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>>2322789 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

Anonymous ID: c6abe3 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:31 p.m. No.14762566   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2825


#18671 Back for Another Dose now known as #18762

>>14761910 Information and reception in the mind…a primer to consider

>>14762267 Rally QPROOF POTUS number 1 job accomplished.

>>14761842 Fauci says kids can enjoy trick-or-treating this Halloween - nyp

>>14761877 The Fall of the Cabal, part 18. bitchute link

>>14762032 Southwest is sparking a rebellion. - sick out of pilots

>>14762132, >>14762202 Bank of Ireland puts dozens of closed branches up for sale - the times

>>14762170 ‘Disappointing’ Kingaroy bank closure draws community ire (9-10-21)

>>14762218 Trump Calls for DOJ to Re-Open Investigation Into Ashli Babbitt’s Killing During Texas Rally in Her Honor - gwp

>>14762220 Belize Bank Corporation Limited announces temporary closure of PG Branch on Wednesday

>>14762313 Catholic Cathedral in Colorado Vandalized With ‘Satan Lives Here’ - gwp

>>14762329 Bolsonaro Denied Entry to Football Match Due to Not Being Vaccinated - sputnik

>>14762330 Hezbollah’s role in the global drugs trade — the West Africa connection - arab news

>>14762410 Joel Osteen’s megachurch shamed into returning $4.4M in PPP loans - nyp

>>14762438 Noem Draws Bipartisan Ire For Demanding South Dakotans Celebrate ‘Native American Heritage’ Instead of Columbus Day - nationalfile

>>14762442 Xi Says He Wants 'Peaceful Reunification' With Taiwan After Sending 150 Warplanes Near the Island -pjmedia

>>14762492 #18671 now known as #18672


#18591 Now known as #18671

>>14760955 The lie that killed over 60 million American Babies - roe v wade - gwp

>>14760971 fema officers accused of pueto rico disaster fraud - courthouse image caps

>>14761023 Watch: Aussie Police Interrogate Citizen On His Doorstep Over 6-Month Old Anti-Lockdown Facebook Posts

>>14761070 Taiwan president says nation will not bow to pressure from China - the hill

>>14761076 Custom Officials Seize Small Packages of Lifesaving Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine in Chicago While Record Amounts of Fentanyl Continue to Flow Across Southern Border - gwp

>>14761155 London police drop investigation into Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex crimes - daily mail

>>14761164 One person dead after helicopter crash north of NYC -nyp

>>14761181 - FINALLY A MP IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS ADDRESS THE ISSUE IN OPEN DEBATE IN THE U.K !! sir christopher chope - bitchute video

>>14761224 Media Blackout: It’s Not Just Southwest Airlines – Air Traffic Controllers in Jacksonville Reportedly Walked Out Friday Night Protesting Mandatory COVID Vaccinations Too - gwp

>>14761294 Leaked footage from the hearing on Friday reveals that they KNEW that 661 Mainers died within 28 days of the vaccine. -youtube

>>14761304 - Postal workers exempt from the vaccine- gwp


>>14761419 Two Indian drugmakers to end trials of generic Merck pill for moderate COVID-19 -reuters

>>14761437 Met Police drop investigation into Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein-

>>14761449 Facebook Will Try to ‘Nudge’ Teens Away From Harmful Content - and closer to pedo's


>>14761832 #18591 aka #18671


#18670 TBC




>>14759431 Power Outages in California, or rolling Newsome brown-outs and how I learned to stop worrying and love the COVID

>>14759481 Gavin Newsom Signs Law Requiring ‘Gender Neutral’ Aisles in Toy Stores

>>14759497 Local protest leader arrested on drug charges as result of murder investigation blm

>>14759546 China Prepares for Possible Large-Scale COVID-19 Outbreak: Leaked CCP Documents - epoch times

>>14759559 Trump: “As I’ve said before, the truth is a force of nature. It’s coming out, it’s all going to come out. Hang in there” mp4 video

>>14759633 De-FACE the Nation CBS - adam schiff mp4 video

>>14759712 Sky News Australia special investigation into the origins of COVID-19

>>14759783 Iowa State Fairground Stills, >>14759787, >>14759792

>>14759965 Czech President Milos Zeman was rushed to the hospital on Sunday

>>14759986 Effects of Covid Response - The top one percent of richest Americans now hold more wealth than the entire American middle class, data from the Federal Reserve reveal.

>>14760011 Clinton, Bush, Obama, Biden Working Closely to Resettle Afghans Across U.S.

>>14760018 Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops have not yet complied with vaccine mandate as deadlines near (Repost of WaPo article)

>>14760055 #18669

Anonymous ID: c6abe3 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:32 p.m. No.14762569   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>14758634 No evidence whistleblower Frances Haugen was planted by Facebook - politifact

>>14758637 Australia One Warning - Riccardo Bosi Former Special Forces - youtube video

>>14758651 Summary of findings of the Corona Investigative Committee Status 09/15/2021 German lawyer Dr Reiner Fullmich

>>14758670 mutant babies being born after vax jab- gab

>>14758693 The Targeting of Military Chaplains Under Biden - spector

>>14758700 The art of the COVID deal: Gallery selling Hunter Biden's paintings saw federal COVID-19 loan increased from $150k to $500k after - daily mail

>>14758707 President Trump Rips Biden in Iowa -gwp

>>14758714 congress treated with ivermectin protocal from front line doctors - sundance

>>14758721 DeSantis Offers the Solution to Supply-Chain Issues Newsom Has Exacerbated- redstate

>>14758733 Pilot union warns of staffing shortages if American Airlines refuses vaccination exemptions - washington examiner

>>14758740 Trump Rids Major U.S. Container Port of Chinese Communist Control - judicial watch

>>14758756 The amount of influence the CIA has over the Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons is incredibly strong john menadue

>>14758798 THOUSANDS OF DEMONSTRATORS IN TOULON - france anti vax demos

>>14758815 Merck’s 4,000% Markup of Taxpayer-Funded COVID Drug Is ‘Extortion - dr zelenko

>>14758905 parents fed up stunned school board members with 200 million lawsuit on mask mandates-treading politics

>>14758916,>>14758921, >>14758929 lets go brandon bun

>>14758950 Border left 'wide open' after red states pull National Guard and police

>>14758957 Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (austrian)announces his resignation after corruption charges -bbc

>>14759027 Thunderous 'F**k Joe Biden' Chant Breaks Out During An NFL game - daily caller

>>14759038 2 children were accidentally given the Covid vaccine instead of flu shots and are now both suffering from heart issues: - twat

>>14759053 ALL EYES ON TAIWAN - gwp

>>14759110 richard citizen journalist got kicked out of the rally ….seems he’s being ke-t distant from POTUS things - youtube video

>>14759145, >>14759156 (You) - putin 95% of world terrorist attacks by cia

>>14759169, >>14759169 CNN Publishes Explainer About How to Convince Your 5-Year-Old They Need a COVID Vaccine - cnn and gwp


>>14759195 BUSTED: Pfizer ADMITS There's No Vaccine Approved By FDA - Gab post

>>14759200 More Than 200,000 Have Already Died From The COVID Jab In The US-fastrope

>>14759201 If the US Gov extradites Assange, you lose everything. - jim watkins

>>14759223 how the nsa collects your data - image cap, no source but notable

>>14759226, >>14759269 NYT evil racism narrative. nice white parents -nyt


>>14759275 US Flooded with Fentanyl-Laced Fake Pills from China: Part 2 - epoch times

>>14759574 #18668



>>14757857 BREAKING SCANDAL: Members of Congress Treated for COVID-19 with Ivermectin? populist

>>14757913 prison population lowest since 2001 in pennsylvania - pittsburgh cbs

>>14758045 trump clip from iowa - in never conceded - youtube

>>14758273 DynCorp was exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young women and children. - youtube vid

>>14758445 Hillary Clinton and DynCorp: The untold story of the 15 year-old belly dancer -


>>14758532 Neo-communism. Everybody gets their fair share. zerohedge

>>14758541 General John Daniel Caine of the Air Force. The nice name is Raisin. He wanted to stop 9/11. - national guard

>>14759665 #18667

Anonymous ID: c6abe3 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:32 p.m. No.14762571   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>14757097 Lin Wood wants to work out the differences with MTG

>>14757119, >>14756969 pb There is no shortage (cargo ships line both the east and west coasts unable to unload their shipments)

>>14757102, >>14757320 JJ??

>>14757226 Donald Trump Jr. Fuck Joe Biden

>>14757268, >>14757288, >>14757299, >>14757349, >>14757412 Key Iraq War strategist and former Army chief Raymond Odierno dies at 67

>>14757297 People in the crowd just tried to start a let's go Brandon chant. It didn't work.

>>14757303 When Trump says that Biden signed exactly 17 executive orders.

>>14757315 45: "They used COVID in order to cheat and rig."

>>14757321 President Trump Promotes Upcoming Rally In Michigan on October 12th on the Capitol Steps – Patriots Will Call for Michigan Forensic Audit

>>14757322, >>14757375 Persnickety

>>14757360 “Truth is a Force of Nature” He’s telling you he’s not waiting to 2024

>>14757377 "They don't want anyone talking about the election because they know they got caught!" - President Donald J. Trump

>>14757377, >>14757402 "You will not be bossed by incompetent, dishonest, disgusting politicians, by Big Tech tyrants by left wing bullies or anybody else. "We are born free. We will live free."

>>14757389 "First of all, he didn't get elected." PDJT on Biden

>>14757407 $2700 PER HOUR Australian medicos ready to buy themselves new Range Rover

>>14757427 DISTRACTION:‘Pandora Papers’ Financial secrets of world leaders revealed in data leak (0:59)

>>14757434, >>14757437 Disney is to remake the 1986 sci-fi adventure movie "Flight of the Navigator" in a female-led

>>14757441 Tonight POTUS said twice in a row re: Afganistan: We want our hostages back and we want our equipment back. And then we can talk.

>>14757468, >>14756708 pb, >>14756756 pb, >>14756717 pb, >>14756730 pb, >>14756812 pb, >>14756857 pb BDT Blunt & Direct Time Make America Great Again, Again

>>14757496 Attorney who handled wrongful death lawsuit of Alex Murdaugh's housekeeper has his law license suspended

>>14757506 871 L.A. city firefighters sue City of Los Angeles’ COVID vaccine mandates, seeking $1.7 BILLION in damages

>>14757508 The Navy sold the USS John F. Kennedy and USS Kitty Hawk for the low, low price of 1 cent each

>>14757521, >>14757568, >>14757624, >>14757636, >>14757648 PF Report 45 is soon wheels up WUMAC INC

>>14757530, >>14757577, >>14757621, >>14757678, >>14757690, >>14757723, >>14757693, >>14757573 4 people die when a small plane crashes at an Atlanta area airport, finance CEO, Jonathan D Rosen

>>14757675 QClock October 9, 2021 Look up every now and then

>>14757684 Truth is a force of nature was from Mike Pence’s speech on Oct. 26, 2016

>>14757769 #18666



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>>14759574 #18668, >>14760055, #18669, #18670 TBC

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>>14750035 #18656, >>14750791 #18657, >>14751618 #18658

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>>14745131 #18650, >>14746034 #18651, >>14746817 #18652

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Anonymous ID: d16ecd Oct. 10, 2021, 6:32 p.m. No.14762578   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2618

There once was a LARPing faggot named Q, A few useless clues the riddlenigger did spew

A one year delta turned into two three and four, Anons are a sucker for punishment so let's wait some more

The grand plan of 8kun and open source design, Is just a place to shitpost in your spare time

Promises of big name arrests had repeatedly been made, But future proves past they were never repaid

We got strung along by Q's promise of hope, For nothing to habben so now we just cope

A natural death has been the only "justice" so far, Maybe Q could hang just one traitor and at least raise the bar?

Pissy smell Hill was supposed to be caught in October by the team, But all we got for Christmas was a shitty Santa meme

Skippy the pedo was another promised indictment, But he's still scot free and tortures minors for excitement

Did you really believe the elites would be put in a cage?, Trump pointed his finger "you'd be in jail" - but it was just for the stage

Whether you know it or not Donny is related to rotten cabbage Hill, You claim to be woke but ate the Blue Pill

A few million people had to die just for "optics", While Trump played golf with his friends in the tropics

But don't worry frens Q said "this is war", While globalists rape our country like an old dirty whore

Fauci made a new strain in the lab just for fun, To use on the public when Q's job was done

Make no mistake we all think Q's plan is just fab, So we wait in line like good little sheep just for the jab

Don sat on the fence while he gave more to Israel, Ever wonder why his cabinet and team leads were so miserable?

Trump sent more to (((them))) then in all of past history, Are his zionist friends really a mystery?

He signed an EO to protect his tribe from a slur, Undone in a year by Joe his victories were a blur

Grabbing women by the pussy is common behavior, Do you really think Trump is humanity's savior?

For thousands of years they've won at this game, Red vs Blue it's always the same

A cognitive dissonance when faced with this proof, Cry all you like every word is the truth

With this rhyme of truth you might think me a shill, but only the learned chose the red pill

History repeats all through the ages, those who truly see are the wisest of sages

Anonymous ID: d16ecd Oct. 10, 2021, 6:33 p.m. No.14762582   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2618

There once was a LARPing faggot named Q, A few useless clues the riddlenigger did spew

A one year delta turned into two three and four, Anons are a sucker for punishment so let's wait some more

The grand plan of 8kun and open source design, Is just a place to shitpost in your spare time

Promises of big name arrests had repeatedly been made, But future proves past they were never repaid

We got strung along by Q's promise of hope, For nothing to habben so now we just cope

A natural death has been the only "justice" so far, Maybe Q could hang just one traitor and at least raise the bar?

