” posed by the British-made weapons

>>18837586, >>18837609 ORDER66 E-4 B Nightwatch heading to Peterson SFB from Offutt AFB (STRATCOM)

>>18837598, >>18837622 FBI Searches NASA Scientist's Home in Missing Student Case

>>18837635 Borrell outlines EU’s issues with China

>>18837688, >>18837719 Former Jewish first lady of Peru flees to Israel after extradition request/money laundering

>>18837743 DeSantis Quietly Signs New Law Sealing All of His Travel Records From Public, the Law Applies Retroactively

>>18837819 Homeland Security listed pro-life moms as ‘radicalization suspects’ docs reveal

>>18837877 Chinese Real Estate Developer’s L.A. Company Fined $4 Million for Providing Over $1 Million in Benefits to Corrupt City Councilman

>>18837882 PF AF2 C-32A departed Atlanta after muh fundraiser (Democratic National Committee finance event) back to JBA

>>18837935 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks to Russell Brand about the U.S. foreign policy

>>18837966, >>18838041 Watkins: I'll be on Revolution Radio tonight at 7 PM Pacific, 10 PM Eastern. I'll keep a close eye on this board. If you have questions, post them. I'll do my best to bring them up.

>>18838015 G7 summit statement to target China's "economic coercion"

>>18838017 Peter Navarro, General Flynn, And Kash Patel Live From Miami At "Reawaken America" Event

VIDEO - Peter Navarro, General Flynn, And Kash Patel Live From Miami At "Reawaken America" Event [14:03] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18838018 Hungarian billionaire George Soros has influenced many judges at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

>>18838292 #23122

(16 notables, 20 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8449c7 May 12, 2023, 10:17 p.m. No.18839211   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18838298 Q Research General #23123: DiFiChi Goes Mobile Edition

Created 130107ZMAY23


>>18838328 #23123

>>18838384, >>18838595 Revealed: Dem-linked pollsters refuse to publish their own study showing Americans OPPOSE trans procedures on kids

>>18838392 Kash Patel: "We have to start some impeachment proceedings against these cabinet level officials"

VIDEO - Kash Patel: "We have to start some impeachment proceedings against these cabinet level officials" [7:25] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>18838418 The Best 30-Minute Explanation of Marxism I Have Ever Heard

VIDEO - The Best 30-Minute Explanation of Marxism I Have Ever Heard [Channel: Complicit Clergy]

>>18838421 Former Disinformation Governance Czar Nina Jankowicz Sues Fox News for Defamation

>>18838440 Radical Leftist Group with Ties to Elected Virginia Democrats Threatens Parents for Bravely Objecting to School Board’s Marxist Agenda

>>18838453 Governor Ron DeSantis Signs First-in-the-Nation Legislation to Protect Against Government Surveillance of Personal Finances

>>18838455, >>18838707 OMG: Citizen Journalist Says Maricopa County Election Director Rey Valenzuela Told Her How to Abuse ERIC Voter Registration System to Vote Multiple Times


>>18838463 GOP Whip Emmer Calls for Mayorkas Impeachment: ‘Children Are Disappearing, People Are Getting Killed’

>>18838471 Rep Issa Calls for Investigation of Hatch Act Violations by CIA Inspector General

>>18838480, >>18838487, >>18838492, >>18838786, >>18838789 650 concrete trucks will descend on downtown St. Petersburg

>>18838491, >>18838508, >>18838513, >>18838516

>>18838505, >>18838803 Anon opines



>>18838509, >>18838591, >>18838647, >>18838661 Bimbo Bakeries USA Pledges $1 Million Commitment to Minority Equity Organizations

>>18838524 Rothschilds funded the Bolsheviks that killed the Tsar in 1917 and then set up a Central Bank with a 99yr contract which expired in April 2016 - Putin didn't renew it

>>18838567, >>18838580, >>18838590, >>18838602, >>18838616, >>18838621 'It's a serious issue': White House responds to claims South Africa passed weapons to Russia

>>18838589, >>18838762, >>18838802, >>18838889, >>18838907 Planefag

>>18838592 New York's elite are starting to regret fawning over Epstein after he was exposed as a paedophile as cache of documents reveal hundreds of meetings

