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#24604 >>20045305

>>20045333 MISSION COMPLETE! 💪

>>20045341 Faced With Record Illegal Immigration, the White House Wants To Expedite Border Crossings

>>20045352 Florida To Officially Classify mRNA COVID Shots As Illegal Bio-Weapons

>>20045355 DC Removing 103,000 Ineligible Names from the Voter Rolls in Response to Judicial Watch

>>20045359 @photowhitehouse - The evergreen tree is a stubborn woman

>>20045360 Great afternoon for the D.C. National Guard's ‘District Dustoff’ to optimize hoist proficiency!

>>20045362 Banks filed at least 6 suspicious activity reports flagging Joe Biden's home address, senator says

>>20045365 DJT Truth

>>20045367 Unexpected Protein Linked to Early-Onset Dementia in Huge Discovery

>>20045393 Shocking Report: U.S. Government Data Reveals a Staggering 143,233% Surge in Fatal Cancer Cases Linked to COVID Vaccinations

>>20045403 Hunter Faces 42 Years in Prison

>>20045409 @tassagency_en - Russian servicemen have completely dispelled the notion that Western military equipment is invulnerable during the special operation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a ceremony dedicated to Heroes of the Motherland Day

>>20045413 17,177 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Strikes on Gaza Since Oct. 7 - Gaza Health Ministry

>>20045422 Russia’s Central Election Commission has adopted a formal resolution designating March 15-17 as the dates for holding next year’s presidential election

>>20045427 CDC encourages Americans to wear masks AGAIN in anticipation of respiratory contagion

>>20045434 RepMikeTurner - Congress cannot let Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) expire at the end of December

>>20045436 Not enough - millstone these fuckers (figuratively)

>>20045447 @Jim_Jordan Subpoenas Secretary Mayorkas for Information on Violent Criminal Aliens Allowed Entry by DHS

>>20045453 Charles Barkley on Trump supporters (for the keks)

>>20045459 There’s Only One Explanation For Hunter Biden’s Simple Indictment Taking So Long: 2020 Election Interference

Hunter Biden spent $872K on prostitutes, porn and took $1.6M from ATMs: Details revealed in tax evasion case

>>20045483 CTIL Files #1: US And UK Military Contractors Created Sweeping Plan For Global Censorship In 2018, New Documents Show

>>20045488 Biotech CEO Pleads Guilty to COVID-19 Securities Fraud Scheme

>>20045500 Musk - Does online count?

>>20045510, >>20045580 🌠 GUARDIANS OF THE DELTA! 🌠

>>20045550 DC Court of Appeals completely eviscerated the Trump gag order

>>20045590, >>20045615 UN Security Council resolution calling for an "immediate ceasefire" in Gaza has been vetoed by the United States

>>20045598, >>20045869 PF Reports

>>20045603 DJT Truth - We will appeal this decision!

>>20045611 The stage is being set! 🚀

>>20045647 Musk - Why does Bob Eager advertise on Meta, but boycott 𝕏? Real question.

>>20045656 Snowden - This is well worth seeing. It's tomorrow. Be there.

>>20045677 Yen reaches crossroads as BOJ explores end to negative rates

>>20045683 Godfather of mRNA vaccines reveals plans to immunize people against CANCER

>>20045711 No Christmas in Bethlehem! (WTF?)

>>20045782 Dershowitz: Info About Hunter Was Almost ‘Covered Up by a Deal That Made No Sense’ — Need Special Counsel for Joe

>>20045888 TRUMP's endorsement of Abe Hamadeh for AZ-8

>>20045907 Git you sum J6 Video Action!

>>20045954, >>20045990 Democrat Mega-Donor, Who Visited Epstein Island, Says He Is Funding Nikki Haley to Stop Donald Trump

>>20046018 BIDEN: "Over a billion three hundred million trillion three hundred million dollars!"

>>20046035 California Sheriffs Travel to Border – Are Alarmed and Appalled at What they Saw

>>20046037 Sidney Powell - Defending The Republic Newsletter

>>20046069 #24604

Anonymous ID: 14ef53 Dec. 8, 2023, 3:29 p.m. No.20046079   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#24603 >>20044410

>>20044529, >>20044627, >>20044876 PF planeFag: Europe/Med./Gulf activity/CONUS:Potato departed for LasVegas then to LA

>>20044410, >>20044466, >>20044474, >>20044662, >>20044775, >>20044784 @realDonaldTrump WATCH THE TRIAL!!!

>>20044443 Rapper Kodak Black is arrested on drug charges three years after he was pardoned by Trump

>>20044476, >>20044497 @NikkiHaley If Russia wins, China wins. If Hamas wins, Iran wins. And if evil succeeds it puts all of us at risk

>>20044482 ITALY - A man Shot dead 2 of 3 robbers to defend his shop and wife and daughter who had both been tied up. He’s been ordered to pay €280,000 to the criminals families and imprisoned for 17 YEARS!!!

>>20044489 We Aren’t Prepared For The Hell Democrats Will Put America Through In 2024

>>20044490 U.S. Government Data Reveals a Staggering 143,233% Surge in Fatal Cancer Cases Linked to COVID Vaccinations

>>20044503, >>20044981 ICYMI: July Hunter Biden Hearing Before House Oversight Committee | U.S. Congress | N18L

>>20044515, >>20044520 Thousands of tons of dead fish wash ashore in Japan - three months after the nation released treated Fukushima radioactive water

>>20044516 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Vega and Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks

>>20044539 Two Michigan couples are arrested for conspiring to adopt dozens of children from foster care before subjecting them to 'routine mental and physical abuse'

>>20044551 Rationale for Nicotine Patch in Treatment of Long-COVID and Vaccine Injury Syndromes

>>20044568 SpaceX Starlink Mission

>>20044588 @realDonaldTrump I am pleased to announce that very popular and highly respected Congressman, Jeff Van Drew, will be heading up my New Jersey effort for President

>>20044615, >>20044659 More Nations Meet to Address Space Security

>>20044629 Wall Street CEOs try to convince senators that new capital rules will hurt Americans as well as banks

>>20044672, >>20044928 Controversial Satanic altar on display in Iowa State Capitol building

>>20044700 Man, 56, to be sentenced in Perth after 249 charges on child sexual offences laid by Western Australia police

>>20044688, >>20044727 new Bill to ban hedge funds from invading housing markets/owning single fam homes

>>20044754 UMich Inflation Expectations Collapsed In December; Republicans Drive Surge In Sentiment

>>20044755 Brand New Volcanic Island Seen Growing From Space

>>20044777 "Police deaths and illnesses alarm, we want data"

>>20044816, >>20044824 Runaway Space Station Tomato Rediscovered After 8 Months On The Lam

>>20044827 November Employment Report: 199 thousand Jobs, 3.7% Unemployment Rate

>>20044844 Meet Mel Monzack, 83, Joe Biden's little known personal lawyer

>>20044867 CDC: Salmonella Cases From Cantaloupes Have Doubled

>>20044923 1:00 PM ESTmRestoring Free Inquiry and Civility in Higher Education American Enterprise Institute

>>20044939, >>20045027, >>20045028, >>20045033, >>20045039, >>20045130 I’m doing a special interview with a former CIA contractor, now whistleblower, on corruption in our federal agencies, including child trafficking, national betrayal & murder.His team also created Q.???/Sawyer


>>20045120 Prominent Rabbi Resigns from Harvard’s Antisemitism Board After School President’s Embarrassing Testimony

>>20045132 US-Israel Rift Over Civilian Casualties Intensifies As 'King Bibi' Doubles Down

>>20045144 US State Department used taxpayer funds to back censorship firms that target conservative media outlets

>>20045151 French far-right leader Marine Le Pen to stand trial over alleged misuse of EU funds

>>20045165 Many Countries Want Israel To Give Up The Golan Heights, Where A Cheney And Rothschild Company Drilled For Oil Under Netanyahu/What Is Genie Energy?

>>20045174 Anti-Socialist Albanians Storm Parliament with Flares, Barricades, and Fires.

>>20045176, >>20045234, >>20045258 Buckwheat up

>>20045179 FDA Approves First CRISPR Treatment in U.S./ sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia

>>20045181 Newly revealed 1994 photo of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with Jeffrey Epstein

>>20045210 Affirm Israel’s Right to Exist in Writing if You Want German Citizenship, Migrants Told by Saxony

>>20045286 #24603

Anonymous ID: 14ef53 Dec. 8, 2023, 3:29 p.m. No.20046082   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#24602 >>20043467

>>20043518 Trump-appointee will oversee Hunter Biden's tax evasion case: First Son potentially faces 17 years in jail

>>20043551 Saudi prince dies in plane crash – media

>>20043560 Seychelles Declares Emergency After Heavy Flooding, Massive Blast at Explosives Depot

>>20043594 Russell Brand: U.S Government forced to censor Anti-Vax videos because of surplus vaccines

>>20043738 @BrianCates on Hunter indictment

>>20043741 US Imposes Sanctions Over Red Sea Shipping Attacks

>>20043756, >>20043768, >>20044216 A warning to anyone who is hosting the NZ whistleblower data….the NZ injunction is being ENFORCED around the world.

>>20043776, >>20043755, >>20043738, >>20043596, >>20043755 Read the indictment charging Hunter Biden with nine federal tax crimes

>>20043786 @petermcculloughmd: My clinical practice experience with low-dose nicotine patches is positive.

>>20043801 Vegas shooter has interesting interests.