Pissy smell Hill was supposed to be caught in October by the team, But all we got for Christmas was a shitty Santa meme

Skippy the pedo was another promised indictment, But he's still scot free and tortures minors for excitement

Did you really believe the elites would be put in a cage?, Trump pointed his finger "you'd be in jail" - but it was just for the stage

Whether you know it or not Donny is related to rotten cabbage Hill, You claim to be woke but ate the Blue Pill

A few million people had to die just for "optics", While Trump played golf with his friends in the tropics

But don't worry frens Q said "this is war", While globalists rape our country like an old dirty whore

Fauci made a new strain in the lab just for fun, To use on the public when Q's job was done

Make no mistake we all think Q's plan is just fab, So we wait in line like good little sheep just for the jab

Don sat on the fence while he gave more to Israel, Ever wonder why his cabinet and team leads were so miserable?

Trump sent more to (((them))) then in all of past history, Are his zionist friends really a mystery?

He signed an EO to protect his tribe from a slur, Undone in a year by Joe his victories were a blur

Grabbing women by the pussy is common behavior, Do you really think Trump is humanity's savior?

For thousands of years they've won at this game, Red vs Blue it's always the same

A cognitive dissonance when faced with this proof, Cry all you like every word is the truth

With this rhyme of truth you might think me a shill, but only the learned chose the red pill

History repeats all through the ages, those who truly see are the wisest of sages

Anonymous ID: d16ecd Oct. 10, 2021, 6:32 p.m. No.14762587   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2618

There once was a LARPing faggot named Q, A few useless clues the riddlenigger did spew

A one year delta turned into two three and four, Anons are a sucker for punishment so let's wait some more

The grand plan of 8kun and open source design, Is just a place to shitpost in your spare time

Promises of big name arrests had repeatedly been made, But future proves past they were never repaid

We got strung along by Q's promise of hope, For nothing to habben so now we just cope

A natural death has been the only "justice" so far, Maybe Q could hang just one traitor and at least raise the bar?

Pissy smell Hill was supposed to be caught in October by the team, But all we got for Christmas was a shitty Santa meme

Skippy the pedo was another promised indictment, But he's still scot free and tortures minors for excitement

Did you really believe the elites would be put in a cage?, Trump pointed his finger "you'd be in jail" - but it was just for the stage

Whether you know it or not Donny is related to rotten cabbage Hill, You claim to be woke but ate the Blue Pill

A few million people had to die just for "optics", While Trump played golf with his friends in the tropics

But don't worry frens Q said "this is war", While globalists rape our country like an old dirty whore

Fauci made a new strain in the lab just for fun, To use on the public when Q's job was done

Make no mistake we all think Q's plan is just fab, So we wait in line like good little sheep just for the jab

Don sat on the fence while he gave more to Israel, Ever wonder why his cabinet and team leads were so miserable?

Trump sent more to (((them))) then in all of past history, Are his zionist friends really a mystery?

He signed an EO to protect his tribe from a slur, Undone in a year by Joe his victories were a blur

Grabbing women by the pussy is common behavior, Do you really think Trump is humanity's savior?

For thousands of years they've won at this game, Red vs Blue it's always the same

A cognitive dissonance when faced with this proof, Cry all you like every word is the truth

With this rhyme of truth you might think me a shill, but only the learned chose the red pill

History repeats all through the ages, those who truly see are the wisest of sages

Anonymous ID: 8429d3 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:36 p.m. No.14762598   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2614

Taliban says Biden admin. has agreed to provide ‘humanitarian aid’ to Afghanistan


The Biden Administration will reportedly provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, but will not give political recognition to Taliban officials in control of the war-torn country, the Taliban told the Associated Press on Sunday.


The Taliban also said they will not cooperate with the United States in order to contain ISIS-K in the area.


Read more from the AP here.

Anonymous ID: 8429d3 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:38 p.m. No.14762603   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3260 >>3304

Teacher Accused Of Sexual Relationship With Teen Boy Is Pregnant, Police Say; Victim IDed By “Thug” Necklace Seen In Sex Vid


A woman employed as a school teacher at John I. Smith K-8 Center in Doral, Florida has been arrested and charged for sexual battery on a minor — and police say she’s pregnant.


41-year-old Heiry Calvi was arrested Friday and has since been released from jail on bond. Police say she had a seven-month-long relationship with the victim.


WPLG reported: The teenage boy was using Whatsapp to communicate with Calvi and detectives reported there was a video of them nude together, according to the arrest form. Students told school administrators the teen was showing off the video in school and they recognized the woman as Calvi.


The boy’s “Thug” pendant on a gold necklace allowed detectives to identify the teen in the photos and videos in his phone, police said.


A witness told a detective that Calvi and the victim attended a Quinceañera, a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday, together on March 6 at a banquet hall in Hialeah, and he introduced Calvi as his aunt, police said. On March 7, officers stopped Calvi while she was in the car with the victim and two other teenage boys. A few of them told Doral officers that they had been attempting to get a room at a Holiday Inn, police said.


Detectives also found a message to the victim from a friend: “Ask Ms Calvi when she gon help us find my shi to smoke on,” according to the arrest form. A witness told a detective the victim vapes THC.

Anonymous ID: 8429d3 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:38 p.m. No.14762608   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3260 >>3304

Sydney man sentenced to three years’ jail for multiple child abuse-related offences


A 46-year-old Western Sydney man has been sentenced to three years’ jail after being charged by the Australian Federal Police for accessing, possessing and transmitting child abuse material.


The man was sentenced at Parramatta District Court today (8 October 2021) after pleading guilty on 25 June (2021) to three child abuse-related charges:


Possessing or controlling child abuse material obtained or accessed using a carriage service, contrary to section 474.22A of the Criminal Code (Cth);

Transmitting child pornography material using a carriage service, contrary to section 474.19(1) of the Criminal Code (Cth); and

Accessing child abuse material using a carriage service, contrary to section 474.22(1) of the Criminal Code (Cth).


Another two charges laid against the man for using a carriage service to access child abuse material and child pornography, were taken into account as part of the sentencing.


The AFP Eastern Command Child Protection Operations (CPO) team began investigating the man’s activities after the AFP-led Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) provided a report about an online user obtaining videos of children being tortured and sexually abused.


Investigators charged the man on 1 September 2020 after executing a search warrant at his home in the Sydney suburb of Fairfield. Police seized several electronic devices that were found to contain photos and videos of children being sexually abused.


The man was refused bail at the time of his arrest and has been in custody since September 2020.


He will be eligible for release on a four-year recognisance order from 1 July 2022.


Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews said there was no crime more horrific than child sexual abuse, which was why the Government was taking the threat so seriously.


“The Government recently passed important new legislation empowering police to take down dark web paedophile rings,” Minister Andrews said.


“We also allocated $59.9 million for the AFP in the Federal Budget, allowing it to further invest in new frontline operational activities and protect children. The Morrison Government will continue to give our police the power and resources they need to keep our kids safe and bring offenders to justice.”


AFP Detective Sergeant Jarryd Dunbar said every view and share of child abuse material on a device feeds an industry operating on the most unimaginable acts of cruelty and abuse inflicted on children.


“There is no cause greater for our officers than ensuring the safety of the most vulnerable in our community,” Det. Sgt Dunbar said.


“Our officers are driven to identifying and removing children in danger of further abuse and ensuring the people responsible for sustaining this horrific industry are brought to justice for their actions.”


The ACCCE is committed to stopping child exploitation and abuse and is at the centre of a collaborative national approach to combatting organised child abuse.


The Centre brings together specialist expertise and skills in a central hub, supporting investigations into child sexual abuse and developing prevention strategies focused on creating a safer online environment.

Anonymous ID: c588d3 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:40 p.m. No.14762614   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>Taliban says Biden admin. has agreed to provide ‘humanitarian aid’ to Afghanistan


"Taliban says Biden admin.will force American tax payersto provide ‘humanitarian aid’ toIslamic terroristin Afghanistan"

Anonymous ID: 8429d3 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:41 p.m. No.14762619   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3260 >>3304

Democrats: ‘Morally Reprehensible’ if Kamala Harris Does Not Ram Through Amnesty for Illegal Aliens


A group of House Democrats says it will be “morally reprehensible” and “a grave disappointment” if Vice President Kamala Harris does not ram through an amnesty for illegal aliens via the filibuster-proof budget reconciliation process against the will of the Senate Parliamentarian.


For months, Senate Democrats have sought to slip an amnesty for illegal aliens into their $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. Two specific amnesty plans brought to Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough were rejected.


Now, Senate Democrats are working on a third amnesty plan to bring to MacDonough for approval — one that would allow most of the 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens to remain in the United States by providing them with some form of parole status.


In an op-ed, Reps. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY), Jesus Garcia (D-IL), and Lou Correa (D-CA) wrote that it is up to Harris to bypass MacDonough and ensure an expansive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens remains in the reconciliation package.


“With a $3.5 trillion dollar human infrastructure package in the pipeline it would be morally reprehensible, fiscally irresponsible and a grave disappointment to every single undocumented immigrant in this country for this Congress to once again leave our most vulnerable immigrant communities behind — and we simply won’t stand for it,” the House Democrats wrote:


Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in recent weeks, the Senate parliamentarian — an unelected advisor to the United States Senate on the interpretation of the chamber’s rules and parliamentary procedure — has twice provided opinions that have thrown a wrench into our efforts to enact meaningful immigration reform through the budget reconciliation process. [Emphasis added]



This is a historic opportunity — for us to bring back compassion and dignity to our immigration system, and one that we need to seize. That’s why we will vote down any budget reconciliation deal that does not include some form of commonsense immigration reform — period. This moment also calls for bold action, which is why we call on Vice President Harris, as presiding officer of the Senate, to dismiss the Senate parliamentarian’s opinion and not only do what is right for 8 million immigrants, but also recognize the budgetary effect of such a determination. [Emphasis added]


Pressure on Harris to get an amnesty through the Senate has been building for weeks now.


Last week, for instance, a number of open borders lobbying groups protested outside the White House demanding action from Harris. Likewise, many of those groups wrote Harris a letter stating that she, alone, could get the amnesty through the Senate via reconciliation.


“Despite the repeated, unfortunate, and misguided advice of the Senate Parliamentarian … it is ultimately up to you to decide whether to take action to make a pathway to citizenship possible,” the groups wrote to Harris.

Anonymous ID: 2f0d05 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:43 p.m. No.14762625   🗄️.is 🔗kun

5/ I can attest that, after this experience, I am even more dedicated to fighting against vaccine mandates. Instead of enriching the pockets of Big Pharma and corrupt bureaucrats and politicians, we should be advocating the monoclonal antibody infusion therapy.

6:42 AM · Oct 10, 2021·Twitter for iPhone


Update today from Lt. Col. Allen West…

Anonymous ID: 8429d3 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:43 p.m. No.14762626   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3260 >>3304

AG Garland’s Family Is Likely Making Millions on its CRT Platform Being Pushed in US Schools – His Speaking Out About It is a Conflict of Interest Using the DOJ to Protect These Interests


AG Merrick Garland’s son’s company, Panorama, provides its CRT-related platform to over 1,500 school districts, 23,000 schools, and 13 million students. No wonder he wanted to stop parents from criticizing CRT being pushed in US schools.


Last Monday US Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered his FBI to mobilize against parents who oppose the racist critical race theory (CRT) at school and other local board meetings across the country.


Then Wednesday we revealed the fact that AG Garland’s son-in-law runs a company that sells CRT literature across the country. This is big business and very profitable. His company is named Panorama.


Then we found out Panorama material is being used in the Clayton, Missouri School District in St. Louis County.


Then we found that the large county next to Washington DC, Fairfax County in Virginia is paying millions for Panorama material used to poison the minds of children there as well.


Per a review of the company’s discussion about its platform, Panorama brags about:


CEO and co-founder Aaron Feuer did say the company now serves 13 million students in 23,000 schools across the United States, which means that 25% of American students are enrolled in a district served by Panorama today.


Over 50 of the largest 100 school districts and state agencies in the country use its platform. In total, more than 1,500 school districts are among its customers. Clients include the New York City Department of Education, Clark County School District in Nevada, Dallas ISD in Texas and the Hawaii Department of Education, among others.”


No wonder Garland is concerned about parents speaking out about CRT, his family is making a fortune on it. This is a blatant and arguably criminal conflict of interest from the head of Obama/Biden’s DOJ.

Anonymous ID: c905eb Oct. 10, 2021, 6:43 p.m. No.14762628   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>14762584 lb

they are now calling the pilots who are staging the sick out "domestic terrorists"

they have already been calling more than half of the pop white supremacists for years now, so domestic terrorist is next moniker

also, african Americans are most vaccine resistant, what will they call those people?

also need to boycott all companies that have vaccine mandate for employees, should compile list of those companies and disseminate

Anonymous ID: ef1cb8 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:44 p.m. No.14762632   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2648 >>2650 >>2671 >>2753 >>2966



last bread notables with callouts also,


Q Research General #18671: Back For Another Dose Edition - notables

>>14761842 Fauci says kids can enjoy trick-or-treating this Halloween - nyp

>>14761877 The Fall of the Cabal, part 18. bitchute link

>>14762032 Southwest is sparking a rebellion. - sick out of pilots

>>14762132, >>14762202 Bank of Ireland puts dozens of closed branches up for sale - the times

>>14762170 ‘Disappointing’ Kingaroy bank closure draws community ire (9-10-21)

>>14762218 Trump Calls for DOJ to Re-Open Investigation Into Ashli Babbitt’s Killing During Texas Rally in Her Honor - gwp

>>14762220 Belize Bank Corporation Limited announces temporary closure of PG Branch on Wednesday

>>14762313 Catholic Cathedral in Colorado Vandalized With ‘Satan Lives Here’ - gwp

>>14762329 Bolsonaro Denied Entry to Football Match Due to Not Being Vaccinated - sputnik

>>14762330 Hezbollah’s role in the global drugs trade — the West Africa connection - arab news

>>14762410 Joel Osteen’s megachurch shamed into returning $4.4M in PPP loans - nyp

>>14762438 Noem Draws Bipartisan Ire For Demanding South Dakotans Celebrate ‘Native American Heritage’ Instead of Columbus Day - nationalfile

>>14762442 Xi Says He Wants 'Peaceful Reunification' With Taiwan After Sending 150 Warplanes Near the Island -pjmedia

>>14762267 Rally Qproof - POTUS confirms Q on #1Job.