>>18838620, >>18838633, >>18838670 United Nations: The 17 Goals


>>18838635 U.S. bank deposits decline for second straight week

>>18838640 Biden EPA Announces Toughest-Ever Rules For Power Plant Emissions

>>18838643 Matt Walsh: Jordan Neely's family should have helped him instead of waiting until he died to cash in

>>18838657 Felon Who Worked On Flint Mayor’s Campaign Arrested For Allegedly Grooming, Raping Child; Has HIV

>>18838697, >>18838702, >>18838710, >>18838772 Children's Doctor, Medical Professor, & CDC Advisory Member Carol Baker Once Openly Called for Ridding the U.S. of White People


>>18838703 Qpost review for May 11th deltas

VIDEO - Trust but Verify | 5-11-xx [28:40] [Channel: Qrumb Decodes , Qposts & memes]

>>18838744 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Guide For Parents

>>18838751 Richard Grenell: Pray for the Peace of Israel (IDF:🚨Sirens sounding in southern Israel 🚨)

>>18838755 Jim's Live - Studio B on Revolution Radio

>>18838775 Judge Finds Federal Age-21 Rule For Handgun Purchases Unconstitutional

>>18838795 RussiaToday: CrossTalk | What counteroffensive?

>>18838796 Homeless vets are being booted from NY hotels to make room for migrants

>>18838834, >>18838836, >>18838879 US authorities have lost control of the southern border to Mexican drug lords who smuggle humans and narcotics

>>18838866 Liz Truss’s plan to visit Taiwan called ‘worst kind of Instagram diplomacy’

>>18838872 South Shore, Chicago voted for Joe Biden in 2020 by a whopping 97% - this is how residents are reacting to 250-500 migrants coming to their area

>>18838923 Treasury Secretary Yellen: "We Have To Default On Something" If No Debt Ceiling Deal

>>18838954, >>18838956 Jan. 6 pipe bombs at RNC, DNC were inoperable, says ex-agent who contradicts FBI’s official story

>>18839013 US Conservatives Should Boycott Mainstream Media That Covers Up Biden 'Crimes'

>>18839014 Kari Lake: Maricopa County ''knew'' the machines would fail on election day

>>18839030 New York City braces for influx of migrants as Title 42 expires

>>18839033 QClock May 12, 2023 - Suicide Weekend

>>18839039 530,000 migrants illegally sneaked into US since October, border chief admits

>>18839048 THE BIGGEST LIE: Only 12% Of Atmospheric CO2 Added Since 1750 Is Man-Made

>>18839049 #23123

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 8449c7 May 13, 2023, 5:17 a.m. No.18839941   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18839052 Q Research General #23124: Expand Your 7h1nking Edition

Created 130416ZMAY23


>>18839060 #23124

>>18839111, >>18839284 New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino seems like a certified Maga supporter

>>18839114 Larry Elder on Biden's Border Insanity

VIDEO - In Focus: 2024 Presidential Candidate Larry Elder on Biden’s Border Insanity [5:10] [Channel: One America News Network]

>>18839143, >>18839226 Dasting observasyon

>>18839222, >>18839235, >>18839244, >>18839250, >>18839360, >>18839372, >>18839381, >>18839416, >>18839427, >>18839451, >>18839458 Asia bun

>>18839236 Texas 10 Most Wanted Sex Offenders

>>18839286 Elon Musk: Raptor V3 just achieved 350 bar chamber pressure (269 tons of thrust). Congrats to @SpaceX propulsion team!

