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>>17531529 The Real Inconvenient Truth: Arctic Sea Ice Has Grown Since 2012

>>17531576 Rudy W. Giuliani: Everyone feels so much safer since the FBI seized Mr. Pillows phone

>>17531577 PDJT @TS: Don’t let lawlessness win in Ohio this November | The Radical Left desperately needs non-Citizens to vote, because they can’t win on the issues with the American people

>>17531580, >>17531795 Media’s Top Eight Hunter Biden Laptop Deniers – And Many, Many Honorable Mentions

>>17531582 HUGE First Amendment Win For Texas, Ken Paxton and All Americans!

>>17531584 Gavin Newsom Challenges Ron DeSantis to a Debate on CNN

>>17531587, >>17531588 TechnoFog on the Igor Dancenko case

>>17531593 Newsom launches ad campaign in pro-life states using Scripture to promote abortions in California

>>17531616, >>17531991 Save America Rally in Youngstown, OH Sat, September 17, 2022 07:00 pm (EST)

>>17531619, >>17531625, >>17531801 New MSM hitpieces: Trump openly embraces, amplifies QAnon conspiracy theories

>>17531633, >>17531637 Biden Bucks

>>17531634 Shinzo Abe died on July 8, 2022 and a State Funeral will be held 81 days later on September 27, 2022

>>17531645, >>17532186 NBC Reporter Grills Karine Jean-Pierre on Claim the Border Is Secure: 'How Do You Even Make That Argument?'

>>17531647, >>17531994, >>17532218 Flashback: Biden Caught Smuggling Over 70 ‘Secret Flights’ of Illegal Immigrants Into Florida Under Cover of Night

>>17531687, >>17532335 Charlie Kirk: Since when does Hillary Clinton have a problem with young children being flown to unfamiliar islands full of rich white people?

>>17531650, >>17531658 Tracy Beanz: Everything You Need To Know to Understand the Alex Jones Trial (video)

>>17531654, >>17531825, >>17531871, >>17531986 What happened? Just a year ago, official said Martha's Vineyard should be 'haven' for illegals. Now residents demand immigrants be removed

>>17531677 Remember When Democrats Blocked Trump from Filling the Strategic Oil Reserve While Gas Was Cheap?

>>17531689 Queen Elizabeth II ‘Became a Marina Abramovic for the Ages’

>>17531692 Chief Nerd: D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser: "We're not a border town. We don't have an infrastructure to handle this type of and level of immigration to our city. We're not Texas."

>>17531710 NBC News just deleted this article on Twitter in which they compare migrants to "trash"

>>17531716, >>17531727, >>17531859, >>17531915 Grey Ghost LLC and DINFOS Defense Information School (DINFOS), located at Fort George G. Meade, MD

>>17531720 Bharat Biotech COVID-19 vaccine approved for emergency use in children aged 12-18

>>17531731 Jim broadcast after the site was cut last night on Tora, only about 12 minutes long

>>17531758 Illegal immigrants overwhelm New York City's shelter system

>>17531765, >>17531788 Scientists propose controversial plan to refreeze North and South Poles by spraying sulphur dioxide into atmosphere

>>17531770 17-Year-Old Student Suffers Heart Attack After Finishing Cross Country Race – Found Two Bloodclots – Doctors Baffled on Exactly What Happened

>>17531774, >>17531779, >>17531783, >>17531787, >>17531789, >>17531790, >>17531794, >>17531800, >>17531804, >>17531809 PDJT on Truth Social Part One

>>17531820, >>17531823, >>17531830, >>17531834, >>17531834, >>17531843, >>17531848, >>17531854, >>17532054 PDJT on Truth Social Part Two

>>17531838 For the keks: George Carlin skit Not In My Back Yard (video)

>>17531845 Justthenews: As Watergate scandal turns 50, alleged DOJ malpractice against Trump allies echoes distant past

>>17531851 Mortgage Rates Jump Above 6% For First Time Since 2008, Making Buyers Feel The Squeeze

>>17531864 Midnight Rider Channel: Another bus arrives at Kamala’s residence this morning

>>17531879 Tesla owner says he’s locked out after battery died, replacement costs $26K

>>17531903 United States Space Force: Members of the Five Eyes alliance joined together for a Space Tacticians Course at Vandenberg Space Force Base, California last week

>>17531927 Anon checks up on Long Beach (reminder Q #3133) 306th Psychological Operations Company now "permanently closed"

>>17532361 #21492-A

Anonymous ID: 319391 Sept. 17, 2022, 7:44 a.m. No.17532377   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17531936 Jim Hoft: Karine Jean-Pierre Says Republicans Busing Illegals to Other States is Different Than Biden Doing the Same Thing

>>17531973 Washingtom Examiner: OAN returns to cable with new telecommunications company

>>17531980 For the keks: Even Eric Trump gets bigger crowds than the potato

>>17532001, >>17532195 Fired Nurse Delivers Emotional Speech After Losing Her Career Over Jab Mandates

>>17532006 Scavino: Mindset + Qdrops in 12hr increments off timestamp

>>17532022 Michael Beschloss: Constitution of the United States was signed 235 years ago today:

>>17532062 Idaho Accused of Offering LGBTQ-Affirming Sex Ed Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

>>17532068 Politico found, downloaded, published to its website, and tweeted within 9 minutes of the Biden DOJ's filing tonight at 8:57 pm. No chance the Biden DOJ is coordinating with reporters, right?

>>17532073, >>17532108, >>17532326 Planefag: F-5F Tiger II 'Adversary' I 810834 | CONGO63. USAF DE HAVILLAND DHC-6 Twin Otter 82-23835 | Bill Gates is on the move!

>>17532075 Manhattan immigrant has been voting illegally for 13 years

>>17532097 TGP: AFP “Fact-Checks” Meme Saying Queen Elizabeth Had Info On Hillary Clinton Before Her Death

>>17532112 Ontario Transgender High School Teacher Wears Massive Set of Fake Boobs to School in Front of Young Students

>>17532121, >>17532175, >>17532200, >>17532214, >>17532215, >>17532222, >>17532233, >>17532259, >>175332264 Clockfag

>>17532128 Jim Hoft: Anti-Vaccine Groups Use Carrot Emojis to Bypass Facebook Censorship – Several Groups were Already Deleted by Facebook After Being Exposed

>>17532251 M6.6 #EARTHQUAKE! 76 KM E OF YUJING, TAIWAN, DEPTH: 45.0 KM AT 2022-09-17 13:41:18.000 UTC VIA @EQTW

>>17532270 Desantis: [Biden] didn’t scramble to get his cabinet together when we had millions of people illegally pouring in, he didn’t scramble to get his cabinet together when you had 53 migrants die in some trailer (mp4)

>>17532274 The blaze: Man suspected in 22 incidents, including sexual battery and attempted rape, is an illegal immigrant who has been deported 3 times: ICE

>>17532311 An election-integrity watchdog group released a report detailing a massive multi-million-dollar scheme by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to influence the election process in various states in favor of Joe Biden

>>17532355 AOC says governors sending migrant buses to liberal cities are committing ‘crimes against humanity’

>>17532363 #21492-B



>>17530694 Breaking: Federal court upholds Texas social media law, clearing way for users to sue over censorship

>>17530717 Chrissy Teigen says she had an abortion 'to save my life for a baby that had absolutely no chance'

>>17530738, >>17530812 Jim Watkins on Tora3

>>17530787, >>17530806 Since when does Hillary Clinton have a problem with young children being flown to unfamiliar islands full of rich white people?

>>17530852 Donald Trump Finally Got An Invite To One Event Surrounding The Queen

>>17530899 Martha's Vineyard have set up a tent for migrants.. JK, THAT'S OBAMA'S BIRTHDAY TENT

>>17530926 Man Who Fired First as Rioters Chased Rittenhouse Arrested on New Charges: Report

>>17530952, >>17531163, >>17531174 Imagine how bad a state court system might be if its employees willfully and knowingly sent forged records to the United States District Court

>>17530984 New DURHAM filing: "The Government also plans to introduce evidence, every phone call received by [Danchenko] from July 21, 20162 through August 2016"

>>17530991, >>17531045 Why is Special Counsel Durham prosecuting only dirty informants and not their dirty FBI handlers? - paulsperry

>>17531016 Is Bill Barr operating under the illusion he can run for president or something? - paulsperry

>>17531047 DOJ requests classified documents found in the Mar-A-Lago raid be WITHELD from special master's review

>>17531052, >>17530992 Tucker destroys the Dems on the Martha's Vineyard issue

>>17531094, >>17531136 NEW DAN mapping Q232 #actsmall [MINDSET IS EVERYTHING]

>>17531151 Ex-Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reveals cancer treatment

>>17531160 25-year-old drag queen dies mid-performance in Pennsylvania

>>17531194, >>17531218 Trump’s Cronies Are Getting Slammed With [bogus] Subpoenas - vice

>>17531217 Reminder that Freespoke is better than [Google]

>>17531232 Chicago Mayor Beetlejuice says: Time to send Illinois GOP gubernatorial candidate 'back to the farm'

>>17531252, >>17531256 member that weird JimmyComet post with the UK money, drugs, and German caption?

>>17531259 Pat Sajack reveals 'Wheel of Fortune' retirement: 'The end is near'

>>17531266, >>17531273 We need life size hunter cutouts, or atleast posters, and plant them all over the country like the gas pumps

>>17531269 Putin: If Europeans want to stay warm, they only need to press one button

>>17531295, >>17531316 The US Senate was created, and Constitution signed on this day, 1787

>>17531311 Stacey Abrams Says Voter Suppression Rigs Election Results, Crushes Democracy

>>17531341, >>17531343 Facebook Was Spying on Personal Messages of Americans Who Questioned the 2020 Election – Turned Them Over to the FBI

>>17531404 Round em up, ship em out #MARTHASVINEYARD

>>17531407 New Durham bombshell reveals key source in debunked dossier was on FBI payroll - rsbn

>>17531398 America First Legal sues another Pennsylvania county over ‘illegal drop box scheme’

>>17531415 Biden admits to lie: ‘I wasn’t arrested’ trying to see Mandela

>>17531450 Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Charles McGonigal Under Investigation

>>17531478 #21491

Anonymous ID: 319391 Sept. 17, 2022, 7:45 a.m. No.17532378   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17529888 3 Rail Unions REJECT Tentative Deal | Rail Strike Back On!

>>17529950, >>17529980, >>17529986, >>17529995, >>17529995, >>17530001, >>17530018 Clockfags

>>17530026 Breaches of voting machine data raise worries for midterms - ATLANTA

>>17530079 Corrupt Gallatin County District Court Judge Rienne H. McElyea at it again

>>17530098 0 DELTA Sealed Unsealed. Indictments coming.