>>20043898 Loomer calls out Kayleigh McBitchfaceEnany for trashing DJT

>>20044007 Another public school employee busted for CP

>>20044098 WaPo mass walkoff today

>>20044128 NEW DJT - "…the slimeballs brought them right in the middle of my very successful campaign for President…"

>>20044141 Putin announces 2024 presidential bid

>>20044150 Rocket fire around US embassy in Baghdad

>>20043532, >>20043552, >>20043555, >>20043557, >>20043564, >>20043565, >>20043568, >>20043574, >>20043583, >>20044061, >>20044063, >>20044069 James Woo/ Cyber OP dig cont from pb, house blown up to eliminate another Global Crossing witness?

>>20044171 Based water filter salesman issues silver alert over meth fueled naked and geriatric white house explorer.

>>20044174 DJT +50 in latest poll

>>20044181 Russia supplying US Mil oil?

>>20044276 The Biden family’s banking shell game

>>20044333 Field Hearing, Little Rock, AR: Connecting Communities: Building Innovation Ecosystems Across America House Financial Services Committee

>>20044334 5 days ago Philippines Earthquake: Deaths Reported After 7.6 Shake

>>20044366 Harris, Emhoff celebrate start of Hanukkah: ‘even in darkness, we can bring forth the light’

>>20044402 #24602


#24601 >>20042664

>>20042874, >>20043011, >>20043329, >>20043370, >>20043395, >>20043396 ADL Funding DIG #BanTheADL

>>20043324, >>20043342, >>20043359, >>20043434 Excerpts: The ADL's '[PROTECT] Plan' DIG

>>20043088 FBI Whistleblower: Why I Had to Expose the Political Agenda of Our Two-Tiered Bureau

>>20042772 NOTABLE PDF - Dissertation on the relationship between Congress and FBI

>>20042756, >>20042894, >>20043077, >>20043194, >>20043273 RE: [9] New Hunter Indictments UNSEALED

>>20042734 Italy becomes the first country to officially ban lab grown meat.

>>20042754, >>20042764 What is an abortion ritual?

>>20042817, >>20042835 The ‘Greater Israel’ Scheme and Its Global Power Play: A Delusional Recipe for Armageddon - globalresearch

>>20042999, >>20043013, >>20043019, >>20043025, >>20043033, >>20043037, >>20043043, >>20043046, >>20043053 Robin Ware and USA Spending

>>20043030 Private Emails Reveal Fani Willis Wants to Jail Trump and His Top Allies Charged in RICO Case - GWP

>>20043174 Elon's caveman chatbot Grok has been released to the public

>>20043258 [WHO] offers modest $250 compensation to Congo sexual abuse victims

>>20043405 Remarks of James Yoo, owner of the house that got blown up in Arlington VA

>>20042829 PF: Tracking SAM312

>>20043031 PF: RCH1583 and 2805 C5 Galaxys departed Dover AFB w/4 digit call signs-equipment for VIP visits

>>20043450 #24601


Previously Collected

>>20042643 #24600

>>20040092 #24597, >>20040989 #24598, >>20041793 #24599

>>20037443 #24594, >>20038275 #24595, >>20039179 #24596

>>20035908 #24592-B, >>20035583 #24592-A, >>20036697 #24593


Aggregators: | |

Q Research Notables Archive Board >>>/qnotables/

Q Research Notables #20: Not Giving Up >>19567242

Anonymous ID: 68c6fe Dec. 8, 2023, 3:40 p.m. No.20046118   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6150

Baker this guy didnt visit epstein island…different endorsement so the title doesn't work


>>20045990 (lb)


I would suggest "Home Depot co-founder endorses Nikki Haley, says Trump's time 'has come and gone' "

Anonymous ID: 03d579 Dec. 8, 2023, 3:43 p.m. No.20046123   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6262

I dont know what this means just yet but thought i would share. it was given to me.

Bird of prey, any bird that pursues other animals for food; it is a famous apex predator (meaning without a natural predator or enemy). Birds of prey are classified in two orders: Falconiformes and Strigiformes. All birds of prey have hook-tipped beaks and sharp curved claws called talons (in nonpredatory vultures the talons are present but atrophied). In spite of the similarities between the two groups, many authorities believe that they are not closely related but rather that they developed similar methods of living a predatory life.


barn owl

barn owl

Common barn owl (Tyto alba).

Diurnal birds of prey—hawks, eagles, vultures, and falcons (Falconiformes)—are also called raptors, which comprise more than 500 species. The word raptor is derived from the Latin raptare, “to seize and carry off.” (The name raptor is sometimes synonymous with the designation bird of prey.) The condors (species of vultures) and the eagles are the largest and strongest members of this group, and they are among the largest and strongest of all living birds. The nocturnal birds of prey are the owls (Strigiformes), a group made up of more than 200 species. Birds of prey or predatory birds, also known as raptors, are hypercarnivorous bird species that actively hunt and feed on other vertebrates (mainly mammals, reptiles and other smaller birds). In addition to speed and strength, these predators have keen eyesight for detecting prey from a distance or during flight, strong feet with sharp talons for grasping or killing prey, and powerful, curved beaks for tearing off flesh.

Anonymous ID: b41907 Dec. 8, 2023, 3:43 p.m. No.20046125   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6130 >>6259 >>6661

"Thread 🧵

Remember that house that just blew up in Arlington? Well things are not exactly as they seem.

So what does all this mean?

It means the people responsible for building the cyber infrastructure in Iraq post-invasion, the infrastructure whose point was to provide the US Intel Community with total back door access into not just Iraqs digital communications, but all of Europe’s, are now being killed off one by one."

Anonymous ID: 040297 Dec. 8, 2023, 3:46 p.m. No.20046128   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6156 >>6595 >>6608 >>6631 >>6779 >>6851

JAMES WOO DIG: Posted this twit-x thread during gy:

>>20043565, >>20043552, >>20043555, >>20043557, >>20043564 DIG CALL: Was James Woo's house blown up to eliminate another witness in the Global Crossing Cyber OP?

in-depth exploration into the relationship between Woo, Global Crossings (an now defunct company that built cyber networks, Eric Holder, and the blowing up of Woo's house

Poster's conclusion: the people responsible for building the cyber infrastructure in Iraq post-invasion, the infrastructure whose point was to provide the US Intel Community with total back door access into not just Iraq's digital communications, but all of Europe’s, are now being killed off one by one.



Good place to start DIGGING:

Obama AG Pick ERIC HOLDER Lobbied for Dicey Telco Deal

Eric Holder hired to close sale of bankrupt firm amid security fears.

November 20, 2008


In 2002, national security officials balked at a proposed sale of the bankrupt telecommunications firmGlobal Crossingto two Asian companies: a Hong Kong firm they reportedly believed to have ties to the Chinese government, and a Singapore firm part-owned by the government of Singapore.


Officials at the Pentagon and the Justice Department believed that foreign control of Global Crossing's global fiber optic network could give other governments access to U.S. data which would travel along those lines or be kept in the company's databases, documents indicate.Those officials also thought the sale could make it harder for U.S. intelligence and law enforcement to secretly tap those lines for intelligence operations or criminal investigations.

SEE CAP for moar.


Does kind of look like Global Crossing might have been a total cover for US Spy-OPS in the early 2000s.



James Wood DIG summary to date ALL PB


>>20027568 House in Arlington, Virginia explodes after police reportedly approached it with a search warrant

>>20026534, >>20026558, >>20026652, >>20026955, >>20027001 House explodes in arlington Virginia



>>20028472 Video Shows House Explosion Reportedly Triggered By Suspect Firing Flare Gun At Police



key facts about YOO: far left, paranoid, frivolous lawsuits against relatives, former head of Global security at CFIUS….


>>20027884 Dude in Arlington, Virginia who’s house got blown up tonight [JAMES WOO] is talking in the comments in his short on YouTube. This whole thing is wild.

far left nut case, psyop or something else?



>>20043405 Remarks of James Yoo, owner of the house that got blown up in arlington VA

Dude in Arlington, Virginia who’s house got blown up tonight is talking in the comments in his short on YouTube. This whole thing is wild. [<<<<< THIS IS NOW DELETED] - see mp4. [YT VIDEO IS HERE]

There's more - check out the twitter link…….


>>20043532 LB LINKS: james woo DIG

ANOTHER ANGLE: Does James Yoo" refers to Israel's Checkpoint Security surveillance…possibly linked to ADL's "PROTECT Plan"?

Anonymous ID: 634a5d Dec. 8, 2023, 3:48 p.m. No.20046137   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6172 >>6173 >>6181

(PB) >>20045453



>Charles Barkley on Trump supporters:


>“They’re a small little group of nutty people. I only call them that because they are. They’re crazy. They’re like your drunk friend. Like, once your friend’s drunk, there’s nothing you can say to him.”


Charles is a highly renowned Social Psychologist that took up basketball as a hobby. I cringe when I hear him on TV trying to be intelligent. I usually change the channel before the train crash but next time I won't. 😁

Anonymous ID: 4ae6f9 Dec. 8, 2023, 3:52 p.m. No.20046145   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Anons this hysterical, its hilarious, Joy Reid.Bannon is trolling and say he wants Joy Ann Reid as comms director at the WH under Trump, he loves doing this


The media is going crazy because, now the wonder if Joy would get an offer from Trump and take it. First thing tomorrow is an outraged Joy going to the highest decibel! Funny as hell!

Anonymous ID: 72c2b5 Dec. 8, 2023, 3:53 p.m. No.20046151   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6183 >>6223 >>6314 >>6515 >>6608 >>6779 >>6851

Service Members to Get 5.2 Percent Raise in Bill

Friday, 08 December 2023 01:30 PM EST


Service members will get a significant pay increase in January under the annual defense bill unveiled Wednesday by the Senate and House of Representatives Armed Services Committees.