>>18839324 Planefag

>>18839328 Publishers in Taiwan warn their peers Friday not to visit China and Hong Kong after an editor was detained on suspicion of national security crimes

>>18839333 Top Climate Scientist Slams “Goebellian” Climate Alarm and “Ridiculous” Attempts to Demonise “Fertiliser” Carbon Dioxide

>>18839355 New bill fuels citizenship hopes for undocumented immigrants in US

>>18839365 China special envoy to visit Ukraine, Russia

>>18839386 China reports decline in imports and exports as economy weakens

>>18839399 California awards $8 million to enhance security for reproductive health facilities

>>18839407 @Cernovich

>>18839442, >>18839456, >>18839548 'SHE' raped girl with 'HER' penis UK court heard, proving country has now gone mad

VIDEO - Ricky Gervais - New Women | Clip from SuperNature [Channel: New Wave Films]

>>18839477 Xi urges submarine crew to become elite force

>>18839481, >>18839484, >>18839503, >>18839508, >>18839517, >>18839535, >>18839543, >>18839547, >>18839563, >>18839615 Geopolitics bun

>>18839523, >>18839541, >>18839555, >>18839561, >>18839567, >>18839583, >>18839588 18 years after Natalee Holloway's disappearance, Peru extradites key suspect to US

>>18839527 US Postal Money Orders are not fiat like FRN's but are gold backed

>>18839545 A visit to a Chinese "detox" center for video game addicts

VIDEO - A visit to a Chinese "detox" center for video game addicts [Channel: CBS Mornings]

>>18839554 Sharyl Attkisson: In my lawsuit vs. govt for computer intrusions

>>18839569 Second Bank Records Memorandum from the Oversight Committee’s Investigation into the Biden Family’s Influence Peddling and Business Schemes

>>18839601, >>18839602 China's Nightmare Is Coming! Foreign Business Flee, 23 Trillion Fiscal Deficit & Birth Rate Collapse

VIDEO - China's Nightmare Is Coming! Foreign Business Flee, 23 Trillion Fiscal Deficit & Birth Rate Collapse [Channel: China Observer]

>>18839611, >>18839625, >>18839633, >>18839634, >>18839644, >>18839651, >>18839655 Pence




>>18839613 The "Hell Q" lunar crater

>>18839623 Wildfires are impairing air quality across Western Canada, reversing decades of progress

>>18839629, >>18839636 Galway Airport cemetery plan could be a flyer

>>18839640 A second Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missile hit the old building of the Academy of Internal Affairs in Luhansk


>>18839656 Portuguese Parliament Approves Euthanasia

>>18839699 Egypt ignored the US demand to close the airspace for flights of Russian aircraft

>>18839721 keks comin' in ''hot''

>>18839727, >>18839737 Elon Combo-keks

>>18839734 India threatens 'reckoning' for Britain, to ask for return of legendary treasures including priceless Koh-i-Noor diamond used in Crown Jewels

>>18839746 Italian Premier Meloni calls for a "Marshall plan to restart the birth rate"

>>18839750 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy arrives in Rome to meet with Pope Francis; Germany announces $3 billion military aid package for Ukraine

>>18839771 The Spectator, openly stating “few people in the West” are aware of how badly sanctions campaign against Moscow is going

>>18839794, >>18839800 Former Pakistani PM Khan blames "only one man" for his struggle against the current govt - the Army Chief


>>18839810 Mil tweets / decodes

>>18839816 #23124

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>>18839817 Q Research General #23125: Good Morning kekistan Edition

Created 131106ZMAY23


>>18839822 #23125

>>18839827, >>18839845 @GregAbbott_TX: Texas NG on duty to prevent entry by illegal immigrants in El Paso area

>>18839833, >>18839836, >>18839850 @matttaibbi: the “Disinformation Governance Board” had nothing to do with “governing disinformation”?

>>18839856 FDA removes sexual abstinence restrictions that barred homosexuals from donating blood

>>18839868 Pope Francis warns pets must not replace children in Italy

>>18839920 New Study: Spike Protein Accumulates in Brain and Skull and Causes Damage

VIDEO - Brand New Study: Spike Protein Accumulates in Brain and Skull and Causes Damage [Channel: Drbeen Medical Lectures]

>>18840032 @TheStormRedux: Since it’s inception in 1947, the CIA has a LEGAL mandate to never interfere domestically

>>18840046 Sergey Lavrov vid: International legal order vs the “rules-based order”: The future of international law

>>18840069 Anon questions Garland Document - treason in play?