>>17530103 Judical Watch: Biden Raid on Trump's Home is Election Interference (7:56)

>>17530157, >>17530087 Aurora Thunder

>>17530148 PF Report

>>17530139 Trump filed the lawsuit in order to have the documents stolen by the DOJ and FBI

>>17530215, >>17530235, >>17530280 They're all going to be in one spot for the Queen's funeral, aren't they?

>>17530222 Five Syrian soldiers killed in Israeli airstrike near Damascus, report says

>>17530250 The 'Confidential Human Sources' Sham

>>17530402 PF Report - N87745 doing an aerial tour over DFW at about 1,500 AGL.

>>17530623 Mike Pompeo Tells Chicago Crowd He's Prepping For 2024 Run

>>17530628 Federal tribunal rules in favour of fired employee denied EI for not taking covid shots

>>17530638 Bruce Fenton on Interstellar Objects and Technosignatures

>>17530677 #21490


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Anonymous ID: 0c9c15 Sept. 17, 2022, 7:52 a.m. No.17532409   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2413 >>2429 >>2435 >>2436 >>2462

If a comet is to come.


17 cities:

8 cities create main comet vector:

BostonNew York > Philadelphia >Baltimore >Washington D.C. > Charlotte > Atlanta > New Orleans


4 cities Secondary comet vector:

Detroit *Chicago > Las Vegas > Los Angeles


2 cities Tertiary comet vector:

Nashville Houston


1 city Quaternary comet vector:



Quinary comet vectors:

Seattle : San Francisco


*Possible comet breakup zones. Large explosions, Severe devastation

New York - Main Breakup in 3 parts "Boooom!"

Washington D.C. - Second breakup "BOOM!"

Chicago "Boooooooom!"


I have no evidence to point to this reality. Presented as food for thought. A stepping off point. For Example, Project Blue Beam can project the "comet" not comet as distraction for on going milops in these cities with controlled demo of entire cities(New York, Washington DC, Chicago) as cover.


I hope this doesn't happen.

Anonymous ID: 8c6855 Sept. 17, 2022, 7:56 a.m. No.17532415   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2614

>>17531903 (LB/PB)

>Members of the Five Eyes alliance joined together

Despite the collusion of the Five Eyes alliance against a sitting president, his campaign, his policies, his intelligence agencies nothing has changed?

Shouldn't we severely limit our exchanges with these hostile imperialist nations?

Anonymous ID: cbec68 Sept. 17, 2022, 7:57 a.m. No.17532421   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2427 >>2434 >>2439 >>2441 >>2451 >>2688 >>2992

Jesus: The Awakening


Beloved ones, You must now wake up from all the fear-based ignorant teachings of the past, the perversions of the message that I taught and who I was, and truly see and hear correctly. For many centuries your hearts have been darkened and your vision blinded by false teachings about my life, the nature of my death, and my teachings.


You have built many religions and movements based on untruths and led yourselves into deeper bondage and suffering. If you will stop your sufferings and ignorance, you must wake up from self-deception and desire to see correctly and be willing to leave the false behind and wake up from your slumber. This is a choice many are not willing to make because you choose fear and conformity rather than truth and awakening.


Many of you are questioning what religions built in my name have taught you. Do not doubt yourselves, because it is that the awareness on your planet is rising and the veils of ignorance and illusion are being lifted layer by layer. This is your own true nature waking you up from lifetimes of deep slumber to the truth of love. These old paradigms will no longer work because their very foundations which are based on illusion and fear and worship of man-made teachings are being shaken.


Those that desire the truth about my life and teachings will hear it in the depth of their being. I am not your messiah and I am not the only son of God. I was not sent to die for the sins of the world. You must leave behind these old fear-based illusions of sacrificial lambs which keep you stuck in deep patterns of fear and bondage. I am just like you, one who walked the same paths as you in many lifetimes and out of my own seeking and questioning pierced the veils of ignorance for myself and woke up to the truth of my divine nature just like many did before me and continue to do to this day.


I did not come to be worshipped and you must stop this if you are to awaken to your own true nature. I am not a partaker of your false teachings of worshipping me as special and apart from you. I taught my disciples these very things when they tried to worship me or believe me a king of Israel. I taught them that I was a servant, a teacher of truth and that they were just like me and could know what I had come to know by following the teachings I gave them. I tell you the same things. I cannot “save” you from your error (sins); you must walk your path and master your own self and no one can do it for you.


I only taught the truth and radiated my energy to those I encountered to help them understand but the times were dark and most could not comprehend my teachings and instead used them to form religions to elevate their own authority.


I am available to offer help to any who asks just like all awakened ones are, but you must walk your path and reach your own awakening. Beloved ones I love you and it is time to leave the old behind and mature into who you really are. It is a choice that no one can make for you, for your free will is sacred. You are divine and how long you remain in ignorance depends on you. If you chose truth, there will be assistance on your path, it is built into the path of awakening for all who choose it. This world is your own projection and the end of the world I spoke of is the end of your own illusions that project this world of suffering. Let those that have ears hear


Your friend and brother on the path,


Yeshua (The one that is known to many of you as Jesus).

Anonymous ID: 33d5a6 Sept. 17, 2022, 7:59 a.m. No.17532425   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2532 >>2592 >>2763 >>2870 >>2977 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133

According to this article, the US is using the old Hegelian Dialectic strategy with China.


Here’s the real reason that the US wants to sanction China


Washington’s modus operandi is ‘create problem, blame target country, impose sanctions, expand influence’


Well, they’re not wrong ya know?

Anonymous ID: 8af9a0 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:02 a.m. No.17532440   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2698

"Psychological Operations" "Non linear war" "Information War" "Unrestricted War"


Psychological operations are by far the most potent weapons in warfare, and psycho-social effects of these weapon may develop slowly, certainly over decades or longer. Often a change is so gradual as to be almost imperceptible, and when we do notice we take it to be natural. The change is always negative, always portrayed as beneficial, a social step forward. One example.


Porno was and is a high priority mob/CIA social subversion project.


In the 1950s the US Post office employed hundreds of agents to police the mails. Pornography was seized regularly.


Freedom of speech arguments prevailed in our courts and allowed the cult/mob to take us from no-sexual- material-goes-through -the-US mail in the 1950s to Deep Throat opens in regular theaters and drive-ins in 1972.


Masturbation was declared by 'experts' to be harmless and pornography was said to be wholesome and natural sexual expression of delight in the beauty of the opposite sex and to offer a safe outlet to perverts who might otherwise rape children.


Porn was marketed and promoted professionally. When Meyer said "We're bigger than US Steel," in the 1950s he was being modest. That the former mob business "went legit" is another way of saying our entire culture adopted a ruthless efficient and extractive economy that has no concern for destructive effects on the host population.


US porn was a NY based, Gambino family business, run by Robert DiBernadino partnered with the Cleveland porno distributor and dildo manufacturer Reuben Sturman. The two men controlled almost all the print and film/video porno produced and distributed in the US and worldwide � with exception of honeypots like Playboy magazine which was C_A controlled from Langley. The idea that the 50s were staid and uptight is myth. This was a planned psychological attack, it created a hyper sexualized culture where media is perfused with overt and subliminal imagery and people count orgasms and leave the driving to the Uber.


Pop culture is an entirely artificial medium. It was and is engineered to control purchasing habits, regulate our mental capacity, our morality and guide our choices for the future by controlling the range of possibilities we are aware of.


Information Operations or "psyops" use our powerful innate drives or instincts against us.


Our reproductive drive is among our most powerful. When we are sexually aroused we do not think clearly and are more vulnerable to hypnotic induction techniques which alter our belief systems, slowly, over time, in ways we are not consciously aware of. The population is kept in a perpetual state of low key sexual arousal. Promiscuity is promoted etc.


Pornography, promoted as naturally healthy, harmless and a safe outlet for sexuality, is not. It is part of the comprehensive social subversion and social control operation intended to weaken and distract our attention from the looting of the US treasury, the infiltration of financial, judicial, legislative, and regulatory systems.


The pedovore cult controls all media content and distribution infrastructure, including porno.


Our civilization rests on the integrity of an information distribution system controlled by entirely corrupt individuals, uniformly devoted to the enslavement and/or destruction of human beings.


Some may recall that Gambino wiseguy Robert (DiB) DiBernardo the Gambino family's czar of pornography, including, disturbingly, child pornography who was made to disappear on Gambino boss John Gotti’s orders, played a role in the 1984 presidential election.


Porn is good for you

Anonymous ID: b5c77c Sept. 17, 2022, 8:03 a.m. No.17532442   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Banking headlines

Just in the last day


Bank of Canada losing money for the first time ever


Lebanon banks plan to close as customer 'rob' them to get their own money out.

Anonymous ID: 1ac2d7 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:04 a.m. No.17532445   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>17531909 (PB)

"The Temple Institute and Boneh Israel made a huge step towards reinstating the Temple service on Thursday when five red heifers landed at Ben Gurion International Airport.


The red heifer was the main component in the Biblically mandated process of ritual purification for impurity that results from proximity or contact with a dead body. Because the elements needed for this ceremony have been lacking since the destruction of the Second Temple, all Jews today are considered ritually impure, thereby preventing the return of the Temple service. The Temple Institute launched its Red Heifer program about a decade ago, led by Rabbi Azariah Ariel. But even in Temple times, an animal that fulfilled the Biblical requirements was exceedingly rare. Failing to produce a suitable candidate from ranchers in Israel, The Temple Institute began investigating alternative sources for a red heifer."


So the ritual is Slaughter and then burn the heifer's carcass. Terrific.


"To meet the requirements of the Old Testament law, a red heifer was needed to help accomplish the purification from sin—specifically, the ashes of a red heifer were needed. The red heifer was a reddish-brown cow, probably at least two years old. It was to be “without defect or blemish” and to have never borne a yoke. The sacrifice of the red heifer was unique in the law in that it used a female animal, it was sacrificed away from the entrance to the tabernacle, and it was the only sacrifice in which the color of the animal was specified.


The slaughtering of a red heifer is described in Numbers 19:1–10. Eleazar the priest was to oversee the ritual outside the camp of the Israelites. After the animal was killed, Eleazar was to sprinkle some of its blood toward the front of the tabernacle seven times (verse 4). Then he left camp again and oversaw the burning of the carcass of the red heifer (verse 5). As the red heifer burned, the priest was commanded to add “some cedar wood, hyssop and scarlet wool” to the fire (verse 6).


The ashes of the red heifer were collected and stored “in a ceremonially clean place outside the camp.” The ashes were used “in the water of cleansing; it is for purification from sin” (Numbers 19:9). The law goes on to detail when and how the ashes of the red heifer were used in purifying those who came into contact with a dead body: “Whoever touches a human corpse will be unclean for seven days. They must purify themselves with the water on the third day and on the seventh day; then they will be clean” (verses 11–12). The purification process involved the ashes of the red heifer in this way: “Put some ashes from the burned purification offering into a jar and pour fresh water over them. Then a man who is ceremonially clean is to take some hyssop, dip it in the water and sprinkle . . . anyone who has touched a human bone or a grave or anyone who has been killed or anyone who has died a natural death” (verses 17–18)."