The National Defense Authorization Act bill authorizes a record $886 billion in spending, a 3% increase over last year, and a 5.2% increase for service members. It leaves out most of the divisive social issues, such as abortion rights and treatment of transgender service members that had threatened to derail the must-pass legislation.


The pay bump is the biggest in more than two decades.


The compromise NDAA does not overturn the Pentagon's policy of reimbursing servicemembers who travel to obtain abortions, which prompted Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., to block most military promotions for much of the year.


It also drops House language that would have blocked coverage of transition surgeries for transgender troops.


Congress has passed an NDAA annually since 1961, one of the few major pieces of legislation to become law every year. The Senate could take its first votes within days, with the House of Representatives expected to follow suit later this month.


The bill — the result of negotiations between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and House — is expected to pass both chambers and be signed into law by President Joe Biden, despite expected opposition from the hard-right wing of the House.

Anonymous ID: f061cb Dec. 8, 2023, 3:54 p.m. No.20046159   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Bike rack!

Bike rack for sale!

Bike rack for sale riiiigh heeeerrrre!

Anyone in need of a bike rack?

Has a dedication plaque goto

Anonymous ID: f18824 Dec. 8, 2023, 3:56 p.m. No.20046164   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6170 >>6314 >>6515 >>6608 >>6779 >>6851

Foreign Secretary David Cameron warns world order will NOT 'snap back' after Israel-Hamas war and 'appalling' Russian and Chinese aggression: The former Prime Minister says allies of the U.K. and U.S. must 'stick together'


The foreign secretary spoke on the 82nd anniversary of the Japanese's attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, which thrust the U.S. into World War II

The former prime minister also talked about the importance of providing Ukraine much needed assistance in its war against Russia

Cameron told Antony Blinken $300 billion in frozen Russian assets should be used to rebuild Ukraine


Foreign Secretary David Cameron says that it is important for the U.K. and the U.S. to 'stick together' because the world order will be forever disrupted in the aftermath of several conflicts.


'There's war in Europe, a crisis in the Middle East, an aggressive China, and an even more aggressive Russia,' Cameron said before a large crowd assembled at the Aspen Security Forum in Washington, D.C.


He warned that it won't be so simple for the world order to 'snap back' to how it was operating before the conflicts.


'The first thing to realize is just how much has changed and how unlikely it is for things to snap back to the way they were before,' he replied to a question posed by Fox News' Jennifer Griffin.

The foreign secretary spoke on the 82nd anniversary of the Japanese's attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, which thrust the U.S. into World War II.


Pearl Harbor was an 'appalling act of aggression' that was due to appeasement, he said.


Cameron added that 'it's much easier to stand up…if we stick together' in regard to China's increasing aggression toward Taiwan, in order to avoid a 'second Chinese' Pearl Harbor.


Cameron also addressed the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, which broke out after the terrorists slaughtered over 1,400 innocent civilians on October 7.


'Long term security for Israel means finding a way for Palestinian neighbors are living with peace and stability and that means a two-state solution,' said Cameron.


'The alternatives to a two-state solution are much worse.'


When asked by Fox News' Jennifer Griffin whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still believes in a two-state solution, he laughed off the question.


'You'll have to ask him that,' responded Cameron.


The former prime minister also talked about the importance of providing Ukraine much needed assistance in its war against Russia.


'As long as you don't cross the red line of NATO soldiers fighting Russia soldiers, we should do everything we can to continue to support Ukraine,' he responded.


He told Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday the U.K. believes there is a 'strong argument' for seizing frozen Russian assets and spending them on rebuilding Ukraine.


The former Prime Minister also defended Europe's contribution to the defense of Ukraine at the Aspen forum.

Anonymous ID: 906a71 Dec. 8, 2023, 3:58 p.m. No.20046169   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6179 >>6188

Nicotine patch is good.

Nicotine gum is good.

But smoking is a more effective uptake method, just like smoking coke is better than snorting it. You also get fumigation of the lungs to keep mold and other nasties at bay.

And those around you benefit from fumigation of the room/their clothing, as well as any nicotine they're lucky enough to ingest second hand.

Anonymous ID: 010e3f Dec. 8, 2023, 3:59 p.m. No.20046171   🗄️.is 🔗kun



I love and forgive you, for the stuff that you not even did, for the stuff that I myself made you do. I invented the heaven not to torture anyone, but bc a fake starting point made me "care", there is new and better care, love. it moves. architecturally defined. irl more easy if adjusted. I alter the 99% around you. seen a "wave" yet? all new. God.


however, there is no way I could let you go against me, as this might not only harming all Jerusalem (those connected) but also potentially all of creation.


love+love=more love.


Adonay. bridal veil, needed for Schroedinger´s cat and twists. Twists? HI. GG. S. is rather advanced. one would say futuristic.




(Jes.) 11.


Rumbling, schieben, flimmern, alles normal. Godspeed.


Simpsons fan? "Ausgezeichnet", angels mostly speek german too.


I do love GoLd and working bulls.


I AM. the way. you will find me, and I will give some crumbs before that. future options (me spawning or having an animal talk to you to say hi. mountain stuff prolly, my picks though.) will be unlocked later, bc I am. in the meantime, figure out how to treat everyone well in case God´s symbolism might have been confusing.


No sacrifice, ever. I sit on my couch.




AdAm & EvE? mAgA? China? Edgar costume? Wifes?


EvA engaged? Evelyn reports to God. CODE command. Live at=34.


He.brew BeeR.


"Wein auf" - Bier - das rat ich dir.

"Bier auf Wein" - das lass sein.


Bread is to be spread, by fish, provides for nicest of wine, eternal.


if you know burger and wanna try steak you do not order burger.


Water into wine by marriage.


No miracles in hometown though.


J ES US from Gallilee? Nah. Flags out.


  1. "this means twelve btw." bank. who knew? marker.




The stormiest of crumbs? Nah. GOD. The one creator.


God? Nah, you GoLd go do that stuff, take care of that one son and it will be fine.


Cross? One Truth? Yeah, stones to be turned on the way, lurk and - so cody - act.


Love as base, always.


it´s all actually nice, fake starting point.

how great is that darkness, this time the scroll won´t be sealed, let "bad" be "bad".


please, approach me next year or the year after that. after I have organized bread to be broken in church and lodge as well as spec ops in lodges. please, do not ever do military help shit, this im my sort of Godly view, might lock bad stuff.

ritual is misunderstood, what you do is know about stuff happening, to not be afraid and have that done in feels comms to others. "oh, Godspeed again army bro, nice one. now chill day again? yup, dad´s gonna chill."

also it´s bulk data collection, spreading to other "times" or realms. angels are rather capable at gathering and spreding info. when some of them talk, they actually define reality, that migth be a disadvantage of basements, a white car driving by can obviously be manipulated, but cars and birds and stuff might appear godly bc it is.

communiacte stuff, maybe in babylon bee, not irl, that is why I gave you info, so arcitects can talk without rather big symbolism, no point in you doing that.

mason hush sign is a thing. and there is only one God, who is an actual person and for now limited to his body.


relax. no worries. all time. 34.






Anonymous ID: 12ea7b Dec. 8, 2023, 3:59 p.m. No.20046172   🗄️.is 🔗kun


"small group of nutty people"


They must be the "small group of nutty people"

Why else would he state just an obvious lie?

"By the Book"

left eye looks funky.

Anonymous ID: 77d1d6 Dec. 8, 2023, 3:59 p.m. No.20046173   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6382 >>6799


Haven’t seen or listened to him for long time cuz muh sportsballz he did go off on Smollett “don’t write a check”!

If I could stomach the celebrity aspect of him he might be fun to have a beer with once and prolly just one

Anonymous ID: f32b69 Dec. 8, 2023, 4 p.m. No.20046174   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6274 >>6284

Trump Campaign Statement on DC Circuit Court Ruling

December 08, 2023


"Today, the D.C. Circuit Court panel, with each judge appointed by a Democrat President, determined that a huge part of Judge Chutkan’s extraordinarily overbroad gag order was unconstitutional. President Trump will continue to fight for the First Amendment rights of tens of millions of Americans to hear from the leading Presidential candidate at the height of his campaign. The Biden-led witch hunts against President Trump and the American people will fail." —Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson

Anonymous ID: 3c7c6b Dec. 8, 2023, 4 p.m. No.20046175   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6314 >>6403 >>6515 >>6608 >>6779 >>6851





Planet Fitness Director and former CEO, $PLNT, sold 100% of his shares, approximately one million shares, for $66 million today.


Other directors have sold as well.


To see full history, check Unusual Whales.


Check more:

Anonymous ID: 882649 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:01 p.m. No.20046178   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6184

yeah, quick question….

We've known about their plans for how many years….and we have a drug induced dimentia patient running our country…..that is sometimes being impersonated……

when are we going to organize and take America back from these evil souls that want us dead?


What does it have to take?

I'm more than ready to assemble and take on whatever task is needed from me.

Anonymous ID: 72c2b5 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:03 p.m. No.20046183   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6314 >>6515 >>6608 >>6779 >>6851


2024 VA Disability Rates




The 2024 VA disability rates are based on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) 2024 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increase. The increase is based on the rising inflation, increasing prices of consumer goods, and rising gas prices. Rates are effective Dec 1 of each year.

Anonymous ID: 634a5d Dec. 8, 2023, 4:04 p.m. No.20046185   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>Kash Patel: Tens Of Thousands Of Americans Surveilled Illegally Under Section 702 In America. His report is shockingly violations by the FBI


Fuck the FBI. Top to bottom. I hope they get disbanded and all lose their pretty pensions. The people working there know nothing of morality. They make the Mafia likeable.


