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#22666 >>18483668

>>18483681 Q and the Qanon movement is once again gaining steam.

>>18483724 I’m not part of MAGA, but I do believe in fairness of justice

>>18483800 California wine industry faces financial crisis - with majority of vineyards locked out of their accounts amid SVB collapse

>>18483899 The pace of AI development right now is insane.

>>18483978 Madera Community Hospital files for bankruptcy as no potential buyers make an offer

>>18483997 Fake 'nuclear bomb' alert on TV and radio scares Russians

>>18484381 #22666

Anonymous ID: a1440e March 11, 2023, 1:13 a.m. No.18484401   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun

#22665 >>18482909

>>18482970 Daylight saving time/Date (2023) Sun, Mar 12, 2023

>>18482978 How can I increase the amount of FDIC insurance beyond $250,000?

>>18483060, >>18483115 This is real effort to rein in power government and empower people back to their Constitutional rights.Kat Cammack

>>18483073, >>18482921 Alex Stein IS SUING AOC For Blocking him On Twitter For Calling her A BIG BOOTY LATINA

>>18483159 DJT on Human Trafficking

>>18483202, >>18483226 The New York hush-money probe of Donald Trump explained

>>18483238, >>18483221 12 days ago CEO, CFO and CMO all sold shares in SVB

>>18483244 Everything lately goes back to Vanguard and Blackrock. It looks like they are "cleaning up". They are burning things down.

>>18483478 In a $7.5 trillion budget… the President is allocating just $40 million to combat fentanylβ€”the leading killer of young adults in America.

>>18483491, >>18483523, >>18483539 Only in Massachusetts, Opt for an account with both FDIC and DIF insurance

>>18483555, >>18483556, >>18483558, >>18483564 An Ecclesiastical Deed Poll ancient law

>>18483640 Fears Silicon Valley Bank collapse could topple First Republic Bank next, as shares slump 40% in a month and investors voice concerns over losses on its investments

>>18483657 #22665

Anonymous ID: a1440e March 11, 2023, 1:13 a.m. No.18484405   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun

#22664 >>18482130

>>18482161, >>18482173, >>18482177, >>18482202, >>18482614 FREE THE QANON SHAMAN!!!1

>>18482210, >>18482237, >>18482239 The House unanimously passes a bill to force President Biden's DNI Director Avril Haines to declassify information about the origin of C-19

>>18482267 Matt Taibbi Details What The FBI Told Twitter To Get Posts Taken Down

>>18482371 Rep. Anna Paulina Luna: I have just notified Capitol Police of Jane Fonda’s call to murder pro-life politicians.

>>18482401, >>18482771 customers queuing up outside Silicon Valley Bank in Menlo Park, California amid SVB collapse

>>18482404 β€˜No foul play’: Missing Georgia man found dead, wrapped in carpet

>>18482408 Ukraine moves to seize historic monastery

>>18482466 ISIS psyop BTFO

>>18482486 Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) speaks about visiting Selma, Alabama, and the push for voting rights.

>>18482496, >>18482548 Pentagon UFO chief says alien mothership in our solar system possible - militarytimes

>>18482537 1st Cav weighs in on Hanoi Jane

>>18482619 Paul Sperry twats

>>18482662, >>18482170 Tucker is Linking FTX to SVB

>>18482711 Maryland Democrat Files Bill To Stop Charging Anyone Under 25 With Felony Murder

>>18482713 Timcast IRL - Reps Matt Gaetz And Dan Bishop Join To EXPOSE J6 Breaking news w/Steve Bannon

>>18482858 #22663

Anonymous ID: a1440e March 11, 2023, 1:14 a.m. No.18484406   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun

#22663 >>18481324

>>18481379 Covid-19: High court finds vaccine mandate extension to care and support workers invalid

>>18481395 Georgia State Law School scared of the Covid Litigation Conference?!? Suddenly announces rival event

>>18481398, >>18482040, >>18482059 You could have sold

>>18481402 /NavalInstitute/status Rig for red?

>>18481409 A Paris judge has thrown out Brigitte Macron’s case against two women who claimed in a YouTube show that France’s first lady is actually her own transgender brother

>>18481533, >>18481550, >>18481560, >>18481577 is Karl Rove a Nazi grandbaby like W. Bush?

>>18481565, >>18481594 DeSantis Appears in Iowa as Campaign Manager and PACs Begin Positioning for Likely May Announcement

>>18481575 nuggets to be found for NOW? whirlpool transcripts

>>18481616 'Why the Mental Health of Liberal Girls Sank First and Fastest' Evidence for Lukianoff’s reverse CBT hypothesis

>>18481773 Tech CEO with millions in Silicon Valley Bank: 'Innovation in the startup world is bleeding today'

>>18481756, >>18481756 Title I and Title II of the U.S. GSIB resolution plan of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (aka the 'solution' for the 'Collpase')

>>18481971 British news paper The Guardian sets a terrorist target on Belarus

>>18481966 How PR and the fog of corporate disinformation has governments paying to burn the planet

>>18481978 "The successful talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Beijing are a victory for dialogue and peace"

>>18481982, >>18482042 Elon Musk says β€œFree Jacob Chansley” after new Jan 6 video reportedly shows him reading Trump’s tweet and asking everyone to remain peaceful

>>18482042 Chansley got 4 years in prison for a non-violent, police-escorted tour! Dave Chapelle was violently assaulted on stage by a guy with a knife. That guy got a $3000 fine & no prison time.

>>18481992, >>18482087 Nothing to see here, please disperse OLD SLIDE

>>18482028 Treasury inspector general audit: 42,000 federal employees 'repeatedly' don't file federal returns

>>18482088 Lavrov likens protests in ex-Soviet state to 2014 Kiev coup

>>18482900 posted in #22664


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>>18481298 #22662

>>18479188 #22569, >>18479700 #22660, >>18480520 #22661

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>>18484274 pb

>Isaiah 45:7

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.


This passage is constantly quoted here as a form of diminishing faith. If you do not think parts of the Bible were altered on purpose then you may not realize that whole books were taken out. As the ages pass, evil men will do their deeds to satisfy their lust to control others by using confusion, greed, and fear. Nevertheless, as one who God gave Revelation to, I do not guess but testify. The original word was bind not create.


I form the light, and bind darkness: I make peace, and bind evil: I the Lord do all these things.


This was done so that they could brainwash people into believing Jehovah is an evil God, so they could have you worship their cult of: Baal, Moloch, Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, or whatever term suits them.


Define: Pass age.

Anonymous ID: 8582ca March 11, 2023, 1:25 a.m. No.18484433   πŸ—„οΈ.is πŸ”—kun   >>4434 >>4436






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