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>>110932 Dispatch 1035-960 on JFK assassination

>>110933 Fort Worth Corps of Engineers - Blood Processing Center. This project will provide a facility for blood collection, testing, storage, and shipping

>>110934 Other blood-related news, >>110934 Biden on Q and dem sucking, >>110935 related Q posts

>>110936 Shock Video: Driver Plows Through Marching Band During Wisconsin Parade Attack

>>110941 Terrorist Who Plowed Through Waukesha Christmas Parade Narrowly Misses Dancing Toddler (VIDEO)

>>110943 BREAKING: 'Odd' Figure Captured by Waukesha Parade Witness (Video)

>>110971 "Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is calling for the creation of an Anti-Globalist Alliance “under the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the only King and Savior,” to fight back against the establishment of the New World Order."

>>110972 CMz: Prayers for the families and victims in Waukesha, Wisconsin are needed tonight; Waukesha was a terrorist attack.

>>110974 Dr. Michael Yeadon has a new Telegram Channel

>>110975 Live screening of MrTruthBomb's Devolution - Part 13

>>110976 Gen Flynn: Vids from Waukesha

>>110978 Why did the Rockefeller Foundation publish a document in 2010 that is eerily similar to events that are taking place today?

>>110980 DIG request on CNN's Linda Paris/McAllister & Neil Markman

>>110983 Israeli Press Sec'y: "In this wave, we're seeing infection and illness in vaccinated individuals." VID

>>110984 Shout out deplorables!!!! (note from PDJT)

>>110987 "These people are sick" - PDJT (Sound familiar??)

>>110988 Seven nations have suspended 'vaxxes' for younger people (minimum, under age 30); meanwhile, USA is pushing vaxxes for 5-11 yr olds

>>111000 Scavino: Waukesha, Wisconsin

>>111003 Last Q: We're not gonna take it - REPLAY

>>111025 Waukesha Attack Suspect ID’d; Was Released on Cash Bail Two Days Ago

>>111028 Prayers to Waukesha attack victim

>>111034 UK Data Shows No All-Cause Mortality Benefit for COVID-19 Vaccines

>>111035 Ten most polluted cities: India 9 vs China 1

>>111037 #738



>>110842 Poso shoots down self-righteous Maria Shriver twit-twit

>>110843, >>110852 AI and Manufacturing 4.0 — The Light Blue "Revolution"

>>110846 Russian not32 76th anniv. of Nuremberg trials


>>110851, >>110865, >>110866, >>110868 86-min audio call - apparent 'tell all' call about Cali corruption - needs a DIG to verify

>>110858 MSM ignoring black defendantsalso acquitted yesterday

>>110859 Are the Covid Vaccines Dangerous? List of injured athletes

>>110867 The Two Faces of Fauci

>>110878 VA Lt-Gov.Winsome Sears Lays Down Some Gospel Truth on CNN's 'State of the Union'

>>110888 JFK to 911: Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick - Full Documentary

>>110889 Howard Fast/Operation Gladio/Citizen Tom Paine DIG

>>110891 Who Really Runs the World? | The Secret Behind Secret Societies

>>110892 HUGE Demonstration at EU headquarters

>>110893 HUGE demonstration in Vienna - The people will decide. Hold. Your. Line.

>>110895 Protests erupt over virus rules in Austria, Italy, Croatia

>>110894 We now have evidence of a plausible biological mechanism of how mRNA vaccine leads to cardiac events

>>110896 The BEE: Rioters Flee In Terror As Kyle Rittenhouse Emerges From Courthouse With AR-15 (hey MSM, it's SATIRE!!!)

>>110904, >>110912 Scientists mystified about Africa avoiding "Covid disaster" (really? IVM & HCQ are in daily use there, scientists!)

>>110914 #737



>>110824, >>110825 China slaughtering pets of COVID patients under draconian new law

>>110823 ‘800 Times Deadlier’: Covid Shots Are the Deadliest ‘Vaccines’ in Human History

>>110820 Worst Ocean Polluters: China 8.8, US .3 (Tell me again how American is the one destroying the environment)

>>110819 Fauci says babies and toddlers could be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine by early 2022

>>110818, >>110821, >>110822 New VAERS: close to 19,000 death now (x how much???)

