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Anonymous ID: 76f973 Oct. 7, 2021, 3:15 a.m. No.14738309   🗄️.is 🔗kun

NOTABLES Are Not Endorsements


#18642 TBC


#18641 >>14735927 TBC

#18640 >>14735120 TBC



>>14735906 yt: He was in the DOJ for 17 years, and he advised that I bring it to Project Veritas


>>14736047, >>14736128, >>14736234 PFIZER LEAKS: Whistleblower Goes On Record, Reveals Internal Emails from Chief Scientific Officer & Senior Director of Worldwide Research Discussing COVID Vaccine. ‘We Want to Avoid Having the Information on the Fetal Cells Floating Out There’


>>14736069 BREAKING: 5.9 magnitude #earthquake rocks Quetta in Balochistan province of Pakistan

>>14736082 Violent Emergency Landing Injures Louisiana State Police Chopper Pilot

>>14736167, >>14736368, >>14736408 Cold case team says it has identified the Zodiac Killer

>>14736233 Chicago Mayor, State Attorney Kim Foxx clash over deadly shootout

>>14736247 Big VICTORY! V⍺ccine opposers in a Guatemalan village captured two medical teams that arrived with C0VID-19 v⍺ccines.


>>14736337 @RepAdamSchiff: Four of Donald Trump’s associates have been subpoenaed to testify about January 6.


>>14736379 PF report

>>14736395, >>14736506 NEW Dan Scavino: Flag of USA vid

>>14736440,>>14736474 Fresh Scavino vid: "We the citizens of America…"

>>14736547 #OTD in 1863, the Russian squadron of Rear-Admiral #Lesovsky arrived in #NewYork to guard the #US coast and prevent the British intervention in the #CivilWar on the side of the Southerners. #WeWereAllies


>>14736599 On October 6, a Plenary Meeting of the Missile Technology Control Regime opened in Sochi, inaugurating #Russia’s MTCR Chairmanship in 2021-2022.


>>14736624 Fiona Hill goes into full panic mode about Trump 2024

>>14736646 Trump aides set to dodge January 6 subpoenas – including one who can’t even be found

>>14736677 @Jim_Jordan: 15 days to slow the spread.


>>14736724 JOHN WALSH & wife Reve' run "National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). HUNTER accepted "Missing Kids" award for his late bro


>>14736772 CIA sounds alarm over capture, killing of dozens of informants

>>14736977 Alleged EO mandating jab for companies with 100 or more employees does NOT exist.

>>14737024 #18639


#18638 >>14734225 TBC


Previously Collected


>>14732650 #18635, >>14733414 #18636, >>14734217 #18637

>>14730318 #18632, >>14731455 #18633, >>######## #18634

>>14727998 #18629, >>14728827 #18630, >>14729551 #18631

>>14731574 #18625, >>14726463 #18627, >>14732095 #18628

>>14722675 #18622, >>14723753 #18623, >>14724180 #18624

>>14722017 #18619, >>14721080 #18620, >>14721777 #18621

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>>14704622 #18594, >>14706478 #18595, >>14704620 #18596

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>>14696090 #18588, >>14696846 #18589, >>14697593 #18590

>>14693660 #18585. >>14697717 #18586, >>14695314 #18587

Anonymous ID: 76f973 Oct. 7, 2021, 3:17 a.m. No.14738312   🗄️.is 🔗kun

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Anonymous ID: f527f1 Oct. 7, 2021, 3:30 a.m. No.14738339   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Looks like a few bakers showed up all at once. Every one had the same idea. Or 1 baker studdered a lot. ANYWAY, TYB For the Bread.

I asked last nread if anyone had a chance to see @Snowdens Blackmail fimes uet, I dont use Telegram or Twitter or Facebook so Im unsure of what has transpired in relation to that drop. Anyone have any word yet?

Anonymous ID: 6dd05c Oct. 7, 2021, 3:45 a.m. No.14738367   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8374 >>8440 >>8519 >>8588 >>8679 >>8697 >>8851 >>8873

>>14738226 (PB)

Re: Santa


You don't. The other parents' wishes are misguided and harmful, so why would you enable them?


The tradition needs to be changed from "fat man and elves deliver toys" to something like "Jesus Christ gave us the greatest gift ever, and in appreciation for that we, in turn, give gifts to our loved ones this time of year in honor of that sacrifice."


The Santa mythology teaches kids that it is okay to lie in response to peer pressure from other kids. That is exactly the mentality that the DS (and gangs, the mob, etc.) use to control entire large groups of people, and ultimately influence them to commit evil acts.

Anonymous ID: d0e409 Oct. 7, 2021, 3:52 a.m. No.14738387   🗄️.is 🔗kun


The left will be allowed to say whatever they want even with identification on the internet. This is to squash dissent and introduce a system where you need a vax passport to use the internet. Need ID to use the internet means you need the correct kind of ID, having the correct kind of ID is only possible if you'd have your boosters.

Anonymous ID: 04feb1 Oct. 7, 2021, 3:52 a.m. No.14738388   🗄️.is 🔗kun


What timing to log on…. what a slimy fucked up maggot.Free speech maggot… is… free speech.

And as for the coward…. ummm… I don't enforce the beating up of citizens, to force an experimental vaccine on them


Slimy useless lowlife cunt.


You're eyes keep bulging every day from the money stuffed up your arse.



Anonymous ID: 3fd2fb Oct. 7, 2021, 4:01 a.m. No.14738419   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8569

Where de dough go?


Assuming that there is a baker at some point. Collected old breds. #18634 is already in the previously collected section but with hash marks.




#18634 Notes


>>14731082 OP

>>14731094 Dough



>>14731135 Channel name was changed to «Ron Watkins [CodeMonkeyZ]»: BRNOVICH MUST INDICT

>>14731140, >>14731141 Moar on Gilmore

>>14731149 Malik obama: By the way, who's Brandon

>>14731214, >>14731248, >>14731229, >>14731248, >>14731255, >>14731269 Cap of Australian Squadron scramble as China flew an ICBM over Sidney

>>14731292 Odd scraps that may be evidence Marina Abramovic has brokered some sort of deal with or for someone

>>14731303 On the explosion heard at the capital in DC- Dale Paul Melvin

>>14731372 Bongino on Bill Maher red pilling his audience, causing leftist meltdown

>>14731377, >>14731402 Moar evidence of Covid as a plandemic

>>14731387 White House Weaponizes DOJ Against Parents

>>14731390 Pfizer Scientists Say Natural Immunity Is Superior and Big Pharma Is Suppressing Info

>>14731392 Idaho's lieutenant governor issues vaccine executive order while gov is away; Little says he will rescind it

>>14731398 Court upholds Trump law limiting state tax deductions

>>14731409 Aussie Undertaker Tells Reiner Fuellmich About The Massive Die-Off From The Covid-Genocide Jab (vid)

>>14731418 Federal Investigators Issuing Warrants for Google to Turn Over Anyone Typing in Certain Search Terms

>>14731426 Tough Break: CNN Suffers Another Massive Drop In Prime-Time Ratings

>>14731430 KanekoaTheGreat: DoD analysis of Medicare data reveals post-vax Antibody Dependent Enhancement

>>14731437 Paypal cancels Patriot Voice after CodeMonkeyz appearance - digital war

>>14731452 Devin Nunes gives insight on the latest in the Durham investigation

>>14731828 If the Vaccine Mandate Executive Order was not entered into the Federal Register SECDEF Order on Vaccines NULL AND VOID

>>14731758 Multiple sources on Vax stats: 6.3 Billion shots given.