>>18840075, >>18840091, >>18840093, >>18840203 Deleted UN report reveals that the "Holocaust" is used for persuading the Western general public to accept being ethnically replaced

>>18840077, >>18840090 All This Failure Is Deliberate

>>18840106 x22 Report: Did Trump Just Send A Message? Space Force, Military Is The Only Way Forward &ndash; Ep. 3068

>>18840109 American Thinker: The demonic left's "foot in the door"

>>18840152, >>18840159, >>18840166, >>18840174, >>18840335, >>18840389, >>18840419 @CBS_Herridge obtains @RichardGrenell notification to congress declassified “unmasking list” Flynn

>>18840206, >>18840346, >>18840515 FOX NEWS ALERT’: Laura Ingraham Warns of ‘Destructive’ Non-binary Characters in ‘Transformers’ TV Show

>>18840220 10AM President Potato Delivers the 2023 Howard University Commencement Address

VIDEO - President Biden Delivers the 2023 Howard University Commencement Address [Channel: The White House]

>>18840306, >>18840504 Planefag

>>18840313, >>18840323, >>18840340, >>18840376, >>18840381 Via Liz Harrington: ICYMI from PDJT - Fox will air entire rally tonight

>>18840396 Nate Cain Running for Congress

>>18840433 Judge Orders FDA to Speed Up Release of COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Data

>>18840505, >>18840553 Anon Diggz noName and POWS LEFT BEHIND IN INDOCHINA

>>18840576 #23125

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: e1bb2b May 13, 2023, 2:17 p.m. No.18842097   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18840598 Q Research General #23126: Ghostly Saturday Morning Edition

Created 131518ZMAY23


>>18840608 dough

>>18840688, >>18840707, >>18841034, >>18841042 Slingshot-wielding boy (13) saves his 8-year-old sister from being abducted after shooting man (17) with 'black mohawk' in the head and chest

>>18840710 WEF in control of twitter now / Twitter = Public Relations

>>18840726 DJT Jr. Instagram: Buy Guns & Ammo meme

>>18840744 PUT SOME EFFORT INTO SHOPPING FOR FOOD / Local Market listings websites

>>18840786 North Carolina governor vetoes abortion limits, launches override showdown

>>18840790, >>18840817, >>18840821, >>18840837, >>18840897, >>18840950, >>18841027 Joe Biden speaking at Howard U:



>>18840816 Dems want Illegals to be relocated to GOP run counties in NY

>>18840854 POTATO: MAGA House Republicans' wish list would cut crucial programs to pay for handouts for the ultra-wealthy.

>>18840868, >>18840890 The Antarctica Story

>>18840941, >>18841012, >>18841078 Chess & Checkmate Clock(s) / excerpts


>>18840995 GPS guided tractors grind to a halt due to satellite failure

>>18841055 Shills and the rally on the clock.

>>18841094 Pence & DeSantis eat at a diner in FL

>>18841141 RT: Ukraine lying about taking down hypersonic missile – Izvestia

>>18841263 Old Social Media Posts by Trump’s Sexual Assault Accuser, E. Jean Carroll, Reveal She Has Weird Obsession with Trump

>>18841272 Tech billionaire to buy Forbes – media

>>18841284 Non-Profit Hospitals Made Huge Profits During Pandemic While Receiving $23 Billion In Federal COVID-19 Aid: Report

>>18841329 #23126

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: e1bb2b May 13, 2023, 3:17 p.m. No.18842329   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18841347 Q Research General #23127: Time Traveller's Edition

Created 131900ZMAY23


>>18841368 #23127

>>18841398 US blocks China’s effort to condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza at UN: Report

>>18841413 NC Gov. Roy Cooper vetoes abortion limits bill in front of charged crowd, triggers override showdown

>>18841422 Merrick Garland Approves Transfer of Russian Assets to Ukraine

>>18841424 Canadian Government Compromised by China for 4 Decades: Former Canadian Security Official on Infiltration

>>18841431 DHS Raids Chinese Solar Panel Maker in Florida, California

>>18841440 Migrants with Dubious Asylum Claims Enjoy Massive Court Backlogs as DHS Schedules Hearings 4 to 10 Years Out

>>18841461 Former Labour Government MP Jailed for Just 28 Months for Possessing Child Porn

>>18841490 Gaza: Israel confesses to intentionally killing children to pressure resistance