>>110804 , >>110805WATCH thousands protest in Europe against Covid passes (VIDEOS)

>>110802 , >>110803 Girl Karate Blocks Pedo Bidan

>>110793 , >>110796, >>110799 , >>110809 marianne faithful claims the Rolling Stones' drugs bust was a diversion to keep public attention away from the VIP child abuse

>>110789 NGAUS: The National Guard is a State Force Until Mobilized by the President

>>110780 Hollywood is getting its talking points out.

>>110773 Long thread on Chrystul,

>>110768 ACS Risk Biomarkers Significantly Increase After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine

>>110765, >>110766, >>110769, >>110771, >>110772, >>110794, >>110801 THE POPE, THE PAEDO & THE ‘PIMP/LDR

>>110778, >>110764Not the US vs Maxwell case - check the case/docket numbers.

>>110762 Rand Paul Leads Push To Block Biden's $650 Million Arms Transfer To Saudis

>>110761, >>110775 Q and Trump still busy doing the Time Travel thing together.

>>110759 #Bidentheracepimp - RudyG "pimp is mild"

>>110757, >>110775, >>110779, >>110790 , >>110792 Gingerbread Express time! Habby Hunting/The Light

>>110752, >>110753Michael Goguen kept spreadsheet of 5,000 women/children he had sex with/Sequoia Capital, based in Menlo Park, Calif.

>>110750 scarfknob, new word for treason?

>>110749 Biden buying favor with courts - no longer a conspiracy - It is proven theory now

>>110830 #736



>>110672, >>110680, >>110686, >>110687, >>110688, >>110699 GOLD pf report(s)

>>110659, >>110660 NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace: Rittenhouse Would Have Got Life if He Were Black-breitbart/soc. media Nov 19

>>110663, >>110664, >>110701, >>110703 US Patent US20210082583A1: Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of

>>110665 EU: The Use of Chip Implants for

>>110666, >>110674, >>110711, >>110712, >>110713 Poso Twat: "Justice for Crystul!"-Call for justice for Crystul Kizer of Kenosha and "Hello, I am the mother of, Chrystul Kizer, who was a minor at the time of her incarceration...".-soc. media

>>110667 Joe Biden signed executive order 14051: Designation to Exercise Authority Over the National Defense Oct. 31/article Nov 3

>>110668 Andrew Coffee IV found not guilty on all counts of murder, attempted first degree murder-wpbf Nov 19

>>110670 Why are we having a "Gas Crisis???"-Governors of each state are in control of the oil production, NOT the Federal Governmen…

>>110675 Biden Regime Ignores Courts Again and Tells Businesses to Move Forward with Vaccine Mandate-gatewaypundit

>>110682 Yemen's Houthis say they attacked Saudi cities, Aramco facilities-straitstimes

>>110685 Japan poised to tap national petroleum reserve for first time-nikkei

>>110686, >>110687 Senegal Signs $1 Billion of Construction Deals With U.S. Firms-bnnB'Berg

>>110689 Economic Schedule for Week of November 21, 2021-Mkts closed Thursday-short day Friday-calculatedrisk

>>110690 Meanwhile in Portland: Portland rioters call for killing Kyle Rittenhouse-oregoncatalyst

>>110691 Used Car Prices Explode To New Record High-zh

>>110714, >>110719, >>110733, >>110734 Maynard "maliciously damaged and destroyed" or "attempted to damage and destroy" forests behind firefighters.

>>110724 Do you have an emergency kit at home?

>>110725 Be not afraid U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans

>>110728, >>110732 US Soldiers Who Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine Told They’ll Face Punishment

>>110730 dialy mail no longer conservative?

>>110735 Watkins: Biden Dictatorship buying favor with the Courts and the Media. Its no longer a Conspiracy

>>110741 U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson announces retirement after almost 3 decades in Congress

>>110742 #735


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been here a while, time for a sleep break

Thanks anons for your contributions




baker, if you here and wanna take her for a spin, feel free - otherwise am baker should be along latah

Anonymous ID: 8ba10a Nov. 22, 2021, 4:42 a.m. No.111050   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Ghislaine Maxwell trial starting in 7 days...


look here not there! that's wut this and next round of ff's are about

Alleged Waukesha Suspect Was Recently Released on Bond – Rapped about ‘Fk Donald Trump and Fk Pigs’ – Lived in Milwaukee, Launched Attack in Conservative Waukesha

Anonymous ID: 8ba10a Nov. 22, 2021, 7:48 a.m. No.111054   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1057


sum spensive taste

all guud. rainy up dis way. peeked in ober the wknd and did a couple posts but couldn't stay on long enuff.

moat liv'n luuks like jan now.

finally tying electric to fuse boxes which is a guud sign, but labor shortage is killing any gains. owner of project sez dec i swear. told him he's full of shyte.

howz s. westie liv'n?

