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#22341 TBC


#22340 >>18233320

>>18233391 ISIS-inspired terrorist who killed eight people with truck in NYC is convicted - and could face first death penalty in New York since 1963

>>18233394 RETRACTION of Farage video

>>18233400, >>18233658 pf reports

>>18233405 Busted Pfizer R&D Exec Claims He Lied About "Mutating COVID" To "Impress A Date Like Normal People"

>>18233417 Jordan Walker's pinterest Still Up

>>18233460 Internal DHS Emails Sound Alarm

>>18233473, >>18233544, >>18233563 Fires: LA, NYC, London

>>18233493 Pictured: Kanye West wears German armed forces T-shirt after making anti-Semitic remarks - while shopping with new wife Bianca Censori at disgraced brand Balenciaga

>>18233530, >>18233552, >>18233596, >>18233628, >>18233616, >>18233735, >>18233628 Dale L. Cheney dig

>>18233567 Injuries Reported After Explosion At USC Science Building

>>18233604 "Dr Malone Dropping Massive Truthbombs On Tucker Carlson"

>>18233605 Pfizer Inc PAC Contributions to Federal Candidates

>>18233613 House Majority Leader Steve Scalise said the rule change is an example of the GOP "opening things up."

>>18233626, >>18233635 House GOP opens up amendment process for the first time in 7 years

>>18233668 Marine Corps Reactivates Base on Guam

>>18233700 US military operation kills top ISIS leader, 10 additional terrorists in Somalia

>>18233755, >>18233782, >>18233820 Pfizer Director Assaults James O'Keefe & Veritas Staff; Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recordings

>>18233810 Body Language: Kevin McCarthy & Team Red

>>18233878 IMF Mulling Fresh $16 Billion Ukraine Aid Package

>>18233887 Trial: Nathaniel Rothschild says sauna with Lord Mandelson was purely pleasure, not business

>>18233917, >>18233923, >>18233927 The Kiev Purge: What has spurred a wave of resignations among senior Ukrainian officials?

>>18233947 Ukraine war testimony to be given to US Congress

>>18233965 South Australian Department for Child Protection chief executive Cathy Taylor resigns

>>18233978 Donald J. Trump REVIEW: I really like The Five on FoxNews.โ€ฆ

>>18234048 A Surprising Number Of Antifa Members Are White Children Of Privilege

>>18234086 #22340

Anonymous ID: 9f8050 Jan. 26, 2023, 11:12 p.m. No.18234864   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

#22339 >>18232590

>>18232655 @marcorubio Rubio Sends Letter to Pfizer CEO on Alleged Gain-of-Function Research

>>18232660 @Project_Veritas Twitter Spaces Part 2

>>18232677 x22 The Public Will Demand The Declas Docs,[Scare] Event Agenda Pushed,Peace Maker In Place โ€“ Ep. 2982

>>18232682 Congress secures first cooperation from National Archives in Biden document probe

>>18232711 Republican Introduces Bill to Hold China Accountable for the Coronavirus

>>18232740 @realDonaldTrump Great move Kevin. These are two of the Worldโ€™s true SlimeBalls!

>>18232744 A great interview by Don Jr. with Kevin McCarthy!

>>18232762 Farage vid today, listed off a lot of attacks by failed asylum seekers who went on to kill british citizens,

>>18232777, >>18232799 Hamilton 68 and @SecureDemocracy

>>18232790 Toyota's CEO To Step Down As New Chief Will "Remodel" Automaker

>>18232824 Judicial nominee can't member the werdz of the articles

>>18232855 PF: LARVA45Rivet Joint (cap#3) heading back to Offutt AFB from Bermuda area werk-AF2 and SAM138 back to JBA w/ SAM968 G5 arriving from MacDill AFB (CENTCOM)

>>18232878, >>18232958 Only 649 days to go before @BretBaier calls Arizona early for the Kamala Harris/Hunter Biden campaign. For the Keks

>>18232897, >>18232984 The NFL now says Damar Hamlin โ€œneeds oxygenโ€ and time to recover. ???????

>>18232906 Elon Musk Meets With Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Capitol Hill

>>18232913 PF Callsign ORDER66. Boeing E-4B Nightwatch 73-1677. Looks like a quick reposition flight from Offutt AFB to KC. Might just run some practice approaches to KC and never stop though.

>>18232965 Ronna McDaniel's starting salary as RNC chair was $122,582, which had increased to $358,431 as of November 2022.

>>18232992 Police Body Cam Video of Paul Pelosi Attack Will Be Released Friday Morning

>>18233075 An Australian mining company has been cited for endangering a 6-inch desert wildflower less than a week after the DOE signed off on a $700 million conditional loan for the company to mine lithium in Nevada.

