Let's talk with Jim-san. Part13

1 : EROyVmNwwM ★ : 2009/04/04 (金) 00:52:19 ID: ???
Let's talk with Jim-san , who is the manager of bbspink.com.
If you can write your questions or some other things in English,
please write them in English.

Since Jim-san is very kind,
so that in case you get spelling error,
or write in incorrect grammar,
he will be able to understand what you want to say.

Those who cannot understand English may write them in Japanese.
Accommodating persons will translate for you.



Jim-san cap handle.
Jim ◆6P7QkQf8Ys @Apparently admin ★
ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★

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3 : ξ< テンプレじゃないけど ◆Or3.StInkY [sage] : 2009/04/04 (金) 02:11:51 ID: 79j/JtG9
Google 翻訳
Cross Translation::色々な翻訳サイト・翻訳サービスの一括、横断翻訳(英語)
10の翻訳エンジンから一括翻訳 翻訳くらべ 英語版

※command.datに↓を追加で 文字選択 右クリック からgoogle翻訳
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bin0664.zip DLKeyが一致しませんでした
6 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/04 (金) 17:02:00 ID: z1coQoHC


7 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/04 (金) 17:17:10 ID: 5mWMmGzm
無職(゚∀゚)人(゚∀゚) ナカーマ!
8 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/04 (金) 17:17:28 ID: z1coQoHC
(゚∀゚)人(゚∀゚) ナカーマ!  (^-^)
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10 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/04 (金) 22:51:42 ID: +bb4H3db
11 : ξ ◆Or3.StInkY [sage] : 2009/04/05 (土) 00:59:13 ID: 7CPzWPON
12 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/05 (土) 01:25:08 ID: z1coQoHC




13 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/05 (土) 01:37:13 ID: o2dIUncc
14 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/05 (土) 04:12:48 ID: ???
I will read that email from now on. Until I find some trustworthy person
to read it.
I do not need to bed someone to answer that email, and am capable of
doing it. I have been answering email since 1989 before we even had
the world wide web.
15 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/05 (土) 04:20:02 ID: 87hw4/Ii

Do you want me to train my replacement still?
If not, I do not mind.

Also i can not even read my business emails.
Can I take it as that you do not want me to do business issues anymore also?
If so, I do not mind at all also.
But we still have some customers to take care of asap, so all I can say is" good luck"

and I am going to do what I can do if you do not want me to do anything.

Again, I am glad to train my replacement not to hurt anything.
I do not want to hurt our business cyclical processes, which makes lot of ppl unhappy.
but I MYSELF CAN NOT DO anymore.
that's all.
16 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/05 (土) 05:44:17 ID: OBfhB+g7
後がどんなに困ろうとも、as is の形で去るべきだと思いますよ。
17 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/05 (土) 06:16:55 ID: 5mWMmGzm
18 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/05 (土) 06:29:11 ID: ???
You have damaged things purposefully to benefit you. For some reason
that I completely don't understand. Damaging yourself all you want is fine,
what you have done is not fine.
How to fix what you have done? I don't know, but I am sure that I will
find the way.
Good luck with your life.
19 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/05 (土) 08:48:10 ID: EHoyZNIo
You are the person who is more stupid than a rumor.
20 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/05 (土) 08:49:33 ID: EHoyZNIo

You are the person who is more stupid than a rumor.
21 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/05 (土) 18:40:04 ID: XAn5tLBV
> http://set.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/erobbs/1230949143/987
Japan has the notion which is Inazou Nitobe wrote "Bushido: The Soul of Japan".
He said "People blame high social standing person for neglected them obligation, and then they will lost the social position." (Maybe your nation of the USA has alike this.) Therefore my coworker is going to the fail someday.

This thinking and my query(>>901 of the front Thread) is not coherent with the theory of emotion. It is Japanese traditional social ethics.
22 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/05 (土) 18:46:38 ID: /V2uSm3z
Btw, old Korean Won bill looks like current Japanese 1000 yen bill.
23 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/05 (土) 22:29:13 ID: ???
He seems like an interesting guy. I just read his Wiki entry in English.
This is a nice quote from him as well.
"If there is anything to do, there is certainly a best way to do it, and the best way is both the most economical and the most graceful."
24 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/05 (土) 22:29:55 ID: ???
Can you show me an image?
25 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/05 (土) 22:52:21 ID: /V2uSm3z
Actually, I don't have that.
I just saw the one which my friend owns.
All I can show is C$2 bill which is no more made.
26 : ◆79EROOYuCc [sage] : 2009/04/05 (土) 23:36:33 ID: xf/Ew+nG


Do you want me to train my replacement still?
If not, I do not mind.

Also i can not even read my business emails.
Can I take it as that you do not want me to do business issues anymore also?
If so, I do not mind at all also.
But we still have some customers to take care of asap.
You stopped my email address, so you should be responsible for those paid customers, since i can not take care of them.

and I should do the next thing I have to do.

Again, I am glad to train my replacement not to hurt anything.
I do not want to hurt our business cyclical processes.
27 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/06 (日) 00:22:34 ID: ???
Please do what you want to do. I want you to be happy.
If you have changed your mind again, it is ok.
There have been no emails from customers over the week-end.
Tomorrow your business day starts. Lets TALK then.
28 : ◆79EROOYuCc [sage] : 2009/04/06 (日) 00:40:50 ID: xf/Ew+nG
First off, you can not make any productive or cunstructive meeting on MSN messanger nor ICQ
And my official email does not work anymore.

I am talking about "info@sakuraplus.com".com", and since I can not read the email anymore,
please take care of our paid customers.

What i understand is: that I do not have to ( or even should not ) train my replacemenet.

I am going to start formal/official procedure for me to leave the business / legl responsibilities.
My legal responsibilites and duties on business are going to be expied as of today since I can not read any business emails anymore.

If you have no objections or questions, I am going to do them, you do not have to respond.
If you have any, let me know on this thread.

My official sakuraplus email does not work anymore.
29 : ◆79EROOYuCc [sage] : 2009/04/06 (日) 00:48:02 ID: xf/Ew+nG

× If you have no objections or questions, I am going to do them, you do not have to respond.
○ If you have no objections or questions, I am going to do them, you do not have to respond >>28 ,which is my posting.
30 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/06 (日) 06:35:18 ID: ???
If that makes you happy. Please do that. Since you deleted the Official Sakuraplus website
I though you did not want anything to do with it anymore.
It would be nice to have help with a transition. I am repairing the deleted website.
Deleting a website is a veryserious thing to me, and that is why your passwords
are changed. I will telephone you tomorrow. If you answer we can talk. If you don't
then I will continue to repair things as best as possible.
31 : ξ ◆Or3.StInkY [sage] : 2009/04/06 (日) 07:22:53 ID: V73Nx5VV
Is a broken site here?
It seems that is broken because indication encoding is different(S-JIS), but is seen in the UTF-8 normally if I do it
By a browser, please display it in UTF-8

Other problem? > broken
32 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/06 (日) 08:40:12 ID: ???
Yes that is what was deleted. I am trying to repair it now.
It is the reason I changed passwords.
33 : ξ ◆Or3.StInkY [sage] : 2009/04/06 (日) 09:07:24 ID: V73Nx5VV
There are some kinds of recover methods.

1.Save it in S-JIS

2.order encoding by a metatag of the html headder
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

and others
htmlのページエンコード、UTF-8をブラウザが勝手に別のものと判断します。htmlの中やファイルそのものの文字コードは指定しています。 たしか、ヘッダの中に何か文字を入れ.. - 人力検索はてな
34 : ξ ◆Or3.StInkY [sage] : 2009/04/06 (日) 09:17:30 ID: V73Nx5VV
If this is a cause, it is seen because not destruction but a few mistakes and misunderstandings rid.
35 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/06 (日) 09:19:05 ID: ???
I thought so too. I hope you are correct.
36 : ◆79EROOYuCc [sage] : 2009/04/06 (日) 14:49:42 ID: xf/Ew+nG

No phone call is necessary.

All I need is productive and constructive dialogs.

I'd rather "talk" by emails, since you might know my other email addresses.
If you really are interested in "talking" with me, you can email me.
If not, I am going to keep doing what I need to do.
37 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/06 (日) 18:29:57 ID: tCLPInuF

You said.
「I won't tell the secrets
of 79. 79 can do that if 79 wants.
There is much to say, but it has to remain unsaid by me.」

You say what 79san destroyed.
Why did you say now?
And you are a great liar.

You are a dirty person.
38 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/06 (日) 18:37:21 ID: wz7tbtok
He is a symbol in Japan which tried to ameliorate the relationship between the USA and Japan after the WW2. So, his portrait was used in the Japanese banknote of the \5000.
His acts and mind are still alive. And now the relationship of our nations is amicable.

You are very interesting person for me why the American. Because I like the USA through this historical background and other things.
I want to know about your thinking more. The query(>>901 of the front Thread) is one of it.
39 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/06 (日) 20:43:33 ID: ???
40 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/06 (日) 20:44:43 ID: ???
I have not told her secrets.
41 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/06 (日) 20:54:40 ID: ???
It is the first time I have heard his name when you posted it.
42 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/06 (日) 23:57:18 ID: tCLPInuF
You said.
I do not say what the thing which 79san destroyed is.

You said.
ask 79, ask 79, ask 79.

You always very speak well.
But this >>39-41 remarks are only things short all for some reason.
Did it occur to you what it was?
he he he...........
43 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/07 (月) 07:41:15 ID: ???
>>42 Get a life. The entry previous to that 79 said what it was.
44 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/07 (月) 18:30:09 ID: YIDiOHsY
I think if you are interested in Japan culture you should keep it in mind it is the better.
45 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/07 (月) 22:37:08 ID: ???
I am interested...:) My friend from San Francisco is visiting right now. So I don't have a lot of time to
read about him, but I will. He seems like such a cool guy. Real vision, even the emperor sent him to school
to make things better for the country.
46 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 00:58:09 ID: Q0qTAWLV

Many people of the delers are going on a strike now.
For it, a lot of deletion requests stands.
When Jim-san deletes it, how is it?
47 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 01:00:39 ID: Q0qTAWLV
delers is deleters
48 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 01:01:16 ID: ???
Maybe they would like to talk to me? Or perhaps they never liked me?
I am not happy about changes. I like to keep the status quo. Any recent changes
have not been my idea.
Lets talk to Jim and let me know your concerns.
49 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 01:02:22 ID: ???
Spelling doesn't matter here.
50 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 01:31:27 ID: 2SleHDlf

1. 法律的問題、権利侵害の問題、などの削除要請・苦情に関して、信頼に足る日本語窓口の不在
2. 管理人の意思を日本語で代弁してくれる、信頼できる人の不在
3. 今後のBBSPINKをどうしたいのか、という管理人のビジョンの不明瞭さ

51 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 01:47:54 ID: ???
Google translation
79は、私と私の助けになっていたものについて多くを教えていました。 79残し私の発想ではない。しかし私たちは働いているすべてのハードディスクとビルドhttp://deleter.bbspink.com/
I have four Japanese employees. They
have worked for me for years. Since the
beginning of Pink, I have been the owner.
79 helped me much, and taught me a lot about what it had become.
79 leaving is not my idea. However we have all worked hard and build http://deleter.bbspink.com/
It has a very good framework, and works well. When something does not fit into that framework.
Please ask me. If I do not understand I will ask one of my employees or friends, and make sure it is understood.
52 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 01:50:59 ID: ???
あめ ふって じ かたまる.
53 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 02:17:41 ID: 2SleHDlf

From now, can we ask to you in Japanese?
54 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 02:19:05 ID: 0/7P6zm9
We have been perplexed now.
I will question Jim-san tonight.
The purpose of it is to cancel perplexity.
Everyone thinks for the happiness of PINK.

よろしく おねがい します。

55 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 02:21:55 ID: ???
はい そう であう おねがい します。
56 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 02:24:25 ID: 2SleHDlf
57 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 02:27:25 ID: ???
いっぽ すすんで えらいひと.
58 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 07:12:21 ID: 6UU6V+E1
I'm done, budy.
I just finished what I was suppoosed to get done a week ago.
I don't know if my work would be worth having struggled.
But let's hope so.
Good luck for me, and have a great evening for you.
59 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/08 (火) 10:07:12 ID: 6vYi9R6l
There is an authority.

■ 過去ログ削除専用 ■


The above-mentioned : from 11/26 last year though unprocesses.
Could you go to see?It is time when it in there is time and it is excellent.
It is very grateful by the hurried content.
My best regards.

60 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 12:09:44 ID: Q0qTAWLV
61 : 名無し編集部員 [age] : 2009/04/08 (火) 12:35:33 ID: kIuFtKCY

62 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/08 (火) 12:40:06 ID: qbXdzgll
63 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 14:23:47 ID: hZmieZ5C

Do you know "Algorithm March" in NHK's kids TV program "Pythagoraswitch"?
64 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 15:13:35 ID: zXOrc+Zc


65 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/08 (火) 15:16:21 ID: qj0yK72w
Jim-san いる?
66 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 15:19:26 ID: bUJbGQIh

you can skip the >>64 bullshit Japanese, just trying to confuse you with complex words.
67 : 名無し編集部員 [age] : 2009/04/08 (火) 15:19:53 ID: bN+x/wZA

68 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/08 (火) 16:01:41 ID: BWL3JwPf
69 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/08 (火) 17:52:56 ID: nEpCEFet
Cool! I'm happy you are interesting about Nitobe. A good chance, I am going to read a book about him too again.:)
71 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 22:56:50 ID: ???
Congratulations. Good luck to your work. All work is worth working for.
72 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 22:59:44 ID: ???
残件 無し
73 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 23:02:02 ID: ???
I have that ability, I don't usually do it, because others understand it better than me.
74 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 23:03:01 ID: ???
No, I don't know it, but I should watch childrens programs it would help with
my Japanese skills. That must be a math show.
75 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 23:04:15 ID: ???
To many figures of speech. I can't understand it.
76 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 23:05:05 ID: ???
Thank you. I did. It was just garbage when I translated.
78 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 23:19:59 ID: ???
I can edit the SETTING.TXT
79 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 23:20:58 ID: ???
いま みます
80 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/08 (火) 23:34:38 ID: ???
I posted a response to that in English. I can not write that deeply in Japanese.
81 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/09 (水) 00:03:27 ID: ???
It is a holiday today and tomorrow. I will spend the time with my visiting friend.
We will go to the Beach!
また あとで
82 : 59 : 2009/04/09 (水) 00:39:32 ID: OeD+tkdZ

8 10 13 18 31 35 52 53 54 55 61 75 93 180 234 358
「風俗店従事者が性病に感染している という投稿は削除対象となります」


967 980 983
「風俗店従事者が性病に感染している という投稿は削除対象となります」



風俗店従事者が性病に感染している という投稿

83 : 59 : 2009/04/09 (水) 00:46:07 ID: OeD+tkdZ






依頼区分 個人・三類
レス指定 1.2
レス指定 625

依頼区分 個人・三類
削除対象・誹謗中傷 ・私生活情報

対象レス 208
削除理由:個人名 電話番号 誹謗中傷  

対象区分個人三種 個人情報 捏造記事 誹謗中傷 削除よろしくお願いします。
84 : 59 : 2009/04/09 (水) 00:47:52 ID: OeD+tkdZ

レス指定 128
誹謗中傷 本人迷惑しております。削除宜しく御願い致します

レス指定 91、128
依頼区分 個人・三種
依頼理由 個人名
 Emliy本人です。誹謗中傷 削除宜しく御願い致します。

レス指定 263、487、502
依頼区分 個人・三種
依頼理由 特定可能な個人名(生年月日等)

レス指定 25
レス指定 2
依頼区分 個人・三種
依頼理由 個人名・本人画像




85 : 59 : 2009/04/09 (水) 00:56:42 ID: OeD+tkdZ
「過去ログ削除専用」About four months after it becomes untouched.

I was allowed to bring it together in >>82〜84.

It would be greatly appreciated when correspondence can be reconsidered.
87 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/09 (水) 01:21:46 ID: +0NZP17V
Oh... guess what happened?
I forgot to fill 2 out of 10 Qs...
And the person I hand it in is away for family emergency even though it could be admitted at latest tomorrow which is not good but still ok.
What can I do? Should I visit her house?
I guess so...
88 : ◆79EROOYuCc [sage] : 2009/04/09 (水) 01:26:39 ID: 574d/DJE
My phone has started getting some "un-known" calls.

I have already deleted official business email setting.
You have decided that you do not need my training someone before I completely leave.
Please take care of your customers responsibly.
89 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/09 (水) 01:56:10 ID: 4LhUXYzt
90 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/04/09 (水) 02:00:11 ID: nxUknfML

91 : ξ ◆Or3.StInkY [sage] : 2009/04/09 (水) 02:22:24 ID: u5o+6OCQ
> 書けない事はblockまたは私にメールしてください。
92 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/09 (水) 03:14:52 ID: hPrWNUUQ
既に79さんはpinkの いち利用者に過ぎません

93 : POE ★ [sage] : 2009/04/09 (水) 05:39:43 ID: ???


94 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/04/09 (水) 05:45:44 ID: z8Ng9RWb
96 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/09 (水) 14:52:37 ID: /RHU7UnI
98 : 削除屋佐藤K ★ [sage] : 2009/04/09 (水) 18:11:55 ID: ???
Hi, jim-san.
I am Sato of deleter.
Question about child pornography.
Is it because we remove the child pornography of a painting?
It is not in the photo. It is a painting.

And it is another one.
Can we put the following statement of guidelines?

"After a trial in violation of child pornography if you will do in Nevada."

99 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/09 (水) 21:01:20 ID: qrpD1bQh
A r t .!!!
100 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/10 (木) 02:55:27 ID: ???
>>98 Drawing is not illegal, that has been to supreme court in US already.
Images of real humans completely illegal. Please delete that immediately.
101 : 削除屋佐藤K ★ [sage] : 2009/04/10 (木) 09:06:43 ID: ???
Is it good in this?
We don't delete the image of MANKO of the child.
102 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/10 (木) 09:35:26 ID: 0RuUlJPI

Drawing=Illustration (2D Manga, 2D Animation, etc.)

103 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/10 (木) 22:51:30 ID: ???
Yes that type of photography is illegal.
104 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/10 (木) 22:52:33 ID: ???
Please delete photographic image of manko.
105 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/10 (木) 23:02:51 ID: 5k40hLJt
107 : 削除屋佐藤K ★ [sage] : 2009/04/11 (金) 01:04:25 ID: ???
delete is

child MANKO photo only?

child MANKO illustration too?

The reason why I ask you a question many times is that there is a sense of fear in this problem.
108 : ξ ◆Or3.StInkY [sage] : 2009/04/11 (金) 02:41:21 ID: LXPp1Wd0
It might be responsible when judged that deleter do not delete it.
I think, "The responsibility to deleter can be evaded if it reports on everything to Jim-tan when hesitating".

