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>>20651114 @500 partial notes.

>>20651204 Illegal Alien Spotted Eating a Human Leg in California

>>20651278 Pop star Lizzo "quits" after being "dragged by everyone" on the internet.

>>20651464 The Donald Trump picture incident sent Kathy Griffin to the psych ward for 3 days

>>20651561 US locations of visitors to Epstein's Island

>>20651568 Vax doses administered per 100 people

>>20651606 Europe is in ‘pre-war era’ — Polish Prime Minister

>>20651633 #25329


#25328 >>20650268

>>20650371 Washington, Corrupt Mainstream Media Wages War On OAN

>>20650402, >>20650455 Nearly 200 people visiting Jeffrey Epstein's 'pedo island' AFTER his sex crime conviction are exposed by mobile data linking them to homes and offices across the US, including one ping on street opposite Trump Tower

>>20650417 Why are NASA firing rockets at the eclipse?

>>20650421 Jesse Watters Primetime 3/29/24 - Full | Fox Breaking News Trump March 29, 2024

>>20650435 Night Owl News Archives 'Fun Friday Free For All' - 03/29/2024

>>20650659 The DOJ is ordering Google to release the names and addresses of YouTube viewers who watched specific videos.

>>20650732, >>20650811 SKY EVENT

>>20650739 Mother-son duo accused of running prostitution ring in New Mexico

>>20650746 Former FBI Agent Claims Suge Knight Financed Notorious B.I.G Murder, Diddy Was Intended Target

>>20650779, >>20650824 Religious-themed designs banned from White House Easter egg art contest

>>20650797 Venezuelan migrant Leonel Moreno is FINALLY arrested by ICE in Ohio

>>20650802 San Diego man, 38, attempts to kidnap young boy, 8, off street outside his family's deli

>>20650813 First image from Q#117 - "Huge Problem": Pentagon's Rapid Wartime Response Cargo Ships Trapped In Baltimore After Bridge Collapse

>>20650852 FULL 7:49 minute video: President Trump Holds Rally in Philadelphia, PA - 2/17/24

>>20650881, >>20650952 Owl Comms?

>>20650912 Point Foundation, the largest LGBTQ scholarship-granting nonprofit, is supporting a record-breaking class of scholars.

>>20650975 Bid opens to fire SC comptroller for $3.5B accounting error

>>20650981 QClock March 29, 2024 - Life The Universe Everything 42 Aliens - Are We Alone? Wow!

>>20651019 NY Gov. Kathy Hochul being denied entry into the wake for slain NYPD officer Jonathan Diller.

>>20651031 US approves transfer of over 2,000 bombs, 25 F-35s to Israel — report

>>20651102 #25328

Anonymous ID: abd5d2 March 30, 2024, 5:13 a.m. No.20651896   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#25327 >>20649479

>>20649483 Pope Francis pulls out of Easter event at last minute to protect health, Vatican says

>>20649511 Trump Made an Unexpected Visit to See General Flynn. “You are on my side and I’m on your side”

>>20649551 NYPD Police Officer Jonathan Diller received a dignified transfer home

>>20649555, >>20649636, >>20649783 FBI to Bury Boston Mobster Whitey Bulger’s File Forever

>>20649571 Former President Donald Trump’s visit to the family of slain New York City police officer Jonathan Diller

>>20649587, >>20649707 P. Diddy on Trump 2020 - White men like himShould be Banished

>>20649596 56% See Government as a Threat to Religious Rights - Rasmussen

>>20649626 Greg Abbott - In Texas, anyone "squatting" in your home is breaking the law.

>>20649640, >>20649643 Media Runs Cover For Violent Illegal Alien Criminals

>>20649679, >>20649696, >>20649706 The Thug Life

>>20649716 This is the playbook that the moderrn day democrat party is working from

>>20649804 Mike Davis: Article 3 Project Will File Judicial Misconduct Complaint Against D.C. Judge

>>20649822 Tyler Bowyer: "We Are Hustling Like Never Before In Arizona, Wisconsin, And Georgia" Ballot Collection, “Chase the Vote

>>20649823, >>20650000 Nearly 200 people visiting Jeffrey Epstein's 'pedo island' AFTER his sex crime conviction are exposed by mobile data linking them to homes and offices across the US

>>20649834 A new conspiracy theory involving Epstein Island and the Nickelodeon logo has popped up online after the release of 'Quiet on Set.'