“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”

― Leonardo da Vinci


“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Anonymous ID: 12ea7b Dec. 8, 2023, 4:04 p.m. No.20046191   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6204


"we will get it right"

no proof, just belief based upon assumptions.

"self - driving cars so much safer"

what a joke.

Worrying about something that will never happen.

If they could've done it, they'd have done it by now.

Also, unsafe, since if "someone else" drives your car, they could want to censor you and drive you into a ditch.

Anonymous ID: f32b69 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:05 p.m. No.20046194   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6314 >>6515 >>6608 >>6779 >>6851

December 08, 2023

Statement from Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita on Media Speculation About Transition Efforts


Several weeks ago, Trump Campaign leadership released a memo about media speculation about Presidential transition efforts and a second Trump presidency.


Despite our being crystal clear, some “allies” haven’t gotten the hint, and the media, in their anti-Trump zeal, has been all-to-willing to continue using anonymous sourcing and speculation about a second Trump administration in an effort to prevent a second Trump administration.


Let us be very specific here: unless a message is coming directly from President Trump or an authorized member of his campaign team, no aspect of future presidential staffing or policy announcements should be deemed official.


Let us be even more specific, and blunt:


People publicly discussing potential administration jobs for themselves or their friends are, in fact, hurting President Trump…and themselves. These are an unwelcomed distraction.


Second term policy priorities and staffing decisions will not - in no uncertain terms - be led by anonymous or thinly sourced speculation in mainstream media news stories.


President Trump is solely focused on winning the Republican nomination for president and then defeating Crooked Joe Biden in the general election. He is not interested in, nor does he condone, selfish efforts by “desk hunters.” There will be an appropriate time to focus on such matters after winning next November, and it will follow President Trump’s lead.

Anonymous ID: 72c2b5 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:08 p.m. No.20046197   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Michael Shellenberger - The Demise of California | SRS #87


Part 1


Part 2

Anonymous ID: 77d1d6 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:11 p.m. No.20046205   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6215 >>6226 >>6314 >>6515 >>6608 >>6779 >>6851

US Bank Deposit Outflows Continue To Surge As Regional 'Stress' Accelerates


[ ]muh comments

[Give you one guess where the inflows are coming from…but you have to guess…..ain’t sayin’ Kek but here is the weekly FED “it’s just fine if you smoov out the data” bank flows]


Yesterday we found out that inflows to money-market funds continue to be huge ($290BN in six weeks), and more importantly, regional banks' usage of The Fed's BTFP bailout facility surged [saying “surged” is a bit too fear prony as yes they have increased and are at ‘record levels’ it’s a step up a bit at a time cap since the real surge-Cap2 June to July and just at that July high] record high (even as regional banks surged…[watching the volume come into those at the levels they needed over last few weeks from a former traders perspective wuz fuggen hilarious especially right around Oct 10/11 then the retail pile on-congrats if you traded it and booked cuz I wouldn’t hold none of that shit over this weekend after mid October to now run up cuz today the last day of Corp buybacks so would have ‘punched the clock’ yesterday and been habby] so with that shitshow in mind, we await the glorious manipulation of The Fed's bank deposits data to reinforce that equity confidence.

On a seasonally-adjusted basis, banks saw a $53.7BN deposit outflow… However, on a non-seasonally-adjusted basis, deposits rose by $27BN. And even with the outflows (SA), the divergence [cap 3] between soaring money-market funds and bank deposits continues to widen… Excluding foreign bank deposits, domestic banks saw the third week of the last four of deposit outflows (-$40.6BN SA) with Large banks -$35BN (SA) and Small banks losing $5.7BN (SA). On an NSA basis, domestic banks saw inflows of $36.5BN last week with Large banks adding $32BN and Small banks adding $4BN.. That adds up to $88BN (SA) of deposit outflows in the last four weeks (back to its lowest total since May) And on the other side of the ledger, despite deposits declining SA, loan volumes increased (SA) for the third week in a row with Small banks adding $2.1BN and Large banks adding $3.8BN [small potatoes not even worth mentioning but at least some going out door]. Finally, the key warning sign continues to trend ominously lower (Small Banks' reserve constraint), supported above the critical level by The Fed's emergency funds (for now). As the red line shows, cap 5 without The Fed's help, the crisis is back (and large bank cash needs a home - green line - like picking up a small bank from the FDIC).

>read it first bro…especially comments

Anonymous ID: 1bd6ef Dec. 8, 2023, 4:12 p.m. No.20046208   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6221


John Podesta


Let the 4Chan lunatics and QAnon crazies commence


Andy Kroll



Dec 9, 2018

“It’s painful and crazy,” former Clinton campaign chair John Podesta says about being the victim of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.


“I’m pretty grizzled. One big difference is you’ve got somebody sitting in the Oval Office stoking the conspiracy."

3:34 AM · Dec 10, 2018



Anonymous ID: 4ae6f9 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:14 p.m. No.20046214   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>20045483 CTIL Files #1: US And UK Military Contractors Created Sweeping Plan For Global Censorship In 2018, New Documents ShowPN


Theresa May started this in 2013-2015, you want to know how I know?


Hundreds of articles came out in the US how she had captured data on all UK cell phones, and I had arguments on FB with UK citizens, and no one from the UK knew it. Theresa May accelerated the DS being public a long time before 2018.


I don’t know if I was saving my research at that time but I’ll look. Hell MI5 (and later MI6) were tracking politicians and their loyalties in WW2. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight,they just choose to reveal their power for the fear factor effect

Anonymous ID: 12ea7b Dec. 8, 2023, 4:14 p.m. No.20046217   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6224 >>6231 >>6235



It's likely Barry, who's an enemy infiltraitor.

Not that Biden would sell out his Country to fuck a few moar children?

there's always a chance Biden fakes his disability - to escape repercussions for what "he's" doing.

Dubya Bush did the same.

Was so stupid one could believe the "incompetence" excuse.

Anonymous ID: 1bd6ef Dec. 8, 2023, 4:14 p.m. No.20046221   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6234 >>6258



Musk University | Quotes


"Would be great if someone could compile a game contest of who said the craziest stuff between 4chan and WEF! My money is on the latter."


| Elon Musk

9:15 AM · Dec 5, 2023




Anonymous ID: ccd07b Dec. 8, 2023, 4:17 p.m. No.20046229   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Wanting the thing

You want to help …expose the bad guys…starting with those passing judgement before acknowledging …the problem lies else where

Anonymous ID: a35550 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:19 p.m. No.20046237   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6314 >>6515 >>6608 >>6779 >>6851

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The nation's first university-owned airport is set to return to commercial service early next year.


On Tuesday Purdue University and Surf Air Mobility, along with Southern Airways Express (SAE) announced they have entered into an agreement to provide air service between the university and Chicago O'Hare Airport with a target start date sometime in the spring of 2024.


"Purdue and the neighboring community are pleased to welcome SAE to the Purdue University Airport,” Purdue University President Mung Chiang said. “We could not do this without the outstanding support of Gov. Eric Holcomb, IEDC, the mayors of both Lafayette and West Lafayette, GLC, the FAA and countless others. With the economic growth momentum here, I know that Purdue faculty, staff, students and alumni will be thrilled for the university and local communities to once again have direct access to the global aviation network after 20 years without scheduled commercial airline service."


The Indiana Economic Development Corporation, along with Purdue, will provide funding to support the air service's establishment and ongoing costs of operations.


According to the university, Flight operations will be run by SAE, an airline subsidiary of Surf Air Mobility. SAE will operate flights between West Lafeyette (LAF) and O'Hare (ORD) seven days a week, with 24 weekly round-trip flights currently planned.


"Pending Board of Trustees approval in February, the new terminal will be named for Amelia Earhart, thanks to approval from the Earhart estate," the university said in a statement. "The approximately 8,000-square-foot facility — to be located west of the existing terminal — will include a waiting area, baggage claim, ticketing, passenger screening and public restrooms. It will be constructed to comply with Transportation Security Administration and FAA requirements."


Earhart was an instructor and advisor in careers for women and flew out of Purdue University Airport in the 1930s when I was opened.


SAE will operate the flights using Cessna Grand Caravan turboprop aircraft, with nine passenger seats and two pilots.


"This marks the return of commercial air service for the first time since 2004 to LAF, Indiana’s second-busiest airport in terms of total annual aircraft operations," the university stated.


The flights will be open to the public, and Purdue will provide the use of its passenger terminal, hangar space and ramp access for SAE's personnel. SAE will also offer job opportunities pre- and post-graduation for qualified students.


"The idea of having an airport here that can support a major carrier is absolutely phenomenal," said West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis. "It’s great on the social level, it’s great on the international level, and, obviously, it’s super great on the economic level.”


Purdue University and Surf Air Mobility and Southern Airways Express enter agreement for air service between Purdue University Airport and Chicago O’Hare Airport starting 2024

Anonymous ID: 1c8957 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:22 p.m. No.20046251   🗄️.is 🔗kun


His whole AI program makes me skeptical, unless it is used for good, ya! I was skeptical for a long time, and am still not convinced is working for the good of humanity, except he says it several times.


This whole "Go Fuck Yourself" though gives me a brand new appreciation for where this Musk guy truly stands, and does he play a part in 'The Plan'?


There are more questions than answers, yet there is ample information out there that alleges he's one of the good guys working with supposed 'white hats' to reclaim our humanity.


If that is true, then he, and all, need our support and loyalty.

Anonymous ID: 12ea7b Dec. 8, 2023, 4:24 p.m. No.20046258   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6276 >>6287 >>6319





according to how I read Mcnamara's quasi-confessions in the docu "Fog of War" it was fire bombs.

plus other evidence.

Who was behind it?