MANKO/CHINKO judge in bbspink
               photo/movie  illustration/animation
child MANKO/CHINKO  ×   ×      ?    ?
child nude          ×   ×      ?    ?
adult MANKO/CHINKO   ?   ?      ?    ?
adult nude          ○   ○      ○    ○

MANKO/CHINKO is illegal by the Japanese law
Does bbspink only have to observe only the United States law?
109 : POE ★ [sage] : 2009/04/11 (金) 02:49:43 ID: ???
110 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/11 (金) 04:30:03 ID: tYFmCkgV
MANKO/CHINKO judge in Japanese law
               photo/movie  illustration/animation
child MANKO/CHINKO  ×   ×      ×    ×
child nude          ×   ×      ×    ×
adult MANKO/CHINKO   ×   ×      ×    ×
adult nude          ○   ○      ×    ×

111 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/11 (金) 04:31:27 ID: tYFmCkgV
MANKO/CHINKO judge in Japanese law
               photo/movie  illustration/animation
child MANKO/CHINKO  ×   ×      ×    ×
child nude          ×   ×      ○    ○
adult MANKO/CHINKO   ×   ×      ×    ×
adult nude          ○   ○      ○    ○

112 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/11 (金) 05:10:05 ID: rA6/Hghk
> これをもとに当局が捜査を行った結果、同年10月、
> 「なぜか」その漫画ではなく、同社から発行されていた別の漫画単行本に
113 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/11 (金) 05:46:15 ID: tYFmCkgV
114 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/11 (金) 06:07:56 ID: a/QQqXJ+
115 : ξ ◆Or3.StInkY [sage] : 2009/04/11 (金) 12:44:23 ID: LXPp1Wd0
legal? lol
116 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/11 (金) 22:57:37 ID: HT3MebeH
Very funny peculiar lol
119 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/11 (金) 23:46:11 ID: HT3MebeH
Oh his name is Micky Yanai? I didn't know that. hehe I've never seen such a these sex. yearn for his partner always exercise every love making.
121 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/12 (土) 22:28:21 ID: ???
The holiday is over. Actually I have just been worrying about things. My laptop screen went black, and I have not been online for several days.
Hopefully I can telnet into it and recover my data.
122 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/12 (土) 22:29:49 ID: ???
123 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/12 (土) 22:32:53 ID: ???
That is amazing. It looks painful for both partners.
124 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/12 (土) 23:02:07 ID: ???
Howdie! >>105
125 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/12 (土) 23:03:13 ID: ???
Illustration is legal. Unseemly but legal. Photo absolutely bad, Please delete.
126 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/12 (土) 23:03:27 ID: ???
let me take a look.
127 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/13 (日) 01:56:03 ID: M4YOPZy2
My screen is in that condition for almost half a year as well.
I already gave up to struggle for that but just to use ordinary light.
I'm just fairly tired from 4 hour hiking.
128 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/13 (日) 04:03:33 ID: ???
I went for a long hike yesterday too.
129 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/13 (日) 04:09:21 ID: M4YOPZy2
Hiking is good. It makes everything fresh.
On the path, there was still snow all over around and almost scooped my feet.
I saw only some mountain sheep; no deer, no squirrels.
Where were you up?
130 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/13 (日) 04:15:43 ID: ???
I hiked from 9 am to 1 PM yesterday, at Intramuros in Manila. It is an old fort.
131 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/13 (日) 04:27:07 ID: M4YOPZy2
That sounds nice.
I'e been to what we call Fort Steele which used to hold a lot of gold, and now is like a old-days town.
It actually has some shelter, and also has horse-sleigh in winter and those kinda stuff.
It is a really cool town. I like it.
But it's too far from where I'm now.

Btw, what browser are you using in Linux?
132 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/13 (日) 05:04:08 ID: RmrGhGzc
Jim-san, Rewrites URL どうぞ よろしく おねがいします

http://venus.bbspink.com/ascii/1000.txt の中
old: http://sakura01.bbspink.com/ascii/
new: http://venus.bbspink.com/ascii/

http://set.bbspink.com/leaf/head.txt の中
old: http://set.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/leaf/1198680633/l20
new: http://set.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/leaf/1237521601/l20

http://yomi.bbspink.com/erodoujin/head.txt の中(変えるところ、2つあります)
old: http://yomi.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/erodoujin/1195434755/l50
new: http://yomi.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/erodoujin/1238318535/l50

old: http://sakura03.bbspink.com/ascii2d/
new: http://yomi.bbspink.com/ascii2d/

http://yomi.bbspink.com/801/head.txt の中
old: http://yomi.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/801/1222261274/
new: http://yomi.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/801/1239419712/
133 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/13 (日) 06:42:07 ID: ???
I am using Ochusha browser. I was using JD, but it stopped working well with an update. So I will
wait for them to update it again.
134 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/13 (日) 06:48:11 ID: M4YOPZy2
Not the 2ch browser did I mean but the internet browser.
I just guessed FireFox anyway.
135 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/13 (日) 07:16:30 ID: ???
Your welcome, but I didn't do anything.
136 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/13 (日) 07:17:29 ID: ???
I am using Internet Explorer 6.0, Seamonkey and Firefox.
137 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/13 (日) 07:29:38 ID: M4YOPZy2
Are you runnign IE with Wine?
How different is IE going bet. Win and Linux?

It seems someone, sounds like a girl, are just in front of my window.
I just shut all the blind so that I'm not seen.
What a hell is this? It's 1 in the morning here.
Who's supposed to be before someone's window and why?
138 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/13 (日) 07:45:12 ID: ???
Yes IE with Wine. It could be the raven, knocking at your door.
139 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/13 (日) 10:35:30 ID: Zx4YENlK
It would be nice if you would explain the reason:

You did not do anything because:
1) did not know how to edit the .txt file
2) could not understand why it needed to be done
3) let somebody else(79-san replacement) do the work in the future

It is from simple curiosity. If you feel my English is rude,
it is because of my English ability and it is not my intention.
1) txtファイルの編集方法がわからないから
2) その作業をしなければならない理由が不明だから
3) 将来79さんの後釜ができたら、やってもらおうと思っているから
140 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/13 (日) 15:24:13 ID: Qjodf6qW
>>135 :'(
141 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/13 (日) 17:01:29 ID: nULH6Uc8
I really wanna start working on sliding onto Ubuntu,
But I cannot get rid of other work, and see.
Disc-C:10.6GB Disc-D:180MB
I also gotta work on cleaning HDDs...
142 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/13 (日) 23:25:16 ID: ???
I guess it is intentionally perfect...:)
Only missing the subject, of what you want/need done.
143 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/13 (日) 23:26:25 ID: ???
Obuntu is an excellent start Linux. Almost all of the faqs are written for beginning Linux users.
With WYSISYG interfaces. If you plan to do more things with Linux it is not the best work platform though.
144 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/14 (月) 00:06:02 ID: nULH6Uc8
Do you remember the last time I asked you about Linux?
Anyway, I'm gonna play with Ubuntu for awhile and find out if I'm capable enough to go up to others.
145 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/14 (月) 00:51:50 ID: ???
Obuntu works better than Windows. I am sure you will do excellent.
146 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/14 (月) 01:14:49 ID: nULH6Uc8
Yeah, hopefully I will be managing it well at the begining of the summer.
It's sometimes overwarm for spring and sometimes back to zero degrees so it must be the most unstable time about now.
How is it in Manira? I guess it's hot over there.
147 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/14 (月) 01:18:30 ID: ???
>>36 degrees yesterday. Hot and sweaty everyday.
148 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/14 (月) 01:23:26 ID: nULH6Uc8
Uh... it's like the summer time in Japan.
I miss that sauna weather, but is pretty much enough for a day.
Cool and dry is nice. I have to care more about my skin though.
149 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/14 (月) 01:44:08 ID: ???
Dry cold weather is not good for Asian skin. It is good to get some nice lotion to put on it.
If they don't sell it in The great white north. You can try a light coating of olive oil.
150 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/14 (月) 02:08:42 ID: nULH6Uc8
Oh ya, it should be no good for my skin.
It's made best for the place it's supposed to be in.
Thank you for concerning. I totally was missing it.
Anyway, bath is good. And tonic water after that.
Nhnnn... my life.
151 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/14 (月) 03:36:20 ID: ???
Take care friend. It will be summer in a few months. The bath will help.
152 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/14 (月) 04:48:09 ID: nULH6Uc8
Alright, I'll go to the hot spring sometimes as well.
It's about 4km away from here which gives me a good walk.
It makes me tired and sleep well.
Sleep helps me well I know.
So, I guess I'll hit the sack.

Gute Nacht
153 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/14 (月) 04:55:33 ID: ???
Good night...:)
154 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/14 (月) 19:43:17 ID: 9eOqP21R
Can you speak the German?
155 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/14 (月) 22:46:42 ID: ???
I can read German.
156 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/15 (火) 08:33:14 ID: tVDSpEgN
Jim-tan, guess what? North Korea fired a missile. Line of fire flew exceeding the town where I live. It frighten. How scary! I find it very hard to understand they.
157 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/15 (火) 18:00:32 ID: HQwY8ZwW
Cool! I want to read the book of German philosophy.
158 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/15 (火) 23:07:29 ID: ???
Did they fire a new missle? I thought they just fired a rocket for their space program before.
160 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/16 (水) 05:09:36 ID: x7QbVQ+j
No, it is the missile that they fired on the fifth. The missile is still getting into the news in Japan, and it is getting into the news all the more in the town where I live.
Why, yes. I'm frightened when I imagine that the missile falls into our town. It's dangerous. If the missile is their space program, they should have fired it in space where nobody was, you know? I like calm life :-(
161 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/16 (水) 05:54:53 ID: ???
Me too, a calm life is nice. They are a small tiny country. The only way they can fire it is towards Japan.
Everyone else that surrounds them has an eager army. Your direction is the only direction they have
to work on their rocket technology. I wonder what the fuel was?
162 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/16 (水) 07:46:15 ID: ???
Is it difficult for the majority of women to walk heal toe on a line?
During my smoke breaks I have been watching the women walk by, and have noticed that less than 20%
of the women are walking that way. The vast majority are walking similar to Charlie Chaplin or possibly ducks. When women walk heal toe on a line, their hips sway very attractively. Even the women that are not so attractive appear more pleasing to the eye when they walk properly.
163 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/16 (水) 09:47:01 ID: x7QbVQ+j
Perhaps, it's a liquid fuel. The water of the Sea of Japan have discolored, or so news says. (By any chance, Is "fuel" that you said a political meaning?)
I'm afraid you said it...I dont want to nervous life, and I dont want noisy over my head, preferably.
Glad you heard my grumble, Thank you Jim-tan :-)
164 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/16 (水) 11:36:59 ID: MAK/vam/
And they tricked a lot of men into buying an expensive article. \(^o^)/Phew.
165 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/16 (水) 11:54:10 ID: 2t1ofst3
It's just that they are not interested in attracting you:-)
166 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/16 (水) 23:19:58 ID: ???
Maybe it is a red tide? Don't eat the shellfish when the water is discolored.
167 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/16 (水) 23:20:58 ID: ???
Maybe you are correct. So the women can fix the economy by walking correctly. That would provide
the economic stimulus needed.
168 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/16 (水) 23:22:22 ID: ???
I don't think so. I think it is training. I remember my mother making my older sister walk on a line.
169 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/17 (木) 02:54:22 ID: I3CThHpo

170 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/17 (木) 03:06:08 ID: ???
I am sorry, I don't know the answer to that question. I understand the question though.
I know the current instruction on deleter.bbspink.com is that the deleter does not need to look
at the link in this case. If you don't look, there is nothing in your cache.
171 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/17 (木) 03:30:58 ID: I3CThHpo

linkを見ないで削除すること は 不可能だ。
すべての人(all users)は、"このlinkは児童ポルノだ!"  と  "うその報告"  を することが可能 です。
deleterたちは、 linkが "guilty"   か "not guilty" か  判断できない。
deleterたちは、  「"いたずら"  や "いやがらせ"」 (false reports) に 未来で 困る。
172 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/17 (木) 03:32:35 ID: KnUOKT2A
I will. Thank you.
173 : 削除屋佐藤K ★ [sage] : 2009/04/17 (木) 04:49:13 ID: ???
I am Sato. Ossu. 押忍!

I delete it without looking.
However, as for me, it is complaining for the act.
Hey Sato! Do you understand it without looking whether that it is an illustration is a photo?
174 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/17 (木) 08:22:10 ID: ???
You are doing ok. Don't worry. If it is good then others will post it again. It is almost unstoppable.
But real photo is a terrible thing.
175 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/17 (木) 08:43:32 ID: I3CThHpo
176 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/17 (木) 10:44:34 ID: kSO72waH
/ \ This is Jim, Jim will take over bbspink. Please copy & paste to thread!
177 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/18 (金) 12:21:40 ID: dpGBH/e2
Hi ! Jim-san
We annoy it,that ransack of advertisement.


Please,You be react it.
英語苦手w ごめんm(_ _)m
179 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/18 (金) 21:41:43 ID: av36C3ws
Jimjim, I'm now on the beginig of chapter 3 which is the last in Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
I'm really enjoying it and it gave me a lot of something.
Now, I need some other book to read when I finish this book.
Do you have any recomendations?
180 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/19 (土) 01:37:11 ID: S7Tua4g4
はい はい
181 : 削除屋佐藤K ★ [sage] : 2009/04/19 (土) 03:12:00 ID: ???
Can I delete a thread only in the thread title?
This is the title of the thread.

"Rape scene of a primary school student,
Sperm have a scene in the vagina of elementary school students, And gang rape etc.. part2."


182 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/19 (土) 04:08:50 ID: 8TxeGVHW
I do not say feel true. I can not say the truth in fear.
You feel unpleasant if I say.


I think that you should do the delete of the child pornography.
183 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/19 (土) 05:55:17 ID: P4krioWx
Let's see if it works...
184 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/19 (土) 22:36:24 ID: ???
Good morning Guys,
This is not the housekeeping thread. I look at the housekeeping board everyday.
If you guys want to talk to me about housekeeping, please create a new thread for that on the housekeeping board.
185 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/19 (土) 22:44:59 ID: ???
I am currently reading
"A history of mental growth of mankind in ancient times volume IV
by John S. Hittell
It is not as light reading as Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
This is a nice book. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
It was originally written in German, I read the English translation and it was good.
Maybe it is also translated to Japanese?
186 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/19 (土) 22:52:13 ID: ???
Please see >>184
187 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/19 (土) 22:53:13 ID: ???
Thank you for the extra spam...;)
Yes I read that email now.
189 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/19 (土) 23:31:12 ID: ???
I posted to your thread.
190 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/20 (日) 00:53:03 ID: A2NANj8t
Outline of Buddhism already know. I have learned from more than 10 years. Now I shoud learn another philosophy.
German philosophy is very interesting. Especially, Fichte is remarkable person known as der deutsche Idealismus and "Reden an die Deutsche Nation".
191 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/20 (日) 01:05:04 ID: ???
It is really more of a nice story, then an outline of Buddhism.
Siddhartha was Buddha's name, but this book is not about Buddha
but Siddhartha does meet the Buddha in the book.
Unfortunately for me, I have read German Philosophy.
Everything is pointless
192 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/20 (日) 01:31:12 ID: 1x7pe45D
I'm looking for a book written in English instead of in Japanese, and hopefully it is a novel because I will easily give it up to be finished if it's not interesting to me, and those are usually not a novel.
Btw, that "mental" book sounds different from what I want and isn't it long?
I just had a quick loop up about it and found like it has 300 pages or something.
"Siddhartha" doesn't look fine for me either...

What do you think?
195 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/20 (日) 02:02:26 ID: 1x7pe45D
Wow, interesting.
But the thing is I don't feel like holding that cover...
What a reason, but is the truth.
I guess I should stop bothering you for now.
But, I will get next reading done and try your bible hopefully.
196 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/20 (日) 02:23:19 ID: ???
>>195 Who's bible?
197 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/20 (日) 02:25:41 ID: 1x7pe45D
Nh? I just said Friday should be your bible.
198 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/20 (日) 03:28:30 ID: ???
It is just a nice story friend....:)
How about I Chong
by Tommy Chong
It is a fun book.
201 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/20 (日) 04:09:50 ID: 1x7pe45D
Okay, I put it in my mind.
But I'm not sure I can get it though.
I don't have a big book store but a second hand, and I don't use internet shopping.
So, hope I'm with good luck.
202 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/20 (日) 05:28:41 ID: QOo1x5Vo
Jim-san, Which do you like better, dog or cat?
203 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/20 (日) 07:38:54 ID: ???
204 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/20 (日) 07:49:33 ID: ???
I have six dogs and one cat. The dogs win by volume, but the kitty is my true favorite.
205 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/20 (日) 09:51:09 ID: EoFiIpJZ
Wow! Many dogs! And kitty? What kind of kitty? Jim-san's kitty must be so cute. I wish were you!
206 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/20 (日) 15:56:35 ID: pjNEYydB

> 削除依頼板ではガイドラインに基づいて削除判断を行います。
> 該当する理由が無い場合、もしくは削除ガイドライン上の基準では、削除対象外と判断されたが、
> 法律上ではなんらかの権利を侵害する場合は下記のメールアドレスへ直接削除依頼をしてください。
> 管理人連絡先(英語のみ)
> jim@bbsぴんく。com
> 日本語での受付窓口
> info@@bbsぴんく。com

Thank you for reading Japanese mail.
The E-mail is a petition.
The hope of the person who asks for help is put in Japanese mail.
207 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/20 (日) 16:05:55 ID: kZ1ZK1TU
208 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/20 (日) 22:19:34 ID: 6TyULVrl
Please, stop pinning your curse on me.
At least, I'm having a not bad day which is a great start for the beginnign of a week.
209 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/20 (日) 22:51:12 ID: ???
Not curse, magic words for luck. Maybe I made a mistake in translation.
お呪い = noun good luck charm, or magic words like presto or abracadabra
210 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/21 (月) 00:02:48 ID: BCm53WBP
Ni... I never heard and 呪 usually means curse as far as I know.
And I googled. Aha, I got it!
You meant おまじない instead of おのろい.
It's not a familiar way for us to write it so.
211 : ξ ◆Or3.StInkY [sage] : 2009/04/21 (月) 00:27:01 ID: lUEilDs7
Got My Mojo Workin'
212 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/21 (月) 06:57:00 ID: ???
She is a calico kitty. She adopted me about 6 months ago. One day she was at my door, and would not leave. When I came back she was still there. There next day still there. So I took her to the vet and had her cleaned up and wormed, she still hasn't left.
213 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/21 (月) 07:02:57 ID: ???
仕事 してた
214 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/21 (月) 07:03:28 ID: ???
215 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/21 (月) 14:50:27 ID: zqpLI8e4
2ちゃんねる の leader of the deleter は tiny tits です
216 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/21 (月) 19:55:25 ID: CvUgLDTZ
Nietzsche is almost good. But he loved the God too. That is his defect.