>>14731749 first EAM monitored this month. Sender: GUMDROP Receiver: SWAMPFEVER





#18638 Notes


>>14734225 OP

>>14734267 DOUGH




>>14734292 Anon opines on membendazole and human parasites

>>14734309, >>14734322, >>14734336, >>14734340, >>14734344, >>14735026 Government enforcement News (DoJ, ICE)

>>14734315 Afghan smuggling network dismantled in Romania and Germany

>>14734322 HSI El Paso arrests human smuggler for harboring and transporting more than 100 noncitizens in tractor-trailers

>>14734325 Wolf Blitzer - 9 months ago today an angry mob…

>>14734328, >>14734404, >>14734577, >>14734695, >>14734739, >>14734772 Planefags report as number of A/C goes sky high

>>14734330 Report: Human Trafficking is World’s No 1 Criminal Economy

>>14734359, >>14734365 Pfizer lobbying: DOZENS of High-Profile Political Appointees Become Big Pharma Reps

>>14734371 427,000 Parents Respond to National School Board Association Labeling Them 'Domestic Terrorists'

>>14734406 ACE2-cytomimetic particles restrict SARS-Cov-2 spike protein binding to cellular targets

>>14734409 Pedo Bun

>>14734414, >>14734627 Merck sells federally financed Covid pill for 40 times cost and it may mess up DNA (molnupiravir)

>>14734417, >>14734758, >>14734768, >>14734852 Biden Movie Set Fakery

>>14734464 Pandora Papers: Queen's Lawyers Acted for Politician Accused of Looting State Billions From Nigeria

>>14734510, >>14734648 Marc Tucker's "Dear Hillary Letter" lays out takeover of Ed. System and cradle to career pathways program

>>14734547 Where's Dan? Jan. 6 committee can’t find former Trump aide to serve him subpoena

>>14734576, >>14734578 President Biden’s approval rating clocks in at 38% approve, 53% disapprove via new Quinnipiac poll

>>14734632, >>14734646 PDJT: Looks like Mitch McConnell is folding to the Democrats, again *Trump card in play?

>>14734862 Serial Killer (Khalil Wheeler-Weaver), Lured by Fake Social Account Gets 160 Years

>>14734920 Maricopa At Its Worst Literally Should Be Decertified, At Its Best Could Easily Be Redone

>>14734962 Dan last seen on Farcebook: "32 YEARS AGO, THIS MONTH—TIME FLIES!"

>>14734962 Dan last seen on Farcebook: "32 YEARS AGO, THIS MONTH—TIME FLIES!"

>>14734976 Corruption probe opened against Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz


Anonymous ID: 88d3c1 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:02 a.m. No.14738423   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8430


If this comes to my part of the world, I'm ready to hunker down. This sort of bullshit can't last more than a month or two. Businesses will start bleeding for lack of employees and customers. They won't sweat it for long. We can outlast them easily.

Anonymous ID: e0eea1 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:03 a.m. No.14738426   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8427

War on Us - Gerald Celente "We Must Unite for Freedom"


Trends Research Journal founder and president Gerald Celente's 1,000 mile-per-hour takedown of all the bad guys over the past year…and what we can do to regain our freedom. Delivered at the Ron Paul Institute's "War on Us" Washington Conference, Sept. 4, 2021.

Anonymous ID: f40ecd Oct. 7, 2021, 4:10 a.m. No.14738435   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8444 >>8486 >>8613

CNN Live

Dana Bash is physically sick over Trumps Statement last night


Today: Deadline for Subpoenas for Meadows, Bannon, Dan, and Kash


We can't find Dan, so we don't know what happens when none of these 4 show for our BS subpoena.

This is the discussion this morning.

Moar winning



Anonymous ID: 12db5c Oct. 7, 2021, 4:11 a.m. No.14738440   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8519



some lies are so precious they rise to the level of truth


child: santa real? wow!

child: wow, ok so santa is fake. I was taught to trust you adults!

child now adult to innocent unsuspecting child: santa is real

cycle of precious lies continue

and the material consumption of useless plastic garbage products that measure "love" hohoho

Anonymous ID: ceef44 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:13 a.m. No.14738446   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Convicted pedophile/ lead witness against Assange arrested.

Anonymous ID: 7183d9 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:19 a.m. No.14738460   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8468

A number of posters have reported suspicious deaths of friends and family in (certain?) Hospitals.

We need to know the political persuasion of those who are dying.


Are the Hospitals equal opportunity murderers, or are they only killing Trump supporters?

Anonymous ID: bf5797 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:25 a.m. No.14738471   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8479 >>8483 >>8549


>then toPlay The Trump Card


>Potus last night. ~"has all the cards"


Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America




Looks like Mitch McConnell is folding to the Democrats, again. He’s got all of the cards with the debt ceiling, it’s time to play the hand. Don’t let them destroy our Country!

Anonymous ID: 576906 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:29 a.m. No.14738482   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Crude oil leak at Marathon Petroleum refinery in Texas City prompts road closures, cleanup, officials say

A crude oil leak at the Marathon Petroleum ‘s Galveston Bay refinery in Texas City prompted road closures in the area Wednesday, officials said.

Texas City emergency management officials said the South Loop in the industrial sector of Texas City is closed due to the leak.

A spokesperson for the refinery said the oil came from one of its storage tanks and remains contained on-site.

The spokesperson said refinery personnel are implementing measures to control the source of the release so that responders can safely conduct cleanup activities and repairs.

Bruce Clawson, the interim director of homeland security for Texas City, said the leak was caused by a failure of a pump seal within the refinery. Clawson said the leak was isolated within the refinery. As of now, there is not an estimate regarding the volume of oil released.

As a precaution, Loop 197 from 4th Avenue South to FM 519 is closed to all non-essential traffic, officials said. Officials said other roads near the Marathon Petroleum’s refinery are also closed.

As of now, there is no shelter-in-place order, officials said. Officials said no injuries have been reported.

A spokesperson said refinery officials have deployed air monitoring in the community as a precaution, and there is no indication of risk to the community. An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the leak.

Anonymous ID: 6dd05c Oct. 7, 2021, 4:30 a.m. No.14738484   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Never was. Was probably by design, too. That is probably where 95% of psychoses evolve…


Just think, with that mind-set installed, how it makes kids easy prey for pedophiles – "don't tell mommy & daddy about this or Santa won't come next year" kind of shit, etc., and all kinds of other malfeasance.


Same thing sticks with adults when they hear the "greater good" bullshit narrative.


Bottom line is: Santa needs to go.

Anonymous ID: b95359 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:35 a.m. No.14738494   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8500

[Scavino] extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am



Anonymous ID: 4a8bdf Oct. 7, 2021, 4:38 a.m. No.14738503   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8518 >>8561 >>8701










Anonymous ID: 6636bf Oct. 7, 2021, 4:41 a.m. No.14738517   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8533


There was some dialog about this last night. Someone posted an article about John Lear and some supposed ancient structure on the moon. Dasting, but use discernment…

Anonymous ID: b95359 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:42 a.m. No.14738519   🗄️.is 🔗kun




>some lies are so precious they rise to the level of truth


>child: santa real? wow!


>child: wow, ok so santa is fake. I was taught to trust you adults!


>child now adult to innocent unsuspecting child: santa is real


>cycle of precious lies continue


>and the material consumption of useless plastic garbage products that


There is Santa Claus

There are children.

There is no Christmas.

Anonymous ID: 0f4ae4 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:44 a.m. No.14738532   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8557 >>8567


This is there control matrix. Santa is going to take away your access to essential goods, services, and the public domain if you don't act right, take the jab, and be happy about it.


"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"


You better watch out

You better not cry

Better not pout

I'm telling you why

Santa Claus is comin' to town, gather 'round


He's making a list

And checking it twice;

He's gonna find out who's naughty and nice

Santa Claus is comin' to town


(He sees you when you're sleeping)

(He knows when you're awake)

He knows if you've been bad or good

{So be good for goodness sake}!


{You better watch out}!

{You better not cry}

{Better not pout}

{I'm telling you why}

Santa Claus is comin' to town

Anonymous ID: f40ecd Oct. 7, 2021, 4:44 a.m. No.14738533   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8550




I "captured" it:



> 'soul catcher' on the moon

Several years ago, I had an Instant Message conversation with John Lear. During the conversation he asked me if Gunther had ever told me anything about the buildings and structures on the moon.