Anonymous ID: 8af9a0 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:06 a.m. No.17532459   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2472

Gut microbes and humans on a joint evolutionary journey


The human gut microbiome is composed of thousands of different bacteria and archaea that vary widely between populations and individuals. Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Biology in Tübingen have now discovered gut microbes that share a parallel evolutionary history with their human hosts: the microorganisms co-evolved in the human gut environment over hundreds of thousands of years. In addition, some microbes exhibit genomic and functional features making them dependent on their host. Now published in Science, the researchers present the results of their study conducted with data from 1,225 individuals out of Africa, Asia and Europe.


Many microbe species in the human gut can be found across populations from all over the world. However, within a microbe species the microbe strains vary remarkably between individuals and populations. Despite their importance for human health, little was known so far about the origins of these strains. Moreover, most of these strains live almost exclusively in the human gut. This raises the question of where the microorganisms in the human gut come from.


Linking the histories of microbes and humans


The research team conjectured that specific species and strains have been with people as humanity diversified and spread over the globe. To test if microbes evolved and diversified simultaneously with their human hosts, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Biology, the Institute for Tropical Medicine, and the Cluster of Excellence CMFI at the University of Tübingen systematically compared for the first time the evolutionary histories of humans and of gut microbes.


The researchers created phylogenetic trees for 1,225 human study participants as well as for 59 microbial species found within their guts, and used statistical tests to investigate how well these trees match. More than 60% of the investigated species matched with the evolutionary history of their human host, meaning that these microbes co-diversified over ~100,000 years in the human gut when people fanned out of Africa across the continents. "We didn't know that any of our gut microbes followed our evolutionary history this closely," says Ruth Ley, head of the department for Microbiome Science at the Max Planck Institute for Biology, Tübingen, where the study was conducted, and deputy spokesperson of the CMFI.


Gut microbes became dependent on their hosts


"It is also remarkable that the strains that followed our history most closely are now those who rely most on the gut environment," Ley adds. Indeed, some of the microbe strains that evolved together with humans are heavily dependent on the human gut environment: they possess smaller genomes and are more sensitive to oxygen levels and temperature—traits making it difficult to survive outside the human body. In contrast, microorganisms that showed weaker association with the human history showed more characteristics similar to free living bacteria.


"Some of the gut microbes behave like they are part of the human genome," explains Taichi Suzuki, who shares main authorship of the study with his colleague Liam Fitzstevens. "You can imagine that those microbes are on a gradient from 'free-living' to reliant on the human body environment. We have seen that some human gut bacteria are further along the gradient towards irreversible host dependence than previously thought."


Ley says, "This fundamentally changes how we view the human gut microbiome."


Population-specific approach to microbiome-based therapies


To obtain data from a diverse subset of the global population, the research team analyzed the gut microbes and genomes of 1,225 individuals in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The stool and saliva samples were collected with the help of researchers from the Institute for Tropical Medicine at the University of Tübingen and their partners in Vietnam and Gabon. In addition, researchers around the globe supported the study by providing similar datasets from participants recruited in Cameroon, South Korea, and the U.K.


The findings of the study help to further understand population-specific microbes that have long been associated with the local human population. With this knowledge, microbiome-based therapies of diseases can be adapted and refined to a population-specific treatment.

Anonymous ID: 319391 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:07 a.m. No.17532467   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2592 >>2763 >>2870 >>2977 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133




Pa. Sen. Pat Browne files bill to sell Allentown State Hospital property to City Center Investment Corp.

By Ford Turner The Morning Call Sep 17, 2022 at 6:17 am


HARRISBURG — Lame duck Lehigh County Sen. Pat Browne filed a bill in Harrisburg to sell the 195-acre Allentown State Hospital property to City Center Investment Corp., led by developer J.B. Reilly, for $5.5 million.


The East Side property is viewed as the biggest redevelopment opportunity in the city in generations. The move to sell to City Center comes after the previously planned sale of the state-owned property via a competitive bid process failed to produce a qualified bid.


The state Department of General Services and Allentown Mayor Matt Tuerk both support the new initiative.


“We are pleased that the senator was able to approach us with this legislation,” DGS spokesman Troy Thompson said.


Schlossberg co-signed a statement issued by Browne’s office that said following the unsuccessful bidding process and a review of options, the committee decided to sell directly to City Center.


It is the primary developer of Allentown’s one-of-a-kind Neighborhood Improvement Zone. The statement called City Center ”the most successful developer in Allentown’s modern history.”


The state hospital property is not part of the NIZ.


City Center’s “knowledge and outstanding success in redeveloping challenged sites within the city make them the most qualified entity to undertake this promising task,” the statement said.


A City Center spokesman said that if the sale bill is enacted into law, it will start working with the city right away “to develop a project that creates various housing options, public green space, retail, jobs and local tax revenue for the City and Allentown School District.”


Schlossberg said part of the reason for avoiding another bidding process was that it would involve a “long delay.”


Tuerk said the state’s position — one that Tuerk agreed with — was “to get it into the hands of someone who could quickly put it to public use.”



Anonymous ID: 38f4f1 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:08 a.m. No.17532472   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>To obtain data from a diverse subset of the global population, the research team analyzed the gut microbes and genomes of 1,225 individuals in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The stool and saliva samples were collected with the help of Pete Buttigieg

Anonymous ID: cbec68 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:10 a.m. No.17532475   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2552

They Print the bible for you with their printing presses.

They sell you the bible with a smile.

No fight to stop it.

They fight Q with every front they have

They shut down Q map

They shut down anything Q related on You tube.

The published thousands of stories calling Q a conspiracy.

And they still sell you the bible with a smile.

They control you with it.

They twisted it.

You are a slave to it now.

Anonymous ID: 011d46 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:10 a.m. No.17532477   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Fentanyl is another cog in the wheel for the global elitist's desire to depopulate the planet. The only logical, rational explanation as to why Slo Joe & Co. refuse to even acknowledge the deaths from this drug. China's Xi happy. Mexican Cartels, happy. Democrat filth, happy. Utopia is enroute. Everyone happy!!!!

Anonymous ID: 225fb7 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:23 a.m. No.17532516   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2528

US nuclear tests killed far more civilians than we knew


May be notable?


"When the US entered the nuclear age, it did so recklessly. New research suggests that the hidden cost of developing nuclear weapons were far larger than previous estimates, with radioactive fallout responsible for 340,000 to 690,000 American deaths from 1951 to 1973."


From the article: "By comparing this data with county-level mortality records, Meyers came across a significant finding: “Exposure to fallout through milk leads to immediate and sustained increases in the crude death rate.” What’s more, these results were sustained over time. US nuclear testing likely killed seven to 14 times more people than we had thought, mostly in the midwest and northeast."


SO, 14 times 700,000 = 9.8 million, but according to this from the article "the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty might have saved between 11.7 and 24.0 million American lives,” or caused that many deaths


UNable to post image.



Anonymous ID: 01d2ef Sept. 17, 2022, 8:23 a.m. No.17532518   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2520


wettest from the standpoint of water.

is perfectly good english

soory they'll never find the level of embarrassment one easily finds with PedoJoe

They hype it up with their hate,

blow it up , when nothing's there

like Obama does and Weissman dooo


they keep trying; doubling down; losers

can't wait for the rout.

Anonymous ID: 01d2ef Sept. 17, 2022, 8:26 a.m. No.17532528   🗄️.is 🔗kun


dunno if that's fake news or not

who knows what they were really testing

one has zero trust at this point

there's likely some very good investigative journalism on this, from the left side.

maybe something else caused their cancer?

or not

take more work to unwind it.

Anonymous ID: 319391 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:26 a.m. No.17532532   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2538




Handoff Gratefully Confirmed


Here's notables so far


Notables are NOT Endorsements


passing 125



>>17532406, >>17532420, >>17532443, >>17532449 Clockfag

>>17532408 The Atlantic: In January 2021, a meme war spilled onto the streets of Washington, D.C.,a President who understood the power of memes was able to send thousands of people into battle against democracy itself

>>17532414, >>17532428, >>17532450, >>17532487 Planefag

>>17532425 RT: Here’s the real reason that the US wants to sanction China

>>17532466 ICYMI: Trump Rally in Youngstown OHIO today

Anonymous ID: 8af9a0 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:28 a.m. No.17532537   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (front)

>Children's Defense Fund (Front)

>Podesta/Alefatis Pizzagate

>Dan Schneider/Pedowood

>Epstein Sex Island/Blackbook

>Pentagon Child Porn Servers

>Oakland County child murders

>Peter Scully Dark Web Child Torturer Live Streamer

>The Franklin Coverup/BoysTown Ring

>Drasius Kedys Pedo Ring

>Chilean Senator Pedo Ring

>North Fox Island Child Killing Ring

>Madeline McCann Disappearance

>Brooke Shields Child Actor

>Cardinal George Pell Vatican Ring

>Colonel Michael Aquino Pedo Cult

>G4S Security Human Trafficking

>Dyncorp Human Trafficking

>Dolphin Square Ring

>Planned Parenthood Organ Trafficking

>Jersey Island Child Killings

>Elm Guest House Ring

>UK Grooming Gang Police Cover up

>Clinton Hitlist

>Clinton Haiti Child Trafficking

>Joe Biden Child Groper

>McMartin Pre-schoolRing

>Presidio Military Daycare Ring

>Dutroux Affair Coverup

>Israeli Resort in Colombia tied to sex trafficking

>NXIVM Sex Cult

>Pennsylvania 300+ Priests Pedo Ring

>Sandusky Pedo Ring

>Roman Polanski Scandal

>Jared Fogle "Subway" Pedo Ring

>MJ Scandal

>Savile Scandal

>Oprah's School For Girls Abuse

>JonBenet Photographer Child Abuse Arrest

>The Finders Cult

>Tuam Church Child Mass Grave

>Lanarkshire Orphanage Child Mass Grave

>Dozier School for Boys Child Mass Grave

>Nancy Schaefer CPS Assassination

>Andrew Breitbart Podesta Assassination

>Boko Haram Girls Michelle Obama

>FBI Ted Gunderson exposes child trafficking

>Muslim Child Training Camp Cover up

>Portugal Elite Sex Ring

>Brazil Celebrity Spirit Healer Pedo Ring

>Tucson/Cemex Trafficking Camp

>Italy Foster Care Pedo Ring

>Norway Pedo Ring Bust

>Hampstead, UK, cover up

Anonymous ID: 51500a Sept. 17, 2022, 8:29 a.m. No.17532539   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2548 >>2592 >>2763 >>2870 >>2977 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133


Sri Lanka to join Russia's Mir system, resumes flights to Russia


The Sri Lankan government is discussing with Russia the possibility of joining its MIR payment system, with the discussion being underway between the Central banks as revealed by Sri Lankan Minister of Transport and Highways, and Minister of Mass Media Bandula Gunawardena, to Sputnik.