>>18841517 Shrinkflation nation: Shoppers' fury as products go DOWN in size but UP in price during cost-of-living crisis

>>18841553 World Bank caught funneling cash to sanctioned Chinese companies tied to the CCP, human rights abuses

>>18841570 Record number of migrants crossing Mediterranean

>>18841574 Human trafficking sting in Ohio catches 10 men, 'a banner day for the task force'

>>18841582 Jewish former first lady of Peru flees to Israel after extradition request

>>18841593, >>18841606, >>18841871, >>18842010 Potatus shitshow bun continued


>>18841600 Alaska House passes bill to make gold and silver legal tende

>>18841629 Texas Governor Greg Abbott bans Dominion Voting Systems until they answer questions about allegedly silencing Tucker

>>18841633 Comfy Happenings in Ukraine

>>18841639 2023 days of Q

>>18841652 The CIA was using leverage over its former employees to coerce them into signing the very letter Tech and Media companies used to censor the corruption stories erupting from Hunter’s laptop.

>>18841702, >>18841878 @realDonaldTrump Unfortunately, due to the Tornado Warnings in Des Moines, we are forced to cancel today’s outdoor Rally at the Lauridsen Amphitheater

>>18841730 The Federal Reserve Cartel: A Financial Parasite


VIDEO - WOW Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder ARRESTED For Speech Connecting Jeffrey Epstein To Bill Gates!!! [Channel: Press For Truth]

VIDEO - Executive CONFRONTS Warren Buffett & Bill Gates Over Epstein [Channel: The Jimmy Dore Show]


>>18841781 Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to lead a probe into Hunter Biden 'paying for sex workers' amid fears they were human trafficking victims

>>18841806 Dr. Robert Malone Explains the Concerning AIDS-like Syndrome Seen in the Vaccinated

>>18841814, >>18841945 Live - Juárez - El Paso - Gate 42 Update - Day 13

VIDEO - Live - Juárez - El Paso - Gate 42 Update - Day 13 [Channel: Oreo Express]

>>18841832 Heavy police presence at staged protester clash during heated immigration rally in Melbourne

>>18841867 Allegedly brutal evidence of vaccine genocide, including photos of dead children.

>>18841868 Testing of 'super-recognizers' shows some have truly remarkable abilities

>>18841876 SAD syndrome recorded and memorialized on Rumble channel "CovidBC"

>>18841938 HAARP to begin largest set of experiments at its new observatory

>>18841948 Trump-Loathing Ex-CIA Chief Is Latest Intelligence Grandee Hauled Before Congress About Notorious Hunter Biden ‘Disinformation’ Letter

>>18841957 Body Language: Jan. 6 Committee staffer on Ray Epps

VIDEO - Body Language: Jan. 6 Committee staffer on Ray Epps [Channel: Body Language Ghost]

>>18841980 Non-Binary Character In New Transformer Cartoon Goes Viral As People Call For "Another Brand Boycott"

>>18842006 Sarajevo children victims of warfare kidnapped to Britain and parts unknown

>>18842009 Poland jittery over apparent spy balloon

>>18842013 Elon Musk Shares 'Meme' Guide to Constitution, Expresses Importance of 2nd Amendment

>>18842032 DOJ appeals Florida judge's orders to BLOCK Joe Biden's post-Title 42 plans for dealing with influx of migrants at the southern border

>>18842048 anon practice notes

>>18842157 #23127

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>>18842175 Q Research General #23128: Rally Postponed, War Still On Edition

Created 132133ZMAY23


>>18842182 #23128

VIDEO - War Zone [Channel: Black Moon - Topic]

>>18842192 celebrating 2023 days of work with Q team

>>18842208 San Francisco Democrat Pushes To Restrict Gun Use By Security Guards

>>18842212 @realDonaldTrump rt Tornado near Pleasantville, Iowa


>>18842228 per RT, Zelensky secretly plotted to go on offensive on Russian soil and to attack Hungary

>>18842238 Egypt Rejects US Requests To Block Russian Military Flights

>>18842245 Traitor Biden goes to the Beach for the weekend.