I answered yes and proceeded to tell him that Gunther had told me about a Moon Base. He quickly sent back an instant message that asked, "Did he ever tell you about the structure that is a soul catcher?"

I was stunned. Gunther had described, in great detail, a ancient structure which was built by extraterrestrials that "shot" souls to earth and "caught" them after their trip to earth was finished. I was amazed that John knew about it.


Agreed, fascinating but use discernment.



Anonymous ID: 08b50a Oct. 7, 2021, 4:46 a.m. No.14738538   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8545


To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.

In the Lord put I my trust: how say ye to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain?

For, lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string, that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart.

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord's throne is in heaven: his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the children of men.

The Lord trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.

Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup.

For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.

Anonymous ID: 1e7617 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:48 a.m. No.14738541   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8548

Sananda: The “End of Times”


Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I am Sananda!


Once again it is with great joy that I am here to address each one of you. Times are speeding up, many things are happening in your world, different things, things never seen before. Do not interpret this as the “End of Times”. Some may lead you to believe, that this is exactly what is happening, the “End Times”.


I tell you, nothing has an end, everything is changing, everything changes. For a long time, things on your planet have changed. What can we say, for better or for worse? I would say that in terms of evolution, in terms of wisdom, technology, your planet has evolved, the human mind has been able to make civilization evolve; on the other hand, love has been erased, you have become individualistic and selfish.


So, which of these two points is better or worse? Everything will depend on the understanding and concept that each one has created for his or her life.


Many people think that to live well, to have comfort, plenty of food on the table, without worrying about the others, is wonderful, is the pure happiness so deeply searched for. For many, having nothing to eat, having nowhere to live, honestly and comfortably, is the worst of all worlds, a total disgrace. Who is right and who is wrong? It will depend on each one’s vision. So I say to you that “End Times…”, okay, I’ll broaden the idea of “End Times” a little bit. If we are talking here about the end of misery, the end of hunger, the end of inequality; I could say: Yes, we are at the end of those times. We are also at the end of extreme wealth, of selfishness, of thinking only of oneself; yes, we are also talking about the end of these times.


So I would like you to think, there is no end, there is always a transformation, where many will see it as being for the worse, and many will see it as being for the better. Those who today live in misery, in poverty, will have something to eat; for them it will be better. Those who today have an abundant life, who don’t care about that human being starving outside their door, perhaps in their view life will be worse. Who is right and who is wrong?


So the “End Times”, I would rather change this expression, to “transformation of the times”, where each one of you will have to learn a new way of living. Nobody, I repeat nobody, will go through these new transformed times without an inner change. Everyone will need to change. Everyone will need to learn a new way of thinking and living. There is no human being on the face of the planet who will accept everything with an open heart and agree 100% with everything; there is not. But I can assure each one of you, as time goes by, you will see that everything begins to fall into place, and it will be very easy and very simple to learn to live in this new way.



Anonymous ID: b95359 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:49 a.m. No.14738546   🗄️.is 🔗kun




>Is this supposed to represent an alleged soul catcher/harvester on the moon?

pic on the left look like a opera stage or theater set , the right pic is connected to electric universe/plasma cosmology catastrophism

Anonymous ID: 1e7617 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:51 a.m. No.14738548   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8556



I ask each of you a question: Where does the greatest imbalance in your world come from? It is precisely the social inequality that exists all over the planet. Where people are thrown out on the streets because they have nowhere to live, begging for a piece of bread, and seeing those who drive around in luxurious cars, not caring what happens around them. This inequality generated the imbalance that exists in your world today. Why are some able and others not? Why do some have a comfortable, abundant, navel-gazing life and others have nothing?


This is what has been created in your world. Those who have the privileged financial conditions have always stepped on those who never had anything. Don’t come to me and answer that not everyone is like that. To a certain extent I agree, because the great fortunes of this planet do not compare to those who think they have many goods, but who will see that in the future they have almost nothing, in relation to those who dominate the planet.


So this great inequality has generated the violence, the misery, the misfortune, that you live day after day. Because those who are up there, with their fortunes, practically burning everything they have in orgies, in totally degrading actions, do not care about those below. So I ask you: Where is the equality on this planet? So start changing the way you think about everything that you think is right or wrong. There is no right, there is no wrong, there is each person’s way of thinking, their own perspective.


The “End Times” is the end of this ruthless sovereignty that these beings have imposed on this planet. Making countries impoverished, making rulers richer and richer, while others don’t know what to do to feed their people. This will all come to an end. You want to call it the “End of Times”, fine, let it be “the End of Tyranny”, the “End of Times” of the ridiculous and evil sovereignty that has been implanted on this planet.


Don’t think that we will put everyone on the same level. Each one will reap the fruit of his or her actions. Not because that citizen who is poor, but who justifies his poverty by killing, raping, assaulting another human being, simply because he has a little more than he does, will be put on the same scale as that poor person who tries to survive each day. This would be a total lack of sense on our part. Each one will be put in his proper place. Each one will be placed not by their bank accounts, because there are many who have possessions, but who are not arrogant or selfish, and who help many people.


So there are not just two sides of the scale. Each one will be analyzed by their actions, by all that they have done over time; whether they are rich or poor. So, is it the “End Times”? Okay, I will agree that it is the “End Times”, but it is the end of these times of inequality, of domination, of hunger and misery. And from then on, you will have to learn to live in a balanced world, a world where no one will humiliate anyone, where no one will need to beg for a plate of food, because everyone will have the right to everything; without distinction of race, color or beliefs. Even because the beliefs, when this moment comes, will no longer exist. The beliefs in their religions will have been shaken enough, so that many will still remain connected to them.


But it will also be a choice. Then everyone will get their share, according to their actions, according to their hearts, according to their hearts. There will be no judgment, there will just be a balance, where everything positive that you have done will be placed on one side; everything negative that you have done will be placed on the other side. And the result of this balance will provide you with exactly what you will have.


But everything has an extra weight: the weight of the heart. So it’s no use here today, if you decide to “become a goody-goody”, to go donating money on the street, so that the scale of kindness will be full, because it won’t be. Everything will be weighed together with the heart. So everything that was done from the heart will go to the positive side; the rest, even if it was a good deed, will go to the other side, because you did it thinking of yourself, not of the othe

Anonymous ID: 8aef06 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:51 a.m. No.14738550   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8579 >>8583 >>8585


British Telecom Project Soul Catcher still operational with 4th industrial revolution ?


copy pasta


A new memory chip–for the brain

British Telecom is developing a chip that will extend memory–in humans.


July 18, 1996 5:45 p.m. PT


Scientists from British Telecom's Laboratory today announced a memory chip for the human brain. No kidding.


At a presentation for Yorkshire Post newspaper, BT scientists said the chip would attach directly to the optical nerve and store incoming sensory impulses that could then be downloaded and played on a computer or implanted in someone else's memory. As far-fetched as it may seem, BT scientists are taking it seriously: They even assigned it the appropriately gee-whiz product moniker of "Soul Catcher 2025," as well as some fairly detailed specifications. The 2025 refers to the year the scientists think the idea will become a reality.


A lifetime's experience could be stored in about 10 terabytes, according to Peter Cochrane, head of advanced applications and technologies for BT. "I tend to think of computers now as my third lobe," said Cochrane, who asserts that integrating actual circuitry into the human body is the next logical step.


Anonymous ID: c7dbf6 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:52 a.m. No.14738552   🗄️.is 🔗kun



What a self indulgent nigger. Besides being a traitorous nigger this channel is probably a larpfest like McAfee's "official" channel. If he's got the goods just fucking dump it already. Why the bullshit countdown? Oh yeah of course….muh timing. Whatever.

Anonymous ID: b95359 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:52 a.m. No.14738553   🗄️.is 🔗kun






>First: Snowden is a Clown.