Anonymous ID: 0dd6ba Nov. 22, 2021, 8:03 a.m. No.111055   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1056 >>1058

THE POPE, THE PAEDO & THE ‘PIMP’ Beaming Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell blessed by the Pope – showing their all-powerful connections


BEAMING Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are blessed by the Pope — showing their all-powerful connections.

The snap sees the paedo billionaire and his alleged “madam” enjoy a private audience with the head of the Catholic Church at the Vatican.

They are understood to have flown to Rome by private jet for the blessing by John Paul II almost two decades ago.


A source told The Sun On Sunday: “Pictures like this show just how powerful Epstein’s connections were and his ability to open almost any door.

“He managed to manipulate his way into royal palaces, the White House and the Vatican, all with Maxwell by his side.”

Our picture shows Epstein, wearing a dark suit and red-patterned tie, kneeling at the Pope’s feet with his ex-lover Maxwell, who is in a striped suit jacket and open-collar blue shirt.


Hands clenched together, they are both smiling and gazing into the eyes of John Paul II, who led the Catholic Church from 1978 until his death in 2005.

The seated Pontiff has his arms raised in the photo, believed to have been taken in 2003.

Flight logs, which chart journeys made by sex beast Epstein, reveal he used his “Lolita Express” jet to fly from Rome to Madrid on May 20 that year.


On it were Maxwell, model scout Jean-Luc Brunel, pilot Pete Rathgeb and two passengers logged as “AM” and “JK”.

Frenchman Brunel, 75, was last year charged with rape and sexual assault of minors.

There is no suggestion Rathgeb knew of or was party to illegal activity.

There is no record of Epstein arriving in Rome, though logs put him in New York on May 12 and again by May 21.


Our papal snap is the latest to show Epstein and Maxwell rubbing shoulders with powerful world figures.

Photos in New York’s Central Park showed Epstein with Prince Andrew — while Maxwell appears with Andrew alongside Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

The US mum of three, now 38, is suing the royal, claiming he sexually assaulted her three times when she was under 18 — which he has repeatedly denied.

In April, The Sun revealed photos of Epstein and Maxwell grinning in the White House with then-US President Bill Clinton in 1993.


Epstein killed himself in jail in 2019 aged 66 as he awaited trial on sex trafficking charges.

Maxwell, 59, is facing trial later this month in New York, accused of recruiting young girls for the former financier and taking part in abuse.

The Sunday Times says prosecutors plan to use her “black book” against her, claiming it is “compelling evidence of her guilt”.

And Epstein’s “scheduler” Adriana Ross is expected to testify against Maxwell, court documents reveal.

The Polish ex-model, 38, is one of four female “co-conspirators” granted immunity from prosecution as part of Epstein’s plea deal in 2008.

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 8:19 a.m. No.111057   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1064


g2's mind has gone on vacay, mabbe permanently, will see doc again in Dec

have had to go back and redo much of what he has done in kitch and around the house,

haz to watch him like a hawk now

like habben a toddler again

"muh patience"


g1 now 93 and lookin forward to another year

Big G willin

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 8:23 a.m. No.111058   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1062


this shietz gonna rock the world!

think they mad bout lock downs n jabs n sheitz, wait till they get a load of this

Christian world gonna be turned upside down

hang on to yo ass

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 8:42 a.m. No.111061   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1106 >>1113 >>1132



This is the official thread to cover the uncovering of the US pedo ring and anything involving the trial.




Judicial shenanigans:


recent YouTube videos or podcast on the matter:

Anonymous ID: 0dd6ba Nov. 22, 2021, 8:42 a.m. No.111062   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>this shietz gonna rock the world!

If they let any information out.

Christians should be mad as hell the church has comp'd the religion since they killed Jesus.

Council of Nicaea +

Bloody Rome



>why you think msm is directing attention EVERYWHERE else?

Indeed, it is sickening.

Especially the attack in WI on grannies and children.

Ties to Soros involvement (shocker)

Half the stories are about that and the are about Kyle - Distractions

Anonymous ID: 8ba10a Nov. 22, 2021, 8:46 a.m. No.111064   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1101


muh dad was like that tho much younger. one time he took the car and went for icecream down the street. ended up 2 hours north in raleigh nc.

he went downhill with a fury.