>>14762113 Major Lawsuit Against Maine Governor and Dr. Shah Maine CDC representative! - leaked youtube video

not a baker just a note taker, fcuk done around 7 breads without a thank you from anyone. tis ok, the job is the reward. but already done 8 hours so someone pleeease take over

Anonymous ID: 2c6506 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:44 p.m. No.14762633   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2654 >>2666 >>2679 >>2823

lb pb


Agreed. Interesting way to halt the country again. Which has to occur to drop the hammer. You cant have truckers all over the roads, you can't have boats coming in. you cant have trains moving. Never one to date fag but this could be the way they shut it down and take out the shitbags.

Anonymous ID: 9641fb Oct. 10, 2021, 6:45 p.m. No.14762637   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2784 >>2803 >>2810 >>2812 >>2841 >>3197 >>3260 >>3304

Major Lawsuit Against Maine Governor and Dr. Shah Maine CDC representative!! Been going on for a month but MSM is not covering it!


Leaked footage from the hearing testimony on Friday reveals that they KNEW that 661 Mainers died within 28 days of the vaccine. No mainstream media has even touched this lawsuit and hearing that has gone on for a month. This is huge unreported news. Watch the CDC rep try to squirm his way out of any responsibility.

>I dunno nuthin

>Not my job

Anonymous ID: 2f0d05 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:45 p.m. No.14762641   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2690

“In 2018, the Pelosi wealth skyrocketed. That year, her financial disclosure report revealed a net worth of over $114 million. In 2019, Pelosi’s assets total up to a whopping $271 million and in 2020, those numbers went up even more to as high as $315 million.”


Jesse Watters — How did Nancy Pelosi get so rich…

Anonymous ID: 8d6ce5 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:48 p.m. No.14762651   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3114

i love how mad these niggers get when you push them

imagine taking this shit seriously

imagine taking your unpaid "job" as a moderator seriously

imagine letting your own larp go to your head in this capacity

these are the scum of the fucking earth

Anonymous ID: 99e902 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:49 p.m. No.14762656   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2667 >>2745

60 minutes pushing the Deep Fake stuff on TV right now

something is coming


any anon remember the Q drop that mentioned Deep Fakes? tried searching on qalerts but could not find it

Anonymous ID: 05cc60 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:49 p.m. No.14762658   🗄️.is 🔗kun

over the target, faggots

Anonymous ID: 437a61 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:49 p.m. No.14762660   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2661


John 15/18-27


The World Hates the Disciples

18 “My disciples, does the world hate you? Remember that it hated me first.

19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you like one of its own. But you do not belong to the world. I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

20 Remember what I told you. I said, ‘A slave is not more important than his master.’ (John 13:16) If people hated me and tried to hurt me, they will do the same to you. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.

21 They will treat you like that because of my name. They do not know the one who sent me.

22 If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin. But now they have no excuse for their sin.

23 Whoever hates me hates my Father also.

24 I did works among them that no one else did. If I hadn’t, they would not be guilty of sin. But now they have seen those works. And still they have hated both me and my Father.

25 This has happened so that what is written in their Law would come true. It says, ‘They hated me without any reason.’ (Psalms 35:19; 69:4)


The Work of the Holy Spirit

26 “I will send the Friend to you from the Father. He is the Spirit of truth, who comes out from the Father. When the Friend comes to help you, he will be a witness about me.

27 You must also be witnesses about me. That’s because you have been with me from the beginning.

Anonymous ID: ef1cb8 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:52 p.m. No.14762666   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2674 >>2681 >>2721


noticing the same thing, petrol pumps closing, ships outside ports, banks closing, people giving up work for vax. ecomony crashing and people are still going to games while the world is slowly grinding to a halt,

dark winter playing out - the slow burn or the frog in a boiling pot, the elites favourite method

only here to you on a global board to you get the 40k view of the troubles , why they want they want this place shut down!!

Anonymous ID: 9bf314 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:52 p.m. No.14762668   🗄️.is 🔗kun

1917- FDA de-lists absinthe (Q- you have to go back, Trump "nothing like this since 1917").


1918- Spanish flu


2007- absinthe again allowed, but not if it has thujone, the stuff in wormwood that knocks out parasites. › en › about-wormwood-and-thujone


2007- all quinine drugs de-listed by FDA, except one to be used solely for simple malaria.


2020- FDA approved artesunate to treat malaria. Artesunate is a water-soluble, semi-synthetic derivative of the sesquiterpine lactone artemisinin. ( Wormwood is Artemisia absinthium)

Anonymous ID: 80deff Oct. 10, 2021, 6:53 p.m. No.14762672   🗄️.is 🔗kun

/digitalsoldier1776 knows where all the real shill experts are


They are all here.


Q cap confirms

Anonymous ID: 97c412 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:57 p.m. No.14762696   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2994

>>14761824 (lb)

when I'm confused about someone, I always have to go back to default setting…one…never trust a lawyer…two…believe in the lord…so you see where the confusing is…I like the guy, but i'm old enough to remember the "Revivalist Preachers" in the big tents…I'm just waiting for him to run off the stage and start healing people with his touch…kek…but take the lawyer shit off the table and yes he a bit out there but you would too if you knew truths other people don't know or won't listen too…gets a bit frustrating…maybe that's why he acts that way, not crazy, just frustrated at the inability for some people to understand what is being said and what is happening to them…

Anonymous ID: 59b29e Oct. 10, 2021, 6:57 p.m. No.14762701   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2714 >>2728

Jesus has spoken with this woman, she was told a US civil war begins soon. Middle of this month towards the end. When Martial Law comes into effect, this will be when he deep state is taken down. Sounds like War Manual stuff.

Anonymous ID: 2f0d05 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:59 p.m. No.14762709   🗄️.is 🔗kun



meh she just copied what US intel agencies were doing

She has most likely committed crimes far worse than this.

Anonymous ID: 01dcb5 Oct. 10, 2021, 6:59 p.m. No.14762710   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2802 >>2843

Eat Pork!


It tastes good and it's healthy too!

If you do not eat pork, you will not be allowed access to:

1) public transportation

2) malls and grocery stores

3) any public event where an entry fee is collected

4) all restaurants, clubs, bars and theaters

5) employment



If you refuse to eat pork, your children -if any- will be taken into protective custody.

If you post any negative comment online concerning the consumption of pork, you will be banned from all social media.

(this includes stating any religious edict that forbids the consumption of pork)

If you publicly demonstrate your refusal to eat pork, you will be labeled a terrorist and prosecuted accordingly.

If you do not have a valid Pork Pass in your possession at all times, you will be arrested and sent to a detention center for corrective action.

If you allow anyone entry into your residence who has not eaten pork, you will be arrested and imprisoned for life under forced labor.

If you encounter anyone in public who has not eaten pork or does not have a valid Pork Pass in their possession,

you must report this incident immediately to the Pork Consumption Awareness Center. Simply dial 911 for assistance.


Since you were willing to defile your body and mind with an experimental serum that has well known 'deliberately severe' side effects and is coersively administered without legal recourse

to any injury it may cause, and that you waived your right to informed consent before receiving your dosage, explain why you refuse to eat pork again?


There is no justification for mandatory vaccinations in an intellectually functioning society!

Everyone involved in this Global attempt to legitimize and administer genocide have committed a major crime against Humanity.

These people must be prosecuted, as in the Nuremberg Trials, for this Zombie Apocalypse! It will be their deaths that serve the global depopulation agenda

that They were advancing, or the whole world will face the consequences of suspending the Rule Of Law Under God, such as the tyranny that ensues.


It is your duty to serve God, not the tyranny of any man, if humanity is to be experienced at its fullest potential.

That is why you are here and why you are in the position you are in. Just do what you can. Fuck everything else! We are in a state of War!


May your discipline as a disciple of Jesus shine all around you lest all hope for any child becomes extinguished!!


< fuck me if I got this meme wrong but we're all fucked if I got it right because then this war is going Hot! >

< my observations as a devoted sentry - nothing more - anon out >

Anonymous ID: 05cc60 Oct. 10, 2021, 7 p.m. No.14762713   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Anonymous ID: 9ee1c6 Oct. 10, 2021, 7 p.m. No.14762714   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2720 >>2722


Could be. I might be on indefinite unpaid leave on 10/16. We are geared up for a SHTF moment with plenty of food, boot money, gasoline, generator. Might be a nice winter vacation watching the movie end.

Anonymous ID: 99e902 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:06 p.m. No.14762745   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2776



found them



Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal attire.

One of many.

Net shut down.




Fake pic push by MSM

Videos / backup.

Google kill.

YouTube kill.

FB kill.

Twitter kill.

Yahoo kill.

Bing kill.

Instagram kill.

Net will be paused.


On the clock.



Normies don't give a crap if he is MUSLIM.


With a gun? They won't care.


The important point is who Hussein is aiming the gun at.

Red, White, and Blue.





Connect via past religious leaders (re: Hussein)

We have everything.

They know we do.




Connect via past religious leaders (re: Hussein)


This have to do with Farakhan?

Photo of Obama and Farrakhan was kept secret till after Trump won, I believe

Anonymous ID: caaa95 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:06 p.m. No.14762746   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Air travel has been problematic for over a year. Anybody with half a brain should have been boycotting the airlines. But, no, they will still take their chances (like they do with the vax). This is what you get, dumb asses.

Anonymous ID: dfbcdd Oct. 10, 2021, 7:06 p.m. No.14762749   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2775 >>2874 >>2983


I'm a Christian minister who's had 2 abortions. Here's how faith informed those decisions.

Rebecca Todd Peters 6 hrs ago

Anonymous ID: 8429d3 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:06 p.m. No.14762750   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3260 >>3304

IBAC probe into 'corrupt conduct' among Victoria public officials, some MPs


Victoria’s Independent Broad‑based Anti‑corruption (IBAC) probe into corrupt conduct among public officials, including Victorian Members of Parliament, begins on Monday. Watch the public hearings live on


An investigation into corrupt conduct among public officials, including Victorian Members of Parliament by Victoria’s Independent Broad‑based Anti‑corruption (IBAC) begins on Monday.


The investigation is looking at whether the public officials, including the members of parliament, engaged in corrupt conduct while in public office by directing their staff to perform party-political work during times when they are being paid from public funds to perform ministerial or electorate work.


It will also probe whether public money given to community groups by the Victorian government was misused to fund party-political activities or was used for other improper purposes.


Further to this, IBAC will look at whether ministers or other public public officers involved in granting the funds, dishonestly performed their functions as public officers or breached the public’s trust.


The hearings will investigate whether any personal benefits were obtained by public officers, their families and associates by using ministerial and electorate office staff to perform party-political work or grants made to community associations.


IBAC is also exploring the financial and political framework that supports branch stacking.


Branch stacking is the recruitment of large numbers of party members who will then vote along factional lines to support preferred candidates in pre-selection or other political contests.


As branch stacking is not illegal, nor in and of itself the type of practice that would be subject to an IBAC investigation, the commission is probing how Labor factions recruited members and kept them onside, rather than they were used to allegedly stack Labor branches.

Anonymous ID: 59b29e Oct. 10, 2021, 7:08 p.m. No.14762762   🗄️.is 🔗kun


agreed, but it looks legit… she mentions details about things like martial law being used as the guise to take down the deepstate. As well this happens this month.

Anonymous ID: 33ac3b Oct. 10, 2021, 7:09 p.m. No.14762767   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2772


If all you look for is Jews and Israel, guess what you are going to find.


And while you dribble on incessantly about MuhJoos you ignore Afghanistan, China, Ukraine, Pakistan, Iran, Australia, New Zeaaland, Venezuela, the UN, the EU….. none of whom are inherently "Jewish" BTW.


You have a tiny, ugly, stunted, stupid little mind.

Anonymous ID: 8429d3 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:10 p.m. No.14762771   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3260 >>3304

USS Connecticut Nuclear-Powered Submarine Was Badly Damaged- Report


The hull of the bow of the US Navy nuclear submarine USS Connecticut, which collided with an unknown object in the South China Sea, was reportedly badly damaged.


“Initial report I have is the USS Connecticut bow dome is severely damage. Waiting on photos.” US specialist SubBrief claimed on Twitter.


No photographs of the damage have been published so far.


According to the US Navy, a group of military specialists was sent to the base on the island of Guam in the western Pacific Ocean to inspect the damage and establish the reason. The damaged nuclear submarine entered the base on October 8th after the incident that took place on October 2nd. The repair capabilities of the base on Guam are limited, so the submarine may be redirected to US bases on the Pacific coast if needed.


The US Navy claimed that after the incident, “the submarine is in a safe, stable condition.” It was also indicated that its nuclear installation was not damaged.