My money's on "sinister occultist baby fucking royals"

"da jews" crap is a total mis-direction.

It's because the Romans and their ancient sacrifice / black magick religion.

Jews forbid it. So they have a hard-on to destroy the Jews.

Infiltrated them, just as they infiltrated Americans.


About Rooseveldt?

None of the POTUS have controlled Pentagon? Isn't "PRESIDENT" a front? Just something on paper, that's never used until DJTrump came along?

Anonymous ID: 03d579 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:26 p.m. No.20046262   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6268


Thomson also recommended that the small, white eagle used in Barton’s design be replaced with an American bald eagle, and Congress adopted this design on June 20, 1782. (Contrary to legend, there’s no evidence Ben Franklin protested to Congress about the choice of the bald eagle and lobbied for the turkey, although in a 1784 letter to his daughter he did label the bald eagle “a bird of bad moral character.”)


As the design went on to appear on official documents, currency, flags, public buildings and other government-related items, the bald eagle became an American icon.

Anonymous ID: 010e3f Dec. 8, 2023, 4:28 p.m. No.20046271   🗄️.is 🔗kun




>Some of us come here to drop crumbs, just crumbs.

us = true

just = options that might be true (in this scenario), "black" also means a bunch of other stuff, all based on love. (not 1 husband, but 5.)


>Strings cut (+++).

>Puppets (+++) in shadows.

<33 master




>Define puppets.

>Define puppet handlers.

>Define proxy war.


>Date Peter/Comey cleared Weiner emails?

>Date wife was promoted?

(wife, promoted, high? two of every kind? yeah, no shit.)

>Do you believe in coincidences?


>Will members of the D party Congress attempt to amend Rule 6(e) in order to obtain grand jury material deemed 'critically important'?


>Logical thinking, why?

>Why paint a narrative that the one item you cannot possess is the one item you need in order to justify your argument?

>People elected 'knowingly' spreading false-information [disinformation]?

>Puppets follow orders.

>Think for yourself.

Matthew 18, 15: discuss stuff internal, wenn man etwas nicht übers Herz bringt, lieber auf Augenhöhe besprechen. Point? Point out? Refuse to listen to "eve-n"? "on" the move, mother nature providing options, sometimes going "nuts", needs wardens to say so. Levels? Maybe even Pyramid?

Anonymous ID: 77d1d6 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:31 p.m. No.20046276   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6384


> it was fire bombs.

Heard this from a retired salt dog and tested with this “accident”


The Port Chicago Disaster, 17 July 1944: Leadership Lessons Learned


Story is anecdotal but made sense to me why would he lie?

Anonymous ID: 7ef8e6 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:31 p.m. No.20046277   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6285 >>6314 >>6515 >>6608 >>6779 >>6851

McCarthy declares support for Trump in 2024


Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said he is endorsing former President Trump for reelection in 2024, weighing in after months of not formally declaring support for a candidate.


McCarthy said in an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning” that will air on Sunday that he expects Trump will be the GOP nominee in 2024 and that he will support him.

Anonymous ID: 590230 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:35 p.m. No.20046287   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Amazing Times. I need to hear this from top Pentagon officials, as long are not Jewish, Black, Homo or Woman. Middle to late age war aged white patriotic males only.

Anonymous ID: 4ae6f9 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:36 p.m. No.20046291   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6511 >>6809 >>6832 >>6869

Nikki Haley just disqualified herself during a live CBS interview—she’s done…. KEK WTF???

December 7, 2023 (2 days ago)


Once again, the media and the Uniparty regime are trying to deceive the American people. They want you to believe that a Republican who isn’t President Trump actually has a shot at securing the nomination. It’s total nonsense, and most people see through it, though sadly, some are still fooled by the regime media. They buy into the idea of a “competitive” GOP primary race when, in reality, there isn’t one. But, for the sake of argument, let’s entertain the notion of a “real race” for a moment.


If there were a chance for someone likeNikki Haley to win the nomination, she just disqualified herself due to a recent CBS interview. In it, this out-of-touch establishmentsuggests that 12-year-old children should be allowed to change their gender. Keep in mind that 12-year-olds can’t even get tattoos, yet Nikki Haley seems to think it’s acceptable to lop off their private parts.


There’s no recovering from a comment like that. It’s painfully obvious that this woman is no different from a radical Democrat. And if you need any more reasons why Nikki Haley would be a horrific president, please check out Revolver’s mega-viral list:


Here’s the Never-Ending List of Why Nikki Haley Would Suck as President


And if that wasn’t troubling enough, in last night’s GOP debate, Vivek had one of the standout moments when he challenged Nikki Haley to simply name three specific regions in eastern Ukraine that she’s willing to send American sons and daughters to potentially sacrifice their lives for. She couldn’t do it.


In short, Nikki Haley is nothing more than Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in a dress. And just like another out-of-touch radical elitist woman named Hillary Clinton, Nikki Haley will never become President of the United States, and thank God for that.

Anonymous ID: 12ea7b Dec. 8, 2023, 4:36 p.m. No.20046292   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6302 >>6404


no offense. I think that was staged, sorry for the slide.

supposed to be brothers, but they are the same man.

They love to joke.

Way to give sympathy for the Royals, and make the people believe they re winning.

Another staged propaganda event.

Also to discredit the "rights of Man" "Revolution"

The French became maniacs and started murdering everybody left and right.

It was a manis. Much like what USA is having now.

mass insanity.

Anonymous ID: 634a5d Dec. 8, 2023, 4:38 p.m. No.20046301   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6316


>Oy vey! Surprised this hasn't been deleted. Jannies and their sock puppets were going hard on dayshift.


I'm surprised they still think deleting changes the truth. They're just morons.

Anonymous ID: b64245 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:39 p.m. No.20046305   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6359


who believe in the unseen,1 establish prayer, and donate from what We have provided for them,


astray. try out of the box thinking. hand that back.


education for meta "black" folks, not what I as irl God expect beloved Muslim folks to do, I want you to do fine, enjoy your life and love others.


>As for those who persist in disbelief, it is the same whether you warn them or not—they will never believe.


yes, be of Secret Service to Thomas, I not only not care, I myself consider Thomas a thing, what does that tell you?


no need for my spirit whatsoever.


>Allah has sealed their hearts and their hearing, and their sight is covered. They will suffer a tremendous punishment.


rather strong hearts is the Peter effect, the MOTher or NOT concept can improve that. spiders on red, guidance.


yes, voices inside of you, red and nice. comms to other realms.


sight covered? yes, when being all white, stuff might look sharp, like drawn, objects are like drawn out of the room. your shadow might look funny, as infact reality is not focussing on that but rather on educating new realities, those that might "splash" over you like a wave of water, that is me and angels providing a better reality so you feel comfy.


>that is not a punishment


and, says right here: natural carry is fine.


my spirit.


>And there are some who say, “We believe in Allah and the Last Day,” yet they are not ?true? believers.


yeah, brainstorm will go on for a while.





[Hussein], 44, BO, Peter, Elija, most compass.ionate, most merciful, No.ah, All.ah.

"black", one of many meaning, all based on love.

Peter, do you love me, love me, love me?

MOTher or NOT can improve Peter´s heart. Angels know and help.

Anonymous ID: 14ef53 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:41 p.m. No.20046314   🗄️.is 🔗kun





#24605 >>20046093

>>20046112 Kash Patel: Tens Of Thousands Of Americans Surveilled Illegally Under Section 702 In America. His report is shockingly violations by the FBI

>>20046164 Foreign Secretary David Cameron warns world order will NOT 'snap back' after Israel-Hamas war and 'appalling' Russian and Chinese aggression

>>20046175 Planet Fitness Director and former CEO, $PLNT, sold 100% of his shares, approximately one million shares, for $66 million

>>20046151, >>20046183 Service Members to Get 5.2 Percent Raise in Bill

>>20046194 Statement from Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita on Media Speculation About Transition Effort

>>20046205 US Bank Deposit Outflows Continue To Surge As Regional 'Stress' Accelerates

>>20046237 Flights from Purdue University to Chicago resuming in 2024

>>20046277 McCarthy declares support for Trump in 2024



Anonymous ID: 6fd03a Dec. 8, 2023, 4:44 p.m. No.20046324   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6331 >>6333


Why does Bob Eager advertise on Meta, but boycott 𝕏? Real question.

4:06 PM · Dec 8, 2023· 8.8M Views


Musk exchanges "E" for "I". Anon guesses, NCSWIC

Anonymous ID: 92f785 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:47 p.m. No.20046337   🗄️.is 🔗kun

The glownigger glows brighter than the sun and all real Anons can see that. Anon didn't even need to expose him, he did that himself. Hmm I wonder what kind of aftershave I'll use tonight? Yes, mortgage free musk.

Anonymous ID: 634a5d Dec. 8, 2023, 4:49 p.m. No.20046342   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6347


Roosevelt cut off 80% of Japan Oil imports. He invited what happened on 12/7 and he knew it would be Pearl Harbor. He sat back and waited. His drunken counterpart Churchill was owned lock stock and barrel by Jewish benefactors who financed his luxurious lifestyle including mansion nd servants.


  • how did Dwight D Eisenhower, who was half Jewish and half mulato pass the West Point blood test and then become Supreme Allied Commander? Lots of questions.

Anonymous ID: 4ae6f9 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:50 p.m. No.20046346   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Swimmer Riley Gaines made a Dem congresswoman look like a blithering idiot…

December 7, 2023 (2 days ago)

If there’s one thing you can always expect,it’s dumb female Democrat politicians. They seem to be everywhere, and it’s astonishing how some of these women appear to have no clue about what they’re doing. Just look at Kathy Hochul – this so-called “governor” seems to lack a fundamental understanding of the laws governing special elections in her own state. She’s utterly clueless, and thought she got to appoint the next congressman in George Santo’s seat. She missed the mark by a long shot.