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 8:46 a.m. No.111065   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1075 >>1106 >>1132

It started with a serpent. Since donning a snake pin to send a message to Saddam Hussein, I have worn hundreds of pins to communicate signals to foreign leaders.I’m excited to share my collection of pins with you through the new #ReadMyPins online exhibit.

Anonymous ID: 0dd6ba Nov. 22, 2021, 8:46 a.m. No.111066   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1068 >>1106 >>1123 >>1132

Judge Lets Ghislaine Maxwell Call ‘False Memory’ Expert Who Testified as Defense Psychologist for Robert Durst, O.J. Simpson, Harvey Weinstein


Elizabeth Loftus, an expert in false memories, testifies in Paul Shanley child abuse trial


Exactly a week before the anticipated start of her sex trafficking trial, Ghislaine Maxwell received permission to call a “false memory” expert relied upon by Harvey Weinstein, Robert Durst, O.J. Simpson and hundreds of other criminal defendants seeking to undermine the credibility of their accusers.


In the words of a New Yorker profile on the controversy surrounding her expertise, Elizabeth Loftus has “Changed the Meaning of Memory,” and her life’s work has collided with the #MeToo movement’s moment of cultural reckoning. In particular, Loftus has questioned the reliability of memory and how she believes suggestion can mold it. She also has testified about her research during the trials of Jerry Sandusky, Ted Bundy, and Paul Shanley, a now-deceased priest who served 12 years in prison following his conviction for raping a child.


In a two page order on Monday morning, U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan granted Maxwell permission to call Loftus—subject to certain limitations that are currently under seal. The threadbare order states only that the government’s motion to block her testimony is denied in part and granted in part.


A fuller explanation of the order may be released if the prosecutors and defense team propose redactions agreed upon by the judge.


On Nov. 12, Judge Nathan ruled that prosecutors can call clinical psychologist Lisa Rocchio, who is expected to testify about the process of “grooming” minors for sexual abuse.


In the same order granting Loftus’s testimony, Maxwell’s defense received the green light to call someone to undermine Rocchio’s testimony: Park Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist who rose to national prominence during the case of Ronald Reagan’s would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr., who was ultimately acquitted by reason of insanity. Dietz is being called here to question the prosecution’s claims that Maxwell “groomed” her alleged victims.


“Dr. Dietz is aware of no authority—no journal articles, no studies, no tests, nothing—to support a theory of grooming-by-proxy,” Maxwell’s defense wrote in a previous memo. “Such a theory has not gained any acceptance (let alone general acceptance) in the relevant community; it has not been peer-reviewed; it has not and cannot be tested; and there is no known or potential rate of error.”


Last week, Judge Nathan grilled potential jurors for Maxwell’s trial, slated to begin on Nov. 29. Her questioning of candidates—known as voir dire—whittled down a pool of 600 to just the 58 left standing. The parties will issue peremptory strikes before trial begins to empanel a pool of 12 jurors and six alternates.


Maxwell has been accused of grooming minor girls for Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual predation and participating in the abuse herself. Epstein’s scheme allegedly operated through what a Palm Beach detective described as a “sexual Pyramid scheme,” built upon recruiting minor girls to give him massages for money, and prosecutors claim Maxwell was a top procuress of victims. She has pleaded not guilty to charges of sex trafficking, multiple violations of the Mann Act, and other offenses. Though her latest indictment lists four minor victims, she has noted that one of them attained the age of consent during the time of the alleged conspiracy.

Anonymous ID: 0dd6ba Nov. 22, 2021, 8:50 a.m. No.111067   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1106 >>1132

'Chasing Ghislaine' examines the mother of all conspiracies


Every time conspiracy theories seem too “out there,” something happens in the real world to top them. And no collection of rumors and fact, shadows and light has more power than the story of Jeffrey Epstein, his influential friends, mysterious death and cache of potentially incendiary secrets.


The Epstein saga is the backdrop to the documentary series “Chasing Ghislaine,” streaming on Discovery+. It also will air during three hours on the ID Network on plain old cable Dec. 3.


Executive-produced by novelist James Patterson and New York Times journalist and author Vicky Ward, “Chasing” catalogs Epstein’s many alleged crimes and network of connections as well as his girlfriend and protector Ghislaine Maxwell’s own life as a socialite and daughter to the (in)famous media mogul Robert Maxwell.