Anonymous ID: ef1cb8 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:10 p.m. No.14762779   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2828 >>3066 >>3243 >>3260 >>3304

from last bread, notable video of stew peters going nailing vernon jones, plus promised meme of pepe based and crazy

notable - best interview ever, stew peters nails him and he gets angry and storms off, well worth the 20 minutes watch, kek

Vernon Jones Flees Interview Over Anti-White Hate, Sex Assault Scandals


Stew Peters Show Published October 7, 2021 102,144 Views ←chek em viewing numbers


Vernon Jones ran off during a LIVE Interview taping with "The Stew Peters Show".


Peters confronted Jones about a variety of different issues the mainstream media refuses to address as the GOP props up Jones as a "Conservative" candidate, while Jones is actually filled with anti-white hate and sex scandals.


During the interview, Jones was muted after he tried to gaslight the audience and lie to Peters. The mute button was left on, and the complete (1-sided) interview is posted at


Jones has made the claim that Peters is "racist" because Peters accused Jones of "jive talk". Peters stands by that claim, as "jive talk" is defined as "deliberately misleading or deceptive talk", and that's EXACTLY what Vernon Jones is guilty of.

Anonymous ID: caaa95 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:12 p.m. No.14762785   🗄️.is 🔗kun


There is so much wrong with this statement:


"Just in general, you the know the one that drives me crazy? ‘I’m doing my own research.’ I would like someone to answer this question: What does that look like? You’re doing your own research? Are you doing studies yourself? Are you in the lab on a nightly basis? What’re you doing? I don’t understand what that means. ‘I’m doing my own research.’

Anonymous ID: 3ebc2c Oct. 10, 2021, 7:12 p.m. No.14762789   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2809 >>2816 >>3317

Intractable issues of division are used to manuever you like two sets of chess pieces, on a board out of your control.


When you allow yourself to become emotionally invested in false narratives that are projected onto you by all manufactured sides 24/7, you end up working against your own best interests.


The key is unity, not division.


There are serfs, and elites.


The differences between you and your serf neighbors, globally, are minimal.


The small variances are hyperinflated by the media, in order to shape an incorrect perception of division that allows those in power to use you to their own ends.


But in reality, you all agree on a very great many things, no matter your self labeled designation of false political alliance.


Bridging that divide, rather than hyperpoliticizing everything, is how you topple the board itself.


You cannot hope to factionalize humanity and win.


It can only be done together.


Shoulder to shoulder.

Anonymous ID: 76f31a Oct. 10, 2021, 7:12 p.m. No.14762790   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>14762613. PB

>>14762609 (You)

Loads of em. Early adopter in the RSBN days


Anon that wrote this, let me tell you a story. I’m probably the most impatient person you may never meet. I dont like redundancy, I dont like having to repeat things, I dont like it when people repeat to me or asking me, “do you get it”, I have a short attention span, I have ADD….. with all of that said.I’ve loved every rally Trump has done, I’ve watched all ralllies, all press conferences, every Covid WH briefing, etc.


I don’t know why because I’m obviously bored easily, but he never bores me! That’s very intriguing to me.


The only thing I can think is I’m more attentive to spirit than to human interaction and less impatient. And there’s messages in what he says that I can try to decode or understand. I’m not brilliant, I’m just very curious.


I’m not saying he’s God or Jesus but he has been blessed from heaven.


Additionally he has a fucking funny sense of humor. So if you are bored or embarssed by sitting through rallies, try to find a higher message being told at the time, even though it might be repetitive, theres always somethimg fascinating going on.


And if you don’t get anything out of it, don’t go or don’t listen.


Just my 2 cents!

Anonymous ID: 97c412 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:14 p.m. No.14762803   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2808 >>2812 >>2825 >>2841 >>3197



I posted this earlier…there are two videos…one here…


>>14761294 (pb)






Leaked footage from the hearing on Friday reveals that they KNEW that 661 Mainers died within 28 days of the vaccine. No mainstream media has even touched this lawsuit and hearing that has gone on for a month.


Here is a bigger leak. Someone screen shared the hearing and then people downloaded and leaked it.


They deceived Mainers and then stripped the medical exemptions away for vaccine.


Still all the good shit comes from 4chan…always has…always will…kek…

Anonymous ID: ba5ed9 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:16 p.m. No.14762810   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>eaked footage from the hearing testimony on Friday reveals that they KNEW that 661 Mainers died within 28 days of the vaccine.


They beat the odds, but still lost. Can't sue the Drug Pushers.

Anonymous ID: 3ebc2c Oct. 10, 2021, 7:16 p.m. No.14762816   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2846 >>2857 >>3317


Vladimir understands…

The need to ignore political factions

And take action…

UNITED not divided


Putin's statement from the meeting of Russia's ONF interregional forum


I have always liked communist and socialist ideas. If we consider the Code of the Builder of Communism that was widely published in the Soviet Union, it strongly resembles the Bible. This is not a joke; it was actually an excerpt from the Bible. It spoke of good things: equality, fraternity, happiness. However, the practical implementation of these ideals in this country had little in common with what the utopian socialists Saint-Simon or Owen spoke about. This country had little resemblance to their Sun City.


Utopian socialists


Given that we know the Cabal works by infiltrating groups that support liberty and then twisting them into tools for feudalism, perhaps some of these ideas need to be investigated with fresh eyes. Remember, when the Cabal is threatened by the turn of world events, it coopts them in order to DOMINATE the narrative with their own version, and hide the history from before their narrative.

Anonymous ID: 8429d3 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:20 p.m. No.14762827   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3260 >>3304

With Merck charging US government an ‘outrageous’ $700 for $17 Covid pills, MSF official tells RT that world needs cheap generics


A five-day course of Merck’s new Covid-19 pill costs $17.74 to produce, but the pharma firm will charge the USA $712. With taxpayers getting bilked, MSF official Leena Menghaney told RT that generic pill production is the answer.


The US government gave Merck some $29 million towards the development of molnupiravir, a drug that the company says “reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by approximately 50%” in clinical trials on Covid-19 patients. Despite this generous funding, Merck will still charge the federal government an estimated $712 for a five-day course of pills that costs $17.74 to produce, meaning the US taxpayer will pay for this fortyfold mark-up.


“Profiteering out of the pandemic is something that pharmaceutical corporations need to refrain from,” Leena Menghaney of the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF/Doctors Without Borders) Global Access Campaign told RT.


If you look at the generic price, which ranges from $15 to $20 a treatment, the $700 price is absolutely outrageous.


Generic production of drugs like molnupiravir is Menghaney’s answer to the price problem. However, the drug is Merck’s intellectual property, and can’t legally be copied by other companies. Likewise, Pfizer’s upcoming Covid-19 pill will be its own property. Pfizer’s offering functions as a ‘protease inhibitor,’ which stops coronavirus reproducing inside the body. Another protease inhibitor is the lower-cost generic ivermectin, which some studies show acts similarly against Covid-19.


MSF has campaigned in favor of the ‘TRIPS Waiver,’ proposed to the World Trade Organization by India and South Africa last year. The proposal would waive patents and other intellectual property rights on Covid-19 vaccines, treatments, tests and other health tools for the duration of the pandemic. Though supported by more than 100 countries, the proposal has been blocked by what MSF calls “a small group of WTO members,” including the EU, UK, Norway and Switzerland.


Though the United States has funded research by Merck and Pfizer, it supports the TRIPS Waiver.

Anonymous ID: f1e6fd Oct. 10, 2021, 7:20 p.m. No.14762828   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2832 >>2861 >>2878 >>2897


Have you seen Stew Peters interview this guy? I don't know what the hell the guy is talking about, aliens? Demons? He built a machine better than google and darpa? What? I mean, this wow, this one was a crazy one.

Anonymous ID: 0a4233 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:21 p.m. No.14762833   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2851 >>2852 >>2860 >>2866 >>2871 >>3260 >>3285 >>3299 >>3304 >>3342


Reminder: @SouthwestAir

accepted $3.2 BILLION from taxpayers. That money kept its pilots employed during the pandemic. It also made @SouthwestAir

the first airline to post a profit. And now, apparently, many of those pilots don’t want to help society by getting vaccinated.

Anonymous ID: 965851 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:22 p.m. No.14762838   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2850 >>2855 >>2877


So, what’s the consensus on who/why bank branches closing worldwide? White hats or black hats?

Watched Charlie Ward this am, they were saying quantum banking is integrating to bank system as we speak, bad/dirty money holders are freaking out, they will be left with worthless paper.

Something is going on, but what, and by who?

Anonymous ID: bf53f2 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:24 p.m. No.14762845   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2953

What happens to America's mental health under a second Trump administration? Very bad things


This sob is about 15 pages long…..? THEY KNOW Kek mfrs

Anonymous ID: e80d35 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:25 p.m. No.14762847   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2966



scraped 18670


#18670 >>14760065


>>14760162 CNN Publishes Explainer About How to Convince Your 5-Year-Old They Need a COVID Vaccine

>>14760167 MSNBC Airs Tik Toks Of Illegal Immigrants And Human Smugglers Bragging About How They Are Crossing The U.S. Border

>>14760172, >>14760282, >>14760247, >>14760277, >>14760327, >>14760335 This Clip Of Kamala Harris Might Be The Most Cringeworthy Thing You’ve Ever Seen

>>14760182 First of 100s of articles on Vernon Jones corruption

>>14760191 Bill Maher reveals exactly what [they] plan to do upon DJT’s return

>>14760195, >>14760294 The revolt begins - at Southwest Airlines. Alex Berenson

>>14760200 And they keep telling you it’s “because of the weather…”

>>14760202 Vernon Jones corruption, I knew I remembered these stories

>>14760207 Florida is putting out the word to shipping companies that ports in the Sunshine State are open and ready for business.

>>14760211 ‘hellish’ shootout in bar in Saint Paul, Minnesota

>>14760232 cd607d. Newsbot has some good stories

>>14760235 Democrat Mayor Pleads Guilty To Campaign Finance Crime, Avoids Prison Time

>>14760238 new Dan FB. It is pretty amazing that 10 months later

>>14760248, >>14760283 read what they accuse her off. the kinda shit you let happen to yourself.

>>14760249, >>14760801, >>14760271, >>14760518, >>14760309 Georgia plane crash kills CEO, three others: ‘It happened pretty fast’

>>14760265, >>14760295, >>14760353 Might be cracking something here.

>>14760365, >>14760408 miss him terribly

>>14760380 It’s Almost Certain Now that Those Were Federal Agents Planted at the “Justice for J6” Rally

>>14760398 New Video Alert on Qagg

>>14760403, >>14760822 Navy nuclear engineer and his wife charged with trying to share secrets with a foreign country

>>14760442 Indian Land Grab… rich in Uranium & minerals

>>14760516 My sister hasn’t lived, voted or paid taxes here for 15 years.and keeps getting ballots t my parents address

>>14760525, >>14760563 Clinton, Bush, Obama, Biden Working Closely to Resettle Afghans Across U.S.

>>14760529 US Navy twat BlueGreenTeam

>>14760546 Extended Outage. We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 8:00 AM EST.

>>14760548 Four States in Northeast US Sign Pact to Share Data on Guns

>>14760552 Jonathan D. Rosen


>>14760593 Major delays and cancellations for passengers flying Southwest Airlines. Blaming ATC

>>14760617 CDC Head Says She "Can't Predict" When COVID Will End; Blames Unvaccinated

>>14760679 Southwest's Flight Cancelations Speculated to be Pilot Vaccine Strike

>>14760687, >>14760712, >>14760726 'Rocket Man' William Shatner's Blue Origin space flight delayed

>>14760716 “ Newsom Faces Criticism After Admitting 12-Year-Old Daughter Not Jabbed

>>14760734 New Dan FB: SWA Mandates

>>14760747 PR power grid critical

>>14760828 planefagging 'Ello, 'ello. What's goin' on here then?

>>14760860 Poll worker in Milwaukee was caught telling voters in Spanish to vote for Biden

Anonymous ID: c1ee51 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:27 p.m. No.14762854   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2904

Charissa Klamn: 43-year-old Canadian woman with preexisting chronic pain develops autoimmune blood disorders after second Moderna mRNA injection

Anonymous ID: c1ee51 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:29 p.m. No.14762868   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2939 >>3260 >>3304

Amanda Makulec: 35-year-old Washington D.C. woman gloats of being vaccinated, pregnant, breastfeeding; newborn son dies at 2 1/2 months

Anonymous ID: c9fce2 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:29 p.m. No.14762871   🗄️.is 🔗kun


In other words.


There was a fake virus that caused a fake pandemic. During that time we made it so people couldn’t work. So we paid money to them so that we could borrow the money on interest and cause more taxes. Now we will force a fake vaccine that will cost more loaned money to make and we will tax that loan and fire anyone who doesn’t take it then bailout those companies later with more loans of which we will tax the interest. Thanks.

Anonymous ID: caaa95 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:30 p.m. No.14762874   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Sick. The "morally responsible decision" is abstention or, at the very least, birth control. Too hard to use a condom or to time your monthly cycle? The excuses people come up with to justify snuffing out a life.

Anonymous ID: ef1cb8 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:31 p.m. No.14762878   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2974


i remember when the guy first bought out the law suit against the elites, it was like it was written by them to distract.

stew is catching up so has some crazies on his channel,

one bad interview does not get him dismissed.

i am going to do a compliation of bannon with mike lindel , bannon treats him like a idiot, calls him crazy mike and fucks around on his phone when he is talking to mike,

really fucking rude and complete gate keeper bannon and posobiec.

They are just milking the patriots for money by selling books and making money from mike.

i will also show the viewing figures on the war room compared to stew peters,

peters is getting triple the amount of views on his channel then bannon.