>Second: Has this TG account been verified in any way?

first Snowden is not a clown, and second, you need to be special kind of stupid also if you believe the telegram account is authentic

Anonymous ID: 1e7617 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:53 a.m. No.14738556   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8566



So be careful with your actions. Don’t want to change sides now just to conquer something. What is done is done, my brothers. I would say, that the scales have already been measured, and each one will have their result. It is no use crying, it is no use regretting, because what is done is done. Then, with the end of these times, you will start a new path. Then, yes, we can say that a new scale will be placed on your path. And with each lesson learned, you will know exactly on which side to place each action. And let it be very clear: There is no judgment on our part; there is no difference from one brother to another. Action is action. Done from the heart is kindness; anything different from that goes on the other side of the scale. It’s not judgment, it’s just result, consequence.


So be ready for truly the “End Times”. The end of these times of imbalance and misery. Start thinking about it. Are you ready to live in this other world? Are you ready to change internally and see the world in a different way? I hope so. Now, don’t try to forge or cheat the scales, because they are made of Divine Consciousness. And every plate on that one, will know exactly how to weigh the result of each one of your actions.


**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

Anonymous ID: 12db5c Oct. 7, 2021, 4:53 a.m. No.14738557   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8674 >>8967





Coming for your children

Has their names on his list

Plying them with the threat of gifts or coal

accompanied by "elves"

emerging from the chimneys out of the fires

an amanita mushroom dosing the kids with grandiose hallucinations


aminita grows under evergreen trees

red with fuzzy white spots

picked and hung over mantle to dry

"gifts' under the tree

aminitas make everything HUGE think Alice

Anonymous ID: 5d9136 Oct. 7, 2021, 4:59 a.m. No.14738577   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8605

We live in a Country where, not only is abortion legal, it's citizens are forced to pay for it.

Where people who are of the same sex can marry each other.

Where children are being coerced in the schools, that the people pay for, to become sexually degenerate and to attempt to change their God given gender.

And we expect God's face to shine upon us and give us peace?

This Country is an abomination to God.

Anonymous ID: 71c7d6 Oct. 7, 2021, 5 a.m. No.14738582   🗄️.is 🔗kun


They are so certain of it due to their interpretation of one piece of scripture from Thessalonians, they are willing to bank on the entirety of their eschatological doctrine on it. Anons still speculating what "The Great Awakening" really is. This anon is willing to bet it's not an end. It's very much a beginning. Why would election audits even matter at this point if we weren't planning on taking this great nation back from the thieves that stole it? I feel strongly that anons need to get back to thinking long term instead of end game.

Anonymous ID: 8aef06 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:01 a.m. No.14738585   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8594 >>8598 >>8601 >>8624


2017 article

Soul Catcher 2025

Soul Catcher was a £25 million research programme at BT’s Martlesham labs.


In the 1990s, BT’s Martlesham Labs had an ‘Artificial Life’ team which conceived Soul Catcher as finding a way to record all the electrical pulses which flow through our nervous system from eyes, ears, touch, nose and tongue and recording the data on an implanted chip.


Our nervous systems are estimated to have 1012 neurons with 1015 synaptic interconnections, so the data flow would be chunky but, back in the mid-90s, Martlesham thought that we’d have 10TByte memory chips by 2025 and, with Samsung promising a 1Tbit chip next year, that’s within thebounds of possibility.



This is where the imagination takes over.


If you can store a person’s lifetime experiences, you can transfer the person’s experience into another person’s body.


Bingo – you have immortality or reincarnation.


Imagine calling up the re-inc centre: “Your reincarnation is being queued until a body is available to receive it. Please hold until a body is free. Thank you for calling Afterlife Central.”One Martlesham researcher back in 1996 predicted: “This is the end of death.

Anonymous ID: 4a8bdf Oct. 7, 2021, 5:07 a.m. No.14738603   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Young, Impatient Anons & Shills Make Me Laugh…


The old bull and the young bull were standing at the top of the hill overlooking a paddock of many gorgeous young heifers. The young bull said, "Let's charge down the hill, knock over that fence and service one of those heifers each". The old bull wisely replied, "Why don't we saunter down the hill, open the gate, take a sip at the water trough and then service ALL of those heifers?"


The lesson to be learned here is that instead of being young, immature and stupid, quickly ruining any shot you have at a female, you should play your game like a gentleman; slowly and with much thought. Only by this method will you have your best shot at getting paid.

Anonymous ID: 6cd7f5 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:07 a.m. No.14738605   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Earth, planet, dimension, Matric


put, Ed Snowden where 'she' is


you would then be lookin' at the white gloves & the Sweet


Sn ow balls


part of my punishment


I will make Mary a man is more involved than you think


anon is woman


think Mirror

Anonymous ID: b95359 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:09 a.m. No.14738610   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8623


Donald Trump wants his supporters to carry "Trump Cards."


Trump's PAC sent two emails on Wednesday asking supporters to get on board with carrying the red-and-gold cards, which look like credit cards and bear the former president's signature.


"The card you select will be carried by Patriots all around the Country," the first email said. "They will be a sign of your dedicated support to our movement to SAVE AMERICA, and I'm putting my full trust in you."


The Trump team said in a follow-up email, "We're about to launch our Official Trump Cards, which will be reserved for President Trump's STRONGEST supporters."


"We recently met with the President in his Florida office and showed him four designs," the email continued. "Originally we were planning on releasing just one design, but when President Trump saw the cards on his desk, he said, 'These are BEAUTIFUL. We should let the American People decide - they ALWAYS know best!'"


The emails did not outline exactly what entitled one to carry a "Trump Card." Clicking on the link to vote for a design led to a fundraising page.

Anonymous ID: 42176d Oct. 7, 2021, 5:12 a.m. No.14738615   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>9037

Note in post #2, "POTUS" is used instead of "Trump", but "Trump" is subsequently used when comparing to other citizens.


Why didn't it say "Trump will not go on tv to address nation." ? Because they knew Trump would not be president at the time the forecast came true.

Anonymous ID: 5d9136 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:13 a.m. No.14738622   🗄️.is 🔗kun

If you have enough money to hire private security.

Or if you are in a position to be provided with private security.

You have absolutely no business telling everyone else that they are not allowed to carry a gun to protect themselves.

Anonymous ID: 0f4ae4 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:14 a.m. No.14738624   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8657 >>8670


They may be able to make a copy of (You) but it will never be (You). Digital copies don't eat, sleep, dream, grow, love, or procreate. They may be able to produce an "immortal" image, but it will be static and grow stale, becoming a quaint novelty of the past. Imagine billions of mirror images of brainwashed people parroting the same old lies, using state programmed thought routines. "Go to school, get a job, go to church, get married, have kids, work, retire, die"

Anonymous ID: bc1dd6 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:18 a.m. No.14738636   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8683 >>8696

Since is down along with other similar sites, what are anons using to download video from twatter?


I also have the download helper browser plugin and it doesn't work either.

Anonymous ID: 641b60 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:20 a.m. No.14738641   🗄️.is 🔗kun

No Notables Left Behind

18641 collected >>14738114 (lb)


>>14735971 China media warns of WW3 from Taiwan situation

>>14736077 Billionaire Timothy Mellon has contributed nearly 98% of the donations to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s $54 million border wall fund

>>14736240 Ugandan family busted paying a smuggler for US entry via Mexico border

>>14736283 China fights back at COVID origin, claims lab creation at Fort Detrick in USA

>>14736533 Marine Officer Scheller Officially Charged with Contempt, Disrespect over Viral Videos

>>14736591 Digs on AIDS medication banned by Fauci

>>14736607 FOX posts 2020 vs 2021 COVID death chart

>>14736671 Pentagon mandates vax for civilian workers at DOD and military services by Nov. 22

>>14736710 Kanas looking trim

>>14736829 Pfizer whistleblower leaks emails re: fetal tissue

>>14737017 Scavino drops a graphic

>>14737019 ‘No discernible relationship’ between high vaccination rates and fewer infections. 68 different countries, 3000 US counties

>>14737214 Godspeed anons, hold the line

Anonymous ID: b95359 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:20 a.m. No.14738645   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8671 >>8694


>>>14738610 (You)


>FUCK and NO


>Where is the sauce on this faggot shit

just search for official Trump cards …


Trump even included a genuine COMM in the design:


The design for one of Donald Trump's new 'Trump Cards' has a typo


One of the draft designs for official "Trump Cards" advertised in fundraising messages by former President Donald Trump's Save America PAC misspells the word "official."