"Yes, yes, our embassy tried to do that because you want to [have] easy payment system… We will try to do that, we can get Central Bank's approval. After that it will be a success," Gunawardena said, upon being asked whether the payment system will be launched in Sri Lanka.


In addition, discussions are underway between the Central Banks of Moscow and Colombo, he announced, adding that Colombo must obtain the approval of the central banks, noting that the Sri Lankan authorities would be pleased to know that Russian tourists could pay by card while visiting the country.


Last February, Russian banks were excluded from the SWIFT interbank payment system by the decision of the European Commission and its allies. The maneuver was intended to hit the country's banking network and its access to funds via SWIFT, which is pivotal for the smooth transaction of money worldwide. Visa and Mastercard bank cards issued in Russia are no longer in effect and don't allow users to pay for goods and services outside Russia.


Read more: Russia moves from SWIFT to more secure mechanisms: Official


Mir cards are currently in function in 10 foreign countries: Turkey, Vietnam, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia. The card can be used to deposit and withdraw cash and pay for purchases.


Attempts to isolate Russia have driven the economic power to seek alternative deals and agreements with countries particularly suffering from the US- and West-led sanctions.


Furthermore, Colombo plans to restore flights with Moscow by mid-October, announced Gunawardena.


"First, we will try to restart [flights from] Moscow to Colombo [and back]. After that - St. Petersburg," Gunawardena said, adding that the flights are expected to resume by mid-October this year.


Gunawardena added that flights between other cities may also appear later.


An airplane from Sri Lanka to Russia which was expected to leave on June 2 was canceled due to lack of authorization from Sri Lankan aviation authorities. Russia, in response, handed a note of protest to the Sri Lankan ambassador in Moscow.


IMF playing 'economic hitman'


While Sri Lanka has been overpowered with months of lack of food, fuel, and medicine, extended power cuts, and inflation following a foreign exchange crisis that left importers unable to pay for vital goods, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) comes to the 'rescue' with a disastrous condition which would leave the country further bankrupt.


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) board will need to agree on a staff agreement, which depends on Sri Lanka finalizing a deal to restructure its $51 billion in foreign debt with creditors. The IMF has set a $2.9 billion bailout amount for the revival of the country's economy.


In early 2022, Sri Lanka stopped paying its foreign bondholders, along with a crippling inflation problem that has raised the cost of food and fuel, sending the country into political chaos.

Anonymous ID: db9932 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:29 a.m. No.17532542   🗄️.is 🔗kun

pb notable >>17530098 0 DELTA Sealed Unsealed. Indictments coming.


tried clocking this, felt a bit awkward. from clockfag perspective, additional thoughts are:


  • DJT Truth to Q1288 creates a 17 minute clock delta / arc

  • DJT Truth to Q3011 creates a 33 minute clock delta / arc

  • Q3011 MIRROR'd is kinda 11.3 Q


I'm not sold on the Q1288 part of the decode (50-50 on it at best), but Q3011 seems rock-solid. Given its subject of unsealing indictments, the MIRROR 11.3 insight would seem valid, as this relates to Podesta.


Curiously, Q2427 is at Min: 33 on the QClock, matching the :33 min delta between DJT Truth and Q3011. Q2427 is about both Podesta bro's having pending sealed indictments.


kudos to anon who caught this one. in anon's honor, am calling this clock…


QClock Sep 16, 2022: DJT sez Indictments Coming (Podesta)

Anonymous ID: 61d55c Sept. 17, 2022, 8:31 a.m. No.17532546   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Bannon's show this morning is outstanding


ancient Christianity and law of 3s and how Hegel reworked it for future Marxist religion.

Man is incomplete and he can complete himself.


The marxist 'soul' is 'the culture' and how changing culture is how man changes himself to be moar complete, outside of God

you are god

Anonymous ID: 51500a Sept. 17, 2022, 8:32 a.m. No.17532550   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2872


Ancient Mayan site discovered in Mexico, delays train construction


Upon the discovery of the ancient Maya archaeological site in Mexico, efforts to construct an $8 billion Maya Train have again been thwarted. The site comprises over 300 buildings, according to Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), and the construction of the train in the Yucatan peninsula has been in effect since 2020.


The director of the institute, Diego Prieto, confirmed that an archaeological survey on section 5 of the project between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, led to the discovery of a significant site that compromises over 300 buildings, some of which stood over 8 meters tall. The briefing in which Prieto was speaking was held by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.


The train is designed to connect Yucatan's historical sites to encourage touristic activity and bring forward the region's ancient cultures - however, environmentalists, archaeologists, and indigenous communities stress that constructing a train would backfire.


“Engineering adjustments are being made to the southern part of section 5 [of the railroad] in order to protect an impressive archaeological site that we’ve recognized as Paamul II,” said Prieto during the conference.


Presenting information and schematic maps of what they believe the settlement may have resembled, Prieto showed that over 25,000 immovable assets have been discovered in all sections of the railroad, in addition to ancient roads, 431 ceramic pots, and 423 bones from human burials. Only 11% of the review has been completed thus far. However, divers are looking into caverns and cenotes in the area for more uncovered sites.


The site, upon the uncovering of these premises, will be protected as an ecological and archaeological corridor, whereas the artifacts that come with it - though unearthed - will be on display at Mexican museums.


The Maya Train was said to open in December 2023, alongside Tulum Airport - however, the delays may change this trajectory.

Anonymous ID: 8af9a0 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:34 a.m. No.17532556   🗄️.is 🔗kun

ATTN Legacy Media shills


The satanist pedovore mind control era is over.


290 million Americans want the truth; including the truth about the gas lighting of America – MSM media complicity in C_A social subversion operations.


Entertainment company executives who think movies like NORMAL on HBO are the product of creative competition to meet audience demand will be surprised to discover that MI, POTUS and anons of QR all see it as subversive IO, a destructive psyop, one of hundreds run by MSM/legacy media against an unwitting civilian population.


Whether the public is aware, or ever becomes aware, of the harm done by MSM/legacy media content shilling, anons know, POTUS knows and MI knows.


Media companies closely associated with satanic mind control like Disney testify to the destructive nature and subversive power of cult mind warfare tactics.


Media shills and entertainment companies prepared to repent, to admit their role in social and sexual subversion and atone for decades evil must make a 180 reversal; stop destroying, start repairing and rebuilding, and begin undoing the harm they have done to civilization, the US and throughout the world.


A Turkish proverb says “No matter how far down the wrong road you have gone, turn back.”


Repairing damage for legacy media content means initiating a cross platform, all format, surge of error corrected, future positive, neural malware-free news and entertainment content, without subliminal or subsonic embeds, hypnotic induction or “side band” symbolic language technologies targeting our unconscious below the threshold of awareness.


Restoring the integrity of our news and entertainment media means resuming our journey toward the light, as individuals and as a species, and start of the long process undoing the harm done our minds by decades of satanic IO.



Anonymous ID: 0a6778 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:34 a.m. No.17532559   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>17532285 p


2) people involved in the plan are either


…a) planting stories


…b) the looking glass tech is real and used


…c) the navy bend reality tech is real and used


Anonymous ID: 8af9a0 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:37 a.m. No.17532564   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2568 >>2592 >>2763 >>2870 >>2977 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133

Nobel prize winning researcher Ivan Pavlov established a series of brilliant, sadistic, experiments, that wholesale reorganization of the human mind is a natural defense by the brain against cumulative stress.


When the brain shuts itself down the result is the loss of all prior conditioning -– all that we've learned or absorbed unconsciously over the course of our lives from satanist engineered mind control media.


TA’s FUD stress or "cognitive dissonance " is rapidly approaching the shut down point for cult media-controlled NPCs.


Pavlov’s prediction is not his best guess, it’s based on 30 years of experimental research into the effects of stress on the mammalian brain.


Pavlov commented: that the most basic inherited difference among people was how soon they reached this shutdown point and that the quick-to-shut-down have a fundamentally different type of nervous system. <<


When that critical point is reached the NPC brain scrams the higher cognitive processes, shuts down to protect itself, zeros the registers (so to speak) and reboots. According to Pavlov the human mind in this state resembles a child’s – receptive to new ideas and eager to learn new ways of thinking about old problems, enthusiastically adopting ideas to which we were formerly violently opposed.


To understand this reorganizational process at the biological level we need to absorb Pavlov's studies on fear conditioning.


Autonomous processes are not significantly affected. NPCs continue to maintain normal biofunctions, and if they taught after shut down, how to rebuild consciousness suited to Higher Worlds, recognizing the moral continuum of good evil, and adapted to nonlinear changes in material space.



Anonymous ID: 8af9a0 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:39 a.m. No.17532569   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2631



All in the very morning hour

Our gentle Lord and Savior

Was fettered and arraigned before

the bailiff of Judea.


But heathen Pilate found no stain

In him or civil terror

Accordingly he sent him on to

Magistrate King Herod


Third hour, and the son of God

Was scourged by whips and bludgeoned.

And then those sinful people placed

A crown of thorns upon him.


Revile him, did those citizens

And beat him, did those soldiers.

The cross on which he was to die

was laid upon his shoulders.


Sixth hour, they stripped him of his robe

And on the cross they nailed him.

The Christ was bleeding freely now.

(And are the faithful wailing?)


His enemies made sport of him,

So did the true believers.

The sun itself retired then

To scorn their cruel behavior.


Ninth hour, Jesus Christ cried out

"My God I am forsaken!"

They gave him bile and vinegar

His mortal thirst to slaken.


Then Jesus Christ gave up the ghost

And all creation trembled;

The temple fell and from the hill

The rock of Ages tumbled.


And in the very vesper hour

The two thieves' bones were broken.

A spear was thrust in Jesus side,

And Jesus' side did open.


And blood and water did run out,

It flowed beyond all measure,

And all the folk from round about

did mock our Lord and Savior.

Anonymous ID: 479f47 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:40 a.m. No.17532571   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2592 >>2596 >>2666 >>2763 >>2870 >>2977 >>2998 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133

All Caps? What is Rudy saying? Adreno shit? Trafficking?



Anonymous ID: 8af9a0 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:46 a.m. No.17532582   🗄️.is 🔗kun

I also see heirs of the buddhas

Who have never fallen asleep,

And are constantly wandering in forests

In search of the buddha path.

I see some who are pure like jewels,

Endowed with integrity

And faultless in behavior,

In search of the buddha path.

Furthermore, I see heirs of the buddhas

In search of the buddha path,

Who have the power of perseverance

And patiently endure

Those of excessive pride

Who abuse them verbally and physically.