>>18233124 Ukrainian ambassador calls for Novak Djokovic's father to be banned from Australian Open over Russian flag incident

>>18233134 CCP forcing students to sign โ€˜loyalty pledgesโ€™ before studying abroad

>>18233150 Schitt threatening the republicans that the IC wonโ€™t work with orgive them info proves the DS control

>>18233185 Injuries Reported After Explosion At USC Science Building

>>18233248 Georgia Gov. Declares State of Emergency In Atlanta, Activates 1,000National GuardTroops, โ€œsubdue riot and unlawful assemblyโ€

>>18233269 IMF Weighs Ukraine Aid Package Worth Up to $16 Billion

>>18233311 #22339

Anonymous ID: 9f8050 Jan. 26, 2023, 11:12 p.m. No.18234865   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun


>>18231926, >>18232086, >>18232135, >>18232368 Pfizer Director Physically Assaults @JamesOKeefeIII & Veritas Staff; Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recordings About โ€œMutatingโ€ Covid Virus

>>18231835, >>18231883 John Kennedy Stumps Biden Judicial Nominee With Questions About the Constitution

>>18231854 Chief Nerd: Google removed search results, use Brave browser for Pfizerโ€™s Jordon Walker had a LinkedIn account w/ hundreds of connections

>>18231861 Matt Taibbi: Upcoming story about Hamilton 68 and @SecureDemocracy

>>18231867 Biden Regime Working With Big Tech And Academia To Adapt Military-Grade AI Used Against ISIS To Target Vax-skeptic Americans

>>18231870 @RepBoebert just passed 1st amendment on the House Floor requiring the administration to submit an energy plan that will help reduce gas prices

>>18231876 Matt Gaetz Introduces the โ€œPENCILโ€ Resolution โ€“ Barring Democrat Adam Schiff Accessing Classified Info and Launching House Ethics Investigation on His Serial Lying

>>18231882 Intel Craters After Shockingly Bad Earnings, Catastrophic Guidance

>>18231878, >>18231891, >>18231954, >>18231957 @laralogan Who is "Jordon Trishton Walker"?

>>18231890 Thanks to all the brave insiders with a conscience contacting us at and texting us on Signal at 914-653-3110

>>18231894 New Connections In The Biden Foreign Agent Scandal

>>18231912 United States Obtains Temporary Restraining Order Against Firearm Companies Illegally Selling Machine Guns

>>18231915, >>18231981 PF: AF2 kneepads back to JBA after being asian last night and today, SPAR88 G5 NATO AC inbound to JBA from -Chievres AB Belgium, SAM update, Hungarian FM left New York (Teterboro Airport)

>>18231916, >>18232008, >>18232202 hot potato

>>18231918 Elevated Rate of Facial Paralysis Identified After Pfizer COVID-19 Booster in Elderly: FDA

>>18231927 A second instance of Hunter Biden peddling what seem like classified documents

>>18231940 Team Biden stonewalling Senate Committee on seeing secret docs Biden purloined, and even Dems outraged

>>18231951, >>18231996 RE: stollen fruitcake

>>18231959 Ex-FBI Official Who Helped Launch Crossfire Hurricane Charged With Laundry List Of Crimes

>>18231980 Nunes says new Church-style committee in Congress might bring Durham back into the news

>>18232015 McGonigal CC'd on defensive brief to Counsel to Hillary

>>18232021 Albanese would rather go to Bill Gates than Alice Springs

>>18232067 Pompeo accuses Schiff of leaking classified information

>>18232070 Saturday, Jan. 28th, dark secrets of the United Nations will allegedly be revealed

>>18232078 RE: Balenciaga 2.0, Gorsad Kyiv

>>18232088 @ArmySMDC's 1st Space Brigade served alongside members of the @Japan_GSDF to strengthen space operations during the Yama Sakura 83 exercise last month.

>>18232139 Border officials seized 9,400 pounds of fentanyl in last three months of 2022


>>18232289 Getting Pfizer's Covid booster and flu vaccine on the same day may raise the risk of a STROKE, FDA admits

>>18232292 U.S. Treasury designates Russian private militia Wagner Group as a "transnational criminal organization."

>>18232338, >>18232309, >>18232327, >>18232330, >>18232494 GOOG whistleblower Project DeepMind? โ€œAI Manhattan Project.โ€

>>18232363 search DuckDuck v Freespoke results

>>18232434 CDC Dep. Dir. Tom Shimabukuro Admits COVID Vaccines Are Causing "Debilitating Illnesses"

>>18232461 Charlie Kirk discusses Project Veritas sting

>>18232468 Why did Daily Mail take down this story shortly after Project Veritas blew the whistle on Pfizerโ€™s plan to mutate SARS-CoV-2 to make new mRNA COVID vaccines?

>>18232488 Biden tapped big donor friend to get his niece Caroline an $85,000-a-year job while she was on probation for shoplifting - and she slammed it as minimum wage because she wouldn't accept anything below $180,000


>>18232502 Top Republican claims there's a 'coordinated effort' by Biden administration to hide information about the family and 'shady business schemes' after Treasury rejected his request for Hunter's bank records

>>18232542 Matt Gaetz To Introduce โ€˜PENCIL Act,โ€™ Blocking Adam Schiff From Reviewing Classified Information

>>18232549 Sen. Johnson Calls For Congress to Investigate Vaccine Manufacturers and Covid Vax Approval Process in Response to Project Veritasโ€™ Exposรฉ on Pfizer

>>18232565 #22338

Anonymous ID: 9f8050 Jan. 26, 2023, 11:12 p.m. No.18234867   ๐Ÿ—„๏ธ.is ๐Ÿ”—kun

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