Two fundraising appeals sent out by the PAC advertised the red "Trump cards" with gold embossing to supporters, Insider's Cheryl Teh reported.


"The card you select will be carried by Patriots all around the Country," one of the emails said. "They will be a sign of your dedicated support to our movement to SAVE AMERICA, and I'm putting my full trust in you."

Anonymous ID: f40ecd Oct. 7, 2021, 5:23 a.m. No.14738653   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8669


chkt and saved

I recall the metronome experiments, but didn't pay enough attention.


This place has a framework of synchronization that is well, unexplainable with modern "known" technology.



Paratus Comitatus


Anonymous ID: 0f4ae4 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:25 a.m. No.14738659   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8664 >>8672 >>8689


Agreed, in part. Adam and Eve didn't have a wedding, nor did they record a "marriage" with the State. If, as the story says, Eve was created from Adam's rib, she was his offspring who became his mate. Religious sexual morality is so hypocritically deluded and twisted.

Anonymous ID: b95359 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:27 a.m. No.14738664   🗄️.is 🔗kun




>Agreed, in part. Adam and Eve didn't have a wedding, nor did they record a "marriage" with the State. If, as the story says, Eve was created from Adam's rib, she was his offspring who became his mate. Religious sexual morality is so hypocritically deluded and twisted.

there are two creation stories, the Elohist and the Jahvist accounts … Eve out of Adam's rib is in the Jahvist creation story line

Anonymous ID: 5d9136 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:30 a.m. No.14738679   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Telling kids about Santa is a lesson in logic.

Kids start asking questions, because the story doesn't make sense. By the time they are about 5-7 years old, they figure it out. It's all a ruse.

This is how people raise "critical thinkers"

Anonymous ID: 55fde2 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:31 a.m. No.14738685   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8695


Just wait until all the other ingredients come out of whats in the vaccines, that’ll be the death of all Pharma companies involved.


One of the more important thimgs she said is Pfizer is deceiving the FDA!


She said Human fetal cells were used in “testing of the vaccine”, she may not know its an ingredient, or is “testing” a code word for ingredients by higher ups?

Anonymous ID: 042a4c Oct. 7, 2021, 5:33 a.m. No.14738689   🗄️.is 🔗kun


She wasn't his offspring. She was a part of him, he was basically tasked with masturbating the future of mankind into existence. God didn't want no gay shit so the part of Adam He took He made into Eve.

Anonymous ID: f40ecd Oct. 7, 2021, 5:34 a.m. No.14738693   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8716


I have discussed this with many "believers" and "Christians".

I'm a believer, but the concept of the rapture has given them a sense that they can sit idly by and wait for the return.


No action required. Attitude: "Ill take the vax, and keep going about my normal daily routine." I have become the crazy one.


Not a conversation I want to have:

"So, you knew I was coming, but decided to sit idly by waiting for the "Rapture" and allowed evil to run rampant without lifting a finger?


Multiple, incredibly frustrating conversations.

These are incredibly dedicated Christians that should be the ones helping spread the word.


It has been lonely. I have had to take a crash course in theology just to catch up and keep my head barely above water.

I have not enough time left to learn all this.


I pray for patience and strength



Anonymous ID: 0f45f5 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:35 a.m. No.14738700   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8714


>so when the Great Awakening happens


Has been habben' since 2014 or so…DRIP DRIP…


Overton window worth a study anon…we have been raising awareness so the "unbelievable" will fall in the "believable" window. If you perception of the USA, government, chyna, pharma, universities, etc etc has NOT changed then we have NOT done our jobs!


COIN a MIL and CIV op…Great Awakening on ANONS = dig/meme/pray…


Welcome to the op…

Anonymous ID: 71c7d6 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:36 a.m. No.14738701   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8726 >>8748 >>8764 >>8795 >>8820 >>9096



I don't know if anon gets it or not, but here's how it went down, and how it's going to proceed:

Tell a big lie about a killer virus

Everyone gets spun up in fear

Hospitals embrace a protocol that knowingly kills patients (note: Not all healthcare providers understand what's happening; many are just following orders).

People get vax

People get sick from vax (same symptoms as COVID)

People get treated with COVID protocols

Some live, some die. 40k per ventilator use.

New business model in effect, more profitable than old model.

This doesn't end until the mass public wakes to the truth.

Anonymous ID: 71c7d6 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:39 a.m. No.14738716   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8757 >>8760 >>9093


You have all the time in the world.

Old interpretations are going to become stale.

Earnest effort to wake people still ongoing.

Vax isn't the mark (is a catalyst of sorts), but fear is running both sides of the argument (time is running out!!!).

People have forgotten what allegory and topology are.


Keep praying for patience and strength (and love). It's a process that's going to take a generation to get sorted out, but we'll eventually come out better on the other end of this madness.

Anonymous ID: 576906 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:39 a.m. No.14738718   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8733 >>8789

Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla on His Family Story and Jewish Roots

Dr. Albert Bourla, as CEO of Pfizer, has overseen the development of the world’s first safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.

Long before he stepped up to lead one of the world’s premiere biopharmaceutical companies, Dr. Bourla was born in Thessaloniki, Greece to a family with deep roots in the city’s Sephardic Jewish community. His parents were among the few to survive the Holocaust in the Greek port city. Although Dr. Bourla now lives in New York, he is deeply connected to his Greek Jewish roots.

Anonymous ID: 0f4ae4 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:43 a.m. No.14738727   🗄️.is 🔗kun


They used HEK 293 in their testing of the vaxx. Here's their justification…


Human embryonic kidney 293 cells, also often referred to as HEK 293, HEK-293, 293 cells, or less precisely as HEK cells, are a specific immortalised cell line derived from an aborted fetus or human embryonic kidney cells grown in tissue culture taken from a female fetus in 1973.[1][2]


HEK 293 cells have been widely used in cell biology research for many years, because of their reliable growth and propensity for transfection. They are also used by the biotechnology industry to produce therapeutic proteins and viruses for gene therapy as well as safety testing for a vast array of chemicals.


293T (or HEK 293T) is a derivative human cell line that expresses a mutant version of the SV40 large T antigen. It is very commonly used in biological research for making proteins and producing recombinant retroviruses.


Alvin Wong argues that despite the uncertainty over the origin of the fetus used to obtain the cell line, circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that it came from a voluntary abortion. In the context of Catholic teaching, this presents ethical difficulties for using HEK 293 and derivative products, such as vaccines.[28][29]


On 21 December 2020, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with the document receiving approval from the Pope, have stated that “it is morally acceptable to receive COVID-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process”, but only where other alternatives are non-existent (or currently unavailable), or when there's the risk of a worse danger.[30]


During the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-vaccination activists noted that HEK 293 cells are used in the manufacturing of the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (AKA AZD1222). The cells are filtered out of the final products.[31]


According to pharmaceutical companies, such as Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, the modern cell line is so far removed from its origin that it is no longer considered fetal tissue.[32][29]

Anonymous ID: ce6854 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:43 a.m. No.14738729   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8756 >>8771

Larry O'Connor


Terry McAuliffe is in trouble.


I mean, serious trouble.


Like, Detroit-Lions-Super-Bowl-chances kind of trouble.


We're talking Urban Meyer explaining things to his wife when he gets home from Ohio kind of trouble.…

Anonymous ID: 5d9136 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:44 a.m. No.14738732   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8744


Pagans celebrated after the Winter solstice because the sun was returning. The longest night was over, and the days started getting longer again. These pagan holidays were "pagan" and had rituals that were not condoned by the Church.