I see bodhisattvas

Who have been searching for the buddha path

For thousands of myriads of koṭis of years,

And who have renounced idlers and foolish companions


And approached the wise.

Anonymous ID: 023963 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:50 a.m. No.17532592   🗄️.is 🔗kun




>>17532414, >>17532428, >>17532450, >>17532487, >>17532553, >>17532572 Planefag

>>17532406, >>17532420, >>17532443, >>17532449 Clockfag

>>17532408 The Atlantic: In January 2021, a meme war spilled onto the streets of Washington, D.C.,a President who understood the power of memes was able to send thousands of people into battle against democracy itself

>>17532425 RT: Here’s the real reason that the US wants to sanction China

>>17532466 ICYMI: Trump Rally in Youngstown OHIO today

>>17532467 Pa. Sen. Pat Browne files bill to sell Allentown State Hospital property to City Center Investment Corp.

>>17532481, >>17532491, >>17532493, >>17532498, >>17532502 Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings

>>17532492, >>17532494 fuggen tranny pedos

>>17532539 Sri Lanka to join Russia's Mir system, resumes flights to Russia

>>17532564 wholesale reorganization of the human mind is a natural defense by the brain against cumulative stress.

>>17532571 RudyG callin out Winestein/Clintons/Marthas Vineyard

>>17532576 All but one illegal immigrant was removed from Martha’s Vineyard… One had a fake Birth Certificate from Hawaii. KEKS!

Anonymous ID: 720c5f Sept. 17, 2022, 8:50 a.m. No.17532595   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2622


It goes to show you that the satanists on this board fully realize that God is real and understand how to lead people astray so that they will end up damning themselves.

In this thread so far there's:

>You are Christ (Christ consciousness)

>Pray to Mary

>You are Buddha incarnate

Anonymous ID: 563610 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:51 a.m. No.17532600   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2623 >>2710 >>2715 >>2720 >>2723 >>2727 >>2738 >>2763 >>2764 >>2777 >>2837 >>2857 >>2866 >>2868 >>2870 >>2948 >>2977 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133

Rachel Chandler was the DJ at Le Baron NYC nightclub on July 18, 2013, one day before her post of security footage that an Anon opined was Epstein Island. Q referenced their post without comment in #3147.

THURSDAY, JULY 18, 2013 AT 10:00 PM – 4:00 AM EDT


Le Baron NYC






10 PM


32 Mulberry street

_ _ _ _ _ _ _







Anonymous ID: 01d2ef Sept. 17, 2022, 8:52 a.m. No.17532607   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2630



good point though

it was actually New York Times

figures, those creeps are ignoramuses


whatever happened to the night shift research on this; was there any follow up, i got distracted by the board take-down

P.S. that location is near 'the Tombs' and to the Courthouse where Jeff Epstein supposedly had his hearing (was it really him?) dunno , wasn't there, didn't see him.


5- points neighborhood ?

that was location of 'Gangs of New York'

Seedy history connected to smuggling from the water, violence and tunnels.

'5 points' is for streets converging.

Police Headquarters is right there too.

5 - points is also Pentaram / pentacle

Anonymous ID: db9932 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:55 a.m. No.17532614   🗄️.is 🔗kun



timestamp = 15:15. 15 is a proxy for occult 555 Highest Death thing.




The occultist believes "5" to be the Number of Death, and the greatest intensification of any number to be a triplicate, a "555" literally means "Highest Death".


FIVE EYES gonna be ded. matter o' time

Anonymous ID: 8af9a0 Sept. 17, 2022, 8:59 a.m. No.17532619   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3042


Drilled by the Vril (They say)


Vril type 1 lizards (terrestrial aliens) are parasitic, carnivorous and malevolent. They’re about one to two feet tall. Their head resembles the body of a king crab and their body is covered in red diamond-shaped scales. They dwell underground. They’re dumb (and are able to talk) but smarter when they turn a human into a host (drone). They have a proboscis (called the Quill), which is located on the top of their head. The proboscis (which looks-like a chocolate chip) contains everything that the lizard is (its consciousness). Their lizard body is dead once the proboscis leaves its body. They can only do this once in their lifetime and if they fail (turning a human into a host), they die. The human that is about to be bodysnatched is either unconscious or restrained. The proboscis enters the human’s eye and spirals around the optic nerve. It then proceeds to go to an area of the brain (driven by taste) that tastes like butterscotch to them. Then, they do a feeling of holding your breath and pushing outwards. Finally, it does what's called “Sweating the Quill” (at the tip of the proboscis), which excretes the parasitic cells that take over the human body. This kills the human and replaces their consciousness with the Vril lizard’s consciousness. The Vril lizard becomes that human (after about a month’s recovery time). This transition from Vril lizard to human is what’s called "Droning". Once a Vril lizard becomes a human, they are then known as a Drone, Host of Vril or a Parasited Host. A person that has had this happen to them, may be referred to as someone that had been possessed by a demon. This is what demonic possession is. In addition, some hosts of Vril (drones) call themselves “walk-ins”, in which they describe how an alien consciousness or soul took over their body. The slit-eye videos that you see all over the web are fake. The Illuminati put these out intentionally to mislead everyone into thinking that one can tell who is a “reptilian” (Vril lizard and a host of Vril aka drone) by checking to see, if their eyes turn to slits. This doesn’t occur and they cannot do this. However, the eyes ARE one way to tell… Sometimes, there may be an eye that pops outward (or inward) due to the droning process or it makes the eye stray, so it looks-like the person is cockeyed or walleyed. There is no shape-shifting either. The so-called shape-shifting is the transition from Vril lizard to human. Those that talk about “reptilian shape-shifters” are referring to Vril and people who have been droned. Drones (Parasited Hosts of Vril) mimic human behavior. They are willing slaves with no compassion and only care about droning other people, torture and sex. They’re murderers. They killed the human to "use" their body and live life

Anonymous ID: 319391 Sept. 17, 2022, 9 a.m. No.17532623   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2710



Nominate for Notable

Rachel Chandler was the DJ at Le Baron NYC nightclub on July 18, 2013, one day before her post of security footage that an Anon opined was Epstein Island. Q referenced their post without comment in #3147.

Anonymous ID: 7d13a7 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:04 a.m. No.17532629   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2663

CNN Live



"Canadian PM Trudeau Visits Queen Lying-in-State at Westminster Hall"


'Tater is supposed to head over to London today.


Anonymous ID: 51500a Sept. 17, 2022, 9:06 a.m. No.17532634   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2725


Mummy of historical Egyptian Queen Nefertiti soon to be identified


As modern Egypt continues to emerge and ancient Egypt continues to be studied since the 1800s by archaeologists, it is suspected that a mere 30% of artifacts underground have been discovered and most haven't been found yet - but the climate crisis and tourism pose a risk to finding those artifacts.


Egyptologist Zahi Hawass believes he is near proving that the mummy first discovered in the 1800s is the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten and mother of Tutankhamun or King Tut - Queen Nefertiti, who lived between circa 1,370 and 1,330 BC, and is believed by many Egyptologists to have ruled Egypt for a short time after the death of her husband, and if proven true, that would mean that she would have taken the throne roughly 1,300 years before Cleopatra.


Although Hawass says his theory would be confirmed in October, he also suspects that another mummy explored in the same tomb is the wife of Tutankhamun, Ankhesenamun, as part of Hawass' preparation of an exhibition called “Daughters of the Nile” that centers on the women of ancient Egypt during the pharaonic period. Both mummies were found in a position with their left arm over their chest, a pose classified for queens during that time.


According to Hawass, the mummy of a ten-year-old boy found in a different tomb (KV35) could be the brother of Tutankhamun and the son of Akhenaten, which if determined to be correct, may solve the mystery of Nefertiti. In the procedure of his research exploration, Hawass began resorting to CT scanning and DNA analysis to identify the mummies although initially, they were not wholly put together.


Just last month, the Egyptologist launched an initiative to bring the Rosetta Stone back to Egypt from the British Museum, as the latest move against museums that have looted artifacts away from their homeland and relocated them to their imperial captors' countries.


In 1817, prolific Italian explorer and early Egyptian archaeologist Giovanni Belzoni came across the female mummies of Ankhesenamun and Nefertiti and were later located again by another well-known Egyptologist James Burton eight years later, who noted that their condition was well preserved and suffered no water damage.


When the tomb KV21 with both mummies in it was reinvestigated in 1989 during Pacific Lutheran University's The Valley of the Kings project, water damage was observed on the walls, which implied flooding took place, as well as bat feces and graffiti were also found in the tombs alongside pieces of the damaged mummies and some parts thrown across the room.


This led to the tomb being secured with a steel gate with attempts for the mummies to be reassembled, and the valuables inside were put into protective coverings - which was all in vain, as five years later in 1994, water flooded the tomb again, the damage did not reach the objects that time.


During a wealthy period in Egypt’s history that experienced a religious revolution led by both Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti, Egypt switched from polytheism to monotheism, but the changes were stopped shortly after Akhenaten’s death, and either during Nefertiti’s to-be-proven reign or early in Tutankhamun’s reign as a child king.

Anonymous ID: 8af9a0 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:08 a.m. No.17532639   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2648 >>2763 >>2870 >>2884 >>2923 >>2977 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133

Another quality article from Atlantic Magazine


What It's Like to Believe You're Controlled By Reptilians


By Philip Bump


A sizeable number of Americans, 12 million or not, believe that reptilian beings control the government. Why ​they believe that isn't a political or scientific question. It's a human one.


At some point, conspiracy theorists joined their theories in the realm of things that sit on the fringe of American culture, shorthand jokes that trigger predictable responses. After the second of our (groundbreaking!) stories about this theory of reptilians, we got an email that shifted our perspective. "I'm 'UFOchick' from your article," its subject read, and with that, the story was no longer, lol, is Obama a lizard. It was: Why does this person think that he could be?


UFOChick, whose first name is Dana, doesn't. She believes in reptilians, and was writing not to take issue with the tone of the article (which was admittedly not sympathetic) but with a warning: young people, using our perfunctory-and-largely-made-up identifiers, might become convinced that they are reptilians. "This seems to be a trend with teenagers that is far from healthy," she wrote. "They become obsessed and paranoid and can accuse people with very little evidence of being a reptilian."

Anonymous ID: 4a7d85 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:09 a.m. No.17532641   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>17530952, >>17531163, >>17531174 Imagine how bad a state court system might be if its employees willfully and knowingly sent forged records to the United States District Court >>17530984 New DURHAM filing: "The Government, >>17531045 Why is Special Counsel Durham prosecuting only dirty informants and not their dirty FBI handlers? - paulsperry

>>17531016 Is Bill Barr operating under the illusion he can run for president or something? - paulsperry >>17531047 DOJ requests classified documents found in the Mar-A-Lago raid be WITHELD from special master's review



I realized with stark clarity, after reading all these posts and the court records on the case on Russia collusion, etc would NEVER be known todayif Trump didnt win in 2016. Every bit of hard won battles through the action Devin Nunes took that day in March 2017. When he was leaving the WH, he announced a major event & scandal “about “incidental collection” of information about Trump transition team members by U.S. intelligence agencies__.