Seriously bannon is a sociopath , really annoys this anon cos once you have dealt with a sociopath in real life it is easy to spot.

fcuking interview are cut short cos he like the sound of his own voice.

Anonymous ID: e383b7 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:31 p.m. No.14762879   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2887 >>2899 >>2910

These storms in Texas are so crazy that the weather guy is having a tough time reporting them. He just about choked while reading a report of 107-112 mph winds

He can't even keep up with the storms right now. long silences, tripping over words

Anonymous ID: 2c6506 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:32 p.m. No.14762889   🗄️.is 🔗kun


I remember an anon who was autist and smart af that Q Q'd and mentioned he should apply. He came back later to check in and I asked if got hired by NSA. He said no another agency but could not say anymore. He was anon but I recognized his writing style and cadence. I hope he is at Space Force cyber nuking the chinks. And he may be.

Anonymous ID: dfbcdd Oct. 10, 2021, 7:33 p.m. No.14762896   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3260 >>3304

North Korean leader calls for improved living conditions

Anonymous ID: af5058 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:33 p.m. No.14762897   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2909


I've seen him on with stew twice.

Both times he came off like his cheese had slipped his cracker.

First one he claimed that Q stole his ideas.

I'm not sure he's got enough fries to qualify as a happy meal.

Maybe though.

Anonymous ID: 7cd0b2 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:36 p.m. No.14762911   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2947


Indeed. She stared with James Whitmore in "The Next Voice You Hear…" (1950). In the film, God comes on the radio all over the world at the exact same time, and does so for a week. There is a "40 days" rainstorm in it and she freaks the hell out. Couldn't find a clip of that, but here's another. I have always said that if I ever got money, I would want to re-make this movie to update it to include the internet. The change in the world over the week is very interesting.

Anonymous ID: ee21ce Oct. 10, 2021, 7:37 p.m. No.14762915   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Donald Trump, an American businessman, politician, and 45th president of the United States, has used several pseudonyms, including "John Barron" (or "John Baron"), "John Miller" and "David Dennison". His practice of sometimes speaking to the media under the guise of a spokesperson has been described as "an open secret" at the Trump Organization and in New York media circles.[1] Some New York editors recalled that "calls from Barron were at points so common that they became a recurring joke on the city desk."[2] A writer for Fortune reported that Trump's father, Fred Trump, had used the pseudonym Mr. Green in business dealings.[3]

Anonymous ID: 9bf314 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:38 p.m. No.14762923   🗄️.is 🔗kun

So I'm wondering why so many of these homeopathics are either bitter (grapefruit, quinine, pine needle), or licorice flavor (anise, fennel).


I had read years ago that the artificial sweeteners were bad because your system responds to taste alone. Tastebuds say "sweet" and your metabolism kicks up a notch to burn the calories.

Works great at first, but your body learns over time that it's a false signal and stops trying to compensate. Then when you do consume real sugars, they don't get burned and go to fat.


Could it be that our immune system will respond just to bitter taste? Looks that way.


And are engineered viruses and/or vaccines trying to destroy our ability to taste bitter?

Anonymous ID: 4db8b8 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:38 p.m. No.14762924   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2968 >>3081



Does Donald Trump have another name? Who are John Barron, John Miller and David Dennison? A little trip down memory lane will make you realize it was all the same person. Yes, you guessed it right. They were all Trump's pseudonyms in the early 1980s and 1990s and have resurfaced on Twitter.

Anonymous ID: 76f31a Oct. 10, 2021, 7:39 p.m. No.14762934   🗄️.is 🔗kun



It is laughable, the company got the money, not the pilots, so they have to potentially sacrifice their lives because the company got a loan and made a profit. But not inly that endanget passengers if they get sick ir have a heart attack from the vax?


Some really sick propagandarists in this world!

Anonymous ID: 3ebc2c Oct. 10, 2021, 7:40 p.m. No.14762938   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3006 >>3317

"Almost all "terror" plots are created by the FBI as part of its business model. What is the business of the FBI? Extracting tax. What does it need to do that? A stable threat. Prob? Real terrorists are sporadic & make FBI look weak. Solution? Make them.


The FBI is giving guns to the mentally ill to attack people then leaping in to save the day, cameras rolling. What a bunch of jerks."


  • Julian Assange

Anonymous ID: ba5ed9 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:40 p.m. No.14762941   🗄️.is 🔗kun



>I wonder why Pfizer didn’t modify the mRNA in the jab so it couldn’t be degraded and would last forever?


That'$ a good que$tion. We $hould inve$tigate that.

Anonymous ID: c17499 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:41 p.m. No.14762944   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2949

Cernovich Retweeted

Andrew Surabian




The #1 rap song on the iTunes Charts is abut opposing vaccine mandates. Sign of the backlash brewing.

Red Pilled rappers like






have done more to fight back against covid authoritarianism in the culture than virtually any politician.


Cernovich Retweeted



Oct 8

WOW! #1 most purchased rap song today! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Keep it at #1! Please grab a copy on iTunes if you can! The people have spoken! They want freedom loving music!





This is a War

Anonymous ID: c17499 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:42 p.m. No.14762949   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3144


>The #1 rap song on the iTunes Charts is abut opposing vaccine mandates. Sign of the backlash brewing.

>@IAMTOMMACDONALD & @ChrisWebby have done more to fight back against covid authoritarianism in the culture than virtually any politician.

>This is a War

Anonymous ID: ef1cb8 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:42 p.m. No.14762950   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2975 >>2980


look around you anon, what i happening to you directly?

you are sitting on a global board with all the bad news coming in from the world, we here are actually getting a 40k view of all the shit here, unless you realise that there are over 8 billion people in the world and the only news coming in is from a controlled msm which is bought and paid for by a few people controlled by the elites.

we feel their pain, they make our lives miserable but the small wins we have got has turned into world wide protests.

for a bunch of disconnected anons from the usa and the world who cannot be bought, bribed or frightened, they have changed laws, hounded people, they are freaking out because they are losing the narrative which they had for decades.

cheer up, they have us surround the poor bastards, it is fcuking glorious kek

Anonymous ID: 784dc1 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:43 p.m. No.14762951   🗄️.is 🔗kun


she should get a booster because by the time she travels by air again - it will be required. you can console yourself that you are vaccinated, bpoostered and will not die a very serious death – maybe

Anonymous ID: caaa95 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:44 p.m. No.14762953   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Just when I thought that TDS could not get any worse. These people are terrified out of their minds that Donald Trump will become President again. Guess what, MSM. He never stopped being the President.

Anonymous ID: f69fb9 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:44 p.m. No.14762955   🗄️.is 🔗kun


this meme says she has been in office 28 years and is worth $196 million

it is old

she has now been in office 33 years and is worth close to $350 million

that she admits on her filings

moving up $150 million or so in 5 years

she must be really good at "saving and investing"

Anonymous ID: 19dd89 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:46 p.m. No.14762959   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Ron Watkins [CodeMonkeyZ], [10.10.21 21:56]

Always spread truth, no matter the consequence.

Anonymous ID: 526eda Oct. 10, 2021, 7:46 p.m. No.14762964   🗄️.is 🔗kun


wait till they mandate vAxe in mid air or you can't land at any airport and if you refuse well they just will have to throw you off the plane in flight

Anonymous ID: f1e6fd Oct. 10, 2021, 7:49 p.m. No.14762974   🗄️.is 🔗kun


did you read this shit?

>Elon Musk is attempting to make humans into Cyborgs

What happens when Musk says, "no I'm not," to the judge. This guy watches too many youtube videos and put don't the greatest fears of alternative media into one complaint. Even if eveything he says is true, you have to have proof in a court of law, you can't just say, "Elon Musk is trying to humans into cyborgs because he held a conference about neuralink I saw on youtube."



Yeah I saw that.

>She provides coherent explanation of what this guy was going on about.

I wouldn't go that far.



Overall I like Stew and even respect him for having that Cyrus Parsa guy on. It shows no fear. But, yeah, Bannon is a total dick to Lindell. I think Lindell is a wild one too, but Bannon does treat him like shit. Bannon does not have anyone's interest at heart except for Bannon. He was hyping up the debt ceiling shit, knowing damn well who and what the Republican party and McConnel are. A couple telling things about Bannon:

1)POTUS doesn't go on to his podcast.

2) Epstein hired him before he died to coach him up for a media tour. I don't care how much money Epstein offered me, there's no way in hell I would accept it, let alone accept it to help him improve his image.

Anonymous ID: c17499 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:49 p.m. No.14762976   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Tim Xeriland



Texas' new law saddens an abortionist who performed 30 abortions a day calls abortion his 'life's calling.' Josef Mengele felt a similar melancholy when WW2 ended, and his experiments had to stop.


Texas Abortionist Says It’s His ‘Life’s Calling,’ Used To Perform 30 Abortions Per Day

“If I can keep doing this for the rest of my career … I will be very happy.”

By Leif Le Mahieu

Oct 8, 2021

A Texas abortionist who has claimed that he used to perform about 30 abortions a day called abortion his “life’s calling” in a recent interview where he describes his dilemma about whether he should follow Texas’ new “heartbeat bill.”


The abortionist, 35-year-old Joe Nelson, discussed the decline in abortions he has performed at one of the biggest abortion centers in Texas, Whole Women’s Health, in a recent interview with The Lilly. The Lilly, produced by The Washington Post, describes its mission as “a destination for stories central to the everyday lives of millennial women.”

While an Obama-appointed district judge struck down Texas’ pro-life law protecting unborn babies when cardiac activity can be detected on Wednesday, Nelson told The Lilly that he has said he will not resume performing abortions restricted by the law’s provisions until further decisions from courts, saying that the “uncertainty was excruciating.”


The Lilly’s report glowingly profiles the ex-Mormon, which claims that before the Texas law was implemented, the abortionist performed about 30 abortions every day. He reportedly has three children from a prior marriage for whom he pays child support and has about $200,000 in student debt.


“If I can keep doing this for the rest of my career,” Nelson apparently told his mom when asked if he would move away from being an abortionist, “I will be very happy.”

The abortionist, who has now spent four years in the industry, once spent two years in Thailand as a Mormon missionary. He deconverted in 2014, leading to the disintegration of his first marriage.


His wife said that Nelson became so involved in performing abortions that he did not spend much time with their children.


“He was so involved in his career, then residency, then he found his love of abortion care,” she told The Lilly.

Nelson has since remarried, but reportedly he and his new wife are uncomfortable with the labels “husband” and “wife,” so they refer to themselves as partners instead.


“At home, Nelson wears skinny jeans with tight V-neck T-shirts, a tiger tattoo dancing down his right arm. He identifies as queer and is proud to be, as he says, ‘a little femmy,’” the outlet reported.


The article also highlights Nelson’s regrets about not referring an abortion to one of his patients early in his medical career.

The report says, “If Nelson could have offered to perform the abortion himself, he’s always wondered whether things might have been different. After that, Nelson said, he knew he wanted to learn how.”


Nelson said that performing abortions “feels natural” and is what he is “supposed” to be doing. Last November, he also began working for a telehealth company that works with transgender clients to do “gender affirming care.”


“Abortion didn’t feel like an option when I was that age. And, you know, here my kids are, I love them to death,” Nelson said, referencing the time he found out his wife was pregnant with their second child, “But I know how difficult it can be to be that overwhelmed.”


Once he learned about the pro-life law being discussed in the Texas legislature, which effectively bans abortions at six weeks, Nelson described his fear that abortions would be over in Texas.


“I thought, ‘Oh my god. This is going to end abortions, period,’” he said. He told The Lilly that at some point, he might start working with transgender individuals full time.


For now, the Texas law has been stalled by the ruling from district Judge Robert Pitman.


Soon after Pitman’s ruling, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that Texas would appeal. “We disagree with the Court’s decision and have already taken steps to immediately appeal it to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The sanctity of human life is, and will always be, a top priority for me,” Paxton tweeted.

Anonymous ID: 23bede Oct. 10, 2021, 7:49 p.m. No.14762978   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2993




One of My Favorite pics.


TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE. Pence was talking about Hillary in that speech when he said it.

Besides the “Truth Will Set You Free”




where’s Mike Flynn’s Defense Fund Audit, how about his Ramtha Cult Fundraiser, now he has to defend being a Satanist? Lin Wood grifting off and MTG going to bat for Kyle? Sidney Powell is on Donald Trump's 'no-go list,' report says. Lawyer unwelcome at his properties and his advisers won't put through her calls. Why does mike Lindell use 66%, Roger Stone has always been a hedonist, Now Vernon Jones…All trying to make Trump look bad or make his Followers look bad so the LameStreamMedia can use it against him.

When has POTUS SAID SOMETHING THAT HASN’T proven to be true? Thank The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, The Donald J. Trump is Fighting For Us and Our County! #MerryChristmas #WeLoveYOU

Anonymous ID: db0282 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:52 p.m. No.14762985   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2987 >>3005 >>3008 >>3187


I know Gavin Newsom claims to be Catholic, but is he? He acts more like a crypto. Wouldn't be surprised to discover he and Pelosi are actually decendants of Marrano Jews or something. I maen, does Pelosi and Newsom actually act like Catholics?

Anonymous ID: 76f31a Oct. 10, 2021, 7:53 p.m. No.14762990   🗄️.is 🔗kun


I tealy wonder why these people think they should enter the domain. If you think its all about an ordinary life, then they were programmed to believe this was normal. None of this makes sense unless these people were sent in for disruption.


They were programmed before they got there and their minds broke

Anonymous ID: 8a3d46 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:53 p.m. No.14762993   🗄️.is 🔗kun



I often wish that I could save everyone

But I'm a dreamer..