A refugee from Czechoslovakia, Ghislaine’s father amassed a publishing empire, became a member of British Parliament, and was thought to have been a spy. He was facing charges of fraud and financial irregularities when his body was found bobbing in the Atlantic Ocean. He was thought to have “fallen” from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine.


If Maxwell’s life seems like the stuff of pulp fiction, it’s because he helped inspire a character in the James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” and was profiled by busy paperback writer Jeffrey Archer in his 1996 book “The Fourth Estate.”


Ghislaine Maxwell will go on trial in Manhattan on Nov. 29. She is charged with procuring underaged girls for Jeffrey Epstein.


• If a “war on Christmas” actually exists, it is not the Fox News-fueled malarky about “the left” banishing the holiday but the corporate and retail stampede to cram Christmas down our throats ever earlier in the calendar year.


In a brazen act of scheduling sacrilege, CBS broadcasts “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (7 p.m., CBS, TV-G), three whole nights before Thanksgiving. Only a truly misfit toy would think that’s a good idea.

Anonymous ID: 0dd6ba Nov. 22, 2021, 8:52 a.m. No.111070   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1106 >>1132

Ghislaine Maxwell 'won't get fair trial' - brother


Ghislaine Maxwell's brother, Ian, has said he doubts his sister will get a fair hearing at her trial on sex trafficking and other charges which is due to start next week.

Ms Maxwell, the daughter of the late media mogul Robert Maxwell, has been accused of trafficking minors for her former lover Jeffrey Epstein.

She has been in a New York jail since her arrest in July 2021.

The former socialite has pleaded not guilty to all charges.


LISTEN: Ian Maxwell's interview in full

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's ex-girlfriend?

Who was Jeffrey Epstein?


"I think my sister's probably relieved finally that it is starting because she's been in prison now for over 500 days in isolation, so this has to come to an end," Ian Maxwell to the BBC. "The trial is starting, so I think there is relief on her part, and, I think, the family's part."

Ian Maxwell has previously warned his sister will not get a fair trial.

"I think that there are several reasons for that; the enormous amount of negative media coverage of Ghislaine for at least the last 18 months - it's only been going in one direction and that level of negative reporting which is not coming in any other direction than against her, I think it has a potential to poison the jury pool at some level if they are only hearing one side of the story and not the other.

"I am not here to go against the accusers or to talk about innocence and guilt, the reason I think this is a difficult process is because the way in which the authorities have chosen to proceed against my sister and to lock her up in isolation is wrong. It is an abuse of human rights and an abuse of the due process that has taken place."

When asked why no friends of Ghislaine had come forward to defend her, he said: "Ghislaine continues to have many friends. I know this because we receive mail, emails, letters and so forth from her friends, but we live in a world where people are cancelled for friendships of this type.

"Friends of hers have lost their jobs. A man helping us behind the scenes [in] the news-handling has lost two board positions because it's become known that he is somehow assisting the family."

Mr Maxwell was asked if he believes his sister should take to the stand in court: "One thing you can say is there's been an awful lot of talking by everybody for the last few years and the voice of Ghislaine has never been heard.

"The family is not going to leave it there. We are taking steps to lodge a complaint with the United Nations' working group on arbitrary detention because America needs to be held to account for the way it is choosing to discriminate against my sister. The treatment meted out to G has been appalling."

Ms Maxwell's trial is due to begin on 29 November and last for six weeks.

Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in a New York prison cell on 10 August as he awaited his trial on sex trafficking charges.

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 9:01 a.m. No.111077   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1079 >>1106 >>1132

That was the 58 anniversary of that parade in Wisconsin.


The JFK assassination was 58 years ago today.


Joe Biden just said the other day he was 58 years old.


That shit isn't all a coincidence…


"cyber nine eleven" = 58 (Chaldean)

"New World Order" = 58 (Chaldean)

"As Above so Below" = 58 (Chaldean)

"conspiracy theory" = 58 (Chaldean)

"Great Depression" = 58 (Chaldean)

"Trump assassinated" = 58 (Chaldean)

"burnt offering" = 58 (Chaldean)

"global transactions" = 58 (Chaldean)

Anonymous ID: 0dd6ba Nov. 22, 2021, 9:06 a.m. No.111079   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1080 >>1106 >>1132



Yep been noticing that


Glad to see this used


Wonder if it is a signal (for attack), a submission (NWO), or a call for help.

Could be all of the above, could also be to make it more obvious to the sleepers.