Devin Nunes was integral to save America with his announcement March 22. 2017, Trump & his families lives that day. It’s really that huge and this is why.


If HRC had won, not only would she be further along on the 16 year plan, but every bit of the information brought out about International Conspiracy to destroy Trump and American, released over the 7 years would never have come out, NOTHING! Everything they have done to Trump would have been implemented for every American patriot. He really was just in the way!


We would never know what we know now about all of the conspirators, the details, RICO group with international criminals, money laundering etc etc etc and what their gigantic plans with 1,000s of corrupt individuals around the world that tried to steal the 2016 election; and all those that took part willingly to destroy Trump.


Additionally, HRC and her conspiracy pals would have certainly prosecuted Trump and his family and hung them publicly for treason, to once and for all fulfill Edward’s the eighths question about Thomas More,

“Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?”


We would never know about the absolute corruption the FBI, DOJ, the Presidents, the courts, intelligence agencies, our congress and the entire mechanism of the government in America and WW, etc etc etc.


Every level of corruption was revealed publicly for the last 7 years, because Trump Won!

Much Gratitude to Q team and the real patriotic Americans that asked him to run and protect him to this day. Whatever they did to make sure HRC couldn’t cheat must have been a massive scale WW, knowing what we know today.


No wonder the Witch was so pissed and angry and wouldn’t come out to concede in front of her supporters. Just think about the billions of dollars spent on her winning, I’m surprised they didnt put out a hit on her and Bill, but then they would never be able to pay it back. Hence the billions Bidan is sending to Ukraine!


As for us, if Trump didn’t win, Anons would be the only ones with massive conspiracy theories and proof, none of it would have been published in the news, instead the World Awakening with every crime revealed today. We wouldn’t even be able to help awaken the world. And we surely would be persecuted for our knowledge.


Thank you to all anons that came before me and us, that revealed the lies and truth for at least 3/4s of a century before some of us! we would have never have learned about your work, patriotism and love of our country.


I will no longer get angry about the attacks and corruption being exposed, knowing a handfull of people risked their lives to save our country and the world. Can you imagine what it would be like now, if Trump didn’t win?


Dear Father in Heaven, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you’ve done and do to save your souls and to wake up the world. Without you, we would be nothing. Amen

Anonymous ID: 39004e Sept. 17, 2022, 9:09 a.m. No.17532643   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2763 >>2870 >>2977 >>3025 >>3092 >>3123 >>3133

>>17532214 lb

> Suicide Weekend?



James Taylor kicks off White House event touting Inflation Reduction Act

by Brad Dress -

<09/13/22 4:45 PM ET



James Taylor sings with his wife Caroline Smedvig during an event about the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Tuesday,

< Sept. 13, 2022.

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


Grammy Award-winning singer James Taylor kicked off a White House event on Tuesday celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act, a historic tax, climate and health care bill President Biden signed into law last month.


Taylor made a surprise appearance at the South Lawn around 3 performthree songs, including “America the Beautiful” and“Fire and Rain.”


The singer-songwriter’s wife, Kim Taylor, also appeared onstage at the White House grounds for the event, which attracted a crowd of hundreds.


"Fire and Rain"is a song written and performed by James Taylor and released in August 1970 on Warner Bros. Records as a single from his second album, Sweet Baby James.The song follows Taylor's reaction to the suicideof Suzanne Schnerr, a childhood friend, and his experiences with drug addiction and fame. After its release, "Fire and Rain" peaked at number two on RPM's Canada Top Singles chart and at number three on the Billboard Hot 100.[2]



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 08/26/2018 11:46:38 ID: 2a2c4f

8chan/qresearch: 2743167

Q Clock [ Min: 22 | :25/:55 Mir: 28 | 180 Mir: 52 | :35/:05 Mir: 48 ]

Suicide weekend?

Hands up?





We are in control.

BIG week ahead.


Anonymous ID: db9932 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:09 a.m. No.17532646   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2708 >>2763 >>2870 >>2977 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133



QClock Sep 17, 2022: Constitution Day is D, J, T from Q's 1st post


Note Q149 Stars & Stripes "Freedom.png" and Q3818 Union Jack "Freedom_Day.png" (as in, freedom from) are 180 deg in perfect opposition.


There is a dark treason side to this clock that I didn't have room to fit in. Q3637 and Q4012 would fit. Coup d'Etat. Treason.


Treason: The Only Crime Defined in the US Constitution


Last, Dan's Truth about "45 - 35 year ago" fits the Min: 05 clock family like a glove. I might see if there's a 9/11 interpretation of Min: 05 to be based upon this.


Happy Constitution Day, fags. That doc is moar important than words can ever describe. Cherish it.


To those who don't, 'somebody' said that Treason doesn't pay well in the end. Sucks to be you.

Anonymous ID: 51500a Sept. 17, 2022, 9:11 a.m. No.17532649   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Zelensky's armed guard spotted with WWII Nazi insignia


An armed guard who works for the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has been spotted with a Nazi insignia; a symbol that dates back to Nazi Germany during World War II.


The image in which the insignia is visible was shared, either purposely or in complete naivety, by the office of the Ukrainian president. The image was taken during his visit to the reclaimed town on Izyum on Wednesday.


The skull-and-bones image, which was spotted on the back of a heavily armed Ukrainian soldier, is attributed to the SS-Totenkopfverbande units of Nazi Germany's paramilitary Schutzstaffel, which was responsible for maintaining security at the concentration camps in which Jews were burned alive.


The symbol was also adopted by the Panzer Division – the ‘Totenkopf’ – of the Waffen-SS, which emerged from concentration camp guards initially, going on to fight on the Eastern front, committing serious war crimes.


Numerous far-right and nationalist parties in Ukraine adopted the symbol, which was dubbed a hate symbol by experts, in recent times, inspired by Ukrainian far-right groups which collaborated with Nazi Germany in World War II against the Soviet Union.


Zelensky’s office, in addition to the Ukrainian defense ministry, released a photo of a Ukrainian troop in May, heavily armed, wearing a ‘death head’ patch on his chest. Russia, in response, highlighted the influence that extremist groups have on Ukraine.


Kiev’s army has openly neo-Nazi battalions operating on the battlefronts against Russia, holding neo-Nazi symbols out in the open, raising questions about Europe’s commitment and claims of combatting Nazism.


The Aidar Battalion’s motto is inspired by the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler's dictatorship state from the 1930s through the 1940s. In 2014, Amnesty International released a report exposing the human rights abuses of the Aidar Battalion, whose actions amount to war crimes, particularly in the Luhansk region where the group has carried out abductions, unlawful detention, ill-treatment, theft, extortion, and possible executions.


In March, the National Guard of Ukraine's Twitter account released a video, boasting about Azov fighters greasing their bullets with lard to be used against Muslim Chechens on the Russian side. The Azov battalion is a part of the Ukrainian National Guard - a wing of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which flaunts its Nazism very openly.


The video came as a direct threat to Muslims who hold the Islamic beliefs that pig is prohibited for their consumption, and that it's impure substance.


The tweet captioned, "Azov fighters of the National Guard greased the bullets with lard against the Kadyrov orcs," referring to Ramzan Kadyrov, who is the president of the Chechen republic.


The United States and Canada over the years have aided the neo-Nazi units with weapons and training, strengthening their presence in Ukraine.


15 Sep 13:03

Anonymous ID: 479f47 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:16 a.m. No.17532666   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2816



Wonder if Kardashian is a adreno trafficker..

"Gutsy".. seems sketchy and normally with HRC's track record (((they))) wouldn't pick that name. Just a thought

Anonymous ID: 5015e8 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:16 a.m. No.17532667   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2669 >>2763 >>2870 >>2977 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133



Russia's Putin says Erdogan helping to end war but Zelenskiy not ready for talks


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday praised Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's efforts to end the war in Ukraine, but said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was not prepared to hold peace talks.

Anonymous ID: 8af9a0 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:21 a.m. No.17532676   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2702

Not all reptilian hybrids are reptilian hybrids, some are furries who just like the feel of plush costumes. These 'reptilian hybrids' are less likely to rip open our abdomen and lay eggs in our chests.They say.

Anonymous ID: 30799b Sept. 17, 2022, 9:25 a.m. No.17532686   🗄️.is 🔗kun

DOJ Files Appellate Court Motion for Partial Stay Against Judge Cannon Ruling, DOJ Does Not Want Classified Documents Reviewed


The DOJ is requesting the 11th Circuit Court to intervene and “stay” or block a part of the ruling surrounding letting the Special Master, Judge Raymond J Dearie, review the “classified documents” and make an independent determination as to the validity of the DOJ-NSD claims.

Anonymous ID: 8af9a0 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:27 a.m. No.17532691   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Most of the information we receive today does not come to us directly from the natural world. It still comes via the optic nerve to the brain, but the source is digital media displayed on a monitor or device screen.


Less that 10% of the average person's daily information input is direct sense experience of the natural world. What we imagine we know about the greater, outside world, our fellow humans and the universe is all acquired from TV "news" or "entertainment" programming - TV, movies, games VR and MR are how we form our understanding of greater surrounding social, economic and political reality.


We are entirely dependent on the integrity of MSM/legacy media for our understanding of the reality we share, and legacy media has betrayed us, engaging in massive deception and running 'psyops,' or 'Information Operations,' stories which use information in ways engineered to divide, confuse and terrify us.


Over 90% of all the information we take in about the world, about our reality, our fellow citizens, friends and neighbors, comes to us through a legacy media or big tech driven SCREEN.


*The average American household has only 2.75 people, but 3 TVs and 6 Internet devices.


*The average American family spends more money each month on media consumption than on groceries or electricity.


*The average American consumes 12-15 aggregate hours of digital media per day.


*The average American child consumes more than 10 hours of digital media per day.


*The average American smartphone is checked every 6-12 waking minutes.


With the emergence nonlinear networked communication it became possible to control individual and group information environments at all levels. Modern technologies have made "kinetic war" obsolete.


Information warfare destroys people and countries from within. By controlling the minds of citizens, by exploiting conditioned response with prepared information packages targeted individuals or nations can be (and have been) brought to take ANY specified action (including 'genocide') voluntarily.


Non-linear or Information war tactics involve turning enemy nations against themselves by infiltrating and subverting moral values, teaching children to indoctrinate other children and gradually degrading the whole information infrastructure, from popular entertainment to text books. Occult materials (eg. Catcher in the Rye) are introduced into high school reading lists. False history and false flags are legitimized, self-destructive behaviors are promoted as fashionable, mental illnesses and perversions like pedophilia are normalized by stages, while subversive 'educational' programs like "common core" are promoted to turn kids off learning.