>>20649862 Todd Bensman: Biden's Boss Tightens The Screws, Amlo got him by the balls

>>20649902 Dueling Digital Dollar Bills Debated in Congressional Hearing on U.S. CBDC

>>20649931 Mary Rooke Discusses The Daily Caller's New Movie 'Sick: Unmasking Big Medicine;

>>20649932 Suge Knight warns Diddy 'your life's in danger'

>>20649977 Jeffrey Epstein’s Island Visitors Exposed by Data Broker

>>20650021 Biden Regime Issues Strongest-Ever Emission Rules on Heavy Duty Vehicles, Including Trucks and Buses

>>20650036 Google Warns Freedom Center to Censor Mentions of Islamic Terror

>>20650037 Biden's electric road to nowhere

>>20650050 Biased Federal Judge Handling January 6 Cases Goes on CNN to Rip Trump in Unprecedented TV Interview (Video)

>>20650053 The REAL Reason The Key Bridge Was Hit. US MILITARY Supply Ships STUCK

>>20650066 Terror mastermind told attack suspects to flee to Kiev – investigators

>>20650071 Solar Eclispe Bun

>>20650089 Disgraced billionaire hip hop mogul and Democrat party community organizer, Diddy, is panicking behind the scenes

>>20650213 Boston says it's overrun by illegal immigrants, plans to place them in veterans housing

>>20650229 Soros Funding Group Associated with Hamas

>>20651035 #25327

Anonymous ID: abd5d2 March 30, 2024, 5:14 a.m. No.20651899   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#25326 >>20648643 D'oh

>>20648672 British PM accused of ‘cronyism’ for knighting party donor

>>20649377 Leader of Northern Ireland's main unionist party steps down as he is charged with sexual offences

>>20649368, >>20649370, >>20649374, >>20649378 Farewell — and good riddance — to the 'typical American family'

>>20649361 This Is Getting Weird: Upcoming Eclipse on April 8 Will Pass Over 7 US Cities Named ‘Nineveh’

>>20649349 Google urges millions of Chrome users to update browsers NOW after uncovering flaw that lets hackers take over computers

>>20649342 Russia called up 130,000 conscripts in last fall’s army draft — General Staff

>>20649293 QClock March 28, 2024 - Follow The Money

>>20648693 Russia launches strikes against Ukraine’s energy sector – MOD (VIDEO)

>>20648756 JUST IN – New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul was asked to leave when she showed up at the wake for slain NYPD officer Jonathan Diller.

>>20648823 USAID encouraging governments, tech platforms, establishment media outlets and advertisers to work together to censor huge swaths of the Internet.

>>20648829 New estimate says U.S. now has 13.7 million illegal immigrants, up 37% under Biden

>>20648982 President Trump just shared this video on Truth Social—is he sending his enemies a bone-chilling message?

>>20649004 John Fetterman's top communications staffers have all resigned to pursue more liberal positions as the Democrat combats anger from progressives over his pro-Israel stance

>>20649017, >>20649064 ICE official tells me Venezuelan illegal alien “TikTok influencer” Leonel Moreno was arrested by ICE’s Fugitive Ops team in Columbus, Ohio today, and he is now in federal custody.

>>20649265 NYC councilwoman slams mayor Eric Adams' $53M migrant debit card plan as 'clear incentive' that will open floodgates 'for an INVASION'

#25326 >>20649452


#25325 >>20647873

>>20647905 LIVE: Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell speaks at Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy Conference

>>20647908 Vienna’s stance on terror attack in Moscow hypocritical

>>20647911 "Huge Problem": Pentagon's Rapid Wartime Response Cargo Ships Trapped In Baltimore After Bridge Collapse

>>20647915 First Images and Footage From Onboard Baltimore Bridge Ship, 1,000 Ton Crane Arrives on Scene

>>20647950 TX: Chinese national shows up unauthorized on U.S. military base in the El Centro sector and refuses to leave…

>>20647952 CBDC Digital Currencies: A Recipe for Global Slavery

>>20647954, >>20647975 @USNavy #afterburners engaged 🔥

>>20647956 AIPAC Israeli Lobby to Spend $100 Million on US Elections and May Draw US into War

>>20647966 Farmers’ Protests Using Tractors to Block Traffic Halt EU Green New Deal in Its Tracks

>>20648000, >>20648068 Does Biden even know what a trillion is? Stephen Moore with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First.

>>20648020 Reminder: President Obama is the Founder of ISIS

>>20648033 California Dem proposes tax on gold, cotton, tobacco, and other 'slave' goods to fund homes and schools for African Americans

>>20648037 Full List of Names Listed In Diddy’s Sex Trafficking Lawsuit

>>20648049 ESA and NASA team up to study solar wind

>>20648056 ‘Valid ID’ Was Required For The Biden-Obama-Clinton Fundraiser in New York.