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 9:13 a.m. No.111080   🗄️.is 🔗kun


theY let us know in advance

new dimension to decode

in case there was confusion about his mental state, possessed, consumed, owned

muh guess, just a mouth piece

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 9:20 a.m. No.111083   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1087 >>1088 >>1106 >>1132

very very






Q !ITPb.qbhqo 11/30/2017 00:38:37 ID: 7ebe7c

Archive Bread/Post Links: 12535 / 13092

Direct Link: 13092

Focus on Hussein.

Revelations comingvery very soon.

HUMA - SA - Hussein.

HLR (first).

Civil rights attorney.

13th District - Sen.


Hussein v HRC v McCain.

Why is this relevant?

Follow the money pre-pres.

Follow the connections pre-pres.

Why does Hussein travel ahead of POTUS?

Why did Hussein travel behind POTUS?

Think Asia.

Think NK.

What was told re: NK during the past 8 years?

What dramatic shift occurred re: NK post election of POTUS?


Define hostage.

The Sum of all Fears.

Why are sexual harassment claims all appearing suddenly?


What is a pill?

When is it hard to swallow?

How do you remove your enemies from positions of influence and authority?

Define stages.

Define puppets.

Define puppet handlers.

Define proxy war.

Define proxy war.

Define proxy war.

Expand your thinking.

Why is Justice stalling release of c-level info?


Does POTUS control all matters classified?


Have faith.

These people are losers!


Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 9:34 a.m. No.111091   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Former DEM Candidate For US House Allegedly Tweets SICK Joke About Waukesha Tragedy…Deletes His Tweet…We Have Screenshot


A Democratic candidate for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District allegedly made light of the tragic events in Waukesha, Wisconsin this Sunday in a now deleted tweet.


100 Percent Fed Up reports – Randy Bryce was the Democratic nominee for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District in the 2018 midterms. He was defeated by Republican Bryan Steil by a 55 to 42 percent margin.


In a now deleted tweet, Bryce allegedly mocked the events in Waukesha, making a comparison to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. Bryce received a significant amount of social media buzz and attention from the mainstream media in his 2018 run, receiving millions of dollars of out of state money from liberal activists across the country. Bryce was attempting to run for Ex-House Speaker Paul Ryan’s congressional seat after the Speaker stepped down in April of 2018.


Bryce’s political career, which includes includes running in four different elections and winning none, has been mired in controversy. Bryce was attacked by his Democratic primary opponent attacked him in 2018 for falling behind on child support payments. He owed thousands of dollars in back payments after his 2014 divorce. He featured his son in campaign ads for his Congressional race.


Bryce’s commentary on the Rittenhouse case has been fraught with inaccuracies that he has faced criticism for.

Anonymous ID: 8ba10a Nov. 22, 2021, 9:34 a.m. No.111092   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1097 >>1112 >>1132

Australian Army Begins Transferring COVID-Positive Cases, Contacts To Quarantine Camps

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 9:41 a.m. No.111093   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1106 >>1132


Democrat resigns after calling Waukesha tragedy ‘karma’ for Rittenhouse verdict


An Illinois Democrat has received pushback after portraying the tragic deaths in Waukesha, Wisconsin as a form of “karma” against the state for Kyle Rittenhouse’s ‘not guilty’ verdict.


“The blood of Kyle Rittenhouse’s victims is on the hands of Wisconsin citizens, even the children,” Mary Lemanski, then-social media director for the Democratic Party in Illinois, tweeted after an SUV was driven into a Christmas parade, killing multiple people and injuring dozens. Lemanski went on to refer to the tragedy as “karma” in a separate tweet.


“I’m sad anytime anyone dies. I just believe in Karma and this came around quick on the citizens of Wisconsin,” she wrote.


Lemanski, whose Twitter profile says she is an acting student with the Second City Comedy Group, meanwhile mockingly referred to the SUV driver as fearing for his life and simply offering “help.” The remarks echoed Rittenhouse’s explanation that he shot and killed Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum in August 2020 in self-defense, claiming he was present during a protest-turned-riot to offer people help.


Lemanski later deleted her tweets as they began to spread online, and shared a statement saying she had resigned from the social media role after making “some remarks that were not in good taste regarding the Waukesha tragedy”. She also claimed she would sue Fox News for harassment, as the outlet was the first to highlight the tweets.

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 9:51 a.m. No.111096   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1106 >>1132

DeSantis announces $1 billion in Florida gas tax relief to combat inflation


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday announced that the Republican-controlled state legislature will act to suspend the state's gas tax to provide $1 billion in relief to drivers feeling pain at the pump as inflation continues to push prices up.