Cultist media gradually, over decades, reduces the public vocabulary, promotes social division, emphasizing inequities, fanning the flames of old grievances, using false flag terrorism to foster or rekindle resentments, falsifying historical records to provide evidence for a shameful cult created US history that never happened. Destroying the story of a nation destroys that nation; the nation falls apart.


Mind war, non linear war, is a highly developed form of conflict, with tested doctrines and a protean tactical repertoire. We don't hear about IO, mind war and it's power and tactics because our entire information distribution infrastructure; the entertainment industry and social media/ tech companies are all controlled by a subversive confederacy of deep state criminals.


It is well to remember we have ALL been deceived. Some may learn sooner, some learn later; but whenever you do, remember fellow citizens still trapped in the matrix of lies and fears and taboos created by sophisticated IO operators for purposes of social control.

Anonymous ID: 51500a Sept. 17, 2022, 9:27 a.m. No.17532692   🗄️.is 🔗kun


US warns 'Israel' that Hezbollah is preparing for 'military action'


US intelligence informed the Israeli occupation that the Lebanese resistance faction Hezbollah is "planning for military action", Israeli media said on Monday.


Former Israeli consul in Los Angeles Jacob-Shaul Dayan said the Israeli occupation did not need any intelligence from the United States, "but it is always a good thing because there is exceptional cooperation between Israel and the Americans."


"I believe that all of that depends on the gas agreement that is about to be signed, and they want to ensure that the deal is actually signed," Dayan added.


"Of course, there is US pressure. In the talks between Prime Minister Yair Lapid and [US] President [Joe] Biden, they also talked about that, and not the Iranian nuclear program in particular," Israeli Channel 13 political commentator Haim Ramon said.


"The American side eagerly wants the agreement, and I believe that this agreement is vital for Israel," he added.


Tensions rose to a whole new level between Lebanon and the Israeli occupation after the latter announced that it was exploring and drilling for gas in the disputed Karish field, as well as "Israel's" recruitment of a Greek oil drilling ship from Energean in June.


The tensions culminated in Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's threats that the Israelis' extraction of gas was prohibited without a demarcation agreement guaranteeing Lebanon's rights to extracting its gas from the Mediterranean Sea.


The Israeli Channel 14 website reported, earlier, that the ongoing indirect negotiations between Lebanon and the Israeli occupation regarding the demarcation of the maritime borders indicate the possibility of reaching a "permanent settlement," although "several parties in Israel believe that there will be painful concessions, particularly regarding details in the agreement."


Israeli media quoted last week a senior Israeli official in the gas sector as saying that the maritime border demarcation agreement that is taking shape with Lebanon is a complete surrender by "Israel", noting that "Israel's" submission is a great victory for Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.


On August 19, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah rejected any link between the Lebanese border demarcation file and other files and noted that "If Lebanon does not obtain the rights demanded by the Lebanese state, we are heading toward an escalation whether or not the nuclear agreement is signed."


Last month, Sayyed Nasrallah threatened the Israeli occupation over its attempts to forcibly extract gas from the contested region, warning, "If Lebanon does not obtain the rights demanded by the Lebanese state, we are heading toward an escalation whether or not the nuclear agreement is signed."


He called on the Lebanese state "to benefit from the strength of the resistance and not to delay in obtaining Lebanon's rights to gas in the Mediterranean."


On July 31, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon military media published a video that displayed the coordinates of the Israeli occupation's gas rigs off the coasts of occupied Palestine in a clear message to "Tel Aviv".


12 Sep 21:53

Anonymous ID: ab8184 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:29 a.m. No.17532697   🗄️.is 🔗kun



BREAKING: All but one illegal immigrant was removed from Martha’s Vineyard… One had a fake Birth Certificate from Hawaii.


> One had a fake Birth Certificate from Hawaii.

say obama without saying obama

Anonymous ID: 10d664 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:29 a.m. No.17532698   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Teen Sex (Educational) by Regent Park TV


Video has 5 themes: Preparing for Sex; Pressure to Have Sex; the Myths About Birth Control and What kind of Activities Put People at Risk; Gender and Double Standards; and Sex and the Media.

Anonymous ID: 30799b Sept. 17, 2022, 9:30 a.m. No.17532699   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Any anon got any spicy hosts file edits?

Can ping buy browser on pc doesn't go through.

Phonefaggotry 5x5 for now

Anonymous ID: 87c0a6 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:32 a.m. No.17532703   🗄️.is 🔗kun


With that fagboi it's gotta have Satanist roots.

I see those stickers every so often. But never seen one saying "not scared" before.


I hope they are very scared…

Anonymous ID: 01d2ef Sept. 17, 2022, 9:34 a.m. No.17532708   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2716 >>2739 >>2762 >>2763 >>2870 >>2926 >>2977 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133


old clock shows connect to 'declass'

4-20 birthday of Hitler THE STORM

and to CARPET

red carpet / or carpet bombs?

for tonight rally?


Queens birthday is supposedly one day after Adolf's; April 21 vs April 20

secret life then, resurfacing, of the Nazi program, for the 4th Reich, wordl take-over?

Eugenics / transhumanism / lawless murder of political opponents - all features of Nazi

re-surfacing of the Nazi

re-establishment of the American renouncement of the British (old Roman) empire and its creepy religion and brutal poitics.


Queen and Adolf are likely blood relatives.

Adolf grandson of Victoria of 19th c.

Birthdays so close; Occult holiday around then?

Queen's uncle close to Adolf

Queen's husband? his brothers all Nazi.

nother coincidences?

Adolf was known for incest with his niece (daughter?) as is Hunter.


the Royal Brits are all Zionist.

How could they be blood relatives to Adolf?

Anonymous ID: 74a9e9 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:36 a.m. No.17532712   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>17532353 (PB)

I think it is a real child but not dead. I thought at first they may have procured a deceased child. But look how carefully he hands the child down to someone, feet first. It was done slowly. If it were a doll or even a dead child, he would have just dropped it in, in my opinion.

Still disgusting. If they were really going to kill the child, they would have no regard for it at all.

Anonymous ID: ed5e88 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:39 a.m. No.17532717   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2724

Mayor Pete! I mean United States Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigiegi hangs on tight as Jim Morrison, Head of Jeep Brand, FCA North America gives him a bumpy ride in a Rubicon at Camp Jeep at the 2022 North American International Auto Show.

Anonymous ID: d6231d Sept. 17, 2022, 9:39 a.m. No.17532718   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Do they have drag queen story hour at Martha’s Vineyard?


What else DONT they have that THEY force on to the rest of us?


>Martha’s Vineyard is a 90% white elitist liberal utopia

Anonymous ID: 87c0a6 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:40 a.m. No.17532722   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Thats very close.

The crown swapped for star.

And the phrase.


But one is based on the other. Not sure which was origin of the other.

Faggy indeed. Satanic mebbe…

Anonymous ID: 51500a Sept. 17, 2022, 9:44 a.m. No.17532734   🗄️.is 🔗kun—o


Kiev using its soldiers' bodies to claim Russian massacre - Official


Member of the Russian Civic Chamber, Alexander Malkevich, told TASS on Friday that Ukrainian soldiers killed in the Kharkov Region were portrayed as victims of alleged repressions by Russia.


This comes after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recorded a video address in English on Thursday claiming that a mass grave had been allegedly discovered in Izyum, where representatives of foreign media outlets were brought to the following day. Another shock came as an armed guard who works for Zelensky was spotted with a Nazi insignia and taken during his visit to Izyum last Wednesday.


According to Malkevich, the presence of foreign media at the location was critical to showcase this issue in the press and stain Russia's name with accusations of mass slaughter, adding: "We are being shown multiple graves, they begin to dig them up, show the bodies. Actually, Russian troops and frequently the officials from military-civilian administrations were burying those killed Ukrainian soldiers that were abandoned on a battlefield by their so-called comrades. Now they are being passed off as the victims of Russian repressions while actually, those are the Ukrainians whom their so-called comrades-in-arms didn’t care about".


Last Sunday, Russian military sources told Al Mayadeen's correspondent: "The Ukrainian forces took over abandoned or nearly abandoned towns in the Kharkov region on the outskirts of Balakliya, Izyum, and the Russian forces did not have any notable presence in the towns, except for a small number of detachments dedicated to carrying out reconnaissance missions".


The withdrawal from Kharkov to Donetsk, Moscow explained, was carried out over the course of a three-day operation conducted to minimize Russian losses.


The Russian official further relayed Kiev's disinterest in the fate of the bodies of the Ukrainian troops: "The same is happening on the border of the Kherson and Nikolayev Regions where endless staged attacks are underway for the sake of promoting Zelensky. We know that [head of the Nikolayev regional state administration Vitaly] Kim refuses to take the bodies of those killed. That is, essentially, in any location where the Ukrainian Army is sacrificing its soldiers by dozens and hundreds, it is possible to set up many of such Bucha-like staged events following a known technology".


Back on April 3, Bucha was the center of Kiev's accusations of an alleged Russian massacre of civilians, which the Russian Defense Ministry rejected, stating through its military agency that its Armed Forces had left Bucha on March 30, and surprisingly "the evidence of crimes" came to light four days later, after Ukrainian Security Service officers arrived to the region. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov condemned the Bucha allegation and labeled it as a "fake attack." Even Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented that the Bucha incident is a criminal act, not only committed by those who killed the residents, but by the string-pullers in the West who used their information tools.


Per the ministry, the town’s Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk addressed the matter in a video on March 31, confirming the absence of Russian troops in Bucha but did not comment on the civilians who were shot dead in the street with their hands tied behind their backs.

Anonymous ID: 4a7d85 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:46 a.m. No.17532742   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2754 >>2763 >>2870 >>2977 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133

DeSantis Doubles Down, Says Flights to Martha's Vineyard 'Just the Beginning'

Ryan Ledendecker

11:31 AM on September 17, 2022


If you enjoyed watching the left squirm and enter fits of pearl-clutching rage after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) flew 50 illegal immigrants to the deep-blue elitist Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard, grab some popcorn and sit back in your comfiest chair because it’s about to get absolutely wild.


The Florida governor took intense backlash for his decision to take advantage of Martha’s Vineyard’s sanctuary city policy, with some in the media even comparing his actions to those of Adolf Hitler. Clearly, DeSantis isn’t even the slightest bit fazed, as he recently doubled down on his new tactic during a press conference Friday, according to a CNN report.


During the Friday presser, DeSantis vowed to use “every penny” of a $12 million allocation set aside in recently-passed legislation that allows for transporting illegal aliens out of Florida. The governor said the two chartered flights to Martha’s Vineyard, which ate up about $600,000 of the fund,were only the “beginning” of those efforts.