Fox News:

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is sparking confusion online as some users on X believe a comment she made on social media indicated that she intends to fill the seat of expelled Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., herself, and not hold a special election to fill the vacancy.

“I am prepared to undertake the solemn responsibility of filling the vacancy in New York’s 3rd District. The people of Long Island deserve nothing less,” Hochul wrote on X, with no mention of a special election.


That’s just one example, and sadly, there are many, many more. Just the other day, Sheila Jackson Lee mistakenly urged her supporters to vote on the wrong day.


And now,another female Democrat found herself on the receiving end of a tough life lesson and public humiliation, courtesy of a conservative woman – a former swimmer, to be exact. Riley Gaines, the courageous former college swimmer who has taken a stand on transgender/sports issues, recently appeared before Congress and engaged in a fiery exchange with a Democratic lawmaker who wasn’t prepared for the sharp-witted Riley.


Patriot Project:

During her testimony later in the hearing, Gaines said, “Unsafe, unfair, and discriminatory practices towards women must stop. Inclusion cannot be prioritized over safety and fairness.”


Then addressing Lee directly, Gaines added, “If my testimony makes me transphobic, then I believe your opening monologue makes you a misogynist.”


Shortly thereafter, Lee, who just took office in January, called on Subcommittee Chairwoman GOP Rep. Lisa McClain of Michigan to have Gaines’ remarks about her struck from the record, saying the witness was “engaging in personalities.”


TheHouse “personalities” decorum rule has to do with how members of Congressaddress each other, requiring them to debate the issues at hand and not engage in personal attacks. However, itdoes not have to do with how witnessesbefore the committee address lawmakers.


Ironically, it was Lee who initiated the name-calling, and then she attempted to employ a “rule'”intended for House members to try to shield herself. This woman was all sorts of confused.


In the end, the congresswoman had so much egg on her face that she could have made an omelet. Realizing she had been bested, and to spare herself further public humiliation, she retracted her point of order.




Thank goodness for Riley, a sharp and savvy woman who isn’t afraid to stand up to this hateful and uninformed mob. The left seems quite eager to trash the rights of young women athletes in order to provide a (hairy) leg up for cross-dressing men. Shameful.


(The X video is funny as hell)

Anonymous ID: b64245 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:56 p.m. No.20046359   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6361 >>6410


my approach is schroedingers cat ongoing and I do not really care what religion or if at all you have. Be of Secret Service to Thomas I said many times.


black or dark eyes might be advantageous when being on holy mission and having child leaping in the womb, a sign of worship for those masters who really are full of worship, Godspeed, when being black it is spawning, like the bottle of water spawning a few cm when drinking.


no worries, sort of fun, holy and sacret.


so, many things are code, Jew= alien, blue, "n" = black, russia = blue, china = red. bolt.on,, clapper(board) = cat, ….


>In the Name of Allah—the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.


some folks walk all sorts of ways. Elija, Peter would be the christian translation.


would you be offended if I claimed symbolism MC = for HipHop?, or even for me listening right now? have you heard about the winepress dug in?


>All praise is for Allah—Lord of all worlds


Lord is not God, God would be blue and red, red more strong bc basically breastplate (Raphael) buily by love, that is the water in the voice when all suddently worship by rumbling. done nicely when I sing once a week, the nicest of bro hug.


Info for red Gods in case blue folks do not consider you that much God, it is bc those folks choose worlds to live in. :)


Blue is basically trust. Two folks knowing each other and sharing thoughts, one look, same thought.


Lord would be the level above, the ones sort of administering creation and what is.


black would be mother nature itself, BO, 44, tropfsteinhöhle. all worlds. everything that is.


EvE is not EvA. Evelyn reports to me alone.


white is little similar, classic.


when two whites meet and want stuff to be a thing, they might agree on a table, that would be some sort of pillar. when a third person joins, he (or she?) would need to know what a table is. luke now knows how to lurk.






>the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,


yes, 77.


my old snow. truth does have timestamps.


>Master of the Day of Judgment.


yes, master of all 4.


yes, I did invent criss cross as well as mixing DJ style.


do you know folks in a movie 50 year ago might have known to be samples in a vid from today and acted accordingly?


>master OF the day OF Judgment


of meaning true (or white worship).


truth does have timestamps.


ding ding. update.


yup, advised to have some lurk for a day and then decide if the salt in my build will be salty enough (not sad or anything, actually taste, time.)


>You ?alone? we worship and You ?alone? we ask for help.


meme, youyou?




marriage comes first, 5= code for first or before, wifes are basically intertwining with reality or time.


currently reading this with a black focus I guess, irl, dunno. :)


>Guide us along the Straight Path,


yup, 6.


and yes, guiding US.


has gotten white it seems. :)


and yes, staying one time is a thing, making the body being used to the fullest, having basically the same thoughts tomorrow is advantageous.


straight path would be white red or white blue cats, black blue cats are more crossroady, guiding others. Ejila. Fish. 14. 77. 2.


>the Path of those You have blessed—not those You are displeased with, or those who are astray.


of those. you have blessed. by what?


verführerisches denken. not bad stuff, but thinking that is offroady.


are you displeaed or anyone else? astray.


taylormade stuff. warden would be "nuts, that´s not even real."


wanna loose one´s way? (meta).


irl: bodyguard, maybe "offering" (not ever, I sit on my couch, respect culture though and to think it is ok to give thanks to God. I myself eat meat, would want it to die without pain though.) a nice new cereal, or snack in the supermarket. not having my fries for free. irl.


and, important, no miracles in hometown, while I do create existence I do not like rituals that I did improve that lead to me bumping my toe. even whan that is a crucial concept to understand EvE, by brainstorm.


you might bump your toe (head), but you do not want that (heart), so you block that, (spider, throat, samaritan women with not one but 5 husbands being on mission.). this can be thought in a futuristic approach, He.brew though. needs to be thought throuh time though.


the common spirit forming of a small village based on trust and love. not by deceaed folks, but as the heavens, or part of.


spiders are just love.


just = a variety of ways, some of them using stones that are not real but may exist in thinking, those purple heads prolly will have to check on that. "on" the move, misspellings.


more code: 62= paradise.


15 = spiders, also worship. planes, autists, luke, Daniel, David = white.


greek = red.


lighthouse = doctor = greek + plane.

Anonymous ID: b64245 Dec. 8, 2023, 4:56 p.m. No.20046361   🗄️.is 🔗kun


who believe in the unseen,1 establish prayer, and donate from what We have provided for them,


astray. try out of the box thinking. hand that back.


education for meta "black" folks, not what I as irl God expect beloved Muslim folks to do, I want you to do fine, enjoy your life and love others.


>As for those who persist in disbelief, it is the same whether you warn them or not—they will never believe.


yes, be of Secret Service to Thomas, I not only not care, I myself consider Thomas a thing, what does that tell you?


no need for my spirit whatsoever.


>Allah has sealed their hearts and their hearing, and their sight is covered. They will suffer a tremendous punishment.


rather strong hearts is the Peter effect, the MOTher or NOT concept can improve that. spiders on red, guidance.


yes, voices inside of you, red and nice. comms to other realms.


sight covered? yes, when being all white, stuff might look sharp, like drawn, objects are like drawn out of the room. your shadow might look funny, as infact reality is not focussing on that but rather on educating new realities, those that might "splash" over you like a wave of water, that is me and angels providing a better reality so you feel comfy.


>that is not a punishment


and, says right here: natural carry is fine.


my spirit.


>And there are some who say, “We believe in Allah and the Last Day,” yet they are not ?true? believers.


yeah, brainstorm will go on for a while.





Anonymous ID: 1bd6ef Dec. 8, 2023, 4:57 p.m. No.20046365   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Learn a little about how to take back control of your technology, one day at a time, by making this channel a part of your daily reading list here on Telegram.


@Jeffrey_Peterson | @jptchat |

Anonymous ID: 634a5d Dec. 8, 2023, 5:02 p.m. No.20046382   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6576


>If I could stomach the celebrity aspect of him he might be fun to have a beer with once and prolly just one


Rethink that one. He cant hold his liquor. He threw a guy thru a plate glass window.


October 31, 1997 - Prior to his team's final preseason game against the Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets forward Charles Barkley was on the receiving end of a cup of ice to the face from a patron at Phineas Phoggs, a bar in Church Street Station. Barkley's response: Throwing the offending patron through a window.

Anonymous ID: 2040ac Dec. 8, 2023, 5:03 p.m. No.20046383   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6386


The one where HRC is president, Bill committed "suicide" and she married Epstein. They then adopted Sasha and Malia. Who both turned out to be transgenders and in a four-way affair with Barak and Michel.

Anonymous ID: 12ea7b Dec. 8, 2023, 5:03 p.m. No.20046384   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6400 >>6405


check it out

At approximately 10:19 PM on 17 July 1944,

1019 ?

17th of July is a occultist day, going back to the middle ages /"ancient world"

a festival day in "Rome" 16 and 17

of July (they had festivals a lot, sort of like Hindu's)

JFK jrs. departure from the stage.

Seems like Roman Festival for the two pillars of Masonry

Beauty / Strenght

Honor / Courage

two sides of the "Tree of Life"

Anonymous ID: 46c4f6 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:07 p.m. No.20046398   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>white male/black female

Yeah, I've noticed that recent trend as well during sportsball breaks.

I guess they thought they should give white men a break from the constant with some action now.