"Siddhartha" is name of the novel? lol I serached. I didn't know that book.

"Everything is pointless" and "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity."(Ecclesiastes1:2) have something in common.
217 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/22 (火) 03:46:43 ID: ???
Ecclesiastes is one of the better books in the bible. I enjoyed reading that book very much.
Siddhartha, is a wonderful easy to read book about the life of an Indian guy.
219 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/22 (火) 08:17:01 ID: ???
Please read http://deleter.bbspink.com/
That post has been there for five years, and it certainly looks like it is appropriate.
220 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/22 (火) 08:17:04 ID: ???
Please read http://deleter.bbspink.com/
That post has been there for five years, and it certainly looks like it is appropriate.
221 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/22 (火) 15:27:25 ID: z8+e7ZPK
仕事 ください
仕事 ください

222 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/22 (火) 22:36:27 ID: ???
そう だ
223 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/22 (火) 23:51:02 ID: ???
I am going to the doctor this morning. I will be online again this afternoon.
224 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/23 (水) 01:40:17 ID: BXYcz/Ii
You think I read the "Siddhartha" better?
225 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/23 (水) 06:12:18 ID: ???
Both have similar endings. I prefer Siddhartha, it is a nice book.
226 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/23 (水) 18:12:34 ID: R5O+nx1V
I will read the "Siddhartha". Your consideration is interesting for me.
227 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/24 (木) 08:56:08 ID: ???
>>226It is a good book.
228 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/24 (木) 08:59:58 ID: ???
>>226 Here is another one that I just read.
When We Were Gods by Colin Falconer
It is a nice book too.
229 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/24 (木) 10:01:31 ID: xcnsSIfZ

232 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/24 (木) 13:48:22 ID: 7ZbEatT0
233 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/24 (木) 14:59:06 ID: GM8y+NEx

Back in the days I was on stateside. One day I've been to a local restaurant.
It was a shocking experience to hear waitress says it's what I've ordered beside
a whole four chicken leg in a bowl around a pool big, with volcano potato about to set off.

swimming in the pool filled by demiglace sauce, I repeatedly asked myself was it a fair deal.
though I 've never read study on obecitical relationships between human and chicken, but
I knew there is. huge thick legs should've served as the only transportation for his fat body.
the dish was only quarter finished at this point, while the volcano left untouched. wait.
wthat's that waitres taking to me? yes. the salad --in a sink, with bunch of cheeeeese, of course.
hold on, my stomach, no, as you, were. please. I'll call the waitress, so wait --wait.

no. no. no. don't say dessert. the cake is a lie. the cake is a lie. I don't call that pink'n'green stuff a cake.
I' dont call that sugarpaste a cake. Instantly I paid what I was asked for and left there without a glance.

it was, simply, horrible.
234 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/04/24 (木) 17:18:45 ID: LpGqxgwD
Thank you :) My reading pace is slowly. But I definitely will read it too.
235 : 案内人シャア ★ : 2009/04/24 (木) 18:33:46 ID: ???

236 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/24 (木) 21:38:30 ID: ???
Please do your best.
237 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/24 (木) 21:38:52 ID: ???
You can taste every word if you read slowly.
238 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/24 (木) 21:43:49 ID: ???
なに お めしあがりますか?
239 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/24 (木) 22:43:19 ID: ???
My fortune today.
Some item gone could shortly come forth.
240 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/25 (金) 01:50:08 ID: QgVxgBBc
Now, you got me back.
241 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/25 (金) 02:55:19 ID: ???
Welcome back Mist-san
I am repairing my disk today. On and off all day long.
242 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/25 (金) 03:42:48 ID: QgVxgBBc
I hope your data hasn't "gone".

So sleepy... by a few hour swimming...
243 : 案内人シャア ★ : 2009/04/25 (金) 07:00:52 ID: ???
244 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/25 (金) 07:09:37 ID: GWx28UTx
245 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/25 (金) 07:20:17 ID: DfivXi0H
Casbal Rem Deigun
246 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/25 (金) 07:47:32 ID: GWx28UTx
Jim san
>>235 guide SHAHRsan said.

Good evening, Jimsan.
I am SHAHR of the guide.
As for me, 79san became the guide in a leader.
I promised with 79-san then.
I "make it a deleter person in a few minutes".
And one year passed.
79-san does not affect administration. Am I tame with a deleter person?
I remain a guide if not tame with a deler person.
247 : 案内人シャア ★ : 2009/04/25 (金) 10:12:45 ID: ???
248 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/04/26 (土) 02:49:22 ID: J9FdUkQu
249 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/26 (土) 07:19:42 ID: iv3By5Eq

251 : ◆.oEIGODeok [sage] : 2009/04/26 (土) 18:19:22 ID: u7qcx1Ne
Btw guys, English de OK.
If you're not interested in talk in English, you might as well be welcomed to get away.
Got it?
252 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/04/27 (日) 03:46:49 ID: ???
Some is gone...:( Still busy sorry guys.
I agree with regulation according to Fox-san's idea.
253 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/04/27 (日) 03:49:32 ID: u7qcx1Ne
Wowowowowow, what's that Fox's idea? I never heard anything about it.
254 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/04/27 (日) 13:05:35 ID: vHfTtTrk
255 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/01 (木) 16:46:24 ID: SmMg/caW
   ∧ ∧
  ( ・∀・) Lovely piglet!
O ⌒ヘ⌒Oフ ))
(   (  ´ω`)
 しー し─ J

   ∧ ∧ Hachoo!!
  ( >д<).;: ;:
O ⌒ヘ⌒Oフ ))           .      .
(   (  ´ω`)   .   .       .
 しー し─ J
256 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/05/03 (土) 03:48:37 ID: JDfafU6i
Swine Flu is pretty scary. Odysseus, are you all right?
257 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/03 (土) 07:28:43 ID: C2JcOtlO
devil swine

devil's wine
259 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/05/09 (金) 04:44:00 ID: tROSXiYn
Jim, why are you leaving?
260 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/11 (日) 15:18:22 ID: U1yP9NEw
Dear. Mr.Jim

How about your condition?
You should firmly execute Ms. 79's work as a proxy.
You said that you would substitute.( Said to all ★)

But,It seems to press the responsibility against the Japanese ★.
You said to ★ "Don't tolk in BBS".

Many user are confused.
If your management ability limit,you should close this BBS.

Because I attach to this matter, the American thinks that it uses
the Japanese for the moneymaking.

You should say the policy in BBS to the direct user. There is an
accountability to all acts.

The way things are going, the user will determine a large-scale
movement to another site.

It apologizes for an impolite content.
As one person who thinks this BBS to be important.
261 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/12 (月) 01:53:04 ID: ???
262 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/12 (月) 02:15:54 ID: ???
My JD is working!
263 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/12 (月) 02:35:27 ID: ???
264 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/12 (月) 06:02:40 ID: ???
私は 傚 です。
265 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/12 (月) 06:08:30 ID: ???
けんき の 豚。
266 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/12 (月) 06:49:00 ID: ???
I have received your email as well. It looks similar to this posting.
I am confused by your statement "Don't Tolk in BBS"

I wish this American could use the Japanese for moneymaking. heheheheheh
However I am pretty much a failure at moneymaking.

Maybe it is better for us to keep our heads up, and be thankful that the electricity
is not turned off yet.

I again thank you for your concern. I also think this BBS is important.
267 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/12 (月) 18:08:57 ID: Jdwr80O3
To dear Jim

Thank quickly response !!

The deletion volunteer says that he or she will not open the judgment whether correspond
to the kiddie porn to the public.
The user asked it why. He explained saying as not saying to Mr. Jim to the user.
Moreover, he says that he voluntarily goes to the police, and knows whether the act in
what kind of BBS collides with the law.
However, it explains that the standard etc. are said that it must not say from the manager.

It was an opinion that it was necessary to wait in mail.
Declaring to the user as a manager like this is significant.
What can able judgment to be it, and important showing the judgment as the manager to
the user.
So , user trusts volunteer's act. User can control volunteer's deviating act (guide 1b).

The snap in the going to school photograph of the woman student in Japan is included in
the one with a large amount of data deleted as a kiddie porn.

You approved the deletion without showing the standard of the kiddie porn.
The manager's trust so much is dangerous for the volunteer.

I am waiting for manager's statement.
Clarify the deletion standard in this BBS. Is it an act that what act indicts
to the police?

I am wishing the relieved use.

Thank you for reading.
268 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/12 (月) 22:38:14 ID: ???
I did not see it, so I could not judge it.
bbspink has nothing on it except words, so going to the police
is not neccessary. If a volunteer did that, it was overstepping
clearly. I completely understand that someone can be so moved
that they feel compelled to do something like that. There are
links to clearly offensive photos and videos on Pink Channel.
I am disgusted sometimes as well. We are not moderated and
there are so many posts daily. It is impossible to check everything.
269 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/13 (火) 01:20:12 ID: iliVsbTv
I'm not >>267, I think it would be nice to
clarify the situation.

A deleter deletes child porn photo direct link as
requested in the child porn deletion request thread.
Some users blame her for deleting ordinary photos
instead of child porn.

The deleter wondered if she can take a look at the linked
picture for checking purpose and what exactly are considered
as child porn photos. She talked with local police and
they said she can look at them for deletion checking purpose.
Then she went over to the police with deleted linked pictures
to get some advise - what kind of photos are considered to be child

She said that she now know what kind of photo link she should
delete, but she has no intention to disclose the exact parameter.
(Because if she does so, some user may try to post borderline
pictures or think of get around way)

Some user concern about their host address regulation by Fox-san
for posting innocent(their belief) picture, since the deleter now
asks Fox-san for regulating the repeated offender.
270 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/13 (火) 01:25:01 ID: ???

この もんだい どして も とけない んです。
ど やえば いい か おしえて ください。
271 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/13 (火) 01:45:01 ID: iliVsbTv

It means that you do not understand my English?
if so, sorry about that. Let me know the point you
do not understand. I will try different wording.

If you are asking my opinion, I would rather support
the deleter's thinking. I like pinkbbs and would not
like to see it vanish because of child porn matter.

I think that it would be nice to share your thought
with deleters about it. Also, I think the deleter
should share her founding (the exact parameter)
with other deleters and with you in closed room.
272 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/13 (火) 01:51:39 ID: +3UlQA7X
She has the problem very much.
The user was made to shudder with the act on one's own authority.
It is necessary to take the responsibility of this confusion.
273 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/13 (火) 02:05:02 ID: ???
I understand your English. >>270
Means I don't know what to do about that problem.

bbspink won't vanish because of it. There is none posted on it.
The free hosting sites that allow it are in a more dangerous position.

I don't want links to child porn on bbspink, and I ask the deleters to
delete them when they are reported.

It would be wonderful to have an offline meeting in a closed room with the deleters.
What a grand and excellent idea.
274 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/13 (火) 02:05:36 ID: ???
I like witch2enoc. Please don't give her problems.
275 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/13 (火) 02:14:23 ID: +3UlQA7X
276 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/13 (火) 02:24:34 ID: +3UlQA7X
With the kiddie porn that the Japanese thinks about
The kiddie porn that Mr. JIM thinks about is a different thing.

And, the definition of the kiddie porn of having heard it from the police on which 削魔除=◆witch2enoc insists is also quite different from a Japanese sense.

Did she hear the story from the police in what country?
She doesn't answer the question.

She is insisting the kiddie porn on this.

Does Mr. JIM also think it is the same?
A lot of Japanese think her to be a liar. She is very a controversial person.

It is discussed here.
277 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/13 (火) 03:08:59 ID: ???
That is not kiddie porn. Maybe in some arabian countries, but not in US, or Japan.
It may have other reasons to be deleted, but not for that reason.
If those were my children, I would not want their images uploaded without my permission.
Perhaps, the uploader did not have permission and that is why they were deleted.
Either way, the deleter has no responsibility.
278 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/13 (火) 03:37:21 ID: +3UlQA7X
Do the problem to be say the candid shot?
However, she insisted that this was a kiddie porn.
And, the request of the access inhibit has been made.

This causes all confusion.

First of all, it is necessary to define what the kiddie porn.
Every range of the kiddie porn on which she insists will be very too large, and be treated as a child pornography contributor.

She assumed seeing like the kiddie porn, and deleted even general pornography.

And, the request of the access inhibit has been made as a child pornography contributor.

She is insisting that this obtains the acknowledgment of Mr. JIM.
Is this true?

She is requesting the access inhibit by a very vague, and sense standard.
Does Mr. JIM understand the situation?
279 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/13 (火) 03:56:15 ID: ???
I understand now. Yes I think that is overstepping.
I told her she was doing good before, but actually I did
not know what she was deleting. I never get to see the deleted
stuff it is gone to fast.
280 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/13 (火) 03:56:35 ID: +3UlQA7X
And, could you suppress the communication with mail to the minimum in 削魔除=◆witch2enoc?

Could you exchange the discussion and the opinion in public appearances?

A lot of people cannot confirm it when insisting that it exchanges only with E-mail, and 削魔除=◆witch2enoc was permitted from JIM.

It only causes the individual to drive recklessly.

Her this behavior is it exactly.
Even sentences without the problem
Contributor's sentences are insisted on that dealings of the kiddie porn are suggested, and she has made the access prohibition request.
All of the cause of the large confusion of PINK are her arbitrary decisions now.
I want you to specify the standard of the kiddie porn newly presented.

In the judgment of 削魔除=◆witch2enoc, it is judged that all the people are the child pornography contributors.

I hope for Mr. JIM to understand the situation please, and to give the wise judgment.
281 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/13 (火) 04:35:31 ID: ???
I am not a judge or a legislator.
I can not say that.

So I won't attempt to be any wiser then some of the wisest men in history.
One that sat on the Supreme court of the United States said this:

"I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description;
and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so.
But I know it when I see it"

Justice Potter Stewart
283 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/13 (火) 04:45:59 ID: +3UlQA7X
She is declaring that this image is a kiddie porn.
And, the access prohibition request is done.

★090422 BBSPINK 児童ポルノ案件報告スレッド

167 名前:削魔除 ◆witch2enoc [sage] 投稿日:2009/05/10(日) 05:15:12 ID:HckjemP50
http://venus.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/ascii/1239323744/158 2009/04/21 02:54:53 ID:jgDF6B4R0
http://venus.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/ascii/1228390894/197 2009/04/28 22:50:17 ID:oZ4p+v5d0
http://venus.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/ascii/1212077491/527 2009/04/30 22:50:56 ID:+KYDtwlA0
http://venus.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/ascii/1239724246/809 2009/05/05 14:49:07 ID:0utswmkv0
http://venus.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/ascii/1212077491/577 2009/05/06 05:16:22 ID:nqb3ThzA0
http://venus.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/ascii/1239724246/843 2009/05/06 12:57:40 ID:cM5ZLxGz0
http://venus.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/ascii/1239724246/879 2009/05/07 01:37:44 ID:QS+mGzOC0
http://venus.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/ascii/1224569186/665 2009/05/07 05:29:12 ID:qsY9uQrX0
http://venus.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/ascii/1239724246/899 2009/05/07 12:03:37 ID:QS+mGzOC0
http://venus.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/ascii/1239937099/246 2009/05/08 05:58:01 ID:KOfzrlgj0

Evidence exists, and it is not possible to make an excuse.
284 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/13 (火) 04:51:05 ID: ???
たぶんーな です

わかるーわけ ないーよ。
285 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/13 (火) 04:52:31 ID: ???
286 : あひるちゃん [sage] : 2009/05/13 (火) 14:40:54 ID: xlb8eE/6
287 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/13 (火) 14:44:24 ID: gssAHF5e
288 : 267 [sage] : 2009/05/13 (火) 14:45:01 ID: Jdwr80O3
Dear .MrJim

Justice Potter Stewart

I examined the meaning of his word on the site in Japan.
His word seems often to be quoted in Japan by discussing pornography.
Very, I thought that it was a word with deep deep emotion.

The concept of the kiddie porn in Japan is as shown in the following image.

Could a wise translator see this image?
In the management of this bulletin board, it thinks it is important.

In 276 linked photo.
This photograph exists as not the kiddie porn but a violation of the portrait right
even if it was necessary to delete the link as violations of privacy.
If there are my children......(ToT

It is hoped that the image that shows the definition of the kiddie porn
of Japan is translated, and the deletion standard is examined.

Thank you for correspondence in spite of a busy schedule.
Please take care of yourself.

289 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/13 (火) 14:53:29 ID: tcGf+xIL
290 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 00:24:45 ID: 1TWgyTzi

I think that they are going to coax Jim_san hard.
It is that people saying that Jim-san "show the definition of the child porno" here.

If Jim_san define it, the people will look for a loophole.

They showed only the item which is advantageous to oneself.
They used a polite manner of speaking here, but always hurl dirty words at witch_san.

I think that the ambiguous guideline is good.
I think that an existing vague guideline is good.
I want a vague guideline.

It is because we performed it for a long time in this way so far.


I pray Jim_san not to be deceived.
291 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/14 (水) 00:34:04 ID: GRy2p6gy
As for the definition of the kiddie porn that deviated from Japanese common sense, it might have been learnt by them that it invited ultra vires activities of * because of this confusion.

The confusion that the witch caused occurs again if the definition of some kiddie porn doesn't exist.
292 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/14 (水) 00:49:15 ID: ImBt2dIF
In japan.......

"The person who delighted most people prospers most greatly"

by Ieyasu Tokugawa[The First Barbarian-Subduing Generalissimo of the Edo shogunate]

So I wish Jim_san will become as he.
293 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 01:33:06 ID: ???
Yes he is often quoted. He called it his Casablanca test.
I can not see the Reuters page. It is probably blocked in
my location.
294 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 01:38:14 ID: ???
意味不明 すみーません
295 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 01:38:50 ID: ???
そう だ
296 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 02:02:46 ID: ???
常識 下さい。
297 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 02:10:03 ID: ???
I have been most delighted by ladies who have also delighted many others.
Does this pertain to entertaining ladies as well?
298 : ◆PvunkoBUPA [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 02:11:37 ID: QT6pzSIA
OK牧場(O.K. Corral)
299 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 02:24:17 ID: ???
300 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/14 (水) 02:28:51 ID: ImBt2dIF
So their vagina prospers greatly.
301 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 02:31:46 ID: ???
Live long and prosper.
302 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 02:49:58 ID: Ni8eZLds
Women who live long are more charming than young girls, at least for me.
Don't you think so?
304 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 03:01:38 ID: 1TWgyTzi
275_san said.
"Shit guy!
I want the manager who can speak Japanese!"