So the Church invented Christmas (Christ mass) to replace the pagan solstice holiday traditions.

Same goes for Easter in the Spring.

Anonymous ID: 576906 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:45 a.m. No.14738736   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Federal Jury Finds Milwaukee Man Guilty of Sex Trafficking

Richard G. Frohling, Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, announced that on June 22, 2021, Calvin C. Freeman, Jr., was convicted of sex trafficking and related offenses following a federal jury trial in Milwaukee. The crimes of which Freeman was convicted include:


Conspiracy to Engage in Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking by Force, Fraud, or Coercion (two counts)

Interstate Transportation for Prostitution (three counts)

Interstate Transportation of a Minor for Criminal Sexual Activity

Possession of a Firearm/Ammunition by a Felon (two counts)

Obstruction of Sex Trafficking Enforcement (two counts)

Contempt of Court (three counts)


The evidence presented at trial established that Freeman used force, threats of force, fraud, and coercion to compel female victims to engage in commercial sex acts in cities across the country, including Milwaukee, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Miami, as well as in parts of Southern California and Hawaii. One of the victims was a minor at the time Freeman transported her for this purpose. The victims testified that Freeman kept and controlled all of the money they made, whipping them with belts, threatening them with guns, and subjecting them to dehumanizing punishments, such as forcible sodomy and smearing human feces in one victim’s face when she failed to comply with his demands. The evidence also established that Freeman repeatedly urged victims and witnesses not to speak to federal agents or to comply with court orders, including while Freeman was in jail and subject to a no-contact order that had been entered by a federal judge.


Freeman is scheduled to be sentenced on October 4, 2021, by Chief United States District Court Judge Pamela Pepper. Freeman faces a maximum life term of imprisonment and a mandatory minimum of 15 years of imprisonment.

Anonymous ID: 4a8bdf Oct. 7, 2021, 5:46 a.m. No.14738748   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Looking TO the next Hill has served Anon well. In the Military we call this Key Terrain. (High Ground)


It's been that way since the Hunters first realized they could see more Quarry from on high.


Logical process following of cause and effects and their sub-effects which are minor causes to other effects. It is when the snowballed aggregate of the small effects become as powerful as water's hydraulic crushing force in the total picture.


She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters.

~ One Stab (Legends of the Fall)


Most people are so myopic they'll never see theBIG PICTURE…













A.ctions (to take if no return)

Anonymous ID: 576906 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:47 a.m. No.14738751   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8766 >>8801 >>8855


Nine months ago today - on Jan. 6, 2021 - an angry mob attacked the U.S. Capitol. I walked around the complex today and it was very calm. As you know, the perimeter security fence is gone - at least for now.

Anonymous ID: 067b18 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:48 a.m. No.14738756   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Ain't gonna make one fuck. You forget Nov. 2020 already? This is how they've been rolling for a long time. Watch the school board elections all over the countrywhen they come up. Any money that the same, marxist, pieces of shit get re-elected?

Anonymous ID: 0f4ae4 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:48 a.m. No.14738757   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8879


Spend some time, virtually, with RFK Jr at and learn the truth about the threat vaccines, in general, pose to humanity and the covered up injuries they are causing children to suffer.


Also, watch Vaxxed & Vaxxed II. Our entire vaccine regime is not to be trusted.

Anonymous ID: 1f18c1 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:53 a.m. No.14738768   🗄️.is 🔗kun

… try not to be this guy please, gee wiz. I'm obviously still pondering and speculating where the special place is, besides hell of course.

Anonymous ID: b95359 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:54 a.m. No.14738772   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>If a Muslim or a Jew has diabetes, are they not allowed to take insulin that is made from a pig?

it's synthetic nowadays …

Recombinant insulin is produced either in yeast (usually Saccharomyces cerevisiae) or E. coli.[152] In yeast, insulin may be engineered as a single-chain protein with a KexII endoprotease (a yeast homolog of PCI/PCII) site that separates the insulin A chain from a C-terminally truncated insulin B chain. A chemically synthesized C-terminal tail is then grafted onto insulin by reverse proteolysis using the inexpensive protease trypsin; typically the lysine on the C-terminal tail is protected with a chemical protecting group to prevent proteolysis. The ease of modular synthesis and the relative safety of modifications in that region accounts for common insulin analogs with C-terminal modifications (e.g. lispro, aspart, glulisine). The Genentech synthesis and completely chemical synthesis such as that by Bruce Merrifield are not preferred because the efficiency of recombining the two insulin chains is low, primarily due to competition with the precipitation of insulin B chain.


E. Coli means that it's derived from shit in a way … is that a problem?

Anonymous ID: 4a8bdf Oct. 7, 2021, 5:55 a.m. No.14738780   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Old Warriors try to Shelter the Young Ones from seeking the Madness. Yet, they never listen. It has been this way from Time Immemorial. The Young always Carry the Flags of their Fathers, and rightfully so, because if not there is no Civilization. Just understand that it always comes with a cost. The Law of Compensation is always at work.



Anonymous ID: d4ac4e Oct. 7, 2021, 5:56 a.m. No.14738785   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8800 >>8803 >>8808 >>8812 >>8823 >>8830 >>8861

HORROR: Exclusive VIDEO Captures "Organism" From Vaxxed Soldier's Body


Military Personnel are being forced to take experimental shots, and some are combatting the known side effects by detoxing.


This soldier's wife recorded what came out of her husband's body after detoxing. What she describes is HORRIFIC!

Anonymous ID: 55fde2 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:56 a.m. No.14738786   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8794

Part 1 of 2


The U.S. government is secretly ordering Google to provide data on anyone typing in certain search terms, an accidentally unsealed court document shows. There are fears such “keyword warrants” threaten to implicate innocent Web users in serious crimes and are more common than previously thought.

In 2019, federal investigators in Wisconsin were hunting men they believed had participated in the trafficking and sexual abuse of a minor. She had gone missing that year but had emerged claiming to have been kidnapped and sexually assaulted, according to a search warrant reviewed by Forbes. In an attempt to chase down the perpetrators, investigators turned to Google, asking the tech giant to provide information on anyone who had searched for the victim’s name, two spellings of her mother’s name and her address over 16 days across the year. After being asked to provide all relevant Google accounts and IP addresses of those who made the searches, Google responded with data in mid-2020, though the court documents do not reveal how many users had their data sent to the government.

It’s a rare example of a so-called keyword warrant and, with the number of search terms included, the broadest on record. (See the update below for other, potentially even broader warrants.) Before this latest case,only two keyword warrants had been made public. One revealed in 2020 asked for anyone who had searched for the address of an arson victim who was a witness in the government’s racketeering case against singer R Kelly. Another, detailed in 2017, revealed that a Minnesota judge signed off on a warrant asking Google to provide information on anyone who searched a fraud victim’s name from within the city of Edina, where the crime took place.

While Google deals with thousands of such orders every year, thekeyword warrant is one of the more contentious. In many cases, the government will already have a specific Google account that they want information on and have proof it’s linked to a crime. But search term orders are effectively fishing expeditions, hoping to ensnare possible suspects whose identities the government does not know. It’s not dissimilar to so-called geofence warrants, where investigators ask Google to provide information on anyone within the location of a crime scene at a given time.

“As with all law enforcement requests, we have a rigorous process that is designed to protect the privacy of our users while supporting the important work of law enforcement,” a Google spokesperson said.

The latest case shows Google is continuing to comply with such controversial requests, despite concerns over their legality and the potential to implicate innocent people who happened to search for the relevant terms. From the government’s perspective in Wisconsin, the scope of the warrant should have been limited enough to avoid the latter: the number of people searching for the specific names, address and phone number in the given time frame was likely to be low.But privacy experts are concerned about the precedent set by such warrants and the potential for any such order to be a breach of Fourth Amendment protections from unreasonable searches. There are also concerns about First Amendment freedom of speech issues, given the potential to cause anxiety amongst Google users that their identities could be handed to the government because of what they searched for.