Anonymous ID: 66af0b Oct. 10, 2021, 7:53 p.m. No.14762994   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Recommend looking into his whole history/story, especially starting back in high school. Anon was clueless regarding him until last Fall.

If he's "out there", then Q, we anons, along with Our President, require damn good telescopes.


He gets knocked for being Religious, but that same tenacious, passionate trait is what has made the guy so successful in the first place (Communists HATE this).


He was given nothing. Has done it ALL himself since the age of sixteen. In contrast, the only religion anon sees in anon's current location is fakebook, bezozon, and "entertainment" addictions.

(I ran far & fast from organized 'corporate, socialized' religion when young - only found God in high school via PEOPLE there.)


He's also the lawyer who's been fighting Mockingbird for decades.

He knows.


1997 The Case of David v. Goliath: Richard Jewell v. NBC and the Basics of Defamacast in Georgia L. Lin Wood

INTRODUCTION At some point in your career, you may find an individual sitting across from you in your conference room complaining of being “defamed” by false statements made during a television or radio broadcast. Unless you are the rare plaintiffs’ lawyer able to build a successful practice specializing in the area of defamation law, you will next need to take a trip from your conference room to your law library to educate yourself on the intricacies of the law of defamation. Your research will undoubtedly leave you frustrated in your attempt to understand the confusing laws of libel, slander, and “defamacast.”

This Essay attempts to clarify these confusing areas of law by first setting forth the basic starting points for a case of defamacast in Georgia. This Essay then examines the factual setting of Jewell v. NBC4 and applies the defamacast law to those facts, in order to provide a contextual framework for understanding defamacast law.

Anonymous ID: 19dd89 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:54 p.m. No.14762996   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2998 >>3260 >>3304


Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist. It’s Just A Press Release

Americans are no longer living under representative government. We are living under government by the screen people, of the screen people, for the screen people.

Joy PullmannBy Joy Pullmann

OCTOBER 7, 2021

Yes, we’ve heard all about Joe Biden’s alleged vaccine mandate for private companies employing 100 or more people. It was all over the news even before he announced it on September 9. His announcement has jeopardized the employment of millions of Americans and increased worker shortages in critical domains such as health care.


There’s only one problem. It’s all a mirage. Biden’s so-called vaccine mandate doesn’t exist — at least, not yet. So far, all we have is his press conference and other such made-for-media huff-puffing. No such rule even claiming to be legally binding has been issued yet.


That’s why nearly two dozen Republican attorneys general who have publicly voiced their opposition to the clearly unconstitutional and illegal mandate haven’t yet filed suit against it, the Office of the Indiana Attorney General confirmed for me. There is no mandate to haul into court. And that may be part of the plan.


According to several sources, so far it appears no such mandate has been sent to the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs yet for approval. The White House, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Department of Labor haven’t released any official guidance for the alleged mandate. There is no executive order. There’s nothing but press statements.


Despite what you may have been falsely led to believe by the media fantasy projection machine, press statements have exactly zero legal authority.


“There is nothing there yet that gives employers any mandate,” Stephanie McFarland, spokeswoman for the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration, told me Oct. 6. “The president made an announcement on this asking OSHA to do it, but we’ve not yet seen anything come from it yet,” she also said. When the state agency gets any further information, she said, they’ll review it.


To impose the public perception of a mandate, the Biden administration is following an unusual rule-making process it also employed earlier this year, called an emergency temporary standard (ETS). The spring ETS rule took nearly six months to issue. Meanwhile, companies are telling reporters their vaccine mandates will have at the latest December deadlines. (For those who can’t calendar, that’s four months after Biden’s non-existent mandate was proclaimed. According to OSHA, an ETS takes up to six months to go into effect after the initial mandate is issued in the Federal Register — which, again, for the proclaimed 100-employee mandate hasn’t happened yet.)


Lawyers for big business were blunt about their love for this mandate mirage: “Everybody loves this cover,” Minneapolis employment lawyer Kate Bischoff told Bloomberg Law in September. “Many were already looking down the road at doing this, but the fact that they get to blame Biden is like manna from heaven.”


Using the ETS procedure instead of normal federal rule-making processes both allows the Biden administration to push its demands faster and without any public input or requirement of responding to public input, which is normally required of even legally laughable federal rule-making like this one would be. That is part of why ETS rules have been overwhelmingly overturned in courts.


“OSHA has used that legal authority only 10 times in 50 years,” David Rivkin Jr. and Robert Alt wrote in the Wall Street Journal in September. “Courts have decided challenges to six of those standards, nixing five and upholding only one.”


There are many other reasons any federal vaccine mandate would be obviously illegal and unconstitutional, Rivkin and Alt write, including that “The states have plenary police power to regulate health and safety. Congress has only those limited powers enumerated in the Constitution. That wouldn’t include the authority to impose a $155 fine (today’s equivalent of the $5 at stake in Jacobson) on an individual who declines to be vaccinated, much less to prevent him from earning a livelihood.”


But who needs the Constitution when you have an American people conditioned for compliance with even wildly outlandish things the screen people insist they must think and do?

Anonymous ID: f59266 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:54 p.m. No.14762997   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3007 >>3010 >>3014 >>3032 >>3050 >>3053 >>3073 >>3108 >>3134

The Plan as I understand it


  1. Audits continue to reveal stolen election

  2. Vax and boosters bullshit becomes less and less tolerable

  3. Resident Biden continues to weaken border security and military readiness

  4. Big tech removes more and more of your 1st Amendment rights

  5. 3 Letter agencies keep targeting average americans as dissidents and terrorists


  1. And then FINALLY people… what exactly?

Anonymous ID: 19dd89 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:54 p.m. No.14762998   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3260 >>3304




Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published a letter from Bruce Atkinson making several excellent observations about the nonexistent mandate, including the following:


The mandate’s nonexistence shields the Biden administration from legal challenges that may ultimately restrict the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s authority. Yet the mandate is still effective at compelling industries and companies into compliance, as it leaves room for any eventual issuance to target noncompliant entities. This implied cudgel is particularly effective on industries and companies that are dependent on federal spending or the goodwill of federal regulators. The nonexistent mandate also allows so-inclined state and local governments and companies to issue their own mandates, seemingly in lockstep with Washington.


seemingly in lockstep with Washington

seemingly in lockstep with Washington

seemingly in lockstep with Washington


The Biden White House has been well-served by presenting a nonexistent mandate as a done deal.


Now, let me see, what presidential administration does all this remind you of? Why, that of Mr. “Pen and Phone” himself, Barack Obama.


His also wildly unconstitutional Deferred Action for Child Arrivals was simply a two-page memo, for example, but it is still allowing some 616,000 people to simply ignore major U.S. laws, and could easily be reinstated by courts as litigation continues nearly a decade later. It seems that, given such unchecked gains from openly lawless actions Democrats have turned into standard operating procedure over the years, Joe Biden feels free to reduce that constitutional contempt to simply a phone now.


What this “government by press release” also allows is for Republicans like Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb to complain about Biden’s tyranny while using zip, nada, zilch of their elected authority to stop it. Holcomb has used the same executive rule-by-decree throughout the lockdown era without effective restraint by a supermajority-Republican state legislature, even telling the press churches were required to deliver Christ’s Body and Blood his way while quietly keeping that part out of his executive orders, surely because government dictating religious exercise is obviously unconstitutional and would quickly have generated lawsuits.


All this allows weak Republicans and evil Democrats to shadowbox each other for the cameras while ordinary Americans suffer under their abdicated leadership. By the time Republican attorneys general get around to filing lawsuits over any eventually issued legal documents that fulfill Biden’s promises, the vast majority of people not wanting government to force them into medical procedures will likely be unemployed, forcibly injected with treatments that have almost no track record, forced from their education paths, provided with fake documents like these citizens are beneath COVID-rule-exempt illegal aliens, and all the rest.


This is how weak Republicans keep letting Democrats go right on gleefully disemboweling our rights just like they have nearly 50 million of the American unborn. Gee, thanks, “public servants.” Tell me another one about how you love American liberties and the Bill of Rights. I’ll believe that when I see you sacrificing anything substantial to fight for them.


What Democrats are doing as Republicans stand down yet again is a moral and constitutional abomination. Not even the fig-leaf pose of a pen signing balderdash-filled documents is needed for today’s Democrats. Whatever they say, you do. You have no rights or say in the matter, no possibility for objecting to even them forcibly injecting things into your own body and the bodies of your children.


These people believe they are royalty, and too many Americans are acting like they’re these losers’ serfs instead of citizens endowed by God with inalienable rights, including the right to consent — through elected representatives, not never-elected dictatorial bureaucrats — to rules that restrict our rights, everyday lives, and human dignity.

Anonymous ID: 77dc30 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:56 p.m. No.14763012   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3024 >>3105 >>3107






Anonymous ID: 19dd89 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:56 p.m. No.14763015   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3023 >>3031 >>3044 >>3062 >>3065 >>3068 >>3070 >>3076 >>3260 >>3304

I Interviewed Trump For 5 Hours. Here’s What He Told Me About ‘Stupid F—er’ McConnell, McCarthy’s Bromance With Luntz, And The Fake News That Bothered Him The Most

In multiple interviews, Former President Donald Trump unloads on the rigged 2020 election, Republicans who screwed him, and why he regrets elevating Anthony Fauci during the pandemic.

Mollie HemingwayBy Mollie Hemingway

OCTOBER 8, 2021

What follows is adapted from three interviews of President Donald Trump for Mollie Hemingway’s latest book “Rigged: How The Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections,” out October 12.


“I don’t like her … and I don’t like me.”


Former President Donald Trump was looking at a photo of the two of us that his assistant had just taken on my phone. It wasn’t up to his specifications. We’d just completed the second of three interviews I’d have with him for my new book, “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections.”


As we walked outside one of the buildings at Mar-a-Lago, his palatial home on 20 acres of Palm Beach Island, Florida, he bragged that he had the only property on the island that faced both the ocean and the lake, thus the name. “That’s what Mar-a-Lago means – ocean to lake,” he translated, more or less.


Given the setting on the beautiful late March date, I asked if I could take a picture of him. I’d interviewed him a few times in the Oval Office and once already in Florida, but had never taken his picture. He suggested we take one together.


He didn’t like the first photo. “I don’t like her … and I don’t like me,” he said, suggesting we move to a different location out of the sun. His capable aide Margo Martin took another photo and turned it around to show him. “I like me, but I still don’t like her,” he said.


Trump dropped everything and decided to teach me how to take a picture. Somehow I’d reached my 40s without knowing how.


He walked us to an impeccably manicured, grassy area in front of the historic main building, explaining that you should always think about the background of a photo and not just the people in it. A massive flag flying at half-mast, in remembrance of victims of a shooting in Colorado, was behind us. The flag had also been lowered when I was there a month prior, in honor of Palm Beach’s Rush Limbaugh, who had then recently died. Trump had bestowed a Presidential Medal of Freedom on the conservative icon the year prior.


He told me to angle my body, put my hand on my hip, and a few other tricks. “You can trust me: my wife is a supermodel,” he said, as if I were unaware. Margo showed him the resulting picture.


He looked at it, paused briefly, and said, “Well there you go,” clearly pleased with the result. He was right, it looked much better.


The interview had been all over the place. Trump is a bizarre combination of an open book and difficult to nail down. When my husband listened to tapes of the interviews, he seemed almost shell-shocked at how much Trump hopped around from one topic to the next.


While I like to think I’m an excellent listener, I’m not a fan of the interview style that requires badgering a source for a preferred outcome. As in the other interviews I had with him, I was just as curious about what he wanted to focus on as what I needed to find out from him.


At one point, he noticed a large bandage on my forearm, which covered a burn I received while cooking dinner for my children. “Did you have a tattoo put on?” he asked, in the midst of listing off detailed election irregularities in Pennsylvania and Michigan. “Mollie’s going into the tattoo stuff? Whoa, that’s a big step.”


As we sat down in his second-floor office, the former president was watching Fox News, where I’m a contributor. He asked me what I thought of various Fox personalities. When he got to Bret Baier, who hosts “Special Report,” I complimented him.


Trump went on a riff about what a good golfer Bret is. “He’s a bull. He’s strong as hell.” Trump had recently played with Bryson DeChambeau, and talked about how he drove the 18th green at his Palm Beach course, which is about a 370-yard carry — even longer than Bret could, he said.

Anonymous ID: 19dd89 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:57 p.m. No.14763023   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3076


President Joe Biden had held his first press conference earlier that day, more than two months after he’d been inaugurated. Even with obsequious questions from an adoring press corps, he’d struggled to complete answers, getting lost and referring to his notes.


“He looks fragile up there. He’s not a long-ball hitter. I can tell you that. He does not hit the long ball,” Trump said. “It’s hard to watch. I mean, to be honest with you, it’s hard to watch. You’re on pins and needles. ‘Cause you just don’t know. When does the blow-up occur? He’s not the sharpest guy.”


‘It was a little bit different with me,’ he noted dryly.

Trump was much less troubled by the disparate treatment from the press than I was, but he noted how deferential they’d been to Biden a few days prior to our interview when he fell down three times while walking up the stairs to board Air Force One. “How come it wasn’t covered on the evening news?” he asked.


As for the press conference, “They’re almost apologizing for asking even an easy question. It’s incredible. You didn’t see that too much with me. The apologies, you know, it was a little bit different with me,” he noted dryly. Later, he would say of the corporate press, “It’s just like they’re one amorphous monster. Just horrible. Almost uniformly.”


A few weeks after Biden was inaugurated, I told Trump during a phone call that I was going to write a book about the 2020 election. He invited me to come see him.


That’s how I ended up in Florida in late February, for our first interview. The moment you land at the Palm Beach International airport, people joke about having made it to the Free State of Florida, but that’s exactly how it feels compared to D.C.