>>20648084, >>20648129 NASA's 1st female chief engineer wants to put a space station around the moon/space shuttle

>>20648125 8 Kun MP4 Archive Updated

>>20648126 The second innovation in the Joker-10 mentioned by Kuzyakin is its electronic detonator system, prevent it from falling into enemy hands

>>20648195 ISRO announces Space science and Technology Awareness Training (START)

>>20648270 Microsoft and OpenAI plot $100 billion U.S.-based supercomputer for AI dubbed "Stargate"

>>20648297 China’s SSF uses civilians for space, cyber, and psychological warfare

>>20648326 @realDonaldTrump It was my great honor to be with each and every one of you yesterday.

>>20648360 ONE GUARDIAN: Providing A Cyber Capability Focus

>>20648381 Did You Know That You Have an ESG Score and it Can Be Used Against You?

>>20648426 Bannon And Posobiec Break Down Biden’s Elitist NYC Fundraiser. Bidan is bragging about his fund raiser and the MSM are all over it

>>20648634 #25325

Anonymous ID: abd5d2 March 30, 2024, 5:14 a.m. No.20651900   🗄️.is 🔗kun

#25324 >>20646947

>>20646969 Canada’s Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland appears completely out of it as she displays erratic body movements and bizarre facial expressions during a press conference.

>>20646982 @WashTimes Polar ice melt is changing Earth’s rotation, messing with time itself

>>20646999 Team Picture Story of the Year Hamas victim

>>20647010 "Sensible language" from scum who supposedly have your best interests at heart

>>20647023 Earthquake hits Greece: South of the country is shaken by 5.7 magnitude

>>20647053 Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy

>>20647056 Pope Francis visits women's prison in Rome to wash the feet of 12 inmates from his wheelchair to mark Maundy Thursday

>>20647061, >>20647414 OSF OSI-Baltimore > Bmore Invested > Bmore Empowered > Hana Pugh > Mayor Brandon Scott

>>20647095 France wants foreign troops to reinforce Olympics security

>>20647097 CERN, D-Wave, and The Mandela Effect

>>20647103 @Kash EA Sports video game maker is the facebook of video games for censorship. They have not learned: Go Woke n Go Broke-

>>20647137 ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ and ‘Roots’ star Louis Gossett Jr. dead at 87

>>20647155 rump Paid off NYPD Officer Diller’s Mortgage for his wife

>>20647196 FB intercepted traffic from snapchat, u tube, amazon

>>20647198, >>20647200 mystery illness that’s impacted dairy herds in the Texas Panhandle, New Mexico and Kansas now has a diagnosis: Influenza A

>>20647220 Another Bridge.Ohio - “Spontaneous Combustion’ Causes Massive Fire Underneath Valley View Bridge

>>20647230 NYC Mayor Eric Adam’s Announces “Electromagnetic” Weapons Detection Systems

>>20647234 Army Follows the Air Force's Lead by Calling Retirees Back to Active Duty

>>20647271 Steve Nikoui’s son was killed during Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan

>>20647283 CPAC boss Matt Schlapp Reportedly Paid Off His Groping Accuser For $480k…More Young Men Scandals Coming Out?

>>20647355, >>20647361, >>20647366 From Beyond the Wire – The Information War, CBDCs and a Metaphor for Those Who Need

>>20647378 @USArmyEURAF #80DaystoDDay / 69 days until #DDay

>>20647379 Top NYPD officials blocked their officers from standing behind President Trump while he gave his remarks

>>20647385 USMC #Marines assigned to Battalion Landing Team

>>20647442 WPATH Files w/Michael Shellenberger

>>20647462 WAR: Moscow has forced Kiev to choose between losing men or territory

>>20647516 Critical racism theory is a struggle for the ownership of the regime under the cover of racial clothing

>>20647538 Diddy Lawsuit Alleges Underage Sex, Drugs, Beatings, Rapes — Feds Sex Trafficking Probe Targets Flight Manifests

>>20647552 President Biden’s celeb-packed $25M fundraiser is the height of Dem elitism

>>20647561 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Galileo's Europa


>>20647614 X22 Report Prepare For The Final Battle

>>20647620 Biden’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rule for Vehicles Struck Down by Texas Judge

>>20647683, >>20647169 P Diddlersteins plane is back in Florida


>>20647713 MUSK: Why America is Extraordinary/Exceptional "EXCEPTIONALISM"

>>20647739 Hubble Finds a Field of Stars

>>20647758 Pentagon claims risk of escalation in Ukraine not as high as before

>>20647782 LIVE: Former Sen. Joe Lieberman’s funeral service

>>20647795 WARNING: 6.0 to 7.0 earthquake is likely near Los Angeles 03/29 to 03/30

>>20647837 Latvian Broker Arrested for Allegedly Smuggling Advanced U.S. Aircraft Technology to Russia

>>20647861 #25324


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>>20646933 #25323

>>20644826 #25320, >>20645251 #25321, #25322 >>20646126

>>20642640 #25317, >>20643449 #25318, >>20643687 #25319

>>20640096 #25314, >>20640932 #25315, >>20641902 #25316


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