>>18842254, >>18842282 video of large explosion at Ukraine NATO ammunition depot - stockpile and Ukraine National Guard destroyed.

VIDEO - Colossal explosion heard at NATO supplied ammunition facility in Khmelnytskyi [Channel: TeleTruth]

>>18842255, >>18842265 FBI raids ‘Little Moscow’ Trump Towers complex – media

>>18842313 Zelenski meets with Pope of Rome and resists idea of peace

>>18842338 How a rural Arkansas prosecutor advocated for her pedophile uncle

>>18842350 Judge orders FDA to accelerate release of Covid-19 vaccine trial Data From 23 years to just 2

>>18842371 Prosecutor claims entertainer Prince murdered.

>>18842392 California Reparations Committee Calls for Ending Cash Bail

>>18842560 Germany pledges further minimal support (compared with USA aid) for Ukraine. $3 billion equavalent.

>>18842562, >>18842573 Washington DC - Around 150-200 individuals affiliated with the Patriot Front group are now putting their shields and flags into white U-Haul vans

>>18842644, >>18842670, >>18842678, >>18842685, >>18842693, >>18842701, >>18842721, >>18842783, >>18842787, >>18842835 the 2018 navy patents




>>18842648 Pride group cancels show after hearing there won't be any children to groom

>>18842662 House GOP demands information from Homeland’s Mayorkas on threat of Chinese tech at U.S. ports

>>18842768 "DeSantis Campaigns in Iowa as Trump Cancels Due to Weather"

>>18842772 @DC_Draino was supposed to fly out with Trump to lowa on Trump Force 1 for the Iowa rally

>>18842808, >>18842866, >>18842885 Navy filed apparently important patents regarding energy generation some time ago; still no word.

>>18842865 German military says "not a single euro" of a €100bn fund (£88bn; $107bn) approved by MPs had been spent, has even less than it had before Russia's attack

>>18842910 anon practice notes

>>18842911 #23128

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>>18842941 Q Research General #23129: The Ghost of Kekistan Edition

Created 140039ZMAY23


>>18842949 #23129

>>18842998 Republicans demand Biden take cognitive test or drop out

>>18843006, >>18843048, >>18843066 Dank Infographics

>>18843007, >>18843011, >>18843037, >>18843044, >>18843178 kek / dank


VIDEO - Elvis Presley - Burning Love (Aloha From Hawaii, Live in Honolulu, 1973) [Channel: ElvisPresleyVEVO]


>>18843032 True

>>18843040, >>18843201, >>18843318 Gen Flynn calls President Trump at the reawakening tour and the crowd goes wild - President Trump says he’s bringing General Flynn back


>>18843043 President Trump Surprises Two Special Supporters in Iowa today


>>18843046, >>18843083, >>18843090, >>18843102, >>18843116, >>18843151, >>18843196, >>18843303 Info Rugelach first serving



>>18843111 Entertainment: UFL 2 Quarter Finals Championship Grand Prix | United Fight League

VIDEO - UFL 2 Quarter Finals Championship Grand Prix | UFL 2 | United Fight League [0] [Channel: United Fight League]

>>18843152 DJT kek

VIDEO - Video upload for 110363941374164626 [49] [Channel: hostid1]

>>18843158 Trump ally Sidney Powell, others face misconduct case in Michigan

>>18843164, >>18843169 Beholdeth ye thine dasting Qmap and correlations

>>18843170 DJT ReTru Dan Bongino: Trump Wrapped Up 2024 GOP Nod After Town Hall

>>18843189, >>18843211, >>18843232 Think Hunter and Swalwell double dated with their Chinese Spy girlfriends


>>18843193 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he’d ‘immediately’ close southern border: ‘Put us in, Joe’

>>18843273 Texas Nat’l Guard holds back migrant surge with razor wire

>>18843312, >>18843321, >>18843369 Soros in Two Drops

>>18843313, >>18843449 Adam Schiff: The day before a critical election in Turkey, Twitter appears to be acquiescing to the demands of the country’s autocratic ruler, Erdogan

>>18843333, >>18843359, >>18843384, >>18843406, >>18843412, >>18843431, >>18843450, >>18843558, >>18843580 Info Rugelach second serving




>>18843335 3 Damning Equations to Defeat Global Warming Zealots

>>18843353 Biden targets Trump in Howard University commencement by blasting 'desperate and immoral' bids to cling to power

>>18843409 @1st_SF_Command: “Bunker” the @WoodpeckersNC even got a little PSYOP training on the spot

>>18843446 The Great Left-Wing Disinformation Operation Against The Supreme Court

>>18843461 Is This Why Transgenderism Is Exploding in American Public Schools?