My recommend is ◆witch2enoc_san and ◆EROyVmNwwM_san.
305 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 03:19:14 ID: Ni8eZLds
What the fark are you talking about?
stop making jokes in poor taste.
306 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 03:22:08 ID: ???
ウラあける ですか? >>275
多分 275 臭い 口臭 です。
307 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 03:26:24 ID: ???
Not really poor taste, although some people have called them punono.
This is Ben's most important point to the young man I guess.
"And as in the dark all Cats are grey, the Pleasure of corporal Enjoyment
with an old Woman is at least equal, and frequently superior, every
Knack being by Practice capable of Improvement."
308 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 03:57:21 ID: ???
Here here, I agree with you.
309 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/14 (水) 04:34:47 ID: GRy2p6gy

310 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 05:02:06 ID: Ni8eZLds
sorry, I didn't say >>305 to you...

I've just finished reading the article by Benjamin Franklin,
and I've rediscovered the value and the charm about old women...

Benjamin is greater even about old women than I expected....
311 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 05:51:31 ID: Ni8eZLds
yeah, this picture is definitely NOT kiddie porn, I think....

If she really treated this as "kiddie porn" , I can hardly understand what she thinks about this.
she doesn't properly check any details of pictures, does she?
she should be fired immediately...
or tell her from Jim-san that she must properly check pictures.
312 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 06:20:47 ID: ???
Benjamin must have been a cool dude.
313 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 06:21:48 ID: ???
Witch has gotten some advice on what is and what isn't. I think this thread has covered it enough.
If a new problem comes up, we can talk about that at the time.
314 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 07:15:57 ID: +Jf3Keg9
315 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 07:37:09 ID: 3QEsjD4e
316 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/14 (水) 07:52:51 ID: ???
ども ありがとう 鼻糞 漢字。
317 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 10:15:40 ID: Pdt6MBvL
how do you say "鼻糞" in English?
318 : あびるちゃん ◆oMpdFwR/fc [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 11:53:55 ID: BO3Q9X4B
鼻糞 美味しい
319 : あひるちゃん ◆z0WvbsWRgg : 2009/05/14 (水) 12:06:49 ID: 3jHmCsiY
320 : 削魔除 ★ [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 12:17:55 ID: ???
あひるちゃん doesn't sage.
321 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 12:23:19 ID: GaAW0SYp
322 : あひるちゃん ◆z0WvbsWRgg : 2009/05/14 (水) 12:28:41 ID: 3jHmCsiY
 ( ・>
(   )
323 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 13:49:05 ID: 5GUOK+CY
324 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 13:58:46 ID: GaAW0SYp
325 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/14 (水) 16:38:43 ID: +vV3nPy0
The witch received intelligence as * of PINK.
Is the act of personally notifying the police correct?

It is a way that no one can confirm.

Moreover, the witch confessed to the police it was an executive in PINK.

Is it an act by Mr. JIM's instruction?

326 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/14 (水) 16:46:45 ID: +xHTdtdv
<In English> ※by automatic-translation

Hi JIM-san.
We have argued about LocalRule-modification for solve a problem.
And at last, we draw up the document for that after a month.
If we reruest LolalRule-modification, should we introduct the document to this thread?
or to under thread as in the past?


JIMさん こんにちは
我々 は 問題点 を 解決する ため に ローカルルール の 改正議論 を 行いました
1か月 の 議論 を 経て 意見 が ほぼ まとまりました
変更依頼 を 提出する のは、この スレッド で 良いですか?
それとも、従来通り 以下 の スレッド が 正しい ですか?
327 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/14 (水) 17:10:48 ID: OEYnhgUb
Is the witch an executive of PINK?
Was the authority only of introducing to the police that it was an executive given to the witch?
328 : 名無し編集部員 [age] : 2009/05/14 (水) 23:37:56 ID: qzun1tiI
Good morning,
329 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/15 (木) 01:43:33 ID: Z1YCHATd
Okay i rewrote it in easy English...
Hi JIM-san

We've discussed carefully how and whether to change the local rules to solve various problems.
After a month of discussions, we've finally found common ground.
Where should we post our request for changing the local rules?
Should we post it on this thread, or on the following thread as in the past?
330 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/15 (木) 05:29:54 ID: ???
I am sorry. I have an emergency to take care of today. i will discuss this on Monday.
331 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/15 (木) 06:01:42 ID: Z1YCHATd
I guess the F.B.I. is investigating Jim-san now...
332 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/15 (木) 07:12:31 ID: jpAa/VRt
FBI is sleeping in my hole now...
333 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/15 (木) 11:42:58 ID: Dz7Z5TYo
334 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/15 (木) 12:57:47 ID: Pe0iqk5G
335 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/05/16 (金) 02:05:19 ID: JLioUzzn
I just hired a 19 inch wide screen for my laptop.
But my laptop doesn't wanna receive the big maybe for his own screen is smaller and it's the farthest he can go with.
Is there any way to get him work with wider resolution?
336 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/16 (金) 03:36:44 ID: zXKYOop3
why don't you ask that at the "laptops" board?
337 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/05/16 (金) 04:05:07 ID: JLioUzzn
That's the easiest question I got so far today; I don't wanna go there and I'm just gonna be happy if I get answer that I don't expect, to be honest, here.
Some places are seriously devastated in terms of people's communications like they almost require qer to be at some level as high as students about computers.
I don't say you're wrong if you think it's just a guess or a first impression and maybe it is, but I believe it is not a bad thing to throw something into this small community.
338 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/18 (日) 01:29:44 ID: ???
Sorry I have not been online for a couple days. Friday morning my friend was murdered
in front of his apartment. Death in Manila is time consuming and complicated.
When I got to the office in the morning, His wife called me almost as soon as I had walked in
and turned on the air conditioner.
“Martin has been hit! Please come here I need you.”
I left the office right away, and called back.
“Call a doctor it will take me some time to get there.”
She replied, “He's dead!”
I arrived just before 7 am, and the crowd of people was gathered with morbid curiosity as
they cleaned the street of his dead body.
The police took his family and I to the station for questioning, this went smoothly, and since there
were witnesses to the crime they were able to get a good sketch of the suspect.
We left the station at 10:30 am, and I took his wife and mother home.
After the a quick trip to the German embassy to notify them of the death, and of course they are
closed for half a day on Fridays. I arrived after they closed about 12:30 pm. The guard was kind enough
to give me the emergency contact number, and I went to my office to call them.
The Germans are very efficient in handling such things. I had his mothers phone number, and that is the only
contact information available. The Embassy contacted the police in Germany and in no time,
his family there was notified of the murder.
339 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/18 (日) 01:30:58 ID: ???
Martin also has two family members in Japan, and there was no contact information available for them.
He was always telling me stories about them and how much he missed his children there. I knew where they grew up,
it is a part of Japan I am familiar with as well. I called a friend of mine that lives close to there, and he was able to locate and notify them.
Thank you for that. I have heard now that they did not handle the news very well, and I am so sorry about that. I hope they will contact me sometime,
and I can talk to them and tell them some about what their father had been doing since he met them last.
I called the police back to find out where the body had been taken. They gave me a name of a funeral home, so I started on my way to find that.
All this time his dog had been locked up in the apartment and not walked or fed. On the way to the funeral home.
I picked up his wife's sisters, and we went to the apartment to take care of the dog.
She is a beautiful Doberman and she had not made any mess at all in the house. She would not let the sisters in the apartment,
but I knew the dog well, and she allowed me to walk her out. On the street
she could sense immediately that something was wrong, and she would not leave the exact spot where Martin was shot for a long time.
Finally after a quick urination on the spot, she let me walk her down the street to take care of the rest of her business.
Next we left for a quick stop at the funeral home to arrange the body retrieval and to move him to the place the funeral will take place.
340 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/18 (日) 01:32:19 ID: ???
This was about 2 pm. However the body was not there, and we found to our amazement
that it had been released to an unscrupulous funeral director, and we could not locate it.
Back and forth to the police station to help with locating the body.
The friendly detectives that we had talked to in the morning were no longer at work, and a
different batch of police were at the station. These people had other priorities and were not
much interested in helping locate the body.
In the end about 1:30 am we were able to negotiate a release of the body for money.
His dead body was basically held hostage until I paid them for it. Of course it was very hot Friday,
and it was already decomposing rapidly.
The funeral parlor we took him to was kind and efficient. They did their very best in cleaning up the
situation and were so professional. They have my recommendation if you ever happen to be dead in Manila.
Call Sanctuarium. They provide complete services and it is a professional first class environment.
By this time the dog has had a hard day with not enough food or water all day.
So I brought her home and that ended the long sad day.
341 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/05/18 (日) 04:00:36 ID: d8DW+jsI
I just hoped those whole posts were a story. Those kinda business always makes people exhausted, I can only say take a rest.
342 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/18 (日) 04:20:50 ID: MK0ujjc6
That must be a joke... otherwise it's too heavy for anybody here.
343 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/18 (日) 04:37:57 ID: ???
It is not a joke.
and I am sorry, you are right, it is heavy and making me exhausted.
People are never prepared for something like this. I am having to
do most of the chores for his family while this is going on.
344 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/05/18 (日) 04:50:07 ID: d8DW+jsI
Fortunately, I never had that kind of shock on myself, so I cannot know how much death would kill you. I only say good night and take your time for your friend.
345 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/18 (日) 07:14:19 ID: EQYDnX0N
346 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/18 (日) 07:34:48 ID: GDGd85v1
347 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/18 (日) 08:05:50 ID: 0CUxvE4x
348 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/18 (日) 08:07:57 ID: Ook39NWZ
350 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/18 (日) 08:30:39 ID: NMSkspiV
on request from 345, I've translated your post.

352 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/18 (日) 12:54:52 ID: zNHP1C/d
I pray for Martin-san.
Take a rest peacefully forever please.
353 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/18 (日) 13:42:55 ID: p6hHTXVA

>>338和訳 *参考文献>>350san



次に私たちは、彼の遺体を修復して葬式が行われる場所に運ぶ手続きをするために、葬儀場内のquick stop(受付?)に向かった。


354 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/05/18 (日) 20:49:25 ID: Ef90fn9V
355 : EROyVmNwwM ★ : 2009/05/20 (火) 09:33:34 ID: ???
こんにちは Jim-san

I sent Jim-san mail.
I hope to read mail early.
It is thought that it is a very important thing.

よろしく おねがい します。
356 : うふ〜ん [うふ〜ん] : うふ〜ん ID: DELETED
357 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/22 (木) 06:06:17 ID: ???
358 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/22 (木) 06:06:53 ID: ???
I did not receive the mail.
Please send it again.
359 : うふ〜ん [うふ〜ん] : うふ〜ん ID: DELETED
360 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/22 (木) 06:08:41 ID: ???
ども わざわざ すみーません
ども ありがとう ございます。
361 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/22 (木) 06:13:42 ID: ???
も ど に も ならない。
たいようは すべて おみとおしさ。
362 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/22 (木) 06:14:14 ID: ???
[ DAT落ち ]
363 : EROyVmNwwM ★ [sage] : 2009/05/22 (木) 06:34:51 ID: ???
I sent mail again.
I will send another mail tonight.

よろしく です。
364 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/22 (木) 06:41:17 ID: ???
I received it and replied.
365 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/22 (木) 23:36:15 ID: AxQHR6Wz
>>Image of 276.
The couple is walking in the town.
The witch is insisting that this image is a kiddie porn now.
It is after there is a judgment of Mr. JIM.

It was said that it had been said that the witch went for advice to the police and such an image was illegal.
And, it was insisted that it have been permitted to tell it to JM, and to process it as a kiddie porn, and made it to deletion & access inhibit.

Most of the resident believed it.
>>The reason for the image of 356 is that it is thought that JIM judges that it is a kiddie
>>porn and it was directed to the witch.

However, idea >> and everyone of Mr. JIM is confused hearing 359.
It is because what the witch said has been contradicted.

The permission of a special authority from JIM is granted. All the witch's behavior has been approved by JIM.
Everyone thought so.

However, the witch overturned it.
>>Action of the witch who caused contradiction by answer of 359.

Witch's answer.
「A couple of image is ..".. a part of animation that takes a picture of the street corner sold in Japan (However, it is sold in general).
Image to which child pornography is recognized by my judgment.

The bulletin board where it exists is all. It is a child pornography site. This is not a mistake.」

It begins to do such an excuse.
Such a story was heard for the first time now.
The witch's judgment.
And, it is recognized as a child pornography site.
Thing that relates to it.

Those all were made deletion & access inhibit as a kiddie porn.

What report did JIM receive from the witch?
And, what authority did you give?

A lot of Japanese are demanding the witch's authority stop now.
Do not it to be fulfill?
366 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/23 (金) 00:53:14 ID: ???
I have given noone special authority for anything.
deleter.bbspink.com has the guideline on it.
I doubt that I am confusing anyone. I speak in very simple
english, and very simple japanese.
367 : ◆CHINPOGEDU @男根様はかく語りき ★ : 2009/05/23 (金) 01:36:50 ID: ???
We are repeating! lol

You had sad day, but it is start of happiness.
"Every cloud has a silver lining."
368 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/23 (金) 01:56:14 ID: ???
Yes, I hope so too.

I keep singing this song to myself.
The things that I've loved the things that I've lost
The things I've held sacred that I've dropped
I won't lie no more you can bet
I don't want to learn what I'll need to forget
369 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/23 (金) 02:10:42 ID: ZZ6OyNTQ
Whom does the deletion leader become?
Deletion leader's absence causes this confusion.
I think that I deprive the witch of * if 79 has the authority now.
Is there such a perception about the present state of affairs?
370 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/23 (金) 03:11:07 ID: ???
Who is to be trusted with that position?
Those I have trusted before have let me down.
I am really still deciding that.
We are all adults here. Lets think on it together.
371 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/05/23 (金) 03:45:13 ID: iylqQ+jO
Everything is an Utopia thing about any kind os possession,
A human can hardly stay on especially when it comes to meeting nice smell.
If we want a correct answer, we might as well use equations, otherwise we can only get lost and have to move elsewhere.
373 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/27 (火) 09:24:58 ID: vDWjldTU
Good evening,JIM-san.

The deletion stops on May 13.
■ 児童ポルノ 通報・削除専用 ■

I think that this is because the discussion continues.

Do you want you to restart the deletion at once?
Or, after the discussion of not understanding when to end ends, is the deletion restarted?
374 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/27 (火) 13:35:27 ID: O/+qZDU3
Hi JIM-san.

We requested the change in the Local-Rules of "おかま・おなべ板(transsexual board)"
from "PINK関連変更依頼総合スレ(thread of PINK change request)" last September.

However, it is not updated for eight months or more, because there is no worker.
Therefore, could you change it or appoint a new worker.

To change Local-Rules, only write "http://set.bbspink.com/test/read.cgi/erobbs/1218148723/374"
in "http://yomi.bbspink.com/okama/head.txt".
375 : ◆CHINPOGEDU @男根様はかく語りき ★ : 2009/05/28 (水) 20:27:08 ID: ???
You should rest. Time will heal the grief.
377 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/29 (木) 09:36:54 ID: UMnuGHOX
I do not understand English.
378 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/29 (木) 09:56:01 ID: czHNTGk+
Shut the fuck up
379 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/29 (木) 10:01:43 ID: A6k0DhnX
しゃつ が ふく
380 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/30 (金) 02:13:06 ID: ???
382 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/30 (金) 03:18:25 ID: ???
Manila is good. It is good to be home.
What a nice heart. You will have a lot of wood to chop.
Be careful of the bears, they are monsters. Black bears
are not so dangerous, but they can be if you are not careful.
383 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/30 (金) 03:34:44 ID: oFD3rj8E
   | ノ      ヽ
  /  ●   ● |  Nobody expect
  |    ( _●_)  ミ  the KUMAAAAA
 彡、   |∪|  、`\
/ __  ヽノ /´>  )
(___)   / (_/
 |       /
 |  /\ \
 | /    )  )
 ∪    (  \
384 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/30 (金) 04:05:14 ID: ???
hehehehe, and just finished hibernating. Must be so hungry.
385 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/05/30 (金) 04:07:27 ID: zup6I9PC
We move by a truck, so I think it's in an alright distant with animals for they don't wanna stay closer to us either.
And yes, we got a bunch of wood, but now it's all chopped, and we're waiting them to dry up.

I heard a bear tastes good.
Shall we have an experiment on it?
386 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/30 (金) 04:18:28 ID: ???
The meat is very fatty. When I lived in West Virginia many people hunted bear.
Please experiment, but you might need a hunting license first.
387 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/05/30 (金) 04:40:00 ID: zup6I9PC
Uh, is that fatty? Then I say no thank you for the bear meat.
I actually like less fatty meat like moose's one.
It's really nice with those gleevy stuff.
388 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/30 (金) 07:21:54 ID: ???
I think bear might make better sausage, then steak.
Moose is wonderful meat. Just make sure you are
not to far from the road when you shoot it. They
are heavy.

すみーません いって きます。
389 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/05/30 (金) 09:51:12 ID: j10HoH6f
        /  ノ   \  ヽ
        | ●    ● |   What makes you guys so serious on me?
       彡   (_●_)    ミ take this GREAT salmon and cool down.
        /、   |∪|    ,\   
       /.|     ヽノ    | ヽ
     ,,/-―ー-、, --、   .|_,|
 r-、,'''";;:;;:;::;;;;:;;::;:;:;;::;:;`'- /_,l,,__ )
 |,,ノ;;:;r'" ̄ ゙̄^"`Y'-、;;;::;:;::;:;:;:;::;:|
  .ヽ,′ALASKA ;   `"";;;;;⌒゙')
   ´`゙'''''''''''‐-‐'"`‐-‐'"゛  `゙´
           |  .‖ /
390 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/05/30 (金) 18:11:46 ID: WmVV+FxF
Fatty meat RULE!
391 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g : 2009/05/30 (金) 21:51:40 ID: iO6C/Wls
How about a little bear sashami?
It might be so tasty.
392 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g : 2009/05/30 (金) 23:01:51 ID: iO6C/Wls
I will go to the driving range now.
393 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/05/31 (土) 00:05:37 ID: WlVeLO+T
Sausage was out of my mind. Is it better when it's more fatty?
But I think the best thing is BBQ.