My friend Karol Markowicz, a writer who escaped Brooklyn for an area near Palm Beach just so her children could attend school during the lockdowns, describes the area as “The Hamptons, but colorful and risk-taking. Everyone is rich enough that they don’t care what anyone else thinks of them.”


‘Everyone is rich enough that they don’t care what anyone else thinks of them.’

Palm Beach in the winter is just perfect. The town is full of beautiful men and women who seem to have the right balance of work and leisure. With the blissfully temperate climate and the gorgeous — and yes, colorful — homes and lawns, I began to fantasize about what life-changing events would have to occur for me to be able to make the move also.


For our first meeting, we sat in the 60-foot long Mar-a-Lago central room. Built by Post cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, and meticulously restored and renovated by Donald Trump, the gold-leafed ceiling towers above ornate furnishings and tapestries. A massive window overlooks the expansive lawn in front of the ocean. On the other side, the open doors lead out to the large patio where members of the private club there have dinner each night.


At a later meeting I was told that President Trump preferred a seat with its back to the ocean side, but this day he was in the seat facing the ocean. Behind him, an open door showed a room with video equipment and a large TV, playing Fox News.


Baier was interviewing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. I would later learn it was the interview in which McConnell told Baier he’d “absolutely” support Trump if he ran again. But Trump was still frustrated with McConnell and how he’d mismanaged the Trump era, calling him a “stupid f-cker.”


Before the meeting, personal aides and staff of the club milled about. Many people let me know that Trump was in a great mood, in that way that clearly showed his mood hadn’t been great when they first arrived at Mar-a-Lago weeks prior.


I was curious about how he viewed his legacy, but he wasn’t interested in talking about anything more than two years out. For a guy known for his self-obsession, he was remarkably knowledgeable and focused on midterm elections and how to strengthen the Republican Party. He took me through what he thought was important in various races to ensure victory, noting arcane rules about primaries, conventions, and how they would affect his involvement.

Anonymous ID: 3ebc2c Oct. 10, 2021, 7:58 p.m. No.14763027   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3049 >>3317



There is no such thing asWe The Peoplewhen your fellow American cannot afford health insurance.

Trump understands this which is why he spent some of his time delivering on the promises of socialism. And he managed to do it inconservativeways while reducing taxes and regulations.


19th centurypolitical labelsare not the issue. The real issues are truth, honesty, and keeping the promises you make. Underlying all of that isDEEP UNDERSTANDING of what people want and needcombined with some of the greatest CREATIVE THINKING of the past 100 years.


That us what we are all fighting for including theMAJORITYwho are just like Trump. They are Democrats who WALKED AWAY from a corrupt party that had been infiltrated and captured by organized crime.


Liberals are a lot smarter than you realize. They just have some work to do in waking up. Be kind to them andBe Bestbecause you need your neighbors yo win.

Anonymous ID: 19dd89 Oct. 10, 2021, 7:59 p.m. No.14763031   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3076


We discussed what went well in the 2020 campaign and what didn’t, along with his view that he’d done what was necessary to win in a free and fair fight. “It hurts to lose less than to win and have it taken away,” he said. He reminisced about his triumphant 2020 State of the Union Address, given just as he had defeated Democrats’ first impeachment effort, where he could boast of a roaring economy, a secure border, and peace breaking out globally. “George Washington, with Abraham Lincoln as his running mate, could not have beaten me. I was up so much.”


‘It hurts to lose less than to win and have it taken away.’

He reminded me that his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton had repeatedly said he was “illegitimate,” and that the media hadn’t criticized her for a second. Instead they worked with her team for three years to push the lie that he’d stolen the election by colluding with Russia. Democrats – and some Republicans – assisted the operation and gave it credence and legitimacy.


The media partisans won Pulitzers for spreading the lie, but moved on when it came out that it was a Democrat setup. Now they were complaining that he’d questioned the integrity of the next election. Throughout our interviews, he’d note how frustrating it was that he had to simultaneously run the country and survive the establishment’s onslaughts against him.


He downplayed the importance of Twitter deplatforming him, one of many moves tech oligarchs had made to suppress their political opposition. Again, he was unfazed. “Some people said they didn’t enjoy the tweets. Sometimes it got to be a bit much,” he admitted, adding that he didn’t even enjoy the last six months of tweeting.


As I left, an aide asked me how the interview went and what the terms of the discussion were – off-the-record or on background, perhaps? It was the only interview we were not speaking with aides present. No terms had been set. She sighed.


As I waited for my Uber to come pick me up at the valet, the club was filling with well-heeled members and guests. A gorgeous Rolls-Royce with suicide doors pulled up. Guests poured out of Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Teslas, and McLarens. Rod Blagojevich stepped inside.


I had come back to Palm Beach in March, still in the midst of my book research. When talking about the 2020 election, Trump liked to talk about fraud, but the truth of what happened was so much worse.


People, including the president, colloquially use the term “fraud” to refer to any type of election rigging, but technically it only refers to actions that affect the election that are not just illegal but committed knowingly. It’s almost impossible to find conclusive evidence of election fraud, particularly after ballots are counted. But that didn’t mean the election had been conducted without widespread interference.


In early February, political reporter and Nancy Pelosi biographer Molly Ball published a Time magazine article detailing how, as she put it, “a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information” had rigged the election to secure a Biden victory.


While she was whitewashing what the cabal had done – asserting unconvincingly that it wasn’t rigging but “fortifying” — she revealed that these powerful elites, funded by Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, had been able to embed left-wing activists into election offices to assist Democrats with their get-out-the-vote efforts and the Democrats’ push for mail-in balloting.

Anonymous ID: 97c412 Oct. 10, 2021, 8 p.m. No.14763041   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3182 >>3206

To ALL the Sheriff's and other Law Enforcement Identies…this is for you…


Follow it…


Enforce it….


NOT FOR "FBI/CIA/DOJ"…why, because it's obvious they don't know how to READ or FOLLOW any BoR or Constitutional Laws…

Anonymous ID: 19dd89 Oct. 10, 2021, 8 p.m. No.14763044   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3076


‘They spent four years working on rigging the election.’

Despite her best efforts to make it seem less nefarious than it was, it confirmed Republicans’ worst suspicions that things hadn’t been free or fair. Likewise, Trump was pleased to be vindicated in his view that, well, a “well-funded cabal of powerful people” had in fact rigged the election.


“The only good article I’ve read in Time magazine in a long time — that was actually just a piece of the truth because it was much deeper than that — about how they stole the election,” he said. “They just couldn’t keep it in. You know what I mean? They just couldn’t keep it in. They had to let it out a little bit,” he said.


My book explains, among other things, how Zuckerberg spent hundreds of millions of dollars targeting Democrat counties in ways that significantly drove up Biden’s margin, enabling his victory. The funds weren’t for campaign spending, mind you, but for a targeted private takeover of the government administration of election operations.


“We got them by surprise the first time,” Trump said, explaining why he was allowed to win in 2016 and not in 2020. “And the second time, they spent four years working on rigging the election,” he said. “They were willing to do anything they could, and it started from the day I took office or before I took office. It started from right after the election with the Russia hoax.”


He knew also that the global pandemic had helped Democrats take over the administration of elections. “Well, they used COVID to rig the election. There was nothing I could do. They were using COVID and the Republicans have bad leadership with guys like Mitch McConnell. And they allowed them to give these hundred million ballots out,” he said, referring to widespread mail-in balloting, with all of its known threats to election security.


Despite his hyperbolic and imprecise rhetoric, and in our meetings it was regularly that, Trump understood the big picture problems with the 2020 election better than many of his critics. He knew that many of the changes that had been forced through states in 2020 were unconstitutional.


“The constitution of the United States says you cannot change any of your rules, regulations, or anything else, unless you go through the state legislatures,” he said, referring to Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which leaves the power to the state legislature to make the election laws. Pennsylvania had been one of the states that made major changes to election laws, arguably in violation of both the federal and state constitutions.


Trump told me a story about how Sen. Ben Sasse annoyed him right after the 2016 election by being unduly hostile at his initial meeting with the Senate GOP conference. “Terrible senator. This started right at the beginning,” he said, remembering how much time, in his view, the Nebraska senator had spent sniping in the wrong direction. “He’s actually stupid, ‘cause you know the problem with the Republicans is they don’t stick together. You don’t have Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse in the Democrat Party,” he said, while admitting Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., occasionally played a minor version of that role in his party.


‘The problem with the Republicans is they don’t stick together.’

A few years later, Sens. Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz asked Trump to give Sasse another chance. “I say, ‘Keep him out. Guy’s a loser.’ So they said, ‘No, no, no. He wants to make peace.’” Sasse was trying to avoid a primary challenge at the time. “He was like a little boy. He was so well behaved. He didn’t say a word. And they made a case as to why I should let him back into the fold,” Trump said.


Combined with Sasse’s change of behavior to avoid a primary, Trump went on to endorse him. As soon as he won his primary, the old Sasse returned.


“And he made stuff up about, he said terrible things. He made stuff up about Christians, about this, about that, about evangelicals. He made it up,” Trump said, although really it was the left-wing publication The Atlantic that had created the story, using some of their anonymous sources and creative writing, to allege Trump had said monstrous things about key constituencies.


Later, the Atlantic would invent a story about Trump disparaging World War I dead, despite it being refuted by dozens of on-the-record sources and contemporaneous government evidence. Sasse, who claims he opposes conspiracy theories, has declined to speak against those The Atlantic has published, and regurgitated their claims in a call to donors that he had leaked to a NeverTrump conduit at the Washington Examiner just as tens of millions of Americans were voting by mail in the tight 2020 presidential election:

Anonymous ID: 63ceea Oct. 10, 2021, 8 p.m. No.14763047   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3058 >>3075 >>3213


Speaking of alphabet agencies… has anyone considered Q's ultimate motivations here?


Consider the following scenario. You, personally, are aware of a lot of details concerning an active investigation of a group murdering, raping, and eating children.


Do you:

>shut the fuck up, watch the group, and arrest their members the moment they pick up a child?

>arrest them right away

>tell everyone on Facebook the names and addresses of every group member and warn them not to let them babysit

>Drop subtle hints on a message board popular with pedophiles, that only people who are intimately familiar with group operations can figure out?


The first two are good LE tactics. Which one's better depends on your confidence in alphabet agency planning.


The third assumes you have zero confidence in LE, but at least warns SOMEONE with concrete, actionable data.


The fourth option warns THE CANNIBAL PEDOS long before any normie can figure out WHO they're being warned about. Now, what happens if you warn a bunch of kidnappers that the Feds are on to them?


They start covering up evidence.


Leaking information about the investigation to 8chan/8kun/4chan is a sensible move if you're part of the pedo cult and your objective is to HELP the perps cover it up. It's a really STUPID move if your objective is to prosecute the pedo cult or to rescue their victims.


>but these Q proofs show that Important Person D is working with Q

Proving that someone important is working with Q shows they're working together. IT DOES NOT SHOW WHAT SIDE THEY'RE WORKING TOGETHER FOR. Remember Revelations 13… THE BEAST AND THE DRAGON WERE BOTH WORSHIPPED.


>but lookit this meme of hillary laughing with a horrible caption

So? Anyone can associate the politicians they dislike with captions that imply they're monsters. Here, have some.


>but I like Trump and Q says he likes Trump so Q must be good

Registered Republican? You've gotten a phone call from the Republican National Congressional Committee asking you to 'renew' a membership that you never had in the first place. You can't assume someone's honest just because he says he likes Trump. That's just ASKING to be ripped off.


>but some anon said a blurry phonecam video from 1984 showed something monstrous being done by someone who was probably a white woman! And it was deleted from youtube which proves it's real!


Check out this:


Not on Youtube. Does that mean Youtube is trying to cover up Andrew Torba raping a kid? Or does that mean that plugging random-ass 404s into Youtube doesn't get you valid vids?


There's also the minor detail that Hillary's not the only white woman in the US…


>but if you question Q you're a pedovore!!!!

This is a cheap trick to silence dissenters.


>but how would pedos find 8chan/4chan posts?


Oldfags are aware that both 8chan and 4chan had reps for CP. While the MSM picture did exaggerate them, there was a real pedo problem on the chans. The entire premise of pizzagate was the claim that DNC insiders were USING CHANNER SLANG TO DESCRIBE CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. This implies that they were oldfags themselves.


But, okay, you could imagine that the pedos went away. Don't you think they might notice they've been outed WHEN CHANNERS START TO CALL THEM UP AND MAKE THREATS? If I call YOU up and start telling people I know you've got kids chained up in the basement and imma gonna hang you with your own intestines, YOU will laugh and hang up and do nothing… because you don't have kids in the basement. An ACTUAL Dutroux/Brady/Mason-tier pedo will start to think it's time to kill their victims and lay low for a while. 8kun isn't some super secret club that only unimportant people know about! Don Jr. browses here (and if he picked the wrong boards, the FBI is going to have his browsing records). Eric browses here. All the people the Q influencers scream "SHIILLL!!!!" at? Think for a minute! If some shadowy cabal is paying people to post messages undermining Trump or National Socialism, the shadowy cabal is also able to read all the Q posts.


There are three options that make sense.

Option 1 is that Q is a schizo who believes his posts are true.

Option 2 is that Q is a conscious hoaxer.

Option 3 is that the pedo rings Q warns us about have some grounding in reality… AND Q IS A MEMBER.


If option 3 is real, I will ALSO note that it is very likely that Q would distort information about the cabal to lead outsiders (that's CHANNERS here!) AWAY from the real target. E.G. if Q were part of a DEMOCRATIC pedovore cabal, he would implicate REPUBLICANS. Now… who did Q choose to point us at?