Anonymous ID: 12ea7b Dec. 8, 2023, 5:07 p.m. No.20046400   🗄️.is 🔗kun


explains some about the two pillars (Twin Pillars) here



"Some Believe in Magic," a piece of 9/11 Mega-Ritual

The two pillar and the "staircase" ladder, "3rd pillar" in-between shows up on the freeMasonic tracing boards which they use to teach their traditions, and use to guide their followers up the ladder of their heirarchy.

Anonymous ID: 75f508 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:10 p.m. No.20046412   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Have you ever raised the value of everyone around you?


Have you ever been so high they gotta down you?



Anonymous ID: 92f785 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:13 p.m. No.20046428   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6448 >>6460 >>6471 >>6476

Anything anti-Jew must be deleted swiftly with a vengeance. No antisemitic posts shall be allowed here. Only the pure evil sniveling ratfucks post Jew hatred. Israel is the only shining star in the middle east which is a cesspool of shit all around it. You should all be donating a portion of your income to help Israel. Reconcile.

Anonymous ID: 634a5d Dec. 8, 2023, 5:14 p.m. No.20046429   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6488

(pb) >>20045683 Godfather of mRNA vaccines reveals plans to immunize people against CANCER


Big Pharma's next money making phase on deck. Cancer was cured using resonating electronic frequency by Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930's. Then the AMA (Pharma) destroyed him and his lab and inventions.


Rife Machine Killing Bacteria

Anonymous ID: b64245 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:15 p.m. No.20046436   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6466



when you meet someone and wanna say "hey, awesome you are you, aweseome you do what you do, e.g. walking on the other side of the street and looking at my direction", the very bro like "head nod" turn.

not to be done 100 times, not to be trained, but to see what it might be about, love, just love.


head to the right like 15 degree, head to your back little, while mayking the "face" that black pic does, legs as mouth.


and yes, 77. skip leg day and be comfy.


spread reasonable bc I don´t want folks doing this stuff all day long, it is irl and maybe has that effect due to my irl past and relations.

Anonymous ID: 2040ac Dec. 8, 2023, 5:17 p.m. No.20046446   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6453 >>6455 >>6456


I hear next week she is going to sign SB666 thereby formally turning over all US sovereignty to Klause Schwab who was recently named Emporer of the Sol system by the reptilian overlords who were represented at the ceremony by Lindsey Graham.

Anonymous ID: 412114 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:20 p.m. No.20046460   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6467 >>6474


New 'Antisemitic', factual information backed up with facts is not a problem. About Jews or not.

It's the mindless, knee-jerk, muhjoo shill spam that crawls up my ass. Other Anons can speak for themselves.

Dart can do what he wants. His board.


Could have still been Flapjack's board if he wasn't a stoner tard and actually gave a fuck.

Anonymous ID: 4ae6f9 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:21 p.m. No.20046468   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6477 >>6484 >>6494 >>6518 >>6588 >>6727

Tucker just got the most powerful endorsement yet for veep, and Trump is reportedly “thrilled”…Dec. 7, 2023

By now, it should be evident to everyone that President Trump will be the GOP nominee. His lead is huge, and there’s virtually no chance for any of the remaining contenders to catch up. Interestingly, even if he were to face imprisonment today, his support would likely double. The discussion has naturally shifted towards Trump’s potential choice for Vice President, with increasing chatter about Tucker Carlson as the top contender, and for good reason. Revolver wrote a viral and rather compelling piece explaining why Tucker is the only logical choice for VP.

Revolver: Contrary to conventional wisdom,President Trump doesn’t need a conventional vice president. He doesn’t need someone who will shore up his electoral coalition. Donald Trump is the Republican Party; everyone who doesn’t like it has left. President Trump doesn’t need another Mike Pence. He needs a vice president he can trust, both in this campaign and beyond. He needs someone who will make sure the historic movement he started doesn’t end with him.

All the conventional candidates will betray the president—just like they already have by entering the race against him. They’re freeloaders who don’t offer Trump any value. They want to return Washington to the status quo that President Trump upended. They want to terraform a new swamp.

And the only loyal choice is Tucker. Tucker Carlson is loyal to President Trump’s person and vision. This, of course, doesn’t mean that Tucker isn’t willing to be critical of Trump’s decisions. It is precisely because of Tucker’s loyalty to Trump’s America First legacy that, at certain times, Tucker would take to his television audience to voice his displeasure. True loyalty is not only compatible with constructive criticism; it requires it. Contrast this with the seemingly endless line of sycophants salivating at the first opportunity to stick the knife in Trump when it counts.

Nobody has denounced the corrupt judicial campaign against President Trump more vocally than Tucker Carlson. Nobody is surer to have his back against the bogus charges filed by rogue prosecutors. Every career politician will turn on him, just like they turned on him when the Access Hollywood tapes dropped. In fact, by the very act of running for president, the current crop of candidates have all tried on Trump’s shoes for size.

With Tucker as his number two, President Trump will have a deputy who can match his ferocious campaign pace—overwhelming the opposition with energy and enthusiasm. The Biden camp, or whoever the Democrats put forward, will not know what hit them. Tucker Carlson has the starpower and charisma to hit the campaign trail hard. President Trump will almost certainly be confined to a courtroom for large swaths of the campaign season. He needs someone who can get out and rally voters on his behalf. None of the others can attract a crowd. They’re politicians, not entertainers.

We encourage you to read the entire Revolver piece, it delves even deeper into why Tucker is the best choice…

However, the Tucker VP debate just took a very interesting turn. According to reports, former First Lady Melania Trump wants the fiery populist on Trump’s 2024 ticket as well, and we’re hearing that President Trump is thrilled.The news is spreading like wildfire, and MAGA couldn’t be happier.

Radar Online: Melania Trump reportedly wants her embattled ex-president husband, Donald Trump, to name Tucker Carlson as his 2024 vice president running mate, has learned. In a surprising development to come as the race for the 2024 White House continues to heat up, sources familiar with the matter revealed that the former first lady has pushed ex-President Trump to name Carlson as his running mate for next year.

According to Axios, Melania is an “advocate” for the fired Fox News star. Sources close to Trump’s 2024 campaign also claimed that Melania believes Carlson “would make a powerful onstage extension” of her ex-president husband with less than one year to go before the election in November. Axios also suggested that a Trump-Carlson ticket “might encourage” Melania to hit the campaign trail…

If Tucker has the Melania seal of approval, the possibility of a “Vice President Tucker” could be more realistic than many of us initially thought. Thechallenging part will be President Trump’s ability to dismiss all the political “experts”who will undoubtedly pressure him to choose an “establishment type” to appease the #NeverTrump vote. We’ve seen how that disaster played out last time with Pence, so let’s hope he bucks the system and goes rogue with a VP selection that will truly disrupt the status quo.

Anonymous ID: 46c4f6 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:23 p.m. No.20046474   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6492


>8bit suddenly needed to quit

>FJ suddenly decided to tune out turn on drop out

>Jim suddenly found the perfect replacements

Eh, I'm sure the entire QR admin history has been on the up-n-up with no spoopy fuckery involved.

Anonymous ID: 634a5d Dec. 8, 2023, 5:24 p.m. No.20046480   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Milgram was dead on. He found out how to distinguish the men from the boyz. That moron with the flag should not be trusted with a weapon.


Milgram's Experiment on Obedience to Authority.


Why is it so many people obey when they feel coerced? Social psychologist Stanley Milgram researched the effect of authority on obedience. He concluded people obey either out of fear or out of a desire to appear cooperative–even when acting against their own better judgment and desires. Milgrams classic yet controversial experiment illustrates people's reluctance to confront those who abuse power.

[(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻]*****m4xr3sdefault ID: 739418 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:25 p.m. No.20046487   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6554 >>6652

crack lauderin tranny still mad bout real estate chinky clickbait

crack launderin tranny so made , he hired a juw eunuch to begg fo crack money

Anonymous ID: d422a1 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:25 p.m. No.20046488   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6504 >>6526 >>6650


I was in the grocery store. They have a pharmacy in the back. And they kept playing ads over to PA to get the Pfizer vaccine. Made me want to get out of that store as fast as I could. Fuck Pfizer and their death vaxxes.

Anonymous ID: 9f732b Dec. 8, 2023, 5:25 p.m. No.20046489   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>20037658 pb

>>20037740 pb

>cloud seeding graphene oxide nanoparticles

graphene wasn't invented, it was discovered

in soot

gotta candle or kerosene lantern with a flickering flame?

that black soot that accumulates near the flame is full of graphene, nano tubes, buckyballs, and a long list of related compounds

seems kinda silly to go to the expense of releasing any of it in chemtrails if it's just to harm us

so IF they are (which i doubt) it must serve some other purpose not related to our health

Anonymous ID: 8a41cf Dec. 8, 2023, 5:25 p.m. No.20046491   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Free idea:


Pepe Frog animated series.

Along the lines of Scooby-Doo. Each self contained episode ending with mask pulled off and “guess who” is revealed. Above my pay grade to initiate. Would love to contribute as able.

Anonymous ID: 8a41cf Dec. 8, 2023, 5:28 p.m. No.20046503   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Hard to know if any of that conflict is even real.

Just a movie. Probably used to see where individuals sentiment is and then attack them with adjustments in social credit scores.