Speaking at a Buc-ee's gas station and convenience store in Daytona Beach, DeSantis called out "inflationary policies out of Washington" for driving up consumer prices ahead of the holidays.


"The price of a Thanksgiving dinner is up over 20% just over last year," DeSantis said. "I think what's most dramatic, because it affects most people in their daily lives, is gas prices going up."


According to the American Automobile Association, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Florida jumped 10 cents to $3.36 in the last week alone. While still below the national average of $3.41, WPLG-TV reports it marks the highest price Floridians have paid for gas since September 2014. The governor noted that the price of gas today is $1.31 more expensive than it was a year ago.


"We think this is a huge problem for working families in Florida. Really it hits everybody, but it particularly hits blue-collar people, people on fixed income," DeSantis said.


He explained that the state government could provide immediate relief for Florida families by suspending the gas tax until prices come back down.


"The average family over a five or six month period, you know, could save up to $200," the governor told reporters. "There's a whole bunch of things that go into the price of gas. There's different taxes, federal, state, local level, we're taking over 25 cents from Florida and we will basically zero that out for as long as we can and do over a billion dollars. That's going to make a huge, huge deal."


DeSantis said he's spoken with business leaders in the state to ensure that if the tax holiday passes, prices at the pump will come down.


"We talked [to] Racetrack, we talked to Daily's, Gate, a bunch of them throughout the state of Florida, and they all said yes, absolutely [we will lower prices]. And I think the reason is it makes financial sense for them because they make a lot of money when people come into their store and buy things," DeSantis said.


He added that state budget surpluses have put Florida in "great financial shape" and told reporters that suspending the gas tax will not hamper state infrastructure spending.

Anonymous ID: 5f3a8b Nov. 22, 2021, 9:52 a.m. No.111097   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Where is the sauce for this claim:


"The Australian army has begun forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located in Darwin"


I don't see any.

There is only a link to a concentration camp, but that is all.

Anonymous ID: 8ba10a Nov. 22, 2021, 10:04 a.m. No.111100   🗄️.is 🔗kun

better half is getting he covid jab push.

said use this info here...


What you’ll say is that you are asserting your right to a religious accommodation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S. Code § 2000e), which prohibits discrimination against a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance.


anyone got any other guud links?

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 10:15 a.m. No.111101   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1120


g2 just turned 60, his neurological decline does not bode well for life expectancy, knew this was coming, knew it would be messy and knew no one else in fam able to make proper decisions, g1 now appreciative of what I know and do and has forgotten muh many "faults"


also what he ate for breakfast since 1951

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 10:16 a.m. No.111102   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1103 >>1104





Chemnitz mourns the loss of Dr. Thomas Jendges (55). The head of the Chemnitz hospital who “fell” from the hospital building on Flemmingstrasse Tuesday morning. He died from his injuries.


Dr. Jendges was appointed managing director of East Germany’s largest municipal hospital in April and has been the sole managing director since October 1st. He leaves behind a wife and a son.


The background to the accident is still unclear. So far, however, everything points to a tragic suicide.


Got tired murdering people?

Anonymous ID: 5f3a8b Nov. 22, 2021, 10:21 a.m. No.111103   🗄️.is 🔗kun


That video is another doctor and it's from 2020.

Someone cut the bottom away and turned compression to very high so that you don't see details anymore.


Here is the original video and you see the name at the bottom. It's from 2020.

Anonymous ID: 5f3a8b Nov. 22, 2021, 10:24 a.m. No.111104   🗄️.is 🔗kun


The suicide is also true though.


That's Dr. Thomas Jendges.


The one in the video is Dr. Guido Hofmann

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 10:35 a.m. No.111106   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1109 >>1114


>>111105 Mandate is not a law! Voluntary!