Alaska; that's the place I wanna be in.
A bear; that's the I wanna get in.
394 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/31 (土) 04:18:26 ID: ???
BBQ羆ちょうづめ たくさん おいし です。
395 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/05/31 (土) 04:25:07 ID: WlVeLO+T
My face literally became like ゜□゜.
stuffing a bowel of a brown bear tastes good?
And I found out 腸詰め=ちょうづめ=sausage.
We just call sausages ソーセージ because it's from English.
396 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/05/31 (土) 04:43:32 ID: ???
Brown bear bowel buffet.
It must be a tasty Canadian treat.
I have had bear sausage though, it is good.
and you can make it with bear intestine.
I have to go out now.
すみーません いって きます。
397 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g : 2009/05/31 (土) 22:00:26 ID: dGnpx22j
398 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/01 (日) 00:48:58 ID: ejj6N6z6
I have had homemade sausage I don't know what kinda meat was used for.
It was good, but it had really weird feeling in my mouth; the skin was slick and rubberly, and the meat was almost melting so that once your effort worked well to tear the skin, it was is like spilling meat.
399 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/01 (日) 02:47:49 ID: ???
It is a joy to try new things in new countries.
Some things that are tasty treats to the locals
might appear to be poison to you, but if you taste
them they might actually be good.
400 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/01 (日) 02:59:51 ID: ejj6N6z6
Yaya, it's a big reason and evidences of life to know new things.
And if I can make things better, it's wonderful.
My life must have bloomed in a past year; I changed a lot, I noticed.
How was your year? Well, it's weird to ask in the middle of a year, but I wanna know now.

How was you guys' year?
401 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/01 (日) 03:57:00 ID: ???
The year is almost half way over. There is a lot of room for improvement on this year.
Lets see how the your looks in review from 2010.
402 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/01 (日) 04:00:47 ID: ???
Sorry, your = year
403 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/01 (日) 06:35:42 ID: ???
いって きます
404 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/01 (日) 23:15:59 ID: ???
405 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/02 (月) 04:01:27 ID: ???
いって きます
406 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/02 (月) 10:03:46 ID: ZQmqAeHZ
407 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/06/02 (月) 21:46:32 ID: QMBfQtDv
Sometimes I think 2ch.net and bbspink.com should have a better font for displaying Latin characters.
My eyes seriously start to hurt when I read large amount of English text here,
I have to bring my face close to the monitor and that does not really feel quite right.
408 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/02 (月) 22:48:44 ID: 7VUyYjO7
I recommend you to think about your surrounding.
I had a problem with my monitor and bought a new big one; it still has problem though.
Yes, it changed a lot that I adopted this screen; I can read, I can watch and I can talk.

Btw, I just doubted if your eyes were good.
Once I started to be wearing glasses, I've been able to see like when I changed my screen or easily still more.
It's past about two years since I got my glasses on. But before that, I was keeping killing my eyes.
And now what? I got a squint that really sucked my life, and I even needed a surgery for that.
Don't mess your life if you're still not in my side. You seem to be almost ready to go the way to the bad.
409 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/03 (火) 00:23:55 ID: ???
Maybe you are just entering your 40s?
This happened to me as well. Now I wear bifocals, and it improved
the fonts dramatically.
410 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/03 (火) 00:26:44 ID: ???
そう です. >>407
You need spectacles....;)
411 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/03 (火) 00:27:26 ID: ???
What does this mean?
Nowhere sports day in October, is the closest translation I can come up with.
412 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/03 (火) 00:31:50 ID: 7VUyYjO7
>>406? It says "where are you going?"
413 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/03 (火) 01:28:45 ID: ???
ども ありがとう ございます。
どこに すすきの。
414 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/03 (火) 01:58:11 ID: 7VUyYjO7
You're very welcome.
But, what's that? どこに すすきの?
415 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/03 (火) 03:08:10 ID: ???
I am going to Susukino....;)
Maybe not now, but I will go there again.
It is one of my favorite places.
416 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/03 (火) 03:13:57 ID: 7VUyYjO7
That's cool. I had imagined a kinda grassland where it's breezing softly before I saw the pic.
And you wanted to say, "すすきのへ行きます(*いきます)".
It's nice to go visiting places.
417 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/03 (火) 04:08:27 ID: ???
はい 行きましょう
418 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/03 (火) 04:12:12 ID: 7VUyYjO7
Yes, let's go? Absolutely let's.
Now, we gotta hold the turkey party at Susukino.
419 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/03 (火) 04:15:10 ID: ???
That is a good idea! Please bring the turkey from North America. I will find
a place we can cook it.
421 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/03 (火) 05:25:09 ID: ???
It must be so popular. I can not see it.
Youtube - "We are currently performing site maintenance. Be cool - we'll be back 100% in a bit. "
422 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g : 2009/06/03 (火) 09:35:27 ID: GSZCzsWQ
いって きます
423 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/03 (火) 11:31:02 ID: qvFjptZ0
425 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/06/03 (火) 18:07:44 ID: 5fMuUu+l
You are very friendly.
426 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/03 (火) 23:11:52 ID: ???
ほんと? しんじられません。
427 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/03 (火) 23:18:44 ID: ???
>>423 すべてが 趣味 と せいかつ すせ。
フィリピン の 永住 住まう.
428 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/03 (火) 23:23:27 ID: ???
This has a deep meaning?
PINK Hanko is the press? The hand of cards?
I have read that thread, and translated that thread.
Maybe a better translation instead of a machine translation.
The signature of Pink Channel is the Press. We play it like cards.
430 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/04 (水) 00:38:30 ID: ???
Yes no problem in the thread title. I just really like that thread title...:)
431 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/04 (水) 08:08:44 ID: ???
あれ や これ や と する こと が おこって つかれる。
いって きます。
432 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/04 (水) 18:24:57 ID: PMoflimj
おいしい たべもの たべて、うんこ する と なおる!
433 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g : 2009/06/05 (木) 00:12:50 ID: 5jcpzjB8
I am getting well. You too, enjoy eating the same...:)
434 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/05 (木) 04:04:50 ID: ???
Lunch time. I could eat a whale today.
435 : Sea Shepherd [sage] : 2009/06/05 (木) 05:35:31 ID: U/cfIX4V
436 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/05 (木) 06:22:39 ID: ???
Don't worry, I went to Pizza hut, and unfortunately they did not serve whale.
I did have a whale of a lunch though. Their 10 ince Roma pizza is delcious.
437 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/05 (木) 17:03:25 ID: dMoECa/T
438 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/06 (金) 00:22:23 ID: ???
そう そう ずばっと です。
439 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/06 (金) 01:17:05 ID: C8aBIeLi
ずばっと means "flat out"," point-blank" or "sock[adverb]".

I don't know what "ずばっと" means in your statement.

By the way, I googled "ずばっと" and found the following.


"Swift Hero Zubat"
440 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g : 2009/06/06 (金) 04:49:10 ID: yUqV3E+Z
I am on my way to becoming fat. That is what I meant.
441 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/06 (金) 05:20:42 ID: C8aBIeLi
fat な Jim-san も charming です。:)
442 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/06 (金) 05:33:10 ID: C8aBIeLi
でも getting slim が better for Jim-san's health です。 :)
443 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/06 (金) 08:14:27 ID: dMoECa/T
Jimさん は 女 に もてる?
444 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/06 (金) 08:30:59 ID: xRIbFHU8
ずばり maybe?
445 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/06 (金) 09:03:40 ID: C8aBIeLi
I bet Jim-san is popular with women.
446 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/06 (金) 13:15:52 ID: uFG1Z+nB
okay,i got it.
what jim-san wanted to say in japanese is : ずばり、そうです。(that's it exactly.),right?
447 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g : 2009/06/06 (金) 21:56:57 ID: Jb65hb0p
かんぺき です。
448 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g : 2009/06/06 (金) 22:01:08 ID: Jb65hb0p
449 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g : 2009/06/06 (金) 22:04:09 ID: Jb65hb0p
ずばり = たぶんあ

450 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g : 2009/06/06 (金) 22:06:26 ID: Jb65hb0p
451 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g : 2009/06/06 (金) 22:07:33 ID: Jb65hb0p
When I get fat the economy improves. I need to get fat to improve business.
When I am slim, then the economy will not improve.
452 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/07 (土) 03:49:26 ID: 45fBThiO
453 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/07 (土) 14:35:14 ID: V1D00M1f
うらやましい です
454 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/07 (土) 15:14:21 ID: QVIBmQ1M
I'm sure we are mesmerized by Jim-san now.
455 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/07 (土) 23:35:19 ID: ???
おはよう ございます
456 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/07 (土) 23:38:08 ID: ???
大丈夫 です。
457 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/07 (土) 23:39:47 ID: ???
皮肉? wwwwwww
458 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/07 (土) 23:54:01 ID: LTOAS/Ug
459 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/08 (日) 03:50:27 ID: ???
460 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/08 (日) 03:53:16 ID: QVIBmQ1M
"草生やす" = putting some "w" at the end of sentence. this "w" means "laugh."

But in Japan,
the more you use "w", the more you look unsmart.
461 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/08 (日) 03:55:53 ID: QVIBmQ1M

462 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/08 (日) 04:23:04 ID: IWwPO9ZJ
We shouldn't classify those as pos. or neg. because every single person might have different oppinion on how much they put ws.
This is my oppinion, but ワロスwwwwwwww seems more frank and used by the youngers, while ワロタw seems just more arkward in this community. The more ws they use, the more they seem to be trying to enjoy to me.
But this is just my thought.
463 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/08 (日) 05:06:14 ID: QVIBmQ1M
> while ワロタw seems just more arkward in this community.
why do you think so?

I know what you mean, but "ワロスwwwwwwwwwwwwww",
seeing this makes me feel the same as when I see "it's so funny. lololololol. "
and I know many people who don't like those posts.
In my humble opinion, I think we shouldn't use too much "w" except in the "VIP Board".
464 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/08 (日) 06:37:20 ID: FZvmQ79Z
have u ever seen posts like "草民氏ね","草い" or "VIPでやれ"?
i often see em everywhere in 2ch and bbspink.

as one ex-"vipper", i feel sad about it.
now i dont use w at all.
465 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/08 (日) 09:35:02 ID: ???
I was trying to look cool...:)
Lately I have been using a new tool to help me learn kanji. It is Kiten.
Very nice powerful dictionary I can type the english word I want to use, and
get several Japanese suggestions. It shows the romanji to spell the kanji.
www = hehehe
I will try to use less doubleus from now on.
466 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/08 (日) 09:54:27 ID: QVIBmQ1M
Don't worry.
Jim-san always looks cool, really.

anyway, Kiten sounds very interesting...
467 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/09 (月) 02:57:34 ID: ???
Here is how Kiten looks. I just highlight the word, and if it is in the dictionary. It gives
me the definition.
Or I can type a word in english, and it will search for that word in the dictionary, and give
me the Japanese kanji and the hiragana spelling.
468 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/09 (月) 08:41:14 ID: 0USYQceq
ジムさん の ねこ は 元気?
ねこ の なまえ は なんですか?
469 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/10 (火) 01:55:31 ID: ???
happy birthday
470 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/10 (火) 01:58:22 ID: ???
ねこ の なまえ Kitty.
471 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/10 (火) 02:38:16 ID: NW2o6x2N
Whose birthday is it?
472 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/10 (火) 03:01:44 ID: ???
Just a dear friend of mine.
473 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/10 (火) 03:19:18 ID: OrMynkgS
     /  /   bear you said?
    /.| .| ノ     ヽ
    / | |  ●   ● |
   /  | 彡  ( _●_) ミ
   /  | ヽ  |∪|  /_
  // │   ヽノ  \/
  " ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄(..ノ
474 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/10 (火) 03:20:26 ID: NW2o6x2N
That's nice. Are you gonna have a party for him or her?
Please tell happy birthday and have a great day from me.
475 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/10 (火) 03:27:11 ID: ???
Hi Bear-san, you are not scared here? We eat bear...;)
476 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/10 (火) 03:41:35 ID: esZvvlmC
      //  l..looks i've been to wrong place 
     //⌒)∩__∩.   hhhhave ani ceday!
    /.| .| ノ|||||||   ヽ::
    / | |  ●   ● |:
   /  | 彡 u( _●_)uミ:
   /  | ヽ  |∪|  /:_  
  " ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄(..ノ
477 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/10 (火) 04:10:32 ID: ???
It is ok, I have already ate. What is your favorite food?
478 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/10 (火) 07:39:54 ID: z+llwof7
     /  /  
     /  /
    /  /
    /  /  I LOVE pure honey! do you have them there?
   /  /   ̄V ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
   / /________
  //           /
  " ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
479 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/10 (火) 07:53:57 ID: ???
Honey from clover is the best!
480 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/10 (火) 22:35:39 ID: ???
I will go to the dentist this morning.
481 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/10 (火) 23:04:59 ID: 5fuSbXXG
You have a cavity?
482 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/10 (火) 23:42:13 ID: KabRdcq6
I heard many people are being infected by swine flu in Manila, please take care!!
483 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/11 (水) 07:06:00 ID: ???
I had it fixed. It is better now.
485 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/11 (水) 18:28:59 ID: CSwB6ZFj
Are all of you all right?
486 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/12 (木) 02:58:04 ID: ???
487 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/12 (木) 14:55:55 ID: CSwB6ZFj
I'm glad to hear that you are OK.
What are your plans for summer vacation?
488 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/13 (金) 09:07:30 ID: ???
If I am lucky, I will be able to see the eclipse in Shanghai.
489 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/13 (金) 23:46:03 ID: CgCDNCtX
Are you going to China? I heard it was such a funny country. They pass bread to customer at night, elevators open their door to close them with no wait.
It doesn't sound nice and actually is not, though.
490 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/14 (土) 03:06:28 ID: ???
I have been to China many times. It is a nice place, and the people are as nice as any other place.
Where you are, is the where you are. Some of the most modern things in the world are in China.
Some of the least modern as well. So much of our sum total comes from China. It is difficult
to imagine a life without the middle kingdom.
491 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/14 (土) 03:21:35 ID: CgCDNCtX
Individuality seems to be a key in both cases places and people. We often see tons of bad things about China on internet, especially in 2ch.
The rivers extremely polluted, dead grass coloured green for people's visits, people eat babies or those things even not supposed to be human things.
Nobody can't tell what are true on the internet. Those nasty things can be just well-made stories, but also true.
I'm just happy a trustable person says it's nice in there now.
492 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/14 (土) 03:42:58 ID: ???
There is suffering in China, but it is not at the level of suffering that I have witnessed in "free"
countries. I have met both poor and rich Chinese, and both levels of society carry themselves
with self respect, that I have healthy respect for. It feels like a poor man has a chance to
seek wealth and that a wealthy man has a chance to create more wealth. Actual individual
freedom exists there. Avoid obvious political troubles, and you are free to do what you want with your life. They have
493 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/14 (土) 03:44:14 ID: ???
conveniently removed insects except for cockroaches from a lot of places. Perhaps it is bad
that a lot of things are dead, but it nice not to be bit by mosquitoes.
494 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/14 (土) 04:26:31 ID: CgCDNCtX
Not to be afear of insects was my big happiness I found here.
Japan is an insectarium now I think. Every time I took a bath, I was really nervous to find cockroaches and always ready to scream for that.
I sure should be happy to be here.

I have to be prepared for tomorrow to have nothing but work, so Gooni,
495 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/14 (土) 05:26:40 ID: ???
Good night my Canadian friend. Enjoy your work tomorrow. It is good to have work.
497 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/14 (土) 15:39:34 ID: RD8NW9l8
It's nice. Would you like give me your comments on that.
498 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/14 (土) 23:45:10 ID: Ux0z+UFD
499 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/15 (日) 00:11:33 ID: nTKzipE2
Do you know how difficult it is to shoot the eclipse? Well, I've never seen it with my eyes, but since the moon is very far, we need to go by telephotography.
And since the eclipse emits very little light, we need a long exposure that unable us to shoot the moon without a tripod.
I doubt if Jimmy has it and even he's gonna try to take a photo of it. And actually there must be a lot of photographers for the eclipse there.

500 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/15 (日) 04:27:06 ID: rC8OQtFa
I think there'll be some alike lights on streets. While eclipse itself may be that unlikely easy
to shoot, I guess it's not so difficult to take a picture of sudden night appeared.

501 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/15 (日) 07:22:24 ID: ???
I did not make changes yet. Please make a copy of the head.txt that is the new one.
That is much simpler solution.
If I do it this way. I will just break it.
502 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/15 (日) 07:23:18 ID: ???
If I have time and am not broke at that time. I will go to Shanghai and see
the eclipse, and visit my son who lives in China.
503 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/15 (日) 07:24:47 ID: ???
I have a tripod, but I stopped using it because of the popup.
hehehe. w
No seriously, I have a Rebel camera and a tripod. I think the Rebel
is called an EOS in Japan. Hopefully it will take nice photos.
504 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/15 (日) 07:26:41 ID: ???
ども わざわざすみーません。 大丈夫 です。
505 : EROyVmNwwM ★ [sage] : 2009/06/15 (日) 08:25:44 ID: ???
I understood.
I make a copy of the head.txt that is the new one.
506 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/15 (日) 11:42:17 ID: ???
Thank you EroyVmNwwM-san,
I will update it in the morning. I am dialup wireless now, and to difficult.
Mata ashita friends.
507 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/15 (日) 16:54:45 ID: lTeo+pHr
Good lack! Show me the pics of the eclipse sometime.
508 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/15 (日) 23:02:50 ID: ???
I have updated them all. Except for nuki/head.txt
There is a UTF8 Shift jis problem. I am not sure
if my computer is causing that, so I have not updated
that file yet.
509 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/15 (日) 23:03:23 ID: ???
if it turns out. It might just end up being a picture of dark.
511 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/16 (月) 01:55:13 ID: bFNB2rxa
I wondered what you were talking about for awhile. I finally got it, though.
Without your clue, "hehehe. w", I would not be able to notice that.
Anyway, you got a SLR and a tripod, then it's ready, I guess.
512 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/16 (月) 02:47:46 ID: ???
Yes, lets see what there is to see.
513 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/16 (月) 03:18:30 ID: bFNB2rxa
The best that could be was watching it from my house with my family, but not occurring this time.
I left Japan last year, and now eclipse is there coming over 46 years.
I can just say how nice.
514 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/17 (火) 01:07:38 ID: ???
Canada is beautiful. Cool air crisp salad scenery. It is a lovely place that you have
moved to. Don't worry about the eclipse. You can read about it on 2ch.
515 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/17 (火) 04:29:54 ID: u72/w1ja
Yeah, it's gonna be what I'm gonna do. But, it can be tourture as well because they're having time together throughout the whole Japan islande, while I'm?
Well, I guess I'll enjoy everything about here or big North America Region.
516 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/17 (火) 15:19:46 ID: +7VjLs/w
がんばって 下さい
517 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/18 (水) 03:35:36 ID: //ZASNc2
518 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/18 (水) 04:10:28 ID: Qlf30AcW
I thought that kinda talk was supposed to be made in the other thread, wasn't it?
519 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/18 (水) 07:16:57 ID: ???
There are a lot of great things to do and see in North America.
You could drive to the Corn Palace. Or you could go see Wall Drug.
520 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/19 (木) 02:33:35 ID: ???
Oh, don't forget to see the roller coaster capital of the world.
That one is close to Canada.
521 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/20 (金) 00:48:08 ID: ???
522 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/20 (金) 00:49:26 ID: ???
This is very interesting. When I am signed on fedora 10 in Japanese
my handle changes from ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆Ga8lHqDY3g
It is the first time I noticed that.
524 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/20 (金) 01:44:15 ID: ???
Well, when they are done playing with that. I will need to be updated on it.
526 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/06/20 (金) 02:02:50 ID: lO4RJAbL
It becomes past trip by #+Japanese five characters. Maybe,
527 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/20 (金) 02:03:42 ID: 8Q6Z2Kio
trip generator was modified.
from ahiru-chan's guide;

■Guide to new trip system

1) to keep old 10-letter trip
   if your key was shorter than 11 letters: no adaptation required.
   if your key was longer than 11 letters: shorten the key to 11 letters. same trip will be generated.
                            (Multi-byte characters are counted as 2 letters)
2) to use new 12-letter trip
   simply use a longer key. at least 12 is required.