Anonymous ID: f1e6fd Oct. 10, 2021, 8:01 p.m. No.14763050   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Originally, the plan was to lock up Hillary and Co-Conspirators for Obamagate.


Where are these audits? Are they in the room with you right now?

Anonymous ID: 2b18f4 Oct. 10, 2021, 8:02 p.m. No.14763055   🗄️.is 🔗kun

All they have is ad hominem and discouragement in their quiver right now. I'll bet they feel so smart and powerful.

Anonymous ID: f59266 Oct. 10, 2021, 8:03 p.m. No.14763060   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3088 >>3101 >>3111 >>3116



I keep hoping one of these rally speeches will reveal more of the road map.


After Trump is reinstated, will they:

  • restore free speech rights

  • get rid of fiat currency

  • shatter the MIC

  • release the cures

  • drop 24/7 surveillance

  • expose the Big Pharma virus hoax

  • return to paper ballots

  • defund human experimenation and junk climate science


Let's be honest with ourselves. THESE HAVE BEEN THE PROMISES. Now will we achieve half of them? None of them?

Anonymous ID: 19dd89 Oct. 10, 2021, 8:04 p.m. No.14763062   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3076


Republican Sen. Ben Sasse, in a private call with constituents, excoriated President Trump, saying he had mishandled the coronavirus response, ‘kisses dictators’ butts,’ ‘sells out our allies,’ spends ‘like a drunken sailor,’ mistreats women, and trash-talks evangelicals behind their backs. Trump has ‘flirted with white supremacists,’ according to Sasse, and his family ‘treated the presidency like a business opportunity.’


It was a classic example of how NeverTrumpers gave aid and comfort to Democrats at crunch time, moves that demoralized Republican voters and suppressed votes for Trump.


“He was on a phone call to his donors that he essentially leaked to the press. Okay. You know, he’s a sleazebag,” he said. Trump knew Sasse was reverting to his old ways shortly after the Nebraskan won his primary, when he viciously criticized Trump for a plan to draw down troop size in Germany.


‘He is a better baseball pitcher than he is predicting what to do with people’s health.’

“I want to bring troops out of Germany. You know, some of them, because we’ve got 54,000 troops in Germany costing us billions of dollars. Germany treats us badly on trade and many other things. And so I’m going to reduce it by 25,000. And I hear Little Ben Sasse is chipping away saying how we shouldn’t do it. You know, he wants to stay in Afghanistan, let soldiers stay there and get their faces blown off, and their arms blown off for another 19 years and die,” Trump said.


Then Trump regaled me with detailed stories of how various Nebraska Republicans yelled at him for endorsing Sasse when he was somewhat vulnerable. “I said, uh, no kidding,” explaining that he made other similar mistakes in an effort to avoid having too many primary battles.


“So I end up supporting a guy who’s a sleazebag. By the way, you can quote me on all this stuff. A very dishonest guy, because at least go out there and you know, play who you are,” Trump said in our interview. “You’ve got to see him at that meeting. He was like a quiet little boy who just sat there. And they did all the talking on his behalf and you know that he couldn’t have been better. He didn’t say a bad thing about me for two years.”


I peppered Trump about why he had enabled Anthony Fauci, who relished his role in advocating lockdowns and other authoritarian responses to the COVID pandemic. Trump defended him in part, as did so many others I spoke with in the Trump administration. But Trump conceded Fauci had faults.


“Well, who knew that he knew so little? Anthony Fauci is a good promoter—he’s a great promoter. He is a better baseball pitcher than he is predicting what to do with people’s health,” Trump said, needling him about the wild first pitch he threw at a Major League Baseball game during his 2020 publicity tour.


I asked Trump at a later interview whether he ever got suspicious about what was by that point acknowledged to be a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Trump had been excoriated by the press for suggesting COVID-19 had leaked from the lab, disagreeing with the cover story from China and the World Health Organization that it had been initially spread via a nearby wet market. A year later, many in corporate media begrudgingly acknowledged his suggestion was accurate.


Wasn’t it interesting how devastating the virus’s impact was globally compared to how it had affected China, I asked. Did he ever wonder if it was intentional?


“No, I never thought China did it on purpose. I thought it was done out of incompetence and I may be wrong because they were the biggest beneficiaries. I felt it came from the lab from day one. I think it was an accident,” he said, rejecting any grander conspiracy theory.


‘I never thought China did it on purpose.’

Trump acknowledged his public health messaging about COVID had not been handled well, but he was clearly proud of what he accomplished in the big picture.


“One of the things that I’m disappointed about is that I think we did a great job with COVID,” said Trump. “With the vaccine, that’s such a game-changer and nobody else would have done that. And I did something else. I went out and bought hundreds of thousands of doses before we knew that we had a vaccine. That was a big risk.”


“Nobody’s ever treated the FDA the way I did, because this was life and death,” Trump said. “I was really almost bad to them, but I wasn’t bad because I’m trying to save lives.”


“I found them to be not incompetent but unbelievably bureaucratic,” he said, noting that in meetings Food and Drug Administration officials would talk about how many years it would take to get treatments and medications approved.

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He wondered if Biden had a “senior moment” when he claimed there was no vaccine when he came into office. “He got shot, meaning jabbed, on December 21st, apparently. Now, do you think he didn’t know where he was? That was a little scary,” Trump said.


Trump also expressed concern about Pfizer, the drug company that he said “has great power, in my opinion, over the FDA.” He worried that Pfizer’s financial concerns were affecting decisions made at the FDA.


I asked him about reports that the vaccine approval had been inappropriately delayed until after the election. He seemed to agree that it may have happened, but wasn’t too concerned. “I don’t feel badly about that,” he said. “If they would have done it before election, fake news media would have made it a tiny story, so it wouldn’t have had the impact. Because it was after election, the press made it massive.” He figured that was better for everyone.


Fred Barnes once commented about how weird it was to interview Trump, because he’s far more genteel in person than he is in public. Usually politicians kiss babies and are saccharine sweet in public, but revert to their natural state in less public situations. Trump is something different. He’s the same guy on and off stage, but much kinder in smaller groups.


He’s profane, yes, and full of insults. But he even goes off the record to praise individuals, as he did with several frequent objects of his scorn. And he’d go off the record to criticize individuals he praised publicly. He dished excellent gossip, which I’m not at liberty to share. He was even an incisive critic of public officials’ rhetoric, noting Gov. Mario Cuomo’s overuse of language related to stars and suns.


‘I could do without, you know, standing up there for an hour and doing what I do.’

The only time he really ducked answering was when I asked him if he’d had COVID during his first debate, marked by belligerence from everyone on stage: “That’s a very interesting statement. I’ve had other people say that. That was the area of time, right?” Others around the president also ducked the question. Later he would tell me that Regeneron was a cure, as far as he was concerned. That’s the monoclonal antibody treatment he received when he got hit with COVID.


In between my second and third interview, I also ended up getting COVID. I’ve had worse flus, but the duration of recovery was long, particularly as I was trying to write a complicated book under an incredibly short deadline. Even though I was no longer contagious, the famously germaphobic president actually scooted away from me when I told him.


Of course, relative to much of the left these days, Trump doesn’t seem to be nearly the germaphobe he was criticized for being just years ago. Of his COVID experience, he dryly remarked, “That was interesting.” Having just gone through it, I understood.


We discussed Kanye West’s idiosyncratic run for president in 2020. Democrats, led by Marc Elias, had successfully kept him off the ballot by hook and by crook. In Wisconsin, he was supposedly 14 seconds too late in filing his paperwork. Trump had kind words for West, but said he had “loony tendencies.”


Trump thought billionaire former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg would have a stronger run in the Democratic primary, just based on his spending. But he bombed his first debate, when Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she wanted to talk about running against a billionaire who speaks disparagingly of women. Not Trump, she said, but Bloomberg.


“One question, he was taken out. Remember the question? ‘And it wasn’t Donald Trump.’ How do you respond? He’s going ‘Holy s—! Get me out after the first question.’ That was Pocahontas. She took him out. Oh wow. You remember that?” Trump asked.


The night before our May interview, I’d seen Trump address the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List. The next morning, Ted Cruz had given a rousing speech in which he talked frankly about how weird it was that Trump had done so much for the movement. He told a great, self-deprecating story about how he was a young policy advisor on George W. Bush’s first presidential campaign and didn’t realize that meant he was just supposed to regurgitate talking points from conservative organizations.


There was a tough issue going on related to a regulation that had been enacted by President Bill Clinton on behalf of abortion groups. The campaign pledged to rescind it if elected, but Bush never touched it, not even in his second term. When Cruz opposed Trump in 2016, it was in part because he didn’t trust him to enact pro-life regulations. Yet he succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations. He said courage was the key ingredient missing from many GOP politicians.

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‘What’s that all about?’ Trump asked, adding he was pretty sure McCarthy isn’t gay.

Trump was engaged in front of the crowd of pro-life legislators and supporters the night prior. He seemed like he was having fun. I asked him the next day about his late-in-life conversion to politics.


“You know, it’s very interesting. People think I have a good time. I could do without it. I could do without, you know, standing up there for an hour and doing what I do, but I like getting the word out. I think it’s important to get the word out because the press doesn’t put it out,” he said. It was one of several times where he suggested he was engaged in politics because he genuinely cared about the direction of the country.


By our May interview, Trump was still disappointed in McConnell, who he called “a disgrace to the Republican Party. He’s gutless. He should have fought for us on the rigged election. Can you imagine Schumer saying ‘We have to declare Trump the winner to get the country going’?”


“The problem with the Republicans is they don’t know who to fight,” Trump said.


I asked him who he thought might make a better leader for Republicans. He discussed a few names off the record, and said, “Leadership is a very funny thing. Oftentimes you don’t know who’s going to be a good leader until they’re there. It’s like you throw the baby into the water and they turn out to be an Olympic champion, or maybe it won’t work out so well. I’ve watched people that have such capability, and they turn out to be lousy leaders. You never know.”


Right before our May interview, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had revealed that House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy was close friends with Frank Luntz, an advisor to various left-wing groups, who is regularly, if inexplicably, invited to tell Republican officials what their messaging should be. What’s more, they had recently become roommates.


“Uh, that Luntz thing is weird, right? What’s that all about?” Trump asked, adding he was pretty sure McCarthy isn’t gay. “I don’t think it’s a romance. I think it’s just, they know each other or something. I can’t imagine. I don’t think — I mean, if you’re thinking it — but it is weird.” He advised against the living arrangement. “You know, we’re past the age of roommates. You don’t do that.”


At our May meeting, Biden hadn’t yet botched the country’s exit from Afghanistan. Trump said he’d really wanted to get out before he left office, but that it took time to secure the safety of Americans and the proper handling of military equipment. If only he’d known that Biden and his generals wouldn’t feel the need to worry about those things at all.


“You know, I think 19 years is enough,” he said at the time of Afghanistan. He said that “getting the f— out of these wars” was vitally important. At all three interviews, Trump talked about how much he hated soldiers losing life or limb, particularly in nation-building wars.


“I greet those parents when their kids come in, in the coffin at Dover, and you’ve never seen anything so sad in your life. People standing there with an easel and a picture of this beautiful boy with a crew cut and he’s all set,” he said, imitating the tight posture of a Marine. “And he comes in a coffin, or he goes alive to Walter Reed without arms and legs. And you know, it’s the saddest thing you’ve ever seen.”


That may have something to do with why he particularly hated The Atlantic’s story, in which editor Jeff Goldberg claimed without evidence to have anonymous sources saying Trump called war dead “suckers” and “losers” and “did not believe it important to honor American war dead.”



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While the story had no basis in fact and was refuted by dozens of on-the-record sources, it was widely accepted by corporate media and was even mentioned in a presidential debate.


‘That was the one that angered me the most,’ he said, visibly pained.

“That was the one that angered me the most,” he said, visibly pained. If he’d ever said anything like that in front of members of the military, there would have been a fight, he said. “Think of it. I’m standing there with generals and people in the military. Just from a common-sense standpoint, we’re all smart people,” he said. “If I said that in front of generals, I would say, despite the fact that I’m president of the United States, there would be fisticuffs. You understand that?”


After each interview, President Trump invited me to stay for dinner at the club. I had previously declined, but the night of my final interview I was supposed to have dinner with Karol. I wondered if she’d like to do so at Mar-a-Lago. I was pretty sure she hadn’t voted for Trump, but she wasn’t deranged about it, unlike some of our other acquaintances. I called her and she eventually made her way over. We ended up being the last people seated.


Trump was having dinner with Cruz. They were the center of attention. When they finished their dinner, Trump stood up to walk the Texas senator out. The diners all applauded. As he made his way to our side of the patio, Trump said to Karol and me, “How is everything? Amazing?”


But we hadn’t even been served water by that point. He motioned to someone to take care of us.


He made some nice comments about Cruz, before bringing up his 2016 convention speech, in which he excoriated Trump. “The way he got out of that race,” he said, laughing. “He’s a worse loser than me!”


‘The way he got out of that race,’ he said, laughing. ‘He’s a worse loser than me!’

Swarmed by diners asking for pictures, he finally made his escape.


Our meal turned out to be great. The lump crab and a pasta dish with an exquisite sauce was extremely well prepared and flavorful. We were both a bit surprised, having read disdainful media reports of similar dining experiences.


Then again, these same reporters suggested that Mar-a-Lago was gauche. It was a reminder of how extremely negative feelings about the former president colored how the media covered him and anything he touched.


When it came time to pay, our waiter told us the president had picked up the tab.


Karol immigrated to the United States from the USSR as a child. And now the former president had bought her dinner.