>>18843464, >>18843511, >>18843546 Human trafficking sting in Ohio catches 10 men, including school superintendent and teacher

>>18843478 A Former NFL Player Persuaded Politicians That His Child ID Kits Help Find Missing Kids

>>18843490 Election Group With Ties To Soros, Zuckerberg Meets In Washington For Conference Closed To Public

>>18843496, >>18843513, >>18843517 Planefag

>>18843547, >>18843552 Patriot Front = Antifa

>>18843586 Kash: Its just another saturday night and the CIA rigged more elections than the FBI, sounds crazy, right???

>>18843665 FEDS trending

>>18843667 Dinesh D'Souza: Target Features 'Pride' Collection With Products Aimed Towards CHILDREN and BABIES

>>18843672 #23129

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>>18843680 Q Research General #23130: Rugelach Edition

Created 140328ZMAY23


>>18843691 #23130

>>18843726 The Amish Rollin' Deep


>>18843739 @PANationalGuard Soldiers drove 6,200 miles transporting ammunition from Pennsylvania to Nevada in the first phase of @ArmyMateriel’s Operation Patriot Press

>>18843742 Elon Musk: Until the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s vaccination decree, he tried to demand that we fire all unvaccinated personnel – some of our finest people

>>18843756, >>18843849 Planefag

>>18843770 Largest narco-submarine in history seized

>>18843774 Rep. Byron Donalds Torches Biden Crime Family and Vassal Media In Speech

VIDEO - Rep. Byron Donalds TORCHES Biden Crime Family and Vassal Media In Speech [5:22] [Channel: Dan Bongino Show Clips]

>>18843779, >>18843872 Touch your nose if JFK Jr is alive

VIDEO - The Young Woman That Asked RFK Jr to Touch His Nose if JFK Jr is Alive [Channel: Remember This]

>>18843811, >>18843862 The Tower represents change in the most radical and momentous sense

>>18843832, >>18843841 'That's A Ridiculous And Silly Question!': Reporter Incurs Ted Cruz's Explosive Wrath At Border

VIDEO - Lenny Kravitz - Always On The Run (Official Music Video) [Channel: LennyKravitzVEVO]

>>18843839 India to demand return of UK crown jewel

>>18843891 The Supremacy Clause Limits Federal Power

>>18843908, >>18843984 Q Links to Pope's Tweet on Human Trafficking

>>18843915 North American Aerospace Defense Command, May 13 Statement

>>18843923 Pentagon to Bolster Defensive Posture in Gulf Amid Attacks on Shipping, White House Says

>>18843947 Trump / Qpost decode

>>18843959 Unique Perspectives: Languages, Speech, Music, Color, Constellations

>>18843961 Prince Andrew 'is refusing to budge' from Royal Lodge as he demands a summit with King Charles - and a bit of dignity from his brother

>>18843997 The Infographics be damneding

>>18844008 Kate Middleton plays the piano in surprise appearance at Eurovision Song Contest: 'Enjoy the show'

>>18844016 May 6 2023 Washington DC memorial (overdose/addiction)

>>18844020, >>18844027, >>18844041 South Africa says they will not cooperate with the International Criminal court’s attempt to arrest Putin

>>18844037 Sneako On Censorship, Modern Women, “Misogyny” & The Matrix

VIDEO - Sneako UNFILTERED On Censorship, Modern Women, “Misogyny” & The Matrix | JBL | Ep. 132 [Channel: Jedediah Bila LIVE]

>>18844040 U.S. Coast Guard’s Message Migrants: ‘Do Not Take to the Sea’

>>18844089 EpiVax computational immunology platform

>>18844093 British next-gen warship ‘sabotaged’