3) to use "Raw Key" mode(new!)
 type ##xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnn where
   x: ASCII Code in hexadecimal (8 letters)
   n: hash salt(optional)

NOTE: new trip system now bypasses word replacement command such as s/◆/◇/ or s/山崎渉/fusianasan/ .
     and some of keys contain those letters or phrases may need to be modified.
528 : ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2009/06/20 (金) 02:14:55 ID: J53bPeYW

We began new trip system from yesterday. It is pretty secure the traditional one.

But don't panic. It has packward compatibility. You can use the traditional version
of trip when you specify the first 8 characters as your trip seed.

So, for example, if you use #(over 12 characters) as trip string, the system will
generate the new trip automatically.

The new trip is SHA-1 based and it generates 12 characters of hash string.
And the traditional trip is DES based and it generates 10 characters of hash string.

As of course you already know, DES is no longer secure, so we need introduce
the pretty good authentication system.

But it must has compatibility because the traditional version is widely deployed
already, and the "Moritapo" system (operated by Brazil inc.) uses it.

In short, you can use your original trip string by specifying the first 8 characters.
(after the ninth, ignored by nature, it derived from DES specification)

But I recommend users use the new version. It is pretty secure against reverse analyzing.

-- Mumumu
529 : ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2009/06/20 (金) 02:16:43 ID: J53bPeYW
> But don't panic. It has packward compatibility.

packward => backward

。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 Hazukashii...
530 : ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2009/06/20 (金) 02:20:03 ID: J53bPeYW
> But it must has compatibility because the traditional version is widely deployed already,

must have ...

Ah, my English level is still poor. :-(
531 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/20 (金) 02:20:04 ID: ???
Ok, I won't panic.
532 : ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2009/06/20 (金) 02:25:13 ID: J53bPeYW
Thank you for your understanding.

I wrote >>528 "on-the-fly" and I didn't sanity check by the translating engine...
So, it includes several syntax errors, sorry.
533 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/20 (金) 02:39:08 ID: ???
大丈夫 です。
メール おくった。
534 : ◆MUMUMUhnYI [sage] : 2009/06/20 (金) 02:48:37 ID: J53bPeYW
I received and replied.
535 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/20 (金) 03:04:26 ID: ???
ども ありがとう ございます。
536 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/20 (金) 03:29:02 ID: 5Pyyioyv
I feel I'm empty. The whole plan of my travel is gone now.
537 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/20 (金) 03:31:44 ID: ???
ごめんあさい、 Don't worry, they are just suggestions. They are places I have
been before in North America. They are not necessarily the best places. They
are just places. I did like the Corn Palace though.
538 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/20 (金) 03:42:11 ID: 5Pyyioyv
You don't need to be sorry. I just found out I might as well stay still for summer not to make possibility of a mess.
Now my thought is just to keep myself comfortable and be happy enough here.
It's not a bad thing to be lazy; getting up in the afternoon and start something I feel like.
539 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/20 (金) 03:52:44 ID: ???
Canada is a wonderful place, and i am sure there are many local things to see that
you have not had a chance to yet. Please enjoy your locality. Drink it up and take
in the complete culture. You probably won't spend your whole life in that area, and
there must be more to see than you have talked about in the past.
540 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/20 (金) 04:03:46 ID: 5Pyyioyv
That's true. I'm not gonna be here after one more year, so it's a great idea to spend time to be a specialist in here for sure.
Your positive way of thinking obviously helped me now, and I feel to be set.
Thanks a lot about my summer plan. I'm now good to have a snack and hot chocolate.
542 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/22 (日) 04:24:29 ID: ???
Enjoy it, you won't regret it.
544 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/22 (日) 13:26:10 ID: TSXXRJfF
These "Priority Deletion Request" threads had been left untouched by
volunteer deleters since noted date.

5/13 Child Pornography Deletion Request Thread

5/31 "One night Sex Partner wanted" post Deletion Request Thread

These are used to be positioned by 79-san as the top priority deltetion.
Would you going to do something about it? If you do not feel like answering
with long sentences, you could choose one of the following for giving us your vision.

1) Leave it as is. who cares bbspink is viewed as dating service or child porn exchange BBS
2) That's a problem. Let's appoint a deletion leader and process at least "priority deletion request" ASAP
3) hmmmm. Let's solve that problem by recruit more willing volunteer deleters
4) Heck. I will do them by myself. Just say where they are.
5) None of the above. (please specify, if you can)
545 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/22 (日) 20:39:12 ID: ???
visible ones. That page does not display any tits.
546 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/22 (日) 21:35:16 ID: ???
Let me drink some coffee before I read this deeply.
547 : ◆EROyVmNwwM : 2009/06/22 (日) 23:33:20 ID: D1Si6cJs
I think that this is a big problem.
548 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/06/22 (日) 23:36:24 ID: D1Si6cJs
おはよう ございます。
549 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/23 (月) 00:16:17 ID: ???
Venti Breve Lotte Starbucks
おいし すづ。
550 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/23 (月) 00:33:38 ID: ???
I have a thread on the housekeeping board.
Please post deletion questions there. I monitor it daily.

>>If you do not feel like answering
with long sentences, you could choose one of the following for giving us your vision.

hmm, this sounds more like you putting words in my mouth. I keep it simple in English
and in Japanese not because of lack of words, but to make certain I am understood.
551 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/23 (月) 00:36:47 ID: ???
Maintenance at PIE is scheduled.

Start Time: 6/25/2009 4:30pm PST

End Time : 6/25/2009 5:00pm PST
552 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/06/23 (月) 03:32:08 ID: Lt0gUR8D
The fast food is the American.
I take the office the coffee made at home.


Start Time: 6/26/2009 8:30am JST
End Time : 6/26/2009 9:00am JST
553 : EROyVmNwwM ★ : 2009/06/23 (月) 10:52:09 ID: ???
I have asking for Jim-san.
It is employment of the translator.

There is a language barrier in Japanese and American's Jim-san.
Simple communications are possible.
However, I think that the translator is necessary for complex communications.

There are volunteer's several translators in PINK.
However, it doesn't function though it is regrettable.
I aspire after the translator who regularly visits the translation thread.
I think that employment is preferable to volunteers.
I hope Jim-san examines this matter.


よろしく おねがい します。

555 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/24 (火) 01:01:17 ID: ???
When I get a chance to get good coffee. Then I make it at home.
There is a taste for instant coffee with plenty of non dairy creamer and
sugar. This seems to be the most popular coffee here.
They even have one with five ingredients. One includes mushrooms.
I guess tates differ.
This instant and chemical type flavoring even extends into juice. It is
difficult here to get 100% juice, the most popular juices are produced
by Coke, and they are completely synthetic. Fake orange juice with fake
pulp, and Tang type products are more popular than fresh squeezed or
or juice made from concentrate.
556 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/24 (火) 01:02:37 ID: ???
I have several bilingual workers in my employment. Unfortunately, I seem
to understand bbspink better then them, even though Japanese is their first
language. Maybe I should hire a sukebe Japanese employee...;)
557 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/24 (火) 01:04:02 ID: ???
558 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/24 (火) 01:06:18 ID: LKwpikuX
559 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/06/24 (火) 03:20:21 ID: gcbimZym
When I am a child, I think that the taste of Japan was also similar.
560 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/06/24 (火) 03:26:21 ID: gcbimZym
I wait for sukebe translator.

561 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/24 (火) 06:18:46 ID: ???
How to advertise for that?
Wanted sukebe Japanese translator. Must be knowledgable in all sorts of
obscure and popular terms in Japanese. From ancient pillow talk to zoophilia.
Those interested can send their resume to me in English and Japanese.
Please include a photo...;)
562 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/24 (火) 06:21:23 ID: ???
How long ago was that?
563 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/24 (火) 06:25:55 ID: ???
Google translation.
※ hawt guy but only
This is better though. From Kiten.
There is nothing better than gracious elegant energetic men.
564 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/24 (火) 06:35:39 ID: dYP81+rE
求ム: 助平なる翻訳者一名
565 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/24 (火) 07:04:15 ID: z7PGjsgP
If there is a sukebe Japanese employee, anyone will be able to understand your favorite position in bed.
566 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/24 (火) 07:06:23 ID: ???
ども ありがとう ございます。
567 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/24 (火) 07:13:09 ID: ???
判るーわか ないーよ
568 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/06/24 (火) 09:36:36 ID: syoIO/sh
It is a top secret. wwww

There was a juice that I made from the powder when I was a child.
It was a popular juice drunk at home.

Moreover, the juice with the pulp was sold.
However, the mushroom is not included in Japan.
I was surprised at the drink where the mushroom was included.
What taste is it?
569 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/06/24 (火) 09:44:37 ID: syoIO/sh
That sounds great!
I am very glad.
570 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/24 (火) 15:37:31 ID: dduQSI5V
571 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/25 (水) 00:40:04 ID: ???
Here is a page about it. This person likes it. I think it tastes like dirt.
"The taste is good for instant coffee and I would prefer Jimm's 5 in 1 coffee"

We had McDonalds Orange drink at parties, and also The powder that the astronauts
brought to space. I didn't care for either of them.
572 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/25 (水) 00:54:58 ID: 1CAeR7zu
japan has really great in combination of variation and taste in drinks sold around.
of course it doesn'tmean its ingredints chemically safe or healthy for ordinary
human, but at least I believe are the best in the world though I often prefer
damn simple pure water.
573 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/06/25 (水) 02:22:45 ID: zQ334fs+
"it tastes like dirt."??
It seems to be very unpalatable.

A powdery juice is a nostalgic taste.
However, it is not delicious.
I do not like instant coffee.
574 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/25 (水) 03:23:04 ID: ???
My favorite Japanese drink is Lipovitan. It is good for your liver, and seems to have
plenty of caffeine in it.
575 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/25 (水) 03:24:13 ID: ???
I think so too. When I was a child I enjoyed them, but not now.
Powdered drinks must be for children and those that are childlike.
576 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/25 (水) 03:34:40 ID: ???
I found the source of the problem. 残念
Maybe this is one of the first instant coffee commercials?
577 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/25 (水) 03:38:06 ID: ???
However Folgers fresh perk is excellent. It is one of my favorites.
Who can argue with Mrs. Olson?
By the way, does anyone else think Mrs. Olson is hot?
578 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/25 (水) 03:46:59 ID: ???
Where does can coffee stand in Japan?
Is there a place inbetween powder and brewed?
Or is there a special place for it.
It is definately a unique taste. Starbucks can't even copy.
Maybe it is the glass they use instead of the can.
579 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/25 (水) 04:39:14 ID: uUzAHZyt
I have talked to a guy about Japanese drink and he said he never drank Pokari Sweat.
Ya, as I am now, I understand it. Who wants to drink something named "sweat"?
It's a horrible or could be good-try name but people don't care what it literally means.
580 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/25 (水) 04:52:09 ID: ???
I have never drank Pokari Sweat. The name did not sound nice to me.
Maybe it is something like Gatorade.
Have you seen the new Gatorade advertisements? They are fantastically funny.
They have urinal stickers, that show you the color your urine should be. You piss
on them while reading the Gatorade advertisement.
581 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/25 (水) 11:31:30 ID: dduQSI5V
The Japanese coffee stand is either a shop like Starbucks or a stick-in-the-mud tearoom.
A lot of Japanese women like tea (or, herbal tea) better than coffee. Therefore, the shop of tea is more various than that of the coffee stand. Especially, in the city.
Many Japanese men drink can coffee in their workplace. There is a vending machine in every place of the Japanese town. They buy coffee there. Because the reason is because they are very always busy.
582 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/26 (木) 00:21:54 ID: ???
I like the Japanese can coffee. It is a unique taste.
584 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/26 (木) 00:54:53 ID: AqCEY8A+
ジムさん!Have you ever been to Hooter's?
585 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/26 (木) 01:13:50 ID: 0b/ptdCt
I love it!
587 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/26 (木) 04:32:03 ID: ???
勿論! The best hooters in the USA is in Columbia South Carolina.
I had so much fun there. I attended the Advanced Non Commisioned Officer Course
there, and at least once a week. I was there drinking all night.
588 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/26 (木) 06:23:37 ID: PKnHnjCx
Michael, why is it!
589 : yukki ◆nakamarco. [sage] : 2009/06/26 (木) 14:13:51 ID: pRBxITjt
Hello!!I want to meet very cute girl in gym!!
Please teach is it good when doing very?
590 : ◆SOp....... [sage] : 2009/06/26 (木) 14:21:20 ID: QdwYzfiU
591 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/26 (木) 17:54:05 ID: un5unD8c
Oh, I'm envious of you. Hooter's girls are very sexy & charming.
But I have not gone there yet. I hope I will be able to go to Hooter's someday.

Great entertainer. RIP...
592 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/27 (金) 00:23:35 ID: ???
He will be missed.
Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the
soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all
creation. - Michael Jackson
593 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/27 (金) 00:24:12 ID: ???
Yes, it is very good..:)
594 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/27 (金) 00:26:36 ID: ???
お早う 御座います
595 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/06/27 (金) 14:13:52 ID: sUzwl3oD



I have a question to you, Jim-san.

Are you able to set (grant or take away) Cap(★) to anyone?
If you can, does setting Cap become possible by the existence of "the person who advises Jim-san"? (similarly to >>429)

I can recommend EROyVmNwwM-san as "the good person who advises Jim-san".
596 : Alan ◆NISHIMATSU : 2009/06/28 (土) 16:35:09 ID: zvWBFxBq
My name is Alan.
Someone recommended this bbs with his cock erect.
So I would like to ask a question.
Where can I find out many girls around here?
597 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/28 (土) 18:03:15 ID: t8hI4Ajw
598 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/28 (土) 20:57:36 ID: pg1g8WmM
your trip code is really cool
599 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/29 (日) 00:30:44 ID: ???
I am able to make and take away CAP.
600 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/29 (日) 00:38:52 ID: ???
Dear Alan,

I think this is a good place to start lurking.
There is no dating allowed on bbspink, but it
is a nice cheerful place to see pretty girls.
601 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/06/29 (日) 04:19:04 ID: 1oSqlkB3


Then, let me ask you a question one more.

What kind of case do you assume it is that you needs to make and take away CAP?
Please tell me your view at present.
602 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/06/29 (日) 04:23:21 ID: 1oSqlkB3
603 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/29 (日) 04:35:02 ID: ???
はい そう です。
それわ いいです。
604 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/29 (日) 05:30:15 ID: l9ZEaaoP
Does the top of the head of David still have a problem? But I think that he is handsome.
605 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/29 (日) 06:25:06 ID: ???
We removed the head, and now there is no problem...;)
Just kidding. David is feeling much better now.
606 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/29 (日) 06:27:22 ID: ???
Case by case of course.
607 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/29 (日) 07:03:02 ID: l9ZEaaoP
Great job!! Awesome! Please give my best regards to David.
608 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/06/29 (日) 07:16:16 ID: 1oSqlkB3

I cannot understand what you think, but I know your opinion must be the best for BBSPINK.

Thank you for chatting.
609 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/06/29 (日) 09:28:37 ID: t8hI4Ajw

管理人が いいです。 と言うので、決まりで。


それは(wa) いいです。 => He/She can recommend EROyVmNwwM-san as "the good person who advises Jim-san".
Is everything OK about the above?
This matter is only about the setting of CAP.
610 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/30 (月) 00:29:22 ID: ???
I will, David is a good guy.
611 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/30 (月) 00:35:17 ID: ???
I am not a riddle wrapped in a mystery. I am just an ordinary average guy.
612 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/30 (月) 00:36:51 ID: ???
Cogito ergo sum. - Rene Descartes
613 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/30 (月) 02:20:12 ID: isE3O/+8
Water in a lake was so cold that I couldn't swim for even a moment. I don't know how people can manage that coldness and still wanna go to a beach.
Some say it gets enjoyable when we dump ourselves into water and once we get used to it.
But isn't it almost torture or suicide that we go in ice-cold water to have fun? I can't understand people's mind.
614 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/06/30 (月) 03:24:37 ID: Lmk1zJzg
Eppur si muove. - Galileo Galilei

We have no infomation of the temperature of a lake.
How we know the temperature of a lake without touching water?
615 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/06/30 (月) 03:42:37 ID: isE3O/+8
You can refer to a thermometer, I suppose. And btw, it was ,sadly, a soliloquy.
I went to a lake near where I'm living now and people like to go for swimming, but the water there was too cold for me to even stay in for a second.
Maybe, it was about less than ten. I felt it colder than the air in a morning in winter.
616 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/06/30 (月) 03:53:17 ID: Lmk1zJzg
Do you have a thermometer? It's good.
You should teach people water temperature as possible aloud.
617 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/30 (月) 03:54:27 ID: ???
What was the outside temperature? That sounds like glacier water. It must have
been so crystal clear.
618 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/06/30 (月) 03:59:37 ID: ???
ほんと? しんじられません。。w
619 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/06/30 (月) 10:49:36 ID: Lmk1zJzg
Yah, Mist.ca/QE-san would take penguins for people.

620 : Alan ◆NISHIMATSU : 2009/06/30 (月) 16:04:38 ID: HQT1Dc5Y
Thank you, sir.
I would like to check there.

My Japanese friend gave it to me.
Nishimatsu is a great samurai's name, isn't it?
621 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/01 (火) 00:23:02 ID: ???
623 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/02 (水) 10:15:17 ID: ts5kwca6
How do you do? Jim-san.

Are you interested in the little girl and girl student?
Are you interested in woman student's undergarment?

I am not.
624 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/03 (木) 00:27:47 ID: ???
No, I am not.
625 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/03 (木) 00:28:20 ID: ???
Thank you
626 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/03 (木) 01:33:15 ID: 183937oB
Jim-san, your anchor is offset by one because of the deletion.
You can solve the situation by choosing "Reload (the thread)" from your viewer.
627 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/03 (木) 01:41:05 ID: ???
Hmm. I use linux viewers, and some of them are not up to standard with the Windows
versions. Although they have some cool functions. Reload the thread does not seem to
work on this one. JD
It is working on Ochucha though. I use both, depending on the situation.
628 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/03 (木) 02:31:26 ID: 183937oB
hmm..in that case,
1- delete the thread first
2- reload the board (which renew the thread lists index database)
3- get the thread again
It may work with that.
629 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/03 (木) 02:35:33 ID: 183937oB
ah. let's make it clear you not to misunderstand.