“Trawling through Google’s search history database enables police toidentify people merely based on what they might have been thinking about, for whatever reason, at some point in the past. This is a virtual dragnet through the public’s interests, beliefs, opinions, values and friendships, akin to mind reading powered by the Google time machine,” said Jennifer Granick, surveillance and cybersecurity counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “This never-before-possible techniquethreatens First Amendment interests and will inevitably sweep up innocent people, especially if the keyword terms are not unique and the time frame not precise. To make matters worse, police are currently doing this in secret, which insulates the practice from public debate and regulation.”

Anonymous ID: 55fde2 Oct. 7, 2021, 5:59 a.m. No.14738794   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8802


Part 2 of 2


Exclusive: Government Secretly Orders Google To Identify Anyone Who Searched A Sexual Assault Victim’s Name, Address And Telephone Number


The Wisconsin case was supposed to have remained secret, too. The warrant only came to light because it wasaccidentally unsealed by the Justice Department in September, Forbes reviewed the document before it was sealed again and is neither publishing it nor providing full details of the case to protect the identities of the victim and her family. The investigation is ongoing, two years after the crimes occurred, and the DOJ didn’t comment on whether or not any charges had been filed.

Forbes was able to identify one other, previously unreported keyword warrant in the Northern District of California in December 2020, though its existence was only noted in a court docket. It also has the potential to be broad. The order, currently under seal, is titled “Application by the United States for a Search Warrant for Google Accounts Associated with Six Search Terms and Four Search Dates.”

There’s more that the government can get with such requests than simple Google account identities and IP addresses. In Wisconsin, the government was hopeful Google could also provide “CookieIDs” belonging to any users who made the searches. These CookieIDs “are identifiers that are used to group together all searches conducted from a given machine, for a certain time period. Such information allows investigators to ascertain, even when the user is not logged into a Google account, whether the same individual may have conducted multiple pertinent searches,” the government wrote.

There was another disturbing aspect to the search warrant: the government had published the kidnapping victim’s name, her Facebook profile (now no longer accessible), her phone number and address, a potential breach of a minor’s privacy. The government has now sealed the document, though was only alerted to the leak after Forbes emailed the Justice Department for comment. That mistake—of revealing the identity of minor victims of sexual abuse in court documents—has become a common one in recent years. As in the latest case, the FBI and DHS have been seen choosing pseudonyms and acronyms for victims, but then publishing their full Facebook profile link, which contains the name of the minor.

UPDATE: After publication, Jennifer Lynch, surveillance litigation director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), highlighted three other Google keyword warrants that were used in the investigation into serial Austin bombings in 2018, which resulted in the deaths of two people.

Not widely discussed at the time, the orders appear even broader than the one above, asking for IP addresses and Google account information of individuals who searched for various addresses and some terms associated with bomb making, such as “low explosives” and “pipe bomb.” Similar orders were served on Microsoft and Yahoo for their respective search engines.

As for what data the tech companies gave to investigators, that information remains under seal.

You can read the orders on Google here, here and here. The Microsoft and Yahoo orders can be found here and here.


Brave New World, we will prosecute based on your thoughtsand how we interpret them. Wrong group think will not be allowed

Anonymous ID: 483b6d Oct. 7, 2021, 5:59 a.m. No.14738796   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>"We believe that the risk of communicating this right now outweighs any potential benefit we could see."


Many variations on that theme, is THE shutdown this anon has always gotten from people invoking their “special insider knowledge” behind the scenes of “government”, paidfor ifnot wholly underwritten by We The People… when anon manages to logically pinch one on why the OBVIOUS failings. Total bullshit.


What possible secret ‘to protect society’, could possibly be worth keeping secret as society is destroyed? It’s a complete bullshit line at this point. White Hats, fucking need to take notice when your ‘superiors’ invoke this ‘need to know’ line.



Subterranean shapeshifters?

Space Demons?


NOTHING can justify the current withholding, because it would all boil down to simply keeping secret the malfeasance and/or Treason perpetrated by this Government itself, thus NOT a valid “secret for security”. Snap out of it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous ID: 42176d Oct. 7, 2021, 6:02 a.m. No.14738808   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8826 >>8838 >>8892 >>8927



Logical thinking:


Nobody here knows all of the details of this person's past. Did this person have a preexisting condition? What is the evidence this was caused by the vaccination.


Fact: People have preexisting conditions.

Fact: Billions of people have been vaccinated.


There will be more chances than not that a vaccinated person will already be suffering from some ailment.


Not enough details here. Think logically, not like a barstool medical professional.

Anonymous ID: 5723e8 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:03 a.m. No.14738815   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>14736167 pb

>>14736368 pb

>>14736408 pb


you mean the FBI finally caught itself?

The Zodiac Murders

and others

were Faked

FBI simulations aka "Gladio B"~ or whatever the new name of it is; is getting reeeeeeeeeeeely old.

They came to intimidate the police in NYC.


They really appear to be wus too, cowards.

Thought they imagine themselves as super - 007s

I am so sick of these crooks.

Anonymous ID: 5d9136 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:04 a.m. No.14738820   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8829 >>8939


Started to see this last year.

Friend got sick with pneumonia.

Friend's wife brought him to the hospital.

They said he tested positive for covid but his wife tested negative. Don't know how that happened when they lived together and slept in the same bed, etc.

Friend was put on ventilator.

Friend died.


Mulling it over and over in my brain I am convinced that my old friend probably got pneumonia from wearing a stupid mask, and the hospital finished him off.

Anonymous ID: beae8f Oct. 7, 2021, 6:06 a.m. No.14738826   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8849


how about this for some logical thinking. IF there is a common factor like the vax that would direct people to say that there is at the very least a correlation between the affected individuals. Could there be prior health issues YES, but that would mean that something else was a common denominator. All you do is shill telling people to think logically. You don't know shit and all you do is criticize people who are trying to figure it out.

Anonymous ID: 6cd7f5 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:06 a.m. No.14738827   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8833 >>8839

there is a cunt at number 6 telling the girl at number 1 to have an abortion, she is shoutin' out shew will book it for her, shes 20 weeks pregnant


tellin' her she will book it for a 23 week, since everyone should get rid of the baby cos she cant afford 250,000 a year to raise the baby


yellin' at her front door


it is 00.04 AM


no man here is able to beat the shit out of the shit


the fuckin' police wont do anythin' about this


anyone in Numurkah willin' to obliterate a shit stain from the world ?


am disabled anon

Anonymous ID: 1e7617 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:06 a.m. No.14738830   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Worlds leading nanotech scientists, Harvard professor was secretly working at the Wuhan lab for years

Charles Lieber has some explaining to do.

Surprised anons haven’t plastered his fucking name everywhere

Anonymous ID: 067b18 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:07 a.m. No.14738834   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8855


Yea, yea. We know Wolfgang. The worst attack on our democracy in the history of the nation. Worst than 9-11, worst than Pearl Harbor, worst than the Civil War, worst than anything imaginable. The country was within a sliver of being overthrown and conquered and destroyed.

Fuck the hell off Wolf you lying ass piece of shit. You and your fellow travelers in the idustry are one side of the coin that needs to be indicted, tried and convicted of Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities. Then hung by the neck until death.

Anonymous ID: 0f4ae4 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:08 a.m. No.14738838   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8845 >>8862


Blame anything but the vaxx. It's all a coincidence. Vaxx injuries are a hoax. All vaccines on the market are safe and effective. Vaccines have never injured anyone. Post vaccinination symptoms should always be blamed on pre-vaccination causes. Trump said trust it, so trust it. Trust Trump. Trust Fauci. Trust the CDC. Trust 45 cycle PCR tests. Trust the MSM. Trust the drug companies. Trust your doctor. Trust the science. Do not try to use logic and deductive reasoning to explain something. Science relies on models, carefully selected data sets, and empiricism…not rational thought. Just trust, and stop thinking.