“We’ve got the infrastructure in place now. There’s going to be a lot more that’s happening,” the governor said, according to WTSP. “The legislature gave me $12 million, and we’re going to spend every penny of that to make sure we’re protecting the people of the state of Florida.”


The governor added, “These are just the beginning efforts.”


During the presser, DeSantis went on to defend his decision to fly and bus illegal immigrants out of Florida, which he firmly claimed was in no way, shape, or form a sanctuary state.


“So we’ve been interdicted people on a onesie, twosie basis,” DeSantis said. “And we said, OK, so we’ve had people in Texas for months, trying to figure out how are these people getting into Florida? What’s the movement? And the reality is [that] 40% of them say they want to go to Florida. And so that’s a lot. I mean, we talk about all those people, but the problem is that they’re coming in through with like three people in a car and they go through, it’s hard for us to know, because they’re just coming into the state like any other car, so there’s not a big movement.”


“So they’ve been in Texas, identifying people that are trying to come to Florida and then offering them free transportation to sanctuary jurisdictions. And so they went from Texas to Florida, to Martha’s Vineyard in the flight,” the governor continued.


You can watch the full press conference below:


The pushback against DeSantis and fellow red state Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) has already reached the White House crisis level. Aside from calling the governors’ actions “inhumane,” according to Axios, the Biden administration wants to explore legal options to stop Republican governors from busing and flying loads of illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities across the country.


Axios noted:


Cabinet heads and White House officials will meet Friday morning to discuss a range of pressing immigration issues — including “litigation options” to respond to GOP governors transporting unauthorized immigrants from the border to other parts of the country, according to planning documents viewed by Axios.


Immigration has proven to be a major logistical and political headache for the Biden administration, providing fodder for Republicans who have seized on the border crisis to hammer Democrats ahead of the midterms.


The Biden administration — and Democrats in general — have virtually swept the insane border crisis under the rug for nearly two years. Now that a few brilliant governors are bringing the border crisis to the streets of blue-city America, which has caused liberals to go bonkers, the issue is finally gaining the attention it has so long deserved.


The question remains: Which Democrat-led sanctuary communities are next? The Hamptons? Aspen? San Francisco? Only time will tell, but I, for one, can’t wait to find out.

Anonymous ID: 159b46 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:48 a.m. No.17532744   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2747 >>2752 >>2753 >>2766 >>3026



I am just here to vent. Nebraska runs the ball all the way down the field and scores. Since then, they have been trying to throw the ball. Not working. You would think they would go back to what works.

You would think the fans would start shouting "RUN THE BALL"



Anonymous ID: 2516a4 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:48 a.m. No.17532746   🗄️.is 🔗kun

…Whether it's a stag, bull or whatever, it's all astronomical. Pictures worth a thousand words; Symbolism with the properly applied context reveals it's secrets. to those who can 'see'. Anon wasting his goddamn time, again trying to help the blind to see.

Anonymous ID: 405509 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:50 a.m. No.17532755   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2772

Just a thought. What-if Desantis and Abbott are on the other team (controlled oppo)? Could they use the illegal transports to get kids safely to pedo destinations? It solves many logistical issues.

Anonymous ID: dd804d Sept. 17, 2022, 9:51 a.m. No.17532757   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Charles is basically the German/Transylvania infiltrator who captured not only the English throne, through breeding, he also captured the Anglican Church (State Church of the British Empire) as a jewel in the crown of the Holy Roman Empire.

Anonymous ID: 01d2ef Sept. 17, 2022, 9:54 a.m. No.17532762   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2780


The inversion tactic is very satanic.

Adolf was known to be involved with occultism.

Queen was an invested Druid and chief of USA Freemasons; (her and her alleged cousin Duke of Kent - who looks a twin to entitled Lord Rothschild - and is shown in photos in the same freemasonic regalia as ALEX 'aleister' Crowley)


the USA Nazi-s sponsor the fire setters, ANTIFAs = storm troopers.


the Dems hide a pentacle in their campaign banner.

To paint a picture/ map,

perhaps the sinister occultists (Nazi) are behind the plandemic, the communist revolutions (to create a conflict between 'sides') and the World Wars?

"Solution" to the World Wars is 'solution' to the world Plandemic, is World government?


All this supposedly irrelevant history never stopped being important.

we're like Rip van Winkles who've been sleeping for a long time?

Isn't that what the dominators want; time on their side, time passing to weaken memories of what really happened?

The Nazi-stuff does count in on what's going on now, because Adolf didnt die in the bunker as we were all taught and bullied into believing.

Anonymous ID: 023963 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:54 a.m. No.17532763   🗄️.is 🔗kun

No Tables @tree fiddy



>>17532414, >>17532428, >>17532450, >>17532487, >>17532553, >>17532572, >>17532653, >>17532673, >>17532696 Planefag

>>17532406, >>17532420, >>17532443, >>17532449, >>17532646, >>17532708 Clockfag

>>17532408 The Atlantic: In January 2021, a meme war spilled onto the streets of Washington, D.C.,a President who understood the power of memes was able to send thousands of people into battle against democracy itself

>>17532425 RT: Here’s the real reason that the US wants to sanction China

>>17532466 ICYMI: Trump Rally in Youngstown OHIO today

>>17532467 Pa. Sen. Pat Browne files bill to sell Allentown State Hospital property to City Center Investment Corp.

>>17532481, >>17532491, >>17532493, >>17532498, >>17532502 Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings

>>17532492, >>17532494 fuggen tranny pedos

>>17532539 Sri Lanka to join Russia's Mir system, resumes flights to Russia

>>17532564 wholesale reorganization of the human mind is a natural defense by the brain against cumulative stress.

>>17532571 RudyG callin out Winestein/Clintons/Marthas Vineyard

>>17532576 All but one illegal immigrant was removed from Martha’s Vineyard… One had a fake Birth Certificate from Hawaii. KEKS!

>>17532598 Trump openly embraces, amplifies QAnon conspiracy theories

>>17532600, >>17532720, >>17532738 Rachel Chandler was the DJ at Le Baron NYC nightclub on July 18, 2013

>>17532639, >>17532627, >>17532638, >>17532642, >>17532730 Journo's: Siriously? What It's Like to Believe You're Controlled By Reptilians Bring on the awiens

>>17532643 James Taylor kicks off White House event touting Inflation Reduction Act

>>17532663 'Tater London Schedule

>>17532667, >>17532650 Russia's Putin says Erdogan helping to end war but Zelenskiy not ready for talks

>>17532742 DeSantis Doubles Down, Says Flights to Martha's Vineyard 'Just the Beginning'

Anonymous ID: 393646 Sept. 17, 2022, 9:56 a.m. No.17532768   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2885


I see all the positivity is really helping the world, are you positive, everything will be fine?

DJT attacked would be notable world wide, not much else except financial markets centered on the dollar would garner world wide attention.

Car attacks for Putin, Zelensky, are just stage setters.

Anonymous ID: 506e8c Sept. 17, 2022, 10:04 a.m. No.17532782   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2824 >>2870 >>2963 >>2977 >>3025 >>3032 >>3123 >>3133


They're getting ready to heard the people that like and comment.


Note the common theme's / language:


1) "I am a single mom / dad" etc…..

2) "I have been working…." etc.

3) "Apparently, I am an extremist…" "….fringe minority" etc.


I've gotten 30 of these in my twit feed in the past day…

Anonymous ID: 393646 Sept. 17, 2022, 10:05 a.m. No.17532785   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2794



claiming that the world wants USA to fall, pay for her sins, that leaves the petro dollar collapse, DJT attack, or Biden dead as top news stories for 9/24/2022.

The biblical bullshit narrative appears to be the movie being sold, fit's the narrative best.

Anonymous ID: ab8184 Sept. 17, 2022, 10:06 a.m. No.17532789   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2866 >>2870 >>2977 >>3009 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133


>Le Baron NYC


Krespi OferMay 9, 2016

For 5 years i run & manage NYC nightlife. Contact me for guest list / table reservation at Le Baron or any venue in NYC! Best deal guaranteed :-D 6092713368, Facebook: Ofer Krespi


le baron nyc 32 mulberry st

Le Baron NYC (Now Closed) - Chinatown



Anonymous ID: 1469fa Sept. 17, 2022, 10:10 a.m. No.17532800   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2911 >>2928 >>2954 >>3008 >>3030 >>3058 >>3100 >>3123 >>3133

How do you conceal the truth?

Who is David Leavitt?

Who is Chelom Leavitt?

Who is David Hamblin?

Who is Richard Lloyd Anderson?

Who is Carma de Jong?

Who is Gerrit de Jong?

Who is Jacob Hamblin?

Who is Gordon Bowen?

Who is Brian Capener?

Who is Joe Bennion?

Who is Lynne Whitesides?

Who is Brian Kershisnik?

Who is Daryl Wilson?

Who is James Arrington?

Who is Leonard Arrington?

Who is Terry Warner?

Anonymous ID: db9932 Sept. 17, 2022, 10:11 a.m. No.17532802   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2810 >>2813 >>2869



leClique's base in France suggests we explore that avenue. it needs to be dug


>There's no way to ID that person


based only on camera ch#11, agree. be anon's can do is make hypotheses. as for WH's, my guess is they have the means to make positive ID.


they have it all

Anonymous ID: 00b084 Sept. 17, 2022, 10:17 a.m. No.17532818   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2820 >>2831 >>2845 >>2873

Jill Biden


United States government official


As @FrGregBoyle says, “Love never fails. It will always find a way to have its way."


Thank you, @HomeboyInd, for providing so many with job training – and love – as they begin new chapters.


10:03 AM · Sep 17, 2022

·Twitter for iPhone

Anonymous ID: 2ca978 Sept. 17, 2022, 10:18 a.m. No.17532819   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2829 >>2833 >>2835 >>2861 >>2867 >>2940

I have to captcha, re-captcha, re-captcha, hit reply, captcha, re-captcha, hit reply, captcha, re-captcha, re-captcha, re-captcha, re-captcha, hit reply, captcha, re-captcha, hit reply, before my shit posts. Then I get a new ID every time. What the everloving fuck?

Anonymous ID: da041d Sept. 17, 2022, 10:18 a.m. No.17532821   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2823


Is it out of the realm of possibilites for trump to announce he's running for the house?

If he became speaker, then he would be able to bring up articles of impeachment for Biden and Kamala. Treason+++

He would be third in line for the presidency.


Finish out the next two years of bidens term and have the ability to run for reelection in 24.

Crist goes down to trump.

October surprise??

Anonymous ID: 6ecfb2 Sept. 17, 2022, 10:20 a.m. No.17532826   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2870 >>2977 >>3025 >>3123 >>3133




Danchenko has made a filing in opposition to Durham’s Motions in Limine