1- (In the viewer that you are using,) delete the thread first
2- (In the viewer that you are using,) reload the board (which renew the thread lists index database)
3- (In the viewer that you are using,) get the thread again
630 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/04 (金) 00:40:17 ID: ???
Thank you. How is this?
631 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/04 (金) 00:57:09 ID: 2ImvzU0G
ah....since your anchor was offset by 1, I don't know if you meant to the >>628 or >>629 with that anchor.
If you see above my 630 anchor point to you right, it means it's OK. ;)
633 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/04 (金) 08:04:25 ID: ???
Got it. Thank you very much for the pointers.
634 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/04 (金) 15:05:46 ID: CIprf59l
635 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/05 (土) 11:48:48 ID: ???
ども ありがとう ございます
636 : ◆witch2enoc @削魔除 ★ [sage] : 2009/07/05 (土) 13:20:17 ID: ???
Hello, Jim-san.

I am witch of deleter.

Jim-san and me have the E-mail which a secret is included in.

I have been misunderstood for reasons of it by some people.
But But But, such a thing does not matter.

I went to the police.
Some deleter worries about the security thereby.
May I continue deleter?
If Jim-san says that "You should resign deleter", I leave deleter.
637 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/05 (土) 13:31:46 ID: sNqxpL9k 🧦

638 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/05 (土) 13:42:47 ID: sNqxpL9k
Nice to meet you, again! Jim.

You said "your breath smells like the shit!" to me.
You said "you are arrogant and condescend!" to me.
I shall never forget what you said. Hehehe...
639 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/05 (土) 14:13:07 ID: kXpAlU2H

640 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/05 (土) 14:23:13 ID: sNqxpL9k


641 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/05 (土) 14:26:15 ID: kXpAlU2H
642 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/05 (土) 14:27:56 ID: sNqxpL9k

643 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/05 (土) 15:13:45 ID: kTt4TBF8


644 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/05 (土) 15:18:31 ID: kTt4TBF8
645 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/05 (土) 19:26:31 ID: vCYefATo

646 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/05 (土) 19:27:30 ID: vCYefATo
↑ イミフ   すまそ
647 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/06 (日) 00:11:25 ID: 30PEb2ja

648 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/07/06 (日) 17:56:19 ID: uhG407hN
> Please ask Jim a question in place of me.

> I have such a memory.
> It is reasons of TARAKO to have divided a system of the deletion of PINK and 2channel.
> Circumstances of TARAKO disappear now.
> TARAKO does not have the right of the system of the deletion now.
> I want to know why I must continue dividing a deletion system.
> What is the reason that must continue dividing a deletion system?
649 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/07 (月) 00:10:40 ID: GH1c2urJ
650 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/07/07 (月) 04:01:48 ID: uhG407hN
> Please ask Jim a question in place of me.

> I have such a memory.
> It is reasons of BIGTARAKO to have divided a system of the deletion of PINK and 2channel.
> Circumstances of BIGTARAKO disappear now.
> TARAKO does not have the right of the system of the deletion now.
> I want to know why I must continue dividing a deletion system.
> What is the reason that must continue dividing a deletion system?
651 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/07 (月) 04:32:58 ID: RIsa/qCt 🧦
652 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/07 (月) 10:08:43 ID: ???
Wow, there is a lot of messages here. I have been working in another office, that does
not have the internet connected yet. I just got back into town.
Now I am to sleepy to think straight.
Tomorrow I will be more clear. By the way. I like Witch-san. She seems like a nice person.
If there is any comment for her, please let me know.
I am already aware of all the negative comments about her.
Somebody has something nice to say?
654 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/07 (月) 11:42:05 ID: RIsa/qCt 🧦
Hmm. Do you smell bad breath from a screen of PC?
You must be mentally ill.
Why don't you go to a mental doctor early?

Don't worry in most cases your country take care of you.
655 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/07 (月) 12:15:49 ID: RIsa/qCt

656 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/07 (月) 18:12:17 ID: cD+UjO1l
I think that the thing for PINK to lose the kiddie porn is an important thing.

She started losing the kiddie porn from PINK, and failed.
The succeeding thing cannot be done if not challenging. Moreover, it succeeds by taking a lesson form failure.

Therefore, I think that she should continue deleter.



657 : 名無し編集部員 : 2009/07/07 (月) 18:34:42 ID: F363jUnH
>>655 is
> I think that you understand it, but I say daringly, >>654 is me. It's me!
> I whom Jim cannot help loving!

> You should get thinner more!. This pizza fatty!.
658 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 00:00:04 ID: ???
If I get fat eating tasty food. I am happy. It is best to be fat dumb and happy.
659 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 00:01:24 ID: ???
Yes, she did try to do that. I think it is a losing battle, but the effort was
660 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 00:12:57 ID: ???
I am a noble fat pizza?
あなたわ を ぱくつく わたし 大丈夫ですか?
My meaning: Take a bite of me, I am a pizza.
661 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/08 (火) 00:18:10 ID: Q+uCwpiL
( ゚д゚)、ペッ
662 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 00:32:16 ID: ???
I like cheese pizza like マルガリータ ピザ。
663 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 00:48:21 ID: ???
You made that decision on your own. I don't think you have access
to give the IP of a poster to the police, so what you did at the police
is on you. I know what you told me.
That you went there to see the sample of what is considered Child porn
with the police opinion.
I think you did that because of so many people harrassing you online about
what you were deleting.
Is this correct?
664 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 00:49:29 ID: ???
I don't think there should be a human sacrifice.
665 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 00:52:49 ID: ???
Please see >>663
666 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 00:57:09 ID: ???
詩 シ?
667 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 00:59:52 ID: ???
This was not decided by me. It was decided by 2ch.
It is to keep the purity of 2ch, so that it is not made
unclean by bbspink.w
668 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 01:04:52 ID: Q+uCwpiL 🧦
669 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 01:38:55 ID: 6dScEDRw
News 【社会】海外の児童ポルノサイトのURLをネット掲示板に貼ったパチンコ店店員ら逮捕、掲示板開設の少年を送検へ★2

News Summary
Kanagawa prefecture police dept. announced that they have
arrested 2 men for posting oversea's child porn site URL (text)
link to a BBS on violation of Japanese Prevention of Child Porn Act.
The criminals have already sentenced as guilty and 500,000yen fine.

The police will be also plan to prosecute BBS administrator on
assistance to the violation of the Act.
670 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 01:53:42 ID: 6dScEDRw
Fogot to add to the summary.

The BBS administrator was knowingly operating the BBS
that child porn link are posting by these criminals.
(means operating child porn referral BBS, not the same
situation as bbspink), hence the police will prosecute
him for the assistance.
671 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 02:39:39 ID: ???
This is a good thing.
You are correct it is not the same thing as bbspink.
We do not allow that, and we are not moderated.
Thank you for the translation.
672 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 02:42:27 ID: ???
I was just trying to explain.
Please have a nice day.
673 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 05:00:18 ID: KeAxcLW7
Obviously, people not speaking English or whatever languages Jimmy is comfortable in are trying to confuse him or not having good intention for conversations with him.
At least I feel so these days. And it's not supposed to happen here as far as I'm aware of.
674 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 06:19:24 ID: 8bl738EJ
675 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 06:38:32 ID: Q+uCwpiL
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! It's a nice joke.
You must realize that majority of people don't like to communicate with you and Jimmy.
It is very troublesome and a waste of effort that they speak English or whatever
languages he is comfortable in.
In addition, I have been one of majority of people, too.

But we come here to make communication with you and Jimmy. Please welcome us.
676 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/08 (火) 06:42:33 ID: Q+uCwpiL
677 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 06:47:33 ID: 8bl738EJ
678 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 07:40:29 ID: ???
How is your summer going? Are you becoming an expert on Canada yet?
It is a beautiful country.
679 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 07:45:26 ID: ???
Don't worry, I seldom take time to try to communicate with those that don't want to communicate
with me.
680 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 07:56:35 ID: ???
681 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/08 (火) 08:07:54 ID: Q+uCwpiL

682 : Jim ◆fAtsBg565f6U @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 12:13:01 ID: ???
Good night Ferm, more pleasantries tomorrow?
683 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 12:24:59 ID: Q+uCwpiL

Good night Jim. Have a good dream.
684 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 14:32:03 ID: 6XNck+j1
Why not say "Have a good nightmare"?

685 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 14:38:49 ID: Q+uCwpiL
686 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 14:57:54 ID: 6XNck+j1
あ いい子ぶってるキンちゃんハケーンw
687 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 15:02:37 ID: Q+uCwpiL

688 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 15:20:04 ID: EbyE3pE+
I love you JIM


689 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 16:16:54 ID: MPys8H7n
690 : witch [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 17:11:33 ID: YMmP8or8
I do not have the memory that issue of child porno, I failed in.
691 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 18:20:09 ID: MPys8H7n
692 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 18:35:34 ID: YMmP8or8
You must not understand a meaning of BIGTARAKO.
693 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 19:03:18 ID: WitcIXWM
>>667 を読む限りでは、なんであのときにピンクの削除が切り離されたのか、まるで理解してないねー
694 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 22:15:57 ID: ???
You are correct sir.
695 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 22:33:09 ID: Y/28V0Jw
This summer is not as miserable as it used to be although it almost didn't even change from before.
I'm apprarenty staying home more time than before, but sometimes going into bush, hiking or walking around.
And I got, actually a lot of things to do during this summer; playing with my computer is one of them.
Hopefully I'll make a plan for August when I might be able to travel around in Canada.
696 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 22:36:02 ID: ???
If you have the budget, try to go to Vancouver island and visit Victoria.
It is the best place I have been in Canada.
697 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 22:45:04 ID: Y/28V0Jw
I heard Victoria was one of the places where people want to live when they're off work and have the rest of their life free.
And it's more like the old, beuatiful Britain.
Where else have you been in Canada?
698 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 22:53:23 ID: ???
I have been all over British Columbia, and just across the border from Whitefish
Montana as well.
699 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 22:54:33 ID: ???
700 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 22:56:45 ID: ???
I understand it.
701 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 23:02:38 ID: Y/28V0Jw
BC is where I am. It's a small town where I am that is almost completely opposite from Vancouver, though.
Here it's very cold for summer now like 10 degrees. On the top of a mountain was snowing when I went to bush today.
I hope I had a lot of money, then I could go visit Vancouver Island and somewhere in west.
702 : ◆witch2enoc @削魔除 ★ [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 23:03:53 ID: ???
I advance by myself and work as a volunteer.
Of a little "bomb!!" Is nothing.
703 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 23:07:58 ID: ???
Take the bus? You do not have to spend much money in Victoria to
enjoy it. I thought you were in Ontario, I grew up south of BC in
the state of Washington.
704 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/08 (火) 23:08:51 ID: ???
I think you will be ok. Please be careful, and please think about what you do
before you do it.
705 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/08 (火) 23:51:40 ID: clW3yLEX
Good morning High-fat pizza and a topping!!


706 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/09 (水) 00:01:56 ID: clW3yLEX

BIGTARAKO and TARAKO are Hiroyuki's nicknames.
Your saying (>>667) does not accord with his saying. Why?
708 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/09 (水) 03:18:03 ID: clW3yLEX



Please translate ↑
710 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/09 (水) 06:29:24 ID: ???
We are lucky it was not our fox.
I hope the injured people will recover.
712 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/09 (水) 06:38:37 ID: ???
I prefer tuna. This bigtarako is not tasty.
713 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/09 (水) 06:53:06 ID: clW3yLEX

In the thread, do you intend to answer it really? hehehe...
If you don't intend to answer it, "bringing it up there" seems wasting time to me.
714 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/09 (水) 07:37:01 ID: YMmP8or8
>>713 Ferm-san said.
It is not a problem of the deletion.
Do not avoid a topic.
715 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/09 (水) 07:47:34 ID: Kepw/FnD
> この掲示板設置サイトの管理者に警告したうえで、すべての掲示板を削除させた。
716 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/09 (水) 15:13:03 ID: n1xUPic+
Good night Jim. Have a good dream.
717 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/09 (水) 15:34:21 ID: d4/HZHxx

Jim-san once said something like "I do not respond to the voluntary cooperation for investigation request
from the police, such as request for the IP address log of the certain post unless the Japanese police
takes proper procedure (such as through ICPO) for disclosing the log." so he may not take the caution seriously.
718 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/09 (水) 23:09:19 ID: ???
This is my translation.

Jim's regular procedure (ICPO through) any request for cooperation from the police
other than the (IP and disclosure) is a means to decline
If there was an alert because they say I pay no attention.

I do pay attention.
719 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/10 (木) 01:25:00 ID: /LBrARSB

Although I have attached close English sentences to the Japanese,
I have no idea why Jim-san answers to the machine translated poor English.
721 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/10 (木) 02:10:34 ID: dPeu4Xtx
I remember a skinny guy went through most number of hotdogs on a TV show.
A big macho ate a hand full of hotdogs as quickly as he finishes one, while the skinny ate as though he was having supper.
Don't go crazy though when you are trying. I guess this is an important thing when we challenge something.
722 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/10 (木) 02:13:44 ID: ???
Stage 1 is a timed event with one coke and five hotdogs.
It gets more difficult after that.
My whole office will participate in this event next Friday.
It is going to be fun.
723 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/10 (木) 02:19:28 ID: dPeu4Xtx
I even wonder if I can finish five hotdogs.
The key must be how you use coke. It can let you swallow, but can also make you full.
How do you train for this event? Eat a lot of them quickly?
724 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/10 (木) 02:39:57 ID: ???
I am not sure. I am trying several different ways.
726 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/10 (木) 03:08:38 ID: ???
Vomiting during the competition will guarantee a loss.
Just like the sword swallower, train your mind to ignore the urge to upchuck.
727 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/10 (木) 03:59:16 ID: dPeu4Xtx
It seems more like a mental battle.
Btw, this competition reminds me of lunch time in elementary school.
I finished first in any time there was curry 'n rice somehow although I was never a fast or big eater.
728 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/10 (木) 04:01:03 ID: ???
I think it is going to be fun. We will have 27 people from the office go to the little 7/11
in the basement of our building. Probably they will run out of hotdogs.
729 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/10 (木) 04:21:39 ID: dPeu4Xtx
Are those hotdogs gonna stay hot in basement? Are you gonna use a barbeque?
To keep 27 good eaters busy eating would require a big one.
730 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/10 (木) 04:59:44 ID: ???
I guess that 7-11 is about 30 square meters.
It is more a concern how to keep things cold here.
Most of the time it is body temperature.
731 : 精力剤、媚薬、激安通販 : 2009/07/10 (木) 08:51:43 ID: 4s5cSijl
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732 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/10 (木) 15:17:38 ID: IMzlVgND
Good night Jim. Have a good dream.
733 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/10 (木) 15:26:07 ID: Q7JBuqou
734 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/11 (金) 00:28:26 ID: ???
735 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/11 (金) 00:46:13 ID: wL2uT8f5
What did you eat today?
736 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/11 (金) 01:03:41 ID: ???
Only coffee and a Lipovitan so far today.
Last night I drank beer with the guys from the office,
and now my head hurts.
737 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/11 (金) 06:19:32 ID: cFRAwWOY
                ,. 、       /   /
              ,.〃´ヾ.、  /  /  
            / |l     ',  / /
       ,、     ,r'´  ||--‐r、 ',    HELLO, HELLO, I'M TESTING SPEAKER INSIDE BUILDING.
      l.l. ,..ィ'´    l',  '.j '.    
      'r '´          ',.r '´ !|    SCREAMING TEST: AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH
      l!     ....:.:.:.:.:.:ヽ、   ,l    
       ゝ、.,_ ---‐‐‐----ゝ、ノ \  NEXT WILL BE ROCK MUSIC TEST ON MAX VOLUME
       | |               \
      ..| |                 \
738 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/11 (金) 14:53:03 ID: IMzlVgND
Good night Jim. Have a good dream.
Don't worry. I am here until BBSPINK ends.
739 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/13 (日) 01:42:00 ID: ???
Wow, I am listening to Audioslave this morning. Full volume with headset.
740 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/13 (日) 01:56:51 ID: ???
I have heard that before.
Anyway lets do our best to make it a good fun place.
741 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/13 (日) 09:45:50 ID: bRXFhMF3
Que sera sera.
The most users of BBSPINK and 2ch are epicurean. And me too.

For the moment, I only want to continue talking with you.
742 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/13 (日) 15:26:33 ID: Nj4xJFCO
Good night Jim. Have a good dream.
Don't worry. Next moments will come to us until we die, even if BBSPINK ends.
743 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/14 (月) 12:47:17 ID: Iw7XL0s0

744 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/15 (火) 00:54:56 ID: seNLrWYG
Trans. ->>>743

Hey, Jim-sam.
I'm as bullshit as my socks taken off right after work about English, so excuse me writing Japanese.