Anonymous ID: 6cd7f5 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:08 a.m. No.14738839   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8864


Peter Gandalfi unit 6/46 tocumwal rd


is shoutin' at numbewr 1, organized abortion Monday, callin' her a disgracve


anon is goin' to end up




am disabled, one wrong move with my heart i'm dead


this is why i do not 'humanity'


16 other studios, no one helpin'

Anonymous ID: 576906 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:10 a.m. No.14738843   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8848 >>8866


George Clooney calls it a “crazy” situation that some of his brethren are eschewing the COVID-19 vaccine. “It’s stupid. And it’s stupid because every generation in our country for more than a lifetime has been asked to sacrifice something for the safety of their fellow man — get shot, fight Nazis,” he says. “All that anyone’s being asked here is to get a shot in the arm and put on a mask. Grow up. Get something done.”

Anonymous ID: 576906 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:10 a.m. No.14738848   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8853 >>8869 >>8898



But some actors like Giancarlo Esposito are hoping that the unvaccinated simply avoid sets while the delta variant rages. “If you don’t want to vaccinate, go to a small island and sequester yourself,” the Mandalorian and Better Call Saul actor says. “[Otherwise] you’re saying ‘Fuck you’ to all you other human beings. We all have to do it if we want to live. I don’t understand how people don’t vaccinate. For me, I’ve lost dear friends, so I know it’s real. Not only in Europe but in America, friends who were completely healthy and uncompromised. The vaccine is the answer. I’m not downing anyone who doesn’t want to vaccinate. Don’t work. Go ride it out somewhere where you’re not going to compromise anyone else if you get it.”

Anonymous ID: 2a85cc Oct. 7, 2021, 6:11 a.m. No.14738851   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8904 >>9095


>The Santa mythology teaches kids that it is okay to lie

It also teaches them that their own parents are FUCKING liars and fucked them over and betrayed them.


Oh and all these parents are actually part of one of the biggest conspiracies ever and it all goes against their own children.

If that's not fucked up, I don't know what is.


What is even the purpose?

So you tell your own child that a mystical Santa is watching everything they do, and if they misbehave he wont bring presents?

What the fuck life lesson is that?

"You are being spied upon" (yes, don't use the internet)

"Behave otherwise!" (social credit score system beta version?)

Anonymous ID: 5723e8 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:12 a.m. No.14738855   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8931





just so everyone knows. the "attack" was staged.

This vid showing the antifa / black flag / provocateurs massing on a side street got some 29k views before it was mysteriously disabled.

The one showing the alleged death of the military woman has over 70 K now.

This has been known for months and months

In fact people who were there at the time, knew it at the time.

Anonymous ID: 42176d Oct. 7, 2021, 6:13 a.m. No.14738862   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8872 >>8892



Again - for the record:


6 out of 10 people already have a serious illness or disease.


3.5 billion people have already been vaccinated.


The chances that someone with a preexisting illness or disease who has been vaccinated isEXTREMELYhigh.


Will people have reactions to the vaccine? Yes, but so do millions of other people who take other medications. ALL medications come with very serious and severe side effect warnings.

Anonymous ID: 4d6fab Oct. 7, 2021, 6:16 a.m. No.14738879   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Now do a daily pedo bun. Shit's happening, and a lot of it is being shown through a lens of fascism for a reason. Even leftists are turning on the D party right now.



I agree that there are many unethical things happening across multiple industries and we could spend months sorting it all out. Regarding the field of virology and immunology, would you feel differently if a would-be mother of a miscarriage were to donate the baby to science? What if the cure for HIV were discovered by studying the cells (and derived cell lines) from said baby? What if she felt God led her to do this in order to provide some sort of purpose for their child's life?


I think anons have done a fantastic job revealing the cures Q didn't want to go into details about (for whatever reason) but the truth is, looking at anti-parasitics and repurposing them for prevention of infection of various viruses due to their action on ACE2 receptors is huge news. Perhaps a tri-monthly deworming regiment should not only be recommended to boost natural immunity, but be made available over the counter. But there's a huge amount of fear-mongering and disinformation on both sides of the vaccine debate. Anyone that's anti-vaxx just to be anti-vaxx is moronic. Vaccines have prevented disease and eradicated many deadly viruses, while simultaneously being used by a few for experimentation purposes. This is what's being revealed to everyone right now; the double-edge sword of the medical industry.


The doctors that are knowingly perpetuating lies and not asking enough questions will have to deal with God's judgement, one day. Not everyone working in the medical industry/Pfizer are evil. Those that make decisions based on lining their pockets over the health of their patients have "taken the Mark", so to speak. Those that are speaking out, bravely, risking/losing it all are the most altruistic, but are also having an "AJ" effect on the message when their voices are filtered through "factu-mentaries" with hokey music and new agey hosts. 90% of the rest of the medical community is far in between these viewpoints but still divided among "get vax" or "wait and see".

Anonymous ID: 1e7617 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:16 a.m. No.14738880   🗄️.is 🔗kun

God said:


You are Created Beings. You are creatures. You consume My heart. I am ever aware of your presence, and yet I do not own you. When I gave you free will, I set you free. We are One, yet, in your view, you are not bonded to Me. In your view, you can go off on your own. You may seemingly depart from Me, feeling that We ought to part ways, or that We already have parted ways. You are free to do that in your mind if you want, yet in actuality, that can never be. I am bonded to you, beloveds. You are free to trot off anywhere you like, yet I chose to stay with you always. I will never in My imagination or deed part from you. I cannot, and I will not. My Will is to be with you and embrace you. I stick close. I cannot conceive anything else. Why would I ever disengage Myself from that which I hold dear?


If someone wanted to pull even one of your teeth for no reason, would you say, “Go ahead, pull my tooth?” In the same way, I would not pull out from My awareness even one of My children. What possible need could there be for Me to distance Myself from you or anyone? It makes no sense. I am yours, and yours I stay. I am everyone’s, and everyone’s I stay.


Nor are you My yo-yo on a string. It’s true you go up and down. That is your own volition. You go up and down because of the stories your mind tells you. You listen to the stories. You discern tragedy and decide you have to feel low. What if you did not discern certain events as tragic? What if you omitted the entire concept of tragedy? What would you weep over then?


What if the word tragedy had never been formed? What if all events in life were considered as only events in life? There is joy at the birth of a baby and a baby’s cry. Must there be tragedy when someone leaves Earth? You are aware that everyone will leave Earth, and yet, every time, it is a jolt as if death were an outlaw.


Life is precious, and so also is death. Have a sense that death is a reward, not a tragic event.


With death, it is like you have received a telegram: “Come Home. We’re waiting for you. Here is your ticket. We are going to celebrate your arrival. And what rejoicing there will be! You are about to embark on another leg of your journey. We can entitle it Heaven Revisited. The hero has come Home. God bless the hero. Godspeed.”


What is wrong with that? What if you stopped arguing the inevitable? You who are an Immortal can never die. Only your body takes its leave. Would you prevent it? How long would you prevent it?


At night you rest your head on a pillow. This nightly event is not mourned. And yet at the sunset of your life or a loved one’s, when you or a loved one lie down for a well-deserved rest, there is wailing. Wail not, beloveds. The hero has come Home. Rejoice.


What would you have your loved ones do, beloveds? And what would you, given the choice, do? Would you hang out in the world forever?


When you depart Earth, you are as light as air. All burden has left. Worrisome thoughts have dropped away. You are left with what you have always wanted, and that is love, beloveds, and that is love. Hail to the returning hero.

Anonymous ID: 5723e8 Oct. 7, 2021, 6:17 a.m. No.14738882   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>8931

1/6 D.C. ~ACTORS for the Capitol Attack Mass on Side Street.


I wonder why this one had to be disabled after 29K views.

Read the liner notes. Use your eyes?