>>111096 DeSantis announces $1 billion in Florida gas tax relief to combat inflation

>>111094, >>111099 It’s started./justification, qualification for WI driver killings

>>111086 “Laptop from Hell” coming out

>>111083, >>111087, >>111088 very very/VV/W

>>111078, >>111093 Democrat official calls Wisconsin Christmas rampage 'karma'/ resigns after

>>111077, >>111079 58/Chaldean gemetria

>>111071 some trivial stuffs

>>111070 Ghislaine Maxwell 'won't get fair trial' - brother/nneither will her victims, suck dick GMax fam

>>111067 'Chasing Ghislaine' examines the mother of all conspiracies

>>111066, >>111068, >>111090 Judge Lets GMaxwell Call ‘False Memory’ Expert, Defense Psychologist for Robert Durst, O.J. Simpson, Harvey Weinstein

>>111065, >>111075 MAlbright: donning a snake pin, send a message to Saddam Hussein, have worn hundreds of pins to comm signals to foreign leaders


>>111059, >>111060, >>111063 The Satanic Matrix: Part I, The Slavery of The Mind



lemme know

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 10:37 a.m. No.111107   🗄️.is 🔗kun

WI prosecutors habs a PR prollem


Disclose TV saying Brooks has a prior with assault by auto:


UPDATE - Darrell Brooks has been charged multiple times with recklessly endangering the safety of others. In a very recent case, he purposefully ran a woman "over with his vehicle" at a gas station.

Anonymous ID: 5f3a8b Nov. 22, 2021, 10:56 a.m. No.111113   🗄️.is 🔗kun


I have a feeling that this is allowed because mass extinction ritual + Revelations.


Show what disgusting shit they did and then snap and most of humanity is dead.

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 11:08 a.m. No.111117   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1118 >>1132

The head of the Chemnitz clinic in Germany committed suicide because of “lies about vaccination.”


Dr. Thomas Jendges committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the hospital. In his suicide note, the doctor allegedly justified his move by saying that he could no longer tolerate “constant lies and cheating about supposedly harmless vaccinations” related to Covid.


Dr. Thomas Yenges wrote a rather impressive suicide letter, which he demanded to be published. In it, he is said to have sharply criticized the government’s information policy regarding the dangers of vaccinations against Covid-19. The doctor could no longer stand the constant lie that vaccinations were supposedly harmless. And he could no longer deceive patients.

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 11:30 a.m. No.111126   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1129


still talks about shit on shingles

had to jog muh memory for army term

creamed chipped beef

from Koren army days

how the fuck do i ever member this sheitz

life's mysteries

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 11:31 a.m. No.111127   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1129


post infected, not sitting properly?

they used to use silver point to prevent infection

not any moar

too expensive

infection will eat bone

be careful

guud luck

Anonymous ID: 8d8550 Nov. 22, 2021, 11:42 a.m. No.111129   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>shit on a shingle

yeah, know what dat is

just bought some chipped beef yesterday - good for long term storage food



dunno, but hope to find out

was achin pretty good on Sat night

gotta go now, appt soon

ty for bein here

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 11:43 a.m. No.111130   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1132

Denmark’s Orsted has bought a 302-megawatt Illinois wind farm with long-term power agreements to sell electricity to Facebook parent Meta and McDonald’s

Anonymous ID: f5ed85 Nov. 22, 2021, 11:54 a.m. No.111132   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>111130 Denmark’s Orsted bought a 302-megawatt Ill wind farm, long-term power agreements to sell electricity to FB parent Meta and McDonald’s

>>111122 watch the water

>>111117, >>111118 The head of the Chemnitz clinic in Germany committed suicide because of “lies about vaccination.”

>>111110 Mandate is not a law! Volumtary!

>>111096 DeSantis announces $1 billion in Florida gas tax relief to combat inflation

>>111094, >>111099 It’s started./justification, qualification for WI driver killings

>>111092, >>111112 Australian Army Begins Transferring COVID-Positive Cases, Contacts To Quarantine Camps

>>111086 “Laptop from Hell” coming out

>>111083, >>111087, >>111088 very very/VV/W

>>111078, >>111093 Democrat official calls Wisconsin Christmas rampage 'karma'/ resigns after

>>111077, >>111079 58/Chaldean gemetria

>>111071 some trivial stuffs

>>111070 Ghislaine Maxwell 'won't get fair trial' - brother/nneither will her victims, suck dick GMax fam

>>111067 'Chasing Ghislaine' examines the mother of all conspiracies

>>111066, >>111068, >>111090 Judge Lets GMaxwell Call ‘False Memory’ Expert, Defense Psychologist for Robert Durst, O.J. Simpson, Harvey Weinstein

>>111065, >>111075 MAlbright: donning a snake pin, send a message to Saddam Hussein, have worn hundreds of pins to comm signals to foreign leaders


>>111059, >>111060, >>111063 The Satanic Matrix: Part I, The Slavery of The Mind



lemme know

gonna set a bake