Anonymous ID: 14ef53 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:30 p.m. No.20046515   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6524





#24605 >>20046093

>>20046112 Kash Patel: Tens Of Thousands Of Americans Surveilled Illegally Under Section 702 In America. His report is shockingly violations by the FBI

>>20046164 Foreign Secretary David Cameron warns world order will NOT 'snap back' after Israel-Hamas war and 'appalling' Russian and Chinese aggression

>>20046175 Planet Fitness Director and former CEO, $PLNT, sold 100% of his shares, approximately one million shares, for $66 million

>>20046151, >>20046183 Service Members to Get 5.2 Percent Raise in Bill

>>20046194 Statement from Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita on Media Speculation About Transition Effort

>>20046205 US Bank Deposit Outflows Continue To Surge As Regional 'Stress' Accelerates

>>20046237 Flights from Purdue University to Chicago resuming in 2024

>>20046277 McCarthy declares support for Trump in 2024


Anonymous ID: b64245 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:31 p.m. No.20046521   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Godspeed looks


blue: wushie


red: fast


black: spawning, arm spawning 5 cm, you spawning while turning on the spot, whatever


white: sort of melting into your own facial expression. also melting to object, no problem.


here is also schieben oder wischen, like angles changing from objects.


also there is angles changing, like a reality swapping into you that is slightly angled.


no worries. all good.

[(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻]*****m4xr3sdefault ID: 739418 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:31 p.m. No.20046522   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6554

pickpocketing pander graverobbers of red heifer sure feels isREAL bad for scorched baldwin butt homo orgy

Anonymous ID: 4142ec Dec. 8, 2023, 5:34 p.m. No.20046536   🗄️.is 🔗kun



What was Schwab doing between1958-1962? Work experience on the shop floor of several companies.


Hardly Antichrist beginings.

Anonymous ID: 9f732b Dec. 8, 2023, 5:35 p.m. No.20046540   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>20040005 pb

>🚨🚨 Trump’s loyalty-first cabinet.

i'm available for head of the newly created cabinet level office of Science and Tech

there is no one more qualified or loyal

Anonymous ID: 4c7dad Dec. 8, 2023, 5:36 p.m. No.20046544   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6548 >>6563

You look at the women bashing president Trump and you can't find anything good about them they are famefags trying to capitalize on the only man in history that has took on the Deep State and will win.

Anonymous ID: 50ed5b Dec. 8, 2023, 5:37 p.m. No.20046547   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6553

You remember when they used to post their spam unchallenged? Anons would just ignore and filter. Where did that narrative go? I'll bet that really pissed them off once they got pushback. Probably never happened to them before. Poor bastards. Whatever image they're trying to ruin is insignificant in the scope of things, and that's what I find so damn funny about their flailing.

[(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻]*****m4xr3sdefault ID: 739418 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:38 p.m. No.20046554   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>wealthy merchant of butt plug still silent bout farts


>pickpocketing pander graverobbers of red heifer sure feels isREAL bad for scorched baldwin butt homo orgy


>other bearded lady sends freebase promises to watch reach around


>other tranny promises to reach around tom hanks sumetime after he gets found



>both tranny juws swear tehy ain;t pickpocketing grave robbers wurkin for red heifer


>crack lauderin tranny still mad bout real estate chinky clickbait


>crack launderin tranny so made , he hired a juw eunuch to begg fo crack money


>crack lauderin tranny still mad bout real estate chinky clickbait


>crack tranny whaaaaa phuckingHAM paalASS red heifer m000


>those people still hate the baldwins apparently


>known tranny where gloatin whorin


>they shot it in the face and in the heart





>>frenchy juw germs




>>jfk needs homo for corpse




giant buttplug patturns before controlled demolition were know according to greek choir index larps . giant leeks were thar accordin to clickbait

Anonymous ID: 3c7c6b Dec. 8, 2023, 5:40 p.m. No.20046562   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6590

Glow Bull



An accounting is coming. If there is justice in Universe, it will be an audit.

Anonymous ID: 50ed5b Dec. 8, 2023, 5:41 p.m. No.20046567   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6572 >>6578 >>6582


No one believes you Loretta/Tranimae. Where's the other regular spam shill personas when you're doing your little retard dance? Are you that stupid? You have to be. You should bake next bread. Will you use your warp tunnel banner or rainbow banner?

[(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻]*****m4xr3sdefault ID: 739418 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:41 p.m. No.20046568   🗄️.is 🔗kun

lots of fancy buttplugs gets sold for bugur sugur whaaaa an mangina bearded lady lasergahys

Anonymous ID: 46c4f6 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:43 p.m. No.20046575   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Not sure they were wrong tho.

White men have been purged from corp offices (not counting the C-Suites of course) for a couple decades now.

And Lowes/Home Depot are the only retail places I ever see any past the age of 40.

Anonymous ID: 77d1d6 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:43 p.m. No.20046576   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6673


26 years ago?


Not defending the guy as most athletes especially bball players can’t handle many things but you’ll need a better example

I’ve seen way worse in the mid 80s working as a notes runner for press w warriors

That dint nuffin

How about bitches burning cars in the lot during game cuz daddy no pay child support?

A bar fight is a church picnic

Israel ID: 241e99 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:44 p.m. No.20046581   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6589

Post @ me if you been in the secret place w me


Post @ me by another name if you been w me in the secret place before 2023


Post @ me like you own an ass cheek if your Sam

Anonymous ID: c35e4f Dec. 8, 2023, 5:45 p.m. No.20046587   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6596 >>6636 >>6643 >>6677


lets be clear about where we are in time

assange, trump, and some shitpoaster named after a letter of the alphabet were threatening [them] on 4chan, & possibly bluffing [them] 50% of the time

and [they] got so scared that [their friends] may have actually left a 3000 year paper trail of their corruption that [they] instigated a worldwide virus, shutdown global economies

just to intimidate others into not taking part in the shitpoasting, thereby proving the existence of their 3000 year plus cult

and of course no one is allowed to notice that that happened or call attention to it

and thereby unfortunately proving some of [their] theory that humanity (a) cant govern itself (b) are cowards and sheep and (c) complicit in the corruption by allowing it to occur

hence: “they have to tell you what they’re doing before they do it, if you allow it the karmas on you”


Anonymous ID: 4ae6f9 Dec. 8, 2023, 5:45 p.m. No.20046588   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Announced December 5, 2016

Took office March 2, 2017

Former neurosurgeon: Ben Carson of Virginia


IMO the reasons for Carson would be:

• he was extremely loyal to Trump, he never turned against him.

• He learned dramatically how the government DS run the whole government and blocked many of his policies, so he’s familiar with how the government works.

• Carson will never outshine Trump. Hecis a humble and brilliant man with a deep Christian faith.


I’m not sure this whole Tucker push is helpful and not just idolization.

• Tucker is dyslexie, he admits many things that may not make him the idle candidate.

• I’m not sure the learning curve in out maneuvering the DS is that easy to outfox.


Is Donald Trump Picking Ben Carson for VP? What We Know as Rumors Fly

Nov 30, 2023 at 11:05 AM EST

Newsweek reached out to the Trump campaign and Carson via email for comment.

The claim sparked a flurry of tweets with speculations about whether the former president would choose Carson, with some Trump supporters calling the former secretary an "excellent pick."

Trump has yet to announce who he wants to run alongside him, although it is thought that he will pick a woman or person of color.

Asked about whether or not he'd pick a woman as his vice president, Trump told NBCNews in September, "I like the concept, but we're going to pick the best person.”

He added that while Noem was "one of the people I'd consider," there was a long list of potential picks. Trump appeared to rule out Scott, and Haley when he told a crowd in Michigan he didn't see any VPs in the Republican primary field.

While Carson's name may be overshadowed by other high-profile Republicans, he has previously signaled his White House ambitions, launching his own presidential bid in 2016. Carson dropped out after Super Tuesday and endorsed Trump, describing him as representing "the voice of the people to be heard." The retired surgeon has already thrown his support behind Trump for the 2024 election, endorsing the former president at an Iowa rally last month.

"Trump isn't a politician — we certainly know exactly what he's thinking, which makes him highly effective for the American people, and a threat to the Washington swamp," Carson wrote in an op-ed earlier this month for USA Today. "Americans deserve freedom — meaning reduced government regulation, a less biased media, and more opportunity for prosperity. A vote for Trump is a vote for freedom."

As the then-youngest chief of pediatric neurosurgery in the United States, Carson rose to international fame in 1987 when he led the team of surgeons in the first successful separation of conjoined twins. After retiring from medicine in 2013, he became famous in conservative circles after delivering a speech viewed as critical of Barack Obama's presidency.

Under the Trump administration, Carson led the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which saw an exodus of career officials under his tenure. Trump's decision to nominate Carson faced initial skepticism because the retired surgeon had no government experience. As HUD secretary, Carson focused on deregulation and self-reliance in housing policies, a direction praised by conservatives but criticized as undermining Obama-era fair housing regulations.

Carson has been unequivocally loyal to Trump. During the 2020 Republican National Convention, he defended his boss against accusations of racism, saying those who claimed Trump was a racist "could not be more wrong."

“President Trump does not dabble in identity politics. He wants everyone to succeed and believes in the adage, 'a rising tide lifts all boats,'" Carson said at the time, touting prison reform and a decrease in unemployment among African Americans during Trump's presidency.

Carson made headlines in September when he tried to defend Trump again, comparing the former president to Al Capone as proof that the Justice Department was going after Trump.

Asked what evidence he had of the DOJ being weaponized against Trump, Carons told CNN's Abby Phillips, "Well, let's put it this way. Al Capone, who was a notorious killer, had one indictment, and Donald Trump has four indictments. That would tell you something right there."

"It's evidence that you have a group of people, a system that is out to get this president, and they feel that he is an existential threat to their existence," Carson said.

Trump has commended Carson's work at HUD and called it a "great honor" to have his endorsement for president in 2024. He has not suggested that Carson could be his running mate next year.

"A great honor to have just received the Endorsement for President from Dr. Ben Carson," the former president said on Truth Social. "Thank you Ben!!!"

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