Ok, let me be a leader on deleting.
745 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/15 (火) 23:27:07 ID: ???
I am sorry I wasn not online for a couple days. I have been in bed.
My stomach seems to have taken control of my body. Maybe it is getting
a little better now.
746 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/16 (水) 04:38:09 ID: 75GFvMsf
Did the sickness come from overeating? I guess you eat a lot more than you used to for the contest.
In my case, yesterday, I had quite a bit of pizza for supper and homemade peach pie for dessert. Well, those were really good.
But, obviously I got sick from that big supper and I felt olmost like puking.
Three hour sleep helped me out, but it was actually one of the worst feeling in this year.
747 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/16 (水) 04:59:04 ID: ???
Yes it is from eating. I have ulcers and they are acting up now. It must have
been from the eating practice.
Friday is the contest. I think I will just be an observer.
748 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/16 (水) 05:19:27 ID: 75GFvMsf
You'd better think about stress too.
Unusual amount of eating makes stress, but normal life can cause it, obviously.
Treat yourself as good as you can, that would help.
I know nothing about those things though.
749 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/16 (水) 05:37:12 ID: ???
BC has excellent herbs for stress. However that is not available here.
750 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/16 (水) 06:11:38 ID: 75GFvMsf
Does it? I never heard about herbs here.
I know a person having a small store about healthy stuff where I was living before, but not here.
This difference is big on my health, actually. She could help me out a lot and I could talk frankly, but not here.
Finding someone who is on health and talking with him would be a big help.
751 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/16 (水) 07:02:40 ID: ???
Please take care of your health. It is probably very difficult to get healthy food
there. Rural towns in North America generally eat unhealthy food.
752 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/16 (水) 07:05:54 ID: OHB94leQ
Q. is potato a veg?
A. Fried potatoes are, yes, a kinda veg, of course.
753 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/16 (水) 07:40:44 ID: ???
Yes of course. It is a tuberous vegetable.
754 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/16 (水) 07:55:59 ID: OHB94leQ
though peeled and fried potatoes rather not share much positive effect for health other vegetables have.
755 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/16 (水) 07:58:17 ID: ???
They are a good replacement for rice. You needs some starch in your Diet.
756 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/16 (水) 09:41:25 ID: VQ/ltixy
And a little fat has no problem on our health.
Though of course policed rice has little fat.
757 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/16 (水) 09:51:57 ID: VQ/ltixy
あれ?白米ってpolished riceじゃなかったっけ?そんな表現あるのか。
758 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/16 (水) 13:12:48 ID: VQ/ltixy
Oh It's terrible!!
Hush my sweet baby Jim. Don't say a word.
Because the sandman will come soon.
759 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/16 (水) 14:56:26 ID: VQ/ltixy
Good night Jim. Have a good dream.
760 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/17 (木) 02:31:51 ID: ???
Oh No! Watch out for the rice police.
762 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/17 (木) 03:32:24 ID: 4mfUt56g
pepper policeの間違いじゃねーのか?w

763 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/17 (木) 04:42:28 ID: ???
I will go to the hot dog eating contest now.
Please pass the pepper...;)
764 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/17 (木) 04:58:18 ID: FiircvzR
Good luck and gooni.
Hope you feel happy somehow after all.
765 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/17 (木) 05:03:38 ID: 4mfUt56g

766 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/17 (木) 05:06:39 ID: N+FBteNA
767 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/17 (木) 05:09:43 ID: Vy6ocD82
768 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/17 (木) 05:14:24 ID: N+FBteNA
逃げるなよ 無視されないだけマシだと思え >>764
769 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/17 (木) 05:15:43 ID: 4mfUt56g

770 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/17 (木) 07:01:24 ID: ???
771 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/17 (木) 09:08:15 ID: 4mfUt56g

772 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/17 (木) 09:16:15 ID: 4mfUt56g



773 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/17 (木) 09:33:38 ID: Vy6ocD82
774 : ◆KEEa96Ecz. [sage] : 2009/07/17 (木) 13:20:28 ID: 8D8b+WQn
jimさん こんばんは!


775 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/17 (木) 14:36:02 ID: N+FBteNA
776 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/17 (木) 14:47:10 ID: 4mfUt56g

777 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/17 (木) 14:50:28 ID: N+FBteNA
「できる人」= できる権限がある人、やり方を知ってる人

778 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/17 (木) 14:57:13 ID: 4mfUt56g

779 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/17 (木) 15:07:49 ID: UhqAZjfe
Good night Jim. Have a good dream.
780 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/17 (木) 15:39:12 ID: jky20dIj
781 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/17 (木) 23:58:12 ID: 9/DToa6P
フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim.みたいな


782 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/18 (金) 00:42:43 ID: UhqAZjfe


783 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/18 (金) 01:42:56 ID: pqSH7N/X
784 : Tinker [sage] : 2009/07/18 (金) 10:29:11 ID: qA0H1lEG
う〜ん( ̄〜 ̄;)

785 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 00:44:12 ID: ???
Good morning. I am working in the jungle now...:)
I finally got fedora10 to work on my MacBook, and can use it.
787 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 01:01:02 ID: e7AHx7zu
I can tell it's obviously not healthy.
Great fun is often behind some danger, but this is not really for me.
How is the jungle? I saw a small centipede walking in my room along the wall and it scared me a lot.
I believe it's way worse in the jungle than my room. Watch out forest-livers.
788 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 01:02:08 ID: ???
Thank you..:) I came in second place. I got my name on
the board in 7-11 hehehe.
789 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:07:07 ID: e7AHx7zu
I've been content in the real world for the weekend.
A lot of things that needed to be done are still beyond and not planned to be.
My indecisive brain will tell all the truth in my mind.
Flapping wings is a way to go away.
Remaining still is a way to be myself.
Eligible choices that are made go by itself.
790 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:07:06 ID: ???
The air is clean here. It is a little humid and hot.
It is nice to be out of the city for a while.
791 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:09:33 ID: ???
It sounds like you might be getting bored in BC.
Sorry for that. It was my advice to stay there and
explore for the summer.
Why not go to Prince Rupert and try fishing?
It might be a lot of fun.
793 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:15:40 ID: e7AHx7zu
I have no idea why I became so famous in here.
Anyways I don't wanna talk in Japanese here, but also not in English with other Japanese to be honest.
But some interesting Japanese speakers want to talk to me obviously in Japanese.
What should I do now?
It can be a mess to communicate with them here. I can, though if Jimmy says go.
What should I do?
794 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:20:28 ID: STPS1zo4

795 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:23:15 ID: e7AHx7zu
Oh no, I'm enjoying it here best at this point this year.
I started writing >>789 for trying to talk to those Japanese guys above.
But from the third line, I felt like playing with writing, so I made a kinda poem.
There is a message in >>789 that is exactly what I feel now.
Btw, in the town next to where I am, there is a lake and my friend said he would take me out for fishing there.
It's gonna be a lotta fun.
796 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:23:45 ID: e7AHx7zu
797 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:28:58 ID: STPS1zo4

798 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:30:40 ID: ???
Well Mist.ca-chan,
It is not necessary to defend me from this sort.
This is a place I am used to pulling into port.
The ones that annoy you now are probably
also annoying others.
Don't be troubled or bother.
If you enjoy the bantor
Please feel free to carry on.
These hosers are not my type.
However I won't gripe.
799 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:33:43 ID: ???
I know why you are famous. You are cool...:)
800 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:34:52 ID: ???
What kind of studio do you have?
Is it a photographic studio?
801 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:35:01 ID: STPS1zo4
802 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:39:30 ID: STPS1zo4
803 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:39:40 ID: ???
翔 ◆KEEa96Ecz. ーさん

多分 です。


804 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:41:51 ID: ???
805 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:44:35 ID: ???
Wow, you are blind. Tell me, do you use vocaloids to read the
characters for you? I am very interested in vocaloids.
What software is good for blind Japanese to surf the internet?
806 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:47:52 ID: e7AHx7zu
Neee.... It seems things are going in the opposite direction as I wanted.
Honestly I don't remember that I covered somebody in here.
>>793 was implying for they build a new thread if people want to talk to me in Japanese.
Why? that's what I said in >>796

Cool or hot are not kinda words people describe me.
I'm said to be different, crazy, weird and such and such.
But I think most people say I'm too cold.
809 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:54:40 ID: e7AHx7zu
I think it is exactly the time for me to have green tea.
I got stomachache and feels sorta cold.
810 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:55:45 ID: ???
How about Soy milk? The last week. I have stopped drinking
coffee and tea, and my stomach problem has improved dramatically.
811 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 02:57:44 ID: STPS1zo4

perfect communication
812 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 03:00:51 ID: ???

元気 ですか?
813 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 03:07:40 ID: STPS1zo4
Yah, I am more finel than you. I'm not a metabolic syndrome.

You are tender today, It does not seem to be you.
814 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 03:08:48 ID: STPS1zo4
815 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 03:09:44 ID: ???
Less caffeine lately. Maybe it has mellowed my heart and soul.
Or perhaps, you are just getting to know me.
816 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 03:16:41 ID: STPS1zo4
And you are not getting to know me.
Because I am the tenderest man in BBSPINK. hehehe

God bless me.
817 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 03:30:23 ID: ???
818 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/20 (日) 15:01:45 ID: urV7sLjO
I tried soy milk awhile ago.
Some say people might like it even if they don't like milk.
My case was minus and minus. I didn't like milk and either do I like soy milk.
It tasted little bit sweeter and basically soy.
Sweet soy, it seems to have been made for both taste and health, but that taste didn't go along with me.
819 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/20 (日) 23:36:47 ID: ???
Soy milk tastes more like thick tea than milk to me.
It seems to calm down my stomach though.
820 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/21 (月) 00:36:33 ID: urV7sLjO
Its taste could be changed or my mind is not so accurate that it made up something else.
Anyway, going to washroom was the best solution for last night.
821 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/21 (月) 01:33:16 ID: urV7sLjO
Jimmy, Ferrum goes, "soy has such great amount of trypsin inhibitor, saponin and such n such that it is not a good idea to take excess of it".
822 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/21 (月) 08:34:47 ID: ???
Ok, got it. I will consider my doses of soy, and try not to become addicted to it.
Taste wise that won't be hard. I don't really care for the taste.

Monkeys don't seem to be bothered by the trypsin inihibitor accoring to Soy Online.

After five years of chronic ingestion to low levels of trypsin inhibitors, there was no discernible pancreatic damage effect in monkeys
823 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/21 (月) 18:31:10 ID: bp6Xm642
Here Ferrum says.

"Ya, but now people have got technology to remove some factors that prevent assimilating nutrition.
So it is actually said to be not a problem to eat soy every day as long as you don't take them too much.
But the problem is you need to take iodine to go along with soy-saponin, so you should take enough seaweed kind as well.
One of Japanese food, sweet and spicy mix of Soy and Hijiki (*I don't know how to explain this.) is not only good-taste but also well-considered healthy food.
One thing, though, never eat raw soy. Make sure you cook it."

* ttp://farm1.static.flickr.com/72/173553178_fdf8b165a3.jpg
* ttp://japanesefooddictionary.blogspot.com/
  ↑search "hijiki" in that site. Btw, it reminds me of Japanese food that is little bit sad.
824 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/21 (月) 22:21:36 ID: ???
That looks tasty. Maybe Koreans eat the same type of dish?
825 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/21 (月) 23:01:14 ID: bp6Xm642
I think they would make it more spicy if they made it.
Actually it's a typical Japanese food and not spicy.
826 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/21 (月) 23:06:54 ID: ???
I have probably tasted it, because it looks tasty.
828 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/22 (火) 01:14:37 ID: ???
The clouds broke, there was the sun. Brilliant in the morning Makati sky.
Two minutes later, the next set of clouds obscured the sun and the eclipse began.
When those wet blanket cumulonimbus clouds moved on. I could see a small part
of the moon in front of the sun. It was like a fairy had taken a bite off of a cookie.
Maybe next year in Chile!
829 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/22 (火) 01:59:34 ID: bp6Xm642
It was already about time. I almost even forgot about the eclipse for I cannot see it anyways.
I guess I should surf around in 2ch now.
831 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/22 (火) 02:59:03 ID: bp6Xm642
I wouldn't mind visiting Easter Island no matter when it is.
It has mysterious things and would let me feel some sense of what human is or something deep.
832 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/22 (火) 06:13:45 ID: ???
"Dumbdumb, got gum gum?"
833 : ◆Mist.ca/QE [sage] : 2009/07/23 (水) 20:58:58 ID: 83/vRkUb
What's that?
It's almost like a mystery for me.
834 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/23 (水) 22:43:50 ID: ???
There is a very nice movie called "Night at the museum". It stars Ben Stiller.
This is what the Easter Island head in that movie says to Ben Stiller.

Easter Island is a historical tragedy. They had a catastrophic loss of the educated
population in the 1860s and 1870s. Slave traders and desease dispatched them.
It is like their history was erased, except for the famous statues.
835 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t : 2009/07/27 (日) 00:29:13 ID: 4k3Jyuqm
It is my jungle day today. I am in the province of Batangas.
836 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/28 (月) 18:38:31 ID: ujpGU69n
what's up Jim-san?
837 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/28 (月) 22:22:16 ID: ???
I am up...:)
Good morning
838 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/29 (火) 15:42:26 ID: XwRyuAuI
Hi dear pizaa-Jim.

This is a little my proposal.
You know Packet-Monstar which manages 2ch. And 2ch-users are keeping peaceful by it.
Then, let's take advantage of Packet-Monstar.


839 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/29 (火) 16:02:32 ID: XwRyuAuI
Though it is informal information, Hiroyuki exists behind the black curtain of Packet-Monstar.
Of course the manager of BBSPINK is you, Jim.
Packet-Monstar is only underworker.

840 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/29 (火) 22:54:29 ID: ???
I don't have any information on that. It is none of my business.
You should mind yours too. When you talk like this, you sound like
you have ulterior evil motives.
841 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/30 (水) 00:02:27 ID: XwRyuAuI
>ulterior evil motives
Do you feel that I am going to anger you? hehehe
842 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/30 (水) 00:30:39 ID: ???
No, you don't make me angry. I do respect Hiroyuki and am inspired by his devotion
to his country and the people of Japan.
>>Hiroyuki exists behind the black curtain
Hiroyuki is not Oz, he is a truly great man.
>>let's take advantage of Packet-Monstar.
843 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/30 (水) 00:56:46 ID: XwRyuAuI
It sounds very nice.
Now, why cannot you cross a hand with Hiroyuki once again?
The most BBSPINK-users hope this.

ならば、ひろゆき ともう一度、協力関係を築けないものかね?
844 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/30 (水) 02:03:30 ID: ???
Cross hands? Do you mean shake hands?
Next time I see him, of course I will shake his hand.
845 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/30 (水) 02:39:01 ID: XwRyuAuI
It's a nice joke. It's a joke avenue here. HAHA

Jim, do you talk with Hiroyuki frequently?
846 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/30 (水) 02:45:49 ID: ???
Yes, I have frequent contact with him. He is a family friend, and obviously we have some
interests that are mutual.
847 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/30 (水) 02:55:34 ID: XwRyuAuI
some interests?
Are they to be connected with BBSPINK?
848 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/30 (水) 04:15:54 ID: ???
Mostly with video games. I like to play video games too.
849 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/30 (水) 04:29:28 ID: XwRyuAuI
Ah... I see. I see.
It's a good communication.

I do not play video-game recently, please tell me your favorite video-games.
850 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/30 (水) 08:07:14 ID: ???
I am enjoying Bad Company, Blazing Angels and Guitar Hero.
I have to go out now. Have a nice day.
851 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/30 (水) 12:24:17 ID: XwRyuAuI
Oh I don't know those game titles. But I am interested in Bad Company.
It sounds cool!
In the game, can we explode and brake down the bad company?

Please tell me Hiroyuki's favorite video-games.
He played ERO-GAMEs before, but his taste in games have been changed.
852 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/31 (木) 01:13:40 ID: ???
Bad Company is an Army style game. With mercenaries trying to capture or defend
gold. It is fun. There seems to be a lot of Japanese playing it.

I don't know what game he is playing right now, this is the last one I know he was playing.
853 : フェルム ◆P2CH/FDim. : 2009/07/31 (木) 03:48:24 ID: ovX2TBKL
Thanks your information.
It seems to be exciting to fire a machine gun. I decide to play the game if there is an opportunity.

Ah. This is "Shanghai".
I often play this game when I am free.
854 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/31 (木) 05:24:48 ID: 0YH1Emdt
Battlefield is no doubt a great game series. in no other online fps we can fly on wings of aircrafts.
855 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/07/31 (木) 06:43:32 ID: ???
You can fly a helecopter and drive various armored vehicles in Bad Company.
I have not played Battlefield.
856 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/07/31 (木) 08:40:47 ID: 0YH1Emdt
Bad Company is an Xbox/PS3 variant of Battlefield series from DiCE/EA based on new
game engine called frostbite. It's sometimes called BFBC. The original game BF1942 was
a crazy game compared to BFBC, like you can get on B-17's wing, pull out wrench to
recover damage, return to the vehicle's seat and start bombing all whilist it's flying.
857 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/08/01 (金) 00:35:00 ID: z6P7gaji
Hi Jim! How are you?
I am reading the Horace's poem Odes. And I found nice passage in Book1.

Tu ne quaesieris, scire nefas, quem mihi, quem tibi finem di dederint, Leuconoe, nec Babylonios

temptaris numeros. ut melius quicquid erit pati, seu pluris hiemes seu tribuit Iuppiter ultimam,
quae nunc oppositis debilitat pumicibus mare Tyrrhenum: sapias, vina liques et spatio brevi

spem longam reseces. dum loquimur, fugerit invida aetas: carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.
858 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/08/01 (金) 00:49:24 ID: ???
Hi Chinpogedu-san. Long time, no see.
That is a great poem.
I wonder if Leuconoe ended up losing her virginity to Horace.
If she didn't I bet thousands of girls over the centuries have
to guys using his lines...;)

I like the phrase "carpe diem"
It is also used in an American movie called the Dead Poets Society
by a teacher played by Robin Williams. He uses that line to motivate
his students.
859 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/08/01 (金) 00:54:34 ID: ???
Battlefield sounds like a fun game.
I used to have an excellent B-17 bomber
game for Intelevision.
860 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/08/01 (金) 06:51:35 ID: ???
My son is playing one called Warhawk. It is similar as well.
I just saw him standing on the wing of a flying airplane..:)
861 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/08/02 (土) 12:13:18 ID: u38w4dJ9
Yea, I knew the phrase, and think want to read Odes.
"carpe diem" is nice proverb for me. Thanks to this word, I am able to enjoy my hard work.
862 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/08/03 (日) 00:27:03 ID: ???
Let's work hard, and play harder.
863 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/08/03 (日) 00:47:19 ID: g8+6iaop
Googled and found this youtube.
I didn't know this.

Enjoying is important in everything.
What one likes, one will do well.
In Japanese, 好きこそ物の上手なれ

Yea, so I'd like to work hard and play harder today.
From carpe diem, I will carpo the flower.
864 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/08/03 (日) 01:13:06 ID: ???
That looks like my tribe. Here is another one.
Unfortunately I don't have sound on my MacBook.
I have not got the driver figured out yet.
865 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/08/03 (日) 01:24:31 ID: g8+6iaop
I felt art. lol
Nice exercise can smash the stress.
866 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/08/03 (日) 01:40:32 ID: ???
Ars gratia artis
867 : ◆CHINPOGEDU : 2009/08/03 (日) 02:12:48 ID: g8+6iaop
Yea, there are also aesthetic destruction.
868 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/08/03 (日) 02:22:06 ID: ???
I am amazed by the durability of the Mercury.
The van is much larger than that car.
869 : 名無し編集部員 [sage] : 2009/08/03 (日) 02:25:53 ID: KBS+fGlQ
870 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/08/05 (火) 11:29:23 ID: ???
Good night
871 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/08/05 (火) 23:13:57 ID: ???
Good morning
872 : ◆DQN/9/VVV. : 2009/08/05 (火) 23:22:30 ID: JKPgvMG4
873 : ◆EROyVmNwwM [sage] : 2009/08/05 (火) 23:28:25 ID: mq1KW8Lr
874 : ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ ◆YE6tMtjT7Q8t @Apparently admin ★ : 2009/08/06 (水) 00:54:59 ID: ???