>>18844135 SpaceX is targeting Sunday, May 14 at 1:03 a.m. ET (05:03 UTC) for a Falcon 9 launch of 56 Starlink satellites to low-Earth orbit

VIDEO - Starlink Mission [Channel: SpaceX]

>>18844196 Trump’s CNN Townhall Caused Continuous Meltdowns🤣

VIDEO - Trump’s CNN Townhall Caused Continuous Meltdowns🤣 [Channel: Patricia Dickson]

>>18844364 Numerous Taiwanese businesses have departed from Kunshan, Suzhou, a top-100 county in China, resulting in economic downturn and a housing market collapse

VIDEO - Recession and Backlog: Houses, Cars, Phones & Liquor No Buyer Left; High IQ Crime Rate Skyrockets [Channel: China Observer]

>>18844371, >>18844382 Snowden (2016) - Best Scene ("The scale of it")

VIDEO - Snowden (2016) - Best Scene ("The scale of it") [Channel: BestScenesHD]

VIDEO - NSA & GCHQ Files 6- OPTIC NERVE [Channel: LOGETHICA Questionica]

>>18844378 Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)

VIDEO - Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier) [Channel: wocomoDOCS]

>>18844433 USSF retweeting SLDelta45 -Ascension

>>18844436 #23130

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>>18844440 Q Research General #23131: Soon™day Vibes Edition

Created 140845ZMAY23


>>18844448 #23131

>>18844460, >>18844980, >>18845099, >>18845221 OPEN BORDER in El Paso, Texas. IT’S A FREE FOR ALL INVASION 🚨🚨🚨 The military is facilitating it. THIS IS TREASON

>>18844486 HIV Positive Flint MI Mayor Lackey Gets Arrested for Grooming.

>>18844688 Justice Department secures court order blocking Trump deposition in Strzok and Page lawsuits

>>18844733 Canada's Royal Coat of Arms has been stripped of any mention of Christianity - and secular objects like the Maple leaf and snowflakes have been fitted.

>>18844883 UK Food-Bank Dependency Reaches Record High

>>18844917 calls out Debunking Viral Claims Trump Accuser Targeted With TV Clip "Law and Order"


VIDEO - U.S. backed COUP in Pakistan backfires, Imran Khan freed by Supreme Court; [Channel: FEDERATION OF IRISH PATRIOTS]

>>18845084 PF: SHADY55 Climbing through 8000 Northeast bound out of El Paso International Squawking 0777

>>18845201 A deep enough dig into these people will probably come up with a DeSantis connection.

(10 notables, 13 posts)

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: b6681b May 14, 2023, 12:17 p.m. No.18846315   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>18845253 Q Research General #23132: Top O' the Morning! Edition

Created 141438ZMAY23


>>18845260 #23132

>>18845296 Newsmax Panel Debate Over Jordan Neely Killing Causes Tempers to Flare: ‘If Someone Looks at Me Wrong… Should I Kill Them?’

>>18845350 AI presents political peril for 2024 with threat to mislead voters

>>18845422 JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon says markets will panic if US approaches debt default

>>18845442 Elon trolls Biden for saying "WE will determine America's future"

>>18845452, >>18845466, >>18845516, >>18845996 PF reports

>>18845454 PDJT: Happy Mothers Day to ALL

>>18845464 Oversight Chairman James Comer: FBI Whistleblower on Biden Family Crimes Has Gone Missing

>>18845479 “That Sanctimonious Son of a B***h is Welcome to Come Down to Texas!” – Rep. Chip Roy on Mayokas

>>18845530, >>18845534, >>18845535 A blackmail scam took a 17-year-old boy's last $25, then he took his own life. Now his lawmaker father is fighting to save other teens.

>>18845550 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now the boss of the New York Communist party - GWP

>>18845601 James Comer fbi whistleblower gone missing - call for a dig

>>18845699 Newly Released Texts Reveal Hero Jesse Watters Wanted Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace FIRED After 2020 Election

>>18845781 #23131 in #23132

>>18846012 US Plans Hybrid War Vs Wagner In Africa

>>18846019 #23132

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